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For discussion of the amazing new mobile MMO

2018.10.10 18:56 For discussion of the amazing new mobile MMO

Ancients Reborn is an open world MMORPG with unique mechanics and bright horizons. Developed by Xisle Games

2013.12.26 19:16 Bungeebones Bitcoin Multi-Level Advertising

It's like a mining pool that uses web traffic. It doesn't actually create Bitcoin but rather earns them through advertising fees (paid in Bitcoin of course). Each new website that adds the free script adds traffic to the advertising pool. Each site also receives a shopping cart to sell advertising in the pool for commissions (again paid in Bitcoin).

2020.04.04 17:52 ISTJScorpio95 Glimmer from She-Ra and the Princesses of Power

A community sub dedicated to Glimmer and her loyal fans. As Queen of Bright Moon, Glimmer is a brilliant character from the American animated web television series She-Ra and the Princesses of Power. Discussion, cosplay images, fan art, fan fiction, tattoos, and theories are welcome here! Hate of any kind is not allowed! Long Live Queen Glimmer!

2023.05.30 23:54 huskyh115 Help with moniter settings

Hello im wk dering what are the best moniter settings for brightness contrast and all that including freesync and overdrive
Because when i turn in game the image isnt very clear and goes a little blury and i have motion blur off
I play on seris s if that helps at all
Thank you for your time
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2023.05.30 23:54 ripeart A couple of things I've learned recently

I've been mixing semi-professionally for several years. My gear, plugins, and workflow have changed over time and I've grown accustomed to my monitoring and room. I've noticed there are some things I do regularly that help me get to the sound I'm listening for quicker. However I'm still slow and I spend far too much time choosing a reverb, drawing automations, deciding if I need +4 at 3k or 5k, etc... It's all groovy and fun for me so I don't mind that I'm slow. Here are some things that I've learned to do (ITB) that have a significant quality and speed impact on my work:
Some of the things I don't pay too much attention to:
In the end the single biggest takeaway I've got from this subreddit is that if it sounds good to me, it is good. But I had to go through all the steps before that to understand for myself that this is true. Time takes time and after all the years I've spent behind a monitor or console I still get excited when I sit down with a bunch of fresh tracks.
Thanks for being here and contributing your experience and thoughts. It's really lovely to have a place to talk about these things in detail. I've enjoyed reading long-ass posts about nuances. Most of the people I engage with are artists and "producers" who often have no idea what the hell I'm talking about.
PS - Someone once said here that mixes are never really completed, just abandoned - and I feel that in my soul.
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2023.05.30 23:53 MoDyOmArG A year later and i still can't see anything in those corn maps

it so bright and the corn vision is so bad for killers , corn vision might be okay because thats the scheme of the map
But i can't see shit , i can't tell whether a tile has a pallet or not from a distance and guess what , i cant see any auras
as a survivor the 3rd person camera makes it a little less painful , but as a killer there is so little line of sight for me to do anything
Besides they still haven't implemented settings for colourblind ppl yet
last time i checked the game's name was dead by daylight, not dead by afternoon
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2023.05.30 23:53 clenduro53 Lasfit cargo lights enough or change reverse lights too?

I’m looking to have more light when backing up. But also more light in the bed too. I’m thinking these seem to be very bright and maybe the cargo lights would do both for me. I have not made the switch yet but thinking about starting with just the cargo lights. Any input?
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2023.05.30 23:52 SpatialComputing APPLE mixed reality headset: 1.41" OLED on silicon displays with 4000 PPI and peak brightness of 5k nits

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2023.05.30 23:51 dominikuu Epoch (TLT Remix)

