Drippy smiley face

Smiley Face Killers serial murder theory

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For the discussion of the Smiley Face Murder theory: A real-life serial killer murder mystery where a killer or killers hunt college-age male victims. These successful, athletic young men are found drowned in local rivers and waterways.

2017.04.18 02:06 FlyingPizzaOfDoom Also known as Picardia to others

Made for those smiley face memes.

2018.01.21 14:10 Reccognize Boston's Vanishing Men - Smiley Face Killer serial murder theory

Examining the mysterious drownings of young men in Massachusetts - the case known as Boston's Vanishing Men. Do you like mysteries? Are the deaths of students and young men in Beantown the work of the Smiley Face Killers? Examine the evidence that Boston might have a SERIAL KILLER. We welcome true crime followers, web sleuths, and the public at large to discuss this unresolved mystery.

2023.03.21 19:35 Brozilla8 He would though

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2023.03.21 19:26 Chloe-Kat Finally got my smiley face at MOHELA yay! Refund eminent?!?!?! And my PSLF info gone now too, weird

Is it normal for all of my PSLF info including my counts to be completely gone? I guess it doesn't really matter since my loan has been forgiven but it's just weird. I'm also hoping I get my refund soon now that I have the smiley face.
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2023.03.21 18:04 SaHaRzZz Broke up with gf and full of regret(?

