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HungryArtists is an online community of freelance artists, designers and illustrators all looking to create custom art commissions for you! Commission an artist quickly and easily, just create an account in minutes and post your request. Artists will start replying with a range of portfolios for you to choose your best fit. Browse thousands of worldwide artists portfolios updated daily, when you find an artist that suits your budget and style just message them directly to get started.

2015.03.28 00:29 VocePoetica Fibers to dye for!

A subreddit for people who enjoy taking things and making them other colors. Specifically fibers not attached to the body.

2012.11.19 16:47 BecomeEthereal Aaaaand No Random Crits....PERFECT!

A place to discuss Team Fortress 2 weapon stats, game mechanics, and come up with ideas for new weapons.

2023.03.21 18:18 jjsereday Shortcut or Way to only apply or affect Color from Gallery Still?

I have a bunch of clips in the timeline that have stabilization applied and whenever I either copy/paste or apply a saved still, it overwrites the stabilization.
This happens with both clips that have stabilization I want to keep and the clips that don't have stabilization that then have the stabilization from the copied clip applied.
Very very annoying and the only way I found to remedy is to either manually reset stabilization and re stabilize each clip, or to display node graph and choose to only apply color effects (not PZTR)
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2023.03.21 18:17 ThrowRAaccoconut I(F34) feel my unfortunate job situation is stressing my husband(M36) out. What can I do?

Sorry if this comes out a bit rambly,
My husband and I have been together for almost twenty years now. We dated in High School, got married in our early 20s and have two beautiful daughters. Throught it all we've stayed very much in love and until now had a very healthy marriage.
My job situation on the other hand has been a rocky road. I've always had a job but its not until recently that I got something that pays very well. Working as an office manager and personal assistant to one of my old students from my college teacher days.
I barely even remember him and I didn't find out he'd be my boss until I got the job as the person who interviewed me was somebody else. He does remember me and said that when he found out I applied for the job he pushed to make sure I'd get it.
So here's the problems or well problems.
He has an annoying way of addressing women(always slipping ''mi vida'' y ''amor'') which for context I guess woud be like English guys who call women he's friendly with ''love'' all the darn time. I've tried addressing it but he keeps defaulting to it and defends himself as saying that's just how he talks but I notice that he doesn't use it with all the women in the office. As far as I can tell only me and two young women in their early 20s have to put up with it.HR is non-existent so I have nobody else to submit a complaint too.
He has a colorful dating past, including dating co-workers and is actually proud of it. Not to mention for a guy in his late 20s still comes off as very impulsive and lacks tact.
The job involves travelling as its basically a specialized call center and he travels around to meet new prospective clients, attend conferences, catch up current clients and checking on a sister company in a different city. I've already had to travel with him but it was a short trip and didn't have to spend the night in a hotel. The longer ones to the US are planned for later this year and one will involve a 10-day stay in Miami.
My husband understands we need the income, understands I'd never be unfaithful, and understands I'll jump to something else as soon as I can but this hasn't stopped him from feeling anxious over the whole thing.
I tell him everything and stuff like my boss saying I'm a proper woman and the type you don't find anymore makes him cringe. When I had to travel with my boss, my husband was constantly texted me, and even called me late at night. I told him he had nothing to worry about but he told me he couldn't help it. That he hates that I'm stuck sharing an office with some young guy who got lucky in life and maybe(or maybe not) is attracted to me. That when I turned down the job at first because they wouldn't meet the salary I requested just for them to call back an hour later to say they'd do it was his doing and might have been less about my competency and more about getting the ego boost of having me work for him makes my husband angry.
I admit it does makes me sad that my best paying job is working under somebody younger and somebody I used to teach. The awkward tension just makes it worse.
We're in debt as we took out a loan to open a business that didn't pan out, we're paying for our girls to go through an expensive private school and help out our parents so quitting the job is not an option. My husband has never even suggested it but the way he always asks me how my day was I can tell its eating at him.
I'm not sure when can I do besides constant texting through out the day to appease him. My boss right now even has a girl friend. Its just how he talks, his past and the upcoming long trips together that are needling at my partner.
tl;dr: I'm working for a boss that makes my husband uncomfortable. I need the job so I can't quit. What can I do?
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2023.03.21 18:17 ToonlinkFTW890 I am confused about illusions vs hallucinations, can you guys give me examples you experienced?

I sometimes see fake ppl for a few seconds, then they disappear and then I realized they were fake. I have seen then in color and as shadows. While driving I saw a barrier that wasn't there, I hit the brakes then the barrier disappeared. I had stopped the car and there was nothing there. It was vivid and on color. It seemed very real.
Are these illusions or hallucinations? Why?
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2023.03.21 18:12 Stingerr Help an idiot with his idiot game