I have went through a theory from a few years back and I have decided to make one of my own inspired from the previous. (Basing off the music video)
Act 1: A brown bear at the beginning of video a bear is shown laying on the ground with a red flower on hand (this will be important later) and maybe a scar? (I am unsure about this piece of evidence as of now). Near the 10 second mark he starts walking out of the snow marked forest with the flower still in hand.
Act 2: At the time mark 0:28 we are shown a sign that says “here live happily mom dad and little timmy” with a depiction of two white cats and one black. In the background there is the same cats sitting down with blue flowers grown in front of the residence. The child is holding the same colored flower as our protagonist.
Act 3: After that the bear is walking in a field of brightly colored yellow flowers with bits of red sprinkled around (could be a reference to the inverted color scheme of the flower). The bear walks through a graveyard with some different bouquets but the same flowers. A yellow bird follows along in two scenes before disappearing (yellow is a frequent color for an apparent reason).
Act 4: The bear is strutting through a swamp full of frogs and multiple lily pads, then transition to both being nonexistent leaving just the pedals. At 1:37 a pile of red flowers on a single leaf pad is shown (could be a sign or a memorial of some sorts).
Act 5: Time mark 2:05 the word “Believe” is spoken over a few times while a white bear who looks exactly like the said called protagonist spins around his head. One of the pictures show the white bear holding a multiple flowers.
Act 6: Now we cut to a town 2:06 where a white bunny is shown this time on posters which say “We demand for the killer to come forward!” and “We demand justice!” (The same flowers the bear are holding are the same ones under the posters). Citizens of the town are looking out their windows while he keeps walking down, then a cut is shown when the expressions cut from shocked to agitated. At this point (2:45) we assume he’s going to report something (murder or otherwise).
Final Act: We get a mugshot of our protagonist frowning and the flower still in his hands. The final scene shows us a black rabbit, the bear and an alligator. It seems like the rabbit is clearly the dad from the first act 2.
Summary: I don’t know if I classified the animals correctly, but I definitely got most of the evidence right. I think the story is clear, they either wanted to turn themselves in or give a story to law enforcement. Clearly the bad ending was given.
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2023.05.30 23:50 ZAROM4 Longing and envy

Longing and envy
It captures my mind
It eats me alive
Longing and envy
All the "what if's"
All the "I should've's"
Hopes and dreams
Toxic ideas
Of what life should have been
If I could I would do it over again
And plenty of things I would change
But here and now
I can only try to rearrange
Get closer to the dream
Though certain things can't be fixed
Time wasted can't be regained
Missed opportunities won't come back
Longing and envy
It has me losing sleep
It has me feeling weak
Longing and envy
It's just no use
Draining my energy
Hopes and dreams
A bright future
Or is it
I can only accept the cards in my hand
Make the best of it, do what I can
Move forward, look ahead
Life goes by in the blink of an eye
There is so much more
That I wish to achieve
Before I die
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2023.05.30 23:50 Soxfan98 Two types of people in this world

Only 2 tables for this slow slow Tuesday after Memorial Day. On the bright side 23 on 115 total is a solid tip 🤣 can you tell which one has worked in the industry
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2023.05.30 23:50 TheMadDriver The BLACK little mermaid 🙋🏿‍♀️🧜🏿‍♀️

So a passengers topic of choice with me right off the bat was them asking me “what do you think about the black little mermaid” and I couldn’t help but to just start chuckling I told this passenger you know what it really offends me when movies changes the race of the character is what my problem is for me growing up my entire life little mermaid has always been a pale white red headed mermaid so then since we wear stuff in traffic I started to mention other movies and just things that really bothered me and this passenger totally agreed was wondering what you all think about it lol
The Pinocchio movie when they changed the whitest charter ever to black just shocked me seeing that fairy and not seeing the pale white skin blond hair bright blue eyes the whitest of the white just changed to a black lady
The green lantern played by Ryan Reynolds’s just threw me off as my entire child hood green lantern in the Justice league has always been a black guy and to see them make the green lantern white just really bothers me
But if we all just keep accepting movies like this then what the hell will be next a black Batman? A autobiography of Martin Luther king played by Mel Gibson? A black super man i think it’s only a matter of time aqua man is already not a white guy with blond hair
And for that reason I did not see this little mermaid and will be waiting for it to be free on tv I will not contribute to its box office sales for something that is presented as so fake and not true to the story
Passenger tipped me a $20 bill told me they haven’t laughed so hard in years
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2023.05.30 23:50 jd957795 I write songs for fun, today I used ChatGPT to help write song.

