Wheel horse tractor

Wheel Horse Tractors

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Royal Enfield Himalayan ADV Moto enthusiasts community... Share your pure adventure experiences with the Himalayan AKA THE TWO WHEEL TRACTOR!. Ps-Respect everything human on the sub.

2017.07.19 18:51 quiteabitdicier A place for adult gymnasts

This sub is for adult athletes who practice the sport of gymnastics, including: * Women's Artistic: Floor, Vault, Beam, Uneven Bars * Men's Artistic: Floor, Vault, High Bar, Parallel Bars, Rings, Pommel Horse * Trampoline & Tumbling: Trampoline, Power Tumbling, Double Mini, Synchronized Trampoline * Rhythmic * Aerobic * Acrobatic * Gymnaestrada * Gymwheel (German Wheel)

2023.06.03 23:25 MsTuffsy Where to get pine pellets in bulk?

Does anyone know where to get large cheap bags of pine pellets in the SFV? I live in the west valley and currently make a trek to Tractor Supply in Moorpark to get a bunch of 40 lbs bags of horse bedding every few months but hoping there’s somewhere closer.
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2023.06.03 21:09 SexyTruckDriver Should I try getting this over the gt350? I understand getting one early may be impossible due to demand. Sweet car though, I’m in love 😍

Should I try getting this over the gt350? I understand getting one early may be impossible due to demand. Sweet car though, I’m in love 😍 submitted by SexyTruckDriver to Mustang [link] [comments]

2023.06.03 20:29 iWentRogue For those familiar with the developers, how likely are they to change UI features and or implement QoL changes.

I know this topic has been beaten to death. But i can’t believe they fumbled this. With the variety of traversal options this game has, the horse shouldn’t be a priority.
I never use the horse because for some weird gameplay reason, they decided towards whistling only working in proximity to the animal. Why this is a thing? No idea. Games like Witcher has it so the horse spawns in.
Anyways - sidetracked.
I’m at the point where i have all Vows and want to keep them active so i’m not menu dipping everytime i need them. Take the map option off the wheel and replace with horse whistling, add a Vow wheel when holding down on D pad that brings up the Vows and you activate them in correspondance of their buttons (X, Y, B, A)
So my question is, how likely are the developers to see this feedback and implement it?
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2023.06.03 19:25 Kdubzz1985 2006 with 243k ...

2006 with 243k ...
I replace the starter put an aftermarket aluminum radiator in it k&n air filter that a muffler and resonator delete added a straight pipe the r18 is straight f****** bulletproof and if an economy motor that has quite a bit of pep and is easily tunable throw a TSI supercharger on it and a Cat-Back exhaust and you're pushing 220 wheel horses
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2023.06.03 19:20 BichtopherColumbitch Improving in the sport - how to get serious about riding?

Hello reddit equestrian community! I've noticed you're all keen as heck on your horsey know-how, and I'd like to pick your brains on some concrete riding instruction.
I would love your recommendations on books, and theories, and possibly hearing about your personal journeys to reaching ribbons for your riding.
I just signed myself up for lessons and after two lessons I feel like I'm just getting the usual "get them heels down" comments. Sometimes it feels like I'm riding a spaceship and I don't know what to do with my hands (LOL).
What I have is over a decade of theoretical knowledge with holes. I'd like to go to a concrete rubric and start checking off boxes to become a proficient rider.
The thing is, I'm beyond the simple instruction phase. I've been riding for a long ass time. I know everyone says that, but I've been trotting around plopping over jumps in lessons since I was about 10, where I had the chance to be indoctrinated into the sport by riding all kinds and manners of horses at a sort of summer-camp-sale-barn type of situation. Wheeling and dealing horses with the help of slave labor, I was able to live as a full-fledged barn rat. My farrier recognizes I'm worth my salt for having done all sorts of cowboy shit to ride with those people...he says he worked for them for a short time before he stopped answering their calls, but at least I got to ride literally everything under the sun. Not only ride but deal with the plethora of health problems that come to a farm with 60ish horses! When I was old enough to recognize the sketchy shit going on I moved on to some better instruction where I dabbled in pony club, showing, and even got some Provincial "rider levels" under my belt. I took a break when I was 20 just to go to school, and when I came back I bought my horse; a green 5 year old Clydesdale with about 3 months' start under saddle by a reputable licensed and registered trainer in my area.
Even though I've owned my horse for 6 years, I still feel like I'm just coming back into the sport aspect of riding. Owning a horse without owning an endless budget is a sport all on its own - tack fitting, nutrition, and horse fitness and general animal husbandry are all their own disciplines. It would be nice to just have my horse at a barn with a wise coach who could critique everything I do, but I think I do well with what I have. My guy gets the whole winter off which amounts to 6+ months. Our arena is fallowed fields, laneways and forest trails! I try to do more than trails, I do try to teach him skills in self-carriage and body awareness, but I am well aware that I'm not a seasoned professional with ribbons to show for it (although we did really well at a county fair a couple of years ago I still attribute it to cuteness points :p). He exhibits nice bend when asked, is aware of his hind and fore-end and turns on either; on the ground and sort of under saddle. When he's back in shape he rides into a nice frame. He's a pleasure to ride, and I think that says something! But that's all him.
I realize that warming up an unfinished horse and reminding him how to move every spring may actually be a detriment to my riding. Green and green don't mix, but I'm in this annoying place where I know quite a few things in theory, just haven't really worked with a professional or been able to school on a finished horse to put my money where my mouth is and get that critique.
My riding is OK. My riding is at about a level 4 according to this rubric (since that's where I left off before I went off to school) https://ontarioequestrian.ca/wp-content/uploads/2017/10/EC-EDP-ENG_RUBRIC-COMPILATION_2016.01E.pdf I think my time is best spent setting some achievable goals, taking a specific set of riding theory seriously, and actually think about pinpointing what's not working with my position.
Someone once told me that "when learning an art, people get stuck practicing the wrong technique really hard for many years and wonder why they have never improved". I don't want to be in an endless cycle of "keeping my heels down", I want to build off of my knowledge and succeed in my goals, or if I'm not achieving them, know how to change courses to make sure that I do eventually achieve them!
I know we have the whole internet at our fingertips so I am never without potential resources, there are some great videos on youtube that we didn't have when I started riding. Beyond simple instruction though, please let me hear all of your thoughts, share your resources, and tell it to me straight! I will read and value any ideas or experiences you are kind enough to share.
Thanks for reading :) please feel free to share
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2023.06.03 18:49 reverendblinddog Honda's instructions on riding a motorcycle (c 1962) - for the US market.

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2023.06.03 17:41 InnateJ Gave the old girl a wash today - the car I mean

Gave the old girl a wash today - the car I mean
Gave the car a wash today and thought I’d share. 2014 F33 435i. I’ve had the car for 6 years and I still love it the same (if not more) as the day I picked it up. I’ve included a photo of the stock car too for those interested ✌️fully prepared for the “I prefer it stock” comments, but I purchased the car with this vision in mind, so I never intended on keeping it stock.
Estoril blue, gloss black grilles, m sport side skirts, rear diffuser, spoiler and accent pieces. Riger front lip. M performance exhaust with carbon tips. Tinted windows all round, fronts are light though - headlights tinted to match. Wheels are 403M painted metallic graphite (3 are currently kerbed 😩 but getting them sorted soon). I’ve recently fitted the GTS tail lights which look great, didn’t have them on for these photos though. I’ve also got the 6WB digital cluster which really helped update the interior. Performance wise, only a stage 1 map with an upgraded Masata charge pipe and a MST cold air intake. I felt the extra weight from the convertible roof needed a few more horses to compensate and it’s perfect now - plus the cold air intake noise never gets old 😂
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2023.06.03 17:31 Blubber28 Gathering Storm Round 2 - The results!

