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Visits and Illness- can the Dead touch the Living

2023.06.01 03:56 Present_Way_4318 Visits and Illness- can the Dead touch the Living

I regularly have visits in the form of lucid dreaming from deceased loved ones right before a major change happens in my life.
In these visits there have always been barriers- one time I was in the front seat of a car while my dead grandmother, great grandmother, and another woman I later confirmed was my great-great-grandmother were in the backseat and I was not allowed to turn around but only see them using the rear view mirror. Another time I was across a stream from my grandparents and was told I could not cross.
I was told by my grandmother that it could make me sick for her to touch me- a dead person could make a live person sick (!) so I had to respect these boundaries.
Have you also experienced this? How common is this? Has anyone gotten ill from physical interaction with spirits?
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2023.06.01 03:56 mjv456 Dog boots

Dog boots
Second time this man took on the Pemi. This time around we had to bail due to all four of his paws being cut the first day. We ended up bailing and taking a day down in the ravine. He still managed to limp 14 of the 30 miles back to the car on bloody paws. He was given a mean steak and eggs with sweet potatoes on the way home to the doctors.
Do you use boots on your Shepard while hiking ridges/slides? If so what do you recommend.
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2023.06.01 03:55 malaproperism Can't decide whether to repair or sell

I've got a 2008 Accord with 420k on it. The water pump and brakes are shot, and the repairs will be the value of the car...but everything else works fine, as far as I know. I'm wary of paying repairs only to have another big expense pop up in a couple months.
On the other hand a new (used) car will be easily upwards of 10 grand for something older with high mileage. I'd like to avoiding financing if I can. The interest is insane.
Sorry if this isn't the right sub for this. My head has been spinning with everyone telling me to do different things. Figured I'd ask some car people who have an idea what they're talking about.
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2023.06.01 03:55 SeparateDrivez Cardi B wants to sell her luxury cars because she doesn't use them » GhBase•com™-Everything & News Now

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2023.06.01 03:54 Gobias87 Selling my vehicle. Is there a checklist or a list of dos and don’ts?

Hi everyone,
I live in the GTA and am selling my vehicle. I just got it detailed and listed it on autotrader. I have attached the CarFax report and have records of maintenance. I have paid for the used vehicle information package provided by the MTO.
I would like to know if there are any other hurdles I have to go through, such as a safety certification, mechanical inspection.
How should I go about if someone wants to test drive the car? I’ve only read from that it is important to follow the buyer into the bank for a bank draft.
Thank you in advance.
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2023.06.01 03:54 Forward-Razzmatazz71 Yesterday I fucked up

I was washing my car and we'll either there was a chip or scratch in my paint and using a pressure washer I got tooo close
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2023.06.01 03:53 SuspiciousTennisNet Will the Beam stabilize and fix the screen while walking?

I know there's a few modes, one which mentions using it while in a car. Just wondering if this is likely to work while walking too?
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2023.06.01 03:51 StudentTings Plea Bargain Dui Results (Update)

The public defender was able to waive the $1919 court fine and the day in jail/ sheriff work program for me. Also received my letter from dmv, they will be resuspending my license again for another six months, so license suspended until November 2023. Also, a IID is not mandatory for me by the court or through DMV. DMV says I have two options in order to drive while my license is currently suspended, which I was already aware of:
Option 1: Drive with an IID on my car for six months with no restrictions.
Option 2: Drive with a restricted license for 12 months, allowing me to drive to and from work/ dui school specifically.
Of course: File SR-22 Show proof of DUI enrollment Financial Responsibility
Previous Post before Update down below:
Hi all! So I wanted to give a possible insight to what a plea bargain might look like if you choose to go the public defender route, and your DUI case is similar to mine. On 11/6/22 I got pulled over for running a stop sign in Alameda County at 2:30 am, officer said he smelled alcohol and asked me to step out. I did not damage my car, injure myself or anyone else, thank God. I admitted to having 2 1/2 mixed drinks, did the SFTS, and was arrested and taken to the station. I took a breathalyzer test at the station and both readings came out to 0.16, so exactly twice the legal limit. If you are wondering why I went the public defender route, its because it was my first offense and Id rather use the money I would have spent on a lawyer for other DUI related fees. I lost the DMV hearing as you can imagine and my drivers license suspension was effectively re-imposed on 2/15/23, and will remain in effect until 6/14/23 by DMV. Today my public defender informed me of the plea bargain that the DA offered me, which I accepted of course:
Long story short, don't drink and drive guys! Truly not worth it! Considering how high my BAC was, this outcome is more than okay for me, could been way worse, considering that Alameda County is really strict on DUI's, and rightfully so.
To those thinking their life is over, it is not! Sure its a burden, but its definitely not the end of life as you once knew it. Learn from it, move foward and continue progressing in life. I am a tech professional and informed them of my pending DUI case in January and they still let me keep my job. So keep your head up and do not let a DUI define you! You can still achieve all the goals you set forth in life!
God Bless!
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2023.06.01 03:51 br0wnpixel Is buying a Mustang the right choice for me?