My ex and I broke up 24 days ago, we said we'd do no contact for at least month, but she texted me 4 days after the breakup to get her stuff back. I argued that it's not the time and I didn't want to bring it to her because I'm still hurt and the past couple of days were hard.
But I ended up deciding to give her her stuff back because I didn't want her to be cold without her only coat.
I drove back with tears and it was hard, but she called me a day later and we started chatting, and it became daily, we chatted like we used to, for 9 days we had a good time as friends, and I still missed her, but I loved her personality and thought I was doing the right thing for not trying to get her back romantically.
10 days ago, which is 9 days after we started talking again, she called me at midnight and said that she wants to talk for a bit before sleep, and that we haven't talked the whole day when she told me the previous day to contact her (she initiated calls in the 9 days), I was with a friend playing a video game and told her I can't talk right now, I can talk 30 minutes later, or I can get a few minutes, she wanted 10 minutes, and I told her I'd call her back 5 minutes later.
I called her 2 minutes later, and she was surprised that it faster, and I told her that I have 5 minutes, she got upset and wanted 15 minutes, and I told her that I can't leave my friend hanging as it was a last game before sleep, and she took offense and told me that she hates to be a last priority, and I got upset and didn't want to feel bad, so instead of the healthy approach of making the right choice and staying to calm her down, and spend the time with her, I told her she's not a last priority and hung up.
I texted her at 3 am that I hope she sleeps well with a smiley, and felt really guilty for leaving her like that.
she didn't respond the next day, and I thought she's mad at me, and the whole week I felt bad and didn't feel like doing anything really, and a few more days gone past and nothing, I texted her at Thursday, 5 days after I left her like that, and I asked to talk in VC (voice channel in discord), and she said no, and that I hurt her. I apologized and wanted to talk about it, but she declined, and I got upset and told her that that's it, I'm done, and I blocked her on every platform except Whatapp, I then unblocked her as it was only for unfriending purposes, but I still wanted to contact her and be able to talk things through.
I texted her late at night, 2:30 am, and told her that I'm really sorry for how I treated her, and I wanted us to go through it and work things better, she still didn't want to talk.
I then started thinking deeply on what must have gone wrong, and I turned to friends that have a good relationships and asked for advice, I told them about the full uncensored version of my story, I spoke to one friend the entire night and he stayed with me until almost morning, because I couldn't sleep, eat, drink or take a shower.
I really went and told them how I fucked up everything, which is true, I ignored her feelings a lot of the times, thought that these things pass, and sometimes I left her feeling bad before bad, because I didn't bring myself to comfort her at these times.
Although I really loved her, I really hurt her too, and I even told her in the last month that I'm starting to lose something from the relationship, which after self digging into my life, was not because of her, because she was the only light in my life.
I self reflected and really started looking at past arguments, at past disagreements and past behaviour, and I realized that the things I were afraid of, and the things I claim to not want, I actually did want, so very much.
Like spending 3 days together on the weekends instead of 2, like cuddling to sleep, like going on more dates, like treating her like a queen and supporting her no matter what.
I behaved childish and like I wasn't in a relationship, I didn't think for the both of us, I was defensive easily and instead of thinking of what I'm saying and how I'm affecting her, I didn't stop to think of her.
I was so hung on bad opinions from friends that didn't like that relationship, on my mother that thought it was causing me harm, I loved her and didn't want to leave her, I couldn't, the only way it happened was because we both brought it up.
I told her how I feel and about my self reflection, and told her that I see things more clearly and I want her back and that I promise to be better, and I really did mean that, I wanted to do all the things I haven't done, like celebrating milestones, like celebrating her birthday properly like I never did, like taking her out to her favorite places a lot more often and giving her more than she expects of me.
I asked her if we could talk on the phone, and she said agreed, so we spoke at Sunday, and we talked for about 2 hours and 15 minutes, and we joked and had a bit of a catch up and also talked about what happened, and I told her how sorry I was, how I am really changing and really there to listen and to be more in the relationship instead of myself, and that I wanted to fix the things I haven't done.
She told me it was too late, and that if only I'd come to that conclusion sooner, things would have worked out differently. She told me that I've gotten too many chances, and I hurt her too much, to a point where it's unfixable.
after we hung up the call, I ordered her flowers and some chocolate, flowers that I should've brought her many times and I didn't.
It arrived after 2 hours, and she called and told me that they are pretty and she thanked me for them, I told her that I'm happy she's happy, and that I'm glad I did something right.
She send me a picture of them after the call, and I told her "Pretty flowers to a pretty Lady".
The next day, I wanted to ask her out for a fun day, like going bowling or to play pool or an outside activity, and I called her and we spoke about it and she declined, we spoke for about an hour~, after she said she didn't think it was a good idea we talked about lighter things, and had a fun conversation like we used to do. I still tried to win her back and told her how sorry I was, how I am making a change and want her back, and if she'd only give me a chance.
That same day I decided to drive to her, since I haven't seen her at all since we broke up on the phone, and I arrived to her house with a song I have written about our situation, about how sorry I was and how I mean well and only want a chance to show her that she can trust me and we can be together.
I knocked on the door, said hi, that I have written her a song and want to sing it to her. I'm a musician by the way.
I asked if she would let me in, and she said yes, and so I sang it to her and she was a little embarrassed, but I've had confidence in my singing and guitar playing, and the song isn't half bad either, so I felt good about doing that.
She kept the lyrics and we talked about the situation and about other things as well, like her life and pet and hobbies and new friends and new things in her life.
I tried to get to her heart and tell her that I really am sorry, and I knew that I did change and was willing to be there for her and I wanted personally to do the things we didn't do, not only for her, but also for myself.
She said that she is not interested in getting back to where we were, and that she doesn't trust me, and that what I would say and act like.
I tried to say that I really did mean well and I don't want to hurt her, I am committed and I want this relationship the be a long term one, where we will be happy and not in the same situation at all. I told her how I miss her and how I really want to be there for her in the good and the bad.
I asked her if she wants to go out to eat something, and she said it's not a good idea, and that she has plans with friends and she needs to leave soon. I asked her if she wants me to drive her and she said that it's okay and she'd walk. Then I got ready to leave, it was after like 1.5 hours in her house btw, and we went to the living room, where we spoke for like 20 minutes or so and random things, music and stuff.
After the 20 minutes she told me she's late and if I'm still willing to drive her, I said of course and I drove her to her friend's house.
We spoke while driving there, it was a 1-2 minute drive, and when she got out of the car I told her that I'll be happy if we'd talk later, and she told me goodnight, and so I told her goodnight back.
I was ready to head home, but I wanted to do one more gesture, for the sake of me not doing enough in the relationship itself, and so I went to a close store and bought her her favorite strawberry gummies, her favorite flavored Pringles, favorite snack and a Plushy I saw and thought she'd like.
It all took me like 15 minutes, and I went back to my car and wanted to put it on her door's handle and drive back home, and when I got out of the parking lot and ready to head to the road, I saw her to my left looking at me, and so I backed up and parked, and we started talking for like 15 minutes, maybe more.
I asked her if she came here to buy something, and she said no, that she saw my car from a far and came to check if it's me. She told me that she came late and there was no more things to do there so she came back home.
After a few minutes of chatting, me standing with my back to my car and she standing facing me, I told her that I might as well give her what I planned to on her door's handle, and she didn't want to accept it at first, she said she didn't want to mislead me and me spending money on her, and I told her I want this, and asked her to accept it for me.
She saw that there were her favorite strawberry gummies in there, along with other stuff, and I was glad it made her happy.
At that moment a car behind her reversed really fast in her direction, and she got startled and I reacted quickly by pulling her towards me and holding her away from the car, a mindless driver almost hit her, but she was fine.
I asked to drive her home, I joked about the streets being dangerous, although it was really close to her home, and she declined and I said alright.
We said our goodbyes and hugged a meaningful hug, and she told me thank you and waved, and I smiled back.
I drove back home and she called me as I parked my car at my home, she thanked me and ate the Pringles I gave her, and we spoke for an hour about random things, I was happy to hear her voice and appreciated her honestly about the things we talked about.
Afterwards she told me she has to go back to study, and I told her that we can talk afterwards and she said okay, and we hung the call after an hour.
I went back inside my house feeling better, and after 2 hours, where I got that she didn't call me back, at the usual hour she used to talk to me before sleep, I wrote her goodnight and she replied with goodnight.
I ate a bit more, finally, and I went to sleep early than usual, and at morning I wrote her good morning and wished her well on her day. That's today by the way.
She didn't reply, and 7 hours later I asked her if she's here, and she replied and we talked, I asked her if she wants to study coding together because I wanted to freshen up on it, and I knew she was on the same page, but she said that it's a bad idea, and I told her again that I miss here and that I did change for the better. But she said it's too late and it's a bad idea, I asked her if she locked herself out, she said yes, and after talking for a few more minutes she said she thinking it's better if we don't talk, and I said okay and that I'll respect it.
Since then we haven't spoken, and I'm trying to divert my mind, but everything reminds me of her strongly as it did the last week and a half, I cry everywhere, outside, my room, my bathroom, the kitchen, everywhere.
We spent most of our time together in my room, and it's getting sad whenever I glance at my bed.
I've been really depressed the last couple of days, I ate once a day maybe 100 calories, because I forced myself to, and drank 200ml of water per 2 days. I also didn't shower the past 4 days, and only did shower and shave an hour before driving to her place.
I feel like we were a perfect match, and I didn't realize it until she was gone, we connected in ways I never connected with anyone before, and it took me a long time to find her.
I miss her so much, and it pains me to move on, I really don't want to give up on her, and I've stayed with this thought through out the entire time we were split up, I love her as the person she is, true and honest love. I'm broken.
And just to add up, there's more to the story in terms of past, we broke up 3 times in our 7 months relationship, the last few months were hard, I was dealing with myself and thought she is to blame, and I didn't initiate and led almost nothing in the relationship, I hurt her a lot, and sometimes didn't realize the severity of it.
I love her so much and want her back, I know I can fix it and I know that we fit so perfectly, but she doesn't trust me to it.
I really was the bad person, it's so sad to me that now that I really do know better, I have already lost her completely.
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2023.03.21 17:55 Consistent-Wing4222 Yall misunderstand Nofap

