Mossberg spx 930 accessories

930 SPX Issue's

2023.03.21 02:30 Windays 930 SPX Issue's

Bought a new 930 SPX and only put maybe 50-75 00 buckshot loads through it. Beyond the first fully loaded tube, somehow the shell stop retaining clip either fell out or was missing from the factory. I did manage to find a replacement at Ace Hardware, fixed that issue. Now I'm having an issue with the last round out of the tube getting stuck. It looks like the brass rim of the shell is getting stuck on the shell stop/bolt release bar as it curves inwards. Only happens on the last round. I can get it to chamber if I pull the shell out slightly with my fingernail, almost like there's just barely enough resistance keeping it from popping up.
Also having an issue with the rear sight wanting to come loose after firing. About every 10 shots I have to retighten the screw for the sight mount. Really want to like this gun, fires and feels great when it works. I would hate for my life to depend on that last round though.
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2023.03.19 13:29 Roosters_boosters Magazine spring tangles.

I have a Mossberg 930 with a +2 Choate extension. Whenever I try to load more than 4-5 shells the spring some how tangles inside the tube. When I open up the mag tube the spring is stuck inside the extension tube, and it looks like the spring is wound around itself. There is 1 coil that looks deformed, and I am assuming that is the point of failure.
Has this happened to any 1 before? Is it a tube thing or is the spring just done? Is this a fixable Issue or am I going to have to get a new spring?
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2023.03.18 15:41 hereforthelol1234 Mossberg 940/930 question - is there any way to clear the chamber without feeding from the magazine?

I am out hunting with my 940 pro. I'd really like to just clear the chamber and leave the mag tube full. Any options?
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2023.03.16 21:32 aashutosh8866 Toyota RAV4 Xle Hybrid 2023, wait time is about a year. Looking to finance it is this is a good price?

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2023.03.16 08:46 gttstd LUMN Short Interest - Frequently Asked Questions

