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A subreddit for sharing and discussing traditional tattoos. Whether it be American traditional, irezumi, tā moko, etc... All traditional tattoo styles are welcome!

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Planning your first or your next? Share or request advice, resources, and thoughts on the tattoo design process with other enthusiasts. Post tattoos, tattoo artwork, or inspiration. For first-timers, casual collectors, and full blown fans running out of blank skin! Tattoo apprentices, experienced tattoo artists, and artists who prefer inert canvases are all welcome!

2023.03.21 17:45 theindianethnicco 5 Types of Cotton Kurtas Every Woman Needs in Her Wardrobe

5 Types of Cotton Kurtas Every Woman Needs in Her Wardrobe
Kurta are a wonderful alternative to the traditional Western dress code. The best part about kurtas is that they can be worn in so many different ways. You can wear them as wraps, as tops, as skirts, or even as beach cover-ups! They are extremely versatile and can be worn by both men and women.
Cotton kurtas are an excellent choice for those who want to add variety to their wardrobe without having to spend a lot of money on clothing. This is because cotton kurtas are affordable and easy to find at any local store that sells clothing.
Cotton kurtas come in all different colors ,including black, white, grey, brown, navy blue ,and red among others. They also come in different sizes ranging from small (one size fits most) all the way up to extra large (one size fits most plus).
Cotton kurtas are made out of 100% cotton material which means they're soft and comfortable against the skin as well as being easy on your wallet because they won't require much washing after each wear."
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2023.03.21 17:07 MjolnirPants Jerry and the Apocalypse: Part 53