Alright, to preface, I have zero experience ever with python/pygame. This all started as a joke yesterday with some friends and for some reason I'm determined to make this work.
I used ChatGPT to code me a game in pygame where you are just collecting cows (I know). I am at a point where either the AI has ran out of characters in its responses or it cannot successfully code much more.
I currently have two drafts of the game. One code where all cows remain still and you can catch them easy, and no cows respawn. The other code has the cows running away from the user is within 100 pixels. Ideally I'd like to make the cows catchable when they run away, and for the cows to respawn after 0 cows remain. Yet because I am an idiot, I have no idea where to go with it. I've had some drafts where 1 cow at a time wiggles around the map randomly but once you hit 0 cows, the game bricks.
I don't really expect someone to do the code for me, but perhaps explain to me like I'm a very very dumb kid! If you could show me how to have the cows respawn, to avoid the farmer yet stay on screen, and be catchable, you'd rock!
Here is the cow avoiding code
import pygame import random import math # Initialize Pygame pygame.init() pygame.display.init() # Set up the display WINDOW_WIDTH = 1200 WINDOW_HEIGHT = 900 window = pygame.display.set_mode((WINDOW_WIDTH, WINDOW_HEIGHT)) pygame.display.set_caption("Corral the Cows") # Set up the colors WHITE = (255, 255, 255) BLACK = (0, 0, 0) GREEN = (0, 255, 0) RED = (255, 0, 0) # Set up the fonts font = pygame.font.SysFont(None, 30) # Set up the farmer and the cows farmer_img = pygame.image.load("farmer.png").convert_alpha() farmer_width = 75 farmer_height = 75 farmer_img = pygame.transform.scale(farmer_img, (farmer_width, farmer_height)) farmer_x = WINDOW_WIDTH // 2 - farmer_width // 2 farmer_y = WINDOW_HEIGHT // 2 - farmer_height // 2 cow_img = pygame.image.load("cow.png").convert_alpha() cow_width = 50 cow_height = 50 cow_img = pygame.transform.scale(cow_img, (cow_width, cow_height)) cows = [] for i in range(10): cow_x = random.randint(0, WINDOW_WIDTH - cow_width) cow_y = random.randint(0, WINDOW_HEIGHT - cow_height) cows.append((cow_x, cow_y)) # Load background music"background_music.mp3") # Load background image and make it fill the entire screen background_img = pygame.image.load("background.png").convert() background_img = pygame.transform.scale(background_img, (WINDOW_WIDTH, WINDOW_HEIGHT)) # Set up the game loop clock = pygame.time.Clock() running = True while running: # Handle events for event in pygame.event.get(): if event.type == pygame.QUIT: running = False # Handle input keys = pygame.key.get_pressed() if keys[pygame.K_LEFT]: farmer_x -= 5 if keys[pygame.K_RIGHT]: farmer_x += 5 if keys[pygame.K_UP]: farmer_y -= 5 if keys[pygame.K_DOWN]: farmer_y += 5 # Keep the farmer on the screen if farmer_x < 0: farmer_x = 0 if farmer_x > WINDOW_WIDTH - farmer_width: farmer_x = WINDOW_WIDTH - farmer_width if farmer_y < 0: farmer_y = 0 if farmer_y > WINDOW_HEIGHT - farmer_height: farmer_y = WINDOW_HEIGHT - farmer_height # Update the cow positions to move away from the farmer new_cows = [] for i in range(len(cows)): cow_x, cow_y = cows[i] distance = math.sqrt((cow_x - farmer_x)**2 + (cow_y - farmer_y)**2) if distance < 100: # only move if farmer is within 100 pixels direction = math.atan2(cow_y - farmer_y, cow_x - farmer_x) cow_x += 5 * math.cos(direction) # move in the opposite direction cow_y += 5 * math.sin(direction) new_cows.append((cow_x, cow_y)) else: new_cows.append((cow_x, cow_y)) cows = new_cows # Draw the background image window.blit(background_img, (0, 0)) # Check for collisions between the farmer and the cows window.blit(farmer_img, (farmer_x, farmer_y)) for cow in cows: window.blit(cow_img, cow) # Draw the score score_text = font.render("Cows left: {}".format(len(cows)), True, BLACK) window.blit(score_text, (10, 10)) # Update the display pygame.display.update() # Tick the clock clock.tick(60) # Clean up Pygame pygame.quit() 
And here is the code for the still collectable cows
import pygame import random # Initialize Pygame pygame.init() pygame.display.init() # Set up the display WINDOW_WIDTH = 1200 WINDOW_HEIGHT = 900 window = pygame.display.set_mode((WINDOW_WIDTH, WINDOW_HEIGHT)) pygame.display.set_caption("Corral the Cows") # Set up the colors WHITE = (255, 255, 255) BLACK = (0, 0, 0) GREEN = (0, 255, 0) RED = (255, 0, 0) # Set up the fonts font = pygame.font.SysFont(None, 30) # Set up the farmer and the cows farmer_img = pygame.image.load("farmer.png").convert_alpha() farmer_width = 75 farmer_height = 75 farmer_img = pygame.transform.scale(farmer_img, (farmer_width, farmer_height)) farmer_x = WINDOW_WIDTH // 2 - farmer_width // 2 farmer_y = WINDOW_HEIGHT // 2 - farmer_height // 2 cow_img = pygame.image.load("cow.png").convert_alpha() cow_width = 50 cow_height = 50 cow_img = pygame.transform.scale(cow_img, (cow_width, cow_height)) cows = [] for i in range(10): cow_x = random.randint(0, WINDOW_WIDTH - cow_width) cow_y = random.randint(0, WINDOW_HEIGHT - cow_height) cows.append((cow_x, cow_y)) # Load background music"background_music.mp3") # Load background image and make it fill the entire screen background_img = pygame.image.load("background.png").convert() background_img = pygame.transform.scale(background_img, (WINDOW_WIDTH, WINDOW_HEIGHT)) # Set up the game loop clock = pygame.time.Clock() running = True while running: # Handle events for event in pygame.event.get(): if event.type == pygame.QUIT: running = False # Handle input keys = pygame.key.get_pressed() if keys[pygame.K_LEFT]: farmer_x -= 5 if keys[pygame.K_RIGHT]: farmer_x += 5 if keys[pygame.K_UP]: farmer_y -= 5 if keys[pygame.K_DOWN]: farmer_y += 5 # Keep the farmer on the screen if farmer_x < 0: farmer_x = 0 if farmer_x > WINDOW_WIDTH - farmer_width: farmer_x = WINDOW_WIDTH - farmer_width if farmer_y < 0: farmer_y = 0 if farmer_y > WINDOW_HEIGHT - farmer_height: farmer_y = WINDOW_HEIGHT - farmer_height # Check for collisions between the farmer and the cows for cow in cows: cow_rect = pygame.Rect(cow[0], cow[1], cow_width, cow_height) farmer_rect = pygame.Rect(farmer_x, farmer_y, farmer_width, farmer_height) if farmer_rect.colliderect(cow_rect): cows.remove(cow) # Fill the display with the background image window.blit(background_img, (0, 0)) # Draw the farmer and the cows window.blit(farmer_img, (farmer_x, farmer_y)) for cow in cows: window.blit(cow_img, cow) # Draw the score score_text = font.render("Cows left: {}".format(len(cows)), True, BLACK) window.blit(score_text, (10, 10)) # Update the display pygame.display.update() # Tick the clock clock.tick(60) # Clean up Pygame pygame.quit() 
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2023.03.21 18:12 LadyLyme Got bored last night and made a French Tigershark

Got bored last night and made a French Tigershark
It doesn't have an internal gun to save on weight due to having an engine that has less power than the F-5E's engines paired with a decently hefty radar.
Didn't mean for it to be super serious, but wanted to use my education to draft up something I've been thinking about for a few days.
I used an Adour model because SNECMA engines tend to be longer and more air-hungry, which would require me extending the fuselage and making the intakes even larger. The Adour Mk 104 gives me the internal room to have a decent fuel load since it's not a very long engine, which also offers to help more easily balance the weight. I know I could have incorporated the F1's wingtips, but wanted to keep it more in-line with general French designs.
The only assets I yoinked were the engine nozzle (purely out of being too tired to draw one myself) and radome on the side-aspect profile view, pretty much everything else was drawn over the course of 3.5 hours last night. I did start from a basis of an F-5E vector drawing, but *heavily* altered it. I would have made it a delta-wing, but having that wing scheme on an aircraft so small would be very unstable at lower speeds and would have huge difficulties with taking off and requiring a long runway to do so.
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2023.03.21 18:10 inmate911 One oddity about post-apocalypse movies and series: gender and racial equality!

Two examples: The Handmaid's Tale, and HBO's The Last of US, but there are many others.
In the case of Handmaid, no one apparently notices... race: black women and white women are treated as equal. Does that seem realistic to you? I think a theocracy would not value black women the way they value White women. They wouldn't be treated as equal. This show is at least partially honest about women, how absent civilizational, institutional, and governmental protection, women end becoming a bit like Cattle.
In the case of The last of US, it may be a post apocalyptic world but it's a racial and gender utopia. Women, and, blacks are truly treated as any other in this world. No one apparently notices color in this world.
Does this seem believable to you?
It's not wholly implausible, but it's just unlikely.
In a post-Apocalyptic world, you can forget about Women's rights and you can forget about minortiy rights.
Both concepts require a very strong government and have to be institutionalized.
Neither are 'natural,' in fact the opposite is natural: tribalism and domination of the weak by the strong.

Your thoughts please.
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2023.03.21 18:06 I-See-Fire Your Top Recommendations for books in Romantic/Love Story/Successful Marriages genre

Witnessing a failed relationship of my own parents has had a deep toll on my perspective towards love, romance and marriage. Since childhood, I have a repulsion against marraige and feel like they are destined to fail, and recently, i feel as if they are contracts to benefit the stronger party of the two clients involved in this social construct, both trying to further their needs and involves manipulation ans tactics. It seems like a shitty concept and therefore, I would like to challenge my viewpoint by reading some books on decoding marraiges, love (as a chemical hormone and how it effects our physiology), examples of successful marriages, love stories or romantic relations to better cope with situation. Please leave your suggestions of such books and/or you thoughts on dealing with this situation. (I didnt want to rant, but it might come off as if I did, I just want to challenge and improve myself in an area I see very pessimistically in life) I would prefer if the book is a short read (preferably under 200 pages) as I'm not an avid reader and dont have much time for reading as I'm preparing for a tough entrance exam. Thank You
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2023.03.21 18:05 Lalalagem I'm completely stuck in the moment my ex rubbed his new girl in my face and told me he loved her, only two weeks after I left. It still stings.

