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2023.05.30 22:15 FinalXemnasV What did I do wrong?

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2023.05.30 22:14 West_Reception3773 Introvert ok without making new friends.

My husband and I are planning to move after the stepkids are grown, in about 10 years. I know it's a very long time away and who knows what the world will be in 10 years. I am working on getting Italian citizenship through descent so we have a lot of options on where to go when the time comes. He owns his own company and will be able to be 100% remote, I hope to be retired by then.
I see a lot of posts on here about how hard it is to make friends and wonder if anyone is like us and don't really mind not having friends. We live in Texas now and neither one of us have close friends that we do anything with. All of our friends live in other states so we just keep in touch online. We are content just hanging out with each other, or doing things on our own. I guess I'm just curious if anyone is like us and content without making new friends?
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2023.05.30 22:14 MADMAXV2 25 looking to make new friends. I love nerd stuff too!

Hi i'm 25 years old. I'm into all kinds of things.
I like manga and anime. Huge fan of evangelion and lain, especially trigun, spirit away is another one of my fav anime movies.
I'm very much geek type of person as I enjoy playing games and play magic the gathering a lot, magic the gathering is my passion and somthing I been playing for long time now, maybe like 4 years now? I'm just very into it, I play all kinds of games. Sometime fortnite to waste time or try new games, recently got into v rising, extremely fun playing as vampire 🧛‍♂️
I love movies and music, fav movies being like donnie darko, shutter Island, fight club, la la land. I'm open to all movies, sometimes the bad ones just for a laugh, music taste is also all type genre but I like listening to bands like fur, Parcels, muse, etc.
I recently started going to gym and it's been my everyday routine after work, doing gym everyday makes me extremely hungry haha.
I'm very open type of person. I enjoy good company and talk and also have good laugh, I would say my humor is pretty much almost kinds. Bones if you like memes!.
Feel free to messege and get to know each other!
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2023.05.30 22:13 CactusMan963 TOTK THEORY IDEA WITH NO EVIDENCE AT ALL

So what if Totk and botw are set trillions of years after the games in all of the other timelines and after they’ve all merged into one timeline again and because wind waker didn’t have a Hyrule nor did the merged timeline allowing a brand new Hyrule to be founded.
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2023.05.30 22:13 TopWorth2904 FIRE getting derailed by the housing market

Is anyone else having their FIRE plan getting completely upended by the housing / rent market? If so how are you navigating around it? I’ve got two main problems as follows: My wife and I were lucky enough to get into the market in 2020 before the last of the huge price increases and at a 3.25% rate. However, we opted for a condo that fell in our affordability range and that we could potentially do a B.R.R.R. (Buy, rehab, rent, repeat) and start building an empire. This was really the main piece of my FIRE plan. But then with raising rates that plan was no longer feasible as pulling pulling equity out would result in a high enough rate jump that the monthly payment could almost double. Problem 2, prices have not fallen in relationship to the interest rate rise. I’m a new Dad and we can’t stay in this tiny Condo anymore (700SF for a family of 3 and within a year or two we plan on growing to 4). We really need a house or a townhome but the are looking at a minimum of 850k for a townhome with a 2hr commute one way to any sort of job center and built before electricity was invented. Even with our 200k in equity that’s a $5000/mo + mortgage which just means I’d be submitting myself to being a wage slave forever. I guess I’m just yelling at the sky but I’m really frustrated that I was so close to making my plan start falling into place after 10 years of saving and being frugal but just two years after that the only way I see forward is becoming a complete and total debt slave if I want to give my children any sort of normal and fun childhood. Wasn’t sure if this was happening to any one else.
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2023.05.30 22:12 quellik Vasectomies rose by 29% in the three months after the end of Roe

The Economist had an interest article last week about the rise of vasectomies:
Full article:
The number of vasectomies has been on the rise. Between 2017 and 2021, the rate at which surgeries were performed increased by an average of 4% each year. But the number of American men who report having had the procedure is lower than it was 20 years ago (and vasectomy rates still lag far behind rates of tubal ligation, the more invasive equivalent for women). In 2002 national health surveys estimated that 6.9% of the male population aged 18-45 had been snipped. The most recent round of surveys, carried out between 2017 and 2019, put the figure at 5.4%. We estimate that around 20,000 extra men chose to undergo the short, mostly painless, surgery between July and December 2022. Normally, the number of procedures peaks towards the end of the year, when patients are more likely to have reached their insurance deductible (although this is probably overstated in our data, which do not capture vasectomies paid for in cash). Surgery rates also get a boost in March, which some urologists market as “vasectomy season”, a time when men can spend the day or two needed for recovery from the procedure watching March Madness basketball.
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2023.05.30 22:12 Hopeful-Aerie-9727 Feeling stressed--okay to take a break from a partner?

