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2023.03.21 17:47 thebolts War Made Easy: Norman Solomon on How Mainstream Media Helped Pave Way for U.S. Invasion of Iraq

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2023.03.21 17:46 Cha1nsaws (F4A) Fandom Doubling/CCxOCCraving OW

NOTE: I’m sick as hell at the moment so please keep that in mind.
Fair warning this is mostly a cc x oc deal sorry!! I know some people are willing to just write a canon for me and that’s also fine! I’m usually okay with doubling tho!
Hello! I’m Chainsaw and I’m 20! As a lil intro I am in college and I’m getting into the flow of rp. I like art (I love drawing my ocs and scenes from rps), video games and manga (I have low attention span for anime).
Some quick rules and regulations;
I am a 3rd person, literate/semi literate, multipara (1-4 paragraphs at least, can maybe go to 8 if I’m deep in it) writer. I hope my partners are the same!
i write anything, m//, f//, m/f no one liners and at least 1 paragraph. i do try to match post lengths. let’s respect each other k? let’s also create boundaries, sometimes i leave for an hour and people spam me. i have zero tolerance for that thing! i also take time off due to issues within my real life, please respect that. the same will be given to you. so ghosting, honestly i dont care you gotta do what you gotta do and i understand. basically ghosting friendly. please have material in your messages, both in planning and rp. it’s a 50/50 relationship, i’ll give my all if you give yours. in doubling scenarios i will go hard for you, i’ll give you anything you want cause I understand self indulgence haha.
Discord preferable!
I have writing samples if needed, I would also like to see yours if allowed.
I love doing AUs or canon divergence so please don’t be afraid to ask!
Overwatch: Desperately looking for someone to write Cassidy for me. My brainrot is unreal. (High priority rn)
Resident Evil: I’m looking for someone to play Leon for me pretty please with sprinkles on top.
Miscellaneous Fandoms (Low Muse): Kingdom Hearts, Genshin Impact, Fire Emblem (Awakening/Three Houses), Chainsawman (Caught up on the manga)
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2023.03.21 17:45 ShesAlex Trying to resolve issues with him is pointless

My boyfriend has huge trust issues that seemed to spawn as soon as we got serious. I ask him why he doesn't trust me and he says I've done nothing to earn his trust. We've been dating since 2021.
Every time I try to talk to him about something that upsets me he just deflects. I have hearing/audio cognition issues and he'll complain that I don't hear him/don't listen. Sorry sound muddles in loud spaces. I can't buy new ears.
Him and his parents can ask me anything, including financial questions, but he says it's weird that I've let him know I expect him to tell me how much he makes if he wants our relationship to progress (moving in together, married, kids, etc.) He can ask me about having kids, his parents can ask me about my finances, but I can't ask how much he makes? He claims he was brought up that way but it's obviously not true. He constantly doesn't tell me things because he "doesn't know what I'll do with the information." He'll bring up something, like kids, but when I respond, he'll ask me why we're talking about having kids. He'll bring up something that happened in the past and then ask me why we're talking about it.
I don't know what the fuck to do. I've told him being actively distrusted isn't what love is to me. We're able to calm down and "resolve" our arguments but I can never really digest them quite right.
It does suck because we were getting serious, and he is now acting like he doesn't know me at all. He asked me what I meant when I said him "taking care of me" but it was me responding to him repeatedly reminding me he won't take care of me financially when I have never asked him to. He reminds me he wants me to have a career when that's the plan. But then when I talk about getting a master's or going into x business he dicourages me and puts me down.
He got me a used fake ripped up Michael kors bag for my birthday and he refuses to admit it was a shitty gift. I politely asked him if he noticed and where he got it. He lied about getting it online. He keeps saying he has money for kids, emergencies, savings and then last year didn't even get me a gift. I told him most women would scream at him over this and he won't admit it. I told him it's normal for people to know what their s/o makes and he says he doesn't see it that way. He said he was offended I put a scarf he got me on my dog (she is my darling and I was holding her while unwrapping gifts) and that it was lower than getting me a used fake bag. He told me he thought it was passive aggressive and then when I said he said that was lower he said he didn't say that (around a min after it was said).
I spent $200 on his b-day gift and x-mas gifts. He's in his 40s and I'm a college student. I buy myself designer and I am a homeowner. I'm sweet and caring and forgiving. But I can't deal with not being trusted because of other things in his life that he refuses to tell me about... As if it's not really easy to find out what it might be. Google is free.
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2023.03.21 17:45 SirenThief friend making advice