Part 52
Glenda Wilmington, Kinda Digging This Whole Cop Gig
"If you hear anything else, give me a call," Glenda said, handing the woman a business card with her cellphone number on it. The woman accepted it and then squinted skeptically at it.
"Cooperation with an investigation is the sort of thing that parole boards like to hear about," Glenda said in response to the woman's look. That seemed to do the trick. The woman slipped the card into her ample cleavage and met Glenda's eyes.
"I will call. I have no loyalty to that man." Her sing-song Norwegian accent, as well as her tall, thick frame and bright, yellow-blonde hair contrasted with the environment; a run-down housing project in the heart of Compton. But housing for convicted felons on parole was limited, and she'd had few choices in this area. Glenda wondered idly why the woman hadn't elected to return to Norway, where they tended to be a bit more sympathetic to ex-cons. The woman, Duke's one-time head channeler, didn't seem prepared to answer any more questions, however.
Glenda nodded and stepped back. The woman took a step outside, careful to keep the foot with the ankle monitor inside the door and took a look around before withdrawing back into the house. Glenda turned and walked down the steps off the creaky wooden porch and back to the rental car, where Jack dozed lightly in the passenger seat, his cowboy hat pulled low over his eyes. She climbed behind the wheel, trying not to wake him, and started the engine.
He woke anyways. Jack had always been a very light sleeper. He turned his head slightly towards her, not adjusting the hat at all.
"Anything?" he asked. Glenda shook her head. "Nobody's heard from him. I think it's safe to say he's not looking to connect with any of his old associates, at this point."
"Ayup," Jack agreed. Glenda pulled away, heading north, towards the 105 that would take them back to the airport. They were done here. As she drove, she couldn't help but note the scowling, suspicious faces that turned to watch them. She took in the low, chain-link fences that separated yards, the equally low concrete block walls that surrounded paved driveways. The odd mix of Spanish colonial and more traditional American architecture was like a sign. It told her that she could find a bag of the white lady, a bag of weed, or a bag of something more exotic here. She could find a gang, beefing with another gang, and maybe convince one side to pay her to make someone on the other side vanish.
It was almost nostalgic.
They passed a tan-painted Spanish colonial house with a faux wrought-iron fence, and she knew right away that a dealer lived there. The child's play set in the front had never been touched by anything more careless than the wind and rain. The SUV in the driveway might have belonged to a small family, except for the large speakers she could see through the rear window. The tint on the windows of both car and home added to the effect. The kicker, though, was the white-haired, middle-aged man stepping out the front door to squint suspiciously around before heading back up the street in the direction of the channeler's home, where Glenda had spotted him walking this way just a few minutes ago.
Without bothering to ask anyone, she could say with confidence that whoever lived there sold mainly cocaine, but he also had cheap weed for those who couldn't afford the prices at the dispensary. He'd have rocks too, but he probably wouldn't sell them to you if you knew where he lived. He'd sell them on the weekends, manning a street corner, alongside a thug from whatever gang he ran with or paid tribute to.
Everyone knew they were cops, of course. Years of living in rural Canada had faded Glenda's tan and affected her fashion choices. Once, she'd had moved through an area like this in gym shorts, sneakers and a faded old t-shirt with the sleeves cut off. Showing off enough muscle to make the usual idiots think twice about harassing her, but not showing off so much skin than people might take her for a street worker with a schtick. Today, she drove in blue jeans, hiking boots and a flannel shirt. Next to her, Jack wore the same, complimented with a denim jacket. Only a couple of cops would dress like that in this neighborhood.
Though that wasn't strictly true -Jack's jurisdiction ended many hundreds of miles north of here- it might as well be. They were private investigators, working on behalf of the federal government, who was footing the bill for Dylan's recapture. Whether or not they were technically considered law enforcement officers depended entirely upon their needs and some paperwork. So far, they hadn't needed any LEO powers.
As she turned onto the 105 and marginally sped up in the dense traffic of the highway, Jack's phone rang. He begrudgingly lifted the brim of his hat up, squinting in the bright daylight at his screen. Apparently satisfied with what he saw there, he hit the accept button and pressed the phone to his ear.
"S'Jack," he said, then he listened for a bit.
"Ayup," he said. He glanced out the window, then covered the tiny mic at the bottom of the phone. "Get off the highway," he said to Glenda. She nodded and put on her turn signal, eyes searching for a chance to get over. A minivan in the next lane, slightly ahead of them, promptly slowed down to pace them.
"Awwright," he drawled into the phone. "We'll check it out. 'Preciate the heads up. Take care, now."
He pulled the phone away from his ear and tapped the screen again before slipping it back into his pocket jacket.
"That was intel. Said that a bank account belonging to one Dylan Boucher just got emptied by a wire transfer to one Derek Garcia. Just a hair over ten grand. Transfer woulda taken place about a week ago, intel didn't pick up on it until it cleared."
"Garcia, that's the one that calls himself the 'Planewalker', right?"
"Ayup," Jack said. Glenda finally got tired of trying to get behind the minivan and sped up to cut him off, instead. Jack could see that it was being driven by a heavily tattooed white kid with dredlocks. He honked and flipped them off, but she ignored him. She'd had her turn signal on, and tried to get behind him, but he had slowed down and sped up to block her.
Out of pure spite, she tapped the brakes a few times.
Jack bounced forward against his seatbelt as she did and gave her a dirty look. She smiled sweetly at him. "What? That's how you drive around here. You used to live in Atlanta, you've got to know this by now."
"We didn't generally make an effort to piss people off in Atlanta," he grumbled. Glenda turned onto the ramp to get off on Crenshaw, heading south.
Glenda scoffed. "Now you're just lying. I've been to Atlanta. Worst drivers in the bottom half of the country by far."
"You sure about that?" Jack said, eyeing the rear-view mirror. Glenda glanced up to see the minivan still behind them, the driver jabbing his finger at them and ranting.
"Huh," she said. "Maybe this fucker's about to prove me wrong."
"Well, we need to get gas anyways, if we're driving all the way down to San Clemente," Jack said. "Might as well pull over at the first station we see and get it over with."
Glenda chuckled, mostly at what the angry man behind her was about to experience and kept her eyes peeled for a gas station.
The minivan never wavered, staying behind her through multiple lane changes, all the way down to Artesia Boulevard, where she finally found a Shell station. She pulled in and pulled up to a pump.
"You wanna have a white knight moment, or is today an 'equality of the sexes' day?" Glenda asked as the minivan pulled in behind them and stopped, blocking the entrance.
"Sheeeit," Jack drawled. "I mean, I guess I'll handle him if ya want..." He unbuckled his seatbelt and opened his door as the irate young metalhead stomped towards them. He made sure to be outside the car by the time the kid got within angry dick-measuring distance.
"What the fuck is your bitch's problem, asshole?!" the young man demanded. Jack didn't answer, he simply strode forward, within striking distance. Normally, Jack liked to deliver a good, bone-chilling threat, followed up by taking a more reasonable tone as he continued to stare through whomever was causing problems and imagine himself blowing their head off as he de-escalated the situation. It was a tactic that had served him well, many times. But today, Jack was tired.
He'd been hunting Dylan down for weeks now, and only just got their first promising lead as this little shit had gone out of his way to stop them from changing lanes for no discernible reason. So Jack simply slugged the kid right in the nose. He caught him off guard and sent the kid sprawling onto his ass. Before he could gather himself back up, Jack kicked him in the chest with the sole of his boot and drew his large revolver. He crouched down, boot still pinning the kid to the ground, and held the gun casually where the kid could see it.
"You know what a turn signal means?" he asked calmly. The kid's eyes went wide as he spotted the gun.
"Y-y-yeah," he stammered.
"Good. Ya had a little lapse of judgement there. Ya might wanna see to that." Jack stood, holstering his gun and walked back over to open the gas cover and insert the company credit card into the pump. He picked the mid-grade and inserted the fuel handle, locking the valve open before he turned back.
The kid was still sitting there, wiping blood from his mouth where his nose was bleeding. "They oughta have napkins inside," Jack told him mildly. "They're usually by the hot dogs."
Jack filled the tank while the kid picked himself up and went inside. A cop arrived a few minutes later, stopping in the entrance that the kid was blocking and turning his lights on. The cop stepped out and walked around the minivan and into the gas station.
Jack waited for the tank to fill, then replaced the nozzle and climbed back in the car.
"You wanna stick around?" Glenda asked. "Shoot the shit with the locals, make sure the kid gets the short end?"
"Naw," Jack said. "Read about the LA cops. Not exactly whom I'd like to consider comrades-in-arms, if you catch my meaning."
Glenda shrugged and they pulled out right as the kid and the cop both emerged back into the parking lot. Glenda thought the cop look pissed and the kid looked dejected.
They got on the 405 and drove it down to California 73, then took that south to Interstate 5, which brought them to San Clemente an hour later. Glenda got off the highway and turned into a neighborhood full of upscale, tightly-packed Spanish colonial homes. Unlike Compton, most of the yards weren't fenced, and those that were tended towards white picket fences. The lawns were universally well-cared for and nobody looked twice at them as they drove through the neighborhood and up to the address highlighted on the GPS.
It was a small, modest-looking home with a distinctly 70's asthetic. It didn't match most of the tile-roofed, square walled homes around it, but it hardly stood out, either. A BMW sat in the driveway, framed by a pair of shaped topiary trees. It looked like something off the cover of some homemaking magazine, Glenda thought.
They parked on the street and climbed out.
"The air is crackling with magic," Glenda said. "He's in there, doing something right now."
Jack walked up and pounded on the door. Glenda held up a hand, fingers splayed. Jack would understand what she meant. The magic was currently at a five, and she'd let him know if it diminished, and by approximately how much.
She kept her hand still for a while as nobody answered the door. Five minutes passed before Jack turned to her.
"Okay, this is your gig, now," he said. He walked back to the car, opening the trunk to reveal the bound, squirming and sweating Caliope there. He yanked her gag down and fed her from a water bottle.
"Been a long drive, ain't it?" he asked, conversationally. Caliope sucked greedily at the bottle, managing to drink every drop that didn't get splashed into the trunk.
"Fuck you," she muttered weakly. Jack smiled. "Looks to me like you're the one what's fucked, darlin'. Guess you shouldn'ta gone and fucked with your sister's collar like that. I mean, if you'd played by the rules, we'd have overlooked the whole issue of you not actually being any help whatsoever, and taken your good faith efforts as enough to fill your end. But ya had to go behind our backs, causing trouble. So now you're stuck in a trunk until we get back to the airport."
"Fuck you," she gasped again.
"'Scuse me," Jack said, reaching past her for an armored vest. He pulled it out and tugged it over his head, getting the flaps velcroed in place and adjusting it. When he was done, he pulled Caliope's gag back up.
"Awright, girl, you jes sit tight while we check this out. Won't be but a little bit, then we'll be heading to the airport."
She tried to say something, but the gag turned it into a muffled wail. Jack smiled as he closed the trunk and returned to the front door. Glenda stood there, watching him, fully kitted up with her armor and a carbine in her hands.
"Ready," Jack said. Glenda turned and, without preamble, kicked the door open with a thunderous blow. She rushed inside, rifle up and leading the way, Jack hot on her heels. Neither made it very far, though.
The living room had been converted into a ritual chamber. The walls were festooned with runes and the twisting lines that connected them. The floor had a large, ornate circle in the middle, runes etched into it and twisting, spiral designs encasing the whole thing. But that wasn't what gave them pause.
In the middle of the circle hovered a shimmering mirage, through which Glenda could see a city. It looked like something out of a sci-fi film, all rounded corners and smooth, off-white concrete. The windows in the buildings were mirrored, or else none of them had lights on inside, because they all reflected a sunrise coming from behind the view.
"What the hell's that?" Jack asked. Glenda carefully felt the magic around the apparition. "I think it's a portal."
"Okay, so where does it go, do ya think?"
"I haven't got a clue. I don't recognize that city."
"Kinda looks like Mos Eisley, a hundred years after they found oil or something," Glenda said.
"Think that's what Dylan was paying for? A trip to wherever that is?"
"Looks like," Glenda mused. "We're gonna need to call this in."
"Ayup. Let's clear the house, first."
They did just that. They found a den set up in one of the bedrooms, an obviously-lived-in kitchen and a master bedroom used for its intended purposes. In the last bedroom, they found an arsenal and storage space. It was full of survival and camping gear, weapons and ammo.
"Missing rifle," Jack said, peering at a gun rack.
"Yup," Glenda agreed. She opened an ammo tin. It was only half full.
"Somebody geared up here," she said.
Jack sighed. "Let's call it in, then. We'll hand over our little helper when the backup gets here."
It took two hours to get a team there, mostly because the LA regional office was all the way up in Burbank. But they eventually arrived. Two security officers took Caliope off their hands, to bring her back to prison. They brought another collar, to replace the modified wet blanket spell Glenda had been holding since the riot. It hadn't seemed like a lot of effort to hold the spell in place, but as soon as she finally let it go, she felt a wave of relief.
"Julie sent some extras along," the leader of the relief force told Glenda once Caliope had been seen to. She'd already spotted the two middle-eastern men in different uniforms than the rest. She thought she recognized the older one.
"We'll take all the help we can get. Any of you boys willing to go jaunting across reality with us?" The man chuckled. "No, thanks. Besides, we've got orders to secure this building and wait for the feds. Gonna see if there's anything illegal here, so we can nab this Garcia fellow as soon as he gets back."
Glenda nodded, then looked at the two middle-eastern men. She jerked her head in a 'come here' gesture and they stepped forward.
"Glenda, right?" the older one asked, holding out a hand.
"Yup," she said as she took it. He shook firmly, then let go. "I am Aqib, and this is my assistant, Mateen. We've been running around, helping out where we can for months now. It seems it is your turn to accept our assistance."
"Either of you got any magic?" Glenda asked. Mateen hefted his rifle and then tapped his body armor. "All of our gear is enchanted. We have rings, as well," he held up a hand bedecked with silver bands. "They will help us heal from injuries and allow us to see in the dark and other such useful things."
"Good, good," she said, then stopped. Aqib. That name rang a bell. She squinted at the middle-aged man.
"You were at the Wyrm facility when we took it," she said. "About six years ago." He nodded.
"I was with your friend when she fell. She saved my life," he said. Glenda nodded. "I remember that. I'm glad you're still here, then. Glad you're with us. I, uh..." She stopped speaking before she got choked up and cleared her throat.
"Are you two ready?" she asked.
"We have our gear," Aqib said, nodding at a pair of large backpacks leaning against one of the DCM branded trucks. "Camping gear, food and water for three days. Spare ammo, tools. We were told you had much more supplies yourself."
"Yup. I've got fresh food, enough for a couple of weeks for the four of us. Plus a couple months worth of dehydrated foods, MRE's and other food that'll keep for a while. I've got water and other shit to drink, camping gear, etcetera, etcetera. As long as you guys brought your own tents, we're golden."
"That is good," Aqib said.
"Do you have battery packs?" Mateen asked.
"Battery packs?" Glenda responded.
"Yes, for phones and other electronics. To keep them charged. I have a solar recharger, but it takes a long time, and it isn't always convenient to set it up."
Glenda shook her head. "Nope. Never been much for carrying a bunch of electronics around. Besides, I doubt our phones will work, where we're going."
Aqib grinned at his companion. "No video games until we're done, Mateen," he said. Mateen rolled his eyes. "Yeah, yeah."
"Mateen is still a child at heart, even though he has children of his own," Aqib explained as he stepped forward to get a good look at the portal, still hovering in the middle of the room.
"As long as he can fight," Glenda said. Jack approached, finished with the field paperwork. He had a backpack slung over one shoulder, and a rifle slung over the other. He still wore his armor.
"He fights like a cornered dog," Aqib said mildly. At Glenda's quirked eyebrow, he clarified. "He is very fierce."
"Good," Glenda said. She turned to Jack and gave him a quick kiss. "We ready?"
"Ayup," Jack confirmed. "All the paperwork's done, we're good to go."
Glenda pushed past Mateen and Aqib as they moved to pick up their packs. "I'll take them," she said. Mateen frowned, but Aqib simply nodded and stood back. She grabbed both packs and sent them to hammerspace, accepting Jack's pack and giving it the same treatment. Mateen shook his head slowly, but Aqib seemed unimpressed.
"Okay, let's boogie," Glenda said and strode through the portal before she could work up any doubts.
"None of 'em rotted," Jack said. "They're all mummified. All the plants are dead, but none of them are rotted, either." He stood in what seemed like a small park, a few trees growing in clusters at the four corners, and an open field of dead grass in the middle. Bodies lay strewn about, adults and children alike. Many lay draped over the benches, or slumped in a pile in front of them. One cluster of small bodies had a large, rubber-ish ball laying next to them, as if they'd died in the middle of some sort of game.
Glenda eyed the surroundings. They hadn't encountered a single living being in the hours they'd been moving through this city. "What do you think happened here?" she asked.
"I'll be honest, I ain't got a fucking clue, darlin'," Jack said. They stood in silence for a bit, reflecting on what they'd seen and wondering about it. An entire city, dead. No signs of decay, except for rusted metal. Glenda had seen large piles of rust that she took to be cars, based on the plastic and ceramic components still in them, along with the bodies. An entire city, dead. And yet the bodies remained. They'd held up better than the metal, for sure.
Mateen came around a corner at a jog and made a beeline for them. "Aqib has found something, a fresh body. Recently killed."
"Lead the way," Glenda told him. They followed him back around the corner, two blocks down and then around another corner, where they found Aqib standing over a bloody, headless corpse, resting against a building under a sign written in a language Glenda didn't recognize.
"Sheeit," Jack said as they drew up. "That's certainly out of place. Wonder where his head got to."
"Over here," Mateen said. He gestured to what looked like a bus stop with a trash can next to it. There, fetched up against the trash can was a severed head. A sparse trail of blood led from the body to it. Glenda walked over and crouched down, peering at the head.
"I think this is Garcia," she said. She pulled the photo she had of the man from hammerspace, checking it against the head.
"I think you're right," Jack said, peering over her shoulder. "And the chopped off head. That sounds like something Dylan would do."
"I think we're on the right track then," Glenda said. "But how do we know what direction he went?"
She straightened up as they all looked around. Nothing stood out to them.
A moment later, a terrifying roar sounded from off in the distance. They all turned towards it, weapons rising.
"I do not like that, but I think we know what direction to check now," Aqib said.
"'Fraid I gotta agree with ya," Jack said.
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2023.03.21 16:57 Gawker90 Modern Japanese style?

