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I'm pretty confused on this, the only info I have really found online says to use the best air spells but I don't understand why. Why not use the fire spells since they do the most damage? Also same with the armoweapons, I'm not sure which would be best. My magic is at 77 right now and runecrafting is 88. Thanks :)
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2023.06.01 05:12 OpenSeaworthiness940 Is anyone here a) still in high school in Vancouver and b) dyslexic?

We are a group of teachers in Vancouver who know how to help students with dyslexia. Not even just dyslexia - ANY student struggling to read, write and spell. Intellectual disability, low socioeconomic status, ELL... you name it.
Have you had to have private tutoring? Have you even maybe had Orton Gillingham (OG)? (If you're heard of Orton-Gillingham, this is one approach that aligns with best practice, but it's not the only one). Have your parents had to shell out for it? Have you struggled, felt bad if you can't afford it, or not reached your goals as a result?
We know what best practice is founded on scientifically based information and evidence and we are supported by reading researchers and scientists across the English speaking world.
This is not happening in Vancouver.
We have discussed this at length with administrators but the board is preventing us from giving this information to teachers. We have no money, no time (FTE), no resources (other than what we can scrounge online) and we can't bring in speakers to make suggestions for others on a pro-d day. So teachers don't know how to help you because they're not taught it in teachers' college and they're not getting it in their current pro-d.
We need (potentially) a student to stand up and support these practices to trustees. We're happy to support you on the sidelines but they will not listen to us alone. If you are interested in helping us help YOU, other students, and families who need best practice IN SCHOOLS and not just privately... please let me know.
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Based on a Dream
FDF Resolute, Sanctum Class Battlecruiser, en route to NT-2125 deep Fringe.
Mary had been rather intrigued by the concept of an observation deck on a ship. Curator ship designs didn’t even have windows let alone a whole deck. Yet, deck seemed a bit of a grand exaggeration now that she was standing in the room with the large window dominating one wall. The room was empty aside from herself. Though there were tables and chairs enough to fit a few dozen people easily. No doubt it was more in use if the ship should be hosting dignitaries over some important planet, or picturesque astronomical feature. En route to NT-2125 however they were instead enveloped in the Ink, a sight no one seemed keen on viewing.
Her education had of course touched on the existence of the Ink, but that was about it. She had no idea how it really was used to facilitate FTL travel. What she did know, now that she was looking at it, was that it was rather unpleasant to look at. She had seen purest black. The concept of looking at entirely nothing but a void was fine with her.
The Ink however… While she watched it slowly move around before her eyes it was like a vast ocean of some kind. An ocean of… incredible depth. When she had first stepped into the room and seen it dominating the large window she had thought it to be a mixture of blues, purples, and blacks. But the longer she watched the bubbles and lines slowly moving around she wasn’t sure if she were seeing color at all. Maybe she was seeing not the absence of light, but something opposite to it. As if the Ink gave off… anti-light.
She had no basis for this thought of course. No training, education, or experience to make her believe it was a real thing. Yet, if matter had anti-matter why couldn’t light have anti-light? After all the longer she looked the more if felt like she wasn’t really seeing anything. Nothing real anyway. More like… if she closed her eyes and rubbed against the eyelids and saw the attempts of her brain understand the shadows. Then there was the thought maybe she really was seeing something. Something just under the waves of its vast deep ocean of anti-light. After all, what was causing it to move? Were the waves, ripples, and bubbles purely random? Or was there something making it move?
As unpleasant as her line of thinking was, at least watching it gave her some small alone time on the otherwise crowded vessel. It also gave her an excuse to keep her headset muted. She would much rather deal with staring out at a vast ocean of anti-light than listen to the ship around her at this point. Yet, the moment she began to consider that she saw a flash in the bottom of her vision. Door opening. With a flick she started the program to let her headset gradually increase volume as her ears began to work again.
First sound, click of hard heel on metallic decking. Second sound, sharp intake of breath likely indicating surprise, anxiety, unease, or combination. Third sound, a tongue flicking against teeth before making a disapproving sucking sound. Fourth sound, fabric on fabric rubbing was very low and soft indicating luxury stitching and material. “Hello Director Obli.”
“Translator.” Came the curt reply, though said at a perfectly reasonable volume for normal speaking Mary winced a bit. Going from total silence to even the muted sounds she was getting now was rough at times. Especially as more just kept building. Even at this low level the sound of the ships began to return to her. The groan of metal, the hum of electricity, the distant murmur of people going about their tasks. She had no idea what she’d do without the headset to at least partially mute the world around her.
“Your bodyguards aren’t joining us?” Mary glanced over at the Huul’Rav in his custom suit. She couldn’t see his guards, but she could hear them just outside. She recognized Hrue from his breathing pattern, as smoking had done a number on his lungs. Based on the jingle of grenade tabs the other was Juul.
“If the Curators wanted me dead I highly doubt they’d create you just for the task. They’re more than powerful enough to have no need for subtlety or subterfuge.” Even though the director was talking to her he was looking out the window at the Ink. She could see the disdain on his face rather obviously. A hand moving up to nervously brush his furry chin, even as he tilted his horns side to side.
While he seemed focused on the Ink her mind returned to his curious comment. Did the Curators need to employ subterfuge? Of course they were powerful, but surely there was also use in subterfuge. Regardless, she had not been sent to kill the Director. Or anyone for that matter. She had no training in combat or related topics. He seemed to also be thinking about this though as he looked at her. “You aren’t here to kill me right?”
“No. I’m not here to kill you or anyone else.” She assured him. “I’m just here to facilitate communications during the negotiations.”
“It is curious though. Why the Custodians sent anyone at all…” He trailed off and while she was about to answer he turned and spoke first. “Actually do you mind if we talk somewhere else?” At the end his eyes darted to the window and the swirl of the Ink beyond.
“Certainly.” She nodded, and gestured to the door letting him go first.
“I appreciate it.” He commented and even as he stepped through the door Hrue stepped in front of him to lead, while Juul stepped up behind Mary to follow. “I will admit it spoils my plans a bit. I wanted to talk with you in private a little. But uh… I do not particularly enjoy looking at the Ink.” She could hear his breathing pattern change just being in the hallway, out of sight of the swirling anti-light.
“I’m sure we can find privacy elsewhere. Though I am unsure what kind of private chat you would like. I’m here strictly as a neutral party to facilitate negotiations.” She reminded him.
“As you’ve said many times.” Obli waved off her remark. “Anyway, since you’re new to this sort of thing I just want to introduce you to my underling since you’ll be working for him during the start of the talks.”
Mary frowned at this sudden revelation. “First, I don’t work for you, or your subordinate. I-”
“Are a neutral translator provided by the Curators.” He waved her off again as they walked. All around her she could hear the ship and its crew going about keeping the ship alive as it were. It was an older vessel and every creak and groan of stressed metal, or electrical spark continued to heighten her anxiety. She could not wait to get off this vessel and onto a planet. “I meant work for him in a more metaphorical sense. I know you likely expected to work with me throughout these talks but it’s just not how labor talks to management. They don’t get to start by talking to a Director. They’ll start with someone just important enough to garner attention but with no real power. If he fails, I swoop in and save things. If he succeeds I get to take credit in the end and talk about how I knew he was the man for the job.”
The further they walked from the observation deck and the Ink the more confident and in fact arrogant Obli got. She wasn’t particularly keen on his behavior but she had at least grown accustomed to it on the trip so far. “Why then did you spend most of this trip testing my abilities as a translator?”
“Because I was trying to figure out your angle.” He replied with a glance back over his shoulder as they reached a lift. The four of them filtered into it before Juul hit the button for the hangar deck.
“I don’t have an angle. I was instructed to come here and facilitate-” She began but he yet again waved her off.
“Neutral yes yes. But why? We’ve never needed nor requested Curator assistance for anything like this. We have a proven history of successfully ending labor disputes and organization efforts. So why have the curators bothered to send you? Shouldn’t you be trying to help keep the FDF from falling apart? Or spreading the word of the Curators to the masses or something? That is something they do right? Proselytize?” Mary was fairly confident Obli tried to be dismissive about the Curators just to make himself more comfortable. It was a minor enough annoyance to overlook. Though she wondered if it actually helped ease his fragile ego.
“The Curators do not proselytize no. They have no need. They exist. They act. They do not need the approval of others, nor belief in their correctness. I am here because I have been ordered to be here. I was told I must assist in negotiating between the belligerent parties on NT-2125 and observe the outcome. That is all. If the Curators have a deeper reason for sending me here I do not know it.” While she spoke she could already hear Obli clicking his tongue in disapproval. Hrue was trying, and failing, to breathe quietly. Juul was running her hand over a smooth metallic object in her right pocket, slowly turning it over.
“I know you are flesh and blood, but you’re more like your creators than I find comforting.” Obli very bluntly commented.
“I do not exist for your comfort.” Mary pointedly replied, which made Obli click his tongue in disapproval once more. By that point the lift stopped and the doors opened. The rush of sound from the hangar deck made her wince a moment as she had to deal with the sudden volume as she lowered her headset sensitivity.
“I don’t think you exist for your own comfort either.” Obli remarked, now smirking a little at her obvious discomfort. There was little she could do but cast a glare in his direction as the pain subsided and the sounds took on a more muted level. Looking out across the hangar she could see dozens of people moving around and working on the ship’s complement of shuttles, and fighters. No one was expecting combat, but that didn’t stop the captain from preparing anyway. While she was told most of the machinery operated at frequencies most species couldn’t hear it always gave her a headache to be around so many buzzing, grinding, churning machines.
“Regardless.” Obli continued. “I want to make it clear I have been authorized to extend to the Curators our most sincere intent to be friends. If there is anything we can do to make your job more comfortable let me know. And if you see fit to pass on anything you hear from the labor organizers direct compensation is on offer.”
“I am here as a neutral party.” She reminded him yet again. But he just spread his hands and smiled.
“We’re willing to pay for even what you would consider banter and gossip. Anything you hear. My subordinate is also authorized to compensate you but I’d prefer a direct copy.” He held out an encryption cylinder. While she had no intention of passing along anything she did take it. It might be useful for other reasons.
“I don’t have a bank account, you know. Or any credits.” When she told him this he looked entirely confused. “I am not paid for my efforts. Curators do not use currency of any kind. Resources are simply provided as needed.”
Director Obli’s look of pure disgust was even more obvious than when he’d been in the observation deck. “And here I thought they were civilized… But it’s then all the more important for you to start building up your own nest egg!” He began to pull a credit chip from his pocket but she waved him off.
“I’m not chipped nor do I have a slate.” This time he scoffed and looked confused even as he held it out.
“You can take the whole thing. How do you expect to pay for anything on the planet without credits?” He seemed genuinely baffled.
“I don’t expect to pay for anything on the planet. Your company has extended their most sincere intent to be friends after all.” As she tilted her head a little while looking at him Obli just snorted.