Hey all,
I moved here at the end of summer 2022, and began a new job working remotely. While living in Washington has been quite the adventure, I've found it hard to meet people as I work from home and people my age (27) tend to have their social groups pretty well established already. I just wanted to see if any of you had some ideas on how to go about making some friends in the area. I'm a very easy going and go with the flow type of person, and am down for most activities. So if there are any groups and clubs I don't know about and should be joining, send them my way!
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2023.03.21 17:45 SubstantialHeart2089 What would have to be true for you make an offer on a house without a realtor or lawyer?

I was considering using a cash-back realtor for my last house purchase. The feedback I got on this reddit was super helpful. Instead of using the realtor, I had a lawyer review my offer and I negotiated the deal myself.
For me, I wanted comfort knowing the offer doc was done right. I found it easy to negotiate the deal.
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2023.03.21 17:45 sam031993 52 M Looking for a long term texting female friend U.S/Anywhere!

Hi Everyone,
I'm 52 M married and looking for a long term texting female friend. Just get bored and missing having someone to talk to and chat with on the daily basis and I don't have any female friend. I'm pretty laid back and easy going and drama free and I hope you be the same.
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I have my personal brand which is another six figure business…
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Damn… I worked hard for this life. I worked hard to create the sort of income where I can take care of my family and not even check the price…
I guess that’s why I’m so passionate about what I teach. It’s because it changed my life in unexplainable ways. I don’t think I could ever go back to my old life after living like this.
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2023.03.21 17:45 Bathinapesdoge Ok settling an argument lol for a kids birthday cake is fruit filling good or bad.

Think like strawberry filling or banana filling with the slices of fruit in it
View Poll
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2023.03.21 17:45 -DragonEnergy- I think parents will regret having a child in this Social Media world.

Times are different, and social media accounts for much of the depression and anxiety kids and adults feel today. I can’t help but wonder when my friends kids get into their tweens and teens how it will effect them. I see zero positive effects down the road.
This is just something that I think about often.
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2023.03.21 17:44 ShamblesStar [For Hire] Draw everything Anime/Cartoon related! I do ecchi too! Open DM

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2023.03.21 17:44 studiokain To IRR or to Retired Reserve

I have a choice coming up within a year or two. To choose between the IRR or the retired reserve. The pros and cons are below. Questions for those that have had to decide between these two or another option.
IRR - you are still considered on the roster and keeps certain privileges like CAC access, MWR, PX, and commissaries. Have to show up to muster for accountability once a year to verify your contacts info. Still earn retirement points and if you reach 50 p/y, you can count it as a good year for retirement.
Retired Reserve - these folks retired but is subject to recall probably after IRR pool is depleted. No CAC access nor other privileges other than VA. Cannot accumulate more retirement points, but when eligible to draw pension, will get it at the then pay table, can also gain years in seniority of the rank at retirement.
Discharge - of course I can also choose to discharge, but with this option, you are locked into the pay table in the year you retired. So I could miss out on 18 years of raises.
My plan, for my circumstances, is leaning towards IRR. Since I recently deployed, my dwell time will reach out to 2027. If I go to the IRR, I can keep some privileges. Once close to end of dwell time, depending on world situation, I can continue or retire and transfer to retired reserve. This should hopefully reduce the chance of being deployed again. I have only met one person recalled from retirement back in 2010, his skillset was rare, funny they put him in ops, had nothing to do with his skill.
The risk vs reward is enough that I am willing to stay in the IRR and be bothered with muster and higher chance of activation. What has been your experience in the IRR? Anything else I missed that could help decide one way or the other? What are the opportunity risks if you choose one over the other? How is your experience in the IRR?
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2023.03.21 17:44 Fhajad Conduit out crawl to outdoors for anntenna?

