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2023.06.03 23:34 colit-astra OOTDS, shopping, self-reflection (suspected L/D)

OOTDS, shopping, self-reflection (suspected L/D)
Hey all! I decided to break out style content into a new account before I got in too deep with my old one. I'm back with the rest of this week's OOTDs and I think in the future I'll do a week at a time.
Two of these outfits were work and one weekend day of errands. Look 1 felt pretty good although in the picture I wish it had more visual interest. Look 2 bothered me because something in the fit of the shirt isn't quite right. I felt a bit stumpy and frumpy even though I love the shirt's design, by the artist who did one of my tattoos. I initially wore a nekclace to increase visual interest but took it off because I just felt overloaded with the shirt fabric. Look 3 is serviceable. It was interesting to me that I just had to add a necklace for it to be acceptable. I also like the dark shoes providing some grounding to an otherwise lightish look. I am comfy, which is a big plus.
My goal this week has been to simply observe what logic I currently seem to be using, and I think I'll do that for another week or two before trying out specific archetype logics or choosing which workbook to buy. I've read most of Rita's written posts by now but have only begun to dip into the videos. So far I'm pretty confident in my Left-ness. I think I am a bit Up within the Down quadrant, and so far the Wildflower seems most similar to my existing process. People seem to either really dig my style or find it just a little too weird, I often get the comment that "oh I could never wear that (color, print, big jewelry)" in a way that sometimes feels backhanded, and I definitely don't dress in a trendy manner. I do want to interest people with my clothes but I do not necessarily want or intend to please people with them. I do have a strong curiosity about how others perceive me, but I don't think I have a good ability to pick up on the impression I'm making, or not making.
I am definitely drawing primarily from within, and although I often start with one item that I want to experiment with or a visual curiosity about how two garments might harmonize together, I find it difficult to go with an outfit I've planned ahead without huge tweaks after I get it on my body and figure out how I physically and mentally feel in it. Although I do want to make an impression, and convey certain qualities about myself within a situation (almost always work), I think it is more important to me whether I personally feel that I am embodying my vision. At best the answer is currently "not quite," which is I guess why I'm here.
I have come to understand this week that an outfit can simultaneously feel too blah and too fussy. I crave a lot of visual interest, and I also want to achieve a greater sense of ease than I currently have. I need an outfit to appeal to as many of my senses as possible - visual, physical/touch, scent (fragrance is a huge part of the effect for me) and even sound, for example I love a heel that clicks when I walk or a skirt that rustles luxuriously.
As I've reflected on what I think is missing in my style right now, Ease and a bit of Cool is definitely big which are more Down, but most of what I desire and don't fully know how to express is definitely Up-ness. I tentatively think that the Enigma best represents the direction I'd like to push myself in. I want to create more magnetism, perhaps a sense of surprise, and an inner power that I often struggle to connect to. I think "Ease" to me is actually connected to power, more like a self assurance, a comfort with oneself expressed in physical unencumbrance.
For the week ahead, the keyword I want to keep most in mind is "Elemental," as this is an, um, element that I feel is missing and would help my outfits be more Me. I thought it was cool that u/belcorvo brought up the astrological concept of the stellium recently. I just wrote a ton about how this resonates with me - I have my sun and 3 planets in Virgo as well as 3 in the eighth house - but that's too much for this already long post. Basically I have a lot of earth and fire in my chart that I do think reflects my persona, as well as some edge or darkness that is present in me but not well expressed in my current wardrobe. I think "Elemental" energy will help me start to create more satisfying style with a little more depth and power.
I've been trying not to shop recently, but yesterday I needed a pick me up so I went to a local vintage shop. I kept "ease" and "elemental" in mind and wound up purchasing a dress that makes me feel like a million bucks, plus a couple of tops that sparked joy. I think it was a pretty successful attempt to use my intuition and logic together to make purchasing decisions.
Thanks for getting through this essay! Any insights will be very appreciated!
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2023.06.03 23:33 megaluigi1392 wtf, this is sickening

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2023.06.03 23:33 NoSleepingInHere Playing Far Harbor, and found this legendary. Is it any good?