So I had a very turbulent two year long distance relationship in which I sacrificed a lot of my identity to make my ex happy. He was highly insecure and very fearful and judgmental so he became very controlling and paranoid about me. He controlled my social media and my friends. Then he escalated into feeling bad about my clothes when I don't even dress revealingly. He would get mad even at my lipstick or at clothes with bright colors. The more I did what he wanted the more requests and fears he had. It came to the point of him wanting me to not go to the gym. Everything was a trigger for him and if I didn't do the things he wanted or if I didn't submit he would call me unloving and selfish. It was literally his way or the highway. He also was very paranoid and he would accuse me of cheating or hiding things or having double intentions and it was really hellish. But I tried to make it work until I just couldn't anymore. At some point I was so overwhelmed and in pain at the chaotic unfair situation he created that I tried to leave. He literally started self-harming by punching his own face every time I tried to leave.
To summarize all this I finally left. Against my own will because I was deeply attached to him. After that he found a new girl in only 2 days. He already started creating a relationship with her. During our final closure conversations he brought her up and said how much better she was and how loving and patient she was in comparison to me and that he didn't have control issues with her and that there was respect between them. I still stayed in contact with him because he kept insisting that he still loved me and had a better connection to me than to her. He wanted to restore our relationship with me, but without leaving her. It was hurting was hell. Then at some point he started saying that he loved her and that he had feelings for her. He always said that when I tried to bring up his mistakes towards me and trying to make him accountable. But then, at the same time he was telling me that we could work on our relationship once again when he was back in his country.
It was such a mindfuck that i just couldn't deal with that anymore. I told him I'd be unable to take him back ever in my life after how easily he moved on and developed feelings, to which he responded that we were probably incompatible anyway.
Time has passed from these events. But I swear I still have nightmares with him and his new partner. I still have nightmares about how he rubbed this new girl in my face after our intense relationship. I wake up in the middle of the night because of these nightmares. I'm struggling with terrible PTSD, while he became an alcoholic. He drinks every single night.
How is that even possible? How does someone fall in love so easily after he made the life of their partner a living hell and left them broken and blamed them for not being patient enough? Does he actually love her? Should I accept that he used me as a therapeutic tool in his life?
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2023.03.21 18:04 Akos0020 Gigastructural engineering confusion

Hello! I have just recently completed my first playthrough, I am a very economy focused person in game. I've built all megastructures possible and towards the end of the game all I did was spam ring worlds everywhere which was kinda boring.
So I decided to install gigastructural engineering mod since it sounds exactly like the mod I was looking for. The game warns me that the mod is outdated a bit, (its for 3.7) but I recon it will most likely be fine. Everything boots up correctly. I start my new playthrough, fresh new empire, I push victory date back by 250 years so I can have even more time to snowball my economy.
When the game boots, I've found that nothing has changed. I am at 2250 game year now and I still don't even have a clue if the mod is working right or not. I've seen people talk about some UI, I can't find any UI of the mod. How does this work? Will it just whack in my face a tier 3 kilostructure tech randomly once I get lucky, or is there supposed to be some kind of indication about the mod being installed or not.
I have installed this mod manually (download it from main stellaris mod page, put it in mods folder, add mod to playset, select playset and launch) and I don't have any other mods installed.
So how will this work? Will the game just whack a kilostructure research in my face when I get lucky, or is there some indication about the mod being installed. Is there a main UI to the mod? Where can I get more information on the mod and its structures? Someone who has experience with this mod please help. Thank you for your answers in advance!
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2023.03.21 18:04 DiscoLollipop Disordered Eating - TW

SW: 240 CW: 155 VSG: 7/29/22 (39 y/o female, 5’6”)
At my 6 month follow-up my blood work wasn’t too great, shows I’m very close to being malnourished, I’ve developed hypoglycemia, along with hair loss and brittle nails. I’ve lost 85lbs in 7 months, I hit the 70% excess weight goal at the 6 month mark when they expect it around the 1 year mark.
I have body dysmorphia that stems from my childhood and was made worse by my ex-husband that would call me fat, even before I gained a lot of weight.
I have a hard time hitting my calorie and protein goals, part of that is from taking Vyvanse for ADHD which causes me to not feel hungry. I am also terrified of gaining any of the weight back, especially now that I get praised for all the weight I’ve lost, and extra praise for how quickly I did it. People tell me I’m withering away and “tiny” - being called skinny or tiny cause me to lash out at them because I don’t see it and feel I’m only “tiny” because they were accustomed to seeing me so large.
At my heaviest I was 320lbs, that was 8-10 years ago, but when I look in the mirror I see the same very large woman I once was, even though you can see my clavicle and ribs starting to pop out.
I was an emotional eater, binge eating often, now I’ve replaced that with alcohol and sex. I know I need to see a therapist, I’m currently looking for a new one that helps with these issues specifically.
I have tried slowly upping my calories but it makes me feel gross and sick. The next day I usually have diarrhea. I have read about refeeding, the process they use for anorexics.
Has anyone else ever experienced disordered eating after WLS? How did you overcome it? Did anyone go to an in-patient rehab for help?
Thanks 🖤
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2023.03.21 18:04 SaHaRzZz Broke up with gf and full of regret(?