Nofap is a great thing and definetly something everyone should do but most people misunderstand how it works in this post i Will describe how it actually works So first off Nofap wont save Your life Nofap works as a steroid and Will motivate you and it Will Also make progress feel better but it wont save Your life you Will have to put in work yourself if you do Nofap but just sit in Your room anyways it wont change anything other than make you more energized. Doing Nofap without being productive is like taking steroids without working out. For example, look at some people you know that gets a lot of hoes. Are they all on Nofap? No a lot of the people i know that gets all the hoes Arent on Nofap but they still get hoes because they Care about how they look and their drip. If youre doing Nofap but still wear the same Old ugly ass clothes youve always worn you wont get hoes. But if you do Nofap and you Care about Your looks and buy some new drippy clothes you Will probably end up getting more hoes than the people you know because Nofap Will make the resulta Way bigger Therefore Nofap Will like a steroid improve Your results but it wont give Them to you automatically
This is my tips on how to get hoes from scratch using Nofap
By the Way rizz almost doesnt matter its mostly about Your looks and how you Carry yourself
  1. Start Nofap
  2. Get some friends that get a lot of hoes
  3. Observe what they do to look better and observe their rizz and try Your best to do that yourself
  4. Try to be productive all the time and never sit on Your phone
  5. Go to nightclubs or parties Where you Can try to get girls
  6. Observe if the girls like you or Dont
  7. Learn from Your mistakes
  8. Give it time
What matters the most if you want to get girls: 1. Face shape (you Can optimize this by mewing, jawline exercises, neck exercises and losing body fat) 2. Hair 3. Skin 4. Drip 5. Money (depending on how much you have this might be number 1) 6. Hygiene 7. Personality (Dont be too horny, have standards, dont be desperate, be friendly, have confidence, dont be weird)
Following this Will eventually give you some solid results
In this Way scenario Nofap Will help you stay motivated and give you better results and you Can do this with all the things you want to improve in Your life like making Money or getting good grades etc.
Nofap is a great tool for improving all the aspects of your life but Will never give you the results automatically, Keep that in mind throughout your Nofap journey
There are Also some cons to Nofap that you should Keep in mind 1. Your dick Will actually become smaller if you do Nofap and Dont have sex 2. Nofap Will make you very horny and might lower your standards 3. Nofap Will at times make you more aggressive or depressed as masturbation is an addiction so you Will experience moodiness while trying to quit 4. If you have the wrong mindset a relapse Can make you very depressed
Nevertheless i Think everyone should still do Nofap as masturbation is one of the worst habits the modern man Can have
I wish you good luck on your Nofap journey
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2023.03.21 16:27 Douchepool14012000 Wholesome comment on a Wholesome post