Gathering Storm Round 2 - The results!
Good day to everyone! Here are the results for round 2 of the Gathering Storm competition.
First, I want to start off with an apology for taking so long. I wish I had been able to give the results sooner, but unfortunately, May was quite an eventful month for me. Finding the time to make this post has been difficult, as writing it takes up quite some time. But, alas here it is, and I hope you will excuse the long waiting time.
I also want to quickly mention that the next round will take place at some point after the internal space rework has rolled out, likely somewhere in July. If you like these competitions, keep an eye on the subreddit by then, and consider participating in a different competition in the meantime :)
With that out of the way, I do want to thank everyone who participated. I loved seeing some of you mention that getting the vehicle up to 50 km/h was quite a challenge, as that was exactly what it was meant to be :). Some of you have been in competitions before, while there were also some newcomers. With 8 participants, I feel like I am still able to rank all entries and give them a review. If we do at some point reach over 10, I may start to limit the number of entries discussed in the result posts, but I don't think we'll get there soon XD.
I have changed the scoring again, making armour its own category (with less weight due to the nature of this round). It was somewhat clunky for me to properly adjudicate points to it as a subcategory of 'utility,' like it was previously. This system should be much better at rewarding additional protection overall.
As always, I will also mention that while certain designs were better than others, I could tell that every single one had effort and thought put into it. In this particular round, you were asked to design an alternate universe Type 97 Chi-Ha, and I believe all (well, most, I'll get to that) designs offered an alternative worthy of consideration.
With that out of the way, let's get into the meat of this post: The results!
8th place: The Type 97 "Zako" by u/benkavin.
This vehicle was certainly an interesting one to test out. I myself was quite surprised it ended up as the lowest ranked entry, as u/benkavin is quite a seasoned competition participant, ending up in the category top 5's of TEABAG several times. So, I will summarize why. As a quick disclaimer though, there is a method to the madness, and what I will say, I mean in a more playful manner rather than an offensive one. Please take that into consideration as you read the roast review of this vehicle.
So, what is there to like about this tank? Several things, actually. It has a very low and generally small profile, which helps with its stealth. All this space is efficiently used, as all three crewmembers get the full cubic meter of space. Its engine is in the front, acting as an additional layer of protection, while the sprocket and transmission are in the back to spread the weight better. The radio antenna can be pushed out of the way when the turret turns, meaning it will not restrict turret movement. The suspension is simple (coil springs) and should be relatively easy to maintain. I also quite like the shape of this tank - especially the front part. It also clearly advertises that this is a light and nimble vehicle.
Now, onto the less good parts.
Some of the more observant among you may have noticed some flaws already. To start off with some visual/constructional flaws: The air vent in the direct front forms a weakspot, the exhaust blocks most of the driver's vision, and the protrusion at the back prevents the turret from rotating 360° and doesn't serve a particular purpose as far as I could tell. While the shape of the vehicle is quite nice in my opinion, it did lack any national decals or insignia. The suspension itself ingame is not well designed, and the vehicle bounces around on any bumps it crosses, so much so that I had to steer when driving over the testing bumps to stay on them.
The backside protrusion blocks the cannon
Needless to say, due to these flaws it scored quite low in the aesthetics and mobility categories. The armour protection was up to standard after a small revision, but not much more than necessary. In utility, it performed better in some aspects; it had 17° gun depression, 100% crew space, albeit for 3 crewmembers. There was one peculiarity where it rose above the competition, as it had a gearbox with only 5 gears in total (4f, 1r) to bring it up to the required 50 km/h. Still, it is sadly not enough to escape the last position.
The pitch for this vehicle is quite short, but well made and nicely edited as pictures. While the limited length and the disclaimer at the end limit the salesmanship effectiveness, the rest makes up for it somewhat, meaning the pitch got a decent score overall.
So, all this makes it the bottom-scoring entry for this particular round. And yet, with all this taken into account, this is one of my favourite entries. Now, you may wonder, why? Well, as I mentioned, there was a method to this madness. In one of the comments under the pitch Reddit post, our builder mentions the name means "Inferior Fish," and that this vehicle was designed by Chinese sympathizers in occupied Manchuria. This made me chuckle somewhat, as it puts a lot of the flaws into context. This also explains why the entry is at the bottom of the competition; it was made bad intentionally. It is the sprocket entry equivalent of purposefully failing a test, something that many people argue to be just as hard as succeeding on a test.
So, with that, I take my hat off to you, u/benkavin, for purposefully creating a severely flawed vehicle and creating a decent pitch to try and sell it off to the invaders. While it did not win you the competition, I suspect that that was never the intent with such an entry. You can be very proud of your bottom score, as your vehicle excelled in what you made it to be.
7th place: The Type 6 Ke-Ha by u/Face_Stabbed.
A returning participant from round 1, which is nice to see. This vehicle, while its overall score was low, has some interesting qualities.
It had a decent score in utility, mostly due to the large amount of fuel it carries: 860l in total, more than any other vehicle in the competition, which would enable the vehicle to perform long-distance operations with ease. It also carried the most ammunition, with 186 37mm rounds in total. It gave its three crewmembers maximum space, and fulfilled the preferred 6-speed gearbox. It also features three machine gun mounts; two at the front and one at the back of the turret.
It didn't score great in the aesthetics category. Not because I think this is an ugly vehicle by any means, but rather due to the lack of national characteristics. I like the angular shape of the front, the protrusion at the back of the turret for the radio and machine gun, and the sponson shape at the front and back. It also looks very believable; you can easily imagine three crewmembers sitting quite comfortably within this vehicle. However, it does not exactly look like a Japanese vehicle, neither in shape nor in the details. There are also no national decals of any kind present, meaning that there was a small point reduction there.
Its mobility and armour protection scores were adequate overall, though this vehicle suffered somewhat from the steering. It felt quite sluggish, both at low and high speeds. This made driving it difficult at times. My advice is to have a stronger first gear. This generally improves steering, especially at low speeds. The frontal hull armour does offer great protection due to the angling, and will likely bounce most things the Chinese could throw at it.
The pitch was well-written; it had a logical structure and laid out the vehicles' characteristics very well. From reading it, you can really tell that it was carefully designed. It also included a stat sheet, and was decent at salesmanship.
While this is near the bottom in the ranking, this is by no means a bad vehicle. I recommend keeping in mind the country that you are designing for, and trying to make the best of the space available, as there was a lot of free room left in the vehicle. With that advice, I would not be surprised to see you rise up in future competitions, as this design shows you have a great foundation in your sprocketeer skills!
6th place: The Type 96 Te-Ha by u/Legodudelol9a.
Now, I cannot help but feel that this vehicle does look a little bit cursed, with the huge turret on the small hull. However, this is because it is re-using parts from existing designs submitted to other competitions. As refurbishing old tanks or creating designs using older parts wasn't out of the question in real life, I think it is an acceptable reason. Also, while it is not mentioned in the pitch, I do like to think that this is the reason the name is from the year before (Imperial Year 2596, or 1936 in the Roman years).
Now, let's start with the review. This vehicle had a stellar score in utility, and scored the second highest in that category. From past experience, this seems to be a bit of a trademark for our moderator, as he's quite good at fitting a lot in a tight space. Or, to word it slightly less like an innuendo, he is quite good at using the available space. This tiny vehicle has 104 37mm rounds, 800l of fuel, nearly 20° of gun depression, maximum space allocated to four crewmembers, and three machine guns.
The latter is also one of its flaws, however. Simply put, I think putting two machine guns that close to each other may make them nearly impossible to use, as they are likely in each other's way. The hull does also seem to be too small to realistically fit the driver and all the other hardware listed previously. Other than that, it does have the typical Japanese characteristics in its shape, especially with the asymmetrical turret.
Its score in mobility was very mixed. It is the first vehicle reviewed here that managed to surpass the 50 km/h, topping out at around 50.8 km/h. It overcame all required obstacles and its steering was very smooth at all speeds, most likely due to the short length of the hull. However, it was the joint worst scoring entry on the obstacle course, together with the Type 97 "Zako." It suffered from the same issues; only three wheels with a very stiff suspension means that it just bounces around while trying to drive. It definitely lost out on a lot of points in that regard, but it was likely a necessary sacrifice to help cross the trench and climb the step obstacle.
The frontal hull and turret armour are thicker than requested, making it quite durable in a hull-down position, which is complemented by the great gun depression. Other than that, the armour fulfills the requirements and not much more. The pitch was well-structured and laid out the details of the vehicle well, but sometimes it felt more like a technical summary rather than a sales pitch. While those details are important, they are not the main reason that makes the pitch stand out to potential buyers.
All in all, I am once again surprised at all the utility that fits in such a small machine. A decent entry overall.
5th place: The Type 19 Ha-To by u/bonnibelio.
Now we get to the top five entries. This was the first submitted entry to this particular round, and by a first-time participant no less. This is a solid first entry overall. In fact, it managed to score a category win in the newly made 'armour' category. While this category had a lower weight this round due to the nature of Japanese tank design, it is no mean feat.
Its frontal protection went up to 50mm effective armour in places, and this was not just on small spots. The lower and upper glacis, as well as the sponsons and the turret side were well protected. Even then, the actual thickness of the flatter plates was 25mm on the hull and 30mm on the turret. These are significant differences, meaning that even dedicated anti-tank guns of the time will struggle to penetrate the front at a long to medium range. Even on the sides, the plate behind the tracks is 25mm thick, meaning they too are tough to crack.
This added armour did somewhat impact the top speed, but it did manage to get to the required 50 km/h. It was also able to climb all required inclines and had a very well set up twin-transmission for both acceleration and steering. However, while I tried my best to overcome the 0.5m step, I wasn't able to do it. I even tried it backwards, but sadly it refused to climb it, no matter the method. So unfortunately I had to deduct some points there.
The pitch was well structured and had some great pictures to go along with it, but it was lacking in salesmanship and era-appropriateness. This is likely due to the text itself being quite short. Now I don't require an essay referencing historical documents, of course, but I would say this area has the most room for improvement. Why were the Japanese looking for a tank, and why should it be yours? What is it expected to face, and what does this vehicle bring to the table to meet that threat? Those kinds of questions should be answered in a solid pitch, and they are not. I think if you keep them in mind in the future, that they will be of great use in writing your future pitches.
In terms of utility, the Type 19 surpasses some of the requirements. It gets some bonus points for the 700l of fuel, and in addition offers a good 18,0° of gun depression, four crewmembers with decent space, more than one MG mount, and 6 gears per transmission.
The aesthetics were also good, though it did also miss out on some points here. So, first of all, this vehicle very much looks the part of a Japanese tank, especially with the turret. However, it does look much more like a late-war design rather than an early-war one. I don't think this is surprising given the great Chi-Nu replica that u/bonnibelio was also working on, but it does mean it loses a point for era-appropriateness. The turret and hull look nice, but the hull does feel a little squished to me. I think crawling in there would have been difficult at the very least. The design does make great use of crewparts and decals to decorate the tank, as you can see here:
