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Simpsons TV Show. The /TheSimpsons subreddit is fan base of redditors who love The Simpsons. The Simpsons is an American animated sitcom created by Matt Groening for the Fox Broadcasting Company. The show is set in the fictional town of Springfield and parodies American culture, society and television.

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2023.03.21 18:41 Haunting_Argument206 Trouble peeing after LSD use.

So I kinda over did the acid about a week ago.
It was my last trip after tripping very high doses weekly for about a month and a half. (6 weeks)
I started the abuse with this mindset that I was somehow “different” and I could handle acid better than most people.
My last trip taught me how very fucking wrong I was. Not tripping for another 6 months at LEAST now.
Well ever since then it’s been a little harder than normal to pee. Most of my buddies can just unzip and let loose but I gotta sit there and wait for a good 2 minutes or so, even though my bladder is SCREAMING to go pee. Shit pisses me off so much man.
I think this is somehow a reflection of the difficulty to pee on my acid trips. It’s impossible for me to pee on my acid trips.
Google said that it could be a urinary tract infection but that doesn’t make sense. My urinary organs feel fine, they don’t hurt. It’s just that I can’t release the pee.
Just had a really scary moment where I chugged like 4 cups of coffee and a fuck ton of water this morning. I tried to pee about 1 hour ago but I just could not, it took me 30 minutes to finally start peeing and I was peeing for a good 3 or so minutes.
I saw a post somewhere where someone said there was a link between not being able to pee and lsd abuse. I just need help, this shit is affecting my life and it sucks.
It could be shy bladder syndrome (apparently a real thing) but I have this problem when peeing alone at home as well.
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2023.03.21 18:41 PsychedStrawberry Chronic pain is ruining my life, AMA

Ian 19 and suffering with lower back pain and nerve pain in legs because of my back. I can't function without drugs, and because of lack of proper treatment I use hard drugs in order to stay functional. It pretty much dictates my life at this point, and iam constantly worrying about being in pain, my future and so on. I've even got close to ending it because of it. AMA
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2023.03.21 18:40 sabrinaj87 A very heartfelt thank you...

I just wanted to take a moment and thank this group for just being there. Being there when I was tempted to drink, being there when I need encouragement, being there no matter what time of day or night, and being there when moderation sounds like a good idea. You guys were always there with words of caution, words of understanding, and words so vulnerable and transparent I no longer felt alone.
My brother is deep in his alcoholism and is struggling. I know you can't help someone who doesn't want to help themselves, and I am so grateful that when I was ready to help myself that I found this community.
I love my life and I finally know I am worth the continued effort to stay sober - and so are you.
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2023.03.21 18:40 damagedgirlxo It is child abuse to force children to take medications

This is just my opinion. They should investigate what is going on in the child's home or life before giving them pills. Most of these children on medications were neglected or abused in some way
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2023.03.21 18:40 AutoModerator John Anthony - The Leads Machine (Complete Progam)

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2023.03.21 18:39 _mathematicians I am an ARCTURIAN - reporting for duty

I am an ARCTURIANS. I seen war as a child, I seen bombs fall on cities. Even as a child, I knew my life was not my own - but meant for something bigger. I have dedicated my entire life to making the world a little bit better.
It took me over 35 years, but I finally have come to realize why my life has been so difficult. I was always attacked, and punished even as a child. For so long, I could not understand why life was so difficult, and I finally understand… it was never about me, but rather I was always punished for standing up for the most vunerable.
I just want to let the world know that I have awaken. And I am reporting to duty, to help elevate humanity's global conciousness. Humanity has suffered enough -
The 21st century shall belong to all of us, a new world - based on love, shared propserity and happiness.
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2023.03.21 18:39 GoForTheGould Which ball is the next best step?

