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The Don Valley - The Green Heart of Toronto

2018.03.07 22:57 section111 The Don Valley - The Green Heart of Toronto

The Don Valley - here before the Parkway, and even before the river. Pictures and stuff about the green heart of the city.

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Unofficial subreddit for the British Columbia Green Party and elected MLAs Sonia Furstenau and Adam Olsen

2023.06.01 03:16 Left_Insanity The best new follow on Twitter is this AOC parody account. Of course, since leftists have a penchant for totalitarianism, the real AOC tried to have the blue check removed from this account and its reach throttled. It didn’t work and simply made it more popular. Lol.

The best new follow on Twitter is this AOC parody account. Of course, since leftists have a penchant for totalitarianism, the real AOC tried to have the blue check removed from this account and its reach throttled. It didn’t work and simply made it more popular. Lol. submitted by Left_Insanity to climateskeptics [link] [comments]

2023.06.01 02:57 MacadamiaWire [FOR SALE] TONS of records - mostly sealed! VGM, Color vinyl. 100 gecs, 2 Chainz, Avenged Sevenfold, Beyoncé, Carly Rae, Goblin, Tyler the Creator, Rival Schools, WAY MORE!

Hey all! Back with another sale. I’ve dropped a bunch of prices and added a ton since my last listing so even if you’ve bought from me before it’s worth taking a look. Let’s say $5 shipping CONUS only. Open to sending pictures, offers, trades. Trying to clear some space so help me out!! PayPal G&S, experienced seller.
Edit: unless otherwise marked, everything is sealed/new
100 Gecs - 10000 gecs - Purple Color Vinyl - $60 PENDING https://www.discogs.com/release/26443097-100-Gecs-10000-Gecs
2 Chainz - Rap or Go To the League - Yellow 2LP with SIGNED print - $60 https://www.discogs.com/release/13753938-2-Chainz-Rap-Or-Go-To-The-League
Afroman - Crazy Rap 2021 Mix - Green with Black Splatter - $25 https://www.discogs.com/release/24677717-Afroman-Crazy-Rap
Alex G - We’re All Going to the World’s Fair - $40 https://www.discogs.com/release/24590195-Alex-G-Were-All-Going-To-The-Worlds-Fair-Original-Motion-Picture-Soundtrack
Alexisonfire - Otherness - Grape w/ Gold Cherry and Black Splatter Newbury Exclusive - $50https://www.discogs.com/release/23967023-Alexisonfire-Otherness
Alexisonfire - Self-Titled - Green Marble Furnace Fest Exclusive - $50 https://www.discogs.com/release/24650096-Alexisonfire-Alexisonfire
Alkaline Trio - Self Titled - Green Swirl - $35 https://www.discogs.com/release/23377277-Alkaline-Trio-Alkaline-Trio
Avenged Sevenfold - Sounding the Seventh Trumpet - Purple Inside Clear Newbury Exclusive - $55 https://www.discogs.com/release/13573625-Avenged-Sevenfold-Sounding-The-Seventh-Trumpet
Ashnikko - Demidevil - SIGNED Clear Vinyl - $95https://www.discogs.com/release/16913346-Ashnikko-Demidevil
Beach Bunny - Emotional Creature - Grey & White Swirl - $20 https://www.discogs.com/release/24128906-Beach-Bunny-Emotional-Creature
Beach Bunny - Emotional Creature - Blue & Green Swirl - $20 https://www.discogs.com/release/23996384-Beach-Bunny-Emotional-Creature-
Better Oblivion Community Center - Self Titled - Yellow Magnolia Exclusive - $50 https://www.discogs.com/release/13319781-Better-Oblivion-Community-Center-Better-Oblivion-Community-Center
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Bleachers - Take the Sadness Out of Saturday Night - Indie Exclusive cover - VG+/VG+ - $15 https://www.discogs.com/release/19673149-Bleachers-Take-The-Sadness-Out-Of-Saturday-Night
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Carly Rae Jepsen - EMOTION Side B - $45 https://www.discogs.com/maste1061449-Carly-Rae-Jepsen-EMOTION-Side-B Cave In - Heavy Pendulum - Gold, Red, Blue Newbury Exclusive - $35 https://www.discogs.com/release/23318507-Cave-In-Heavy-Pendulum
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Relient K - Collapsible Lung - Red Pressing - $25 https://www.discogs.com/release/8456625-Relient-K-Collapsible-Lung
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Robin Carolina and Sebastian Gainsborough - The Northman OST - Newbury Black/Green Split Vinyl - $25 https://www.discogs.com/release/23990120-Robin-Carolan-Sebastian-Gainsborough-The-Northman-Original-Motion-Picture-Score
She and Him - Melt Away Tribute to Brian Wilson Orange w/ Screen Printed Alt Sleeve - $40 https://www.discogs.com/release/23939249-She-Him-Melt-Away-A-Tribute-to-Brian-Wilson
St Vincent - Daddy’s Home - VMP Cool White Marble, Numbered - Light seam splitting - $25 https://www.discogs.com/release/18772822-St-Vincent-Daddys-Home
Tiny Tim - God Bless Tiny Tim - Newbury Clear W/ Blue Swirl - $40 https://www.discogs.com/release/19468915-Tiny-Tim-God-Bless-Tiny-Tim
Tobymac - Momentum - Splatter Original Press - $35 https://www.discogs.com/release/23282006-tobyMac-Momentum
Tyler the Creator - IGOR - Mint Green - VG+/VG+ - $SOLD! https://www.discogs.com/release/14219559-TylerCreator-Igor
Whitechapel - The Valley - Red w/ Black Smoke - VG+/VG+ - $60 https://www.discogs.com/release/13463407-Whitechapel-The-Valley
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2023.06.01 02:22 Al_Tilly_the_Bum Something on I-215 is breaking my bluetooth connection to my car

I don't usually take I-215 to commute but every single time I do, my phone's bluetooth connection to my car cuts out somewhere between I-80 and route 201 (somewhere around here https://goo.gl/maps/WwPdyPkdTcNk3uL68). I have to plug the phone in directly to the car to avoid/fix this.
It happens every single time I drive north or southbound and it happens no where else. I always have my phone bluetooth connected to the car for music, audio books, and navigation and it never causes an issue except at that spot in the valley.
Anyone know what is causing this or have had similar experiences? I feel I am going insane because I have never heard about something like this.
Some more details. Phone is Samsung Galaxy 20, car is a 2022 Audi, and bluetooth watch does not seem affected but hard to tell since I am driving when it happens.
submitted by Al_Tilly_the_Bum to SaltLakeCity [link] [comments]