There are decals that decorate certain parts of the tank, like the cupola, the custom fuel port, the plates on the turret, and the protective bars around the exhaust. I've seen parts and decals been used as decoration many times, but using them in tandem like this is a great skill, and it is executed very well on this design.
All in all, this design is a good entry, especially for a first-time participant. u/bonnibelio, you can be proud of your creation.
4th place: The Type 4 Kin no Suisei (Ki-Su) by u/mei9k.
Another great entry from a first-time participant. Some of you may immediately see the resemblance to the old Type 89 I-Go (Chi-Ro) medium tank, the first domestic design by the Japanese. As it played a major role in the conquest of Manchuria in the early 30's, seeing a tank clearly evolved from that design for the later China campaigns is not out of the question.
This vehicle had a shared top score in aesthetics. This is likely not a surprise if you take the time to look at the tank. It is a very unique looking machine, yet it makes sense given the history. It received top marks for national identity and a very high score for historical accuracy as well. I was also quite happily surprised to see the return of using placable plates for decoration, something that was much more popular back when rivets were not a thing yet in the game. And it looks great on this machine! The plates are all very neatly worked into the shape of the design.
The turret has the typical round-ish shape with a machine gun sticking out the back, with nicely smoothed out plates. The hull, as mentioned, is very reminiscent of the Type 89 medium tank in its shape. In the pitch, it is said to be inspired by the cavalry riding horses, and one could see the resemblance. On top of the great shape, there is also plenty of details to look at, including custom wooden/bamboo boxes for stowage, access hatches for the engine, crew hatches in the turret and the front, and a special protrusion for the driver. I do imagine it may be quite tight for his legs, though, given how far forward the driver's visor is. Other than that, no major drawbacks were found aesthetics-wise.
And, well, they also made a variant with rust and decay, which looks pretty sick tbh:
Freshly dug-up out of the mud
While the looks were the best part of this machine, it is not its only quality. While the armour fulfilled the minimum and did not exceed it significantly in any place, the mobility score was also quite good. It manages to almost reach 51 km/h, so it was among the faster entries in the competition. It managed to overcome all necessary obstacles, and its steering was very smooth as well. Despite its strong suspension, the ride was relatively smooth over bumps - mostly because of speed and smaller roadwheels.
Its utility score was on the lower side, which is not surprising given the small size of this tank. It carried the required fuel, ammunition, has three crewmembers at full space, and offers 17,0° of gun depression, and used the 57mm cannon, but that is all.
Another strong point of this entry was the pitch. It is well structured, and takes the historical context of the designed vehicle's task into account. It lays out the details of the vehicle well and has good pictures to accompany it. A solid pitch and entry overall, especially for a first-time participant.
3rd place: The Nanakyū-shiki keisensha Kehe (Type 97 Ke-He) by u/Nicholpher.
Our bronze medalist is not a first-time competition participant, but is relatively new still. However, this did not stop them from making a killer entry. Just from a first glance, you can already tell that this is a nicely compact design, and from testing it I can confirm that it uses its space to the fullest.
The top half of the scores in Utility were all very close, and this design was among them. Within this small machine, there is 800l of fuel, 6 gears, and four crewmembers at maximum space all cramped together. This entry also has the best gun depression out of all entries, sporting an impressive 19,8° on the 57mm anti-infantry cannon. It also has two machine guns; one in the mantlet for the gunner and another in the back for the commander. This makes it a well-rounded machine overall in the intended theater.
It managed to get the category win in mobility, even though it was not the fastest entry. But as I was grading it, I found that several machines had some shortcomings of some kind. Some had a bumpy suspension, others had trouble steering, etc. This one just does everything good. It overcame all obstacles, performed a smooth ride on the testing bumps, and had great steering capabilities at all speeds. This was mostly due to a very well-tuned twin transmission. In essence, this vehicle shows that good mobility does not always equal great speed.
With the great mobility score, it will not come as a surprise that the armour score was not the highest. Although there was increased protection on the hull rear and turret sides that the crew would appreciate, if only for morale.
Aesthetics wise, this entry scored decently as well. There wasn't any particular subcategory where it over or underperformed in this regard. It had a good national identity and era-appropriateness score, and it looks decently realistic in shape as well (i.e. it looks like humans would fit inside). It makes great use of crew parts to add further functionality like the smoke launchers. It also features the two hatches for the two transmissions in the front, a great detail to add. Interestingly, it doesn't feature any national flags, but it does have several markings on it that look like production numbers or slogans. As such, I did reduce the points gained from the decals slightly, but it's still a positive score.
Finally, we arrive to the pitch, which also had a good score overall. The presentation format is interesting, with the Japanese on top and English below. This did make reading somewhat harder due to the separation, but the text itself was well-written and well-structured. The various capabilities of the vehicle are laid out and highlighted, explaining some of the decisions made in the design process. The pictures were nicely framed, but I felt that the filter takes away a lot of the detail within, so it scored a little lower in that regard. Still, a solid pitch and entry overall, and a worthy receiver of the bronze medal.
2nd place: The Type 97 Ke-Ho by u/Cardinal_Reason.
Our silver medalist is also a relative newcomer, and like the previous entry they too did an excellent job. In fact, I found it quite interesting that they ended up receiving the highest score in two categories - an impressive feat!
One of those was the utility category. The vehicle has the desired 800l of fuel covered, offers 19,7° of gun depression, has four crewmembers with maximum space allocated, the preferred 57mm cannon, 6 gears and even a whopping four MG mounts. The thing that pushed them ahead of the competition on top of all this was likely the extra ammunition, carrying 60 rounds of 57mm high-explosive rounds and 15 rounds of armour piercing. While I didn't find any information on this particular cannon firing anything other than high-explosive, the space for those shells still counts towards the total. In essence, this little machine has all the kit required for the operations in the vast space of China.
This machine's armour fulfills only the requirements, with exception to the thicker plate of 25mm on the front of the turret, something that will effectively protect the crew in hull-down positions. This did make this vehicle one of the lighter entries, which is reflected in its excellent mobility score, coming in as a second in that category. This particular entry is the fastest in this round, reaching an impressive 52.6 km/h. It performed well in the other subcategories too, with the exception of the bumps, where it was plagued by a too soft suspension. This, in combination with the unevenly spread roadwheels, meant that it kind of bounced around and was hard to control. The steering was adequate, as the twin transmission wasn't perfect, and tended to slow down the tank significantly when steering. However, other than that, this vehicle performed great in terms of mobility.
Aesthetics wise, this vehicle had a good score as well, coming in second after the joint category winners. It had a very high score in national identity, both in terms of shape and decals. It also had a good score in era-appropriateness. I don't think that one needs much explanation either. It is not difficult to imagine this vehicle in the Chinese theater next to a Type 95 Ha-Go. It is also nicely decorated with the Imperial flag and the Sakura (cherry blossom) decals.
Finally, we touch on the other category win that this vehicle managed to secure: The Pitch. This particular pitch has received top marks in several subcategories, most notable in terms of structure and salesmanship. Seriously, at the end of the pitch all I could think was "Shut up and take my money!" It does a good job at laying out the specifications and details of this vehicle, and presents it in a way that is very persuasive, especially to the Imperial army. Touching on the situation Japan was in, their plans for the future, and how this vehicle was going to fit in those plans was what made me give it the top marks. On top of that, it also has nicely framed and edited pictures. The one thing that I missed was a stat sheet, but it did not cost you your well-deserved category win. It was very convincing and well thought-out, and it got your entry the well-deserved silver medal.
1st place: The Type 97 Ke-Ru by u/Drallo.
Our golden medalist, once dubbed 'Bargain-bin Lily' by our resident Minister of Military Expenditure himself, is none other than u/Drallo. This entry once again highlights that consistently performing well in several categories is the thing that wins you competitions like this. While he did also bag one category win, this entry did score second or third in most other subcategories.
The one exception to this is the mobility, where this entry was fourth. It is still a good score overall, however. It managed to barely get the 50 km/h required, but performed good in all other aspects. It overcame all obstacles, was relatively comfortable over bumps, and had good steering capabilities. While it struggled somewhat with the higher speeds, it did accelerate very well, and got up to a decent speed quickly. While it did not excel in this particular category, it is certainly a mobile and maneuverable vehicle. It is mentioned in the pitch that "Your evaluation crew will find a nimble vehicle that does not fight or complain to its driver - it listens and obeys." After evaluating it I wholeheartedly agree with that statement.
The lower mobility score can be easily explained when one looks at the armour of this machine. Coming in at 5.79 tonnes, it is among the heavier entries. This is because the hull and turret front are significantly thicker than requested, with armour effectiveness ranging from 30mm to 50mm in some places. This means that it will be able to shrug off even dedicated (small-calibre) anti-tank weapons at medium ranges, a great feat for a light vehicle. The hull rear and turret sides are also a couple of millimeters thicker. All this meant that this vehicle got the second place in terms of protection.
It got its third place in the Utility category, bringing 800l of fuel and 78 rounds of 57mm ammunition into the fight. It also has an impressive 17,5° of gun depression and the desired 6 gears. It does have four crewmembers with limited space, particularly for the driver and gunner. Other than that, it had the preferred cannon and multiple MG mounts scattered around the vehicle, meaning it will be well-armed against the expected infantry.
The pitch for this vehicle was also great, getting a close second place in that category. It scored high in salesmanship, details, and received the top marks for the many pictures. Each one is nicely framed and presented. There is even a leather cover of the official report! In addition, it provided a decent acknowledgment of the Japanese plans, helping with the era appropriateness score. Finally, a nicely made stat sheet gave us a good overview of the vehicle's capabilities.
It will likely not come as a surprise that this vehicle was the other category winner in terms of Aesthetics. While the national identity score was somewhat lower, mainly due to the turret shape, all the other subcategories made up for it. It very much looks like it was designed in the late 30's, and the large turret actually makes it look like three people could fit in there. Most points came from the details, though. With many custom decals, grates, hatches, smoke launchers, and some well-placed spare parts, this looks like a vehicle ready for combat.
There's just so much to look at on this vehicle - so many little details that make it as good as it is. I can only recommend to check out the pitch if you haven't already. The pictures he makes are much better and do this vehicle more justice than I could. All in all, it is a well-crafted entry for a well-deserved win.
And that concludes this particular round of Gathering Storm! Congratulations to the winner, and thanks again everyone for submitting your designs. While it took me much longer than I had hoped, I enjoyed testing and grading them. Keep an eye out in July for the next round, and let me know if you have any questions or comments. See you all hopefully next time!
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2023.06.03 16:09 Hefy_jefy Honda's instructions on riding a motorcycle (c 1962) - for the US market.

