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2023.06.03 22:39 yourztruly_ Please pretty please

Can you accept my invitation so that I can get a free gift? Download Temu App and search the code below to accept my invitation! 164382668
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2023.06.03 22:38 dolly4president Young The Giant Sunday Pier 17 Green Zone Tickets

4 tickets for the Heineken Zone ($250 resale currently), $175 each. Transfer in the Ticketmaster App.
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2023.06.03 22:38 hedwigofpuddingby Are food pouches bad?What snacks do you feed your babies?

What are your thoughts on baby food pouches? Even the fruit ones that aren't made from concentrate. Are they really bad for babies?
What are some good and tasty snack alternatives that I can give a baby below 1 year old? I have a flight coming up and need to prepare snacks.
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2023.06.03 22:38 Babybearluvr Being around my partners happy family makes me depressed.

I’ve been with my partner for 5 years and I love them to death but I am admittedly quite insecure about my place in social relationships. I have an unstable family who shipped me back and forth a lot growing up, destabilizing my academics and hurting my self esteem- this was paired with relentless bullying until I stopped socializing with people altogether. Most of my high school lunches were spent eating on the toilet until I got enough self confidence to eat alone in halls during senior year. I also have trouble socializing with others until I’m very close with them, mostly because of trauma and just forgetting how to act so I’m kind of robotic it’s strangers, which means I make no friends. I’m trying my best to relearn but it’s hard, I still have no friends and no close coworkers so I’m very used to feeling alienated.
My partner is the one person I feel I belong with but even after 5 years together and meeting their family when I was a teenager I still feel disconnected. I often tell my partner I love their family and in some ways a lot more then mine but when we go out together it’s painfully obvious I’m the odd one out. I’m visiting them atm and we just attended her brothers graduation. I’ve known him since before high school, always cordial and I tried to let him like everyone else know I was always there for them. I cheered him on and all but they all got hugs and I was just standing there awkwardly. Seeing his mom cry over him made it so much worse bc I have no idea what it’s like to have a normal family or mom do those things. I didn’t even attend my graduation. The whole day I’ve been fighting back tears and it’s so frustrating feeling like I’ll never have a family of my own. I only have my partner but she will always have these people she’s known and loved far more. Her mothers even asked her which of us she loves more… and my partner doesn’t want kids so this is my sentence.
There’s no solution here and really I’m okay, I just hate feeling like an alien. I’ve always felt this way and I wish I could bond with someone over it.
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2023.06.03 22:37 repulsims 37M California - looking for friends to voicechat, watch things and game with!

Ahoy there! It's been pretty lonely lately, so I figured I'd put myself out there and try to make some new friends. I'm of SouthEast Asian descent born and raised in Southern California. Definitely more of an indoor person, but I'm making an effort to go outside more and explore new places. Also a bit cringe so don't say I didn't warn ya!
I'm a huge fan of anime, science fiction, fantasy, documentaries, procedural crime shows, and series like Futurama, The Simpsons, Love Death Robots, and The Twilight Zone. I also enjoy playing a bunch of PC games, so hit me up if you want to game together! I'm open to trying anything that looks fun.
Currently trying to improve all areas of my life and trying out new hobbies, listening to new music, watching new things. Mostly trying to get outside my comfort zone and do things I normally wouldn't. Feel free to send a message if you're up for a friendly chat/voicechat. What do you enjoy doing in your free time? What movies, foods, games, or songs are you really into? I look forward to getting to know ya!
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2023.06.03 22:37 repulsims 37M California - looking for friends to voice[chat], watch things and game with!

Ahoy there! It's been pretty lonely lately, so I figured I'd put myself out there and try to make some new friends. I'm of SouthEast Asian descent born and raised in Southern California. Definitely more of an indoor person, but I'm making an effort to go outside more and explore new places. Also a bit cringe so don't say I didn't warn ya!
I'm a huge fan of anime, science fiction, fantasy, doc.umentaries, procedural crime shows, and series like Futurama, The Simpsons, Love Death Robots, and The Twilight Zone. I also enjoy playing a bunch of PC games, so hit me up if you want to game together! I'm open to trying anything that looks fun.
Currently trying to improve all areas of my life and trying out new hobbies, listening to new music, watching new things. Mostly trying to get outside my comfort zone and do things I normally wouldn't. Feel free to send a message if you're up for a friendly chat/voicechat. What do you enjoy doing in your free time? What movies, foods, games, or songs are you really into? I look forward to getting to know ya!
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2023.06.03 22:37 Senior_Director6496 Critical mass? Recent posts are reaching thousands: 3.6k view "Stacey's PSA for the Haters" post in 2 days

Critical mass? Recent posts are reaching thousands: 3.6k view
For the record, I don't consider myself a hater. I am a customer of LCS and Stacey Boehman, and originally was a huge supporter of both - now hugely disappointed by their more recent behavior.

