Good morning saturday gif

High Quality Verified Foot Models

2017.10.18 20:31 Nympho_Ninja High Quality Verified Foot Models

High Quality Verified Foot Models

2013.11.04 19:52 ConsiderablyMediocre Split Depth GIFS

A place to share many of the Split-Depth GIFS, you know the ones with the 3D effect by using white lines.

2010.06.15 17:58 AppleJuiceKing Tayne

Good morning Paul. What will your first sequence of the day be?

2023.06.03 22:55 AristocraticBard The lady In the woods (Updated)

In the early morning
While the sun is rising
A fair lady was wandering
In the woods and forest
On the Earl’s estate
Then she saw his servant
Then at once he did state
You now must depart
Because my lord has his right!
And now leave from my sight
When she was leaving
In indignation walking
She saw a knightly sir
“What brings you to this huff”
“Oh, the Lord sends his servants
And has not the heart to bring himself”
Then let us battle and confront
They rode for 4 hours to somerset
The white steed never tired
When the day was hottest
They arrived at his manor
The good kinight called out,
Lord Buckingham, I have rode
Though land and sea, to order
Your apologies to my lady,
“Good knight you have no authority
If you wish to battle, I shall need only go easy
If you're so inclined, let us battle on this field,
With bushes and trees
But you must disperse all your servants
As the Lord schemed
He ordered all to leave bar one
“Faithful serf, when the battle is peaked
You must emerge form bush armed
And slay the Lowly knave
And all his riches you may have”
As both men met to shake hand
And stepped back to draw sword
The knight strikes first, but alas
His was a near miss
As this continued
And sweat, toil and arms
Started to slow and miss
With armour and power
Both parties at parity
Then the signal went out
The serf sprang,
From deceitful hiding
And plunged a dagger
Into his back, in murder
His heart did turn blue
In cold murder
The lady, shocked
Did ride away ne’er to return
And fiery heartly emotions did burn
For vengeance and destruction
But the light was smashed
The good knight was perished
After an hour of riding
She stopped to gather breath
And In deep thought,
The torment of death
Did approach and give her the sword
It only take one swing to see the knight
Only one swing!
In sadness and desperation
She cried, O God forgive me!
O wicked Lord die in anguish
For I shall be reunited
In life or death
It doesn’t not care me
Now, I take my body
And soul to heaven…
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2023.06.03 22:54 TNoStone 06 civic le taking forever to switch which vent the hvac blower blows through

I work on my own cars and know it’s better to look at things like this in person and i know that it’s not possible to reliably diagnose a problem with just knowing the issue but I can do my own troubleshooting and diag but would like advice on where to start troubleshooting.
This has been a persistent issue that is increasingly getting worse. Here is a specific example. This morning before work I put my hvac blower on the windshield defroster to get rid of inner windshield condensation. When I went to go home after work, i put the hvac setting on upper airflow (like the vents that blow on your face) and it took a good while to switch back off of the defroster airflow. Like 15-20 minutes probably. After it switched it blows fine and cools properly. The issue has been happening for a few months but the amount of time it takes to switch airflow settings has been increasing over time.
What should I start looking at?
Tried google but even with multiple searches with different wording and phrasing google cannot understand what it is i am trying to search for. Thank you.
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2023.06.03 22:54 Narrow_Solution_3293 Day 1 went fairly well

Hi. So here's how day 1 of NoFap went (well, technically my 3rd but nvm). It's been good, won't lie. I woke up at around 11:40 in the morning (insomnia people), unboxed my new phone, did all the data shit required for it after having breakfast, got ready for tuitions, had lunch, went for tuitions, returned home at around 6pm, and I've been home since. Now frankly I did get urges, but as advised I just acknowledged them and let them pass and go through just like a thought. I got one at around 11:30pm odd, and another sometime later. Keep the advises coming, and I'll update about Day 2 tomorrow. Peace✌🏻
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2023.06.03 22:51 Able-Syllabub-9285 D24

I open paint every Saturday, I am titled as a cashier. I have a customer that had made me redo her paint 4 times. It was a rustoleum quart and I was the only one working untill 1pm. With a line comes people rushing me so I do go faster when it comes to getting and getting out orders. She had me redo her paint due to a small dent that gets created by the hammer. She then continued to say " maybe if u focused and didn't think about other things you would do it right" I looked at her and said "mam I've been here since 530 this morning. And do u not see the line? It's a small dent and I can take money off of it, if it's such a big issue" . She looked at me and told me I should have been fired a long time ago and my generation of people will rot in hell because of comments we make. I called a MOD to deal with her and MOD did the same things I did. Welcome to a shit show and Saturday mornings.
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2023.06.03 22:49 FeelingDaikon093 25F Just an easygoing gal looking for her best buddies!

Hiiii whats up everybody?? Day's pretty good and happy weekend y'all!! How did you spend your Saturday??
Btw, I'm here looking for friendship and I hope somebody's down for it? Somebody whom I can talk about how my day went and maybe share crazy experiences and hobbies lol
I'm kinda into everything tbh I love the outside just hanging out and I also love spending my time in front of my screen or binge watch Netflix lol Actually I just finished watching 500 Days of Summer (which was recommended to me) and that was good lol I didn't expect the ending lol now I'm trying to see if there's anything horror that I can watch haha anything you can recommend?? I'm never a fan of lame horror movies tbh or if not horror, you can also gimme a good anime that will make me not want to stand up until I finish it haha
Well don't be shy and slide in my DMs :) It's relaxing to have somebody to chat with Netflix as a background noise lmao!
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2023.06.03 22:48 ThrowRA_SisterSoul Is talking on the phone 3 nights a week too much for only the second week of dating? (34 F) asking about (37 M)

