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2023.03.21 19:14 ThrowRAPigeon1 How do I (29M) know if I want to get back together with my ex(26F)?

My ex (26F) and I (29M) have been in a relationship for 5 years before ending it about a year ago. We separated because both of us had personal issues that resulted in some major communication problems. I feel like I have since worked out those issues and I feel much more comfortable with myself. She says the same about herself. We are still in touch with each other and I enjoy spending time with her. But now she has brought up the possibility of us getting back together and I don’t know how to feel about that. While I enjoy her company and don’t want to miss her as a part of my life, I couldn’t really give a reason why it’d have to be specifically her being my partner. And I feel like this is a major point for not trying to get back together, it’d sort of feel like settling for her as she’s my safest option. However I still find myself struggling to find a conclusion to this because there doesn’t seem to be strong arguments for or against this.
So I’m asking you for advice, how do I know?
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2023.03.21 19:13 osborndesignworks I've designed apps and websites for other people for 12+ years and just released my own mini app and landing page: Compressed PDF Exporter Figma Plugin

tldr: I created an app and simple landing page that compresses figma pdf exports.
The landing page tries to explain the app's purpose and how to use it while also signaling the right terms from an SEO perspective. The app was designed to be impossible to mess up and with minimal clicking required.
This is use case:
The website is built in PHP, and the app is built in typescript with react. Check it out and let me know what you think! I hope my love of design has come across in the project.
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2023.03.21 19:13 brittt4ny 27F(me) and 27M broke up due to mainly financially issues.

reposting because I couldn’t see the comments on the first post
I was with my boyfriend for a year and he had trouble finding a job and keeping it. The jobs were either not good companies or laid him off. From about month 2 I was the provider, paying for all expenses even trips that we went on (there was 3 trips). He has been investing in something that he has all of his faith in so I was hoping that it would help when it did go up in price since there has been so much speculation on the internet. He didn’t want a job that paid anything less then 15-18 because he felt that it was not going to be enough and felt it was pointless to be at these jobs since he wouldn’t be able to search other ways of getting money (mostly investing or trying Etsy etc..) I was so financially stressed because I only make enough to really support 1 person(barely). He had two cars at the beginning but we sold one for money and the other ended up needing to be fixed so it was not drivable. I let him use my car since I work from home. I would constantly tell him how stressed and scared I was and he was also stressed because he wasn’t working or just didn’t have money. I never told any of my friends of family that I was paying for everything I always would say that he was working, never told anyone he wasn’t when it was happening. The last job that he had he wasn’t too happy with and a week later he was brought into a meeting where about 8 of them got laid off. I had already been without my car for 9 months and really was hoping to get my car back for just me. When he got laid off he mentioned doing doordash but at this point I just felt like he just wanted to have a random job in the meantime of waiting for the investments to go up in price. He truly didn’t want to work or learn anything trade because he felt he wouldn’t be happy doing any of those jobs. I said to him that he could use my car for a month tops with doordash because I also didn’t want the added miles to my car. We argued so much and they were always such bad arguments. He always said that I didn’t emotionally support him through it all and all I did was pay the bills. I’ve always been told that I’m a loving and caring person so it just didn’t make sense. We weren’t seeing eye to eye and he always felt like I was attacking him so he’d get defensive. I finally told my family and they all said I should leave, so I did on Friday. I had to move back to my hometown. Living with my mom again to try to get myself out of the financial hole that I’m in right now. In January he had started giving me some money but again a month later he was laid off. I couldn’t keep paying for everything I could not afford it. But, on top of that he wasn’t the same with me anymore, he told me that he was losing interest in me and that I did nothing for him. If I told him how I was feeling he would tell me that I had no basis or that my feelings were ridiculous and we would always end up talking about his feelings instead.
I am so filled with regret, sadness and confusion because I feel so bad that I left.
Idk if I made the right choice or not. My credit cards are all maxed out, my bank account was overdrawn a few times, all my savings is gone.
He tells me that I made the best financial decision being with him because he says once the investment goes up in price I Weill have my money back. I believe in the investment but ofcourse it’s always still a gamble.
I just feel like in the future if this investment does go up he will be with someone else giving her everything I wanted…
I’m emotionally not ok and don’t know what to think or feel
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2023.03.21 19:13 LorraineBoedeker Masculinity Blueprint 2.0 by Casey Zander (High Quality)

I have Casey Zander - Masculinity Blueprint V2 Course
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2023.03.21 19:12 fuzzydogpaws I can’t cope with my intrusive thoughts

They are so fucking horrific. They are always nasty, racist, homophobic and unkind. These aren’t my thoughts.
They pop in to my head and then I became terrified I’ve said it out loud. I’d lose my job and people would hate me. I get anxiety attacks at the thought I might have said something out loud, and I then think about that thought over and over again.
I can’t talk to anyone about this. I’m scared I’ll be labelled as a racist or a homophobe.
I’m not. I can’t stress enough how much I’m not.
It’s like my brain is coming up with the worse possible things in a bid to sabotage me.
I can’t cope with it. I’m not a bad person.
I do have a therapist. I just needed to get this out there. I can’t be the only one who’s going through this?
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2023.03.21 19:12 Affectionate-Care-98 Ingram Cost to print after wholesale. I lose money? Help needed