I think there are many of us who feel gaslit, and alone. Because neither allow a forum for customer feedback or discussion, delete any and all commentary that isn't effusively praising them, require NDAs for refunds and include non-disparagement clauses in their program terms (that's not necessarily legal, btw) - we are made to feel that WE alone are unable to have the positive experience and superlative results they publicize. This is far from true however.

Reddit shares post insights with their author. In 2 days this post has received 3.6k views. There are MANY people visiting this forum anonymously and reading what is here. You are not alone.
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2023.06.03 22:37 AttitudeTop9181 OutKast Krew Recruiting

Overview: We are a fun group of guys and gals with most of our members based out of Thetford (Black Zone) and Fort Sterling (Faction). The majority of our players are on North American time zones and we do a range of activities including fame farming, static dungeons, BZ and AVA roads activities, faction, PVP and ganking. We are an adult guild and strive to keep our guild friendly, non-toxic and helpful towards newer players. What we are looking for: English speaking players that are active on discord. Players aren’t required to talk if they don’t want to but must be in voice comms to listen during certain guild and alliance activities. Our guild requirements are:- Minimum of 5 million fame. - Friendly, nontoxic individuals. - Age 18 and up unless accompanied by a parent
What we offer: A relaxed and helpful environment. We are a diverse group of players from various backgrounds and ages. We don't tolerate toxicity or discrimination. Benefits of an Avalonian Roads HO. (Black Zone Fame Farming, Resource Gathering, Core Gathering, Mists) From Fort Sterling we do Faction Warfare. This includes Yellow zone Fame Farming, Yellow Zone capping, Red Zone capping and Bandits Red Zone capping. From Thetford we do Black Zone content. This includes Black Zone Fame Farming, GatheGanking Parties, Open World chests and Mob Farming. Join your fellow guild members at any time of the day for 2v2 or 5v5 Hellgates, 2v2 Mists, or Arenas, and join them in the discord text channels to discuss the game and learn more from experienced players. We do not have mandatory CTA’s. Although we encourage players to join in group activities, we also welcome players who enjoy the benefits of being in a guild but prefer a solo play style. Guild islands available in Fort Sterling, Thetford and Martlock. We also host contests and giveaways for guild members. If this sounds like a possible fit for you then we would love to hear from you. Please apply through our discord
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2023.06.03 22:37 ExtensionGiraffe9239 In #China’s #BoxOffice, pre-sales started for #TransformersRiseOfTheBeasts ahead of its JUN 9 debut (previews on JUN 8). #RiseOfTheBeasts finished SAT with $250k in pre-sales for the JUN 6-9 period (below #AcrossTheSpiderVerse ’s 320k, #Quantumania’s 260k 1st pre-sales day).

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2023.06.03 22:36 ZincChats What IRL game would you play with your friends when your bored?

Type down below some of your fav games to play irl with your friends and explain the rules! (Keep it PG tho ☹️)
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2023.06.03 22:36 sovereignwaters Collection Downsizing - SF Bay Area

Hi, All:
Doing some housecleaning and trying to find a good home for the items listed below. Anything left will be donated to Goodwill. Feel free to ask questions or make offers. Items are working unless otherwise noted. Drives are (mostly) included, but will be blank or have a fresh install. I don't have photos but can take some if requested. Please let me know if you have interest by June 15.
Also looking to offload some Intel-era Macs as well.
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2023.06.03 22:36 TyDyPizza Orlando MechKeys Meetup - June 24, 2023

We are hosting the meeting at the Melrose Center in Downtown Orlando!
Please fill out the form below if you will be attending so I can get a rough headcount.
When: June 24, 2023
Time: 2:00 PM - 4:30 PM
Where: Melrose Center (Orlando Public Library, 2nd Floor)
Address: 101 E Central Blvd, Orlando, FL 32801
Best parking for the Orlando Public Library is the Library Garage located across from the entrance on East Central Boulevard (112 E Central Blvd, Orlando, FL 32801). There are other parking garages and lots around the venue as well.
If you have any questions about the meetup, reach out to #Jenhae9562 on Discord
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2023.06.03 22:36 parkeeforlife I have an acre of land in Manassas VA and don't know what to do with it

