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2023.06.01 03:17 Nadeshot_ Best weather app?

Hiya there fellow pilot and redditors! Hope everyone is doing well and good!!!
I am kind of having a crisis here 😳😅😂 I am not sure which weather app to use or which is the best app to predict weather while planning flights, (PS. I do use aviation, leidos flight service) but I am just looking for the perfect free app that gives me satellite and radar view.
Currently I use:- 1.Ventusky 2. My Radar, 3. Windy (kinda hard to interpret as it's to cluttered, imo) 4. StationWX (recently discovered but not much usability if you don't get the premium version) 5. I also use Garmin Pilot app for flying and I use the weather data supplemented to it via wifi/mobile network or by fis-b
So could you guys please suggest me some good weather apps!?
Ps. I'm a pvt. Pilot and Omw to IR checkride
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2023.06.01 02:40 healthmgz Stimulate Hair Growth With These Egyptian Remedies

Stimulate Hair Growth With These Egyptian Remedies
Summertime sunlight increases the hormones that control hair growth, but when the weather changes, hair goes through its life cycle just like tree leaves. So, you shouldn’t be concerned if your hair starts falling out after a few weeks. Try to avoid stress in this situation, but if the issue persists, take further action…
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2023.06.01 02:28 Individual-Teacher36 How the Cardiopulmonary Function variant in Pediatric Scoliosis patients from High-Altitude Region of the world

