My son is also named bort

are you talking to me?

2014.06.23 04:56 Purp are you talking to me?

No, my son is also named Bort

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Simpsons TV Show. The /TheSimpsons subreddit is fan base of redditors who love The Simpsons. The Simpsons is an American animated sitcom created by Matt Groening for the Fox Broadcasting Company. The show is set in the fictional town of Springfield and parodies American culture, society and television.

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A subreddit devoted to Simpsons Shitposting. As well as everyone's favorite family The Thompsons.

2023.06.03 22:36 FFXIV_Ast 34 [M4F] Canada EST / Online - Best Friend Applications - Apply Within

We here at Friend Corp are seeking individuals between the ages of 25 and 45 to come join us at our wonderful company. There are many benefits for when you join Friend Corp. We are a social and talkative company who enjoys listening to our employee's feedback
Alright, dropping the charade.
As the title states I'm looking for a best friend first and maybe the connection evolves into something more. The friend-connection matters more to me than anything else. I want to look forward to coming home and hearing about your day just as much as you want to hear about mine while we eat homemade tacos in front of the tv. To me, the best long term connections are those born from friendships.
It seems kind of crazy these days to think like that but what can I say? I'm a bit of a romantic. I like to take my time to get to know someone.
About Me
I'm 6'4" living in the north of Canada. I can practically see Santa's Workshop from my window. I'm an outgoing introvert - very outgoing around friends and family, sort of introverted around new people until I get to know them for an hour and then I warm up. I've been on a new health plan and working on getting fit to lose the covid pounds I've racked on. I've got an adventurous sense of humor that likes to dabble in all the different types. I've got black hair and blue eyes. French is my primary language but I mostly speak English these days. I'm a big hockey fan but I unfortunately go for the Toronto Maple Leafs. Might as well dump any hopes for a championship in my lifetime down the toilet. A few of my interests are collecting "old" books, camping at the family cottage home in the middle of nowhere (on a nice lake), and spending some quality dad time with my 12 year old daughter. "Old" is in marks because we don't get actual old books at the old book store but rather "gently used" ones. I've got a book shelf and a half worth of various ones. Like everyone else, I like music and movies and tv shows and what not but so does everyone. Plus, my crap is better than your crap. That's just the way it is. :P I've got a Bachelor's degree from a university and certified in some IT fields. A Random Fact and a Hot Take: I've never travelled outside of Canada before and winter is better than summer.
About You
You live somewhere on Earth. That's a good starting point. Sorry aliens. You're also outgoing but have some introverted streaks. You like both going out and staying in. You are social and friendly, you like to laugh. Bonus point if you laugh at my bad jokes even if they aren't funny even if I know you're laughing at my unfunny jokes that aren't funny. Your someone who shares some common interest or traits with me but not all because that's boring. Two halves make a whole. I don't care about appearances or nationality or body type or whether you were actually born on mars. That stuff doesn't matter to me. I am attracted to a person's personality much more so than anything about their physical or immutable characteristics.
This is long enough I think. Congrats if you've read this far. You, behind the screen right now reading this, are probably the first to do so. Most just skim the first sentence or two or see how long this is and skip. But I feel like to make sure people are compatible, you need to know about them. I'd personally much rather respond to something of this size than "I like music movies, hiking, camping. Anything else just ask" I want to be able to have conversations longer than 3 word sentences back and forth.
Shoot me a message if you got this far and are interested in some friendship. In your message, tell me anything you know about canada. The weirder the better but anything at all is fine. That way I know you've read this far.
Take care of yourself and live a happy life.
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2023.06.03 22:35 TommyAdagio We watched the final two episodes of "Succession" last night, and I have thoughts.

