People missing in national parks

Missing 411: For people who want to know more. Unexplained disappearances and other weirdness

2014.04.15 15:34 hyperactivelime Missing 411: For people who want to know more. Unexplained disappearances and other weirdness

Information and discussion about people who go missing in National Parks and forests, and rural and urban areas, as detailed in the Missing 411 media. This is an unofficial, independant subreddit with no ties to CanAm Missing Project.

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News, photos and questions about national parks in the US and around the world

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**The conspiracy subreddit is a thinking ground. Above all else, we respect everyone's opinions and ALL religious beliefs and creeds. We hope to challenge issues which have captured the public’s imagination, from JFK and UFOs to 9/11. This is a forum for free thinking, not hate speech. Respect other views and opinions, and keep an open mind.** **Our intentions are aimed towards a fairer, more transparent world and a better future for everyone.**

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TRANSLATED-T- To all those afraid of conflict- even if you are weak or scared or helpless-here is still room in the new world. Prove your worth and we will prove ours-Fight for us and we will fight for you- and if that is not enough to bring you on our side I am sorry for we cannot offer false hope or riches..but we CAN offer one thing
Freedom and hapiness- in my native tongue those words are one and that is our way of life.
To those questioning my nationality I was b-TRANSMISSION END
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its a market gimmick. they know Indian mentality that's why they offered heavy discount on virtual currency. after watching many YouTube videos lot of peoples will be tempted and rush to buy even I was also almost paid but then I realized why do I need to invest money on this game? I already have royal pass then I ran some numbers. checked number of installations on play store its 5crores and checked discount some people get 60uc voucher some 40 so the difference is 15-35 rupees so even if half of the 5 crores means 2.5 crores peoples spend money it will be a huge profit. also the max amount of uc everyone getting is 60+60. we thought they ran servers for free running the game in losses but they got plan.
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PR Heroes
UH-60 Blackhawks from the Puerto Rico National Guard landing at TSIG. These guys along with the help of all the other soldiers/airmen/sailors/marines and coast guardmen from the armed forces that flew/sailed from the mainland to provide assistance in the aftermath of hurricane Maria in 2017 that devastated the island worked tirelessly to help and save many citizens trapped in remote areas of the island.
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I have recently started struggling more with my hydrocephalus. Growing up I was in an abusive home and was lucky to have most of my major seizure issues before middle school but now that new struggles have come up I don't have the support system and understanding I need. I have some but my parents really don't understand why it's hard to get through the day. They think hustle means successful life. I can't hustle right now though and I feel like I don't have what other people had growing up. Anyone have similar history with hydrocephalus?
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2023.06.01 04:14 kaymer327 "Optional" Return to Office

Wording and any possible replies will be purposefully vague because my tin foil hat is screwed on too tight today...
The backstory:
So like many, the pandemic caused my SO's company to go full WFH. While business was impacted to a certain extent, they were able to continue operations almost completely. Over the 3+ years, multiple "no raises, but be glad you still have jobs" (nearly verbatim) type e-mails have been sent out or line has been stated on all hands conf calls...
The company has been teasing return to office for the better part of a year and it finally happened last week in the form of a "hybrid" schedule with much corporate fanfare. Pretty much everyone has been grumbling about it for months - they've been successful from home, so why go back into the office? My theory: because someone decided to move the office (location makes business sense for at least one reason, but "asses in seats" isn't it) and needs to justify the decision to spend money on new office space that hasn't been used at all...
The location move has at minimum doubled the commute time from the old office (and exponentially increased it from just rolling out of bed)... I thought the cherry on top was the open floor plan that makes it so easy to collaborate with people that SO doesn't need to because they'll be busy on the phone doing their job, but I was wrong! This e-mail was sent out today noting that WFH full time is optionally available again, after just one week (3 full days) of hybrid/in office work. Taking something away and "giving it back" in this way seems so wrong.
Here is the e-mail in all it's glory:
​From: ​​[REDACTED] ​
Sent: Wednesday, May 31, 2023​ ​[​TIME ​REDACTED] ​
Cc: ​​[REDACTED] ​
Subject: Work from Home Request
Hello ​[REDACTED] ​Client Services and Technology Loca​​l Teams:
By now you have settled into your new office spaces, and we hope you are enjoying the new atmosphere. The Company put a lot of time, energy, and money into creating a safe, fun, and engaging place for you to work and collaborate.
As you know, ​​[REDACTED]’s current return to work Hybrid Model requires you to be in the office just two days a week, Tuesdays, and Thursdays. We allow you the opportunity to work i​​n the office or remotely on Wednesdays, and work remotely on Mondays and Fridays.
We have spoken to some employees who enjoy coming to the office two days a week, while others have expressed an interest in working in the office less than two days a week and are willing to trade minor compensation for the flexibility to work remotely up to five days a week.
It is our goal to create a work environment that is both accommodating and productive, taking into consideration organizational needs. ​​[REDACTED] would like to grant teammates who work on the Client Services and Technology Local Teams (CSSs, CSAs, Programmers, QA, Implementation) the option to request a schedule that comprises less than the required two hybrid workdays per week in the office. Instead of the current eight days a month (2 times per week) in the office, we are offering a choice to work in the office either four days a month, two days a month, or fully remote. Under any election, you will be expected to attend in-person meetings in the office from time to time when determined necessary by your Supervisor.
If your request for the revised Work From Home program is approved, other than for medical or disability, then for the initial calendar year you will not receive a raise, and your current annual base compensation will be adjusted one time as follows: a) If you elect to work in the office 50% of the Hybrid Work in Office Days (four days a month), you will receive a one-time reduction in your current annual base compensation of 5%; b) If you elect to work in the office 25% of the Hybrid Work in Office Days (two days a month), you will receive a one-time reduction in your current annual base compensation of 7.5%; c) If you elect to work in the office 0% of the Hybrid Work in Office Days (fully remote), you will receive a one-time reduction in your current annual base compensation of 10%. The Work From Home Form will allow you to select which days/weeks you wish to work in the office based upon your election (unless fully remote).
To make such a request, please contact Human Resources to receive the Work From Home Form, which you must complete and submit to Human Resources by this Friday June 2, 2023, by 12:00 pm. Once completed, your request will be reviewed by your Supervisor, and then Human Resources will advise you of next steps.
We believe that in-person time together is important for a variety of reasons, including connection and moral, thus the Company’s investment in renovating the workplaces and purchasing new furniture. While we prefer that everyone has a presence in the office on the scheduled two hybrid workdays per week, at this time we are letting you make the decision based on your personal preference. It is our hope that by giving you the flexibility to decide the number of days to work in the office and remote that we will continue to create a successful working environment for everyone.