Apologies for the long post.
Hello everyone, I've caught Mustang fever hard. I just have some questions and concerns that I appreciate getting answers for. But first, some context.
For a long time, I have wanted a Toyota 86/FR-S. I have recently gotten a well-paying job out of college and have saved quite a bit of money. Seeing the improvements made with the new GR86 model, I wanted to buy one new in the upcoming months. However, as time goes on, I have been increasingly frustrated with the buying process with all of the markups and lack of availability.
On a recent work trip, I was fortunate enough to rent a Challenger GT and was smitten by the road presence, looks, and road manners of the vehicle. It caused me to reevaluate what car I wanted and what I was actually going to use it for. As I will be moving to downtown Chicago pretty soon, with 3-day office commute out to the suburbs, a lot of cruising and and slow traffic will be encountered. The GR86 is a bit tight, and more space would be appreciated, along with a bit more refinement.
Out of all the American sports cars available, a Mustang appealed to me the most. As it turns out, used 2018+ Mustang GT models are available in the low 30,000 range at the moment, not too far off from current GR86 prices. As time went on, the Mustang seemed like a more and more appealing idea. I am practicing driving with a manual, and would love to own a Mustang GT with the manual transmission.
During lunch today, a coworker of mine offered me to drive his 2015 Mustang GT Auto. To say it recalibrated my brain and sense of speed would be an understatement. This car is amazing, beautiful, and scary fast. After looking at manual GT at a dealership and seeing how user friendly the manual seems to be, I am at a crossroads.
Here's where you guys come in. Is a Mustang GT approachable enough to be driven by a novice who is used to Civics and Corollas? Is the manual user friendly enough for someone to drive three days a week in traffic, and in the city? Also, while the 10 speed automatic is amazing from what I've heard, my heart seems to be set on the manual. I am just afraid that I will make the wrong choice, and regret spending my money on this future. Your input is greatly appreciated.
TLDR: Should a novice get a Mustang GT? It will be a daily driver and be used in Chicago with a 3-day commute.
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2023.06.01 03:50 King_Reivaj The real reason we don't have single seater cars

The real reason we don't have single seater cars
Cuz in some cutscenes of the campaign, another character joins you in your car, so your car needs another seat / space allowance for them to ride in. However tho, the M3 GTR in Heat is a single seater vehicle, but that's why it's obtained after completing the campaign. Other single seater cars like the BAC Mono aren't included because these cars can be an unlockable vehicle anytime, so use it in story mode, where will the other person sit?? In the trunk??🙄
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2023.06.01 03:48 Catty_Lib Surgery done!

Surgery done!
Triple arthodesis (fusion of 3 bones in the ankle) plus flat foot correction and extended the Achilles tendon (probably). The surgery was at 7 am today. I was told the nerve block can last anywhere from 18-72 hours. So far so good!
I’m in my super comfy bed and my husband has been bringing me snacks as needed. I’ve gotten up to pee by myself several times already and am working out the logistics with my knee scooter. 🤣
I didn’t speak to the doctor afterwards which is probably good since I don’t really remember much from the recovery room. I recall going into the surgery, turning on my side to get the nerve block, and transferring from the gurney to the operating table. The next thing I vaguely recall was getting to the car! My husband says I dressed myself but I don’t remember hat at ALL!
I’m getting ready to go to sleep shortly and will take a “just in case” pain pill since it’s now been 13 hours and I’m not taking any chances that the nerve block will wear off while I am sleeping. I was surprised at the timeline: I broke my wrist last year and it took almost a week for that nerve block to wear off! I wish they would use the same one… I am not looking forward to the pain. But I’ve had bilateral knee replacements so this should be somewhat easier by comparison. At least I have ONE good leg! 🙌🏼
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2023.06.01 03:46 Break_Street CPlay2air for those who have it and those who don’t and are curious about the product

CPlay2air for those who have it and those who don’t and are curious about the product
Okay so I have 1 question And here’s my feedback on this from my experience if anyone seen the ad for this device for wireless CarPlay on your head unit . First question Is what do you use to attach it by the QI Wireless charger I seen someone post it hidden attached on the side, I can’t even get the Velcro to stick on the car trim even after I cleaned it with alcohol
And my feedback is, this is pretty good works with my aftermarket Sony XAV AX5600 without issues But for some reason when I drive by or near a stater bros or Walmart sometimes It cuts off completely because it’s trying to connect to the stores Wi-Fi (idk if anyone has a Similar issue) This device uses both Wi-Fi/Bluetooth for wireless connectivity, I seen tacomabeast/Tacoma lifestyle I believe sells a wireless CarPlay adapter If anyone bought it and uses it, would you recommend it?
Thank you for your time
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2023.06.01 03:45 Soalai Every Old Tour Performance Ranked (Fearless through Reputation)

