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2023.03.21 18:44 dajal21 I cant seem to make Leo PT A work well. Advice needed, further elaboration down below.

I just unlocked my Leo recently and free-XPed every upgraded module except the engine. My experience so far was short from being great with 35% winrate after I couldn’t recall how many games.
I eventually got the engine upgrade but man, it didnt feel that great either, felt slow and less nimble with such a trollish gun despite the .27 dispersion.
This comparison comes from my own experience playing with it’s supposed weaker counterpart, the AMX 30.
In the 30, sure the gun has less pen for both AP and gold and a giant cupola to boot, but it simply worked better for me. Nimble, quick and gun surprisingly worked well and I can play it aggressively. 1 marked it, in process of 2 marking it.
I tried doing the same with the Leo but it simply didnt work for me (playing second line, snipe and scoot). I wanted to love the tank and improve my win rate, so I needed tips and advice.
Side note: my Leo’s crew is 4 skilled.
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2023.03.21 18:44 LigmaBalls-420 Another booster! 😍🙏

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2023.03.21 18:44 Kooler5056 Jokes that can go too far and Annoying Players

Hi, So Im Currently running Mythic Odysseys of Theros Campaign, and one of my Players made a Nyx-born leonin, based on Heracles and Elvis Presley, hell the first enemy the party fought was a Fleecemane lion, and he tried to make the pelt his cape so that he could put it on his head; however, the pelt was a quest item as proof for the kill for a broker in Meletis, and it turned into an argument among the party and then I had to get involved. Our Anvil wrought Fire Genasi took the pelt, but our Nyxborn leonin barbarian insisted on keeping the rest except the head for a cape and used an action to cut the pelt off the head of the lion head thanks to his shortsword he found earlier. Another reason why I'm feeling upset about this guy is that he kept making these jokes that were just plain bad and inappropriate; I forgot to mention the Diety of Theros; this character worshipped was Iroas; he did some good things during that session; but he was complaining about his character's stats as well because he doesn't make his characters, I (The DM) make it for him! it is Frustrating. I need Advice on how to deal with this, Anyone else have a similar problem before?
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2023.03.21 18:43 teepark YouTube using different ads domains from Roku vs browser?

Hi all, I'm pretty new to pi-hole having just set it up on my network a few days ago. The change was immediate and dramatic for browsing YouTube on computers, but I can't figure out why that would be different on my Roku TV.
I know: (1) blocking youtube ads works since it works on my laptop, and (2) my Roku is using my pi hole as its DNS server because it's my most chatty network member in pi hole logs (hi scribe.logs.roku.com). What I'm left with is that the Roku YT app must be using different ads domains which aren't covered in the default StevenBlack list. Since it's a TV I can't exactly pop open a DOM or network inspector the way I do on a browser, so I've started just trying to cross-check the most recently allowed queries from my TV when I see a YT ad, but this is really feeling like whack-a-mole. Is there maybe an additional list out there that covers Roku YT?
Thanks in advance for any help!
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2023.03.21 18:41 clemsn03 Giant Mushroom? It was my first growkit and I had many problems with it at first. But in the end I had this giant shroom. It weighs around 75g wet. Is this normal? :)

Giant Mushroom? It was my first growkit and I had many problems with it at first. But in the end I had this giant shroom. It weighs around 75g wet. Is this normal? :) submitted by clemsn03 to shrooms [link] [comments]

2023.03.21 18:41 ThomasHasThomas Failed 8,3 Years old WD Red drive 3TB (EFRX) - what now...?

