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2023.06.04 00:07 spamanthaha is there a way to have my name taken off the property tax website?

i want to do this for safety purposes so that people canʻt search my name and find my address. i know this is an odd question but i have actually have a person of concern. located in colorado. any suggestions without changing my name?
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2023.06.04 00:07 BoliPC Words of comfort for those worried about their loved ones Salvation

Everyday, I pray that everyone believes in Jesus Christ someday and for Salvation for every soul, in Jesus Christ's name. This is to say, to whomever is reading this, I pray for you, your family, and your friends every single day. I pray for you to accept and receive the only thing that really matters, if you haven't already.
I am not naive, I completely accept that this prayer may not pan out for everyone. I love God the same (which is with my everything) regardless of that fact. The truth is, I want it for them more than they want it for themselves, in many situations. I cannot accept the truth for them, just as no one was able to believe in Jesus Christ on my behalf.
The Bible is clear in that there will be a falling out, as my brother in Christ, Joe, explained to me, we are experiencing it now, look around. A vast majority of people will be blind and deaf to receiving the truth. You may ask, well why would God do that? Yeah, I used to question Him, I'm not telling you not too. I am telling you that I don't , or at least I try not too. I give in to Him completely with my everything, accepting He is in control, and that He knows better than me. He is Sovereign, and our willingness or lack thereof doesn't not change that truth.
God states He wants everyone to be saved, so my prayer is in accordance with His will, He doesn't say they will though. This tells me that, if my family and friends are not saved, the blood isn't on God's hands, it is on their own. Should this deter me from trying to spread the Gospel? No, because I don't know who will eventually accept Christ, and furthermore, I can't find a reality where I can give up on anyone. Christ tells me to forgive, so I do. If you have truly forgiven someone, and you love them (we should love everyone, we are all neighbors on earth) then why would I give up on them?
I know there is scripture stating to effectively brush the dust off your sandals and walk away from those unwilling to hear it. I try, for the most part, to not berate strangers with the Gospel after they've heard it from me. You might say, well they already know it, so your first attempt is possibly the hundredth attempt from others having tried. I hear you, but their is a very likely chance that their exposure to the Gospel was a tainted and hateful explanation by a self proclaimed Christian that in no way even tries to walk with Christ. I try and if they don't want to hear it, I proceed with speaking the Gospel through my actions so as to not drive them away.
So how do we live with the possible reality that our spouse, parents, children, extended family, and friends may make the personal choice to never accept Christ Jesus as their Savior? How do we reconcile that they choose hell, a hell that they clearly don't believe exists. How do we reconcile that they effectively are telling us we are a liar when we tell them that Jesus is the Truth, and we want nothing more for them than their Salvation?
We give it all to God. We trust God, with our entire heart, mind and soul, and all of our strength. We pray for them daily. We do not allow it to deter our daily pursuit of living a more Christ like life and sharing the Gospel, but we instead use it as fuel for the fire of the Holy Spirit within. For Him to shine so bright through us that one can't help but say, "I'll have what He is having please." Live in the presence of God every waking moment. Praise and rejoice in Him in everything you do. Allow His joy and peace into your heart. Leave the rest to the Lord. He does not disappoint.
And lastly, I remember that anyone in my life that knew Christ the way I know Him now, watched me for 36 years, and prayed and didn't give up on me either, no matter how discouraging it may have been. That they knew I was blinded to the truth, tricked by the adversary, and they tried to not take offense to me denying what they were telling me was true. They trusted God, and knew it would be on His time, not their own, if it were to happen. And even with the notion that it may never happen for me, they persisted with an abundance of grace as only found through Jesus Christ, the Son of God, our Lord and Savior, and an undying faith everlasting out of love for Him.
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2023.06.04 00:06 LucidIsntHere I want to move out and go NC but I'm scared

(TW: Meantions of Abuse, CSA, and possible animal danger)
My parents are currently divorcing, I live with my mom and my brother currently but after spending time at my friend's house I realized how toxic my relation with my mom was when I felt safer at my friend's house than at home. I realized how backwards it is that I've been having to care for mom, I know she's disabled but our relationship wasn't really parent-child. She wouldn't really have a filter at times and I never really got to tell her about my issues because she compared them to hers.
I was assaulted by my brother last year, I was 17 when it happened and he was 19, and I haven't been able to tell my mom because I don't think she will believe me. She still sees him as a sweet kid so I doubt she would be able to see him doing anything wrong.
I'm 18 right now but I have no money, I can't work or drive because of health issues (chronic migraines, neurodivergencies + trauma, new spine pain. I might qualify for disability but I haven't gotten to apply yet) and even if I could work a normal job I don't have my own bank account and I can't make one because I don't know my SSN. I feel trapped because I have to depend on her.
And even if I was able to move I'm worried about the cats. We have 3 cats, 2 of them are sisters and the youngest one is unofficially mine. Kaya ("my" cat) would come with me but I'm worried about the other 2, I'm usually the one who cares for them and I can't split them up because they've always had each other. I'm scared that they might be hurt if I leave them behind, Dad had already threatened to send them back to the shelter and mom makes "jokes" (she says they're jokes but they upset me dearly) about hurting Nikita (one of the sisters, the more vocal and outgoing one). Pippin (the other sister) has just started opening up as well and I'm worried she'll struggle if I leave.
I don't know what to do or how to get out of this. I know I'm legally an adult but I feel like a child still and I'm honestly kind of scared. Any resources on what to do would be super helpful I want to get out of here. I have an irl friend who is willing to let me stay with them for a few days if I need to but there's still alot that I need help with.
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2023.06.04 00:05 Snoo-54920 I don’t get along w my brother