I currently have a 13 lb. Raw hammer that I can not get to hook into the pocket to save my life. Recently I took my brother’s 15lb. Black widow 2.0 out to try and ended up bowling the highest series of my life. The issue is, that with his ball, about 60% of my strikes were Brooklyn side and I was battling all night to keep the ball from over-hooking. Any suggestions on a ball between these 2 options?
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2023.03.21 18:39 -God_Riddance- Any recommendations on what substance(s)/experience(s) can help me really introspect, get a better grasp of my actual priorities, and see things more objectively?

Life is getting hard guys. Holding multiple jobs and chasing a PhD has had me beyond burned out for I don’t even know how long now.
Falling behind on work has become the norm as I struggle to stay productive enough in all of my various roles/positions, and overwhelmed would be the understatement of the millennia. The stress is at a breaking point now and I’m resolved to make a change, but I’m so disillusioned about everything that I don’t have a clue what direction I even want to go. I need perspective and a hard reset on my mental health to get there.
So… What do you think I should do? I have access to a huge variety of psychedelics (tryptamines, lysergamides, and phenethylamines), dissociatives, and entactogens that I’ve taken both recreationally and therapeutically in the past so I have plenty of options.
To be clear as well - I’ve abstained from all drug use for the past few months and have been actively seeing a therapist for well over a year. I’m not seeking an escape, and have never struggled with addiction. I’m just hoping to get better insight into my actual wants and needs so I can make informed choices to resolve my current situation.
Thank you for your help!!
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2023.03.21 18:39 gettingold-ishard Anyone that was married for 20+yrs, got separated or divorced, but then got back together with that same person? And came out even better as a couple again?

I’m just looking to read for some hope in my life. She hasn’t asked for a divorce yet. Maybe she never will. But the distance between under our roof is heartbreaking. Plus, I have No One to talk to about it. I have no friends to call upon and talk it out. Great neighbors and coworkers. What I desperately want to do is ask one or two of her friends that are also my friends too. Where do I stand in this?is she planning on divorcing me?
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2023.03.21 18:39 MostlyGhostly888 Road Trip

I have a 9 hr road trip coming up for my friends bachelorette weekend. Had I been diagnosed prior to me pre-paying for a non-refundable trip, I would just cancel. Not to mention my friends are counting on me to be there. I’m on every vitamin (D-Mannose, Aloe Vera, Corn Silk, Marshmellow Root, and just started tolterodine yesterday) and I have been in a flare for two months, almost 3. My pain has been managed but the urgency is almost always there. I can’t let the IC win! I refuse for this horrific condition to rob me of all of my joy. I already am on the diet, and don’t drink alcohol or coffee, and I’m doing PT stretches every morning. Does anyone have any advice as to how I can get through this trip with out making my friends stop every 20 minutes for me to relieve myself? TYIA
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2023.03.21 18:39 tinkxskywalker How do you explain your BDD to people who doesn’t understand? Whether they’re supportive or not? Tips/experiences?

It’s not something I want to talk about or want to tell people about but there have been instances recently where I’ve felt like I’ve needed to explain my behaviour to my mum for example. I also spent a whole day in the house this weekend, having crying outbursts I front of my boyfriend, who whilst supportive and kind to me, doesn’t get it. He wants me to explain it to him, I personally don’t because it’s just not something I like talking about to anyone, and even when I have done to my mum, all I’m met with is “you’re so beautiful, everyone says it about you, and one day you will see it”, which I know is with good intention but it just disregards my massive explanations given prior. And makes me think people think I talk about it for validation, when validation makes me feel worse anyway as I just feel like I’m being lied to. And I feel like even if someone could somehow grasp the way my BDD is, they would still think I’m ridiculous for how upset I get and how much it affects all aspects of my life. My boyfriend gets frustrated with me because he doesn’t understand some of the things it causes me to do/how it makes me think and feel. And in turn I’m frustrated because I don’t choose to live feeling upset and on edge every day because all I think of is how bad I look. He also sees this as me just wanting everyone to find me attractive and wanting validation off everyone.. when those are not true. I just feel so sad and alone. I know I’ll never get rid of it too.
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2023.03.21 18:38 IcyKrypto777 What should I do?