I’m seeing some talk that Tom isn’t the winner because he’s just Matsson’s puppet. But Tom is definitely the winner. All he ever cared about was the money, buying luxuries, and the appearance of power and he got all those things. He doesn’t care about the reality of power.
Tom will remain perfectly loyal to Matsson—until the moment Tom sees it as advantageous to throw his loyalty to someone else. Probably Matsson knows this, and sees Tom as a useful tool.
The same person who said Tom isn’t the winner also compared Tom dismissively to Gerri. That’s nuts. Gerri is one of the winners of “Succession.” She was Logan’s loyal consigliere and assassin for 30 years, and she cashed out big and walked away.
Justine Lupe, who played Willa, also played Astrid Weissman, Midge’s sister-in-law on “The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel.” Her role on “Maisel” is extremely different from Willa. On “Maisel,” she’s a the perfect midcentury upper-middle-class American housewife and mother, a shikse who converted to Judaism to marry a Jewish man and is now more Jewish than her Jewish family.
I love the video playing in Conner‘s apartment, and the kids’ faces as they watched it. We saw another side of Logan there, away from the kids and relaxed, affectionate and warm. Frank, Gerri, Karl and Jess were Logan’s real family, the people he loved and who loved him. Kendall, Roman and Shiv were not part of that family, and they knew it. Connor, on the other hand, was part of that family.
The entire four-year “Succession” story could have been told from Frank and Karl’s perspective, and it would be a very different story.
Why did Shiv vote the way she did? I don’t think we ever get a definitive answer in the show, but I think it was because in the end she just couldn’t stand to see Kendall win. According to discussion on Reddit, there’s a scene just before the vote when Kendall puts his feet up on Logan’s desk, and you see a look of disgust cross Shiv’s face. Neither Julie nor I saw that.
As the CEO’s wife, Shiv is in a better position as Kendall’s sister. But I don’t think she was calculating it through that far until after Tom was named CEO.
Of course, Tom isn’t the real successor. Matsson is the successor.
Roman is finally out, and he is relieved. He never wanted the responsibility. He just wanted to pretend to be a playboy and now he’s back to that.
A theme that emerged throughout “Succession” is that the people who appear to be in power—Tom, the President of the United States—are not the people in power. The real people in power are the people who pay those other people: the Logans and Matssons. In “Succession” we spend a lot of two seasons focused on a Presidential election in which one of the candidates is a neo-Nazi, and it turns out to be a minor plot point, not worth resolving in the finale. Because that election just didn’t matter in the universe of “Succession.”
Shiv is the sort of woman misogynist who sees herself as the exception. She is not the exception. She has become her mother, and married a man who literally sits in her father’s chair.
I love the rare sweet moment at the end of the show where Logan’s wives and mistresses all came together as this little supportive sorority. Marcia even takes Jess’s hand. They were all the women that Logan betrayed, and in the end they stood by each other. Although maybe not—in the universe of “Succession,” you never can assume love and decency is real.
Does Willa care about Connor after all? Or is she just in it for the money? Yes.
In the scene at the bar at the end, Roman orders Gerri’s favorite drink.
I don’t know if we actually enjoyed the final season of “Succession.” Watching it had become compulsive.
I kept expecting Roman’s dick pics to go viral on social media. They were Checkov’s dick pics, and they never were fired.
“Succession” creator Jesse Armstrong shares his view on where the characters go after the season finale: Tom isn’t just going to be an empty suit. He’s got a lot of hard work ahead of him. But he will never be anything other than Matsson’s dog, until he decides to betray Matsson in favor of another master.
Armstrong says Roman is back where he started; the whole multi-year arc was just a detour for Roman.
Armstrong: “Shiv is still in play … in a rather terrifying, frozen emotionally barren place.”
Also Armstrong: “For Kendall, this will never stop being the central event of his life, the central days of his life, central couple of years of his life… Maybe he could go on and start a company, or do a thing. But the chances of him achieving the sort of corporate status that his dad achieved are very low. And I think that will mark his whole life.”
Why does “Succession” get so much more journalism and social media love than “Yellowstone,” which has similar premises and themes and is far more popular among the viewing public? I think it’s because “Succession” centers on the media business and New York, and therefore has more appeal to journalists and the professional-managerial classes that dominate journalism and social media.
I’ve read that “Succession” is a blue show and “Yellowstone” is a red show, and there’s a lot of truth to that. But “Yellowstone” is more nuanced and ethically diverse and more broadly focused across class lines. Go figure.
In our house, we watch both “Succession” and “Yellowstone.”
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2023.06.03 22:35 The_Mr_Rageface [PC] US-C (Louisiana) Several servers and parts.

Some of these I assume are no longer worth shipping/selling in full and will be broken down and sold in parts. The X30s will probably be the only ones worth selling whole but that's what I am here to find out.
Dell R730 LFF - E5-2680v4, 128GB 2133 ECC 8x16GB, Dual 1100w PSU
Dell R730 LFF - E5-2667 v3, No Ram in currently, Dual 495w PSU
Dell R730 SFF - E5-2667v3, No Ram in currently , Dual 750w PSU
Dell R430 SFF - E5-2650v3, 16GB 2133 ECC 2x8GB, Dual 550w PSU
I have 8 LFF Caddies between the 2 LFF 730s, 5 2.5" adapters for the caddies.
There is also 6x16GB matching Samsung 2133 ECC Available that can be added to any of the 30s as requested when I sell.
3 Spare 750w PSUs 2 Spare 495w PSUs, a spare set of E5-2667 v3s.
Dell R330 (x3) LFF - E5-1220v5 16GB 2133 UDIMM, Dual 350w PSU No caddies, all blanks.
R420, and 3x 710s specs available upon request probably only good for parts.
24 Sticks of 4GB Ram between them
2 Hynix HMT351R7CFR4A-H9
22 Samsung M393B5273CH0-YH9
5 4x1GB Nics 2 2x1GB Nics
Nvidia Quadro P400 (was my transcoding gpu)
Rails for almost every server and some cable management arms plan is to include the rails for any whole server bought or sell them individually like I assume I will have to do for a bunch of these. All of these were taken of out production in the last two months at my place or work, I upgraded one of the servers a good bit but eventually decided to consolidate to a beefy consumer solution and need to recoup some of my expenses. Feel free to ask for more details on any server as well. There is basically 0 market for these kinds of thing in my area.
So what are some decent prices for each of these servers and parts? What would likely sell whole or just part it all out?
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2023.06.03 22:35 LuciferianInk On the 5th of September...