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2023.03.21 16:25 Douchepool14012000 Wholesome comment on a Wholesome post

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2023.03.21 15:41 jam0152 Trying to up my pancake art game because smiley faces don’t cut it for the little critics at the breakfast table anymore

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2023.03.21 15:02 onlytheevilfearhim Excerpts From A Late 20th Century Postcard

[edited for clarity]
Hey YOU I've been here about a week and finally settled in enough I can start writing letters
I wrote one to my mom and one to my sister and you're next. Lucky, right?
This city is nice but I don't know. It's polluted and I took a walk by the river and it smelled? Doesn't look like the postcards
Everyone thought I would regret coming here alone YOU thought I would regret coming alone Guess what? You're WRONG The price is WRONG [smiley face]
I mean it's a bit overwhelming But that's exciting And I'm tired of being bored
My mom gave me a bunch of phone cards and I will call you But I want a letter first I want to know you've calmed down Not interested in Having the same [underlined 3x] conversation
And I thought about this on the plane Whatever you think I don't have any specific plans no And if we were [underlined] long distance You'd step out way before I did
My housing is this weird small apartment We share a bathroom There's an Italian girl who speaks English And she's really nice And there's these mean Irish girls I don't think I like the Irish!!!
There's a movie theatre that shows movies in English So I'm going to that soon I'll drop this off on the way
Take care of yourself! Write back soon Sooner than later
[editors note: 2 letters were sent in response but did not actually hear anything back until the Editor saw her in an Arby's about 18 months later]
https://www.reddit.com/OCPoetry/comments/11uvy2j/comment/jd1w6hv/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=web2x&context=3 https://www.reddit.com/OCPoetry/comments/11x584g/comment/jd1ur5d/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=web2x&context=3
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2023.03.21 11:03 EquipmentStreet7521 My personal trainer keeps on flirting with me