Playing Far Harbor, and found this legendary. Is it any good?
So, I found this (Staggering Radium Rifle). I've never used a radium rifle before, and at the moment my favorite weapon to use is a sighted auto combat rifle at 22 damage, with maybe my best being a hardened sniper rifle that I don't use often because of ammo capacity and fire rate, sometimes when wanting melee going a basic super sledge or a furious power fist. I’m level 25 if it helps. :)
Would it be better to keep my preferences or should I mod the radium a bit for use?
Note: I play on Xbox One with all DLC, no mods (at the moment), and some CC.
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2023.06.03 23:33 DVinton9 Samsung Q990b issue

Hi, I’ve seen a lot of similar posts that don’t exactly capture my question. Hoping for a fix. I have a q990b connected to a Samsung TV via HDMI ARC, and an Apple TV connected to the HDMI 1 port of the soundbar. When I turn on the Apple TV, the soundbar and tv are meant to power on, and recognize the active input device (the ATV on HDMI 1). But, that happens 1 in 10 times. The rest? The soundbar cycles between HDMI 1 and TV ARC back and forth. Sometimes 2-3 times before it finally “settles” on the HDMI 1 input, but sometimes perpetually. Help?!
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2023.06.03 23:33 True-Giraffe-9635 LPT how can i control my anger?

how can i control my anger?
I'm 24 years old and I'm in a very difficult situation when something goes wrong, when I don't understand or can't do something.
I can be very angry and say bad things to my partner, screaming, crying , I'm hysterical, I, I'm filled with anger etc.
As soon as i am better , I really regret it and I wish I could reverse it. I always promise myself that it won't happen again, but unfortunately it's still happening every time. when I'm angry I can't think i cant stop myself of being rude. sometimes after such a bad day I have a sense of guilt for weeks and I blame myself because I was so bad . I tried already therapy, a psychologist, I read books, I meditated, I tried letting go technic , almost everything. nothing helps..
I've lost and i feel like there's no way out. Why i am feeling like that? How you guys control this? I want to controll sooooooo much… why i can’t?what i do wrong? these angry moments destroy everything around me. I don't want to be like this : I'm not a bad person; and i want to proof. I have been struggling with this for years
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2023.06.03 23:33 Lipbalmbabe Today my (26 F) co-worker (30 M) broke up with me