Like American traditional, we also have its modern form Neo-Traditional. Is there something similar in the world of Japanese tattooing?
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2023.03.21 16:53 tired_timetosleep i have about 8 tattoos i genuinely like, got a single tattoo last year that i hate, now i’m starting to question ALL my tattoos

i have never felt such a hatred for a tattoo before. i’ve liked all 8 up until i got this 9th one over a year ago. everyday i wake up and still hate it.
it’s causing me to wonder if i should even have tattoos at all. even the three that i had always loved i’m starting to question.
i guess i’m wondering, has anyone had this happen? and, did you get another tattoo after the one you hated? did it make you feel better again?
thank you
ps. i’m working on a “patchwork sleeve” (i don’t know if that’s the term people like to use anymore), in case that extra info helps
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2023.03.21 16:30 darts-of-pleasure Tattoo anxiety

Tattoo anxiety
Hey guys,
I'm latley getting a bit anxieus about my tattoos i did at the beginning of the year. At first, i love Zelda, i love mononoke and i love traditional tattoo Style.
So i did those Tattoos (Pictures are there). Now i'm getting ask over and over again (also at Work) why they are so big. I loved them at first, now my ocd strikes in, and that is bullshit because i was really happy at first with the outcome. Now my brain sees more and more mistakes once i started overthinking...
What do you think ist it really that bad? Am i overthinking? Or is blackout my only opinion 😅?
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2023.03.21 15:53 dad_man0630 29M Let’s chat about whatever! All are welcome 🙌🏻

Bored at work. If you are also bored or just want to chat with someone new here’s your chance! It can be a quick chat, long term, I’m up for whatever feels right as long as it remains SFW.
Some topics that interest me are:
• Animals- cats specifically, as I have 3 myself.
• Tattoos/piercings- I have 5 tattoos and working on finishing my sleeve!
• Mental health
• Video games- I enjoy playing most FPS, RPG and survival games. I’m currently replaying Borderlands 2 trying to get all achievements.
• Parenting- I am a proud dad to a wonderful baby girl! I would love to hear about your experiences and thoughts if you are a parent as well.
I am also happy to talk about whatever interests you in life. We don’t have to have everything in common, I think that’s part of the fun in talking to new people is learning about new things!
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2023.03.21 15:47 sahrieswirl Found art by John Alcorn

Found art by John Alcorn
I picked up this piece yesterday as I was drawn to the psychedelic style mixed with art nouveau and also, I'm a redhead with a tattoo sleeve of peonies and lotus flowers like the ones shown. Brought it home and tried to figure out the artist. Thought maybe the signature said "John Alumm"?? Posted about it in Reddit Art Nouveau group where someone told me "John Alcorn".
Spent the night learning about him and looking at every piece of his art available online and on his personal website archives (run by family members ). Can not find this piece. I Found styles of women's facial side-profiles with flowers but nothing that mixed psychedelic and art nouveau quite like this one. I'm obsessed with it!
Wondering if he framed it and applied these cut squares of pattern that are all pasted together covering the backside. Never saw that done to a painting... I dont know anytbing about it, reached out to the contact person on his website . I'm just so happy to have found such a special piece.
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2023.03.21 15:44 sahrieswirl Found art by John Alcorn

Found art by John Alcorn
I picked up this piece yesterday as I was drawn to the psychedelic style mixed with art nouveau and also, I'm a redhead with a tattoo sleeve of peonies and lotus flowers like the ones shown. Brought it home and tried to figure out the artist. Thought maybe the signature said "John Alumm"?? Posted about it in Reddit Art Nouveau group where someone told me "John Alcorn". Spent the night learning about him and looking at every piece of his art available online and on his personal website archives (run by family members ). Can not find this piece. Found styles of women's facial side-profiles with flowers but nothing that mixed psychedelic and art nouveau quite like this one. I'm obsessed with it! Wondering if he framed it and applied these cut squares of pattern that are all pasted together covering the backside. Never saw that done on a painting..
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2023.03.21 14:37 Mikemactattoo Traditional girl head by Mike Mac at Fudo Tattoo in Chicago IL

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2023.03.21 14:37 emillang1000 Inscribe Magical Tattoo Is an Absolute Gamechanger

So my players are going through Skull & Shackles, they're lv5, will hit lv6 this week, and they're starting to get interested in acquiring stat-boosting items.
As a result, I was running into the perennial issue faced by all GMs running adventures like these - planning on modifying items they can pick up in the books to include these stat boosts, and grappling with the fact that several of these items will exist in a revolving door as their novelty fades compared to new items that give better boosts.
And then... I found out about Magical Tattoos, and that they can replicate other Wondrous Items. And now I'm in love.
See, on the one hand, Automatic Progression stuff bothered me a bit because players didn't have to obtain them, even if it took away the necessity of slapping "& Dexterity +2" on everything.
On the other hand... exactly what I mentioned above. As well as making it hard to up the power of NPCs, particularly Bosses, without using Enhancement Items that the players will harvest and become OP with once they beat the boss.
But Magical Tattoos solve all of that - now, when the PCs are in a Port for Downtime, they can get the "Tattoo Of [Stat] +X" by spending the same value the normal Wondrous Item would cost plus taking the requisite number of Downtime Days to have them inscribed. (I'm currently only allowing Ability +1-6, Resistance, Protection, Natural Armor, Armor, and Mighty Fists, and ignoring the "double cost because they don't take up a Body Slot" rule as a result).
I can also jack up Bosses without fear of the inevitable item harvesting because "they have magic tattoos - nothing to harvest!"
Tattoos also don't invalidate traditional things like Belts of Strength, etc., because those have the quality that they immediately enhance stats, while Tattoos require several days of Downtime to acquire, meaning I can still sneak those boosting items in as special mid-adventute power-ups that the players find as a help to deal with the coming nonsense.
Oh, man - I love that these exist; I'd never thought of them before, but they absolutely are becoming a basic aspect of my games from this point forward.
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2023.03.21 14:30 JackOvervalleyArt Just started making tattoo designs and am looking for some critique. Do these drawings accurately replicate the traditional style? Thanks!

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2023.03.21 13:59 Delicious-Finance-82 Suggestions for a sleeve

Suggestions for a sleeve
So, I've had this tattoo on me for a year or so and decided that I wanted to do a hald sleeve with it. My initial idea was to have different tattoos on the arm, which I already have the design thought for each one but I was wondering if there is any way that I can connect them all into a half sleeve. The fox is supposed to be the main one in the front next to the lamp (place 1), the heart on the inner part of the arm (place 2) and the owl on the back part of the arm, like the one on the picture.
Every suggestion is appreciated!
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2023.03.21 13:43 sand_and_stars Koi & Blossoms by Jon Walters at Pacific Rose Tattoo

Koi & Blossoms by Jon Walters at Pacific Rose Tattoo
Thank you @jonwalterstattoo at Pacific Rose Tattoo in Van, B.C. for my beautiful fine line koi and cherry blossoms done in traditional Japanese ukiyo-e style.
This is my 3rd tattoo. All mine are done by this amazing and talented artist. He's also my brother and I couldn't be more proud 💕
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2023.03.21 13:30 Mutt_Bunch You're everything to me.

When we first met, I thought there was no way you'd talk to me. The cutest latin girl I've ever seen, with sleeves of tattoos, carving a goat for the restaurant. Fresh off the heels of the worst depression in my life, I really didn't consider getting into anything. We worked the first few weeks mostly just saying hello. Then I noticed whenever I'd look over in your direction your eyes would dart away. The first full on conversation we had was about The Pixies and Miyazaki movies.
As months passed, we became close friends. The kind you could call at 3am without worry. We started sharing songs, smoking weed, began hugging tighter. It started to become clear to me that I was feeling something. But I just liked being around you.
Now it's three years later. We text every single day. I know I can sling the dirtiest joke to you without offending. Then you kissed me...I kissed back. You took off your shirt and again, gobsmacked. When you pulled me into you it felt like a bomb was about to go off inside my chest. Breathing heavily with each other in disbelief.
"I really like you...but don't want to hurt you."
"You're a grown ass woman, you won't. Live your life even if it doesn't involve me."
Was this false? Haven't I already fallen? You've nothing to post up for if you don't want to. But how else am I supposed to explain that thinking about you makes my shoulders relax. That when you let your hair down it makes you look even sexier. The light glints in your dark eyes and I melt. You smile and everyone else vanishes from existence.
Didn't expect this, I didn't expect to feel again. But I love you more than Lord of the Rings. This doesn't have to mean chocolates, flowers, marriage, kids, forever after; fuck all of that. If it's just you next to me, I'd happily take it. Because what you have honey is something different. Something ethereal, and god I want that as long as you can stand me.
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2023.03.21 13:23 plainenglish2 “Mr. Queen” (historical and cultural backgrounders for international viewers, with references to other K-dramas)

“Mr. Queen” (historical and cultural backgrounders for international viewers, with references to other K-dramas)
Index: Introduction; K-dramas are meant first (or primarily) for Korean viewers and only second for international viewers; A. The historical figures who were fictionalized in this drama; the rivalry between the Andong Kim and Poonyang Jo clans and “sedo politics” (royal in-law politics); lawsuit filed by descendants of a historical figure against “The Princess’s Man”; connections of “Mr. Queen” to “Moonlight Drawn By Clouds” aka “Love in the Moonlight” and to “Kingdom” Season 2, Ep. 4; B. Eps. 8 and 10: Persecution of Catholics during the Joseon Dynasty; the only K-drama I’ve seen that depicted the Catholic persecution in Joseon Korea is “Yi San, Wind in the Palace” (2007); C. Ep. 8: Korean seesaw (“neolttwigi”); D. Ep. 12: Surit-nal (Dano Festival); ceremonial robes and head gear of Joseon kings; E. Ep. 14: Ice as a valuable commodity during the Joseon Dynasty; F. Ep. 14: Donghak (religion, movement, peasant revolution); G. Ep. 16: Difference between “Jo” and “Jong” in the posthumous (temple) names of the Joseon kings; the Joseon kings’ royal portraits and dramas such as “Painter of the Wind” and “Saimdang”; H. Ep. 16: Secret Royal Investigators during the Joseon Dynasty; secret royal inpectors as depicted in “100 Days My Prince” and “Under The Queen's Umbrella”; I. Miscellaneous notes: Ep. 11: the fight with fans as weapons; “jangot” or head covering for noblewomen during the Joseon Dynasty ; the beautiful bridge across the pond in Ep. 1 and other episodes


K-dramas are meant first (or primarily) for Korean viewers and only second for international viewers. Just like in other dramas, the historical, cultural, and political references in “Mr. Queen” are well known to the Korean viewers. On the other hand, we, the international viewers, must dig deep into Wikipedia and other sources (or post questions in forums like this) so that we can understand what’s going on.

