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2023.06.03 23:27 MikeDaArcticFox I need some advice on cpu coolers

Im wondering if i should get a seperate cpu cooler for my cpu. Should i use the one that came with the cpu, or buy a seperate one? and what fan rps and noise level in dbs is good? thank you
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2023.06.03 23:27 edusan3005 How can I play the US right now?

In TNO there's always been some level of lag, and I've gotten used to it. However there's an unbearable lag spike at some point in april 1963 when playing the US and it gets to a point where the game freezes even while unpaused. A temporal fix I found is exit to menu or restarting the game, but the lag creepes back up. Even worse, since I have to manage 3 proxies at the same time, the lag just makes it all worse. After madagascar, it seems to stop rising, but it is still laggier than usual TNO. Is there any manual fix to this? Am I the only one with this problem?
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2023.06.03 23:26 DefinitelyNotABot01 [PC][1995-2010] Friend needs help finding an old top-down RPG

Platform: PC
Genre: Turn-based top-down RPG
Estimated year of release: Developed over a period from the 90's to the mid/late 2000's
Graphics: Rather poor, similar to Ultima 7
Notable characters: Pirates in pirate camp
Notable gameplay mechanics: Massive and hard to start, could use a mechanical gate to cheese pirates and kill them
Other details: I'll just copy-paste what my friend sent me
"Long time ago I played a freeware RPG game that was apparently a long project started in the 90's and finally got finished in circa mid 2000's, hence the massive graphics lag even for it's time. At least those were the 2 things i remember from a description on the CD that came in a gaming magazine back in 2000's. It's turn-based, as in: You move, they move. You sprint, you can move 2 tiles and they one tile, You attack, they attack. No actual "your turn" "enemy turn", just things happening.I remember only the "prologue" section of it as i played it multiple times trying to get an edge for what came next, the game was very hard right off the bat, and massive as well when i seen it's in-game world map. The start goes like this:You are captured by pirates and thrown into their prison camp, the main way to escape is by interacting with some loose bars on a fence. Interacting with those and getting across alerts the guarding pirates and they'll start chasing after you, to escape them, you had to run SOUTH to the mines/caves though which you could escape into a straight up typical medieval town and properly start your RPG adventure. What you could also do is abuse the mechanical gate to the mines to kill all the pirates and loot their armory which had all the starting gear for any "class" possible (game had no class choice but i think you assign starting stat points in the prison camp which basically determine that). You could even walk up on the ship to hear some hidden dialogue from the captain.The starting town had a meta joke quest that was like "hey adventurer, kill that thing in my basement" but it's not level 1 rat to start your rpg journey it's some dangerous abomination that upon witnessing it you can straight up admit to the npc that you aren't ready for that fight and you'll come back later.Again, not RPG Maker, not isometric, looks very similar to Ultima 7(it's not it)."
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2023.06.03 23:25 Yuhzir9224 Any mod or fix to this eye light issue?

Any mod or fix to this eye light issue?
So I just got the X-02 power armour, the one from creation club from the enclave as you see here, and this bright light between the eyes can be distracting in 3rd person. I looked for mods to fix it but only found one for the X-01. Any mods or fixes to this?
Thanks in advance
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2023.06.03 23:25 jklm1234 In laws

My in-laws are just so fucking annoying and weird. At least they aren’t malicious but they are terrible houseguests and it just sucks being around them.
FIL wears a sweat band around his head and a mesh vest with the pockets stuffed with items—in public. He drinks 1 coffee per hour. He takes DayQuil when he feels tired. He’s partially deaf but won’t wear his hearing aids, and mumbles. English is also his second language. Communication is extremely difficult. He’s rough with the kids and has made my 2 year old cry twice in one evening so far. He doesn’t like tacos but is okay with fajitas and any other Mexican food. Whatever food we have at home is not okay with him and he eats enough for 3-4 people. He microwaved bread this morning instead of toasting it. He decided to take the hard boiled eggs we had with breakfast and mash them in a bowl and drown them at mayo at the table. He then requested we cut him an onion and ate it with raw onion. He literally never pushes in his chair or cleans up after himself. He is constantly taking photos and it takes him forever while people on the sidewalk are visibly annoyed and having to walk around him or wait for him. And because he’s deaf he doesn’t hear people asking him to move. He won’t drink anything cold. He drinks lukewarm water from the recently boiled tea kettle and room temp soda from the pantry. It’s 80 degrees here. And the kicker: he refuses to sleep in the guest bed. Every time he has visited, it has been an issue. Last time, the bed was too hard— I got a quilted pad. Then he wanted the air mattress, but he also doesn’t like it. Then he wants to sleep on the sofa. This time we told him that after having a second child, there is no where to put the air mattress. Then I asked if I could put more padding on the bed for him. He said it would be okay, he would sleep in the bed. We told him that my 2 year old is sick and often needs a parent to sleep downstairs on the couch to be nearby when he cries, so please don’t sleep on the couch. The man fucking slept on the couch. Turns out he isn’t comfortable sharing a bed with his wife. The bed is comfortable btw. I slept on it for a month when the ceiling in our bedroom had a leak. Every other houseguest has said it’s fine. Like, WTF?! I’ve never heard of a guest refusing to sleep in the guest room and making such a big deal of it when they’re only here for 2 nights. Plus he slept on my white throw pillows, which are now a bit yellow and greasy. And I can’t wash them. I told my husband they need to get a hotel next time and he said it wasn’t fair that my parents get to stay here, but my parents behave like normal guests. I’m just so annoyed.
MIL is also messy and refuses to push in her chair. She only drinks wine with club soda mixed in it. Bell peppers are too spicy for her. She makes insulting comments. Like she mentioned that her children were spoon fed until they were able to eat with a spoon themselves because eating with your hands is for savages. I’m from South Asia. We eat with our hands all the time. Then my 8 month old grabbed my phone. Screen off and locked. And she mentioned how I always give the kids a screen to distract them. I don’t. She’s still better than him.
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2023.06.03 23:24 LoveCalling Pulling 1 Word from a Phrase in Google Sheets

