Capresso infinity conical burr grinder review

Manual conical Burr coffee grinder for making powder?

2023.06.02 02:23 --fix Manual conical Burr coffee grinder for making powder?

I have a ton of smoked, dehydrated peppers! Would an adjustable coffee hand grinder work for making fine powder? Anyone ever try one?
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2023.06.01 19:48 GravyLongboat Wake up babe, MHW-3BOMBER dropped their new "Sniper" grinder

Wake up babe, MHW-3BOMBER dropped their new
As said in the title, the Sniper is hot off the presses. I personally think it looks great - I'm really hoping some content creators do a review soon, especially because the company is offering a 10% discount in the first month of its release, so there won't be a better time to buy it.
I think it's obvious that at that price point ($350-400) it's not going to be setting any records or beating out leaders in the grinder field, but I'm getting tired of my ridiculously loud Sette 30, and if I'm feeling wild enough, I might just pull the trigger on this Sniper.
Is anyone else eyeing this grinder? Any thoughts on it?
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2023.06.01 18:50 Resident-Character21 Best Gift for Beginner

Hello. I am purchasing a birthday gift for someone who has expressed the desire to get into pour over, so far this page has been very helpful in narrowing down my searches but I still have a few questions about what best to get to set him up. He currently has no set up bar a grinder which I don't think is a burr grinder. I would love for this gift to get him off the ground quickly and give him the basics
I was originally looking at the Tricolate brewer as I read some decent reviews that it was beginner friendly and it seems that you don't need a gooseneck kettle. Read some more realistic reviews on this subreddit and i'm thinking it's now not worth it for the price.
I'm torn between the Hario V.60 and the Chemex. Currently leaning towards the Chemex as I think as a stand alone gift it is very beautiful and I have also heard it makes decent coffee and it seems like a lot of coffee aficionados have it in their repertoire. I have heard the filters are pricey though. The Hario V.60 is overwhelmingly the best bet for the price and for the quality of the coffee but I have also read that it is tricky to learn to use and master. (it's also less impressive looking as gift, which I know isn't the point, but the Chemex is a classic)
All of these things considered I suppose I am asking for any direction and is it even worth it to get the Hario or Chemex or any brewer if he doesn't have a gooseneck kettle or burr grinder?
Thanks so much in advance, there is so much knowledge and conflicting opinions out there I really appreciate people taking the time to reply!
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2023.05.31 18:14 labbypatty On buying from

I wanted to post this because I was trying to find a post like this and couldn't find anything satisfactory.
TLDR: So far, my experience with my grinder from has exceeded expectations, but I don't expect to receive any helpful support from the site if it is needed in the future.

Purchase experience

I purchased from thinking this was the official DF64 website. It shows up first on google after all! Anyway, I first became suspicious, not when I saw the no return policy online, nor when I saw the suspicious "next 50 grinders are discounted" banner on the site, but instead when the grinder arrived and had no branding on the box and almost no paperwork to boot. It was just not the experience of buying a product that costs 400 dollars that I am used to. Moreover, my grinder had a little metal needle to indicate which grind setting you are on which all the reviews I had seen about this grinder mentioned is notably missing. I started to get pretty worried and that's when I began to look more into this site. They are clearly using fake accounts to post "don't worry this this site isn't sketchy" posts about themselves on reddit which is SO SKETCHY. At this point, I'm getting minorly terrified. 400 dollars is not negligible to me.