“Ah… This is why my assistant was babbling about an expense waiver. Yes… There are limits to it, you know. Food, drink, necessities only.” Mary just stared at him until he finally sighed and tucked the credit chip back into his pocket. “Fine. It’s best for you to go change now then, the shuttle will be leaving as soon as we hit real space.”
She was wondering why he’d brought her here directly. “And why am I changing?”
“Well, you can go as you are if you like. But this isn’t a Curator ship. The Resolute has to drop further away from the planet so the shuttle will be in space to close the gap to the planet. And, I mean clearly Curator tech never breaks or has any accidents but our poor mortal hands make poor mortal vessels.” Obli spread his hands as if to highlight his own soft, well manicured hands.
“Fine.” While her suit wasn’t as comfortable as her normal clothes she didn’t intend on being the only one killed by some sort of accident on the way to the planet. It would set a terrible precedent. So she walked away from Obli and his guards then towards the hangar’s locker room.
As she strode across the deck, stepping over fuel and coolant lines she tried to make some sense of the mass of sound around her. Obli no doubt thought she was beyond earshot when he spoke to his guards. “Strange bird. Easy on the eyes though.”
Hrue cleared his throat a moment to reply in a gravely, raspy voice. “Think the Curators made her to be attractive to most species somehow? Robot magic or something?”
“I don’t know. Maybe. I still don’t know why they sent anyone at all. I don’t trust those damned machines.” Obli replied. She had expected this sort of reaction. It was in line with their comments during the trip.
Other than that most of the technicians, mechanics, and pilots moving around the hangar seemed much more focused on their work than anything else. Grumblings about the captain’s standards, and an apparent lack of spare parts. Based on the overall comments it seemed to be more about not wanting to do so much work rather than serious concerns over abilities to keep ships functional. Or so she hoped.
Once in the locker room she made her way to the back where a special case had been installed for her suit. While she would have preferred to travel on a Curator vessel she was glad to at least get a Curator suit. They didn’t have many organics, but the suits they made for her and the other Lifted were absolutely the best in terms of survivability, durability, and protection. Just not… comfort.
Since the locker room seemed to be empty she quickly stripped down, setting aside the encryption cylinder Obli had given her. For a moment she examined herself, along the deep red feathers of her head and neck, gradually turning to a sunburst yellow down her torso, and finally a rich deep blue along her legs and tail. Did species find her attractive? If the Curators had intended for this they likely would have included it in her training surely. Must just be Obli and his guards.
Stepping up to the Curator case she hit the activation button and then held perfectly still as the case opened, arms moving out to begin affixing the suit to her body. First she felt the snap of metal rings around her ankles, wrists, neck, hips, and ribs before the rest of the exoskeleton was built up around it. Then came the cool mesh of the inner suit pulled up underneath it and against her feathers. Next was the composites slotted into the outside, layered and overlapped for maximum coverage. Finally she prepared herself for the final step as two hoses connected to the metal collar around her neck. She hated this part.
When the liquid began to pump into the lining between the mesh and the composite layer it was ice cold and caused her to gasp and shudder as it filled in. It took a few minutes while she tried to carefully control her breathing and push past the cold. Once it was finally full the suit activated and the liquid turned solid, controlled by the sophisticated Curator chip in her skull. Her temperature quickly began to return to normal now and she took a slow deep breath in relief before taking the helmet the case offered last.
She refrained from putting the helmet on yet though, it wasn’t quite big enough for her taste and always rubbed her eartips. Walking back out into the hangar she could feel the suit somewhat flowing around her movements. It would turn liquid to move, then solid when it didn’t need to. She was also told it would go selectively rigid to deflect projectiles. A feature she hoped to never test.
Looking around a moment she saw Obli near the closest shuttle, speaking to someone wearing an executive pattern suit. Luxurious and comfortable, but she’d prefer the Curator suit in an emergency. Next to him was a human in a deep blue armored suit with steel accents. As she watched he draped a travel cloak over the shoulders of the suit. An interesting touch. Walking towards them she had to stop a moment to let a rumbling hangar tug pass. Several technicians rode in the back, carried to their next task.
Judging on the whine of the back left wheel she figured their next task might be to fix the tug itself. Either way she continued on up to Director Obli. “Translator. I’d like you to meet Kingus.” Obli gestured to the figure in the executive suit. Up close she could see through his helmet’s faceplate and examine the Nikvic inside. Rather stubby bone ridges. Rather young then for an executive.
“Translator.” He nodded to her.
“Kingus, it’s nice to meet you. My name is Mary, though translator is just fine as well.” She took an amicable approach for now.
“Yes. This is my bodyguard, Eli.” He gestured to the human next to him, who made for an imposing figure in his armor. With his helmet in place the steel visor reflected a distorted reflection of herself back at her.
“Ma’am.” He nodded and extended a hand out from under his cloak. Shifting her helmet to her left hand she carefully reached out to shake his hand in return.
“Eli, it’s nice to meet you.” The first human she’d found in the employ of the company. Though she knew most of the problems on the planet were related to their human miners. Allegedly at least.
“Nice to meet you as well ma’am.” His shake was firm but not aggressive. “We should be ready shortly. They’re loading the last of some food supplies and then we’re waiting on the marines.”
“Food supplies… I don’t even know what we’re taking down there. Argyle is a full fledged city. The problems its facing are related to labor terrorists. Not famine.” Kingus mentioned with a huff.
“It’s likely my food.” Mary answered. “The Curators were unsure how long I would be here and sent me with a full complement of prepared meals.”
“Oh.” Kingus coughed lightly. “Well… that’s fine then. I wasn’t aware you had special dietary needs. But the marines at least should be here. What’s taking them so long?” He tried to deflect a little and looked around.
As if summoned by his complaint she saw a group of human soldiers approaching the shuttle. The few times she had seen soldiers so far they’d been in smart uniforms and moving with purpose and sharp specific gestures. These… did not look nearly so impressive. Or poised. Instead the group just walked casually towards them, in a mixture of armor sets. Most had a haphazard drab olive green coat of paint but much of it was chipped and worn. Not to mention much of it was also covered in writing, drawings, and decals that she doubted were officially sanctioned.
Only the man in the lead looked to be in a truly official uniform set of armor. “I’m Lieutenant Barrow. I assume this is the shuttle we want?”
“Barrow, this is Kingus our Executive Labor Liason.” Director Obli introduced them. “This is our translator Mary.”
“Never seen one of you before. What species are you?” Mary turned to look at the soldier who’d spoken to her. He was just next to the officer, and his armor looked particularly beat up. She also noticed signs of scorch marks in several places. Unlike the single smooth faceplate of Eli’s armor his helmet looked more like a scowling face with golden lenses in the eyes.
“I am not an official species. I was Lifted by the Curators to act as a translator.” She informed him directly.
“Interesting. So you’re a bird. But you’ve got ears. What’s with the headset?” He gestured up at it as she reflexively reached up with her free hand to touch the side.
“There was a slight miscalculation in my creation and I find most settings to be… uncomfortably loud. The headset is to regulate the volume of my surroundings to prevent damage and discomfort.” She explained.
“What… wait. The Curators made a translator who gets hurt by sound? Am I understanding that right?” Mary frowned at his comment.
“That’s somewhat reductive.” She tried to deflect.
“Is it wrong?” He pressed.
“It’s not entirely inaccurate.” Disparaging on the work of the Curators wasn’t something she was comfortable with.
“That’s a fancy way of saying I’m right. So your job, which is listening to things, actively hurts you. Man… sucks to be you.” A few of the other marines snickered and giggled behind him as Mary frowned.
“Gunny, that’s enough.” Barrow finally waved off the other marine.
“Where’s the rest of your company? And the Major?” Obli asked now, thankfully moving things along.
“Elsewhere. He said if you’re not going to the planet yet he doesn’t see a reason to go either. My platoon and I are sufficient at this time. Once you’re ready to head down then the rest of the company will deploy.” Barrow shrugged. “You send your flunkey first he sends his flunkey too.”
“We have concerns about possible terrorist strikes on civilians during the labor talks. Are you sure a platoon is really sufficient?” Kingus asked.
The officer sucked in a breath, likely about to answer but Gunny cut him off. “Isn’t it interesting. All across the fringe you corporate types like to talk about how safe and secure your mining colonies are. Biding everyone to bring their families and get to work. Yet, the moment a union starts to form you start screaming about terrorists and how you need the military to keep order.”
“Gunny.” The officer hissed at him. Gunny waved it off a moment as the officer cleared his throat. “Your own reports suggest corporate security is robust enough to secure the city. We have no intel to suggest any threats of terrorist strikes by the miners are really valid. A platoon will suffice for now. If the situation changes the rest of the company can deploy very quickly I assure you.”
“Fine. But remember just because the miners in question are human doesn’t mean you can give them free reign. The FDF and by extension the marines rely on our funding to keep functioning.” Kingus replied.
“You never let us fucking forget.” Gunny muttered that barely under his breath. Neither Kingus or Obli seemed to pick up on this but Mary did.
“Many species across the Fringe have been generous enough to accept many human refugees. We obviously seek a future of cooperation and mutual success. This is not about humans being singled out. They have been given the same rights and contracts as all other species who join our corporate family.” Director Obli smiled and spread his hands in a friendly gesture. “We ask only that you protect the talks because they’re so important to our continued wellbeing as united front here on the Fringe. The Tide comes for us all and we must be ready. Together.”
“Well said Director.” Kingus nodded in support.
“Fucking please…” Gunny muttered and made some sort of gesture with his fist making a pumping motion in front of his hips. From the reports the Curators had given her, really what it seemed like was the humans massively increased their productivity, but in exchange wanted better treatment from the various industrial consortiums. The executives like Obli enjoyed the productivity but felt treating them better would set a bad precedent.
Across the fringe however humans had been getting their way more often than not. NT-2125 was by far the biggest, most high profile case, but she didn’t imagine it would be anything special. “Yes, well, we are here to keep you safe and make sure no one kills anyone. On either side.” The officer assured them and then gestured at the shuttle. “Shall we?”
“Have a nice flight Translator. Remember to call me.” Obli smiled and nodded at her.
“I’m sure we’ll be in touch, Director.” She finally pulled her helmet up and on, feeling it settle into place with a click and a soft hiss at it pressurized. The very tips of her ears were lightly pressed in by the sides which was why she’d waited this long to put it on. The marines began to board the shuttle first, shuffling along rows in the center to get into seats with metal shoulder restraints that would help hold them in place.
“Hey, so you’re a Lifted? What do the Curators want you here for? What’s the deal?” Gunny asked as he waited near the back for the others to shuffle in.
“I am not at liberty at this time to discuss the Curators or their work.” Mary’s forehead felt slightly warm as she answered him.
“Oh come on. There’s got to be something special the Curators want you here for.” Gunny insisted.
“I am not at liberty at this time to discuss the Curators or their work.” Mary’s forehead felt a bit warmer still.
“Gunny leave her alone.” Barrow instructed.
“C’mon why a translator at all? We’ve got earpieces! I’ve never seen a translator before, let alone a Curator one!” By now the other marines were seated and Mary began to shuffle up the row looking for a free seat.
“Ma’am you’ll need to take one of the jumpseats up front. These harnesses aren’t made for your Curator suit.” Barrow tapped one of the set of shoulder restraints. So she kept shuffling past the row of marines towards the front.
“I don’t rely on machine translation. I am fluent in over six hundred languages and forms of communication. I listen to all parties and ensure nothing is lost in translation.” She assured them.
“Only six hundred? I knew of a guy who was fluent in over six million forms of communication.” Gunny’s voice had a slightly different tone to it. Was he joking?