I never thought I’d come to the point where I’d rant about this on a random forum but honestly it feels like I am the only one that cares about this problem and nobody wants to listen to me talk about it. I am 19(f), my brother is 17. Since we were young we never truly got along. Just for context. My parents had always been a bit emotionally absent, especially my father who is very physically absent altogether. Whenever i talk to my dad about how misbehaved my brother is he simply shrugs and if he cares he will shout at him for a bit to fulfil his yearly parental goal as a dad of being present. All my mum does when there is a problem with ANYONE in the house is shout, so she often shouted at me or my brother (the two oldest children out of four). When we were younger we had terrible fights which usually ended up with us hitting each other, it’s sad to think about now but we didn’t know better and learnt it from our home life. As we got older our fights were only ever verbal and have always been, I had a bad temper at home due to other childhood traumas and so did my brother and whenever we had a disagreement we would just end up fighting and we could never have a civil conversation without anyone raising their voice. After a while I learnt that being angry will get you nowhere in life and taught myself to be better with my emotions (not saying i’m some golden child but ive learnt to talk things out instead of shouting and throwing insults at someone), sadly, my brother has not done any self evaluation and instead has only gotten worse over time. Im not blaming him but rather my parents, who i love very much but as i get older I can only see them as people who shouldn’t have had kids (or at least so many as 4). Now, before i continue, I dont want to wholly blame my brother for his behaviour and I dont want to say that I an perfect and I dont sometimes annoy him because I definitely do, but as someone who lives with him (and since coming back from uni it seems like we can never get along) he really does piss me off. I dont know when it started, but he started calling my younger siblings all sorts of names that were very disrespectful and whenever he talked to them it was all in a disrespectful and demeaning tone. Let’s say for example, there was a time where my youngest brother (X) is playing on a console, my other brother (lets call him Z) will demand he gets off as if he has some form of entitlement. The reason it pisses me off is because Z had his own console but sold it to buy shoes, but for some odd reason feels he can demand X out of using a console that was bought for X???? So let’s say now, X says he wants to stay on his console because he’s still in a game or whatever, Z will start to shout at X and demand him to get off the console. This usually happened when Z would go out with his friends for the whole day then come back and kick anyone who was in the living room out (even my parents sometimes) to play with his friends on the console????????? It doesn’t stop there. My brother is highly inconsiderate. He doesn’t clean in the house but complains about mess and compares it to all of his friends houses that are nice and clean(but he makes the most mess in the house and refuses to clean up after himself half the time). He has forced my mum multiple times to buy expensive things for him (like £500 shoes) and if she ever objected he would get incredibly angry and say he’ll “never talk to her again”. The other day he left his glasses at home before going to work and there were a few people at home but none were answering the phone, he started to get sooo pissed off that he started sending voice notes to the family group chat calling all of useless and that we aren’t doing anything (this was on a Saturday morning) and was shouting in the voice note calling everyone ‘fucking useless’. It was so agitating because he was getting pissed off at everybody except himself fir a problem/ mistake that he made..?? He doesn’t listen AT ALL! There have been multiple instances where I have tried to talk to him about his behaviour or to simply listen to me when i speak and he wont even look at me when i talk to him about things (unless its about something he wants like money or something). If i tell him off for things in a gentle way he will speak under his breath saying ‘yeah just shut up’ or ‘i dont care’ or ‘whatever i dont care’ and he’ll repetitively mumble those words until i stop talking. He doesn’t just do this to me either, he does it to my mum and i would say he does it to my dad to but rarely because my dad is hardly a parent, rather he is just somebody that we live with and see off to work. Every