How do I pull a team name (for ex: Heat, Pelicans) from a cell with the same dynamic formula? Meaning, a formula that would pull both of those teams even though one has just "Miami" & the other has "New Orleans". TIA.
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2023.06.03 23:23 E_1996 (UK) Should I tell my psychiatrist that I have been self-medicating with bupropion for 10 months?

Following a manic episode (not diagnosed bipolar) I became very depressed and I did not want to take any of the antidepressants available in the UK (basically all of the common ones the rest of the world has except bupropion - .e.g, SSRI's and SNRI's) due to possibility of sexual side effects, and that they don't have as much evidence for helping with fatigue and motivation compared to bupropion. So, I got some from an online pharmacy - I started off with 150mg for a few weeks, then after a few weeks on 300mg I basically stopped feeling suicidal and was able to return to somewhat basic level of functioning. It could be a coincidence, but I'm pretty sure the bupropion is what helped me. I also have no noticeable side effects at all.
Now, I also have ADHD and am prescribed dexamfetamine (alongside a low dose of an antipsychotic - olanzapine - because of the manic episode) and I am afraid that If I tell my (private) ADHD doctor / psychiatrist that I have been self-medicating with bupropion they might view this as "drug misuse" or something, and will stop giving me my ADHD stimulant, which also helps me a great deal.

Now, my current psychiatrist seems very good and open minded, as she is one of the few doctors in the UK who regularly prescribes bupropion (both for depression and ADHD - also prescribes them alongside stimulants) - so my options to get a legit prescription are either to:

(1) tell her the truth and ask for a prescription so I don't have to rely on online pharmacies anymore, and risk her stopping the dexamfetamine, or

(2) pretend i'm more depressed than I currently am and ask for bupropion prescription and/or say I want it for ADHD to augment the dexamfetamine rather than raising the dexamfetamine dose, this is sort of a "safer" option, but on the other hand i'd prefer not to have to lie
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2023.06.03 23:23 AutoModerator [Complete] Charisma University by Charlie Houpert

Contact me on (+44) 7593880762 on Telegram/WhatsApp if you have interest in Charilie Houpert - Charisma University course.
Charisma University by Charlie Houpert is the ultimate tool for mastering the art of charm and making lasting impressions. With Charisma University, you will:
With Charisma University, you will be guided step-by-step on your journey to mastering the art of charm. As long as you follow the program, you are guaranteed to see massive gains in your social and professional life.
Contact us today if you are interested in Charisma University in one of the following ways:
Reddit DM to u/RequestCoursesAccess
WhatApp/Telegram: (+44) 7593880762
Email: silverlakestore[@]yandex.com (remove the brackets).
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2023.06.03 23:23 DerekDubbya What degree do I put on an application?

I am applying to a job as a zookeeper at a zoo. The "requirements" section say either a 4 year degree in a related field with 2 years related experience OR a 2 year degree in a related field with 4 years with 2 years related experience. I have a 2 year degree complete with ~8 years unprofessional experience and I'm in my last year of a 4 year zoology degree. In the application there is a spot to put my highest level of education with a multiple choice section of "incomplete- not finished, incomplete- still attending, and completed".
My question is- would it be better to add my completed associate degree or my incomplete bachelors degree? I have both listed on my resume of course but I'm worried I may be auto-filtered out for showing only an incomplete degree if i add my bachelor's degree.
There is only an option to put a single degree, so I have to pick one or the other unfortunately. Both are listed on my resume but for the electronic application I can only provide one degree.
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2023.06.03 23:22 Froppe3 Megahack 7.1.1

Hey this is just a quick little question, but in the mh 7.1.1 update a lot was added to the „level“ category, so a lot of features were hidden and only available when you scroll down. Now, am I the only one who searched for weeks for a certain feature which was hidden at the bottom, just to randomly find out you can scroll?
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2023.06.03 23:21 darthrevan13 Floating Swoop Race potential workaround

Hi every1,
First time posting here. I just encountered the bug in KoTOR2 on Onderon and it was very frustrating. I was also kind of confused since this was the first Swoop track in the game where this hapened. I had no issues with the one on Nar Shadaa.
Anywho, Google searching revelead no workarounds just a thread of someone saying it's an OS level issue. Given that I was playing the game on Linux using Wine/Proton I thought it must be super easy to do something about it. Initially I was playing the game with Proton 8.0-2, I changed it to 7 and the problem was the first time I reloaded the game but not on the second time. So I changed to an even older proton version, 6.x and voila, problem consitently fix. I had some other problems with the color but it didn't bother me that much for the Swoop races at least. I changed back to 8 after I was done with the races anyway. Hopefully this helps some1.

tl;dr If playing on Linux try Proton 6.x and it may work for you
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2023.06.03 23:21 coldliketherockies People on their phones during broadway shows/opera? Is this a new thing or has been case for awhile

I went to see a Broadway show the other night and the guy next to me was texting here and there throughout the show. Granted his screen was on the lowest level of brightness but still…does this happen often that people have their phones out or play with their smartwatches during performances? I ended up switching seats at intermission since there were empty ones but still it’s not the first time I’ve seen this??
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2023.06.03 23:20 ConfusedGuy203 Hall of attainment crashes

