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2023.06.01 04:11 mmmkettlecorn Safe to Insulate over Baseboards?

I live in an apartment that is heated by a central natural-gas boiler and the hot water is piped to the baseboard heaters throughout my apartment. The natural gas flame that heats the boiler is also the buildings hot water. So my landlord has to keep the flame on through the summer. He says he's turned off the valving to my place and I turned the thermostat down all the way it will go but theres still heat coming into my apartment :(
Does anyone have any suggestions? I was thinking of putting some insulation covering over the baseboard heaters and that might stop the heat from getting in...but not sure if that's dangerous.
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2023.06.01 00:57 divine_shadow Anyone hiring? (Unique situation) Needed: Part-Time, ONLY mornings or Sundays, no more than 16 hours weekly. I keep getting the "you're over-qualified" nonsense.

So here's the situation. I'm employed full-time, at a low-paying job (with EXCELLENT benefits...County Worker) that will cover my monthly expenses just fine. It's relaxing, it gives me time to recover. (I'm autistic, and I tend to burn out easily)
UNFORTUNATELY, I had to have some emergency home repairs done (I own my home, mortgaged at least) due to a hot water heater failure and some weather damage to my detached garage. I HAD to put it on a card, and now I'm 7K in the hole...which at current I'll have paid off in like.....FOUR YEARS.
So, I'm looking for something easy and low-key, for a BIT of spare change to go towards my bill. I can ONLY work the specified times (Like in-between 6am-1pm Weekdays, or anytime on Sundays) as I work a hard 2nd-shift during the week, and I'd KILL for at least ONE actual day off per week. Keep getting the run-around about being overqualified, (my resume is FUCKED, because it's mostly management or Office Administator stuff) or they want open availability.
So, any ideas? Preferably North of Town since I live in Fairborn, and work downtown? Any help would be appreciated.
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2023.06.01 00:56 WeddingPlanningUMS Is this legal?

Is this legal?
Are they actually allowed to say “you have to pay someone to clean the carpets and we need proof” or “if you fix the walls it’s vandalism”? We have dealt with so much ridiculous from them I’m very much over it and cannot wait to be out of this place.
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2023.06.01 00:16 SabbyOfSableWine A human leaves a hickey on his alien lover. Her nestmate doesn't understand what a hickey is, and thinks the human injured her (whoops)

This is part of my little series about the adventures of Vr'ocria and Human Aldrick. If you'd like to read previous parts, they're linked below, along with brief summaries of each if you prefer to just jump right into the new installment:
Part One: Alien learns what "sleep" is and how humans prefer to do it in a comfy bed with blankets and pillows. And they find it utterly adorable.
Vr'ocria and Human Aldrick are sent on a survey mission together. Things go south, Aldrick makes sure they're safe, and then Vr'ocria learns what human sleep is and how vulnerable humans are when they sleep. Vr'ocria's people don't sleep, but enter stasis, a form of rest in which they typically stand, and they are still slightly aware of their surroundings. Vr'ocria finds human sleep utterly adorable, and also decides she will protect Aldrick while he sleeps. And she also develops a massive crush on him. (Her scales turning purple is her version of blushing)
Part Two: An alien + human adventure with such shenanigans as poison drinking, befriending dangerous wildlife, and fighting a space pirate. Oh, and they have a huge crush on each other.
Vr'ocria and Human Aldrick end up assigned together for another survey mission. Vr'ocria tries to deny her feelings for Aldrick after a tense conversation with her nestmate about the danger of humans, but when they're ambushed in the night by a pirate and Aldrick takes a blow to save her, becoming injured in the process, she comes to realize just how strongly she feels for him. She carries him to safety and the two share a tender moment, but nothing yet happens between them.
Part Three: When a cold-blooded alien has to cuddle a warm-blooded human for warmth
Vr'ocria and Human Aldrick are assigned to an ice planet for their next mission. Aldrick chews out Command for assigning Vr'ocria there when they know she's cold-blooded and not built for the cold, and when the power goes out, they cuddle to keep her from freezing. And they finally confess their feelings for one another.
On to the story!