time i speak to him it feels like i have list all my energy, and whenever i try to talk to my parents about his behaviour all they say is ‘ yes he is very bad’ or ‘ we’ll just have to pray for him’. Today i tried to talk to my mum about it and all she could say is, yeah i dont know what to do about him. It feels like he wants to embody the word disrespectful because thats all hes ever been. He also keeps shouting at my siblings if they don’t do a simple thing for him like getting a glass of water for him he’ll berate them and call them all sorts of names over something as simple as that. His friends enable him too, if he gets into a fight with any of them he’ll make his friends gang up on one and call them all sorts of names. I only know this cause when he calls them he’s really loud even if we ask him to keep quiet (he’d often have these calls late at night), and i remember hearing that one time his friend called out his behaviour and he just cussed that friend and said he was wring for calling hum out like that because his behaviour towards that friend was for a reason… i dont know the full story behind that but anyways.. i digress. Honestly, he does piss me off greatly and sure he could grow out of how he is now because he is only 17 but something happened recently that made me truly worried. When i was still staying on campus, i got a call from my mum ( a few months ago, this year) saying that my brother had threatened a family member (that we live with). He said “I will kill you.”. Do you want to know the reason why he said that? Do you want to know what sparked off his anger? It was because my youngest brother was in the shower… That day my brother (Z) was about to go out with his friends but my youngest brother was in the shower around the time Z planned to get in the shower (in which he didn’t tell anyone about him getting the shower around that time). He started banging on the bathroom door and shouting at my youngest brother who was in the bathroom and in the middle of a shower. Of course its annoying when this happens but it should NEVER aggravate you to that point. To intervene, our older family member, who is like an aunty to us (lets call her Y), told him to wait and that X will come out of the bathroom soon. Eventually it ended up with both raising their voices and Z threatening her violently. My mum tried to hold a meeting and talk to Z about his behaviour towards Y. He was on his phone the whole time my mum tried to talk to him, in which she was talking to him in a gentle manner for the first time ever, and he ignored her completely and left her whilst she was talking to talk to his friends instead. Im worried because he doesnt care at all, i tried to lecture him about it and he wasnt listening at all, he was busy taking a pizza order and then ended the phone call to talk to his friends about an ‘important matter’. The reason why i have started this post is because just now, we nearly fought because i was lecturing my siblings about cleanliness (my house is honestly really messy and my parents are too busy to clean and in not around constantly to help out with cleaning). The question of who made the most mess came up and i told my youngest siblings that they weren’t ‘the number one problem’, Z came out of the living room (that he kicked everyone out of) and heard that and started to ask ‘who’s the number one problem? Cause i know its not me’ and i answered back by saying ‘yes its you’ and giving an example of how he just had a snack and left a mess of it in the living room without cleaning up after himself before he left to go out and and then come back. As i was speaking he just did the same thing he always did, he told me to shut up under his breath until i did. I went to my room and ignored him. I know im not the best sister ever, i also know that how we fought when we were younger contributed to how he is now and his behaviour in school (he was a bit loud and a lot of teachers hated that) turned him into a scapegoat and a black sheep in the family. But i dint know what to do. Do i just ignore him from now on? Should i stop trying to lecture him and communicate things like this to him? Do i just wait for him to move out and cut the whole family off? I honestly could care less about the fact that we dont get along, maybe thats not meant for us, but its the fact that he doesn’t want to be better for himself. Its like he’s getting worse and becoming more selfish and less caring about others around him. Pls share any thoughts you have Sorry for the typos and bad grammar
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2023.06.04 00:05 AdOrganic6395 I Found This Wiki!