he International Scoliosis Research Society defines early onset scoliosis (EOS) as the various types of scoliosis that occur within 10 years of age (1). EOS leads to distortion of body appearance and reduced heart and lung function, which often limits the development of the chest and even oppresses the spinal cord, resulting in paralysis (2). A large-scale demographic study showed that an increase in altitude negatively correlated with newborn birth weight. Moreover, neonatal body weight shows obvious changes when the altitude exceeds 2500 m (3, 4). Based on relevant studies, we defined an area with an altitude above 3000 m as a high-altitude area and an area with an altitude below 500 m as a plain area (5). High-altitude environments consists of low air pressure, hypoxia, and cold weather, all of which impact the cardiopulmonary function and structure of the human body. Such high-altitude environments increase cardiac output, pulmonary ventilation, pulmonary capillary hyperplasia, and other compensatory reactions (6, 7). However, there are limited studies on the effects of high-altitude environments on cardiopulmonary function in patients with EOS. Therefore, this study aimed to determine the effects of high altitude on the respiratory and circulatory systems of patients with EOS by comparing blood gas analysis results and cardiopulmonary function between the high-altitude and plain area groups. In addition, we explored how scoliosis affected patients' cardiopulmonary function by analyzing the correlations between scoliosis imaging parameters and cardiopulmonary function measures. We aimed to provide an improved preoperative evaluation and postoperative rehabilitation for EOS patients living in high-altitude areas.
Inclusion and exclusion criteria A retrospective cohort study was conducted to identify patients with EOS between June 2013 and June 2021. The inclusion criteria were: (1) EOS patients with a long-term living altitude >3000 m or living area altitude <500 m; (2) full-length anteroposterior and lateral radiographs of the spine showing scoliosis of mainly the thoracic curvature type; (3) patients with an aggravated Cobb's angle >45°; (4) no treatment with braces or growth rods before evaluation; and (5) all patients knew of the study procedures and agreed to participate. The exclusion criteria were: (1) incomplete spinal radiography data; (2) patients who could not cooperate with the completion of pulmonary function examination, blood gas analysis, and cardiac color ultrasound; and (3) patients with congenital cardio-cerebrovascular diseases, syndrome scoliosis, and previous spinal surgery. Evaluation methods Patient records and relevant data were collected retrospectively. All patients underwent full-length anteroposterior and lateral spine radiographs, blood gas analysis, lung function examination, and heart color ultrasound examination. Imaging parameters Preoperatively, whole-body and lateral spinal X-rays were performed on all patients, and both shoulders were flexed anteriorly during X-ray examination to ensure the most natural state of lumbar lordosis. The imaging parameters were as follows: (1) kyphosis angle of the thoracic (kypho), (2) upper thoracic curve (UT), and (3) main thoracic curve (MT). MT measures the Cobb angle from the head side of the T3 upper endplate to the T12 lower endplate. The UT measures the Cobb angle from the T1 upper endplate to the T3 lower endplate on the cephalic side. Kypho measures the Cobb angle from the upper endplate of the cephalic T2 vertebral body to the lower endplate of the caudal T5 vertebral body. All measurements used the Cobb method. The picture archiving and communication system was used by two independent observers. To test agreement among the observers, two orthopedic spine surgeons measured the imaging parameters twice independently, and the intraclass correlation coefficient was analyzed. Doppler echocardiography Color Doppler echocardiography indices were collected and recorded, including those of the pulmonary artery internal diameter (PAID), left ventricular end-systolic dimension (LVISD), ascendant aorta inner diameter, right ventricular basal diameter (RVBD), left atrium left-right diameter (LALRD), right atrium left-right diameter, left atrium longitudinal diameter, left atrium vertical diameter, peak late diastolic flow velocity (A peak), left ventricular early diastolic peak flow velocity (E peak), interventricular septum extent (IVSE), left ventricular end-diastolic diameter (LVEDD), left ventricular ejection fraction (LVEF), right atrium vertical diameter, and interventricular septum thickness. A color Doppler ultrasound instrument (Vivid E95, GE Healthcare) with an m5S probe was used. Patients were positioned in the left lateral decubitus position, and their electrocardiograms were recorded synchronously to obtain apical four-, 2 three-, and two-chamber heart section images for three consecutive cardiac cycles and acquire spectral Doppler images of the mitral and aortic valves. Routine parameter measurements were performed according to the American Society of Echocardiography guidelines, and the LVEF was determined using the biplane Simpson method. The patients’ imaging results were jointly rated by two experts in ultrasound imaging. Pulmonary function examination The indices of pulmonary function examination included forced vital capacity (FVC), forced expiratory flow in 1s (FEV1), percentage of predicted value, vital capacity (VC), and maximum ventilation (MVV). Preoperative pulmonary function examination was performed using the JAEGER Oxycon Pro with a unified baseline (CareFusion Germany 234 GmbH, Hochberg, Germany). A lung function detector (JAEGER Master Screen PFT, CareFusion Germany 234 GmbH, Hochberg, Germany) was used for measurement. A lung function detector was used for measurement, and the measurement module included pulse oscillation lung function, conventional lung capacity, velocity loop, residual gas function, dispersion function, and MVV rate. Lung function test results were obtained using JLab 5.7 software (CareFusion Germany 234 GmbH, Hochberg, Germany). Blood gas analysis Blood gas analysis indices included blood oxygen saturation (SO2%), hematocrit (Hct), partial pressure of oxygen (pO2), total hemoglobin (Hb), and partial pressure of carbon dioxide (pCO2). Two independent observers recorded these indices. To test for inter-rater agreement, the reported outcomes were recorded twice independently by two orthopedic surgeons, and the recorded data were reconciled. Statistical methods The data were analyzed using SPSS 23.0 software, and the data were expressed as`x±s, where`x and s stand for the mean and standard deviation, respectively. An independent sample t-test was used to compare the measurement data between the two groups, and the χ2 test was used for counting data. Differences were considered statistically significant at P<0.05. The correlation among the parameters was determined using Spearman’s correlation coefficient and analyzed using Origin 2021 software. General data Based on the inclusion and exclusion criteria, 38 and 66 EOS patients were enrolled in the high-altitude and plain area groups, respectively. The high-altitude group comprised 20 boys and 18 girls, with a mean age of 8.42 years (range, 6–10 years). The plain area group comprised 26 boys and 40 girls, with a mean age of 8.77 years (range, 4–11 years). The average age of the high-altitude group was not significantly different from that of the plain area group (P>0.05). The body weight and height of the high-altitude group were significantly lower than that of the plain area group; however, there was no significant difference in the body mass index between the two groups. The average Cobb’s angle was 79.65°, and the average thoracic kypho was 60.16°. There was no significant difference in the degree of other spinal deformities between the two groups. The thoracic spine curves of both the groups were mainly on the right side, and the proportion of right kyphosis in the high-altitude and plain area groups was 63.16 and 66.67%, respectively, with no significant difference (P>0.05). There were 48 cases of idiopathic scoliosis, 16 of congenital scoliosis, two of 3 neuromuscular scoliosis, and 24 cases of idiopathic scoliosis in the plain area group; there were 14 cases of congenital scoliosis in the high-altitude group. There was no significant difference in the proportion of patients diagnosed with idiopathic scoliosis between both groups (P>0.05). Color Doppler echocardiography examination The PAID, LVEDD, and IVST in the high-altitude group were significantly lower than those in the plain area group (P<0.05). There were no significant differences in the other cardiac color ultrasound indices, and were within the normal range. Pulmonary function examination The results of the pulmonary function examination showed that the FVC, VC, and MVV in the high-altitude group were significantly lower than those in the plain area group (P<0.05). The average predicted FVC% values in the high-altitude and plain area groups were 77.81 and 73.77%, respectively, and the average predicted FEV1% values were 78.65 and 73.05%, respectively (P>0.05), showing mild restrictive and obstructive ventilatory dysfunction. Blood gas analysis The Hct levels of the plain area group (38.49±2.89%) were significantly lower than those of the high-altitude group (40.85±4.47%; P<0.05). Hb levels in the high-altitude group (13.67 ± 1.46 g/L) were significantly higher than those in the plain group (12.85±0.94 g/L; P<0.05). The pCO2 levels of the high-altitude group (33.44±4.7 mmHg) were significantly lower than those of the plain area group (35.92±4.66 mmHg; P<0.05); however, there was no significant between-group difference in pO2 and SO2% levels (P>0.05). Correlations of parameters The correlation analysis between the spinal parameters and cardiopulmonary function measures in the high-altitude group is significant. In the high-altitude group, there was a significant correlation between the angle of the main thoracic curvature, the angle of the upper thoracic curvature, and kyphosis (rho=0.692, rho=0.484). There was a significant correlation between the kypho and upper chest curvature angles (rho=0.519). There was a significant correlation between LVISD, IVSE, RVBD, LALRD, and the MT (rho=-0.399, rho=0.565, rho=-0.358, rho=-0.371); however, there was no significant correlation between the angle of kyphosis and echocardiography index. PO2 and SO2% levels correlated with the angle of the MT (rho=-0.400, rho=-0.406). The upper chest bend angle was significantly correlated with VC, MVV, FVC, and FEV1 (rho=-0.498, rho=-0.451, rho=-0.513, rho=-0.588), while the upper chest bend angle and kyphosis bend were not significantly correlated with the pulmonary function index. There was a significant linear correlation between the UT and FEV1, FVC, and MVV in the high-altitude group. FEV1=1.623-0.011*UT, FVC=1.858-0.012*UT, MVV=54.646-0.286*UT. The results of the correlation analysis between imaging indices and cardiopulmonary function indices indicated that in the high-altitude group, UT showed a clear negative correlation with VC, FEV1, FVC, and MVV. In contrast, UT showed a clear positive correlation with these indices in the plain area group. In the high-altitude group, MT showed no obvious correlation with lung function indexes, whereas in the plain area group, MT showed a negative correlation with lung function indices. Scoliosis is a complex three-dimensional deformity that leads to distortion of body 4 appearance and reduced organ function, often causing irreversible damage to cardiopulmonary function (8, 9). Scoliosis due to rotation and thoracic scoliosis leads to a decrease in thoracic volume and asymmetry between the left and right thorax, which seriously affects the normal development of cardiopulmonary function in patients. The thoracic volume is vital for the development of cardiopulmonary function in children. Studies have shown that the critical period of alveolar and thoracic development in children occurs before the age of 10 years. Alveolar development in children approximately 10 years old is as prevalent as in adults, and the thoracic volume can reach half of that in adults (10, 11). Therefore, alveolar and thoracic development in EOS patients is critical since scoliosis and thoracic deformities can lead to pulmonary dysplasia. Most researchers believe that poor cardiopulmonary function in patients with scoliosis is caused by mechanical compression of bone tissue (12). Tsiligiannis et al. (13) showed that scoliosis changes the position of thoracic organs and affects normal respiratory movement, resulting in restrictive ventilation disorders. Campbell et al. (2) indicated that congenital scoliosis in patients with rib deformities could cause thoracic deformities, affects the normal development of heart and lung function and often leads to thoracic insufficiency syndrome. However, other studies have suggested that lung function is mainly affected by the limited development of the heart and lung caused by scoliosis rather than the mechanical compression caused by simple thoracic deformities (14). Davies et al. and Berend et al. (12, 15, 16) performed autopsy studies on EOS patients. They showed no obvious abnormality in the shape of alveoli, a decreased total number of alveoli, and no decrease in the size of alveoli due to thoracic compression and no decrease in the size of alveoli due to thoracic compression (the size was found to be compensated). Koumbourlis (17) et al. studied the relationship between scoliosis and patients’ circulatory and respiratory functions. They discovered that scoliosis-related deformities prevent patients from exercising like their normal peers, which reduces the number of chest breaths and compensates for the number of abdominal breaths. Regarding the thoracic structure, scoliosis limits the normal development of the chest, causing deformation of the important cardiovascular compression, leading to cardiopulmonary dysfunction. High-altitude areas exhibit a unique geographical environment comprising factors such as low pressure, low PO2, and low air content. Living in low-oxygen and thin-air environments over a long period impacts the development of cardiopulmonary function. An independent risk factor for low birth weight in newborns is the high-altitude environment, which leads to fetal growth restriction and affects the function of the respiratory and cardiovascular systems (5, 18). When the altitude increases by 100 m, the ambient atmospheric pressure decreases by 5 mmHg. Because the oxygen concentration in the atmosphere is constant, the oxygen partial pressure will decrease by approximately 1 mmHg. At sea level, the average pO2 is 150 mmHg. When the altitude is between 3000 and 5500 m, the PO2 decreases between 80 and 100 mmHg. When exposed to hypoxia and a hypobaric environment, people living in a plateau environment will have compensatory regulatory responses to restore the body's internal homeostasis. Over the course of natural selection, this compensatory response may be passed on to offspring through genetic material. The compensatory responses of people at high altitudes to hypoxia and hypobaric environments include increased pulmonary blood perfusion, erythrocytosis, blood viscosity, lung tissue compliance, and a slight increase in 5 pulmonary artery pressure. Studies have shown that people in high-altitude environments have symptoms of right ventricular hypertrophy and pulmonary hypertension, and elevated Hb levels in the body (19-21). In this study, the chest curve was the main bend in EOS patients in plain and high-altitude areas, with Cobb's angle of the main bend >45° in all patients. There was no significant between-group difference in the direction and severity of scoliosis and kyphosis. Idiopathic scoliosis is the primary classification of scoliosis. Excluding congenital cardiac developmental abnormalities, pulmonary artery diameter, LVEDD, and inter-ventricular septum thickness in the high-altitude group were smaller than that in the plain area group. This may be due to structural abnormalities of the heart and lungs caused by long-term low pressure and lack of oxygen in high-altitude areas. To explore the relationship between scoliosis, cardiopulmonary function, and the effect of high altitude on cardiopulmonary function, a correlation analysis was performed. The UT angle in the high-altitude group was correlated with the pulmonary function examination indexes (VC, MVV, FVC, and FEV1), while the UT angle in the plain area group was not significantly correlated with these indexes. Long-term exposure to high and cold climates, low pressure, and low oxygen environments impact the cardiopulmonary structure of patients in high-altitude areas. Therefore, the reduction in thoracic space caused by changes in spinal structure will cause more serious damage to the cardiopulmonary function of patients in high-altitude areas compared to patients in plain areas (22). Therefore, patients with severe scoliosis in high-altitude areas require active surgical intervention to reduce cardiorespiratory impairment associated with scoliosis. The results of pulmonary function tests showed that the average values of FEV1% and FVC% in both groups were < 80%, and there were mild restrictive and obstructive ventilation disorders, indicating that scoliosis and thoracic deformities limited the normal respiratory function of patients. The FVC, VC, and MVV indices of the high-altitude group were significantly lower than those of the plain area group. This could be due to the following: the low temperature at high altitudes contracts the small airways of the lungs and increases ventilatory resistance; the hypobaric and hypoxic environment forces the patients to breathe more times per unit time, increasing the load of respiratory muscles and causing respiratory muscle fatigue; the nutritional status of patients in high-altitude areas is worse than that of patients in plain areas; and the thoracic volume is smaller in patients in high-altitude areas than that of patients in plain areas. Scoliosis with thoracic deformity is often accompanied by limited diaphragm function and decreased chest volume, which leads to a decrease in lung tissue pressure and compliance, pulmonary hypertension, and even serious diseases such as cor pulmonale and respiratory failure (23). Studies have shown that pulmonary dysfunction before surgical treatment increases perioperative respiratory complications such as respiratory insufficiency, atelectasis, and pneumonia (24). Therefore, during clinical treatment, more attention should be paid to evaluating pulmonary function in EOS patients before surgery. For patients at high altitudes or other EOS patients with significantly impaired pulmonary function, it is necessary to carry out preoperative respiratory function training to improve respiratory function (25) and surgical safety and reduce postoperative complications; the comprehensive evaluation of pulmonary function in combination with other disciplines is also possible. 6 Because of the lack of studies comparing lung function between EOS patients in high-altitude and plain areas that are similar to our patient population, it cannot be ruled out whether the decline in lung function indices is affected by spinal deformities. In this study, the number of patients in high-altitude areas was less than that of patients in plain areas. Our results may not be comprehensive enough as there were only a few categories of imaging parameters; therefore, it was difficult to analyze the correlation between other imaging parameters and cardiopulmonary function. Conclusion EOS patients in high-altitude areas had poorer cardiac and pulmonary functions than those who live in plain areas. Cardiopulmonary function and the degree of scoliosis interact with each other. We should pay more attention to preoperative evaluation and postoperative rehabilitation for EOS patients living in high-altitude areas. References: 1.Fletcher ND, Bruce RW. Early onset scoliosis: current concepts and controversies. Curr Rev Musculoskelet Med.(2012)5: 102-10. doi:10.1007/s12178-012-9116-0 2.Campbell RJ, Smith MD, Mayes TC, Mangos JA, Willey-Courand DB, Kose N, Pinero RF, Alder ME, Duong HL, Surber JL. The characteristics of thoracic insufficiency syndrome associated with fused ribs and congenital scoliosis. J BONE JOINT SURG AM.(2003)85: 399-408. doi:10.2106/00004623-200303000-00001 3.Mortola JP, Frappell PB, Aguero L, Armstrong K. Birth weight and altitude: a study in Peruvian communities. 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Br J Dis Chest.(1986)80: 360-9. doi:10.1016/0007-0971(86)90089-6 15.Berend N, Marlin GE. Arrest of alveolar multiplication in kyphoscoliosis. PATHOLOGY.(1979)11: 485-91. doi:10.3109/00313027909059026 16.Davies G, Reid L. Effect of scoliosis on growth of alveoli and pulmonary arteries and on right ventricle. ARCH DIS CHILD.(1971)46: 623-632. doi:10.1136/adc.46.249.623 17.Koumbourlis AC. Scoliosis and the respiratory system. PAEDIATR RESPIR REV.(2006)7: 152-60. doi:10.1016/j.prrv.2006.04.009 18.Krampl E, Lees C, Bland JM, Espinoza DJ, Moscoso G, Campbell S. Fetal Doppler velocimetry at high altitude. Ultrasound Obstet Gynecol.(2001)18: 329-34. doi:10.1046/j.0960-7692.2001.00542.x 19.Hulme CW, Ingram TE, Lonsdale-Eccles DA. Electrocardiographic evidence for right heart strain in asymptomatic children living in Tibet--a comparative study between Han Chinese and ethnic Tibetans. Wilderness Environ Med.(2003)14: 222-5. doi:10.1580/1080-6032(2003)14[222:eefrhs];2 20.Huicho L. Postnatal cardiopulmonary adaptations to high altitude. Respir Physiol Neurobiol.(2007)158: 190-203. doi:10.1016/j.resp.2007.05.004 21.CANEPA A, CHAVEZ R, HURTADO A, ROTTA A, VELASQUEZ T. Pulmonary circulation at sea level and at high altitudes. J APPL PHYSIOL.(1956)9: 328-36. doi:10.1152/jappl.1956.9.3.328 22.Penaloza D. Effects of high-altitude exposure on the pulmonary circulation. Rev Esp Cardiol (Engl Ed).(2012)65: 1075-8. doi:10.1016/j.recesp.2012.06.027 23.Sacks D, Baxter B, Campbell B, Carpenter JS, Cognard C, Dippel D, Eesa M, Fischer U, Hausegger K, Hirsch JA, Shazam HM, Jansen O, Jayaraman MV, Khalessi AA, Kluck BW, Lavine S, Meyers PM, Ramee S, Rufenacht DA, Schirmer CM, Vorwerk D. Multisociety Consensus Quality Improvement Revised Consensus Statement for Endovascular Therapy of Acute Ischemic Stroke. INT J STROKE.(2018)13: 612-632. doi:10.1177/1747493018778713 24.Zhang JG, Wang W, Qiu GX, Wang YP, Weng XS, Xu HG. The role of preoperative pulmonary function tests in the surgical treatment of scoliosis. Spine (Phila Pa 1976).(2005)30: 218-21. doi:10.1097/01.brs.0000150486.60895.a1 25.Liang J, Qiu G, Shen J, Zhang J, Wang Y, Li S, Zhao H. Predictive factors of postoperative pulmonary complications in scoliotic patients with moderate or severe pulmonary dysfunction. J SPINAL DISORD TECH.(2010)23: 388-92.doi:10. 1097/BSD.0b013e3181b55ff4
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2023.06.01 00:39 goonyoung [위성/로켓] 성공적으로 날아오른 누리호…과거 1·2차 발사와 차이는?.......[Satellite/Rocket] Nuri successfully flew...What is the difference from the first and second launches in the past?
📷 여야, 누리호 성공 한목소리로 축하… "세계 7대 우주 강국 반열에 올라"
국내 독자 기술로 개발된 한국형 발사체 누리호(KSLV-Ⅱ)가 25일 오후 전남 고흥군 나로우주센터에서 발사되고 있다. 이번 누리호 3차 발사는 차세대소형위성 2호 1기와 큐브위성 7기 등 본격적으로 실용급 위성을 탑재해 발사하는 첫 사례다. [사진=연합뉴스] 한국형