Aldrick didn't ever want to move from this spot. Waking up in a beautiful woman's arms felt like a dream, and he still wasn't sure if it was real. As consciousness returned to him, he tilted his head back. Vr'ocria's head still rested on the pillow next to him. Her second eyelids were closed, the thin white membranes making her black eyes appear foggy. She was still resting in stasis.
Aldrick lazily trailed his fingers up her cheeks, across her forehead, all the way to the four ridges that ran up her sloped skull. The way her angular features and pointed ears sloped up towards the back of her head made her look…regal. Almost like she was wearing a crown. Her scales, which changed and flexed with her emotions, were at their neutral emerald green. However, the very tips of each individual scale nearly glowed a vibrant, dark pink. Vr'ocria had explained that the pink was triggered by strong feelings of love–as well as the result of a mating bond.
Mate. It wasn't a human concept. But the word still lit a fire in his heart.
Aldrick continued exploring Vr'ocria's body, slowly running his hands up her arms, tracing her shoulders, until he reached her back. Her spine seemed to buzz underneath his fingers, and he tried to recall what he knew about Ethyrian anatomy. They didn't have hearts, like humans did. Instead, their spine served a similar function, flushing their blood through the veins, but at a constant flow instead of a rhythmic pumping. At the moment, the buzzing was barely noticeable unless he felt for it, perhaps because she was so relaxed.
Still, he was surprised she hadn't woken from stasis yet. Ethyrians were still slightly aware of their surroundings while in stasis, unlike human sleep. Curious, he decided to see how much it took to rouse her.
He leaned forward and kissed the top of her head, between her two center skull ridges. Nothing.
He moved down to her left browbone. Nothing.
He kissed the tip of her nose. Still nothing.
Her cheek was next. Then just beneath her right eye. Her jaw. The crook of her neck.
Finally, she squeaked through her nose, a quiver running down the scales on her back. When he pulled back, her eyes were clear now and her scales had flushed purple. It had taken him a while to figure out that was her version of blushing, and he couldn't help grinning. "You're so cute," he chuckled. "I was trying to see how long it would take you to wake up."
She covered her face with her hands, but she was smiling. "How long were you doing that?"
"I got seven kisses in. You didn't notice?"
She pushed her chin out, pulling her neck up in a leisurely stretch. It reminded him of an Earth gecko. So damn cute.
Vr'ocria dropped her head back down with a sigh. "No," she mused. "I think I didn't register them as danger, so my defense mechanisms didn't kick in and alert me."
"But neck kisses are danger?"
"Neck kisses tickle," she giggled. She met his gaze with a mischievous glint in her eye. "Do it again."
Aldrick happily obliged.

The blizzard outside had finally died down enough for the power main to restore itself. Vr'ocria was grateful for the return of the heater, although she was still reluctant to leave Aldrick's warmth. But hunger finally drove the two of them out of bed, and together they headed to the kitchen to prepare breakfast.
While they were eating, Vr'ocria's communicator pinged. She glanced over. "Oh, it's my nestmate, Galek." She shot Aldrick an apologetic look, but he shook his head and waved her away.
"It's your family, go, take it!"
She smiled gratefully. "I'll be right back." She trodded back to the resting quarters and shut the door behind her. Taking a seat at the desk in the corner, she set the communicator down and pressed the button that allowed a holoscreen to appear. Galek's face smiled back at her, a bit grainy due to a bad connection, but there he was nonetheless. She beamed back at him.
"Hey, how've you been?" He asked. "I haven't seen you in so long, I had to call you."
She rested her chin in her hand. "I've been good. Great, actually," she said dreamily. She launched into a summary of the past few moon cycles and how she'd started taking on more away missions since Galek had suggested it.
But as she talked, a shadow crossed his face. "So you're still working with the human?"
Vr'ocria rolled her eyes. "His name is Aldrick. And he's been nothing but wonderful to me." She looked down, tracing the edge of the desk with her finger. "I like him."
Galek was silent. When she finally glanced back up, he looked angry. She frowned. "What?"
"You turned pink just now."
Vr'ocria glanced down, and sure enough, the tips of her scales had flushed pink.
She refused to meet his gaze.
"Vr'ocria. Did you mate him?" Galek demanded.
"I didn't mate mate him," she blurted defensively. "I only mate bonded him. Accidentally." She blushed purple. "We haven't done that yet."
"You BONDED him?" Galek exploded. "And YET? What does that mean? That you plan to?"
"No! Well, yes–I mean maybe–" she scoffed and threw her hands in the air. "We haven't gotten that far, okay? Humans court each other first, remember? Also, keep your voice down," she said in a lower tone. "He's in the next room."
"Galek, I will hang up on you, I swear to the moons–"
But Galek had abruptly fallen silent, leaning forward towards the screen with his eyes narrowed.
"What now?" She demanded.
"What's that on your neck?"
"On your neck. Is that a bruise?" His voice was dangerously low.
Vr'ocria stood and went to look in the small mirror hanging on the wall. Sure enough, there was a small bruise beginning to form on her neck.
Right where Aldrick had been kissing her.
Uh oh.
She slowly returned to the desk, a hand clasped over the bruise. She sat down. "It's nothing, I just slipped on some ice."
Galek's eyes bore a hole through her. "He did that to you, didn't he?"
"No!" Her protest was weak. She was never good at lying to Galek.
"You're a terrible liar." His voice was a low growl, a tone that she only ever heard when he was at peak protective-nestmate-mode. "I am going to kill him." She could see his hands shaking from where they were clasped in front of him, his scales bright yellow and standing on end. "I don't care if he's human, I don't care if he's a Union agent, I don't care–"
Vr'ocria threw her head back with a groan. "Shut up, you will not. It's nothing, it's just from a kiss."
"What in the planets is a kiss?"
"It's a human sign of deep affection," she quoted Aldrick, and couldn't wipe the girlish grin from her face as she recalled last night.
"Their 'affection' leaves bruises?" He looked close to bursting at the seams.
"Only that one time, because he was doing it so much." Her scales were a deep purple now. "Because I asked him to."
Galek stared at her in disbelief. "You…asked him to do that to you?"
She covered her face in pure embarrassment. "Planets, you're my nestmate," she groaned out between her palms. "I don't want to talk about this with you! All you need to understand is that I love him, and he loves me." Her spine buzzed at the last statement.
Galek crossed his arms, still looking upset.
Vr'ocria heaved a sigh. "Galek. When we were ambushed by that Norvidian, he saved my life. He protected me from an explosion and it almost killed him. You hear that? A human almost died! That doesn't happen! And he did it for me! And yesterday, you should've heard him tearing Command apart over the communicator for sending me to an ice planet."
Galek refused to meet her gaze. Only the crackle of the holoscreen filled the room.
"Okay, now you're just being stubborn," she snapped. "I'm not a hatchling anymore. I'm an adult and I can make my own decisions, and I've decided that I want to be with Aldrick." She slammed her hand on the table. "And you will respect him."
Galek remained in stubborn silence for a moment longer, before he finally blew out a breath and disappeared from the screen as he sank forward, presumably dropping his head to the table. "You know I'm just worried about you."
Vr'ocria softened. "I know."
He sat back up, rubbing his eyes. "You love him?"
"And he treats you right?"
Galek sighed. "Alright. Alright, fine. I'll be nice…and I'm sorry for being a jerk."
She smiled. "Thank you." She rose to her feet. "Now. I have to finish breakfast with my mate."
To his credit, Galek tried to stifle his groan.
When Vr'ocria emerged back in the kitchen, she found Aldrick looking concerned. "Everything okay? I heard yelling."
She plopped down at the table. "Galek is just protective of me. He's not too sure about…us."
"Oh." Aldrick picked at his nails. "Right. I mean, I understand why." He gave a strained smile. "I'm human, after all."
"Hey," she placed a hand on top of his to stop the picking. "Don't be like that, you're not a monster. Galek is a good guy. He's not unreasonable, he'll come around."
His expression softened as he squeezed her hand. Then his eyes drifted down her neck. "Oh shit, he saw that, didn't he? Fuck, Vr'ocria I'm so sorry–"
She could only laugh. "Stop, stop, it's okay. I mean…I kind of like it."
Aldrick turned red and couldn't meet her eye. "Just remind me not to leave hickeys on you when I meet your brother for the first time."
"Nowhere he can see, anyway," Vr'ocria said casually, taking a bite of cereal.
Aldrick choked on his juice.
Alright, that's about as spicy as this series is gonna get, so don't get your hopes up for anything more explicit than that, LOL. I just wondered what would happen when aliens discover hickeys, hehe.
Next chapter will have some space pirate action, so buckle up babes 🤠
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2023.05.31 23:01 khoafraelich789 Peugeot 408 (2023-): First drive review