Honda's instructions on riding a motorcycle (c 1962) - for the US market. submitted by Hefy_jefy to motorcycle [link] [comments]

2023.06.03 15:38 JackTheSoldier Quality of Life Improvement Concepts

Star Stable Online may be lacking some small things in the game that would improve gameplay for daily, weekly, and monthly players old and new. I've compiled a list of some ideas that I believe might make gameplay more enjoyable, even in small ways.
  1. A notice board!
SSO putting news on their website or social media doesn't always reach the entire community. If they were to put this same news or website links on a notice board in game, it could help to keep more players informed on upcoming discounts, events, updates, and horse retirement.
  1. Stable Decoration
What if you could decorate your own stable, or hang tack on the wall? What if you could add pictures and screenshots to the bulletin boards? Maybe the chance to organize your horses or customize their stalls? Adding your own personal touch to these spaces, even in a small way, would add a different sense of connection and home to the home stable.
  1. Guided Trail Rides
Ever wanted to go on more trail rides across Jorvik? A nice quiet moment when you need it is always good, and if the Jorvik Rangers teamed up with JERC, more trail rides and guided pathways could become reality.
  1. Accessible Swimming
Swimming horses is good for exercise, if done in moderation. Allowing player-guided horses to swim within safe locations would be both realistic and encourage boating safety (because swimming near the ferries is dangerous!). Open water and polluted water are obviously not great ideas, but allowing swimming in other places could be more efficient and enjoyable.
  1. Flying Pets Perch
Although this will be an issue mostly for star riders, haven't you ever thought it strange that the flying pets still fly when you aren't riding? What if they perched on you or their saddlebag when walking or stopped?
  1. Fishing for Shillings and Coins
How often do you actually see people fishing around Jorvik? What if rather than doing it only for quests, you could fish and sell your catch for Shillings and/or Star Coins, depending on catch rarity. Would you fish more? And while this could be easily overpowered, there could be a limit to so many catches in a day to prevent abuse of this system.
  1. Horses Lay Down
Tired horses or horses that trust their ridecaretaker will lay with them. If having a picnic or simply enjoying the views of Moorland and Jorvik, the player's horse will lay beside their person and enjoy it as well. Whether through command or by random chance, it could be a pleasant photo op or a nice way to build personality with the horse.
  1. Jorvik Carnival (Concept)
Win prizes, play games! Pin the tail on Tin-can, give your best shot at popping balloons on a dart board, and try your luck at Wheel of Chance. Using shillings to try games and have a chance to win prizes from said games could also create competition between players at a seasonal event akin to a state fair in the US.
  1. Cutscene Recaps
Sometimes we forget large swaths of plot. Having a chance to go back and reread the messages and plot could help jog your memory before moving on to a new story quest, or just to relive some nostalgia.
If I missed anything, please respond with what you think would improve overall gameplay in small ways such as this.
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2023.06.03 14:51 BlantantlyAccidental Tiny Battlefield Chapter 8


Tiny Battlefield Chapter 8
Utility Room / Tabletop Surface
Dee-Ot and Josh watched their combined forces begin their march to the Front lines. The activity down on the tabletop was becoming almost impossible to keep track of. Thankfully, each player’s Army Case was doing that job with ease.
Dee-Ot’s 1st Luftstreitkräfte Air Wing had integrated itself well with the limited air assets of his only other efficient army, the US 3rd Infantry Division. Josh's 5th Flappington wasn’t going to survive against the massive Ork horde heading their way. Sure, they were musket and cannon based with limited mounted cavalry and artillery, but weathering the coming onslaught would be hard for them.
The Romans though? He had a plan for them. They would fare a lot worse than the bird army. It was just a game, so Dee-Ot was trying something out with them. As the turn timer began to wind down, Dee-Ot tried not to bring too much attention to himself as he inputted a few commands and slyly sent them out. Hopefully the game would allow cross-dimensional weapons training. Down on the table, the 9th Roman Legion broke off from their line of march and disappeared into a massive forest to the west of the front line, along with several boxy wheeled vehicles of the 3rd ID.
The armored and wheeled vehicles of the US 3rd Infantry Division had slowly progressed to the front lines with the 5th Flappington army. The strangely angular and boxy tan colored tanks that the 3rd Infantry Division used as armor kicked up a lot of dust. A few moments later, time had passed and the Defenders were in position as the turn timer ticked down.
00:00:00 END OF TURN TWO appeared over all three players' army cases. Jasper snapped his fingers at this as he walked from the corner where the fridge and snacks were.
“Alright, boys! Ya’ll ready to be slaughtered?” Jasper confidently yelled out as he scarfed down the rest of his snacks. Dee-Ot and Josh both rolled their eyes heavily at his cocky attitude. Jasper was an insufferable prick whenever he felt confident about his chances at winning.
"You can suck a Nurgle tit, Jasper. You might have that fungal horde, but me and Josh here have the Dee-Osh Alliance! You're puny Orks are gonna die in droves!" Dee-Ot spat toward his opponent.
Jasper waved off Dee-Ot’s attempt at insulting him and his army, quickly raising a middle finger and waggling his fist at Dee-Ot.
TURN THREE BEGINNING NOW appeared in the air over the table. The battle was about to begin.
Jasper glanced at his army case and smiled, thinking of something quippy to say back to Dee-Ot.
“Birds and apes against the Ork Horde? Your stupidly named alliance will be devoured and mangled under the tsunami of WAAAGH heading your way!” Jasper hissed at his opponent as the tiny forces on the tabletop worked themselves into place. He couldn’t see anything of his opponent’s force.
“That fool Dee-Ot just had to make sure the fog of war was on…” Jasper muttered under his breath as he watched his forces march toward the upcoming fight. His army was so large in numbers and equipment that dust was obscuring their advance. Prevailing winds down on the table were blowing the churned up dust and debris toward those idiot’s “Dee-Osh” alliance’s defensive lines.
The action was about to start, and the three respective players would be busy making sure their forces were victorious in this game.
On the Tabletop’s Surface
Sergeant Monfort dozed as best he could sitting in the commander’s seat of his track. The whine of the M1A2 SEP4s turbine engine always made him sleepy while on long haul drives to objectives. Monfort was propped against the cupola with a duffle bag folded to soften where his head lay, when a sudden dip in the path made him jostle around.
“How much further we got, Jasky?” Monfort queried his driver over the inter-crew com channel. The integrated Future Combat System made it much easier to talk amongst the crew in the newer version of the venerable Abrams.
“Got about 10 minutes, sir.” a tiny voice said back.
“Oh, good,” the Sergeant said, without a speck of joy in his voice. Jasky keyed back over the radio.
“I hope those FOB boys got those fuel depots up. Baby Girl is thirsty,” the latinos lilt was thick, and Monfort smiled.
“Baby Girl” was the name of the tank Monfort and his crew currently served together in. Monfort was proud of her, sure, but she was brand new. The crew had only done their qualifications on her a few months ago, and hadn’t quite gotten used to her quirks.
“Sure ain’t the ‘ton,” his gunner, straight from the Louisiana swamps said out loud in his thick accent. PFC Plylmal turned his head and smirked at his tank commander.
“Naw, she sure ain’t the ‘ton, son,” Monfort said back in a laugh.
His loader Gunk bumped his head when Baby Girl dipped again.
“It’s just wacky as fuck that we are heading toward certain death right now. Just like in the ‘ton,” the pale, thin loader half-yelled out loud.
Their previous tank was called “Wonton Dee-Struction”, and it had served them well on Taiwan.
Monfort tried his best not to think about what human flesh smells like while being burnt under thermapalm bombs. The smell was hard to get out of an enclosed space like a tank turret. He shook his head and remembered that his crew member had spoken.
“Yeah. Against actual Orks? Like…this is a wet dream for me,” the sergeant said, finally letting some of the absurdity of their situation seep through in his voice. Who knew he would wake up and find himself in an allied army with bird soldiers who used giant gators as horses?
“It’s the fucking Romans being here for me, sir. That’s cool! I mean the entire 9th Legion?” a tiny voice said over the com-channel. It was Private Jasky, who let his laugh come through before he keyed off the channel.
“Yeah! Like, what the fuck right? An entire mission Roman army, currently fighting alongside us. Against Orks. I mean…if this is a dream I am not ready to wake up yet!” Gunk said enthusiastically, leaning over so he could be heard better.
Plymal shook his head and laughed.
Sergeant Monfort smiled a little, and decided to stick his head out of his cupola. Gunk and Plymal could start that conversation all over again if they wanted. Monfort was growing tired of hearing by now so he decided to get some fresh air. He undogged the hatch and pushed, escaping the now growing argument between the loader and gunner.
The forest they were currently driving through was beginning to thin out. The drones had scoped out the area where they were to deploy, and it seemed like the forest was on the edge of a great savannah.
It still weirded him out when he looked to the east; a half melted orange bottle cap was jutting out on the far horizon.
“…what the hell, man?” Monfort mumbled to himself, trying really hard to not think about anything that was going on. Then in the corner of his eye he caught a glimpse of a gator horse, and a feathered soldier straddled on its back. Before he could turn his eye, the avian calvary-bird was gone.
“Thor Actual to all Thor units, be advised; Forward Operating Bases are marked at these coordinates. All units are required to refuel and perform checks and any repairs needed before deploying to the line from their respective FOBs. All units have 30 minutes for maintenance if it is needed. Once deployed you must await further orders. Thor Actual out.”
Sergeant Monfort perked up at this, and ducked back down into the turret of his Baby Girl. He pulled down the small touch screen to his right, and opened up the FOB positions. His company was to head to FOB Lima, then head to the far right of the line and deploy to hold the line.
All in all, the upcoming fight excited the lanky tank commander. He was a die hard 40k nerd, and the idea of being able to kill a bunch of actual, truly alive Orks?
The sergeant tapped Plymal on the shoulder, who turned his head to look up at his commander.
“Yeah boss?” he asked.
“When we get to the FOB, make sure you load more beehive rounds. I don’t care if you have to load up on the bustle. I got a feeling we gonna need ‘em soon.” Monfort said, hoping the importance of his words got to the gunner.
Monfort would be meeting with the other platoon commanders of the company when they got to FOB Lima. He’d suggest the same thing, and damn what anyone else said, his track would be carrying more ammo than needed.
PFC Plymals face went slack for a moment, then as if a light bulb lit somewhere deep, it dawned on him. Excitement grew until a great big toothy smile was on the man’s face.
“Fuck yeah, Sergeant! Buckshot and orks, I’m ready for it!”
As the three in the turret began to laugh, Jasky swerved the tank. His tiny voice reached their ears.
“We’re about to reach the FOB, nut tuggers!” he exclaimed, as the tank veered off to the right, following the rest of their platoon.
“About time, I gotta take a shit!” Gunk shouted, as the line of tanks began to slow. The forest had given way to a savannah, just as the drone footage showed. Except, not a half kilometer from the forest, great berms of dirt were raised and massive concrete bunkers stretched from left to right.
The heliborne forces had already deployed and set up most of what they could before the main arrival of the armored forces. Infantry were beginning to unload from their Bradleys and Strykers, forming up in platoons and moving as units to the trenches ahead. To the sergeant, it was all organized chaos.
Deciding to get a better look at his surroundings, he decided to stick his head back out the hatch. As he did, he noticed a dark blob floating in the sky above. It was one of the German battle balloons.
“Holy shit, so that's where they’ve been!” the sergeant said, tugging at Plymals shoulder.
“They say one of ‘em is called the Hindenburg!” Monfort exclaimed, noticing that the blob was slowly getting closer to the ground.
“It looks like it's landing! I wonder what for?” he asked himself, as Baby Girl began to slow to a stop.
“Thor Actual to all Thor Units. Everyone’s got one hour, so chop-chop. I want everyone in place before the first tusked bastard gets in sight. Thor Actual, out.”
Sergeant Monfort chuckled. He couldn’t agree more.
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2023.06.03 14:47 antsam9 Small QOl tips for anyone going on adventure