Disclaimer: This is an old post. I wrote it in March but was never able to share it.
In preparation for Eras' opening night, I went back and watched every previous tour in full, either the official DVDs, or other full filmed versions if the DVD was unavailable or incomplete. Then I tried to rank all the performances.
This is not a ranking of the song itself but rather the presentation, staging, originality, etc. Surprise songs from the same tour will all count as one. Would love to know your favorites, and how you think Eras stacks up!
91. Speak Now World Tour – Fearless / Hey, Soul Sister / I'm Yours
The start of this tour's acoustic set, where she sat under a tree, strumming the ukulele. Points for the outfit, but I think this was an inferior arrangement of this particular song.
#. Red Tour – Treacherous
Weird choices were made here. Why was she wearing a tutu and dancing ballet for one of her most serious, adult songs? Why was this the main set closer? I think this would have worked better during the acoustic set, then she could close with Everything Has Changed or something. Still hard to complain about the song itself, though. The fog machines suited it.
89. Fearless Tour – Our Song
Cute, but she mostly just stood in one place and there was some awkward butt shaking in the middle.
88. Fearless Tour – White Horse
Part of the acoustic set. It followed Tim McGraw, but I think two songs that slow wasn't a good pacing choice and this one just doesn't fill an arena the way Tim McGraw does.
87. Red Tour – Stay Stay Stay / Ho Hey
I'm surprised this was part of the set. She did it basically how you'd expect, bopping around, kinda campy. I like how she had a moment goofing around with Amos.
86. Red Tour – Holy Ground
This song is made for a stadium setting, but I really think she should have been playing the guitar during it, or somehow done more. The way it was, it just sounded like noise. The dancers dressed like sirens did liven it up, but were also kinda cartoony.
85. 1989 World Tour – I Wish You Would
Basically the same performance she already did like three times before in the show. The real MVP was that one dancer in the back who did a flip off the chin-up bar.
84. Fearless Tour – Teardrops On My Guitar
I like how they turned the big screens into bookshelves, to continue the imagery of both high school and fairy tales. However, the singing didn't sound great here.
83. Speak Now World Tour – Fifteen
Sounded fuller than the Fearless tour version, but I think the giant princess gown didn't really suit the song. (Some shows also had her performing Ours in this spot.)
82. Fearless Tour – Fifteen
The first more intimate performance in this tour. She was seated and you can tell from the look in her eyes that the song made her feel nostalgic. Some videos of this have a teal dress and some have yellow; I prefer the teal.
81. Speak Now World Tour – Surprise Covers
A variety of covers on the guitar, during her acoustic set. She showed her versatility here as she did everything from classics to modern hits.
80. Fearless Tour – Hey Stephen
The one where she snuck around the hallways and popped out on the other side of the stadium. Great for the nosebleeds.
79. Red Tour – State Of Grace
She started off behind a red curtain, her silhouette singing the opening lines. (Unfortunately, the videos I watched had her struggling a lot with her earpiece and singing totally off-key for the first verse, but I know that wouldn't have happened every night.) A decent rock banger to open the show, if a little repetitive.
78. Red Tour – I Almost Do
The first of this tour's acoustic performances on the B stage. Nothing terrible but nothing remarkable either. It was about the lyrics and emotions, not the theatrics.
77. Red Tour – Begin Again
Staged the same way as I Almost Do, which was an appropriate way to do this song, but I can't help but think it would have worked better closer to the end.
76. 1989 World Tour – Bad Blood
It was fine, but by this point in the concert, I'm tired of the same kind of performance again.
75. Fearless Tour – Tell Me Why
Typical energetic angry Tay performance. She made some weird movements but that silver dress was everything.
74. Speak Now World Tour – The Story Of Us
Similar to Tell Me Why above from the previous tour.
73. Speak Now World Tour – Last Kiss
This version was a tad faster than the studio version, and the vocal delivery wasn't quite as sad; the sighs and the faint quiver in her voice that people love so much weren't really there. Still a nice rendition. The crowd was sobbing.
72. 1989 World Tour – Love Story
A nice synth arrangement that wisely went in a different direction than the older tours. By this point, both she and the audience had outgrown the princess gowns. However, I was kinda waiting for something more to happen, like fireworks or something.
71. Fearless Tour (2009 only) – Change
A faithful adaptation of this song, and a good choice for the main set closer.
70. 1989 World Tour – Welcome To New York
That was a lot of dancers! A decent opener, flashy and just '80s enough.
69. Red Tour – You Belong With Me
A sort of girl group throwback, with Taylor and the backup singers in matching red dresses and gloves. It was OK, and a good choice to perform one of her smash hits years later, but quite removed from the teenage angst this song came from.
68. 1989 World Tour – New Romantics
Similar to Welcome To New York which preceded it, this one worked early in the set almost as well as it works to close the deluxe album. Love her blue eyeshadow.
67. Speak Now World Tour – Mine
Pretty straightforward, but the red guitar is a nice touch. (Was she already dropping hints at Red?)
66. Red Tour – Sparks Fly
On a hanging platform that slowly moved around the arena, while the screens in back showed actual sparks. It was cool, but I'm not sure it was the best idea to limit her movement for arguably the loudest, most energetic song in her catalog at the time.
65. 1989 World Tour – I Knew You Were Trouble
The rock version. A bit slow and heavy but I appreciate her doing something new with the song.
64. 1989 World Tour – This Love
Could have been part of the acoustic set, but instead she upped the electronic and bass sounds and added fireworks. A nice breather before the last few songs.
63. Reputation Stadium Tour – End Game
Solid, but didn't stand out among the shenanigans of the other songs early in the show.
62. Red Tour – Everything Has Changed (with Ed Sheeran)
This one had a laid back feel that matches the song, but the raised platform and fans waving their lights gave it a little something extra. Ed sounded great. I kinda respect that he made no attempt to dress to the aesthetic.
61. Fearless Tour (2009 only) – I'm Only Me When I'm With You (with Kellie Pickler and Gloriana)
A very energetic country number with all the opening performers, the first of a two-song finale.
60. Speak Now World Tour – Surprise Guest Songs
She didn't have one at every show of this tour, but they were all pretty fun, with a mix of genres. The crowd, of course, loved them. It's really amazing to see how many friendships and connections she made in the industry, even early on.
59. Red Tour – Surprise Guest Songs
See above. Every one of these videos I found, Taylor had a different outfit, which is impressive.
58. Speak Now World Tour – You Belong With Me
She walked from the B stage back to the main stage, hugging and shaking hands with fans along the way. It's clear from including this song that, though Speak Now was a more adult album than Fearless, she knew most of her fans were still teenagers and still needed these songs about high school.
57. Fearless Tour – You Belong With Me
Her vocals weren't strong in the clips that I watched, but the costume was iconic.
56. Fearless Tour – The Way I Loved You
Sometimes done in the silveblack dress and sometimes in the purple. The way she moved between the two halves of the stage was pretty on-the-nose for the song, but I love how she featured Grant the guitarist. Hair Force One for the win! Also, it was a crime that they left this off the Journey to Fearless DVD.
55. Red Tour – The Lucky One
Taylor was dressed like a retro Hollywood starlet, and the dancers were paparazzi with cameras or screaming fans. A very literal presentation of this song which probably helped it stick in people's minds more.
54. Reputation Stadium Tour – Style / Love Story / You Belong With Me
I think Style was a weird choice to mash up with these two songs, but it worked well enough as a showcase for the band, many of whom had been with her over a decade by this point.
53. 1989 World Tour – Blank Space
She said her goal here was to recreate the music video, but I'm not sure this really conveyed the message of the song; she should have interacted with the dancers more to achieve that effect. Still a very entertaining performance, though.
52. 1989 World Tour – All You Had To Do Was Stay
The cherry on top: columns of blue smoke shot out every time the distorted voice squeaked "stay!" Not sure what was up with that chair, though.
51. Red Tour – 22
A big party, just as this song should be. I'm sure that, when seeing it live, the energy would have been off the charts. The choreography was impressive, more than we usually see from her.
50. Fearless Tour – Picture To Burn
The screens were on fire, so it's exactly how you'd expect her to stage this song. The guitar slayed.
49. Reputation Stadium Tour – Blank Space
I think the red bodysuit, gyrating choreography, and multiple Taylors on the back screen actually better conveyed the "character" she's playing in the song. Like she's this femme fatale with multiple personalities.
48. 1989 World Tour – Clean
Now here's a song that could have used some fake rain, somehow. Even so, the images on the big screen were quite lovely.
47. Speak Now World Tour – Mean
I think it was a good choice to keep this one simple. Just that porch-shaped mini stage with her band beside her. The song itself is a whole mood, so it didn't need a lot of theatrics.
46. Red Tour – Mean
Basically the same as the Speak Now performance, just with a different outfit and shaped stage.
45. Reputation Stadium Tour – Call It What You Want
Not as big a song as most of this album, but a nice warm moment before the crazy finale. I do dig the purple dress, and how the dancer she danced with was a redhead (not unlike a certain British actor).
44. Fearless Tour – Tim McGraw
Making this slow dance into exactly what it was meant to be: a swaying sing-along, everyone's phones or lighters in the air. She walked through the crowd to hug the fans.
43. Speak Now World Tour – Dear John
For the first couple verses, she just sat on the arch/bridge thing, and I kinda wondered if anything else was going to happen. Then I said "holy shit!" as the fireworks exploded up everywhere. We know she may never perform this one again, so I have serious FOMO that I did not see this show back then.
42. Speak Now World Tour – Speak Now
First time she wore the distinct purple Speak Now dress, possibly the outfit of the era. The crowd were singing along like crazy. The scenery definitely brought the song to life even if it normally isn't the most energetic from the era. She walked through the crowd shaking hands while the wedding guests tossed the bouquet around, wearing the most late 2000s/early 2010s party dresses imaginable.
41. Fearless Tour – Forever & Always
Boy was she pissed at a certain Jonas back then. Red dress, red microphone, red couch, red text on the back screen saying "They shouldn't do bad things." The notes in head voice sound kinda weak, but she nailed the high note with the microphone lean. Insane stumbling down the stairs and throwing herself all over the stage. Very extra.
40. Speak Now World Tour – Better Than Revenge
Reminiscent of the Forever & Always performance, but her vocals were better here. Grant and Paul got a guitar solo (or duet, I guess).
39. Reputation Stadium Tour – Getaway Car
Sonically, all but identical to the studio version. The "Why She Disappeared" poem beforehand and the desert visuals onscreen complemented it and helped turn it into more of a story.
38. Reputation Stadium Tour – King Of My Heart
The huge drums were a great touch. You can see how happy she was, which didn't always come across with just a superficial listen to the Rep album tracks.
37. Fearless Tour – Fearless
One of my favorite songs sounded even better live. Her smile, stomping and spinning around, totally captured the spirit of the song. Bonus points for adding in the name of the city each night.
36. Fearless Tour – You're Not Sorry / What Goes Around…Comes Around
First appearance of the piano head flip. These two songs worked decently mashed up, but I wonder how it would have been if she stayed at the piano the whole time.
35. 1989 World Tour – I Know Places
The moving doors were pretty cool.
34. 1989 World Tour – Surprise Songs
The raised walkway and whole stadium lit up blue was an excellent way to do the acoustic set. Props to her for not sitting down the way she did on the other tours, that had to take stamina. (In my heart, the sing-along of You Are In Love from the DVD is the "canon" performance here because it was part of the album.)
33. 1989 World Tour – Style
Probably the most effective use of the catwalk, given how it perfectly fit the lyrics. The dancers were brave for roller skating on it.
32. Reputation Stadium Tour – Bad Blood / Should've Said No
Another snake, this time a skeletal one transporting her to the upper stage. These songs worked very well mashed up; just listen how the crowd went nuts at that first banjo lick.
31. Reputation Stadium Tour – Dress
Another huge improvement from the studio version. It wasn't as high pitched, therefore more listenable. The sheets waving around everywhere were a nice subtle way to remind us what this song was about, in case people were too distracted by the pretty lights and synths to listen to the lyrics.
30. 1989 World Tour – Enchanted / Wildest Dreams
By this point, the piano mash-ups while wearing a long gown were getting kind of predictable. However, this was a great choice of mash-up and I dig whatever shape that piano was supposed to be.
29. Speak Now World Tour – Long Live
Another song that's tailor-made for a stadium just the way it is. The sparkly silver guitar was perfect.
28. Red Tour – Red
Now this is how you do a rock number. She had the sparkly red guitar and the dancers were waving giant red sheets all around.
27. Fearless Tour – Love Story
Once again, iconic. Ball gowns twirling until she changed into a white wedding dress, which def looked more like a prom dress. The backgrounds on the screen were low-res by today's standards, but this is what a lot of people still think of when they think of Taylor Swift.
26. Red Tour – Love Story
Similar to the Fearless tour version, with different costumes. The vocals weren't good in the video I watched, but we know she can do it. I especially like the moment where she grabbed her dance partner and ran across the stage with him – "escape this town for a little while."
25. Reputation Stadium Tour – Gorgeous
Classy move to use this song to introduce the dancers and backup singers. Also those cats in the Netflix recording – were they on the screens at the actual tour?!
24. Reputation Stadium Tour – Delicate
Finally bringing some color, as well as this era's version of the floating cage. The song is more romantic than what came before, but the gold tendrils wrapping around were still reminiscent of snakes.
23. Reputation Stadium Tour – We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together / This Is Why We Can't Have Nice Things
An all-out romp to close the show.
22. Reputation Stadium Tour – Surprise Songs
Your feelings about this will probably depend on the individual song, especially if you saw the tour live. The videos I've seen were all great, showcasing how her vocals and guitar skills improve with every tour. Also, probably the last time we'll ever hear the 5-minute ATW live.
21. 1989 World Tour – Shake It Off
Basically the only way to do this song. I dig the royal blue.
20. Speak Now World Tour – Our Song
A definite improvement from the Fearless tour version. The prairie dress, the braid, dueting with Caitlin the fiddle player, and much more movement around the stage.
19. Speak Now World Tour – Sparks Fly
DROP EVERYTHING NOW! Excellent choice to start with this instead of Mine. The dress legit looked like it's sewn out of fireworks.
18. Red Tour – All Too Well
No frills, just Taylor at a red piano and this magnificent song swelling until it filled the whole arena. Her voice was quite raw and emotional here.
17. 1989 World Tour – Surprise Guest Songs
A major feature of this tour, done at every show.
16. Reputation Stadium Tour – Shake It Off (with Charli XCX and Camila Cabello)
As well done as the 1989 Tour version was, this one was a step up. I love the snakes bopping around. The message of this song worked just as well with the themes of Rep.
15. Reputation Stadium Tour – Dancing With Our Hands Tied
(Or So It Goes, in some performances.) Arguably the finest of all her acoustic sets. Beautiful stripped-down renditions of songs that I overlooked at first on the album. Some people say DWOHT is her most romantic song, and you can see why here. I also love the green get-up, which was still reminiscent of the snake motif but had its own flavor.
14. 1989 World Tour – Out Of the Woods
The forceful yet stuttering choreography really served the anxious nature of the song. The paper airplanes whizzing back and forth were a nice touch. Also the perfect spot in the show to put it – very climactic.
13. Red Tour – We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together
The finale where she brought the whole damn circus, literally. Sing it, clowns.
12. Reputation Stadium Tour – …Ready For It?
The old Taylor was dead.
11. Speak Now World Tour – Enchanted
They nailed the costume and the scenery yet again. She sang it better here than on the studio recording.
10. Speak Now World Tour – Haunted
Excellent transition here, as the Enchanted forest turned dark blue and the giant bell appeared. Speaking of the bell, her smacking it (but not really) may be the most dramatic thing to happen in any Taylor Swift live performance. Her dress was even tattered at the bottom. I'm here for all of it.
9. 1989 World Tour – We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together
When Taylor became the rock goddess we always knew she was.
8. Speak Now World Tour – Back To December / Apologize
Beautiful presentation of this song. Full string orchestra here (I think?). Really leaned into the winter imagery with the light blue gown, white piano, and snowflakes falling in the background.
8. Reputation Stadium Tour – Don't Blame Me
She swore she doesn't love the drama, but this performance would suggest otherwise.
7. Reputation Stadium Tour – I Did Something Bad
A strong performance with lots of pyro, but it really elevated at the bridge, where the dancers lifted Taylor up and she leaned back into the pillar of fire on the screen. "Light me up," indeed.
6. Speak Now World Tour – Love Story
An improvement over the Fearless version in every respect. She swooped over the crowd on a floating balcony, while pairs of dancers in period dress spun on trapezes hanging from the ceiling.
5. Fearless Tour – Should've Said No
THE RAIN MACHINE! With the words in it! I think this spoke for itself. She literally killed it.
4. 1989 World Tour – How You Get the Girl
Another rain performance, but this time with neon umbrellas and a unique glow-in-the-dark bubblegum dress. She didn't need to do all this for such a deep cut, but she did. Underrated.
3. Reputation Stadium Tour – Look What You Made Me Do
The definitive version of this song. The black-and-gold snake robe, the "tilted stage," and of course Karyn the massive inflatable snake. Helped many people appreciate and understand what was once a very polarizing song, myself included.
2. Reputation Stadium Tour – Long Live / New Year's Day
A gorgeous piano mash-up that went right to the heart. In my opinion, Long Live belongs on every tour, and the line "hold on to spinning around" flowed perfectly into "hold onto the memories." Beyond that, this was the moment that freed her from the bad-girl big-reputation persona she had presented for most of the show. It was human and vulnerable. Just look at the joy on her face as she gazed out at the audience. We stan a queen.
1. Red Tour – I Knew You Were Trouble
Perhaps not as iconic as the circus number, but sure as hell should be. Started with the fiddle player going absolutely insane, on a sparkly red fiddle no less! Followed by Taylor and all the dancers acting out some sort of masquerade ball, eventually tearing off her poofy white gown to reveal a sexy black and gold romper. An electrifying dubstep Phantom of the Opera.
Thank you for reading all this!
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2023.06.01 03:44 ItsCoolWhenTheyDoIt What was going on here?