I Found This Wiki!
I Like It! It’s Called Lumpypedia!
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2023.06.04 00:05 Honest-Credit-1297 College Girls Account Cancelled at Once

Thank you for reading my articles. I have a new article:
by Andrew Roller
On June 28, 2022, I subscribed to the following web site:
collegegirlsgonebad ( dot ) com
I subscribed for a year.
On June 2, 2022, I cancelled my subscription to I did so by calling the phone number for collegegirlsgonebad ( dot ) com. There, I spoke to Jacob.
Jacob told me that my account would remain valid, and usable, until my subscription renewal date of June 28, 2022.
I then wrote a confirming e-mail to collegegirlsgonebad ( dot ) com. I wrote my e-mail to:
[email protected]
( The address can be divined as standing for: help at college girls bad help dot com. )
Collegegirlsgonebad ( dot ) com sent me a confirming e-mail.
Their e-mail reads, in part:
“Your user-name and password will expire on COLLEGEGIRLS Wed 2023-Jun-28 17:40:45 PDT.”
On June 3, 2023, I logged in to collegegirlsgonebad ( dot ) com. Was I still able to watch the videos at collegegirlsgonebad ( dot ) com?
I tried to play many videos. None of the videos would play. Instead, I received the following message:
“Error loading media: File could not be played.”
Conclusion: Collegegirlsgonebad ( dot ) com did not tell me the truth. When I cancelled my account, it was cancelled at once.
During my membership, collegegirlsgonebad ( dot ) com did not allow me ( or anyone ) to download their videos. In order to obtain a copy of a video at collegegirlsgonebad ( dot ) com, you must make a screen recording of it.
Some videos freeze; you wind up recording no motion beyond a certain point in the video. I assume that this point, at which the video freezes, should be considered as being the end of the video. ( The video itself plays on, to an end point, but the image remains frozen. )
The videos at collegegirlsgonebad ( dot ) com run from half an hour to an hour and twenty minutes. When I recorded the 50 or so videos at collegegirlsgonebad ( dot ) com, I used up a lot of memory on my Apple iPad. This is because a screen recording is saved in the iPad’s “Photos” app.
The videos at collegegirlsgonebad ( dot ) com date from about the year 2012. The web site never changes. Nothing is added.
The e-mail that I got from collegegirlsgonebad ( dot ) com, verifying the cancellation of my subscription, came from “Bangbros Support”.
( This can be divined as standing for Bang Brothers Support. )
Collegegirlsgonebad ( dot ) com contains a handful of brilliant videos. Many, or all, of these videos are available as free clips at free Internet sites, like xvideos ( dot ) com. ( Last I checked, xvideos ( dot ) com allows downloads. )
The video quality of the free clips is similar to that of the videos at collegegirlsgonebad ( dot ) com. ( The videos at collegegirlsgonebad ( dot ) com are probably crisper than that of the free clips. )
I had to move most of my ( paid for ) collegegirlsgonebad ( dot ) com videos off of my iPad. As a result, in my Apple iMovie app, I watch the free clips.
Many of the videos at collegegirlsgonebad ( dot ) com are, in my opinion, filler. Then again, beauty, and subject matter, are in the eye of the beholder.
As of June 2, 2023, the phone number for collegegirlsgonebad ( dot ) com is:
This is an edited version of an article at my free web site:
I edited my article to comply with my perception of reddit ( dot ) com guidelines.
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2023.06.04 00:05 TADogTattoo My friend claims I got my tattoo "to mock her"

I'm disgusted.
So, for a little bit of context - I've adopted a dog a few years ago because I was in a very bad place mentally. His name was Max.
He was my best friend. He made my life so much brighter, and whenever I was around him, things always seemed better. He left me not long ago.
It's been horrible. He was more than a dog to me. He completely changed my life. He saved me.
So, I got a Tattoo of his paw on my wrist (where he used to hug), it says "Max" above it, and under it, it says "Thank you for finding me"
A lot of my friends got emotional for me, and told me it's a great thing. One friend though, let's call her "Sofia" has been very distasteful about it. She gets visibly annoyed when we talk about my tattoo. This went on for weeks, every time.
Today I finally had enough when I started to talk about it, and she let out a sigh. I asked her "What's your deal? Does it annoy you so much I want to remember my dog?"
Now. Sofia loves cartoons. Her most recent one being the owl house, she always speaks about it.
Apparently a bird named Flapjack died in it, I haven't watched the show so I'm not really emotionally invested. But apparently my Tattoo is very similar to what was on it's gravestone.
She accused me of rubbing salt in her wound, and that I knew She's still not over his death. Keep in mind. This woman's in her mid thirties.
I told her I don't watch her stupid show, and I couldn't care less. My dog was a real, living being, and not some stupid cartoon bird.
Needless to say, she got upset. She left very shortly after, and has apparently been trying to make me look bad infront of my other friends. Thankfully. They have a brain.
Yeah. Safe to say that I don't consider her a friend anymore.
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2023.06.04 00:05 AutoModerator [Updated] Agency Incubator by Iman Gadzhi

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The lessons inside Iman Gadzhi - Agency Incubator course include:
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2023.06.04 00:05 Sparky_McDibben Free Adventure Ideas