“Six million seems excessive. I assure you I am well trained for my job.” Now at the front of the shuttle she found the jumpseat in question. Yet, when she went to pull the seat down the dangerous whine and groan of the metal hinged did not inspire her with confidence. Still it was her mission so she settled into the seat and went about trying to figure out the harness.
Barrow approached her and pointed to the straps in order to help her out. “You’ll be fine. This is really just a precaution.” The Lieutenant nodded and gave her shoulder a pat. She smiled up at him then, her faceplate clear unlike their armor. It was thought to be better for non-verbal communication cues if people she spoke to could see her face. Kingus and Eli were the last to settle in seats nearby.
“Hey! Corpse!” Gunny called out as Eli settled into his seat and set the shoulder restraints with practiced ease.
“Excuse me?” Eli looked across the aisle at Gunny.
“You’re corporate security right? Corp-sec.” Gunny more carefully pronounced. But Mary was positive he hadn’t made a mistake earlier.
“I’m a private bodyguard. I work on contract.” Eli corrected him.
“Oh well anyway the fuck is with the cloak?” Gunny gestured at the deep blue cloak draped over Eli’s shoulders and body. “You’re in a suit right? Kind of the point of a space suit to be waterproof and somewhat heat proof and shit yeah? Kind of defeats the point of a cloak right? So what gives?”
“It’s about looking stylish. Something you clearly have no concept of Gunnery Sergeant.” Eli’s response seemed to take Gunny by surprise. The Gunny? Was Gunny a nickname or a title? Either way the marines around snickered and chuckled a bit though she could hear Gunny snort.
Barrow took the jumpseat next to her instead of one of the more secure seats. Possibly to help set her at ease. Which she appreciated. “So, Lieutenant. Do you expect this mission to be dangerous?”
“What? Protecting the talks? No. We’ve done this a few times so far. It’s pretty boring. No one has actually done anything. Usually there are some protests. Corp-sec shove people around. Both sides are upset. But no one dies. The talks advance. The miners get a bit more pay and benefits. Both sides are mutually annoyed with the other. And I’m sure in a few years it’ll all happen again.” Barrow shrugged and seemed entirely unconcerned.
“Don’t be so flippant.” Kingus said even as Barrow seemed to dismiss any concerns. “We’ve had some communications troubles from NT-2125. The work of labor agitators no doubt.”
“Communications troubles? Why are you telling us that now?” Barrow asked, showing some concern.
“I thought it was common knowledge?” Kingus sounded genuinely confused that Barrow was unaware of this. “Is it not? Executives on the ground have spoken of damaged communications systems, and delayed reports from outlying facilities.”
“Have there been delays in ore shipments? Or minerals or whatever?” Barrow asked.
“No. In fact due to our exemplary corporate structure we’re seeing increases across the board.” Kingus nodded, clearly proud of this fact.
“So… in your mind the labor agitators are breaking lines of communication. But not… the ore shipments which you find significantly more valuable?” Barrow asked, clearly not buying the idea.
“Don’t be complacent! Just because labor organizers have been rarely violent in the past doesn’t mean it will always be the case! I want your men on their highest alertness lieutenant!” Kingus stressed.
“Yes sir, I’ll be sure to pass that along.” Barrow assured him, even though Mary could tell by his tone that he had no intention of doing anything.
“What’s the planet like?” She asked next.
“The locals have called it Argyle.” Kingus answered. “It’s our largest mining operation and a highlight of our terraforming technology. A dozen zones have been established across the surface and ten of them are already fully habitable without a suit. We expect work to be done on six zones within the solar cycle, and shall open up another dozen to be finished within the next three solar cycles. Mineral and ore outputs are quadruple expectations. Mostly thanks to our unequaled refinery efficiency.”
“Or maybe cause you’re exploiting the shit out of your workers.” Again Gunny muttered this quietly enough to be missed by the others. Mary was settling into her seat as best she could when she heard the engines spool up. Inside the armored cockpit behind her she could hear the pilots flipping switches.
“Systems check complete. Echo shuttle requesting clearance for departure.” She wasn’t sure if that was the pilot or co-pilot. Deeper, possibly male.
“We got a flight plan?” Lighter possible female. Maybe that was the pilot?
“Yeah.” Navigator. Younger, more youthful. Not clear if male or female. “Not much to it. Follow the automated beacons. Their spaceport is big enough for Tagmax freighters so it should be easy peasy lemon squeezy.” Human definitely.
“We’re clear.” Co-pilot.
“Okay.” There was a moment where Mary’s hearing seemed to echo as she heard both the pilot in the cockpit and over the speakers in the hold at the same time. “We’re in real space and disembarking now. Remember to keep your hands and feet inside the ride at all times until we come to a full and complete stop. We know you’ve got no choice in airlines today so suck it up because we’re all you got.” Also definitely human.
Gunny seemed to wiggle and settle in his seat, as if to take a nap. In general the marine chatter in the hold seemed very relaxed and calm. A good sign. The most nervous person was likely Kingus whose breathing she could tell was getting a bit quicker and more nervous. After another few seconds she heard the engine spooling get more intense and the shuttle picked up off the deck. Kingus tensed at this as his hands gripped the seat’s armrests more tightly.
While Mary wished she was in a superior Curator craft she was relatively relaxed. She’d flown many times, especially in her training to make sure she could translate even in stressful situations. Part of her wanted to mute her headset for now, to free herself of the need to listen to every jostle of the shuttle and the people within it, but she knew it was more important to maintain her ability to listen to the flight crew.
For several minutes however she mostly had to fight her growing desire to take a nap. Gunny’s breathing shifted into a soft and consistent snore so he already fell asleep. The gentle rumble of the ship around her and her secure nature also lent itself to a desire to nap… “Hey did we check the sensor calibration before we left?” Navigator.
“Yeah, total systems check. Everything cleared. I’m not seeing any problems.” Pilot.
“Uuuhhh… Okay.” Their tone implied things were not okay. She turned her head a little, and began to dial up her headset, ignoring the other sounds and focusing on the cockpit. Another minute went by as she just had the hum of the engines and marine chatter around her. “We’re sure the sensors were checked?”
“Yeah. Why what’s wrong?” Pilot.
“It’s just… uh… doesn’t make sense. I’m reading like… aaa lot of different atmospheres?” Navigator.
“Yeah. They’re terraforming it. So, a lot of different atmospheric readings.” Co-pilot.
“Sure but… some of these are… bizarre.. Like a… nitrogen? Maybe? And uh… ammonia.” She frowned as the Navigator said this.
“Maybe those are the natural planetary atmosphere. Listen, everything else I’ve got is reading fine.” Pilot.
“Ask ground maybe? Terraforming… accidents?” Navigator.
“Resolute this is Echo Two. Do we have any direct communication with Ground? Over.” Co-pilot. Pause. “No direct comms at this time. But the nav beacons are loud and clear.”
“Probably just some interference. I mean if they’ve had a terraforming accident it’s probably hell on comms.” Pilot.
“Yeah… probably.” Navigator, entirely unconvinced. As she listened she realized Barrow was staring straight at her. Did he suspect something? Was he on their channel?
“Something up?” He asked.
“The navigator thinks there might have been a terraforming accident on the planet.” She explained.
“What? How do you know that?” Barrows looked from her towards the armored door between them.
“I can hear them.” She explained simply.
“Did you say a terraforming accident?” Kinugs looked her way now.
“They say there’s strange atmospherics on the planet.” She revealed.
“I knew it! Labor agitators!” He huffed. “Tell your men to be ready for all manner of terrorism Lieutenant!”
“Mmhh…” Barrow's answer was noncommittal but seemed worried as he focused on Mary. She was still focused on the cockpit however.
“Was there a cruiser in orbit somewhere?” Co-pilot.
“The uh… Tartar or something. At least on the mission brief. We tracking it anywhere?” Pilot.
“I… no. I’ve got us, the orbital refinery platform, and the Resolute.” Navigator.
“Freighters? Shuttles? Corporate Yachts? Anything?” Pilot.
“Nnnnno.” Navigator.
“They aren’t seeing any other traffic in orbit.” She relayed to Barrow.
Barrow cleared his throat and seemed to trigger a mic in his helmet. “Guys, shut the fuck up. Gunny wake up.” A marine besides gunny slapped the man’s shoulder causing him to jerk in his seat and a knife seemed to appear in his hand.
“Wah?” He looked around.
“Something’s up.” Barrow mentioned. “No traffic, planetary comms are down, and terraformers are fucked up.”
Mary expected some smart comment but Gunny tucked his knife away and just listened. “Wait. A… freighter is taking off.” Navigator. “And I’ve got one leaving the orbital platform.”
“Ping them?” Co-pilot. Pilot must have nodded because he continued. “Pinging.” Pause. “Both are automated. Both report… systems are fine. No issues.”
“Nothing from ground? Emergency beacons? Distress? Nothing?” Pilot.
“Nothing.” Co-pilot confirmed.
“I mean… they’d be loath to stop shipping ore. Maybe it’s just really comms trouble and they aren’t flying anything right now. Cruiser might be on the far side assisting with some kind of… recovery effort? I don’t know.” Pilot.
“That might be the case…” The co-pilot did not in fact think that was the case. “Resolute, this is Echo two. Uh… do we have any further… mission details? Are we still go on landing? Over.” He sounded nervous. “We’re still go… they think it’s just comms trouble. But they’re prepping more shuttles now for possible rescue or support efforts.”
“I mean everything I’m seeing is clear. Not even rain clouds.” Pilot.
“They’re saying there’s comms failure on the planet. They’ve found automated traffic only. No distress calls.” Mary relayed. A moment later the pilot keyed in a direct channel and she heard the voice through Barrow’s helmet comm.
“Hey eltea. Just a heads up. We think there’s some kind of comms failure on the planet. And maybe a terraforming accident. No signs of hostile action though. Still prepped to land shortly. But uh giving you a heads up.” So they could talk to him but hadn’t.
“Appreciated. I’ll relay.” He acknowledged. Then she had to try and focus a bit harder as Barrow began to speak to his marines about the situation but the flight crew was still chatting.
“Entering atmo now. Any change in sensor reading?” Pilot.
“No. Area around Argyle looks… okay. Wait, that's the city right?” Navigator.
“Yeah. Uh. Maybe.” Pilot. The shuttle began to shake a bit harder though from what she had experienced before this was just normal for entering atmosphere. They were quiet as the shuttle rumbled. But after another minute the rumbling seemed to get worse instead of better. She was much more acutely aware of the groaning of the metal and just shuddering of everything around her. Kingus’ teeth were rattling and clicking especially. “Okay what the fuck.”
“Yeah… Yeah… Uh… fuck.” Co-pilot. What were they seeing? Just describe it outloud!
“I can’t turn it off. Ground has us locked into our corridor.” Navigator.
“Override!” Pilot.
“I can’t! I’m trying!” Navigator. The shuddering of the shuttle intensified further as it seemed to be moving around, like the pilot was trying to shake them out of whatever their path was and kept getting pulled in. “It’s not using any normal code! I’ve got no fucking clue what this is!”
“WHAT THE FUCK IS THAT!” Mary winced at how loudly the Co-pilot yelled that. So far their voices had been full of stress and anxiety, but not fear, nor had they been loud.
“Jesus!” Pilot. What? What was it? “Look at it fucking move! Chaff! Flares! Dump everything!”
“Brace!” Mary cried out as she clutched her harness. She could hear the deployment of flares and chaff in a rapid series of bops and clanks. Then she could hear something hit the shuttle… But it wasn’t an explosion? Just a meaty metal crunch. Her body jerked hard in the harness as the shuttle around her began to spin, or jerk, or she had no idea but it was twisting violently!
“Fuck!” Pilot
“Watch it!” Co-pilot. Red lights immediately came on in the hold of the shuttle, she could hear as well as feel the violent collision as the port wing slammed into something. For a brief instant she could hear the shattering of glass before her hearing was just overwhelmed by the rest of the crash and the screaming around her. The force yanked her hard against the harness as she heard the terrifying screech of metal being pried apart as the hold and the cockpit sections of the shuttle seemed to detach.
Strapped to the jumpseat she could only watch in horror as the marines before her were suddenly spun in a different direction while Barrow and her were tumbling on the now suddenly exposed outside of the cockpit section. She was screaming as loud as her lungs could bear, but he was oddly quiet. As if resigned to their fate. She could see the city spinning around her, and the straps holding her began to give way as they were never intended for this. Barrow reached out and for a moment she reached towards him but then they hit something hard and her body was sent flying free of the seat.
[Continued in Comments]
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2023.06.01 05:09 signals-interference Mobile phone jammer for protection from cyberbullies and stalkers