What is Lumen Technologies' current short interest?
Short interest is the volume of Lumen Technologies shares that have been sold short but have not yet been closed out or covered. As of February 28th, investors have sold 153,400,000 shares of LUMN short. 15.46% of Lumen Technologies' shares are currently sold short.Learn More on Lumen Technologies' current short interest.
What is a good short interest ratio for Lumen Technologies?
The short interest ratio, also known as the "days to cover ratio", is calculated by dividing the number of shares of a stock sold short divided by its average trading volume. A short interest ratio ranging between 1 and 4 generally indicates strong positive sentiment about a stock and a lack of short sellers. A short interest ratio of 10 or greater indicates strong pessimism about a stock. LUMN shares currently have a short interest ratio of 5.0.Learn More on Lumen Technologies's short interest ratio.
Which institutional investors are shorting Lumen Technologies?
As of the most recent reporting period, the following institutional investors, funds, and major shareholders have reported short positions of Lumen Technologies: Parallax Volatility Advisers L.P., Jane Street Group LLC, Squarepoint Ops LLC, Lombard Odier Asset Management USA Corp, Millennium Management LLC, Nomura Holdings Inc., Susquehanna International Group LLP, Barclays PLC, JPMorgan Chase & Co., Bank of America Corp DE, Capstone Investment Advisors LLC, Group One Trading L.P., Muzinich & Co. Inc., IMC Chicago LLC, Cutler Group LLC CA, Simplex Trading LLC, Bank of Montreal Can, and Concourse Financial Group Securities Inc.. These positions are disclosed in Form 13F filings with the Securities and Exchange Commission.
What is a good short interest percentage for Lumen Technologies?
Companies that have a short interest as a percentage of float below 10% indicates positive investor sentiment and few short sellers. Stocks with a short interest percentage above 10% is considered high, suggesting some investors are pessimistic about the stock. Companies with a short interest percentage of 20% or more indicates widespread negative sentiment. 15.46% of Lumen Technologies' floating shares are currently sold short.
Is Lumen Technologies' short interest increasing or decreasing?
Lumen Technologies saw a increase in short interest during the month of February. As of February 28th, there was short interest totaling 153,400,000 shares, an increase of 6.4% from the previous total of 144,110,000 shares. Changes in short volume can be used to identify positive and negative investor sentiment. Investors that short sell a stock are betting that its price will decline in the future. An increase in short sale volume suggests bearish (negative) sentiment among investors. A decrease on short sale volume suggests bullish (positive) sentiment.
What is Lumen Technologies' float size?
Lumen Technologies currently has issued a total of 1,001,300,000 shares. Some of Lumen Technologies' outstanding shares are available for trading, while others are subject to various restrictions. The public float, also referred to as floating shares or "the float", are shares that publicly owned, unrestricted and available to trade on the open market. Lumen Technologies currently has a public float of 991,930,000 shares.
How does Lumen Technologies' short interest compare to its competitors?
15.46% of Lumen Technologies' shares are currently sold short. Here is how the short interest of companies in the sector of "business services" compare to Lumen Technologies: 360 DigiTech, Inc. (2.96%), PagSeguro Digital Ltd. (4.94%), CorVel Co. (2.55%), Korn Ferry (1.93%), Flywire Co. (3.16%), The Brink's Company (4.18%), Sprinklr, Inc. (1.88%), Braze, Inc. (5.81%), SPX Technologies, Inc. (0.87%), and Envestnet, Inc. (7.38%).
Which stocks are the most shorted right now?
As of the most recent reporting period, the following stocks had the largest short interest positions: Suncor Energy Inc. ($3.27 billion), Occidental Petroleum Co. ($2.77 billion), Coinbase Global, Inc. ($2.25 billion), T. Rowe Price Group, Inc. ($2.23 billion), Paramount Global ($1.92 billion), Etsy, Inc. ($1.75 billion), Voya Financial, Inc. ($1.74 billion), CarMax, Inc. ($1.62 billion), Old Dominion Freight Line, Inc. ($1.62 billion), and Royal Caribbean Cruises Ltd. ($1.39 billion). View all of the most shorted stocks.
What does it mean to sell short Lumen Technologies stock?
Short selling LUMN is an investing strategy that aims to generate trading profit from Lumen Technologies as its price is falling. LUMN shares are trading down $0.01 today. To short a stock, an investor borrows shares, sells them and buys the shares back on the public market later to return it to the lender. Short sellers are betting that a stock will decline in price. If the stock does drop after selling, the short seller buys it back at a lower price and returns it to the lender. The difference between the sell price and the buy price is the trader's profit.
How does a short squeeze work against Lumen Technologies?
A short squeeze for Lumen Technologies occurs when it has a large amount of short interest and its stock increases in price. This forces short sellers to cover their short interest positions by buying actual shares of LUMN, which in turn drives the price of the stock up even further.
How often is Lumen Technologies' short interest reported?
Short interest is typically published by a stock exchange once per month. However, NASDAQ publishes a report for U.S. stocks, including LUMN, twice per month. The most recent reporting period available is February, 28 2023.
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2023.03.15 23:06 Authoritarian_Left The Christchurch shooting timeline.