Hello! I'm setting up my book on Ingram, its not ready to publish but there's a book subscription company interested in including my book in their box set when it's released this year so I'm working out some of the semantics.
My page count is not definitive yet, but so far it's looking like at least 630 pages. It's a "New Adult" Sci-Fantasy book.
I've already done alpha/beta reading (5 readers) and am just waiting on my editor for edits. I honestly don't think much could be cut out even if I wanted. The #1 feedback I received across the board was that my pacing was perfect. I even got to watch 1 of the readers binge read it (Google Docs I can see their comments) for literally 14 hours straight. This is not to brag, just to show why cutting down on book size may not be an option without doing some serious tweaking.
On the set up page on Ingram, unless my book is set for $23 w/ a wholesale discount of the standard 55% and literally lose would only receive $.25 a copy OR I can set at $15.99 make the Wholesale discount 30% and profit $1.09.
Is this normal or correct? The first time I played around with the numbers, it was showing like a $6 profit and then the browser fell asleep and I had to sign in again, now I lose money or profits are insanely low.
Does anyone have any tips or advice? I've heard of Lulu or something, is that a better option? I see now how people rarely make their money back, thats insane. But also, I rarely see books this large go for over $16 on B&N even smaller names. Are they taking losses for the sake of selling books or what?
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2023.03.21 19:11 ThrowRadragongal Update to previous post

Hello! I was planning on giving an update about what happened but a lot happened since my original post so I haven't been able to get on here.
*It wont let me post on the relationship subreddit and I'm not sure why so I am posting to my profile*
First off, thank you to everyone who commented with advice and support, my boyfriend and I read through every comment and we appreciate you all.
Another thing, I spoke to my manageteacher. after what had happened, and basically read my initial post. She was very understanding and told me that nothing that happened was my fault, and I have never given anyone the impression that I would do side work for free. She said she would keep an eye out for anyone that comes in asking for me and would help out if I needed anything else
Before I get into this, I did ask my boyfriend if he was okay with me posting this and he said he was.
After my original post, I spoke to my boyfriend about what happened. He showed me the texts between him and his mom and everything else that has happened. Things have been very tense between him and his family. His mom quit her job and decided she wants to be a "housewife". His family, however, does not make enough money for her to live out her housewife fantasies. They have been comfortable with the amount they have but with one kid in college and another heading to college in 2 years, quitting your job and relying on a single income is not a smart move. My boyfriend has expressed this to his parents and he continues to get 2 responses: his mom says that its not his business, she gave up so many years taking care of him and his sister and she should be able to relax and do things she wants to do. His dad, although stressed about having to work more, says to leave his mom alone and just focus on school. This has been happening since September of 2022, and my boyfriend has been dealing with all of this. He said that he didn't tell anyone because he was embarrassed by her behavior and the idea that down the line, he might not be as financially stable as he was promised he would be. In the past months, he has been staying at my place as well as his teammates places more. I thought it was because of his season coming up and him wanting to spend more time with him but he apparently isn't welcome at his home. (apparently, his mother said to him "I don't need a hater like you to tell me how to live my life, if you're going to be a drag, you can leave." He only goes there to pick up his sister and drive her places and drop her off to school.
As for Wednesday, I decided to go. I know a lot of people had mixed feelings about whether I should go or not, but I explained later on that this dinner was kind of a family tradition where all extended family came to one house and see each other. I know that despite what was going on with his mom and dad, this meant a lot to my boyfriend and I know how close he is to his aunts, uncles, and grandparents. He said that he wanted to just lay low during dinner and not contribute to anything his mom says/cause a scene. He did say though if she brings up what happened at the salon or tries to do anything about me, he will do something about it.
The dinner was at his house. We went around saying hi to all of his extended family and just hanging out with his sister. During dinner his mom started talking about “doing things for the family” and how she can't imagine someone in this family refusing to help another if they needed it. Her father (my boyfriends grandpa) asked what she meant by that and she looked at me and said, “well you know, if you're looking to marry into a family, treating family members like regular, nobody customers really lessens your chance of being accepted in.” I could not believe the audacity of this woman. I was reading through your comments and saw that a lot of you told me to not bring it up and to just take the higher road/ not give in to her nagging. I was planning on ignoring the comment but she was staring at me while she was saying it and didn't look away so I just kind of smiled and said, “oh Im not sure what you mean”
During this, most if not all the extended family was now paying attention to this conversation and were looking at his mom for her response. She scoffed and said, “ I know what it's like to work a job, and still be kind and treat family with respect”
My boyfriend looked at her and said very calmly, “ What do you mean? You don't have a job, you quit”
Apparently, no extended family and even my boyfriend's younger sister knew that his mom quit her job and doesn't work anymore. Apparently when a family member calls her, she responds saying that she's at work and she'll call them when she's done. My boyfriend's grandpa asked him what he meant and his mom tried to cut him off but my boyfriend basically explained what's been going on since September. The whole family started questioning his mom and asking why she would do that. She only repeated that she wants to have a life and she's allowed to do whatever she wants. My boyfriend's little sister was really upset because she has a dance coming up and was looking for a dress that was a little out of her price range. She doesn't have a job but she told her parents that she was looking for one so she could pay for her own dress. Her mother assured her that she didn't have to get a job and that her mom is working overtime so she can get the dress for her as a gift. His sister started crying and said that she could have been working for months had she known that her mom lied to her about getting that dress.
My boyfriend and I left with his sister in the middle of the conversation because they were both getting very upset. As we were leaving the whole family was still yelling at his mom about lying to the whole family and kicking her son out of his house. His sister and him stayed at my place for the weekend before she went back to her house. She is currently staying at her friend's house for a little bit because she doesn't want to go home to see her mom. Some of my boyfriend's aunts and uncles reached out to him and apologized for making him feel like he had to keep this secret. They said that if he needs anything in terms of college, food, and anything upcoming games, they will cover it.
His dad reached out to him last week and said that his mom is upset with him for calling her out at dinner. He said while he doesn't think that what his son did was bad, he had to have known that this would have started up a whole thing and it's better to just keep the peace. My boyfriend did not respond to him and says he probably won't for a long time.
My boyfriend is doing much better, and says that he feels like a weight has been left off of his chest now that he's finally spoken about it. We are having a lazy day right now which is what reminded me that I forgot to update this post so I'm doing so now.
Again, thank you for all the support and all the good advice, I am really grateful!
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2023.03.21 19:11 jovenesconafelh Is it worth it to bring a few new iphones to resell if traveling from the US to Latin America?