My ex and I broke up 24 days ago, we said we'd do no contact for at least month, but she texted me 4 days after the breakup to get her stuff back. I argued that it's not the time and I didn't want to bring it to her because I'm still hurt and the past couple of days were hard.
But I ended up deciding to give her her stuff back because I didn't want her to be cold without her only coat.
I drove back with tears and it was hard, but she called me a day later and we started chatting, and it became daily, we chatted like we used to, for 9 days we had a good time as friends, and I still missed her, but I loved her personality and thought I was doing the right thing for not trying to get her back romantically.
10 days ago, which is 9 days after we started talking again, she called me at midnight and said that she wants to talk for a bit before sleep, and that we haven't talked the whole day when she told me the previous day to contact her (she initiated calls in the 9 days), I was with a friend playing a video game and told her I can't talk right now, I can talk 30 minutes later, or I can get a few minutes, she wanted 10 minutes, and I told her I'd call her back 5 minutes later.
I called her 2 minutes later, and she was surprised that it faster, and I told her that I have 5 minutes, she got upset and wanted 15 minutes, and I told her that I can't leave my friend hanging as it was a last game before sleep, and she took offense and told me that she hates to be a last priority, and I got upset and didn't want to feel bad, so instead of the healthy approach of making the right choice and staying to calm her down, and spend the time with her, I told her she's not a last priority and hung up.
I texted her at 3 am that I hope she sleeps well with a smiley, and felt really guilty for leaving her like that.
she didn't respond the next day, and I thought she's mad at me, and the whole week I felt bad and didn't feel like doing anything really, and a few more days gone past and nothing, I texted her at Thursday, 5 days after I left her like that, and I asked to talk in VC (voice channel in discord), and she said no, and that I hurt her. I apologized and wanted to talk about it, but she declined, and I got upset and told her that that's it, I'm done, and I blocked her on every platform except Whatapp, I then unblocked her as it was only for unfriending purposes, but I still wanted to contact her and be able to talk things through.
I texted her late at night, 2:30 am, and told her that I'm really sorry for how I treated her, and I wanted us to go through it and work things better, she still didn't want to talk.
I then started thinking deeply on what must have gone wrong, and I turned to friends that have a good relationships and asked for advice, I told them about the full uncensored version of my story, I spoke to one friend the entire night and he stayed with me until almost morning, because I couldn't sleep, eat, drink or take a shower.
I really went and told them how I fucked up everything, which is true, I ignored her feelings a lot of the times, thought that these things pass, and sometimes I left her feeling bad before bad, because I didn't bring myself to comfort her at these times.
Although I really loved her, I really hurt her too, and I even told her in the last month that I'm starting to lose something from the relationship, which after self digging into my life, was not because of her, because she was the only light in my life.
I self reflected and really started looking at past arguments, at past disagreements and past behaviour, and I realized that the things I were afraid of, and the things I claim to not want, I actually did want, so very much.
Like spending 3 days together on the weekends instead of 2, like cuddling to sleep, like going on more dates, like treating her like a queen and supporting her no matter what.
I behaved childish and like I wasn't in a relationship, I didn't think for the both of us, I was defensive easily and instead of thinking of what I'm saying and how I'm affecting her, I didn't stop to think of her.
I was so hung on bad opinions from friends that didn't like that relationship, on my mother that thought it was causing me harm, I loved her and didn't want to leave her, I couldn't, the only way it happened was because we both brought it up.
I told her how I feel and about my self reflection, and told her that I see things more clearly and I want her back and that I promise to be better, and I really did mean that, I wanted to do all the things I haven't done, like celebrating milestones, like celebrating her birthday properly like I never did, like taking her out to her favorite places a lot more often and giving her more than she expects of me.
I asked her if we could talk on the phone, and she said agreed, so we spoke at Sunday, and we talked for about 2 hours and 15 minutes, and we joked and had a bit of a catch up and also talked about what happened, and I told her how sorry I was, how I am really changing and really there to listen and to be more in the relationship instead of myself, and that I wanted to fix the things I haven't done.
She told me it was too late, and that if only I'd come to that conclusion sooner, things would have worked out differently. She told me that I've gotten too many chances, and I hurt her too much, to a point where it's unfixable.
after we hung up the call, I ordered her flowers and some chocolate, flowers that I should've brought her many times and I didn't.
It arrived after 2 hours, and she called and told me that they are pretty and she thanked me for them, I told her that I'm happy she's happy, and that I'm glad I did something right.
She send me a picture of them after the call, and I told her "Pretty flowers to a pretty Lady".
The next day, I wanted to ask her out for a fun day, like going bowling or to play pool or an outside activity, and I called her and we spoke about it and she declined, we spoke for about an hour~, after she said she didn't think it was a good idea we talked about lighter things, and had a fun conversation like we used to do. I still tried to win her back and told her how sorry I was, how I am making a change and want her back, and if she'd only give me a chance.
That same day I decided to drive to her, since I haven't seen her at all since we broke up on the phone, and I arrived to her house with a song I have written about our situation, about how sorry I was and how I mean well and only want a chance to show her that she can trust me and we can be together.
I knocked on the door, said hi, that I have written her a song and want to sing it to her. I'm a musician by the way.
I asked if she would let me in, and she said yes, and so I sang it to her and she was a little embarrassed, but I've had confidence in my singing and guitar playing, and the song isn't half bad either, so I felt good about doing that.
She kept the lyrics and we talked about the situation and about other things as well, like her life and pet and hobbies and new friends and new things in her life.
I tried to get to her heart and tell her that I really am sorry, and I knew that I did change and was willing to be there for her and I wanted personally to do the things we didn't do, not only for her, but also for myself.
She said that she is not interested in getting back to where we were, and that she doesn't trust me, and that what I would say and act like.
I tried to say that I really did mean well and I don't want to hurt her, I am committed and I want this relationship the be a long term one, where we will be happy and not in the same situation at all. I told her how I miss her and how I really want to be there for her in the good and the bad.
I asked her if she wants to go out to eat something, and she said it's not a good idea, and that she has plans with friends and she needs to leave soon. I asked her if she wants me to drive her and she said that it's okay and she'd walk. Then I got ready to leave, it was after like 1.5 hours in her house btw, and we went to the living room, where we spoke for like 20 minutes or so and random things, music and stuff.
After the 20 minutes she told me she's late and if I'm still willing to drive her, I said of course and I drove her to her friend's house.
We spoke while driving there, it was a 1-2 minute drive, and when she got out of the car I told her that I'll be happy if we'd talk later, and she told me goodnight, and so I told her goodnight back.
I was ready to head home, but I wanted to do one more gesture, for the sake of me not doing enough in the relationship itself, and so I went to a close store and bought her her favorite strawberry gummies, her favorite flavored Pringles, favorite snack and a Plushy I saw and thought she'd like.
It all took me like 15 minutes, and I went back to my car and wanted to put it on her door's handle and drive back home, and when I got out of the parking lot and ready to head to the road, I saw her to my left looking at me, and so I backed up and parked, and we started talking for like 15 minutes, maybe more.
I asked her if she came here to buy something, and she said no, that she saw my car from a far and came to check if it's me. She told me that she came late and there was no more things to do there so she came back home.
After a few minutes of chatting, me standing with my back to my car and she standing facing me, I told her that I might as well give her what I planned to on her door's handle, and she didn't want to accept it at first, she said she didn't want to mislead me and me spending money on her, and I told her I want this, and asked her to accept it for me.
She saw that there were her favorite strawberry gummies in there, along with other stuff, and I was glad it made her happy.
At that moment a car behind her reversed really fast in her direction, and she got startled and I reacted quickly by pulling her towards me and holding her away from the car, a mindless driver almost hit her, but she was fine.
I asked to drive her home, I joked about the streets being dangerous, although it was really close to her home, and she declined and I said alright.
We said our goodbyes and hugged a meaningful hug, and she told me thank you and waved, and I smiled back.
I drove back home and she called me as I parked my car at my home, she thanked me and ate the Pringles I gave her, and we spoke for an hour about random things, I was happy to hear her voice and appreciated her honestly about the things we talked about.
Afterwards she told me she has to go back to study, and I told her that we can talk afterwards and she said okay, and we hung the call after an hour.
I went back inside my house feeling better, and after 2 hours, where I got that she didn't call me back, at the usual hour she used to talk to me before sleep, I wrote her goodnight and she replied with goodnight.
I ate a bit more, finally, and I went to sleep early than usual, and at morning I wrote her good morning and wished her well on her day. That's today by the way.
She didn't reply, and 7 hours later I asked her if she's here, and she replied and we talked, I asked her if she wants to study coding together because I wanted to freshen up on it, and I knew she was on the same page, but she said that it's a bad idea, and I told her again that I miss here and that I did change for the better. But she said it's too late and it's a bad idea, I asked her if she locked herself out, she said yes, and after talking for a few more minutes she said she thinking it's better if we don't talk, and I said okay and that I'll respect it.
Since then we haven't spoken, and I'm trying to divert my mind, but everything reminds me of her strongly as it did the last week and a half, I cry everywhere, outside, my room, my bathroom, the kitchen, everywhere.
We spent most of our time together in my room, and it's getting sad whenever I glance at my bed.
I've been really depressed the last couple of days, I ate once a day maybe 100 calories, because I forced myself to, and drank 200ml of water per 2 days. I also didn't shower the past 4 days, and only did shower and shave an hour before driving to her place.
I feel like we were a perfect match, and I didn't realize it until she was gone, we connected in ways I never connected with anyone before, and it took me a long time to find her.
I miss her so much, and it pains me to move on, I really don't want to give up on her, and I've stayed with this thought through out the entire time we were split up, I love her as the person she is, true and honest love. I'm broken.
And just to add up, there's more to the story in terms of past, we broke up 3 times in our 7 months relationship, the last few months were hard, I was dealing with myself and thought she is to blame, and I didn't initiate and led almost nothing in the relationship, I hurt her a lot, and sometimes didn't realize the severity of it.
I love her so much and want her back, I know I can fix it and I know that we fit so perfectly, but she doesn't trust me to it.
I really was the bad person, it's so sad to me that now that I really do know better, I have already lost her completely.
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2023.03.21 18:04 billybigkid Parents of kids with Oppositional Defiant Disorder (ODD): what were some early signs?

Feels like whenever concerns are brought up whether to another parent or even to a professional it gets nearly dismissed as "being normal", "he's just a ducking kid give him a break", "get a grip", "just wait til he's a teen lol". But I feel like I'm dealing with a literal 4 (nearly 5) year old Bart Simpson. From the time he's awake its as if his objective is to annoy us.
Lately one thing he's doing is repeating what people say. We were literally still in bed, bodies still stiff from not being fully awake and he's already repeating shit. This is not the full extent of what he does but is just one example. I could write pages of the things he does.
Of course, there's room for improvement in my own tolerance and patience level, but this is a very hard loop to escape from when the buttons are repeatedly pressed. I do have a follow-up with my own PCP today and will mention my mental health state because it feels like it's just hanging by a brittle thread.
Reading various pages on ODD, the symptoms seem to suit him perfectly except for being vindictive. Im very iffy on that one. He's never come back and sought revenge or just maliciously destroyed or physically attacked someone. One of the websites j saw mentioned a specific number of episodes of vindictiveness during a specified timeframe.
Yea, I do plan on discussing my concerns with his pediatrician.
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2023.03.21 18:02 Themlethem Books that are very character focused? (Heavy on thoughts, thorough character exploration)