Usage experience

Before using, I opened up the grinder and pushed the little rubber sleeves on the springs all the way down as I saw in a video and adjusted the needle so that 0 would indicate the point at which the burrs just barely begin to touch. I don't know if that rubber sleeve trick does anything, but that's what I did. Ok cut to the first shot that I grind. I'm properly dejected at this point, fully sure that my dreams of owning a decent grinder have been crushed. I load up 18 grams of coffee and turn on the machine. So far so good. Everything looks normal. The grind finishes and I pump the bellows a couple times until nothing is coming out. I pop the grinds on to the scale and read out 12 grams of coffee. WTF. People online were complaining about less than a gram of retention, but this was next level. I load up another 6 grams of beans, grind it, and yield 6 grams of grinds. The grind was way too fine and the water couldn't even get through, but that's not really the machine's fault. It took me several adjustments to the grind setting to get a working shot, but once I did it tasted marvelous. Wayyy better than the Breville built in grinder I was using before. Moreover, every dose I ground after that first one had 0 retention. To this day, I suspect I may have made some tare error or something when I ground up that first dose. I usually use the RDT technique, but sometimes I forget and even then I'm getting 0 retention and wonderful tasting coffee. I haven't yet opened up the bottom of the machine where the declumper is so maybe there is just 6 grams of grinds sitting there from my first grind, but I kind of doubt it. I haven't really had the problem with mess and static that everyone talks about, though I usually hold the dosing cup right up to the bottom of the grinder. The grinding itself doesn't make a mess, but when I pump the bellows, it overshoots the cup a little bit if I'm not holding it in the right place.

In conclusion

In conclusion, I now know a bit more about the df64 business model and I'm convinced I received a real DF64. In fact, I think I have received some newer version where they have fixed some of the old problems that people have talked about with the DF64 because I have the little grind indicator needle and based on retention, I don't think my declumper is giving me grief either. All that being said, based on what I've read I don't feel hopeful for any kind of after-sales support so crossing my fingers I don't end up needing it. I probably would not have purchased from the site if I had known what I know now about the support provided by However, in retrospect, since it's been going well I'm cautiously happy that I did.
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2023.05.31 15:12 dmsklpow5 [USA-IL] [H] Weber Workshops Key Grinder w/ Magic Tumbler [W] PayPal, Cash, HG-2

Reposting with a price reduction.
Selling a Weber Workshops Key Grinder in Snow with Magic Tumbler. The grinder has 83mm conical burrs from Mazzer. I am the second owner of this grinder, selling because I found a good deal on one in black which I prefer. Per the original owner, there have been only 3-4 pounds of beans through the grinder total. The grinder is in great condition overall, but there are a few cosmetic imperfections (see photos). The original owner noted that a couple were on the unit when it was originally received, and a couple were from a move. None affect the performance of the grinder. Ships in original box with the original accessories. Photos: Price: $1250 + shipping. Local pickup available in Chicago. Also open to a trade involving an HG-2 or an HG-1 Prime.
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2023.05.31 15:11 dmsklpow5 [USA-IL] [H] Olympia Express Moca Grinder [W] PayPal, Cash

Reposting with a price reduction.
Selling a red Olympia Express Moca grinder w/ stock 64mm flat burrs, originally purchased in late 2020. I am the second owner of this grinder. The grinder has outstanding design and build quality. It is in excellent condition, but there is a small chip in the top of the hopper which does not affect performance (see photos). I am selling because I do not use it enough. It is an excellent and capable grinder, and I would recommend checking out some reviews if you are curious about it. My main nitpicks of it are as follows: As it has a hopper, it is not optimized for single dosing, though it can be done. This may be a pro or con or neither, depending on your workflow. When grinding in the espresso range range, the sound of the grinder becomes higher-pitched and less pleasant than at coarser ranges. I do not believe this to be any defect of the grinder, just something I noticed. The hopper locking mechanism has a failsafe which stops the grinding if it becomes "unlocked". This can kick in unintentionally from the vibration of the grinder during use, requiring it to be set back into place. This should be fairly simple to hold in place via some DIY solution, and I imagine it would be less of an issue if the hopper has some beans in it (I was single dosing). Photos:
These retail for $1495 new. I am asking $700 $600 + shipping. Ships in original packaging. Local pickup available in Chicago
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2023.05.30 17:44 Alternative-Goat6030 Will 078 complement a good conical grinder such as K-Max?

I have a K-Max and I'd like to complement it with a nice flat burr grinder. Does Sculptor 078 work for producing a good flat burr profile or is the "juiciness" of the turbo burrs more closer to premium conicals? Some experts have compared it to a ZP6 and some have said it is pretty far away from SSP MP. Does this mean it might not complement a K-Max but instead just beat it at everything? Additional note: I don't want to go to the other extreme (SSP MP) because it sounds too difficult to dial in for my preferences and might not be a good option if my beans are not always perfect.
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2023.05.30 15:51 popl12342 Just ordered my Flair Classic w/pressure gauge!