Some notes that I have to the email:
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2023.06.01 04:14 Betty-Adams Flying Sparks Volume 1 - A Novel of a boy, a dragon, and an alien. Avaliable for preorder on Indiegogo Now.

Flying Sparks Volume 1 - A Novel of a boy, a dragon, and an alien. Avaliable for preorder on Indiegogo Now.

Flying Sparks

Pre Order Now

Chapter 2

“Hazardous? I’ll show that manipulative, misanthropic, anti-establishment cretin just what hazardous means if he thinks I’m going to fold on this!”
The sound of vigorous guitar riffs made a fitting accompaniment to the angry tirade despite originating on opposite sides of the communal area. Ama was glaring at a laptop that sat on a stained oak desk shoved against the large table near the kitchen. She tapped a fingernail on the wood as she read through the alert.
“And what violation of basic human dignity has her royal prudishness’s undies in a bunch?” Em demanded with an affected sneer without looking up from his guitar scales.
“Oh you’ll agree with this one tree-hugger,” Drake muttered from where he sat oiling his work boots.
“Yeah,” Donny piped up, “Finney is trying to kill a perfectly healthy fir.”
“What!” Em demanded, carefully placing his battered old acoustic guitar down in its case and darting over to look at the computer screen. “You mean apark tree?”
Despite her simmering frustration Ama allowed a small smile to flicker across her face as she continued to type.
“Get out of your pajamas and I’ll tell you,” Drake ordered pointing towards the bathroom door with a stained rag. “School starts in forty-five minutes and you still have breakfast and chores. That goes for you too Pip-squirt.”
“I hope you washed your hands before you touched our food,” Em said with a frown.
“Boot grease makes a great source of fatty acids.” Drake retorted. “Now go!”
The two smaller boys muttered in annoyance but stumbled off to follow orders.
“So what is up?” the youth asked as he bent his head back over the smooth leather of his boots.
“Mrs. Finney wants that tree down that’s blocking her perfect view of Crescent Lake.” Ama replied in a dry tone.
“One that’s clearly on park property?” Drake asked.
“Indeedy-do.” Ama replied giving the paper in front of her a glare.
“So how’s she justifying it?” Drake asked.
“As a safety hazard to her house.” Ama replied.
The biologist groaned and rubbed her face.
“As far as I can tell the trunk is perfectly healthy. There is an old trash can lid grown into the trunk and a little discolored sap is leaking out there.”
“Watch your language!” Donny interjected as he darted up to the table.
“Frass is not a bad word,” Drake stated. “Have you let the chickens out?”
“Yes, what does frass mean?” Donny asked as he started piling stir-fry onto his plate.
“Look it up.” Drake ordered him. “Emerald! Breakfast ends in ten minutes! Get your tukus down here!”
“It’s bad health to rush meals,” Em snapped out as he came down a narrow stairway with deliberate slowness.
“It’s even worse for your health to skip meals altogether,” Drake growled threateningly.
“Shut it and give me some eggs.” Em snapped back.
“Emerald Waters Undersun,” Drake hissed out through gritted teeth. “You are going to get your own eggs.”
The boy threw himself into a chair and glared at Drake with challenge in every line of his body.
“Emerald,” Ama said in a calm tone. “I think you should apologize to your cousin now.”
“Sorry I disturbed you Ama,” he offered without breaking eye contact with Drake.
“Not me, him,” Ama said.
“Sorry you had to hear that Donny.” Em said.
Ama heaved a sigh and closed her computer.
“Emerald,” Ama said.
“Do you want to eat or go hungry?” Drake demanded.
Ama glanced at him with a familiar uneasy look in her eyes and Drake fought down a wince.
“Now, Em.” she said in a patient tone.
“I’ll go hungry,” Em snapped, jumping up and stalking over to the couch.
Donny kept his eyes fixed on his plate. Ama heaved a sigh before turning back to her computer. Em wriggled on the couch for several minutes before skulking back to the table. Drake moved to intercept him but Ama stopped him with a look and he let Em serve himself. Drake cast irritated glances at the wall clock as the time crept more and more into school time.
Ama closed her computer and stood, then sighed, sat and opened it again.
“I need to pick out their report topics,” Ama muttered.
“I could do it,” Drake offered.
“You do quite enough,” Ama replied briskly, as she scanned the news. “Here you go. For Donny, malfunctions at the Lewis- McChord Air Force Base air show.” A frown creased her face. “Wow, this is pretty serious. It looks like the F-16 demonstration team nearly got killed.”
Drake whistled and leaned over her shoulder.
“Multiple system failures,” he read out loud. “I am pretty sure that isn’t supposed to happen.”
“Nope,” Ama agreed. “Here is a topic on big game management for Em.”
“Reports due by next week?” Drake asked as the old printer on the desk began to squeal and grumble as it powered up.
“Same as usual,” Ama confirmed.
Drake put the printouts on top of the homework pile and moved to wash up the breakfast dishes.
“I need to get to work early today so you two be good for Drake,” she called out placing a quick kiss on top of the smaller boys’ heads and giving Drake’s shoulder a friendly squeeze.