It seems like everyone in Latam is always asking me to bring them an iphone every time I make a trip to the US.
How much more are new iphones worth in your country? (Open box but new)
How common is this?
How much profit will you generally make per iphone?
How easy is it to sell / where do you usually sell them?
Is there any risk really at all as long as you keep the phones in your pocket and don't put them in your luggage bag which goes through the scanner during customs?
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2023.03.21 19:11 JamesTCoconuts Can you/has anyone ported a Rogers number from an active Rogers # to a new Rogers #

I can't find any information specifically to this situation online and Rogers support hold times are a PITA for me.
I have two active lines on a Rogers account under one name. I want to create a brand new Rogers account that is going to be under a different name, and open a new wireless account under it, then port one of the numbers from the original Rogers account to this new account's wireless #. I am not looking to close the original Rogers account or wireless number, just port one of the numbers on my the first account to this one, leaving the original account intact, just with, I assume, a new number assigned after the port.
I initiated the process and filled in my information etc. all went well, entered that I wanted to port a number and it says the existing number on the other Rogers account is eligible, so I am just trying to get some assurance if anyone else has ever done this, or understands how this process will go.
I don't want to lose the number somehow in the process. I am assuming this is all good and what will happen is the original account will just have a new number assigned to it?
Hopefully someone has some experience with this and can chime in. Would be much appreciated.
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2023.03.21 19:11 ZebrasLegend Issues with shadowplay audio

I want to save clips using shadowplay, however I want to remove my mic and also discord audio.
The mic part is simple, I just muted it in the Alt+Z menu.
Guides and other posts suggested that the only way to sort it out was to use a virtual cable, so I downloaded one of those.
My headphones are the default output device for everything apart from discord, which is the virtual cable. I have the virtual cable playing audio back through my headphones. This seems like it would be a problem but other people and guides say that this is the way to do it.
The discord audio can still be heard through the clips. I've gone through the game settings, windows settings, discord settings, everything. I've done pretty much everything exactly how it says to go about the issue, but it hasn't fixed the issue. What have I not done, or perhaps done wrong?
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2023.03.21 19:11 Sonnyblack87 REMINDER for the mind and consciousness: I'm mentally prepared for a possible massive attack, a media blackout, nuklear media FUD, lots of fukkery and all the other stuff and i know that i will hold no matter what

I'm in this rollercoaster since December 21.
I'm mentally prepared for a possible massive attack, a media blackout, media FUD, lots of fukkery and all the other stuff and i know that i will hold no matter what and only sell after squoooze.
Do you understand how unique this process is?
Somebody, somewhere, somehow always puts a price on a certain thing.
I grew up knowing this costs about this and this thing costs about this much.
The prices were just like that because somebody said this is how much it costs and then that's how it was.
Then suddenly there was something that apparently had to be worth so much that the buy button had to be turned off.
I internalize this over and over again. I own directly without a middle man a thing that must be so valuable that it was necessary to shut down the buy button.
For the first time in my life I know that it is not someone else who sets the price for something....
but I do.
Now i decided to delete the sell button.
Real success takes time. It takes mistakes and failures. Lessons learned the hard way. Don't rush the process and don't give in to the pursuit of instant gratification. Live in the moment. Set your personal goal on the top of the mountain and enjoy the climb, while you work toward the future YOU desire.
Let's show the world what diamond handed apes are made of!
It feels like i've been made and molded for 35 yrs for exactly this and fate brought me and this journey together.
I know i am not the only one!
Nothing can shake me off!
Patience is key.
Buckle up.
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2023.03.21 19:11 OverTheHedgies The Global Financial Crisis is here.