I am 46 an wrote songs since I been in high school for fun. Well a girl I dated 18 years ago and I hadn’t talked in those 18 years msged me in December because she is going through a terrible divorce and I was first person she wanted to know and talk to when she got home. So I just used ChatGPT to help me write a song about it today.
(Verse 1) In the twilight of a starlit night My phone lights up, it's quite a sight A message from a girl, her heart's in a bind She's looking for someone, someone to unwind
(Pre-Chorus) She asks, "Are you up? Can I give you a call?" She needs someone to listen, someone to stand tall I'm just a cowboy, out on the range But I'll be her shelter in this pouring rain
(Chorus) She's texting, "Are you up? Can we talk tonight? I need your voice to guide me, make everything alright Her problems with her ex, they're tearing her apart I'll lend her my shoulder, be the strength in her heart"
(Verse 2) I lean back, my guitar in my hands Listening to her voice as she drives across the land She tells me 'bout the fights, the tears, and the scars I'm just a cowboy, but I'll heal her heart
(Pre-Chorus) She says, "Are you up? Can I pour out my soul?" She needs someone to hold her, make her feel whole I'm just a cowboy, riding through the night But I'll be her guiding star, shining so bright
(Chorus) She's texting, "Are you up? Can we talk tonight? I need your voice to guide me, make everything alright Her problems with her ex, they're tearing her apart I'll lend her my shoulder, be the strength in her heart"
(Bridge) We talk for hours, her voice fills the air I can feel her pain, I can't help but care Though miles may separate us, we're connected deep Through these late-night conversations, our bond we'll keep
(Chorus) She's texting, "Are you up? Can we talk tonight? I need your voice to guide me, make everything alright Her problems with her ex, they're tearing her apart I'll lend her my shoulder, be the strength in her heart"
(Outro) As the night fades away and the sun starts to rise I promise her, darling, I'll be by her side Through the trials and troubles, I'll help her find her way With every late-night call, together, we'll be okay
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2023.05.30 23:49 hemanhasthepower111 MBP mid-2014 stuck loading after update to Ventura 13.3.1 via OpenCore

Have a mid-2014 MBP. Had no problems running Ventura using OpenCore. Decided to update to 13.3.1. Upon doing that, the system reloaded and once I chose my user and type in the password, the progress bar would get stuck halfway. I have three users for this MBP.
Fortunately, I had a partition on this large drive. I installed Big Sur and have been using it on that partition. But I need to log into some web accounts on the older partition. I've read that the error on that partition can be corrected by logging in using Safe Mode and updating OpenCore from there?
Unfortunately, I can't even get Safe Mode to work. When I start my Mac, I get to choose between one of the two partitions. Once I click on the partition, it goes straight to the username login screen. Safe mode doesn't load despite pressing Shift. Any advice?
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2023.05.30 23:48 AwkWORD47 Nikon Colors, what are your impressions?

I used to shoot nikon (d750, z6) and switched to Canon. I noticed with canon files the images don't seem to pop as much.
I do miss nikon files and found myself doing less edits.
The subjects were always more saturated, bright, creamy, and had a special tint to it.
How would you describe ninon files?
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2023.05.30 23:47 AndyAPEX How to increase your MCAT score by 10+ points in 2 weeks