Warning, do not read if you are sensitive or have emotional problems, this timeline if very discriptive, so remember that you were warned.
The Christchurch livestream shooting timeline 0:0, the video begins, Tarrant struggles putting on the camera on his helmet and on 0:31 he manages to put it on his helmet and he says “Remember lads, and subscribe to PewDiePie”, at that time it was an large and a popular meme to ask for people to subscribe to PewDiePie, and Tarrant wanted to relate to his watchers or make the live more entertaining.
0:40 Tarrant begins driving.
1:12 Tarrant begins playing Serbia strong.
3:08 The audio cuts off and Tarrant shows his face to the camera after taking off his Helmet. He stays parked next to the road. On 3:38 the audio starts again and on 4:08 he bends down to turn of the blinding flash light on his Ar-15 rifle. After that he says something unintelligible due to loud music and he starts driving again.
4:34 he says something unintelligible
4:48 Serbia strong ends and British Brigadiers starts playing.
4:55 Tarrant says something of the lines of “This is not cool, this is fucking sad”
5:30 Brenton says something unintelligible and “Shit”
5:57 Tarrant parks his car near the mosque and he “tells” passer-byers that they can pass the road.
6:03 Tarrant opens his trunk and looks at his Ar-15. On 6:05 he struggles to take out his shotgun out of the trunk due to his fuel canisters.
6:15 he makes way to the Mosque.
6:26 a black man looks at Tarrant in front of the main Gate of the mosque
6:29 Tarrant looks at a person closing the backseat door of a car.
6:35 A person from inside the Mosque yells “Hello brother!”
6:37 he opens fire from his Mossberg 930 semi-automatic shotgun, and he fires 9 rounds while slowly walking inside of the Mosque. He kills one person and wounds 2 with his shotgun.
6:43 Tarrant enters the Mosque throwing his shotgun on the floor.
6:45 Tarrant takes his Ar-15 where he seems to bolt the weapon before raising it and aiming at a man trying to crawl away while yelling.
6:47 Tarrant switches off the safety of his Ar-15 and he fires 3 rounds into the man trying to crawl away.
6:51 Tarrant looks fires couple of rounds at a man trying to run away, he misses his shots and starts moving forwards.
6:53 a man tries to run in front of the doorway and Tarrant fires at the old man, making him fall.
6:54 Tarrant fires at a another man laying on the floor, on 6:55 he enters the Prayer hall and fires 3 rounds at the already injured old man who tried to run in front of the doorway.
6:58 Tarrant opens fire at the men’s praying corner, where we can see a man standing before getting shot and falling.
7:01 Tarrant begins walking backwards and into the hallway as a man tries to squeeze between Tarrant who shoots him and both of them fall, Tarrant drops a magazine while falling.
7:08 Tarrant gets up and fires a round into the man’s head who tried to squeeze between him.
7:11 Tarrant reloads his weapon dropping another magazine, and while reloading he says something of the lines of “Come on, boy”.
7:18 he re-enters the praying hall and opens fire at the women’s praying corner. He keeps walking forward and deeper into the hall.
7:26 he opens fire at the men’s praying corner. 7:28 Tarrant releases his magazine and starts walking into the hallway.
7:32 Tarrant grabs a magazine from the floor and reloads his weapon.
7:37 Tarrant re-enters the prayer hall and opens fire at the women’s praying corner.
7:40 Tarrant opens fire at men’s praying corner.
7:44 Tarrant opens fire at women’s praying corner.