Peugeot 408 (2023-): First drive review
Does the 408 have the substance to compete with more conventional family cars, or is it a niche too far?
The 408 is a large ‘fastback’ that claims to combine the practicality of an estate, the style of a coupe and the high driving position of an SUV. We’ve taken it on a first drive, ahead of our full, lab-tested review.

Note that this review is based on our initial drive of the Peugeot 408. Our full review and verdict (complete with the car's overall score, plus scores for safety, reliability and more) will be available to Which? members once all our extensive lab and road tests are complete.

Peugeot 408 overview
The Peugeot 408 is a five-seat family car that combines the raised driving position (but not the four-wheel drive) of an SUV with the styling of a four-door coupe. It sits above the 308 hatchback and below the 508 saloon in the Peugeot model range and shares interior design elements, including a uniquely small steering wheel, with these cars.

One petrol engine is available at launch, a 1.2-litre three-cylinder unit that produces 131hp. This is joined by two PHEV versions (the focus of this review), which both use a 1.6 litre, four-cylinder petrol engine and an electric motor to produce 180hp and 225hp, respectively. Both versions have a claimed EV driving range of 39 miles.

All versions of 408 are front-wheel drive and use an eight-speed automatic gearbox.

Peugeot currently offers three trim levels of 408 in the UK: Allure, Allure Premium and GT. Entry-level Allure versions feature cruise control, a 10-inch infotainment touchscreen and a reversing camera with rear parking sensors.

The mid-range Allure Premium model adds keyless entry, front parking sensors and adaptive cruise control, as well as blind spot monitoring. Top-end GT cars get adaptive ‘Matrix’ LED headlights, electric tailgate, heated steering wheel, automatic lane guidance and a unique Alcantara interior trim.

‘First Edition’ models were only available to order at the model’s launch, and were the most lavishly equipped, featuring 20-inch alloy wheels, a faster 7.4kW charging system (all First Edition models are 225hp PHEVs) and electrically adjustable front seats as standard.