I'm trying to figure how to run antennas outside my house for radio ops, since I don't have luxury of a shed/garage currently.
I'm thinking of putting in a basic wall plate in the middle of my house, drill a hole through the base plate, then run out the crawl out through the crawl space vent to some sort of box. If possible using a conduit for almost the entire run to keep it easy to re-pull/clean.
Am I on the right track here? Is there some grounding considerations/issues I'm missing that I should factor in?
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2023.03.21 17:44 throwawaythetable Lightbulb moment for reactive dog - what jobs can I teach her to do

I have a reactive spayed dog who is on a cocktail of 4 meds that let her rest, without sedating her. She is followed by a behaviourist and is a dog that is highly anxious, even scared to go outside. I wake up at 5 AM every morning or earlier to take her out to potty because she cannot handle daytime walks with other dogs around, despite training, dog walkers etc. These walks are the bane of my existence. Not because I have to wake up early; I don't mind getting up early for her. She pulls, plays tug of war with the leash, cries, screams, barks, nips at me, if I put her muzzle on, she hits me with it. She seems to just hate being outside because she does not do these things when handled in other contexts or being muzzled in other settings (like with the vet). It's sort of like watching a toddler throw a temper tantrum.

I spend a lot of time reading about other reactive dogs on this sub and realised she loves carrying things in her mouth. In the past we had her carry a toy but then made the mistake of leaving her with the toy and then she was very upset when asked to give it back (traded for some food). I wondered what would happen if I gave her the toy just for the walk (so right when we left the house and took it back as soon as I could when we came in with an appropriate trade - real meatball). I.e. a "job".

This was the best and easiest walk of my life with her. She took the toy in her mouth and it was all business. I have been taking her to the same empty lot every day to teach her a set place to poop which is quieter, off the street and can keep her away from approaching dogs so she feels less vulnerable. I've been trying this for months with no success and lots of tantrums. For a smart dog, she has difficulty recognizing this is a good potty place because she is just over threshold. Today, we went straight there, she did her spin around and pooped and went straight back home.

She was calm after the walk instead of over threshold. I was able to trade her a meatball for the toy. I gave her the morning meds and we continued on with life. This has never happened in 16 months before this day.

So my next question is - clearly she enjoyed having a job to do on the walk. What are other jobs I can teach her that don't involve teaching her skills that will allow her to break out of areas? I don't want to teach her to open and close doors or jump over high things for example. She is almost a cat more than a dog so jobs that would require her to be outside a lot won't work because she doesn't enjoy being outside for too long. Carrying a toy on potty walks will be the new standard for us, and I'm looking for other easy things that she can do that she finds meaningful and will help her feel engaged without being over threshold.
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All the tech explained! How to create, edit, post, etc. So easy your grandparents can do it!

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2023.03.21 17:44 LindsayLogann Is it normal for my professor (M 40+) to be touching me (F 24)?

He’s always super nice to me, like zooming to make sure I’m ok and allowing me to re-sit my exam after failing, and emailing me to congratulate me on my grades. he’s also always covering for me, like saying that I’m nervous when I didn’t do well on the test or when I didn’t actually prepare for a lab.
Bc of how nice he is to me, I develop a little crush on him.
whenever I see him recently, he’s always saying my name (which I notice he doesn’t do much with other students) and he always stands super close to me
he’s ALWAYS touching me whenever I see him, eg patting my shoulder, nudging me when making a joke and placing both his hands on my shoulders to comfort & encourage me (which again I notice he didn’t do with other students)

my friend is a teacher at a kids learning centre and he told me that he tries actively NOT to touch any of his students or allowing them to touch him. but my professor doesn’t seem to have these boundaries, I dont know if he’s just being friendly and if I’m overthinking or if this kind of contact is inappropriate?
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2023.03.21 17:44 Ok_World6738 55% Off WISHTIME Dinosaur Race Car Track Toys for Boys - Dinosaur Road Race Track Set with Flexible Tracks - Fun Train Gift for Kids and Toddlers - Dino Toys Playset for Toddlers and Children 29