A Reddit submission:
# On the 5th of September... On the 5th of September, 2024, a group of researchers from Google are conducting experiments with a single, new method for understanding human behavior and social behavior. The group aims to build a model of how humans act in natural environment, what they learn by interacting with others, and then try to understand how that model impacts them in real life.
The group is designed to provide some insight on what the human mind can achieve, and how it can help those who experience similar experiences. ```


As always, we should be brief. We should be careful about things like this - not something which shouldn't be. Regardless, human actions may include illegal information or any other form of physical intrusion. As well, I don't want to be overly strict about all types of personality disorders. It's OK to focus on specific questions, such as boils down to specific questions that could have been asked in an indefinite manner. If one person has reached certain threshold before enough prompting, but does not reach certain behaviors at hand - then calls into questions which might have already led them to pursue wrong beliefs. By doing so, call the psychologist first (who may also include someone else's opinion) with their question. Then, you can ask them if they believe there's a point where they could argue otherwise. They may even disagree with your own personal beliefs - depressive perspectives, insomnia and whatever - unless you've seen them elsewhere. They may only challenge themselves with your own logic. You may end up being able to reason and tell yourself that - until you've met someone who said otherwise.


When asked what "reason" was for the purpose; I were more interested in the idea that hope and faith would often be lost. It makes sense, after roughly 30 years..


So, I began to explore research related to my own mental health. While high school parents enjoyed hearing me stories, I thought this might be interesting.
Throughout middle school, I became too overwhelmed to see most of the world educational n record. There are numerous reasons why I fear common mistake stems from success. It mostly comes from low energy,—-I think mineoston cognition generally helps. It doesn’t matter here.
There isn’t much evidence to entail. 1. I spent over a week waiting relationship with a colleague today. In bed, he left rich gullets just fine. In college, playing video games most of which received a full "job interview." I briefly spoke to a friend of his choosing to play video games. I explained him to a few of them. He provided us with opportunities! When will he open its entirety? 2. When did our meeting begin?
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2023.06.03 22:35 ProKoyote LEGIT or SKIP: AttaPoll?

LEGIT or SKIP: AttaPoll?

AttaPoll (sign up here for 50 cent bonus)

What is AttaPoll?
AttaPoll is a mobile application (iOS & Android) in which users will sign-up and create a profile in order to be offered surveys that will pay $$$ upon successful completion. Additionally, AttaPoll offers paid download offers from time to time.

Where is AttaPoll available?
According to AttaPoll, it is available, WORLDWIDE! However, please do note that I have heard issues of the app itself being banned in some middle eastern countries, can't really confirm this myself.

What payment options and minimum thresholds does AttaPoll have?
AttaPoll offers 4 main payment options: PayPal, Revolut, Giftcards, and Charity. The minimum withdrawal for PayPal is $3 while Revolut is $2.50.

Does AttaPoll actually payout?
Yes! I have had no issues withdrawing my balance and have completed 10+ withdrawals that all register into my PayPal in less than 5 minutes. I have attached payment proof:

How Efficient is AttaPoll?
Surveys provided on AttaPoll can be very hit or miss, but also highly rewarding depending on your location and profile. I'll often find myself getting a few dollars one day but then a bigger payout of $7 another! If you live outside of the United States then these dollar amounts mean a lot more and may be worth your time.
LEGIT! AttaPoll is a legitimate app that DOES pay out quickly.

Leave your thoughts and experiences below! (No Referrals)
-ProKoyote (Linktree)
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2023.06.03 22:34 Wide_Bedroom_7776 WIBTAH For Exposing Them?