I don't know the purpose of this post. Perhaps to vent? Get my feelings out? Reassurance? Or maybe just some strong words to push me through. Basically, for the past 6/7 months I developed a great friendship with one of my co-workers. We don't work in the same departments and he works full time in the office while I WFH full time, The friendship consisted of the occasional chat through social media, having a laugh on works nights out and sometimes the sharing of a funny meme - nothing untoward. Then earlier this year (5 months ago), my relationship with my ex broke down and shortly after (unrelated - or so I thought) so did his. From then on, communication between us increased as we both started to bond over our recent breakups and tried to find positives in day to day life. This turned into regular phone calls, facetimes, constant texting and even nights out together (not work related). Eventually it turned into night time drives, and then evenings in front of the TV, At this point - nothing romantic between us happened. Then, on a night out he confessed to having feelings for me for some time and that was partly why he split up with his ex. This took me very much by surprise. Anyways, after that we began hanging out even more - and I started to develop feelings. This was around 3 months ago. It became very passionate between us very quick and on a few occasions I asked if it was just a "lust" thing and nothing more - I was told it was not lust. We actually got on really well and had lots of similar interest and life views, always laughing about something or constantly updating one another about something that just happened in our day, However, given both our fairly recent breakups we agreed to keep things platonic and make sure nothing serious happened, because neither of us wanted that just yet. He also had a habit of suddenly ghosting me for a few days because as he put it "he kept overthinking things". Maybe a month ago, I found out he was on a dating app and I got jealous - a feeling I really don't like. And given the great relationship that was developing between us I hated the fact he was perhaps looking elsewhere and so I voiced this to him and communicated that I felt things were going well between us and I wanted to slowly pursue what was happening. He agreed, and the dating apps stopped. A few weeks after this, and having known each other for some time and getting along great - he asked me to be his girlfriend and we agreed for now to keep it between us in the office, so as to remain professional, but out with it was fine. We booked lots of gigs together, our friends and family were aware and I was genuinely really happy that we could slot into each others lives. This was a week and a half ago, during which time something happened which made me quite uncomfortable. He was round one evening and said he had something he wanted to tell me, which was that his neighbour (F) had asked for his number. What struck me was the way he said it to me, like almost half smirking. I asked if he gave it to her and he replied "yes" but in a very like "I shouldn't have but I did" way - hard to describe. I asked him why, and he said it was peace of mind, which I totally get but I also told him I didn't feel comfortable with that because they lived next to each other for years and she didn't ask for his number when he was with his ex - only now she knew they weren't together. He then tried to reassure me, telling me he had text her that night to say he was staying at my house and she could use his parking space- I challenged this, and when he tried to prove it he realised he hadn't in fact said that to her at all. HMMMM Anyways, communication patterns rapidly changed a couple of days after this. He started to take hours to reply and when he did - it was clear he wasn't interested in talking because it was either one word answers or just no answer full stop (despite him coming on and offline ALOT). I also picked up that conversations were very much about him and how he was and about his day - he never asked me anything about mine or how I was. This upset me because just this week we had the most incredible date, and now this? This began to bother me so I phoned him 3 days ago and brought it up and asked if we were OK. He reassured me that we were fine and that he was just very busy and that a big project would be coming in which meant possibly for the next 3 weeks he would be even more busy... too busy to even talk to me? Fast forward 2 days later - today, and it was 24 hours since I last text him and no response. I was angry because I had told him the lack of communication was frustrating me and that I was worried about us. I was meant to see him last night and he said he would let me know, I never heard from him. So I decided to text him this morning about perhaps seeing each other tonight, but I had a gut feeling he wouldn't be available. Sure enough, a few hours later he responded to say he had something on tonight that he had forgotten about. No offers of another time to see me, just "Sorry!" and I just knew instantly he wasn't interested anymore. So I text him pretty much offering him an out of the relationship because I wasn't accepting nothing from him anymore. I would accept tired, I would accept busy - but I wouldn't accept nothing or inconsistencies. He phoned me shortly afterwards to briefly say that he had checked out, his head wasn't in it and that he could no longer commit to me. I told him I didn't understand, had his feelings just gone away? Was he lying to me on Wednesday when he said we were fine? To which I was told he didn't have the time to get into it. WOW. So I told him to enjoy his day and hung up. That was this morning and I have heard nothing since. No text to say sorry or to check if I am ok. I am confused, angry, doubting everything, hurt and have so many questions. I really opened myself up to him and told him fears, dreams and other things I had only ever kept to myself. He knew, given past relationships, I was always scared of being unwanted (I have been cheated on previously) and swore he would never do anything to make me feel that way... but now he has. So here I am, sat alone on a Saturday night with hurt and confused feelings and a bottle of wine.. I feel a sense of calm, if you can call it that, because the feelings of confusion I have felt all week about what he was doing, why wasn't he talking to me etc. have gone, but now I am filled with anger as to WTAF?!
**TL;DR;** : My co-worker broke up with me today
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2023.06.03 23:32 TheRealTraveel Oh no my schizoid orbiter did exactly what he said he would 😢

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2023.06.03 23:32 Shim_Slady72 [IWantOut] 23M Ireland -> USA

I am a 23 year old man in Ireland and I would like to move to the US. I am single and have no kids. No criminal record or anything like that.
I have a bachelor's degree in creative digital media but no work experience in that sector because I just finished the degree a couple weeks ago.
I know I need an employer to sponsor me and I have emailed a few companies in the US just to see if the door is open and got mostly ignored but a couple companies seemed interested provided I get all the relevant paperwork.
So my main questions are about how visas work, tried googling and there is just so many types and so many exceptions to all the rules and it's a bit confusing. Where do I begin the process? Do I get a work permit then find a sponsor? Do I need a sponsor first? What paperwork do I actually need? Also if I get someone to continue to sponsor me I can renew my visa and stay as long as I want right?
I also know I will need a car and a US drivers license. Can I get a license quickly there? My European license is presumably no good. What other important things should I get when I land in the US?
I would like to move sometime around the middle-end of next year, in the meantime I will work full time and get some savings together to fund everything.
I also have a friend who is interested, they are a qualified nurse and we are discussing potentially being room mates for a while and getting jobs in the same city. How realistic is this? Could it be difficult to get jobs willing to sponsor us in the same city? I don't mind going alone if things don't work out.
That covers most of my questions, if there is any other info you think I should have please let me know, any help is appreciated, thank you.
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2023.06.03 23:32 euridicebae First sub-15! Smoldering air is so good!