Assigning the emote wheel to middle mouse has been convenient, and then setting an Iron Barb potion (thorns and XP) on it, plus the various emotes has been great. I've been using Hi, Thanks, Cheers emotes regularly when I run across players for events.
For events, you can join them at any level. I was in a boss attack event where we had to kill 9 bosses in succession, 10 people at levels 20-40 and me at level 9 but because of level scaling I could face tank the bosses who only hit me for 20 damage and when I did my spender attack on them it did 1/8 of their hp meter.
If you played the betas/slam you know there's a quest for your horse called Donan's Favor. Well, it's actually a multiple step quest chain. I suggest holding off on the story and head northwest, do the monk quest, then the gem quest along the way and but don't head back to Menestad and just continue northwest to Donan's quest marker.
Loot more by looting less. The first dungeon doesn't have anything good, you don't have to scour it.
Summonmancer is a slow jaunt, laid back play style, if you have lots of time to play, and you want to take in the whole world and experience, it does lend itself to that. The slow movement does get on my nerves sometimes tho, so if you see a shrine, clear it out first, then use the shrine for the movement speed regardless of the bonus it gives. A combat shrine that gives crit hit isn't valuable to a summonmancer because it already has power, but the movement speed bonus it gives is much more valuable.
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2023.06.03 13:12 Adnotamentum Rachtirith

Claim: Rachtirith
Claim type: Centralised/State.
Tech: Iron age, horses, writing, spoked wheel.
Economy/population: opt-in.
Map: https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/703468196392468520/1114511787438641232/image.png
History summary: When the Sea Peoples ravaged the Mediterranean in decades past, pillaging across Anatolia, the Levant, and Egypt, the Aeairwaith were amongst them. This band of dedicated raiders from lands afar travelled throughout the Nile delta, savaging the Egyptian lowlands with ferocity.
Unlike other mere raiders however, the Aeairwaith sought out a homeland of their own. They founded a new city called Rachtirith upon the ruins of an Egyptian trading post harbour. Enslaving the former inhabitants, the invaders established themselves, constructing the new and establishing republican institutions from which to dominate their new domain.
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2023.06.03 12:24 aoililuv TIFU by trusting my dog

For context: I live on a hobby horse farm, and have two Australian Shepherds. One is a puppy and always getting into trouble, the other is 4 years old and very trustworthy. I'll call the puppy P and the older one W for the sake of this story. We are rural enough that I can let them outside with light monitoring, but they are usually inside unless out with me.
This weekend we have a family member's wedding with a lot to do, so I have been exhausted. I normally do evening farm chores before dark, but fell asleep and didn't wake back up to get them done until 4 am. Both dogs always come with me to do my farm chores, and today was no exception. Except, I noticed about halfway through chores that both the older dog and younger were missing. P likes to go lay back up by the house so I easily dismissed that part, W usually stays right with me though. I heard my ducks in the background making noise, and W likes to walk behind them and slowly herd them around the yard, so I thought it likely that's what she was doing. I called them both to come back to me and neither one responded. Being four am, I just quickly finished my chores and walked back towards the house. I trusted that my dogs, specifically W, would not be doing anything wrong, especially if she heard me calling her. They both saw me walk up and came running back from the neighbor's field adjacent my house, and I didn't think anything of it. I hopped in the shower and walked out to go to bed.
Bright red vomit. Everywhere. Over everything: their new beds, their fancy cages. Where it wasn't bright red it was black sludge. I panicked and got a closer look. It was moving. So. Much. Movement. There were maggots in both types of vomit. Not just a few, but enough to make it look like an optical illusion. I cannot get the smell out of my nose. It is so strong throughout the house. I used an entire roll of paper towels. As far as I can tell, the dogs ate a fawn that must've been caught by the neighbors tractor when cutting hay about two days ago. And their stomachs did not like the large quantity of maggots involved. Now I get to find somebody to monitor them while I'm gone at the wedding tomorrow, unless I see any more concerning symptoms before then. I will also be scrolling through eye bleach and trying to not feel like I have those little bugs all over myself.
TLDR; Trusted my dogs to not get into trouble when unsupervised, they ate a dead animal and threw up maggots and entrails all over my house
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2023.06.03 11:14 SurajSigh Kubota Tractors: Outstanding Performance, Reliability, and Versatility for Indian Farmers - Khetigaadi

The Kubota Tractor is a renowned agricultural machinery brand that has gained popularity worldwide. With a rich history dating back several decades, Kubota Tractors have consistently delivered reliable performance and exceptional durability. These tractors are engineered with cutting-edge technology, offering advanced features and capabilities to meet the diverse needs of farmers and landowners. Known for their compact size, versatility, and user-friendly operation, Kubota Tractors excel in various agricultural tasks, from plowing and tilling to mowing and hauling. With a strong focus on efficiency and productivity, Kubota Tractors have become a trusted choice for those seeking high-quality equipment to maximize their farming operations. Kubota tractor price in India is quite affordable for customers.
Why is Kubota the best tractor brand?
The Kubota Tractor brand is widely regarded as one of the best in the industry due to several key reasons. Firstly, Kubota has a strong reputation for manufacturing durable and reliable tractors that consistently deliver excellent performance. Their machines are built with high-quality materials and undergo rigorous testing to ensure longevity and efficiency. Secondly, Kubota offers a diverse range of tractors that cater to various agricultural needs, providing farmers with versatile options to meet their specific requirements. Additionally, Kubota provides exceptional after-sales service, including extensive dealer networks and readily available parts, ensuring customers receive prompt assistance and support. These factors contribute to Kubota's reputation as the best tractor brand.
Top 2 Kubota tractor In India
Kubota B Series
The Kubota B Series is a line of compact tractors designed for versatile use in various agricultural and landscaping applications. These tractors are renowned for their durability, reliability, and exceptional performance. With their compact size and powerful engines, the Kubota B Series tractors are ideal for small to medium-sized tasks, such as mowing, tilling, loader work, and light construction projects. The B Series tractors offer a comfortable operator environment with ergonomic controls, easy-to-read gauges, and a spacious platform. They also come with a range of attachments and implements, allowing users to customize their tractors to meet specific needs. Overall, the Kubota B Series tractors provide efficiency, maneuverability, and exceptional value for a wide range of tasks.
Kubota L Series
The Kubota L Series is a versatile line of compact tractors designed for various agricultural and landscaping applications. These tractors are known for their reliability, performance, and ease of use, making them a popular choice among farmers, landowners, and contractors. The L Series offers a range of models with varying horsepower options, ensuring that there is a tractor suitable for every task. With features such as power steering, four-wheel drive, and a comfortable operator platform, the Kubota L Series provides exceptional maneuverability and efficiency. Whether you need to mow, plow, dig, or haul, the Kubota L Series delivers power and versatility in a compact package.
Kubota Tractors stand out as a leading brand in the agricultural machinery industry due to their exceptional performance, durability, and versatility. With a wide range of models and advanced features, Kubota offers tractors that cater to various farming needs. Their commitment to providing reliable machines, along with excellent after-sales service, further enhances their reputation. Whether it's the compact and versatile B Series or the powerful and manoeuvrable L Series, Kubota Tractors deliver value and efficiency to farmers and landowners. With an affordable price range in India, Kubota remains a top choice for those seeking high-quality agricultural equipment.
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2023.06.03 09:50 spinach2311 Breeding with grade 2s is so fun🐴

Breeding with grade 2s is so fun🐴
You can breed so many in just a few minutes-
Ngl this is addictive
these babies 🥹
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2023.06.03 09:25 crogonint List of Alternate Barovian Maps which are Needed