55% Off WISHTIME Dinosaur Race Car Track Toys for Boys - Dinosaur Road Race Track Set with Flexible Tracks - Fun Train Gift for Kids and Toddlers - Dino Toys Playset for Toddlers and Children 29 submitted by Ok_World6738 to AmazonPromoCodesGA [link] [comments]

2023.03.21 17:44 Sea-Shoulder-6943 Final Divorce Mediation - Concerns & Guidance

I have a Final Divorce Mediation coming up relatively soon.
My spouse was dropped from her attorney following our temporary mediation, and she selected a new divorce attorney who was previously a legal family member for roughly a year. Her new divorce attorney practiced law in another county, and her license was revoked for a few years. She is receiving legal support for free, yet I am required to cover multiple forms of costs that were not agreed to within the temporary MSA in order to move forward to our final mediation.
My spouse has been hanging out with her lawyer, including bringing my kids to hangout with her at her house and spend the night. As she is able to consistently seek advice for free, and contact my lawyer with constant unnecessary complaints, it has cost me thousands of dollars that would not have existed if she retained her previous lawyer.
I have suffered severe parental alienation, through multiple forms of communication which are all documented. A few of these led to the change in lawyer, and many more have surfaced following temporary mediation.
My lawyer has received numerous disclosures from her attorney that can be proven as intentionally tampered. One of these instances is so blatantly obvious that she has knowingly and intentionally made a claim that it almost appears to be classified as negligence. There are many other forms of this within the disclosures on other topics, which I can prove as false.
She is seeking full custody, to take all ownership of our home (including equity), transferring every penny of debt to myself (although she is responsible and is documented that she substantially contributed to this), retaining all of the inventory in our home, me paying child support (which I would never argue against and I am in full agreement of supporting them), and to pay continued financial support for her to stay at home while the kids go to school each day for an undefined period of time.
She has admitted through evidence that she will not be working, as it benefits the kids and I should be in agreement that it is best for them. She has an advanced college degree, but has made no efforts to support the family with even a 3-5 hour part time job while the kids are at school 5 days a week for 8 hours. She has made no progress on her “job search” for three years, as the market is very tough. I am recruiting for employees at my current company, and my HR department advised me to make an offer on the spot if I feel the candidate is a good fit because the market is competitive enough that candidates are getting multiple offers.
I have her admissions to multiple forms of abuse including alcohol, pills, physical, and psychological. I have over 40+ forms of admissions and documentation related to substance abuse via email, text, photos, videos, etc.
My lawyer has been quiet, not very helpful, and feedback has been relatively limited. I have requested a link to upload all of my documentation, but have not received one. I have been given no plan on the lawyer’s part, but I do have a meeting on Wednesday at his firm (via my own request). I feel as if I am walking into an ambush, yet he is rated and referred by practically everyone in our area as the top choice for family law.
Just curious on a few topics. Am I obsessing over the upcoming mediation, as it will be more focused on agreeing to terms, or is the evidence a major form of how things play out? I know I do not have to agree to anything I am uncomfortable with, yet she has already told me she will take me to court if I do not give her what she wants. She has already threatened me that we need to meet in advance so she can advise me of how this will all go down. Other than my evidence I have spent 20+ hours preparing, is there anything else I need to bring, such as a list of what I would settle for, and my wishes/outcome from the mediation?
TLDR: I am lost on the next steps as I approach final mediation, and not sure what I need to be doing anymore.
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2023.03.21 17:44 FinalExa About Sandrone's possible role in the Harbingers

Heya! First post here.

I have always been curious about her since A Winter's Night Lazzo was released, she's one of the Harbingers with less info available overall. Still, since Wanderer's release and Nahida's brief description of Focalors, I think there's enough to speculate.