What’s it like to drive?
We’ve driven the PHEV in its most powerful 225hp guise. Thanks to the generous amount of power available, this 408 accelerates quickly and evenly, and it fails to let up even at motorway speeds, although there is a slight delay after depressing the accelerator under harder acceleration, as the petrol engine comes into life and the power from both sources is transmitted to the front wheels.

Engine noise is kept in check well, though, and road noise is also minimal. There is some wind noise at high speeds, although it’s not so intrusive as to cause fatigue.

Thanks to a comfortable suspension system, bumps barely register in the cabin which helps to make the 408 an excellent long-distance cruiser, despite its very large 20-inch wheels. The low-speed ride quality is also very good although there is noticeably more fidget over bumps and potholes.

The eight-speed automatic gearbox that all 408 models are fitted with is slick and unobtrusive, to the point where you’ll barely notice its operation. It’s broad range of gears also helps to keep engine revs (and subsequent noise) to a minimum.

Even though the 408 isn’t the smallest or lightest family car, it corners very well, with limited amounts of body roll. Precise and direct steering helps to instil confidence in the driver, although it can feel slightly too responsive when driving in urban areas. The brakes are sharp and reassuring, too.

Unlike many manufacturers, Peugeot has left some physical climate control buttons in the cabin (for the heated windscreen and fan speed), although a heater temperature dial and volume knob are both absent. You’ll have to use the touchscreen itself to alter these and other climate control settings.

The quality of materials in the front of the cabin is mixed, with lots of harder plastics scattered through the dashboard, although many of these are of a high quality and feel better than they look.

The 10-inch infotainment touchscreen is located centrally in the cabin but is quite low down, making it hard to use when driving. That said, it is very responsive to inputs and has high-quality graphics that are easy to read. There are also six shortcut touchpads underneath it that help to navigate through the screen functions, making it slightly easier to use than some rival touchscreen systems.

An accompanying 10-inch digital instrument cluster is standard on all 408 models, with our test car also featuring 3D graphics that are very striking to look at, but the sheer amount of information on display can be difficult to read at a glance.

How reliable is the Peugeot 408?
We haven’t received enough information about the Peugeot 408 to assess its reliability. However, we have heard from enough Peugeot owners to rate the dependability of the brand as a whole. To find out more, head to our guide on the most reliable car brands.

How comfortable and spacious is it?
Getting in and out of the 408 is easy due to the slightly raised ride height that comes with the pseudo-SUV styling, and its usefully large door apertures. It's slightly more difficult in the rear: while the doors are also quite large, it’s harder to get into the back seats due to rear wheel-arches that reduce the available space, as well as a small footwell.

The front cabin is very spacious, with lots of head and legroom for even the tallest drivers. Cabin width is also very good and contributes to the overall feeling of space. The electrically adjustable seats of our test car are easy to set into a comfortable driving position.

Headroom in the outer rear seats is decent, although tall passengers will have their heads very close to the roof. Overall rear legroom is poor with the front seats set for six-footers, and there isn’t enough headroom for tall passengers to sit in the rear centre seat.

Peugeot claims that the PHEV we drove has 471 litres of boot space with the rear seats in use and 1,545 when they are folded away. Petrol-only versions have between 536 and 1,611 litres of space – both figures not to be sniffed at. We’ll confirm just how much usable boot space there really is once we’ve lab tested the 408.

There’s only a small lip between the boot floor and the rear bumper which helps when loading large and heavy items, with the wide boot aperture makes the space very easy to access. A small storage compartment under the boot floor has enough space to carry the charging cable, although the floor itself isn’t height adjustable. The rear seat backs only fold in a 60/40 configuration and don’t fold completely flat but are at least easy to operate.

How economical is it to run?
We can’t give a definitive figure on how much fuel the 408 consumes until we subject it to our full lab tests. Peugeot says that the 225hp PHEV we drove has a claimed fuel economy of 211.3-269.5mpg.

The less powerful 180 PHEV is claimed to be the most economical choice of the range, with claimed figures of 214.7-270.3mpg. As with all PHEVs, these figures are only feasible if you do most of your driving on battery power.

Both PHEVs have 12.4kW batteries that, according to Peugeot, are good for up to 40 miles of EV driving and can be charged in under 3.5 hours using the standard 3.7kW charging system at a 7.4kW wallbox. Charging from a three-pin socket should take 5.5 hours.

The 1.2 litre petrol has an official claimed average fuel economy figure of 41-48.1mpg.

How safe is the Peugeot 408?
Euro NCAP gave a four-star safety rating to the Peugeot 408 when crash tested in 2022, which is reasonable for a new car. Their chief concern was that its safety tests found the car’s autonomous emergency braking system (AEB) was slow to respond when detecting slow moving and stationary vehicles.

Plenty of safety kit, such as traffic sign recognition and lane assistance systems, is standard through the 408 range. Blind spot detection and rear cross traffic alert systems are standard on Allure Premium, GT and First Edition versions of the 408.