So couple of weeks/months ago one of my HDDs- WD Red 3TB - EFRX - 8,3 Years old (!) failed on me. I had backups and was still able to get vast majority of the data directly from the drive. So data-wise im ok.
My questions is other: What to do with the drive now...? I took several pictures from SMART and hdd tests etc. and im posting it here. HD Tune pro and other programs (MiniTool Partition Wizard) found damaged sectors on the drive. The copying from these sectors were even like 2 Kb per second speed wise :-D...
So what can i do with this drive now...? Can it be "saved" somehow? Can i "fix" the damage sectors somehow? Can i at least "mark them" so the HDD doesnt use them anymore... (and still use the drive)? Will the damaged sectors "spread"...?
It appears that like the 1st half of the drive, or even first 2 terabytes (out of three) are OK... Can i make new "partitions" on the drive and use the 1st partition somewhat safely , and do NOT use the 2nd one with the damages sectors...?
Like its a 3 TB drive, I dont wanna just throw it in trash like that...
Can i fix the drive somehow? Can i still use the drive somewhat reliably...? Or is the drive now good only for like a doorstop?

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2023.03.21 18:40 VicarBook [Travelers] Why doesn't Grant use the photo archive system to convey more information to the Director in the last season/episode?

The last episode allows Grant to solve some issues and bring some hope to future, but it seems like he could take some selfies holding up information cards for the director. Wouldn't it be helpful for the director to know in detail that the first Traveler was evil as sin and should be relegated to gruel production, and that sending other Travelers is not the problem by using the fact that nearly all digital photos are seen by the Director. Is there a reason he should not do that after he sends that final email?
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2023.03.21 18:39 moist__fan After having three consecutive biggggg cocks in my ass, my poop kinda just falls out... Help?

I still need to put effort in and I don't just shit my self but I regularly need shits (more then often) and my stomach is completely clean most of the time, so mabye that's an upside? But will my ass be alright? I'm taking a much needed break but the thing is most of the guys who are into me have monster cocks, and I somehow take them very well however I think I was just having too much.
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2023.03.21 18:39 WookieMonsterTV Working with mental health disabilities

I’ve been working full-time at a corporate level as a project manager in the IT space. I often get thrown into new projects that often don’t relate to one another.
I have PTSD and anxiety from that that causes me to have trouble remembering and retaining information. My companies HR is aware and I’m aware I don’t need to tell anyone but it causes…issues to say the least with people being short with me and/or getting testy because I just don’t understand things or need help recalling what was just said.
I often record calls (when I can) or try to quickly type what is being said but I’m one that needs to be shown things versus “read this and get back to me if you’re lost” because I’m almost instantly lost (which sucks)
I just don’t know how to navigate work culture with what I’ll call “being held back by my own brain” without either telling everyone to be patient with me and telling them why or just dealing with some people kind of treating me like crap because I just don’t get it.
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2023.03.21 18:39 truupR CCJ against me that isn't mine

