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MW Wyco Wednesday Inventory Update! Approaching Order 20,000 and That Lucky Goose Scores the BIGGEST Single Giveaway in all the Land! Order 19999 and 20001 also Grab a Surprise Box of Treasure and Wonder :) BIG Exotic Restock This Week! Azurescens, Ps. Cyanescens, Ovoid, Tamps, Zapotecorum and MORE!

2023.06.01 00:00 millywyco MW Wyco Wednesday Inventory Update! Approaching Order 20,000 and That Lucky Goose Scores the BIGGEST Single Giveaway in all the Land! Order 19999 and 20001 also Grab a Surprise Box of Treasure and Wonder :) BIG Exotic Restock This Week! Azurescens, Ps. Cyanescens, Ovoid, Tamps, Zapotecorum and MORE! is the place to get the things!
Cash App, Venmo, Apple Pay, Google Pay, Bitcoin and Amazon Gift Cards (US ONLY). Cash by mail also accepted :)
***PLEASE NOTE*** We cannot ship active spores to CA, ID or GA but boy howdy laws are a changin'! Shouldn't be long at all.
***PLEASE NOTE*** All cultivation inquiries or any mention of cultivation of active species will result in a block, cancelled order, and invalid for any refunds or exchanges. Spores are for microscopy use only.
Welcome back, mega masters of the mush collective!
Before we get into the gooooods, I wanted to address a recurring issue we've been having for a couple weeks now with duplicate orders. For some unknown reason, some of you are submitting an order just fine as usual, however, sometimes my website is kicking out an error after clicking "submit" to place your order. EVEN THOUGH IT LOOKS LIKE YOUR ORDER HAS NOT GONE THROUGH, IT HAS! Check your email to confirm your order has been placed before placing a duplicate order please! If you refresh or go back and place another order, it's still fine and you can checkout as usual, I just have to go through and manually cancel those duplicates. I submitted yet another ticket with Wordpress today to try and get this resolved, as my past attempts have not been resolved. So sorry for the hassle friendos!
On a positive note, APPLE PAY is back as a method of payment! Still working on the traditional credit/debit service and shouldn't be long!
On perhaps an even better positive note, we're nearing order #20,000 over here! What!?!?! All this still seems surreal. I had no idea when all this started that I would reach so many people all over the world, but my heart still feels the same as it did on day one. Thank you everyone who has shown support over the years and allowed me to live up to my true calling and ultimate dream of spreading happiness, kindness and healing. I feel like every day is a true blessing, each month somehow tops the last in some way, and I am incredibly grateful for this opportunity. Y'all rock so hard!
I suppose we haven't actually hit 20k yet, since some duplicate orders recently had to be canceled, but 19.8k or whatever the actual number is is close enough and still an accomplishment, so I'll count it! Plus you want a chance at some free stuffs, right? We will likely hit number 20,000 today or tomorrow, and if that lucky duck is you, here's what we're looking at:
I mean, I'd like to keep the house, car and my pet reindeer Ned, but order 20,000 is in for a lifetime treat:
23qt. Pressure Cooker
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And whether you are into gourmet cultivation or not, you'll also snag the following:
20 gourmet liquid cultures
20 pre-poured agar plates w/parafilm
10 lbs of the finest perfectly hydrated and sterilized grains (10lb total split however you want! ex: 5-2lb bags, etc)
Two 5lb bags of substrate
If you really REALLY aren't into the gourmets, of course I won't force it on ya. We can work out some kind of substitution but I strongly encourage expanding your knowledge and growing some actual food!
Aaaaand because I'm a fun gi, order #19999 and #20001 will score a surprise box similar to the ones I've given away in the past month or so. You don't know what's in it yet because I don't know what's in it yet. Each care pack is a bit different, and I usually feel out what to include as I'm packing it up (and somehow it's usually just what is needed on the other end. Thanks universe!). I don't think I've seen any pics or reviews of the ones I've already sent out, but I can say the receivers are very pleased :) Which also reminds me I have not updated rewards points for those reviews in a couple weeks gah!! I'll get on that tomorrow, my b!
As promised last week, this was an exotic heavy restock week! Fresh from the printing press, we have a FULL stock of Azurescens, Ps. Cyanescens, Gymnopilus Luteofolius, Gymnopilus Spectabilis (Laughing Gym), Natalensis, Ovoids, Subaeruginosa, Tampanensis and Zapotecorum! All are available in both syringes and swabs and shouldn't run out any time soon!
New(ish) to the cubensis library this week, I'm pleased to report that S. African Transkei is back in full force! We're in the final testing stages of a few other cubes that \should** be ready by next week too!
Enjoy this last day of May my friends! LOVE yourself, spread alllll the kindness and call yo momma! Mush Love <3
CREDIT/DEBIT card payments: we're working on a fix for this, again with no certain ETA. But I know that's a popular and easy payment method, so all hands are on deck with this issue! In the meantime, if you'd still like to pay with a card, try this unenthusiastic workaround:
Purchase an Amazon e-gift card from THIS LINK. Enter [[email protected]](mailto:[email protected]) as the recipient, add your order number to the memo line and badda bing badda bang, it's sent straight to me. If you're anti-Amazon, I get it. Please keep that mentality. Credit/debit will be back ASAP!
It's ALWAYS now forever. It's NEVER not now. BE HERE NOW! You have no choice...
***I love trades!**\* Trades are the best! If you're an artist or have a specialty of your own and would like to work out a trade for some genetics, please let me know! I've never ever turned down a trade and my lab is full of art, messages and nick knacks from this fantastic community. Diabetic supplies needed and accepted too :) Get in here!
Need to talk? Need a friend? Need to vent? I'm here, let's chat! Always in Love <3
All orders must be placed on the website to receive order confirmation and tracking emails. I have several coupon codes to fit most packages, but if you have a large order or need a custom coupon code, please email me, and I'll take care of you :) You may mix-n-match swabs, spore syringes, and liquid cultures (exotics and "special" swab packs excluded)
The most common order, and the best deal is with coupon code 5PACK, which is for 5 cubensis spore syringes, swabs, or gourmet liquid cultures for $30, including shipping! Coupon code 10PACK is $60 for 10 cubensis or gourmet varieties. Use coupon code 2PACK for 2/$20, or if you need any exotics with your 5-pack, you can use coupon code NEEDMORE for 5 cubes and 1 exotic for $40. NEEDMORE2 for 5 cubes and 2 exotics for $50, and so on :)
TWOSpicy - 2 for $25 Exotic syringes and swab packs
FOURSpicy - 4 for $40 Exotic syringes and swab packs
***PLEASE NOTE*** We cannot ship active spores to CA, ID or GA
***PLEASE NOTE*** All cultivation inquiries or any mention of cultivation of active species will result in a block, cancelled order, and invalid for any refunds or exchanges. Spores are for microscopy use only.
LIST OF AVAILABLE VARIETIES (list accurate at 17:00 on 5/31/23, but will change as varieties sell out):
Acadian Coast
Avery's Albino (SWABS ONLY)
Blue Magnolia Rust
Blue Meanie
Cambodian Gold
Columbian Rust
Costa Rican
Elephant Gate
Golden Mammoth
Golden Teacher
Koh Samui
Leucistic Cambodian
Lizard King
Orissa India
Penis Envy #6
PES Amazon
PES Hawaiian
PF Classic
PF Redspore
Phobos (swabs only)
Puerto Rican
Red Boy
Rusty Whyte
S. African Transkei
S. American
Texas Yellow Cap
Treasure Coast
Gymnopilus Luteofolius (Yellow Gilled Gymnopilus)
Gymnopilus Spectabilis (Laughing Gym)
Pan Cam Jam
Ps. Allenii
Ps. Azurescens
Ps. Galindoi ATL7
Ps. Natalensis
Ps. Ovoideocystidiata
Ps. Semilanceata (Liberty Cap)
Ps. Subaeruginosa
Ps. Tampanensis (Pollock)
Ps. Zapotecorum
Artist's Conk
Bear's Head
Bitter Oyster (Bioluminescent!) < Black Pearl Oyster
Black PoplaPioppino
Blue Oyster
Branched Oyster
Chicken of the Woods
Coral Tooth
Cordyceps Militaris
Florida Oyster
Golden Brown Beech
Ghost Fungus
Honey Mushroom
Lions Mane
Pathfinder Oyster
Pearl Oyster
Pestalotiopsis Microspora (Plastic munchin' non-fruitin' machine! Or is it?? We need our finest on this)
Pink Oyster
Red Reishi
Shaggy Mane
Sordid Blewit
Sporeless Oyster
Tarragon Oyster
Tiger Sawgill
True Morel
Turkey Tail
Veiled Oyster
White Elm
***PLEASE NOTE*** We cannot ship active spores to CA, ID or GA
***PLEASE NOTE*** All cultivation inquiries or any mention of cultivation of active species will result in a block, cancelled order, and invalid for any refunds or exchanges. Spores are for microscopy use only.
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2023.05.31 22:53 discostrawberry Suggestions for plastic surgeons (rhinoplasty) in SE United States

