A data-driven guide to using bound additional materials and fused leapstones

2022.06.03 22:01 suspicious_monkey A data-driven guide to using bound additional materials and fused leapstones

A data-driven guide to using bound additional materials and fused leapstones
Hi Reddit! I am excited to share a new feature we've added to oilyark which provides insight into the most cost effective levels to use both bound additional materials and fused leapstones.

tl;dr The gold value of your bound additional materials and fused leapstones is equal to the gold value of the base materials you would save by using that material, this information is now available on https://oilyark.com by selecting the 'bound material' or 'fused leapstone' option on the calculator page.

What does the calculator do when looking at additional materials?

Put simply, the tool is working to understand, on average, if I use a given material at the entered region market price - what base materials did not get used as a result, and what is the value of those saved materials?
If the value of the saved base materials is greater than the cost of the material used, you spent less for the same upgrade.

What does this mean for the bound additional materials sitting in my inventory?

This means - the value of a bound additional material is equal to, the value of the base materials you save by using it! I just find this a simple and exciting way to frame up how to look at the value of additional materials. It is also a look at the exact price a material would need to be to be used and not lose gold/value as a result.

How does this apply to fused leapstones?

The value of a fused leapstone is the same! It is equal to the base materials you save by using it! Which in this case is the full base attempt divided by the number of fused leapstones used.
I enjoy this explanation and comparison because it is simple, but true! I hope it helped you wrap your head around what on what seems like a complex or unknown problem. And while there is some additional complexity, it is in addition to these described core mechanics, not a replacement of.


An example of the bound material analysis for t3 1302 (epic) gear with NA east prices
An example of the fused leapstone analysis with NA east prices
Finally, I want to just send a huge thank you to everybody here who has used oilyark! We've had so much engagement with the community and are so grateful to see so many people supporting us, providing their suggestions and feedback, using the tool, and sharing their knowledge with others! Please continue to share your feedback with us so we can make meaningful changes and make the site more useful!
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2022.06.02 19:43 Twitch-Tv-ChewzOOO Question about OilyArk / honing calculators

Hey guys,
When using honing calculators, what value are you meant to enter for Solars if they are bound to that character? Market price? Or 0 because they are bound?
I'm 1420 ilvl atm, and just went full juice to go from 15 to 17 on armour, as I was desperate to get to Valtan. OilyArk says its inefficient for so many levels, but I've been using bound Solars for the most part as I get quite a few from PvP (Supreme 8).
Can anyone help me with this?
Also does anyone know the best way to hone to 1430 for Vykas release?
Thanks :)
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2022.06.02 05:29 cris027 The result of my honing session: 1415 to 1445

The result of my honing session: 1415 to 1445
I hit 1415 around 3 weeks ago and since then have significantly slowed down due to burnout. I still play my main daily and rotate my alts in groups: 1370/1340 and 1340/1340 every other 3 days, leaving me with 1 day to do whatever (mainly PVP).

Things to note:
  • Used https://oilyark.com/ to calculate every upgrade, I just followed their recommendation on every honing attempt
  • Started from 13/17/12/12/17/11 - Helm/ShouldeChest/Pants/Gloves/Wep
  • Have PVP level 2 shop unlocked - I will reach Supreme 6 on reset and will most likely park here
  • Stopped using pirate coins to buy weekly stones (saving for Astray)
  • I sell my tradables (leapstones, accessories, tripods) and convert the gold to blue crystal and buy out the shop including Una's Task Daily +1 to get 19 greater leaps a day

Total mats used:
  • Red crystals: 23,474
  • Blue crystals: 41,178
  • Solar greens: 528
  • Solar blues: 204
  • Solar purples: 0 - was not gold efficient based on current prices (NA East)
  • Honor leapstones: 0 - did not convert any
  • Greater honor leapstones: 1,332
  • Honor shards: 206,470
  • Oreha fusion: 826
  • Silver: 4,896,052
  • Gold: 26,115
  • I bought 2 welding books from the AH for my weapon to hit +15 (total cost: 4,595); got it in 2 taps
  • Failed a total of 67 times

Before & After

Let me know if you have any questions, and may RNGesus bless you with your taps! ✌
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2022.05.21 08:31 04to12avril Did I Waste Gold Honing

I've been using the tooki.app calculator and got to 1415, but on the oilyark faq, I just found out that if I don't actually buy the mats that means I should have put a 0? Like for leapstones and shards, I don't buy them, and also I don't buy the guardian/destruction crystals, I just use what I get from daily activities, should I put a 0 for those too?
Does that mean I wasted all the gold buying the solar grace and protections, I always bought what the calculator told me to buy
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2022.04.30 02:23 cris027 Finally hit 1400! Before and After for those curious (from 1385).