edit: I live in Wales.
I'll try to keep this as concise as possible but the whole thing is a bit of a mess. I apologise as some of the details may be a little vague.
In a nutshell I've had a CCJ put against my name, even though the debt owed wasn't technically in my name. Or at least legally shouldn't be. Is there a way I can challenge/remove it from my otherwise perfect credit score.
So this whole thing is over a car accident that I wasn't involved in. Dates are going to be a little vague as this spans 4 years. Back in late 2019 I had gifted my old car to my nephew. I had owned the car for 4 years, I'd used it as a little run around to get me back and forth of work. After starting a new job that gave me a company vehicle, I no longer needed it. My nephew's car had recently blown the head gasket and the cost of repairs weren't worth it and was left without a car to get around - I decided my old battered little Peugeot would be a great help to him.
I signed over the V5 whilst talking to my sister the one day. She was undecided if the car should be in his name, or her name due to insurance costs etc. So I left it with her. All she had to do was sign the slip, pop it in the envelope and post it.
2 days later, around 7pm I get a knock at the door. It's the police. They had explained my sister had been involved in a car accident. They had responded to the call but wanted to check as the car involved was still showing as registered to my address. They confirmed everyone was ok, my sister was a little shaken etc. I explained how only a few days prior I'd signed over the car to my nephew/sister. I'd cancelled all road tax/insurance for the vehicle. They had no issues and moved on. I later find out that my sister hadn't yet sent off the V5 slip!!
This is where things get very messy. My sisters insurance company had voided her insurance policy. She hasn't been overly clear about why this happened. But she served a 13 month driving ban because she was found at fault for the incident. All I know is the bottom line her insurance had voided her policy and refused to pay out to any parties involved.
Fast forward to maybe April 2020. I receive an email from a suspicious looking company. I forget the name but it was some debt collecting company claiming I owed a Mr. * £1,600 due to an incident involving my vehicle and posted the reg of my old car. I tried contacting them but all numbers on their rather shady looking site didn't connect to anything. I emailed the person back explaining the situation and how I wasn't involved. The email effectively bounced and came back with a failed message stating the destination email doesn't exist (?!). That was the last I heard of it. Nobody else tried to contact me. I notified my sister, she also tried to contact the company but no email address or contact number went anywhere.
Fast forward to September 2021, over a year later. One Saturday morning around 8am there's a knock at the door. It's a debt collection officer from 'The high court company group' (not the actual high court) complete with body cam, asking how I'm going to pay the now £3,600! Up until this point the last piece of communication I'd received on anything to do with this was from that unreachable company back over 12 months ago. I politely explained my situation, explained how the vehicle wasn't in my ownership at the time of the incident and you're after the wrong person. The police records will show I wasn't involved in any way, shape or form. I offered to give them my sisters details and forwarding address but he wasn't interested. He kept demanding I pay at least half of the owed money there and then. After a back and forth for probably 15 minutes it was clear he wasn't there to dispute who was accountable, he was only there because he had my name and address and was told to go get money back. He eventually gave up, passed me the details to this 'HCEGroup', said to contact them and he'd be back within a fortnight if it wasn't paid.
I contacted said company, explained the issue, forwarded all the necessary details including my sisters contact details. My sister also contacted them and agreed to pay off X amount per month and the total would be settled once sale of her house went through. Several weeks later, the same debt collector knocks on my door demanding I pay and that I still owe in excess of £3,500. I explained that the debt wasn't anything to do with me and that the company he was from had already agreed to settle the debt. My sister had been in touch and everything was agreed. At first he wasn't having any of it but eventually he seemed to believe me and left. This is the last I hear of them.
Jump to September 2022. I'm renewing my car insurance. I typically pay by direct debit. I've been with the same company for over 10 years and never had an issue. I give them my details. 'Sorry sir that's declined. It's saying here you have an active CCJ against your name'. I checked my credit report to see the 'high court enforcement group limited' had filed for a CCJ against me in January 2022.
Since then my sister has paid off the remaining balance in full. But now I'm stuck with a CCJ on my record. It's all a mess but do I stand any chance of getting this removed from my credit record as it says it'll stay active for up to 6 years even after it's been paid.
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2023.03.21 18:39 Legitimate-Record951 Sword Master VR is 80% off. I finally tried it.

It has always been one of those game I wanted to try out, and with this killer discount I finally bite the bullet.
So I booted it up, preparing myself for another unpleasant VR experience.
Remember how Gaius Mucius held his hand in a fire to show how badass he was? In this game, you navigate your menu by holding your controller over glowing coal and pressing the trigger. It's a little thing, but this was my first impression, and I warmed up to the game a bit.
Also, you start the fight by pulling your sword out of the floor like a King Arthur wannabe. I just love details like this.
The fight itself is decidedly fun. Your attacks need to hit the tender areas without being blocked by shield and armor. You can also hit on their arms and legs, but that gives less damage. There's an algorithm forcing you to hit with full strength, so not just another sword wiggler.
As far as I know, this is the only VR sword game based around roomscale movement. The arena is designed to fit a generously sized play area. So pretty good for full body workout.
There's 7 enemy variations and you can unlock 10 shields and 8 swords.
There's a lot of modern feature that the game lacks, such as dismemberment, full player body or reactive physics. Also, the graphic is quite bad, allthough I personally like it better better than the casual look of todays Quest-ported VR offerings.
All in all, a humble little game that grants a fun workout. I was pleasantly surprised.
Here's someone playing with dual knives:
The Steam page:

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2023.03.21 18:38 joesufrod Spielberg, Lucas & Kasdan working on Indiana Jones. Of course they wanted this in the story.