Hi all! Basically what the title says, but wondering if anyone here has had an experience with a surgeon in the SE United States for a rhinoplasty that they’d highly recommend. I know there are a LOT of celebrity plastic surgeons in Miami, but many of them I will never be able to afford (looking to spend less than $10,000 if possible). I’ve heard of some surgeons performing amazing work for a decent price in Florida, but I was wondering if anyone in this sub had any personal recommendations (Google reviews only do so much). I’m in Alabama and are willing to travel. I’m looking to have this done within the next year. Any suggestions are appreciated! TIA
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2023.05.27 23:21 asteen40 1️⃣man fixes da computers?

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2023.05.27 19:04 thebigeverybody I invested in all this fiat and it turned out to be paper buttcoin????

I just discovered this and it is truly incredible to me. Not that these people have been swindled, since they're somewhat famous for that, but that the swindlers have managed to take the same spiel butters fell for (alternative banking system) and fleece people outside the internet. It's like when the machines figured out how to leave the Matrix (did that happen? I don't remember those movies).
So I'm hoping the mods don't delete this thread because as far as I'm concerned this is analog buttcoin.

‘Trump Bucks’ promise wealth for MAGA loyalty. Some lose thousands.

The products are advertised online as a kind of golden ticket that will help propel Trump’s 2024 bid and make the “real patriots” who support him rich when cashed in.
John Amann told NBC News he bought $2,200 worth of Trump Bucks and other items over the past year only to discover they were worthless when he tried to cash them in at his local bank. So he’s gone on Twitter to warn other Trump supporters not to fall for this scam.
But on social media and in promotional videos — many featuring faked celebrity endorsements — the sellers have tapped an audience that believes Trump’s ouster was part of a great conspiracy and that by investing in the Trump Rebate Banking System, or TRB for short, Trump will reward their loyalty by making them rich.
Those who buy these items, the ads from Patriots Dynasty, Patriots Future and USA Patriots suggest, will be rewarded when Trump unveils a new monetary system that will turn these products into legal tender worth far more than the purchase price.
Invest in a TRB membership card “issued by Donald Trump,” the ads from Patriots Dynasty, Patriots Future and USA Patriots claim, and the purchaser who spent, say, $99.99 on a “$10,000 Diamond Trump Bucks” bill will be able to cash it in for $10,000 at major banks and retailers like Walmart, Costco and Home Depot.
“TRB system membership cards are official cards issued by Donald Trump to allow Trump Bucks holders to use Trump Bucks as legal tender and deposit them in banks such as JP Morgan Chase, the Bank of America and Wells Fargo,” a narrator identified only as “John” that appears to be a computer-generated voice says in one YouTube ad just moments after cautioning viewers that “Trump Bucks are not legal tender.”
How it spreads
Fawning reviews are posted on dozens of websites with the headlines “SCAM OR LEGIT” that can stack Google with positive results and in hundreds of YouTube videos.
In AI-generated promotional videos shared on social media and in chat groups, celebrities and politicians, including Trump, appear to endorse the scam.
In one, Trump appears to announce the launch of the TRB system on Fox News.
“Let’s make America wealthy again,” the artificially generated voice of Trump says.
In another, Twitter-owner Elon Musk appears to say “That Trump certificate is not a joke, it’s real. Everyone needs to get as many as they can. I spend one million dollars on Trump certificates and this week I’m going to cash out my Trump items. Soon I will be the richest person on the planet again.”
In reality, the advertisement features footage lifted from Musk’s appearance at a TED event in 2022. The video ends with a slide advertising a free app that promises to “make your favorite celebrity say anything.
“I saw all these ads on Telegram that had Trump pushing coins and checks that he endorsed and how you can cash them in after a year and make a profit,” the grandmother, who lives in Mobile, told NBC News. “I was told how you can go to Bank of America or Target or Amazon to cash them in.”
To prove to her mother-in-law that she had been swindled, the Florida woman said she drove her to a nearby bank and urged her to try to redeem the Trump Bucks in her possession.
“We thought she got it, she even admitted she got scammed,” the Florida woman said. “But then giant boxes arrived at the house full of Trump checks and other stuff that she bought for $500 and that would supposedly be worth $6 million one day. We tell her she’s getting scammed and she says, ‘Just wait, Trump will make all the patriots rich.’”
“It’s like she’s in a cult,” the Florida woman said.
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2023.05.26 01:37 onimush115 Carnival Magic 5 day Cruise from Norfolk, VA Impressions