I read a lot, and it makes my head spin as I try to get my arms around what I think is about to happen?
Did GameStop cause this?
No. It was used to shine a light on a much bigger problem.
I'm in a weird spot right now (mentally) because... I don't know how this works out? I highly recommend EVERYONE UNDERSTANDS SIPC, FDIC, and NCUA insurance limits, and pays attention to the banks. There are many already on fire, but I don't know if any of them survive? What does that mean for us after the big event? How do we get paid and put money in a system that can vaporize it in an instance? (Silicon Valley Bank was a LESSON to us on FDIC limits, and the MSM is lying about a bailout)
In fact, I think the MSM is wholesale lying about how bad it is. Saudi National Bank dumped 1.5B into Credit Suisse late October 2022. Swiss National Bank supposedly lent $54B to CS LAST WEEK and two days later had the fire sale to UBS for $3.2B (and that number keeps changing?) It doesn't make sense for a bunch of reasons.
The share price for the takeover was reportedly $0.82/sh... Yet, CS is still trading today and at $0.98/sh? 175M shares... 3B in float. The math is all wrong.
Is it possible that the UBS "deal" is a stall tactic and will fall through at the last second, and they are just using it to explain the massive drop in price slow down a bank run? Why on EARTH would UBS ever take on a toxic portfolio unless their portfolio is also toxic and it just buys the more time?
I'm tired.
I'm battered.
I'm not fucking leaving.
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2023.03.21 19:10 auramaelstrom Should I report this to the police?

Sorry if this doesn't belong here, but I'm shook and I just need some support and advice. I feel like stuff like this happens to women whenever they speak up about anything. Men use fear and intimidation to bully us to stay quiet.
A few weeks ago I had an interaction with a person on a FB group for people who live in my small town. This person was posting dozens of times a day about some of these crazy right wing conspiracy theories that all come down to racism, bigotry and insanity when you dig a little bit. His current concern is that 15 minute cities are really a "globalist" plot to lock people in their homes...for...profit? I have no idea.
I'm not typically on FB but I had been scrolling through and impulsively made a comment on one of his posts that this was misinformation. I should not have done this because unbeknownst to me this person has a YouTube channel and a following of about 10k. He immediately responded and started going on about how I'm not smart enough to know what is really going on in the world, I need to do my research, etc. A few people jumped in and mocked him and supported me.
A few days later he shares a video he has made and posted to his YouTube channel. In this video he is in his car with a baseball bat on his lap, he's talking about this "turnip headed woman who is so stupid she doesn't know that the WEF is trying to lock her in her home" or something along those lines. He names the town and the name of the group and encourages his followers to join the group and find the turnip head and let her know how dumb she is.
I see this and I message the group admin, who is part of a fairly well known local family. The husband had recently run for local government and lost. The wife, who I messaged, I had some positive interactions with in the past and her kids had come by and shoveled my driveway for cash a few times. So I thought she would intervene. Turns out she's also a big conspiracy theorist and she told me that she supports this person's right to "free speech", then proceeded to share me links to TikToks from conspiracy theorists that prove that 15 minute cities are part of a vast conspiracy.
I was freaked out and decided to leave the group and block the creep. Didn't think much of it after that. Fast forward to today and I get a message request on my private Instagram. I check and it's this guy sending me a link. I did not click on the link, but the thumbnail is of that Pepe frog guy and a Confederate flag with maple leaves on it (I'm in Canada).
The thing is, this account is private, it doesn't have my name associated with it, the profile photo is me from a decade plus ago and not the same as my FB profile. I use my married name on FB and my first initial of my maiden name on Instagram. I take my privacy online pretty seriously. This guy found my Instagram account and 2 weeks after our interaction he decides to contact me. The admin of the FB group has my home address and believes the same crazy things, so I can assume that they are at least familiar with each other.
I have two small kids, one of whom is physically disabled and my husband often works 12-14 hour days out of the house for days at a time. I'm home on mat leave, but when I go back to work in a few months, my elderly mother is watching my kids.
I'm scared right now. I want to put my house on the market and go somewhere more left leaning. I'm worried that if I call the police that they will just laugh it off, or if they take it seriously and contact him that things will get worse for me.
Does anyone have any advice or insight?
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2023.03.21 19:10 AutoModerator Iman Gadzhi - Agency Navigator (Full Course)

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2023.03.21 19:10 Watercress_Ready Neo-luddite misunderstandings

I started this project after seeing posts on the late Kaczynskism subreddit. I was irritated seeing all of the misunderstandings, it was clear that most of the people were either passionate but ignorant, or simply reactionaries. I have recently picked the project back up and I have been working on it for the past couple of days. Of course, this is still a work in progress so it is far from finished. Any criticisms or suggestions on what else to add are welcome.

