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2023.06.01 05:29 banned1080 Datura while camping

Every day I think about this trip, and wish I could go back in time to prevent it. It is the worst thing that's ever happened to me, and while I understand the innate curiosity associated with such a fascinating drug, I strongly urge you don't touch it, and if you do decide to, take a much smaller dose and don't do it alone. Seriously, try finding a single report with a positive experience. You can't.
It all started in June of 1994, and my friends and I had just graduated high school. We were all massive potheads, but I had only ever used marijuana and tried mushrooms once. We also liked camping a lot, something I still do to this day. One thing we always made sure of was to camp as far from civilization as possible. I don't think camping at an established campsite is really camping. You have running water, a fire pit, and sometimes even electricity. Whats the point? You might as well just be at home. Luckily, where we lived in Oregon at the time, there was plenty of that.
The weather was perfect, sunny, warm, and despite the mosquitos everyone was having a great time. We were on a hike, and about halfway into it, one of my close friends spotted a plant growing a few yards off the path. We'll call them Belvis. I'm not sure where they got the name, but we all called them that, and even some of our teachers.
"Yo guys, check this out!" Belvis walked off the path, and came back with a handful of spiky jimsonweed seed pods. "I've heard of this stuff, it makes you trip balls! We should try some." I mentioned before that I had tried shrooms once, and it was actually on another camping trip like this one. The dose was relatively low, and all I remember was the sunlight streaming through the trees looking really pretty, so I was excited to try this new stuff since I thought it would be the same. but oh boy, it was not.
We were all clueless, and thought it would be a great idea, except for Belvis' sister, A. She thought that if anything was to go wrong, she didn't want it to go wrong out in the middle of nowhere. I wish every day that I had listened to her.
When we got back to camp, everyone took two seed pods, except for A. We broke them open and ate the little black seeds how ever we could. My buddy E tried to eat them whole, but nearly vomited at the taste. Belvis mixed them into a bottle of water, and chugged them. I mixed them into a can of soup that I had brought, and ate them, being careful to not chew them.
A while later, I don't remember how long but it couldn't have been more than an hour, I really really needed to piss, and my mouth was dry as hell. I went behind a tree, and tried to, but as with most datura trips, nothing came out.
It was at this moment a massive 100 foot tall tank passed over my head, crushing trees and leaving deep tread marks in the ground. This terrified me. Not because of the massive fucking tank, but because I remembered that there was a military draft to Yugoslavia. In reality, there was none, but in my mind there was, and I was about to be whisked away from my scholarship at PSU, my future, and my family, and placed into war.
I ran back to camp, and found that my friends were all gone, replaced with demonic versions of them. They had skin that seemed to flash between jet black and bright white at an impossibly fast speed, and gaping holes for eyes. They all stared at me, and the next moment I was laying down in my tent. I don't remember walking to my tent or laying down, the travel happened in an instant.
Then, the tent instantly transformed into my bedroom. It's strange how hallucinations manifest themselves. It's not like a sharp cut or a fade, but you simply look at something one moment, and the next moment it's simply another thing, with no change happening in between. Your brain just says "yeah that's about right" and carries on.
I got up from the bed and walked down the hall, where my dad was sitting at the kitchen table, reading a newspaper (he never reads the paper). I opened my mouth to speak, but he stood up and beat the everliving shit out of me. My father isn't abusive, and has never been violent to anyone, so I have no clue why I hallucinated this.
I ran back to my room, and found myself in Belvis' tent. He was there, and without a word passed me a blunt. I smoked it for a while, but then I dropped it, and when I tried to pick it up, it was just a seam line in the sleeping bag I was sitting on. Belvis and I talked for a while, until I found myself in the back of his truck. Belvis had taken his truck up there, and E had taken their car. Belvis was in the back with me, until he got snagged on a branch and yanked off at high speed.
For some reason, this was really funny, despite the fact that he was one of my best friends. I had no idea where I was going, and when I looked into the cab, there was nobody there. I was all alone in the back of this truck, speeding down the road. I got real scared, and started banging on the cab's window, and in an act of desperation, I jumped out.
The intense searing pain that followed was nothing I had ever experienced before or since. I had roadrash on both my legs and my left hand, but that pain was felt over every nerve and piece of skin in my whole body. I felt nothing but pain. There were no thoughts but pain. Only pain. I was in my own personal hell for what felt like an eternity. There was no time, no past, present, or future. Only pain. The world around me looked like hell, full of deep reds and blacks and a constant deafening scream was heard in my ears.
Eventually I must have fallen unconscious, because the next thing I was aware of was being rushed into the hospital on a gurney. Once they noticed I was awake, they gave me a cup of something black, and told me to drink it. I politely told the nurse no, and handed it back to her, but when I talked to A afterward, she told me that I was screaming slurs and cursing and threw the black liquid all over her.
Not sure what they did, but they probably gave me a lot of anti psychotics, and put me to sleep. Later, when I had mostly come back to reality, my parents were at the foot of the bed, and the doctor told them I would be ok as long as I didn't ingest anything like that every again. I had roadrash and a broken leg, and had to wear a crutch for a while, but I would recover.
I hadn't completely come down from my trip while my parents drove me home, as I kept seeing people in the road who weren't there, and warning my dad not to hit them, all with a mild background feeling of pain.
I recovered, but it's a wonder I didn't die, and that none of my other friends got hurt. While talking to A after the trip, she told me everything that she had seen.
Everyone else had their own story, but what she saw me do was run into the camp with my dick out screaming about Bosnia before jumping over the campfire and hiding in my tent.
Then, about an hour later, I walked out of my tent and down the trail. I stood staring at a tree for probably half an hour before screaming and running back to camp, this time hiding in Belvis' tent. Belvis wasn't in there, they were staring at the fire and mumbling to themself.
Everyone was going crazy, and several people had tried to jump into the fire or burn down the forest with burning sticks. A was getting really scared, so she corralled everyone into Belvis' truck and took us to the hospital, which I especially needed after falling out. There was no more room in the front for me, so I was put in the back. She saved my life, and I can't thank her enough.
I have since then never done anything other than weed, and will never touch anything else. The eternity in hell of sitting on the pavement fucked with my brain. I don't know if it's PTSD or something else, but I frequently get flashbacks to that moment.
If I could go back in time and stop myself from taking that damn plant, I would. The experience changed me, and not for the better. Don't take anything that can mess with your consciousness and make you do stupid shit beyond your control, it's a miracle none of us died, and if it wasn't for A saving us all, I might not even be alive. Don't take this stuff. Don't do it. No matter how curious you are, no matter how fascinating it is, DON'T DO IT. If you do decide to for some reason, only take a small dose and don't do it alone. Datura is scare stuff man.
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2023.06.01 05:29 devgrv My wife was scammed of Rs.30000. Need advice