Hey y'all,
Been brainstorming a while, and I've got a few adventure ideas I thought I'd share with the group. These are free for critique, use, modification, etc., by anyone who wants to. Knock yourselves out, and if you've got ones you want to share, please add them to the comments!
1) Soap Operas of Night City: The PCs get mixed up with a BD soap opera. Since braindances are experiences, that means anyone you meet on the street might be braindance recording. Which means that any interaction you have might not be completely genuine.
Intro: As the PCs are walking down the street one day, they see a couple having a completely histrionic meltdown in public. Others have gathered around and are watching these two folks tear into each other, until the woman steps up and backhands the man, hard. The man raises a hand back...and that's when you ask if the PCs want to intervene. If they don't, they drive on by, no harm, no foul.
Focus: If the PCs intervene, the couple loops the PCs into their drama. The man's name is Pepi, the woman, Marina. It seems Pepi's twin brother Pepe slept with Marina, but she knew it was Pepe and not Pepi. Human Perception checks detect that there's something wrong with this setup - both Marina and Pepi are being way too histrionic.
Strike: After the PCs extricate themselves from the couple (who are sloppily make-up-kissing), a fixer approaches them with NDAs and contracts, and invites them to join the cast of Real Housewives of Night City, a BD soap opera. If the PCs don't join, of course, the show's corporate sponsor (pick one that works best for your campaign) will start harassing them. Not only that, the show keeps "filming" near whatever jobs the PCs take, often trying to loop them into the drama. Of course, if the PCs do join, then this is a great opportunity to pump up their Acting skill and really dive into some drama.
2) SUPER Y: Hyper-intelligent child prodigies are using a pre-Krash AI to rewrite history and culture, trying to remove sources of conflict.
Intro: Overnight, sources of information start changing, often in strange ways. Every digital record of the 4th Corporate War is eliminated in many of Night City's nets. Criminals are labelled as "misunderstood" and then set for release without conditions or bail. Sources of conflict between corporations are removed, lost, or destroyed. Oddly enough, many children's books keep changing, including Goldilocks and the Three Bears (the bears adopt Goldilocks and she learns to be nice), The Boy Who Cried Wolf (the moral is changed to be that everyone should just believe you all the time), and Hansel and Gretel (the moral is changed to not eating other people's houses).
Focus: Netwatch enlists the PCs to help them track down the hackers. There are no tracks, no clues, no trace. In fact, it's suspiciously similar to Rache Bartmoss' MO. Eventually, the PCs find a lead that leads them back to a building owned by Bartmoss. Fighting their way past insane bots, auto-turrets, and Black ICE, they eventually gain root access.
Strike: Turns out, this was all done by a group of child prodigy netrunners led by a kid named Wyatt. They found an old AI down here, created by some guy named Bartmoss to rewrite data. By jacking in to several networks, they discovered that they could effortlessly alter facts in an attempt to stop another Corporate War. Now the PCs have a problem: the kids they can turn over to Netwatch (who will do God knows what with them), but what do they do with a pre-Krash AI programmed by a madman to alter truth? Hell, at this point, are the PCs sure they know what truth is?
3) Librarian-Guerillas: When corporations run shit, it can really put a damper on public services. A group of self-styled librarians are waging a guerilla war against book publishers by stealing content to share with their communities.
Intro: Several trucks are hijacked. All those trucks were carrying "useless" detritus heading to a disposal site. The PCs are enlisted by a corporate fixer to track down the stolen goods and kill whoever took them.
Focus: A look at the manifests for the trucks reveal they were all carrying at least some books, and when the PCs track the actual trucks down, they find that the books, and any salvageable weapons and armor, are gone. While they're doing that, an e-bookseller has their entire catalog copied overnight. Clues lead back to a new gang: the Librarians, who are holed up in the old City Annex on the outskirts of the Hot Zone.
Strike: When the PCs arrive, they find a fairly modern city library - residents are allowed to check out both paper and digital books, a quiet coffee-flavored kibble shop sells underpriced snacks, and there's even a mutated box turtle in little terrarium. The "gang" are all kids of old librarians, and they're focused on restoring services to the community. What do the PCs do?
Hope these are useful!
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2023.06.04 00:04 jrwwoollff Dirty little secret about VPN

Here is the secret about VPNs , they are all essentially the same with a few tweaks here and there Corporate VPN This is the one at work You should expect no privacy Express VPN and Nord vpn This is the one you buy You can expect some privacy but if you do illegal stuff on the web, the government can request records . Say you are on a vpn and set your location to Switzerland and you log into your bank in America , congrats you gave a general idea of where you are located
Keep this in mind when your selecting a vpn To put your mind at ease the dark web was created by the CIA
Don’t worry about surfing the web , don’t do illegal shit and porn hub and adult film central is where you should get your porn These vpn companies are copying and pasting each others code and making a few tweaks hear and there
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2023.06.04 00:03 gcmtx HELP - last session in an Island filled with doppelgangers