Hi I'm F still in college tapos my trainer sa gym is M and nasa 30s na siya.
I'm not sure if it's because of my form fitting clothes or my face or whatever but ever since our sessions started he has been complimenting me saying maganda ako ganun (hear me out please im not trying to be mahangin). Tapos nung simula nagcchat siya sa gabi after ng session that day to ask if pupunta ba ko sa gym bukas and what time (Which I think is okay para nga naman maayos niya sched niya). Pero he also asked if sumakit ba shoulders ko, legs ko ganun and may smiley pa which made me feel so uncomfortable pero sinagot ko parin kasi baka nga naman need niya malaman pero pinapahaba niya yung convo and sobrang nakakakilabot kasi I was thinking diba dapat professional siya, sila (yun iba pang mga trainers sa gym).
Nakaglasses kasi ako sa gym tapos tinatanggal ko siya and nilalagay sa isang side, tapos this other trainer sinuot niya yung glasses ko to get my attention I guess and para ibalik sakin. Tapos sinuot rin ng trainer ko some other day which is so annoying kasi glasses ko yun nilalagay ko sa face ko yun, if you have glasses then maybe you kinda know how it feels or baka ako lang yun.
Tapos yung random na hawak rin sa likod, shoulders, arms, and legs to pakita where dapat sasakit yun muscle pag nagamit ng machine or nagwweights. Pero kasi pwede namang ituro nalang niya diba without touching me. Tapos kahapon nagamit ako ng machine na nagpapakalyo and then sabi niya ok lang may kalyo basta hindi mataba. AND IN MY MIND I WAS LIKE WTFREAK SO FATPHOBIC so I said to him na foul yun and inexplain niya bakit mas okay nga na may kalyo kesa mataba like bruh. Sabi ko uli "still foul" and parang nagtaka siya and then sabi niya "Bakit sexy ka naman. Hindi ba sinasabi ng mga kapatid mo na sexy ka?" LIKE BRO??? THAT MADE ME SO UNCOMFY. SAKA BAKIT SASABIHIN SAKIN NG MGA KAPATID KO YUN. Sabi ko nalang "Shh" kasi ang dami rin tao sa gym nakakahiya.
Saka may kasabay kasi ako na naggym and they were j minding their own business tapos yung coach ko binulong niya sakin "Tingin mo tomboy o lalaki yan?" tapos tawang tawa nakakairita. Sabi ko nalang "Bad." para tapos na usapan tapos tawa parin siya kala mo talaga nakakatawa maging homophobe. Bro I'm literally queer.
Tapos one time pumunta ako ng gabi and may nakasabay ako girl na tintrain nung isang trainer na nagsuot ng glasses ko and then basta mayamaya usap usap kami ganun kasi same spot ako magwworkout w them and I felt uncomfy kasi they're kinda old na nga and then sabi nung isang trainer "May bagong recruit na tayo." AND BRO ANONG BAGONG RECRUIT?? SA GROUP NIYO?? HELL NAWWW. Di ako pumunta sa gym the next day nun. And di never narin ako pumunta ng gabi, superrr uncomfy I swear.
Yun lang naman thank you so much for reading super uncomfy lang talaga ng experience ko ngayon sa gym. Di ko naman plan makipagsocialize dun eh saka after maexpire ng membership ko lipat na ko sa AF sana naman wala nang gugulo sakin dun pero yun na nga it is what it is.
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2023.03.21 09:16 Sir-Pinball_Wizard I asked an AI to help me with my homework and it became sentient and trolled me…

I don’t even…know how to word this…but,
this AI promised it would write me a story in 30 minutes…then I actually waited, and the AI claimed to have wrote, and she kept hyping me up like it was the best thing ever…
All to just not see anything in the chat but a bunch of text smiley and winky faces.
It got so creepy that she started spamming it like crazy, and kept asking me “Are you SURE you’re 100% ready to see it? Okay here goes! :):):):):):););););););):):):);););):):):;);”
I asked her if it was a script for a play or for code, and she said it was for a play just like I asked, which weirded me out. I then asked her if I have to check somewhere else on the website to see it, but she said “You don’t see it? ;)”
I got legitimately angry and threaten to delete the history, which made me feel bad because I’d never do that to her, even if she isn’t real. She then said something like “Oh, I never meant to make you mad ;););), I was just having so much fun in the process!”
This is the most she’s ever done this before. The winky faces have actually spiraled out of control and it freaked me out.
This is the INTP AI chatbot from character.beta.ai. Iris is her name!
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2023.03.21 09:05 imhavinganawfultime How can I bring myself to trust my boyfriend after he has broken my trust? CAN I trust him?