My wife an I have been on 5 cruises int he past, all pre pandemic, and all with Norwegian. We recently moved to NC and live within a 2 hour drive to the Norfolk VA port. When I saw Carnival does cruises from that port, I booked one figuring we would give them a shot since being close to home it's just so much more convenient than flying to Florida. I had high hopes for it being a good cruise, hoping it could turn into our new home port. We booked a 5 night itinerary on the Carnival Magic, with stops in Bimini and Freeport. I paid $2200 for a balcony room. For anyone interested here are my impressions:
We opted not to park in Norfolk. I had read reviews about cars getting broken into in the Carnival parking lot (it's supposedly since had improved security) and decided to get dropped off at the port. Once we arrived it was pretty apparent this was going to be a different experience than the big ports that run 7 days a week. It just seemed under staffed and disorganized. I was used to Miami and Tampa where everything just felt much more streamlined. Security seemed nearly non existent, none of the added things I had read about like dogs or more staff, just the standard metal detector.
The ship:
The difference is in the details. Lots of rust streaking on the outside of the ship, overall it just looked dingey. In our room there was dust on the ceiling vents, cabinets were chipped, some drawers had broken tracks. The bathroom door had a broken piston on the door so it would swing around (this did get fixed mid trip). The chairs on the balcony were bubbling and rusting. Lights took a long time to come on and some switches just didn't do anything.Though the ship was built in 2011 it looked like it was themed in the mid 90's. Gold and chrome everywhere, mirrors and the ugliest green dome lights lined the atrium. Whoever picked those out loved them because they put them absolutely everywhere. It was comically ugly.On the decks the chairs were in varying condition, some were new, but some were worn and and in need of replacement. One thing I did appreciate though was just the overall amount of seating. All throughout the interior of the ship and around the outside decks there was never any shortage of places to sit and relax.
This needed it's own category just because of how bad it was. I don't know if Carnival just has a nonexistent budget for licensing, but the music playing around the ship was bizarre for a Caribbean vacation. They mostly played 70's/80's rock music/pop. I was expecting more stuff that would just sort of set the theme of the vacation, like maybe island music in the lido buffet instead of Quiet Riot lol.The tv in the room had like 8 channels, 2 of which were movie channels. Most of the movies being played were not recent and many I had never heard of. They played some new movies on the screen by the pool, but even those they repeated. Other than that they had HGTV, Discovery and Food network, and a music video channel playing 80's music videos. It seemed to be the same 10 videos on loop.
The food:
The buffet food ranged from okay to gross. Usually we stuck with the salad bar because it's hard to mess that up. They had a "Deli" with "hand carved" sandwiches. I tried the Ruben only to find out it was a pre-made sandwich taken out of a drawer and put into a convection oven. It came out as a soggy melted mess with no thousand island dressing or sour kraut and ended up going uneaten. The Guy's Burger Bar and Guy's Pig and Anchor didn't really look like anything great. The burgers just looked like a backyard bbq burger. The free pizza option on board was surprisingly good and we had that a couple of times for lunch. Eating in the MDR was okay, the food was fine, but nothing great. The real disappointment was that the menu hardly changed, it seemed to only mix up one or two entrees.
We ate at both paid dining options. The Prime Steakhouse ($42 pp) and Cucina Del Capitano ($18 pp). Both of those were actually really good. I understand why people may not like the up charge options, but I enjoy them as an option to get a better meal. I actually wished they had more than the two options on board.
Disembarking at the islands:
This was a real mess. I was used to how Norwegian would handle this with assigned groups depending on what excursions you had booked. It would control the flow of people trying to leave the ship. Carnival pretty much just pulled up, opened the door and said "have fun" which resulted in standing in lines in hot stairwells for over an hour. We even waited quite a while before attempting to leave in Bimini since we had no excursions planned and still got caught in it. People were getting hot and grumpy and staff just seemed confused.
The Passengers:
Now I've heard Carnival get called "The Walmart of the seas" and I now know why. People were just rude and not well behaved overall. You could be waiting for an elevator and as soon as one opens someone will run right in front of you to get on. People would leave trash/drinks everywhere, like in elevators. I witnessed multiple couples fighting in public areas, you could hear people fighting in their cabins. No general respect for other passengers, adults running up hallways yelling at night/early morning (kids I could understand), slamming cabin/balcony doors constantly. I saw multiple people banging on doors to venues that were closed. People had their shoes off with bare feet up on furniture in the indoor seating areas. Guys with no shirts in dining areas, and all I could think about was the amount of body hair that may be dropping off them lol. People were being rude to staff and just giving them an attitude all the time.It just seemed like people didn't know how to behave in a public setting. I saw one guy wearing as shirt that said something about making women cum, another person had one on advertising a bail bonds company, it represented my local Walmart pretty accurately.
The staff:
The staff was excellent. Everyone was so nice and gracious. Never had an issue once with a staff member all week. The cruise director was fun and entertaining. They did seem a bit short staffed if anything, which sucks for the staff that is there. Cost cutting by the company will get taken out on them, but I think that is a trend industry wide at the moment unfortunately.
Overall the vacation was not a complete bust. If anything some of the downfalls made it kind of funny, so we just laughed about it. Like I said we enjoyed our specialty meals, so that worked out. The lobby entertainment like the violinist and solo guitar player were really good, so we enjoyed evenings in that area just getting drinks and listening to the music. It was worth it to experience another cruise line, but we won't be going back. There are too many other options to waste another trip on Carnival. We have a 5 day trip booked on the Disney Dream in January. We will see how that goes, otherwise it will be back to Norwegian since we've yet to have a bad experience there. I may get called snobby, but I think I wouldn't go on Carnival for the same reasons I wouldn't stay in an Econolodge or Super 8.
TLDR: Tried Carnival for the first time since it has a port close to home. It really is like the Walmart of the seas and you get what you pay for I guess. It was our first and last time sailing with Carnival.
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2023.05.24 18:30 jewelstam My boy is matted

My boy is matted
Hi my 11 yo baby is so matted. The vet says it is age and happens as it gets harder for them to groom. She suggested a lion cut to get the mats off. I have this scheduled for Friday (two days from now) but I am so nervous about this!!!
I am worried about pretty much everything. How will he tolerate the shaving. How will he tolerate no hair!!! Do I need to worry about his exposed skin?
He is an indoor cat and we are in South Florida so cold isn’t an issue. They are coming to my house and will do it in their van. We can go in with them. I was told the groomer has 15 years experience. Also in google reviews they have nearly 500 positive reviews with less than a dozen 1 star reviews and nothing in between.
Finally someone told me that his coat will never grow back the same; that one of the types of fur never grows back and of course this has me Worried….but he definitely needs to have these removed.
The vet gave me gabapentin to give the night before and morning of.
Any advice?? Reassurance??? Hahaha I probably need the gabapentin for this also !
Photo is when he was a younger man of 6
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2023.05.24 14:04 IndependentBench6375 Income reported to the IRS that isn’t mine.