Ok, resumed context: I'm DMing a mini campaign that takes place in a remote island during christians persecution in ancient rome, the main monsters? doppelgangers that fake being christians, when it's a cult where they incentivate you to off yourself in the name of god, to take your place.
So, one of my players currently is one of them, because he choosed to, and the others don't have a clue about It, so I have an imposter to help making things difficult, and now the Island that they are in will have a big impact on changing to silent hill vibes, nebline and monsters which you don't know where they are.
The thing is, I need some help with ideas to make the experience as good as It can be, as they have high chances of dying or becoming insane in this last scenario, it's a last standing waiting for some boats with soldiers to help them, while they try to save as many kids possible that were kidnapped to the Island. Having to take care of kids that can have allucinations, don't How to protect themselves, that can go insane, or that even can be doppelgangers is hard enough, specially since they don't know quite well how to discern them from real and Innocenti people (I'm basing them on the ARG Mandela Catalogue).
They need to try surviving and navigating against the island, the nebline will help making them lost while having to make rolls, and I'm giving some advantage to the imposter so he can try taking them to wrong places or to danger, since his mission is helping the others doppelgangers to have "obtainable bodies to occupy, indifferent to the age of the receptacle".
I already have some events that are possible to happen: them finding the body of their lost friend with a dog that has a human face eating It, and having a nerve-wracking moment to who has with them (that would be good to happen later on the session); one of the NPCs that they saved and likes, which is a Young woman that only wanted freedom, to die by her brother's doppelganger, and the new doppelganger, that it's her's, dancing by the moonlight with the new made corpse; one of the kids that they are trying to save going insane and Just walking to the open mouth of a big fish inside the same lake that would problably happen the dancing moment; them finding a blood eagle, still don't from who. I think that's what I came up with possible events, the characters used on them can change depending on their "luck", since everything depends on rolls, where and How lost they are.
I wanted to know your opinions of what I told, If there's any advices or ideas for more possible events, what could make everything scarier, and If you, folks, would help me brainstorm as If I should make. Little system for getting lost with rolls, since I still only thought about Just making some rolls and rolling the direction If they failed, pra choosing, but still don't know How to follow through with the menaces that are the monsters, which know the Island better than them.
Again, Just clarifyin, it's ok If things get pretty hard, but in a dreadful, nerve-wrecking and scary way, because It isn't a scenario that it's easy to get out from the start, and my players actually like these kind of things, specially if they can immerse feelings on rp, and one of them dying would be devastating but entertainm for them.
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2023.06.04 00:03 Away_Unit4519 Question

Hey my names Chris I’m 32 and this is the worst year by far in my life. Iv been on klonopin for five years started at 1.5 and now since tapering I am currently on .5. My phsyciatrist has no real knowledge about benzos so iv been tapering on my own. My scariest symptoms seem to be psychologically the scariest one right is that I completely do not know who I am. I know my name and age but so many memories are just gone from childhood but mostly from the last few years. I have a girl I’m seeing and I am so so confused by it. I have just been diagnosed as borderline because of the mounting anxiety I feel when me and my few loved ones are on bad terms. I feel more than ever that I don’t have a strong sense of identity. I also have so many negative emotions like rage, jealousy, envy , shame , guilt and so many more. My simple question is do you think some of these can get better? I know you don’t know me but do you think that I can be in a better place mentally if I were to get all the way off the benzos and gave myself time to heal? iv been on .5 for six months so it’s possible iv hit tolerance I think. I’m sorry if this wasn’t well written. Please help me if anything I would like to know if you’re there self-identity was affected by the pills and if it got better after them. Any response would be immensely appreciated. I am close to the end of my rope.
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2023.06.04 00:03 maratlantica Eye infection??

Hi! My cat's left eye is red and I think a little swollen, should I see a vet??
I'm mostly worried about the redness. Her left eye is messed up in general, there are things in the picture that are "normal". The teary discharge is epiphora, she's had it since she was a kitten. The vet said it was mostly cosmetic and fixing it would require surgery, so we just let it be.
She also has vascularization in her eye from a corneal ulcer she had two years ago (am I wording this right?). The surgeon said it might clear with vasoconstrictive eyedrops or she'd have to go in for a second surgery. He said the only impact on her health would be reduced vision. Drops did nothing, and we decided against the surgery.
So, many things going on in this eye, but right now it looks particularly bad. She wouldn't let me clean away her tears either. She's acting kinda weird, and we suspect that her eye has been in pain at least intermitently ever since the surgery. Doctor said that squinting could be a symptom of pain and she does that sometimes, but also she can't see very well with that eye. I'm not sure what to do or if this constitutes an emergency of any sort.
More relevant info: she's twelve years old, she's neutered, and she's never had any health complications other than this. She's also been wearing a flea collar since yesterday night. I'm not sure if that could be the cause of anything since though the timeline matches, her right eye is just fine and she's worn these collars before without any ill effects.
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2023.06.04 00:03 Ok_Maintenance_9664 Have a legitimate prescription from a doctor, and my pharmacy is refusing to fill after filling multiple times. (Florida)