I've been using this LO for some time and made some changes to it(not mid playthrough of course) and most recently i've been getting constant crashes when going in either hall of attainment or hall of countenance, but hall of elements is loading fine. I think the problem is with the loading and not the area itself since loading a save of a character that's already inside works just fine, it's going through the door that makes it so at the ending of the loading the game just freezes. I thought it was The Magical College Bundle, but thats been on my LO for quite a while and that never happened before, so either some mod that wasn't there before is causing it or some updated caused it. Here's the LO, with the most recent additions having an * at the end of their name and the + before if they're a patch for other mods. Any advice for the LO in general is welcome as well :)
• Unofficial Skyrim Special Edition Patch
• Unofficial Skyrim Survival Patch
• Reconciliation: QOL and Bugfixes
• Unofficial Creation Club Updates - October Pack [XB1]*
• Simple Workaround Framework*
• Omen Weathers*
• Run For Your Lives
• Realistic Conversations
• Guard Dialogue Overhaul
• Skyrim Reputation
• Better Intimidation
• Even Better Quest Objectives
• The Choice Is Yours
• At your own pace - AIO/Listen
• Trained and Skilled*
• Laro's Perks, Magics and More
• Guild Leader Perks
• XP32 Maximum Skeleton+Realistic Ragdoll and Force
• Feminine Females
• Gritty Animation Requiem 2.0
• Cloaks face masks and all sorts 2
• Visible Favorited Gear
• Wear Multiple Rings
• Wearable Lanterns
• Become a Bard
• Mystical Scholarship: The Magical College Bundle 1K
• Merchants Chests on Display
• Night Mother's Embrace - An Assassin's Tale
• Walk With The Shadows - A Nightingale Bundle
• Comprehensive First Person Animation Overhaul - CFPAO
• Rebalanced Leveled Lists
• Rebalanced Encounter Zones and Leveled Actors
• OBIS - SE (full version)
• DLC Integration
• Stronger Bosses Skyrim
• Enhanced Atronachs - With Levelling and Luminosity
• Reliquary of Myth
• True Lords of Oblivion
• Dragon Priest Masks Tweaks
• Dragon Priest Staffs
• Rich Skyrim Merchants
• JaySerpa's Quest Expansion Bundle
• Melodies of Skyrim: All In One*
• Reverb and Ambiance Overhaul
• Phenderix Magic Sounds Improved
• Enhanced Draugr Fx
• Display Enhancements
• Relighting Skyrim
• ELE Interior Lighting Overhaul
• SMIM Essentials
• Vivid Landscapes - Alternate Tundra
• WizKid Signs
• 3D Log Farmhouse Fences
• Skyland - Dirt Roads
• Dark Ages: Sky Haven Temple and Alduin's Wall
• Detailing The Eldritch - Complete
• Dark Ages: Dragon Textures
• Draugr Retexture: Bloody Black
• Ultimate Sephoraz Beauty Bundle
• Flesh Spells Fx Restored[XB1]*
• Heavy Armory - New Weapons
• Old Kingdom - Armor Overhaul
• Old Kingdom - Weapon Overhaul
• Old Kingdom - Crafting Add-On
• Glorious Dwarven Metal - Old Kingdom
• Elaborate Textiles Alternate
• (Lite) Guard Armor Overhaul
• Konahrik's Accoutrements
• Skyrim Sewers Bundle
• Unique Armors & Weapons - Unenchanted And Craftable
• Greener Glass
• SeeEnchantments
• Lockpicking Interface Redone*
• Embers HD
• Natural Forces Bundle - Wet
• Frozen Electrocuted Combustion - Realistic
• Cannibal Draugr on Solstheim
• Dwemer Spectres
• Sylvan Spirits
• Real Wildlife
• Birds of Skyrim
• Birds And Flocks
• Prismatic Insects
• Kiss My Grass
• Treeslod_23
• Landscape Fixes For Grass Mods
• Bells of Skyrim
• Tactical Valtheim
• Halted Stream Mine
• Provincial Courier Service
• MAP - Project Hippie
• Trees in Cities
• Riften Eastern Road
• Manor Roads
• Man Those Borders!
• EasierRider's Dungeon Pack
• The Blackest Reaches
• The Marshlands
• Master The Summit
• Nordic Ruins Of Skyrim
• Holidays
• Lanterns of Skyrim - Special Edition
• Lost Enchantments for The Discerning Adventurer
• Perk Points Per Level
• Truly Absorb Dragon Souls - Heavy
• VioLens
• More Blood and Gore!
• Know Your Enemy - All in One
• + AIO + OKA
• Immersive Movement
• Smilodon
• + Immersive Movement
• + Realistic Damage
• Mortal Enemies
• + Immersive Movement
• Better Combat AI
• Realistic AI Detection
• Sneak Tools
• Archery Tweaks Plus
• Silent Arrows
• More Effective Blocking
• No Draugr Disarm
• The Fire Within - Shouts Powered by DragonSouls
• Clear UI - Not So Sensible Preset*
• Pastel Map Markers*
• Updated Mine Markers
• Cheat Room
• Quest Debugger
• Free Player Home Heartfire Building*
• Improved Backpacks V2*
• Kip Ahrk Bahlok - Food and Hunger
• Dragonborn and Dawnguard Delayed
• Mystic Condenser
• Readable Shadomarks*
• Awesome Potions Simplified by Revoith
• Flying Vampire Lord
• Alternate Start - Live Another Life
• Abandoned Prison Tweaks
• + EBQO - Alternate Start
• Relationship Dialogue Overhaul
• Immersive Hunter Dialogue
• Immersive Follower Framework
• + RDO
• YOU DON'T KNOW ME - No NPC Greetings
• Bat Vampire Lord
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2023.06.03 23:20 CheapBlackberry5381 Any Value for these? Ladder SC

