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This is a place that is not ran by roblox admins. This is a place to talk about people that should get banned or why you should be unbanned. We cannot do anything but we hope roblox admins use this subreddit because roblox is slowly turning into Goth and Predator Hub.

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Well Howdy there stranger! Welcome to the unofficial Wild West Roblox Subreddit! To avoid becoming an outlaw here, please be respectful when posting and use common sense heres! Yeehaw! Be sure to also join the OFFICIAL Starboard Studios Discord Server!

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A community for Roblox, the free game building platform. This community is unofficial and is not endorsed, monitored, or run by Roblox staff.

2023.06.03 14:50 VeryPositiveManLol Roblox studio not allowing me

I'm trying to save my game to roblox through roblox studio, but it's not working. The same goes with models, plugins, scripts etc. Nothing will get uploaded. The only thing I can do is change the game settings. What account I use also doesn't matter. It works on virtual machines and other computers. I can change / upload things from the roblox website, but not studio.
What I tried to do in hopes of fixing this problem: 1. Basic troubleshooting from roblox site 2. Removing "Hosts" in system32 > drivers > etc 3. Reinstalling roblox studio 4. Trying on different PC account 5. Launching as admin 6. Changing date & time to current
Nothing has worked yet.
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2023.06.02 23:21 happychaos1 CPU Issues - Games I launch met with 100% CPU - With Images

EDIT: This has been solved now. The issue was most likely not the controller, but rather my graphics card. When I checked my Device Manager, it was not enabled for some odd reason and upon enabling, I checked for updates but also notified me it was having issues. So I disabled, re-enabled, and my GPU was now showing up again on my Task Manager as well as my issue being fixed. If this ever happens, try to do what I did.
-- As the title suggests, for about two days, I've suddenly been met with tons of issues regarding certain programs being met with up to 100% CPU in my task manager. Unsure if related but, I recently bought a controller at Best Buy for my PC to play fighting games. It's specifically a SN30 Pro wired controller by 8bitdo. I don't think it came with a driver but the moment I plugged it in, I suddenly was faced with CPU issues. I had gone to their subreddit regarding it, but my post was locked as the mods believed it wasn't the controllers doing. So now I'm at a point where I'm not sure if I need to download a specific program or perhaps reset my pc. Before I do that, I'll list out the things I've done:
I've already returned the controller and I may contact some IT support, however I don't know if I want to spend money for a service that may offer that. Like previously stated, I may just have to reset my PC. I've searched the internet for my issues and it seems others also have it, however, I've tried many methods from the above and no results have happened.
I have provided a few screenshots of my task manager so you can see the specifics I'm talking about. If you can, please provide any help or advice. Thank you.
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2023.06.02 09:45 Substantial_Gas_6431 i need help again

So, if you saw my previous post, you probably know that my Roblox account (78VardarX3DO) was banned on risk for a wrong reason by a now-retired admin (OutrunLight) over a week ago. Yesterday after school i checked the #evidence-logs channel on the Riskord and i scrolled up to the day i was banned (26 May) and there was nothing posted about my ban, and there was absolutely no evidence that i griefed anything or did anything. Sometime later i joined customs and was met with a changed ban message that said that im banned until today (2nd June) and the reasons after it, I was happy that i was gonna get unbanned and casually continued my day, but this morning i woke up and sat on my chair and began using the laptop. However i checked the Risk group and i was still banished but i thought it was just the staff that forgot to lift the banishment and i would deal with that later, and when i joined the game another changed ban message showed up saying that im kicked out of this experience and that im banned with nothing else. Please help (all is appreciated).
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2023.06.01 22:44 Ultimate_Gamer7 How do I make an object match the surface's rotation?

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2023.05.30 23:26 Boring-_-Dude Obama Dollar

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2023.05.30 20:32 MaliRuzni I made a cool cart ride game which gives you admin when you finish it, took me several days just to build the track and yes, it is slightly based on cart ride into rdite. (link: Also comment your roblox username and I'll give you permanent admin comms.

I made a cool cart ride game which gives you admin when you finish it, took me several days just to build the track and yes, it is slightly based on cart ride into rdite. (link: Also comment your roblox username and I'll give you permanent admin comms. submitted by MaliRuzni to roblox [link] [comments]

2023.05.28 06:46 FredBoi64 what.

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2023.05.28 04:16 Gloomy_Salt3016 gyro being caught in the act

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2023.05.25 07:25 throwaway84712394512 AITB for betraying my friend's trust in favor of my morals?