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2023.06.03 23:32 realhumannorobot Can't integrate my "two moms"

So recently I've started to connect to my young self more and more, and started to feel how things were for me back then, with all the pain, despair and helplessness of it all. And I noticed that with that I think I have more episodes were I miss my mom who I'm NC from, and my image of my mom is weird and I don't how to fix it. So I went NC from her after I sort of forgot who she was emotionally some sort of repression I suppose but it was terrifying and destressing to say the least, since than I've gone to therapy and I spoke a lot about the things she done and all she didn't do, but through all of this that person doesn't feel like my mom and it doesn't like the person I miss in my episodes. It feels like I hold two versions of my mother: my mom who loves and cares about me, which her voice I can remember singing lullabies to me as a kid and whos soft touch I can reimagine, and whom I miss rn. But there's also this person who shares the linguistic function of my mom but isn't my mom, but this other person who did all those things to me. Btw the mom I miss was of course never real even in my dearest memories of her it's always feels like I'm on borrowed time, like any minute now something would change and I would be abused again. So yeah, I think it's called "splitting" I know I have it for a while (tbh I always was too aware for my own good hence the repression) and now I don't know how to integrate and really come to terms with the fact I was hurt by the person who also sometimes sang to me and made me feel for a split second I might be loved. A therapist once told me this mechanism is a childish one and it makes me feel ashamed and broken that I still use it even though I really can't control it and I've tried to fix it but I don't know how. So yeah sorry for this mess of a post I'm not really doing okay.
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2023.06.03 23:32 Hefty-Ad-2671 Is there any western roots in turpentine conspiracy?

Hello, I found that there have formed new branch in conspiracy theories stating that previous 'antique' civilization were really much industrial and most buildings like churches, theatres, amphiteatres and circuses were chemical processing plants specially mineral oil processing lines and mineral oil itself is a product of turpentine use in machinery. And of course, some machines runs today making pollution and consuming manpower that been covered by wars and human loss and traffic.
I see it's connection with Bible's flat Earth apologists but can't find related western content due to google policy and that i'm from Russia making process of finding this content very hard, sometimes it's literally from user to user.
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2023.06.03 23:31 mrsGutterButter Spots on my baby okra?

Spots on my baby okra?
Noticed this morning that my (spineless Clemson) okra has little black spots on it? I don’t believe they were there last night (at least I didn’t notice) and have no idea what it could be. Hopefully it’s normal and I’m just paranoid
Plant info: - It’s a baby plant, has two true leaves with a third on the way. In a little peat pot with raised bed soil and recently added (a week or so ago) fertilizer (organic veggie-tone, I think is what it’s called). - mostly inside on window sill because we’ve been having a bit of colder weather. Sometimes under a light for warmth on the counter when it’s too cold by window. - second okra plant (planted same, treated same) doesn’t have spots like this one. - No pests that I am aware of.
Thanks in advance! :)
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2023.06.03 23:31 stlatos Fortunatov’s Law in Context

Fortunatov’s Law states that in Skt. dentals became retroflex after l, then l disappeared. This fits with Skt. l likely being retroflex, as sometimes preserved in Kh. (Skt. kīlā́la-s \ kīlālá-m ‘sweet drink / biestings? / buttermilk?’, kilāṭa- ‘cheese’, Kh. kiḷàḷ). A list of *lC here https://avzaagzonunaada.wordpress.com/2021/07/02/example-post-3/ . However, this “law” is not regular, since some VlC > VC, others > V:C, others > VCh, others unclear. I’ll add some more showing various outcomes:

*bhals-? > bhaṣá-s ‘barking/baying’, bhāṣa- ‘speech’, Li. balsas ‘voice’

*g^elt- > jaṭhára- ‘stomach’, Go. in-kilþs ‘pregnant’, OE cild, E. child

*kh2ald- \ *kxald-? > *kaldo- > kaḍa- ‘dumb’, Go. halts ‘*broken > lame’

*kald-? > khaḍ- ‘divide/break’, khaṇḍ- ‘divide/break/destroy’, khaḍgá-s \ khaŋgá-s ‘sword’, OIr claideb ‘sword’

*g^helh3to- > hárita- ‘yellow(ish) / pale (yellow/red) / green(ish)’, Av. zairita- ‘yellow’
*g^hlh3to-m > hāṭaka-m ‘gold’, Go. gulþ, E. gold

*melno- > MIr. mell, Gae. meal ‘hill’, Irish meal ‘sphere/lump/knob/knoll/heap’, Skt. máṇḍa- ‘circle/circularound’

*meldno-? ‘slow’ > Skt. manda-, Kh. malála ‘late’, Ku. mǝlaŋ ‘slowly’, R. medlennyj

*(s)mlhno- > Latvian milna ‘cloth / garment’, Persian *mandō >> G. mandúas ‘woolen cloak’

*krt- ‘cut’? > kaṭú- ‘pungent/bitter’ (if not Drav.)

