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Home of the Volkswagen Bus

2012.01.11 22:38 Home of the Volkswagen Bus

This is the home for all of your VW bus related needs from 1949-1992 including the rear engine barndoor, split window, bay window, and vanagon eras. This includes campers, westies, single cabs, double cabs, kombis, transporters, deluxes, panels, and any other specialty variants. Front engine Eurovans and their owners are also more than welcome! Feel free to share your projects, photos, questions, and experiences.

2023.06.01 04:56 Madnapali [Follow-Up] 19,891 Miles in One Year Review - 2022 P2 DMLR Pilot/Plus

Hello friends, I'm back! I put off posting this since I have seen a few others of this nature, and figured I would just hold off until I had more data. Not a whole lot has changed, really.
Original Post including edits
About the Dehumidifier - note that as of 2.2 or 2.3 this seems to work when eco climate is active
Long Trip with My Family
That Time My Charger Melted - update to this... it was a loose connection. Oops. The Lectron charger from Amazon is still going strong and I'm pretty happy with the 16 amps. It's all I need.

Same as last time, we are going to start with the gripes!

If something was a gripe in the last post and isn't below, I either no long care, or they fixed it. I'll remark on a few of them after this section.
Android and phone shenanigans

Updates to the good stuff, and comments on things that have been solved

TL;DR - I am still 110% satisfied after a year and almost 20,000 miles. Will absolutely look into another Polestar product as my next car. I think any other follow-up posts will be if something goes seriously wrong, or I hit 100,000 miles :).
I need to get to bed soon, so I'll check out the comments in the morning.
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2023.06.01 04:55 Adventurous-Day7304 Has anyone tried to grow rose bushes ?

I’m looking to plant or make a flower bed for rose bushes. I haven’t had luck in finding any at Lowe’s or Home Depot. Has anyone sus was fully planted rose bushes ? Where did y’all get them ? And do they die completely during any season ?
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2023.06.01 04:43 JX1640z Managed to install Windows 8.1 after removing intelpep.sys on my XPS 15 7590

Managed to install Windows 8.1 after removing intelpep.sys on my XPS 15 7590
It was more painful than installing Windows 7, had to remove intelpep.sys, disable driver signature enforcement, lost USB functionality that I had to use SDIO to install the USB drivers.
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2023.06.01 04:41 doodlebugpack 40v 20” self propelled shuts off constantly

Hey team, I’ve watched videos and none are my model. I switched to the mulch plug and side discharge today and it shut off about every 5-10 seconds on a fully charged battery. Grass was low to begin with. It would run if I just went straight - turned off consistently with swivels and turns.
Nothing has loosened up over time as the mower was purchased this past weekend and this was its second time in use (back yard then front yard). Any hot tips? Just take it back to Home Depot and exchange it?
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2023.06.01 04:34 Boom_Boom_At_359 What does the A70 mean?

What does the A70 mean?
Have a bunch of these AFCI/GFCI breakers in the panel. As shown in the picture, one has an A70 sticker where the neutral line attaches, but the rest have N stickers where the neutral line attaches. Are these breakers different in any meaningful way? What does the A70 mean?
I was curious and asked employees at a couple home improvement stores as well as a friend who formerly owned a commercial electrical contracting business, but nobody had an answer.
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2023.06.01 04:32 vdfritz Inspired by rooflemonger's layout

Inspired by rooflemonger's layout
his position of L1 and L2 at first felt weird to me and i didn't agree, but then i watched another video, one by Nephew, talking about japanese players customizing the position of a few buttons (and adding new buttons normally not used) but still within the rules of capcom pro tour
i was almost finishing my case design (when i'm 100% finished i'll post the files for laser cutting, if anyone is interested i can make it hitbox only and stick only too) and then i decided to COMPLETELY change the design, it was going to be a standard hitstick and now it became this (any feedback is welcomed):

screw-less acrylic panels on all sides
placeholder art, acrylic is held by 4 screws and can be removed without removing the balltop, it goes around the buttons too, making artwork replacing easy, the dustwasher will live inside that wider circle where the stick goes
it goes like this, there are buttons on the right and left side for start, select, share, home, turbo or whatever
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2023.06.01 04:29 ImEngineer What is a good credit card for handling real estate maintenance/repairs?