I'm not gonna say that my life is totally shit (it could be much worse honestly). But every day just feels like the same shit on repeat. I suffer from various insecurities and fears (body dysmorphia, irrational fears, guilt over past choices and sometimes extreme pessimism about people and the world). And the intrusive thoughts that come from all that just adds fuel to the fire. I always promise myself that tomorrow I'll start exercising and eating right and abstaining from porn. That tomorrow I will spend my time doing useful things. But inevitably my dysmorphia, fears, guilt and pessimism get me and I end up doing the exact opposite. Every Time. It's like every single negative thought and emotion feed each other and find a way to box me in. It feels like Groundhog Day most days. And when I do see a light at the end of the tunnel, I'm pulled back into the same negative thought spiral. How can I overcome such a seemingly endless loop?
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2023.03.21 18:38 unireversal Advice for stabilization without access to therapy?

This is a bit long but I've never been good with summing things up. Also now I'm dissociating too heavily to go back through and tweak it so blah. TW for uh... referring to my mind as having been broken I guess?
Quick backstory: Ever since some trauma I'd been repressing suddenly came to the surface about two years ago and pretty much broke my brain, I've been incredibly on edge. Experiencing micro-triggers on a daily basis that don't send me into a panic flashback but make me incredibly irritable, defensive, depressed, and seem to shift to a different personality state that's more cynical and biting or just super reactive (or sometimes an entirely numb and void state). Pretty much any social interaction is a trigger. I'm an extrovert so I need to be around people but I'm constantly too drained to talk to anyone. I suspect myself and another alter used to both be the host but we split into two separate pieces, possibly a subsystem, when this trauma was fully exposed and destroyed the pseudo-stability we had. The social me now seems to exist separately from the host me. That, or the lack of stability just seriously messed me up. I desire to remain as the social me who was once the host but she seems to easily get pushed aside whenever anything vaguely stressful occurs and I spend the majority of my days as whatever this me is. This has had a severe, negative impact on our relationships as well as general quality of life. I don't believe it's merely depression due to the display of other dissociative symptoms I experience (and alters I was aware of prior to this mind-shattering realization).
That is summed up version of what's been going on. I don't have access to therapy or pursuing diagnosis currently, so what kind of stuff can I do to regain stability and be able to function again? It also probably doesn't help that I'm homeless so you know that's a big lack of stability as it is but there's not much to do about that right now. The Incident shattered the primary coping mechanism I had, as well as any sense of safety or sanity, which caused this severity of issues to come forth in the first place.
Suffering from lack of energy, minor but chronic emotional flashbacks, hypervigilance, black-and-white thinking (such as feeling like everyone is bad or will turn out to be bad and I have to protect myself), constant dissociation (which wasn't quite as bad pre-incident), and even worse identity confusion than prior because now I seem to always have at least three opinions for any given thing, usually two extremes and then one part who's trying to find a middle ground, and I'm not sure which one is the main me anymore.
I desire to go back to how I was before, or at least not be triggered into an angry and bitter personality state 400 times a day and then get stuck in that state for weeks at a time. I can't function like this and I don't know how to stay fully present. The past trauma used to be so neatly locked away in a way where it only half affected me, (and for a year and a half, ending a few months after The Incident, it had NO effect on me unless triggered to a flashback), but ever since my brain broke from becoming fully aware of that one trauma, or maybe a few months after? i forget. it's like I lost all those barriers protecting me and I'm constantly bombarded with trauma responses and lost access to the me who isn't as connected to the trauma. My brain is so prone to further fragmentation right now. I feel fragile and nobody seems to care or try to understand, which furthers my avoidance of people yet furthers my loneliness and need for support.
There used to be a main me which I guess was me as the host before but now I feel more like an amalgamation that's constantly trying to reform into something cohesive but failing.
my rambling aside, i just want to feel some sense of stability again, and not be triggered by absolutely everything that exists. that's the worst part, living in constant anger and fear, constantly drained and unable to be undrained because Everything Is A Trigger. i try to focus on the things i once enjoyed for comfort, but they're a trigger, now, too. i feel so stuck.
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2023.03.21 18:38 Interesting_Win_9434 In-Depth Natal chart and long term transit readings available 💜