Any Value for these? Ladder SC submitted by CheapBlackberry5381 to D2R_Marketplace [link] [comments]

2023.06.03 23:19 Plenty_Toe_5157 Please Chance me for T25 STEM

Intended Majors: CompEng, CS, Applied Mathematics Demographics: White male, low-income(<10k $), international student
⚫ Stats: Grades: 8.25/9 10th Grade,8.25/9 11th Grade, 9/9 12th Grade (avg roughly gives me an A) I study at the most competitive public school in our country, roughly 30 students are admitted to top unis. We don’t have AP classes or electives. Over the 3 years I’ve kept high grades in STEM related subjects, but some of my humanitarian subjects were low, which caused the dips in my grades.
⚫ Standardized Tests Pilot DSAT: 1450 (800 Math 650 EBRW) got this score studying for 1.5 weeks, so I can aim for 1500+ TOEFL ibt: 108(27R, 27L, 26S, 28W) fluke, can definitely get 110+ on retake
⚫ Writing
LORs: couple from soft sev internships plus 3 teachers(Maths, Physics, Social Sciences) 9/10 Personal Statement - 8/10 talked about my grandfathers garden and how Id occasionally spend time there with him, and how that built my character and interests. P.S. my supplemental essays were not the best when I applied to Unis the first time ⚫ ECs
2 soft dev internships, student council member, Did a lot of CS and math courses(attended Samsung innovation campus, some from top universities like MIT, Stanford, Harvard, etc.), Math Olympiad Club(was a T15 prospect for the IMO, participated in national olympiads), research projects with cooperation with my school, basketball club player, Guitar band player, tons of volunteer work(roughly 500 hours, managed international events, biggest one so far was the International Biology Olympiad), Robotics Club
⚫ Honors (not sure what I am allowed to add here) First place diploma in a maths olympiad organized by the best uni in Russia(has a very high rep, as all the graduates who pursue masters degree excel at the T20 unis)
Maths National Olympiad Qualitifcation (T15 for 3 years) Physics National Olympiad Qualification(T15 for 2 years) School Research Project winner
School Typing Competition winner typed 160wpm for 60secs(should I even bother adding this?)
I have 3 dream schools at the moment:
NYU (reapplicant, but only applied to AD the first time, and had a bad application) - ED2 Duke - ED1 UNC-Chapel Hill (reapplicant + legacy sort of, my aunt studied here and works as a professor for a long time) - EA other unis, per your suggestions either EA or RD
also I'd love if anyone could share tips on how to improve my application
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2023.06.03 23:18 frogwoman_yt my tier list of tier 5 towers the bottom rows are empty because there arent any bad towers lol

my tier list of tier 5 towers the bottom rows are empty because there arent any bad towers lol submitted by frogwoman_yt to btd6 [link] [comments]

2023.06.03 23:17 AntaresREFORMED I just am sorry to be a disappointment

I just need to speak a bit about myself,
a few details about me? To make it simple I'm of the invisible type, I'm 21 years old ugly yet extraverted, I have such anxiety that everyday feels like I have a metal pole up my throat and every single thing I do feels so painful.
I enjoy painting, the kind of art that is pretty weird, I enjoy physics, and overall everything that touches Computer Science.
The reason why I'm stupidly writing this, it's because it's been almost 10 years, 10 years I felt the same way, 10 years that I just wish to be obliterated from the surface of earth. 10 fucking years, I cannot even bear the fact that I still wake up, I still do the same thing over and over and over again.
I cannot actually even imagine that I lived for all the people for so long, i cared so deeply about everyone, and honestly that's the achievement and the peak of my life, but i cannot take it anymore, my shoulder collapsed a long time ago, and yet I held.
Yet i was always unimportant, and anyway I didn't ever care about it, all the people that could or did care about the pile of shit that i was either died or i managed to fuck it up completely.
And i write this like i care, i mean i used to, i used to give a fuck about everything even, absolutely down to the last minute detail, and yet i slowly lost it, the last thing that remained something that i felt good about slowly went away, the last thing that remains and rings like a fucking infinite bell is "finally fucking do it".
I've tried doing it, i've tried the worst ways, and i always pathetically failed,
and after almost a decade of suicide attempts, treatment, hospitalization, therapy, and medication, i still do things because i feel forced to do them so everyone around doesn't feel like they have a parasite around them, and someone even shittier than they could think.
At work or at school, it made everything even worse, I hated the clients. I hated the arbitrary policies dreamed up by some corporate idiot I'll never meet.
Most of all, I hate the omnipresent ticking clock that crushes my mind even outside of work. The clock that ticks down to my misery. It taints every action. Every thought. Outside of work, inside of work, it then follows me everywhere like another burden added to what i am.
And all for what? To what end? To get a degree? To have a life that I will despise ??
Maybe a slightly less miserable job at some stage in the future because of a degree and still what's the point?
What's the point of that? Buying the things that I "want" in a life i already hate, a life that i hate since almost more of half my existence?
Or what perhaps, on a more fundamental level, survival? Survival in a world that gets progressively worse and worse?
None of that is worth it. Nothing is worth this. The things that living takes from me can't be bought with money.
And I don't think there's anything out there that would feel different. What tasks in life takes no time, no emotional charge no qualifications, no arduous effort, no transportation, no interaction, nothing.
I am just low and for every single thought i can recall i always have been, I hate as well the medication i have, the loneliness i feel in my stupidly dumb apartment, and i don't know i guess i finally have some guts, guts to speak and guts to act on a change.
At this day, i want only one thing, it is to die, i want to be forgotten as fast as possible, i want to find a way to kill myself to do everything not to be discovered.
I just wish i could be completely deleted.
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2023.06.03 23:17 sothatsme22 Does this seem like a reasonable way to restart my career after some setbacks?