“Good luck with Mrs. Finney, and stay safe.” Drake called out as she went into her room.
The table was cleaned off and wiped down and the clink of forks gave way to the steady scratch of pencils on paper. They broke for a recess after religion and then lunch after history and math, and by the time the Grandfather clock in the corner struck two the younger boys twitching with energy. Drake made certain the internet was disconnected at the router, and chased Donny and Em out into the garden.
“And don’t come in until dark,” he ordered tossing two snack bags out after them.
Donny as usual snatched his food and disappeared into the small orachard. Low grumbles about troglodytes and the Amish wandered out into the high corn following Em and Drake shook his head in exasperation wondering, not for the first time how the dark haired princeling came from the same gene pool as his little brother. The kitchen being mostly ordered Drake was turning to put the last random dirty sock in the hamper when a gnarled hand clutching a cane head appeared in the corner of his eye, causing his heart to make a valiant attempt to bolt out of his throat.
“Abuelita!” he gasped forcing his hands down from the guard position. “Where did you come from?”
Smoldering black eyes ran searchingly over the tall youth. An impossibly long mane of streaked silver and black hair was barely contained in a thick braid. A sharply pointed nose perched over a small wrinkled mouth. A vibrant red horse-hair serape hung over her shoulders concealing everything except her brown and gnarled hands which currently clutched the old tree branch she used as a cane. Drake had been more than a little comforted by the fact that both Em and Donny had admitted to having the thought ‘witch’ every time time they saw her as well.
“From the hand of God by the bodies of my sainted mother and father,” she replied after a long, uncomfortable silence.
She always spoke in a low husky voice that suggested years of smoking, though Drake had never smelled even stale smoke on her.
“Right,” Drake blinked and grinned at the response; the one she always gave. “So you are here for their Spanish lesson? I have their grammar books ready and-”
The narrow end of the tree branch rapped against the concrete of the floor causing Drake to jump. Abuelita glared at him, locking his gaze and holding him in place with it for a moment.
“I am here for their lessons,” she finally stated, “and you are there for my payment.”
Drake thought longingly of the repair and maintenance manuals in the cab of the truck and the new tool he was itching to try, but he forced a grin on his face.
“Yes ma’am,” he said. “What can I get you today?”
Abuelita pulled out a bag of woven grass from under her serape causing the indistinct patterns on the cloth to shift and change.
“Take this,” she ordered him, “and collect me the cobalt blue berries that grow on a single stalk close to the ground. They must come from the mountain to the south east of here by the crystal brook.”
Drake nodded, and took the little bag, he didn’t quite manage to infused his gestures with enthusiasm he supposed. The old woman, probably wouldn’t have noted it anyway. She turned and moved towards the garden door without waiting for any other reply. However she called out over her shoulder as he turned to find his own way out of the rambling structure.
“Don’t dawdle little one. A storm brews in the distance.”
He tried not to roll his eyes at that, the weather forecast was clear and eighties for the next week according to the morning fire report Ama had printed. The youth only nodded and slipped around the corner. He circled the barn and pulled a set of loose tan pants and tunic out of the cubby. The soft worn leather almost perfectly matched the forest floor for color as did the moccasins he pulled on after them. His morning running clothes were modern stuff that wicked the sweat away from him and let him speed through the forest. These were his free day clothes. The ones that let him disappear into the forest and wander. Abuelita, for all of her demands, would tend Em and Donny until he returned no matter how late that was, and with the Park’s yearly budget talks still under way it was highly unlikely Ama would be home until long after the sun had set. Despite still hearing the call of the half restored truck he felt something lossening in him already. The soft cotton and smooth leather rested easily against his skin and Drake slipped into the forest.
Freedom; for the moment at least, blissful freedom. Pushing aside the guilt that accompanied the thought as well as any lingering worries about his charges the youth let his legs carry him through the trees. He shunned the man made paths, following the faint animal trails. This close to the barn they were as clear to him as if they were named city streets. Being animal trails, they invariably led him to water. Today he stopped at a trickling stream, took off his moccasins, and rolled up his pants legs. The youth turned and followed the thin flow of icy water upstream, letting it steal the heat from his body through his feet.