For example, some people who have seen “Mr. Queen” said that they couldn’t stand the court politics or the infighting between the different factions because the drama didn’t provide any context. Well, the court politics and the infighting between the different factions happened between the Andong Kim and Poonyang Jo clans, which are well known to Korean viewers and thus, no context was necessary.

When “Saimdang” was first broadcast in 2017, I joined the on-air discussions of the drama in the Soompi Forums. In that forum, whenever I had questions about the drama, I had two go-to persons: for questions about Korean language, culture, and history, I asked “gerrytan8063”; whenever I had questions about Chinese characters used in the drama, I asked “liddi.” I haven’t joined the Soompi discussions after I found reddit, and so I don’t know if “gerrytan8063” and “liddi” are still active there.

Where can we turn to when we, as international viewers, have questions about Korean language, culture, and history as they relate to K-dramas? There’s Quora, of course; “bodashiri” in Tumblr has a form in his website where he/she says, “Ask me anything.” Also, since 2012, the “Annals of the Joseon Dynasty” is being translated in English, with the project supposed to be finished in 2034. Certain portions of the English translation are available online, as you can read in “Globalization of Korean history” from the official Korean government history website.

Oh, maybe we can also use ChatGPT in learning about the historical, cultural, and language issues that we come across in K-dramas.

The very first K-drama that I watched in full was the 2014 blockbuster “My Love From The Star” starring Jun Ji-hyun and Kim Soo-hyun. In this drama, I first heard the term “Joseon Dynasty” and learned how the dynasty heavily influenced what Korea is today.

Before “My Love From The Star” however, I had seen one or two brief scenes from the 2003 blockbuster drama “A Jewel in the Palace” (aka “Dae Jang Geum”) starring Lee Young-ae. Sometime in 2005 or 2006, “A Jewel in the Palace” began sweeping the Philippines. Every night at around 6 o’clock, the streets would become empty, with people shouting to each other as they rush to their homes, “Jang Geum na!” (in English, “It’s Jang Geum time!”). Since that time, “A Jewel in the Palace” has been broadcast in the Philippines five times; that’s how popular it is among Filipinos.

I watched “A Jewel in the Palace” in its entirety only in 2015. Since then, I’ve seen each episode around four or five times already; whenever I feel depressed, I rewatch Ep. 6 where Jang Geum was exiled to the herb garden outside the palace. Needless to say, Lee Young-ae is the love of my life. Next to Lee Young-ae, I love Han Hyo-joo (“Dong Yi”), Han Hye-jin (“Jumong”), Han Ga-in (“The Moon That Embraces The Sun”), Moon Chae-won (“The Princess’s Man”), Park Shin Hye (“The Royal Tailor”), Shin Se-kyung (“Six Flying Dragons”), Park Ha-sun (Queen In-hyun in “Dong Yi”), Nana (“Into The Ring”), and Go Ara (“The Joseon Magician”), in that order.

A. The historical figures who were fictionalized in this drama; lawsuit filed by descendants of a historical figure against “The Princess’s Man” (Soompi); the rivalry between the Andong Kim and Poonyang Jo clans and “sedo politics” (royal in-law politics)

The main characters in “Mr. Queen” are So-yong (Queen Cheorin), played by Shin Hye-sun, and King Cheoljong, played by Kim Jung-hyun. Some of the secondary characters are Queen Sunwon (Grand Queen Dowager) of the Andong Kim clan and Queen Shinjeong (Queen Dowager) of the Poongyang Jo clan.

“Mr. Queen” is fictional, with the following genres: historical, comedy, time travel, and body swap. But its characters and background events are inspired by historical figures and events. For example, the lead character (King Cheoljong) and his background facts — growing up destitute on Ganghwa Island, puppet of the Andong Kim clan, relatives persecuted as Catholics, etc. — are all based on history. Also, the conflict between the Andong Kim clan and Poonyang Jo clan is historical.

King Cheoljong in “Mr. Queen” is a highly fictionalized character that’s different from the historical King Cheoljong. The drama portrays him to be secretly plotting to establish himself as a strong ruler against two warring political factions — the Andong Kim clan (led by Grand Dowager Queen Sunwon) and the Pungyang Jo clan (led by Dowager Queen Sinjeong).

A-1. Historical figures who were fictionalized in “Mr. Queen”:

(1) King Cheoljong

The 25th king of the Joseon Dynasty of Korea (25 July 1831 – 16 January 1864), he was a second cousin to the heirless Heonjong of Joseon, as well as a great-great grandson of Yeongjo of Joseon. He was chosen to become King by Senior Dowager Queen Sunwon (King Sunjo’s widow) and the powerful Andong Kim clan because he was illiterate and thus easy to manipulate.
Cheoljong ascended to the throne in 1849 at the age of 19 after King Heonjong died without an heir. As a distant relative of both the recently deceased king as well as a descendant of King Yeongjo, Cheoljong was selected for adoption by the Senior Dowager Queen Sunwon (King Sunjo’s widow) at the time and to allow him to ascend to the throne. The future Cheoljong was found on Ganghwa Island where his family had been in exile since the Catholic Persecution of 1801.
When the envoys (dispatched in order to seek for the future king) arrived on Ganghwa Island, they found the exiled remnants of the royal clan barely surviving in wretched poverty, and in the midst of that degradation, 19-year old Yi Won-beom was proclaimed King. Though from the start of the Joseon Dynasty Korean kings had given top priority to the education of their sons, Cheoljong could not even read a single word on the notice delivering congratulations to him on his elevation to the royal throne.
As part of the Andong Kim’s manipulation of Cheoljong, in 1851, the clan married Cheoljong to Kim Mun-geun’s daughter, known posthumously as Queen Cheor’in.
Cheoljong died at the age of 32 in 16 January 1864 (by suspected foul play by the Andong Kim clan, the same clan which made him king), without any surviving male heirs. Once again, it became necessary to search far back in the Yi lineage to find a candidate for the throne.

The only surviving [cropped] image of King Cheoljong
(2) Queen Cheorin: wife of King Cheoljong, also known as Queen Dowager Myeongsun (27 April 1837 – 12 June 1878).

Queen Cheorin belonged to the Andong Kim clan.

(3) Grand Dowager Queen: Queen Sunwon (8 June 1789 – 21 September 1857), also known as Queen Dowager Myeonggyeong, was the spouse of Sunjo of Joseon. She served as regent of Korea from 1834–1841 and from 1849–1852.

(4) Queen Dowager: Queen Shinjeong, also known as Queen Dowager Hyoyu, (21 January 1809 - 4 June 1890) was the only wife of Crown Prince Hyomyeong of Joseon and mother of King Heonjong of Joseon.

Queen Shinjeong belonged to the Poonyang Jo clan.

A-2. “Mr. Queen” was criticized for distorting history. Among the things that was criticized is the drama’s portrayal of the Queen Dowager (Queen Shinjeong in history) as being heavily involved in shamanism.

From “Descendants of Sin Sook-joo sue The Princess’ Man” (Soompi): “According to the Seoul District Court, 108 descendants of old Sin claimed a damage suit of KRW 3 billion [2.2 million US dollars] against the broadcasting company and the writer for negatively distorting the image of their ancestor Sin Sook-joo from the Chosun era.”

This lawsuit was filed in 2011; I couldn’t find any information about what happened to this lawsuit.

A-3: Andong Kim clan, Poongyang Jo clan, and “sedo politics” (royal in-law politics)

From New World Encyclopedia:

At the beginning of the 19th century, the Andong Kim clan, who had provided the Joseon state with several queens, had seized power almost everywhere in Korea. The social stagnation that resulted was a breeding ground for unrest. Corruption and embezzlement from the treasury and its inevitable exploitation were taken to extreme levels, and reached staggering proportions. One rebellion after another was accompanied by natural disasters.
The only aim of the Andong Kim clan was the preservation of their influence. Their fierce campaign to dominate the royal house had led to a situation in which almost all of the representatives of the royal family fled from Seoul. When the royal family produced intelligent and appropriate candidates for the accession, they were either accused of treason and executed or sent into exile, so when Heonjong died, leaving no son, no acceptable candidate could be found to succeed to the throne.

From “Exactly how much power did the Andong Kim Clan have in the Joseon court? How did they attain such power?” (Quora, by Michael L. Best) :

“How did the Andong Kim clan attain power? By intermarrying with the royal family, enthroning young and easy to control men as king, purging political rivals, and, very likely, killing off any king when they begin to threaten their power.”
“After Queen Jeongsun stepped down [in 1805 as regent of King Sunjo], Queen Sunwon’s father, Kim Jo-soon, began to make his move. Kim Jo-soon, who at that time was already of high rank within the royal court, began to purge all his political rivals to help secure the position of his family and political faction. At the same time corruption in the civil service examination increased, likely in the form of bribes to the Kim clan.”

The term “sedo politics” (royal in-law politics) describes the period 1800 to 1863 when national politics in Joseon was exclusively led by a few powerful royal in-law families, most notably the Andong Kim and Poongyang Jo clans.

From“Collusive Oligopolistic Politics: Sedo and the Political Structure of Early-Nineteenth-Century Choson Korea” by Tae Yeon Eom (2012 thesis, University of British Columbia):

In contemporary Korean historiography, the reign periods of King Sunjo (r. 1800-1834), King Hŏnjong (r.1834-1849), and King Ch’ŏlchong (r. 1849-1863) are generally called “The Era of Sedo Politics” in Chosŏn Korea (1392-1910). In contemporary Korean historiography, the political theme of sedo predominated after the death of King Chŏngjo (r. 1776-1800), when national politics was exclusively led by a few powerful royal in-law families, most notably the Andong Kim and P’ungyang Cho clans, for sixty-three years. Obviously, those two major clans enjoyed extensive political authority and high social status in the nineteenth century.