Why do you need to sell a cell phone jammer?

What is a mobile signal jammer?
A mobile signal jammer is an electronic device that interferes with cell phone signals. There are many types, and different frequencies affect different systems. A basic jammer will only block one frequency so that the phone thinks it only has that frequency. More sophisticated jammers are capable of blocking multiple frequencies simultaneously. Some are even able to tune to specific frequencies to block specific signals. These devices work equally well on mobile phones in both analog and digital modes. The most common jammer is the 450MHz jammer, which requires a noise-shielding signal. Since cell phones use this frequency to tune in, the signal must be weak enough to be unintelligible to the receiver. However, other frequency ranges are likewise contemplated. Therefore, the circuit must have three basic subcircuits: inductor, capacitor, and amplifier. To determine which frequency range will be blocked by the gps jamming device, the first subcircuit is a tuning signal.

How to interfere with cell phone signal?
  1. There are various ways to interfere with cell phone signals. Some are easy to use, others are very complex. The first step to using a jammer is knowing which frequency bands your phone is using. Different countries use different frequencies. For example, in Canada, the primary frequency is 1900 MHz and the secondary frequency is 850 MHz. In the US, both the 1900 and 850 MHz bands are used. Europe and Asia use the GSM 900 and 1800 frequency bands. Some countries also have separate frequency bands for CDMA coverage, such as the 450 MHz frequency.
  2. When using a jammer, users should know which frequencies to use and how far the signal must travel to be effective. In some cases, false targets can be created by analyzing the strength of the signal received by the radar antenna. For this, you need a jammer with a unique code. It is better to buy jammers with a wider bandwidth than a single frequency jammer. When using a jammer on a single frequency, the RCS of the target and the radar ERP of the jammer need to be known.
  3. If you have a business, you may want to block your employees' cell phone signals. This can be beneficial for protecting sensitive information that may leak from your company. In some cases, you may even want to prevent your employees' phones from being used for terrorist attacks. In addition to blocking cell phone signals, jammers can make your phone appear unreachable. They are very effective at blocking calls in confined spaces, and can also be carried in a pocket or handbag.
Choose a Cell Phone Jammer
Cell phone jammers can help you block cell phone signals from other wireless devices. There are three dimensions for choosing a cell phone jammer: power size, signal type, and appearance. These factors relate to how well the device blocks cell phone signals from different locations, such as offices, movie theaters, concert halls, and other public places. While you may be able to find the best cell phone jammer for your needs, keep in mind that making the wrong choice can result in product damage, wasted time, and shipping costs. Typically, these devices block signals from cell phones within 60 feet of their location. Higher powered versions will create a dead zone the size of a football field. Depending on signal strength, this device may not be effective at blocking all cell phone signals. However, if you are concerned that a cell phone jammer may be operating near you, you should leave the location immediately. Another option is to build a Faraday cage. This will help prevent leaks allowing interfering signals to escape. This will also prevent the signal from passing through the Faraday cage. Although it is illegal to use a mobile phone signal jammer to block the mobile phone signal, it can solve the problem of mobile phone signal very well. And the price is right, as signal shielding equipment is relatively inexpensive.
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2023.06.01 05:07 Carbon652 How should I Upgrade?

My PC is pretty old now and I'm looking to upgrade. I currently have a i5 7400, a gtx 1060 mini and my motherboard is an Asus prime b250m-k with one dead ram slot.
Mostly play elden ring, modded minecraft, wii u and ps3 emulation and a bit of overwatch. I'm seeing performance issues with my build and just want to know what to upgrade my parts to.
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2023.06.01 05:03 Iamanediblefriend Peregrine's Shopping Trip

Peregrine the fairy has been the apprentice of his town's finest gem crafter for a little over a year now. He couldn't be happier with the position. He's always wanted to work in this field and to end up working under the finest? It was a dream come true. Not only was this his first visit to Stonewrought but he was being sent alone! His master had sent ahead with the order. He had been given the gold. All he has to do was inspect the product for quality, pretty much a formality at this point considering the dwarves' work, and then.. recover from the sale. He was happy that he was being trusted with this job but deep down he knows it's because his master didn't want to deal with that anymore. He isn't exactly young after all.
If he had been standing Peregrine would be just under a foot tall.. but he was currently sitting cross-legged on the front of the small heavily armored metal wagon that was being pushed along by the shimmer he was projecting behind it. The armoring for the jewel cart was almost pointless. Very few people want to provoke a fairy. Very few people enjoy exploding. Even going through a portal, he was still not sure how he felt about that experience, this trip had been going on for several days now. He was currently traveling up a well crafted smooth path cut deep into the mountain surface. He couldn't help but admire the craftsmanship on the bronze lanterns hanging from a pole every 20 feet or so. Nobody could top the dwarves when it came to metalwork.
A while later he came around a bend that had been obscuring his vision and finally could see the entrance to Stonewrought. A massive rectangle carved into a sheer face in the mountain. At least 100 feet tall. Even from where he was sitting he could see how elaborate the carvings were around the entryway. On either side of the entrance were statues of dwarves just as tall as the entrance itself. 2 holding rifles, 1 an ax and one raising a flagon. He had heard the story but barely remembered. Some great dwarven heroes of the past. Maybe they had something to do with that death nymph thousands of years ago? He had never been good at history despite his people's obsession with archeology. He only had eyes for jewels. Well..also that girl who worked at the bakery across from his gem shop.
As he approaches the city he passes between guard towers occasionally. From where he is sitting he can see the rifles leaning at the ready. All the dwarves at least wave and grin as he passes. Most raise flagons as way of greeting. It really was true about how much dwarves love their beer he is learning. He's seen a few in his life but never really approached them. Whenever they came to his village it was to visit the archaeological museum they had built just outside of town. It was by far their largest building..it was constructed so all races could enter and learn from what his people had uncovered. He hadn't been since he was a child and it was required as part of his education. All he really remembered was some old jewelry from the race who built the portals.
Finally he approaches the gate. As he was nearing it he had noticed the small windows with more riflemen in them between the carved entrance and the statues. 2 dwarves had approached from a guard house as he neared. The shimmer behind the cart vanished as he stopped to talk with the guards. "Fairy eh? Gem crafting business?" One dwarf said happily..but very loudly. The other was drinking. From where he was sitting he could see several kegs in their guard tower. "Yes! My first time here actually. I'm excited to see your city. I've heard it's amazing." He said earnestly. The dwarf who was drinking stopped long enough to scream "AYE!!!" while toasting then drank deeply to celebrate. "Who are you here to see? Do you know where you are going?" The first dwarf asked. Peregrine turned around and held out his hand. The several locks along the top of the cart opened in a shimmer and a parchment map floated out from among his supplies. It unfurled itself in the air where both him and the dwarf could easily view it.
"Actually yes! I'm going to MacIntyres. My master has this map he lent me. Marked it and everything." He gestures at the map with the glowing mark on a business deep in the city. "MACINTYRE!! He beat my brother unconscious in a bar brawl just last month. Great man. Had him 'round for dinner the next night." the dwarf roared happy as can be. Peregrine just stared. He had no idea how to respond to this. The dwarf didn't seem to mind his silence at all. "Well then! On your way I'm sure you have lots to do!" He said happy as ever. "AYE!!" yelled the other dwarf between drinks.
Peregrine waved happily as he recast his spell to start pushing the cart again. He still wasn't quite sure what to make of his first interaction with dwarves but they seem very nice. As he passed through the great entryway he looked up and around. He saw the large slots in the wall going all the way up. He had heard that the entire entryway had extremely strong iron gates that could be pushed out to seal off the city. He couldn't imagine metal work that large. Very quickly the pathway starts heading downward at a sharp angle. He quickly deactivates the spell pushing and cast another one in front of the cart to keep it from moving too fast as gravity pulls it down the pathway. As he moves down the path he can't help but marvel at the bronze and stone walls with their elaborate carvings.
After nearly 10 minutes of traveling deeper into the mountain he finally enters the city itself. He is in total awe. He can barely make out the mountainous roof of the miles and miles of city stretching out before him. How can all this be underground? How could they have carved all this? They don't even have magic! The buildings are all stone and metal yet very warm and inviting looking. All of them with elaborate carvings. He manages to gather himself together and waves his hand bringing the map back up to his side. He examines it and starts on his way down a beautiful street lined with shops. He looks at them in curiosity as he goes. Clothier. Shoe maker. Tavern. Butcher. Rifle shop. Tavern.
He rounds a corner into what the map tells him is the theater district. He has heard all his life about dwarven theater. He's always found it odd, and now that he has met some dwarves downright preposterous, that dwarves are the greatest playwrights and actors on Lumina. He's never actually seen a play put on by the dwarves but he has seen his people act one out. He has to admit the story was amazing. He is approaching elaborate doors on his right at the top of beautiful marble stairs. This must be their main theater. As he gets close people start flooding out talking excitedly. The play must have just ended. He stops to allow the crowd to pass and watches the people as he does. Mostly dwarves but he spots several other races in there. An entire group of gnomes pass by. He's never seen one of them before. A redhead in all green floats out of the door and he immediately recognizes her as a wood nymph. He's very taken aback by this as they rarely venture out of the forest. He has seen them in his village of course but his people have a unique relationship with them.
Even by wood nymph standards her flight is wobbly. As her and the young human female accompanying her get closer he sees she is openly crying. The human has a weird mix of exasperation and amusement on her face. "H..h..HE HAD TO CHOOSE!! Why did he have to choose Nyx??" She slurs at the top of her lungs, clearly drunk. Her friend, Nyx apparently, says "I know Abigail. It must have been so hard." Her tone is soothing but Peregrine can tell she's holding back laughter. As they pass out of view the wood nymph cries harder than ever and almost falls completely out of the air. The city is definitely not what he was expecting. Finally the crowd disperses and he's able to continue.
A few more turns. A few more streets. A dozen or so more taverns. He finally reaches the shop. There is quite a bit of debate among fairies in his village about who to go to for raw gems but his master swears by MacIntyre. Apparently their families have had a working arrangement for several generations. He parks his cart near the door and, wings fluttering, enters the shop. Walls. Tables. Cases. All full of gems. Despite how long he had been at this he doesn't think he has seen this many gems throughout his entire life. As he looks around a dwarven head appears in a window leading to another room. "You must be Peregrine!" The Dwarven male yells happily in a deep masculine voice. He disappears from the window and enters the room through a door nearby.. and the extremely large breasts take Peregrine by surprise. He had heard, with their beards, it was very hard to tell male and female dwarves apart but he never thought it would be this hard.
He quickly recovers from the shock. "Yes! Are you MacIntyre?" He says politely. "Mrs. MacIntyre! Normally my husband would handle this but he felt like heading to the tavern. Speaking of which! Where are my manners? Come! Come! We have everything ready for you." She says as happy as all the other dwarves have been. Peregrine flutters along behind her as they enter the room she had just left. Laid out along the extremely long table is the entire order. A years worth of raw uncut gems organized by type and size. He immediately begins flying towards the gems to begin his inspection but is cut short. "No! Where is the fun in that? Drink! Drink!" She shouts happily gesturing at the table on the far side of the room. There are six kegs on the table all together. Three of them are fairy size along with a flagon made just for his people. He knew this was coming. He does love their beer but.. not a lot of it. Hopefully he can get through this and somehow politely turn down a few drinks.
Wings beating quickly he flies over and fills his first flagon. As he drinks he does somewhat understand why the dwarves can't stop. During his 1 beer Mrs. MacIntyre drinks several herself. Finally he finishes his beer and it seems she's happy for the moment so they can get to work. He goes up and down the table, row by row, very slowly. He trusts their work but he wants to prove to his master he's really putting in the effort. He examines each gem both with his tools and magically. Every few gems she happily declares it's time for more beer. At first he's frustrated because he really doesn't want to drink but as time goes on he doesn't seem to mind anymore. As the beer starts really affecting him the conversation turns to relationships. She happily tells him about how she met her husband out in the forest when it turned out they had been tracking the same boar to hunt. He has very little relationship experience to discuss but ends up finding himself spilling his guts about the cute fairy who works in the bakery across the street.
"H..her WINGS!!!" he shouts, reminding himself of a dwarf. "So pink! S…so delicate! So SHAPELY!!" He flutters toward the kegs of his own free will this time. It takes him 5 tries to get the flagon under the tap. "D..don't get me wrong. I'm not that kind of fairy. I..I don..don't just look at a girl's wings" he adds worried about how he sounds. "Of course not! But we all notice things. You should see my husband handle a rifle.." Mrs MacIntyre says. As he goes back to work drunkenly, but still accurately, inspecting the gems he continues telling all about Rosalind. He talks about how often he goes to the window just to see if she's visible working. How he goes there everyday for lunch even though he doesn't particularly like bread. How his conversations with her are the best part of his day. "Well? Why not just tell Ms pretty wings how you feel?" she asks in the closest thing to a soft tone a dwarf seems to be capable of. "I…i…i…" and that's where things go a bit blank for Peregrine.
Next thing he knows he's waking up in a dwarvish room that's his size. He had been told to expect this. The dwarves long ago learned fairies were going to need some place to sleep off the beer and constructed these just for them. He slowly sat up, his head throbbing. "These…are not my clothes." he thinks to himself as he throws off the blanket. He decides to solve that mystery later as he looks around the room. He zeros in on a large jug of water with a set of glasses on the table against the opposite wall. He quickly gets up and attempts to fly to the jug but the beating of his own wings is just too much sound for his throbbing head. He makes his way to the jug and, ignoring the glasses, drinks the entire thing quickly. He makes his way to the door and slowly opens it and steps outside.
He sees his room was built halfway up a wall and he's now standing on a ledge. As he looks left and right he sees there are several more fairy rooms. "They really do like to be prepared.." he thinks. He walks to the railing along the edge and looks around. Judging by the normal sized doors lined up along the other wall he's in an inn. Just as he's coming to this conclusion a door opens at the end of the hall and a familiar face pokes its head into the room, sees he is awake, and smiles brightly before entering the room fully. "Well hello! You have been asleep quite some time." Mrs MacIntyre says in a voice softer than he thought dwarves were capable of. He is extremely grateful for this. "I don't remember how I got here. Or…these clothes…"
Mrs MacIntyre laughed loudly despite her attempts to keep quiet for his sake. "I myself brought you here. See those hinges on the wall? That lets us open the entire room. Your people usually need help getting in bed. As for the clothes…not long before you passed out last night you declared yourself to be lord of the gems. Your first proclamation was to outlaw clothing and then you burned yours. I have to say you are quite the dancer." Peregrine's face burns bright red in shame but he presses on. Part of him doesn't want to know but at the same time…he has to find out what else he did. "Did…I do anything else horrible?"
"Horrible?! Your dance was the highlight of my year! And besides..you seem to need to learn to loosen up anyways. Other than that we mostly talked about Rosalind. How much you love her. How scared you are to tell her. And….quite a bit about how you want to chew on her wings. You were very detailed about that." She smiled brightly as she said this as if she hadn't just said something even more terrifying than his clothing law. All he could do was lean on the railing and hide his face. "Don't be ashamed!! You opened up to me. You can with her as well. Well…maybe not about the wings just yet. But reading between the lines and speaking as a woman…from what you said of your conversations last night..it really sounds like she is interested in you as well"
Despite the shame he looks up hopefully. "You really think so?" He says quickly. She smiles and nods. "Last night we had quite the conversation about her love of the hanging bioluminescent vines along a lake near your village. She brings it up a lot you said. Silly fairy..she's been dropping hints about a date for months." His jaw drops. That…sounds very possible. The fear is still there but that has given him a lot of hope. "I…thank you.." he manages to say between his racing thoughts. "It's my pleasure Peregrine! Now..do you think you are ready to begin the trip home?" She says. This snaps him back to reality. The inspection! "Did I inspect the gems?" He asks quickly. "Inspected. Juggled. Danced with. Blew one up because it offended you somehow. Your master doesn't need to know. I already replaced it." More shame fills his tiny body but he tries to hide it. "Thank you.." he manages to say.
From there she leads him downstairs to the inns main room. They eat an amazing breakfast and she tells him more about the signs she noticed about Rosalind. By the time breakfast is over he is feeling rather confident. They make their way through the city back to her shop. His cart is still parked outside and she informs him they loaded it for him. They say their goodbyes and he thanks her from the bottom of his heart for her insight. As he is leaving the city he is barely paying attention to the journey. He's building an entire life in his head.
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2023.06.01 05:02 Nervous-Video-6483 Well it’s not the Avengers