I keep seeing a lot of posts asking how to improve within XXX amount of time before the exam. There are some good responses but I feel like a lot of them aren't relatable. I am by NO MEANS a genius because I'm just your average Joe "work hard, study hard" kind of guy. But I feel like I can give some proper advice since I went from a 501 to 516 on the FLs in 2 weeks.
Timeline: I had about 6 months of studying. 3 months were "fake" studying and the other 3 months were real studying. What I'm about to disclose is an accurate timeline of what I did in order.
Content Review (3 months): I spent 3 months doing on-and-off content review using Jack Sparrow's ANKI deck. There's about 6000+ cards and I memorized about 70% of them. If I actually tried, I probably could've done this within 1.5 months. But you know what? I'm human and I get lazy.
uWorld (2 months): Another 2 months of on-and-off practice questions. There will be days where I do about 80 questions and days where I do none. I used uWorld because they have hard af passages and they require you to remember even low yield topics. uWorld was essentially used to find out what my weaknesses were and a way to learn how to approach hard passages.
Tldr; uWorld was basically lube for bumhole when I take the AAMC FLs.
AAMC FL1: This is where I tested my current knowledge and you know what I got? A motherfuckin' wake up call because I got a 501. I was completely stressed tf out because I was gunning for a 510+ at least. Instead of being a weenie and getting depressed, I looked at the bright side. The only reason why my score was low was because of CARS and low yield questions. The content review I did was solid. So it was time to formulate a game plan.
AAMC Section Bank and CARS QPack (1 month): After getting gangbanged by uWorld and AAMC FL1, I decided to switch over to AAMC for my final month of studying. And let me tell you, nothing really changed. Section bank and CARS Qpack ripped my butthole a new one but I wasn't going to give up. The more I progressed with the questions, the more I realize how I should be approaching these questions. Like I said, it wasn't my content review that was lacking but my test taking strategies. When people told me to "understand AAMC logic", I did not know wtf they were talking about. But as I did more practice questions and REALLY ANALYZE why I got the question wrong and why I chose the wrong answer... I understood.
AAMC FL2 (2 weeks left before test date): This is where I had my breakthrough. I got a 513.
AAMC FL5 (1 week left before test date): After taking FL2, I reviewed the content I missed on that and did more AAMC practice questions. Then I decided to take FL5 because it's the most representative out of all the FLs. I got a 516 (although lowkey I could've gotten a 520 if I didn't suck ass on CARS). Now I have about 4 days before my test date on 06/03/23.
I'm going to keep at it until I feel confident and try my best to get that 520+.

Okay, that was my story so here's what I did to study!
C/P: Dimensional analysis (unit manipulation), or known as DA, is all you need to answer every question regarding to calculations. Sure, you'll need to memorize a few equations here and there but DA is the way to go. Also learn all your CONVERSIONS. For the chemistry/orgo part of this section, I suggest you learn ALL IMPORTANT CHEMICAL STRUCTURE CHARACTERISTICS that you always see being asked in the practice questions and FLs. What do I mean by that? I mean polarity, bonds, periodic table trends, etc. But what about learning theories? Man, FUCK learning all those theories because you know why? If you know the relationships between each variable in the equations you memorized, YOU DO NOT NEED TO LEARN ANY THEORIES. Because essentially, theories are a more in-depth explanation as to why variable Y is dependent on X.
CARS: Bro, IDK what to say but just practice. If you're bad at CARS like me... Then all you can do is just practice. I just did 3-5 passages a day TIMED. I don't do that untimed BS because then I'll just get used to being slow. Learn how to improve your techniques in a timely manner. Because on the real exam, you are not going to have 20 minutes to finally understand a passage and do questions.
B/B: Do a lot of content review. You cannot skip out on B/B. There is no cheese. Learn everything the best you can. For biochemistry, all you gotta know is the 20 amino acids and its characteristics, enzyme kinematics/inhibition, all metabolic pathways forward and in reverse, all experimental techniques, and protein/lipid types. What about biology? Don't know where to start? Well, let me shamelessly plug in my 19 PAGE MCAT BIOLOGY SUMMARY (doesn't include DNA replication, transcription, or translation so pls review that on your own lol):
P/S: All you need is this 86 page doc and learn how to interpret studies and its results. Read it, memorize it, love it, and get you that 132. Here's the link for it:

Well that's all to it! Good luck guys! Here's some miscellaneous stuff from me:
Section Bank Percentages: C/P (62%) B/B (68%) P/S (62%)
AAMC FL1 (05/14/23): 501 - 126/121/127/127
AAMC FL2 (05/21/23): 513 - 129/128/129/127
AAMC FL5 (05/29/23): 516 - 131/124/129/132
Test Date: June 3, 2023
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2023.05.30 23:47 ForeverBlue101_303 I'm feeling scared and angry for my LGBTQ friends