So I have an acre of land in Manassas VA that fell into a new zoning cluster for data centers and people have been calling me day and night about it. Originally I bought it with the expectation of building a single fam house on it, but lo and behold Microsoft comes into town and buys 43 acres of land right next to it, gets a rezoning approved for their huge lot and Voila ! here I am with an acre of land that clearly should not be used for a single FAM.
I'll give the general location it is off Balls Ford Rd and Old Compton in Manassas. My question is what to do with it. Should I just sell it? Its a whole whopping one acre, so I don't think I can do anything with it other than join adjacent lot owners maybe? Never been in a position like this. Usually its my stocks that go up in value, never thought this dirt lot would pay some day. Your thoughts and ideas are welcomed! Thanks in advance.
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2023.06.03 22:36 LMVC_reddit 🔥Pepperpyro🔥

1- finished 2-prototype/early
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2023.06.03 22:35 ProKoyote LEGIT or SKIP: AttaPoll?

LEGIT or SKIP: AttaPoll?

AttaPoll (sign up here for 50 cent bonus)

What is AttaPoll?
AttaPoll is a mobile application (iOS & Android) in which users will sign-up and create a profile in order to be offered surveys that will pay $$$ upon successful completion. Additionally, AttaPoll offers paid download offers from time to time.

Where is AttaPoll available?
According to AttaPoll, it is available, WORLDWIDE! However, please do note that I have heard issues of the app itself being banned in some middle eastern countries, can't really confirm this myself.

What payment options and minimum thresholds does AttaPoll have?
AttaPoll offers 4 main payment options: PayPal, Revolut, Giftcards, and Charity. The minimum withdrawal for PayPal is $3 while Revolut is $2.50.

Does AttaPoll actually payout?
Yes! I have had no issues withdrawing my balance and have completed 10+ withdrawals that all register into my PayPal in less than 5 minutes. I have attached payment proof:

How Efficient is AttaPoll?
Surveys provided on AttaPoll can be very hit or miss, but also highly rewarding depending on your location and profile. I'll often find myself getting a few dollars one day but then a bigger payout of $7 another! If you live outside of the United States then these dollar amounts mean a lot more and may be worth your time.
LEGIT! AttaPoll is a legitimate app that DOES pay out quickly.

Leave your thoughts and experiences below! (No Referrals)
-ProKoyote (Linktree)
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2023.06.03 22:35 Rude-Statistician-26 RTX 3080 TI performance issue, Please Help me!

Hi everyone!
I bought a NVIDIA GeForce 12GB GDDR6X 3080 TI brand Zotac and a power font 850w this week on Amazon Brazil. The problem is my FPS is below that I was expected.
My last Graphic card was a Nvidia 1650, when I was playing CS GO I got 200 / 300 fps. Now I got below 200 fps. GTA 5 in a High settings I got 42 / 80 fps. It´s pretty weird.
This link below has severals benchmarks made for the same settings.
Today I re-install my Windows 11 and did update the BIOS from Motherboard.
My setup:
Monitor: Gamer AOC SNIPER 27" 75Hz IPS 1ms
Motherboard: ASUS B460m plus
Memory: Corsair Vengeance LPX 16GB, 3000Mhz, DDR4
Power Font: Xpg core reactor 850w
Processor: Core i5 10400F

Could you guys have Any ideias?
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2023.06.03 22:35 AutoModerator Andrew Tate (Complete Programs Bundle)

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2023.06.03 22:35 ArizonanCactus What would a 1 gigaton Tunguska event look like?

Assuming you were standing, let’s say, 100 km away from the blast zone, what would it look like? And could anybody provide a sketch or visualization of such a powerful airburst event, one with the same amount of energy, 1 Gigaton?
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2023.06.03 22:34 Ready_Code9799 off-season advice

what should my off-season look like?
background: i’m a senior (17) in canada ontario, and this is my first year doing any sports and i did track because of a friend (and i was interested to see my times). the team started in April and we ended last week. I went from 13.42 to 11.98 in the 100 and 28.6 to 25.12 in the 200. I’m not satisfied with those times, so I want to train for a year and go to meets unattached to get better times under my name (to tell my kids in the future😎)
if you’re wondering why i’m “waiting” a year to compete is because of the following. 1. there are many meets available this summefall but i’m away all summer seeing family. 2. my courses for my first year uni look rough, so i’d rather focus on that then track meets. (but i can still train)
my last class is mid april so i’ll have all the time in the world to compete.
with that in mind what should my “off-season” look like?
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2023.06.03 22:34 SFHypnotic Uptrending Stocks

A chartist here tracking uptrending stocks. I track them daily. Upwards trend, normal volatility and price that is below the 52 week average typically.
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2023.06.03 22:33 Molemonmole SELLING PS5 and 24" 1080p Monitor