So basically, I think most books fall somewhere into one of three extremes:
I'm looking for books that are very much into the latter category. Bonus points if there's a larger cast, rather than the protagonist being mostly alone, or it being all about them and their love-interest.
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2023.03.21 18:01 Festovious Void Runners 9

Credit to u/SpacePaladin15 for his amazing worldbuilding.
Sorry for the delay, I was again busy with a university project. Woe be upon me for I forgot the NOP: in the title.
Memory transcription subject: Ryan West, Runner Date [standardized human time]: November 25th, 2136.
It’s hard to tell if you’re moving in space. If there’s no close point of reference it can feel like you’re motionless. The engines run at quarter capacity to lower our heat signature. Even with our target, the green, barren moon of Turadus, in sight I can’t tell if we’re approaching or slowly drifting away. I sink into my seat and close my eyes, a bit tired.
“Would the Nevok actually attack the ship if they detected it?” I ask Tsanma as she manually pilots the ship.
“No, it’s very unlikely they’d take any direct action, especially against a cargo ship. But the intel the Countess can provide will be more useful if the Imperium is unaware that we possess it.”
“I see.” I say halfheartedly. I open my eyes again and the moon seems to have gotten a bit closer.
The station comes into view, various metal structures and domes poked from the green rock. The surface of the moon was very jagged, like an emerald badland. I make sure I’m out of view of the camera as Tsanma hails the station. The visage of a masked Nevok appears.
“Hello Compact representative, you are clear to land at bay two.” Tsanma dips her head in response and the feed cuts as quickly as it started.
I head to the back of the ship, I’ll be waiting in the bunks until we leave. We’ve done nothing but stare at a slowly approaching moon for nearly half a day. It's been the most exhausting part of the job so far.
Memory transcription subject: Reossa, Nevok Imperium Countess Date [standardized human time]: November 25th, 2136.
“Oh Lady,” Maylak is on the verge of tears, “must you leave? The estate is so safe.” She holds my bag for me as we walk to the landing bay; she’s not been taking it well.
“The plot came directly from the capital Maylak, it’s safe for now, but it’s only a matter of time before the Imperium sends someone here. Then none of you will be safe.” A small entourage of my personal servants has conglomerated in the steel halls as I walk. Most have taken the news with somber acceptance, but Maylak has been my chambermaid since she was a kitten.
I push through the doors to the bay, the small crowd stopping at the doors. Some cry their final goodbye, some just stand in silence. I see the fissan standing at the top of a small landing platform, she must be the captain. I grab my bag from Maylak who whines and holds it for a moment longer than she should have, I walk towards the ship. As I approach, the fissan dips her head in greeting.
“Hello Lady Roessa, I am Tsanma, a representative of the Fissan Compact.” She says with the flat tone of one who’s recited the phrase a thousand times before.
“Hello Tsanma, I hope my background doesn’t invoke any hostility between us.” I’d weighed my options of who to go to for a long time. In the end the Fissans were the closest, and obviously had a great deal to gain from my cooperation.
“Nonsense, the Compact is always open to those willing to do business.” I almost instinctively voice an objection to the statement. No point in wasting breath defending an empire that wants me dead.
“Alright, please, show me where I’ll be-” I’m cut off by a cry from Maylak, she runs towards me, jumping over a guard who tries to stop her.
“Please Lady, I need to come with you,” she grabs onto one of my paws with both of her own. I’m shocked she’d go this far. I look over to Tsanma pleadingly.
“She can come, we have enough room for the both of you.” she says. I sigh, it had taken a lot of mental preparation for what I thought would be the rest of life servantless, what a waste.
“Then I suppose,” I look to Maylak, “you can come.” she signals joy with her tail. She quickly sprints back into the crowd of servants by the door, and comes back holding her own bag.
“My Lady, you won’t regret it.” She says, holding the small bag.
“You seem prepared.” I give, she holds her ears down in shame though her tail still says joy.
“A very touching scene, but please hurry, we have a schedule to meet.” Tsanma says as she walks back into the ship. Maylak and I follow her in. “I’ll go over everything once we’re voidborne, for now please just sit down.” She mans the ship and the engines begin to lightly rumble. The rumbling quickly eases as we leave the artificial gravity of the station. Tsanma activates auto-pilot and the ship begins a very slow ascent from the moon’s green surface.
“I can’t help but notice the lack of personnel. Where is everyone?” I ask.
“We keep our cargo ship crew light. I’m knowledgeable enough in ship maintenance that a dedicated mechanic is unnecessary. Though currently we have an exceptionally low crew.”
“Who else is there?” Maylak asks.
“Besides myself we have a single security contractor on board. I’ll show you around the ship.” Tsanma walks out of the cockpit, pointing to the various rooms of the ship.
Only two crewmembers? I consider as she points to a closed door,
“This is the dorm room you’ll be staying in.” She doesn’t open the door and continues the small tour. After a short time we’re back in the cockpit. “I hope you find the ship acceptable for our short journey.” She sits in the pilot seat and deactivates the auto-pilot.
“I’ll go prepare your quarters my Lady.” Maylak says as she walks out. Half a second later Tsanma turns back to her,
“Wait!” she says, the slight delay of the translators stopped the words from reaching her before she left the cockpit. Tsanma sighs, but just looks forward in her seat.
“What’s the matter? I presume the security guard was in the room but I’m certain Maylak won’t disturb them.”
“That’s not exactly the issue.” she says.
“Well what’s-” I hear a scream come from the back of the ship, my ears shoot up in alert. “Maylak!?” I run out of the cockpit, I hear a loud deep voice yell,
“Fuck, OW!” I almost run into Maylak as she comes sprinting out of the dorms.
“LADY IT- THERE- A- AH-” She speaks erratically, placing a hand on my shoulder. A large body comes from the door, a clawless hand rubs its face as it groans. Maylak scurries behind me. The being is without fur save a long patch that comes from its head to its back, unfamiliar clothes cover most of its body. A single piercing eye peaks through it’s hand.
“Ah, you must be the Countess, and…”, it looks between Maylak and I. Neither of us say anything for a few long moments.
“Are you a human?” I ask. It removes it’s hand from it’s face, revealing it’s second forward facing eye. The gaze is nearly paralyzing, but I maintain my composure.
“Tsanma didn’t explain to you? I’m the security detail.” I feel Maylak release her paw from my shoulder as she slumps to the ground, unconscious.
“A fine mess you’ve made Ryan, and in only a few minutes since we’ve left.” Tsanma’s voice comes from behind me.
“I hardly see how this is my fault.” He says as he walks towards Maylak, he stops right before he’s upon me and says, “Ah, I’m just going to lay her on one of the beds. Also, who is who?” He carefully grabs Maylak under her legs and neck. The sight of the predator holding her shoots fear through me. The only thing keeping me calm is the assurance that the Compact wouldn’t bring a predator if it was a danger to me. I repeated this fact through my head like a mantra.
“The one who didn’t faint is the Countess, Reossa.” Tsanma answers for me, “The one you hold is one of her servants.” The man, Ryan was his name? He looks at Maylak as he listens to Tsanma.
“I see, well if she wakes up in my arms she’ll probably have a heart attack.” He walks into the dorms. I feel my heart rate lower as he leaves my sight. I turn to Tsanma,
“Why a human?” A much more direct question than I hoped for, but the stress made it come out.
“Various reasons, chiefly their intimidation factor. The strength is certainly another qualifier.” She says as if it weren’t a mad calculation. A moment later Ryan comes back from the dorms.
“Also, I’m a really good dancer.” Ryan adds. Tsanma lowers her horn slightly towards him.
“We will not discuss that event in the presence of the Countess.” she says sternly, causing Ryan to give a small, rhythmic growl.
“Anyways, I’m a bit hungry,” he checks his holopad, “I’m eating.” He walks into the kitchen and Tsanma returns to the cockpit. He’s eating? What would he eat? Images of the human tearing into dead flesh made me sick, but a morbid curiosity consumed me.
Certainly they wouldn’t keep flesh on the ship. I peek into the kitchen and see Ryan procuring various tools. He flips a switch on the counter, and a small flame raises from a burner.
“You need something,” he pauses for a moment, considering his words, “countess?” He says unsure, “Sorry I’m not sure what would be an appropriate way to address you.”
“Just Reossa is fine.” I say, I don’t want to make the predator see me as above him, a contender for dominance. “But no, I’m just curious.”
“About?” He procures a small bag from the refrigerator and I sit in a metal chair.
“What you’re making.” I don’t know where the bravado to risk a glimpse of dead flesh came from.
“Oh, I’m making stir fry,” he dumps a small amount of oil into the pan, fat oils? I shutter slightly. “It’s like, well actually the name says it all, basically you put anything in a pan and stir it as it cooks. Though I don’t have a wok so it’s a bit hard.” he tears open the bag and a large amount of mixed Fissan vegetables falls into the pan. “I’m not sure what most of these are called actually. Tsanma keeps on telling me but I never eat any of them separate from the rest. Er, I guess I know the white beans are called urag beans, but that’s it.”
“And that’s all you’re having?” I ask
“Oh, you’re right, I’m missing something.” he returns to the fridge and my heart rate spikes, he must’ve forgotten the flesh. He pulls out a small opaque jar. He returns to the burner and opens the jar, he puts a spoon in and out, a small glob of black goo comes with it. He flicks the substance into the pan.
“What is that?” My eyes are wide, congealed blood?
“Uh, some sort of bean sauce, It’s a bit sweet, I don’t remember what it’s called though.”
“You’re not eating,” I shrink in the seat, “flesh?” I add quietly. He pauses, continuing to stir in the pan. He says nothing for a few moments.
“I know you probably think Tsanma is crazy or whatever for having a predator on board. But it’s not like she’s emotionless, eh? Please don’t go lookin’ at her like you do at me, she wouldn’t keep meat on the ship.” I was relieved for a moment before realizing the implication; he’d keep meat on the ship if he could, it’s merely not allowed. Neither of us speak for a moment.
“Well!” He says suddenly, “Want to try some when it’s done?” He asks. I consider the proposition, I saw everything he added, none of it seemed poisoned or from a living being. I quickly recall the oil he put in,
“What type of oil was that?”
“I don’t know, something fissan probably, Tsanma just called it ‘oil’.”
“Then, I will accept.” We sit in silence for a while until he declares the food ready, he walks towards a small cabinet with securely held bowls and plates. He grabs two bowls and fills them, he places one in front of me and sits across the table.
“I feel a bit bad, I gave you almost half of what I got but,” his eyes run up my body, “you’re about half my size though, so I guess it works out. I hope it’s up to your standards.” He quickly starts eating, when his mouth opens, the slightly lustrous, dulled ends of canines flash into sight. I find my attention drawn to his mouth every time it opens. I take a scoop of the food, various vegetables sit on the spoon, wilted from the heat. I put the spoon in my mouth.
“It’s alright. For someone who doesn’t know what they’re cooking, you did well.” He quickly finishes his food before I’m done half of my own.
“Alright, I’ll be with Tsanma, when you’re done we need to go over sleeping schedules.” I swish my tail to signify I understood, he seems to get what I mean, and leaves.
I slowly eat the rest of the food and look around. The internal design of the fissan ship is unfamiliar to me. I can’t name the food I’m eating. I’m on a ship with a predator. How long had it been since I had felt anything akin to this instability? I feel rootless, lost, betrayed by my nation for reasons completely unknown to me. With the fear of the predator subsiding, I realize it wasn’t the worst of what I felt. Perhaps this is why I stayed and watched him. I wish he was back so I could replace this feeling with fear and detest. I put another spoonful of the food into my mouth. I close my eyes as I chew— a tear falls into the bowl. I had lied; the food was amazing.
Memory transcription subject: Nittal, Takkan Mercenary Date [standardized human time]: November 25th, 2136.
I rhythmically tap a claw on the dashboard of the ship. The Imperium requested we give them the ship’s landing location, the fact that it had landed on the moon was supposedly a big deal. I wasn’t happy to be kept waiting after tailing the fissan ship manually, in real space for such a long time. Suddenly the ship is hailed from Turadus, Laz quickly answers the call. The visage of our contractor appears on screen.
“Hello, the deal is being updated,” I almost yell an objection before he continues, “we’re increasing your pay,” typically the ‘deal being updated’ was code for ‘we’re screwing you’, I quickly calm down “There’s a nevok that was picked up by the fissan ship, we want you to kill her. If you can confirm her death there’s another hundred thousand credits in the deal.”
“We will gladly take that update.” I give.
“Great. Since the ship took such great lengths to avoid detection from the colony, they’ll no doubt be doing the same while leaving. You’ll have plenty of time to intercept them on their path. Do not fail us.” The feed cuts, always so direct these people, but I wasn’t complaining.
The ship is currently resting in a small crevice on the surface of Turadus’ moon. For a bit the ship had been visible with the naked eye. I resist the urge to merely gun the ship down, we’d have to dock in order to capture the fissan agent. That means waiting until they were out of the moon's gravity well. Laz sits in the seat watching the radar, those stimulants were a godsend, neither of us were a bit tired. If anything I felt excited, dangerously so. By the great dissolution, this mission will be a test of will more so than anything.
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2023.03.21 18:00 WakingNightmare5023 My boyfriend makes me feel bad about what I eat