My wife was scammed of Rs.30000. Need advice
My wife was scammed yesterday of Rs.30,000. I thought I would never see this day. Despite always giving financial education and asking to stay vigilant about scammers by wife sent the money to their account from hers.
How does the scam occur?
My wife is currently out of job for the last 6 months and have been looking into small jobs online.
A week ago someone on whatsapp reached out to her and said they would pay her Rs.30-50 on youtube subscribe. They eventually paid her around Rs.500 to gain trust.
Next they added her to an telegram group and informed of an investment opportunity where if someone sends them Rs.30000 they will invest in crypto and send Rs.42000 back in 10 days. She sent the amount.
As soon as she sent the amount she was removed from the whatsapp group. When she asked about when would she get the amount back in the telegram channel she was asked to sent more money when it hit her it could be a scam and informed me.
What happened after the scam?
I immediately contacted the bank customer care within 1 hour of sending the money and blocked debit on her account and reported the transaction.I have also raised a complaint on cybercrime portal.
Is there something more that I can do? Do I have any chance of getting the money back?
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2023.06.01 05:29 aznhunnie I might have found my AP!

After years of thinking about it, joining and quitting AM several times, messaging tons of men (some for several weeks) and then ghosting them; I might have found the right one and I am such a cyclone of excitement, guilt, fear, etc etc.
This time around I only kept my AM account for about a week and then decided to delete it but not before giving out my snapchat to a guy I thought was really hot. I kind of forgot about it and didn't message him right away but then was traveling for work and was bored/lonely and decided to send him a snap. We got to talking and found out we share some primary hobbies that neither of our SOs are really into. On top of that I find him so utterly attractive and I can't believe he feels the same way about me. We've been talking about taking a trip to do one of our hobby sports together and I'm so thrilled!
We met for coffee last week and the whole time I was just zoning out on how delicious he is. I wasnt feeling well so I told him to keep his distance so he wouldn't get sick. Today we met for our second coffee and then drove to a remote place to kiss in the car. I'm still reeling from it and want more so badly! We both left and then sent each other a snap message confirming our mutual feelings. Next weekend we are going to do an overnighter together two hours North of town and I'm so excited. He seems more experienced than me sexually and I feel like this could be an amazing experience since my bedroom at home is quite vanilla.
Now part of me is feeling the guilt because my SO is so trusting and does a lot for me but even after I've communicated my needs multiple times the last few years he hasn't done anything to change things and tends to be a selfish lover. So the other part of me feels like this could be a good opportunity for me to get my needs fulfilled elsewhere but come home and be the wife that my SO wants. I can try to focus on just giving him what he needs since I'm getting what I need somewhere else. Is that a weird way of thinking about it? I also feel like life is too short to live a vanilla bedroom life....
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2023.06.01 05:28 Dazzling-Struggle671 What do y’all think?

What do y’all think?
So far no serious issues came to be but I want to get this fixed soon but I wanted to know what y’all think?
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2023.06.01 05:27 Basic-Newspaper-4571 I (M/27) am in the best relationship I’ve ever been in, but struggling with some current & future events with (F/26)

My girlfriend and I have been dating for about a year and a half. She is moving across the country next month, it’s her dream to go live in this specific city she is moving to. It was something I knew when I first started dating her, but always seemed to get pushed off. I’m super supportive of it - I know what it’s like to reach such a milestone & how empowering it is.
I, at the moment, do not currently have a job lined up in this city at the moment. I would love to move there too, but the prospects for my industry/general market are not great at the moment.
In March, she got drunk and told me I didn’t make enough (currently I make around $75k) but the next morning she retracted her statements from that night and I forgave her. Then we had a mature and respectful conversation about finances later and what our lives would realistically look like in 5 years.
It seems reasonable to achieve these financial goals, but I think I’m struggling with this “expectation” of myself to do better financially that feels bad & the long distance sucks. I’ve done it before. It’s lonely. I’m worried, stressed, I don’t want to lose someone I love, but also don’t want to get caught wasting time as I am in my late 20s and job prospects aren’t looking great in the area .
Has anyone been through something similar?
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2023.06.01 05:27 Pitiful-Twist9581 A guy at work won't talk to me anymore and I feel like an idiot