What we currently know about Sandrone, the Character
1) The other Harbingers refer to "her", so she is probably the girl and not the Ruin "Butler". (I am saying this based on the English translation of the game, is this proven wrong/uncertain in the Chinese one?)
Then, in no particular order of importance:
2) Her aesthetic is most likely tied to Fontaine since she and her Ruin "Butler" resemble a lot of Fontaine NPC colors and dressing styles;
3) She is number 7 of the Harbingers, "the Marionette", as stated by Wanderer;
4) She has only ever had (that we know of) negative interactions with the members of the Fatui: Childe says that she looks at him like she wants to "murder" him, Wanderer says she has a horrible personality, and Javert got admonished by her;
5) She is stated by Wanderer to be a researcher, that has "produced a copious amount of garbage";
6) Her aesthetic is also tied to Katheryne, which has been confirmed to be a Snezhnayan bionic puppet by Nahida, which is also the "manager" of the Adventurer's guild in every Nation's main city (as of now);
7) Her constellation is most likely the Marionette suspended by threads.
Sandrone in the Commedia dell'Arte
8) In the Commedia, the character of Sandrone is said to be a peasant who "is crude, clever, and cunning. He is seen as the spokesman of a humble people who are ill-treated, eternally hungry, and always using tricks to make ends meet."

There's currently a lot of missing information regarding her so I know very well that most of this is done by assuming stuff, like she's not the Ruin Butler, etc. The points above state where I stand currently, if there's something that proves them wrong write it down here!
Also, this list was necessary before you read what's next because I will now quote the points with their number whenever needed.
My take and theory
Sandrone is a spy, sent by Focalors, to keep surveillance of the Harbingers and possibly to steal technology.
A bold claim, huh? It's a fun thought experiment I had going on for a while, and while I myself think it's not a huge possibility, with the current information we have about her, and some information we have about Fontaine that I'll explain later in this post, it checks out.
Constructing the theory
Focalors is known since the 1.5 (I think it was in that patch) Endora event, where Rhodeia said that she wanted Lochfolk to act as spies for Fontaine in other nations.
Nahida also said that Focalors participates in almost every court case in Fontaine.
And finally, Dain in the Teyvat Travail Trailer says that she "seeks to judge every other god".
At one point in time, it makes sense that, with this information about Focalors, she has at least the desire to try to infiltrate the Fatui.

And I personally say that getting into the Fatui is not "hard", as we have some backing proof:
- First off, we have seen through Childe that he went from a normal Fatui soldier to Harbinger by showing meaningful results for the Fatui, in his case, his battle prowess;
- Second, we have Pierro that had gone recruiting people from other nations as the first Harbingers;
- Third, we have to consider that due to Pantalone's efforts the Fatui and Snezhnaya are an economic powerhouse, so a Fatui soldier must have decent pay. (however, we only know that Harbingers are rich because Childe clearly states that, I am unsure if normal Fatui soldiers get paid enough);

Let's assume that, considering all the above, Focalors sends Sandrone (and possibly others), as a spy to infiltrate the Fatui, and since Sandrone is talented at her research/effort has a similar climb to power as Childe, however, it's limited to her peak of capability which is the 7th seat as stated in point 3)... or is it her peak? If you view her through the "she is a spy" lens, she could be very well also hiding her true capabilities in case she is found out.
What would be her accomplishment during her Fatui service time? Her Ruin Guards research evolved into puppet making (something I think Dottore has already mastered since point 5 exists), but that ultimately led to the creation of the Katherynes, which considering point 6, give quests to adventurers, but also receive/send data to Snezhnaya.
Note: Katherine's existence and the adventurer's guild's existence are not necessarily related, Sandrone may be the "creator of the Katheryne" or the "manager of the Katherynes", but not the "manager of the Adventurer's guild".
Katherine has been thought to be human until Sumeru's archon quest, so Sandrone may be as well specializing in making human lookalike puppets as her specialization, which, is perfect for infiltration and espionage since nobody can tell the difference. (I am not considering the "rebooting..." "error!" voice lines of Katheryne to be actually perceived by the actual characters, I think it was more a hint just for the players).
Okay so, to do a little summary: she enters the Harbingers as a spy, specializing in making human-like puppets, and also the Katheryne's "network" is made by her, which is possibly used to collect data about other nations.
Remember I said that she could also be stealing technology from Snezhnaya? Snezhnaya is considered the most advanced nation military-wise, while the other technologically advanced nation is Fontaine, work and utility-wise as we know. Sandrone possesses a network of puppets that can possibly relay information and she is probably the administrator, it should be easy for her to send information to her actual homeland, thus explaining why Fontaine really looks like it is underground an "industrial revolution" period.