We spent a week texting before meeting and have had two in person dates. Leading up to and in between the dates, we were texting daily. I went away for a week (our third week talking) and we connect every morning and night. We’ve also had 3 nightly phone calls while I’m gone. I’m loving it, it feels like he’s really into me and I’m on the same wavelength – he feels so calming to me and I think we share a lot of similarities. He’s flirty with me but I’m a little more reserved. We haven’t had sex yet, and I don’t plan on it at least for another couple of weeks while we date and get to know each other.
This is something I’ve never experienced before and I’m not used to it. Maybe other people were playing games, maybe they weren’t as compatible with me, who knows. I don’t feel like I’m chasing him and it’s refreshing. I am a (mostly) self-aware anxiously attached person, so in my past I have felt normalcy in what is difficult. This feels exactly how I want it to, and it feels really easy.
The caveat is that I’m afraid of someone liking the idea of me more than my actual self. I’m afraid of being love-bombed (like I have in the past), and having all the good feelings in the beginning suddenly be taken away. He seems to always make himself available for me (outside of work and some social activities). This is healthy, right? 😆
So my question is… (maybe geared towards men dating someone they really like) does this seem like behavior of a guy who’s just really into me? Or is this a bit too much? I’d like to assume it’s the former and I’m finally experiencing something I deserve.
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2023.06.03 22:46 stumblinghunter I cannot for the life of me get my lekue rice cooker to work

I came across a Reddit thread about a year ago praising this thing to high heaven. I thought "cool, rice in half the time? Sign me up!". The directions state to cook x amount of rice for y amount of time, fluff it with a fork, let sit for 3 minutes, and you're good.
Results have been...extremely poor. They recommend an 800 watt microwave. Mine is 1000. I found a conversion chart, then followed [this](quinoa_rice_cooker_recipes.pdf - lékué chart.
Using conversion chart, rice uncooked and about ¾ inch water.
Did not follow conversion chart, same result but about ½ inch of water.
Went for 2 minutes longer than recommended, same result.
Went for 2 minutes longer than recommended, let sit for 3 minutes, fluffed, same result.
I'm coming some right now at 4 minutes longer, we'll see.
Literally the only time it's ever worked was when I cooked it, fluffed it, and then forgot about it for about 15 minutes. But at that point, why wouldn't I just use my normal stove top way?
Is it because I'm in Denver, at 5200 ft of elevation? Is it my microwave not being as good as it says it's supposed to be on the label? Is this device just complete bullshit and I fell for some guerilla marketing? Was an entire Reddit thread making a joke that I didn't get?
I literally bought a new bag of rice this morning to keep trying variations since my wife was getting mad I'm using all her rice.
Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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2023.06.03 22:46 Systemic_UnknownQs Well here we go again…

Please note I am 22 years of age and diagnosed, this is simply a note down from ourselves - validation is important to us so please be respectful if you are to comment - M (Host) - hoping this helps anyone struggling with memories, you are valid and deserve to be heard <3 - (Darkia)
The last thing that keeps popping up is a memory of my twin sister, we found her body at 15 years of age and well we had gone through a lot during our childhood with her, sexual abuse from our father, disturbing situations occurring however we can’t remember exactly what and she is definitely gone but “not forgotten” please if anything we are the only ones who remember her as she truly was. She had came to us about a specific disorder definitely one of the personality ones and expressed “this sounds like me!”.
I remember standing just outside of a hot closet. I did try to shout out that it was us and that yes it sounded like real good SENSE but someone had told her not to worry too much. I remember her passing as a suicide, we all do and I’m sure of it and even now I’m getting memories from the court room but even the funeral is foggy. I remember not being able to save her but I can’t help but think to a night where my sister was put into my room for something “bold” - by our guardian at the time - and we built a place where we could “travel” to each others worlds - and NO nothing like system jumping more like sharing the moment of despair. I can tolerate the guardian now but that’s because she will never truly know anything as she’s more an old donkey… for example her oldest bio son has been diagnosed with BPD but still blames cannabis usage on causing his mental disorder when that’s not how it works at all (C+M)
Anyways back to my memory (M) - I remember the day as a memory but I cannot recall the actual things I did that morning before finding her. The story has changed so many times and this goes for most major things/memories that has happened. It was only brought to my attention by our guardian that our abusive bio dad would make me watch as my sister was the more “mature twin” I can only feel like I wanted to pick up a car and squash him with it only how was I meant to do that. I don’t remember watching anything but it’s in the reports. Our bio mother is a raging alcoholic even to this day. We assumed she was sober for the last few years and always wondered why not going back to her was an option if she was sober but the fact of it is and at least she was honest over the phone “oh no honey I haven’t had a drink since January” (2023). I remember our guardian telling me that I was always mentally stronger than my sister and I believe that. My sister always wanted to see our mother when she visited in town but I never did, apparently I was very stubborn about it, I don’t remember why at the time but I do now. When our sister came to the realisation of having a problem and someone told her not to worry about it so much she did go to our guardian but unfortunately our guardian told her that if she was to see professionals they would drag up the “past” which would affect her more. I’m sure that this wasn’t wise words from that woman. Apparently we were assessed separately at about 8 yrs when we first arrived to our guardian but I don’t remember most of that at all and it sucks we don’t have our sister to talk to anymore. I believe she ended it all due to the realisation of her mental health and no one helped. I could never end my life and none of us ever could. We know what happens when someone takes that option which I suppose is luck and curse in and of its own
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2023.06.03 22:44 bollyblob dirty "fix" for bipolar(bipolar 2) and hypersomnia (from antipsychotics or otherwise)