Some distance upstream, the stream widened and pooled under a boulder. There Drake paused and pulled an old black compass out of his pocket. Behind him he knew every trail and tree. Ahead was a broad swath of National Wilderness he would have to cross, or possibly Bureau of Land Management or even state managed forests where he more rarely wandered. It was hard to tell where the boundaries were from the ground. The clearing he wanted for the berries was solidly in BLM land and he still had quite a ways to go to get there. The stand of timber that stood between him and his goal was dense with young tree and branches that frequently formed impenetrable hedges he had to track around and he checked his compass regularly as he climbed in elevation. Even so the youth found he had wandered too far off his route and had to correct when he spotted the boundary fence. However he was in no hurry and he reached the clearing long before the sun told him it was time to turn around.
Sometime in the past some unknown force had carved a shallow trench across the side of one of the small mountains that that dotted the wilderness. It had puzzled Drake at first. The scour was at the wrong angle to be an old rock slide, and terminated in a near perfectly circular clearing at the lower end. Centuries old Douglas Firs abruptly gave way to a second ring only a few decades old. Those were in turn beginning to produce cones and a smattering of knee high saplings. The rest of the space was completely given over to wildflowers. No matter what season Drake visited it he found a riot of life.
There had been an early spring and many herbs that normally would have waited a month or more were already in full bloom in the mountain meadow. A white wave of foamflower washed in from the deep forest surrounding the clearing, sending up knee high stalks covered in the delicate white blooms. Late trillium hid close to the roots of the great firs, many having shed their white corollas and begun to put forth their bulbous seed heads. Fuzzy white baneberry blossoms nodded gently in the breeze. A riot of yellow and purple spread across the ground as vetch and buttercups and a host of clovers competed for space in the open sun. Great stalks of lupine as high as his head thrust up their purple and blue proudly from thick clusters of palm shaped leaves. Pink shooting stars and violet harebells crouched under the protection of the larger plants. Indian paintbrush lit the scene with flames of red and orange. Where a spring seeped into the meadow elephant’s head flared neon pink and corydalis bushes put forth blushing blooms. Pale green wild orchids stood along the wet spot and the swarms of bees danced from them to the glacier lilies.
Sometimes, as he bent over a tiny blossom and traced the intricate network of veins in the petals, drank in the scent, and felt the smooth surface of the leaves an otherworldly feeling would come over him. It was as if there was another world just out of range of his senses. If he could only really look, the thin illusion that was blocking him would slip away and reveal the real world underneath it.
Look Awiegwa,” his father would whisper, pointing at a deer mouse perched on a fallen log. “What does it see?”
Awiegwa would screw up his face and squint. Trying to find the answer to the question.
Awiegwa had often wondered how so many flowers had come to be in the relatively small area. He had identified dozens of species and there were more he had yet to determine. The clearing was always the first place to bloom and the last to go dormant. Many of the flowers seemed to utterly defy their usual blooming patterns. However, as time passed he had simply come to accept it. It was one of the small good things that brought back the memories of his father. If it didn’t quite follow the rules Ama had taught him, well an impossible clearing in the mountains wasn’t a place for rules.
The particular bloom that Abuelita had requested had taken full advantage of the early sun and had already put forth a few cobalt blue berries; easily spotted at the edge of the clearing in the delicate sea of white flowers.
However before he left the shade of the forest for the meadow the youth paused and closed his eyes. Bole wasn’t always here, but he was often enough that Awiegwa always checked for him. Carefully he reconstructed the clearing in his mind; marking every tree and boulder on the edge. Three years he had been coming here and each time it was easier to recreate the clearing. Breathing evenly he opened his eyes, letting the mental image merge with the actual. There was a brief moment of confusion as details like the play of light through branches and the trembling of small clusters of flowers fixed themselves but there was only one truly jarring note. Awiegwa didn’t let his eyes focus on the disparity; he never did anymore, but a warm smile spread across his features as he slipped silently into the meadow.