Peugeot 408: Which? first drive verdict

Price: from £31,050 (PHEV from £39,900)
Pros: Comfortable ride, large boot, quiet cabin
Cons: Limited rear headroom, mixed interior material quality

The 408 PHEV covers a lot of bases effectively and holds plenty of appeal - as long as you don’t regularly carry tall passengers in the rear. The fuel economy benefits of the PHEV model will also depend on your specific driving habits – the lower powered petrol version may suit your needs better.

Source: which co
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2023.05.31 22:28 Beginning-Werewolf79 Upgrading Water Heaters in My Apartment Building

Hey Reddit! I'm the owner and manager of a 5-unit apartment building located in the Bay Area. Currently, each unit has its own gas water heater, and as the ownemanager, I cover the expenses for water and the maintenance/replacement of the water heaters. The tenants are responsible for paying for gas usage.
I'm contemplating two options for upgrading the water heating system and would appreciate your insights:
Option 1: Purchase 5 outdoor gas tankless units, connecting each one to the respective apartment meter. I'm considering the Rheem Performance Plus 8.4 GPM Natural Gas Outdoor Tankless Water Heater.
Option 2: Invest in two or three higher-end, more efficient tankless gas water heaters connected in series, utilizing the owner's gas supply. The cost would be divided equally among the tenants through billing.
Now, here are my questions for you:
A) Which option do you recommend and why? I'm seeking advice on the most suitable approach based on factors such as efficiency, cost-effectiveness, and ease of maintenance. Your valuable insights will help me make an informed decision.
B) What brand, sizing, and series of outdoor natural gas water heater would you suggest for this application? Please share your recommendations for specific water heater models that would be well-suited for an apartment building of this size and in the Bay Area.
Thank you in advance!
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2023.05.31 19:46 OvremployedSnowflake (vent) Man they say the first few years of investing is rough but....

Coupled with my complete lapse in responsibility, a break up, a cross country move, and a handful of nightmare tenants/housing issues, this past late 2021-now has been horrible. I bought 5 new SFH rentals in September of 2021. I already owned 2 SFHs that were doing well. I didn't pay prorated 2021 or 2022 property taxes because I was strapped for funds so I let it slide but now Im STILL strapped for funds and I owe about 12k per year so..I owe around 20k in property taxes.
One of the houses I bought had a section 8 tenant in it that was awful, finally got her out in April of 2022. Cost me 10k to get the place rent ready again. Moved a new tenant in and he only paid rent twice. Took me a year to get him out. So now I owe 4k in rent ready fees again since that tenant didn't treat the place nicely either. (total expenses on this house for the year was close to 16k and I only received two rent payments of $800...)
I had another house that needed an expensive 6k roof repair in April 2022 that I was barely getting funding to support after having to drop 10k on the other place. That house was vacant for almost an entire year because I couldn't get funding quick enough. Someone broke in and stole the furnace and hot water heater too so, add another 4k to that tab. Due to the house being vacant for an entire year issues like plumbing and a random raccoon in the chimney crept up and cost me another 3-4k. Oh and on top of it the city is coming around saying the house isn't registered as a rental and I need to pay an $800 fine or do a rental inspection (and be prepared to fix anything they say needs to be fixed within 30 days) so I had to take the fine. (total expenses on the house was also close to 15-16k and I had not received any rent until about two months ago..)
Today I paid 9k towards my tax burden and I'm just so exhausted. I do have property management but they nickel and dime the shit out of me. Can't even transfer them the 9k through my bank without them wanting $30 for god knows what.

Note to self: pay your property taxes. Never use rental income to keep your personal shit afloat unless you're going to die.

If you're curious on a general breakdown of the properties: I own 6 houses in full. 1 house I have a H Loan on and the mortgage is $1200 a month on that. I really thought I set myself up for success by owning these places in full and my gross rental income is $6500 a month. My NOI *should* be around $3000. But with repair after repair, city red tape, taxes, etc. I'm struggling.
I actually now have two full-time jobs (combined salary of 310k for the past month, before that it was 190k) and a side gig watching dogs on Rover that brings in 5k a month consistently. My personal revenue is now 21k a month. My expenses are around 6k a month. For the majority of the past year my personal revenue was 16k so I only had 6-8k a month left over to put into these places but also, I had personal cc debt of 26k and I *just* paid it off. If you're wondering why so much cc debt, I already had 10k in cc debt from some car+pet related expenses when I broke up with my long term boyfriend and my expenses skyrocketed as I left him with everything and had to start over completely from scratch. My rent went from $800 a month to $2300 for example. I then moved from Michigan to The Bay for 6 months, then moved again to Portland OR.
So now I have no cc debt, I've covered all my rent ready fees, finally have tenants with good credit and no court records of eviction, and after paying 8k on property taxes I still owe 12k. I'm not nearly in as bad of a place as I was last year but paying off debt takes a loooong time. What other level headed person makes between 16-21k a month and has rental income to some degree and still has debt? After I pay off my debt Im going to have to aggressively rebuild my savings too. It's just a never ending cycle once you get in debt so obviously, don't get yourself in it.