To good for standard probably but I wanted to cost two mana cuz of hawk so here we are
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2023.06.01 04:55 FatOrc051 The Limitations of Magic

Been revising and reworking a lot of stuff about this magic system as of late and finally have a consistent set of limitations I’m happy with.
Within the realm of Modern Magic Magic is a powerful force, seemingly capable of doing anything commanded of it. However, while magic can theoretically do anything, in reality it’s alot more constrained then both mages and none-mages would like to believe. Their being many things things beyond magics or any mortal mages capacity to perform.
The Mage Themselves The biggest limiter to all mages power is themselves, being their own biggest obstacle. This is for a number of reasons, their range being limited to their surroundings/ their competence with magic/ their physical, mental, or spiritual condition/ access to proper equipment/ etc… . Above all these the biggest limiter to a mages power is their level of magic affinity and education.
Mages regardless of practice or specialization need a lot of training and knowledge to become efficient at their craft. Needing a through understanding as to what it is their doing in regards to magic theory/ scientific and arcane principles/ etc… . A mage with a poor understanding of a subject matter will not be proficiently capable of magically manipulating that subject, prone to errors and mistakes that can become dangerous extremely quickly. Often undergoing years of education and usually specialize themselves into particular fields of interest.
If magic education dictates a mages power set, magic affinity dictates their power level. Magic affinity is the mages souls ability to conjure magic from the ether, and the strength it has to withstand it. Mortal mages are highly restricted in the level of power their capable of individually channeling, most people regardless of species having low-mid level affinity. High level mages are a rarity, with Arch-Mages being a once a generation type occurrence. Overstepping one’s boundary is highly dangerous, risking overwhelming their soul and causing it damage or even breaking it entirely. At best soul damage is a career ending injury, leaving the mage with life-long physical and/or mental damage. At worst it can shatter their soul, destroying them and leaving behind an empty, cloudy grey eyed husk.
While education can be easily altered, magic affinity cannot. Increasing one’s magic affinity is a slow and arduous process. It can be bypassed however by “outsourcing” magic, relying on external sources rather then yourself with stuff like arcane loci/ spell-linking/ ether stones/ spirits/ etc… . This is highly unreliable however and introduces a lot of difficulties and challenges. To put it simply, its significantly easier and more reliable to use magic sourced from yourself then outside.
Law of Chaos Generally when magic screws up it’s the fault of the mage, however spells are also prone to screwing up for seemingly no reason. This being due to magic nature as the primordial aspect of chaos, and thus is prone to fits of unreliability. All spells, no matter how well calculated and performs always have a slight chance of going chaotic. Performing unintended actions, for better or most often worse.
While this cannot be avoided altogether the chances of spell chaos can be greatly reduced via ensuring your spells are stable. Using proper casting methods and control measures/ use of foci/ sourcing magic from your own soul/ etc… . All these can greatly reduce the chances of a spell going chaotic, but cannot stop it outright.
Mages are also prone to causing wyld magic events when under extreme emotion. Usually being small, unfocused spells that are cast involuntary. Always related to the emotion in question, for example causing flowers to bloom when happy or nearby objects to combust when enraged.
Law of Temporal Conservation This is something I’ve had as a limitation since day one, their is absolutely no time travel whatsoever. Time cannot be magically controlled nor manipulated, only glance upon to foresee the past and divine potential futures.
Time is very a mysterious and poorly understood force. What little is known is that time exist above both the material and ethereal world, influencing both yet beyond either one’s ability to control.
Law of True Creation Magic cannot create true matter, only adopt the image of matter. And all magically created objects/ polymorphy is temporary, fading once it’s spell runs out of power.
This is cause magic and matter are two fundamentally separate things, being the make up of their respective realms. While both sprung forth from the same source during the birth of the universe, and can highly influence eachother they cannot be converted between one another. Magic can manipulate matter and adopt its image, either purely as an image for illusions or converting itself into a tangible form to mimic matter for stuff like conjuring and polymorphy. These being active spells will eventually fade from the material realm when their power runs out, returning back to the ether as magic.
Law of Fundamental Nature Magic cannot change objects/ entities beyond what they truly are. While with magic material object and entities can be altered into all kinds of unique new forms, they will still retain the core essence of their being.
For example you can transmute a rock into a steak, magically altering its structure and makeup to match that of meat. In reality you didn’t magically create true meat, only a rock in the shape of meat. It holding no caloric value and tasting very… inedibly earthy. For another example a human transforming into a wolf, while their form changes their soul and genetics remain consistent. Exhibiting no lupine dna or behaviorally changes, and can still be tracked back to them.
Soul Creation Mages are, as far as anyone knows, incapable of creating artificial souls. How exactly souls are created is unknown, other then the spark of life the ether performs to birth both physical and spiritual beings souls into existence. This means that mages are incapable of creating life, only mimicking or altering pre-existing life.
They can create an illusion of a living bird, copying its form and behaviors precisely. However this conjured bird is only that, a copy, as it lacks a soul and thus true life or will of its own. They can take existing souls and bind them to objects other creatures, but this is only changing the vessel that soul inhabits. Spirits can create new spirits via fracturing pieces of their own soul and having them gain consciousness, but not even the most powerful or ancient of spirits can make a soul from nothing.
Souls that fade or are destroyed are gone forever, and thus the person as well. They can never be resurrected/ summoned/ or repaired as they cease to exist. The magic that created said soul returning to the ether, their consciousness ceasing to exist.
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2023.06.01 04:53 Jigen8206 Something Horrible is Happening in Morefolk