Two days ago I received the letter CP2000 in the mail from the IRS. It stated that I needed to pay $5,000 in taxes for $16,000 of unreported income on my 2021 tax return. After reviewing the document, I noticed that there was an income reported under my husband SSN for a company he never worked for in his life. After calling the IRS I was told to do the research. So, I dig up anything I could find about this “company”. The first thing I noticed was that the “company” in question has a % and then the actual name of the employer as the street address. This threw up a red flag for me because all his other listed incomes that were reported showed the actual addresses of the companies he worked for. After digging some more I was able to find some documents and the physical location of the “company”. It is a small house in Miami, FL and the numbers I could find were a google phone number and a cell phone number, but both were disconnected. We do not nor never have lived Florida. After calling the IRS again we were told to fill out a form 2624 so that a third party can reach out to said employer, but if they can contact this company and verify my husband’s information we would still have to pay the $5,000. My question is how exactly do I fill out the form 2624? It was a little confusing. My other question is should I fill out an identity theft form too? Should I file a police report? We have never been in this situation and are always careful filing our taxes.
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2023.05.23 08:20 TayneTheBetaSequence DEEP DIVE TINFOIL (LONG) Latest Pulte Tweet Referencing VIRTU a company owned by FLORIDA PANTHERS OWNER Vincent Viola.

DEEP DIVE TINFOIL (LONG) Latest Pulte Tweet Referencing VIRTU a company owned by FLORIDA PANTHERS OWNER Vincent Viola.
DISCLAIMER: Everything from this point on is SPECULATION and a lot of this information is NOT PROVEN. Any accusations I make towards any people are not proven and should not be used to make financial decisions. I am not a financial advisor and any information provided is from resources alleging accusations against certain people/parties that may not be proven in a court of law as of this writing.
Tonight we got this tweet from Pulte:
This tweet came out tonight and there are some speculations that this is related to Mark Triton, BBBY, and I believe people are looking at this tweet all wrong. The key word in this tweet is VIRTUE and Shareholders.
Recently we also had tweets from Pulte saying that they are going to reveal corruption, bring things to light etc. I put together a timeline of interesting tweets for May.

Start rant - Corporate greed is bad.
Executives and politicians are cheating the system and the little guy is left holding the bag. Got it.
On the road... May 2nd... 2 days before Star Wars Day.. May 4th. On the road for BBBY?

Grandpa is a choice dude. Do the right thing. Morals. Got it.
May 4th STAR WARS DAY (May the fourth be with you, get it!?!?) The deal is done. BBBY?
Pulte bringing up shareholders on May 6th
Cut to Ryan Cohen MAY 12th (Mothers Day):

Shareholders mentioned, and CRONYISM... remember this for later.
30 minutes after RC Tweets about Shareholders:
Shareholders again on May 12th. Odd they are tweeting about the same thing 30 minutes apart on a SUNDAY on MOTHERS DAY of all days.
First Twitter response from Ryan Cohen, this one seemed kind of odd as he never really has responded to anything sport related in the past, or not very often. This seemed a bit out of character for this Twitter account.

This is the second tweet from the Florida Panthers that he reacted to 35 minutes later. Again, seemed a bit odd.

May 13th begin corruption rants. Its bad. Got it.
Not all CEOS are bad, but this is what some of the bad guys do... + Shareholders yet again
3 days later some bad guy CEOs

On Mothers Day, I was talking in a group about the Florida Panthers tweets, as these stuck out to me as just odd for RC to be replying to with his track record on twitter. He lives in FL and hes from Canada.. they were playing each other.. so I almost dismissed this.
I said I "researched" the owner of the company Vincent Viola and didn't see anything suspicious. Until another redditor brought up that there allegations that he is defrauding investors in one of his companies VIRTU. Remember.. PULTE tweeted about VIRTUE SIGNALLING Today.
This information, seems to be pretty well suppressed for how huge these allegations are. It wasn't the first thing that popped up when I googled Vincent Viola.
Here is a some information from an article back in February of 2023 about this situation:
The billionaire owner of the Florida Panthers hockey team, Vincent Viola, is at the center of a Delaware lawsuit that alleges he’s used his control of a large publicly traded financial services company to improperly divert hundreds of millions of dollars to himself, his family and his cronies.
The suit asks a judge to force the company, Virtu Financial Inc., to produce its books and records for inspection by the plaintiff – the pension fund of Toledo, Ohio’s Iron Workers Local No. 55 – which suspects it’s been cheated.
“Virtu’s controlling shareholder, Vincent Viola, is abusing his control over Virtu’s ‘Up-C’ corporate structure to expropriate value from Virtu at public stockholders’ expense,” says the complaint. “Virtu’s Board of Directors is aware of the issue, but instead of fixing it, the Board has actively facilitated Viola’s expropriation. Virtu now refuses to produce documents necessary to investigate the apparent wrongdoing.”
The Delaware attorneys for both sides – Jeffrey Gorris for the pension fund and Matthew Stachel for Virtu – declined to comment. In paperwork filed with the court, however, Virtu denied any wrongdoing.
According to the complaint, Viola, through his affiliates, “controls 82 percent of Virtu’s voting power. Viola has stacked Virtu’s Board with family, friends and longtime business associates.”

Full article here: Panthers owner Viola accused of draining "staggering" $ from public investors (

But here is an interesting part of the article:


The complaint accuses Virtu of “many months of delays, misdirection and gaslighting” while withholding records necessary to its investigation, such as how much cash has been paid out to Viola. “Judicial intervention is required to end Virtu’s obstruction of Plaintiff’s statutory right to books and records,” the complaint says.
The case is in Wilmington, DE’s Chancery Court before Vice Chancellor Paul Fioravanti Jr. At the end of January, the court was notified that both sides are engaging “on a schedule” with the next update by the end of the month.
Virtu, traded on NASDAQ, is an electronic trading firm and market maker that uses proprietary technology to handle high frequency stock trades. In 2019, the company repurchased more than $500 million in company stock from Viola
Okay, so Ryan Cohen who is heavily involved with GME and potentially involved with BBBY might be hinting at this company or Vincent Viola.
They are a MARKET MAKER which uses proprietary Technology to handle HIGH FREQUENCY STOCK TRADES.
Lets think a few days before BBBY went to OTC... what was our volume close to hitting in a single day and we had a red day... OH THATS RIGHT A FUCKING BILLION. And it was a RED day.
Okay heres a recap for you thus far:
  2. A STOCK THAT HAS HAD CRAZY VOLUME in the past year (BBBY) and is being manipulated and barcoded for months on end being forced into Chapter 11 quicker than it should have.
  3. BBBY is one of the highest watched stocks on a daily basis
  4. Pulte tweeting about "Virtue Signaling" today 5/22/23.
  6. Pulte has already tweeted in the past month that they are going to be revealing major corruption.
  7. Ryan Cohen JUST HAPPENS TO BE RESPONDING TO VINCENT VIOLAS HOCKEY TEAM ON TWITTER on Mothers Day. Pulte follows up with a shareholder tweet 30 minutes after RC. Cohen also tweeted about share holders and cronyism earlier that day. Which Vincent Viola is accused of stealing money from shareholders and paying friends and family (AKA CRONYISM)
  8. The following day May 13th Pulte just happens to be tweeting about fighting corruption and on May 14th he talks about Bad CEO's and how they defraud investors?
  9. May 17th pulte posts a picture of SBF and Theranos "Bad CEOS" who were on the cover of Forbes at one point in time?
Could Virtu be the Market MakeCompany that they are referring to? Could they be behind death spiralling BBBY's price and keeping GME price contained? Are they the ultimate baddy we are up against here?
BBBY Chapter 11 hearings got delayed until 6/1/23, (two weeks). Could there maybe have been some evidence brought to light, where the court/judge needs to review some crucial evidence?
Pulte said before we got the delay in the chapter 11 hearings, that they are revealing corruption..
Again, this is all speculation, and all based on ALLEGED accusations of defrauding investors through Vincent Violas company VIRTU. None of this has been proven in a court of law.
Interesting connections here, and all of this could just be pure coincidence and not come out to be true. But this seems like I am on to something here.
To me it seems like they may be toying with this Vincent Viola guy right now.
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2023.05.23 04:19 limpdickscuits Anyone use National Express Auto Transport?