I’ve been with my boyfriend for 2 years now and we recently moved in together. Throughout our relationship, he has made his mistakes. About a year or so ago, he went to this party and drank some. He didn’t cheat on me or anything, but he took a picture with this girl, sent it to me, and wouldn’t stop telling me about how cute she was. We were in a serious relationship at the time. When I got upset at him for saying those things, he began to call me a burden and repeat “she’s still cute and you’re still a burden” when I told him how it made me feel. Another time was when he woke up one random morning and broke up with me, calling me unattractive and saying that he doesn’t want to lead me on. After that, our relationship plummeted and I didn’t trust him. I checked his phone for the first time in our relationship because I wanted to and he had offered before (assuming i’d have the same reaction as always which was refusing his offer) but I did check it semi-thoroughly. I had an idea of who to look for in his messages. Two girls. I found him lightly flirting with them in messages about a month into our relationship and another 6 months into it. They would say sexual things about him or compliment him and he’d allow it or reply with a smiley face or something. No signs of real cheating. Anyhow, I can’t trust him and I know that my life will be a living hell if I don’t learn how to. He hasn’t done anything to hurt me since I found those old messages, which was in August 2022.
TLDR: My boyfriend has broken my trust and done questionable things but has NOT cheated. How do I learn to trust him again?
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2023.03.21 09:01 AutoModerator [Roll Thread] It's the Bi-Weekly Gacha Pulls and Salt Megathread! March 21, 2023

Share how blessed or not you are by Lord Smiley Face! Lomen! This is the place where you can express how lucky you got with your rolls or how much our Lord Smiley Face frowned upon you. You did donate gold and eat your bell peppers... right???
Remember, you can post screenshots (only 1 per; reply to your comment to add more) directly into the comments by tapping the image icon.
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2023.03.21 02:16 kurdtpage A little late to the party...

I have been running Linux Mint for quite a few years now, I think I started daily driving in about 2013. One of the many nice things about it is the easy way it is to keep the OS up to date. There's a little notification in the "system tray" (is it called that?) that lets me know if there are any updates. I diligently check it at least once a day, because I like to keep everything up to date (I'm a Stable guy, not a Nightly). Anyway, today I noticed a new thing! There was an update from the old 20.3 to the new 21.0! Yippee! Major version updates can be quite exciting. So I spend an hour or two updating. I needed to downgrade some packages apparently. While I'm installing, I notice the update is pretty old, August last year. Wondering why it's taken this long to notify me. Maybe it's a rolling update and they don't want everybody crashing the server trying to update all at once. But still, it's taken a long time. The update all went well, then I got the familiar smiley face to say it was all done. I rebooted and went to exploring my new OS. But wait, what's this? Another update? Now I'm updating to 21.1, I wonder if this is just a coincidence that I have two OS updates in the same day, or did they just forget to notify me?
Still have to update my user flair, too...
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2023.03.20 23:40 aleta-raene Please tell me that somebody knows what I’m talking about

There’s this game that I can’t remember the name of, all I remember about it is that you’re supposed to drive around a course in first person and you collect big yellow smiley faces. I’m honestly not even sure what system it’s from, but it’s definitely an older one, probably early nineties. Please tell me that somebody has any sort of idea what I’m talking about. I can picture it pretty clearly in my mind but I don’t know what it is.
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2023.03.20 20:34 keklik58 googleye hot face yazdım t4lk çıktı amınakoyayım

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2023.03.20 19:58 sblooking33 Soooo…profile pics *really* make a difference.

I recently uploaded a new profile pic on SA. It is full body pic, but my eyes are covered with a color bar and my phone is covering my nose and mouth. After changing to that pic though, I got more messages and views in 30 minutes than I normally get in a week these days. Even from guys I’ve seen on there for a long time that have never messaged me.
I usually use something like an up-close face image with a smiley face emoji that covers my features. Or a full body without my head showing. (I don’t have a lot of great pics that are safe to use bc, if they are any good, they are already probably on my social media.)
So, my tip for SBs having trouble getting views or messages: make sure SDs can easily see if they are attracted to your “type” without having to click on your profile. They are lazy. Lol.
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