I know this probably sounds so minute, but I feel really stupid about it and I don’t know why. Basically, I’m a teenager and have a part-time job, where I essentially just paint a lot and make decorations for the place (I work in the kid's area, so it’s pretty easy since kids just see colors and get excited.)
Now, we have a pretty big security team that's wandering around all the time, and one part of the team is this guy. I don’t really know his name, but he knows mine, so I’ll just be calling him Stephen.
When I first started working there, a few months ago, Stephen was super cool. He would come up to me when I was organizing, or setting up the decorations I had made and would just talk about whatever I was doing. Then we would talk about books since we have a pretty similar tastes in authors. It never went anywhere beyond this since, obviously, Stephen is a grown man (Early/Mid 20’s) and I am not.
Unfortunately, though, I did sort of develop a small crush on him. Nothing that I displayed publicly, and I sure as hell didn't tell anyone about it. I also never really thought about it unless I was on my way to work.
Anyway, after like 4 months or so Stephen just sort of randomly stopped talking to me? Like it was an obvious drop-off from one day where we had essentially talked all day, to the next 5 where he didn't speak to me at all.
After that, he would stop in occasionally to talk to me (Like in rooms he’s not meant to patrol), but we stopped talking every time we would walk past each other even if I said “good morning” or something, even though that's how our conversations normally start.
Earlier this week I set up new decorations, right in front of his desk and he didn't say anything but as soon as I walked away he came over and looked at them, but then earlier that day he stopped into the painting room to ask me what I was doing. Then I passed him again later but when I said good morning he just turned away from me.
I know he clearly didn’t have any feelings for me or anything but I just feel bad every time I see him since he stopped talking to me and I don’t know why. I’m not sure if I made him uncomfortable, he just didn't enjoy talking to a kid or if someone called him about talking to me but this sucks, and I feel like an idiot for being upset.
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2023.06.01 05:27 devgrv My wife was scammed of Rs.30000. Need advice

My wife was scammed yesterday of Rs.30,000. I thought I would never see this day. Despite always giving financial education and asking to stay vigilant about scammers by wife sent the money to their account from hers.
How does the scam occur?
My wife is currently out of job for the last 6 months and have been looking into small jobs online.
A week ago someone on whatsapp reached out to her and said they would pay her Rs.30-50 on youtube subscribe. They eventually paid her around Rs.500 to gain trust.
Next they added her to an telegram group and informed of an investment opportunity where if someone sends them Rs.30000 they will invest in crypto and send Rs.42000 back in 10 days. She sent the amount.
As soon as she sent the amount she was removed from the whatsapp group. When she asked about when would she get the amount back in the telegram channel she was asked to sent more money when it hit her it could be a scam and informed me.
What happened after the scam?
I immediately contacted the bank customer care within 1 hour of sending the money and blocked debit on her account and reported the transaction.I have also raised a complaint on cybercrime portal.
Is there something more that I can do? Do I have any chance of getting the money back?
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2023.06.01 05:27 DeRoseMuMmYx I(25f) snooped… but should I confront him(24m)?

Hello all,
A little backstory is our relationship isn’t the best, and I’ve been trying to make it work and giving it the best I’ve got for years, 3 kids later, I’m just not getting the same back.
Anyway, we have a great deal of trust issues due to infidelity on his part when our first born was 4 months old. He had taken a boys trip to Spain when the infidelity occurred.
I agreed to work on the relationship with him, although I don’t believe I ever received the level of care and support after being so betrayed that I expected. Anyways, this year he went to Spain again, I voiced no concerns , and only mentioned once that it made me uncomfortable this was back in April.
Today, I snooped through his phone, throughly. Yes I know it’s bad. I saw that he liked women’s photos which was stranger as he stopped doing that for a long time , anyway these particular women were in Spain at the time he was there. What should I do? Shall I message the girls or shall I confront him?
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2023.06.01 05:27 QAtester_Arg How to get my first formal job on software Quality Assurance

Hi, i've been studying QA for the last year in my free time, I managed to complete 1 manual QA course and 1 manual testing bootcamp. Now I'm doing some freelancer work on webs like uTest, testerwork, testIO, but I can't get a formal job, just some interviews (4 in the last 2 months). Any recomendation about internships, or courses where top students are hired might help me. I'm from Argentina, but i'm looking globally.
Every comment is apreciated.

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2023.06.01 05:27 maya_loves_cows i’m so fucking mad!!

my car, my ladybird, my 95 dodge neon, my first car. she was much more than a car to me and i had her all decorated with so many bumper stickers and trinkets from places i travelled and things i liked. i had been decorating her since august. i have taken perfect care of her.
then this friday, i was t boned by a guy going at least 30 over the speed limit down a massive hill as i was making a left turn to go home, 5 minutes from my house.
thankfully, my uncle who’s a mechanic and my great uncle who loves dodge neons said that the parts were cheap and it was fixable, just a control arm issue and a bit of reshaping the metal. it would cost me a lot, but significantly less than a new car or going elsewhere. however because that friday was the start of memorial day weekend, we weren’t able to get a tow truck to tow her to our house till today.
she arrived and was parked in front of my house today at 3:00. then at 4:30, my severely mentally ill and probably demented neighbour who should have had her drivers license taken years ago, backs out of her driveway and crushes my car. in the initial crash she was hit on the side, so only the side was damaged. when she backed into me she crumpled my hood, knocked off my entire front bumper, shattered my radiator, and bent the frame. she’s basically unfixable now.
and my dad is mad at me for “acting like a victim” and having a “shitty attitude” like how else should i react to this? i don’t have the money to fix this? i don’t have money for a new car? and i have a job i need to drive to? he somehow is acting like i wanted to get into a car crash and then have my batshit neighbour total it. yeah. sure.
also polite advice/input are welcome and if you have any recommendations for cheap but good cars in the southeast missouri area/adjacent i’m all ears. ladybird was a great find, 4,000 entirely rebuilt even a brand new coat of paint and only 129 thousand miles on her which for a 28 year old car is incredible.
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2023.06.01 05:27 Tr1angulum Pre-Med Aspirations & Health Anxiety