I'm pretty sure that the majority of Barovian content creators have already seen some version of this list. I actually went back to update my original post of the list to discover that I never made my own post of it! I put together the first version of this list a couple of years ago. I'm pretty sure this is the most complete list of its kind anywhere: Alternate areas of Barovia that are commonly needed, besides the commonly published CoS specific battlemaps:
0) The (Dark) Carnival - nobody ever makes maps / assets for this, even though gobs of people always throw it in to their campaign, even though it's old as crap. I understand that there's a Carnival Realm in the new VRGtR book.. I'll probably never use the realm-carnival, but that's a second place the Dark Carnival maps/assets could be used. There are also a trio of third party Ravenloft carnival modules as well that they could be used in.
1) Battlemap sized maps of the towns. At LEAST a 5 foot per square / hex map for the tiger chase. (Obviously modern VTT platforms don't actually need the grid on the map. ;) )
2) Random shops, stables, blacksmiths and generic places the party is likely to go anyway.
3) Generic encounter locations.. country roads / rivers / bridges and combinations of the three. It sounds dumb because you can get generic encounter maps like that anywhere.. but it would be AWESOME to have matching Barovian roads and Svalitch woods on all of your encounter maps. Don't forget the specific crossroads with the gallows from CoS.. I don't recall if there were hanging cages mentioned, but you could throw in some PNG options for them.
4) A covered bridge, including the roof, deck and under views. (To tack on to the Headless Horseman add-in.) The Woodcutters hut as well.
5) Besides the Carnival, there are a few other old school modules that people like to bolt on to CoS (Adam, etc. etc.).
6) DragnaCarta, MandysMod and Pyram King have all developed alternate encounters and a handful of setting that might be able to use an alternate map here and there. (Orphanage.) In particular, I recall battles in/near the bogs, on mountain sides with/without roads and watch towers. Military and outfitter style tent interiors and exteriors and camps placed.. you know what? Make those camps be PNG assets that could be dropped in a bog, next to a river or on a mountain side as needed. ;) I recall Lunch Break Heroes making an encounter for Borgia/Borca, but I don't recall if they made any scenarios / encounters for Barovia. I got a special request for Beneath the Abbey.
7) The Interactive Tome of Strahd sends the party back in time and would be a PHENOMENAL set of maps to expand Barovia. Seriously, you could drop those on DMsGuild and make some bank. Some additionally pre-Strahd bright and shiny versions of the village of Barovia and other basic maps might be nice for some throw-back adventures.
8) Retro Castle Ravenloft.. Castle Ravenloft fully restored to its former glory! (Castle Barovia? I picture it as more of a walled garrison, looking like a giant stone bubble from a distance, but it did have at least one tower overlooking the cliff.) We know that the old pre-Strahd castle had multiple floors located in roughly the same place as Castle Ravenloft, but with significantly different floor plans, as the ghosts walk staircases and pass through doorways that don't exist anymore. :D (Important side-note: Strahd did not grow up in Castle Ravenloft. I believe that there is one (1) painting of him looking out over Yesterhill, through the mists at a vision of the castle he grew up in, but I don't think anyone has ever tackled it.)
9) The caverns and the alter area in and under the Pillarstone of Ravenloft (from Expedition to Ravenloft) are frequently added in to CoS. I've never seen a map of a hidden cavern entrance in the Svalitch woods, let alone a set of creepy Barovian caverns.. or the Castle side of the entrance, for that matter.
10) Around a decade ago, some weirdo drew an artistic image of Castle Ravenloft with the foundation bedrock rotted away under it. I'd like to see a detailed elevation map of the curtain wall and gatehouse with the bedrock still under the curtain wall, because that irritates me to no end. NOBODY would build a massive curtain wall on a questionable foundation. Reference Vlads actual castle (which is admittedly ten times smaller than Ravenloft) for a rather specific example of a (THE) castle built on the side of a cliff. As I recall, if looking at the gatehouse, the left side and back left corner of Vlads actual castle are protected by a cliff, and that's where the inspiration for Castle Ravenloft came from.
11)Speaking of elevation, at the other end of Castle Ravenloft are balconies and windows jutting out over the cliff. I'd love to see detailed maps of those areas, an 'ant sized' map of the Svalitch woods and Barovia as seen from the castle, and an elevation map of the cliff-side reaching from the Svalitch woods up past the windows and balconies to the Curtain wall. Parties occasionally decide to attempt to scale the cliff. Having a cliff and curtain wall that actually matches would be awesome.
12) Odd ball areas we never see. The druids must have huts or a village somewhere. The Roc must have a nest somewhere. The Mad Mage in Barovia has one of either a tower / cavern / pocket dimension somewhere. We could use Barovian flavored versions of all three. Oh, and the woods and encounters with said mage on the backside of the lake.. so a lake / forested area with spread out trees for players to run in terror or attempt to attack at range.. or whatever.
13) UNDER Lake Zarovich, there are a handful of generic encounters. There are also a few river monster encounters, generally near the Berez Swamp, could use a lair map and an underwater river encounter map, Barovia flavored. Speaking of Berez, I've never seen a detailed large scale swamp map for the Berez Swamp.. let alone the whole town being overrun by the swamp.
14) A proper Berez Swamp. A full sized swamp, with river banks, fields of cattail and reeds, murky backwaters, underwater groves of trees, and a couple of dozen oddly shaped islets and sandbanks.. a few dead logs.. not to mention a proper full sized assortment of Berez town ruins.
15) What's the village in the Adventurer's Guild Supplements?? Orasnou! There's a tiny village there (the size most people depict Berez as, because the CoS book doesn't describe the whole town of Berez properly). So that map is needed, along with.. 4 interior maps, if I recall? (Probably more, + a manor.) As well as an alternate werewolf lair and a few others, like a Barovian bluff, again if I recall off of the top of my head. I've had requests for the Gundarak villages Teufeldorf, Zeidenburg and Renika, as well as the other minor villages and..
16) The complete map of Barovia, post Grand Conjunction (done in standard modern style/graphics).
17) Various encounters have been depicted on Mount Baratok. Which would be a stark stone mountain, snowy and generally above the treeline, not like the hilly tree covered mountains where Argynvostholt and the Roc and etc. are located. I think a largish rocky encounter map of the mountainside would be the first needed. I (seem to) recall a three tiered monastery built on the side of a cliff, with a freshwater spring enclosed that would require an elevation map along with three small interioexterior maps showing the wooden stairs going up and down the cliff-side. I recall one encounter involving a lai small cave sized area.
18) Lots of people want Van Richtens magic shop and other stuff described in his escapades. We could also use a handful of Vistani Vardos and Camps. If I recall, there are only two described in the CoS book, but there are many more tribes of Vistani than that, and we're told that they move around frequently. If might be easier to provide PNG files for the vardos, outfitter tents and assets for a large scale camp. Come to think of it, there aren't a whole lot of tokens for those smallish horses they use either, so someone might whip up 10-12 smallish shaggy horses with unique patterns to show off. They don't care one ounce for a horses pedigree, and are more than happy to keep unique looking mongrel horses as their personal caravan animals. They use mountain horse stock when breeding their horses, so they would be a bit hairier and stockier then say an Arabian.. just scaled closer to a pony size. Donkey size! They're donkey sized horses. :D ..real donkey size, if I recall 5e has some weirdness going on with their official donkey/wagon sizes that makes no sense at all for Vardos sized horses and wagons like the Vistani would have.
19) The valley where the village of Barovia is located is described as a massive fertile farming area, yet we never see any medieval farms, ranches, graineries or farmers markets for Barovia. Definitely need a few of those. Barovian farmers and ranchers would SPECIFICALLY all have the buildings that (in the real world) later became fortifications, Thick werewolf proof walls and heavily barricaded doors everywhere. No window on the ground floor. Livestock was housed indoors, in enclosed courtyards with family areas wrapped around them, or with the animals on the ground floor and the family living above on the second floor. Horse stalls and farrowing areas would be fenced off within the area. Graineries would be large round wooden buildings with barricaded doors and sturdy out-buildings. 10 foot tall max, today's 4-5 story tall graineries are a modern invention. There would probably be a large stone community grainery far on the other side of the valley from the Village of Barovia. for that matter, there ought to be a functioning grainery or warehouse somewhere between the Village of Barovia and Bonegrinder. ALSO, if Bonegrinder is no longer being used as a mill, there would HAVE to be another windmill or waterwheel driven mill somewhere else in Barovia. Many artists have envisioned a water-wheel grainery on the River Ivlis near the Village of Barovia. Corn cribs would be on the second floor of a barn for drying grain, doubling up to dry bales of hay, not primarily as a hay loft. PNGs for 2-3 styles of fencing and gates, water troughs, and some medieval horse drawn plows and rakes would be nice. Dog kennels!! Every farm would probably have it's own horse pasture or rink with a training post, and a dog kennel or run for dogs to run during the day. You know those giant mastiffs that the Barovian nobles are so fond of? Yeah, the farmers in the fertile valley near Barovia would be the only ones rich enough to be able to afford to raise those pups for the nobles. Somewhere out here would be a medieval rancher set up to raise mastiff puppies with an assortment of full grown mastiffs. Mongrel pups or runts would be sold off to neighboring farms at a discount. Roaming wolves would stay FAR away from them, and werewolf packs would likely attack them for any reason at all (if they could find a way in to the basin). I picture a LARGE farmers market and stockyards just inside the River Ivlis bridge of the Valley of Barovia. We know that Barovia is a trade center.. so there MUST be one. The bridge would offer protection if needed, and it would be the closest place farmers and ranchers could set up to provide commerce with the other villages and domains and still have the protection of being inside the gates. Hmm.. they might have a dirt race track there for showing off horses going up for sale. Make that very probably, The Vistani/Romani are famous for defending their mountain horses at the drop of a hat. This would be the main place of commerce for farmers goods in Barovia. This is (the main area) where Vistani Caravans would import and export farm goods in to and out of Barovia.
20) There would absolutely be homestead (small) sized farms and ranches carved out up in mountain valleys or even on mountain sides facing south. In fact, a south facing mountain side might get enough sunlight to raise delicate crops, spices and herbs, whereas most of Barovia can't, due to the mists blocking the sunlight. Also, a couple of mountain pastures with matching rocks / trees bordering them would be nice. Honestly though, if you pass out some rock and tree assets that match the ones you already use, anybody could throw together their own mountain pastures, or even their own valley pastures. Rows of crops are hard to find though! You could easily have scenarios of wolves/werewolves hunting the party in a cornfield.. but there are no Barovian cornfield battlemaps. ACTUALLY, I don't think I have any battlemap sized crop assets, and I probably have the largest collection of map assets around. You could probably sell these farming assets/maps on DriveThruRPG and DMsGuild as well, I've never seen them anywhere. ..OR you might ask Forgotten Adventures or Tom Cartos to throw some together, whatever seems clever. :) I've been asked specifically to try to get Yaedrag (barbarian-esque village in the mountains that Dragna wrote up) made up.
21) Jenny Greenteeth's Hut.. perhaps a grove of her untainted trees from the Quivering Forest? (Also the Glumpen Swamp and Vanishing Hills, various locations within these.) I picture the Quivering Forest loaded with fruit and nut trees and songbirds fighting for real estate (the text mentions angry squirrels).. surrounded by classic Svalitch Woods half-dead spooky trees. ;) I recall seeing a couple of versions that roughly followed the description given in DDAL04, but they're just a hut, not the whole barrow surrounding her hut as described. Additionally, many artists have upscaled her hut to be a small trading post, and put it on wooden poles, swamp style (never seen a battlemap of it, though). Lots of room for creative renditions there. :)
22) Another thing that I haven't seen ANYBODY making is small abbeys. The hills and mountains of Barovia are said to be littered with small abbeys. ..some of them abandoned, some not.
23) Abandoned mansions and manors. Strahd massacred the noble families of Barovia for their involvement in his father's murder. There is one legend of a nobleman possessed by a demon that Strahd left alive, as a curse 'worse than death'. At any rate, there ought to be a handful of abandoned / haunted mansions and manors dotting the Barovian countryside for the party to stumble in to (or check out due to a hook dropped by an informative villager).
24) There are currently NO mines in the CoS version of Barovia.. bizarre for a mountain country. It would suit that some of those decimated noble families ran some mines that have since been abandoned. Of course, it wouldn't do to host your standard monsters in a Barovian mine. I'm thinking Lair of the White Worm. Something more horrifying than dungeoneering.
25) It's been mentioned that instead of murdering the losers from the werewolf trials, they might be shipped off to be slaves in a mine, or to a plantation in the swamp. The plantation would be stick construction, as you would expect in a swamp, they would collect tubers and reeds that grow in the swamp, not traditional plantation type crops.
26) The various Barovian villages NOT included on Schleys map of (Central) Barovia usually have a town sized map plotted out and published somewhere, but no really decent overview maps or battlemap sized maps of them exist. (This need might easily be filled by a couple of handfuls of generic Barovian village buildings, field-stone and dirt street assets, and sundry village constructions.
27) Besides the Gates of Barovia, there are supposed to be watch-towers dotting the landscape as well. An operational watchtower and a couple of partially ruined ones would be awesome.