He was here. As the youth moved in a low crouch, gathering the first fruits of the Queen’s Cup, he let his peripheral vision linger on a particular snag. There was nothing obviously interesting about it, other than the fact that it had not been there the last time Awiegwa was here. He had named the wanderer Bole, because it most often appeared as a thick tree trunk; sometimes living, sometimes dead. Occasionally it would be a boulder or simply a mound in the dirt. Often it wasn’t in the clearing at all. If the youth moved forward and tried to closely examine it he could never find anything to suggest it was something other than a tree or rock.
He had thought about taking a sample occasionally, had taken his knife out to do just that more than once, but something always held him back. Bole was a part of this place. Dissecting him would be too much like attempting to dissect his sense of his father’s presence here. The youth had never told anyone about this place, not even Ama with who could get most things out of him easily enough. Down at the house, in town, when he was Drake; solid, reliable, first up in the morning, two grades ahead in school with a penchant for science Drake, a productive member of modern society with a promising future and his mother smiling at him. Here he could be Awiegwa. Here he could believe in the ancient medicines his father had dug out of dusty old tomes and brought to life from the forest litter. Every time Awiegwa left the clearing and headed back towards home reality would reassert itself. Bole would resolve back into a figment of his imagination, created from pride in a somewhat better than average memory and what the social workers had called an “intriguing imagination”. When he reached the house and become solidly Drake again flickers of embarrassment would begin eating at him for letting his senses trick him like that, but as long as the blooms nodded around him in this garden Bole could exist even on a Thursday.
The little woven grass bag filled up with the berries fairly quickly and Awiegwa soon stretched out of his crouch and let his gaze wander contentedly over the clearing. As it always did, the warm space was working its special magic. Worries about Em getting out of his schoolwork, of not paying enough attention to the quiet Donny, of letting Ama see his petty resentments: it had all melted away from his muscles, thoughts of college costs and abandoning his duties dissolved into an acute sense of the now. The leaves rustled softly in a barely-there breeze, the heavy scent of some unidentified blossom filled his lungs, a dozen shades of green framed the rainbow of flowers, and over and above it all the creaking of the firs as the wind played over them. It was at times like these that he felth he could almost see into heaven; that something wonderful that existed just beyond his senses, and all he had to do was reach out and claim it.
The youth took a deep breath and let himself fall backwards onto a handy rise in the forest floor. His path had taken him to the foot of the snag and he shifted slightly to align himself with the gnarled roots. One hand gripped a time smoothed root.
“Ama trusted me enough to go out of state,” he murmured. “That’s the first time she’s done that. Usually she has Abulita stay with us to fend off the Harsh, but she said it’s long past legal now.”
It was his imagination of course that made him think the root vibrated in his hand in response. Many a long hour he had spent in this clearing with the wanderer. He had poured out his frustrations and anguishes over life’s injustices, had shared his secrets as he grew, and had shouted his triumphs. Sometimes he felt closer to Bole than to any of his human friends. However, something that sounded like his mother’s voice warned him that there was something odd about this and that awareness was the main reason he had kept this place secret from Ama. Their mother hadn’t exactly liked stuff like that. She had never objected to his father’s digging up the old stories of her people. Making cross generational connections between elders, who more often than not lived isolated lives, and the next generation, was an admirable goal in of itself in her eyes; objectively a social good. Storytelling was only the natural course for these relationships to take, but subtle looks had warned even a very young Drake that it was best to cautious what he shared with his mother. At least of those things that couldn’t be placed on a microscope slide. So this was Awigewa’s place, and while his father’s spirit wanders the flowers with he had never felt his mother here.
He let his focus drift up, and up. Dark blue Lupine nodded over his head framing the faint crisscross of jet contrails that threw a light haze over an otherwise cloudless sky. His clothed grew deliciously hot from the spring sun. The ground too had eagerly accepted the energy and now it conducted the heat into the muscles of his back. Bole’s wood beneath him was warmer even than the surrounding ground and an idle thought traced across Awiegwa’s awareness; something about it being odd for the light colored wood and relatively dry wood to retain more heat than the darker soil surrounding it. His mind was filled with the impression of a goal. He had been meaning to do, something. Something fun, yes, exploring, he’d meant to see if whatever had dug that den by the second boulder was cubing this year. He would just get up and do that in a minute. His back was so warm and comfortable.