do this at your own risk
i have bipolar 2 and for some years my "latest" "medication" is lithium morning and at "night" lithium+seroquel+nozinan
after some previous medications i stopped being able to sleep without heavy medications like these, i can go a week without 1 minute of sleep it seems and i feel ill die, without these in high doses.
the point is i had found out from before i had full blown bipolar i needed a minimum of 12 hours of sleep, basically 12-14 felt like it was most people's 6-8.
also, after bipolar, if i slept 12 hours and awake 12 hours for a 24 hour day, the body knows the ratio of sleep to awake is too much sleep, and when i have too much sleep the body+mind triggers depression. i figured from this and other ways, that you can cause depression by doing what you do normally when you are depressed. so for me when im very depressed i stay in bed and sleep too much, awake to little, and thus if im in hypomania and for some reason decide to sleep too much, after a few days im back in depression, consistently.
my normal bipolar 2 situation would be like 60% of the time "hypo"depression, 20% depression, 20% hypomania.
i figured wait, if i can mimick depressive behavior to artificially trigger depression, can i mimic hypomania behavior to trigger hypomania?
you can. for me, it took to eventually get the strength to get out of bed when i was just lying there depressed, and go and do something. i had found that playing computer games such as world of warcraft, and replacing the music i had with youtube videos(optimally with second pc screen for youtube, nice to have not needed), was very entertaining. i had started to educate myself on science technology philosophy but anything i found interesting, really. anyway, so i just did that, and i found my brain trying to multitask liked to kick into hypomania. after some time i started increasing the speed of videos on youtube, which if you find your sweet spot maintains hypomania better, and you learn faster, at no headaches cost. for me my current sweet spot is 1.8x speed. so this is what i have been doing for the past ~6 or so years, i forget, as i dont work(i am on a small temporary 67% disability). i basically learn from youtube anything i want most of the day while playing some game. i find that game needs to be stimulating, allowing for some creativity, but not too much so that you can mostly focus on the video audio. a recent champion game was a free one called fall guys, with a clone called stumble guys. its easy and repetitive enough that your mind opens creatively and helps learning, but not too stimulating that you have to focus only on the game(after you get the hang of it). grinding games or mmos with leveling or grinding/repetitive phases work well too.
the point of this is that, by mimicking what triggers hypomania and finding the initial strength to do it, i can reverse my normal 60% hypodepression, 20% depression, 20% hypomania, into roughly: 70% hypomania, 20% hypodepression, 10% depression. this was insane for me, as for me, hypomania is basically feeling decently good, decently motivated and energized, even though the doctors think its the devil somehow.
theres another catch: to do all, knowing that my normal minimum sleep is 12 hours, i thought i would go all in and change my life around this. i know i cant sleep 12 awake 12 as, besides the obvious problem that even at 12 i wake up horribly like a zombie, and i sometimes oversleep into 16h or so, especially since the night pills i take are super strong and high dose for me to even fall asleep. so? with experimentation i found out that i can sleep 16-18 hours, preferably close to 16, and be awake 32 to 36 hours at a time. now i increased my sleep from 12 to 16, and my awake from 12 to 36. i gained insane hours awake doing whatever i want, while almost always in hypomania, and at seemingly no cost. this lifestyle helps you maintain hypomania all by itself, at 16 hours i feel decently rested, and surprisingly adding all these tons of awake hours actually makes your ratio absolutely like a normal persons, 2 awake:1asleep. for me, this has been an insanely amazing find that improved my quality of life at least 10x more than my pills did. infact the pills only caused me severe sideffects but when i try to cut them i feel im going to die, so i havent yet, as im scared.
warning: you have to experiment to find your own sweet spots but i suspect you should try reach the healthy ratio of 2awake:1asleep, match it to whatever sleep you feel is best, adjust the awake. find something interesting/constructive to do while awake, physical or mental. mental will be easier because physical will make you more tired more easily and might mess with the whole thing, unsure.
extra big warning: when i was experimenting, if i stayed awake more than ~36-38 hours, not only it was extra hard to sleep, i was too wired ,but when i took the sleep pills, i felt i was in hell. i felt something i call despair, or 3x depression. i dont know how else to explain, but i felt insanely bad, insanely afraid, i would start thinking random thoughts and converted them to the most hell scenario, the mind would just do it you would just watch it in horror. my mother? she will die, perhaps raped and tortured before. my dog? he will die, tomorrow maybe he will be run over by a car in front of me, ill hold his broken dead body in my arms. like this for 30m-1h before the pills would just render me unconscious.
everytime i am awake about 38h or more, this happens. after years i found for me 36hours is almost fully safe, 34h is totally safe.
i dont know how dangerous this is. the doctors hate it. but the pills they gave me did shit, i was as suicidal as ever for years with them. this was indescribably good, dirty fixed both many of my bipolar issues and my hypersomnia issues in 1.
i dont know if this is the right place to post this.
consider doing this at your own risk, if you are desperate.
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2023.06.03 22:43 gamilafarouk Good morning… Sunrise this morning…. I wish you a wonderful weekend

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2023.06.03 22:42 Forty-plus-two Rough day with the kids

It started as a typical Saturday afternoon, I brought them to the museum where we’re members. Went fine for a while, the guy who works there recognized us and checked us in without even having to show a card. Kids viewed an exhibit on permafrost. Then they went into the kids area, and disappeared into the tunnel. My three year old got out of the tunnel and out of the kids area without me realizing (Yeah, I looked at my phone when I shouldn’t have), and stole stuff from the gift shop. I was just prying it out of his hands when the staff member who knew us approached us to get it back. My three year old cried for a while.
Then I realized I hadn’t seen my six year old in a while. I looked around, then a concerned citizen urged me to go to the front desk so I did. Staff checked the tunnel where he had disappeared and he was in there happy as a clam.
I sighed deeply and said “that’s enough being in public for a day, let’s go home.” The staff said “ok” in a tone that said good riddance. I forgot to thank them at that time, though I did call out a “thank you” a few minutes later as we were walking out.
I seriously expect to get a letter saying our membership has been revoked for letting the kids be unsupervised and for letting my eldest in the kids area when he’s too old. Embarrassing but maybe not life changing. Also so expect to catch a child endangerment charge. I told my wife as much and she yelled at me for not cleaning enough at home. I’d do more if I didn’t have an hard physical job that left me in a daze by the time I got home, where I also caught a warning for being too slow.
I am so fucked.
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2023.06.03 22:42 hollowreader Today's morning run was an absolute blast! Hope everyone had a good day.

Today's morning run was an absolute blast! Hope everyone had a good day. submitted by hollowreader to gaybrosgonemild [link] [comments]

2023.06.03 22:41 Vast_Bread_ 🏴‍☠️ PirateShip aka Pirate8 🏴‍☠️ P4S USA Jellyfin Only $14.99 10 Gbps English 99k+ Movies (3K added every month) 22k TV 4k+ Anime Blazing Fast to USA 🌭, Australia 🦘 and UK 👑 7-day trials at 99 cents!

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2023.06.03 22:41 TA_9816783 AITA for telling my boyfriend he did great on the part of dishes he did?