I didn’t know where else to post this. I really need some advice. I need to take action and find a way to fix this.
I’m a rising junior in high school, and I’ve been working towards a pre-med route for quite some time now.
I have a huge passion for the medical field, and landed a spot volunteering at a hospital as part of a selective program this summer. Everything about my interests and the field of medicine clicks just right.
Except that I have severe health anxiety. Hearing about severe illnesses has one of two effects: becoming vastly interested and immersed, or descending down a spiral of panic. I can’t control which one happens to me, and when. I’m scared that pre-med isn’t the right choice for me if even the prospect of terminal illnesses sends me into a cold sweat.
It’s been so long since I’ve felt completely relieved of worrying. The cycle never ends. I love medicine, I really really do. But I can’t help but wonder that if this doesn’t get better, will it get worse during constant exposure to information in med school?
Is this something I will grow out of before I graduate? How can I control my fears?
Thank you for your time.
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2023.06.01 05:26 Esoteric_Nobody Opening up

I'm 24 years old and male if that matters. I'm a demisexual sex addict. It's just as frustrating as it sounds. When I was younger anyone I was remotely attracted to worked. I'd feel gross, go home shower multiple times, rinse my genitals in hydrogen peroxide and then get back to it. I'd hold on to unhealthy relationships mainly because the sex didn't feel gross if I trusted my partner but they were all bad fits for an actual relationship( I was not self aware of this at the time). When I was 22 I hooked up with a near stranger that made me feel particularly gross and I went a bit over a year abstinent. I was miserable I'd walk around thinking about fucking anybody I saw that I was half attracted to and it made me feel gross because I always hated guys who casually talked about women like that. My sex addiction became a porn addiction which made me feel depressed, awkward, and self conscious. Eventually I started dating this girl who was infatuated with me but whom I didn't like very much and realized I was repeating a cycle so I broke it off. I went for ye olde geographical cure. I changed careers and moved to do a temporary job in tourism. While I was there I met my Cinderella. Picture all the corny shit people talk about in rom coms it was all true. Fireworks when we looked at each other, amazing sexual chemistry, same love languages, similar sense of humor, we wanted the same things out of life.. etc etc. She actually helped me realize that I am demisexual. With her I realized that sex is one of the ways I show my affection and that I can't actually be free enough or comfortable enough to truly enjoy it without that bond. Well fast forward to not so long ago and we broke up. I know part of the reason is that the addiction started controlling me again. She never said it but looking back I can't help but see a few signs. It wasn't the main cause it was one of them. Ultimately there was too much in the way and she broke her heart too to leave because there was too much in the way. It's been over 6 months. I tried going back to my old ways but I literally couldn't bring myself to sleep with anyone. But I also couldn't stop thinking about it. I'd get right to the point of it and leave or ask them to leave. I went back to porn which only made me feel worse. I'm lost confused and idk what to do from here. I've left her alone. I reached out to talk once she wasn't ready and I left her alone. I want to be able to enjoy sex again. I want to feel like myself again. I want her back but I know I can't control her and even if I could I wouldn't want to. I reached out yesterday for the first time in six months and whether she comes back or not I need a plan to get better. Any advice is appreciated. Thank you to anyone who actually read this mess.
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2023.06.01 05:26 bilusaurus Akko ACR Top 75: A Keyboard Saga

Akko ACR Top 75: A Keyboard Saga
A few months ago, my wife expressed an interest in using a mechanical keyboard for work. While she has always been supportive of my unhealthy love for keyboards, this had never been a common interest. However, it was all going to change! This was my chance to shine! My expansive knowledge of lubricant viscosity was finally going to be useful! I sat her down, made her a cup of coffee, and began explaining, in excruciating detail, the differences between Krytox 205g0 and Krytox 205g2 and how the addition of PTFE thickeners make them entirely different in application. I even used gestures to demonstrate brush strokes a keen keyboard enthusiast would use to lube switches and stabs. It did not go down well.

Akko ACR Top 75
Over the months, I pestered her about what she would like and we agreed upon certain requirements: she wanted a 75% board but not the exploded variety. She was also quite insistent that it shouldn't weigh too much; my daily-driver, the Keychron Q1 was, according to her, oppressively heavy. With these my mind I trawled the internet for available boards. Akko seemed to be the obvious choice here: they were making non-exploded 75% boards at a reasonable price. They also had acrylic boards which would be lighter than aluminium versions. I had also heard good things about Akko keyboards. However, I must admit that their product positioning was a difficult to understand. The ACR line has multiple options! Once I weeded out the north-facing boards, I was left with a few options: the stacked acrylic ACR75v2, the ACR Pro 75 (the black version has a south-facing PCB), and the ACR Top 75. I had been asked to avoid black keyboards if I could, and that left me with two choices. To be honest, I am still unsure if there is a substantial difference between the ACR75v2 and the ACR Top 75. I went with the two-piece design, and, more importantly, a mounting style that I hadn't used before -- the top mount. I was curious as to why the ACR Top 75 was being offered with a brass plate; I would have thought that an acrylic board (with RGB) would be more interesting with a PC plate. Having made my choice, I placed an order with StacksKb and the order was delivered within a couple of days.