2023.06.01 02:00 thebyrdhouse Sierra Ski Traverse 2023

Where: East to West Ski Traverse from Shepherd's Pass Trailhead (Independence, CA) across the Sierra to Wolverton (Western Sierra Foothills), sometimes referred to as the "Sierra High Route Ski Traverse" or the "David Beck Route" after the ski guide who pioneered the route in the 1970s. Getting to cross the Sierra on skis, particularly with a historic snowpack, was an amazing experience.
When: May 25, 2023 – May 28, 2023
Distance and Vert: 50 Miles, 15,000' ascent (CalTopo: https://caltopo.com/m/FH2VE)
Conditions: Continuous snow from mile ~6 at 9400'. Weather varied from zero visibility clouds, scorching direct sun, precipitation/graupel, and frigid mornings.
Lighterpack: for a couple (shared sleep system and ski gear for two) https://lighterpack.com/rp5unn
Cars/Transportation: This might be one of the biggest challenges of the trip. Some people choose to stage cars at both trailheads, but that would require a six-hour drive before and after the trip. The ideal situation, which we were able to work out, is to swap cars with another group crossing in the opposite direction simultaneously, trading keys on route. However, not everyone will be this lucky. Another option is to hitchhike from Wolverton to Three Rivers, then get a ride to the Fresno airport, fly to Reno, and take the 395 shuttle to Independence. But this will add days to your trip.
Road Closure: This year, an additional complexity was that the road from Hospital Rock to Wolverton was closed due to rain damage. It is a 14-mile stretch with an elevation gain of approximately 5000'. We spoke to rangers at SEKI, and suggested they might look the other way if we rode our e-bikes outside of construction hours, which they believed were from 7 AM to 7 PM. So, one group rode e-bikes with cargo trailers we purchased on Amazon from Hospital Rock at 2700' up to Wolverton at 7400'. They locked up the bikes and trailers and headed east. When we arrived at Wolverton after our traverse, we unlocked the bikes, loaded our gear, and rode the bikes back down to the car parked at Hospital Rock. Walking that stretch would be a pain after already crossing the Sierra, particularly because you'd probably have to haul boots and skis down the road with you on your back.
Purpose of [Long] Report: I've wanted to cross the Sierra on skis for many years, but poor snow conditions had stymied previous attempts. With the historic snowpack this year, I finally got a chance to ski it. Prior to this trip, I scoured the Internet for information, but most of it was either old and lacked details or came from guide companies that lead clients across in about six days. In the interest of aiding future skiers, I wanted to put together a comprehensive trip report with some of our group's learnings. However, a caveat to future readers, our trip was much later in the year than is typical and followed the deepest winter in recorded memory in the Sierra, so your experience may differ greatly.
Our kits were relatively light given it was a ski traverse, which was essential due to the long ski and boot carry on day one. This lighter pack is my wife and I's shared and personal gear combine. She was less egar to list out her clothing individually (she does not share our affliction) however she let me weigh it all at once: https://lighterpack.com/rp5unn
Sleep Kit: For anyone contemplating winter camping with someone they feel comfortable sharing a sleeping bag with, I cannot recommend the Feathered Friends Spoonbill enough. It is the single greatest piece of kit I have ever owned. It's absurdly light and warm and more comfortable than a solo bag because it's large enough for both people to stretch out. Of course, it only really works if you feel comfortable cozying up with your partner, but if you're a couple, like we were, it's the greatest. Just make sure that you have pad straps that hold the two sleeping pads together. When we first got the bag, we contemplated one of those double sleeping pads, but they're heavy and not as warm as the Therm-a-Rest Xtherm. Instead, I've sewn pad straps with grosgrain, similar to the ones you can purchase from Gossamer Gear, that hold the pads together perfectly. It's also nice that each person has their own pad to inflate to their preferred firmness. The Xtherm is also warm enough to eliminate the need for extra closed cell foam pads.
Skis: If you're contemplating this route, you might be tempted to reach for ultralight skimo skis, but I'd urge caution. The snow conditions you're going to encounter are wildly variable, and unless you're used to skiing sun cups with a super heavy pack down steep passes, you may want something more robust. I ended up opting for my Blizzard Zero G 105 because I wanted that additional flotation in the soft afternoon snow. It ended up being a pretty good choice, although it was pretty heavy to haul up Shepherd's Pass on my back.
Sharps Kit: We carried aluminum boot crampons and ski crampons. Both were essential. My partner had a BD Whippet to assist on some of the passes. I just opted for poles. If you're used to booting, I think crampons are probably enough, and you can likely leave the ice ax at home.
Stove: We debated bringing an alcohol stove (Trail Designs Ti Tri), but we ended up bringing a MSR Reactor, worried that we would have to melt snow for water. We ended up collecting 95% of our water, and we could've easily collected all of it. I've heard from other groups that when the weather gets cold, it can be more difficult to track down water, but we could have gotten away with an alcohol stove.
Footwear: I wore light road running shoes up Shepard's Pass. They got pretty shredded on the trip, but they were a welcome addition and served as great camp shoes too while I tried to dry by boots in the afternoon sun.
Eyewear: At the last minute, I ditched my goggles and wore Smith Wildcats exclusively. Although I did have a backup pair of sunglasses, just in case I lost the Wildcats, I'm glad I didn't bother with goggles. The descents themselves were pretty short.
Pack: We both used HMG Porter packs without the HMG ski carry mod, but our own MYOG tubular webbing contraption to hold skis in place without damaging the webbing straps. They were perfect for the trip. I do know HMG now makes a ski-specific pack, but I purchased the Porter many years ago. However, even if the new pack had been available, I'd still prefer the Porter for versatility in other activities like climbing, packrafting, general backpacking, etc.
Early on the morning of May 25th, we left the Courthouse Motel in Independence, CA bound for Shepard's Pass Trailhead. With skis and poles in hand, the proprietors looked perplexed when they asked us were we were headed and we told them “Fresno.” Despite significant runoff this year, the road to the Shepherds Pass Trailhead is passable with a low-clearance vehicle. While we couldn't reach the "hikers" trailhead, we easily reached the "stock" trailhead at 5600'. Starting our traverse from there, we ascended Symmes Saddle toward Shepard's Pass in lightweight running shoes, with skis and boots on our backs. Along the way, we encountered clear evidence of the historic avalanche cycle, including massive trees blocking the trail. Crossing the creek multiple times, we devised creative ways to keep our feet dry, using pack tosses and rock jumps. At the final crossing, we bypassed a sketchy log and carefully waded through the creek with our heavy packs.As the trail steepened into switchbacks, intermittent snow appeared around 8400', soon becoming continuous. Pushing on through snow with sneakers, we reached Symmes Saddle at 9100'. There the trail transitions to a south aspect and the snow disappeared completely. After a few more miles, we arrived at Mahogany Flat, there we switched from shoes to skis, encountering consistent snow for the rest of the traverse. Our first night's camp was set above the "Pothole" on granite slabs, offering a breathtaking view of the Owens River Valley below.
The following day, we ascended Shepherds Pass using boot crampons, reaching the Tyndall Plateau. Descending on firm, sun-capped snow, we made our way to the Kern River, where we were fortunate to find a snow bridge, a crucial element of our route. Crossing without a bridge would have been sketchy. From there, we faced the grueling climb up Milestone Basin under a scorching sun. Fortunately, afternoon clouds provided relief and intermittent graupel. We ascended Milestone Pass late in the afternoon, then descended into Milestone Bowl, where again we camped on granite slabs.
On the third day, we descended the remainder of Milestone Bowl before embarking on several long traverses across massive bowls. At the end of the first ski traverse, we booted up an unnamed ridge marked by glide avalanche cracks. After briefly meeting the other party traveling from West to East and exchanging information on conditions ahead, we crossed over Triple Divide Pass. The next pass, Copper Mine Pass, presented more glide cracks and cornices that showed signs of recent collapse. Instead of taking the conventional route north of the peak, exposed to hazards, we managed to skin up just below the Copper Mine Pass summer trail, which surprisingly was melted out and allowed passage to the next drainage. We finished the day with an easy skin up Horn Col and a relaxed ski down to Lonely Lake.
On the final day, we climbed over Pterodactyl Pass below Big Bird Peak before turning north and continuing to ski into the Tablelands. Once near Tablelands Pass, we removed our skins for the second-to-last time and enjoyed a fun but gentle descent toward Pear Lake Hut. The hut was completely buried in snow, having sat unused throughout the entire winter. From the hut, we skinned up the final hump before embarking on a true survival ski down to Wolverton. The snow extended all the way down to the parking lot, but it was wet and covered in pine needles, branches, and pine duff—the type of snow one can't truly fathom without venturing beyond ski resort boundaries.
Finally, we arrived at the parking lot and found our e-bikes securely locked to the barricade, which the eastbound group had prepared for us. We assembled the cargo trailers, attached them to the bikes, and began the long and winding descent from 7400' to 2700', reaching the road closure at Hospital Rock, the truck, and very welcome warm beers.
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2023.06.01 01:44 Kheiossar_Chronicler Sunset over Zool

It was a beautiful evening on Dir, and for Yirrahk, it will only improve. He and Urrirr met four years ago, on a beautiful day like this, a day of the Qhaf-Festival and instantly fell in love. The two Ca were inseparable ever since and now, on this day four years later, Yirrahk was planning to propose and ask for Urrirr’s Hand in marriage. He even planned everything in advance! They would go to a hill overlooking the city, where he already prepared a little picnic with their favourite food, only lit up by the bright stars up ahead.
He was taken away from his thoughts, as he hears Urrirr’s voice calling out towards him.
“Yirrahk! My love! Is your head in your projects again? You know, you should really take a break. The trains will run without you.”
His remark was joking and loving as usual, but it helped and put a smile on Yirrahks face. Or was it more the sight of his love, whom he couldn’t see the entire week? Might have been that as well, who’s to say? He felt the warm and loving embrace of his partners’ feathers and soon thereafter felt the tender and soft brush of their beaks touching. A relaxed chirp escaped his beak as he relaxes and enjoys the moment.
After resting like this for some time, they loosened their embrace, their eyes still tied to each other. “I missed you…” Yirrahk made the first move to break the silence. “And I missed you my love”, replied Urrirr.
Yirrahk took his mate's claw and lead him away from the station they were standing at. “I hope you aren’t tired yet dear because I have a lot planned tonight!” Yirrahk jested back as they walked through the crowd towards the edge of the city. “Seems like someone can’t wait to propose to me?” As Urrirr joked, Yirrahk felt his feathers stand up and his face starting to blush. How does he know? Does he know at all? Maybe it was just a joke, it surely must have been! Right?
Urrirr noticed Yirrahk’s pace getting a bit slower and nuzzled his beak on his neck. “I am joking my love, don’t worry about it… Although after four years of being together with me, you should know that I want nothing more than to spend the rest of my life together with you.” Now Yirrahk was really blushing and his face became a bright red. Luckily, Urrirr couldn’t see it from the back, but a warmth encompassed Yirrahk’s whole mind and heart. “Thank you… that means a lot to me… and I feel the exact same way about you… now come! There is something I want to show you.”
Reinvigorated, the two continued their short walk outside the city. While they were in the capital of the newly independent Republic of Zool, the Ca as a species care for their planet’s environment and so all of their cities are green and calm and the air is never polluted or stale. However, coming out of the city and taking in the view over the neighbouring hills and mountains behind them was always a welcome and beautiful sight. The Republic of Zool lies inside a large valley, surrounded by mountains, which gave them the edge in the war of independence and will now shield them from outside aggressors.
After taking a casual hike, the two lovebirds arrived at the hill, where Yirrahk already prepared the picnic. In front of them was a cosy blanket spread on the floor, with food inside a basket. Due to the climate and the wildlife, they didn’t have to fear the food going bad so quickly or getting eaten.
The two sat down and got cosy, snuggled up to each other and covered themselves with a blanket. Decently warm like this, they shared food and looked over the city as the sun sank under the mountains and left the valley only with the light of the stars. They could observe as countless smaller lights got turned on all across the valley, illuminating it from above and below. As the light isn’t too much and didn’t drown out the light of the stars or bother the wildlife, it put the republic in a mystic aura. The sight was magical and romantic. Yirrahk enjoyed being in his love's gentle embrace and chirped happily, but at the same time, he couldn’t help but feel anxious. What if Urrirr does not say yes? What if they are just very good friends after all? What if it is too soon and he is moving too quickly? As the thoughts raced through his head, the sky in front of them lit up brightly twice. First, at the cusp of the festivities, when fireworks illuminated the day. Explosions of all forms and colours sparked up for a brief moment before the sky became dark again, only lighted by the stars. The lights reflected in both of their eyes, full of wonder.
Yirrahk used the moment to loosen himself off the embrace and reached for something in the basket. He held a specially coloured feather towards Urrirr and with a voice sated in love, he finally asked the question. "Urrirr my beloved… do you want to be my Husband and Mate?" With tears in his eyes, Urrirr nodded and with a shaking hand took the feather and put it in his head plume, where the green feather was surrounded by yellow and blue. With both of them either close to tears or crying, they embraced each other, chirping lovingly.
Far above them in the night sky of Dir, a rare spectacle unravelled itself: the second time the sky lit up brightly. Urrirr and Yirrahk looked up and a smile spread on their faces. Far above them in the sky, a spectacle of light illuminated the night sky. They could see beams of red and blue and purple and green and orange; short bursts of yellow and red; moving stars of white and blue, too many to count.
Urrirr turns towards Yirrahk and with a voice drenched in love he said: “It seems like even the stars above approve of our bond!” “Yes, it seems that way, with a good sign hanging above our bond forever more.”
The two birds would go on to spend the night on this hill, overlooking the valley and returned to the festivities the next day. This time not as friends, but as Husbands and Lovers.
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2023.06.01 01:33 User_3971 MHA/CCA/PSE/RCA: Skip the line! Career jobs posted within. 5-31 rollup.

Damn it, lost a day! Had Memorial Day off but got fucked (mandated to work) on Saturday. Threw off the timing. Super-rare Wednesday edition!
Good afternoon. Brief listing of CAREER JOBS pulled from usps.com/careers/ for your convenience. Tell HR User_3971 sent you, let's see if they pay more than .25¢ per head. NOTE: Maintenance jobs are drying up - the In Service Register may finally be seeing results for our already career people.
Some jobs may be part-time regular however all listed jobs should qualify for federal benefits from day one. To save text I have only listed the location and date of posting for each. Use the posting number for your search term. LC and MM are entry-level Maintenance. Here is a Maint overview and here is Exam 955 info. You can DO it!

NOTE: USPS NEVER charges a fee for entrance exams. If payment is requested during the application process, walk the fuck away, go to usps.com/careers/ and APPLY THERE. We even has a video walkthrough prepared.