i write them up in a google doc for you to keep n download, they’re several pages long and go in depth into the aspects of ur chart! you can also give me an area of life love personal development or career n money to look into for u and add to a section beneath the reading, let me know! can also send you examples of my work :)
a natal reading goes over your chart in full, whereas a transit reading goes over how the long term astrological transits impact your chart specifically:)
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2023.03.21 18:38 CEO_Of_Rejection_99 I think I'm starting to get an idea of what it's like to be a true friend.

Wow. It's hard to put this into words. But I feel like I'm making a realization. I may not absorb it immediately, but it's still a realization nonetheless.
This is a follow up to these three posts:
Quick summary: I developed a friendship with someone several months ago and we became close. We hung out a lot at that point and also developed a system of hugs and handshakes. I noticed that sometimes she doesn't respond to text messages, or requests a smaller form of hug/handshake. I then became worried that these were signs that she was pulling back, and this was the beginning of a slippery slope that would result in the end of the friendship.
I've covered this topic extensively with my family, and they became concerned that I was obsessed with her. And now that I think about it, I agree with them. It may not have been a romantic obsession, but still an obsession nonetheless - an obsession out of an excessive worry of losing her, even though there were never any actual bad signs to begin with.
I realized that a lot of my previous worries about supposedly losing her after massive gains in the friendship came from past bad social experiences in high school. Many of these were "crushes" that ended in a damaged friendship and sometimes being blocked on social media. A lot of these experiences were my own fault. Another source of these worries came from someone whom I used to be close with, but turned out to be a toxic person who gave me a lot of anxiety about interpersonal relationships, and gave me bad advice. (In fact, I recently blocked him on all social platforms for this exaact reason.)
I inherited a lot of bad mindsets and interpersonal relationship strategies from these sources. My past response to an apparent "pulling back" from the other person was to put even more energy into the relationship by making myself excessively available, excessively apologizing, and not giving them space to try to cover the apparent losses. (While I like the idea of apologizing, I think it can actually make certain situations worse if the issue at hand wasn't even huge to begin with.) These bad experiences have made me hyperaware of minute details within relationships, from responses to texts (or the lack thereof) to whether or not they're talking to other people, and recently, patterns of hugs and handshakes. They have made me excessively worry that one small interruption in these processes will just be the start of a slippery slope that could spell disaster for the friendship. I was afraid to just be my true self and let go of minute details, out of fear that would end in disaster because I was apparently too carried away to notice the supposed bad signs.
I have instinctually treated interpersonal relationships as a competition where I have to race to the finish line to receive a prize as fast as possible, as opposed to the more natural processes by which interpersonal relationships form. I became afraid of the other person talking to other people, or even doing their own thing, because I feared that meant I was losing the competition, and so I needed to compete harder. I first learned this instinct when trying to enter romantic relationships, but I've also unintentionally applied it to platonic friendships as well. This was only made worse by the bad dating advice that I have recieved that has essentially pushed the idea of treating it as a competition, or you will "miss your chance."
It's easy for me to assume that people, and by extension interpersonal relationships, are constant. I want to believe that they are nice, neat, formulaic, and follow a predictable sequence of events. But here's the truth: they're not. I've had to learn it the hard way. People are complicated creatures. Sometimes we want one thing, and sometimes we don't. We can be in the mood for one thing, and not in the mood for another thing. This extends to interpersonal relationships. Sometimes there's lots of enthusiasm and excitement, and other times not so much. I guess it's just the nature of interpersonal relationships, and it doesn't change whether you're close to the other person or not.