I've been trying to figure out where on reddit I should put this but here goes nothing; this is a throwaway account and it's going to be a very long one. For a bit of context I'm in a polyamorous "relationship" where there is also an extremely large age gap among the three of us. I (21F) met my partners, lets call them Collen (46F) and Doug (56M) the beginning of January 2021. My friends kept pushing for me to go out and meet someone and have some fun so I signed up for a dating app not expecting much to come of it because of my "unique" type romantically. I'm completely into the age gap relationship thing so I raised the age on my search to 30-50. and with my luck two swipes in and there she was; beautiful blonde with greenish-blue eyes a great smile. I swiped so fast I couldn't stop myself, and it came back saying that she had also swiped right on me too. I didn't exactly take the time to thoroughly read through the profile because after the mutual swiping I decide to read the profile a little bit more, and it turned out to be a couple. Maybe I should've backed out then but in my mind it was like yolo why not. They are both attractive and who knows maybe it'll be a fun fling to have from time to time until I feel ready to find someone to settle with. I'd never heard of polyamory or any of the things that come with it so I was basically going in blind. So we connected and initially It was just chatting with her through the app getting to know what they were looking for and things like that. She then suggested that I add him on snapchat so I could talk to him as well and do a video chat verification of myself. So I did and to my surprise I'd hit it off with him too. It was like I could talk to him about any and everything. Deep conversations came easily with him. They both reassured me they wouldn't force me to go too fast or do anything I don't want to do. Made me feel very comfortable from the get go. Eventually the whole conversation moved to snapchat they created a group chat and I could text them separately whenever. I mostly spoke with him separately and she would really only respond in the group. I met up with him about a month later. She couldn't come along as she had to stay home with their daughter but gave us her blessing to have fun and tell her about it tomorrow. It was a great time we talked sat by the water till almost 5am. Another month in they invited me over to their place so we could all be together and I of course accepted. When I got there I was shocked to have been greeted at the door by the two of them and their daughter. For another reference I love kids and have been helping my siblings and other family members raise theirs since I was 6 and I'd told them about that as well, But still it threw me for a loop because it'd only been 3 months they still don't know too too much about me and we all knew I wasn't exactly coming over to just "have dinner and watch movies" and it seemed strange to me. We had dinner and it was nice we laughed a lot and all got along pretty good. When it got later in the night Colleen put their daughter to bed and Doug and I went to their bedroom. She joined us and we got busy and in the midst of it I began to bleed as apart of this health condition I have which they were aware of, and they immediately stopped to care for me clean me up an make sure I was ok and insisted that I sleep over for the night. They grabbed a blow up bed and set it up in their room for me. That simple gesture did something in my heart. I come from a pretty fucked up broken abusive home some of which they'd also known about so no one had ever really taken care of me like that before until them. Immediately my heart was absolutely sure this wouldn't be a one time fling like i'd thought. Fast forward some time everything was going pretty well. We all talked, sent pictures etc in the group and then I'd come over their place again and we'd have a good time I'd either sleep over and go home, and the cycle just continued on like that. Now up until May there had never been a title placed on what we had going on, so I wasn't too hopeful it'd stay on the same track it was on. Then at about the end of May he asks me to be their girlfriend. Says it's something they both want and again blindly going through with it I said yes, but looking back I should've asked her myself if that was really what she also wanted and maybe I could've saved myself the heart ache. So now we are officially in a relationship and everything is going fairly well.. Fast forward to 2022 about end of July maybe early into August. She started to become... distant small stuff at first like not wanting to have sex because she wasn't feeling well which I completely understood never would I make her feel bad for that. Then it became not wanting to be in the same room as me. Like Doug their daughter and I would be in the living room watching a movie or something just hanging out and she'd leave and go into their bedroom and wouldn't come back out until dinner or it was time for their daughter to go bed so she could tuck her in. It started to make me feel... weird and I couldn't bring myself to ask her what was going on, but Doug would continue to reassure me that she was attracted to me she loved being with me. I wanted to believe him but I couldn't in my heart and due to past trauma I didn't want to face if she'd say no. Now don't get me wrong she and I spent time together just the two of us. Sunday's she and I would go out shopping but you could cut the tension with a knife during those rides sometimes. I wanted to say something but Doug had prior told me about a girl from their past who hurt her and left her emotionally stunted with women so I alway tried my hardest to make sure I didn't do that to her and didn't do anything to cause her any discomfort sort of letting her come into it on her own. Plus she showed her love in other ways with catering to me buying me things particular to what I love. She'd said I love you verbally to me on 2 separate occasions which she apparently doesn't do. So I just could never find the right time to do so. Then Doug started searching on the app again for other women to add to it. He liked to watch and they'd had foursomes with other women where he would watch them with Colleen and take videos that have been shown to me before. I didn't know how I felt about this so I just went along with to see where it would go. Luckily it has never gone beyond a texting conversation among them although we have come close a few times. Anyways end of October early November of 22. Everything was so completely off between she and I felt it every time I would go over to their house. I didn't know what to do or how to address it. It was starting to really take a toll on me mentally. And they were also planning to move to another state where her family is and that caused me to worry more then before because I would not be going with them, who is to say that they won't meet another woman or women on the app and brush me off to the side numerous thoughts went through my mind over this. Plus it would be close to her father and best friend so she is definitely going to want to spend a great amount of time with them and there would be no real way to explain who I am to them considering I'm hispanic and they are White so it wouldn't be easy to play it off and none of them know that she is into women and that they are apart of the lifestyle not even her best friend. (This information is important to my point) Then one night Doug was driving me back to my house and he told me she had cried in their bedroom that morning while I was still asleep because she is uncomfortable in her body and uncomfortable around me. Flat out my heart sank and in my mind all I could think was how could you love and be with someone but not be comfortable around them or even talk to them about it, and you're moving to a new state you pretty much are going to want nothing to do with me. This triggered my abandonment issues like nothing else ever could and they knew of this issue and my need for reassurance I thought they would understand my need to know especially Doug since he questioned constantly if I was happy with our relationship and the age gap and if i wanted to leave I reassured him constantly that I couldn't go anywhere. I cried that night and decided to open the app myself just to find someone to talk to or even distract me for a moment nothing extreme. It escalated and i did cheat emotionally and I kissed the girl but that was it at that time. I felt bad and I am terrible at lying so eventually the truth exposed itself. the day of it was like she could feel something was going to change she came out of their room to where I was on the couch and just made out with me out of the blue. I didn't know what to do. Let's just say the truth revealed itself on that drive home that night and we broke up... for 18 days. I tried to move on with my life because every one was telling me to since the age gap and a bunch of other factors as well so I did and ended up being set up to be raped twice. needless to say my faith in humanity is gone on that end. so I tried one last time to talk to him and work things out. I did and by Christmas we were back together and working on getting better. Now here we are June 2023 they've found a house they will be moving into in just a few weeks. I've been helping them clean and pack up their old home a few times during this process. Doug swears nothing will change but everything will especially considering technically I'm only now in a romantic relationship with Doug and Colleen and I.. I don't even know if you could call it a friendship. Things are hitting that weird point again and he has met another girl on the app he wants him and I to meet and play with its only been 2 days and she's basically giving herself up to him as a submissive which he loves and gave the both of them access to her remote vibrator to pleasure her with which of course he had to tell me about. Now with all o that back ground out of the way here comes the real reason for my post. Despite all of the things I said above there are many red flags about them that I continually overlooked because of the lovers gaze i had on them. Including and I'm not proud of it pedo.... and incest (they both swear they'd never really cross that line with their daughter but I am not 100% sure I believe especially after he told me why he lost his old job) Especially with Doug he even talks about how things would've been if they would've raised me when he would've started wanting to play with me. I'm not proud that I stayed and overlooked those things part of me knows I stay to protect their daughter from them, and the other knows I stay because I trauma bonded myself onto them and can't get away. I'm not even attracted to anyone outside of them yes it is that bad. Lately things have been so confusing and tossed up i am ready to call it quits. (I am a hyper aware person to a default so I know when someone is trying to manipulate and play mind games with me which is what she is doing and I let them think they are succeeding and him he is just attracted to how young and hyper sexual I can be when we are together.) but not before I set a few little fires. I've curated a plan to send a letter to her father, and best friend. As well as his siblings (his parents are diseased) detailing what they've done and thus ultimately outting her as bisexual to them which I know is wrong but after the emotional and psychological abuse they instilled upon me it seems appropriate. Before she married him She was having a fling with her bosses sister at her bosses house. I know the bosses name and have her information so I could send her an email with the detailed story. Of course that is not grounds to fire her but it will cause enough tension and discomfort in my eyes. She is also adopted and recently found her bio moms family; I have their information as well and plan to give them a thorough warning about their estranged family member and what comes with her since they do explicit talk about the family members they would fuck including children of their cousins etc.. It is a toss up considering her father and best friend may be completely supportive of her and not cause any harm there. This won't repair the abuse they've done to me or help me heal but I took the higher road and over looked so many things for 3 years. Someone has to stop them in their tracks so they never do what they did to me to another woman again. WIBTAH?
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2023.06.03 22:34 Reddplane Itchiness/odor/discharge - 6 years later and no answers!!