Part One: There's Something Awful Happening in Morefolk : nosleep (reddit.com)

You know who this is. Sorry for the long wait, and thank you for your patience. Yes, this is a new email address, though the reason for that should be obvious.
I have to hand it to the pigs. They're not as clueless as I believed. What I once thought were monkeys dressed in uniform flinging shit at the wall, are actually monkeys using rudimentary tools to fling shit at the wall. I'll admit, it's cute. Still, if Morefolk's finest thought that updating their firewalls, naming their files gibberish, and using monoalphabetic substitution ciphers for their file text was enough to throw me off, they're sorely mistaken. For one, firewalls aren't as effective when I've left a backdoor in the system for free access. Seriously, it's not that difficult to get into something once you've already been inside before. Not to mention... you seriously thought documenting stuff in some basic code would do the trick? That I wouldn't be able to convert it to plain text? At least do something a little sophisticated next time; might I recommend studying some old telegrams from wartime and seeing how they did things? Seriously, your tech department should be paying me for tutelage, your cryptography is weak. The only thing I can give you credit for, is that I haven’t found any information on the unnamed agency referenced in your files. I assume their documents are cataloged in their own, entirely separate database, which isn’t surprising. Still, the only reason another agency would be involved with you at all, would be to order you around behind the scenes like the bunch of lackeys you are.
Regardless, that has no bearing on whether YOU can keep me out of YOUR shit. I suspect you'll either throw out the system and start anew, or, the more likely approach you'll take, is to start cataloging your documents in analog style. Don't know, don't care. I've already got enough as is.
To say that I've got a lot to drop on you all would be an understatement, and a severe one at that. Not everything is going to be shown right here and now, but in time, all will be clear. I've been waiting patiently, meticulously crafting my strategy, waiting for the perfect moment to re-appear. Such is the price of truth in a world run by breaking news and hastily woven narratives. There are always dozens, hundreds, even thousands of hands intricately drawing each needle through each thread, until a net of lies and misrepresentations have been constructed and cast. Cast upon what? You all, the "helpless fish" adrift at sea, going where the tide takes you. Yet, you are not helpless. There is a hand outstretched towards you, and it is my hand. I offer you access to the one thing more valuable than the money or security they try to bribe you with.
I offer you access to reality.
Reality is, regardless of who witnesses it. Therefore, the optimal way to deny one access to reality is to remove their ability to witness, to see, to observe, and to ogle the beautiful essence of truth. Think, for a moment, about what it is that best achieves this goal of restricting your perception of reality. What is it, that is such an obfuscation, such an obstruction, and such a danger?
I'll tell you, it's the narratives. The news, the media, and the outlets, all serve as distractions. Do not be so naive as to think that the news is on your side. They actively serve the interests of the authorities and their agendas... and once you become privy to that fact, it's obvious. Still, you might find my claims to be dubious, so let's take a look together, shall we? Allow me to show you precisely what I am talking about.
"Ellie Singleton, 33, Found Deceased in Home"
"The body of Ellie Singleton, 33, was found unresponsive in her home on Monday, January 23rd, 2023. Authorities arrived on the scene shortly after her husband, Barry Singleton, reported an incident that occurred that Monday night, around 4:47 AM. Although emergency services were quick to the scene, she was regrettably announced dead upon arrival at Morefolk Town Hospital at 5:09 AM. Detective Clark Casper, who arrived at the scene shortly following the incident, declined to comment. So too did Barry Singleton.
Although the nature of this incident remains highly unknown, its impact on our community is not lost on anyone. Plenty of tears were shed among friends, family, and loved ones, who all shared their sympathies with Mister Singleton. Ellie Singleton was expected to deliver her first child in the summer of this year. She very much had a love for children, and it wasn't uncommon for her to work as a substitute teacher at Morefolk Elementary. Many of the young students she taught and influenced took part in laying down flowers and paying their respects at the school, which hosted a memorial assembly in her honor. Ellie stood as a pillar of this community, doing what she could to ensure that future generations had a reliable shoulder to lean on. Now, a community stands as one, hearts torn apart for the Singleton family. This will surely be a day of much mourning and prayer."
Innocent enough, right? Just a heartfelt news clipping in response to a horrific happening. A good old unifier of the people to get them through a trying time. Aside from that, there's not much to go off of, granted this was the first of what we now know to be murders. Let's continue.
"Tragedy Strikes as 25-Year-Old Sasha Baker Was Found Dead In Her Bedroom"
"Onlookers littered the streets as Sasha Baker, 25, was peacefully wheeled out of her home the other night on Saturday, January 29th, 2023. Mothers, fathers, and children held hands in solemn silence as they watched, burdened with the great loss of their friend."
"It just doesn't make sense, she was young and healthy and happy, I can't even wrap my head around it," said Chuck Rivera, a long-time friend of Sasha Baker.
"This kind of thing doesn't happen in this town... it just doesn't," commented Ashley Sanchez, who was so disturbed by the death, that she had to be comforted by those around her.
"Morefolk police released a brief statement following the occurrence, with Sheriff Tom Mackey being quoted as saying, "We want you to know that our hearts are heavy, and this loss is weighing down on us, all of us. Sasha was a great woman. From the food pantries she hosted inside the church, to all the service work she did for our town, she always served as a positive influence on our youth. To us, she was family. A bright and optimistic woman we grew up alongside. Our thoughts and prayers go out to David Baker, and to any and all who are undoubtedly hurting at this time. We will be conducting an investigation into this incident, absolutely. I cannot confirm anything to you with certainty, but we have reason to believe that, well, this incident may have been the product of foul play. The chances of that being the case are low. Still, our officers are working diligently to ensure that this was not the cause of her death, because that, well, it would be heart-wrenching for all of us. Even more than it already is. We'll do what we can to keep all of you updated. Thank you for your time, and God bless you."
"At this time it is unspecified whether this event has any relation to the death of the late Ellie Singleton, who was found deceased in her home just a week prior."
Would you look at that? Do you know what I see? Useless fucking platitudes. Thoughts and prayers don't mean shit to us. Not to mention how vague Sheriff Mackey was about the supposed investigation they were hosting. They "peacefully" wheeled her body out of the home? Perhaps it appeared that way with several white cloths and EMTs blocking the view of her corpse. I'm not entirely sure how the word "peaceful" could be applied to the remains of a woman who had her unborn child violently ripped out. Nor am I sure how there could be any ambiguity as to whether she was murdered or not. Now you go ahead and wonder why it is that they're using such passive and evasive language. Something tells me that you already know the answer.
"Homicide Investigation Launched Following the Murder of Claire Summers"
"Town officials have confirmed that Morefolk Police are investigating the untimely death of Claire Summers, 28, which occurred on Wednesday, February 2nd, 2023, as a homicide."
"We are deeply disturbed by the passing of Claire Summers. The shock and sadness we are all going through cannot be understated. This is not an easy time for anybody," stated Sheriff Tom Mackey when asked for a comment about the recent development. "Our investigator's assessment of her death indicates to us that, regrettably, this was the result of a sick individual rather than a horrible accident or medical issue," continued Mackey.
"This revelation also came with an announcement from town officials that a curfew has been set in place. All citizens are to stay indoors after 9:30 PM, and all exceptions must be pre-emptively requested. Failure to abide by this regulation will be met with detainment, and offending persons may face criminal charges.
The investigation into Claire Summer's murder will incorporate the recently deceased citizens of Morefolk (Ellie Singleton, Sasha Baker) as police suspect those incidents may be related to this one. As of this moment, Kyle Summers has declined to comment.
Claire Summers, perhaps most well-known for her bakery located on Oak Way, will be remembered as sweetly as the goods she lovingly shared with us all. Not a single person would disagree that when in Claire's shop, smiles were formed and memories were made."
Three people had to die for them to announce that they were being murdered. Three. Whole. People. Suppose for a moment, that you don't believe me or my leaks. That you don't believe that this was all the doing of a wretched ghoul with sadistic tendencies. Is it not still strange that it took this long for a homicide investigation to be publicly launched? Each death took place inside of the victim's home, while their husbands were sleeping in the same bed as them. Are we meant to believe that a killer did their dirty work, and the husbands just... didn't notice? Seriously? These fucking rats in blue think you're all idiots. They think that you won't connect the dots. Don't let them treat you like clueless animals. Do not allow them to be evasive about what's truly happening.
"Morefolk Police Patrolling the Streets in Response to Most Recent Death"
"The killing of Jackie Middleton, 37, has unsettled Morefolk to its very core. Her death is another in a series of murders, now that the deaths of Claire Summers, Sasha Baker, and Ellie Singleton have been found to be connected. Morefolk police have decided to patrol the streets at night in response to this recent development, and the town curfew has been lowered to 9 PM."
"The safety of our town is our priority. We not only need to protect those of you living here, but find and prosecute whichever twisted individual is responsible for these crimes as soon as possible. We ask that you all cooperate with our curfew, and please, if you have any information that may be helpful to this case, contact us. Thank you," Sheriff Mackey explained when asked about his plan moving forward.
"When asked to comment on this tragedy, Jackie's husband Craig Middleton was quoted as saying, "There's not much for me to say at this time. The amount of hurt and devastation I'm going through can't be articulated. All I can say is that I hope our police force brings whoever did this to my family to justice."
"Furthermore, Kyle Summers, David Baker, and Barry Singleton requested to make a joint comment. The three men had also recently lost their loving wives, likely at the hands of the suspected killer involved in Jackie Middleton's murder."
"We've gotten together to support each other as of late. Things have been unimaginably hard to get through each day, but the condolences and support of all of you wonderful people have made it more manageable for us. We know we cannot change what happened, but we can, and must, address this problem before more lives are taken. Throughout these long, sleepless weeks, we've had the unequivocal support of the Morefolk Police Department. They have shown us great attention, care, and consideration. Most importantly, we know and trust that they will bring this murderer to justice. Please, support and believe in them, because they're doing all they can to fix this mess. Once again, we thank you for all the love and kindness you've given us. You all truly exemplify what it means to be wonderful neighbors, friends, and family."
"Jackie Middleton has always been an outgoing neighbor, working with Craig out of their small ice cream parlor on the nearby boardwalk. She'd often supply ice cream to nearby businesses for office parties and other celebratory events. Though store-bought ice cream would do the trick in a pinch, there was always something special about her delicious desserts that she made with the utmost love. To Morefolk, Jackie Middleton truly was the cherry on top."
They aren't even trying to hide it, are they? Surely you all caught it as well. Suddenly, the husbands who have gone without comment for so long, all come together to give a statement. A statement with the takeaway message of trusting the police department.
Want to know an interesting little tidbit of information? The author of all those newspaper clippings is the same person. Guess who it was. Does the name "Phil Pratt" ring a bell? Morefolk's beloved journalist, who happens to be married to Jamie Pratt. As is common knowledge, Jamie Pratt's maiden name is Jamie Mackey... these articles were written by the Sheriff's son-in-law.
I couldn't make this shit up.
Still, I know what you're thinking. It doesn't matter who wrote those articles and what biases they have! That doesn't mean the contents of the texts themselves aren't perfectly rational. Of course the husbands took a while to comment, they've been through so much trauma! Obviously, they all came forward together because they've got something in common to commiserate over, they're serving as each other's support systems, right?
Sure, it all sounds plausible at first, but the more you think about it, the more what I'm saying adds up. Remember, the husbands weren't allowed to stay at their homes, because their houses had become a crime scene. Plenty of neighbors and family members offered them places to stay, but you know where they ended up? That's right, they ended up staying in the police station. Yeah, I know the reason given was that the police wanted to ensure the husbands were receiving attention to their mental health, but then why not have them stay at the hospital? Then there's the explanation that the police wanted them close by so they could aid the investigation. Still, is that something that would require them to eat, sleep, and drink at the station for almost all hours of the day? That doesn't add up, does it?
I'll tell you the real reason that accounts for these abnormalities. The police were keeping the husbands there to monitor them. To ensure they weren't freely spreading their stories. To prevent them from commenting on the situation until they could be fed a comment generated by the pigs themselves.
You should also consider the fact that, despite these husbands having been in close proximity to their wives at the time of the killings, they were never once considered suspects in the case. What could possibly account for that, other than the fact that the cops knew that someone else, or something else, was responsible from the very beginning?
Some of you won't ever believe me, and I acknowledge that. That doesn't take away from the fact that this whole debacle has been handled so unconventionally. We've been told that the police would keep us updated on their investigations, but what have they really given us? We've received no identifiable suspect, no autopsy reports of the deceased victims, and the newspaper is more focused on selling this bullshit "Unify and support the police!" narrative than focusing on the particulars of the deaths themselves.
Go ahead and tell me we're being kept in the dark for the sake of investigative confidentiality. Tell me I'm seeking to divide us and push some communist anti-police agenda in the midst of a community tragedy. Claim that I'm making mountains out of molehills. Here's all I have to say. Either you're with me, the people, and the truth, or you're going to be a mindless sheep, licking the boots of those keeping the real facts at bay. The time is coming to make a damn choice.
Don't worry, I've got so much more to share. I'm not done exposing the hidden truths I found in the police files I cracked. I am simply waiting for the most opportune time to release more of what I have. Be patient my friends, it will be worth it. Trust me, after you see what's coming next, you will be as angry as I am. This monster terrorizing our town isn't going to stop at pregnant women and their unborn children.
After all, it already has claimed more than just those set of victims. You all might be aware that little Dennis Bowers went missing within the last week. Guess what?
They're lying to you about what happened to him.
All of it is connected, and I know just when and where to show you. The next time you hear from me, it'll be in a... different medium. Something big is about to happen. I'm certain of it.
Signing off,
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2023.06.01 04:50 dragontoonsanimation A mimir (sleepimg)