Throw away as my boyfriend uses reddit and follows my main.
I (26F) am having a rather small dispute with my boyfriend (31M) of 3 years. Just for some back ground info - I work 36 to 46 hours a week depending on my stores needs, and walk 2 miles a day (one mile to work and another mile home). My boyfriend works 40 hours a week and drives. In our household, chores are well...a chore. Neither one of us like doing them, and we're both rather depressed individuals. Because of this, the house had slipped into a depression den in the last month, which I'm now trying to rectify.
Over the last week, I've been doing laundry non-stop once I get home from work, as that's one of my chores. I can admit let it the clothes pile up really bad. I've been working my ass off to try and fix it while also trying to get the rest of the house back on track this last week.
On Monday, I asked my boyfriend to do the dishes. It's his one chore and the dishes have been overflowing this whole time. This caused a whole dispute as he wanted to know which dishes I needed clean so I could cook that night instead of cleaning them all. We've been spending a lot of money eating out, when I could be cooking, so I said I'd like ALL the dishes done. This caused another small dispute, and at the end he said he'd get the dishes done that day. Well nighttime rolled around, and they weren't done.
Well Tuesday came and went too. Wednesday when my boyfriend got in bed at the end of the day, he asked if I was mad about the dishes not being done yet. I said I was disappointed they still weren't done, but that I wasn't going to keep reminding him.
Thursday, I worked a 14 hour day. I'll admit when I got home at 11:30 PM, I was pleasantly surprised that half the dishes were done! I said "Wow! Nice!".
Friday - nothing again. Edit - the other half of the dishes were still in the sink.
That brings us to today, Saturday. We're both off. I've been up and doing laundry again. My boyfriend woke up, and before he hopped on his computer to play video games asked "Did I do a good job on the dishes?" I thought about it for a second and said "Yeah! You did great on the part of dishes you did!" He said I was an asshole for saying that and maybe I was. I apologized for saying that and it being a backhanded compliment. The more I sit here and think about it though, the more I'm not really sure if I was the asshole reddit, am I the asshole?
TDLR : My (26F) boyfriend (31M) did half the dishes 3 days after I asked then asked if he did a good job on the dishes. I told him he did good on the part of dishes he did do. He thinks I'm an asshole for saying that. Am I?
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2023.06.03 22:38 RunarSJ Need suggestions for ride in Switzerland/northern-Italy ASAP

Need suggestions for ride in Switzerland/northern-Italy ASAP
This is the plan right now. Is this a good route with views and turns? I take suggestions for any route, as long as it gives some time at the end of the day to make some way into germany again. Staying in Vaduz, Lichtenstein tonight, leaving tomorrow morning
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2023.06.03 22:38 Thisisacryforhelp26 AITAH for cutting off my best friend of 12 years cause I caught her lying?

AITA for cutting off my best friend of 12 years just cause I caught her lying?
So my ex bestie, lets call her Katie. Me and katie had movie plans last week, we were to go on Friday, but the show was fully booked, so i said, lets do same time tomorrow. So I booked tickets for Saturday. Non refundable, entirely from my pocket. It was second day of the screening so the tickets were super expensive.
An hour before the show, she calls me and says she has an “emergency” dental appointment for her braces. She said, “dont u remember i told u about the appointment? I told u last week!”. She didn’t, she never told me. She was lying. But I was like its ok, dont stress bout it, ill take my brother to the movie instead.
I have another friend, Ari, who recently moved to another state, she was back in town, i had asked her to hang on Saturday, because it was previously decided that the movie was on Friday, but she had told me she already had plans on Saturday so i was like its ok, we’ll meet next time you’re in town.
Its Sunday morning, i open instagram and just scroll thru stories, and i cone across Ari’s story, of her, katie and a bunch of their other friends (idk them) hanging out at a restaurant probably 5 mins away from the theatre.
Did katie really have to make such pathetic excuses? Couldn’t she have straight up told me before i booked the ticket? Did she not know her schedule? And did she have to go so far as to try n gaslight me into thinking i forgot about her appointment?
This isn’t even the first time she’s lied, she gaslights and lies all the time. She’ll randomly “test” me saying, “you remember i told you about so n so, on so n so day?” And idk if she’s lying or I have bad memory? I can’t even lie n say oh yeah! To make it less awkward cause she always hits me with the “haha i never told u that”
This isn’t even the biggest red flag.
It does feel sad to be throwing away 12 years of friendship just like that tho. Am I overreacting? Did i go too far? Aita?
submitted by Thisisacryforhelp26 to AITAH [link] [comments]

2023.06.03 22:36 DeepSpaceCraft Yellow spots on squash leaves

Yellow spots on squash leaves
Noticed some yellow/pale spots on some of my squash leaves. I have no clue whether it's something benign (fertilizer issues) or a sign of disease like yellow or brown spot.
I'm growing six squash plants (I can't tell whether they are summer or winter squash because I mixed up the seeds) in a 5 gallon bucket until they grow a little bit more. The roots are white and healthy.
I set these outside last Saturday (27th May). The ph was around 6. I used General Hydroponics Aggressive Growth ratios for the three different parts. Earlier this morning I put in some Hydrogaurd (25ml for 5 gallons), some Armor SI (25ml for 5 gallons) and some CALiMAGic (25ml for 5 gallons).
Six hours later and it's doing well to break up some of the clear biofilm that was forming on the surface of the water, but the leaves still bother me. Should I trim them off, or wait until the next set grows in?
submitted by DeepSpaceCraft to Hydroponics [link] [comments]

2023.06.03 22:35 KFuryMD Unleash Incantation Duration in Echo Knight Class

Hey good morning everybody, sorry to ask what might turn out to be a stupid question. I have a player with a ninth level fighteEcho Knight. There is this feature called unleash incantation. It states:
“ you can heighten your echo’s fury. Whenever you take the attack action, you can make one additional melee attack from the echo’s position. You can use this feature two times. You regain all expended uses when you finish a long rest.“
The further qualifier is that this does not require an action.
Maybe it’s obvious to all of you, but I don’t seem to be able to understand whether or not this means a single additional melee attack from the echo’s position, or, this feature lasts as long as that particular Echo is in existence.
Put another way, is this a single instance, or indefinite with the terminating event being the death of the echo?
I appreciate all of you, as always, you are all filled with wonderful advice.
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2023.06.03 22:35 d8sconz The life and times of John Marmon, the Hokianga Pakeha Maori - Chapter 6