Not sure if this is the right venue for this question, but I am in a polyamorous relationship with someone who we'll call Fern. I've been seeing them for six months and it has largely felt easy, or if there were hard things that came up we discussed them and moved on. Early on they shared that they were worried when I graduated from my grad school program in May that I would have more time and would want to give it to a more serious partner and see them less. This is because before we started dating I said I had wanted a stable longterm relationship in the longterm, but in the short term was okay dating them casually while I was in school. I quickly caught feelings and we had been seeing each other 2-3 times a week since. When they brought up this concern a few months into our relationship, I reassured them that no, I wasn't interested in seeing anyone else and that I would likely want to see them more. Well, I think things are changing.
Things in my life this past week have started to implode in my personal life--potential housing insecurity, potential job insecurity, a general sense of inner turmoil and anxiety due to other pressing deadlines and responsibilities. My partner's partner has been going through it too--having some mental health instability because of their own work burnout. They are nesting partners, have been together for 5+ years, and are essentially primaries (though my partner Fern says they're more non-hierarchical). They went on vacation together a week or so ago and when they came back I volunteered to help them both move into their new place. I was having some feelings come up about wanting a LTR and the stability and security of a nesting partner, and still excited for them. This was the day before my landlord told me he was deciding to sell the house I'm in and other things were arising in my life.
I saw my partner today and they were telling me how living with their other partner makes them feel more securely attached to their partner. I think that makes sense. I feel sad that it would be difficult for me to live near them (they live way out in the mountains, about 45 minutes from my city). They work here, and I go up there about once a week or so, so it doesn't feel terribly long distance. But certainly different than being able to spontaneously share space.
Anyways. That was probably more information than necessary but basically I'm feeling overwhelmed and not in a place to show up for the relationship the way I was previously. My partner keeps asking about ways they can support me which I appreciate but I'm not sure what to tell them. I feel hesitant to turn to them for emotional support since they usually rely on their other partner for emotional support. I feel sad about the instability in my life and worry that seeing their stability with their other partner will make me feel more insecure and confused at this time.
Is it reasonable to ask for a month long break while I figure things out (housing, work, etc.)? I'm not sure what I have to offer as I feel pretty raw and stressed with so many different moving parts right now. Before this, I haven't been in a romantic relationship for a long time, but I'm pretty sure a lot of folks look for partners to have support when things are rough. When things are rough I am lucky enough to talk to my parents, or my therapist, or a hotline, and sometimes pals. I know part of being in a relationship is being vulnerable, but I don't want to burden my partner with all the uncertainty and stress in my life right now.
I feel like part of me is afraid to go from the fun, NRE new person into a messier, longer term partner phase and worry that there won't be space for me longterm in the ways I am hoping (ie a live-in or primary partner situation). But maybe this is just the natural end to a spring fling? I care a lot for my partner but feel in a weirdly malleable place where I'm not sure if I can be the fun date I once was and I'm not sure they can be the stable support I need right now.
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2023.05.30 22:12 PMMeYourHousePlants Worried no one is going to come to our wedding.

We’ve invited 60 people and I’m starting to think only 1/3rd will actually come. Factors making me think this:
I’ve already paid for a 60 person wedding going up to 80 for the evening doo. I won’t save money if no one comes.
I put off planning my wedding for years because I was scared of this and now one of my biggest anxieties is coming true. I don’t know what to do.
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2023.05.30 22:12 ilovemyamily1 No more TLOU?