"누리호 성공, 우주강국 G7 쾌거"
과거 발사와 달리 실제 위성 실려
한국형발사체 누리호( KSLV-II )가 지난 25일 성공적으로 발사돼 위성들을 계획된 궤도에 안착시켰다.
위성 모형을 실었던 이전 두 차례의 발사와 달리 실제 위성을 탑재한 '첫 실전 발사'다..

25일 한국항공우주연구원(항우연)에 따르면 누리호는 이날 오후 6시24분 예정대로 이륙해 모든 발사 과정이 정상 진행됐다.

당초 발사 예정일은 24일이었지만 기술적 문제가 생기면서 발사가 하루 미뤄졌다.

발사 일정이 연기된 것은 2차 발사할 때도 있었던 일이다. 당시 누리호가 기립한 상태에서 초속 7m의 강풍이 불어 발사가 한 차례 지연됐고, 산화제 탱크 센서에서 이상이 발견되면서 발사가 또 연기됐다.
결국 원래 일정에서 6일 지난 지난해 6월21일 2차 발사가 이뤄졌다.

24일은 2차 발사 당시보다 기상 상황이 좋았지만, 저온 헬륨을 공급하는 밸브 제어 과정에서 문제가 발생했다.
오태석 과학기술정보통신부 1차관은 브리핑에서 "저온 헬륨을 공급하는 밸브를 제어하는 과정에서 발사 제어 컴퓨터와 발사대 설비를 제어하는 컴퓨터 간 통신 이상이 발생했다"며 "발사 하루 전인 어제 오전 점검 과정에서는 해당 문제가 발생하지 않았으나 발사 당일인 24일 오후 3시경에 문제가 발생했다"고 설명했다.

누리호 발사관리위원회는 전날 누리호 점검 과정에서 발생한 이상 상황에 대한 조치를 완료하고 25일 같은 시간 누리호를 3차 발사했다.
차세대 소형위성 2호를 시작으로 20초 간격으로 큐브위성 등 8기 위성을 분리하는 데 성공한 누리호는 발사 1138초 후 비행을 종료했다.

국내 독자 기술로 개발된 한국형 발사체 누리호( KSLV- Ⅱ)가 25일 오후 전남 고흥군 나로우주센터에서 발사되고 있다. [이미지출처=연합뉴스]

이번 발사는 누리호가 목표 궤도에 진입해 차세대 소형위성 2호를 안전하게 분리했다는 점에서 성공적이라고 평가받는다.
윤석열 대통령은 "우리나라가 우주 강국 G7 (주요 7개국)에 들어갔음을 선언하는 쾌거"라며 "자체 제작한 위성을 자체 제작한 발사체에 탑재하여 우주 궤도에 올린 나라는 미국, 프랑스, 일본, 러시아, 중국, 인도밖에 없다"고 평가했다.

윤 대통령은 이어 "전 세계에서 대한민국의 우주과학 기술과 첨단산업을 바라보는 시각이 크게 바뀔 것"이라며 "누리호 3차 발사는 8개 실용위성을 궤도에 진입시킨 것으로, 1개의 실험 위성을 궤도에 진입시킨 2차 발사에서 엄청나게 진일보한 것"이라고 강조했다.

이번 발사가 '첫 실전 발사'라 불린 이유는 실제 위성이 실리기 때문이다.
이전 두 차례의 발사는 사실상 누리호의 성능 검증에 초점을 뒀었다. 2021년 10월 21일 1차 발사 때는 위성 모사체를 탑재했고, 지난해 6월 2차 발사에서는 위성 모사체와 함께 성능검증 위성과 큐브 위성 4개를 실었다.
누리호의 이번 임무는 고도 550km에서 실용급 위성 8기를 궤도에 올리는 것이었다.