Looking back at these previous posts, I almost giggle at myself knowing how much I've worried over minute details and approached this college-level friendship with the attitude of a teenager. In hindsight, I don't think she was really "pulling back." She just wasn't receptive on that specific day. Perhaps there are reasons why. Maybe our schedules just didn't line up, or maybe there was the stress of the school trip that these occurrences took place in.
Things like texting, pictures, and patterns of hugs and handshakes are not the entire relationship. These things should follow the natural social interaction that is the basis for the connection, not completely replace them. How I've tended to operate this friendship was to ask for pictures/hugs right away. Thank you so much to the people who mentioned that I might have been pressuring her in my previous posts. While I'm a big fan of asking for consent before things such as hugs and pictures, I think starting every single interaction off with asking for something would give off the impression of a transactional relationship that the other person has to invest in, which might make them uncomfortable.
I realized that I've had an urge to try to establish "control" over other people, but it's not out of malicious intent, but instead a fear of loneliness and losing friends because I didn't try hard enough to keep them in my circle. While it may not be out of malicious intent, it can still make people uncomfortable and feel pressured to act in my favor.
The truth is that people have their own free will and have freedom to make their own decisions. It doesn't mean my friends hate me, or are pulling away from me. It's just human nature by default. They might be stressed, or having a bad day, or request a handshake because a hug would take too much time and they're running late to class. Just because someone doesn't want a hug, or a handshake, or picture, or whatever that particular day, doesn't mean they don't want to be friends with me anymore. That's just how they feel. It has helped me to seperate the concept of free will from signs that the friendship is ending. The most I can do is match the other person's level of communication. If they're not being receptive on a particular day, I should back off and lessen my intensity.
I used to think of the concept of giving space as a bad thing. Not in the sense that just the idea of giving space is bad, but I believed that giving space was something only restricted to the worst of the worst friendship situations, as if the friendship had gotten so bad that space is warranted. But now I believe that giving space is not a bad thing at all, and I can give anyone space, even if they're not uncomfortable around me. In fact, perhaps I should give everyone space so people don't actually become uncomfortable. I think it's a perfectly healthy thing to do, and giving someone space doesn't mean the friendship is bad.
Now that I think about it, the concept of a relationship that benefits me and me only is pretty ridiculous, as much as it may seem like the easiest option to pursue. Because this friendship I'm speaking of is not just about me. It has never been solely about me to begin with. It's about her as well. The purpose of a relationship is to benefit both people within the relationship, not just one. I've read somewhere in a Reddit thread that true friends are people who open you up to greater possibilities, and those who restrict your possibilities are not considered close friends. So I really shouldn't try to restrain people's options since that would make me a shitty friend. I should also not be surprised if they talk to other people besides me, since people are allowed to have multiple friends at the same time. In fact, I should do the opposite and open up their options.
I've worried a little bit that this would result in me getting yelled at by "dating gurus" for willingly "giving away" the friendship with the other person, and I would "miss my chance". While this mindset of "try super hard or you will miss your chance" is very oversimplistic and misguided, it's admittedly been really hard to shake off after being ingrained in my head for years.
People will say "Just be confident!" "State your intentions!" "Be direct!" And I will say the following: I don't think this advice is incorrect. I think it's generally helpful in a lot of situations. That advice alone is just too oversimplified in my opinion, and there's a lot more that goes into close relationships than just "being confident" or "being direct." You should also be your best, kind, respectful self, and if it's clear they're not being as receptive, then cut the interaction short. Plus, in my opinion, confidence is more than just having the guts to speak to the girl you like. Confidence is more than just being overly bombastic and boisterious. It's being confident enough to move on if they're not interested, and confident enough to be your best self.