Feeling scared and angry for all my LGBTQ+ friends
Hey folks. With how there's been more and more hatred amongst the LGBTQ community, with the strong reaction towards Bud Light's trans commercial to the threats made to Target because of their Pride merch, even as far as resorting to bomb threats, it scares me that homophobia is becoming more and more militant and violent. Sure, Westboro Baptist Church may be a thing of the past since Fred Phelps left this Earth but we still have horrible human beings from anti-Woke influencers, like TheQuartering to Matt Walsh to hateful Christian pastors who advocate your guys' deaths, like with Arizona pastor (and real life Claude Frollo) Steven Anderson and it scares me that a bunch of degenerates might be influenced by these evil people and might so something horrible at Pride events, like with Pulse, Colorado Springs, the lesbian bar that was blown up by Christian terrorist Eric Rudolph, or to individuals like Brandon Teena, Gwen Araujo, or, of course, that poor soul Matthew Shepard. I may not be super religious but I'm gonna pray hard for your safety and make sure you would do whatever it takes to defend yourselves because I'm not just scared as an LGBTQ ally with a gay cousin from my father's side, I'm downright angry. I am so angry people, despite living in the 21st century would subscribe to something so primitive and backwards as hatred, bigotry, and violence. These toxic ideologies are turning people into intolerant beasts and I've had enough. Stay Safe for Pride Month, guys and to use the Proud Boys credo against them: stand back and stand by because love will always win. Use your bright rainbow to defeat their neverending darkness that may loom over you like dark storms. Much love to you all
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2023.05.30 23:47 Available_Board_8360 Can the devs please just deal with problem already come on

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2023.05.30 23:46 e-tard666 Demoralized

I know that Reddit can be full of people who vent or complain, but recently this subreddit has been has made me feel demoralized. I’m a young civil engineer in my 3rd year of college with two internships under my belt. I have really enjoyed my experience so far but it feels like every time I open this subreddit, I see another post about how underpaid, undervalued, and over worked/stressed everyone in this field tends to be. I’m pretty bright and could fare well in other majors with higher value, but being this far down the civil engineering tract, I could use some encouragement to keep going, or more discouragement to switch my life plans around before it’s too late.
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2023.05.30 23:46 belcorvo OOTD - L+U/Amethyst - exploring high maintenance and ✨sparkles✨

OOTD - L+U/Amethyst - exploring high maintenance and ✨sparkles✨
Doubling up posts today! I decided to wake up early and play around with creating a high maintenance morning routine. Well I didn’t wake up early enough but i was able to give myself some time back in the morning to play with being high maintenance. I put my hair in rollers (which didn’t do much on not so fresh hair) and did my makeup. I wanted to shine today so I decided to be simplistic and just play up the shine in my look. Also sharing my most recent nails because they are soooo bomb. I tried to match the pink of our favorite magenta/bright pink dress and love the look!
Context - WFH on a day sandwiched between two off days. The vibe was try to care when you probably should have just taken the day off.
Keywords - sensual (multi textures, tattoo showing with the wrap v neck), dramatic (color blocking with silver, tabis), intimidating (sharp eyeliner, red lip)
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2023.05.30 23:45 xaraul Ritual Stars

I've had an interesting idea about the effect that distant celestial bodies have on Tyraskäth, my fantasy world orbitting a pair of binary stars, and its people. Of course, I am not talking about the Suns themselves or its moons have, but the other planets in its system as well as distant stars. Basically, how astrology works.
Even I as an aspiring astrophysicist who has heard astrology jokes more often than I could count have to admit that the basic concept of astrology sounds quite neat, even if it's wishful thinking at best, and that early astronomical achievements likely wouldn't have been made if it weren't for stargazers trying to predict some noblemen's fortune by looking at the positions of planets and stars in the nightsky. Thus, I wanted the sky to have a more profound and tangible effect on my world.
In particular, I want to address stars, the type of celestial object that I am interested in the most. In particular, this idea concerns a special class of stars which the scholars of Tyraskäth, at least in Eastern Aviir, refer to as Ritual Stars or Ceremonial Stars.