*pelhtno- > palitá- ‘aged/old/grey’, G. pelitnós
*pelhdno-? > G. pelitnós, *paldna- > pāṇḍú- ‘white (yellow)’, Sa. palú ‘grey hair’ (if not Drav., see https://www.reddit.com/Dravidiology/comments/13tilb6/pie_pekws_cook_ripen_drav_pa%E1%BA%93nd_ripen_grow_old/ )

It seems like an optional change with an intermediate x (since xt > xth or VxC > V:C would be likely, and fit in with PIE h2, also likely = x). This would explain why *g^hlh3to-m > hāṭaka-m could occur with loss of h3 (if h3 was a fricative, a cluster like xxWt > xt or similar would be expected). If the older sound(s) are preserved in Kh., descriptions of ḷ as either retroflex or velarized (L) could be old, with most ḷC > LC, then LC > xC in Vedic Skt. The opt. nature of all this would also help explain apparent als and ah2s = xs merging as āṣ (*wah2pos- > L. vapor, *wah2spo- > Skt. vāṣpá-s ‘steam/vapor’). Again, this is not regular, and also varies by language (*bhah2so-, *bhah2sno- > G. phḗnē \ phínis ‘bearded vulture?’, Skt. bhāsa-, MP bāz ‘hawk/falcon’, Ps. bāṣa).

Also, *r sometimes shows the same changes: *karsto- > Rom. karšt / kašt, G. káston ‘wood’, kāṣṭhá-m ‘stick / (piece of) wood/timber’; *per(s)ni- > Skt. pāṇí- ‘hoof/hand’, Kh. póong, Kv. přõ ‘foot of cow/horse’. This seems to fit into my theory that many ex. of r > 0 come from r > R (uvular) https://www.reddit.com/etymology/comments/zkgi2m/latin_pr%C4%93x_request_armenian_a%C5%82ersank_a%C5%82a%C4%8Dank/ . If so, in Skt. both l > L > x and r > R > X might have existed. Most IE do not merge l and r, so intermediate l > L in Indo-Iraian might allow back L and R to merge in most words. This explains why r > 0 is so common in most of the IE ex., with very few l > 0, but the opposite is seen in Skt. (in the same environment, see *splendh- > L. splend-, Li. spindėti ‘shine’; *sprend(h)- > OE sprind ‘agile/lively’, E. sprint, Skt. spandate ‘throb/shake/quivekick’). This seems irregular, as seen by Skt. 0 vs. Dardic r above, and variants in other IE (G. *mrkW-? > márptō ‘seize/grasp’, map- ‘seize’).

Indo-Iranian is known for the merger of r & l, but Armenian also shows a lot of changes of PIE r > l and l > r https://www.reddit.com/IndoEuropean/comments/13zombu/ie_merger_of_r_l/ . If this could be shown to be related to R and L also, it would support this theory. Arm. words with both l \ ł exist (gayl\gaył ‘wolf’), and *l > ł seems to occur for no reason in some. This ł might have been pronounced as L then R. The changes of *l > ł / x are supposedly seen in: Arm. pl. sanduł-k` / sandux-k` ‘laddestairs’, acuł / acux ‘soot/coal’, gazał \ gazax ‘ashes/embers’. If h2 = x, the opposite in *swaxdu(r)- > Skt. svādú- ‘sweet’, *xwaxtur > *xwałtür > Arm. k`ałc`r ‘sweet’. If there was also h2 = x > X > R in *n-bhah2sk^e- > *nbha(r)sk^e- > TB mrausk-, a complete series of optional changes linking these sounds in both directions would exist.