Assets nobody has made like the Dark Carnival and lake/river encounters and the Mad Mages various lair options would be the most needed. I simply don't understand why EVERY CoS map developer doesn't provide matching roads, forests, rivers and generic shops with matching Barovian assets. The maps I mentioned which you could make money selling on DriveThruRPG and DMsGuild (to me) would just be silly NOT to make. ...Van Richtens magic shop is requested a LOT. When the party first enters Barovia, I can picture them being chased in to a fortified farm by a pack of dire wolves / werewolves at dusk (perhaps the first couple of farms won't unbarricade their doors). I'm sure you can see the utility of the rest. Will everybody need a Roc nest on a cliff above the forest? No. Will DMs derail their campaign for a minute just for the opportunity to make the party loot a Roc nest? Yes. :
Finally, I would note that since I wrote this list, a few cartographers have added some of the above locations to their Library, but the vast majority of these are as of yet, untouched. :)
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2023.06.03 07:02 TiredOfWait1ng Advanced toddler doing odd things

Hello everyone and thank you in advance for reading my long post.
I'm a parent of a beautiful 26 month old boy and as many of us, I tend to over analyze everything he is doing/not doing.
I would like to share some of the behaviors my son has in hope to hear from more experienced parents.
So kid was born healthy and in time. Sometimes around 9 and 10 months he started walking and just couple of weeks before that he was crawling, so he almost skipped crawling.
He started talking way before being 1 year old, just basic stuff.. but by the time of 14-16 months he was talking a ton. He is raised in bilingual environment so I would say he was/is equally capable in both languages. I think around 18 months he was able to count to 20, he knew alphabet, he knew every animal and was able to mimic sound it makes, he knows colors and shapes and so on.
Around two he was able to memorize multiple songs and recite them in both languages. When it comes to book we are reading, he knew exactly whats on what page and I don't think I would lie if I say he knows at least 50 different books...like I will say beginning of the sentence on every page and he will finish it.
He knows every letter and every number. I believe all this is considered very advanced at that age.
Now the weird stuff.. Running in circles with his eyes locked to side. Doesn't happen every day but it happens from time to time. Like it he is very excited he might start doing it and I think he really enjoys that dizzy feeling as this is usually followed by laugh. We have another game where I pick him for his hands and spin around and he is sooo happy when we do it.
Head shaking left and right - I want to say I noticed this more in periods when he is teething but I'm honestly not sure. I also feel it manifests more when he is tired. Again, doesn't happen every day and I feel it's been months since he did it and now he is kinda doing it again.
He was obsessed with wheels and tires for a while.. he just loved spinning wheels on toys, wheel barrows.. anything. He kinda stopped doing that and doesn't care much about it anymore. When he was young before he walked he also loved starring at ceiling fans.. so I guess anything that spins.
He's got trouble using fork and spoon but on the flip side, he loves to eat so he might be just impatient to get that food in.
Walking on his toes.. not all the time but he does it.
Currently he is repeating a lot of what we say and he is basically still not able to answer with yes or no on his own. He learned to say yes to some stuff but I think it's not real, he just memorized it. For example if I ask him do you love daddy he will say yes but I spent a lot of time to accomplish that. 😂 Also, default answer to questions he doesn't know how to answer now is moving head left to right, like he is saying no. He also pulls us when he wants something (he was recently sick and we noticed this behavior more during that time) but he is also capable to ask for banana, orange, water etc. He knows so many words and he is speaking very clearly but he repeats a ton which I guess is normal at this age(?) When he gets excited he will repeat something so many times until we say it also and acknowledge it. For example, we walked into a friends barn recently and he is obsessed with farm and farm machinery. So he saw a tractor and lawn mower and couple of other machines and he would just walk from one to the other saying their names. And of course he got very upset when we had to go out.
Now while doing my research I noticed bunch of these behaviors are pointing to autism but it's also very common during this age.
He can keep eye contact just fine, he is super affectionate to his mother and me (more to mom tho). Like he will just randomly come and say cuddle on the couch and we have to do it.. and it's very specific way where mom needs to lay on the couch and he lays next to her hugging her. If she moves her head one way he will push it so it goes the way he is used to having it.
He can also answer questions, for example if I ask his name, my name, grandma and grandpas names, aunty names.. he can answer those right. Or if I ask, where does the horse lives? He will say: Farm.
He can follow basic orders, for example if I ask him to bring me some animal he will bring it or if I tell him horse is kissing a tiger he will have those two "kissing".
He does pretend play as well, like he will take his animals and bring them to drink water from his cup.
Besides that he isn't really interested in other toys. Before animals and farms he went through the cars and trucks stage and he was all about firetrucks, police cars etc. He's got a bike, he absolutely doesn't care about it or if he sits on it he doesn't try to move at all and I have seen much younger kids doing it.
We also just learned how to play hide and seek, although he just understand concept of looking for us if we hide, he doesn't know that he needs to hide as well.
Obviously this is my first child and I haven't been much around other kids in my adult life where I could observe some of these behaviors and make judgements.
He is not going to daycare yet so sometimes I feel some of this is just boredom and not being exposed to other kids and watching the things they do. When around other kids he doesn't care much about them really and if we go to park he rather chooses to run around than go on a slide or some other toys.
He is generally very happy kid but really he is his own person with things he likes and dislikes and maybe I'm just surprised he is showing that so early.
If we play cartoon for him he doesn't have a problem sitting calmly and watching it with full attention on so there is no problem with focusing or distraction. Same goes when we read for him or draw or anything like that.
If you have gotten this far I want to thank you. If you can offer a first hand experience with something similar and how it worked out I would love to hear it. If you are professional, I would love to hear your thoughts as well. Once again,. thanks!
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2023.06.03 06:54 Sudden_Humor Sigil (Sigel) and Peorth: Rune Sisters.

This started after I was watching a TV documentary about the holy grail, and the subject came up about all the efforts Himmler and the SS had made to find it in the south of France/Spain. This included a visit to the castle the SS was using as their main training facility, which they'd completly rebuilt using psuedo-aryan symbolism. This included a number of representations of the rune "Sigil" as their emblem (the SS symbol on their tunics and devices was a double "Sigil" or twin lightening runes), which got me wondering if Mr. Fujishima had considered this when he named Sigil. (Heil Skuld!) The SS was supposed to be Hitler's bodyguard unit and Sigil is certainly Skuld's bodyguard. (mostly humorous intent here)
So I decided to look up myself (and there I was) what the rune sigil meant. I'd read all the standard Oh/Ah My Goddess! explainations, but they just repeated what was in the Dark Horse translated manga. It proved interesting and shows just how hard it is to pin these things down sometimes.
Sigil is an Anglo-Saxon rune located in the second Aett (or Heimdal's Aett), or group of 8 runes. It is also known as sighel, sowilo, saugil, sigel, sol, soilleir, and other varients, depending on the source. It's associated color is yellow.
Besides the phonetic letter "S", the rune literally means the sun, but also represents lightening. It symbolizes natural power, the sun representing both life force and elemental energy (fire & lightening). Interestingly, in the Germanic myth it was regarded as a feminine atribute. (Two sigils crossed make a sun-wheel, otherwise known as a swastika. Another reason the SS used two sigils.)
Symbolically ( rune readings ), sigil represents success, goals achieved, honor, one's life-force, health, a time when power will be available to you for positive changes in your life, victory, health, and success. It relates to one's contact between the higher self and the unconscious. Wholeness, power, elemental force, sword of flame, cleansing fire.
If cast in opposition (Sigil cannot be reversed) it represents false goals, bad counsel, false success, gullibility, loss of goals, destruction, retribution, justice, casting down of vanity, and the Wrath of God (or at least that of a teenage goddess).
So it's a bit more than just the rune that signifies "Life".
And as long as I was looking up Sigil, I thought I'd take a look at Peorth.
Peorth is also an Anglo Saxon rune located in the second Aett (or Heimdal's Aett), or group of 8 runes. It is also known as poerdh, pertho, perdhro, pairthra, Peordh, None, Pailt, and other varients. It's associated color is Blue or Red (Dark Auburn hair?)
Besides the phonetic letter "P", the rune's meaning is uncertain, having been translated as hearth, fruit tree, vagina, dice cup, and chessman amongst other things.
It's called the gambler's rune because of its shape (like a cup for casting dice from), and in this way is connected with major changes in life, opportunity on one hand, disaster or failure on the other. It doesn't however predict the outcome, only that such a situation will present itself. (Thus Peorth's name associates her with fate, or Wyrd, much like the norns are)
In other contexts it's a symbol of the feminine, implying "womanly traits" as well as sexuality. So Peorth certainly is living up to her name.
Symbolically ( rune readings ), peorth has a number of meanings, making its exact meaning unclear. It reminds us of the uncertainties in life and represents freewill in connection with the restrictions we have due to our circumstances. It is viewed as a rune of memory and problem solving. It can be symbolic of secret matters, mysteries, hidden things and occult abilities. Initiation, knowledge of one's destiny, knowledge of future matters, and determining the future or one's path through life.
In its feminine context it can refere to the feminine mysteries including female fertility, and "matters of the vagina". (I had to quote this one) It also can be found in relation to good luck, chance, the unknown, fellowship, joy, finding things that are lost, evolutionary change and alternatively, can be linked with sacred music, bardism and the sacred dance. (You'll note that most of these also apply to our Peorth.)
If cast in opposition or reversed (upside down), peorth can mean addiction, stagnation, loneliness, or malaise.
So it seems obvious that as a rune, peorth is considered a general utility symbol that covers a wide range of things, much like the goddess who's named after it.
While I don't think Mr. Fujishima is an expert on runes and rune casting (though you never know) it's pretty obvious he knows someone who is. While he could have picked Sigil and Peorth's names off a website, the detailed rune reading he has Belldandy cast for Urd in Another Me is the work of someone who knows their business. (If you hadn't noticed, the names on the casting circles are the Norse versions of their names, Urda & Verthandi. A detailed examination of Bell's rune cast can be found at the AMG Fan, Observations Website.)
My guess is he described the characters he had in mind and this someone suggested the runes to name them by. Then, with the rune profile in hand, he fine tuned the characters to more closely fit their names.
Source: https://web.archive.org/web/20061215032223/http://www.goddess-project.net/index.php?pid=76
I am not the original creator.
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2023.06.03 05:16 Junior_Cress2828 My experience at NEHS pride today! /positive