Frosted acrylic RGB
Akko packaging isn't particularly impressive. The keyboard comes in a black box that looks rather cheap. The branding on the box is also not aesthetically pleasing. I do feel that luxury products, such as mechanical keyboards, should come packaged in a certain way. I felt my Q1 had a much nicer packaging. However, I can also understand that they are trying to meet a price point. So, we shall let this slide.
The box comes with all the things you need to build the keyboard (no switches or keycaps, of course). The stabilizers are plate-mount. There were a a few screws and stand-offs in small plastic packets. A keycap puller and a switch puller were included with the package. The product also comes with three separate pieces of foam: a silicone case foam, a silicone plate foam, and a PCB PE foam. The case was placed at the bottom of the packaging. The quality of the acrylic was impressive; the threads had metal inserts – yeah, it was all good.
I made my wife try eight different types of switches, and she was quite clear on her preference: light and tactile. It made the choice fairly easy considering I had some Gateron G Pro Brown switches lying around. These switches are very light, and the tactile bump is barely noticeable. In fact, I had to re-lubricate the switches as the factory lubing made them feel like linears. I lubed and filmed them with Krytox 205g0 and Durock switch films.
In all honesty, I didn’t actually find the keycaps she was looking for. She wanted gradient keycaps in pastel colours (pink/purple/yellow). I am still looking for what she wants. If you know where I could get hold of some or if you are selling, let me know! I used some Sakura PBT keycaps. They are okay. The spacebar is a bit warped. I straightened it to some extent but it’s not perfect.

Gateron G Pro Brown switches + Sakura PBT Keycaps
Now, on to the build. I am amazed that you are still reading, by the way. Assembly was logical. The stabilisers were a bit wonky. Some of the wires needed balancing and I used generous amounts of dielectric grease. They sound okay, but I think they could be better. I might switch them out for better, screw-in stabilisers in due course. The only decision that I needed to make was in relation to the foam. My wife (and yes, I made her listed to hundreds of sound tests) seemed to prefer clack over thock. Or, perhaps, it was anger and exasperation. We shall never know. I decided to remove the PE foam and keep the silicone foams in the build. Hopefully, this would get closer to the clacky sound she seemed to enjoy. The brass plate might also have something to do with it. I am quite certain that the brass plate is being used so that it can reflect some of the RGB. Clever idea. Building was generally simple, but a few parts of the assembly were a little fiddly. For instance, the stand-offs for attaching the PCB to the plate keep falling off when you are trying to screw them in. That was rather irritating. If you managed to get through that you still have to mount the PCB on to the case. There are tiny silicone gaskets that fit over the edges of the plate. You screw through the gasket and the plate into the top underside of the top case (and that’s why it’s a top mount board). However, the gaskets will fall out unless you are careful. Also, if you screw with too much enthusiasm, you stand the risk of going through the silicone gasket and screwing directly to the case. No bouncy feel for you, then. There are nine gaskets, and it takes a while to get them in correctly. Once done, you connect the daughterboard to the PCB, attach the bottom acrylic piece to the top, and screw in the many, many screws into the case. Whew. And, we are done.
I quite like this board. It feels rigid, well built and comes in roughly at 1kg. Despite being an acrylic board it does not feel flimsy. The typing feel is excellent: soft but not mushy. But it's not all positives: a couple of things do annoy me. The gap between the keycaps is too much. I can see the brass plate quite clearly. I can totally see mysef cleaning biscuit crumbs from under the keycaps in a few months. I also noticed that not all the keycaps sat evenly. It appears to be issues with the plate alignment. These are minor things – I don’t think you’d notice them unless you were looking for them. The second issue is one of software: the Akko Cloud Driver is rubbish. My wife uses a Mac and the only available software from Akko is in Chinese. They really don’t make it easy. If you remap a key, it takes forever to register. It took me more time on the software than it did for the whole assembly. VIA/QMK is the way forward. A few smaller gripes: the case RGB (which is separate from the switch RGB) isn't diffused particularly well; the bottom lip is fairly high (higher than the Keychron Q1) and typing can be fatiguing if you are not used to these kinds of boards. You might need a wrist-rest.
I posted a video on the sound of the board some time ago. You might want to check that out. I think this board sounds really, really good. It does indeed sound clacky. Feeling great pride in what I had assembled, I handed it over to her and waited to be showered with complements. The look on her face was pure relief – this is finally over! No more talk about spring weights and long-pole switches at dinner!
Last night, I saw her doing the type-test on Monkeytype and checking the evenness of the space bar. We all know, that's how it starts.
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2023.06.01 05:25 ThatSnake2645 Sexual topics are a trigger for me, but I can’t figure out why. I was not sexually abused.

I’m putting a trigger warning for this, however I was not sexually abused. I just felt like it fit best.
Whenever someone I know mentions anything related to sex (dating, birth control, abortions) or I see something like a bruise that is related to sex or dating, I’ll immediately panic and dissociate for hours. I don’t understand it, but I wanted to share some of my weird childhood memories to see if anyone else could help me make sense of it or see if anyone relates.
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2023.06.01 05:25 FatThickyDumpy23 New Grad offer - General Surgery. Thoughts?