This stage with R > X also has the benefit of explaining words with Cr and rC with the same change. See:
*deruno- > *derno- > *denro- > G. déndron ‘tree’, Skt. daṇḍá- ‘staff’
*enro- ‘inner’ > *endro- > Ks. ónḍrak ‘egg’, Skt. āṇḍá-m \ aṇḍá- ‘egg / testicle’, *jendro > OCS je,dro, R. jadró ‘kernel/core’
*bhal- ‘swell’ > OHG ballo, ON böllr ‘ball / testicle’, W. balleg ‘bag/sack’, Skt. bhāṇḍa-m ‘pot’

If Ph. bámbalon \ bábalon ‘genitals’ is related to the above, *bhalVmbo- > *bhalmbo- > *bhalndo- > bhāṇḍa-m might be possible, showing another change for -lmb-.

Alb Albanian
Arm Armenian
Aro Aromanian
Asm Assamese
Av Avestan
Bal Baluchi
Be Bengali
Bg Bulgarian
Bu Burushaski
E English
EArm Eastern Armenian
G Greek
Go Gothic
H Hittite
Hi Hindi
Is Ishkashimi
It Italian
K Kassite
Kd Kurdish
Kho Khotanese
Khw Khwarezmian
Ku Kusunda
L Latin
Li Lithuanian
Lt Latvian
M Mitanni
Mh Marathi
MArm Middle Armenian
MW Middle Welsh
NHG New High German
MHG Middle High German
OHG Old High German
OBg Old Bulgarian
OBr Old Breton
OIc Old Icelandic
OIr Old Irish
OE Old English
ON Old Norse
OPr Old Prussian
OP Old Persian
MP Middle Persian
NP (New) Persian (Farsi)
Nw Norwegian
Os Ossetian
Ph Phrygian
Ps Pashto
R Russian
Ru Romanian\Rumanian
Sar Sarikoli
Shu Shughni
Skt Sanskrit
Sog Sogdian
TA Tocharian A
TB Tocharian B
W Welsh
Wx Wakhi

Gy Gypsy
Dv Domari \ Do:mva:ri:
Lv Lomavren
Rom Romani

Dardic Group
A Atshareetaá \ (older Palola < *Paaloolaá)
B Bangani
Ba bHaṭé-sa zíb \ Bhaṭeri
D Degaanó \ Degano
Dk Domaaki \ Domaá \ D.umaki
Dm Dameli
Gi Gultari
Id Indus Kohistani
Ka Kalam Kohistani \ Kalami \ Gawri \ Bashkarik
Kh Khowàr
Km Kashmiri
Ks Kalasha
KS Kundal Shahi
Kt ktívi kâtá vari
Kv Kâmvíri
Pl Paaluulaá
Pr Prasun
Ni Nišei-alâ
Np Nepali
Sa Saňu-vīri
Sh Shina
Ti Torwali
Wg Waigali \ Kalas.a-alâ
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2023.06.03 23:31 boy741 Advice needed

So i met a beautiful girl few days ago, we exchanged our phone numbers, and i ask if sometime she would like go out with me and she said yes. But after that neither i nor did she sent message to each other. The reality is that i want to spend some time with her as i am new in Germany dont know the culture enough, so i don’t want to do any thing which can make things awkward or make me look desperate. Thats way i am looking for advice from you people how should i act in this situation.
pov: we both are in our 20s, i like going hiking, long walks etc. she is German and she likes dancing
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2023.06.03 23:31 oddmetre How does one “choose to believe”?

A while back I was conversing with my (Christian) therapist about my loss of faith (I chose him as my therapist when I was still a Christian). We got into a discussion about how one comes to believe, and he suggested that someone can simply choose to believe something and commit one’s life to it.
I can’t make sense of this, as I think beliefs are something that are formed within us over an extended period of time, and are engrained deep within us, sometimes on the unconscious level, through experiences. For instance, I never chose to be an atheist. I simply realized one day that I no longer believed, and saw that that was a result of a very long process of exploration and having certain experiences that slowly chipped away at my worldview. I wasn’t aware of every step in this process at the time, but looking back I understand how the last ten years or so led to my loss of faith and present nihilism.
How could I just choose to believe in God in spite of my present deeply engrained worldview? It sounds like self-gaslighting.
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2023.06.03 23:30 Flyaway_5 Is my coworker crazy?