이호성 한국항공우주연구원 박사는 24일 YTN '뉴스라이브'와 인터뷰에서 "위성 모사체가 실린 지난 발사는 (실제 위성과) 무게만 맞췄고, 그것이 어디에 있는지 확인하기 위한 장치만 기본적으로 있었다"며 "이번에는 실제로 위성이 배터리를 갖고 신호를 보여주면서 활동을 한다. 또 국내에서 개발한 여러 탑재물을 우주 환경에서 시험한다는 큰 의미가 있다"고 설명했다.

함께 실리는 차세대 소형위성 2호에도 순수 국산 기술로 개발된 영상 레이더( SAR ) 장비가 장착됐다.
이 박사는 "옛날에는 광학으로 봤는데 이 위성을 통해 레이더로 관측을 하게 돼서 비가 오거나 구름이 오거나 이것도 다 볼 수 있게 된다"고 설명했다.

다만 전력 소비가 많다 보니 항상 햇빛을 받아 전력을 충전해야 한다.
차세대 소형위성이 태양동기궤도 중에서도 승교점을 통과하는 여명-황혼 궤도(고도 550㎞)에 반드시 올라가야 하는 이유다..
📷 여야, 누리호 성공 한목소리로 축하… "세계 7대 우주 강국 반열에 올라"
국내 독자 기술로 개발된 한국형 발사체 누리호(KSLV-Ⅱ)가 25일 오후 전남 고흥군 나로우주센터에서 발사되고 있다. 이번 누리호 3차 발사는 차세대소형위성 2호 1기와 큐브위성 7기 등 본격적으로 실용급 위성을 탑재해 발사하는 첫 사례다. [사진=연합뉴스] 한국형

The ruling and opposition parties congratulate Nuri with one voice... "I'm one of the world's top 7 space powerhouses"
The Korean-style projectile Nuri (KSLV-II), developed with Korea's own technology, is being launched from the Naro Space Center in Goheung County, South Jeolla Province, on the afternoon of the 25th. The third launch of the Nuri is the first case of launching a practical satellite in earnest, including one next-generation small satellite No. 2 and seven cube satellites. [Photo = Yonhap News] Korean type

"Nuri succeeded. Space powerhouse G7 made it"

Unlike past launches, it's actually loaded with satellites

The Korean launch vehicle Nuri (KSLV-II) was successfully launched on the 25th, landing the satellites in a planned orbit.

Unlike the previous two launches that carried satellite models, it is the "first real launch" equipped with an actual satellite..

According to the Korea Aerospace Research Institute (Hang Woo-yeon) on the 25th, the Nuri took off as scheduled at 6:24 p.m. on the same day, and all launch processes proceeded normally.

The launch date was originally scheduled for the 24th, but the launch was delayed by a day due to technical problems.

The delay in the launch schedule occurred during the second launch. At that time, the launch was delayed once due to strong winds of 7 meters per second while the Nuri stood up, and the launch was delayed again as abnormalities were found in the oxidant tank sensor.

In the end, the second launch took place on June 21 last year, six days after the original schedule.

On the 24th, weather conditions were better than at the time of the second launch, but problems occurred in the process of controlling valves that supply low-temperature helium.

"There was a communication problem between the launch control computer and the computer that controls the launch pad facility while controlling the valve that supplies low-temperature helium," Oh Tae-seok, the first vice minister of science and ICT, said in a briefing.

The Nuri Launch Management Committee completed measures for abnormal situations that occurred during the Nuri inspection process the previous day and launched the Nuri for the third time on the 25th.

Starting with the next-generation small satellite 2, Nuri, which succeeded in separating eight satellites, including the Cube satellite, every 20 seconds, ended its flight 1,138 seconds after launch.

The KSLV-II, a Korean-style projectile developed with Korea's own technology, is being launched from the Naro Space Center in Goheung-gun, South Jeolla Province, on the afternoon of the 25th. [Image source = Yonhap News]

The launch is considered successful in that Nuri entered its target orbit and safely separated the next-generation small satellite 2.

President Yoon Suk Yeol said, "It is a great thing to declare that Korea has entered the G7 (seven major countries)," adding, "The United States, France, Japan, Russia, China, and India are the only countries that have put their own satellites into space on their own projectiles."

"The world's view of Korea's space science technology and high-tech industries will change significantly," President Yoon said. "The third launch of Nuri is a huge step forward from the second launch that entered one experimental satellite."

The reason why this launch was called the "first real launch" is that the actual satellite is loaded.

The previous two launches had effectively focused on verifying the performance of the Nuri. During the first launch on October 21, 2021, a satellite simulation body was mounted, and in the second launch in June last year, a performance verification satellite and four Cube satellites were loaded along with the satellite simulation body.

The mission was to put eight practical satellites into orbit at an altitude of 550 kilometers.

Dr. Lee Ho-sung of the Korea Aerospace Research Institute said in an interview with YTN's "News Live" on the 24th, "The last launch with the satellite mimic only weighed (with the actual satellite), and there was only a device to check where it was." It is also very meaningful to test various payloads developed in Korea in a space environment," he explained.

The next-generation small satellite No. 2 is also equipped with image radar (SAR) equipment developed with pure domestic technology.

Dr. Lee explained, "In the past, we looked at it with optics, but we can observe it with radar through this satellite, so we can see all of this, whether it's raining or clouds."

However, since power consumption is high, it is always necessary to charge power by receiving sunlight.

This is why the next-generation small satellite must go up to the dawn-dusk orbit (550km altitude) that passes through the Seunggyo point among the solar synchronous orbit..

The ruling and opposition parties congratulate Nuri with one voice... "I'm one of the world's top 7 space powerhouses"
The Korean-style projectile Nuri (KSLV-II), developed with Korea's own technology, is being launched from the Naro Space Center in Goheung County, South Jeolla Province, on the afternoon of the 25th. The third launch of the Nuri is the first case of launching a practical satellite in earnest, including one next-generation small satellite No. 2 and seven cube satellites. [Photo = Yonhap News] Korean type

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2023.06.01 00:31 Apart-Fun7133 I don’t get why the answer is H for 58. Is the passage saying that technologies will progress while morse code continues?

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2023.05.31 22:31 Naive_Bumblebee_2155 Is anyone else a little concerned about this? :')

Is anyone else a little concerned about this? :') submitted by Naive_Bumblebee_2155 to KGATLW [link] [comments]

2023.05.31 21:41 Euronotus 91L (Invest — Northern Atlantic)

Latest observation

Wednesday, 31 May — 2:00 PM Eastern Daylight Time (EDT; 18:00 UTC)
ATCF 2:00 PM EDT (18:00 UTC)
Current location: 26.4°N 85.9°W
Relative location: 237 miles WSW of Tampa, FL
Forward motion: NE (55°) at 7 knots (8 mph)
Maximum winds: 20 knots (25 mph)
Minimum pressure: 1009 millibars (29.8 inches)
Potential (2-day): Low (20 percent)
Potential (5-day): Low (20 percent)

Outlook discussion

Updated: Wednesday, 31 May 2023 – 8:00 PM Eastern Daylight Time (EDT; 00:00 UTC)
Discussion by: Dr. Jack Beven, NHC Senior Hurricane Specialist
An area of low pressure over the eastern Gulf of Mexico is producing disorganized showers and thunderstorms mainly to the northeast of the center. Environmental conditions appear marginally favorable for some slow development over the next day or two as the system meanders over the eastern or northeastern Gulf of Mexico. However, by this weekend environmental conditions are forecast to become unfavorable for additional development as the system drifts southeastward towards the Florida Peninsula. Regardless of development, the system could produce heavy rainfall and gusty winds over portions of the Florida Peninsula through this weekend. An Air Force Reserve Hurricane Hunter aircraft is scheduled to investigate the system on Thursday, if necessary.
Additional information on the rainfall and flooding potential can be found in products issued by your local National Weather Service forecast office and Excessive Rainfall Outlooks issued by the Weather Prediction Center.

Official information

National Hurricane Center

For information regarding the ongoing development of this system and other areas of disturbed weather across the northern Atlantic Ocean. (NOTE: Reddit's cache may prevent the outlook graphics from updating properly. Re-hosted images have been provided, but they may not always be up-to-date. Please visit the National Hurricane Center's website for the most up-to-date graphics.)

Weather Prediction Center

For information regarding impacts from tropical and non-tropical storm systems, including rainfall amounts and excessive rainfall alerts.

National Weather Service

For information regarding impacts to your local information, provided by meteorologists working in your area of the country.