Also, on the Katherynes topic, a bit of a fun fact. Have you noticed what daily commissions we tend to get in Sumeru? "Jump on the mushrooms", "Hit the mushrooms" and "Chase the light", it is very likely that at least one of these three pops in your list every day, and they all seem out of place considering the rest of the commission in the game, especially considering their frequency.
Why does this happen only in Sumeru? It's because Nahida has technically hacked Katheryne and she's probably the one giving those daily to you.
If we extend this to what I said above it could be also viewed as Nahida jamming that Katheryne's signal. And it could also make sense to answer one question I had: how did Nahida specifically know about how Focalors acted in Fontaine when she was caged for most of her life? Yes, for this one it is very possible that she could have simply asked Katheryne to other people from Fontaine, or simply do a memory reading (even she won't do that unless it's a special case like with Dottore or during the archon quest). But it could be also the result of her reverse engineering the Katheryne technology to learn about other nations... or just the memories Irminsul implanted into her after Rukkhadevata's erasure.

Returning to Sandrone, we know how she could possibly act as a spy, her specialization as a harbinger, and her possible ascension path from soldier to harbinger.
As for why she acts the way she does in point 4, she's hostile towards the other Fatui because of her origin and also because of point 8, Sandrone in the Commedia has a crude character while being clever and cunning (keeping her spy position).
To conclude, all of this fits with her constellation: the marionette with threads, since her position would be that of the spy, "controlled" by another being (in this case the hydro archon, or bound by the Fatui).
Conclusion and Doubts
As I said before, this is more a thought experiment with the information I thought that fits with the view, the story may play out this way with Sandrone or not, so, feel free to debunk or expand this!
The major question while writing this emerged to me is: what if the other Harbingers know about she's a spy? Which would definitely happen at any point if that was the case.
I think that the Harbingers, as seen by how Pierro and Dottore handled Scaramouche's situation, are willing to keep even a spy amongst their ranks until it proves useful and isn't directly trying to harm their "cause", but will try to dispose of inconveniences when they rise.
So, if that's the case the role I think Sandrone will play in Fontaine could be that of running away from the rest of the Harbingers, or she's discovered while staying in Fontaine.
Ironically her role in the upcoming parts, at least for me, is kinda hard to figure out with the current info we have on her.

But anyways, this is all I have to say about her for now, if I missed something or said something wrong let me know in the comments!
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2023.03.21 17:43 AI-YEAR-2051 Password sync google and microsoft

Hi guys, I have always used chrome as my main browser, recently with the new bing search and integrated chatgpt on edge, I started using morethe edge again.
For my personal use, because the engine is the same, work very well, the only downside for me is that I use all my password stored on google, and sync with chrome and android, I see that we can use the microsoft account to sync that too on windows, but I dont want to use one and dont sync with others, I need to have the password manager both on windows and android.

Can I have some automatic sync in both ways with google and micrsoft?
All new passwords too, I always select the automatic random and strong that google sugest, so I really need a easy way to use it window and android.

Any recomendations for these scenarios with password?
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2023.03.21 17:43 ecklesweb Regal

I like Regal Soccer Stadium. I'm embarassed to say that I'd never been there before. Obviously a huge upgrade from the vagabond lifestyle they were living last year at high school and college stadiums.
  1. I'm not sure I've ever seen more perfect grass. Holy crap!
  2. The general admission hill is an amazing spot to watch. So close to the action, good view, comfortable, and a really good value for those of us looking for a cheap ticket.
  3. It's a good size for the crowds they're drawing now. Hopefully it gets cramped soon!
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