(1) Queen Shinjeong was portrayed by Chae Soo-bin in the 2016 hit “Moonlight Drawn By Clouds” aka “Love in The Moonlight." Queen Shinjeong’s husband Crown Prince Hyomyeong (King Munjo) was portrayed by Park Bo-gum.

(2) In Season 2 , Ep. 4 of “Kingdom,” Crown Prince Lee Chang visited in Ganghwa Island his distant relative Prince Noseong, an impoverished member of the royal family. The drama portrays Prince Noseong as a lowly fisherman but who’s a well-read man. This character was probably based on King Cheoljong (1831-1864), the last puppet king of the Andong Kim clan. Unlike the drama, however, in history, King Cheoljong was illiterate, which made it easy for him to be controlled by the Andong Kim clan.

“Kingdom” Season 2, Ep. 4
B. Eps. 8 and 10: References to the persecution of Catholics during the Joseon Dynasty

B-1. In Ep. 8, at around the 43:00 mark, Bong-hwan (Queen Cheorin) remembers what he learned in history classes about King Cheoljeong; among other things, he remembers that King Cheoljong’s “grandmother and aunt got killed by getting baptized.”

In Ep. 10, at around the 46:57 mark, the Royal Chef tells Queen Cheorin (Bong-hwan) that he lives alone because all of his family were killed in 1839. Queen Cheorin (Bong-hwan) then recalls that he was referring to the “Gihae Persecution.”

B-2. Some of the well-known persecution of Catholics during the Joseon Dynasty were the Sinyu Persecution of 1801, the Gihae Persecution of 1839, the Byeongo Persecution of 1846, and the Byeongin Persecution of 1866.

Relevant discussions:

From “A Brief History of the Catholic Church in Korea” (WSJ) : “The Sinyu Persecution - In 1801, more than 300 people were killed as the ruling Joseon Dynasty, under newly ascended King Sunjo, staged a clampdown on the Catholic Church in Korea, ostensibly because the religion clashed with ideals of Neo-Confucianism and threatened the social hierarchical system. Yi Seung-hun was among those executed.”

From “Korean Catholicism marked by volatile history“ (Korean JoongAng Daily) : “Catholic believers suffered numerous rounds of persecution - the Sinhae Persecution (1791), the Sinyu Persecution (1801) and the Byeongin Persecution (1866) to name just a few - with about 10,000 missionaries and believers killed over a century.”

B-3. The only K-drama I’ve watched that depicted the persecution of Catholics during the Joseon Dynasty is “Yi San, A Wind in the Palace.” In Eps. 60-61, the brother of FL Sung Song-yeon and his fellow Catholics were blamed and arrested for an assassination attempt against King Jeongjo.

C. Ep. 8: Korean seesaw (“neolttwigi”)

In the early part of Ep. 8, Queen Cheorin and her attendant play on a “neolttwigi” (Korean seesaw).

2nd photo from National Geographic by W. Robert Moore, circa 1931
From Folkency: “Neolttwigi (lit. jumping on a board) refers to seesawing, a traditional entertainment practiced mainly by women during the Lunar New Year season. A large rectangular board is supported in its middle by a round hay bundle and two players take turns pushing hard on their end of the board with their feet in order to make the other end spring up.”

It is thought that Yangban women developed “neolttwigi” to see over the walls that surrounded their homes, as women in traditional Korea were rarely allowed out of their living compounds, except at night. (Wikipedia, citing Rodney P. Carlisle, Encyclopedia of Play in Today’s Society, Volume 1)

D. Ep. 12: Surit-nal (Dano Festival); ceremonial robes and head gear of Joseon kings

In Ep. 12, King Cheoljong presides over the Royal Banquet during the celebration of the Surit-nal (Dano Festival). His ceremonial robe is called “gujangbok,” while the head gear is called “myeonryugwan” (The Talking Cupboard) .
The robe and head gear were worn by the King and the Crown Prince during special events; with the head gear, the more the number of strings, the higher the rank. The jade object that he’s holding is called the “hol” (or “okgyu” depending on the type of jade used to make it.

E. Ep. 14: Ice was a valuable commodity during the Joseon Dynasty.

In Ep. 14, the Grand Queen Dowager tells Queen Cheorin (Bong-hwan) that ice is a valuable commodity in Joseon.

From “Summer on ice: How ice became an essential part of summer life in Korea” (Korea Herald):

During the Joseon era (1392-1910), ice was a national asset under the control of the king, and accordingly, a luxury for noblemen.
Harvested from rivers and ponds in the winter, ice blocks were stored at facilities called “binggo.” They were used for ancestral rituals, for medical purposes and to keep food cool. Seoul districts Seobinggo and Dongbinggo have their origins in the history of ice storage.

From “Keeping food cool, the ancient way” (Korea JoongAng Daily) : “Since the year 505, or the 6th year of King Jijung’s reign, until the arrival of freon and electricity centuries later, Koreans used stone bunkers to store blocks of ice throughout the year. These seokbinggo, literally “stone ice storage,” were located around the country. Local governments sometimes delivered ice to palaces, but mostly used ice as a means to prevent special local products from spoiling on the way to a palace.”

From “Feeling the heat: The luxury of ice” in Joseon (Korea Times) by Robert Neff:

The Korean government maintained two large ice storage facilities at Seobinggo and Dongbingo, where huge slabs of river ice (nearly two meters long and about 12.5 centimeters thick) were covered with straw and preserved throughout the year. Court officials and others who possessed “bingpae” ― an ice ration card ― were regularly able to obtain a certain amount of this valuable commodity (based on their rank) for their own use.
The common people, however, had to either purchase ice on the black market or from ice merchants. The black market ice ― obtained illegally from one of the government ice storage facilities ― was probably considered to be safer but much more difficult to obtain and so most people had to rely on local ice vendors.


(1) “The Grand Heist” is a 2012 South Korean historical comedy film about a gang of 11 thieves who try to steal ice blocks from the royal storage, Seobingo, during the last years of the Joseon era.

(2) In Ep. 9 of “A Jewel in the Palace,” crisis hits as Lady Han falls sick and Jang Geum, with Keum Young, is left to prepare the food for the king and his entourage in the royal hunt. When the Head Eunuch tells Jang Geum and Keum Young that the king wants cold noodles, he asks them if they brought ice with them. (When I first saw this scene back in 2015, I thought, “What’s the big deal with ice?”)

(3) In Ep. 2 of “The Tale of Nokdu,” Yul Mu prepares for Dong Joo a dessert for breakfast. The gisaengs around him become awestruck after the package that his bodyguard brought turns out to be a small block of ice.

What Yul Mu prepared for Dong Joo is similar to “patbingsu” (“bingsu).” Bingsu was introduced to Korea during the Japanese colonial period, but according to “Snowy delights and variations on bingsu” (Korea Herald) , shaved ice treats existed even during the Joseon Dynasty.
This is a bit off-topic, but notice two things after Yul Mu’s bodyguard finishes chopping the ice into smaller pieces:

(a) Before sheathing his sword into the scabbard, the bodyguard makes a downward slash with his sword and with a quick wrist flick; he did this to get rid of the water that may create rust in his sword. A swordsman also does this after slashing an enemy; blood may also cause the sword to become rusty.
(b) The bodyguard sheaths his sword into the scabbard with the bladed side up. Why? Two reasons. One, if the bladed edge is sheathed with the bladed edge down, gravity will pull the blade down into the scabbard, causing the blade to become dull. Two, it seems that when a sword is sheathed with the blade up, it’s easier to unsheathe the sword and quickly attack an enemy.

(4) In Ep. 7 of Mr. Sunshine, Ae-shin and her servant Haman enjoy “patbingsu” (“bingsu”) in the French bakery.

F. Ep. 14: Donghak (religion, movement, peasant revolution)

In Ep. 14, the ministers threaten King Cheoljeong that if he does not order the execution of Dam Hyang (the little girl who saved Queen Cheorin from being poisoned), they will consider him as a supporter of the “Donghak” religion and its followers.

From Wikipedia:

Donghak (lit. “Eastern Learning”) was an academic movement in Korean Neo-Confucianism founded in 1860 by Choe Je-u. The Donghak movement arose as a reaction to seohak (“Western learning”), and called for a return to the “Way of Heaven.” While Donghak originated as a reform movement and revival of Confucian teachings, it gradually evolved into a religion known today as “Cheondoism” in Korea under the third patriarch.
Choe was alarmed by the intrusion of Christianity (Catholicism), and the Anglo-French occupation of Beijing. He believed that the best way to counter foreign influence in Korea was to introduce democracy, establish human rights and create a paradise on Earth independent of foreign interference.
In 1892 the small groups of the Donghak movement were united into a single Peasant Guerrilla Army or Donghak Peasants’ Army. The peasants worked in the fields during the day, but during the night, they armed themselves and raided government offices and killed rich landlords, traders, and foreigners. They confiscated their victims’ properties for redistribution.
Choe Je-u was executed as a criminal by the government. The movement was continued by Choe Si-Hyeong (1829–1898), who systematized its doctrine. He too was executed.

Related resources: “Gov’t to commemorate Donghak Peasant Revolution for 1st time” ; “Korea celebrates 125th anniversary of Donghak Peasant Revolution in 1894 (2020)”

G. Ep. 16: Difference between “Jo” and “Jong” in the posthumous (temple) names of the Joseon kings; the Joseon kings’ royal portraits and dramas such as “Painter of the Wind” and “Saimdang”

G-1. In Ep. 16, during the Royal Portrait painting session, Queen Cheorin wonders about the difference between between “Jo” and “Jong” in the posthumous (temple) names of the Joseon kings. The subtitles say that “jo” is added to the name of a king who’s honored for doing something great; on the other hand, “jong” is added to the name of a king who’s honored for his virtue. Well, this is just one of two reasons for the difference.

The website “dramasROK” in its in-depth article cites Korean historian Sul Min Suk who gives two reasons for the difference:

(1) Relationship of the king to his predecessor:

“If the successor was the king’s son – or next in line to the throne – then that king was given a posthumous title ending in JONG.
“BUT if the king was not next in line to the throne and started a new line within the Yi dynasty then his posthumous name was JO.”