Laborer Custodial:
CHARLEVOIX MI NC11370316 05/27/2023
OMAHA NE NC11369343 05/27/2023
SAN JOSE CA NC11365062 05/27/2023
KIRKLAND WA NC11367251 05/27/2023
COLUMBUS OH NC11371903 05/27/2023
FORT WASHAKIE WY NC11369073 05/27/2023
YUBA CITY CA NC11367214 05/25/2023
MOUNT IDA AR NC11361986 05/20/2023
BRATTLEBORO VT NC11374752 05/31/2023
BENTON HARBOR MI NC11371533 05/27/2023
PETALUMA CA NC11371537 05/27/2023
CATASAUQUA PA NC11371600 05/27/2023
EL CENTRO CA NC11371615 05/27/2023
HAMBURG PA NC11371700 05/27/2023
SAINT LOUIS MO NC11371707 05/27/2023
HAZELWOOD MO NC11371718 05/27/2023
WAUKESHA WI NC11371854 05/27/2023
GREEN BAY WI NC11371863 05/27/2023
SAINT LOUIS MO NC11371870 05/27/2023
AUSTIN TX NC11371871 05/27/2023
YUBA CITY CA NC11371908 05/27/2023
EAST HAMPTON NY NC11371909 05/27/2023
PEEKSKILL NY NC11371527 05/27/2023
PEEKSKILL NY NC11371421 05/27/2023
MACHIAS ME NC11371418 05/27/2023
SAN MATEO CA NC11371915 05/27/2023
WILLMAR MN NC11371410 05/27/2023
CUPERTINO CA NC11370120 05/27/2023
WARSAW IN NC11369259 05/27/2023
BISMARCK ND NC11369191 05/27/2023
DES MOINES IA NC11369059 05/27/2023
URBANDALE IA NC11369055 05/27/2023
DES MOINES IA NC11369050 05/27/2023
BUFFALO GROVE IL NC11368995 05/27/2023
SANTA ANA CA NC11365065 05/27/2023
CATASAUQUA PA NC11367255 05/25/2023
HAMBURG PA NC11367254 05/25/2023
WHITE RIVER JUNCTION VT NC11371417 05/27/2023
WEST CHICAGO IL NC11368968 05/27/2023

Maintenance Mechanic:
WEST PALM BEACH FL NC11367250 05/27/2023
PONTIAC MI NC11370630 05/27/2023
MINNEAPOLIS MN NC11371348 05/27/2023
NEW YORK NY NC11370543 05/27/2023
EAGAN MN NC11369434 05/27/2023
BIRMINGHAM AL NC11369105 05/27/2023
DES MOINES IA NC11369114 05/27/2023
WICHITA KS NC11369186 05/27/2023
PHOENIX AZ NC11364942 05/27/2023
JACKSONVILLE FL NC11370197 05/27/2023
HARRISBURG PA NC11369187 05/27/2023
COLUMBUS OH NC11370181 05/27/2023
CAROL STREAM IL NC11363416 05/27/2023
BOSTON MA NC11370175 05/27/2023
BETHPAGE NY NC11371414 05/27/2023
SAINT LOUIS MO NC11371828 05/27/2023
MEMPHIS TN NC11371737 05/27/2023
MELVILLE NY NC11371742 05/27/2023
JERSEY CITY NJ NC11371729 05/27/2023

Special! Interesting Maintenance Jobs: (may be skills required)

Maintenance Mechanic MPE:
FARGO ND NC11371325 05/27/2023
WEST FARGO ND NC11371173 05/27/2023
COLUMBUS OH NC11370161 05/27/2023
WHITE RIVER JUNCTION NC11371671 05/27/2023
EAGAN MN NC11369373 05/27/2023
WICHITA KS NC11369179 05/27/2023
MINNEAPOLIS MN NC11371319 05/27/2023
ELK GROVE VILLAGE IL NC11370043 05/27/2023

Building Equipment Mechanic:
BELLMAWR NJ NC11368795 05/27/2023
MINNEAPOLIS MN NC11368549 05/27/2023

General Clerk VMF:
TULSA OK NC11367091 05/24/2023
MIAMI FL NC11365300 05/30/2023
WEST PALM BEACH FL NC11365247 05/30/2023

Tool & Parts Clerk:
MIAMI FL NC11365302 05/30/2023

Garage Assistant:
HOUSTON TX NC11368988 05/26/2023
Electronic Technician:
BROCKTON MA NC11370302 05/27/2023
ROCHESTER NY NC11371416 05/27/2023
ELK GROVE VILLAGE IL NC11370150 05/27/2023
JACKSON MS NC11366836 05/27/2023
TRENTON NJ NC11369363 05/27/2023

NON-Maintenance jerbs:

LINDEN TN NC11359072 05/18/2023
OCEAN BEACH NY NC11370230 05/27/2023
LANAI CITY HI NC11363428 05/20/2023
DAYTON TX NC11362387 05/22/2023
MEMPHIS MO NC11370238 05/29/2023
JACKMAN ME NC11367260 05/25/2023
ILIAMNA AK NC11371701 05/27/2023
CHENOA IL NC11361153 05/19/2023
BUNA TX NC11362381 05/22/2023
BOLINAS CA NC11368368 05/25/2023
PRESIDIO TX NC11360896 05/19/2023
PALACIOS TX NC11362377 05/22/2023
KOTZEBUE AK NC11371704 05/27/2023
ROCKSPRINGS TX NC11361161 05/19/2023
MILLERSBURG PA NC11370506 05/27/2023
EAGLE BUTTE SD NC11367304 05/29/2023
S YARMOUTH MA NC11370685 05/27/2023
CHARLESTON TN NC11371307 05/27/2023
BERRYVILLE AR NC11360673 05/19/2023
RANDLE WA NC11367126 05/24/2023
PECONIC NY NC11370190 05/27/2023
MARSHALL AR NC11360674 05/19/2023
ELK MOUND WI NC11369091 05/25/2023
BOW WA NC11367586 05/25/2023
BASSETT NE NC11366996 05/24/2023
ADDY WA NC11367447 05/25/2023
WEST CHATHAM MA NC11368584 05/27/2023
WEBBERVILLE MI NC11360764 05/19/2023
PONCE DE LEON FL NC11367045 05/24/2023
MARENGO IL NC11369368 05/26/2023
KETCHIKAN AK NC11373327 05/30/2023
HOMEWOOD CA NC11368364 05/25/2023
HIGHLAND MD NC11372890 05/30/2023
FLANDREAU SD NC11367252 05/25/2023
BELGIUM WI NC11366636 05/24/2023
BATH MI NC11360766 05/19/2023
LOS GATOS CA NC11368369 05/26/2023
EDGECOMB ME NC11367253 05/25/2023

City Carrier:
OAKLAND CA NC11365498 05/28/2023
PITTSBURGH PA NC11365454 05/28/2023
AURORA CO NC11365555 05/28/2023
BARRINGTON IL NC11370311 05/29/2023
CAMBRIDGE MA NC11370380 05/27/2023
CINCINNATI OH NC11365482 05/28/2023
COLUMBUS OH NC11365496 05/28/2023
COVINGTON KY NC11371919 05/27/2023
DENVER CO NC11366882 05/28/2023
DULUTH MN NC11362480 05/30/2023
EAST PALO ALTO CA NC11368607 05/26/2023
FREMONT CA NC11370500 05/27/2023
HALF MOON BAY CA NC11367133 05/25/2023
HOPKINS MN NC11367637 05/25/2023
JAMAICA PLAIN MA NC11365301 05/28/2023
KANSAS CITY MO NC11365461 05/28/2023
LONGMONT CO NC11364941 05/30/2023
MENLO PARK CA NC11367127 05/25/2023
MINNEAPOLIS MN NC11365468 05/28/2023
MISSION KS NC11366896 05/28/2023
REDWOOD CITY CA NC11367129 05/25/2023
RICHMOND CA NC11361984 05/24/2023
RICHMOND CA NC11370511 05/27/2023
SAN FRANCISCO CA NC11365552 05/28/2023
SANTA BARBARA CA NC11371344 05/27/2023
WALTHAM MA NC11365314 05/28/2023
WATERTOWN WI NC11367306 05/24/2023
WESTMINSTER CO NC11372881 05/30/2023
WESTMINSTER CO NC11372888 05/31/2023
WHEAT RIDGE CO NC11372884 05/30/2023
WOBURN MA NC11370383 05/27/2023
BURLINGAME CA NC11367093 05/25/2023
DENVER CO NC11365625 05/28/2023
FORT DODGE IA NC11367454 05/31/2023
GLENSHAW PA NC11367256 05/26/2023
SAN BRUNO CA NC11367213 05/25/2023
SCOTTDALE PA NC11367257 05/26/2023
ALBANY NY NC11370227 05/27/2023
BELMONT CA NC11366923 05/25/2023
CONCORD NH NC11370243 05/27/2023
DENVER CO NC11365557 05/28/2023
FLORENCE KY NC11371918 05/27/2023
LAKEWOOD CO NC11366843 05/28/2023
LOS GATOS CA NC11368374 05/26/2023
LOUISVILLE KY NC11365467 05/28/2023
LOWELL MA NC11370408 05/27/2023
MADISON WI NC11365493 05/28/2023
MOUNT HOREB WI NC11368738 05/26/2023
SAINT PAUL MN NC11365480 05/28/2023
SAN MATEO CA NC11367212 05/25/2023
SOUTH BEND IN NC11370168 05/26/2023
UNION GROVE WI NC11368781 05/26/2023
ASPEN CO NC11369062 05/26/2023
BELVEDERE TIBURON CA NC11372865 05/30/2023
BILLERICA MA NC11370249 05/27/2023
BILLINGS MT NC11367481 05/25/2023
BOULDER CO NC11353373 05/28/2023
BOULDER CO NC11365053 05/29/2023
CEDARBURG WI NC11367207 05/24/2023
CHELSEA MA NC11365307 05/28/2023
COHOES NY NC11367097 05/29/2023
CORTE MADERA CA NC11372872 05/30/2023
CRESSON PA NC11367258 05/26/2023
FARGO ND NC11366936 05/29/2023
INDIANAPOLIS IN NC11365459 05/28/2023
LACONIA NH NC11370526 05/27/2023
LAWRENCE MA NC11370401 05/27/2023
LITTLETON CO NC11366840 05/28/2023
MALDEN MA NC11365310 05/28/2023
MILLBRAE CA NC11367211 05/25/2023
NEWPORT KY NC11372004 05/27/2023
NORTHGLENN CO NC11366639 05/28/2023
PACIFICA CA NC11367168 05/25/2023
SAN CARLOS CA NC11367164 05/25/2023
SAN JOSE CA NC11365554 05/28/2023
SANTA CLARA CA NC11368650 05/26/2023
SARATOGA SPRINGS NY NC11367451 05/27/2023
SUNNYVALE CA NC11368652 05/26/2023
WATERTOWN WI NC11367220 05/24/2023
CENTRAL SEATTLE WA NC11366942 05/28/2023
NORTH SEATTLE WA NC11366940 05/28/2023
SOUTH SEATTLE WA NC11366849 05/28/2023