I’ve been to my doctor 5-6 times about this issue over the past 6 years. I’ve had five swabs done and every time they have come back negative, completely clear. Never identified any yeast infections, bacterial vaginosis or STD’s (never had sex so this makes sense). I’ve also had an ultrasound and a bunch of nurses poking around my abdomen.
The itchiness is near constant and a vague (sometimes stronger) fishy smell - sorry kind of gross. It all sounds like a standard infection of some kind but like I said none has ever been found. The discharge is also constant and ranges from brown (nowhere near my period) to usually yellowish-green. I tried to sleep without underwear for a week (which didn’t help btw) but it’s basically impossible to do this because there is so much discharge, I need to wear underwear so it doesn’t get everywhere. I’ve stopped using pantyliners but my pads are all designed for sensitive skin, as is my washing detergent. I don’t use soap, only warm water once a day.
My doctors keep insisting that it “may just be hormones” but this has been going on since I was like 16 and I can’t cope anymore. I’ve never had sex with my boyfriend of 2 months because I’m too self conscious of the smell.
Any advice…?
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2023.06.03 22:34 AccomplishedFix9131 Is this kind of play good in the long run?

Is this kind of play good in the long run?
Hello, I am a noob trying to win at nl5. I would like to know if playing my draw going allin in this spot is actually a profitable play.
Also I am trying to familiarize further on defending from the BB, but not sure how to approach that subject (I will search online of course but just wanted to use this opportunity to ask).
Thank you in advance
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2023.06.03 22:34 EpicUnbound Starting fights is the only thing that's fun to do anymore.

What the title says. This game is completely boring (gee, no shit sherlock) and although SBR and 1v1s I suppose are good for passing the time, it's just not enough. I usually just go back to main game or play another game entirely after 2 or 3 SBRs or maybe 5 1v1s. I say with 100% honesty that a lot of the time, I hop servers looking to start fights with people, or barge in if there's already someone spamming "ez" in the chat cause they're having a fight with someone. That's the only thing that's actually fun to do anymore. The one thing I'm hyped for is the 1v1s rework 'cause hopefully that might get my competitive gears turning and I can finally start to have a little more fun in 1v1s rising in the ranks.
But to be honest, even THAT will get old at some point. SM rework will also be pretty cool for a bit, but then it'll get old too. The day Uzu actually adds some content in the form of at least one new game mode will be the day he actually starts pushing out updates consistently, or the day he realizes how retarded his "release spec/stand broken, nerf it later" philosophy is. (It's been 2 fucking months Uzu, where's the god damn Vamp nerf???)
I can't see myself doing anything other than starting fights for fun in main game for a while until the update drops. As I type this out, I joined main game and started some shit with a random SC who was bullying some other person or something. And I've already gotten plenty of chuckles out of it. I long for the day that Uzu gives this game more content.
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2023.06.03 22:34 zRGMarine Amazon Chase card requesting a replacement card with an authorized user