Thanks for reading.
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2023.05.31 18:38 aaooppmm Should i move my snake away if i want to play loud music?

I have had hognose in my room for the past 2 years. Her enclosure is right next to a really big speaker connected to my tv, but it has never been an issue because i barely ever use it. Tomorrow i want to play some loud music for a couple of hours, because i'm inviting my friends over, and i'm wondering what should i do to avoid her being stressed. Should i just leave her be and cover the enclosure with a blanket? Or should i put her into a plastic box and leave a couple rooms away? She should be fine without a heater for a night, but i don't know what's better to do.
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2023.05.31 15:53 inthemix8080 Way too many rooms on the same breaker, looking for best approach to split current load.

My wife and I purchased a home a little over two years ago and it wasn't until we started using space heaters in the winter that we found out how undistributed the house was wired. It's a Cape style house with a connected two car garage. Garage has a living area above it: living room, wife's office, and half bath. Breakers were not labelled when be bought the house but once we started tripping the breaker regularly, I started the painstaking process of labelling. Through that exercise, I found the following rooms are all tied together onto a single 15A breaker:
Garage -Three wall outlets (one is connected to a spare refrigerator; others typically used for power tools) -Two ceiling outlets powering each garage door opener -Two 8ft and one 4ft flourescent light ballasts -Electric fan that kicks on when the dedicated aquastat senses baseboard water heater running to rooms above
Above Garage -Stairway light going to living area above garage -Six outlets and main light in living room -Two outlets in wife's office and main light -Whole half bath
2nd floor of main house -Stairway light going to second floor -All outlets and lights in all three bedrooms (biggest draws are space heater in winter, window A/C unit in summer, and a minifridge- only in the master bedroom, other bedrooms are unused) -Whole bathroom -Lights in attic
Needless to say, if we try heating the bedroom while my wife is in her office above the garage, also using a space heater, we trip the breaker. If any heater is on, even on low, and I need to use power tools in the garage, tripped again. It actually got to a point where my solution was to set up smart outlets in the bedroom with a routine so that when the heater is on, it turns off the outlet to the minifridge and visa versa (we only keep drinks in it anyway).
So, I'm looking for some feedback on how I can split this circuit. I'd say the first step is to start tracing and mapping the lines in the hope of coming across a junction box to split the circuit onto a new line to a new breaker. I purchased a Klein tools line tracer but haven't tried using it yet. Ideally, I'd want the garage to be on a 20A breaker given the fridge and power tools. There is a middle entryway between the main house and garage, like a mudroom, and it wasn't until after we bought the house that we discovered a little room/root cellar below it. It's through that room that the plumbing for the bathroom and many lines run through to get to the basement of the main house then over to the breaker. It may get tricky if I find that lines are running through the walls or ceiling of the middle entryway rather than through the bottom room where I have access.
Open to feedback/suggestions here on whether I'm on the right track.
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2023.05.31 14:32 ProfessionalSmoke296 Chances of being forgiven for negative upt

I went to work yesterday and just before lunch got a text from my landlord the hot water heater in my apartment exploded so obviously I ran home. Everything was flooded and my pets were there. I didn’t have time to cover it and hr was not at their desk. What are the chances I get forgiven the negative 5 hours?
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2023.05.31 14:25 SnooChipmunks8760 Daughter's 5g Tank

Daughter's 5g Tank
I used to keep fish about 10 years ago, but took a break because of moving a lot. Finally settled down and I have a 45g freshwater nano fish tank starting up, which inspired my daughter to want her own tank (she's 5). I decided to get her a 5g betta tank. I just wanted to throw out a couple questions now that it's set up, just to make sure everything seems ok before we pick out a betta.

  1. I let her pick pretty much everything in the tank, so it's maybe a little overcrowded with stuff. Does it seem like a potential issue with too much stuff?
  2. One of the towers of the castle broke off, but the edges don't feel sharp. Is it still safe to use, or should I put some aquarium silicone along the edges?
  3. I'd probably like to add shrimp and maybe a snail eventually, does it seem like enough cover for them that they'd be mostly safe?
  4. The thermometer that came with the kit currently says the water is 82ish degrees. The heater is a Top Fin 50W preset to 78 degrees, but it was on this morning. Is that going to be too warm for the betta?
  5. Any other questions/concerns you have? (I will add filter media from my 45g tank to "cycle" the tank.
Thank you all.
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2023.05.31 12:34 Woodpecker-Different Gas Boiler Advice

I’m currently living in the family home while I settle my deceased mum’s affairs and clear out the house.
I have little knowledge of boilers but I do know that the boiler is very old.
I’ve awoken this morning to no hot water and immediately put in my immersion heater - still no hot water.
When I touch the electrical cord at the top of the boiler, it is loose and emits sparks.
I have basic repair cover with British Gas, but it doesn’t cover electrical work.
My question is: do I need to get the electrical issue sorted before contacting the gas board?
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2023.05.31 12:31 RedditIndiaGuesser [female]( Guess the Subreddit this comment is from #560