I messed up. A few years ago, it seemed like everything was going well and I had my career all planned out. I gained a decent amount of professional experience while I was in university and met lots of people in my field. Then in my final year of university, the pandemic happened and I lost contact with a lot of people. Lots of people I knew from my program ended up moving, went to graduate school or switched career paths too.
After graduating I didn't enjoy my field anymore and realized that there were not very good job prospects, especially without a masters degree, so I chose to start retraining for something else by self-studying programming. At the time, it seemed like there were tons of jobs but it turned out to be a huge mistake as I'm now competing against people with CS degrees that have years of experience working at prestigious companies that were laid off.
So after a year of learning programming and applying to entry level jobs, I now have a big career gap, an irrelevant degree, very specialized work experience (hard to explain to people not in the field), a network that's very specialized (it's embarrassing to reach out to old contacts for references since I'm not working in the field anymore too and I am unemployed now).
I'm now at the point where I feel like my only option is to restart my career from scratch. The benefit is that I do have a degree (which is better than nothing). I tried the temp agency approach when I was looking for programming jobs and it wasn't a good experience. Many places felt sketchy, they are always asking for references and very vague about the jobs they have (most of the times they just ask for resumes and then ghost you).
Many years ago I worked retail, so I am familiar with it and if I have to, I probably could go back to it. I'm not sure how I would redo my resume for it though with professional experience that I have. One idea I thought of was to just list my old retail jobs to make it through ATS and leave off my professional experience but it might seem weird having an even bigger employment gap. The idea would be to try and find anything, work for a few months and then apply to something better, as having a job makes it easier to find another job and then I could leave off all my professional experience and not have a gap.
I'm mixed though, because I'd basically be having to forget about all my past accomplishments/work experience and restart my career from scratch but it might be the only way to find paid employment again.
Is this a good or bad approach given my situation? Has anyone else done something like this before?
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2023.06.03 23:16 ThaydEthna [Online][DnD5e][Paid][$15][Foundry VTT][LFM][Homebrew Campaign][18+ Inclusive][7 PM EST Wednesday] Wintersong is looking for more players!

System: DnD 5e
Campaign Style: Open-world Homebrew
Paid: Yes, 15$ USD per session through StartPlaying
Time: 7PM EST - 11 PM EST (End time is sometimes later if there’s a big fight!)
Days: Wednesdays!
Communications: Discord Voice Chat
Camera: Required
Slots Available: 4/7 slots filled, 3 currently remaining!
Number of Addons for Foundry: Considerably high.
If you're looking for a new Wednesday campaign to help you kick-start the week, then you're in luck, because we're looking for more players! We’ve recently had a player unfortunately get tied down at work and is unable to play with us any further. So we’re headhunting for new peeps to help uncover a devious plot and save an entire nation-state!
This campaign has a focus on traditional gameplay involving map exploration, combat, and negotiating with NPCs, but it has plenty of role-playing opportunities, character development paths, and open-ended choices!
We want to blend modern playstyles and features with that traditional “rolling dice to kill things” feeling. The party is currently at level 11, and while we are well into the campaign (about two years now), this is a moment where the tides of the campaign are beginning to turn - a perfect thematic entrance for any grand adventurer!
It’s difficult to navigate online gaming groups these days. With the wide variety of games, tables, and DM styles, players are going to undoubtedly have questions about what groups would best suit their playstyle - and, more importantly, make them feel welcome at the table.
The Wintersong community promises that your games will be administered by a professional Dungeon Master with over a decade of experience, surrounded by people who are patient and understanding of your personal needs.
This is an 18+ community, so if you play in one of our campaigns, you’ll be with other adults who desire to maintain a positive, inclusive table. Bigotry and discrimination is not tolerated anywhere in the community! We use the Session Zero and X-Card safety tools for our group.
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2023.06.03 23:16 WestwardNorthWindow [Ice Hockey] The Apocalypse, or: The 2023 NHL Draft Lottery

This is an ongoing drama, one that won't stop until probably next year or even longer. But before I get into the details of the drama, let's talk about the background, and the important information to know...
TW: Sexual assault discussion mentioned about halfway.

Hockey? NHL? What the fuck are those?