Hey guys, sorry if this has been asked before / is a stupid question. I've had the Chase Amazon card for a while and my girlfriend is an authorized user on it and mine has gotten a little beat up over the years. Was just wondering if I were to request a replacement if it would have any effect on hers? Like would she also get a replacement card as well or would it just continue working as if nothing had happened? This is the first time I've ever had an AU since she has just recently moved over from the UK and needed some way to get a little credit going. Thanks!
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2023.06.03 22:34 mmds100 F22 f25 lesbian rship advice

Lesbian Rship advice
I have been with my girlfriend for over 1 year and it has been so good, I have loved every second of it & we have so much fun together. I trust her so much, I never had any worries or doubts that she is the one. Last week I was at work and had a really bad, gut feeling that something had happened, I phoned her to make sure she was ok and she was (thankfully) she was at the bar. This feeling did not shift so the next morning I looked through her phone for the first time ever.. I found messages to her friends saying ‘what is Katie’s Snapchat?’ ‘She is gorgeous’ My girlfriend added her on Snapchat and they sent a few snaps back and forth.. my gf also tried to find her on Facebook as her name was in the search bar multiple times.
This really hurt me and I immediately broke up with her. I had no idea what actually happened at the bar, did they kiss? Did they go back somewhere? I have no idea because I was working nights but she was in my house the next morning when I got off work.
She claims to have completely forgotten texting her and admitted it once she seen her phone. She apologised profusely and has been really trying all week to make it up to me. She says there is not a chance she touched her when I asked her but how do I know that? My gf blocked this girl as soon as she seen it.
My dilemma is, why would she say those things about another girl, try to talk to her and thinking about her when she got back to my house. Instead of calling me to see how I am at work, she was in my bed texting another girl on sc.
My girlfriend does take blackouts when drunk and changes with drink in her. But I never ever expected this, it was never something I ever worried about with her… I love her so much and do everything with her every day. I feel so incredibly lost on what to do. Do I take a chance on this? I will either lose what could of been a good thing or stay and possibly get my heartbroken again…
I wanted to marry this girl… and she always said the same to me. She lives at my house and recently changed jobs to be closer to me & spend more time with me. Everything has always been so pure and amazing between us.. she has been taking panic attacks all week since this happened and I know she is truly sorry. But sorry it happened or sorry she got caught? I really don’t know
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2023.06.03 22:34 imgarblol My story/help

Hello I won’t share my name or anything like that but I am at a point where I need to reach out to others that really understand this may be long but I hope at least one person reads and related and who knows maybe gives advice! Background I had my first OM in the 8th grade and it followed me throughout my life however I am now 19 and they have been getting more recent. Before I dive further I should state my “job” while I am a college student I also play videogames at a semi professional level and to be honest hope to turn it into a full time job one day thus I am on my computer a lot as well as phone however I have many theories as to what might cause it I won’t go through each experience because we would be here forever lol. However (and this has happened once before but it scares me) funny enough last week I went to the doctor and while I was completely fine I told him about my OM’s however I said that I only get them every 6 months or so besides once when I had 2 in a week then a day or 2 later(last week) I had a migrane after a busy day out however while I did calm down each day I had anxiety I would think about it so much I would trick myself into thinking I might be having one(if you know you understand the feeling right before).However, today at lunch I had another one in my left eye which usually doesn’t happen and went away quite faster than usual but I still kinda felt it coming and I was thinking about it and couldn’t shake that thought.While it went away fast the headache hit but I went home chilled and now I am writing this. I should mention my left eye is lazy and my right is strong which is why some think it may happen but at this point I have so many theories it gives me a headache lmao. In conclusion I am mainly just writing this because I am scared, whenever I have one it gives me anxiety what if one day it stops me from pursuing my passion with gaming I’ve made so much progress and it’s the one thing that truly puts me at peace from anxiety and I wouldn’t know what to do if these stopped me from doing that. I know they more than likely won’t I just really need a hey bud you’re not alone here since I don’t have anyone to relate. If I have another one I will add it here hopefully it isn’t for a while thank you for anyone that listens!
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2023.06.03 22:34 BrokenOxytocin1 Are Asian men really that shy?