Rural Carrier:
KNOXVILLE TN NC11372862 05/30/2023
GORHAM ME NC11370153 05/26/2023
BARRINGTON NH NC11370412 05/27/2023
BRIGHTON CO NC11372903 05/30/2023
AMERY WI NC11370225 05/26/2023

Motor Vehicle Operator:
ALBANY NY P&DC NC11371435 05/27/2023
DVD BLDG NJ P&DC NC11371439 05/27/2023
OAKLAND CA P&DC NC11371661 05/27/2023
RALEIGH NC P&DC NC11371445 05/27/2023
SEATTLE WA P&DC NC11371654 05/27/2023
MORGAN NY P&DC NC11371442 05/27/2023
PORTLAND OR P&DC NC11371664 05/27/2023
SAN JOSE CA P&DC NC11371658 05/27/2023
SAN JUAN PR P&DC NC11371880 05/27/2023
MARGARET SELLERS P&DC NC11371651 05/27/2023

Tractor Trailer Operator:
LANCASTER PA P&DC NC11371431 05/27/2023
NEW JERSEY NDC NC11358892 05/27/2023
NORTH READING P&DC NC11371432 05/27/2023
SPRINGFIELD NDC NC11371434 05/27/2023
MICHIGAN METROPLEX MI P&DC NC11371623 05/27/2023
SALT LAKE CITY UT P&DC NC11371617 05/27/2023
SAN FRANCISCO CA P&DC NC11371542 05/27/2023
CAROL STREAM IL P&DC NC11371705 05/27/2023
DENVER CO P&DC NC11371611 05/27/2023
KCMO MO P&DC NC11371703 05/27/2023
OAKLAND CA P&DC NC11371538 05/27/2023
SAN FRANCISCO NDC NC11371541 05/27/2023
SEATTLE WA P&DC NC11371547 05/27/2023
SEATTLE WA P&DC NC11371601 05/27/2023
TACOMA WA P&DC NC11371609 05/27/2023
DES MOINES IA P&DC NC11371702 05/27/2023
EVANSVILLE IN P&DC NC11371709 05/27/2023
DVD BLDG NJ P&DC NC11354736 05/27/2023
SYRACUSE NY P&DC NC11371433 05/27/2023
NORTHERN NJ P&DC NC11358893 05/27/2023

No experience necessary for the laborer custodial or maintenance mechanic positions. It helps on the interview but you can surely think of maintenance related experience to relay for an interview. Based on fixing things around your house, the car etc. Always mention working safely.

Pro tip: You can apply for any job that has an exam opening and the test is administered local to yourself. Make sure you're serious and score decently; you can turn down the job offer. Keep a physical copy of your exam score, I believe they are good for two years.
The reason is: These job postings can be posted externally at capacity for testing, meaning they will not allow you to take the exam if they have enough qualified applicants. However, if you have a test score on the books, you are a qualified applicant.

Explanation of MVO/TTO to save time:
MVO= CDL B Can only drive box trucks on public roads, can drive anything for moves on postal property.
TTO= CDL A Can drive anything.

USPS provides the training. (Maintenance jobs at least. TTO and management...GOOD LUCK)

You don't have to be crazy to work here. We'll train you. Everything but proper email usage.
submitted by User_3971 to USPS [link] [comments]

2023.06.01 01:32 MoldyPineapple12 In Defense of Sherrod Brown - Part 6 - Tim Ryan vs Joe Biden + DeWine’s Coattails

In Defense of Sherrod Brown - Part 6 - Tim Ryan vs Joe Biden + DeWine’s Coattails
Hello angry observers. Welcome back to the sixth installment of my Sherrod Brown series! This one is again about Tim Ryan, particularly his turnout and margins compared to Biden’s 2020 performance in Ohio. The goal with this one is to help us analyze where Tim Ryan got what he needed and where he fell short. This will tell us where, and by how much, Sherrod Brown will need to improve on Tim’s numbers.
This is a county map showing the average turnout for each county between the 2022 midterms and the 2020 presidential election. Green counties had higher than average turnout in last year’s midterm compared to the 2020 presidential, relative to the rest of the state.
To make this map, I took each county’s ratio of votes between the two elections and shifted them over the state average, 30.33% lower turnout in 2022 vs 2020.
MARGINS:. . . 0-1% highelower than average. . . 1-2%. . . 2-3% . . . 3-4% . . . 4-6%. . . 6-8%. . . 8%+
Important county numbers:
Franklin (Col.): -2.47% (basically 2.47% lower than average in 2022 compared to 2020) —
Delaware (Col. sub.): +8.58% —
Hamilton (Cin.): +0.52% —
Warren (Cin. sub): +4.63% —
Cuyahoga (Clev.): -4.53% —
Lucas (Tole.): -4.15% —
Summit (Akr.): +1.39% —
Greene (Dayt.): -0.56% —
Mahoning (Youngs.): +2.34% —
If there’s any number you want for any particular county(s) for either map, lmk
Let’s break this one down.
The first thing you’ll notice is a decline in turnout in most of the cities, with Toledo, Columbus, and Cleveland being the main ones. Meanwhile, Cincinnati, the most historically conservative of the biggest cities in the state, and the Youngstown/Akron metro saw higher than average turnout compared to 2020.
The rural counties were a mixed bag. Some saw higher turnout, while others saw lower. Counties in the south and Appalachian regions are the fastest shrinking in population and are also the reddest on the map, yet this trend did not hold up for the comparably declining Northeast.
And, as expected, our fastest growing suburban counties are the darkest green: Union and Delaware north of Cbus, and Warren northeast of Cincy.
In an effort to see what 2020 turnout would have resulted in for the 2022 senate race, I averaged out each county’s numbers to what average turnout looked like in 2020. After the adjustment, JD Vance would’ve still won by 5.72%, down slightly from his actual margin of 6.11%. It would’ve shrunk his 252,000 vote margin of victory down by around 16,000 votes by my calculations, or .39% less, a drop in the bucket.
I even went through the effort of adjusting each county by 40% of its population growth/decline from census info from the last decade, and Vance would still win by 5.63%. In other words, this would be Ryan’s margin if he had 2020 Biden turnout in each county but if each county also had its projected 2024 population. The reason the margin stayed almost the same is because rural decline and the decline of rust belt cities canceled each other out, as did growth in red suburbs and blue Franklin county.
Turnout alone was not going to save Ryan’s campaign. Like many of you I’d imagine, these results surprised me, but I found two explanations for them.
First off, we’re shifting turnout onto another notoriously high rural turnout presidential election, 2020. Rural turnout wasn’t higher than average across the board this midterm because I compared it to 2020, instead of, say, 2018. While many rural counties would’ve netted less votes for Vance, the red ones on the map would have netted more after the adjustment. On the flipside, Urban turnout in the rust belt was decent in 2020, but not astounding. Yes, getting four percent higher turnout in Cleveland would’ve boosted Ryan some, but it was never going to save him, given my next reason.
Second, as you’ll see on the next map, Ryan hardly over performed Biden in the cities and suburbs, especially in the more ancestrally Republican ones. Quite frankly, he didn’t get his margins high enough in the biggest counties for averaged turnout to have boosted him as much as it otherwise would have.
This one’s a straightforward map comparing Biden 2020 and Ryan 2022’s margins in each county. Blue counties are where Ryan got the better margin, Red where Biden did.
(0-1% better than the other. . . 1-2%. . . 2-3% . . . 3-4% . . . 4-6%. . . 6-8%. . . 8%+)
Important county numbers:
Franklin (Col.): Ryan +1.24% (Ryan did 1.24% better than Biden) —
Delaware (Col. sub.): Ryan +0.53% —
Hamilton (Cin.): Ryan -0.42% —
Warren (Cin. sub): Ryan +1.73% —
Cuyahoga (Clev.): Ryan +1.60% —
Lucas (Tole.): Ryan +2.79% —
Summit (Akr.): Ryan +3.66% —
Greene (Dayt.): Ryan -0.56% —
Mahoning (Youngs.): Ryan -1.57% —
Across the board, despite doing less than two points better than Biden statewide, Ryan did better than him in almost every county, with four exceptions.
The first is Allen Co. in the northwest. This one’s a rural guy and I don’t have any real explanation for it, so I'd consider it an outlier. The second and third are Hamilton and Montgomery, homes of Cincinnati and Dayton respectively. These cities used to be very red, (Obama won Hamilton by 6 in 2012 for context, Biden got it to safe). DeWine put up enormous numbers here, so much so that I strongly suspect it weighed down Ryan significantly. The whole southwestern region went for DeWine by a landslide and his performance must have caused the ancestral republicans here to default to the GOP and vote for Vance more than it did elsewhere.
The fourth is the notorious Mahoning, home of Youngstown and the poster child for Obama-voting WWC ancestral democrats leaving the party for Trump. I really don’t know what went wrong here. It’s obvious the place is going red, but Ryan underperforming Biden in what was his own house district? It wasn’t even a regional thing; all the counties around it are blue here. It’s kind of funny because this really is ‘muh trends’ on steroids, but I still don’t have a clue what happened specifically here.
On the flip side, Ryan did very well in most rural parts of the state, putting up solid numbers in places like Appalachia and the rural rust belt. He focused much of his campaign on appealing to these voters and it showed.
One thing this map is excellent at illustrating is why Ryan did so much better among rural Ohioans than suburban and urban voters, and that is DeWine. Ryan’s ability to get the numbers he needed somewhere rested with how much DeWine would be dragging him down. When DeWine got Assad margins among swayable suburban voters because of his moderate appeal, it dragged Ryan down. When DeWine got Franklin and Cuyahoga counties down to likely, it showed in the senate race when Ryan ended up with Biden margins.
However, my theory is that a moderate Republican governor doesn’t have the same level of influence on rural voters living in rural counties that are already deep red. Being moderate isn’t going to get rural Ohioans to like you any more than just being a Republican would. DeWine didn’t seem to have the same magnetic pull on the ticket in rural counties, which allowed Ryan to narrow the margins by campaigning as a hardworking moderate democrat who can relate to the common man. It’s easier to get higher numbers somewhere where DeWine is outrunning Trump by 10, instead of 25 or more.
The more urban the county, the more DeWine outran Trump and dragged Ryan down when independent voters defaulted to the GOP and went straight ticket. The more rural and anc. Dem the county was, the more Ryan was able to play wholesome moderate dude and pick up Obama-Trump voters and make new inroads elsewhere by being there and trying.
The interesting thing is, 2024 is going to be the opposite of the midterm scenario. Trump is the biggest drag on the ticket in the suburbs, while his base appeal does wonders for him in the rural parts of the state. Assuming suburban trends hold in any capacity, Brown will have to perform better than Ryan in suburbia, while an “America-first” ticket the GOP base is more excited for has the potential to pull him down more in rural Ohio.
MAP 3: How important it is Brown improves on Ryan’s margin
This is a purely opinion based map I made categorizing each county by how important it would be for Sherrod Brown to improve on the margin Tim Ryan got. This is not exactly how important each county is to victory, but more what Brown would want from each of them if he were to win. Essentially how much work needs to be done there, margin-wise.
Categories: . . .
Dark Green: If he just gets Ryan’s margins here, he’s golden. These are mainly counties where Brown didn’t do much better than Biden did two years later, so Ryan’s slight improvement on Joe is more than enough . . .
Light Green: If Brown gets Ryan’s margin, he’ll be fine. Ideally, he’d improve on them slightly. . .
Yellow: Ryan did decently here. Brown would hope to get a percent or two higher to win comfortably, but it’s not a necessity everywhere. . .
Light Orange: Brown should be doing somewhat better than Ryan here. Winning would become very difficult if he were to get Ryan margins in most of these. . .
Orange: He should plan on improving considerably here. Many of these are ancestral democratic counties that Brown has been able to put up good numbers in while Ryan fell short of what he needed. . .
Red: You’re finished with Ryan’s margins here during a presidential election year. It should be a lot easier for Brown in Cuyahoga and Franklin without DeWine on the ballot and he needs to hold his grip on unionized places like Trumbull. . .
Maroon: If you’re putting up Ryan numbers, just throw the fucking towel in. Brown should be winning Mahoning by likely, not losing it, he should not be underperforming Biden in Cincinnati, and getting 2020 Biden numbers in rapidly blue-shifting Delaware in 2024.
As you can see Ryan pretty much got what Brown will need in most of rural Ohio, particularly in the ancestrally Republican parts of the state. Brown should hope his incumbency makes up the remainder. There are some rural counties which Ryan did perform very well in, but I know Brown can (and should) do so much better in due to his incumbency. If Ryan did eight points better than Biden in a particular county, but Brown did better by thirty in 2018, he should try and narrow Ryan’s margins here even further. These counties are mainly near the WV border.
Another thing, from old maps, we know that Ryan nearly matched Brown's numbers in the Cincinnati and Columbus suburbs, but they are also about what Biden got in them. Since these areas are quickly blue shifting, Brown should be doing better than Ryan regardless. Getting 2020 Biden/2022 Ryan numbers would likely mean Brown underperforming Biden a good amount there, which is not something I have on my 2024 Bingo card.
And again, it’s Trump at the top of the ticket instead of DeWine. Even though it’s a presidential year, there should still be less of the top-of-the-ticket drag that Ryan had to put up with in the big counties. While Brown can’t come into ancestrally Republican suburbs with the mindset of “they voted for me before, I’ll make sure most of them do it again,” Ryan proved that getting voters to ticket-split and vote for a democratic senate candidate for the first time is still possible. Biden improving in the Cin/Day/Col region by another five or so points, and Brown doing even a point or two better than that would cut into the GOP candidate’s statewide total significantly.
These suburbs are where Brown has historically had the weakest incumbency bonus (anc. reps), but also where his recent gains made up for his other losses from 2012 to 2018. The result was him winning by about the same margin both times. He’ll want to repeat this strategy to pad his losses elsewhere. A suburban voter in Warren county hopping on the Brown train for the first time means you can afford to lose another follower in Youngstown.
submitted by MoldyPineapple12 to AngryObservation [link] [comments]