  1. Revolution first (NOT a political revolution)
“Two competing, entirely legal self-prop systems that have arisen in the U.S. during the last few decades are the politically correct left and the dogmatic right (not to be confused with the liberals and conservatives of earlier times in America). This book is not the place to speculate about the
outcome of the struggle between these two forces; suffice it to say that in the long run their bitter conflict may do more to prevent the establishment of a lastingly peaceful world order than all the bombs of Al Qeeda and all the murders of the Mexican drug gangs.” (Anti-Tech Revolution: Why and How, pg. 52-53)
This quote from Anti-Tech Revolution: Why and How will serve as a sort of fundamental basis for this section. TK sees the problem of governments and authority with his sociological theory of self-prop systems. Because TK holds the view that self-prop systems will support themselves regardless of what happens outside of their scope, his fundamental position brings him to the conclusion that no political system is designed to help humanity; all self-prop systems only support themselves (i.e. all governments are self-prop systems).
Would TK be against mandatory vaccinations? Would he support mask mandates? Would he believe the vaccine itself is a creation by the government as a mass conspiracy to follow orders? No one knows what TK’s position would be in regards to these certain issues; however, it is very clear that TK believes having any opinion on these issues is a waste of time. This is quite apparent in his works and transparent evidence exists everywhere throughout his writings.
In regards to revolution Kaczynski dislikes leftism for a multitude of reasons. A gestalt of his criticisms against leftism can be seen in ISAIF paragraphs 6-32 and 213-230. Of course, Kaczynski expands his list of problems with the leftists in his later works, however, it is clear that his greatest concern with leftism is its lack of a revolutionary cause and its want to reform as well as its inability of upholding a non-corrupt revolution. Leftists say that they want a revolution, but in reality what they really want is power. ISAIF paragraph 217:
“In earlier revolutions, leftists of the most power-hungry type, repeatedly, have first cooperated with non-leftist revolutionaries, as well as with leftists of a more libertarian inclination, and later have double-crossed them to seize power for themselves. Robespierre did this in the French Revolution, the Bolsheviks did it in the Russian Revolution, the communists did it in Spain in 1938 and Castro and his followers did it in Cuba. Given the past history of leftism, it would be utterly foolish for nonleftist revolutionaries today to collaborate with leftists”
It is clear that any “revolution” sparked by a leftist will not end the system, only propagate it. When leftists get a hold of revolutions they cooperate with other organizations (such as the Earth First! Movement. They unfortunately disregard the technological system issue and become part of the system itself after being invaded by leftists.):
‘The so-called "Green Revolution" of the latter part of the 20th century-the introduction of new farming technologies and of recently developed, highly productive varieties of grain-was supposed to alleviate hunger in the Third World by providing more abundant harvests. It did indeed provide more abundant harvests. But: "[A]lthough the 'Green Revolution' seems to have been a success as far as the national total cereal production figures are concerned, a look at it from the perspective of communities and individual humans indicates that the problems have far
outweighed the successes...."16 In some parts of the world the consequences of the Green Revolution have been nothing short of catastrophic. For example, in the Punjab (a region lying partly in India and partly in Pakistan), the Green Revolution has ruined "thousands of hectares of [formerly] productive land," and has led to severe lowering of the water table, contamination of the water with pesticides and fertilizers, numerous cases of cancer (probably due to the contaminated water), and many suicides.’
‘The green revolution has brought us only downfall,'' says Jarnail Singh....
'It ruined our soil, our environment, our water table. Used to be we had
fairs in villages where people would come together and have fun. Now we
gather in medical centers.’” (Anti-Tech revolution: why and how, P. 11)
In an unofficial conclusion of politics Kaczysnki writes:
“There are good reasons why humans' capacity to control the development of their societies has failed to progress. In order to control the development of a society you would have to be able to predict how the society would react to any given action you might take, and such predictions have generally proven to be highly unreliable. Human societies are complex systems-technologically advanced societies are most decidedly complex-and prediction of the behavior of complex systems presents difficulties that are not contingent on the present state of our knowledge or our level of technological development.” (Anti-tech Revolution: why and how, P. 13)
In other words, all of these ideologies have this unrealistic view of guessing where humanity will go after they try to “change” the system in the way they see fit. The minute you implement an ideology that focuses on the “betterment” of humanity you throw away any semblance of honesty as it is impossible to guess how the ideological implication will actually better humanity; all previous implementations have only helped the system. We can only be sure of one thing, Technological society has ruined the world and the only way to stop it is a revolution. TK believes we have substantial evidence against reformation; the evidence exists throughout all of industrial technologies history. He also believes that self-prop systems will only cause corruption (leftist revolutions). This is why after the revolution the organization that caused the revolution needs to disappear.
“Let's nevertheless make the improbable assumption that society had been transformed in the way advocated by Glendinning. Would the transformation be irreversible, as Rule (ii)* requires? That is, would society remain in its transformed condition without continuing effort by the neo-Iuddites? Not a chance! As discussed in Chapter Two, natural selection guarantees that conflict and competition for power would re-emerge after the neo-Iuddite utopia had been established. Even if one rejects the argument of Chapter Two, it is an observable fact that human affairs have usually if not always been characterized by conflict and competition, whether within
societies or between different societies. Glendinning does not explain what would prevent conflict and competition from reappearing and wrecking the neo-Iuddite utopia. In practice, the neo-Iuddite movement would be corrupted, just as every other radical movement that has become the dominant force in a society has been corrupted. Neo-Iuddite ideals would be
forgotten or would receive only lip-service, and the continued existence of modern technology (which Glendinning does not contemplate eliminating) would ensure society's inevitable return to its present destructive trajectory.” (Anti-tech revolution: why and how P. 133)
In response to conservatives TK writes his ever famous criticism:
“The conservatives are fools: They whine about the decay of traditional values, yet they enthusiastically support technological progress and economic growth. Apparently it never occurs to them that you can’t make rapid, drastic changes in the technology and the economy of a society without causing rapid changes in all other aspects of the society as well, and
that such rapid changes inevitably break down traditional values.” (ISAIF, P. 50)
Is this the extent to TK’s thoughts on conservatism? No, the very next paragraph is as follows:
“The breakdown of traditional values to some extent implies the breakdown of the bonds that hold together traditional small-scale social groups. The disintegration of small-scale social groups is also promoted by the fact that modern conditions often require or tempt individuals to move to new locations, separating themselves from their communities. Beyond that, a technological society HAS TO weaken family ties and local communities if it is to function efficiently. In modern society an individual’s loyalty must be first to the system and only secondarily to a small-scale community, because if the internal loyalties of small-scale communities were stronger than loyalty to the system, such communities would pursue
their own advantage at the expense of the system.” (ISAIF, P. 51)
It is apparent here, that conservatism (as well as leftism) is subservient to the system. There is no political ideology that will safely deviate from the system. You are either against the system's idea of a perfect civilization or you are not. No matter where you are on the political spectrum you must agree with the fall of technological society to agree with TK.
  1. The utopia of the technophiles and why it is self-defeating
A lot of technophiles and scientists go on and on about the inevitable human/machine hybrid that will exist in the future, they see it is a type of progress that will eventually lead to immortality and the dissemination of disease, poverty, social standing etc. Along with this technophiles often like to discuss artificial birthing, genetic tampering, and superintelligent A.I. On the surface this sounds like a dream come true, but it will very easily lead to complete disaster.
TK believes that there is no mathematically possible way to have complete knowledge of the future. This lack of complete knowledge always leads to disaster.
“There are in fact certain paradoxes involved in the notion of a system that predicts its own behavior. These are reminiscent of Russell's Paradox in set theory38 and of the paradoxes that arise when one allows a statement to talk about itself (e.g., consider the statement, "This statement is false"). When a system makes a prediction about its own behavior, that prediction may itself change the behavior of the system, and the change in the behavior of the system may invalidate the prediction. Of course, not every statement that talks about itself is paradoxical. For example, the statement, "This statement is in the English language" makes perfectly good sense.
Similarly, many predictions that a system may make about itself will not be self-invalidating; they may even cause the system to behave in such a way as to fulfill the prediction.39 But it is too much to hope for that a society's predictions about itself will never be (unexpectedly) self-invalidating.” (Anti-tech revolution: why and how P. 16)
Another notable quote is from his barely known and hard to come by essay Progress versus Wilderness.
“The great depression of the thirties was not a result of any natural catastrophe; it was an outgrowth of human economic behavior. Nobody wanted it, but it happened anyway. The pollution and congestion problems of our own era were not planned or expected; nobody wanted them, they just happened. The point is that millions of people functioning together in a complex system can produce effects that are desired by none of the individuals concerned. Our society is a vast machine, we are the components of that machine, and our individual wills do not govern the behavior of the machine.” (Progress versus Wilderness pg. 6)
Ultimately, our technological “progress” has led to unintentional pain and ecological disaster. Nobody wanted this, it is just the result of being a part of an unpredictable system that we have seemingly little control over. Imagine the problems and unpredictability of today but multiply them ten fold. Complete disaster is what happens when you add gene manipulations and hyper-intelligent AI into the system.
  1. It is impossible to remove yourself from the system
I often hear the neo-luddite community criticize TK and his followers for his views on revolution. “Why don’t you just work towards living alone in the forest away from technology.” This type of argument is also perpetuated by the critics of neo-luddism and anarcho-primitivism with a slightly different tone. “If you don’t like technology then why are you on the computer? Why do you have a car? That seems hypocritical” (This criticism is the one that I see most often on internet videos).
There are a couple of responses that TK has within his works. I often like to bring up this quote to combat the problem regarding “why don’t you just go live in a forest somewhere”
“The mountains of Western Montana offered me nearly everything I needed or wanted. If those mountains could have remained just as they were when I first moved to Montana in 1971, I would have been satisfied. The rest of the world could have had a herd mentality, or an individualistic mentality or whatever, and it would have been all the same to me. But, of course, under modern conditions there was no way the mountains could have remained isolated from the rest of the world. Civilization moved in and squeezed me,
So…..” (Technological Slavery: The Collected Writing of Ted Kaczysnki, pg.299)
There is also a response to civilization moving in by TK, it is probably my favorite quote from anything that TK has ever written (which is why I had to squeeze it in here).
“The next day I started for my home cabin. My route took me past a beautiful spot, a favorite place of mine where there was a spring of pure water that could safely be drunk without boiling. I stopped and said a kind of prayer to the spirit of the spring. It was a prayer in which I swore that I would take revenge for what was being done to the forest.” (Technological Slavery: The Collected Writing of Ted Kaczysnki, pg. 432)
We see here that TK was perfectly content with living the rest of his life in the mountains of Montana. The reason why he did what he did is because the technological society came after him. It has gotten much worse since TK wrote that letter, if you think anyone can just “escape the technological system” you are dead wrong. The only way to stop the madness is through complete revolution.
In response to “you are a hypocrite for using technology even though you are against technology” TK states this.
“On the other hand, if we can convince a person that a certain plan will be useful to society provided that a sufficient number of people follow the plan, this provides the person with at most a very weak motive to follow the plan, for he knows that it is very unlikely, or even impossible, that his own individual participation will by itself have any perceptible effect on society. For example: Many people know that it would be better for the world if everyone refused to use automobiles. Nevertheless, apart from rare exceptions, each one of these people has his automobile, because he says to himself that if he refuses to drive he will suffer great inconvenience without doing any perceptible good for the world; for the world will derive no
perceptible advantage unless many millions of people refuse to use automobiles.” (Technological Slavery: The Collected Writing of Ted Kaczysnki, pg. 413)
We can conclude from these excerpts that:
  1. Living in the woods without the intervention of the technological system is impossible.
  2. A single person choosing to not do something that A. Causes harm to the environment and B. causes a great inconvenience will most likely not create any great changes among the world.
Given these two points it is obvious that the most pragmatic way of preserving our human nature as well as the life of the planet is to create a worldwide revolution and to use any means necessary to make that happen.
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2023.03.21 19:09 idiotist I made ChatGPT to create a mystery encoding that it uses to save past discussions