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2023.06.01 04:46 Compass_soulz Elden ring new playthur

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2023.06.01 04:44 Actual_Scratch_9821 Elden Ring reviews are in…

Source: https://iphone-gratuit.net/blog/elden-ring-reviews-are-in-2023-33/
More Memes at :
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2023.06.01 04:43 Ok_Masterpiece5297 So in a previous post I was having trouble with oas so I did some grinding got a better weapon, upgraded it and beat them on my first try this time only using 2 estus. Anyone having trouble on any boss it’s either your equipment or boss movement even in game like dark souls and not Elden ring.

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2023.06.01 04:39 mcase19 Ideas for my Good Mead Homebrew content?

My party is about to arrive in Good Mead, and I'm doing a bit of homebrew regarding the mead hall and carrion bees. I think I've got a solid base here, but I'm wondering how to bring it home regarding actions the party can take where they are now. Here's what I've got:
When the everlasting rime came upon ten towns, the speaker of good mead, Kendrick Rielsbarrow, journeyed into the Spine of the World, looking for a way to save his town after the bees all died from the cold. Legends tell of a land of eternal summer sequestered deep within the mountains, where the humming of summer insects is louder even than in the mead hall, but still drowned out by birdsong - this is Kuldahar, the land of Silvanus. When Kendrick came back, he and some of the other members of the Mead Hall sequestered themselves inside for days. When it came time for shipments to start coming out again, the honey that the villagers had expected to run out never did. Inside the Mead Hall, Kendrick had begun to cultivate the gift he had received from Silvanus - carrion bees.
Good Mead's Carrion bees come from the Spine of the World, where they are servants of the god of the wild. The bees are a true neutral force. They feed mostly on fish carted in from the lake and Elk brought in by the village's hunters, but the inhabitants of good mead have formed a symbiotic relationship with the hive. Nearly everyone in town knows, but they keep it a secret, half out of fear of losing a market for their product, and half out of shame.
When the Carrion Bees feed on a corpse, the honey they produce carries the memories of the creatures who went into making it. After consuming blood mead, a player will experience the dreams of the Icewind Elk and Knucklehead Trout that the bees fed on, and, if the body is that of a person, they will experience memories of their lives.
Since the everlasting Rime, burial in the Mead hall has become a sign of respect for the deceased. The villagers use the honey they get from these special burials to produce a special brew they call Dreamwine.
When the Verbeeg came and raided the Mead Hall, he made off with a shipment of Blood Mead, containing a small cask of Dreamwine.
That's where I hit a wall - I have two ideas - One for now, the other for later.
For now, I don't know what memories I could have stored in the dreamwine that the party could get use out of. Mostly I'm wondering if anyone has ideas they could share. At this stage, I think something which leads the players deeper into Ten Towns either by baiting them with treasure, or else enmeshing them in the local politics, is probably what would be best for the flow of the story.
For later, I think this could be a great hook into the Kuldahar module shared on this sub earlier today. After Good Mead is (statistically, almost certainly) destroyed by the Chardalyn Dragon, the hives are destroyed again, and in order to resettle, the villagers need the party to go to Kuldahar and bring back more carrion bees. The only one who knew how to get there was Kendrick, and his memories can be accessed via Dreamwine.
Let me know if you have any cool spins this could be used for. I'd love to see my party carting corpses back to good mead but I feel like it would become pointless if anyone ever gets the speak with dead spell. Any way I could expand this?
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2023.06.01 04:38 Alarming_Industry_14 [TotK] They need to drop this "modern" take on dungeons and go back... like FR

Having an open world format and a non linear sandbox approach for the overall core game doesnt mean that it has to affect the levels design aswell. I know Nintendo wanted to shake up staples of the franchise, but if there is one thing that never should have been touched, is the dungeons.
I never was a fan of the the Divine Beasts in BOTW, but i ended up giving them a pass there since it felt like an experiment and atleast the terminals format worked better for what they were, adding up the gimmick of changing the layout of each beast. But keeping that same format for TOTK and trying to do a weird frankestein of classic dungeon enviroment mixed with the divine beasts is just.... NO, it was simply a mistake.
There is simply no good reason why dungeons have to be mutilated to this level. This stupid mindset where everything has to be non linear and up to player choice should have its own limits aswell, because it kills proper level design.
Im fine with doing dungeons in any order, and im fine if i dont get a dungeon item (ALBW way) but i loathe that you have to turn the dungeons themselves into a shell of their former self. It simply feels like a total waste that a world this big with potential for really big clasical and intrincate dungeons, you decided to just turn them into mostly open air shrines crammed together that barely last a thing.
Is as if Nintendo is now allergic of proper lenghty isolated and intrincate enviroments. Elden Ring was the perfect example of having an open world but still translating the level design of the souls games into different isolated areas of gameplay known as the Legacy Dungeons. Even ALBW which had a non linear approach in doing the dungeons, and with all the items already accesible did it great, they were actual proper dungeons, why cant modern 3D Zelda do this?.
I want to go with the Ritos, so they take me to a place like City In The Sky
I want to go with the Zoras, so they take me to a place like Great Bay Temple
I want to go with the Gorons so they take me to a place like OOT Fire Temple
I want to go with the Gerudos so they take me to a place like Arbiters Ground.
I really hope Aonumas declarations of keeping the open world format for the future of Zelda doesnt mean that the dungeons will keep this same treatment.
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2023.06.01 04:38 Potential_Mastodon98 Unpopular opinion: Baddies ATL reunion is the best baddies reunion

South being a close second. For ATL they didn’t need to fight in the reunion for it to be entertaining. Sidney and Judi constantly disrupting. Natalie being Natalie. And it had the best hosts. Meanwhile west is just a boxing ring and Chrisean was just speaking over everybody the whole time. Souths reunion had its moments but ATL’s felt more complete and it left on a good note
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2023.06.01 04:37 Quiet_Flan1515 34F finally ready for friend

My best friend in the entire world passed away last year. Many people have walked in and out of my life, but he was constant. I lost my person and it devastated me. I’m not looking to replace my homie, but I would love to honor him by putting myself out there like I know he would want me to. So here goes!
I’m a 34 year old housewife from the Midwest and many describe me as quirky. I don’t have kids, but I love them. My nieces and nephews are my favorite people. I have 3 amazing dogs and a cat that recently passed who was secretly my favorite. I love to read romances, thrillers/horror, some fantasy, and true crime. Reality tv is my guilty pleasure and my younger siblings recently got me into anime. My love language is cooking/baking. I am infamously known for my chocolate chip cookies. My husband and I have been together for 10 years and married for 8 in September. We are complete opposites and still disgustingly in love with each other.
I feel like I’m rambling now so I’ll stop. If anything I said made you want to get to know me then I would love to get to know you as well. My grammar is crap, but I know how to spell, my handwriting has been called pretty, and I hope I can make you smile. I’m open to any and all conversations that don’t involve religion or politics. That gets too messy.
Ok. I’m really done now 🙂
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2023.06.01 04:29 leChris27 Pontiff Sulyvahn - I appreciate all feedback! <3

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2023.06.01 04:26 Actual_Scratch_9821 Elden Ring reviews are in…

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2023.06.01 04:22 Alert-Tea3625 Feedback for First Draft Speech on ABBA