So it’s finally sinking in. This Jim Ryan guy is ruining everything I’ve ever found precious. He’s turning Naughty Dog - the greatest narration driven single player team in all of gaming - PlayStations BACKBONE, he’s turning this studio out of all other studios into a multiplayer live service team??????
if I’m being honest I don’t get why they can’t just hand Factions over to someone else while Neil directs his next masterpiece. It’s been 3 years almost, since part 2 dropped and it seems like we’re not even close to seeing anything new.
I’ve also now just developed an unimaginable hatred for Bungie because they are now acting as one half of the cooperation that is driving Naughty Dog off of a cliff.
I feel betrayed. I’m not sure if anyone remembers Neil announcing , after a TLOU2 showcasing, that ND would continue to stay away from Multiplayer BS but now look…..they’re knee deep in this shit.
If Naughty Dog out of all people is heading down this road, what does that mean for all your beloved franchise & dev teams?
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2023.05.30 22:11 Most_Love_8395 I ruined my life by joining IIM Jammu's IPM programme

I would like to remain anonymous so my quals is gonna be empty. We are literally the money making machines of IIM Jammu. We don't learn anything in college. All exams are open notes. We just simply copy and paste. We all have the same answer sheet yet we get different marks. I can't deal with this anymore. I was supposed to be the bright child of my family. I was the smartest one everywhere and now I am just restricted to live amongst dumbasses my entire UG life. Let me explain how dumb these people are. We have class participation marks so we get marks for just adding new points and asking doubts. Well intended right. But nooo. People abuse this. They ll ask literally the dumbest things that have already been explained by the sir. For example the sir said "Doing xyz will get you abc " they'll ask "oh so in order to get abc we have to do xyz" yea no shit stupid. Every one knows that studying is futile so they just ass lick or pull off stunts like I mentioned before. There's no more intellectual reasoning, we are just doing what we are told. And if we dare say anything against this system we will be expelled and ostracized by the administration. Also let me tell you about the unfair grading system. We have relative grading which means that the bottom 10 percent will get a 4 no matter how high your marks are. The administration lies to us on a daily basis. We are sold lies in the name of dreams. They purposely delay our results so that students don't leave after the first year. IIM Jammu's IPM programme is just a well put syndicate to extract money from gullible children and believers of IIM tag I messed up the cuet forms and all the other college admission forms. I would need fill in from next year.
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2023.05.30 22:11 shuvi7462 me a new DM just finsished a campaighn they loved it it thought the ending was unsatisfying

Im a new DM old player, DMing for 2 new players we just had a half year campaighn, through out the party has mostly avoided combat especally if the enemies seemed strong. when we got to the end they instead of fighting anyone they cleverly forced a peace agreement between themselves and some alterante forces. then said goodbye happy ending, i found this unsatifying and thought they would too but they were very happy with this.
what im asking is, is it that my DMing is bad and i gave them a bad ending, they only found it good from a mix of them avoiding fights in general and they are too new to know whats good dming and not.
or am i good for letting them do what they want and i should continue to trust the players and let them take play the story as they want to
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2023.05.30 22:11 wildlotusrunner Marriage woes

Hi all, new member here. I’m bi+ in a nearly 9 year marriage to a cis het man and we’ve been struggling for years, largely as a result of my unfulfilled sexuality. I’m almost at a breaking point. I love him but not in love anymore. He’s my best friend. I don’t want to hurt him but I feel like I’m just hurting us both if I let us continue on like this. We have two small kids which complicates things more. The more time goes by, the more I feel like I'm only attracted to women. The only thing that saves me when he wants to be intimate is imagining I'm with a woman. Anyone else in a similar situation? Sending love to all.
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2023.05.30 22:11 Available_Row5185 Stolen Vehicle impounded

I had a Turo guest steal a vehicle. He repainted it just before it was recovered by police and impounded. Now, I'm trying to get the vehicle back and Nation Safe Drivers is asking me to sign the document below. It appears quite broad and I suspect it would subject me to unnecessary risk and limit my options for reimbursement. They won't provide a name of the provider or a timeline of return. This seems unacceptable. Any and all thoughts would be appreciated! I have asked them to redline the waiver terms and provide a new document and am waiting to hear back.