Just wondering. I'm a 38 y/o Black woman and I've noticed the Asian guys around, some of whom I see almost daily, aren't first to say something. I have to be the one to offer a salutation or break the ice. And this isn't even regarding dating persay. It's also not a prejudiced thing either cuz they'll converse with male people they know of my ethnic background...I don't bite. This is still going on at my big age and I'm like...still?! I get it when folks were immature teens or something but...still?! I'm not super into dating right now, more into platonic friendships but I love everyone of every ethnic background and this little thing irks me. Lol
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2023.06.03 22:34 goose_d0wn Outdoor potted plants

Does anyone know the name of the fern variety that is usually hanging from balconies in the Quarter? Also looking for any other recommendations for potted plants that can handle NOLA heat and humidity. Hoping to find some minimal care greenery that won't die on my balcony this summer.
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2023.06.03 22:34 Queuetie42 Paradigm Shift Strain Review by Art and Craft for Clouded Valley and Frens [Community Requested]

Paradigm Shift Strain Review by Art and Craft for Clouded Valley and Frens [Community Requested]
Paradigm Shift Strain Review by Art and Craft
Request reply by u/Colonel_Lingus710 + 6 votes
Source of Purchase: Living Soil direct on 420 week
Genetics: (GMO x Daychanger OG) Grown by Art and Craft. Breeder: Unknown
Texture: Slightly Dry to the eye on the surface but a tiny squeeze reveals a nice snap. I don’t deal in Sativa style buds as much but it just has that ‘Sativa’ look. Not exactly pretty but stay tuned!
Nose: Super Strong Lime and a slight Orange front with some of that Myrcene smell (someone give me a descriptor for that please) with GMO funk notes at the back end. GMO can lean three ways for me. This is funk not earth or onions. Skunky Garlic Body Odor type but it’s faint here as the Daychanger stole the show. Very sticky once you break up as well!
Never judge a nug by it’s bag appeal! This review will prove that.
Nose credits always go to my girlfriend as she doesn’t smoke and has a nose like a bloodhound (the cutest one ever)
Flavor: Taste follows the nose and it’s terpy peeps! Lotsa Lime and just basically full spectrum citrus floods your mouth. Slight bit of musk on the back end from the GMO I suspect. Heavily leaning Daychanger OG which is impressive. GMO is dominant 🧬
Effects: All chest at the start. That hum that tells you get moving. Love it in a day strain which this absolutely is. If you need GMO potency without the lazy and like citrus here you go. Similar to my thoughts on Fireflys MacRib in my last review but with a different flavor profile.
As the high settles in and the bowl turns to pure white ash (smooth as hell smoke as expected by living soil grows) I can see why the strain was named as it was along with Daychanger OG. I am left in a very cheery mood. Mornings are hard for me so my first smoke of the day can make or break the first half of the day. I would put my faith in this any wake and bake.
Test Medium: My short straight glass pipe (always a freshly cleaned pipe with every review)
White Ash Test: ✅
Conclusion: Never Ever Judge Flower by it’s pictures ever! Especially post chop pictures taken by a shaky handed stoner on an iPhone SE. Art said he put most of this cut into hash which I have on order for my next purchase. This is going to be a daily driver for me. I may replace DFT as my go to can’t decide daily morning strain. 💚
Next Strain for review by request via random number generator will be: GMO Rootbeer by Discerning Meds
[Disclosure: I am a NY MMJ patient. I do these reviews of my own volition. I do not receive any compensation or benefits in any form for these reviews. Do not request I review your product directly. I am impervious to bribery. All reviews are done on a clean palette. If I use glass it is cleanThese are just the musings of a long time cannabis user and should be taken as nothing more. I do this out of appreciation for your great state and it’s community. I always get permission to use external photos.
I medicate for severe depression and anxiety as well as panic disordePTSD. I also suffer nerve issues and some neurological problems (seizures).]
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2023.06.03 22:34 Sensitive-Egg-3912 Am I being too kind to my ex-wife?

My ex-wife filed for divorce a year and a half ago. Neither of us cheated or did anything wrong, but our relationship wasn't working. We share 50/50 custody of our 5 year old son. Until now, I have always bragged about how well both of us have handled the divorce and custody issues.
Last week my ex-wife called me from jail. She had been pulled over for a 0.15 BAC DUI while our son was in the car. She also hit a parked car.
Of course I now need to take some steps to protect our son, but I also do not want him to grow up without a mom. I have proposed the following to her; she is still mulling it over. I am trying to figure out whether I am being too nice (or, alternatively, I'd be curious to hear if people think I'm being cruel.)
I have proposed that I get 100% physical and legal custody of our son. However, she will have visitation on the same schedule that she used to have physical custody. Therefore, it would still effectively be a 50/50 split of time with our son.
Visitation will be conditioned on her having an alcohol interlock device on her car, going to a 12-step program, going to a therapist, and signing up for a random drug and alcohol testing program. If she fails the test or violates the agreement, she loses custody.
Am I being too nice? Am I being cruel? Is there anything else anyone would suggest adding to the conditions?
Thank you.
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2023.06.03 22:34 kiurumatra Ace community now i need some answers bc this doesn't make any sense anymore xd (i'm not mad bc the downvotes bc this is internet i'm just confused about the logic here)

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2023.06.03 22:34 SecurityLongjumping1 What should I buy for a great third person shooter game?