I spend a good amount of money at Lowes, Home Depot, landscape supply stores, construction materials wholesalers, Amazon, plumbing companies, etc.
What do you use?
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2023.06.01 04:28 little_woman_studio Scrap wood

2x8 scrap from Home Depot.
Engraved on Ortur 20w LM2.
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2023.06.01 04:24 BananaPlenty11 Monkey Flask

Monkey Flask
Took a piss test today using monkey flask 5/31. Shook the heat pad a bit before I stuck it on the opposite side of the flask. Then obviously put the temp strip side facing my crotch area. I wanted to make sure it stayed warm so I just had it against my body INSIDE my boxers. Wore some thick Adidas shorts over my boxers and some loose jeans over that with Cowboy boots. Thought about putting the flask in the sleeves of my boots but it was my first piss test so decided to play it safe just in case they asked me to remove them. Wore a belt also to make my outfit look more normal and fitting. Waited at home for an hour and a half before I left to take the test with the flask warming up in my pants. I’m in Texas so keeping it hot while driving towards the clinic wasn’t a problem. Waited a bit in my car with the ac off for about 10 mins before entering. It read 102 at that point and I just said fuck it. Rather it be too hot than too cold. Signed in and everything. Waited about 15 mins then got called in. Was asked to empty my pockets, fill the cup between a minimum/maximum marker and was given 4 mins. Unbuckled my pants and decided to do everything as calmly and silently as I could. Popped the flask as it still read 102 and just shook it a bit to make it fizz. After filling the cup to my liking I immediately made sure it was sealed correctly. Peed a bit in the toilet after and held it to make it seem like I was actually taking it myself. Came out the restroom and temperature seemed correct to the Nurse and sent me off the rest my day. Let y’all know how it goes. It’s a 10 panel.
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2023.06.01 04:17 OneWarning9138 Delivery company broke my door and won’t fix it. What resource do I have?

I had two appliances delivered to my home back in April. They had to come through my back door and would not fit, so the delivery company had to remove both my storm door and main door to get them in. They put them back on, but the storm door did not latch/line up properly anymore. I noticed this a few days after and that afternoon the wind ripped my storm door right off.
I reached out to Home Depot where I bought the appliances, who referred me to their insurance company, who referred me to the delivery company’s insurance department.
The delivery company denied my claim because they said I signed off on the delivery. On the delivery slip it only states that the delivered goods were in good order, not that there was any damage to my other property or my home. In fact they didn’t even tell me to inspect the appliances before they left, much less the delivery route and the doors they removed! I feel like they are telling me I signed something that doesn’t say what they say it is.
I have been very adamant with them and they re-opened the file, however it may be denied again. What recourse do I have if they deny it again? It’s very frustrating because 1) what I signed does not say they didn’t damage my property, only that the “delivered goods were in good order” and 2) they were in a huge rush with the delivery (they were late), didn’t hook up the appliances, and didn’t tell me to inspect anything. I acknowledge I signed off on the delivery, but the wording of what I signed doesn’t include damage to my other property/home, nor was I told to do so.
I already reached out to HD and they said it’s out of their hands. I could try my home insurance but it probably isn’t worth it. I am also considering going to the Ombudsman.
I am super frustrated and disappointed since they literally broke my property! Am I being unreasonable? This is the first time this has happened to me. Any advice is appreciated.
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2023.06.01 04:14 Wonderful_Promise_69 Are there any framing members I should not paint or stain?

Question: What are the downsides or advantages to painting studs, sheathing, rafters etc. if they will eventually be insulated (batts probably) and drywalled? The members are 40+ years old, rough cut true size lumber, and feels far drier than a home depot 2x4.
Context: I 'inherited' dozens of partial gallons of 3-10 year old interior and exterior paints (and some stains, poly and varnish) from a previous occupant. I have a garage that I eventually want to insulate and drywall, as well as some additions to the main house that are just sheathing, studs and subfloor, (main structure is mostly insulated) that I will eventually give the same treatment. I'd love to use up all the viable paint and coatings rather than cart them to the dump or leave them outside to dry out uselessly. Also, pretty colors make brain go brrr.
I inquired about donating them, but Habitat is uninterested and my craigslist ad has been unanswered. I also enjoy listening to audiobooks while my hands are busy, so the actual task of painting, even if it is ultimately useless, would be enjoyable to me.
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2023.06.01 03:47 ScubaSteve-757 Panels with Crip Mac are wild (on hoodsters)

The contrast between Crip Mac, and the panels of girls they be interviewing is wild. You can feel the confusion all the girls be having and watching Bricc Baby laughing because he knows he will have to translate is wild 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
This shall make for some wild future content.
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2023.06.01 03:45 little_woman_studio Lake image

Lake image
Engraved and cut on Epilog Zing 40w. Top layer is 1/4" maple. Bottom layer is CHEAP Home Depot Wood. Lake color done with Pebeo Prism (turquoise, I think).
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2023.06.01 03:45 Flattymaster666 Went blind with rage and keyed someone’s car very badly and my rage episode just ended