Flying Sparks”
Another foray into the lives of Drake McCarty, Ama Love, and the rest of their siblings as they discover that something alien is out in the forest around their home.
#FlyingSparks #ScienceFiction #Scifi #Story #novel #book #DrakeMcCarty #AmaLove #Donny #Em #Bard #Bole #Aliens #Spaceships #Crystals #fireflies #NPS #NationalPark #Doctor #Sever #family #storm #writing #reading #drama #literature #author #BettyAdams #DyingEmbers #Dragons #ThingsThatGoBoomp #Indiegogo #CrowdFunding
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2023.06.01 04:14 IndependentMovie8245 Myron and Hasan use the same tactic

I don’t know if you guys remember but when Hasan was talking about Destiny one time he basically described Destiny in a way in which he could never do any good. One of the things that Hasan’s fans would like about Destiny is the fact that he argues strongly against Alt-Righters. But Hasan was able to handwave away that being a good thing that Destiny does because Hasan used the excuse that Destiny only does that because he likes chaos(debating for the sake of debating) and not because he actually is intentional about confronting lies and morally bad worldviews. Myron did the same thing with Aba where when Aba defended Myron from the false accusations from H3H3 Myron tried to make it seem like Aba didn’t do it because he cares about being fair and honest with people he only did it because he only wanted to attack H3H3 cuz they have beef with H3H3 and not because Aba actually is honest and fair. I believe Myron called it a “political move” and “tactical”. So even when Aba is honest about Myron he won’t get credit from Myron because Myron is trying to paint him as a snake.
Essentially, Myron has set up a world where Aba can do no good the same way Hasan set up a world where Destiny can do no good and everything is just done sneakily and tactically by them.
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2023.06.01 04:14 Chitchy91 I need help. Just relapsed hard.

It's 3:08am. I have been gambling for 8 hours and 36 minutes. This is the first time I have gambled in 50 days. Ive fucked it all up. Lost so much. I need help right now because I am not coping.
I don't know what to do anymore. I convince myself I am fine because, unlike many stories I hear from people here, I don't think about gambling 24/7. In fact, I've rarely thought about it for the past 50 days.
My problem is that gambling is my coping mechanism. It is my distraction from the real world. Unfortunately I suffer with some serious health issues, and when it all gets too much I can't help but turn to gambling. I crave the trance it puts me in. It takes me out of my body. That is until reality hits and everything comes crashing down at once.
I put on GamBan but there are still crypto casinos. There's always a way around the bans. There's nothing I can do. I can't see a way out of this.
I know I'm probably being dramatic right now, but it's just all so fresh. Back at day 0 after so much hard work.
I don't know if I can do this anymore
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2023.06.01 04:14 MegiMysti HWT Problems/Summer Plans

I go to a big football school so you would think there would be quite a bit of heavyweights yet none of them ever stick around. This leads to me being the only heavyweight except for 1 other person who shows up to practice like 3 times a month. How do I combat this as I feel only wrestling lighter weights will hinder my progress in wrestling as I'm not use to the heavier people. Also over summer I don't have a way within 2 hrs of me to wrestle until about mid-July. I am going to a week long camp and Weightlifting but don't know how to make up for the missing mat time. What would yall do in my situation?
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2023.06.01 04:14 Individual-Clue9723 Hello yesterday I posted a poll where I asked if I should post some research and inventions that I do related to monika's body, and most people voted yes, so from now on I'll post my research and projects, I will continue in a next post because of the limit

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2023.06.01 04:14 Similar-Trust-2633 What if fallout had corrupted power armor?

Saw someone talking about ghouls in power armor and gave me an idea. So if y'all remember there's a creation club mod for FO4 that adds sential power armor or auto pilot power armor units. What if you could encounter corrupted power armor that was obviously damaged, maybe missing parts; exposing a dead pilot underneath. Take it a step father and add variants such as different faction power armors or maybe feral ghoul pilots in some that are still alive. Or encounter wrecked power armor frames that run at you and self destruct? Just throwing ideas out there.
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2023.06.01 04:14 pzcary I fucking hate taking passport pics.