(2) “The ending JO was given to the founder of the dynasty – Taejo – for great achievements establishing a new dynasty. And then his descendants were supposed to be named JONG. So in a way, the title JO could be considered superior to JONG. And from now on this was the case. JO was seen as a more elite title to JONG. It started with King Seonjo…”

Relevant discussions: Why was King Sejong named "Sejong" instead of "Sejo"? and “Rulers of the Joseon Dynasty and KDrama Interpretations”

G-2. The Joseon kings’ royal portraits and dramas such as “Painter of the Wind” and “Saimdang”

Only seven portraits of five Joseon kings remain today as the others were destroyed during the Korean War (1950-1953). These surviving portraits are those of King Sejong, King Yeongjo, King Jeongjo, King Cheoljong, King Gojong, and King Sunjong. You can view these portraits at the Royal Portrait Museum in Jeonju, Korea.
For a more detailed depiction of how the Joseon kings’ royal portraits were drawn according to strict standards, you can watch “Painter of the Wind” (2008; Eps. 10-11) and “Saimdang” (2017; Ep. 22).

H. Ep. 16: Secret Royal Investigators during the Joseon Dynasty; secret royal investigators as depicted in “100 Days My Prince” and “Under The Queen's Umbrella”

H-1. In Ep. 16, King Cheoljong sends his trusted man Hong as a secret royal investigator to the most corrupt place in south Joseon. In his confrontation with a nobleman in a gisaeng house, Hong displays his “mapae.”
From “Amhaeng-eosa - secret royal inspector in Joseon Kingdom”:

“They were undercover officials directly appointed by the king and were sent to local provinces to punish corrupt officials and comfort the sufferings of people while traveling incognito. The amhaeng-eosa system was one of the most excellent inspection systems in the world, the likes of which is very unique and hard to find in other countries.”
The “mapae” was the badge of the secret royal inspectors, and the number of horses carved on it indicated the number of horses that they could requisition from the royal stables (“saboksi”) in pursuit of their assignment. The secret royal inspectors also used the “mapae” to summon soldiers.

The book “Corea, The Hermit Kingdom” (1888) by William Elliott Griffis states several interesting things about the secret royal inspectors. They were called “The Messengers on the Dark Path,” and to prevent them from abusing their powers, they were secretly monitored by a “yashi” or “Night Messenger.” Griffis states:

“An E-sa, or commissioner, who is to be sent to a distant province to ascertain the popular feeling, or to report the conduct of certain officers, is also called ‘The Messenger on the Dark Path.’ He receives sealed orders from the king, which he must not open till beyond the city walls. Then, without even going to his own house, he must set out for his destination, the government providing his expenses. He bears the seal of his commission, a silver plate having the figure of a horse engraved on it. In some cases he has the power of life and death in his hands.
“Yet, even the Messenger of the Dark Path is not free from espionage, for after him forthwith follows his ‘double’ the yashi or Night Messenger, who reports on the conduct of the royal inspector and also on the affairs of each province through which he passes. The whereabouts of these emissaries are rarely discoverable by the people, as they travel in strict disguise, and unknown.
“This system corresponds almost exactly to that of the ometsuke (eye-appliers), for many centuries in use in Japan, but abolished by the Mikado’s government at the revolution of 1868. It was by means of these E-sa or spies that many of the Corean Christians of rank were marked for destruction. The system, though abominable in free countries, is yet an excellent medium between the throne and the subject, and serves as a wholesome check on official rapine and cruelty.”

H-2. Secret royal inspectors as depicted in "100 Days My Prince" and "Under the Queen’s Umbrella":

In Ep. 7 of “100 Days My Prince,” a royal secret inspector (“Amhaengeosa”) saves Yul and Hong-shim from the corrupt magistrate and Master Park. Hong-shim previously recognized that the man sleeping in her father’s room was a royal secret inspector because he was holding a “yuchuk” (a brazen ruler that inspectors used for several purposes, including making sure that the measurement system for taxation was correctly followed).
In Eps. 8-10 of “Under The Queen's Umbrella, as part of the contest, the Grand Princes and the princes disguise themselves as “secret royal inspectors” (“amhaeng-eosa”) in pursuit of the assignments given by King Lee Ho. In some scenes, you can see the inspectors’ seal (badge) and tool: the “mapae” and the “yuchuk.”

I. Miscellaneous notes: Ep. 11: the fight with fans as weapons; “jangot” or head covering for noblewomen during the Joseon Dynasty ; the beautiful bridge across the pond in Ep. 1 and other episodes

I-1. Ep. 11: During the festival, King Cheoljoeong and Kim Byeong-in fight using fans as requested by the Grand Queen Dowager. While they’re using ordinary fans, there’s actually a martial art system using a fan as a weapon.
From Wikipedia: Tessenjutsu (Japanese; lit. “iron fan technique”) is the martial art of the Japanese war fan (tessen). It is based on the use of the solid iron fan or the folding iron fan, which usually had eight or ten wood or iron ribs. The use of the war fan in combat is mentioned in early Japanese legends.

In Ep. 11 of “Saimdang,”Lee Gyeom fights off Min Chi-hyung’s men using his fan.

Related resources: War Fan Tessen Techniques and Why Samurai Carried and Fought with Fans Made of Metal

I-2. “Jangot” (alternative spelling ”changot”): similar to the outer jacket of a hanbok but with a collar and a ribbon for tying both sides; according to the principles of the Joseon Dynasty’s Confucianism, women were ordered not to show their face to men, so they would cover their faces in many ways while going out. (Wikipedia)
From “Veiling of Korean Women: The Neo-Confucian Influence in Comparison to the Veiling of Muslim Women” by Hye Ok Park (Claremont Graduate University, Department of History) :

Different types of veils
“There were several different types of veils, Sseugae, worn by Korean upper-class women: Nuhwool, a black sheer silk framed veil to cover from head to waist (Figure 3), Jangot, a head and face-covering in the shape of overcoat, usually made of green pure silk with purple collar and chest straps to be tied at the chin (Figure 4), and Sseugae chima or shorter Jangot, worn by the lower-ranking upper-class women (Figure 5).
“Lower-class common women were not subjected, or allowed, to wear any headdresses except for the purpose of protection from weather, hot or cold, in which case they wore a simple square piece of cloth, called cheoneui, folded in half diagonally and tied in the back of the head. It was common that they did not wear anything to cover their heads or faces when they went out on their own or accompanying a noble woman as seen in Figure 1 above.”

I-3. The beautiful bridge and pond shown below are used as the location for several scenes in “Mr. Queen”, starting with Ep. 1. This bridge is located in the Gungnamji Pond (Historic Site No. 135) in Seodong Park; it is Korea’s first artificial pond and was created by King Mu from the Baekje Dynasty. The bridge and pond have been used in other dramas such as “The Flower in Prison,” “The Joseon Gunman,” and “The Tale of Nokdu.”

(1) In digging up the historical and cultural backgrounders of the K-dramas that I watch, I rely on English language resources on the Internet. I don’t speak or read Korean, and so I can’t search through Naver. Those of you who read Korean or are more knowledgeable about Korean culture and history should correct whatever errors or omissions there may be in this discussion.

(2) Other discussions that I have posted on the historical and cultural backgrounders of K-historical dramas:

“Hotel Del Luna” (some cultural backgrounders for international viewers)
“The Princess’s Man” (award-winning 2011 drama starring Moon Chae-won and Park Si-hoo)
“The Flower in Prison” (blockbuster 2016 drama starring Jin Se-yeon and Go-soo; 34 of its 51 episodes reached more than 20% viewership)
“Jejoongwon” (2010 historical-medical drama starring Han Hye-jin, Yeon Jung-hoon, and Park Yong-woo; Dramabeans ranked this drama as number one in its review of 2010 dramas)
“Chinilpa” (mini history lesson from "Chicago Typewriter")
Historical paintings depicted in "Saimdang, Light’s Diary"
Historical backgrounders for “The Red Sleeve” (2021) and “Yi San” (2007) with parallels and differences between these dramas

(3) This discussion is rather long and may be a bit boring for those of you who don't like history. If you got tired reading this discussion, you can energize yourself by listening to Band-Maid’s performances during their 2022 USA tour. Band-Maid is an all-female Japanese band that mixes genres such as rock (hard, progressive, punk), metal, pop, jazz, and blues. Listen for example to “Freedom" (anthem; watch out for the drum solo); “Daydreaming" (power ballad; watch out for the lead guitar solo); “Wonderland” (rock-jazz-blues).
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2023.03.21 13:09 r3volc Im a 35 year old AMAB whos only very recently come to terms with what "I'm not" but I dont know what "I am"

I've known i haven't been a man for a long time. Or at least not what a traditional man "should be" but I've also never felt like I was born in the wrong body, nor have I ever yearned to try to pass as female. I'm a huge biker looking person. I'm bald, with a big beard and covered in tattoos. I dress "rock and roll" and like to wear black and punk things but at the same time I love to be pretty, and soft and feminine. I love to wear makeup and paint my nails and wear all the pretty things. Somedays its not as strong but everyday I feel the need to present somewhat feminine. Its so hard to describe. I dont want to "dress like a woman" but I want DONT want to dress like a man.

I love being both big and strong and "manly" but also soft and pretty and fabulous and feminine. I know in my heart that labels dont / shouldn't matter but i'm trying to find more people like me and i'm not sure what to identify as.

I've probably done a horrible job explaining all of this but honestly it just feels good to type it out.
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2023.03.21 12:31 According_Hat3735 Dance Costumes and Jewelry for Bharatanatyam

Bharatanatyam is a beautiful dance form that originated in Kerala and Tamil Nadu. Our costumes for Bharatanatyam are equally elegant and graceful. They enhance the beauty of the dance and showcase the rich culture and tradition of India. We offer both ready-made and custom-made costumes in all sizes, including options for half or full sleeves with lace embroidery or sequins.
Visit Us:
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2023.03.21 12:11 generalbasicblog Dave Matthews Band Logo: A Symbol of Musical Brilliance

Dave Matthews Band (DMB) is a renowned American rock band that has been captivating audiences for over three decades. The band's distinctive sound, eclectic music style, and heartfelt lyrics have won them a legion of fans across the globe. One of the most recognizable features of the band is its unique logo, which has become synonymous with their music. In this article, we will delve into the history, meaning, and impact of the Dave Matthews Band logo.