Previously attempted to post on AITA and removed for keyword "sexual assault," so posting here.
Me (14M), and B (13F) became friends over Roblox. Both me and B were avid role-players, and B had a large friend group that she RP'd with. I was invited to this friend group, and it was approaching the limit, so I created a server. This server eventually superseded the group after a few days, with role-play occurring inside the server regularly after it had hit its peak. I was the owner, while B and C (one of B's closest friends) were sub-admins.
Finally, I was invited to B's "best friends" group chat. B owned the GC, and I had seen it in screenshots involving B. B turned out to be posting art that she had drawn of various characters from the RP being violently murdered or sexually assaulted by various fantastical fauna such as dragons or large sea-creatures. I confronted B about it and B responded that she "draws it to keep her awake." When given the suggestion of other less wretched subjects she responded that nothing else would keep her awake and that she had been drawing such images since early childhood. I immediately freaked out, but B convinced me to calm down and to accept it. B continued drawing and posting such images to the GC, and it irked me. A few months later, I began to gossip about B and her "art" to some of my better friends. One friend of mine, E, suggested they join the server and publicly display B's art in exposé. I allowed them to do it.
B was furious and instantly lost my trust. I was kicked from the "best friends" GC as I was "leaking private information." Heat was building fast, so I entrusted C to take over the server with my adminship preserved. B asked C to give them the server, and C complied. B now owned the server, and B hated me. B also appointed D, (12M) a friend of hers who often power-played and which she defended from my moderation actions in the past, as a super-admin to replace me. I was then promoted to the prestigious "fart" and "GAY" roles by D. D and B were considerably more childish administrators, in my opinion.
I remained in the server, and B and D proceeded to take a campaign of ghost-pinging and temporary baseless moderation actions against me at the times which would make it most inconvenient, mostly by D. Eventually, I snapped and left. I created a new server as well, herding up the remaining members who didn't hate me, which was actually a majority. B has been blocked and has been attempting to contact me to delete the server I created in order to apologize, with the rationale that it is a copy of hers and that the design is the same. However, the design of the original server was of my design, and simply reused for the new one. I'm open for JUDGEMENT!!!! WTB?
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2023.05.22 23:30 Martinus2001 Is there anyway I can use words in a loop? e.g. When the zombie needs to pathfind the code only registers the number but I want it to register the part name Waypoint_01 as it makes it look tidier to me

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2023.05.22 21:20 TekHexs Hiring Roblox Scripters

Golden Scales Studio Scripter Request
This new group was formed around December the 14th 2022, Everyone at Golden Scales Studios is here to deliver dark fantasy roleplaying games to Roblox. The first game we are developing is a Medieval Fantasy game with inspiration from “House of the Dragons” & “Kingdom Life”. We want to be the new Kingdom Life game on Roblox and do things better! Scripting requests:
Due to the nature of the scripting tasks we’re asking for, we will only be accepting scripters with at least 1 year experience of LUA scripting. We will also need proof via references/portfolio before accepting any applications. More can be explained and we will prioritize one task at a time for you so that you won’t be overwhelmed. If you are interested in working with us please contact one of the users listed below and please tell us where you found out about us and which discord it is from.
Payment: Payment can be either Paypal or Robux Paypal: $10 ~ 30 Robux R$1500 - 5000
Discord contact details :
Some models for the game provided before.
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2023.05.22 17:11 Acrobatic_Bed8305 Youtube gaming channel (i upload daily)

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2023.05.22 14:11 SuddenBill2560 Could someone make a perfectly 2012 roblox revival like austiblox?

Could someone make a 2012 roblox revival. if yes. then promote me as a admin. I will be a good admin. Though i don't know how to code. so i will give you easy ideas like renaming the roblox cilent and changing the icon and adding 2011-2012 cilents.
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2023.05.21 19:35 ali_bahal Help with port forwarding using LAN and WAN ports

Help with port forwarding using LAN and WAN ports
hi everyone!
i have a problem with port forwarding in my lb-link router
my router is real old but in the virtual server settings in the NAT option i have this:
protocol: (it got tcp and udp)
wan settings: (it got interface and ip address option)
wan interface:(pppoe1 and any option)
wan port:(empty)
LAN Open Port: (empty)
LAN Ip Address: (empty)
by the way when i change the wan settings to ip address the wan interface changes to WAN IP Address: (empty)
and i want to host a minecraft server.
please help me as soon as possible
the options
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2023.05.21 14:16 unknownskelebone keeps loading

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2023.05.18 07:01 Harry_Yip Is he admin?

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2023.05.15 11:28 bar8484 How to block any installation on non admin users

Hi, I am sharing a computer with my little brother and my user is admin and his is regular now I did it so every program he installs he will have to go through me but then I saw that he installed roblox so I checked and somehow it seems that roblox is one of many programs/games that can be installed without admin permission, any idea how I block this kind of installations?
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2023.05.13 13:49 Electronic-Gas2339 Should I sponsor this?

Hello, So I want some quick and easy visits on my game so I created a simple cart ride, so I need some opinions whether I should sponsor it. if you can play it and like it that would be amazing!
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2023.05.12 20:33 Necessary_Mind_7673 Nosehair17

Hello, I've been looking for months for a way to add games to your roblox profile like Nosehair17, does anyone have the script/way to get games on my creation page??
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2023.05.12 20:24 Necessary_Mind_7673 Nosehair17

Hello, I've been looking for months for a way to add games to your roblox profile like Nosehair17, does anyone have the script/way to get games on my creation page??
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2023.05.12 19:16 Only_Worldliness9905 why isnt it working?

So i use my laptop to play roblox and watch anime i was playing my game hoped off to watch fire force and for some reason every single time i get into a game it crashes ive reset it ive cleared th cache ive run it as admin ive run it from a chrome tab nothing has fixed it whats up with it? Is it overheating or something?
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2023.05.12 02:20 Pristine-Fudge-6167 oh my gosh

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