2023.06.01 01:22 HaloSidewinder [For Sale] Mostly a bunch of EDM and jam bands + Bleachers, Gambino, Durand Jones, Green Day, Three 6 Mafia

Just going through a bit of a change in priorities and thinking it's time to find a new home for the records that just don't get the love they deserve. Prices INCLUDE shipping within the United States; for the right price I will ship anywhere in the world that is not North Korea (don't blame me, blame DHL). If you want more than one, well, we can talk. Also, I refuse to grade any record as mint.
I have done my absolute best to cross check all of these with any active for sale by artists. Any that are for sale by artist should beat that price including shipping (except for first or special editions). If I missed something let me know.
-猫 シ Corp. Good Morning America - NM/NM - $40 -猫 シ Corp. Isuzu Piazza - NM/NM - $50 -Action Bronson Cocodrillo Turbo (Candy Apple Red) - NM/NM - $22 -Big Gigantic Brighter Future 2 - NM/NM - $35 -Big Wild The Efferusphere - NM/NM - $33 -Blackbraid Blackbraid I (First Pressing, Opaque Red Swirl) - NM/NM - $55 -Bleachers Gone Now (Repress) - NM/NM - $30 -Childish Gambino Because the Internet - NM/NM - $30 -Clozee Harmony/Revolution - NM/NM - $40 -Clozee Neon Jungle (Pink) - NM/NM - $35 -Durand Jones & the Indications Private Space (Signed, Yellow/Purple) - NM/NM - $50 -The Floozies Do Your Things - NM/NM - $50 -The Floozies Tell Your Mother - NM/NM - $75 -Fred again.. Actual Life 3 - NM/NM - $25 -Green Day Dookie - NM/NM - $20 -GRiZ Chasing the Golden Hour Pt. 3 & 4 - NM/NM - $69 -GRiZ Good Will Prevail - NM/NM - $30 -GRiZ Mad Liberation - NM/NM - $30 -Lettuce Live In Amsterdam (Signed inner gatefold, black) - VG+/NM (approximately 3cm top seam tear, not repaired) - $150 OBO -Lettuce Unify (Black) - NM/NM - $30 -LSDream Peace, Love & Wubz - NM/NM - $35 -Papadosio T.E.T.I.O.S (White, numbered out of 250) - NM/NM (Unopened) - $200 OBO -Pigeons Playing Ping Pong Perspective - NM/NM - $30 -Three 6 Mafia Choices (Blue/Purple) - NM/NM - $40 -Twiddle Every Last Leaf - NM/NM - $35
Alright, I think that's everything for now. Just a heads up, I don't have Reddit mobile, so please don't trip if I don't respond within 14 microseconds of your comment or message. Thanks everyone
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2023.06.01 01:02 kittykalista Low FODMAP fam, I could cry.

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2023.06.01 00:22 ralo_ramone An Otherworldly Scholar [LitRPG, Isekai] - Chapter 8