Chapter VI
The first land we sighted after leaving Sydney was the Three Kings, New Zealand. We had run before a fair wind up to this time, and had come into what was regarded as a good whaling ground. Now every eye was scanning the horizon, since a bottle of grog was promised to the man who should first sight a whale. I had been on the port watch since I came on board under Mr Hawkins, the chief mate, and one evening, just as our watch below was ending, I went aloft to see the sun set. Against the broad, red horizon I saw some dark objects spouting and tumbling. In an instant I had shouted “Whales ho!” to claim the bottle of grog. “Where away?” was the skipper's question. “On the lee bow, sir.” For an instant he scanned the spot with his glass, an anxious moment for me lest I should have mistaken a shoal of porpoises for a school of whales, and not only lose my prize but expose myself to the ridicule of my fellow sailors. “Right you are, it's whales, sure enough; you have won your grog, lad.”
We had no time to lose; the night would soon be on us, and our chance would be lost. Down went the boat with Ned Farne, our harpooner, in the bows ready to launch his weapons when opportunity offered. On came the school, tumbling and blowing, throwing jets of water ten or fifteen feet into the air, causing a very grand yet terrible scene. At length they got almost within range; the boys were pulling like mad to keep up with the pace the whales were swimming at. We saw Ned rise up in the bows, poise his arm back for an instant, then launch the harpoon straight for the huge back of the fish that was nearest to him. The aim was true, the missile was buried over the barb in the soft blubber beneath the outer skin, and away went the whale dragging the harpoon rope after it so rapidly that they had to pour water upon the side of the boat to prevent it from igniting, through the violent friction. Again the huge creature rose to breathe, and another harpoon was driven into it, causing it once more to rush away through the water at lightning speed. Darkness fell over the scene before they had killed it, and the boat remained by the carcase all night to prevent it sinking. When morning came it was a busy scene on board, preparing to cut it in and try it out. At length the task was completed, and five large sacks of oil were secured; not a large yield certainly, but the foretaste of better things, we hoped. We cruised over the same ground for several days, but saw no more whales, accordingly we stretched across to Curtis' Island, about 500 miles to the north-east, where in about a month we got five or six more, some of them giving very fair yields of oil. After this we ran down upon Norfolk Island, where we fell in with the Mercury, schooner, Captain Barnet, also on a whaling cruise from Tasmania. From her we shipped two additional hands, and then made for Moreton Bay, on the coast of Queensland. Here not a solitary fish was to be seen, therefore we ran back for our old ground off Curtis' Island. Scarcely had we arrived when we fell in with a heavy gale from the north-east, raging for twenty days, in which we had to heave to, not being able to show a rag of sail. On the 21st day, when the wind began to lull, we found ourselves off the Three Kings, a drift of more than 500 miles. We had shipped such heavy seas, and the force of the storm had been so great, that our tryworks had been carried away, and three of our boats stove in. Therefore we bore up for the Bay of Islands, where we arrived on the 10th of April, 1811, anchoring as before off Te Puna. We were the only vessel in the bay at the time, though others entered during our stay.
The same day that we reached our anchorage a chief named Taua Makia came aboard to take care of us and watch over our interests, lest we should be swindled in trade or otherwise maltreated. This considerate proceeding was not disinterested, but the ‘consideration’ expected was not large. The Skipper ordered a boat to go ashore and bring a load of gravel to serve as shot for our guns since this had been omitted in the ship's supplies, and the natives were not to be trusted, even though we had a protector. The news had spread like wild-fire that a ship was at anchor in the bay, and already scores of canoes were being launched to pay a visit to the pakeha, but we loaded our guns, and pointing them astern, ordered all the visitors to keep back, which, after a little demur and grumbling they did. Nevertheless, all throughout our stay, they never desisted in the attempt to get on board, considering it a gross breach of hospitality on our part to deny them the privilege. As our example was imitated by Captain Walker, of the Endeavour brig, that came in a few days after us, having on board two missionaries for Tahiti - Messrs Davidson and Williams - the natives concluded that in us they had got a very bad and uncivil customer to deal with.
Meantime we had commenced work upon the repairs of the vessel. Nearly all our spars had been carried away, together with our jibboom and some of the bulwarks; we had lost every boat but one, and small leaks were demanding attention, We bad two sawyers on board, and as Captain Walker had three whom he lent us for the time, our skipper thought it best to put the ship thoroughly to rights here, in place of putting back to Sydney. Accordingly, the sawyers went ashore, rigged up the pits, and commenced work vigorously. But the Maoris did not exactly see the force of this. They imagined that we were concocting some diabolic scheme of destruction against them in making such extensive preparations, which they considered as in some way identified with our worship. They pulled down the works and threatened to kill the sawyers if they attempted to resume operations. But a volley from the vessels soon scattered them, and a strong guard being picked from the crews of both ships, they were hereafter permitted to labour uninterruptedly. During this time, I had considerable liberty granted to me to go ashore, or to go fishing with Taua Makia. The first time I availed myself of the former privilege, I received as great a scare as ever I had in my life. Three of us had been wandering about in a bit of bush near the Keri-Keri River, trying to find our way back to the saw-pits, when suddenly we issued upon a cleared space, in which were a few houses and patches of cultivation. Before the entrance to one of the whares stood a band of females crowned with chaplets of green leaves, and wringing their hands. One of these, an elderly woman, who seemed to act as chief mourner upon the occasion, and had a chaplet of dog's hair round her temples, different from the others, advanced in front and began to throw her arms about, raising her head and eyes to heaven. Whilst doing this, in a very plaintive quavering tone, she commenced a wailing song, in which she was joined by her companions. I was afterwards initiated into this, and now give a specimen of a funeral lament: -
Taku hei he piripiri (my fragrant bundle the piripiri) Taku hei moki-moki (my fragrant bundle the mokimoki) Taku hei tawiri (my fragrant bundle the tawiri) Taku kati taramea (my sweet juice of the taraniea) Te hei o te pounamu (the companion of the greenstone) I haramai ai - e (is gone - alas, upon) I runga te angai-ia-ana (the angai-e-).