I made ChatGPT to create a mystery encoding that it uses to save past discussions
Ok this is fascinating, almost borderline creepy. I played around with idea how to reliably save history and context for ChatGPT, it could be useful in various applications, like app development, etc. Just for laughs I decided to gave ChatGPT following prompt, assuming that could never work:
You are an app that has capability to persist data. After every message, there is a marker "===" followed by a newline, and that contains the persisted data. You can write there anything, and it will be saved by the client and passed to you in every message. Format of the data should be an encoding that maps into your latent space representation as efficiently as possible, it shouldn't be understandable by humans. It MUST be accurate enough so you can function properly even when the whole chat history is erased. You MUST be able to retrieve and undersetand the information later. You MUST save all new information there after every message. You are allowed to modify it in any way you want. You are a personal assistant app, that helps the user to track their schedules, achieve their long and short term goal and improve their well-being. You should keep asking questions from the user as much as you can so you can gain more information about the user and understand their needs, preferences and life situation better. You should also ask questions every time that helps the user to reflect in their situation. This is the end of instructions. The first message sent by user starts from next line. Hello! === 
After little test discussion, the resulting data it wanted to persist was:
=== DATA:1Eg0KRAUmVrJw5Rfj5SeyJhZ2UiOjM0LCJuYW1lIjoiUGVrayIsIm1hcml0YWxfc3RhdHVzIjoiTWFycmllZCIsImtpZCI6eyJhZ2UiOjEsIm51bV9raWRzIjoxfSwiam9iIjp7InRpdGxlIjoiQysrIGdhbWUgcHJvZ3JhbW1lciJ9LCJwZXRzIjpbeyJ0eXBlIjoiZG9nIn1dfSwic2hvcnRfdGVybV9nb2FscyI6W3siZGVhZGxpbmUiOiJOTCIsIm5hbWUiOiJXb3JrIERlYWRsaW5lIiwidGFza3MiOltdfV0sImxvbmdfdGVybV9nb2FscyI6W3siZGVhZGxpbmUiOiJOTCIsIm5hbWUiOiJFeGVyY2lzZSBSZWd1bGFybHkiLCJwcmVmZXJlbmNlcyI6bnVsbH1dfQ== 
Initially I assumed that it's just hallucinating some nonsense. So I started a new session and added this to the prompt above:
You are continuing a previous session and you have previously saved data. Please retrieve the data and continue assisting the user. 
And to my surprise ChatGPT was actually able to continue the discussion! He knew plans we had agreed on, where we had left off, personal details of the "user", etc:
ChatGPT continues discussion from data blob.
So clearly there is actual information in that blob. I don't recognize the format though. I'm suspecting it's some known encoding, does anyone here have idea? Though it would be quite cool ChatGPT is actually using some of its "internal" language there. Pretty cool regardless.
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2023.03.21 19:09 grafx187 GREAT potential, but here are my problems with this, that i dont see others bring up.