The System was a scam, period.
I had leveled up five whole times after our fight against the Wendigo and I had not received any kind of reward. Sure, my mana pool had grown a little bit and my [Mana Exhaustion] had been slowly receding, but other than that I wasn’t getting stronger, faster or more agile. I didn’t even have a measly new skill to show for it.
“What a scam, I want a refund.” I muttered.
“I already told you, there was only a small chance for the Wendigo to have an elemental crystal. You only start seeing stuff like that after level fifty.” Elincia huffed in front of me. The mountainous path was steep but at least we had left the forest behind. Elincia had told me that Farcrest was just beyond the mountain range.
“People should get shit after leveling up five damn times!” I angrily said as if Elincia was somehow responsible for the shitty progression system.
The white haired suddenly stopped and turned around. For an instant I thought she was going to scold me but then, out of nowhere, she put her hands on my shoulders and locked her eyes into mine. I tried to control my blush with little success and hoped she would attribute it to the arduous hike.
“I’m sorry to break this down to you, Robert Clarke, but support classes don’t get crap from the System.” Elincia said with a solemn tone just to smile a moment later. “In any case, you should be happy because your mana pool is so huge. Scholars are known for having lots of mana but, dude, you are on another level.”
One thing was sure, I wasn’t getting used to receiving compliments any time soon.
[Awareness]: You are absolutely correct.
I ignored the System prompt. At least I was getting very good at doing that.
“The amount of mana you need to materialize a [Mana Blade] without a skill is ridiculous. Are you sure you are a low level Scholar?” Elincia asked as we resumed the march. As we came near the edge of the Farlands, she grew more relaxed.
There haven't been any signs of monsters since the previous night.
“You still don’t believe in me?” I replied.
“At this point you could say you are the son of a Fire Dragon and a virginal maiden and I’d believe you.” Elincia shrugged her shoulders. “It might be a long shot but, have you ever been in a System Shrine?”
As good a liar as I was, I couldn’t just bullshit my way out of such a direct question. Elincia was too keen for that. A System Shrine sounded like basic knowledge.
“Haven’t heard about that in my life.” I replied.
Elincia stopped for a second and gave me one of her looks of disbelief that made me feel like a kid without his homework. I wondered if she had practiced that expression. After all, she had five stacks of [Favorite Teacher], she might as well have experience publicly humiliating kids.
“You don’t have System Shrines in the City of Light?” Elincia asked in disbelief.
I just shrugged my shoulders to avoid giving an answer. Also, there was the fact that the hike was taking a toll on my lungs. I didn’t know how Elincia could sustain a conversation. If I knew I was going to get transported to a magical world, I would’ve exercised more back on Earth.
“The System blocks certain titles from low level individuals.” Elincia started explaining. “Let’s say a Lv.1 Soldier survives the scuffle against a flock of Fire Dragons and gets the [Dragon Killer] title which gives fire resistance. There is a high chance the System withholds the title from the Soldier on the basis that [Dragon Killer] is an overpowered title for a mere Lv.1.”
I nodded. It made sense the System had a method to prevent power leveling, if only to maintain some semblance of normalcy. Earth would be plunged into chaos very quickly if suddenly a bunch of people with godly powers appeared out of nowhere.
“With the help of a System Shrine and a competent System Zealot the Soldier could unlock [Dragon Killer] even without the required level.” Elincia finished with her explanation. “Maybe you are benefiting from a hidden title.”
“Maybe,” I replied.
I couldn’t imagine having any useful titles considering how ordinary my life has been before arriving in the Farlands. When I was in college, I was able to comfortably outdrink all my group of friends, but then I lost that skill just after graduating. And there was the fact my only title at level one was [Lonely Boy] so my hopes of having a nice hidden title weren’t particularly high.
“Does Farcrest have a System Shrine?” I asked.
My question prompted a dry laugh from Elincia.
“Don’t get your hopes too high. Farcrest is a shithole.” She warned me as we climbed a rocky path between the two mountain ranges that separated the Farlands from the Kingdom of Ebros. We were almost there.
“Why is there a town so close to the Farlands anyway?” I asked.
Elincia lent me her hand and helped me climb a step boulder.
“To prevent monsters from pouring into the Kingdom. Think of Farcrest as a cork.” Elincia pulled me up the boulder.
Suddenly, we were on top of the path between two mountain ranges. I glanced down the valley ahead expecting to see a handful of rustic cabins scattered across a modest patch of farmland with a rotten palisade and a muddy road; however, Farcrest was a town in its own right. It was located on the top of a soft hill, surrounded by a high stone wall with several watchtowers. An impressive church made of the same dark stone rose above the thatched rooftops and, on the highest part of the hill, a great hall, half palace, half fortress, dominated the valley.
“Doesn’t look like a shithole to me.” I said as we started the descent from the other side of the hill. It looked like a picturesque European medieval town.
“You’ll see.” Elincia replied, with a hopeless sigh.
About two hours later, we reached the city outskirts. The main road was neglected and the farmland’s irrigation canals blocked by debris. As we approached the city, the picture became even more bleak. I didn’t need [Awareness] to tell me the crops were sickly and weak. Most of the farmers were older men and women that moved slowly among the plots of land.
“Where are the young people?” I asked, discarding the idea of a disease. If there was a plague ravaging Farcrest, then there wouldn’t be old people working on the fields.
“They are in the eastern frontier, fighting the King’s wars.” Elincia replied dryly.
I recalled Elincia telling me there was a shortage of alchemical ingredients due to a war in the western frontier.
“War against who?” I asked. A war-torn country might not be too welcoming to strangers like me.
“Against the Farlands. The king is obsessed with expanding the kingdom’s territory and uncharted lands and their resources.” Elincia sighed. “It’s a meat grinder. A bunch of low level kids trying to push deeper and deeper into monster territory while the real warriors are protecting the imperial capital and the frontiers.”
[Awareness] sent me down a stream of reasoning. Numbers and equipment were the basis of any military force back on Earth. However, in this world, a single individual with a powerful class and a high level could potentially be a one man army.
“What about power leveling the new recruits? You know, pairing them with a bunch of high level people and fighting monsters together?” I asked again.
“You might be a genius, Robert Clarke! How had no one thought of that before?” Elincia replied as she mindlessly drummed her lips in a gesture I recognized as deep concentration.
“You really think Kings, Scholars, and Generals didn’t think about powerleveling new recruits? The System doesn’t allow that.” A tired smile was drawn on Elincia’s face.
Seeing Elincia’s expression, I decided to drop the topic about the war. I wondered how many of her friends and acquaintances have gone to the frontline to never be heard of again. The Farlands were a dangerous place and the King’s troops lacked the advantage of firearms like me.
“Let’s go to my place.” Elincia said as we approached the city walls. “You should make yourself presentable before going to the Great Hall for that transit permit, and we have to appraise the herbs.”
It didn’t take a genius to realize Elincia was desperate for alchemical materials, otherwise she wouldn’t invite a stranger like me to her home. Or maybe there was a really charitable soul beneath the layers of mistrust and suspicion. The aftermath of the combat against the Wendigo had brought us a lot closer.
“Sounds like a plan to me.” I replied wondering if I was going to meet Elincia’s kid. Or her partner.
Farcrest was only a few hundred meters away. Up close, the black stone wall was taller and sturdier than I initially thought. Then I remembered they weren’t built to resist medieval armies but the assault of skills and magic spells. The double wooden gate was wide open but nobody bothered to stop us or ask about the business that brought us to the city.
As we passed through the hole in the wall, I spied into a guardhouse. I saw young men and women playing cards and drinking booze. Well-fed and well-dressed troops loyal to the Marquis, I assumed. Up close, Farcrest was further away from the bucolic city and dangerously close to a feudal dystopia.
Elincia and I walked along the wall towards the northern district. As we progressed through the city, houses became more and more neglected to the point it seemed outright abandoned to me. Kids ran barefoot in the street, fetid puddles adorned the alleys, and most of the stores were closed. Farcrest was a ghost town.
“How long has there been war?” I asked.
“Seven years now?” Elincia replied. “We are close.”
After five more minutes of meandering through alleys, we emerged in front of a great manor made of stained white walls and washed out blue shingles. For a moment I was out of words. Was Elincia the heir of a noble family fallen from grace? Her dignified appearance and beautiful features made me think so, however, she was a bit too wild to be a noblewoman.
The manor was old. The white painting of the front was peeling away and water stains plagued the nooks and crannies of the structure. A low stone wall marked the perimeter and a quick glance revealed it had served in the past as the foundation for an iron fence long gone. The only section of the outer wall that had survived the decay of the city was the iron gate.
Elincia opened it and we entered the front yard. I was about to ask a hundred questions when the front door slammed open and a stampede of small kids came to meet us. I managed to count at least a dozen before they reached us. Elincia greeted them with arms open as the little ones burst into tears at the first sight of the woman.
I froze. Not all of them were human.
There were two small snakefolk kids with bright yellow eyes. The blue-scaled snake-kid was dressed in a ragged brown dress while the green-scaled one had an oversized white shirt and frayed pants. At the end of the retinue, somewhat late to the reception, appeared a small winged girl with a hesitant gait. Her beautiful golden feathers contrasted with the old pillowcase she used as a dress.
Before I could react, both of the snake-kids jumped into my arms, crying a river of tears. Surprisingly enough, they were warm to the touch. I tried to exchange a glance with Elincia but she was busy trying to calm a handful of small kids on her own.
How many kids Elincia had?
First Prev Next
Discord Royal Road
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2023.06.01 00:15 Johnny_Five_ Fido Mobile Experience In and out of Town

Hi from what I've read on previous reddit posts on #comoxalley Fido (which uses Rogers) is best for Courtenay. I'm currently with Virgin who apparently uses Bell towers who apparently uses Telus towers in the valley, and the coverage is okay to abysmal. I really only experience dead zones with Virgin in the Puntledge valley and driving up lake trail or Cumberland Rd. According to this tower map Telus should have the greatest coverage on the Island! I am interested in people with Fido Mobile and their experience with inner and northern island coverage. I was just camping at Green Point near Tofino and had a trickle, but good enough, service there, and again I see Telus towers all over the place and Rogers towers in major centres. So people with Fido who camp at provincial campgrounds, how is it?
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2023.06.01 00:10 stackunderthestars Was going to dash for a bit, saw this and said nevermind.

Was going to dash for a bit, saw this and said nevermind.
Does DD really expect people to pay to deliver someone’s food?
~30 miles round trip
Not even enough to buy a gallon of gas
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2023.05.31 23:44 Domane338 Are you guys ready for this Sunday’s Bike for Brain Health along the DVP/Gardiner Expressway?

Are you guys ready for this Sunday’s Bike for Brain Health along the DVP/Gardiner Expressway?
I signed up for 75km but have only done 30km as my longest this season. It’ll be tough but will try to complete it.
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2023.05.31 23:22 WebSorry4316 Visited Seattle for a week, and discovered that it's my favorite city in the US.

So I just got back from my first time visiting Seattle- and holy shite. No wonder why a lot of you guys gatekeep and instill fear in outsiders- Seattle's perfect! In the first 24hrs, I found myself tearing up at how beautiful and seemingly utopian it felt. I've honestly never felt more at home.
Coming from LA (but lived all over the US), it seems like every complaint here is 100x worse in LA (and probably other cities). My overall takeaway is that because the city is so left-leaning, the people are actually reasonably taken care of. Obviously, every city has its flaws, but having spent time in most major US cities- Seattle takes the cake.
That being said, I'd like to note that we spent most of our time in North, West, and DT Seattle. So I'm aware that these observations change depending on the area. Obviously, these are huge generalizations. But this is what I observed as an outsider, coming from overrated LA:
So that's about it! Officially moving in Spring of next year. I don't even care if you're going to downvote me. I LOVE YOUR CITY, CHEERS~

** And yes, I know that the winters are not easy in Seattle! Will be returning in November to solidify the decision. But as horrible as the weather may be, I personally would be incredibly grateful to have seasons and greenery again.
On the months leading up to this trip, they often said "Why Seattle? What's in Seattle?" Now I'm excited to say, "meh, it was alright", and keep this slice of heaven to ourselves ;)
Also genuinely concerned that I may have blown "the spot". So might take this post down later this week lol. **
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2023.05.31 23:05 Dinosaurtattoo11315 Any idea as to why this book isn’t available on this device?

Any idea as to why this book isn’t available on this device?
I was able to download the sample on my phone but not on to my kindle. Is there a way around this?
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2023.05.31 23:00 AutoModerator Daily Discussion Thread

Welcome to the Daily Discussion Thread

This thread is for casual conversation, anything that doesn't warrant it's own thread (repeated topics, surveys, polls etc) and off-topic content. It will only be lightly moderated - basically just don't abuse each other and you're good to go. It's a place for the community to connect and interact a little more freely, so play nice and respect your fellow community members.
If you have a newsworthy article or sub-relevant content please post it directly to the sub as a New Post.


Upcoming AMAs

A big thanks to Bennelong who is reaching out far and wide to bring some new AMAs to the sub. Please note that our AMAs will be heavily moderated to ensure rules are adhered to. We have MPs graciously putting their hands up for questions and don't need people unduly emboldened by anonymity to start breaking rules.
For a view of how MPs have voted on various issues please use They Vote For You. Please note that your research should not end there as many MPs vote along party lines whilst personally advocating internally for another position, but it can be a useful starting point.