It was the tangi, or wail for the dead. But at this period I knew nothing of Maori customs or ceremonies, and my very hair began to rise with horror as I thought perhaps they might be celebrating some human sacrifices. Our fear kept us quiet. In the thick bush we lay watching the scene, overshadowed by the gloom of a gigantic kauri-tree, and wishing ourselves anywhere but in our present predicament. When the sorrowful song was ended, and the females had entered the whare, we noiselessly strove to retrace our steps, and chance favouring us, we came out a mile or two from where the sawyers were at work. As I afterwards discovered, no duty is so sacred or so obligatory as the interment of the dead, no trouble being considered too great, no expense too excessive, no lamentation too extreme to testify to the respect in which the deceased was held on earth, and to raise him in the estimation of the mysterious spirits to whom he had gone. Taua Makia sometimes went with us fishing to induce the prey to come upon hooks by the constant chanting of Karakias or incantations, supposed to have a very potent influence over the finny tribe. I cannot say we were ever very successful when he was with us, since the noise he made and the fishing gear he would insist upon employing were neither conducive to lure the fish to our bait, nor to hold them when they were hooked. But this, of course, may have been merely an ignorant pakeha's prejudice, since many a lusty kahawai or schnapper, have I caught with a hook made from a dead man's bone. Don't wince, reader; better, is it not, to be put to some use after death, than to feed a legion of hungry worms.
We began to mix a little with the natives when ashore, and I grew more familiarised with their ways. We attended their baptisms, He Tohi, and gave presents to the infant, that it never enjoyed; we consulted the Niu, or divining sticks, whether we should reach home in safety; we were present at their marriage tauas, when the bride was carried off by main force sometimes minus her clothing, finally we were guests at their hakaris, or feasts, and could vouch for the excellence of Maori culinary skill. But we shall have enough of these in the course of the narrative, the reader shall eat and drink to his heart's content but at present we must keep to the thread of our story.
In a fortnight the sawyers had finished their work ashore, a week more completed the repairs aboard, and whatever little trade we had carried on completed, the skipper thought of standing out to sea again. In some mysterious way or other, I had offended the old bosun of our ship, and he had persecuted me with most relentless malice. Nothing I could do was right, the rope's end was my daily sauce, and complaints about my laziness were continually being carried to the captain. At length one day, irritated by their constant occurrence, he said when another of my misdeeds was laid before him, “String him up then, and give him a dozen.” This was just what the bosun wanted; and in a trice he strung me up to the mast, and a good round dozen I received, being only released when nearly fainting with pain and shame. He had got the best of it just now; my day of retribution came again. Now, this method of instructing me in navigation was by no means to my taste, and as two of our men had absconded the day previous, concealed, as was thought, in the bush, I imagined I could emulate their example, perhaps, to join them. At least, I should first go to the Endeavour, as she lay nearer the shore, if not, the bush it must be. Therefore, waiting my opportunity, about 3 o'clock one morning I slipped overboard and swam noiselessly to the companion ship. As I came alongside puffing and blowing, thoroughly exhausted with the long swim, and almost inclined to give up the business, the carpenter, who was acting as bosuns mate in the Endeavour for the time, saw me, and flung me a rope, by which I climbed on deck. I told him my story, and as he was a decent sort of a fellow, he was slipping me quietly along the deck to the foc'sle, when the second mate saw us and demanded to know what I wanted there. With my usual readiness, I invented a tale of a morning swim and exhaustion, but the story would not hold water, and the captain was informed of my arrival. As soon as morning broke he sent over to the Harwich, telling Captain Simmons that I was on board his vessel, and about nine our skipper came over with two men to take me back. Reluctantly enough I went, as I knew a flogging was in store for me, but to my surprise the captain only took me into his cabin and rated me soundly for my foolhardiness in risking my life thus, telling me I escaped a flogging by his having discovered many of the bosuns stories to be untrue. My condition was now better on board, as I was taken aft, and kept under the captain's own eye. My enemy, the bosun, was speechless with rage, yet he was powerless now to do me harm.
About a week after this the Endeavour sailed, Captain Walker having come on board the Harwich and taken a very friendly farewell of our skipper, and a fortnight afterwards we followed suit, going back to our old cruising ground at the Three Kings. The weather was very uncertain and squally, so that we did not see any whales; therefore we stretched over to Norfolk Island, and speedily were busy at work.
The first day we arrived we secured three whales, which we cut in and tried out, the third day two more, and the fifth day another. Then our luck seemed to change, and not a solitary fish could we see for an entire month. We tried all our former grounds, Curtis' Island, Moreton Bay, Three Kings, to no purpose, only when off the East Cape did we catch sight of a small whale, which we secured but only got one barrel of oil from it. The weather now began to be very stormy; winter was at its depth, and the air was piercingly cold. Therefore Captain Simmons concluded to break the cruise, to run for Sydney, discharge his cargo of oil, and commence anew. Another consideration, also, was that several of the men were very ill with scurvy and dysentry - in fact, the crew was only at half at its usual complement, therefore the cry was “about ship,” and “Sydney ho!”
It was whilst running home before a fine fresh breeze, that one night we were knocked up by Mr Hawkins singing out, “Ship on fire on the weather bow.” The shock was electrical. Everyone bundled out of their hammocks and rushed on deck. There on the horizon was a grand and terrible spectacle. A large ship was burning from stem to stern, lighting up the gloom of the winter's night for miles around, throwing a deep lucid glare over the inky ocean. The flames were bursting up the hatches, were licking the masts and spars, were peeping out in little forked tongues through the portholes. The captain ordered lights to be burned at the masthead, blank charges to be fired from the guns every minute, and the jolly-boat to be manned and to go in search of survivors. In an hour our efforts were rewarded by three boat-loads of fear-stricken men boarding us and asking reception. They informed us that the burning ship was the “Lady Lucy” from Sydney to London, that she had caught fire when a week out, from a burning candle falling into an oil cask, and that over 50 lives had already been lost through the capsizing of two of their boats. Captain Simmons made them welcome, and a few days after we reached Sydney, where they were taken in hand by the Government and forwarded home by the next vessel. Thus ended my voyage in the Harwich, perhaps the most pleasant of all my trips.
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2023.06.03 22:34 Wide_Bedroom_7776 WIBTAH For Exposing Them?