I would like to preface all of this by saying I do not think that he is actively or deliberately trying to make me feel bad.
My boyfriend is very tall and thin. And is very concerned about staying skinny. We recently went on vacation and he was talking about slimming down before vacation and told me that he plans on cutting out all carbs, not drinking anything but water, and skipping out on breakfast and lunch. He got upset at me for not being supportive because I told him that this seems excessive to me. He honestly seems to have a disordered relationship with food and weight gain, but his parents are the same way, so he thinks this is typical.
Whenever I want to get fast food or have ice cream or cake or want to add rice or potatoes to a meal he always says in a tone that feels condescending "Are you sure you want to eat that?" or "Really? Are you serious?" Sometimes when he does this I'll just say nevermind, and then he'll say "If you want to get it, then get it" but now there's all this judgement attached to eating whatever the thing is and I just don't want it anymore.
While we were on vacation, he wouldn't want to eat breakfast and I was so grateful that the other people on the trip with us would suggest getting breakfast because I'd be starving but didn't want to turn it into a thing by saying I was hungry. Even with those other people he would say if they just waited a few more hours then we can just have lunch instead. In my head, I'm just thinking to myself it's 8am, no one wants to wait until 1pm to have lunch just because you have some weird notions about food and thinness.
Since we got back I've been having problems with indigestion and bloating from going such long stretches without eating because he didn't want to.
I used to have a pretty unhealthy relationship with food and attaching moral value to certain foods and have struggled with body dysmorphia as a result of being very thin my whole life then gaining weight after being put on anti-depressants. I've worked really hard to get past that. I am currently pretty thin fwiw. All of his comments about whatever it is that I choose to eat or when to eat is making me feel terrible about eating and it's stressing me out and now causing actual health problems for me.
How do I get him to understand that this isn't cool?
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2023.03.21 17:59 catfart- Made a to-do list and spreadsheet and it ended up being 240 items long and found a major fire hazard...