This occurred with a therapist back in the fall, but I just found this sub and am curious what you all think about this situation.
I got out of a four year abusive relationship last July and after a couple of months of isolating and feeling frozen, I sought help and immediately found a therapist I could start seeing.
I’m a 33 F. The therapist was a 50ish M.
It started off fine. I thought we clicked well and I felt comfortable with him. But things started to change in ways I didn’t understand.
My ex was mentally abusive, often belittling my intelligence which I communicated to the therapist. He began complimenting me on how “smart” I was. I just laughed and said, “Thanks for helping build back up my destroyed ego”. Okay, he could tell I needed that. Then, he wanted to hug me at the end of each session. Fine, I could use a hug, he can tell, all good. After the first session he asked me to go have coffee, citing he thought I was “interesting”. Okay, a bit weird, but I can try to accept the self esteem boost. I need it. He can tell. Harmless.
In the second session, he compliment my physical features and winked at me. Okay, I can use that. He knows it. It’s part of the game here. He sat next to me on the client couch, legs touching, showing me a book. Okay, now I’m feeling uncomfortable for real. Then he says, let’s go have lunch. I say, sure. I didn’t know what else to say.
In the third session, he spends 20 mins showing me pictures of the “really big fish he caught that weekend”. Okay, it’s rapport building. He tells me about his current and ex marital issues. Okay, maybe he thinks this is trust building. (Side note: it was him and his wife in practice together. She was right next door).
Fourth session, we do a reiki session. He was a holistic type of counselor. He asks after if I found it to be intimate. Considering I had just gotten out of an abusive relationship, I clearly have intimacy issues which I assumed he was testing for. I said, sure and brushed it off.
Fifth session, he talks about the group (cult) Landmark Forum and recommends I join as he has participate in it. I looked it up after and that’s a hell no from me.
Sixth session, it’s just the same stuff going on and at the end he asks me to go on a day long kayaking trip with him. Going as far to out loud ideate on how his friend could drop us off at the top of the river and he would park his car at the end.
At that point, I still wasn’t mentally great and it was all too much. I told my family what had been going on and they all said they were concerned that he was yeah, grooming me.
So, I ghosted him. Texted him before the next session, claiming to be sick and said I would reschedule and just didn’t. I didn’t think it was worth explaining why I wasn’t coming back.
I know none of this way okay, but it still baffles me what his real motives were. Either he was manipulating me for a reaction (which, I get the value in that) or he was trying to get me alone in a remote area for…well, idk what for. But if freaked me out.
Anyone have any reasoning that would make these things make sense in the context of being for the good of me, his client?
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2023.06.01 03:44 UnlikelyFail1827 Need advice after being rejected for an auto loan