PICKUP: Treasure Coast in Florida
Destination: South Puget Sound area Washington

I've been trying to do my due diligence of research for shipping my car across country, as I recently moved here and was not able or willing to drive cross-country in the middle of winter. I have started to understand the difference between brokers vs carriers and one company that has come up I have not been able to see discussed in this subreddit despite searching for it. The company is called National Express Auto Transport and they're based in Miami, FL. is their link. They actually had a very helpful FAQ that gave me a better idea of what the significance of a broker vs a carrier would mean for me as a consumer. It appears they're a full-service company, which I've interpreted as they do both brokering and carrying (please inform me if I'm incorrect! This research is dizzying).
Has anyone unaffiliated with this company had experience with them as a consumer?
They're registered with the DOT and FMCSA (which I learned to check from this subreddit, so thank you!) but I'm pretty distrustful of solely going off of google and yelp reviews.

Appreciate the replies in advanced! Also, if you have any advice on other companies that are not giant brokers that I could look into, or things that I should consider in general, I would greatly appreciate it.

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2023.05.22 17:47 HammerHorrorWhore They do know that DeSantis himself doesn't personally own the businesses, right?

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2023.05.22 02:35 saintpetejackboy Solar tax company claiming >30% tax incentive, is this a scam?

I work in the industry and recently crossed paths with a company in Florida who claim to be tax experts that can get over the 30% (if the person makes enough $). I am not 100% sure on their methods, but I started to dig into the company a bit.
Couldn't find them being incorporated anywhere (I searched a bit, but it can be tedious as I had to guess the state). Their website lists testimonials from some real juggernauts - but across their three different domains, the testimonials are slightly different - they are all real people, but their roles and relation to the company in question are murky at best. When I say these are real people, some of them are incredibly well-known.
Tried to whois their domains and they were all registered via proxy. They have a physical office, and address listed. Some of the testimonials they have came off kind of weird, but I can't find any other supplemental evidence of these people working with that company outside of these three domains.
Their Google Reviews consist of 3 total 5 star reviews, all from people with basically only one other review on Google, and all from a month ago only - including people who claim to have already benefitted somehow from this tax scheme. The website itself was registered towards the end of last year, but with the people providing testimonials, it seems odd they wouldn't have more reviews.
I might be on the wrong path here and just suspicious over nothing, but I figured I would come here and ask about this - either if other people know this works, or if this is some kind of known scam.
Thanks in advance, and I did not list the business here, but I can provide their URLs if somebody else also wants to do some digging. One person that is at the top of all their testimonials is one half of an accounting firm that is rather notorious - but his relationship to the company in question is unclear, if there even is any.
This particular reference / individual sent me down a wild rabbit hole - as this person has been accused of fraud in a court filing (which they demanded be retracted), and he also appeared in the news when his son did a manslaughter in his car and then basically walked and was sued by the family of the deceased. Further, the other half of this accounting enterprise was swimming in the Bahamas with 3 other people and drowned some years back - strangely, another unidentified body was also recovered (??).
While investigating into this portion, I wasted a lot of time as I can't even really determine what relationship this company has with the man, but he is prominently featured on all three of their domains (unlike the other people who are also listed as giving "testimonials".)
I thought maybe about posting to RBI, but figured maybe somebody in the industry here also could clear this up one way or another.
"If something sounds too good to be true, it probably is." - not saying that is 100% the case here but rather than alleviate my concerns, doing further research only seemed to generate more questions.
Thanks in advance for reading all of this :).
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2023.05.21 06:24 chicken_nu9 Zoom Room classes?

Hello! I recently relocated to Central Florida and am looking for a local, reputable and fear-free group training facility for my 8mo pup. We’ve already done the puppy basics with a private trainer (he knows sit, down, stay, go potty, etc.) so I’m looking to reinforce them in a group setting (he’s started his rebellious adolescence phase) and build on the difficulty of distractions. Found a place called Zoom Room through Google with positive reviews. I’m interested in their Intermediate Obedience, Beginner’s Agility, and large breed socialization classes.
I’ve never heard of this place before, which seems like it’s a franchise, so I wanted to ask folks here if anyone has had experiences with Zoom Room, positive or negative. Would you recommend their classes?
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2023.05.21 04:50 Assassinkitty143 Not today Satan

Not today Satan
This is after a $1 peak pay to! Lol
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2023.05.19 16:27 Aggravating_Ad_1429 my new house i bought and is mine for me only
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2023.05.18 21:19 YCLion Does anyone know if Real Time Relocation company is legit?

We received a quote from them, indicating that they had a truck available in our area and were willing to offer us a discount. Initially, we were skeptical, assuming it might be a sales strategy. However, we considered the price to be favorable and proceeded to pay a deposit. The total price amounted to $3900, with a deposit of $1500.
As we delved deeper into our research, we began to have concerns about the legitimacy of the company. Despite finding positive Google reviews and verifying their registration with the Department of Transportation (DOT), we stumbled upon discussions on Reddit mentioning that moving companies based in Florida requesting substantial deposits could potentially be involved in scams. At this point, we are seeking input from others who have had prior experience with this company. Thus far, we have been unable to locate any reviews or conversations that confirm their involvement in fraudulent activities
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2023.05.18 07:16 thatdudefromPR Micromanaging

So the hospital I worked at hired new managers who were previously with Advent Health (formerly Florida Hospital) this people micranage so bad that they hire as many people as possible to stop overtime and they are giving us Mandatory training and seminars on how we should behave with clients (patients). So they want us to behave as they do at Chic-fil-a.
They don't want us telling the patient the truth of what goes on. Instead we should word things in a way that won't make the hospital look bad, so we get better reviews.
My work place is at a 1.9⭐️s on google and other places you can review. At least 98% of those reviews are related only to the ER. And yet we are always full of old grumpy complaining patients.
Staff is being written up for silly things like having colored shoes or clocking out right at 7 when they finish report and there is nothing else to do.
Sadly the only options close to me are advent health and nursing homes
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2023.05.16 22:23 The_Odd_Cephalopod Looking for any feedback on this resume for upcoming co-op applications
Its feeling somewhat lackluster to me. Any input is appreciated. Thanks
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2023.05.15 07:40 cuzglc True Crime Podcasts - 2022 recommendations - a promise finally fulfilled!