7:46 Tarrant tries to reload his weapon with his double stacked magazine. He fails to insert the magazine and on 7:53 Tarrant fumbles with the ejection port of his weapon, he ejects a live round and successfully reloads his weapon on 8:01. 8:02 he opens fire and women’s praying corner. 8:10 we can see a man trying to run inside of the hallway while Tarrant was reloading. 8:10 Tarrant reloads his weapon and aims down the hallway. 8:14 Tarrant fires down the hallway at the fleeing man, hitting him right in front of the mosque’s exit. Tarrant walks towards the men’s praying corner, and on 8:17 he fires 2 rounds at a man sitting and laying against the wall of the mosque.
From 8:18 to 8:25 Tarrant would fire 5 single rounds at 4 separate people laying on the floor.
8:26 he moves towards the women’s praying corner, at 8:27 Tarrant aims his rifle at bodies in the women’s prayer corner, he sees his gun is out of ammunition and he releases the magazine. 8:29 Tarrant runs into the hallway where he picks up another magazine from the floor. 8:36 he reloads his weapon. 8:37 he looks down the hallway and begins running, looking at bodies in the hallway.
8:47 Tarrant exits the Mosque for the first time, by now the first shot was fired was fired only around 3 minutes ago.
8:48 he aims his rifle at the cars located on the right when facing outside of the Mosque, on 8:49 he lowers his rifle and looks at it before running towards the Mosques main gate.
8:56 Tarrant leaves through the main gate, he looks left and then right where he sees a man. 8:57 he opens fire at the man, firing a dozen times, before turning left and firing at a another man until he had no more ammunition inside of his magazine. 9:09 Tarrant drops the magazine and begins running towards his car.
9:14 Tarrant attempts the remove the gun’s strap that was located around his body by moving it over his head.
9:20 he stops behind his trunk, where on 9:29 he drops his rifle next to the vehicle. 9:31 Tarrant takes another Ar-15 from inside of his trunk.
9:32 he fumbles with bags and cloths inside of his trunk, seemingly trying to find something. On 9:37 Tarrant says “Son of a bitch”. 9:39 Tarrant grabs his fuel canister, before angrily putting it back inside. 9:43 he begins running away from his car and towards the mosque.
9:44 he walks onto the pathway where he looks left towards the mosque before looking right. On 9:45 he aims his rifle while facing right, before lowering it and starting to run towards the mosque again.
9:52 he runs past the Mosque’s main gate and runs forwards until he reaches the gate that leads to the Mosque’s parking lot on 9:56.
9:57 he suddenly stops, and on 10:00 he aims his rifle down and into the parking lot. He fires a dozen rounds before on 10:10 he lowers his rifle and looks to his left before looking to his right. On 10:15 Tarrant says something of the lines of “We might not get the badge today boys”, implying that he missed his shots while trying to shoot someone trying to escape from the mosque, or he said “Guess we might not get to burn it today boys” which is self-explanatory.
10:19 he again aims down the parking lot and he fires a couple of rounds. 10:20 he looks at his rifle before he starts running into the parking lot and towards the Mosque’s entrence.
10:33 he re-enters the Mosque, he was running but when he entered the Mosque he stopped, while walking down the hallway he keeps looking at dead bodies in it.
10:44 he enters the Prayer hall. 10:45 he takes a few steps towards the men’s praying Corner, and on 10:46 he aims his rifle at a man leaning against a window, surrounded by dead bodies. 10:47 Tarrant fires one round inside of the man’s chest, around the heart, and the man is seen grabbing his chest before dropping to his side. 10:49 he fires a dozen rounds inside the dead bodies in the men’s prayer hall.
9:52 he begins walking towards the men’s praying corner.