Guess where this comment is from:
Male you have K,L,E & R BLOCKS i think
So R is apartment type in which each floor is divided into 5 sections each section having an attachmed toilet A sofa. 4 rooms per section has 1,2&4 person rooms (only AC) . You have two lifts and two sets of staircases covering 18 floors.closer to the PRP subway.mess is inside block
E block , non-ac only 2 Pearson rooms is available closer to TT subway. 4 floors one lift 2 staircase. 2 toilet for a floor .mess is outside block
Both r and e have single beds r in made of wood while e is made of metal both blocks have good toilets in my experience when I was there. R had a centralized heater for water when I was there. E and other blocks has 2 gycer per toilet
K block only 6 and 4 beds . 9 floors Bunker beds.mess in block
L block 2/1,2,3,4,6 beds . It has both type of beds. Mess in bloc
Edit: Q block is the largest block (tallest is R) it has 2,3,4,6,8 beds each floors have four 8 beds(i don't know the exact number) but out of which two 8 beds are basically basketball courts. It is a non apartment which means you have 2 toilets per floor. And 4-6 lifts the q block store is pretty good.also i hear their mess is not that good but idk how much of this is true since i haven't tried it.
Write your guesses like this: RedditIndiaGuesser
You can find all the possible subreddits here
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2023.05.31 11:35 Negative_Currency_26 Waterstar: Enhancing Your Pool Experience with Quality Swimming Pool Equipment

Waterstar: Enhancing Your Pool Experience with Quality Swimming Pool Equipment
When it comes to maintaining and optimising your swimming pool, having the right equipment is essential. Waterstar is a renowned name in the industry, offering a wide range of high-quality swimming pool equipment to enhance your pool experience. In this blog, we will explore the exceptional offerings of Waterstar, highlighting how their top-notch pool equipment can ensure a clean, safe, and enjoyable swimming environment.
Efficient Filtration Systems
Waterstar understands the importance of clean and clear water in a swimming pool. They offer efficient filtration systems that effectively remove dirt, debris, and impurities, ensuring crystal-clear water. Whether you choose a sand filter, a cartridge filter, or a state-of-the-art diatomaceous earth (DE) filter, Waterstar's filtration systems provide optimal performance and exceptional water clarity. These systems are designed to minimise maintenance and maximise the effectiveness of your pool's filtration process.
Robust Pool Pumps
Pool pumps play a crucial role in circulating water through the filtration system and keeping the pool water clean and healthy. Waterstar offers high-quality pool pumps that are energy-efficient, durable, and designed for quiet operation. These pumps provide powerful water circulation, ensuring effective filtration and preventing the buildup of algae and bacteria. With Waterstar's pool pumps, you can enjoy a clean and properly circulated swimming pool while minimising energy consumption.
Advanced Pool Automation
Waterstar takes pool management to the next level with its advanced pool automation systems. These innovative systems allow you to control and monitor various aspects of your pool with ease. From adjusting water temperature and controlling pool lighting to managing water features and scheduling equipment operations, Waterstar's automation systems put you in complete control. With user-friendly interfaces and remote access capabilities, you can conveniently manage your pool settings from anywhere, making your pool experience more convenient and enjoyable.
Safety and maintenance equipment
Waterstar recognises the importance of safety and maintenance in pool ownership. They offer a range of essential equipment to ensure a safe and well-maintained swimming pool. This includes pool covers to protect against debris and prevent accidents, pool cleaners to remove dirt and maintain cleanliness, and pool heaters to provide comfortable water temperatures throughout the year. Additionally, Waterstar provides a variety of pool accessories, such as ladders, handrails, and steps, to enhance accessibility and safety for swimmers of all ages.
Exceptional customer service
Waterstar is committed to delivering exceptional customer service. Their knowledgeable team is dedicated to helping you select the right equipment for your specific pool needs. They provide guidance on installation, maintenance, and troubleshooting, ensuring that you have a seamless and hassle-free experience. With Waterstar, you can rely on their expertise and support to make the most of your pool equipment and enjoy a safe and enjoyable swimming experience.
Waterstar is a trusted name in the swimming pool industry, offering high-quality equipment to enhance your pool experience. From efficient filtration systems to advanced automation, safety equipment, and exceptional customer service, Waterstar ensures that your pool remains clean, safe, and enjoyable. Choose Waterstar for reliable and top-notch swimming pool equipment that enhances your pool ownership experience.
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2023.05.31 06:53 MrLittleJeans_11 I have a boiler (separate from the hot water heater, for baseboard heating). I’m going out of town and will be turning off the water main. Should I turn off the boiler too? The thermostats are set to where it shouldn’t call for heat, but it’s old and crazy.

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2023.05.31 03:58 Any_County1353 Budget sealed-ish system, bagged HEPA (ish) vacuum? Does this exist? Cleaning up super fine fiberglass dust.