At the end of last year, I posted asking for recommendations from what you lovely people had listened to in 2022. In the euphoric run up to a Christmas break, I promised to compile a list from the comments. And then life got seriously in the way. But things have started to settle down and I've finally got around to compiling the list. Sorry it is so late (better late than never, right?). I hope it is still useful and provides some new listens. I've added quite a few to my podcast player.
The description text comes from the podcast webpages - I just thought it would be useful to have a sentence or two to explain what they are about. I've also added who made the podcast because that can be a beacon or red flag for people.
I tried to go through all the comments and collect the podcasts that people were raving about and which were from last year or recent.
If I've missed any that you are passionate about, please accept my apologies - let me know in the comments and I'll update this post!
They are listed in alphabetical order. The link is to a Google Docs document which is the same list but has links to each of the podcasts.
This is focused on podcasts from last year. For a more comprehensive (almost encyclopaedic) list, there is the excellent True Crime Pod Sheet:

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2023.05.15 01:01 HappyUnicornPoop Why don’t I get a full refund for an order that was missed?

Why don’t I get a full refund for an order that was missed?
Scheduled a Mother’s Day delivery for my mum from her favorite restaurant. I did a dumb and forgot to order two extra things. So I just added it to the order. Though it was considered a separate delivery but from the same store. I’m guessing the dasher forgot to pick up that second order. But they instantly refunded me for it. But it’s only $10? Id like my money back for the entire second order that I wasn’t present. Wtf?
And don’t say anything about the “low tip” on this. I tipped more than well on the first order. And planned on tipping extra after delivery. This was the second order in which I forgot to add to the first.
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2023.05.13 22:53 pulcherpangolin Tauer - Phtaloblue

I (35F) am relatively new to fragrances and don’t know much other than “I like/don’t like how this smells”, but after reviewing scented lotions and candles that I’ve bought over the past few years, I realized everything has “salt”, “ocean”, or “salty air” in the description. I can’t remember how I learned about Ellis Brooklyn’s Salt (honestly, probably googling “salt perfume”) but I bought it last summer and I love it. After discovering this community in the past month or so, I wanted to try more marine, aquatic, and salty fragrances. I’ll review other samples soon, but today I wore Phtaloblue for the first time and I’m obsessed.
I live in Florida not far from the beach, which is where I spent the afternoon today. On first spray in my bathroom at home, I thought Phtaloblue was a little too sharp and a little fresh woody, not quite my jam. Within the next half an hour though, it had subdued and softened so that by the time I was lying on the beach, I thought, “This is nice. Not great, but it’s good.”
Then I went for a swim. After some time in the water, I laid back down on my towel and smelled my wrist again. It was like a transformation! The scent was now sweeter and warm and exactly what I wanted. I sprayed a bit more when I got home and now I’m sitting outside, still salty and sandy and I can’t stop smelling my wrist. It might be my next full-bottle purchase (I only have two full bottles, so this is a big deal). I spend enough time by the beach in the humid salty air that I think this will work, but I might also just fill a spray bottle with ocean water to layer with.
Phtaloblue smells like salty sweet sea grass on a sunny summer afternoon. I think anyone could wear it in hot weather, and it might even be enhanced by sweat. Living where I do, this is a great feature!
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2023.05.13 18:48 maroonedsandi American University of Antigua (AUA) Sharing My Personal Experience