I've been trying to figure out where on reddit I should put this but here goes nothing; this is a throwaway account and it's going to be a very long one. For a bit of context I'm in a polyamorous "relationship" where there is also an extremely large age gap among the three of us. I (21F) met my partners, lets call them Collen (46F) and Doug (56M) the beginning of January 2021. My friends kept pushing for me to go out and meet someone and have some fun so I signed up for a dating app not expecting much to come of it because of my "unique" type romantically. I'm completely into the age gap relationship thing so I raised the age on my search to 30-50. and with my luck two swipes in and there she was; beautiful blonde with greenish-blue eyes a great smile. I swiped so fast I couldn't stop myself, and it came back saying that she had also swiped right on me too. I didn't exactly take the time to thoroughly read through the profile because after the mutual swiping I decide to read the profile a little bit more, and it turned out to be a couple. Maybe I should've backed out then but in my mind it was like yolo why not. They are both attractive and who knows maybe it'll be a fun fling to have from time to time until I feel ready to find someone to settle with. I'd never heard of polyamory or any of the things that come with it so I was basically going in blind. So we connected and initially It was just chatting with her through the app getting to know what they were looking for and things like that. She then suggested that I add him on snapchat so I could talk to him as well and do a video chat verification of myself. So I did and to my surprise I'd hit it off with him too. It was like I could talk to him about any and everything. Deep conversations came easily with him. They both reassured me they wouldn't force me to go too fast or do anything I don't want to do. Made me feel very comfortable from the get go. Eventually the whole conversation moved to snapchat they created a group chat and I could text them separately whenever. I mostly spoke with him separately and she would really only respond in the group. I met up with him about a month later. She couldn't come along as she had to stay home with their daughter but gave us her blessing to have fun and tell her about it tomorrow. It was a great time we talked sat by the water till almost 5am. Another month in they invited me over to their place so we could all be together and I of course accepted. When I got there I was shocked to have been greeted at the door by the two of them and their daughter. For another reference I love kids and have been helping my siblings and other family members raise theirs since I was 6 and I'd told them about that as well, But still it threw me for a loop because it'd only been 3 months they still don't know too too much about me and we all knew I wasn't exactly coming over to just "have dinner and watch movies" and it seemed strange to me. We had dinner and it was nice we laughed a lot and all got along pretty good. When it got later in the night Colleen put their daughter to bed and Doug and I went to their bedroom. She joined us and we got busy and in the midst of it I began to bleed as apart of this health condition I have which they were aware of, and they immediately stopped to care for me clean me up an make sure I was ok and insisted that I sleep over for the night. They grabbed a blow up bed and set it up in their room for me. That simple gesture did something in my heart. I come from a pretty fucked up broken abusive home some of which they'd also known about so no one had ever really taken care of me like that before until them. Immediately my heart was absolutely sure this wouldn't be a one time fling like i'd thought. Fast forward some time everything was going pretty well. We all talked, sent pictures etc in the group and then I'd come over their place again and we'd have a good time I'd either sleep over and go home, and the cycle just continued on like that. Now up until May there had never been a title placed on what we had going on, so I wasn't too hopeful it'd stay on the same track it was on. Then at about the end of May he asks me to be their girlfriend. Says it's something they both want and again blindly going through with it I said yes, but looking back I should've asked her myself if that was really what she also wanted and maybe I could've saved myself the heart ache. So now we are officially in a relationship and everything is going fairly well.. Fast forward to 2022 about end of July maybe early into August. She started to become... distant small stuff at first like not wanting to have sex because she wasn't feeling well which I completely understood never would I make her feel bad for that. Then it became not wanting to be in the same room as me. Like Doug their daughter and I would be in the living room watching a movie or something just hanging out and she'd leave and go into their bedroom and wouldn't come back out until dinner or it was time for their daughter to go bed so she could tuck her in. It started to make me feel... weird and I couldn't bring myself to ask her what was going on, but Doug would continue to reassure me that she was attracted to me she loved being with me. I wanted to believe him but I couldn't in my heart and due to past trauma I didn't want to face if she'd say no. Now don't get me wrong she and I spent time together just the two of us. Sunday's she and I would go out shopping but you could cut the tension with a knife during those rides sometimes. I wanted to say something but Doug had prior told me about a girl from their past who hurt her and left her emotionally stunted with women so I alway tried my hardest to make sure I didn't do that to her and didn't do anything to cause her any discomfort sort of letting her come into it on her own. Plus she showed her love in other ways with catering to me buying me things particular to what I love. She'd said I love you verbally to me on 2 separate occasions which she apparently doesn't do. So I just could never find the right time to do so. Then Doug started searching on the app again for other women to add to it. He liked to watch and they'd had foursomes with other women where he would watch them with Colleen and take videos that have been shown to me before. I didn't know how I felt about this so I just went along with to see where it would go. Luckily it has never gone beyond a texting conversation among them although we have come close a few times. Anyways end of October early November of 22. Everything was so completely off between she and I felt it every time I would go over to their house. I didn't know what to do or how to address it. It was starting to really take a toll on me mentally. And they were also planning to move to another state where her family is and that caused me to worry more then before because I would not be going with them, who is to say that they won't meet another woman or women on the app and brush me off to the side numerous thoughts went through my mind over this. Plus it would be close to her father and best friend so she is definitely going to want to spend a great amount of time with them and there would be no real way to explain who I am to them considering I'm hispanic and they are White so it wouldn't be easy to play it off and none of them know that she is into women and that they are apart of the lifestyle not even her best friend. (This information is important to my point) Then one night Doug was driving me back to my house and he told me she had cried in their bedroom that morning while I was still asleep because she is uncomfortable in her body and uncomfortable around me. Flat out my heart sank and in my mind all I could think was how could you love and be with someone but not be comfortable around them or even talk to them about it, and you're moving to a new state you pretty much are going to want nothing to do with me. This triggered my abandonment issues like nothing else ever could and they knew of this issue and my need for reassurance I thought they would understand my need to know especially Doug since he questioned constantly if I was happy with our relationship and the age gap and if i wanted to leave I reassured him constantly that I couldn't go anywhere. I cried that night and decided to open the app myself just to find someone to talk to or even distract me for a moment nothing extreme. It escalated and i did cheat emotionally and I kissed the girl but that was it at that time. I felt bad and I am terrible at lying so eventually the truth exposed itself. the day of it was like she could feel something was going to change she came out of their room to where I was on the couch and just made out with me out of the blue. I didn't know what to do. Let's just say the truth revealed itself on that drive home that night and we broke up... for 18 days. I tried to move on with my life because every one was telling me to since the age gap and a bunch of other factors as well so I did and ended up being set up to be raped twice. needless to say my faith in humanity is gone on that end. so I tried one last time to talk to him and work things out. I did and by Christmas we were back together and working on getting better. Now here we are June 2023 they've found a house they will be moving into in just a few weeks. I've been helping them clean and pack up their old home a few times during this process. Doug swears nothing will change but everything will especially considering technically I'm only now in a romantic relationship with Doug and Colleen and I.. I don't even know if you could call it a friendship. Things are hitting that weird point again and he has met another girl on the app he wants him and I to meet and play with its only been 2 days and she's basically giving herself up to him as a submissive which he loves and gave the both of them access to her remote vibrator to pleasure her with which of course he had to tell me about. Now with all o that back ground out of the way here comes the real reason for my post. Despite all of the things I said above there are many red flags about them that I continually overlooked because of the lovers gaze i had on them. Including and I'm not proud of it pedo.... and incest (they both swear they'd never really cross that line with their daughter but I am not 100% sure I believe especially after he told me why he lost his old job) Especially with Doug he even talks about how things would've been if they would've raised me when he would've started wanting to play with me. I'm not proud that I stayed and overlooked those things part of me knows I stay to protect their daughter from them, and the other knows I stay because I trauma bonded myself onto them and can't get away. I'm not even attracted to anyone outside of them yes it is that bad. Lately things have been so confusing and tossed up i am ready to call it quits. (I am a hyper aware person to a default so I know when someone is trying to manipulate and play mind games with me which is what she is doing and I let them think they are succeeding and him he is just attracted to how young and hyper sexual I can be when we are together.) but not before I set a few little fires. I've curated a plan to send a letter to her father, and best friend. As well as his siblings (his parents are diseased) detailing what they've done and thus ultimately outting her as bisexual to them which I know is wrong but after the emotional and psychological abuse they instilled upon me it seems appropriate. Before she married him She was having a fling with her bosses sister at her bosses house. I know the bosses name and have her information so I could send her an email with the detailed story. Of course that is not grounds to fire her but it will cause enough tension and discomfort in my eyes. She is also adopted and recently found her bio moms family; I have their information as well and plan to give them a thorough warning about their estranged family member and what comes with her since they do explicit talk about the family members they would fuck including children of their cousins etc.. It is a toss up considering her father and best friend may be completely supportive of her and not cause any harm there. This won't repair the abuse they've done to me or help me heal but I took the higher road and over looked so many things for 3 years. Someone has to stop them in their tracks so they never do what they did to me to another woman again. WIBTAH?
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2023.06.03 22:34 mmds100 F22 f25 lesbian rship advice