Relevant info is mostly in the subject line.
Had a fiberglass mattress until couple years ago; successfully deep cleaned, but overlooked ONE item in storage. Brought that item to my new home and re-contaminated everything (the fibers break down continually into smaller particles). I’ve managed to deep clean everything except the carpet, so there’s still super fine glass fiber dust settling around the house every couple days, despite 3 air filters running 24/7. Not good for my pets, clothing, skin, etc.
I have about 50/50 vinyl flooring and carpet. Giving up on getting fiberglass dust out of the carpet; planning to replace it with vinyl flooring once I get landlord’s permission. I've literally just covered all carpet with plastic for now.
Rather than purchase an expensive vacuum to attempt salvaging the carpets, I want to simply upgrade from my Shark Navigator. It has a HEPA filter which is nice, but it’s far from sealed and makes things worse. I will likely only use the new vacuum on the hard flooring (+ baseboards, cleaning up pet bird messes, & maybe car upholstery). I can use my Bissell shampooer to manage the carpet til it’s ripped out.
Lurking this subreddit has taught me bagged > not bagged. Makes sense because I don’t want to dump out a canister of fiberglass dust anywhere, ever. There’s not enough PPE in the world.
Fully sealed-system HEPA vacuums seem to be pricey. My budget is like $400 max, but I’ll likely get something from Amazon Warehouse for way less.
Does anyone know what is the most sealed-ish, HEPA-ish thing for my price range?
And I should not trust Vacuum Wars, right?
I appreciate literally any help. Fiberglass is the bad place.
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2023.05.31 03:50 baserock Need help with a soda spill...

2022 CX-9 Carbon. Over the weekend, an entire large McDonalds coke was emptied into the front cup holder and passenger seat. We cleaned up what we could, but a lot of it soaked into the seat and through the openings of the cup holder. Has anyone dealt with something like this?
I want to just take it to a detail shop, but not sure if they will be able to take off the seat cover and get under the cup holder between the armrest and shifter. Are there any repair manuals available for the 2022? I can take apart the panels, but don't want to break anything, and I don't know how these go together anyways. I would rather go this route, but with the fans, heater and tons of crap in the seat, I can bet it's going to take a bit of time.
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2023.05.31 03:28 Suspicious-Poetry221 Two instant water heaters as home boilers? Thoughts ?

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2023.05.31 00:32 newgirlie Heater for 5,000 gallon saltwater in-ground pool (oval shaped 20'x11')?

I have a very small saltwater pool, about 5000 gallons. We've tried using a liquid solar cover but haven't noticed much difference in temperature. I have a few questions:
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2023.05.31 00:15 mecaseyrn Clueless owner, help!

Last fall we had a fiberglass pool with saltwater chlorinated installed. This is our first season of swimming. The pool company is less than helpful on guiding us on what exactly I need to keep it clean. Today the company was by to do its maintenance and they told me the chlorine level is sky high. We had a solar cover on it while away on vacation and he told us never to use the solar cover. We do have a gas heater but I was trying to keep the costs low there by using solar cover.
Does a solar cover really increase chlorine level and why? How long until we can swim?
What all do I need to keep pool clean? Best water chemistry kit? Must haves for pools?
Please help me
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2023.05.30 23:51 Shhhnooneshere Should I patch the drywall or just re-add the new baseboard?

Basically what the title says. We had a very small leak under the kitchen sink that we’re now completely drying out after having to cut through the drywall. Good news is there wasn’t standing water, no mold (that we can see), and the drywall we cut out can be completely covered by the baseboards. The question I have is, do I need to do a drywall patch first, or can I just cover the entire thing with a baseboard and call it good?
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2023.05.30 22:12 AlecJTrevelyan Help with Running new 4" Vent through Existing Roof Boot

I need to run a Diversitech C-VENT3 concentric vent through my roof. Previous installer had the tankless unit running via "power vent" (just sucking in air from closet). This is for a Navien NPE-240a2. Navien has confirmed this specific concentric vent is compatible with the unit. I went up on the roof and was surprised by what I found. It appears to be a TPO/rubber flat roof. Previous installer used the existing hole from a double walled metal vent for traditional water heater. I can't cut this thing open to figure out what I'm dealing with before I start working on it. Instead, I'm trying my best to just plan accordingly. The new concentric vent I need to run through the hole has a 4" PVC pipe, so 4 1/2" OD. From inside the attic, the remnants of the existing metal vent is 4 1/2" diameter.
Photo Album Here:
  1. Any issues you guys see with me cutting out the existing setup and running the new vent through the same hole?
  2. At the base of the boot, there seems to be some kind of thick tape. I'm not a roofer - but I have seen that thick rubber "self bonding" tape used on boots before. I believe that is what this is covered in Henry's wet patch or similar product.
  3. I cannot tell from just looking at it if the vertical part of the vent coming out of the roof is PVC or the original metal vent. Any tips on how I could check without puncturing holes? My initial thought was to turn the gas off, turn the off, and take a tiny drill bit to it and see if the shavings were white plastic for PVC or metal. Don't want to do that unless I absolutely have to though.
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