Any suggestions on how to make a good first coffee? I've purchased a wdt tool and burr grinder that had good reviews on Amazon. I'm not expecting anything amazing but many people said it made good espresso and a consistent grind.
Edit: plan on getting a scale to since it's needed for consistency.
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2023.05.28 09:17 WaddiaKnew Seasoning new grinders - what’s really going on?

I’ve got a question about seasoning new grinders, or should I say new burrs. What’s really going on during the seasoning process?
Do we know what happens or is it more a case of people noticing that their grinds/brews get better after running what seems to be quite a lot of coffee through the grinder?
Seasoning a new cast iron pan I can understand as there’s a chemical process that takes place with heat and oil polymerization. With new burrs there’s nothing similar going on.
What really constitutes a seasoned burr? Is it possible to measure? Let’s say an insane person sorts all their grinds with a Kruve thing for a few weeks - would the same grind setting give different results after a while? As in more consistent grind size? Less fines?
I think what I’m getting at if it’s a subjective or an objective case. For all I know a set of biases are as much at play as an objective difference.
Also: Are all burrs equal? Conical VS flat burrs require more or less seasoning? What about manual VS electric grinders, same thing?
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2023.05.27 22:49 lifesthateasy I never believed flat vs. conical would actually make a difference...

TL;DR: ...but it does (in my tiny sample)
I have got a Niche Zero for Christmas after using the Rancilio Rocky. I immediately started using it and planned on selling the Rocky, so I kinda just stopped using it. A friend was interested in taking it, so as a farewell I wanted to try the flat vs. conical experiment for myself.
I didn't want to overdose on caffeine so I only brewed 4 cups for the both of us (2 per grinder), one set was 18 to 36gs and the other 18 to 45gs. I didn't get the dial down perfectly so there was a tiny variation between time so it's not a perfect comparison. All shots were pulling around 28-35 seconds. The coffee was a light roast Ethiopian.
In this tiny sample I did notice a difference. The Niche produced a little more acidic shots on both accounts (this might well have been due to the time difference between the shots), and both of the Rocky's espressos seemed sweeter than both of the Niche's. They also seemed to have more clarity. The Niche's shots had more... Oomph to them (I guess "body" is the term we use for that? Oomph feels like it better describes it).
Bottom line: I thought the flat vs conical debate was overblown and only noticeable by pros, but now I think I thought wrong.
I'll still keep the Niche because of the worklfow is so much better, and I do mix and match between light roast Ethiopian/Kenyan etc. and medium Columbian/Brazilian etc. beans. But if I ever buy a grinder, I'll definitely buy a flat burr.
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2023.05.27 15:33 sansreval Question on difference in quality of resulting coffee between Lahome, 600N and Timemore C2/C3 grinders for pourover/non-espresso

Hello! I'm a beginner and recently purchased the Lahome conical burr grinder. I'm quite satisfied with the coffee it produces, but I can't help but wonder if I'm missing out on the benefits of more expensive grinders.
I prefer the convenience of electric grinders but I'm open to trying manual grinders if they truly make a significant difference in taste. I'm considering getting the Timemore C3 to test this out. Do you think this would be worth it? I fear that I might regret it if the difference isn't that great.
Since 600N and Timemore C2 seem to be popular recommendations, could anyone also share their insights as how much of a difference in taste there might be between the two for pourovers/non-espresso?
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2023.05.27 14:45 Big_Daddy-59 Very forgiving grinder

I’ve always like conical grinders. Even though I have two flat burr grinders other than the Niche. Very forgiving grinder. I pulled a shot this morning that if I pulled on my DF64 grinder or Eureka would of tasted like death, but on the Niche Zero it was not a bad pull. Very surprised. The particle distribution of the larger conical burr is very good.
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2023.05.26 22:57 Histotech93 First time grinder buyer