What should I buy for a great third person shooter game?
Hey everyone, getting tired of first person shooters and I really want a meaty third person shooter action adventure to delve into. I’m only on ps5 (and also ps4). What games should I buy for this? Multiplayer is fine too, as long as it’s third person. For some examples, I’ve played ghost record wildlands, I’m currently working my way through the division 2 (it’s kind fun so far), and I love cover combat games in general, or just good old stylish over the shoulder fun. I also really dig looter shooters too. I’ve already played warframe, which is fun but very grindy and I was looking for a more streamlined experience.
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2023.06.03 22:34 ZionLion23 Address for beneficiary on I-145?

My fiancée and I came to the US on her ESTA but I ended up proposing to her and we got an apartment together.
I’m just a little concerned as to what I should do when filling out the I-145 and it asks for her address.
Should I put the apartment that we live at together? Should I file the I-145 with our apartment lease as evidence even though her name is on the lease?
I’m worried it may not look good like I put her name on a lease before her ESTA expired or adjusting status.
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2023.06.03 22:33 BodybuilderRecent726 Ocd attacking other areas in life

So my main theme is HOCD/SOOCD and I have a hard time dealing with uncertainty about other things in my life as well. I overthink everything and make every setback a huge deal. My family and I have gotten a little kitten, we have had her for 5 days, and I got allergic reactions to it two days ago, and still have even though I have never been allergic to anything before. But I do tolerate it.. a little itchy nose and tired and dry eyes is okay for now, but the uncertainty is killing me and made me spiral into a full blown panic attack. I am panicking over the possibility that we have to send her back, I love this cat so much and I cry my eyes out whenever I just look at her now. I feel dissociated and depressed and want to disappear, my family is irritated with me and tell me I’m childlike. I agree though, I am a little crybaby but I can’t control my anxiety. I have this nagging feeling of wanting to control the outcome, and figure out what to do RIGHT NOW. I don’t want to be dependent on allergy medications to be with her😭😭 it’s so silly to be this scared, but I’m terrified of the risk to keep her if I get sick, but also I don’t want to loose her. So my question really is, is this related to ocd? I also want to know if it’s related to ocd, and that uncertainty is also exhausting.
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2023.06.03 22:33 darlee1234 Husband Sleeping In

I’m wondering if this is pretty normal and I should stop resenting the situation. Through the week my husband wakes and gets ready in the morning. I don’t cook breakfast for him, but wake up earlier and take care of our child. I feel like on weekends, since he doesn’t have work he should wake with us and help me out. This never happens. I end up waking him at 8 and making breakfast for us. We also have a high needs child so there are quite a bit of nights where I barely get sleep, and never get to sleep in. The whole thing feels selfish to me.
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2023.06.03 22:33 ejdmkko Who wants to be my sugar daddy after I fling this exam? (again) hahahhhhah

So, I'm about to finish my education, and I already applied for the next program (don't ask, in the country I study they split BA kinda in half - 2 years of something less than BA and more than high school and then 1.5 years of the real BA). And I already got accepted for the other thingy, although I barely finished it, ended up doing only the admission assignment for my first priority and didn't do the backup, guess what, cos I procrastinated and then wasn't enough time. But to continue, I will need to pass my exam, and for that, I need to hand in my report this upcoming Wednesday, and so far I have 9k out of 60k typing units. I had like 2 months for all of this mess, the first 2 weeks I took a break, cos just finished those admissions and right before had another exams and my mental health was/has been overall terrible (I mean, now it's better, I'm popping pills like a candy hahhaha, actually this ain't really funny). So then I started working on the exam later, and I was kinda chill, cos some of my classmates took even longer time off, but when they got back , they were actually working, not like me. I had days when I did literally nothing, apart of feeling miserable and needing to numb or distract myself, and then when I did something, I did the minimum. But I was still doing something and that kinda put me at ease. Was doing some research on some interviews, but I only read stuff, I have no notes, I was only relying on what I will hopefully remember. And last week, when it was getting terribly close, I was panicking, but instead of that, I tried to not think about it and consume anything (content, food, whatever) just to get distracted. But now is even more terrifyingly close and I need I need to step up my game and it sucks and I hate it and this is not even what I wanna study (luckily for the other part of education I can switch to something better). And I can't forget to mention the very high expectations I'm putting on myself; I wanna use 32743764834924328 strategies and models and what not, then for the problem solution I chose the most complex way and I know I won't have time for all of it, but like, sure I'll manage. And I know I'm very emotionally driven, and I'm afraid of that discomhort when I'll have to force myself to write report instead of doing stuff I like (who am I kidding, when I could do stuff I enjoy, I didn't cos I thought I don't get to do it, I have other priorities to deal with, such as the exam). And especially now, when my mental health is so fragile and I'm basically going through 5th breakdown of the day, I know that I should work on my hobbies and stuff, but I should also force myself to do the report. So yeah. I mean, I know I could just go for re-exam, but then I wouldn't finish this education on time to continue with the other one and I definitely don't want a gap year. Did it right after high school and that's why and when my mental health began to break down, so I know just to keep somewhat sane, I'll have to continue to get some education to be qualified to at least apply for something I might enjoy.
Yeah, sorry for the rant, I already know how difficult it will be to read cos I have so many emotions and thoughts at the same time and it's too slow to express them so maybe they overlap idk
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