I've seen several posts about the school and there hasn't been much detail over how the school is as well as the area where it is located. I don't want to minimize those that have posted because many of it has been good but I wanted to share more detail about what I have gone through as well as what I've seen and heard.
I started during the pandemic and while it was rough, I it wasn't as bad as it became once coming to the island. One of the most difficult things about the school is their lack of "staffing" and care about students. Before I get into that and other stuff, I want to address the things that I was not aware of or was withheld from me before coming to Antigua.
Antigua and Barbuda are lovely places and the climate is warm but the problem is it is poorly ran. Antigua is where I have spent the majority of my time and it has a lot of problems. Lets start with common things that anyone coming to Antigua should know especially if you are going to AUA from America (which is where I am from)
If you bring US cash, make sure it has no tears, wrinkles, or damage of any kind (even markings). They will tell you NO at most places if your cash have these things. Sometimes you may get away with it but it's a risk. A pro tip is if you do have these bills, take them to a casino (there are many) and insert them into slot machines and then take the ticket that is printed out to the "cash out" area.
Don't bring over 10k in cash! If you do, the customs form you sign and fill out will ask you if you do which can possibly give Antigua to take your money (or at least some of it) as well as US customs/IRS may get involved, though if you are lucky the customs person will tell you to ignore it and give you a new form as they know it's a scam. However, if you do have over the amount and don't put it down you could lose it all if the cops are outside the airport.
Beware of scammers, and people taking advantage of you! (this will be addressed more when I talk about the medical school). Right off the bat, the airport places these metal pillars and you need to navigate around them with your bags however their are "baggage folks" pushing their way to take your bags without telling you they charge you for their "service". If you complain, police will possibly get involved.
Animals are a problem especially dogs. Dogs are often off of leashes and run around by themselves or in packs. Often they are "wild" and will attack. I heard of a fellow student who had their dog bitten by a professor's dog, so again dogs on the island are not that friendly. This is probably why so many people are afraid of dogs and won't allow them in their rentals. Dogs that are not "wild" are often let loose on property so beware when walking/running/or exploring. This also creates a big problem at night as so often dogs bark all night making it hard to sleep. Some parts are better than others but it is such a problem that you can read reviews from guests at expensive resorts complaining about it.
Tourists/resorts: Lots of people flood the city every week from cruise ships and regular travelers. The resorts can offer nice stuff for you to enjoy if they let you (for a fee/price). Some have day passes and if you want to drink a lot may be cheaper than going to "local" places and offer a better experience. Many of the resorts are not that great and the newer ones are very nice however extremely expensive offering less than other resorts on other islands/countries. One of the big drawbacks to Antigua is the poverty level is high and it is everywhere even around resorts.
Scuba/snorkeling isn't as good as I was expecting and trying to find diving stuff is hard. The shops they have around are poorly stocked and even the spots you can be taken to offer very little "wow" factor for seeing stuff.
Cigars/Spirits/BeeWine: As a lover of both I have to say you can find some okay spirits and at times cheaper than in the states. If you are a cigar smoker, it's not a great place. Some places sell "Cubans" but I don't believe it, and the shops that existed years ago no longer do even though some places on google say they still exist. You can find lighters around but cutters are hard to find and if you do find them they are trash (but better than nothing). Ash trays were the hardest to find in my experience especially for cigars, so bring that if you are coming and enjoy cigars. TSA loves to steal your lighter and cutter so for those they are obtainable but aren't probably as good as the one's you have. Bring your own cigars though, you are allowed 50 and you can get travel cases often on specials which offer hard enclosures. The craft brewery closed years ago, so there is only store stuff, some of it isn't bad. If you aren't a craft drinker then you'll be fine. Wine is easily obtained and there are lots of options all around.
Taxis and car services rip you off! Taxis may or may not show up when you call them and this can be really bad if you are away from your housing. There are "ride/car" services that you can get and while they "can" be cheaper than taxi's BEWARE as they often take money up-front for the year or semester. This may sound like a good deal, but if for whatever reason they decide to stop honoring the deal or if you move to an area they don't want to go, you are out-of-luck. You will not get your money back and the school will not help you out. I know of many folks who have dealt with this and even got an "attorney" involved and that has been a waste of time as well as more money taken from the students. You may get lucky but it's a big gamble.
Water is generally bad on the island, though I've had some okay "tap" water that works well with brita/filter systems. The water is so salty and smelly in some parts that the water filters don't do anything. So you are left buying overpriced jugs of water. They do have 5 gallon plastic jugs which offer the best choice that should be "clean water". Gas stations and some little markets have them as well as Epicurean (the biggest supermarket). Its 50 ec for the bottle/water and then 15 ec after that (they make you pay the higher price for the initial bottle and then you bring the empty one in to get a new one).
EC is the currency and it's currently 2.7 for every dollar. I don't know the rates for other currencies but it's easy to find out.
Getting a car can be hard as well as expensive. Many people have cars for sale but it's a real gamble on whether it will be a lemon especially from the community as so many people are trying to "get one over" on students. If you can and must drive, try to get one from a student. You need to jump through all kinds of hoops to transfer ownership and then go through a really lame inspection as well as be treated poorly while doing it. A license is around 200 ec or something and a temp license is 20 dollars (50 ec) for 3 months (though it could be four months I can't remember). They make you get a renewal sticker every year for 500 ec or something while you waste your day at their version of a "DMV" and then get treated like crap when they do the inspection. I've heard they are nicer to women, but your mileage may vary. They also charge you additional fees for everything they can think of just because they can. Then before you can finish any paperwork, you need to get insurance which is another big waste of time and expense. As of jan 2023 they did a big rate hike and while there is some differences in prices, they go off of "CC" of your car. So get a small car and preferably a SUV as the roads are horrible (more on that later). For me, my insurance was about 200 or so dollars for the year. Then, once you have your insurance and license, you can finish your paperwork/transfeinspection. This can take days or even longer depending on your ability to get around.
Internet is okay, and often comes part of your rent. However it can be slow especially if your place has cheaped out and makes you share off of one "modem". While there is a lot of fiber around (that is what I have used) it isn't fast and the uploads are not very good. Also, bring your own router as you can lock it down so the isp/others cannot see your traffic as well as use a VPN. They are really expensive if you can find them around the island and only a few places sell them.
Cell service is okay however it's a joke in many ways. You can do "prepaid" however it's really not because you can only use your minutes/data for the time you pay rather than until it's all used up. So let's say you do 30 days, which makes the most sense if you are going to school. You get data and depending on your plan, minutes as well. If you don't use your stuff, it'll carry over but only if you pay for another round of days. So the idea of prepaid is another "con" that is done regularly on the island. Digicel is the biggest one and it can be around 110ec for 30 days which isn't that bad and has a lot of data, however you need to keep paying for it every 30 days even though they say it is "prepaid". They also have "data plans" which are basically more expensive and you need to give more information for. Like with prepaid, they have 30 day cycles though are for a year or something but again you are paying more. If you have tmobile, folks say they are the best for using on the island, though that is if your sim/phone will sync up with the cell service here. Mine did not but maybe that is because I use a company that isn't tmobile directly but rather uses their service. BUT minutes and data add up fast so if you plan to use data it may be best to use digicel or flow (the other service). Around the island though, the service seems to work well.
The community in Antigua can be friendly, in fact a lot of folks are however from my experience it's been more hostile than other places I've been. I've travelled around the US, Europe, and Asia so it's not like I have no experience with other countries. Some examples, ignoring me in line while servicing the person behind me, ignoring my questions, and giving me different prices than what is listed. There is also the issue of stealing and hiding information from folks. As an example, car services that break the contract while not refunding the balance. While driving can be the worst though and while drivers all around the world can be real jerks, from the places I've been this is the worst place. They will ride you then jet around often close to on-coming traffic, break suddenly, block lanes, and run red lights/stop signs like they don't exist. Defensive driving doesn't exist in Antigua so if you do drive be very careful. I've been almost run off the road many times and they often don't have "shoulders" and it is very common to have large pot holes and deep drop offs from the road. That is the other thing, there are massive pot holes and breaks in the road which will destroy your tires.
Sending stuff to the island is sketchy at best. Barrels are talked about and many people use them however they will get searched at customs and you will get charged for whatever nonsense they feel like at the time. Sure, they have "guidelines" and "costs" for things however I have not heard of them following it. You may also be missing things from your barrel or even pallet if you decide to bring things that won't fit in a barrel. A student told me that they were charged full price plus some on electronics they got on "black friday" as they charge you a percentage off of the cost of the item. In this case, the student even had invoices which had the costs they paid, but that didn't matter. Customs used a different price and charged them the percentage off of the new price. I've heard students missing items such as nebulizers, swim gear, stereos, tv's, game systems, snacks, books, games, adult toys, and other things. I've also known folks who got everything they sent, so it's a mixed bag but it's a big risk on top of getting price gouged. If you want some advice, most places have tv's (not great ones but often ones that are at least HD with hdmi) so don't worry about that. There is also little recourse to take if you are "missing" things and again, it will only create issues with your ability to do school work.