Ice hockey is a sport where 6 very large, burly men put swords on their feet and glide around on ice against 6 other very large, burly men who also have sword-shoes. They carry a stick to whack around a hard little circle of rubber and each other (most often each other) with the goal of hitting that little rubber past another large burly man into a 6'x4' net. A game takes place over 3 periods of 20 minutes each, and whoever hits the rubber circle most often in the opponent's Warhammer gaming table sized net is the winner of the game. There are 82 games during the 'regular season', and then they compete in the 'playoffs' for the Stanley Cup, which is worth at least $5.
The National Hockey League, or the Ligue Nationale de Hockey if you hate everyone else in North America, is effectively the world's highest level of ice hockey. People all over the world spend their entire youth lives training to have a shot at being drafted by an NHL team, from Belarus to England, from Canada to Australia. There are other leagues in the world, but they are more or less for people who are shunned in the NHL for whatever reason, people who have retired from the NHL but still play hockey for whatever reason (Jaromir Jagr, I'm looking at you), or people who aren't good enough to play in the NHL but still good enough to be paid to play.
There are 32 teams in the NHL at the moment, but the most important teams for this story are:
1) Chicago Blackhawks: I'm going to go over the Blackhawks later in this post. It's...a lot.
2) Anaheim Ducks: A team that was originally owned by Disney based on the movie The Mighty Ducks. No, I'm not joking. They were founded in 1993 and have had some close calls with the Stanley Cup, but has never won it. They finished the 22-23 season with the worst record possible, and one of the worst records in NHL history.
3) Columbus Blue Jackets: They're young, having only existed since 2000. They've never been in the Stanley Cup finals, and have never really had a good season during their existence. They finished second to last.
4) Seattle Kraken: They're the newest team, being founded in 2021. They're actually not relevant at all to this post; they're my team and therefore am obligated to mention them.

Okay, so sword-feet and stick hitting rubber circle. What is this about 'draft'?

In order to make it to the NHL, you have to be drafted by an NHL team. Being drafted is similar to how people used to pick each other for teams during recess. You know, where you kept getting picked last. Except if you get drafted, you get a contract worth potentially millions of dollars.
The draft takes place over a series of rounds, where each team picks one person each (unless they traded their draft pick, but this isn't relevant). In the first round, the teams with the worst record draft first, all the way up to the team that won the Stanley Cup. Then in the second round, it counts down from Stanley Cup winner down to the worst, third round is from worst to best again, and so on until the draft is completed (Usually 7 rounds).
HOWEVER, there is a twist...

The Lottery

So in order to prevent teams from 'tanking', aka losing on purpose in order to get the best draft pick, the league came up with the Draft Lottery. After the season has ended, every team that didn't make the playoffs participates in the lottery. Whoever wins the lottery will jump up 10 spots in the draft. Teams who were worse during the season get higher odds. This year, the team with the best odds are the Anaheim Ducks, at 18.5% chance of winning, since they sucked hard and it wasn't even on purpose.

Okay, enough. Why is the 2023 draft important?

This year is one of the most important drafts in recent NHL history. The current highest-rated prospect is Connor Bedard. Bedard is...good. Like, really good. Like, really, REALLY good. Top NHL players are saying that Bedard already has the best shot release in hockey right now at least...and he's only like 17 years old. I won't go into it much further, but Connor Bedard is the type of player that can lead teams to the Stanley Cup by just being on the team. People are comparing him to Wayne Gretzky; if you need context for who that is, he's considered one of the best sports-people of all time out of all sports.

Side Show -- The Chicago Blackhawks, and Why Everyone Hates Them

The Blackhawks, which I'm going to call the Hawks, are an old team. They've been around since the 40s as one of the 'original six', teams that have been around since the modern NHL was a thing (well, not really, but it's not relevant). Yes, the NHL only had 6 teams until the 1960s, which is when they finally expanded into more markets, which then snowballed into what we have now (32 teams).
The Hawks have had...a rough recent history. They effectively had a dynasty for most of the 2010s, winning the Stanley Cup 3 times, and a lot of it had to do with their talent. Before the 2010s, the Hawks sucked. That is, until they drafted amazing players like Jonathan Toews (pronounced "taves", not "toes") and Patrick Kane, who helped boost them to the Stanley Cup in the 10's (They have since retired. This is important context.) These picks were already controversial; people like to claim that the NHL favors original six teams because they're massive markets, which means more butts-in-seats, which means more money. So the Blackhawks getting so many first round, top-3 picks was...suspicious to most.
But all of this is overshadowed by the sexual assault and subsequent cover up.
During the 2010 season, one of their cup-winning seasons, a player named Kyle Beach, was sexually assaulted by a member of the coaching staff. He brought it forward to the organization who did their best to make sure that the coaching staff was safe and sound. Kyle Beach never broke into the NHL aside from the 2010 season -- take that information for what it is. In 2021, Kyle Beach sued the Blackhawks for their mishandling. An independent investigation found that the Blackhawks knew about the sexual assault, and did nothing to the perpetrator. The perpetrator went on to commit more acts of sexual assault against young players.
The punishment that the Blackhawks faced? Nothing major. They were fined $2 million. Which...is basically nothing, considering they made $222 million that year. So, like...1%.
This punishment was a slap in the face to teams like the Arizona Coyotes, who lost draft picks (which means losing players that could turn their organization around) because of a much, MUCH less severe violation (In their case, the Coyotes were performing physicals on potential draftees before they were drafted, which is a violation of the NHL constitution). Other teams have lost players because of similar circumstances -- the first one that comes to mind is the Boston Bruins, who dropped a (potential) top player because it came to light he had hazed, abused, and hurled racial slurs at a black autistic player in the junior leagues.
Needless to say, this further fueled conspiracies that the Blackhawks were getting special treatment because of their status as an original six team, and how big the Chicago market is.
From the /hockey subreddit:
Didn't the NHL originally fine the Devils $3 million for the Kovalchuk stuff a decade ago? What a joke. [Context: Kovalchuk was a high-level player, and the Devils tried to do some sneaky-shady stuff in order to keep him.]
Coyotes lost high picks for getting extra physical data, Devils got fined $3m and two picks for cap circumvention, and we got fined $250k for calling out George Parros for being the joke he is. And all the Blackhawks get for covering up rape is a $2m fine?? What a fucking joke [Context: This is a Rangers fan, and the Rangers called out George Parros, leader of the Department of Player Safety, for doing nothing about player safety. They were fined $250k for making mean comments.]
It doesn't really help that Chicago fans have a poor reputation. In the NHL, Chicago fans have a reputation for being drunk fair-weather fans. Before 2010 Chicago had a rough time filling up their arena to half-way. During the 2010s? Sellout arena, every game. Going into the 2020s, when their team started sucking again, they're back to struggling filling seats.
So the hockey fandom in general doesn't really like Chicago, but how does this all tie into the 2023 Draft?