It's been a few months since the last time I posted about this friendship. And despite my fears, it's still going strong, and I believe it will continue that way despite my anxieties. I don't see this friendship as a failure at all. In fact, I see it as one of the most wonderful, successful friendships I have ever formed. I see this entire friendship as a rite of passage - a symbolic transition from an immature and oversimplied understanding of interpersonal relationships, to a more developed and comprehensive understanding of such things.
I used to think that close friends were 100% involved in each other's lives, that the friendship is always constant, their text messages never get left on opened, they hang out every single time, etc. I've always wanted to be like one of those people who had a "best friend" with whom they always hung out and did fun things all the time.
And then I met her.
I initially thought the friendship was following my preconceived "plan" of a close friendship. Then this stuff started happening. My previous beliefs were challenged, and everything I thought I knew was stretched to the very limit. And now my views of close interpersonal relationships have changed.
It's hard to describe in words. There's no definite way I can explain this. But I'll do my best. I realized that even the closest of friends are not 100% involved in each other's lives. They have their own lives and their own friendships outside that particular friendship. What keeps the friendship going is that they respect these lives. They might have different schedules and be around different groups of people. But it doesn't change the closeness of the friendship. And with this particular person I am speaking of, we're both on different schedules and we're both around different groups of people. But it doesn't change the closeness of the connection, and we will still be friends no matter what, plus all of the silly hugs and handshakes (and maybe even occasionally hang out with each other).
I admit I've had a distorted view of the friendship for some time. I still believe it's a truly beautiful development that will continue to live on through the future. But I don't see it as me being the knight in shining armor, protecting the princess that is my friend. I see it as just two travelers whose paths just happened to cross. Because I am not a knight in shining armor, who can get any princess to fall for me. I am just a lone explorer, just going on the journey of life. I have no real authority over anyone else's paths. The only thing I can truly control is the path that I choose to go on. Sometimes our paths diverge, sometimes our paths converge, and that's not a bad thing. That's just the way it goes.
The friendship is not "recovering." And not because it has died and will never be brought back, but because there's nothing really bad enough to "recover" from. It's not that something really bad happened and the friendship is being built back up again, one social interaction at a time. It's just normal social interaction interlaced with human nature.
It's not a friendship that basically "owns" her. It's a close friendship that can coexist along with HER other close friendships. And for HER sake, it should stay that way. It doesn't mean she hates me, or her other friends are overtaking me in some sort of friendship building competition. It just means I'm part of her greater circle of friends, and the friendship with me is just one among the others that she has. I'm not saying this to express pessimism about the friendship; I'm just telling the truth.
The most I can do is to continue to support her on her journey, wherever she goes, and be my best, kind, gentle, nice self. And I don't mean nice as in "nice guy" or pretending to be nice and expecting things in return; I mean being a genuinely nice person, so it would benefit HER instead of just ME.
I truly believe this is a wonderful and beautiful friendship, and I believe it has potential to become an even better friendship than it is currently. It's been one of the most successful friendships I've ever had with another person, and the first time I've developed a close friendship with a woman as a man. It's truly been an honor to even have this friendship in the first place, and I am strongly convinced that it will continue to remain strong in the future.
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2023.03.21 18:38 Dazsd912 2006 330i Cranshaft position sensor replacement