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2023.03.21 18:38 CubicleJoe0822 Warlock Leveling: Life Tap vs Dark Pact

So everything I read online, including comments from 13 years ago, was that Life Tap absolutely outmatched Dark Pact in terms of mana. I was using 2/2 Imp Life Tap and I'm level 53 and life tap would take away about 350 health and give me about 500 mana. Every guide I looked up for Affliction leveling was to avoid Dark Pact. After doing my own analysis, I can say without any doubt that my viewstance on online guides is at an all time low. I decided to so 0/2 Imp Life Tap (can't find anywhere where this affects Dark Pact and didn't want to waste 2 talent points), and after seeing trainer had Rank 2 of Dark pact . Lo and behold, I pressed the spell and got a whopping 698 mana, at least 30% more than Life Tap. My Felhunter regains 8% of his mana every few seconds with Shadow Bite and now I don't have to lose 300-400 health on a PVP server when leveling in order to attain the Glyph buff. Now, maybe at max level this will change and Life Tap will outshine Dark Pact for raiding. But for leveling, I'm a little upset I got swayed by online forums and guides and thought Dark Pact was completely useless.
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2023.03.21 18:37 XXX1997 Crying, limping, lethargic kitten

My brothers cat who is 10 months to 1 year came from a farm by our house and he is indoor / outdoor. He was gone for 3 days and he is back now acting strange. Walking slow, laying in one spot not moving, purring very loud, occasionally screeching, and expelling some clear liquid from his rear end. I felt his limbs and everything seems fine so could he have ate something bad outside? Should I take him to the vet? I don't really have the money to but he seems very distressed 😟
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2023.03.21 18:37 throwRAlike Any way to see playlists from another device on Djuced?

My computer got destroyed the other day, all I used it for was practicing djing (I started about 2 months ago). I was stupid and didn’t back up my playlists on the cloud, I just had them built in djuced. Is there any way to see these playlists from anywhere else?
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2023.03.21 18:35 Worthy_News Russia’s Putin ‘Open’ For China’s Peace Plan On Ukraine

Russia’s Putin ‘Open’ For China’s Peace Plan On Ukraine
Russia’s Putin ‘Open’ For China’s Peace Plan On Ukraine
Three days after he was indicted for war crimes, Russian President Vladimir Putin said Monday he would discuss a plan “to settle the acute crisis in Ukraine" with his Chinese counterpart Xi Jinping.
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2023.03.21 18:34 iloveharrystyles7 anyone else having irregular periods MONTHS after having covid?

hi! i had covid back in december, and my period was missing for 2 months afterwards. now it just came back but it’s all brown mixed with some red and super light, and lasting forever (i’ve had the brown blood for almost 2 weeks now, but it’s only been enough to need a pad for about 6 days and it’s just starting to get lighter today).
the month before i got covid i had my second booster, and in between my booster and covid i had another weird period where it came twice in one month - it ended right before i tested positive, but i definitely could have been exposed to covid and had it in my system before my period came back for the second time because i was around a lot of people who recently had it / were sick in the days in between periods and the person i got it from was already sick at that time.
i read a lot of stories here about covid affecting periods but mine seems to still be super weird even though my covid is long gone. i’m not seeking medical advice - i’m actually about to go to the doctor for something unrelated so i’ll mention it then! just wondering if people have similar stories because it’s driving me crazy lol
i should also mention that i already had irregular periods, but it was only skipping months and late periods. my actual period when does come is usually normal with no problems
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2023.03.21 18:33 EmoBabyGirlx Background Check & Misdemeanor

Hello everyone! I was just hired as a customer service associate at Wawa, and I had mentioned a misdemeanor that's on my record to the manager. It was for a domestic assault, but I was in a position of defending myself and property, and the commonwealth attorney even wants to dismiss it. According to my lawyer, there shouldn't even be anything on my record because of how the case was presented. He just dropped the ball apparently bc it is showing. My question is, will that come back as a fail? I know people with charges that work at Wawa, but I'm concerned because I've landed a job [call center] and been dismissed from the onboarding once my background check came back.
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2023.03.21 18:32 lIlIIIIlllIIlIIIllll Horrible idea or reasonable cost saver?