Hey my fellow homeowners!
My husband and I are working on becoming more organized and managing our home better. There are a lot of things that I see around the house that I think, "Oh we should get to that soon..." then I continue wandering about my day doing normal chores and pursuing my hobbies. There was no concrete plan-making, so the tasks just don't get done.
I suggested to my husband that we set aside time and do a walkabout of our house, writing down every single task we see that needs to get done. We wanted to each be able to write tasks down, and I found the best way was to start a shared google document with each room of the house named so we could add tasks under that heading. Instead of a notepad, we just walked around with our phones adding the tasks to a single list, which was really convenient!
I think we were walking around for 1-2 hours discussing the issues we saw and the things we imagined doing in the house. But it felt really good to get it done!! I then converted all the tasks into a spreadsheet in google documents and I assigned a priority to each task 1-5 (1 means it is an immediate risk to safety or home, 5 means it is a wish or dream that is not necessary item in any way) and then a difficulty of 1-3 stars, with 1 star being something we can easily do ourselves, 2 being a task we would have to learn about and may need to contract out, and 3 being something that would be unsafe for us to do without a contractor. Then I set filters to the heading of each column and now I can easily sort the tasks alphabetically, by room, by difficulty, by priority, and so on. It's awesome.
Additionally the tasks range from "sort the boxes on this shelf" to "remove knob and tube wiring" so anything outside of daily chores or regular tasks (change the furnace filter) was fair game to add to this list. Additionally, some tasks were added to every room individually, so there are probably 10 entries each for "patch and paint" as well as "repair baseboards" and so on. The tasks even include low priority wish-items like wallpapering, decorating, and luxury things.
But it was very lucky that we did this because we noticed that one of our chandeliers had dropped down a bit and so we got up on a step stool and checked it out. It was hanging by the nearly 100-year-old knob and tube wiring that powers it!!! And what's worse is that somehow the hardware to fasten the chain to the ceiling was unable to be reattached. So at this point, we had to turn off the breaker, zip-tie the chandelier in place, and we now have no light in the dining room. It also made our need to remove the knob and tube wiring in the house much more urgent because we must re-wire this light before we can turn it on. Blessedly, our 2nd floor and basement both have modern wiring that we can rely on in the meantime.
Thanks for reading!
I am really glad that we did this and we got on the same page about literally everything that needs to be done in our house. Having a mutually shared spreadsheet really makes me feel like I can take a deep breath and like I have started to get a grip on things. Our house wasn't a disaster or anything, but all those little maintenance and repair tasks can really add up!! I was pretty shocked to see that the number was in the hundreds of tasks!!
Edit: Also, what would you do about the knob and tube wiring? Like, what approach would you take to removing it that wouldn't cost the price of a high-end vehicle?
Have you ever undertaken an organizational process like this, and how did it go for you?
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2023.03.21 17:59 Sea-Shine2878 [Thank You] March happy mail 💜

My mailbox this month was positively beaming. Thank you all! 💜
Photo of March happy mail -
u/410bore - Thank you for the Discovery Shuttle postcard! I enjoyed reading facts about Discovery, so thank you for sharing your massive astronomy knowledge. How lucky that you actually got to see it in-person. I must add the National Air & Space Museum to my bucket list. Btw, your handwriting is stunning! Wow, handwriting goals! Thank you for the fun card & read!
u/nahboiz - Thank you for the lotus coloring card and orchid stamp! Lotuses are my favorite flowers, too, which I thought was perfect. Your uplifting message touched my heart which helps keep things in perspective. I loved this quote: "No night lasts forever, and soon enough the sun will rise again and you will find yourself in bloom." Thank you for the heartwarming, supportive card! You have beautiful handwriting, as well.
u/bogzaelektrotehniku - Thank you for the lovely Belgrade balconies card! It definitely shows off your beautiful city. Hearing about your interests in planting trees and the reforesting project you're starting up in your town sounds really, really cool and inspiring! I wish you guys all the best on your project!
u/haley____ - Thank you for the sea shells, starfish, and conch shell card typed out via your fabulous typewriter! The card was beautiful and had a nice texture, too. Wow, Australia Post has the cuteeest stamps. Thank you for sharing another baby echidna (adorable!) and the mini-movie poster one. Such fun and unique stamps, thank you! I'm starting to get into stamps.
u/hato_mailing - Thank you for the ducks card with two gorgeous bird wax seals! The wax color combinations, texture, and bird designs were so pretty! I also loved the vintage bird sticker and ink bird stamp holding a "For You" envelope between the beak. Hehe, that is way cute. May I ask where you found this adorable stamp? Also, loved the plastic sleeve the card arrived in along with pretty purple butterfly stamp. Thank you for all the generous touches!
u/inyola - Thank you for exchanging space cards with me! The projection instrument looked artsy in black and white. It was also fun reading your stats like current date, temperature, location, and time. I like hearing about those daily stats!
u/welshfancy - Congratulations on your new job! Thank you for the job update and so happy to hear you have found one more suited for you. I love anything thrifted and the Vegas cityscape card looked stunning. Great find there, thank you!
u/BazilRathbone - Thank you for the super cute mini llama card! I loved it along with the Dad jokes inside. Thanks for making me chuckle and gush about how sweet a llama looks while wearing a floral garland!
u/shipping_addict - Thank you for the Hiroshi Yoshida mountains card! I felt a sense of calm and serenity just by looking at it. Much appreciation for sharing your penne a la vodka recipe and QR code. It sounds comforting and delicious!
u/Island_Traveller11 - Thank you for the handmade galaxy card! This was my first hand painted card. I absolutely loved the depth, layered techniques used and shimmery pink, white, and blue-ish/purple colors and the moon/star! The hand drawn alien wearing overalls, holding a peace sign and giant heart made me smile even more. Thank you so much for this personalized space card and all kinds goodies like space stamps, drawings, circular paperclip, and washi tape. Thank you, I am so grateful!
u/bythebeardofluck - Thank you for the wonderful purple Universe card and space jokes inside! I very much appreciated your humor and the sticker goodies (planets and nature!) were a delightful surprise. Also, your floral return address sticker is very cute!
u/wabisabi_sf - Thank you for going above and beyond with orange monochrome! I was impressed by your attention to detail. It began with an orange Meret Oppenheim postcard (love this Women in Art series), super neat vintage orange stamps and then a nice note in an orange glitter (?) pen. It was shimmery and pretty. Everything about this was so visually appealing! Thank you for your card thoughtfulness and attention to details. And, I appreciate you sending it in a plastic sleeve -- what a pleasant touch!
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2023.03.21 17:57 mangotimmy [WTS] Surefire x300 Turbo B (Tan)

GAFS User : "DiBs SeNdInG pM"
Proceeds to ghost PMs
Me: Well that wasn't very cash money of you

Take 2!
Up for sale is a Surefire x300 Turbo B in TAN. This light has never been shot with, holster drawn, or larped in BUT has one "issue", one of the hinges on the battery door half snapped off (see attached pictures). The "damage" itself seems to be purely cosmetic as it does effect the function of the light (battery door still closes properly and light still functions).

Once again, this is a fully functioning WML. If you don't really care about the piece chip or wanna super glue the piece back together using a toothpick to gently apply the glue then by all means go right ahead.

Surefire x300 Turbo Model B (Tan)
- Left battery compartment hinge snapped off (will come with snapped off piece if you wanna try to super glue it yourself you lil gonsmif you)
- Never Mounted
- Never Holstered
- Never Shot


Package Contents
x1 Surefire x300 Turbo Model B (Tan)
x2 Factory Surefire cr123 batteries
x1 Surefire Battery retainer pin thingy (for extra security)
x1 Universal and Picatinny mounts
x1 Box, Manual, Instruction Guide

Price: $280 Shipped

"BuT yOu CaN gEt It ChEaPeR hErE"
$306.90 shipped here using code Blaster
$318.60 shipped here after sign-up
$369.37 shipped here using their cheapest shipping option

A few words regarding Surefire's customer service: I'm almost positive Surefire will warranty the battery door if you email or call them. I tried but have yet to receive a response. That being said, I am a pretty impatient person, you might have better luck if you have the time or just don't care and wanna gorilla glue this thing. Light still turns on and is bright af, almost similar to a Modlite PLH V2 which is pretty impressive.