Finally hit 1400! Before and After for those curious (from 1385).
Summary of materials used:
- Guardian Stones: 23,858
- Destruction Stones: 4,664
- Greater Honor Leapstones: 588

I only used the solars for the weapon
- Solar Grace: 72
- Solar Blessing: 36
- Solar Protection: None, the calculator I was using recommended I do not use it. https://oilyark.com/ by suspicious_monkey
- Being f2p, I also followed the most economical route: 16/11/11/11/11/10 - suggested by jinyu1993, I also checked before honing and can confirm that this is the cheapest route to 1400.
- I started with Mattjestic's (Youtube channel: Mattjestic Life) 1385 route: 10/10/10/8/8/8 , 10 being the gloves, shoulders, and helm


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2022.04.22 21:28 suspicious_monkey A comprehensive guide to purchasing and using additional materials

A comprehensive guide to purchasing and using additional materials

TL;DR - You save gold using additional materials whenever the cost to success ratio of the additional materials is less than the cost to success ratio of the base materials. Your cost to success ratio changes as you fail a honing attempt on your gear. I built a calculator to perform this calculation for each individual honing attempt which you can use at oilyark.com!

Thank you everybody for all of the positive feedback and great constructive criticism and suggestions to improve the tool - below is a summary of feedback and status of!

working on:
  • All Reddit feedback implemented! We are continuing to iterate! See upcoming features and enhancements by viewing oilyark.com
  • advanced honing result view is now active! you can now see exactly how the materials compare to your base materials by each individual attempt
  • Honing books are now implemented for all tiers
  • mari's shop is now an option in the calculator, it will automatically calculate the values of the additional materials from the gold exchange rate
  • added tier 3 (1340) to the calculator changes are live
  • levels 15-20 for tier 3 (1340) is added and live i am working to add levels 15-20 ASAP
  • fixed results table on mobile
  • by popular demand all prices entered are FULL prices or for the entire bundle, no more per unit calculations

Hi Lost Ark community!
I've spent hours working to better understand the honing process and when to use additional materials in Lost Ark. There have been tools (maxroll upgrade calculator, tooki app) and different posts about the calculation of when to use additional materials on Reddit but didn't know definitively what was correct. In the spirit of over-engineering and having a great time I decided to use python to recreate the honing process and test different scenarios and recommendations!
What I learned was that it is true that when the cost to success ratio of your additional materials match the cost to success ratio of your base materials it was the break-even point (1:1)! However because of the failure system in Lost Ark (every time you fail your success rate increases by 10% of your base success rate with a max of your base success rate) every time I simulated this process the gold spend of using materials at the same cost:success ratio was always much higher as the base success rate decreased (in tier 3).
I did some analysis and plotted some data points to get a linear regression line of y = .43x + 57 (y = what percentage of the base material cost your additional materials need to be to break even, and x = base success rate of the honing attempt).
On average to break even honing a piece of gear from 14 to 15 in tier 3 your additional materials would need to be 61% of the cost:success ratio of your base materials to break even! This is a huge difference than the 1:1 ratio and driven completely by the failure system in Lost Ark. Because the chance to fail is so high at later levels, as you continue to make attempts, your base materials gain value because the success rate increases. Result = the calculation needs to be performed BY attempt to be truly accurate.
So I spent an absurd amount of time building a calculator that performs this calculation for each individual honing attempt so you know if you should use additional materials, and which additional materials to use - below I've included a snapshot of the results with current market prices in NA East, and Mari's shop prices for the additional materials (to calculate if I should purchase them from Mari's shop).
You'll see for the first honing attempt it is cost effective to use both grace, and blessing - and then for the next 2 attempts it is only cost effective to use grace. After that time when your success rate is 13% or higher from failures, you shouldn't use any materials, even from Mari's shop.
Thanks for reading! I hope somebody gets the chance to try out the tool and it provides some value to the community!
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