The Lottery (for real this time)

As mentioned before, the 2023 season was potentially a huge season for struggling teams like the Columbus Blue Jackets or the Anaheim Ducks. Getting Connor Bedard would turn around entire franchises, overnight.
Going into the draft, the heavy favorites to win the lottery were the Ducks at 18.5%, the Blue Jackets at 13.5%, and the Chicago Blackhawks at 11.5%. The other 13 teams had basically less than 10% odds.
The draft lottery was televised, and millions of people watched ESPN and TSN to see the results from all over the league. Top teams in the west were praying that the lottery winner would go to the Blue Jackets so they wouldn't have to face Bedard, and top teams in the east were praying the lottery pick would go to the west for the same reason. Everyone universally had the same sentiment though:
Anyone but Chicago.
The hosts go down the line to show the new draft lineup, starting from 16 and going down. Nothing seemed to change in the lineup; teams hoping for ajump up were sadly disappointed but knew they never really had a chance anyways.
The hosts get to the top 5. The reveal the 5th pick is...Montreal. Montreal fans speak French-Canadian sadly, or whatever it is Quebecois folk do.
The fourth pick is revealed. The San Jose Sharks. Sharks fans chomp sadly. Or drink their Starbucks sadly. Idk, I'm not rich enough to live in San Jose.
Then something curious happens. They cut to a commercial break, but the ESPN broadcasters say something very curious. "An upset for Columbus! It's down to Anaheim or Chicago!" Suspicion arises. The card for 3rd place wasn't revealed, how could they have known that Columbus was the 3rd pick? Conspiracy talk bumps up in the live Reddit thread. People were already saying that Chicago won the lottery. They just knew.
Nice of ESPN to state Columbus will pick 3rd before Daley ever even showed it and they went to commercials “It will be either Chicago or Anaheim”….
Elliotte Friedman tweeted out who got pick 1 and 2 during the commercial break. Said tweets have now been deleted.
The NHL lottery comes back on after commercials and reveal that CBJ wins the 3rd pick to no one's surprise. All that's left is two envelopes, one with a '2' the other with a '1'. They begin to open the '2' envelope. The hockey world goes silent, as whoever gets the 2 spot means that the other won the lottery...

The Worst Timeline

The worst-case-scenario happens. Chicago, universally hated in the hockey world, wins the draft lottery. Duck fans are outraged. Blue Jacket fans are outraged. Literally every fanbase is outraged.
hockey 9/11
why has god abandoned us
If you didn't think Chicago was getting Bedard here is your lesson of how fucked up the world is
Fuck this
Can't lose that media market now that Kane and Toews are gone!
Never forget that the Coyotes had to forfeit a first round pick for talking to a prospect before it was permitted, while Chicago protected a fucking rapist and got no reprecussions.
Coyotes: asks prospects what they ate and to wear shorts? Forfeit draft picks Blackhawks: cover up sexual assault and lie your asses off? Have a Bedard
Draft HoF talent 1st overall -> Go on a dynasty and win 3 cups -> Trade HoF 1st overall -> Draft another HoF talent 1st overall.
He went to the least deserving team.
Individual team subreddits were no better. Every fan from every team, aside from Chicago, were seething and chomping at the bit. There is an ongoing conspiracy about the NHL favoring Chicago now, and people are actively calling for the NHL commissioner's resignation.

Living in a Post-Apocalypse Wasteland

It's been barely a month since the bomb dropped. Food is hard to come by. Hope is lost. People fight each other for the barest scraps of undamaged cloth to keep warm at night since the sun was blacked out.
We don't know what will happen. Life is moving on, but is it really life if there's no will to live?
In seriousness, no one wanted this outcome. Even some Hawks fans hated this. It's hard to say what will happen to the NHL now. Some people are saying that Connor Bedard will get drafted and refuse to play for the Blackhawks, demanding to be traded. Some say he'll disappear to Europe and play in the Swedish league or the KHL to avoid the Blackhawks contract. Others say he'll be a fool to avoid the NHL and just take what he's got, and demand a trade later.
No one knows what Connor Bedard is thinking. He's not really said anything. But we do know that the world of hockey has been shaken to its core. If Bedard plays, Chicago will be a force to be reckoned with for years. If he avoids Chicago, it'll be a legendary act of defiance that will 100% cause the NHL to invent a rule to prevent that from happen again.
But for now, I must return to my fallout shelter. It's not healthy to stand in the radiation for too long.
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2023.06.03 23:16 VeggIE1245 For all the new players