Especially now that it’s summer and school is out. I have to take passport pics for at least 10 people every shift. It’s annoying enough to have to stop in my tracks and take pics of people, but even more annoying when the person I’m taking a photo of is a giant douchebag. I’m really sick of people rushing into the store to take passport pics and letting me know it’s their last day/ last chance to take them. Like that’s my problem how? And then they of course can’t follow basic instructions to not show teeth, put shoulders down, etc. I end up having to retake their godforsaken picture about 5 times before I say fuck it. And then they have the audacity to bitch and moan about how long it’s taking after I have to retake their photo, because they couldn’t cooperate with my simple instructions. Holy shit, today was hard.
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2023.06.01 04:14 Grog_Guitars The Puzzle Piece

The Puzzle Piece
Here is another full custom bass build I did a while back. The guy played in a band called the missing piece and really wanted his bass to embody that. This was the first bolt on build that I did with Fiber Optic LED side dots.
Specs: 34 inch scale 24 fret Nordstrand Big Splits in neck and bridge We ended up putting a Nordstrand preamp in later Mahogany body and neck Ebony fingerboard Yellowheart inlays with glowing perimeters Spalted maple top Hipshot ultralight tuners Hipshot Kick Ass bridge Yellowheart Magnetic cover plate Fiber optic LED side dots
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2023.06.01 04:14 MutedNight8677 Why to choose a bootcamp

I just finished both my degree and about to finish my SE Bootcamp. My degree is unrelated to Tech, a magical communications degree. I was on and off with my degree and was on the path to do nursing, and then computer engineering, and then I went to the advisors to ask for the path of least resistance and found out that I could finish either an Econ degree or a Comms degree in the same amount of time, I did the Comms path. Around the same time I decided to finish the degree I started when I was 18 (now 26M).
The schedule I had for work required that I wake up at 3am to get on the highway for 45 mins to take a shot of preworkout and sling boxes and cases for 10 hours, to sit in traffic on the way back home and do it again the next day. I knew this was unsustainable. I had a friend, 24M who was making more than me, part time, as a software developer, specifically a WP dev. We had me up and talked about it, he said he believed I could do it and thats when he recommended Practicum, the bootcamp he tutored for.
I waited to start at a time where they were running a 30% off promo and i decided to join, with 0 coding experience. Back in 2020 i had purchased Colt Steele's complete web dev bootcamp on Udemy where it laid untouched for 2 years. I don't have a strong 'technical' background. I took mathematics as a necessity and decided against a computer engineering degree after flunking my first Engineering Calc test (didn't think Precalc was terrible but actual Calc is demonic.) I write well enough, 'speak' several languages (one of them ASL hence the quotes) but any logical thinking outside of general philosophizing of literature was gone.
When I started Practicum I was surprised with how thorough and fun the information was presented. You start with a small history and context behind what you're doing and then you learn some HTML, the markup language of everything web related. After that you learn some Styling via CSS and then you are prompted to create a small webpage with an 'About me'. That was powerful. Like its something you produced with something you learned that had a tangible output.
The curriculum is straight forward. You learn markup and styling for a few months, as CSS can be very robust, and then comes JavaScript. JavaScript was my crux initially. That is what real programming is. Respect it, take your time with it, because the next 2 months it will become your religion. I thought it was the end of my journey but then through practice it clicked. Its honestly just practice at that point.
Then after you start to grasp vanilla JS you learn a library called REACT, developed by Meta (I still prefer to call them FaceBook but I'll be accurate here). React is fun, and sexy. You can really start to enjoy the practice of writing components and not just vanilla JS. Files of pure JS end up looking terse and messy so even though you learn the principles of Object Oriented Programming you build on that foundation with component based architecture via REACT.
You then learn Node JS and Express and start to make API calls and write your own servers and then you develop your own Fullstack application. By then you have a decent portfolio.

If you stuck this far thank you and here are further recommendations for anyone still here. If you do decide to make that jump you need to take some time and BUILD things. Build things that interest you. I didn't think I wanted to build anything and now I get ideas all of the time and now I have the power to do so. I programmed my own bot to crawl a webpage and check out a certain product using Node JS (I didn't contribute to the PS5 shortage). I am now doing a Text to Speech app using GPT 3s engine and the Whisper API + Google's Text to speech API. I want to build something that I could talk to and have it spit things back at me.
You may also wonder what the job outlook is and if you could actually get a job with a bootcamp. The answer is a resounding yes. I just hit my 90 days at my first tech company. I got the job well before I finished Practicum (I finish this month). I also got the job before I got my Comms degree (finished 2 Saturdays ago). I am now working on getting various certs (AWS and Salesforce mostly. I would like about 10 by next March).
If you feel inspired by anything I wrote I hope that you would at least consider taking a bootcamp. If you were on the fence about it I hope to some degree I could have swayed you to try it. Practicum has a free 1 week pre-course for any of their programs if you wanted to try it out. I'm a very 'Just do it' (Shai LaBouf style) type of guy. If you worry about the price they run 15-30% off promotions during the different holidays (or if you reach out to me privately I have a 40% off promo code connected to my name). If you're a woman there's also a woman who code scholarship that I've seen a few people use (I don't know how much that is but it may be worth looking into). There's also a money back guarantee if you don't get a job after 6 months which is a good safety net for anyone wondering. If you are STILL here and have any questions feel free to respond to this post or message me privately.
Thank you 🙏 .
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2023.06.01 04:13 BlackSeaDeluge If we want longevity for the MCC, the "Party Up" system needs to come back.