Aircraft reconnaissance

National Hurricane Center

Tropical Tidbits

Radar imagery

National Weather Service

College of DuPage

Satellite imagery

Storm-specific imagery

Regional imagery

Analysis graphics and data

Wind analyses

Sea-surface Temperatures

Model guidance

Storm-specific guidance

Regional single-model guidance

  • Tropical Tidbits: GFS
  • Tropical Tidbits: ECMWF
  • Tropical Tidbits: CMC
  • Tropical Tidbits: ICON

Regional ensemble model guidance

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2023.05.31 17:35 intersecting_lines +EV Homer Plays for today => +3.1% EV ATL Matt Olson (+265 FD)

What is +EV betting. tldr, one of the only ways to be profitable in the long term betting on home runs since home run lines are usually juiced to the tits. You basically are trying to find sportsbooks and markets that have mispriced odds in the bettors favor. You aren't looking into stats, pitching matchups, weather, or ballpark rankings. As ActionNetwork puts it
EV betting is not about what you think will happen, but about an advantage you have over the implied probabilities of bets by using lines and information sportsbooks are already giving you
I use a devigger to remove the sportsbooks vig and to calculate +EV against a sharp book like bet365. I choose bet365 because it has one of the lowest vigs on home runs out of all sportsbooks and is widely popular. This is what the smartest people look for in the dinger tuesday threads to ensure profitability over the long-term.
These aren't guarantees, these guys are NOT likely to home run on a given day, but if you take enough +EV plays over a long period of time, you should end up profitable. My record since starting posting: 16W-58L (+18.20u)
My Picks (I take all +EV plays for $5 unless your name is Gallo. I'm posting the odds I got them at...make sure to check odds because lines move fast on fanduel HRs)
7.3% EV: ATL Matt Olson +280 FD vs bet365 +220/-280. Implied = 28.2%
All updated EVs combined with negative EV plays close to 0 (I don't bet if negative EV but they have the chance of becoming +EV with a slight odds change, so keep on radar)
updated: 9:30AM EST
7.5% EV: MIN Joey Gallo +440 FD vs bet365 +330/-450. Implied = 19.9% 3.1% EV: ATL Matt Olson +265 FD vs bet365 +220/-280. Implied = 28.2% 1.0% EV: SD Brandon Dixon +750 FD vs bet365 +550/-850. Implied = 11.9% -0.4% EV: CHW Eloy Jimenez +400 FD vs bet365 +330/-450. Implied = 19.9% -1.0% EV: NYY Aaron Judge +235 FD vs bet365 +210/-260. Implied = 29.6% -5.2% EV: MIA Jorge Soler +340 FD vs bet365 +310/-400. Implied = 21.6% -5.4% EV: CHW Andrew Vaughn +500 FD vs bet365 +425/-600. Implied = 15.8% -8.2% EV: BOS Triston Casas +520 FD vs bet365 +450/-650. Implied = 14.8% -10.4% EV: PHI Kyle Schwarber +350 FD vs bet365 +330/-450. Implied = 19.9% -11.0% EV: SD Fernando Tatis +330 FD vs bet365 +320/-425. Implied = 20.7% -11.1% EV: TEX Corey Seager +500 FD vs bet365 +450/-650. Implied = 14.8% -11.9% EV: LAA Zach Neto +900 FD vs bet365 +725/-1200. Implied = 8.8% -11.9% EV: WSH Luis Garcia +900 FD vs bet365 +725/-1200. Implied = 8.8% -11.9% EV: WSH Keibert Ruiz +900 FD vs bet365 +725/-1200. Implied = 8.8% -12.9% EV: CIN Matt Mclain +560 FD vs bet365 +500/-750. Implied = 13.2% -13.2% EV: TEX Josh Jung +450 DK vs bet365 +425/-600. Implied = 15.8% -13.8% EV: TOR Matt Chapman +370 DK vs bet365 +360/-500. Implied = 18.3% -13.8% EV: CHW Luis Robert +370 FD vs bet365 +360/-500. Implied = 18.3% -15.0% EV: LAA Hunter Renfroe +400 FD vs bet365 +390/-550. Implied = 17.0% -15.8% EV: HOU Corey Julks +750 FD vs bet365 +650/-1050. Implied = 9.9% -16.3% EV: COL Randal Grichuk +500 FD vs bet365 +475/-700. Implied = 14.0% -16.8% EV: NYY Jake Bauers +600 FD vs bet365 +550/-850. Implied = 11.9% -17.3% EV: PHI Jt Realmuto +630 FD vs bet365 +575/-900. Implied = 11.3% -17.3% EV: WSH Jeimer Candelario +630 FD vs bet365 +575/-900. Implied = 11.3% -17.5% EV: DET Spencer Torkelson +560 FD vs bet365 +525/-800. Implied = 12.5% -17.5% EV: OAK Ramon Laureano +560 FD vs bet365 +525/-800. Implied = 12.5% -17.5% EV: CHC Matt Mervis +560 FD vs bet365 +525/-800. Implied = 12.5% -17.5% EV: TB Christian Bethancourt +560 FD vs bet365 +525/-800. Implied = 12.5% -18.2% EV: COL Kris Bryant +520 FD vs bet365 +500/-750. Implied = 13.2% -19.0% EV: OAK Shea Langeliers +480 FD vs bet365 +475/-700. Implied = 14.0% -20.7% EV: NYY Willie Calhoun +600 FD vs bet365 +575/-900. Implied = 11.3% -20.7% EV: CHW Romy Gonzalez +600 DK vs bet365 +575/-900. Implied = 11.3% -22.7% EV: SD Nelson Cruz +680 FD vs bet365 +650/-1050. Implied = 9.9% -22.7% EV: LAD Miguel Vargas +680 FD vs bet365 +650/-1050. Implied = 9.9% -22.7% EV: CIN Jose Barrero +680 FD vs bet365 +650/-1050. Implied = 9.9% -24.5% EV: MIA Garrett Cooper +630 FD vs bet365 +625/-1000. Implied = 10.3% -24.5% EV: COL Brenton Doyle +630 FD vs bet365 +625/-1000. Implied = 10.3% -25.2% EV: ARI Lourdes Gurriel +750 FD vs bet365 +725/-1200. Implied = 8.8% -25.2% EV: NYM Francisco Alvarez +750 DK vs bet365 +725/-1200. Implied = 8.8% -25.8% EV: LAA Jared Walsh +680 FD vs bet365 +675/-1100. Implied = 9.5%
These are not meant to be parlayed
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2023.05.31 15:48 HelloBello30 Most and least desirable places to play from a city/state/province POV?

I specify the POV because I don't want to focus on organizations who have bad management or have something else that is otherwise fixable. I am more curious about your thoughts on unchangeable factors.
For example, IMO, Tampa and Florida seem to have a significant advantage due to nice weather, low taxes, and players can mostly fly under the radar when they step outside their house. Canadian teams are generally the exact opposite. If I was an NHL player, these are all highly relevant factors I would consider when thinking about where to sign as a free agent. I wonder just how much this sort of thing has historically hurt Canadian teams, resulting in their overall lack of recent success in getting the cup.
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2023.05.31 13:59 Sidewaystire I have a really hard time with other parents at playgrounds.

Especially with mothers, who I think have ND/NT radar. My kid can’t sense they’re being mean and enjoys being around the other kids, so I put up with it. But they always engage in a passive aggressive one-upping contest, like to brag about what their kids can do, and seem weirded out by my child (who in my opinion has far more social grace than them).
Does this get better post toddlerhood? Do the parents calm down about the developmental rat race? Honestly, their behavior gives me flash backs to middle school.
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2023.05.31 10:53 RainViewerCreator RainViewer weather API

Even in 2023, many different weather radar data formats and representations make it challenging to process them all together. So, we decided to grow the coverage and share all the gathered data by creating the completely free RainViewer API.
Our Patreon page with the API's development insights:
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2023.05.31 05:46 That-Drawer-773 🔥GroundZero🔥 [XBOX] [US] [Chernarus] [32 Slots]

 ========☢️GROUNDZERO☢️======== “The Plague Is Upon Us”
 🎮XBOX🎮 😈PVP/SURVIVAL👿 🗺️CHERNARUS [32 Slot]🗺️ 🌄Days- 3hrs ~~ Nights- 45min🌌 
GroundZero is a freshly remade console server looking to bring back that classic DAYZ kinda vibe again, with some improvements to map locations,loot, and added server events so it still feels new and fresh at the same time. We welcome all kinds of different play-styles and players to join so survivors can have all sorts of interactions from friendly to black screens. We do avoid the heatmaps/ npc traders/ base radars/ etc. because its not what DAYZ was all bout in the first place, its all about the journey and the blood, sweat, tears it took to get there. Hope to see you out there survivors Mahalos🤙
 👀 - 1PP 🏃‍♂️ - 5X Stamina 🚗 - 2X Fully Built Cars 💰- Vanilla Loot ⚔️ - 24/7 Raid 🔨 - Build Anywhere 🔫 - Gun Rack Spawns 🌌 - Dark Nights 🏴‍☠️ - Factions 🗺 - Customized Locations ❄️ - Customized Weather 👑 - King Of The Hill Event 👷‍♂️ - Active Staff ⚠️ - Changes Are Prone To Happen ⚠️ - Always Improving 🛠 - Chernarus Bunkers (W.I.P) 🛠️ - Server Events (W.I.P) 🛠️ - Faction Events W.I.P) 🛠️ - Zombie Hordes (W.I.P) 
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2023.05.31 05:02 cloctor 葛来仪解析C919“国产”大飞机:零件几乎都来自美欧