Hey, fellow ABBA fans! I'm doing a "culture speech assignment" for my class and I've decided to do ABBA. Below is my first draft which I wrote very quickly. I'm wondering whether there is anything more I should add or elaborate on. The speech is supposed to be about 4 minutes long.
--Speech begins here--
*plays Angeleyes* If you’ve been on TikTok or Instagram reels in the past couple of years, you may have heard this song. Or maybe you’ve heard “Gimme! Gimme! Gimme! (A Man After Midnight)” or “Lay All Your Love on Me”, or maybe you’ve seen or least heard of *”Mamma Mia” poster appears on slideslow* this movie. If you don’t already know, all of these have the same origin. The best-selling artist from continental Europe: ABBA, a pop group consisting of four Swedes who made headlines in the 1970s and have a timeless legacy. Today, I will explain to you who ABBA is, their history as well as their legacy today.
The band name is an acronym of each of the four members’ first names. They are Agnetha Faltskog, Bjorn Ulvaeus, Benny Andersson and Anni-Frid, also known as Frida, Lyngstad. Typically, Bjorn and Benny, with occasional assistance by their manager, Stig Anderson, would write the songs, and Agnetha and Frida would provide the vocals, although Bjorn did so as well at times, especially in early tracks. Bjorn was equipped with a guitar, Benny with a piano, and a backing band accompanies them as well. During ABBA’s career, the foursome were two couples: Agnetha and Bjorn, and Benny and Frida.
Now, how did all of this come to be? Very slowly. The four each had a lot of experience in music, and Bjorn and Benny were in other bands beforehand. During music festivals and TV specials in Sweden, the future members of ABBA crossed paths, and in the case of the couples, got together. According to Frida “We all met because of our interest in music, and also because the boys fell madly in love with us girls.” The foursome first performed together on a vacation in Cyprus in 1970. Agnetha and Bjorn married in 1971, and in 1972, they recorded their first song together, “People Need Love”. In 1973, they released their first album “Ring Ring”. However, these four had bigger sights. They wanted international stardom, and they realized they could do that by winning the Eurovision Song Contest. They failed to qualify with their first hit, “Ring Ring” in 1973, but the following year, they did win, with the still-recognizable hit “Waterloo”. However, despite reaching this goal, they all knew they had something special, and decided to follow up this success. They followed up their “Waterloo” album with a self-titled album in 1975, debuting hits “Mamma Mia” and “SOS”. The next year, they released “Arrival”, the first album sold in North America. It contained their biggest ever hit “Dancing Queen” among other classics. They released “ABBA: The Album” in 1977, and Bjorn and Benny created a three-song mini-musical called “The Girl with the Golden Hair” as a part of it. “Thank You for the Music” was one of these songs. In 1978, Benny and Frida got married, and despite the divorce of Agnetha and Frida the following year, they released Voulez-Vous, my personal favourite of their albums, including “Angel Eyes”, “Chiquitita” and “Does Your Mother Know”. This album followed the short-lived disco trend. In 1980, they released “Super Trouper”, containing the titular track, “The Winner Takes It All” and “Lay All Your Love on Me”. However, things began to take a downturn after this. They weren’t the biggest fans of touring, music tastes were changing, and the divorce of Benny and Frida led to tensions within the band. If you listen to their 1981 album “The Visitors”, you can easily sense the darker, more melancholic tone in their music. An interesting bit of trivia here is that this was the first album ever to be manufactured on CD. In 1982, they recorded a few more tracks for a future album, but it was clear they couldn’t continue. They never announced their breakup, but quietly did so in the end of that year.
According to Bjorn, “When we broke up, I thought that ABBA was something completely past” and that “It was actually dead. It was so uncool to like ABBA”. For a while, it seemed like that was the case. There were new artists making headlines, like Michael Jackson and Madonna, and a ton of MTV one-hit wonders. However, in 1992, their greatest-hits album, ABBA Gold was released, and in 1999, Bjorn and Benny teamed up with Catherine Johnson to create the “Mamma Mia” musical, which was adapted into a film in 2008. This helped introduce ABBA to a whole new generation of fans, and began their slow resurgence. They became popular again. Their songs became viral on social media. Then, in 2021, the big bomb dropped. ABBA was suddenly getting back together. They were making a new album, “Voyage”, and we’re creating a virtual concert residency, with virtual holograms of themselves, in a purpose-built ABBA-arena in London. The fans went crazy, rushing to react to the new album as well as selling out tickets for the concert several months in advance. It is clear now that ABBA remains popular, and their hits are timeless.
What makes it all the more special is how unique they are. They took passion, time and effort into each of their songs. Nothing sounds like them, and nothing ever will. We need to keep appreciating their work while they are all still around, since there will never be another ABBA.
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2023.06.01 04:20 someguythinghuman Multiplicity Item Farming(and how to use it)

Multiplicity Item Farming(and how to use it)
Recently In a ring of wealth run I decided to experiment with this farming method i've heard of but never before used myself.
This farming method includes wearing armor of multiplicity at a high enough level to entirely avoid taking damage from the enemy you want to farm in melee. If you cannot reach this, use a greatshield if you can.
Ideally you use a ring of arcana to make multiplicity proc more often, like in this image where I have a +5 ring of acana from my ring of wealth's drops.
Once you have these items, find the enemy youw ant to repeatedly spawn for their drops.
Lure them to the nearest ledge which allows for the most spawnable enemies to hit you.
If this enemy happens to be piranhas, lure them near the edge of a body of water and try to minimize the possible damage the spawning of a mirror image could cause(in my case using a greatshield). Ledges are still preferable however since mirror images would jusy fall and not harm the enemy in question.
A few minor ways to improve this method:
Using a prismatic image to double the enemy spawns after letting it reach the desired location.
Outfitting the ghost with armor of multiplicity and having them stand by the ledge with the armor and out of sight. This skips the attack animations and makes the process far faster.
How can this farming method be useful?
Faming coins from gnolls, gnoll brutes, and ghouls.
Faming mystery meat from crabs, cave spinners(they will keep poisoning you however, do not recommend) and finally piranhas(best results, hardest to tank)
Farming food rations from monks and pasties from senior monks
Potions break upon dropping from floors, so if you want to farm potion dropping mobs like warlocks or scorpios(who are tough to make this work for), do it away from ledges. Repeat trigger traps like flashing or gripping traps work best as the spot you spawn enemies in.
Farming blobs of goo from caustic slimes in the sewers(very hard to have the necessary items for this farming method at that point in the game) or, like in this image, cursed metal shards from DM-201s.
Seeds, rune and dew from evil eyes(manual kill only since they float, and good luck tanking the deathgazes without a high level ring of elements)
Scroll farming with DM-100s or succubus
That said, if this method sounds fun, have a seed where it is possible due to a ring of wealth!
QXY-WDG-HLP(beta 3 only for now)
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2023.06.01 04:19 chimerix I'm so afraid!

Ok, I've now officially gone farther than ever before in my budding new foray into DCSS. I've cleared all 15 levels, the Lair, and the Orcish Mines. I know the next step is to head into the Lair Rune Branches, but I'm terrified! I've been doing so well!!

I'm not sure how much of a dump anyone wants, but here's a lot. If anyone wants to offer advice before I plumb these new depths, that would be great!
HippieInHawaii the Warrior (Minotaur Berserker) Turns: 28739, Time: 06:25:46 Health: 128/157 AC: 29 Str: 30 XL: 16 Next: 47% Magic: 14/15 EV: 18 Int: 4 God: Trog [*****.] Gold: 928 SH: 0 Dex: 14 Spells: 15/15 levels left rFire . . . a - +4 battleaxe (heavy) rCold . . . (shield currently unavailable) rNeg + . . s - +4 plate armour "Xuikofo" {rPois Stlth+} rPois + (helmet restricted) rElec . j - +1 cloak "Zucoomul" {Rampage rN+ Str+4 Stlth-} rCorr . H - +2 pair of gloves {infuse} SInv . O - +2 pair of boots Will +.... n - amulet of magic regeneration Stlth P - +4 ring of slaying HPRegen 0.46/turn C - +5 ring of evasion MPRegen 0.54/turn %: rampage, infuse magic (1 MP) @: very slightly contaminated, studying Fighting A: horns 2, retaliatory headbutt a: Renounce Religion, Berserk, Trog's Hand, Brothers in Arms You are on level 15 of the Dungeon. You worship Trog. Trog is extremely pleased with you. You have visited 3 branches of the dungeon, and seen 22 of its levels. You have also visited: Gauntlet and Volcano. You have collected 3260 gold pieces. You have spent 2332 gold pieces at shops. Inventory: Hand Weapons a - a +4 heavy battleaxe (weapon) b - a +3 arbalest of draining Q - the +7 battleaxe of Tenacity {protect, rC+ Will- SInv} (You found it on level 3 of the Lair of Beasts) rC: It protects you from cold. SInv: It lets you see invisible. Will: It decreases your willpower. S - a +1 heavy executioner's axe Z - a +4 battleaxe of flaming Missiles d - 27 poisoned darts (quivered) e - 7 boomerangs L - 8 javelins Armour g - a +2 plate armour of fire resistance j - the +1 cloak "Zucoomul" (worn) {Rampage rN+ Str+4 Stlth-} (You found it in a Gauntlet) Str: It affects your strength (+4). rN: It protects you from negative energy. Rampage: It bestows one free step when moving towards enemies. Stlth: It makes you less stealthy. If you remove this armour, your AC would decrease by 3 (29 -> 26). s - the +4 plate armour "Xuikofo" (worn) {rPois Stlth+} (You bought it in a shop on level 1 of the Dungeon) rPois: It protects you from poison. Stlth: It makes you more stealthy. If you remove this armour, your AC would decrease by 20 (29 -> 9). A - the +0 plate armour of Feasting {rC+ Will+ Int+3} (You found it on level 14 of the Dungeon) Int: It affects your intelligence (+3). rC: It protects you from cold. Will: It increases your willpower. >!If you switch to wearing this armour, your AC would decrease by 4 (29 ->!< 25). F - a +1 cloak of poison resistance H - a +2 pair of gloves of infusion (worn) O - a +2 pair of boots (worn) Jewellery c - a ring of flight n - an amulet of magic regeneration (around neck) v - a ring of fire C - a +5 ring of evasion (right hand) I - a ring of protection from cold K - a +4 ring of protection N - a +6 ring of strength P - a +4 ring of slaying (left hand) X - the ring of Caghir {rN+ rCorr Str+2} (You found it on level 5 of the Lair of Beasts) [ring of resist corrosion] Str: It affects your strength (+2). rN: It protects you from negative energy. rCorr: It protects you from acid and corrosion. Wands k - a wand of digging (4) l - a wand of light (8) y - a wand of iceblast (19) E - a wand of polymorph (13) R - a wand of flame (28) V - a wand of paralysis (3) Scrolls i - 11 scrolls of teleportation m - a scroll of fog t - 7 scrolls of fear u - 3 scrolls of magic mapping w - 4 scrolls of blinking J - 2 scrolls of silence U - 11 scrolls of identify Potions f - 5 potions of haste h - a potion of invisibility o - 2 potions of flight p - 3 potions of berserk rage q - a potion of magic r - 11 potions of curing x - 2 potions of heal wounds z - 2 potions of cancellation B - 3 potions of might G - 5 potions of ambrosia Miscellaneous D - a lightning rod (4/4) M - a phantom mirror Skills: * Level 17.9 Fighting * Level 17.3 Axes + Level 11.0 Ranged Weapons + Level 10.3 Throwing + Level 12.6 Armour + Level 11.6 Dodging + Level 9.6 Stealth You have 15 spell levels left. You don't know any spells. Your spell library is empty. Dungeon Overview and Level Annotations Branches: Dungeon (15/15) Temple (0/1) D:5 Lair (5/5) D:11 Shoals (0/4) Lair:2 Snake (0/4) Lair:3 Slime (0/5) Lair:5 Orc (2/2) D:12 Elf (0/3) Orc:2 Vaults (0/5) D:13 Depths (0/4) D:15 Volcano (visited) Gauntlet (visited) Altars: Cheibriados Dithmenos Elyvilon Fedhas Qazlal Ru Trog Wu Jian Shops: D:1 [? Orc:1 ! Orc:2 (([? Innate Abilities, Weirdness & Mutations You have a pair of horns on your head. You reflexively headbutt those who attack you in melee. 
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