I play an absolute ton of Halo 3 on PC, and one of the things I've missed the most from the old school Halo games was being able to party up on the fly with decent teammates I found in matchmaking. You could put together a team of 4 solid people and have a good night playing with randoms, and whenever somebody dropped out you could always find more people.
I think it would create a more social and involved community who don't just boot up Halo 3 to sit in silence and sweat for 4 hours at midnight.
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2023.06.01 04:13 Alcatraz2643 Looking For Something to Scare Me

I will preface this by saying I have a very specific tastes when it comes to films that scare me.
I feel nothing from the majority of horror films that scare people; The Conjuring, Saw, Insidious, etc. do NOTHING for me, I find them not scary whatsoever.
I specifically am scared more by atmosphere/creep factor, or films that are more overloaded with dread than trying too hard to scare the audience.
A few movies that have genuinely frightened me: Lake Mungo (2008) Terrified (2017) Session 9 (2001) Hereditary (2018) The Blackcoat’s Daughter (2015)
Bonus (because it isn’t a film); The Haunting of Hill House (2018).
Can anybody give me some recommendations? It’s a pain in the ass finding what feels like a very niche style of morbid horror films like these. I like being frightened by films, it’s just very rare when one does it.
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2023.06.01 04:13 Whole_Plenty4603 19, have symptoms of Low T, should I be concerned? Advice?

Hey guys,
I'm turning 19 in a couple of weeks, and have noticed for what's probably gone on for just under a year now, a lower libido/sex drive, not as frequent or spontaneous erections including morning wood especially compared to when I was younger! , but don't seem to have ED as when I want to/need to get it up I can - and it's maintained... I have also found that I feel pretty fatigued, even when not necessarily doing too much, also experienced decreased motivation and brain/memory fog and during that time also have seen a decent increase in weight (was 55kg mid age 17 now in the late 60s early 70s kg). I know things fluctuate etc, and typically too now, but after doing quick research some of these align to low T. I need bloodwork done anyways, I haven't actually had a blood test, obviously other than when I was born... Just wanted your guy's thoughts on this. Should I be concerned that it might be low T? It would be great to know particularly the process over here in AUS too if there are people from here?!! Thanks!
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2023.06.01 04:13 -idk Mechanical Engineering Crash Course

Hi All,
Aviation is a big interest for me, and as I'm beginning to pilot aircraft I'm realizing that a lot of pilots and people in general in the aviation field often have a mechanical engineering background (go figure).
So I'm looking for university lectures / resources on mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, engine engineering (lol), physics, aerospace engineering, chemistry, math, and that's pretty much been it.
It sounds like a lot but much of this stuff is related and is really logical and not that difficult to comprehend. I like university lectures since they dive into both the intuitive understanding / application and the math (I have a little bit of maths and physics background). And am looking for the major concepts (laws of motion, thermodynamics, etc) as well as all the interesting lesser known stuff.
I was hoping MITs course search would have video lectures since I learn a lot better in person, but it's mostly lecture notes. Otherwise it's been random videos online that I've been scourging for.
Any thoughts or recommendations?
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2023.06.01 04:13 Tall_Translator_5944 First Post - let’s start with an introduction

I’ve been thinking about posting on somewhere like this for quite some time. For obvious reasons what I want to open up about and try break the taboo about in my following posts is something quite personal to me and I’m sure will resonate with others quite closely, my reason for wanting to start anonymously is to build self confidence and help me discover myself throughout the process.
For now I’m a successful individual who thrives In a professional setting, I lead a team of 30ish individuals very successfully and very closely, sometimes to my own detriment.
In this profile I want to explore the effects of poor mental health, a disadvantaged upbringing and among other things the long lasting effects of childhood trauma.
Feel free to add your own comments, everyone’s own feedback/trauma and personal views will help us form a better understanding for the further and hopefully help us all become better people.
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2023.06.01 04:13 Becomenonmasculine Models are for gay men

Why do people like using models to prove that tall woman are attractive . Models are not what straight men are attracted to . Models are human clothing hangers
In the real world being tall as a woman is polarizing . Either men are emasculated or they have a fetish
Trust me as a tall woman I hate my height and I hate when people try to shut me up by using supermodels . I even searched for leg shortening surgery
Most men prefer woman under 5’6
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