Got the P0335 crankshaft position sensor code. Bought a brand new oem VDO sensor, o-ring, and bolt. I can't for the life of me fit my hands down to put a socket on the bolt to replace it. Im not even a big dude. I can feel the top of the bolt but can't get the socket to go on. I have a bunch of extensions and a swivel adapter and a socket wrench thats bendable with two pivot points as well. I've watched a bunch of videos on youtube that say you don't have to remove the intake manifold. Any tips? Thing has been beating me up for the past two days im stumped.
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2023.03.21 18:38 anonzperson 16 year friendship about to die

My(31M) best friend, let's call him Bob (34M), recently became friends with a young woman(19F), let's call her Nancy.
This is an online btw.
Life around him has become an awkward drama fest because of Nancy and her tendency to keep around 4-5 other guys as bf options. I recently realized he's become option 6 for this woman.
Obviously this whole situation is messed up but the guy's been there for me through important times so I don't feel right just abandoning him.
But ever since his wife (22F) cheated on him and the divorce happened he's just been living dangerously and I'm getting tired of just playing the emotional safety net.
Worse, Nancy hates me because I didn't let her orbit me like she did with those other guys and is now actively trying to sabotage our friendship and he's letting her do it because he likes her.
I'm reaching the point where I wanna just walk away from the entire situation. Advice is always welcome.
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2023.03.21 18:38 CubicleJoe0822 Warlock Leveling: Life Tap vs Dark Pact

So everything I read online, including comments from 13 years ago, was that Life Tap absolutely outmatched Dark Pact in terms of mana. I was using 2/2 Imp Life Tap and I'm level 53 and life tap would take away about 350 health and give me about 500 mana. Every guide I looked up for Affliction leveling was to avoid Dark Pact. After doing my own analysis, I can say without any doubt that my viewstance on online guides is at an all time low. I decided to so 0/2 Imp Life Tap (can't find anywhere where this affects Dark Pact and didn't want to waste 2 talent points), and after seeing trainer had Rank 2 of Dark pact . Lo and behold, I pressed the spell and got a whopping 698 mana, at least 30% more than Life Tap. My Felhunter regains 8% of his mana every few seconds with Shadow Bite and now I don't have to lose 300-400 health on a PVP server when leveling in order to attain the Glyph buff. Now, maybe at max level this will change and Life Tap will outshine Dark Pact for raiding. But for leveling, I'm a little upset I got swayed by online forums and guides and thought Dark Pact was completely useless.
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2023.03.21 18:37 TSSEditing Professional Video Editor Looking for Long-Term Job/Client

Hey there! I’d like to thank all of you for taking the time to read this.
My name is Nathan Johnson, and I am a professional video editor with extensive experience in the industry. For the past few years, I have had the privilege of working with some of the biggest names in the entertainment industry, including Mr Beast Gaming, Republic Records, and Agent Bee. I have also edited feature films, TV shows, and YouTube videos, making me a versatile and experienced video editor who can tackle any project that comes my way.
My experience includes:
Two years of experience as an editor for Mr Beast Gaming, where I created engaging and exciting content for millions of viewers on YouTube and other platforms.
Worked as the lead editor on the feature film AM Radio, which premiered at several film festivals and received critical acclaim.
Edited TV shows, including Bloom Today and Cafe Conversations, for various networks.
Currently working with Republic Records and Agent Bee to create compelling video content for their social media channels and promotional campaigns.
Created and edited videos for various YouTube channels and creators, including short films, music videos, and vlogs.
As a video editor, I can offer:
A unique and creative perspective on video content, ensuring that your project stands out from the competition.
Expertise in various editing software, including Adobe Premiere Pro, Sony Vegas Pro, and DaVinci Resolve.
Attention to detail and dedication to achieving the client's vision.
Ability to work under tight deadlines without sacrificing quality.
Professionalism and excellent communication skills to ensure that the project runs smoothly and efficiently.
Whether you are a YouTuber looking to create engaging content, a filmmaker seeking an experienced editor, or a brand wanting to promote your products through video, I am here to help. I have the skills, experience, and passion for video editing that can bring your project to life and help you achieve your goals.
Thank you for considering me as your video editor. I look forward to hearing from you and working together to create something amazing.
Nathan Johnson
Phone: 920-210-8905
Email: [email protected]
View my work on my Website:
Discord: nathan137#7859
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2023.03.21 18:37 outcastedOpal CMV: Our modern understanding of what it means to be privileged is wrong