History of the Dave Matthews Band Logo

The Dave Matthews Band logo was created in 1991 by Dave Matthews himself, along with his friend, John Dyer. The original logo featured a circle with the band's name written in the center, surrounded by an intricate tribal design. Over the years, the logo has undergone several modifications, but the basic design has remained the same.

Design Elements of the Logo

The Dave Matthews Band logo is a combination of several design elements that reflect the band's music style and philosophy. The circular shape of the logo symbolizes unity, continuity, and eternity. The tribal design, with its bold lines and intricate patterns, represents the band's African and indigenous music influences. The font used for the band's name is a unique and recognizable script that embodies the band's creative and artistic flair.

Meanings of the Logo

The Dave Matthews Band logo is more than just a visual representation of the band's name. It holds deeper meanings that reflect the band's musical and spiritual beliefs. The circular shape of the logo represents the cyclical nature of life and the interconnectedness of all things. The tribal design embodies the band's reverence for nature and the earth, as well as their appreciation of diverse cultural traditions. The font used for the band's name reflects the band's commitment to artistic expression and creativity.

Impact of the Logo

The Dave Matthews Band logo has become an iconic symbol of the band's music and brand. It has been featured on numerous album covers, merchandise, and promotional materials, and has become instantly recognizable to fans worldwide. The logo has also been a source of inspiration for other artists, who have created their own versions of the design.

Evolution of the Logo

Over the years, the Dave Matthews Band logo has undergone several modifications to reflect the band's evolving music style and image. In 2004, the band introduced a new version of the logo that featured a simplified tribal design and a bolder font for the band's name. In 2018, the band unveiled a new logo that was even more minimalist, with just the band's name in a simple, elegant font.

Significance of the Logo to Fans

The Dave Matthews Band logo holds a special place in the hearts of fans, who have embraced it as a symbol of their love for the band's music. Fans have created their own interpretations of the logo, incorporating it into their tattoos, fan art, and even wedding invitations. The logo has become a way for fans to express their identity and connection to the band's music and philosophy.


The Dave Matthews Band logo is a testament to the band's musical brilliance, creative vision, and spiritual beliefs. It embodies the band's eclectic music style, reverence for nature and culture, and commitment to artistic expression. The logo has become an iconic symbol of the band's brand and a source of inspiration for fans and artists alike.
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2023.03.21 11:13 Significant_Option66 Is trying to find the "Perfect" tattoo a waste of time?

I absolutely love tattoos, and I've known for years that I want to be absolutely covered in them.
However, I have still yet to get my first tattoo because I keep overthinking what I should get.
It's not even "Do I want tattoos?" Because I'm 100% sure I do - Instead I'm always worried, "Well what if I waste a good spot on my arm and then I can't get something else on it?"
Like what if I get 3 tattoos I love on my arm but then they don't really look good as a sleeve, you know? Or what if I get a full sleeve and then I get another amazing idea, but the space is already taken?
Truth is, I'm 99% sure I'd be happy with most of these sleeves I see from the artists I like. They all look so good, and I'd just be happy to have tattoos period, but this just keeps holding me back.
What are your experiences as people who have lots of tattoos?
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2023.03.21 10:27 hotrodsticker 7 Most Popular Tattoo Designs Worldwide: Meanings and Significance

Tattoos are a popular form of art and self-expression all around the world. From traditional Tattoo designs to modern interpretations, there are countless tattoo styles and motifs to choose from. In this blog post, we’ll take a look at some of the most popular tattoo designs worldwide, exploring their meanings and why they’ve become so widely recognized.
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2023.03.21 09:34 bdeknroxsk 😘👉👌 IF YOU TAP YOU WILL CUM 🍆💦




The original concept for this story was not my own design. It is derived from the story “The only girl in school” by Frankel. I do not intend to claim this idea as my own. However, on reading the story, it was too wonderful a premise to allow it to suffer so horribly under the writing of that author. The content was also too far-fetched to be truly enjoyed and the tastes too specific. I have decided to give the story a re-write in order to improve the readability and expand on the original preferences. Enjoy.
Fair warning: This will have plenty of forced sex and thorough rape. Just not quite as particular as Frankel's stories. If that offends you, please leave. If that excites you, please read on. I'm excited for you to experience all the anguish I have in store for our heroine as she loses herself, being forced by men and women alike to be used in every way she never imagined. It may take a while to get started, but I hope you see it through and enjoy.
Katie had always been trying to break the mold. She never appreciated any form that society wanted her to fit. She didn't keep inside the lines and anyone who knew her knew not to tell her what to do. In her disobedience to the system, she was brilliant. She was the top student in her high school and she surpassed her peers in nearly every way. She worked long hour on her schoolwork and trained hard for her swim team. She was easily going to be the most successful person you'd ever met, and she was going to do it entirely by her own volition.
“Come on, Dad, we're going to be late!” Katie called to her father. “All my stuff's in the car already!”
Katie's father turned the corner on the landing and hopped down the stairs. “You know,” he said to her, “If I didn't know any better, I'd say you wanted to leave your mother and me.”
“Of course I don't. But this is a big deal now, and I don't want to give them any reason to dislike me.” Katie met her fathers sarcastic look. “Any more reason to dislike me yet.”
“Well I'm not sure I want to give my daughter over to an all-boys school,” her father replied.
“It's not for long. You'll hardly notice.” Katie laughed and she and her father walked out to the car.
Her mother was already in the car waiting for them. “Oh my baby, I'm going to miss you so much! Don't go making all those boys fall in love with you.” Her mother joked at her. Both Katie and her father rolled their eyes.
It was a two and a half hour drive to Kingswalk, the private school for boys for which they were destined. In her pursuits to destroy any and all societal expectations, Katie had brought up quite a case against Kingswalk. It was the best prep school in the country, and being exclusive to boys, it was especially vulnerable to legal attack. Under her pressure and after legal threats from Katie and the support of her friends and family, they reluctantly decided to allow Katie to attend and they even agreed to consider allowing other girls to attend the following year based on how this year ran.
The family arrived at Kingswalk. A guard opened the gate with a friendly smile, but the gate looked so sturdy and threatening.
Katie's mother spoke up. “Oh my. I wonder what they need such security for.”
“Security. It's perfectly safe, but they sell high security here.” Katie responded. “A lot of really important people like diplomats and CEOs send their kids here, so they just want to make sure it's safe,” Katie responded.
“Well I suppose that's a good thing. Still, it seems scary,”
The grounds were huge. The door to the main building was at least two miles from the front gate. Katie jumped out of the car. She retrieved her suitcases – only two, she was told she had to pack lihgt and that everything else would be provided – and started towards the front steps to the school.
“Bye mom, bye dad. I'll see you soon. I have to go now.” Katie hugged her parents and exchanged goodbyes.
“Do you want help going in?” Her dad asked.
“No, I've got it from here. Besides, it's really just students beyond here. Thanks. Take care!” With that Katie waved her last goodbye and turned and stepped into the front door of the school's main building. Immediately, all eyes were on her. There were just-graduated boys left right and center, all staring. They had all moved in the day prior, and Katie was effectively showing up one day late to the party. Everyone knew this year was a big deal too. And this was the girl that would change their school forever.
Katie picked her head up higher. She would not only attend this school with all these boys, but she was determined to command it. She would blow them away.
“Katie Piccard, I presume?” A friendly young woman, hardly five years older than herself approached Katie. She smiled warmly, but looked somehow uncomfortable. She was probably about 5'5” heels on floor and about 130lb. She wore tall heels and a short tight skirt that matched her blouse, pulled tight at the buttons by her 34D breasts. Her hair was tied up in a bun and pulled very neatly over her brow. She wore cate-eye glasses with dark frames that set on her pointed nose in front of her deep blue eyes. Katie had never denied herself any attraction to other girls – part of defying the system – and this woman immediately struck her. But now she'd been staring for too long.
“Yes?” Katie managed, keeping a surprising amount of her posterity.
“I'm Miss Shala. I'm the Principal Master's secretary. I'll be showing you around today. Have you said goodbye to your family yet?”
“Yes, I have.” Katie responded. “They just left. Is that a problem?”
“No problem at all,” Miss Shala responded. “As soon as you're ready, come right this way.” She beckoned Katie with another warm smile and a nod down the hall. She turned and started walking, again somehow awkwardly, but Katie couldn't quite put her finger on what exactly was the difference.
As Katie Followed the secretary down the hall, she pried her eyes from the bounce of the woman's delicious hips and looked around. The other students watched her from the corners of their eyes. They were the typical spread you'd expect in a prep school. Mostly well maintained boys with a sense of direction. For the most part they were fit and cleaned. There were only a few here and there who must have come from significant money. It was well known that Kingswalk was a legacy school, but that didn't by any means mean that they didn't demand an outstanding resume to be accepted.
Katie pointed her head back forward. She straightened her posture and did her best to walk with conviction. She herself was 5'5” and 120lb. She was small but fierce. She wanted all the boys to notice her and to recognize her new authority. She stuck out her 32C chest. She let her long legs and strong muscles make each step on the tiled floor ring through the hallways. She made fleeting eye-contact with a few boys; her green eyes caught their attention nicely. And she tossed her wavy heavy-on-the-strawberry blonde hair over her shoulders.
“They will all worship and envy me,” she thought to herself, “And if they're really lucky, one or two of them just might get something more.” Katie grinned to herself and almost giggled inside. The thought of having a free choice of a school full of boy toys was not unappealing to her. Then again, neither was this secretary strutting in front of her. But that's a bit more far-fetched, she thought.
Miss Shala turned a corner and opened a heavy-looking wooden door. The door showcased a plaque reading Principal Master. Katie followed Miss Shala into the beautifully decorated office.
“Master,” Miss Shala Began, “Katie Piccard is here.”
Katie couldn't help furl her brow for a split second. 'Master?' She thought to herself. She knew the school was very traditional, but that seemed a bit far.
“Excellent!” Katie heard a deep voice exclaim. A large office chair spun and a very large black man stood and walked towards Katie. He was probably in his mid fifties, but he was clearly very healthy. Katie saw how his muscles packed his frame, and standing at about 6' 2”, he certainly commanded the respect you'd expect of a post such as “Principal Master.” “Wonderful to meet you Katie. I'm the Principal Master here at Kingswalk. You may call me Master Walk.” The Principal held out his hand.
“Pleased to meet you,” Katie responded as she placed her hand in his.
“I'm so excited to finally have you here.” Master Walk closed his hand tightly around Katie's. “It's been such a long saga and now the school year's drawing close.” His hand tightened “I'm sure you're going to be plenty busy this year. You have hard schedule in front of you.” Katie smiled, but the man didn't let go of her hand. In fact, he closed his hand tighter. It almost hurt her. Katie winced as he continued to talk. “And with the ruffle you caused making sure you got into this school, I'd excited to see how you handle its rigors.” Katie opened her mouth slightly, but snapped it closed and forced herself to smile. His hand was beginning to show its strength and she was failing. “I hope you're ready for what you've gotten yourself into.”
Master Walk released Katie's hand just as she was about to open her mouth to whimper. She had never been in this position before. But the man didn't seem to mean anything ill by his comments; he looked truly happy to greet her. Katie straightened herself as best she could and responded.
“Oh me too sir -”
“Ah ah ah. Master, please,” Master Walk interrupted her.
Katie took her split second of being puzzled and then started over. “I am excited too, Master Walk. I've heard plenty of good things about this school, and I hope my coming didn't cause too much trouble. I'd love for this to be a stepping stone to an even better reputation for you and your work here.”
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*IMPORTANT* This is a new account for superkev123, I can no longer access my old one, so I am re-posting all my old ones here, and will also be uploading new ones.
Chapter 16