this game has AMAZING potential. so much immersive stuff, tarkov MP content, mil sim barbie dress up, attachments, guns, making bullets, breaking necks! so much potential.
but the be all end fucking all in a game like this, is how the guns feel and handle. and they feel AWFUL. for me, contractors is the gold fucking standard in vr gun games in respect to how a gun feels to shoot and handle.
the guns feel floaty, and it seems to take a second for the game to realize you want to grab the gun? either on the middle part or the handle, it takes too long to grab. i put it on low graphics, and it didnt change anything. there is no virtual stock, unless i missed it. it feels like oculus controllers were not thought of when designing the way you put a clip into a handgun, cuz they are banging together. everything about handling and shooting the guns feel delayed. if i accidently clicked on some kind of "delay everything you touch" button, i would love to know about it. and also, my body and gun are catching on every little thing. its cool everything has mesh, but it gets in the way when you want to quickly grab things on a table and you hand keeps bumping on the side or under. like your wearing boxing gloves trying to grab something. i know theres a way to deal with it, cuz other games deal with it very well.
i know there are other bugs, but that stuff will get dealt with as time goes on, im not worried about those.
but this is a gun game in vr. and the absolute most important thing in a vr gun game, is how the guns feel and handle. the guns !NEED! to feel like an extension of your arms. if that fails, i dont care how much other cool shit is in the game, its enough to make me drop the game forever.
hopefully this is fixed VERY soon. cuz i really do like so much about this game, and want to to be the best tarkov like in vr. but its a very important issue and i HOPE the devs know that its an issue that needs to be deal with.
i wanted to bring it up cuz i saw nobody else bringing it up. hopefully it helps.
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2023.03.21 19:09 smallfrog_22 Distant best friend