Just got my first job offer in my desired specialty in a MCOL area in the midwest, wanted to see what you all think of it
-Starting salary: $105019 base -Shift differential: extra $5/hr -On call: $125/day to be on call, $190 if i have to go in under 2hrs, if i have to go in and I’m there over 2hrs but less than 4hrs its $380 -Hours are 40/week, overtime is paid at $70/hr (no time and a half) -Malpractice covered -$1500 and 40 hours allotted for CME -4% retirement match -Medical, dental, and vision coverage -216 hours of PTO (17 days if working 12hr shifts, up to 27 days if working 8hr shifts)
I rotated there and absolutely loved it, its a team of PA’s and I had gotten along great with all of them. The training period is 4 months long, and everyone there is very willing to teach. The hospital is not a teaching hospital so no residents, PA’s first assist on most cases. I met most of the surgeons and they were extremely kind and loved to teach as well. Its very close to where I want to live, which is near family.
Really great place, salary was a little lower than expected however it sounds like their annual raise system is nice per the other APP’s there. I already asked for a higher salary but was respectfully told they were unable to do so. Not much turnover which is also a good sign.
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2023.06.01 05:25 WolfQueen64 Thank you

Just wanted say this because you are all literally my favorite. I found your channel back in 2018/2019 when I first started college. I was going through a really rough period and was just feeling over all crappy and depressed. I was looking up sea of thieves content because that’s what I was into at the time and immediately fell in love with the dynamic and the jokes made me laugh out loud in front of a large group of people who thought I was weird. Fast forward to now and I still watch you all over and over again. I have watched every single video at least 3 or 4 times now since I’ve started watching and I know that when I’m depressed, you all are there to make me smile. I know this is cheesy but thank you everyone at worst premade ever for making my days a little bit better. I also know I’m probably going to be made fun of for such a cheesy comment too, but genuinely from the bottom of my heart, thank you for always making everything brighter and suck less. Edit: also I got my husband watching your warhammer and vermentide videos.
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2023.06.01 05:25 Cloudstrife18 Looking to talk about anything to anyone!!!

University student in anthropology who’s interested mostly in ethnology, primatology and urban anthropology and working part time as a cook! Really open minded, I can talk about anything without judgement or just listen if anyone needs it.
Some more interests of mine are music (hiphop, folk, rock to name a few genres), video games and movies like Lotr or EEAAO. Some of my favourite artists are MF DOOM (all caps when you write the man’s name), The Roots and Freddie Gibbs.
My first language is french but I’m fluent in english and I also speak spanish.
Trying to keep short but hit me up if you feel like talking!!
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2023.06.01 05:25 shortuguese (Finally) telling my story after lurking for over a year