Lesbian Rship advice
I have been with my girlfriend for over 1 year and it has been so good, I have loved every second of it & we have so much fun together. I trust her so much, I never had any worries or doubts that she is the one. Last week I was at work and had a really bad, gut feeling that something had happened, I phoned her to make sure she was ok and she was (thankfully) she was at the bar. This feeling did not shift so the next morning I looked through her phone for the first time ever.. I found messages to her friends saying ‘what is Katie’s Snapchat?’ ‘She is gorgeous’ My girlfriend added her on Snapchat and they sent a few snaps back and forth.. my gf also tried to find her on Facebook as her name was in the search bar multiple times.
This really hurt me and I immediately broke up with her. I had no idea what actually happened at the bar, did they kiss? Did they go back somewhere? I have no idea because I was working nights but she was in my house the next morning when I got off work.
She claims to have completely forgotten texting her and admitted it once she seen her phone. She apologised profusely and has been really trying all week to make it up to me. She says there is not a chance she touched her when I asked her but how do I know that? My gf blocked this girl as soon as she seen it.
My dilemma is, why would she say those things about another girl, try to talk to her and thinking about her when she got back to my house. Instead of calling me to see how I am at work, she was in my bed texting another girl on sc.
My girlfriend does take blackouts when drunk and changes with drink in her. But I never ever expected this, it was never something I ever worried about with her… I love her so much and do everything with her every day. I feel so incredibly lost on what to do. Do I take a chance on this? I will either lose what could of been a good thing or stay and possibly get my heartbroken again…
I wanted to marry this girl… and she always said the same to me. She lives at my house and recently changed jobs to be closer to me & spend more time with me. Everything has always been so pure and amazing between us.. she has been taking panic attacks all week since this happened and I know she is truly sorry. But sorry it happened or sorry she got caught? I really don’t know
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2023.06.03 22:34 Mccmatt123 Stopped reaching out first

I’m sure y’all see a lot of these posts but I wanted to share my situation. I’ve had group of about 8 guys that have been my friends for the past 5 years, we do alot together, we have fantasy football league, we go out like every Saturday to bars, we do a really good Christmas gift exchange.
Thing started to get rocky in 2021 I was working full time they were in school or were working part time, because of this I couldn’t hang out sometimes, then I noticed when even when I was free I still wouldn’t get an invite to stuff, 2022 rolls around and I get added into a gc that they had going without me when I started working more. Things seem ok now though a lot of times I felt like I had to reach out to see what was going on. Ending of 2022 beginning of 23 a gc gets made without me, I bring it up to a couple of the guys and they say don’t worry man. Well now everything gets planned in that gc so I found myself always reaching out to one of the guys to see what’s happening and then I’d usually get included. We also all play video games in ps party together. I don’t play this one game and recently they made a party for that one game and now everyone just uses that but me, they never added me. So now I’m not any gc and have no clue what’s going on unless I call or text someone which then no one has an issue with telling me what’s happening. I decided to just stop reaching out and now haven’t talked to anyone in 3 weeks. Guess I don’t have friends now.
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