10:59 he aims at a crying man before firing a shot inside of the man’s head. He continues on, shooting 7 more people inside of their heads. On 11:08 he begins walking away from the men’s prayer corner and he starts reloading his weapon. On 11:14 he reloads his gun successfully, now he walked in front of the hallway entrance, near the women’s praying corner. A elderly man who he shot while trying to run across the hallway, by now shot more than 4 times begins crying. Tarrant while walking towards the women’s praying corner fires one round inside of the man’s head, where a blood splatter is visible. 11:21 Tarrant walks in front of the women’s praying corner. 11:22 Tarrant fires twice at a women leaning against the wall, killing her.
11:23 he walks closer to the bodies in the women’s corner.
11:25 he aims his rifle at the bodies, where he randomly shoots a dozen shots into the bodies.
11:30 Tarrant begins running towards the hallway.
11:40 Tarrant enters the hallway, and begins sprinting outside of the Mosque. 11:44 Tarrant leaves the Mosque for the last time, never to re-enter it again. 11:45 Tarrant stops running and aims at a woman trying to run away from the Mosque. 11:46 he fires twice, striking the woman.
11:47 Tarrant starts running towards the main gate of the Mosque.
11:52 Tarrant exits through the main gate, instantly aiming at the injured woman, now pleading for help and constantly yelling “Help me!”.
11:53 Tarrant fires twice at the woman, now still alive.
11:54 Tarrant looks behind him, 11:55 he looks back at the woman still pleading for help, he starts walking towards her.
12:05 Tarrant is now next to the injured woman, on 12:06 he aims at her, firing one round through her spine and one round through her head, we can see a large chunk of her brain fly out of her head.
12:07 Tarrant starts walking towards his car.
12:13 he closes his trunk.
12:16 he enters his car.
12:25 he starts driving, he takes a left turn from the Mosque.
12:32 Tarrant enters something in his GPS.
12:35 Tarrant says “Did not go as planned, chuckling”.
12:48 Tarrant grabs his Ranger shotgun, and on 12:49 he fires one shell through his windshield at a passer-by, on 12:51 he fires another shell through his windshield.
12:54 Tarrant has a jam in his shotgun, and he attempts to remove the shell from inside of the shotguns berrel.
13:04 he unjams his rifle.
13:05 Tarrant starts driving again.
13:11 Tarrant stops his car again, and on 13:12 he fires another shell from his shotgun.
13:13 Tarrant starts driving again, stopping soonly after, on 13:18 he fires another shell, now from his passenger’s window. 13:19 he fires another shell from his passenger’s window, and on 13:22 he attempts to fire again but his shotgun is out of ammunition.
12:25 he starts driving again. 14:07 he honks and passer-byers trying to cross the road.
14:17 Tarrant says something of the lines of “Hahah, that bitch died instantly”, after that he says “If we get attention unintelligible”, and something of the lines of “That didn’t make sense to me, if it made sense to me you could talk to yourself”.
14:45 Tarrant says something unintelligible and “I should have stayed longer”, after that he says “There was time for the fuel”, “Should’ve burned that fucking Mosque to the ground”.
14:55 the stream is cut short. Later, he would go to the Linwood Islamic center where he would kill 8 more and wound others. After the shooting was finished, total of 51 people died, and 40 more were injured. In the Al-noor mosque a total of 42 people were killed. Brenton Tarrant pleaded guilty to all his charges, and he was given life in prison without possibility of parole.
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2023.03.15 15:43 etriusk I'm new to owning a firearm, advice?