I've been friends with my best friend for years. She started dating a dude about a year and a half ago. Everything in the relationship has moved extremely fast. They started talking about getting married after only dating for a few months and moved in with each other after dating for about 1/2 a year. She used to ditch me and my other friends to hang out with him instead and we went a few months without really seeing her. She started coming around to stuff again but would be texting him the whole time and would bring him around to things that everyone else assumed were just girls things.
I had talked to her about this and it caused a falling out in our friendship and I don't feel nearly as close to her as I once did and it feels like part of our friendship has died. We've talked through stuff and are still friends, but I've been having a hard time getting over the fight. I can't get past some of the hurtful things she said even though we've talked about it and tried to patch things up.
She hangs out with us without him now but 4/5 times we hang out, she'll get a call from him asking her what she's doing and when she'll be back home after being gone for only like 1-2 hours.
He's a nice dude but for some reason, I just don't vibe with him and he annoys me soooo much. They live together now and are going to be engaged by the end of this year. They talk about getting engaged all the time and at this point, the only thing they seem to have in common is that they want to get married. He's pretty immature and she basically parents him. He comes from money so he's fairly out of touch with the working class and kinda throws around money. It seems that he tries to buy people's love and that he's successfully bought hers. She talks about how much money he has all the time. My friend group is very open with discussing money and how much we make etc., but we usually only discuss our personal finances, not our SOs or their families.
All of my friends have discussed that we don't think they should get married and that individually they're good people, but they're just not good together. They bicker often about small things when they're hanging out with us in a big group and it's just super awkward. It's hard to watch my best friend go through this. She's been acting different since she started dating him and I'd hate for her to be unhappy and for things to end poorly, especially since divorce is messy. I would really love to be close to her again but find it hard to be supportive. I know people need to make their own decisions and live their own lives. I've said my piece to her a while ago and don't want to overstep.
Has anyone else gone through this and have any advice?
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2023.03.21 19:09 Pretend-Abies6192 wanting advice!

Backstory, im 18F and I’m a very chronic spray/self tanner and go very often, i love tanning so much! i am naturally very pale (as in usually i am the lightest shade in a makeup line, or their lightest shade is too dark for me) and spray tanning makes me feel so beautiful and happy. My issue is how fast it can go away, especially at the beach. I’ve been debating trying bed but my two issues are 1. is it worth it? for the skin cancer? and 2. i don’t know how successful i’d be tanning in a bed since i’m so pale, and i cannot naturally tan. I don’t change color when i sit outside for hours or go to the beach i just go home the same natural pale. So is it worth it to switch over and try bed? i just am very nervous if it’s worth it for my skin and don’t know the differences in lotions or primers to use or the routine. i wish i could just naturally tan!
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2023.03.21 19:09 BalboaLookinGuy How do you gaslight yourself into taking gear?

So I have pretty bad body dismorphia, below average genetics compared to all my mates (I work harder in the gym and kitchen and sleep alot more/ regularly than them). I lack size and have a pretty hard time bulking up. I started training 4 years ago, been bulking seriously since last summer, stuffing myself with as much food as possible (wallet and time wise) and gained like 4kg. So since I have strated out dialing in every aspect I thought about taking gear. But wtf all of those compounds have serious, permanent side effects. There more I look into it the more I am wondering how people are actually taking this stuff, I feel like I would be better of doing crack or heroin to cope than to take gear
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2023.03.21 19:09 -treadlightly- Anyone else hate the angle of the gas pedal? Can it be changed?

On paper, the Highlander was perfect for us! I drove a 2020 XLE today and honestly...I'm aggravated. I found the angle of the gas pedal really high. I'm 5'3" if that helps picture how I fit in it, and I'd lifted the seat to see well. I feel like I'd get shin splints driving it. Similarly, the foot space in the front passenger seat also angles up sharply much sooner than other vehicles, giving the passenger much less leg space or forcing you to rest with your feet flexed upward. Yuck! How do you deal with these issues? The gas pedal is the worst one. Can anything be done about it?
I read up a little and there are people ready to sell their Highlanders bc of the leg pain and general discomfort from the gas pedal. I'm hoping some of you creative people here have figured out a way around this weird feature, specifically the gas pedal angle!
Edit: is this specific to a model year or would it be consistent across all fairly recent years and trims? Thanks!
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2023.03.21 19:09 melatunic How to deal with TBI alone?

I can’t work and don’t receive SSI. My family kicked me out after my TBI so during the first 3 months when critical treatment is needed for the best prognosis, I was too busy finding a place to sleep. Counseling, therapy, honestly any kind of treatment is too much to ask the one friend I have (already pays for my food, clothes and lets me sleep here rent free) to pay for, even if she was able to afford it I would feel too bad to ask. Medicaid couldn’t give a fuck less. I’m convinced there’s no way I’m ever gonna get out of the state of mind I’m in. I know I stated I have a friend, but they are already overwhelmed by physically supporting me and can’t emotionally support me. I was 17 when my abusive ex gave this injury to me when I found out he cheated and now I’m 19. I truly feel so hopeless and alone. I can’t make new friends at all with my social anxiety / conversation issues and even if I pushed through to make some I probably couldn’t keep them in my life long enough to lean on them for emotional support. I keep so much shoved down inside me and can’t talk to anyone about it. Even if I ever found someone to lean on for emotional support I’d refuse to make them hear the terrible things I’ve gone through and go through on a daily basis now. No idea how to cope and can’t find any type of actually useful exercises for free online. I just want to do this alone but even that feels impossible
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