Dibs beats PMs and are full price commitments to buy


Due to the recent meta regarding scammers, chats and PMs will be ignored if you do not comment under this post expressing your interest.
Thank you all for your time!
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2023.03.21 17:57 bluezebra84 I (27f) don't know what to do. Teammember (m26) who made it clear he's caught feelings for me. Need advice

Since one and a half year, I'm(f27) in a team with 3 other people. We see each other every week for around 2 hours. We connected through the page of the sport we play and have been having a lot of fun since. Around one year ago I started to see one of the teamplayers a bit more. Sometimes with the whole group, sometimes one on one. We texted each other, send memes, hung out to share tips and just talk. I really enjoyed spending time with him and saw him as a really good friend. Unfortunately for me, he stopped hanging out and responding to me around 9 months ago, I had no clue why and he would not give me a solid reason. I figured he was just busy with work or had found new hobbies that took more time. I was a bit disappointed but we're all busy with stuff so I didn't make a big deal of it.
Fast forward to now, last week he texted me if I wanted to drink tea at his place. I responded immediately and we met up. It felt like we never stopped talking in those previous months and it was nice to talk again. At one point he says he wants to go for a walk and confesses that he has been catching feelings for me, again. I have no clue what he means and asked what he was hinting at. Turns out he has been catching feelings for me a year ago, tried to stop it, completely ignoring me and now all of a sudden those feelings came back. I'm a bit confused, since this was the first time I ever heard him say it, I never thought he meant it like that and have no clue what to do from now on. I do not like him that way, I also told him this when he asked me if him confessing this changed anything. He is very nice and all, but he is just not my type and I think we are very different people in a lot of ways. Should I not go to practice for a few weeks to give hime some time? Should I quit? Should I just ignore him? I'm once again, sad that I lost a, who I thought was a friend and I'm confused what gave him this feeling since I have not treated him differently at all.
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2023.03.21 17:56 riden-on-cars Texas - Apartment not returning Deposit and greatly over charging, not sure what actions to take

Hello legaladvice!
This situation is for my sister-in-law. She moved out of her previous apartment leaving it in good condition. There were some damages that their charges could be seen as reasonable (replacing carpet due to some paint stains) and some that are completely unreasonable (dusting the ceiling fan). They are taking the deposit and charging 2k on top, for mostly superfluous charges.
I haven't had a chance to look at their lease to see if these minor cleaning charges are somehow a part of that, but my understanding in Texas (Austin if it makes a difference) is that any sort of wear and tear is not something that they can charge for... and I believe dust would more than be considered wear and tear.
Additionally, the apartment had a pipe burst during a recent freeze, and they came into the apartment to repair it. Now they are also pinning some damage below the sink on my SIL. My understanding would be renters insurance would cover costs there, but not sure how to approach that.
Additional relevant information:
So, all in all, this seems very shady... especially considering charging for ANYthing (including replacing a lightbulb?), and they are using scare tactics such as threatening collections immediately upon stating their charges.
So, my questions:
1) Are these minor cleaning charges legit? Or would they be "normal weatear"? 2) For any water damage from their pipes bursting, can we contest that, and if so, would that be Renter's Insurance to cover? 3) Who do we go about contesting this? Can we simply write them a strongly worded email? Or do we need to go the legal route at this stage? 4) If they are using scare tactics (is the 14 day immediate to collections threat legit?) to unethically get people to pay for unneeded charges, is there a path we can go down to report that? And to whom?
Thanks for any and all help!
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ALPINE WEIGHT LOSS [REVIEWS] ALPINE AT CLICKS PRICE, ALPINE HOW DOES IT WORK! PRICE, WHERE TO BUY Alpilean has been receiving a lot of hype lately for being one of the most popular and safe weight loss supplements this year. It is formulated with a proprietary blend of six potent Alpine ingredients that work to reduce weight distinctively.
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Low inner body temperature results in slow metabolism. When the metabolism is slow, the body functions slow down too, resulting in tiredness, increased weight, shallow and slow breathing, confusion and memory loss, decreased energy levels, and disturbed sleep among many other factors. Low inner body temperature does not depend on how cold or hot the skin feels, instead, it is the temperature of the internal organs.
The optimum body temperature is 37 degrees Celsius or 98.6 degrees Fahrenheit. The body needs to maintain this temperature for it to work effectively. For every one-degree drop in body temperature, the metabolism slows down by 13% or more. It is no secret that decreased metabolism results in obesity and increased weight, therefore, to manage and reduce weight, the body's metabolism needs to speed up.
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It is crucial to check and research the ingredients of any dietary supplement before consumption. Looking at the ingredients list makes it easier to comprehend the working of the supplement. It also helps you to check whether or not there are any ingredients to which you are allergic to prevent any harmful side effects. Rest assured, the ingredients used in Alpilean are all derived from the best sources, and the nutrients and plants used in this supplement are all-natural which confirms that there won’t be any adverse reactions from the use of this product. According to the list mentioned on the official website following are the six ingredients used in Alpilean:
Golden Algae
Alpilean makes use of golden algae which is a freshwater alga. Derived from it is fucoxanthin which has long been used for its numerous therapeutic properties. Fucoxanthin is found in many weight loss supplements. It promotes the conversion of fat cells into energy and heat which can drastically reduce weight. Studies show that golden algae can help to bring the internal temperature down to an optimal level, and it also supports brain health, bone strength, and liver.
Dika Nut
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Drumstick Tree Leaf
Drumstick tree leaf also known as moringa leaf is an Indian herb sourced from the moringa oleifera tree. The drumstick tree leaf has been used traditionally in Ayurvedic medicines because of its powerful antioxidant properties which can help to support blood sugar levels and increases the inner body temperature.
Bigarade Orange
Used as a source of citrus bioflavonoids in Alpilean, bigarade orange can help to balance and maintain inner body temperature, reduce oxidative stress, and support healthy immunity.
Ginger Rhizome
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Turmeric Rhizome
The substance curcumin is what attributes to most of turmeric's medicinal properties. Turmeric has powerful anti-inflammatory and antioxidant effects. It helps to target inner temperature and supports a healthy heart and healthy skin. Turmeric plays a significant role in reducing weight.
Each capsule of Alpilean consists of these six ingredients which work in harmony to reduce weight and maintain internal body temperature. There are no stimulants or toxins present in Alpilean and the safety of this product is maintained by following good manufacturing practices to reduce contamination.
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Alpilean is exclusively available on the official website only. Due to an increase in demand, it is being reported that third-party websites are trying to come up with an imitation of the original product. It is best to purchase Alpilean from the official website only to prevent getting scammed by these unauthorized sellers. The official website link to order Alpilean is
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Bonus 1: 1-day kickstart detox - this is an ebook that includes 20 15-second detox tea recipes which can help the body to absorb the nutrients faster, and increase the efficacy of the Alpilean weight loss supplement.
Bonus 2: Renew you - this is another ebook that comprises simple techniques to help you relieve stress, boost confidence, calm the mind and reduce anxiety.
A refund policy for any product gives a sense of satisfaction that the money being invested in the product is not going to waste. A refund policy makes the manufacturer seem more credible and makes it easier to believe that the claims are true. The same is the case for the Alpilean weight loss supplement as the manufacturer provides 100% satisfaction by offering a 60-day money-back guarantee.
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From the details gathered, Alpilean has many great features to offer. It is composed of six all-natural plant-based ingredients derived from the best sources. Moreover, it is non-GMO, has no toxins, stimulants, or habit-forming ingredients, is easy to use, and is manufactured in an FDA-approved facility following all GMP guidelines. All these features help us conclude that Alpilean is legit and worth buying. FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS IS ALPILEAN RIGHT FOR ME?Do you have deep stubborn fat stores that no diet or exercise seems to remove? Then the answer is yes Alpilean is right for you. Alpilean has changed the lives of thousands of women and men from 18 to 80 and is designed to rapidly dissolve fat in even the worst cases. 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2023.03.21 17:55 elliotforbes The Go Learning Path - Request for Feedback!

Hey folks!
I've been fairly quiet on here recently, but wanted to present something I've been thinking about building for a while - The Go Learning Path
It's heavily inspired by Taylor Otwell's Laracasts page for Laravel and the intention is to collate a bunch of resources together and group them into distinct levels such that folks on here have an idea of the kind of path they can follow if they want to learn Go.
Feedback, additional resources, and additional courses with their respective skill levels would be very much appreciated. Whilst the secondary intention is to help push my own courses and have something concrete for students on my site to look at, the primary intention is to really help lay out a map for learners that everyone can objectively benefit from.
submitted by elliotforbes to golang [link] [comments]