Attempted and failed to secure financing for a 30k vehicle at a well-known dealer.
Some background:
- First time buyer, paid for cars with hard cash before. Lost my vehicle in Dec 2022 that had just been paid off.
- Score: 800, now 795 due to hard inquiry
- Income: Self employed, making 4-5k/mo, provable if required via bank statements and tax returns
- Debt: 1.5-2k total across all lines, DTI ratio under 3%. 5 active CC's limits with ranging from 5k to 9k, 1 LOC from PP.
- History: Never missed payments, utilization is under 2%. 10 yr total history.
- Down payment: 7k
Talked to finance professional at dealer, they couldn't disclose why I was denied but I believe I may have asked for "too much" just based off our conversation. Hesitant to try again as I don't want to damage my credit further with more rejections. What does one do in this scenario? Co-borroweco-signing is out of the question. I can probably put more down in a month or so but I need something now.
My current options are:
- Buy a beater in full and pray to god that it doesn't have issues
- Finance through a BHPH and pay off the car ASAP.
Additional question: Do I HAVE to finance a vehicle to prove ability to pay back an installment loan if in the case I wish to obtain a mortgage in the future? Most research I've done suggests no but I am honestly lost when it comes to credit and how to actually utilize it. I'd honestly be happy just paying in cash and avoiding using credit especially with the crazy interest rates IF it's doable without affecting my future ability to request "big" loans.
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2023.06.01 03:43 slippyhippo WIBTA for no longer providing resources to my dependent, toxic, soon-to-be ex?