I’ll try to keep this short. I have started seeing a telehealth Dr in the past few months, and she prescribed me adderall. It has genuinely improved my quality of life and has been life changing. Today I received a notification that there was a problem with the prescription, call the pharmacy. After calling, one rep said it would be ready in a couple hours. A few hours later had a new notification saying it was under further review.
Upon reaching out, I was informed by the same rep that they would not fill my prescription because the doctor was outside of their area of doctors that they would be willing to fill the prescription for. I spoke to the pharmacist on duty, and asked why the policy had suddenly changed. She claimed that policies come and go, but they only feel comfortable filling for a doctor in the area who the “are familiar with.” And they were unwilling to reach out to my PCP and verify to continue my prescription, or provide me with another option of where to go. My doctor is telehealth, but also based in florida about 2 hours away.
I understand that pharmacists can refuse to fill prescriptions for a multitude of reasons, but in my basic research I do not see any legitimate reason regarding the stores proximity to the doctor. I have a friend in florida who uses the same service, and their doctor is based out of California and have never once had any issues for the same prescription.
My final addition to the matter, I have severe psoriasis all over my hands and arms that could be perceived as pick marks, which are tell tale signs of speed abusers. I’m also a young-ish male, and these factors make me feel some sort of assumptions are being made about me without me knowing. While nothing was said about it in particular I feel this may have something to do with my refusal.
I am considering filing a complaint with the state board of pharmacy, one with the medical licensing board, and possibly one on the ADA complaint form site. Being that this is a controlled substance, and telehealth providers are limited to where they can send these, I don’t have many, if any other options. Would filing these claims be futile? If so, I’m also curious on resources that may help lead me down the right path.
I’m excluding the name of the pharmacy because I’m not sure if it violates community rules. Thank you so much in advance for your input.
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2023.06.04 00:03 pl4t1n00b Markets, uuuh, find a way.

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2023.06.04 00:02 Veilor Did the show retcon Gizmos name?

Having watched the first two two episodes one thing struck out to me. Gizmos name. How can Gizmo be named Gizmo if the name was given by Billy's father Randall in the 1984 movie.
Source for this:
I can see why they did it, because it's a name the character is stuck with and will help kids get familiar with Gizmo when they later watch the older movies.
It fits that Randall gave Gizmo his name after all.
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2023.06.04 00:02 Emmely_82 Hi I am new here

Hi my name is emmely and I am new here. I am 41 and I have enjoyed sex for a while but never as much as my partner did. If I meet someone I like I want to be with them and cuddle them and have a meaningful bound with them with deep conversations but sex… nah it does not have to. I can have sex in the beginning but then the feeling goes away entirely. Now I am even at the point I don’t want sex anymore. So I started to read about asexuality and I feel a sense of recognition and I have the feeling I have been asexual for a long time but because it is “a part of life” and a part of a relationship I went along with it. Without truly enjoying it…. I hope someone recognises this. In love and light emmely
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2023.06.04 00:02 OkInside7299 AITA for telling my non-white friend they were harsh for calling our waiter racist?

This happened last December.
Me and some acquaintances/friends took a evening life drawing class. After the last session we decided to eat out at a pizza place to celebrate finishing the course.
I believe it is important to note that I was the only guy in the group of about 7~8 eating at this restaurant, the rest were at least FBAB. We were all British white/white passing accept for two other girls of Chinese descent - one of them identifies as strictly Chinese whilst the other identifies as primarily Scottish. I’ll call them Xiao and Holly respectively.
We ordered and are waited our food by a very tanned middle-aged man with a strong Italian accent. He wasn’t confident in his English and seemed intimidated by this massive group of hyperactive 16-18 year olds. You can probably see where this is going.
After we split the bill and pay, the waiter makes a noticeable stumble of words which leaves him flustered. In what I imagine is an attempt to be less awkward, he addresses and Xiao and Holly and complements their excellent English.
He leaves, Xiao sighs and says:
“The service was all good except from the fact the waiter was racist.”
This rest of the conversation happened over the next couple days or so since we were busy studying.
I get confused and say (in essence):
“I know it is a micro-aggression for a white person to say to a non-white person that they have good English. But he’s clearly Italian, or at least European, and not British. I don’t think he’s trying to alienate you (by saying you’re not from here and he is), rather complementing you as a fellow second language speaker.”
Xiao retorts:
“Shouldn’t of said it. You couldn’t know.”
I reply:
“I agree it was an inappropriate thing to say, though from my experience with bigotry (I’m gay and have autism) I see that as him being misinformed and not hateful. I think it would be reductive to call him racist.”
(Note my particular autism doesn’t have any diagnosable effect on my emotional intelligence. It is mostly issues with stimulation.)
They essentially both reply:
“You can’t possibly know, you are sounding incredibly ignorant and should educate yourself before you think to talk about race. Being gay and/or autistic doesn’t give you any right to make a comparison to race, especially in your case since you’re a white guy.”
Is it never my place as a white guy? I can appreciate how even the act of the complement can be incredibly uncomfortable but it seemed silly to completely antagonise the waiter over it. I tried my best to not be condescending or project; I rarely spoke in absolutes.
I was frustrated by them calling me ignorant, because the whole reason I said anything was because I was knowledgeable on micro-aggressions in the first place.
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2023.06.04 00:01 Leather-Resort-4809 MTA fare evasion

So I got caught by NYPD for jumping a subway stall… however, the address on my ID is outdated and they spelled my name wrong on the citation. Do I have to pay this? What realistically can be done?
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2023.06.04 00:01 megalocrozma A headcanon I have for an interaction between Tekin and Future Fat before the third Elite battle.