Completed AMAs


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2023.05.31 22:25 Few-Coffee2913 [FS] [UK] $TU$$¥, Y33ZY, [email protected]@, N0RTH [email protected], [email protected] [email protected], [email protected]@L, N1K3, RHUD3

Paypal Invoice Only
Timestamp and Tagged Pics: https://imgur.com/a/71XAI6E
Yeezus Tee, Size L, £15 - https://i.imgur.com/X7XJdgd.jpg
Margiela Flared Runway Pants, Size XL, £15 - https://i.imgur.com/D9MaK3V.jpg
Stussy x CDG 50th Anniversary Varsity, Size XL £80 - https://imgur.com/o9eWl64
North Face Nuptse, Size XL (Fits more like an L) £50 - https://imgur.com/g24erbF
Bound 2 Yeezy Season 6 Hoodie Ash Grey Size L £30 - https://imgur.com/1nMXJNT
Margiela x Tommy Cash Tee, Large (Fits more like a Medium) £20 - https://imgur.com/ySLFjmg
Human Made Sweater Size XL £30 - https://imgur.com/VUZ2LKA
Represent Owner's Club Hoodie Size XL - https://imgur.com/R8Ov8Gn
Nike x Stussy Tee XXL (Fits like a baggy M, TTS L) £15 - https://imgur.com/FHVPgZZ
Kapital Virgin Maria Sweater Blue £40 Size L - https://imgur.com/wvoD5pK
Nike Centre Swoosh Hoodie Khaki/Beige Size XL £10 - https://imgur.com/ZLWxvJS
Real Betis Retro Shirt Size L £20 - https://imgur.com/geqYKVZ
Nike Sacai Vapour Waffle Size UK 10 £50 - https://imgur.com/GFMt1ml
Rhude Shorts Green £15 Size XL - https://imgur.com/KN6OfBr
Rhude Shorts Black £15 Size XL - https://imgur.com/kn7bDJM
Nelly Button-Up Teal £12 TTS Size L - https://imgur.com/wvCO380
Nelly Button-Up Black £12 TTS Size L - https://imgur.com/KqA6FrN
I post worldwide as long as you pay for shipping! Accepting reasonable offers and also doing decent deals on bundles. Feel free to shoot a PM requesting more pics and/or measurements!
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2023.05.31 22:25 STEETED Tonight at Timeless Babez in Buffalo! (87 Allen St, 8pm, all ages): Adam Arritola opens his 55 date East Coast tour as a duo with Steve Flato, along with Justin Von Strasburg, Energy Weapon, Menophilia, and We'rewolves.

Tonight at Timeless Babez in Buffalo! (87 Allen St, 8pm, all ages): Adam Arritola opens his 55 date East Coast tour as a duo with Steve Flato, along with Justin Von Strasburg, Energy Weapon, Menophilia, and We'rewolves. submitted by STEETED to Buffalo [link] [comments]

2023.05.31 22:18 airjd33 Except for Shanks crew We know Zoro and Sanji fights now

Except for Shanks crew We know Zoro and Sanji fights now

Zoro and Sanji fights: Blackbeard Pirates

Zoro vs Shiryu/Sanji vs Avalo
Zoro vs Shiryu I know some Zoro wankers out there that say Zoro will fight Kuzan Stop being silly dude Mihawk cant even beat Kuzan Shiryu already has been repped as Blackbeard official right hand man and a swordsman
Saying Zoro will fight anyone else is delusion
Sanji vs Avalo
Avalo is a King from north blue and that can cue a lot of interactions with Sanji. Surely Avalo would know a lot about Germa if even Law/Drake/Hawkins were fanboys and knew a lot about Germa?
I knew these were the fights ever since I saw BB pirates. Avalo is in that goofy mold design of characters Sanji always fights, Shiryu literally checks every box for Zoro. These are there fights FOR A FACT.

Zoro and Sanji fights: Marines

Zoro vs Fujitora/Sanji vs Greenbull
I'm pretty dang sure these are Zoro and Sanji fights. The two Admirals always have been next to each other handling business and they got parallels with each other like how Green bull is Akainu fanboy while Fuji always going against Akainu. They have always been showed and portrayed fighting at a similar level and being weaker than the previous Admirals. Zoro and Sanji ain't gonna beat the OG Admirals so Oda made baby Admirals for Zoro and Sanji.
Zoro vs Fujitora
Fujitora already embarrassed this man Why not get revenge and cement he is the strongest swordsman?
Sanji vs Greenbull Yes its possible Sanji can fight Kizaru I dont think he will though at least not before fighting Greenbull Its rare for Sanji to get an opponent stronger than Zoros so I dont think him fighting Kizaru makes sense when it looks like Greenbull getting set up for Sanji
Green bull also looks goofy in the face and Sanji fight goofy looking people
I'm sure about Zoro fighting Fujitora. I'm not sure about Sanji fighting Greenbull but in my opinion its more likely. Just cause Kizaru and Sanji got similar power schemes doesn't mean they have to fight directly.
I think if the events happen as I say it did this further cements the fact the OG Admirals are monsters cause I only think Luffy will fight Akainu (OG Admiral) who is significantly stronger than these two and it keeps narrative consistent.

Zoro and Sanji fights: Red Hair Pirates

Zoro vs Benn Beckman

Sanji vs Luck Roux
I am actually not that sure about these ones because these would be some matchups that break the mold sorta
Zoro fighting Benn Beckman would be weird because Benn repped as a gunslinger and have extremely high IQ, although he could still be a Swordsman and is the first mate. Sanji fighting Roux is weird because Lucky is the combatant of the crew when typically Zoro always fights a dedicated combatant and Sanji sometimes fights a dedicated combatant although Lucky Roux is noted to as especially fast and is goofy looking.
These what I think the future fights are anyway. Luffy obviously fighting Akainu/Shanks/Blackbeard respectively.
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2023.05.31 22:18 twirltowardsfreedom "Tree isn't tree-shaped enough"

This was a line from NJB's most recent video celebrating 1.000.000 subscribers, wherein the character received a notice of a violation of HOA policies for (among other things) their tree not being tree-shaped enough. For anyone unaware, this was not just a joke line -- one HOA in the US did give a homeowner a violation for having a tree that was not tree-shaped enough\1]).
This is obviously (or is it so obvious?) an extreme example of HOA behavior, but I thought some people here might find it interesting that the joke was not merely a joke, but a reference to something seemingly absurd that has actually happened.
[1] This was briefly mentioned in a recent John Oliver segment regarding HOAs, and for what it's worth, the owner did win in court; the HOA nevertheless continued to assess large fines for other seemingly trivial violations.
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2023.05.31 21:36 PickleJesus123 Dangerous stretch of roadway desperately in need of sidewalk

Dangerous stretch of roadway desperately in need of sidewalk submitted by PickleJesus123 to LangfordBC [link] [comments]

2023.05.31 21:24 ChimpdenEarwicker The Mason & Dixon Movie Teaser/Beginning

I was reading through this section of Mason & Dixon and I realized that it would make an absolutely bonkers beginning to a movie. I decided to write it up for fun. I moved things around and retouched certain things as you might with a movie script. I realize this post is thorough proof of my insanity.
page 132 near bottom beginning "after all, what's being confin'd upon the Summit of a living Volcano" continuing to 134 "an instance of extra-terrestrial Plantation"
Scene 1 St. Helena circa 1730s: The camera races across a dark ocean at some point past sunset as this section of the text is narrated, ahead a dark shape looms (the island). There is no sound from the wind since the camera is utterly given over to it. Maskelyne and Mason are standing on a ridge outside the astronomy hut, though we cannot see them yet, we can hear their conversation as the camera approaches on the wind from afar. The moment the mysterious void envelopes them "till at length rolling overhead" the camera reaches overhead of Mason and Maskelyne. With Maskelyne looking past the camera in rapture, a terrific rainstorm begins. The scene continues on as they race around the hut shuttering open windows until they both sit down to drink. They discuss St. Helena as essentially an alien planet itself, and St. Helena is portrayed as like so many colonized planets in scifi, a property to be exploited and possessed in a desperate escape from the center..

page 134 beginning "One cloudless afternoon.." continuing to 135 "How soon is this that we are talking about?"
Scene 2 Mason and Maskelyne at the dying Orange Grove On St. Helena: Maskelyne ruminates about the end of the world. Visually the shot conveys this imagery "Houses with red Tile roofs preside over small Valleys, the Pasture lying soft as Sheep, -- all, with the volcanic Meadow where the two stand, circl'd by the hellish Cusps of Peaks unnatural, -- frozen in mid-thrust, jagged at every scale". This serves to further clarify that the location is St. Helena. Maskelyne portrays St. Helena as alive and cursed.

--- Some segway of Mason wondering how Dixon is doing brings us to Cape Town ---

page 154 beginning "I am done with that. I am a Farmer now." continuing to 154 "then enlarg'd the Hole myself"
Scene 3 Cape Town Dixon in the brothel with a former cop: An unhinged former police officer of the dutch slave colony talks about "escaping" what he perceives as colonialism to Dixon as they get drunk. This scene is connected to Scene 4 by slightly compressing things so that Dixon sees Vroom stumble out just as the cop finishes his narrative with "then enlarg'd the hole myself". Dixon drags Vroom out into the early morning.

page 155 beginning "Dixon returns to the Vroom residence" continuing to 155 "as likely as the next to hold a chance of ruin"
Scene 4 Cape Town returning to the Vroom residence: Dixon stumbles back into the Vroom house early morning, both disheveled, Vroom clearly very drunk and barely able to stand. Some of the daughters are awake in the house and give them side eye without addressing anything directly, the weight of the atrocity and sin at capetown permeates everything. The camera raises up to the window of one of the girls who is still asleep (maybe Greet?) and enters her dream.

page 155 beginning "In their Dreams they ever return to Prisons of Stone" continuing on to 155 "the traditional name, here, for an elder Brother"
Scene 5 The Dream and The Clock: "In their Dreams they ever return to Prisons of Stone, to Gates with Seals 'tis Death to break, the odor of soap and Slops, the Stillness of certain Corridors, the unchallengeable Love of a Tyrant, Yellow Light from unseen Watch-Fires flickering upon the Wall, and unexpectedly, rounding a particular Croner, to the tall Clock from Home, ringing the Quarter-Hour." There is a sequence of shots that roughly conveys the above imagery and ends with the girl rounding a corner to see the Vroom Clock (like a grandfather clock). The girl approaches the clock in rapture as the camera zooms slowly in, the clock "stands deep in the House, in a passageway between the Front and the Back,--- the two Worlds". The ticking becomes louder. The shot ends with her reflection in the glass panel of the clock, the next scene begins with a similar profile shot of her face.

page 155 "When Mason and Dixon arriv'd with the Elliot Clock" continuing on to 156 "Go carefully"
Scene 6 Greet Warns Dixon About Clocks: Scene involves Greet and Mason alone in a side room in the Vroom house, this scene could be connected to Scene 5 by suggesting it is a further extension of the dream. Greet warns Mason for his own safety to keep the state secret of his accurate clock from the Dutch and its use to find a method of determining latitude a secret. She may be trying to seduce him but she might also just be using the cover of trying to seduce to genuinely warn him of a danger to his life.

page 156 "Down in the Castle" continuing on to end of chapter
Scene 7 Zoom Out On The Ticking Time Bomb Of Cape Town: Narration here is accompanied by scenes that might involve showing interrogations, perhaps a montage showing multiple brutalities all with the camera focused on a clock in the corner, steadily dividing reality into a European colonialism... Scene 6 and Scene 7 could involve visual motifs on clock faces. A file by Dutch police on Mason is maybe shown.