I (20F) have been dating my boyfriend (23M) since I was 15, and he was 18. He was very controlling and manipulative, and even turned out to be abusive in many ways. Despite this, me being young, I ignore all the red flags and continue dating him. We move in together when I am 16, and we get an apartment together when I get to college. He says that he will pay for his rent, car insurance, phone bill, etc. by working a job while I go to school. This never really happened. He worked a few close to minimum wage jobs and was able to pay part of his rent. My mom works very hard and makes six figures, which is vastly different from how I grew up. She got her bachelors degree and has made drastically more these past few years. She took it upon herself to pay for his rent, phone bill, and car insurance, while he said he would find a better paying job. He never did, and she has been paying this for almost three years, all the while he insults her and talks shit about her with his family. I have recently realized I am extremely unhappy with how he leeches off my family and has treated me our entire relationship, but as I said before, he has been abusive. So my current plan is as follows: I have a lease I signed in secret. I am going to move away, my parents are going to sell the car they allowed him to use, and disconnect him from our phone company. I am not telling him about any of this because I simply don’t want to deal with his reaction; I can’t handle anymore gaslighting and love-bombing. The reason I think I might be an asshole is because he lost both of his parents, his dad more recently. He was also raised in an abusive household, so to me, it is a little harder to blame him for perpetuating this cycle. Is it wrong of me to just get rid of the resources we have provided for him? I just want to be gone and move on to the next part of my life.
EDIT; CLARIFICATION: My mom also provided him with her old car when she bought a new one.
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2023.06.01 03:42 VolumeCompetitive529 My sisters mother in law hates me for being poor and traumatized