Tekin was absolutely PUMPED after his win against Rowan. Naturally, he felt the need to brag about it - and so he stood in front of the reinforcements and told them the epic tale of the battle. He was pretty sure only Landlord was truly listening, but he didn't mind.
"- and then, for his final pokémon, he sends out... A Level 150 Munchlax! It stood no chance against me, of course, but Thamill wanted to know what's the catch. And guess what? It had WONDER GUARD! The great Professor Rowan's ultimate ace is AN OVERLEVELLED UNEVOLED NORMAL TYPE BEAR WITH WONDER GUARD! What an absolute faker... He wasn't even good enough to be my fa-"
The Teddiursa turns around. A low level Glameow stands in front of him. He hasn't interacted with her before, but even he knows of the Death Box's manager. "Future Fat! To what do I owe this visit?"
"We need to talk, Tekin. ALONE."
The bear nods. "Sure, lead the way."
She takes him over to box 2. "Have a seat."
Tekin sits down. "So, what did you want to talk about? Ooh, I know, you had one of your visions! Did you come to tell me who the next Elite Trainer is going to be? I'm impressed, though I think you should tell that to Thamill directly -"
"Tekin, listen. I did have a vision, yeah. And you're not going to like it."
"I beat up an evil Arceus, I can handle it. Shoot."
Future Fat sighs. "I'm just going to say it... Thamill will win this next battle, but you won't live to see that victory."
He blinks. He doesn't try to deny it; he has no doubt that she's telling the truth - Future Fat's predictions are 100% absolute. "Huh. Welp, always knew this day will come, glad I got this far. So, how do I go out? Wait, don't tell me, Thamill misses the Mold BreakeTurboblaze/Teravolt message for the 100th time, but this time it actually kills me."
"Surprisingly, no. This one has nothing to do with Thamill, actually. Your next opponent was given a pokémon designed with the sole purpose of defeating you - a Typhlosion with Shadow Tag and Aura Sphere."
"Spicy! But does it kill me?"
"Wha- Tekin, I saw that thing fighting you, and then saw you dead. What do you think -"
"Future fat. Did you see. The Typhlosion. Killing me?"
The Glameow is surprised by his forwardness. "Well - no, but -"
"Then it won't be the one to kill me. Simple as that."
"H-how can you be so sure?!"
The bear stands up. "Listen, I don't know who this opponent is, or if I've fought them already or not, but tell me - what are the odds that they just managed to find a pokémon that's the perfect counter for me?"
"Astronomical, I guess..."
"Try UNIVERSAL, because that's exactly how they got it. My very existence has continuously been a giant middle finger to the Universe itself. A near untouchable pokémon, one who's defeated the armies of the Dark World by sitting and eating cookies - of course the Universe wants to get rid of me. And by your prediction, it succeeds - but I can't let it do it the way it intended."
"And why is that? You already know your demise is imminent - why not just submit?"
Tekin takes a deep breath. "Future Fat, tell me. If the team sees their untouchable warrior get killed by a being sent by the Universe itself to kill him, how do you think they'll react?"
The cat looks up. "They would lose all hope, I suppose..."
"Correct. And you said they win this battle - I'm the only casualty, I suppose?"
"Indeed, though in the battle after -"
"Keep that last part to yourself. Anyway, this team has three legendaries, a mighty dragon and a god slayer. I have no doubt they can get through anything. But the moment they lose hope, they have pretty much already lost. And so I know that for your prediction to come true, I need to give the Universe one last middle finger. You're a seer - you out of everyone should know that fate is a malleable substance. And I am going to shape it to my own liking - because even if I go out, I'll do it as a winner. And when the others see that I beat fate at its own game, they'll know they can, too. And when that happens... I feel sorry for anyone who stands in their way." He turns around and starts leaving.
"Wait! Then how do you think you WILL die?" Future Fat calls after him.
"My guess? Trapped against a Grass type - can't really do anything to those - and forced into a stalemate. Thing struggles and takes me out first. The end."
"That's very hopeful."
"Like I said, Hope's the name of the game. Stay strong, F.F.; we'll be seeing each other soon, in your box."
For the first time in this conversation, she smiles. "I'll be looking forward to it."
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2023.06.04 00:01 AutoModerator Iman Gadzhi - Agency Incubator (Complete)

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2023.06.04 00:01 AutoModerator Iman Gadzhi - Agency Incubator (High Quality)

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Over the span of 20+ hours, Agency Incubator has training that covers EVERY aspect of building an agency. This is almost a plug & play system with enough success stories to back it up! You name it... signing clients, running killer Facebook ads, building out your team, on-boarding clients, invoicing, sales... this course has everything covered for you!
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