--- Some segway of Dixon wondering how Mason is doing brings us back to St. Helena ---

page 160 beginning "I was out upon the Cliffs today" continuing to 162 "with all finer Motions lost in that Simplicity"
Scene 8 Back To St. Helena, The Ghost Of Dieter: The ghost story of Dieter is described here, the scene cuts between Maskelyne trying to talk Dieter back from jumping off the sheer cliff and Maskelyne describing it later to Mason. The wind is blowing extremely hard but there is no sound of wind in the shot with Maskelyne and Dieter. The shot begins with Maskelyne seeing Dieter alone facing the sea about to jump, as the scene ends with Maskelyne telling Mason "'We may sail with the Wind... at the same speed, working all its nuances, -- or we may stand still, and feel its full true Course and Speed upon us, with all finer Motions lost in that Simplicity." a shot of Dieter stepping off the cliff before Maskelyne even begins talking to him is shown.

page 164 beginning "Once, long before dawn..." continuing to 165 "She nods, her smile not, so far, terrible"
Scene 9 Mason Wakes Up: Scene 8 is framed as a dream/memory Mason just woke up from. Pitchblack, howling wind, absolutely incessant loud banshee wailing that begins to drift almost back from a dissonant tone into "entire orchestral Performances, of musick dstinctly not British,---Viennese, perhaps, Hungarian, even Moorish" (perhaps some Steve Reich style music?). Mason comes awake to this mix of howling and orchestra, the hut practically rattling to pieces from it, his colleague passed out drunk on the other side of the hut underneath a pile of books and telescopes or something. At this point it might be explained by introduced dialogue that Maskelyne will be the future head Royal Astronomer. Propelled by some unknown force Mason wanders out of the hut into the wind. This is on the windward side of an extremely remote rocky, volcanic island with dramatic lava flow cliffs.
Scene 10 Mason walks out into the night: Mason "enters the Wind, picks his way 'cross Boot-slashing Rock up over the ridgeline and down unto the floor of a ruin'd ebony forest, where among fog-wisps and ancient black logging debris polish'd by the Wind, [his dead wife Rebecca] accosts him shiv'ring in his Cloak. The Ocean beats past the tiny accidental island" Mason sees his dead wife, this is made evident in the trailer through context. This scene might also include a flashback as Mason makes eye contact with his dead wife's ghost to the first time Mason sees her, allegedly, during the Octuple Cheese incident... Perhaps the sequence is 1. Mason looks up to see a gap in the clouds where for one moment the full moon passes through, this is a zoomed in telephoto with the moon occupying almost the entire shot 2. we flashback to the Octuple Cheese rolling by in an echo visual of the moon (not really understood by the audience now as anything but an abstract visual shot). 3. THEN mason sees her ghost as he looks down from the sky.
page 172 beginning "He tries teasing her with his earth-bound Despair" to end of chapter
Scene 10 Rebecca's ghost continued: Mason tries to figure out if it is really her by asking her annoying question about the stars that she would hate. She laughs at him for needing a reason for life and though a ghost laughing doesn't translate that well... this is the emotional beat Mason goes from being terrified this is some devilish creature imitating his wife to "knowing" it is really her somehow. Mason and Rebecca reminisce about how she believed the stars were aliens visitors in the sky when Rebecca was alive... Rebecca tells Mason to live life and move on. Rebecca's ghost disappears into the wind.
Scene 11 Next Day: Mason can't sleep the rest of the night, Maskelyne is passed out til basically noon the next day. Time is shown to pass. When Maskelyne wakes he asks if Mason came in at a very early hour in the morning. Mason, not really trusting the slightly insane Maskelyne and shaken from seeing the ghost of his dead wife denies it. Maskelyne says it must have been his soldier friend Dieter in an unhinged way. Perhaps Maskelyne is sitting with the two dueling pistols looking at Mason with a murderous intent, perhaps Maskelyne actually aims a pistol at Mason here. It is clear there is NOBODY else around and that Maskelyne could straight up murder Mason with no real repercussions.
*dissonant orchestral music and wind swell back*

page 173 beginning "He runs without delay down to the shingle and begins assembling a Signal-Fire"
Scene 12 Drone Shot Of Mason Careening Down Slope To Shore: orchestral music plays here simultaneously dissonant with a voice singing one of Mason & Dixon's songs, perhaps the song on page 130 "Well Sailor ahoy". Perhaps Mason careening down the slope is mirrored by cuts to the Octuple Cheese careening down a slope, with the moment Mason reaches the shore and lights the signal fire cutting back on the strike of a match to the Octuple Cheese looming about to flatten Mason who is then shoved by an arm (Rebecca's) intruding from outside the frame at the last moment. When the dhow sees the fire and comes into shore the music and wind reaches a crescendo of silence for the moment that the disembodied voice whispers "Break-neck". Maskelyne is seen from the ridge as a sort of alien. The scene ends with the dhow leaving the shore.

page 175 beginning of chapter
Scene 13 Zoomed Telephoto Shot Of Castle Rock: This is a short shot, it is mainly there to serve as the gateway between two worlds. The dhow crosses the zoomed telephoto shot, centered right at the moment it passes from the windward side to the leeward side with the volcanic cliffs filling the frame on one side and the sky and sea the other, the music ends here abruptly as the ship crosses back to the land of the living. Mason is shown in a closeup shot on the ship to be oblivious to the approach of this transition and is only made aware of it when a bit of cloth or rope whipping in the wind he was fixating on in a sort of distracted trance suddenly loses its animation and becomes motionless. Mason looks up, the boats crew presently sets lines out to fish and Mason briefly seems to come back to reality.

page 175 beginning of chapter
Scene 14 Mason is left at Break-neck: Mason wades from the dow onto the beach, oddly at ease and continues in a "Road-Trance". A series of short shots convey a walk of some distance. Finally Mason finds himself walking along the wall to a building, nobody is around, the sunlight is harsh and austere. He sees the ear museum. Perhaps a shot along the wall of the building that closely suggests a side profile of a head.

beginning page 176 "Mason is chargin'd to find set in a low Wall" and page 177 beginning "Naive Mason. First he must endure the [show]", the text of page 175 and 177 explaining the origin of the ear is conveyed in Nick Mournival's "show" (Nick Mournival cast as Danny Devito)
Scene 15 The Entrance To The Ear: A silent physical comedy scene is portrayed here where Mason sees the sign, has some expression on his face of "seriously, shit isn't weird enough today right?" (think Doc in the Inherent Vice movie). The camera shows a shot of the wall centered on the gnomelike entrance to the museum. You see Mason's legs walk into the frame, stop, shift, then Mason stoops down into the shot to look at the door. Mason then gets up and tries to hop up and peek over the wall. An overgrown garden is shown. While this is happening Nick Mournival begins his "show" as a voice over to the scene. This conveys the origin of the ear on (page 175 and page 177) to the audience as an audio over the (technically preceding in the text) physical comedy scene with Mason. Mason is strangely compelled to climb through the gnomedoor down the rabbit hole into the cave. The last shot of Mason from outside perhaps portrays the building as a head protruding from the island, the tunnel then the ear canal (or...?).
Nick Mournival ends his explanation of Jenkin's Ear with the description of Jenkin's governship of St. Helena. Mason through the darkness of the tunnel sees the portrait of Jenkin's revealed by a lit candle (on the bottom of page 177) . A slight re-arrangement of dialogue is done here so this sequence ends with Nick Mournival saying "Think of it as the closest thing you're apt to see to Helen's Face, and for one Pistole 'tis a Bargain" (page 176). Mason replies "Bit steep, isn't it? Where, ehm, are you, by the way... the Echo in here, --"
*Nick Mournival is revealed in a quasi-jumpscare*

page 177 beginning "in the straight and increasingly malodorous space where they crouch" continuing to 180 "may you fare better in the life you resume, than ever did I in the one I abandon'd"
Scene 16 The Ear: the scene continues pretty much as it is written from here with the slight change that Nick Mournival directly prompts/threatens Mason to use the Chronoscope. Nick Mournival is established from being dressed extremely finely as some kind of rich CEO (that basically owns this island thousands of miles from any exterior help) that for some terrifying reason is now banished? to live under the earth caretaking for a supernatural ear... This scene is trippy and terrifying with the ear portrayed like a campy horror movie radioactive specimen. Nick Mournival is shown, like Maskelyne to be unhinged and ready to kill Mason.

page 180 beginning "Having squirm'd past the last obstacle" continuing to "then Rain, salt from the Leagues of Vacant Ocean"
Scene 17 Mason Stumbles Into The Overgrown Courtyard: Mason stumbles out, Nick Mournival's song shut to silence as the door closes behind him. The camera hangs overhead looking down at the courtyard, Mason stumbles into the center of it, voices from all over the island can be heard as the camera rotates parallel with Mason as he begins "like a Dog, to explore the Walls, proceeding about the stone Perimeter. Bright green Vines with red trumpet-shap'd Flowers brighter indeed than the Day really allows". If the camera did not rotate with Mason, Mason would be proceeding like the hand of a clock from the camera's perspective above. The camera begins to rise over Mason, still looking straight down, the walls of the courtyard impossibly elongating like the tube of a telescope in a Dolly Zoom effect as another rainstorm breaks out echoing the one in the beginning of this movie.

page 181 beginning "Are you suggesting there's some other reason for his long Sojurn there" continuing to end of chapter
Scene 18 On The Ship Home To England: It is established that time has passed and that Mason & Dixon are together on a ship back to England. During their conversation Mason stares down into his beer, the camera adopts his point of view looking down into a square beer glass (in a compositional echo of the courtyard shot in Scene 17). The shot shifts to Maskelyne to doing the same thing in his astronomy hut while the dialogue continues on between Mason & Dixon. Maskelyne is again drunk and looks up at the stars seeing double (from being drunk). Here is interjected Mason or Dixon quoting James Bradley's paper to the Royal Society that announced the Abberation Of Light Bradley discovered years earlier on St. Helena (that Maskelyne is in the shadow of) in a fashion like a famous quote not recited to inform but to repeat a well-worn mantra. The scene the continues on to the end of the chapter as written with the promise that Mason & Dixon will go on to survey the U.S. (the rest of the movie :P).

Description Of James Bradley's discovery of the aberration of light
> While sailing the Thames, he noticed how a vane atop the mast changed direction as the boat turned, despite the fact that the wind remained blowing in the same direction. Bradley suggested that analogously, the apparent shift in the position observed in the stars was a result of of a combination of the transmission of light at a finite speed from the star and the annual movement of the Earth around the Sun. This is what is known as the aberration of light. The letter from Bradley to Halley referencing this phenomenon was read to the Royal Society in January 1729.
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