This is just me ranting about what a bitch my sisters mother in law is. I used to live with my sister and her in-laws, which honestly brought all of my self confidence to nothing for years, and which I’m still trying to recover from.
And now I still see her every couple of months whenever I visit my sister and my niece. When I lived with her she would berate my sister, telling her she wasn’t worth it to be with her son. Yelling at her when she cried, and once I moved in it got worse. I am greatful to her for the things she did for me, bringing me into her home, paying for my phone, buying me food, but honestly I hate her.
I hate her so much because she always compared me to her perfect daughter who had everything handed to her. She would say I needed to lose weight, that I wasn’t enough as a women, and she even told me face to face that I’m not like her daughter. Feminine and made for success and that I was less for that as a person. She always talked about how quiet I was. How dare I not talk to these strangers after moving away from my abusive household.
And during the peak of Covid she kicked me out to live with my homeless dad at my grandmas where like six other of my cousins were staying. She kicked me out because she said she doesn’t have the money to support me, as she bought her 100k car. She talks about how ghetto and sad our family is. Yes we are to an extent, but it’s not her place to judge. Her husband is a pedo and her son assaulted a girl. She talks about our family like we’re criminals. She even banned them from ever going into her house. And what’s even weirder is that she thought me staying with them was a bad idea solely because she thought I would seduce my sisters husband. Which honestly makes me even sick to think about because I was 16. And banned me from staying at the assaulter sons house in case I would claim he assaulted me.
And she claims she’s an amazing person just because she’s Mormon. She makes me so mad. And today, we had to eat with her. She doesn’t think I am capable of going to college. And she just gives me this look like “what a waste of a person”. And whenever I come over when my sister invites me, she doesn’t acknowledge me unless it’s to give me passive aggressive comments. “Wow you look so much prettier, did you actually do your make up and lose weight? Are you exercising now?”
She’s done so much more, but everytime I see her she just gets under my skin. How my sister deals with it is just beyond me.
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2023.06.01 03:40 xXBuzzLightSaberXx Getting a New Car

Hi all,
I was just looking for some advice, my current car a 2009 Kia Rio hatch, has been good to me over the past 5 years, but it's starting to become a bit of a money pit in terms of maintenance.
I've been looking at some used cars around the $20k - $25k mark, found a few that I like including a 2020 Kia Cerato for $25k with 42,000 km on the odometer , seems to drive well, but looking at the newer options, for around $30k I could get a Kia Cerato sport, with a full 7 years warranty.
Is it better to buy a newer car with full warranty, or a cheaper used car with only 40,000km?