美国“战略与国际研究中心”亚洲高级顾问葛来仪的1张图,拆解了中国号称“国产”的商用客机C919,主要零件几乎都来自美国。 图:自葛来仪推特
中国火热宣传第1架国产大型客机C919,当地时间28日完成商业首航,正式进入民航市场,要挑战波音与空中巴士。不过遭到美国“战略与国际研究中心”亚洲高级顾问葛来仪贴出一张图打脸,该图分析所谓的“中国国产”,却用了美国、英国与其他国家的主要零件,葛来仪简单结论“Foreign Technologies in the C919”(C919的国外技术)。
外电报导,这架中国号称的大型国产客机的目标,是挑战波音737 MAX 与空中巴士A320 等外国机型,只是,中国从头到尾都标榜的这架“国产”喷气式飞机,包括发动机、航电、控制系统、通信与起落架等,都是从美国和欧洲制造商进口零件。
总部位于柏林的智库墨卡托中国研究所(Merics)曾表示,C919飞机的市场准入,是“中国技术崛起的象徵和民族自豪感的源泉”,C919的主要目的之一,是帮助推进北京在航空领域的“战略目标”,即使 C919 的效率或技术不如竞争对手,中国国有航空公司的政治目标,也可能会填补这个缺陷。

1688澳洲 2023-05-31
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2023.05.31 04:20 Buckscience Any idea what’s going on with this?

Any idea what’s going on with this?
Sitting in the hot tub I like to see where flights are headed. Saw this one headed south, but bound for Delhi from NYC. Thought they were going to land in Portland for an emergency, but then headed East over Gulf if Maine, then resumed a course that should take them to Delhi.
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2023.05.31 02:41 mholmeskc Flooding potential

Flooding potential
Has anyone heard a reliable estimation of how much of the snow pack has melted? It seems the mild weather the past 2 weeks has created a relatively slow melt and kept the water level under 12.5 ft. This model shows a 25-50% chance the valley with close (Merced River >12.5 ft at the Pohono Bridge) in the next 2 weeks but the estimates have been consistently high the past month as I've been tracking estimates (here is another: ).
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2023.05.31 01:48 Then_Gate7461 Both speed soak and carea cream have minis now

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2023.05.30 22:07 tobias_mueller OpenAI Added 25 ChatGPT Plugins Today (What To Watch, HaffPrice, PaperChat, Dr. Thoth's Tarot, ...)

OpenAI Added 25 ChatGPT Plugins Today (What To Watch, HaffPrice, PaperChat, Dr. Thoth's Tarot, ...)
Hi everyone,
Another 25 plugins have been added or reactivated on ChatGPT today. The total plugin count is now at 184. *EDIT: 192. *EDIT2: 210. *EDIT3: 211.
As my previous thread in this format was somewhat popular, I wanted to keep you updated. You can use this searchable overview to make finding plugins a bit more managable.

Removed plugins: Career Copilot, *EDIT: Urban New Apartments
Reactivated plugins: Prompt Perfect, WordCloud, KeyMate.AI Search
Reactivated plugins are plugins that have already been available at one point in the past but got removed from the plugin list for some reason. The ones I've listed above are just the ones I've remembered. Also, "Scraper" and "Clinical Trial Radar" are now duplicated in the plugin list. Maybe there are even more duplicates. So the real total plugin count might be somewhere around 180.

Added Plugins

  1. Uniket - Elevate your shopping experience with Uniket.
  2. (\EDIT: removed)* Urban New Apartments - Search and find the best new apartments and townhomes from Australia’s leading property developments
  3. Prompt Perfect - Type 'perfect' to craft the perfect prompt, every time.
  4. WordCloud - Create word cloud images from text.
  5. Brandfetch - Retrieve company and brand data including logos, colors, fonts, and other brand information.
  6. PaperChat - Search through arXiv publications.
  7. Mallorca Magic Property Search - Discover your dream property in Mallorca with our AI-Power. Find the perfect match from over 75,000 listings!
  8. (duplicate) Scraper - Scrape content from webpages by providing a URL.
  9. Bookworm - AI-powered personalized book recommendations, scanning countless titles to find your perfect read.
  10. - A design assistant that creates marketing visuals from your templates.
  11. (duplicate) Clinical Trial Radar - Discover current info on global clinical trials, organizations, diseases, and biomarkers from public & private studies.
  12. ChampDex - Chat with your favorite League of Legends champions!
  13. Job Search UK - Get the latest job posts from the UK's top job boards including Reed, Indeed, and others.
  14. What To Watch - Search for current shows, get recommendations, and find out where things are streaming.
  15. Bitcoin Sentiment - Track the current price of Bitcoin and the market sentiment based on the last 20 news media mentions!
  16. Aus Petrol Prices - Ask for the average daily petrol price for any state or capital city region in Australia!
  17. CT Criteria Parser - Analyze eligibility criteria in Example input: nctid NCT05859269
  18. B12 AI Websites - Create a professional, engaging, and user-friendly website for your business in seconds using AI.
  19. Keyword Explorer - Keyword Explorer provides popular related keywords to amplify your content optimization.
  20. Bardeen - Create and run automations on the most popular web services.
  21. HaffPrice - Shopping all kinds of products with the lowest price in the market.
  22. ThemeParkHipster - Find theme park waiting times around the world.
  23. WeatherWhiz - WeatherWhiz: Accurate current weather and forecasts for any location.
  24. Dr. Thoth's Tarot - Tarot card novelty entertaiment & analysis, by Mnemosyne Labs.
  25. KeyMate.AI Search - Search&Browse the web by using Google Search results with KeyMate.AI, your AI-powered web crawler.
  1. JetBook.Click - Your ultimate travel companion: search/book flights at best prices, get info about your destination. Multilang support.
  2. Image Editor - Edit images seamlessly, resize, crop, blur and many more embedded features.
  3. Whois Domain Checker - A Whois app that takes a list of space-separated domain names, performs the Whois for each domain.
  4. Gift Finder - Your personal gift advisor. Find a perfect experience for anyone.
  5. WP Interact - Fetch or search posts from self-hosted WordPress websites, opening new possibilities for smart interaction with content.
  6. AI Agents - Unleashing the power of multiple AIs: One goal, limitless productivity.
  7. Man of Many - Discover the latest in products, culture and style from Man of Many. Ask for the latest news and headlines.
  8. Upskillr - Custom curriculum, lesson plans, and upskilling support on any topic by Upskillr. Powered by Shorthills Tech.
  9. Crypto Jobs List - Find jobs and talent profiles in Crypto, Blockchain and Web3 industries.
  1. DM Tool Kit - App for rolling dice using the d20 or Fate/Fudge systems.
  2. Video Highlight - Explore, research, and interact with YouTube videos and personal videos.
  3. Experiences - Provides activity suggestions, ensuring an engaging and user-friendly travel experiences.
  4. CheckTheChain - Look for anything on the blockchain and get instant analysis.
  5. Speedy Marketing - Marketing tool for your Shopify store, ecommerce website or any business. Write SEO blogs and social media content.
  6. Resume Copilot - I'll perfect your resume for ATS, tailor it to the job, ensuring you stand out to recruiters
  7. AI Showcase - Discover the perfect AI tool for your personal and business needs with AI Showcase.
  8. TimeMachine - Enhances AI with real-time awareness, providing current time in various formats and timezones.
  9. shownotes - Turns long podcasts into quick summaries, finds specific info, highlights key points, and suggests new episodes.
  10. Got2Go - Your next vacation is one conversation away. Literally. Find the perfect stays in the US with Got2Go.
  11. sic - Explore prices, accounts and transactions on Ethereum.
  12. Domains Bot - Checks for a domain name's availability. You can search for your desired domain name.
  13. WhizList - Your go-to for creating amazing Spotify playlists.
  14. Puzzle Constructor - A tool for creating crosswords. You can create crosswords from words and hints.
  15. - Build charts, graphs, and more.
  16. JoPilot - Search for US jobs by keywords, locations, employers, salaries, and commute time.
  17. XWeather - XWeather gives weather information for a location. Ask for the current weather, a 5-day forecast, or a radar image.
  18. - Search for products that match your criteria from among the many products registered on the Japanese website
  1. TalkFPL - Talk with AI to help you manage your FPL team. Compare players, transfer options and more.

image of the searchable overview
Feel free to tell me if the post is missing any valuable information or if you have some feedback to share.
When OpenAI decides to add more plugins during the next 24 hours, I will update this thead accordingly.
*EDIT: 9 new plugins and 1 has been removed again.
*EDIT2: 18 new plugins.
*EDIT3: 1 new plugin.
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2023.05.30 21:15 Mollysindanga NWS Radar Serving RVa and surrounding areas to be out of service for two weeks.