About 2-3yrs I picked up a Mossberg Maverick 88 from a friend. I grew up around guns and I've taken a hunter education course through school twice, so I'm familiar with handling and safety. Though, I will not be offended if you wanna refresh me as when it comes to safety, there's no such thing as too much lol
What advice would you give to someone just starting out? What's a good place to look for accessories (cleaning kits, storage, modifications)? What's something you wish you knew starting out? What laws are easy to overlook/obscure, that could get me into trouble (I'm in Texas)?
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2023.03.15 06:45 SpoonFullOfBackHand Mix of classic and modern

Mix of classic and modern
mossberg 464 spx never looked better. Never really liked the collapsible stock,this is a good mix of old and new features.
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2023.03.13 23:49 dfdezcbigbfunfvs Mossberg JM Pro 930 - 1000 rds so far without a cleaning...

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2023.03.13 16:31 EGWguns Don't miss a single shot this turkey hunting season. Upgrade your firearm with our Red Dot Mounts and Picatinny Rails for improved precision and better results!

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2023.03.13 04:09 todosospfpckfslclvld Looking for a new semi

I have the benelli DaVinci and mossberg 930 spx both. DaVinci has never given me problems but the mossberg sure has. It absolutely hates birdshot. #7 and higher has never cycled more than a cartridge or two before failing to send the bolt back enough to be able to eject. Tons of stovepipes with federal Winchester and rio ammunition.
I have the or3 gun kit installed and it’s improved it enough to cycle #6 shot pretty well but still no bird. Obviously no problem with buck, slug, or any “high brass” styles.
When my 930 spx runs, it’s a beast, Question is; did the 940 jm pro fix these cycling issues? Has anyone owned one and have any feedback? I’m looking on the semi auto market now and I know most peoples answer is the benelli m4. I don’t want to spend $1700+ and then still need upgrades for the extended tube so that I can run more than 5 rounds. What’s your suggestions
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2023.03.12 22:32 LetsGatitOn [WTS] 11.5 upper, Streamlight HLX, Benelli M4 3pos tube , sis, pleb stuff, etc.
- Streamlight Protac Rail Mount HL-X Laser / Light Purchased on Gafs Bnib, tested, never used. $115
- ARCHON MFG COMPENSATOR 1/2-28 9MM BLACK ANODIZE. Mounted once, removed and never used. $55
Send it Sunday - $35
Trades sis [WTT]
Looking for:
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2023.03.12 20:27 CoronetRTguy Mossberg 500 & 930 bead thread?

I am going to replace the bead sight on my Mossberg 500 and 930. I’m looking at replacing the bead with a fiber optic sight.
What is the thread size? Is it 5-40?
Also, what brand would you recommend? I have been looking at TruGlo, HiViz and LPA.
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2023.03.12 03:28 ChimpBrain Mossberg 940 Pro Tactical w/OD Sling - Initial Experience

Mossberg 940 Pro Tactical w/OD Sling - Initial Experience
Hi everyone, I just wanted to share my initial experience with my Mossberg 940 Pro Tactical shotgun! Firstly, I want to give a shoutout to all the amazing redditors on Shotgun who helped me choose a shotgun that my wife and I could both use effectively.
My initial impression from cycling ~65 rounds on my farm is that both my wife and I are happy with its versatility and performance thus far. It has handled several types of ammunition flawlessly, including Federal Game Load 8 Shot, Herters 00 Buck, and Federal Slugs. I was even able to shoot some tarnished and old loose 12ga rounds passed down to me from my late grandfather, and the 940 cycled them without any issues.
To make it even more practical, I added a 2-point Olive Drab M1 Sling from AmmoGarand. The sling is made of seemingly high-quality cotton, which gives it a great feel and feedback. I also installed 1-1/4” GrovTec Locking Swivels to adapt to the studs and the M1 M14/M16 OD Sling.
One of the best things we like about this shotty is that it's ambidextrous friendly, making it perfect for both me and my wife (lefty and righty). It's also a great size for home defense and I am looking forward to its dual-purpose use as predator control on my farm (yes, I do have rifles too). I feel confident that I could effectively wield it in many situations.
The shotgun's performance is outstanding. It's significantly better than my old shotgun, and it's comfortable and reliable to use. The only downside I see is that a Holosun sight came with it. I prefer iron sights and don't trust digital sights to work when I may need them most. I'll probably replace it with a spare iron sight or at minimum have a spare iron sight with my 940 accessories.
Overall, I'm very satisfied with my purchase of the Mossberg 940 Pro Tactical shotgun. It's the perfect weapon for home defense and hopefully some good farm-style predator control. If you're in the market for a shotgun, I highly recommend this one. Thanks for reading, and if you have any questions, please feel free to ask!
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2023.03.11 21:36 Patfa412 [WTS] MPX mags

Selling 6 gen 1 20rd mags.
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2023.03.10 20:22 FourtKnight Exony: The Party Members (six images)

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2023.03.10 16:57 Icy-Presentation-868 Mossberg 930 Walnut furniture RESTOCK

Mossberg has restocked the 930 Walnut furniture if anybody has been waiting.
Part # 16936WS
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2023.03.10 16:20 Remarkable_Aside1381 Fudd Friday: Fuck You Carrying?

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2023.03.10 11:24 trinitysupplyinc_ What is the purpose of laser sights?