Edit: the used car I was looking at is actually $25k not $23k.
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2023.06.01 03:40 Aggressive-Flight-38 Tips on getting 1st decile in every exam

Finals just finished and got my results which showed 1st decile in written and osce exams. This means I’ve now gotten 1st in every exam from 1st year, so I thought I would impart some tips people might find helpful.
  1. Medicine is objectively not hard, there’s a fuck ton of content but non of the content is difficult. The single best way to know as much as you can is not having to remember the info but work it out from first principles.
  2. Ideally pay attention to all your pre clinical lectures - this will form the base of your knowledge and 90% of what I remember I work it out from 1st year principles.
  3. Stop writing notes, stop synthesising flash cards (with the exception to anki for some people as it works well), get out of the mindset that you need a document to refer back to. If the information is in your head, why do you ever need to refer to a document? With that logic I’ve gone through all 5 years without writing a single page of notes, all the info is either in my head or I can work it out.
Next tips will focus on SBAs which are the bread and butter
  1. Spam passmed and Quesmed 2-3 times over by the time you get to finals. I made sure that I’d done the question banks approximately 5 times each. How did I have the time? Quite easily in fact, you just have to be fast when you do the questions. All the questions have a theme or a pattern which you recognise. Recognise all the patterns and then start skim reading and pick up the relevant points (using this method I could do approximately 100 passmed questions in 30 mins)
  2. On the day of the SBA do not use the same logic as above. Read every question word to word and start logically rationalising. Go through every option and start trying to disprove why it isn’t the answer. I’ll give you a worked example from a finals question
Man has polytrauma in a car accident and you notice free fluid in the peritoneum, you suspect ureter damage. What is the best investigation to confirm your suspicions?
A. Retrograde urethroscopy
B. CT IV urography
E. CT AP with IV contrast
The answer is B, 90% of our cohort put A and got it wrong. Time to use our brain. For option A the name itself suggests that we inject contrast into the urethra, which will then enter the bladder. You want to demonstrate contrast entering the URETERS and extravasating into the peritoneum. Why would the contrast move from the bladder into the ureters with this investigation? We all have natural anti reflux mechanisms in the bladder (which u learn in 1st year), hence if you don’t have VUR the contrast would never enter the ureter in the first place. Whereas IV urography the contrast goes all throughout the systemic circulation, gets filtered into the renal pelvis and would drain into the ureters, hence you would see it extravasate. Don’t just randomly click A because you see retrograde and it sounds right
Lots of people miss marks by making these mistakes, another example is a patient with multiple liver masses, what investigation is most appropriate . Most people put AFP, but remember HCC would not present as multiple masses but a singular lesion. Hence you have to rule out the most common malignancy that metastases to liver, which is colon (answer was colonoscopy).
I urge you to think logically and rationalise it will improve your score significantly.
For OSCEs, remember to sound posh it makes a huge difference to examiner perception and just practice practice practice (10 stations a day with your mates for 2 weeks).
Also if you approach medicine like this you don’t have to be a fuckin nerd doing work all day. Literally went out clubbing twice a week for 3 years then once a week from then till now lol
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2023.06.01 03:37 spill-the-TEAxx I hope Jay is contributing to “their” lifestyle. Like idk I get kinda bad vibes…..

Like he seems to be riding the fact his gf is a huge influencer. Since they started dating she’s always buying him lululemon, sneakers, and other first. Seemed like he low key moved into her apt and uses her car. Now he’s posting influencer videos and stuff to promote his real estate business, moving into the house she’s been talking about for a long time. Anyone else get bad vibes? Idk if it seems genuine or not.
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2023.06.01 03:36 PepperedTip Car/SUV Universal Bike Rack

Does anyone have any suggestions for a bike rack that could be used on both a car and an SUV?
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2023.06.01 03:35 chadmonteithii CAN Bus is not received using cansend

I am working on a project that involves reading data from the CAN bus, and although everything appears to be set up correctly, including cansend, bitrates, etc., when I send a packet through cansend into candump, I am only receiving the loopback, which is just a copy of whatever I sent. The CAN bus does not seem to be sending data back. I am using a BeagleBone Black with a CAN hat connector in order to interface with the car.
Specifically, after running "dmesg," I am getting these errors:
c_can_platform 481cc000.can can0: bit-timing not yet defined
c_can_platform 481cc000.can can0: failed to open can device
Bitrate is set to 500000, also tried 1000000 and 1250000.
I am sending multiple messages, one of them including:
cansend can0 7DF#02010d
I am curious as to why this error is happening, and what is a fix for it, and help would be appreciated. I can attach more information if requested.
Thank you!
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