NWS Radar Serving RVa and surrounding areas to be out of service for two weeks.
US National Weather Service Wakefield VA
Beginning tomorrow, May 31st, our radar products will be unavailable for approximately 2 weeks as technicians replace and refurbish crucial parts inside of the dome. This maintenance will help extend the life of our radar for another 20+ years. Don't worry, we will still be here monitoring the weather using other methods, including neighboring radars which can be found at
submitted by Mollysindanga to rva [link] [comments]

2023.05.30 20:53 qnubqnub Senior Cat lost her appetite

Species: Cat Age: 14 years Sex/Neuter status: female,neutered Breed: long haired cat, no specific breed but shows traits from norwegian forest cats, was adopted from a litter of barn cats Body weight: around 4 kilograms History: in the last ~3 years, she seemed to catch colds easily, Arthritis, she is an outdoor cat Clinical signs: doesn't eat much, weight loss, sleeps a lot Duration: she started to get skinnier around April, but her loss of appetite and sleeping habits seem to be somewhat recent (past month) General Location: Germany
(I am not a native speaker, but I am doing my best)
Hello there!I am posting with hopes to get some help with a senior cat. The cat is owned by my parents, and I only see her once a month, but for reasons, I am also the one who does all the vet visits with her. When I came back for a visit around April, I noticed that the formerly chubby cat lost some weight. It was not concerning yet, as her weight was always a bit too high. She used to weigh 6 kilograms, and then dropped to 4.8 kilograms. Vet confirmed that it was still a good weight for her. At this point, you could already feel her spine and shoulder blades a little when petting her.
I returned a few days ago for a longer stay this time, and the cat is now quite skinny, but I can't get an actual weight on her and I forgot to ask the vet to weigh her. She also used to be really into eating and wanted snacks often, but since then, she eats only little and then does her typical summer entertainment, which means she'll spend the day outside in the fields, looking at mice and returns to the house in the evening to sleep. She never was a good hunter, and I think she mostly does this to entertain herself so she most likely doesn't eat mice.
This cat always dropped a bit of weight around summer, because she is more active and less at home to snack. The warmer weather also seems to put a damper on her appetite. However, because of her old age, I took her to the vet anyway because she slept a lot more and is now quite skinny (sometimes you can feel her ribs when petting her).The cat got an ultrasound and a big (?) blood work done. The ultrasound showed a small cyst on a kidney and some sort of growth on the liver, which according to the vet, was not necessarily concerning yet. He recommended waiting for the results of the blood work. Everything else on the ultra sound indicated no issues or anything atypical for a cat her age, according to the vet.Now the blood work result came back and according to our vet, her results are mostly excellent for a cat her age. The only thing that is out of the norm according to him is that one blood test regarding the liver was a bit below the norm; and one kind of white blood cell was slightly higher but the overall values for white blood cells was normal. So, according to this, the cat is fine?
I am still concerned about her because it doesn't seem like a general issue with food. She likes treats (some kind of dried chicken with liver) and her cat milk, but her normal wet food is not eaten with much enjoyment. We also tried getting her some senior food, but this is not according to her tastes because she is quite spoiled. Yesterday she drank a lot from her little fountain outside, but it was a warm day. She also has bad breath, but not on a level that it would be smelly. Other than her mouth, she smells fine. Her fur is a bit shaggy when it used to be very silky. She does clean herself, but not as much as she used to. She got dewormed in January for the last time. As mentioned before, she enjoys summer and spends a lot of the time outside in the fields. Her overall behaviour hasn't changed that much either, she still likes human company and affection (except from me right now because the vet visit for the ultra sound and blood work was NOT fun).So I am wondering, is there anything else we could do or go to the vet for, like something that is not immediately on the radar for her symptoms? Is this fairly normal for an outdoor cat her age? I did read that this could also be an indicator of "decay with age", and that some cats die then. Also, what else can I try to get her to eat more? She likes treats but I feel like they don't provide her much nutritional value.
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2023.05.30 19:49 RainViewerCreator Survived a server meltdown, discovered an obvious data issue, and unveiled new weather radars.

While we were planning to share a post on the RainViewer API's rich history, we faced an unexpected challenge.
Sharing details about RainViewer's server meltdown and info about "the heart of RainViewer" in our latest blog on Patreon - enjoy:
A little spoiler: we've transferred all the data to a new server (you might have noticed it as the app works properly)
Lonk to RainViewer weather API details, for those who might have missed it:
submitted by RainViewerCreator to weather [link] [comments]

2023.05.30 19:48 RainViewerCreator Survived a server meltdown, discovered an obvious data issue, and unveiled new weather radars.

While we were planning to share a post on the RainViewer API's rich history, we faced an unexpected challenge.
Sharing details about RainViewer's server meltdown and info about "the heart of RainViewer" in our latest blog on Patreon - enjoy:
A little spoiler: we've transferred all the data to a new server (you might have noticed it as the app works properly)
Link to RainViewer weather API details, for those who might have missed it:
submitted by RainViewerCreator to hurricane [link] [comments]

2023.05.30 19:03 DTG_Bot [D2] Weekly Reset Thread [2023-05-30]

Nightfall - The Ordeal: The Corrupted



Weekly Crucible Rotators

Relentless: Zone Control

Achieve victory by controlling zones, earning points for your team over time.

Party: Mayhem

Achieve victory by defeating opponents. Abilities and Supers regenerate faster. Heavy ammo spawns more frequently.

Vanguard Surge: Arc Surge

The other modifiers rotate daily, check out the Daily Reset Thread for them!

Raids and Dungeons

Weekly Raid and Dungeon

  • Raid: Garden of Salvation
  • Dungeon: Spire of the Watcher

Raid Challenges

Deep Stone Crypt

  • Red Rover: A challenge awaits…

Garden of Salvation

  • Leftovers: A challenge awaits…
  • A Link to the Chain: A challenge awaits…
  • To the Top: A challenge awaits…
  • Zero to One Hundred: A challenge awaits…

Vow of the Disciple

  • Defenses Down: A challenge awaits…

Vault of Glass

  • Out of Its Way: A challenge awaits…

King's Fall

  • Devious Thievery: A challenge awaits…

Root of Nightmares

  • Crossfire Challenge: A challenge awaits…

Last Wish

  • Which Witch: A challenge awaits…
  • Boosts Gained: Initial Exotic drop rate boosts: 3

Dares of Eternity: Legend

Contestants: Disciples of the Neigh

  • Round 1: Vex
  • Round 2: Cabal
  • Final Round: Crota



Campaign Mission: No Time Left

Stop the Darkness relay from activating and creating a link between the Witness and the Veil.

Partition: Backdoor

Break into a Vex Mind's stronghold and defeat it.

Vex Incursion Zone: Zephyr Concourse

The Vex are testing CloudArk defenses in this region. Reality fractures as the VexNet bleeds through into Neomuna.

Legacy Activities

  • Savathûn's Throne World
    • Campaign Mission: The Arrival: Track Savathûn on Mars, where temporal abnormalities scar the planet's surface and the Cabal seek to claim new territory.
  • Europa
    • Eclipsed Zone: Eventide Ruins
    • Empire Hunt: The Dark Priestess: Hero: Defeat the new leader of the Fallen, Kridis, the Dark Priestess.
    • Exo Challenge: Simulation: Survival: Simulated Skill-Set Training: Survive the harsh weather as you take down the Vex.
  • Moon:
    • Campaign Mission: Beyond
    • Wandering Nightmare: Fallen Council (Archer's Line)
    • Trove Guardian is in Archer's Line
  • Dreaming City: Weak Curse
    • Petra is at The Strand.
    • Weekly Mission: Broken Courier - Respond to a distress call in the Strand.
    • Ascendant Challenge: Forfeit Shrine, Gardens of Esila
    • Blind Well: Scorn, Plagues: Sikariis & Varkuuriis

Guns, etc.