Stellar Astrophysics Renaissance
The setting of my world is largely reminiscent of pre-modern times (vaguely similar to the Renaissance period), but a few scientific disciplines such as mathematics, physics and also astronomy are a bit ahead of their time. This is in part due to the binary Suns, which define the world's calenders and allow for more precise measurements of orbital parameters of both the Suns, Tyraskäth and the other planets in the system, and the denser stellar environment (while fantasy, the universe resembles ours at least on interstellar levels, beyond that is up for speculation, so the system could be in what we'd consider an open star cluster) where even stellar motions can be tracked over sufficiently long timescales (at least with telescopes, which also exist at this point).
For a long time, astronomers and natural philosophers considered stars highly enigmatic objects exceeding human comprehension. Unspeakably bright and, they were often considered to be of purely divine light, although them being physical objects as well has become a widely spread theory as it can easily be proven that they have a great mass by studying the motion of the Suns. Therefore, it was not far fetched for scholars to ponder their nature. The stars in the night sky were sometimes believed to be different from the Suns, but telescopes allowed the resolution of a third, more distant Sun from a bright red star into a small bronzen disk. A Sun, yet far more distant, and thus other stars might be just like this. Though why do they shine, and why do they have different colours?
Ularios was a great mathematician, astronomer, philosopher and artisan living in the great metropolis of Kareiah (a sort of Konstantinople counterpart), and was a scientific assistent for the Imperial Court Astrologist and Astronomer of the Sainic Emperor Zhavatios I. One day, he visited the great smithy of the Imperial Palace to place an order for a stable mounting for instruments to measure the motion of the planets as accurately as possible. There, he observed the blacksmiths forging the swords for the Emperor's personal guardsmen, the Tralkya Guard. As the dark steel was heated by flames of the forge, it soon began to glow in a dim red, which then turned into a sultry orange, a saturated yellow and finally a glistening white. Not only did it change colour, but became more luminous the hotter it became: while the initial red glow could barely immuninate its immediate surroundings in a dark room, the bright white of the nearly molten metal would be painful to look at even from afar. This immediately reminded him of the two Suns. The Golden Sun is brighter than the Copper Sun. Naturally, he thought, as the Golden Sun is larger. A campfire is brighter than a torch, which is brighter than a candle, and thus a large star shines brighter than a small one. However, the correlation between the area of the Suns' apparent disks in the sky and their brightnesses was not a linear one. Instead, the Copper Sun was dimmer than it should be based on its size alone, which means it must be intrinsically dimmer. Perhaps, he thought, much like how incandescent and nearly molten iron is much brighter and hotter than dimmly glowing red iron, the Golden Sun was hotter. And thus, he put together his early theories of stellar astrophysics.
Pondering the (cosmic) orbs...
For years he looked at stars, bright and dim, near and far, of all colours in all parts of the sky, mapping them and naming many, trying to describe their nature compared to the two Suns he would see each and every day. He measured and compared them, trying to derive relations and mathematical equations to describe them more precisely. Red stars would be dim and small (he did not yet know what red giants are), white stars bright and large, and the two Suns somewhere in between with their white-gold and bronzen shine, respectively. He theorized that stars are, essentially, made of molten metals, specifically of Godsmetals (these are basically very rare, or very hard to impossible to obtain metals and natural alloys of those, including Black Boreal Steel) heated up beyond their melting point and thus glowing accordingly. What was below those oceans of liquid metal he did not know, but he believed those inner shells to be home to incomprehensible, equally wondrous and terrifying processes of thaumaturgy, alchemy and the pure energy of creation and destruction (if you think about it, he's not so wrong about that part...). "Stars are the sparks forming then the hammer of the Gods is struck upon the anvil as worlds are being forged", he wrote in his book called On the Nature of the Heavens, which did cause a fair bit of controversy among his peers as well as political and religious figures of his time (it should be noted though that among his first supporters was, in fact, a religious order). The metal the Golden Sun would thus be forged from is not gold, but another metal that melts at a similar temperature as iron or beyond, whereas the Copper Sun could indeed be made from copper, but ironically also from gold, but likely from no metal that is known to men. Interestingly, metals melting at higher temperatures would form larger stars, a phenomenon he did not completely understand and attributed to either thaumaturgical or not yet understood properties of these metals.
What about the blue stars?
When iron melts, it glows at with a whitish light that only becomes more luminous. Therefore, pure white stars such as Cyndra (as opposed to white-gold ones) are thought to be the hottest stars, made from metal withstanding much greater heat than iron. However, there are a few stars, even bright stars, in the sky that did not fit in the spectrum of glowing metal: Ramail, Zarul, Areph and the majestic Tura, all of which have a strong, blue hue to their splendour. Ularios could not explain why the stars would look this way. Blue was associated with the cold and winter, so do these stars burn with cold flame? Or perhaps their flame is even hotter, or just fundamentally different?
For centuries or even longer, blue stars have been associated with magick and the supernatural. Thaumaturgical rituals and religious ceremonies of different cultures often take place when asterisms of bright blue stars are high up in the sky or when a planet occults a blue star. Whenever this happens it is believed that the effect of the ritual is amplified as the Veil, or Curtain, that separates the physical from the spectral planes is particularly thin during such events, and powers from beyond can be called upon and manifested with greater ease by the rare Thaumaturgists and Mantists of many cultures (keep in mind though that open practice of thaumaturgy is still incredibly rare, and most people never witness it).
Later Thaumaturgists such as Valkaz from Starikaz (Sainic: Valokos), who often have rich knowledge on the sky above, deduced through their meditation in Dreamstriding that blue stars must be much brighter than even white stars, and that they are the result of the immense magickal energy within their cores dissipating and vaporizing the surrounding metal, exposing their heart of pure Thaumic energy as pure fragments from cosmogony. Here, the three metaphysical planes would converge.
Belief Shapes Reality
So, long story short, astronomers think that blue stars are weird because iron can't glow blue from heating it up, concluding they must be magickal, which Thaumaturgists (wizards but cooler) and religious entities adopt as well and have for a long time, thus affecting the local metaphysical barrier and literally making it true to a degree.
The stars are not made of literal liquid metal btw. That would be very cool, but it's too "fantastical" for what I have in mind for my universe. At least up to an interstellar scale, this universe is similar to ours. But there is nonetheless no shortage of weird, fantastical and eldritch things.