Hi all,
I’ve just purchased my first electric grinder (DF64V/Baby P64). I bought it yesterday and Sprometheus released his review for it today. Thankfully, his concerns haven’t given me buyers remorse, even though I did cack myself when I saw it.
This is my first electric grinder and it is intended to be an upgrade to my V60 brews and, eventually, paired with a Profitec Go for espresso.
My main query is is there anything I should be doing straight out of the box or advice you can impart? I know that there have been some burr alignment issues on some of the DF grinders but I’m not really sure how to check for it.
Thanks all, any other advice you can give will be gladly received.
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2023.05.26 01:56 the_horak Thring a Cheaper Grinder from Amazon
I finally have a real espresso machine so it's time to get a better grinder. Until I have the $200 for a Baratza ESP, this is what I'm gonna try. I got it for $85. I know it's not as good as others, but I think it will still be better than my Capresso Infinity.
I'll keep you all posted as to how it goes.
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2023.05.25 16:41 TheseYam2013 Another Niche Duo review

Another Niche Duo review
I feel like the only real pro is the fast burr swap but I also feel like it’s not fast and easy enough so that people would really do it daily? So I am not sure if there are any real selling points at the price point when compared to other grinders.
Always love Kyles reviews btw. Simple but to the point.
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2023.05.25 15:30 volvot6 Gaggia TS grinder recommendations

Hi all,
I recently got a Gaggia TS machine for home, and I want to be able to pull shots faster than what I’m able to with my comandante C40 mk4.
This brings me to my two finalists after my long research, Bezzera BB005 TM espresso vs DF64.
Has anyone used both? Any preference? I’m aware of conical vs flat burrs, but I’m just mainly looking for a grinder that will give me consistently good espresso for under $500usd.
The grinder will be strictly for espresso use with my Gaggia TS. I’ll have the comandante for any other types of coffee I’ll ever want to make.
Thanks in advance! Any input appreciated.
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2023.05.25 12:57 volvot6 Bezzera BB005 TM Espresso vs DF64

Hi all,
I recently got a Gaggia TS machine for home, and I want to be able to pull shots faster than what I’m able to with my comandante C40 mk4.
This brings me to my two finalists after my long research, Bezzera BB005 TM espresso vs DF64.
Has anyone used both? Any preference? I’m aware of conical vs flat burrs, but I’m just mainly looking for a grinder that will give me consistently good espresso for under $500usd.
The grinder will be strictly for espresso use with my Gaggia TS. I’ll have the comandante for any other types of coffee I’ll ever want to make.
Thanks in advance! Any input appreciated.
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2023.05.23 23:46 mmittinnss Taking my set up to the next level

Been using a Breville Oracle Touch for years and have thoroughly enjoyed it, but I think it's time to kick things up a notch and embrace a set up that gives me more control. I was hoping to get some advice as to equipment from all you maniacs out there.
First thing I was looking to upgrade was my grinder. The Breville Oracle Touch has a built in conical burr but it's a pain to change between different beans (I prefer different coffees than my wife) so a single dose grinder seems like a win. I like the looks and the reviews of the P100; seems like it'll last me a very long time and is super capable of handling everything I’d throw at it. I mostly drink light roasts, fwiw.
Next thing I would upgrade would be the espresso machine. The ECM Synchronika seems like a high quality machine. I tend to make a lot of milk drinks so having a good steam system is important to me, as is a dual boiler set up, or something similar (perhaps a espresso machine and a separate milk machine)
Anything else out there I should look into, or any suggestions about a different way to go about things?
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2023.05.23 14:30 CatFoodSavvy Top 5 Best Coffee Grinders under $100 2023

Editor’s Choice: OXO BREW Conical Burr Coffee Grinder
"High-quality coffee grinder with 15 precise grinding settings, stainless steel conical burs and easy button start."
Upgrade Pick: Capresso 560.01 Infinity
"Moderately priced coffee grinder with timer option, gear reduction motor and 8.8 oz hopper capacity."
Best Manual: Hario Mini-Slim Pro
"Cheap manual coffee grinder with stainless steel body, ceramic burs and stabilizer plate."
Best for Big Household: Delonghi Ariete Electric Coffee Grinder
"Fairly big and capacious coffee grinder with 15 grinding settings, stainless steel base and burs."
Best Value: KRUPS GX5000
"Fairly cheap coffee grinder with cup selector, metal flat burs and grinded coffee container of 15 oz volume."
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2023.05.23 14:08 CatFoodSavvy Top 6 Best Coffee Grinders for French Press 2023