I (19m) had been fishing for 5 hours hadn’t eaten all day and was running on not much sleep, smoked some cones before fishing and bad 2 beers on boat (I hardly ever drink). I get back to the boat ramp in the dark, tie my boat up, walk up to get my car and trailer to find that someone had illegally parked in front of my car in the specifically signed “cars with trailers and boats only” when I was very clearly taking up the whole long parking space and it’s pretty obvious you can’t park in front of someone with no way for them to get out. Every other spot In the section was also illegally parked leaving me with no way out essentially stranded with my boat in the water and no way home. (My licence is also currently suspended but the ramp is a 5 min drive so I wasn’t worried about getting caught).
I went to a level of rage I only experienced once at the end of my first manic episode after being prescribed antidepressants causing the start of my bipolar. I don’t know what possessed me but I keyed a line the full length of his car on both sides and carved dickhead into the door panel. I somehow got out after driving through a massive bush and almost ruining my car and trailer on the tall curb and went home still in that rage thinking it was funny and they deserved it.
After like 30 mins I realised what the fuck I had done and it was like I didn’t even remember it or who I was in that moment. Was literally like what the fuck did I just do. The sinking feeling was so bad and I was thinking I’ve just let the rage I only developed in the last year from this condition fuck my life up and give me a criminal record. A fair few rugby players saw me and I don’t know if there’s cameras.
Idk what to think I’m a fucking idiot and did a terrible thing and I’m also fucking terrified of the police getting involved. My condition I feel is one of the reasons but it’s not an excuse I feel terrible .
I’m not an angry person at all I was never before this it really sucks :(
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2023.06.01 03:40 snackskiii12 Cool Tony Stewart Indy 1/64

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2023.06.01 03:38 yellowstickypad Taste the rainbow

Taste the rainbow
If you say no homo after every piece, you’re safe.
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2023.06.01 03:37 peachlovesmario Seconding the endorsement for the nieves de garrafa at Home Depot on the north side!

Seconding the endorsement for the nieves de garrafa at Home Depot on the north side!
Thanks to u/kingoftheworldxx for the rec! Went in search of this guy tonight and he did not disappoint. Home Depot at West Rd and 45. Definitely worth it!
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2023.06.01 03:34 PureShadow What is the best travel card available?

Anyone able to recommend a good travel card? I'm moving abroad to western europr but will still be working in the usa and will end up flying back and forth multiple times a year. Trying to get the most bang for my buck. I don't mind any AF, honestly tryin to find the absolute best deal card for flights and all that available.
Current cards: (list cards, limits, opening date) Chase ink business unlimited- 36k, 4/23 Home depot citi biz card- 15k, 12/22 Amex biz gold- 5/22 Citibank rewards +- 13k, 6/21 Capital venture one- 13k, 8/21 Capital quick silver- 4500, 1/19
FICO Score: 750
Oldest account age: 6 years 5 months
Chase 5/24 status: unsure, maybe 4/24?
Income: $150,000
Average monthly spend and categories: $3000 biz $1000 food
Open to Business Cards: yes
What's the purpose of your next card?- Mostly traveling.
Do you have any cards you've been looking at? Amex biz plat card?
Are you OK with category spending or do you want a general spending card?- Dont matter
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2023.06.01 03:02 tallman2 'Baby Put Your Pants On' and 5 other Ms Rachel conspiracies

1) Recursive Papa Tim. Papa Tim is known in home depots nationwide for his trademark shirt blazened with a logo of his signature glasses and mustache. But earlier drafts of this logo reportedly had a shirt as well, with a logo of the same signature glasses and mustache. This infinite loop allegedly drove the original artist insane, and throughout his decent into madness, witnesses say Papa Tim simply smiled and gently plucked his guitar.
2) Hologram performances. In 'Twinkle Twinkle' the singer and guitarist appear directly across from one another, but never make eye contact. It's hard to imagine that they were ever performing together, and some are even saying the guitarist - who has yet to be heard from again - was photoshopped in posthumously.
3) London Bridges. To some, this title sounds like a errant pluralization. But to others, this coded Ms Rachel adaptation is actually a UK-based plot to confront musical artist Christopher Brian Bridges. Is this London Bridges - better known by his stage name of Ludacris - falling down?
4) George's Secret. Herbie's efforts to count to 5 and to pickle can be unrelenting, so George rarely gets the spotlight he deserves. But in the bucolic solice of a suburban reservoir, this misunderstood green loner finally reflects on the caterpillar's journey. Those close to him ask: is he finally ready to reveal his secret? Can George become the butterfly he was meant to be?
5) 'Uh Oh, I Dropped My Toy.' This will not be the first victim of Rachel's relationship with alcohol- or the last.
6) Baby put your pants on. Long before Aaron and Rachel dated, the popular entertainer had a deadbeat former lover named Derrick who put his own dreams of becoming a tik tok pantaloon craftsman above everyone else in his life. After years of putting his slacks above the facts, Rachel had enough. As Derrick stood bare in the bedroom, Rachel had one final request: 'pull em up tight'.
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2023.06.01 03:00 Arrow1141 Bumblebee visits my home depot

Bumblebee visits my home depot
One day I was working at my home depot and came across this version of bumblebee
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2023.06.01 02:59 StrengthDazzling8922 In Maryland, are you allowed to have a homes electrical panel outside?

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2023.06.01 02:59 funkthepeople [H] Home Depot eGC(s) (CAD) [W] Paypal G&S @ 85%

Have some Canadian Home depot eGift Cards I received as quarterly rewards through their Pro Xtra program.
Looking for payment through Paypal Gifts & Services in CAD. Please comment before PM
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