90 year old concrete basement,110sqft.
Lots of spalling, it was poor pour resulting in net 40mm difference from highest to lowest point. I want to level it out a bit and then put dri core and then carpet.
I surveyed in a 2x2 grid and came up with 0.3m3 required to fill it all up 40mm, level with the highest point.
This would be 23 bags of self levelling cement at $40 each ($960).
I’m considering putting in pea gravel first, assuming a 30-40% void ratio then I would only need 7-9 bags of self leveller, costing $360.
The local plants don’t make gypcrete, their self levelling concrete has 5mm stone in it, I’m not confident in finishing that.
Grinding the high spots down with a diamond cup disc and 5” grinder sounds torturous
Any thoughts?
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2023.03.21 18:32 BlueLensFlares Closest vertical or horizontal point from a source point to a set of target points?

I'm a programmer and right now I'm given a task where I have a source box, and a set of target boxes. For the sake of simplicity, I can say I have a source point (the midpoint in the box) and a set of target points.
I'm trying to come up with a formula that grades the closest vertical or horizontal point to the set point. This means the lesser the dY or the dX, the stronger the connection between the two points. So a dX of 10 with a dY of 0 would score higher than a dX of 2 and an dY of 2.
This is statistical meaning that I don't have a required formula, but I'm searching for a formula that will give me a set of scores that gives a good result.
I was thinking of doing something like the tangent function, which approaches 1 at 45/45 and 0 close to 0, and taking the subtraction from 1... because either dX or dY being close to 0 increases the chance of reducing dX or dY.
For more context, these are actually just words on a page... that are found in a table of which I have bounding box words. I'm trying to find a way to get the closest row/column word, because the actual correct target box is likely to be in the exact same row or column.
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2023.03.21 18:30 ekkthree replacement inflator??

2021 q7
i thought i'd try the included inflator kit in my driveway before absolutely needing it on a country road somewhere. glad i did cuz turns out it sucks ass. other than the head being [very] finicky to create a seal, the inflator itself takes forever, like 20 min to go from 25 psi to 31psi. to the point it actually clipped out and i had to try again after it cooled down and changed a fuse. i actually burned a couple hours with this experiment thinking it was user error. i mean, maaaybe i was using it wrong but c'mon it's just an inflator. anyway, i just powered up my compressor and decided to move on.
anyone replace their oem inflator with anything else that would fit in the storage space? i'm going to guess that audi spec'd the same one for all their run flats so if you've got one you like that'll fit i'd love a recommendation.
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2023.03.21 18:30 no_site8409 Brief Questions regarding 1992 Italian Dual Citizenship law

Hi All,
I am delighted to see this juresanguinis subreddit lively again.
I have a brief set of questions regarding 1992 Italian Dual Citizenship law:
My father born in Uruguay never obtained his Italian passport via JS, but him and I (his son), have obtained all the lineage documents to attempt do so now.
Since both (i) my father naturalized1970 in USA and (ii) I was born after his naturalization before 1992, I understand naturalization meant voluntarily renouncing (unknowingly) the Italian citizenship via JS since dual citizenship wasn't permitted by law until 1992 making us ineligible.
  1. Am I or my father eligible to reclaim the Italian citizenship although he hadn't be JS recognized before US naturalization?
  2. Are there any success stories even with 1992 ineligibility?
  3. If my backup option is to purchase Italian property for residency, will having these lineage documents reduce my residency time requirement? Any other helpful use of these lineage documents?
  4. Is there an effort to modify the 1992 law so the ineligible can obtain citizenship?

Just found out today about 1992 ineligibility. Thank you in advance!
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