HOLD HARMLESS / LETTER OF AUTHORIZATION This is to authorize Nation Safe Drivers and ______________________________________ ________to secure the release and recovery of the vehicle identified below; YEAMAKE/MODEL: TAG: XXXXXX VIN: XXXXXXX In consideration of payment for all fees associated with storage, administration, titling, and towing, and in consideration of the release of vehicle by _______________________________the undersigned does release, waive, discharge and covenant not to pursue legal action against its employee or agents, of and from actions, causes of action, claims due to loss of services, expenses and compensation arising out of, on account of, related to, or in any way connected with the release of vehicle. ____________________________________ OWNER NAME (PRINT) _____________________________________ SIGNATURE Notary Public_____________________________________
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2023.05.30 22:11 No_Bottle9628 Getting ready for new grad 2024

I need advice to get the most I will graduate with 4 internships(2 from the same fortune 5 non-tech company, one FAang(this fall) and doing another big tech/faang level right now. I don't have any personal projects on my resume and my gpa is around 2.7-2.8, it used to be 2.3 a year ago(I know my HFTs dreams are already dead). I was just wondering on what I should focus to get the best chances possible for new grad hiring:
- Work on a personal project(maybe even a Swift one, I heard that can help w Apple resume screening).
- Try to get my gpa as close as possible to 3.0 with summer and fall classes as I think some companies have a 3.0 cutoff? Or maybe later if I wanna get an online master degree or something?.
- Solely focus on leetcode and try to do as much as I can (and maybe learn system design? do I even need this for new grad hiring) .
- A combination of these three ?

I would highly appreciate any input on this. I am just trying to make the recruiter seasons as smooth as possible for me.
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2023.05.30 22:11 vacxo [B&A] THE END IS IN SIGHT

I have had acne since I was 14 years old! While my skin cleared up A LOT at about 19, I still struggled with acne on my cheeks and chin as well as hyperpigmentation. Although I still have hyperpigmentation, I can say that for the first time in 8 years I don't have an active pimple on my face. Sorry I don't have photos for April, I never intended on posting these pictures anywhere so I was pretty inconsistent with my progress pictures and lighting. My skin was at it's worst in April- I was a peeling red mess from the tret and feeling very self conscious.
I've been doing this routine since the beginning of February after finally being able to see a dermatologist. I was also prescribed 50mg Spironolactone that I take everyday, which I think has overall helped with stopping new pimples from forming. Any recommendations for improvement are welcome!
Cerave Foaming Facial Cleanser
Clindamycin Phosphate Topical Solution 1%
Cerave Moisturizing Cream
Perrigo Benzoyl Peroxide 2.5%
Cerave Hydrating Mineral Sunscreen SPF 50 (white cast is CRAZY)
Cerave Foaming Facial Cleanser
Cerave Moisturizing Cream
Tretinoin Cream 0.025%
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2023.05.30 22:10 iminsideyourwalls69 Fyllis song comment- one thats actually not some bot

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2023.05.30 22:10 thislife84 Friend selling on lien 2022 Prius Nightshade FWD for $28K

My friend is selling her 2022 Prius Nightshade FWD edition with 20K miles for $28K. The KBB range is from $32,716-$34,864 for Private Party with an average of $33,800. She said the Toyota dealer offered her $28K and would sell it to me at that price. I did a quick search and found a car with very similar specs selling for $28,999 through at a private dealership in same city (Los Angeles, CA). showed that the average market value for that car is around $28.25K-$39K.
When test driving the car over the weekend she told me the car was on lien, which would have been nice to know before seeing the car as I feel like it’ll be a longer process to get the title. Also, I did feel and hear a little roughness from the front brakes, which my girlfriend who was in the car did not feel. Also, when test driving the car we saw a flashing yellow triangle. Because she is selling it for so below market value and I don’t know if this is something I should even ask to get checked out.
Currently, I drive a 2001 Honda LX with 221K miles and have had it for 13 years. I’m pretty basic when it comes to cars and don’t need bells and whistles. My heart is set on a Prius and have been searching since last year. I’ve been waiting for the market to ease up and budgeting to spend $23K-$26K (including taxes and registration) on a car. I have seen cars in this prices range but are 2018-2021 with 35K-50K miles with more standard features.
This car is outside my budget, as it would cost me $30K in the end because of taxes and registration. However, I do have the money for it. Also, the car definitely has more sophisticated features (leather seats, seat warmers, wireless phone charger etc) that I am not use to and makes me feel like its too much car. Also, I feel like these features would be costly to maintain when years go by and they start having issues. But the car does seem like a good deal and feel torn about it.
My friend did say to me that the car’s registration is due on Friday and doesn’t want to pay for it if I buy. However, because I’ll be paying some sort of registration when the title is transferred to me, I feel like I would be paying double on registration. Plus, the car is still on lien and most likely won’t be getting the titled until a few weeks when she pays back the lien. Really feel like it’s not my responsibility since the title is still under her name and that I’ll be paying my own registration on the car when transferring title under me my name.
I feel so torn because of how good of a deal it is. Such a big decision that I am having trouble deciding. Would appreciate feedback! Thank you in advance!
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2023.05.30 22:10 Poundcake3000 Advice about living situation