Banshee's Weapons

Name Type Column 1 Column 2 Column 3 Column 4
Pleiades Corrector Energy Scout Rifle Arrowhead Brake // Hammer-Forged Rifling Ricochet Rounds // Flared Magwell Subsistence Multikill Clip
Typhon GL5 Heavy Grenade Launcher Confined Launch // Countermass Alloy Casing // High-Explosive Ordnance Genesis Chill Clip
Taipan-4fr Heavy Linear Fusion Rifle Extended Barrel // Polygonal Rifling Liquid Coils // Projection Fuse Clown Cartridge Frenzy
Jararaca-3sr Kinetic Scout Rifle Arrowhead Brake // Chambered Compensator Alloy Magazine // Ricochet Rounds Hip-Fire Grip Focused Fury
Irukandji Kinetic Sniper Rifle Arrowhead Brake // Fluted Barrel Accurized Rounds // Flared Magwell Under Pressure Harmony
Combined Action Energy Hand Cannon Arrowhead Brake // Full Bore Appended Mag // Steady Rounds Hip-Fire Grip Offhand Strike

Ada-1's Wares

Name Description Cost
Envious Touch Equip this shader to change the color of your gear. 10000 Glimmer
New Pacific Sink (Worn) Apply this shader to change the color of your gear. 10000 Glimmer
War Cult Camo Apply this shader to change the color of your gear. 10000 Glimmer
Upgrade Module A collection of universal components that can be used to infuse power between gear items. Can be purchased from the Gunsmith or acquired from special reward sources. 1 Enhancement Core & 10 Legendary Shards & 5000 Glimmer

Eververse Bright Dust Offerings

Name Description Type Cost
Concentrated Mattergem An Upgrade Module ionizer created from refined Mattergems. Consumable 200 Bright Dust
Glimmershard A shard with the ability to generate Glimmer during combat. Consumable 250 Bright Dust
Brilliant Idea Emote 700 Bright Dust
Vestian Hawk Ship 2000 Bright Dust
Subjugator Entrance Modifications for your ship's transmat systems, so you'll always arrive in style. Transmat Effect 450 Bright Dust
Copperbrand Equip this shader to change the color of your gear. Shader 300 Bright Dust
Lucid Apply this shader to change the color of your gear. Shader 300 Bright Dust
Turn the Tables Emote 3250 Bright Dust
Torturous Dance Multiplayer Emote 1250 Bright Dust
Externalization Vehicle 2500 Bright Dust
The Pallbearer Ship 2000 Bright Dust
The Scorned Fortress Equip this ornament to change the appearance of Citan's Ramparts. Once you get an ornament, it's unlocked for all characters on your account. Titan Ornament 1500 Bright Dust
Chronos Exegesis Equip this weapon ornament to change the appearance of No Time to Explain. Once you get an ornament, it's unlocked for all characters on your account. Weapon Ornament 1250 Bright Dust
Secure Projection Equip this item to change your Ghost's projection. Ghost Projection 1500 Bright Dust
Smashing Success Apply this shader to change the color of your gear. Shader 300 Bright Dust
Trinity Apply this shader to change the color of your gear. Shader 300 Bright Dust
Tidesmoke Equip this shader to change the color of your gear. Shader 300 Bright Dust
Ravensilk Equip this shader to change the color of your gear. Shader 300 Bright Dust
Reef Awoken Modifications for your ship's transmat systems, so you'll always arrive in style. Transmat Effect 450 Bright Dust
Illicit Transmat Effects Modifications for your ship's transmat systems, so you'll always arrive in style. Transmat Effect 450 Bright Dust
Twin Snake Effects Modifications for your ship's transmat systems, so you'll always arrive in style. Transmat Effect 450 Bright Dust

Weekly Bounties

Petra Venj, The Dreaming City
Name Description Cost Requirement Reward
Ascendant Challenge "The Awoken have long practiced the art of walking between worlds." —Techeun Kalli 1500 Glimmer 1 Ascendant challenge completed XP++ & Dark Fragment & Legendary Gear
Gateway Between Worlds "The Blind Well can split wide the veins that run between realities." —Techeun Sedia 40 Dark Fragment 10 Activity completions XP++ & Offering to the Oracle
Eris Morn, Moon
Name Description Cost Requirement Reward
Slow-Wave Disruption Complete waves of Altars of Sorrow in Sorrow's Harbor. 1000 Glimmer 7 Waves completed Hymn of Desecration
Lunar Spelunker Loot chests in 3 of the Moon's Lost Sectors. 1000 Glimmer 1 K1 Communion Lost Sector looted & 1 K1 Logistics Lost Sector looted & 1 K1 Crew Quarters Lost Sector looted 1 Firewall Data Fragment
Lectern of Enchantment, Moon
Name Description Cost Requirement Reward
Nightmare Hunter Defeat Nightmares in Nightmare Hunts. 5 Phantasmal Fragment 100 Nightmares XP++ & 1 Phantasmal Core
Nightmare Sojourner Defeat Nightmares in Lost Sectors across the solar system. Nightmares defeated on the Moon only grant reduced progress. 5 Phantasmal Fragment 100 Nightmares XP++ & 1 Phantasmal Core
Variks, Europa
Name Description Cost Requirement Reward
Courageous Expedition On Europa, complete Lost Sectors, public events, and patrols. 1000 Glimmer 15 Progress XP++
Divine Intervention During the Empire Hunt "The Dark Priestess," defeat Kridis and earn points by defeating combatants with precision final blows. Higher difficulties grant more efficient progress. 1000 Glimmer 50 [Headshot] Precision & 1 Kridis defeated XP++
Shaw Han, Cosmodrome
Name Description Cost Requirement Reward
Public Disturbance Complete public events on the Cosmodrome. Heroic public events grant the most efficient progress. 1000 Glimmer 3 Public events XP++ & Glimmer
Full Spectrum Defeat combatants on the Cosmodrome with Arc, Void, and Solar damage. 1000 Glimmer 25 [Arc] Arc & 25 [Void] Void & 25 [Solar] Solar XP++ & Glimmer
Starhorse, Eternity
Name Description Cost Requirement Reward
Sticky Situation Complete the following objectives in a single run of Dares of Eternity. Objectives will reset if not completed when the activity ends. Defeat combatants with attached grenade abilities, defeat combatants with grenades, and complete the activity with an impressive score. 5 Strange Coin 15 Attached grenades & 50 [Grenade] Grenade & 1 180000 Points 2 Paraversal Haul & 1 Enhancement Core & XP++ & 50 Strange Favor
Pins Pulled Complete the following objectives in a single run of Dares of Eternity. Objectives will reset if not completed when the activity ends. Defeat combatants with grenade abilities or Grenade Launchers, rapidly defeat combatants, and complete the activity with an impressive score. 5 Strange Coin 110 Grenade final blows & 125 Rapidly defeated & 1 180000 Points 2 Paraversal Haul & 1 Enhancement Core & XP++ & 50 Strange Favor
Unlimited Horsepower Complete the following objectives in a single run of Dares of Eternity on Legend difficulty. Objectives will reset if not completed when the activity ends. Defeat combatants with Rocket Launchers, Linear Fusion Rifles, Sniper Rifles, or Grenade Launchers; defeat powerful combatants within streaks; and complete the activity with an incredible score. 7 Strange Coin 85 Weapon & 120 Defeated in streaks & 1 300000 Points 3 Paraversal Haul & 1 Enhancement Prism & XP++ & 150 Strange Favor
Nimbus, Neomuna
Name Description Cost Requirement Reward
Vex Incursion Countermeasures In the Vex Incursion Zone, defeat combatants using Strand to obtain Shellcode Fragments. Open a Terminal Overload Key Chest to obtain a Polymorphic Engine. 1000 Glimmer 8 Shellcode Fragments & 1 Polymorphic Engine XP++ & Polymorphic Shellcode

Seasonal Challenges

Name Description Objectives Rewards
Into the Depths II Complete the Week 2 "Into the Depths" mission. 2 Challenger XP+
Front Line Salvager II Open chests in Salvage. Redeeming Salvage Keys grants additional progress. Additionally, defeat Taken anywhere in the system. 3 Salvage Chests & 50 Taken Challenger XP+
Powerful Salvager Defeat powerful combatants in Salvage activities. 50 Powerful combatants Challenger XP+
Antithetical Armaments Defeat targets with Shotguns or Sniper Rifles. Defeated Guardians or defeated combatants in Salvage or Deep Dive activities grant additional progress. 150 [Shotgun] or [Sniper Rifle] final blows Challenger XP+
Throne World Activities In the Throne World, complete bounties and earn progress by completing patrols, public events, and looting Lost Sectors. 18 Progress Challenger XP+ & Bright Dust
Lost in the Legend Complete a Lost Sector on Legend or higher. 1 Lost Sectors Challenger XP+ & Bright Dust
Flourish of Power Defeat Guardians in the Mayhem playlist with Super abilities. 25 Guardians Challenger XP+ & Bright Dust
Primeval Entourage Defeat Taken in Gambit. Earn bonus progress for defeating tougher combatants. 100 Taken Challenger XP+ & Bright Dust
Taken Decimator Defeat Taken combatants in Vanguard playlists or strikes. Earn bonus progress for defeating tougher combatants. 200 Taken Challenger XP+ & Bright Dust
Calibrate Long Range Calibrate long-range weapons—Pulse Rifles, Bows, and Trace Rifles. Bonus progress is granted for defeating Guardians. 100 Calibration Challenger XP+ & Bright Dust

Notable Armor Rolls

Only notable rolls (stat total >= 59 or single stat >= 26) are listed here.
Class Name Vendor Type MOB RES REC DIS INT STR Total Cost
submitted by DTG_Bot to LowSodiumDestiny [link] [comments]