I have a coworker who is in his 40's. He is bald, fat, and missing a tooth. I noticed something about him. He told me that he is into movies and has watched a lot. He's good at explaining what happened in the movies and has a good memory of what happened. But in other things, he's not really that smart. He told me that he has the A List subscription and watches 3 movies a week.
He goes out to eat outside everyday for 5 days a week during his lunch time at work. Like at Burger King, Wendy's, or Panda Express instead of bringing a home cooked meal so that it would be cheaper.
Ever since I started talking to him, he would walk all over the store and find me everyday. He would ask me every other day if I saw any movies and he would just stand there for 10 minutes talking. He said that he doesn't drive and rides the bus when he's off at midnight. He said that sometimes his A List subscription gets revoked because he couldn't pay, but it is only $25. He said that he has a phone, but can't afford a data plan so he doesn't have a number. Asking me if I saw any movies once in a while is fine, but asking me every other day seems obsessive. Is there something wrong with him?
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2023.06.03 23:30 agsoreal Question when making matches on My GM Mode

When you are picking the match type, sometimes there is one with the bronze ring and star in the background. What does that mean?
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2023.06.03 23:30 Apprehensive-Fee-852 Am I evil?

I have been through the whole philosophy of a drunk and now I just feel I’ll, am I evil or does addiction exist, sometimes I actually feel like it’s true that im just a shit? I attend my aa meetings but it doesn’t stop me. Am I a shit?
I’m not looking for a reason to feel better I just want to know what’s wrong with me
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2023.06.03 23:30 _patroclvs_ tips for dealing with heat?

Hi, I'm 25 and was diagnosed last year, so I'm still very much in the process of figuring out what accommodations I need, what helps me, etc.
I have a hard time dealing with heat, and find myself overheating very quickly. The heat makes me go into sensory overload three times as fast, and it's awful. It doesn't help that I wear a binder (I'm transmasculine) whenever I am out and around other people - the tight fabric makes me overheat very fast, but I don't have much choice about wearing it. When I'm at home, I can cope with heat-induced sensory overload in various ways; the best for me is honestly just to shower more often, because I have full control of the water temperature and can finally be comfortable. I also always make sure to have ice in the freezer for drinks and ice packs to hold against my skin as soon as the weather gets hot.
However, in a few weeks I'm traveling to Italy - Italy in July sounds terrible already, but I'm traveling with my choir and so will be out and about a lot of the time. It's not a holiday, where I could go back to my hotel room when I felt like it and shower; I'll have long days of rehearsals and recitals/services/etc, and due to my severe social anxiety I don't expect I'll be separating myself from the group much. In short, a recipe for overload and the resulting shutdowns etc. Only a few people in the choir know I'm autistic, and of those people only a couple of them know how bad both my anxiety and my overload, shutdowns, etc can be.
SO I was wondering if anyone had tips?
- Does anyone know of anything I can bring with me in order to cool off quickly? I have bought some cooling patches designed for soothing headaches and migraines, but I've never used them before. Is there anything else? I need things that I can carry with me all the time and that don't have to be put in a freezer since I won't have access to that.
- Does anyone have any advice dealing with this sort of thing subtly, without being seen to make a fuss in front of people who don't know about your autism?
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2023.06.03 23:30 Simon_plays_Guitar [18M] Looking for some amazing friends! :)

Hii everyone! :)
As everyone else here is I am searching for some friends cause life is more fun if you got more friends you know?
I love playing guitar and I play in a metal band actually so if you are into music or you play an instrument then you should definetly hit me up! :) I also read lots of books, mostly classics and sometimes I play some games on PC so there's lots of stuff to talk about! :)
I am also learning Spanish at the moment so it would be really cool if I could meet some Spanish speakers on here to practice with! :) And I don't only say that cause I would love some Latinas to message me haha! Just joking :)
I am excited to meet ya'all!
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2023.06.03 23:30 ChartPrestigious2346 TJ as a date destination

Who wouldn't love a date day at Trader Joe's? Shop together for the ingredients to make a nice romantic meal. People watch or play a game of "guess what they'll put in the buggy next". Pick out a good wine. Get a nice bouquet of flowers. Then come home and cook said meal together. And don't forget dessert.
Sometimes it's the simple things in life.
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2023.06.03 23:29 Formerly_Blue Best ENBs for making video showcases?

Hey folks, I'm looking for a great ENB to use in my youtube quest mod reviews (https://youtube.com/@FormerlyBlue). I've been using Berserkyr ENB by JPSteel, but I feel like my footage is too dim sometimes. Anyone have good recs for a bright ENB that doesnt draw too much attention to itself so that it's good for showcases? My PC is mid-range so preferably not something super taxing.
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