There was a soft knock at the door.
It woke me up. Probably Jessica coming over for another midnight session, I thought.
Except when I opened my eyes, I wasn't in my room. I was still in Jessica's. In her bed. And someone was at the door.
I sat bolt upright, turning to look at Jessica lying naked behind me. She slowly opened her eyes, still relaxed and not sharing my panic. The door opened, and I turned to see Rose standing with a stunned look on her face.
Jessica sat up quickly, forgetting to cover herself and so revealing her naked chest in the process. I looked back at the door but Rose was already gone, sprinting off downstairs.
I shared a blank look with Jessica, each of us just processing what had happened. She slowly smiled at me before clamping her hand over her mouth to stifle her laughter.
She fell back, giggling and twisting on the bed.
I smiled at her reaction, despite the sudden sense of dread I was feeling. This was going to be tough to explain.
"I guess we've been caught!" Jessica laughed, sitting up again.
"My fault." I sighed, "Shouldn't have fallen asleep."
"Well, I forgive you." she laughed, jumping out of bed to get dressed.
Of course, she'd wanted this all along. For Rose to be in on our secret. The one person I least wanted to find out.
Jessica dressed quickly, then turned to me.
"Alright, damage control." She said confidently, "Since she knows now, we should go explain everything to her, right?"
"Not everything." I said, standing up and putting on my clothes, "As far as she knows, this is just sex, ok? No... no control or anything else. And no... love."
She frowned for a second before smiling again.
"Ok, that's fine." She said cheerfully, "As long as she knows it’s happening, I don't really care."
I finished dressing and we made our way downstairs. I was amazed by how carefree, even excited Jessica was acting. I felt like we were heading towards execution. It occurred to me how unfair I'd been in wanting to keep this a secret from Rose. She was really the only person Jessica had to talk to, and having to go through everything without her couldn't have been easy.
Yet another mistake I'd made.
We walked into the kitchen to find Rose still looking shocked in the centre of the room, almost on the verge of panic.
"What the fuck!?" she screeched as soon as we entered.
"I know, right?" Jessica laughed, still seeming completely unconcerned, "Surprise!"
"You fucked my brother!?" She shouted "What the fuck!"
Jessica just laughed.
"Just calm down and we can talk about it." She said lightly.
"Talk about what!? How did this even happen?"
"Well, it was a few months ago..." Jessica started to explain.
"MONTHS!?" Rose screeched "What do you mean 'months'? You've been fucking my brother behind my back for months!?"
"Oh, whoops." Jessica said, "Yeah it's been a while I guess. Basically we-"
"God, I don't want any details!" she interrupted.
Jessica just laughed again.
Neither girl had looked at me yet, and I was content to let them sort it out. I was still confused by Jessica's complete lack of concern at her best friends anger.
"I wasn't going to give you details." she said, "I was just-"
"How?" Rose interrupted again, "How is this even possible...? I mean... when? Your parents aren't gone that often!"
"Fridays, usually. After you go to sleep." Jessica answered calmly.
"Oh, so what you... you wait for me to fall asleep beside you and then go across the hall to fuck my brother!" she shouted, "and then what... just slip back into bed with me?"
"Well I always shower afterwards." Jessica said, managing to sound slightly offended.
"Fuck." Rose said, "This is insane... And why are you smiling?"
"I'm just waiting for you to stop freaking out so we can talk." she said.
"Why didn't you tell me?" Rose demanded.
Jessica hesitated, and I finally said something.
"I asked her not to tell anyone." I said, and finally Rose turned to me
"You asked...? But why would you keep this from me?" I watched as her anger quickly melted into sadness. "I thought we were supposed to be friends again..."
"Yeah well why do you think that is?" I asked, "I mean, we weren't friends when it started."
Rose frowned, but didn't answer.
"Why do you think we've been getting along so well lately?" I continued, "When it started... I didn't know what was going to change between you and me, if anything. It just seemed easier to keep it a secret. And then suddenly you're making me sit with your friends and inviting me to parties... It was easier to just to keep it private. I mean, God, who wants to have this conversation?"
Rose thought about this, and slowly seemed to accept it.
"So this... you two being all friendly... it's because you were... involved?"
I nodded.
"So... what?" She said, looking at us both, "What... what the fuck is this?"
"Its just sex." Jessica said, easily repeating the lie I'd told her to.
"Just sex?" Rose said disbelievingly, "Jesus Jessica, I never thought I'd hear that from you. I mean... you hate sex. You don't even masturbate!"
"Yeah, I used to hate sex." She said. "But... you know, it turns out it's pretty fun when you're doing it right."
A hint of a smile appeared twitched at Rose's lips before she frowned, looking back at me.
"And you... both of you, I mean. I thought you hated each other..."
Jessica shrugged.
"It’s pretty hard to stay angry at your only source of orgasms." She said lightly.
That got her. Rose couldn't help but laugh a little, and then she seemed to finally relax. She let her shoulders drop, and sat down on top of the table. I tried not to think about what we'd been doing on that surface the day before.
"Jesus." She sighed, taking her head in her hands, "This is so surreal. I mean, I've spent the last few months hoping you weren't about to suddenly turn on each other again, and now..."
Jessica sat down next to her, barely flinching when her badly bruised ass took her weight, and I moved over to lean against the counter. Jessica hadn't stopped smiling the entire time. I guess she knew that Rose would eventually relax.
"Ok, so explain this to me." Rose said, lifting her head. "I mean, why keep it a secret?"
She looked at me when she said this. I knew from the way she'd reacted earlier that she was surprised I was the one who wanted privacy. It probably didn't make sense to her; a loser outcast like myself should probably have been screaming from the rooftops if I'd so much as kissed a girl like Jessica, whereas she would probably take a fair amount of criticism just by being associated with me.
Or maybe not. Even as I thought about that reasoning, I couldn't be certain how accurate my assessment was. Would anyone really care who Jessica slept with?
But then I thought about how quickly my classmates had surrounded me after my confrontation with Mike. How at least half of all conversation between Rose, Lissie, and Becky during lunch was focused around who was fucking who, and how, and where. They were obsessed with other people's business.
"I'm just a private person." I said, "It's no-one's business."
"Alright... I mean, most guys would want to spread something like that around but..." she trailed off, and I smirked. "God, and I've been pushing Becky on you this whole time, jeez..."
"Oh I don't mind if he wants to hook up with someone else." Jessica cut in, "It's none of my business."
I flinched at this admission. This was a weird enough conversation without bringing that whole thing into it.
"Seriously?" Rose said, turning sharply to face her, "You don't care if your boyfriend sleeps around. You."
I guessed this was related to what Jessica had revealed to me this weekend, about her parents being unfaithful.
"He's not my boyfriend." she answered simply. "I don't own him."
Again I frowned at her, feeling like her might be getting close to dangerous territory. I felt exposed enough just talking about my sex life with Jessica in a general sense, I didn't want the dark details to even be touched on. Mentioning ownership at all was definitely a risky area.
Rose just shook her head, amazed.
"So... my best friend and my little brother have been fucking behind my back for... for months." she summarised, still sounding amazed. "You know what? I think I can live with that." she smiled.
Jessica put her arm around her and hugged her close, and I felt a weight lift off my chest. this could have exploded in my face, ruining one of the best things to come out of this whole complicated mess.
"So... how did it start?" Rose asked.
Jessica hesitated and glanced at me.
"It just sort of happened." she said. "Around the time I broke up with Mike."
Rose looked at her, lifting her eyebrows.
Jessica's smile finally faltered, and she blushed slightly, looking away.
"Or maybe it was... a little bit... before I broke up with Mike?" She said.
"You left Mike for my little brother?" Rose asked.
"Pretty much." Jessica said, then suddenly grinned.
Rose looked at me, then leaned closer to Jessica.
"So I'm guessing he doesn't have the same... problem that Mike had?" She asked, glancing towards my crotch.
I felt myself blush, and suppressed the urge to cover myself. I didn't want my sister even thinking about my cock, never mind asking questions about it.
"Actually, pretty much the opposite problem." Jessica answered.
"Opposite?" Rose asked, shocked.
"Well, let's just say you really shouldn't be calling him your 'little' brother."
"Oh!" Rose said, looking at me again.
She smiled with an odd sense of approval, again glancing at my crotch.
"Good for you, bro." She said
"Alright, this is getting weird." I said standing up, "I'm going to get a shower."
Both girls giggled at my reaction.
"Jessica, you're not going with him?" Rose joked.
"Oh yeah, do you want some company baby?" Jessica asked, laughing with her.
I flipped them off over my shoulder as I walked out, causing them both to burst out laughing again.
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