I think to get the full picture of my experience, you have to start at the beginning of my life.
I was born with pretty severe glaucoma, and would have been blind if not for emergency surgery when I was only three weeks old. The situation with my eyes was sort of like a hydra though, we resolved one condition, and three new conditions would pop up because many eye conditions lend to others. So needless to say, I was always in and out of ophthalmologists’ offices and was very used to being poked and prodded.
I’d swell with pride every time a nurse or doctor said something to the effect of “Wow, you’re doing so good! Most kids cry for XYZ!” Whether that be eyedrops, getting my pressures checked, etc. I knew these remarks were compliments to me, but also to my parents. Making my parents look good made me feel good too. So I’d always respond with some comment to the effect of “What, like it’s hard?” a la Elle Woods. I was hungry for validation from adults.
I was absolutely fascinated by medicine. I was always paying attention when the doctors were talking to my parents, learned about my own conditions as well as others I didn’t have, and I knew all major eye anatomy by age 10. There weren’t many 10-year-olds asking their doctor how their optic nerve looks.
It extended outside of ophthalmology too, I would always watch when I was getting shots, even though my mom told me not to. And when I broke my arm shortly after turning 7, I was so excited about the x-rays. I wanted to be a pediatric ophthalmologist from a young age, to help kids and parents in similar situations to mine.
I’m not sure exactly what age the UTIs started, all I know is that I was constantly on antibiotics to combat the latest infection. I’d get ultrasounds of my abdomen (I was also fascinated by those) and doctors would feel around externally, always with clothes on if my memory is correct. My records show that I had a VCUG at age 4, but I don’t remember it at all.
So at age 7, being told we were going to go to the hospital and have my stomach x-rayed, I was pumped. The testing was on a weekend, so my dad, mom, and older sister all came along.
I remember being in a great mood that day. What was there to be anxious about, right? It was the weekend, and I was going to see inside my stomach—that’s all fun stuff. My mom came in the room with me, and my dad and sister stayed out in the waiting area.
I remember my mom’s mood not matching mine. When they sent us into the adjoining bathroom with instructions for me to pee and change into a gown, my mom seemed anxious, maybe a little agitated. I was in a goofy mood though, not really deterred by hers.
We came out and I laid on the exam table, still in a good mood. That good mood was gone pretty quickly.
My understanding now is that my VUR was a fairly severe case, so it is likely that I had an active UTI while this was all done. Even just them cleaning me was painful. I remember the nurse who cleaned me looked at me incredulously and brushed it off when I told her that it hurt.
But things hit the fan when they started to catheterize me.
I was immediately in fight or flight (and I chose fight). Nurses struggled to hold my legs down and apart on the table. I was crying, kicking, and begging them to stop. They didn’t.
So I looked to my mom for help. Her expression wasn’t just disappointment, it was disgust. Disgust at my behavior, I realized. I was normally such a cooperative kid. She didn’t want to be seen as a permissive parent, and so expressing her disapproval of my behavior was necessary. She didn’t humor my distress, only exasperatingly telling me to get it over with so we could go home.
Once I realized my mom wasn’t going to help me, I remembered my dad and sister were out in the waiting room. If I scream loud enough, I thought to myself, they’ll hear me. And then they’ll barge into the room and demand that these people stop. They’ll help.
So I screamed. And screamed. No one came. No one stopped. And eventually I was tired out enough that they were able to catheterize me.
The VCUG confirmed that my VUR was operable. And so in the summer, about a week before I turned 8, I had the surgery.
Even though I knew I’d be under anesthesia for it, I was still terrified because I knew what they’d be doing while I was under was similar to what they did in the VCUG.
The morning of my surgery, I considered finding a hiding spot. My almost-8-year-old logic was that if we missed the surgery appointment, I wouldn’t have surgery at all. What kept me from actually trying that plan was knowing my parents would be furious with me. So I didn’t.
I had one more VCUG post-operation, probably to confirm the surgery worked. This time, I knew what was going to happen and I was extremely anxious.
The only thing that was different that time was that there was one, younger nurse with a modicum of empathy. She explained that when I was tense, my urethra was like a closed fist, showing how she couldn’t get a finger from her other hand through her fist. She loosened up the fist to show that relaxing would help me be more open and it wouldn’t hurt.
I nodded in understanding, but realistically I came from a family full of people with undiagnosed, untreated anxiety and absolutely no skills in emotional regulation. I didn’t know anything about deep breaths to relax. And I certainly didn’t have any kind of specialized knowledge in relaxing my pelvic floor muscles. They gave me a plastic straw and told me to breathe through it and focus on that. I remember cringing and thinking it was like having a catheter in my mouth too.
And so that VCUG ended up like the last one. Me fighting and crying and screaming, and none of the adults in the room considering that my distress might be justified.
No one ever told me that that was it. I was done. I wouldn’t ever need another VCUG. So I lived in perpetual fear that there’d be follow ups and my parents wouldn’t tell me in advance, just drive me to the hospital and spring it on me. Would I need to go back every year? Every 5 years? In 10 years? I had no idea, and I never asked. Because what if I did need follow ups, and my parents had just forgotten about scheduling them? I wouldn’t want to remind them.
When the next school year started that fall, I was different. Previously a social butterfly who easily made friends, I now was having a hard time finding a place I belonged.
I stumbled on trichotillomania to self-soothe, compulsively pulling out my eyebrows and eyelashes. Having light skin and very dark hair, thick eyebrows, and thick eyelashes (thanks, Southern European genes), any time I pulled a significant amount of hairs out, it was very noticeable, and I spent much of that school year with hardly any eyebrows and eyelashes. Looking like a freak didn’t really help in making friends, and it became a vicious circle. I pulled because I was anxious, was anxious because I didn’t have strong friendships, and didn’t have strong friends because I pulled.
I’ve overcome the eyebrow portion, but I still struggle with compulsive eyelash pulling to this day.
I was terrified of my own body. A lot of kids explore, even if only for the sake of cleaning themselves. But me? No. As soon as I was bathing unsupervised, I stopped cleaning between my legs. And when I’d use the bathroom, I’d wad up a thick cushion of toilet paper so that I wouldn’t be able to feel myself when I wiped.
The onset of puberty changed nothing. While girls my age were talking like graduating from pads to tampons was the only way to ascend to womanhood, I couldn’t bear the thought of sticking anything up there. Just thinking about even attempting to use a tampon made me sweaty. My 14th birthday party was a pool party, but I ended up getting my period the day before and couldn’t swim with my friends that day.
When I got my first period at age 13, I remember crying. I thought about how now, if I was raped, I could get pregnant. And I really did not want to get pregnant. I got my period at school, and on the walk to the nurse’s office to call my mom, I eyed every man and boy I passed suspiciously. I knew enough about pregnancy and childbirth to know it was something I never wanted to happen to me, because it meant 9 months of having strangers stick their hands and various medical devices inside my body, and ending with unimaginable pain.
The hilarious thing is that I never drew the connection between all of this and my VCUG experience. And I wouldn’t realize it for well over a decade.
I met the love of my life in college when I was 21. He was kind and compassionate, and pretty instantly we just seemed to be on the same page. He became my best friend.
I had finally discovered masturbation (albeit, external only and through layers) at age 19, but hadn’t ever tried penetrative sex. He was understanding of my anxiety around penetration, and we had fun doing things within my comfort zone for a while. Then, at age 24, after living with him for a few months, I had decided I was ready to try and got on birth control.
Every attempt was unsuccessful. It was like I was a brick wall down there, and I always called it off. Different positions, different lubes, lots of lube, ridiculous amounts of lube, lights on, lights off, spending the whole day getting horny in advance of trying—we tried basically everything except alcohol. Alcohol was my mom’s suggestion when I asked her if I had any medical issues she knew about that would interfere with intimacy (I was thinking maybe I was intersex or something of that sort). A glass or two of wine to relax, just for the first time so I can get it over with, she said. I thought that sounded like a great way to become dependent on alcohol and said no thanks.
So I looked into sex therapy, found someone I liked, and filled out her preliminary paperwork. One of the questions asked about medical history, especially that which involved genitalia. So I looked up the name of my condition, VUR, and mentioned the VCUGs without really thinking about it. After all, that involved my urethra, not my vagina. It couldn’t possibly be related to the vaginismus I was struggling with.
She asked about it in our initial sessions going over history. And we quickly confirmed it was very much related. That led me to do more research, which led me to Reddit forums! I was diagnosed with generalized anxiety and PTSD.
I learned that no, I wasn’t being dramatic about the pain I was in. The time I spent since gaslighting myself, saying I was probably just overreacting… it doesn’t add up given the facts and the context of my medical history. All of the adults in the room both times failed me. Unfortunately, this procedure is still performed to this day, on tens of thousands of children each year.
I feel a lot of guilt. I’ve spent many sleepless nights crying for all of the kids who have been traumatized in the 20 years since this happened to me, thinking that I should be doing more, speaking up, writing letters. I’m still trying to figure out my place in all this. I feel like I may not be able to “heal” or “move on” while this is still happening daily.
I’m now 27 and still working on learning the body I’ve spent at least two decades tuned out of. Therapy has been great, but progress is slow—there is much to unpack and work on. I’ll be trying EMDR in the next month or so. My partner, now my husband, has been supportive and patient along the way, and I am so grateful for him.
With the clarity I have now, I know that I’m most uncomfortable lying on my back. Even for things like going to see my esthetician for facials and brow waxing, I can’t fully relax on my back. Additionally, the thought of any kind of medical penetration makes me ridiculously anxious. Initial COVID testing methods where they swabbed deep into the nose were something I avoided like the plague itself. I jumped on the rapid self-tests that didn’t require you to swab as deep. I also want to see an ENT for allergy and breathing issues, but am terrified that they’ll want to stick something up my nose or down my throat. I also have not seen a gynecologist—getting a pap smear is completely off the table if I can’t even be penetrated by someone I trust. Isn't it ironic how I’ve changed from wanting to be a doctor, to now being terrified of them?
It does feel eerily poetic though, that I had no say over what happened to my body on that exam table then, and even though I’m now in the pilot seat, I still don’t have a conscious say over my body. My body remembers being violated, and it’s been on high alert ever since, ignoring my conscious brain. Still working on finding my peace.
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2023.06.01 05:25 trishna87 Almost 15 yr old dog picking fights with 8 year old dog-both adopted this year.