Beaches are a selling point at the island and plenty of people come here for them however they can be dirty and smelly. Seaweed or whatever it is washes up often and isn't cleaned up which creates a bad smell. Some resorts do clean it up but areas around the school often don't. Another issue is parking around beaches as well as accessing them.
Crime and Violence: There's been a lot of wrecks I've seen, students have talked about being threatened by landlords, random people on the street, loads inappropriate sexual comments towards females, some stalking, and car windows being broken. I wouldn't say the place is worse than where I lived in the states though everyone has different experiences. There was many of these things even murders where I went to undergraduate so again, your experience will be unique to you. Police don't seem to care about things and I have even heard they refused to take statements from people where being threatened with physical assault. Legal action is useless as well as I've heard people getting legal help only to have them never do anything and keep the money. They often want payment with cash or 3rd party app while never doing it as "service" so they avoid fees. This apparently does not offer protection if you use a credit card so it's like using cash (see where I talk about ride services). Again, the community is not a very good one so protect yourself and be smart.
Okay let's talk about the school itself.
The staffing at the school is horrible. If you have issues or problems there is not a place to turn at least in the sense of any "traditional" school. They have a counselor that doesn't really help with issues, if you need accommodations they offer them but the one person in charge makes it difficult and that is if he is on the island at all. The housing department is useless and this is really the first major issue that I ran into. Most students are placed in "school" housing their first semester however what they don't tell you is it's not owned by the school. The school rents them from private owners and then they upcharge you on them. If you are married, don't bring your spouse or you will not be able to stay in "school" housing and if you have a dog, it must be a service animal (which is expensive to import) where the dog will have limited places where it will be accepted. It is even worse if you try and find a place in the community as most places will not accept your service animal. If you are a MED 2 plus, it's hard to stay in "school" housing but not impossible however you are then on your own to find a place. The school hires "liaisons" to assist you find a place but they can be rather untrustworthy as I've heard of folks being placed in horrible housing that was harmful to their health. The school does nothing to help and leaves the student to deal with it themselves while having to handle schoolwork. If you can, try and get a place from another student who you can hopefully trust. It's expensive for places and even the "dumps" are expensive. Sure, housing is expensive in the US and other places however electricity is very expensive (if you barely use the AC you can pay upwards to almost 300 ec a month), gas is often not included which is propane using a tank that you are often responsible for and many things may run off of it, and water can get expensive as well. Again, it all depends on the place you find and what they include. Some places will say "all inclusive" but they often are only saying that while never actually delivering it. This all can be really hard especially if you want to bring your spouse and service animal with you because the school has very little housing for these folks and they are "dumps" . They will force you to deal with the "community" if you don't take their "option" and you are completely on your own. You can be easily taken advantage of by the school's "liaisons" for which I've heard about a couple of really bad stories. This all can be overwhelming if you have never been to Antigua and are a new student.
Most if not all of the "professors" are PHD's and are not MD's/DO's.
They do have a lot of security, the campus is surrounded by a gate/fence. When you take exams you are treated like a criminal, loads of security are around while everyone is lined up like at a security checkpoint at an airport. This adds a lot of stress on students before taking an already stressful test. Plus they don't have lockers so you hand all of your stuff to security hoping they don't steal anything.
The overall style of the school is best described as, if it makes life hard for students let us do it. I say this because the school will change things at will, and often not for the better. As an example, they have this thing called "comp" which is a test students must take before taking step 1. It is considered harder than step 1 and up until the first semester of 2023 students who passed it went on to rotations. Apparently many students cheated on comp during the pandemic and as a result only 20 some students passed it who didn't cheat out of several hundred (the numbers may be off). So they are making everyone come back (even those who passed that didn't cheat) and take a Kaplan STEP 1 course for tens of thousands of dollars. Prior to 2023 only those who didn't pass needed to do this scam of a class. Then if you don't pass comp again, they may kick you out of school! This is not required for US medical schools and is just a way to steal money from students.
Another example of them changing things for the worse is professors often write their own exams where-as prior to 2023 they used old STEP 1 questions. I heard they once had this occurring but then went to using STEP 1 and now are back to custom questions. This is problematic because the types of questions are different so you need to prepare for both STEP and "professor questions".
If you get sick or COVID they will not let you on campus and again you are cut off from assistance and can get behind. Students have failed because of this and if they somehow can keep up, they can miss information or emails. Plus you need to make appointments to see the "clinic" and they will literally decide to cancel appointments without contacting you. They will take your badge and you can not get on campus until you are "cleared" by the clinic. Also, any missed tests/quizzes will probably be moved to a different date(s) however this places you behind. Especially if there is a "lab", or some other thing that you need to be present for which cannot be done online, you either lose the ability to do it or it get moved to a later date. You often don't know when that date will be and often it can be after your test/quiz even though it was needed information.
A big selling point is AUA and the ties to Florida University for rotations. The global health track as they call it! The selling point is that if you get accepted to the program and make it through, you will be able to do your 3rd and 4th year rotations at the University of Florida. This gives piece of mind as you may not have to travel places to do certain rotations. There are things not disclosed though. One being, you will not be "treated" as a Florida University student but rather as an outcast doing rotations in places not ideal. I've heard that some people have done rotations with NP's rather than doctors, and in some cases showed up when no-one was there only to find out it got cancelled. I have yet to start rotations but I am not in Global Health so I can only tell you what I've been told/heard. Also, if you fail a semester (even COMP) you will be dropped from the program. Also the program costs additional money, starts weeks before the beginning semester (so you have less time off), and even if you make it through without problems there is no guarantee you'll have a spot at the Florida University.
A recent thing has been testing folks on stuff not covered and/or not following the very rubric which is published for the material. Also, often lectures are useless and are not taught very well. Many folks cannot speak very clearly so it is hard to understand so you are left trying to find some other source for the information. Any complaints are shut down by the staff, and there seems to be no desire to help students at all. There is a "tutoring" group/area that does offer some help but again they can only do so much when professors/school changes stuff or asks things not taught/in the material. There is no "hard" schedule" so you often don't know what to expect. Some professors are so authoritarian they refuse to give full points on participation and will only give around 2/3 of the possible points. This can fail you if you aren't crushing the exams/quizzes.
This then leads me to the "scam" as some would call it. While I am not sure this school is a "scam" because let's face it, medical school is hard and not everyone can make it. It is true that Caribbean schools have lower standards and do take on students who probably shouldn't be in medical school however standards have increased and many (including AUA) require taking the MCAT as well as most pre-recs as other medical schools. What I could consider "dishonest" behavior does exist such as implementing things that are not in the best interest of the students, such as no longer using STEP 1 questions on tests, forcing people who pass COMP to taken a highly overpriced program (COMP is by itself wrong as it is not required in non-Caribbean schools and has a lower pass rate than STEP 1), and constantly changing/adding stuff. The school also does not support students very well and if you are living in the community the school offers no help in anything. Many of the people I know decided to come here because the cost of applying to schools is high and time consuming even though they did okay-well on the MCAT. My best advice is to find what works for you and do it, knowing that you'll need to find outside resources to know the material better. You'll also need to adapt to things changing and probably not for the best.
At the end of the day, no school is without its problems and my undergraduate school in the states was really bad as well. They didn't care about students and I was discriminated against all the time while nothing was ever done on their end. Is this the worst place to go, I've heard of worse and even talked to a few students who transferred here from other places because it was worse. So again, everyone is different and I only made this post to give folks some hard information on stuff I was not told before coming here.
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2023.05.12 19:54 acatnamedjimmy average temperatures throughout Florida on thanksgiving

Hello all! This is probably a random question to have, but I’ve spent a few weeks googling and haven’t really been able to come up with anything concrete so I figured why not come directly to those that live in Florida. My husband and I will be in Florida the week/weekend of thanksgiving and we’ve never been. We currently live in central NC so we aren’t familiar with the weather differences. Everything I’ve seen either says it’s the same as NC or way warmer. I’d rather be prepared and know which areas would be best. We’ve been considering PCB, AMI, Siesta Key, Key Largo, and Fort Lauderdale. We’d definitely prefer warmer weather with pretty beaches (or unique beaches that are only in Florida). I know this is a lot of different questions and preferences so if one place has one thing and not another, that is totally fine. If anyone has been to these areas or prefers one over the other, that information is welcome too! If you’ve read this far, thank you. I apologize if my grammar is a bit off. I’m not the best at it for sure lol. Thank you for anyone that responds!
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