I was a video clip the other day where someone was dodging the priviledge question by saying that its an advantage and not priviledge. And while I dont like these "right-wing" traditionalist grifters and find my self constantly disagreeing with them, I'm not totally closed minded into believing that everything an opponent says is automatically wrong. A broken clock still works twice a day.
Anyways, priviledge and advantages (and rights that arent granted to other people for that matter) arent the same and its an important distinction to make. A priviledge is something you already have. Its something that you didn't fully earn and you don't really need, but its really good to have. Being rich is a priviledge, so is knowing someone famous. Whats commonly stated as white male priviledge on the other hand is an advantage, and not a priviledge. And in some cases, it simply human rights that other people don't have.
People think that being privilage is the best thing you can be, and when combined with rights, theyre right! But the reason i said the distinction is important is that when people say that if youre priviledged, youre in the highest rung of life, theyre refering to advantages. And on top of that, not having priviledge is the same as not having rights. Its very black and white to alot of people, it seems.
Let me give you an example of how having an advntage is not everything. Advantage is an increase in probability that something good will happen, not a guarantee. I am, for all intents and purposes, seen as a straight white cis male. The height of "priviledge" (advantage). I should be more likely to get jobs, be more wealthy, less likely to be harrassed and threatened by police, less likeley to be bullied, sexually assaulted, be robbed, live in a broken home, be mentally well, be taken seriously by doctors and cops, not have to worry about getting sent back to a third world country, be able to eat or have a place to live, not have to do dangerous jobs or live in da gerpus place constantly fearing for my life. But none of that applies to me. When comparing myself to everyone around me who is poc and openly gay and/or trans and female, my life is almost guaranteed to be substantially worse. And im not saying that for sympathy, ill survive. But i almost didnt many many times, and i know that others in my same situation dont.
Being more likely to have a good life not only doesnt guarantee it, it also does not matter at all when you know what the personas life actually is. Priviledge would be to have some of those actually happen, not be more likely. And rights or fullfilling necessities would to be to have most of those things, including things that arent on this list dont actually affect me. We should be putting more moral weight behind peoples actual real life situations, not how "priviledge" they are. Especially whewe dont use that word right to begin with.
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2023.03.21 18:37 Serious-Caregiver-98 Is it legal to have 1-2 minutes worth of firework show go off/ explode all at once?

I know it's such an odd question... we were thinking of an additional entertainment for our outdoor wedding. In process of getting quotes from different companies. I didn't even ask any of the companies this question yet, because I didn't want to be judged. My dream of whole life has been to see massive amount of fireworks going off accidentally and exploding all at the same time in real life. I don't think this will ever happen in my life, but thought I could ask for it if I'm the one hiring a pyrotechnician. It will go for 5-6 minutes, but I'm hoping to make it shorter but ask if they could just shoot 1-2mins worth of firework at the same time. What came up in my mind the first thing was: is it legal? In terms of noise level& safety concern. Also, would the technicians be willing to do it?😕 Not in terms of preference, but will they have any disadvantage of doing so?
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2023.03.21 18:37 timmyjim2 Why do bisexual women love me?

So I (26M) feel like I always go through this cycle where bisexual women want to be my best friend and do right by me each and every time, but then eventually we have a falling out or something happens where I don’t meet their expectations and I’m cut off. Is this a universal experience for other gay men? I don’t understand why bisexual women latch onto me so quickly & frequently but I would love to know if anyone can help me out with this cycle I constantly go through with them because it boggles my mind…..
I am also not trying to generalize the way bisexual women operate by any standards it’s more so a pattern in my life I’ve just noticed, and has only become more frequent as I’ve grown older. It’s always bisexual women who are only children in their family, and I don’t know why this keeps happening to me? So I’m wondering if there is something I am doing wrong or if I am doing something right?
Please help because i really don’t want to have to keep going through this cycle over and over for the rest of my life and am feeling a bit desperate for answers.
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