It might be your first fighting game or the first one you make effort improve in. I have some advice for you. We all will take losses and lose, but hopefully this list will help you.
  1. Find a main. Find a character that you like to look at or think is, in general is cool. One that fits the way YOU want to play. Not who might net you the most wins. High tier doesn't mean you win all the time, just that you have an easier time winning if you know the character well. Once you find a character you like, play around in training and combo trials.
  2. Play casually and learn the fundamentals. Street fighter is a lot more strict with how you play than say Strive. You really need to grasp fighting game fundamentals to go far. You should focus on 1-3 basic combos/punishes. (BnBs) When to grab What the range of your attacks are(footsies) What the speed of your attacks are(frames) Execution of specials in modern or classic. And learn not to jump as often.
  3. Focus on learning and having fun. Don't take matches or losses so seriously. You aren't playing for money. Don't drive yourself insane trying to do 10 hit combos when you can't even judge the range of an opponents attacks or exploit openings. One match focus on practicing blocking. The next, punish jump ins, etc.
Last, just find groups of people on your skill level. The game has a group search feature. Look for other newcomers. Make some friends and grow together.
Fighters are a process. No one is awesome as soon as they do something new. Give yourself some credit because a lot of people won't even pick up a Fighting game due to fear. It's a long journey, but hopefully you stick to it amd go as far as you can.
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2023.06.03 23:14 realisticJoJo [Personal] My experience with Doxycycline...(Long Story, very detailed...)

Hello Reddit, I am a 21M, and I just wanted to come on here and let people know about my experience with this antibiotic.
This antibiotic is usually for skin-related issues and a few other things. This is not something someone would take to help RELIEVE anxiety but instead, this is something that people may use without knowing that it has the ability to CAUSE anxiety and other horrible symptoms. I had a pilonidal cyst and so a dermatologist gave me a prescription for about 2 weeks' worth of Doxycycline (100 mg, twice a day, preferably in the morning and then again at night before I go to bed). My horrible experience started very soon after taking my first dose, though I did not realize it. On day 2 of taking the antibiotic, I had eaten some wings for dinner. I started to feel lightheaded and had an overwhelming weird feeling in my body. I have the potential for HBP because of my parents, so I figured it was related to that. I felt pretty bad through the night, and couldn't go to sleep for a while, but eventually, I was able to calm myself down enough to go to sleep. The following day, I woke up feeling okay, but progressively felt worse as the day continued. I had shortness of breath, arm numbness, uncomfortable chest pressure (on the left side), and a weird tingling that shot throughout my entire body. My anxiety also rose to a new high. I thought I was having a heart attack. My parents, who are both medical professionals, said it was just anxiety but I managed to get them to take me to the ER anyway. Spent like 5 or 6 hours in the ER just for them to tell me I'm perfectly healthy and all I have is moderate HBP, which is mostly due to my anxiety. Even after, the symptoms still persisted for the following days, and I assumed it must have just been due to my BP levels... Flash forward to just a few days ago, I had moved back to my dorm and felt pretty okay, though the lightheadedness and shortness of breath never seemed to go away truly. I was doing more walking to try and get my BP down and it had started to work, when suddenly I started getting all of these horrible symptoms back again. The lightheadedness persisted, dizziness, shortness of breath, heartbeat skips, chest pressure...It finally hit a head when I was driving to practice down the interstate and I felt this horrible wave through my body, I thought I was going to pass out, and my heart rate jumped to like 110-120 BPM. It was, and still is, the worst sensation I have ever felt in my life. I pulled over on the side of the road and called my mom and told her how I felt and asked what I needed to do. She talked me through my symptoms and then told me it was most likely just a panic attack. By the end of the conversation, my symptoms had gone away and I felt moderately normal again. I decided to go back to my room for the remainder of the day and rest. The attack hit me again as I drove back to my dorm, but that time I was better equipped to deal with it. When I got back to my room, my dad called me and asked me about what happened, and I told him. Throughout the entire conversation, I felt these waves of pressure go through my body. I could barely focus on anything and at times it felt like I was going to pass out, but I was still fine. My parents told me to just try and relax, so I got in bed and tried to relax, but I couldn't. My heart rate continued to rise, the left side of my chest was highly uncomfortable, and I still had shortness of breath, lightheadedness, dizziness, slight nausea, crazy chest tightness, and this feeling of what felt like indigestion...like something was stuck in my chest. It had been two hours since that last conversation when I told my parents about these symptoms. My dad decided we should go to the ER again, so my parents came and picked me up from my dorm and brought me to the ER near home. This time I was in the ER for 9 hours (so fun...). All my tests came back negative once again. EKG looks "textbook healthy" as the nurse said, and all my blood work came back perfect as well. X-Ray showed no signs of anything abnormal. My BP was high when I came in, but by the time I was settled out, it had lowered back to proper levels. In all, no one knew what was wrong with me besides anxiety elevating my symptoms. Out of nowhere, my dad asked about the Doxy...specifically wondering how long I had been taking it. I told them it's been two weeks...which is exactly how long I've been dealing with all of these horrible symptoms. My mom then looked up the side effects of Doxy, something we hadn't actually done yet for some reason...and...well look at that...all the side effects match up with the symptoms I had been having :) So when we got back home, I tossed the Doxy. I'm trying to cycle the rest of it out of my system so I can feel normal again. This is the 3rd day since my most recent ER visit. The symptoms have not really gotten any better. I still get at least one panic attack a day, though it is much more manageable now that I know I'm not actually having a heart attack. I still have shortness of breath, my heart rate will run high, I'll feel warm for short periods of time, my heart will randomly skip beats (this can sometimes trigger a panic attack, which makes my HR and BP skyrocket temporarily), I get weird poking feelings in between my left shoulder and arm and occasionally in my actual arm, I still get occasional stinging chest pains, tightness in the middle of my chest, "indigestion", and the uncomfortable feeling in the left side of my chest. I am drinking a lot of water to flush the Doxy through my system fully, and have 10 billion count probiotics that I take once a day to help rebalance my gut. I'm looking forward to feeling normal again...
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