Editor’s Choice: OXO BREW Conical Burr Coffee Grinder
"An electric burr grinder that features more than 15 settings which makes it not only convenient but also versatile."
Best Electric Coffee Grinder: Delonghi Ariete Electric Coffee Grinder
"A capacious coffee grinder that holds up to 0.8 pounds of beans, boasts of user-friendly controls and is ETL certified."
Best Value Coffee Grinder: Capresso Infinity Conical Burr Grinder
"A compact solution for smaller kitchens; holds 0.55 pounds of beans; comes with a cleaning brush and measuring scoop."
Best Manual Coffee Grinder: JavaPresse Manual Coffee Grinder
"A small yet mighty manual coffee grinder with patent-pending ceramic combo burrs; the grind size is adjustable."
Budget Pick: Quiseen One-Touch Electric Coffee Grinder
"A small electric model that is more than enough for making a couple of cups; boasts of a simple one-touch control."
Best Quiet Coffee Grinder: Khaw-Fee HG1B
"Another manual model on the list with a ceramic burr and a glass jar; backed by a lifetime warranty."
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2023.05.23 10:04 alex857028 IKAPE Hand grinder

My first post here and newbie as well. I was looking for the best option grinder for my needs, I really like Baratza Encore ESP and Eureka Mignon but being sceptical if the investment is worthy having a Breville Barista Mini. So, I was starting to look in hand grinders area and I was pretty sure that I will go with the Timemore C3 till today when i found this IKAPE grinder being half the price of C3. Any thoughts about it? maybe someone who knows something or if worth it.
Also I would like some words for my espresso machine, my fiancee saw me days looking into espresso machines and getting more and more obsessed with it and she got me what she could for the money.
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2023.05.23 08:41 Mullet0ver Yet Another Grinder Advice Request

Hi all. Apologies this is so long, and I appreciate any assistance here, as I am so incredibly mired in analysis paralysis.
I currently do mostly V60 and Clever dripper, but..... I fell in love with the Cafelat Robot and just received it, so priority is now an espresso grinder.
My current electric grinder is an Oxo Barista Brain (yeah, I know), which has served me well, but it's time to up my game.
I do have a Lido ET hand grinder that I am now using for espresso. I'm good with the manual part, and love the Lido, but espresso just takes longer than I want.
I missed the Zerno Z1 pre-sale, but it is my most likely end game grinder. I plan on ordering one as soon as sales open again. I love the concept of community involvement in how the Zerno has developed.
Being the impatient type, I've narrowed my "right now" choices to a few options to fill the gap. Waiting is not in my DNA, so I want to make a reasonable decision with longer term benefits/use. Here are my thoughts.......
Niche Zero. May be nice to have a conical burr to switch up even after the Zerno. Very tempting with the recent price drop, but still need to ship to the US. Leaning towards this option, as it seems tobe a fair compromise, and still is useful after the Zerno. If the NZ s good enough for James Hoffmann, why am I even thinking about you this?
Niche Duo with the espresso burr. Would order the filter burr later, or go with another 83mm burr. Have to wait until August/September. Less than $150 USD more than the Zero makes this tempting. Possible competition with the Zerno could make it interesting.
Fellow Ode Gen 2 with SSP (filter only) and use my Lido to bridge the gap until the Zerno. Would likely still use the Ode as a filter only setup after the Zerno.
Cheapest option would be to go with an Encore ESP or Fellow Opus for now. Being new-ish to electric espresso grinders, this may provide some equity to improve my skills before committing to a more expensive option.
Location: US, near Chicago
Budget: Around $1k USD, prefer closer to $500 USD if a temporary solution
Drink Types: Straight Espresso
Drink Frequency: 4-8 shots per day
Space: No limitations, but prefer average sized grinders
Manual vs. Electric: Electric
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