I (26) and my partner(27) have been together about a year and a half. We live together and I've been given a crazy opportunity by my mother. She did a rent to own on a double wide and only has a year left, her husband moved out of state for a job and she's going to soon follow. She has offered for me to take over the remaining year on this 3bed 2 bath double wide trailer. The rent is comparable to the apartment we currently live in, and even though we Uber to work we would be paying comparable prices from the new location. My partner has flat out rejected it and with decently good reason. He has work history in doing restoration and my mother allowed my siblings and many animals to live there. Lots of cats, 4 smokers in that house and a couple dogs that has just been building up for years into the house. I am unsure about losing this opportunity and need advice. I recently switched from a full-time job to a part time job so my partner makes the bulk of our household income. I could easily switch back to full-time and could cover the expenses rent wise in that home. It wouldn't break our relationship but it could hurt our relationship very much and we would be living in separate places until one of us gave in to the other. Any advice?
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2023.05.30 22:09 Vandorbelt I feel like they really did Zelda dirty in TotK

Major spoilers ahead for anyone that accidentally ended up in this post. This is your warning. Hell, warning for everyone here, this is a long rant, so be prepared. Here we go...
This has been a gripe that has been building over the course of my playthrough, starting with the very first dragon's tear that you find in the northwest of Hyrule field, but to get into it, I have to provide some thoughts on the backstory coming into this game from BotW. In BotW, despite having an incredibly sparce story for the base game (don't hurt me, I haven't played the dlc), one of the central elements was Zelda's conflict between being a passive princess dedicated to ritual and duty and hoping that her power manifests, and her desire to embrace her own destiny by seeking ways to challenge Ganon without relying on her powers of light. The climax of this story ends with her finally realizing her powers not because of her role as princess, but because of her bond she grew with link over the course of her adventures while gathering the guardians.
The big primary character trait of Zelda is that she is a princess who makes her own way. She is soft-spoken at times, sure, but she is ultimately curious, motivated, and adventurous. She loves learning and seeing the world with her own eyes.
And ultimately, her final act of bravery was to lock herself in a century long battle of will with an ancient evil in order to seal it away and protect the kingdom. She is an incredibly strong-willed person who cares deeply about her friends and the people of Hyrule.
But what do we get in TotK? Well, in our initial scene beneath the castle, we get princess Zelda, the adventurous princess who wishes to explore the catacombs beneath the castle with her vigilant knight Link at her side. Awesome.
But then what? If we follow the story directly as laid out in the tears cutscenes, she's teleported back in time where she immediately seems unsure of herself. When queen Sonia offer for her to come back to the castle, she briefly protests, but seems to quickly give into to Sonia's quiet and comforting words. In fact, much of Zelda's behavior with Rauru and Sonia seems to have them being like surrogate parents, with her playing the part of the child who needs direction from the commanding father and gentle mother. She also gets a costume change from her normal cloaked outfit, to a more regal dress with some cutesy tears emblazoned on her cheeks.
I would have thought that Zelda, as versed on Sheika tech as she is, would have immediately taken more interest in Mineru and her work with the constructs, or would have thought herself to seek training from Sonia on how to control time, and yet at every step it seems other characters are laying out her path for her. Meanwhile, she just has this perpetual 🥺 face on all the time and seems largely confused by the things taking place around her. The first moment it seems we get an actual look of determination on her face is when she and Sonia confront ganondorf's puppet... right before Sonia is killed and Zelda immediately collapses next to her crying out in sadness.
And of course, what is her final act of bravery in this story? Quite literally to kill herself so that Link and his special sword can defeat Ganondorf. And mind you, it's not the culmination of some great personal development of her character. Quite the opposite. The pieces to the puzzle were all put in place by others. Her powers were a product of her liniage, passed down by blood from Rauru and Sonia, the master sword was sent back in time by link, the secret stones were a gift to the sages from the zonai, and the knowledge about the master sword and eternal dragon were given to her by the deku tree and Merenu. All she had to do was put them all together. Nothing about her personal journey or growth is relevant to her ability to do any of this.
Perhaps the greatest achievement of Zelda from her time in the past was the brief period between the imprisoning and the death of Merenu, where the two of them cooperated to set up the events of the game so that Link could find the master sword and save the kingdom, but this was only given brief mention in a snippet of dialogue from Merenu after the spirit temple. Hell, Zelda's dragon transformation would have been far more impactful if her final cutscenes had her as a much older woman, having spent years preparing and guiding the early kingdom of Hyrule. Plus, if she were older, it'd truly drive home the tragedy of the act by emphasizing the fact that she was never going to truly reunite with link. Even if she was transformed back, she'd be decades older.
But, of course, she is going to get transformed back, and we all know it, and so the whole thing loses its value. Not only that, but the thing that changes her back? Some vague bullshit about the power of Sonia and Rauru being channeled through link, which also somehow heals his arm? We are never given any indication that this is possible, or any real explanation for why it happens at the moment it does, it just does.
And look, I'm not saying Zelda has to be a fucking girlboss or anything. I get that this story is more focused on the Zonai, hyrule's history, and the imprisoning war with the demon king, but did they really need to strip her of all agency? I mean, BotW felt like it was at least trying to subvert the traditional princess archetype of the helpless maiden who needs her dutiful knight to save her, and yet in this story she really seems to be just that: an object for you to rescue, completely incapable of making any sort of meaningful personal contribution.
I mean, even in the throne room scene with Rauru and Ganondorf, she expresses a unsure discomfort with Ganondorf, before Rauru immediately follows with "yeah, he's definitely evil, I just want to keep him close." Like, great, so Zelda tries to provide some emotional insight into a character, but it turns out Rauru is not only already aware, but far more convicted in his belief and already acting on it. Great.
Anyway, this has been a long rant and I won't waste any more of your time, but this has just been bugging me and I'm surprised more people haven't mentioned it. I feel like the story really took a step back in the way it treats Zelda as a character, and it felt like it really undermined the message of the first game. I almost feel like TotK would have been better if it were just another Zelda game taking place in an ambiguous distant era with a new link and Zelda, rather than a direct sequel to BotW...
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2023.05.30 22:09 genlcrt rs chick lit ?