PS5 Console Disc Edition - Played last summer and never touched it since. Controller has a few comestic imperfections, but functions normally. Will come with Dark Souls Remastered, NEO: The World Ends with You, and a digital code for God of War Ragnarok
$400 obo
BENQ Mobiuz 24.5" 165Hz IPS FHD monitor - Used for a little over a year
$120 obo
Bundle both for $500 Local cash, venmo, paypal f&f
Comment below before pm
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2023.06.03 22:33 Longjumping_Smile574 Looking for some insight from others

Hi, I’m a 29yo male and about a month ago I was diagnosed with ADHD. That felt like a revelation that suddenly locked so many things into place for me and just made so much sense (the rejection sensitivity, inability to sit and watch tv after work, getting super interested in something only to never think about it again in a week), but there were still questions left unanswered and kind of didn’t fit with just ADHD. So for the last month I’ve been reading about autism and felt like some of the things I do might fit with that, but some don’t really. I was wondering if maybe some of you kind people could help me see if trying to get an ASD diagnosis would be worth it or if I’m totally wrong with this.
I do have to warn childhood stuff won’t be very complete as I have a lot of trouble remembering specifics from my childhood, maybe up to as late as 7th grade. Also sorry for the length.
I don’t remember having some specific or abnormal interests as a child, other than maybe being more into history/war stuff than others. I always did extremely well in my history tests and found it extremely easy to remember different dates of things and later different bills and their impacts. I do have a distinct memory of choosing to read history books about WWII as early as like 2nd grade and got a lot of books about it as gifts for birthdays and holidays. As I got older that’s evolved more into an interest in general politics. I’m constantly reading about different systems, different current events, bills being debated and passed and what’s in them. I would say I’m much more politically educated and engaged than anyone else I know. This has lasted my entire life, so doesn’t seem to be a hyper fixation ADHD thing to me.
I was a shy kid, I do remember needing time with someone before really opening up to them but once I did, things felt pretty smooth and I would talk to them just fine. This has followed into adulthood as well. I am very nervous meeting new people for the first time and would much prefer to stick with the group of friends I made in high school. I’m friendly to one or two new people brought in at a time (girlfriends of friends for example) but to be invited to someone else’s second friend group is very stressful and I have opted in the past to just stay home instead. I also absolutely dread one on one hang outs. I feel like I need other people around to riff off or things will get really quiet and uncomfortable.
I have mild sensory problems, which I know is also an ADHD thing but felt worth it to mention at least. Tags on clothes have always had to get taken off, seams in socks always had to be in a specific spot on my foot (my dad would have to rub my feet after putting socks on to prevent a meltdown), clothes that are too tight are a big no, switching seasons from shorts to pants is a nightmare, people talking over music or tv gives me anxiety and I can’t distinguish which is which, my dogs getting excited gives me enough anxiety to cause a meltdown (I’ve often said I like the idea of dogs more than the actual presence), textures of food can make or break the meal and a surprise change in texture will completely end the meal etc.
I think I do stim a bit, but that could also be ADHD. I definitely rock back and forth a lot when stressed or when trying to wind down. And I’ve always whistled when happy/getting into the zone. The whistling was so obviously connected to good feelings that if I hadn’t done it that day my dad would ask me what’s wrong. I feel anxiety in my hands and will often wring/squeeze them to calm down.
I sometimes find it hard to actually feel things. I feel like I either am numb or extremely emotional (furious or sobbing). I also don’t miss people how others do, I think. I changed states a lot before high school and so I had to leave friends behind and every single time they were out of my life I never missed them. I would recall stories about them as funny or something but never felt sad they were gone or like I should keep that connection. This is weird though because during lockdown I was feeling horrible not being able to spend time with my friend group, I felt so alone.
The biggest reason I feel like I don’t have autism is the communication issues associated with ASD. I feel like I can very easily and clearly tell what people are feeling by their facial expressions and know if something is inappropriate to say or rude. I have a friend who I think probably is autistic and he will say things to people and I immediately know that was rude or unkind while they are surprised when the person they said it to has a negative reaction. The closest I’ve had to this is conversations with my wife, sometimes I make observations or comments that feel harmless but really hurt her feelings. I can also pretty reliably tell if someone is lying and do a decent job of lying myself. I do have a serious problem recognizing faces and am often saying “oh they look like X” and everyone around me saying “wtf no they don’t”. I also didn’t have any language development problems as far as I’m aware. I’ve always been very good at English and got straight A’s in it easily. In fact, my sister would often make comments while we were growing up like “you don’t talk like anyone I know, you always use such proper language”.
Again sorry for the essay, I just wanted to be thorough. I would love to know people’s thoughts if maybe this is just ADHD or if I could have ASD too. Thanks!
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