Very long text I know, so I THANK YOU if you've read through it and haven't left. Highly appreciate it and would love to hear what you think!
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2023.05.30 23:44 Worried_Spread_8809 RPM

With my code you will receive a start bonus of 250! Invite code: HVWQCMZR9N
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2023.05.30 23:44 magne- Is 400 ANSI lumens bright enough? + Alternatives to the YABER Pro Y9

I’m considering buying the YABER Pro Y9 projector as I've heard it's the best in its price range. However, I still have a few questions that I would love to get answered.
Firstly, this projector is listed as being 400 ANSI lumens, whatever that means... Does it need to be totally dark in my room for this thing to be bright enough to have any kind of contrast, or can I for example have my window open slightly letting a bit of air and light in? If it’s not bright enough, how bright is a "good/decent" projector recommended to be?
Secondly, I'm considering spending a bit more on a projector than the YABER Pro Y9 which is 200 USD. If I wanted to spend about 60-100 bucks more, what options do I have, and is it worth it, or do I need to be spending 200+ dollars more to actually get a "good" projector?
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2023.05.30 23:44 No-March7309 help my infant is gay bc he likes colours

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2023.05.30 23:42 Illustrious_Boot_110 A

¡Con mi código recibirás una bonificación inicial de 250! Código de invitación: TWEENPZ7RC
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