So I saw the flyer on instagram ages ago (before it got taken down bc people are ~snowflakes~ lmao) and I went after work today. I was on the bus and walked from River Road towards the event when someone saw my rainbow butterfly wing cape and was like "Man we could use a cape like that down by those protesters haha". So the spiteful little goblin I am, I kept walking straight, and didnt turn into the parking lot towards where Pride was being held. Because I literally cannot help myself. Someone told me they could use me down by the protesters, what was I gonna do, walk away like a rational person? Absolutely not. I'm a Eugenian, I don't do rational.
Low and behold about an hour and a half later I'm still there dancing in front of protesters with my umbrella. I know these protesters. They know me. I think one of them actually said "nice to see you again!" jokingly when I came up. It's always the same bunch, I've seen them at the Saturday Market and at the UO, obviously you're gonna get recognized if you see them a bunch. My motto with them has always been "do no harm but take no shit". I'll never initiate or start anything with them, but if they start something with me I'm ready to finish it. I had my umbrella up and one of them snapped at me about "blocking his freedom of speech, with is illegal!!! >:((((" because my umbrella "accidentally" got in between him and a teenager he was trying to get to talk to him. I know better than the kids do. Don't engage. They're trained to talk to you in a very specific way to make you angry, and so that you flounder your responses so they can humiliate you. They are taught to do these things. Just don't engage. And I pointed to the cops about 50 feet away from us and said "If it's illegal, go talk to them. The cops are here for a reason." And he didn't talk to me again. I'm autistic and my ability to mask my emotions from years of trauma pays off when dealing with protesters. My adrenaline levels can be enough to stop a horse's heart and I'll still be smiling and vibing calmly. The midwest small-town brat in me was ready to get into a fistfight with men twice my size but the rational adult in me was thankfully holding the leash. If you've ever dealt with someone that's persistent in all the things that make you mad (like screaming to teenagers that their parents are pedophiles that are grooming them for bringing them to an event that's giving out colorful flags and button pins) you'll know the feeling.
But in spite of all of that hate. Mostly from the one dude with the speaker the rest of them were kinda just standing around looking bored as hell this was not a lively bunch today- I wanna extend my gratitude to all the students, staff, and community members that pulled up by the curb to talk to me today. They always asked me how I was doing. "Do you need water? Do you have snacks? Are you doing alright here honey?" I would hold up my water bottle and assure them I was staying hydrated. Someone gave me an orange (which was delicious btw) and when my water bottle ran empty, I was told by someone who came out to greet me that they'd hold my place until I got back if I wanted to go find somewhere to refill it. I stayed out there for an hour and a half, from 3 to 4:30. I was only intending on being there for a few minutes, but it was honestly so much fun greeting people and welcoming them in (even with someone screaming the word of someone who only sounded vaugely similar to Jesus in my ear the entire time). A former teacher of mine ran through the parking lot when she saw me to hug me. Practically tackled me and squeezed the life out of me. I had teachers come from inside the event to come and ask me how I was doing. One of them said "Thank you for being the barrier." to me and one of the students who was out there with me with their flag, and it made me really happy. I was one of the first people out there. I know interaction fuels their obsessive ideology but they were harassing people that were coming in and out of the event on foot, calling them out specifically, and telling children that came by that their parents were pedophiles for taking them to a pride event. Someone needed to be a tension breaker and that was my goofy ass for a minute before reinforcements came. People were dancing with their pride flags and singing lady gaga and waving to people as they came in.
And then I headed inside. After an hour and a half I realized "Oh shit I'm gonna miss the whole thing if I'm out here much longer" and I waved goodbye to the protesters. I ate my amazing donated orange outside the gate. Headed on in. It was wonderful. I helped set up during the first NEHS pride last year when I was a senior. So I know just how much it's grown in just ONE YEAR. I watched friends who were still students get access to gender-affirming items (donated binders were a big one. I got my first binder at NEHS pride last year, so to see they still had that available this year? Along with gender-affirming mtf items like bras available for those who may have been mtf? Which was NOT there last year? It was wonderful to see.) I had multiple people stop me and ask if they could pet/take pictures of my pride axolotl (from build a bear, it's pink and has rainbow gills), I had people compliment my outfit, I had people compliment my wings, it was wonderful. There were games and outdoor stuff set up for the kids (which was a bit lacking last year) and there were some small artists there as well. I got a little acrylic pin that has a picture of a peach on it that says "I'm a little fruity!" for 5 bucks and its honestly my favorite thing from today. From the same place I got an "emotional support waterbottle sticker" for 2 bucks that's getting put on my favorite water bottle.
I had a long chat with someone while in line for the spin-the-wheel game. They were clearly nervous, I think they were there by themselves, so I hung out and talked to them while we were in line. I made button pins at two different booths. I collected an ungodly amount of stickers like the little sticker gremlin I am.
And I had. An awesome time. I'm home now. I have a massive headache (probably from being in the sun so long today). But otherwise I'm pretty happy :) I used to be afraid of wearing my pride stuff out in public. People on the bus have given me shifty looks like they want to talk to me in a negative way (but my headphones usually save me from any real confrontation because it's awkward to make someone take off their headphones to tell them you hate their pride flag skirt.) But I walked to the bus stop today, sore and tired, and I felt free.
For as much vocal negativity as there is in this world right now. There's a lot of silent hope, love, and community. I didn't know most of the people who stopped to talk to me today. But they saw me out there and they stopped to make sure I had water. To make sure I had food if I was hungry. To make sure I felt safe during the few times I was up there by myself. Which tbh was not often at all. They didn't know me. And I didn't know them. But we were a part of the same community. And they were there for me. I only hope they believe I was there for them, too. People are kinder than the world has taught us to believe. Don't let the vocal minority prevent you from believing in the good that there is in this world. Stay safe out there, folks! I look forward to seeing yall at Eugene Pride in August! And probably the same protesters too lmao.
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2023.06.03 03:40 Mizzno [H] Games [W] Lost Ruins, Lone Fungus, Offers

For sale, for Steam gift cards (or gifted Steam Wallet balance):

For trade:
*tentatively up for trade, assuming I buy the bundle


IGS Rep Page: https://www.reddit.com/IGSRep/comments/ti26nz/mizznos_igs_rep_page/
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2023.06.03 01:29 zpnrg1979 Converting bulldozer to electric

Hi there,
I have a 1940's D2 that puts out about 40hp. Looking to replace it with an electric motor and Li-ion batteries.
On a bit of a shoestring budget at the moment so may have to do something to get it running and then look at the battery power later on (start small as batteries are expensive as hell, not to mention the motor(s) etc.
Anyone have any suggestions where to start? I'm thinking one motor that will go right into the transmission and drive it that way (dry clutch) vs putting two motors in the axel and driving it that way even though that is likely much more efficient. TractorData.com has specs and 3 historical comprehensive performance tests on the machine if anyone is interested in seeing the power I'm looking to replace.
Currently there are two hydraulic pistons driving the blade and want to replace that pump that runs off of the pto with either an electric hydraulic pump or electroic actuators vs. pistons.
I would really appreciate insight into motors, suppliers, and reasoning along with battery thoughts, suppliers or ideas on how to obtain, and reasoning. I'm in Ontario, Canada. While LiFePO4 looks like the current selection, I see many more tech's coming down the pipe for greater kw/h per kg along with charging time reduction along with cost reduction. I can't spend 10,000 on batteries for now, but want to have the right motor and maybe enough battery life to power it for an hour or 30 mins for now just as a test. More batteries can come later. Also looking for thoughts on motor controller and various things I'll need to identify amount of power left, rpm/tach, amp, blah blah along with charger thoughts.
Not looking to re-invent the wheel so thought I would see if there are any experts out there looking to give me their thoughts over a cup of coffee so I'm not spending weeks doing research.
Also, any thoughts on who to approach as sponsors or how to raise some funds for parts?
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