Cross posting from the dogs subreddit. Since well..senior dog issues. We adopted a 14 year old senior chihuahua chow chow mix in Jan. She was quiet, no issues, lovable. We were told she does get along with dogs but not cats. Only severe anxiety if we left the house to go anywhere other than that just a grandma pup.
Recently got an 8 year old chihuahua mix who was rescued from a breeding situation. They mutually ignored each other unless there seemed to be food involved so we separated meal areas, greenies time, treats.. food sharing was obviously not ok and thats fine
But occasionally the older senior dog wil stilll pick fights with the younger one. She has initiated the fights 9 out of 10 times. Sometimes she growls if they are getting pets next to each other, bares her teeth and starts the fight. The younger one is definitely stronger and overpowers her immediately. We pull them apart within seconds, separate them in two rooms in isolation. Sometimes it's started if the other dog just walks near her or slightly brushes her. Today they both nicked each other. I'm very sad. Both are such lovely little babies but I can't figure out how to get the older one to stop starting fights. Comes out of nowhere sometimes, no provocation. Any advise?
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2023.06.01 05:24 singingal14 Anxious to go dress shopping

Hi everyone! First I just want to say I have loved this subreddit because all of you look amazing in your dresses!
I am very anxious to go dress shopping. I haven’t been nervous about any part of wedding planning but this has been the most nerve wracking part for me. I have been doing a lot of research and every time I research stores, styles, etc. I get so nervous. It isn’t weight related or not being ready to get married at all. I decided not to have a lot of people at my appointment because I want to feel as comfortable as possible. I am having my mom come with me because she is my rock and has been there for me in my darkest moments. She is super supportive of what I want and is very aware of my insecurities physically and emotionally. Part of me thinks it is stemming from my mothers divorce when I was 3. I have never seen any pictures from her wedding because she burned them all. I don’t know why my insecurities are manifesting through the dress but I keep getting very anxious to even set up appointments. If you have any words or love to send, I would really appreciate the support ❤️
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2023.06.01 05:24 AggressiveCamp1366 Finally Leaving

I left my teller position this week after almost 10 months, I’m a young female in her early twenties who is also studying and I can say wholeheartedly that I don’t regret my decision to leave. One of the main reasons is the fact that I was spoken down to and belittled so much because of my age, although I did my best to remain professional and go the extra mile till the end…
I always tried my best to be an asset to the team whenever someone called in sick I came to the branch, my manager asked me to extend my last two weeks to three weeks because of our short staffing, always being a “lobby leader” by standing hours at a time and greeting clients,etc.
In addition, our lead teller who has been a teller for more than 5 years did not like me at all, she was passive aggressive towards me and got angry quickly when I asked her a question about how to do certain processes correctly. I was also spoken down to in the form of her tone, her comments about why i’m so thin, my voice, etc.
Lastly, I just wanted to add that many managers unfortunately do not care at all about their employees and are only fortunate to have them if their NPS scores are high. During my last week there we received an NPS of 2 and it was for a transaction I did, my manager took a screenshot and sent it to the entire team stating how much this will negatively impact us, which embarrassed me as an employee.
If you’re reading this and your job makes you so depressed that you cry everyday, you start to doubt your competence, or your intelligence just because these people at a local branch told you so, take this as a sign to start the next chapter in your life. It doesn’t matter if you’re someone in your early professional career like myself or your in a different stage. I wish all of you the best in banking as I know it can be stressful.
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2023.06.01 05:24 Inepsy2489 How should we proceed with two potential jobs?

This question is not for me, but for my wife because she doesn't have a Reddit account.
I'll try to keep it brief to not bore you with all the details. My wife has two jobs she has been interviewing for, one that is very desirable to her, I'll call it job A, and another that is just ok in her opinion, I'll call that one job B. She's on the job market so she needs to accept one.
She was approached by the employer for job A. This is an emergency hire just for her because her skills are desired and the employer needs someone for this position. It's for a college, and it needs approval from administration and the fiscal team. It's been approved from one department already, and they've collected things from her such as D.O.B. and if she's a US citizen. Someone from the hiring department said they expect to have an offer for her next week (by June 5th) but will try to have an offer to her sooner. Although this is very promising, we are of the opinion that nothing is guaranteed until she has a formal offer letter.
Job B extended an offer to her yesterday and she needs to tell them her decision by the end of the week. Job B is fine, but not nearly as ideal to her as Job A.
If only job B had a timeline of one week later it would make this easier. We think she might have to accept job B and then potentially quit a week later? Is there a graceful way of handling this? Any recommendations or suggestions would be appreciated.
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