i love chick lit conceptually but most of it is really bad, especially the more recent stuff - i liked bridget jones diary, confessions of a shopaholic, something borrowed, etc, but it’s really hard to find that sort of thing now
i tried my year of rest and relaxation but it felt charmless, tried the new me by halle butler and found it similarly grating, the neapolitan novels, dot in the universe, and the girls guide to hunting and fishing were nice but not what i was looking for vibe wise
by chick lit i think i just mean books about a woman and her life (but the womans life has to be pathetic in some way)
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2023.05.30 22:09 Jason_wish I feel stuck online

I started using the internet in the mid 90's when it was just being introduced to the general public. I've seen it burst, a rebirth and grow to what it is in 2023. I'm looking for healthy ways to use the internet and hope reddit will serve as a healthy platform. I'm realitively new here.
The phraze "What you put in is what you get out" are a mixed bag of emotions, thoughts and feelings when it comes to an online experience.
In the late 90's and early 2000's I designed roughly a dozen websites. They've all disappeared and that's ok with me. Remenants of them can be found at Way Back Machine
I feel stuck in online trash. I'd like to create a online community of accountable adults and hope I can here. Feeling like trash is no way to live. You might think, he's used the internet for 30 years he should be good at avoiding garbage. I'd like to be an "influencer" in a good sence.
In the world I'm a good influencer and I want to feel clean online.
I've had many problems in the past from using illegal drugs to being homeless.
I've been sober for 10 years and have a safe home in a safe neighborhood I live in for two years this coming July. The people I have to thank for the most part ar people I met in the world offline.
Basically I'm looking for wholesome connections here.
Dirty thoughts lead to dirty actions.
If you're interested in making wholesome connections on the internet please give me a thumbs up, comment, like, subscribe.
Let's make the world that includes internet a better place to live visit and raise a family.
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2023.05.30 22:09 BenBlackwell1 Tweaked my vampire batman.

Tweaked my vampire batman.
Added wings and a new cape to my vampire batman. Now he can finally fly. The other guys an ever evolving custom I had for a few years. Still probably gonna change his hands.
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