What is the purpose of laser sights?
Laser sights have become increasingly popular in recent years, both among law enforcement agencies and civilians. These devices emit a focused beam of light that helps aim the firearm more accurately. But what is the purpose of laser sights? Is it really necessary to have one on your firearm, or is it just a fancy accessory? How do they work? In this article, we'll take a closer look at what laser sights are, how they work, their various purposes, the benefits of laser sights, the science behind them, and the different types of laser sights available in the market.
What Are Laser Sights?
Laser sights are small, battery-powered devices that emit a thin, focused beam of light. They attach to a firearm, typically by mounting to the rail under the barrel and are designed to aid in aiming by projecting a visible red or green dot onto the target. Laser sights can be used in conjunction with traditional iron sights, or in some cases, can replace them altogether.
How Do Laser Sights Work?
Laser sights work by using a small diode to produce a beam of light that is projected onto the target. The diode is powered by a battery, and the beam is emitted through a lens. When the beam strikes the target, it creates a small, bright dot that can be used as an aiming point.
One advantage of laser sights is that they are very precise. Because the dot is projected onto the target, rather than being aligned with the firearm like traditional iron sights, the shooter can aim from a variety of positions and still hit the same spot. Additionally, laser sights are particularly useful in low-light situations, where traditional iron sights may be difficult to see.
What Are the Purposes of Laser Sights?
Improved Accuracy
One of the main purposes of laser sights is to improve accuracy. By providing a visible aiming point that is projected onto the target, laser sights can help shooters aim more quickly and accurately, even in low-light conditions. This is particularly useful for self-defence situations, where split-second decisions can mean the difference between life and death.
Another purpose of laser sights is to aid in training. By providing immediate feedback on where the shooter is aiming, laser sights can help identify and correct shooting errors. This can be especially helpful for new shooters, who may struggle to line up their iron sights properly.
Tactical Applications
Laser sights are also used for various tactical applications. For example, law enforcement officers and military personnel may use laser sights to help identify and engage targets quickly and accurately. Additionally, some laser sights are equipped with strobe functions that can disorient an attacker, giving the shooter a chance to gain the upper hand.
Finally, laser sights can also be useful for hunting. They can help hunters quickly and accurately aim at moving targets and can be particularly helpful in low-light conditions.
Benefits of Laser Sights:
Laser sights are designed to improve shooting accuracy by providing a visible point of aim on the target. This is particularly useful in low-light conditions or when the shooter has to make a quick shot. The laser sight helps the shooter to aim quickly and accurately, reducing the time required to acquire the target.
Science Behind Laser Sights:
The science behind laser sights is based on the principle of light amplification by stimulated emission of radiation (LASER). Laser sights emit a concentrated beam of light that is visible to the naked eye. The laser sight is usually mounted on the firearm and is activated when the trigger is pulled. The laser sight emits a beam of light that is directed toward the target, providing a visible point of aim.
Types of Laser Sights:
There are two main types of laser sights: red and green.
Red laser sights are the most common type and emit a red beam of light that is visible in low-light conditions.
Green laser sights emit a green beam of light that is visible in daylight and low-light conditions. Green laser sights are more visible than red laser sights and are preferred by law enforcement agencies.
In conclusion, laser sights are small, battery-powered devices that emit a focused beam of light to aid in aiming. They are useful for a variety of purposes, including improving accuracy, aiding in training, tactical applications, and hunting. While they are not strictly necessary for most shooters, they can be a valuable tool for those who want to take their shooting to the next level.
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2023.03.09 16:15 virtuouswraith Really love my SPX. Wish that Mossberg’s FLEX system caught on with more 3rd party companies.

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2023.03.09 13:33 Jedikaal [TUTORIAL] Installing Klipper and Fluidd on a PINE64

[TUTORIAL] Installing Klipper and Fluidd on a PINE64
If you want to use Klipper you find a lot of guides and tutorials on, how to install Klipper on a Rpi (Raspberry pi). But that awesome Rpi SBC (Singe Board Computer) is a bit expensive right now, if you can even get one. Because Klipper only requires Python running on a Linux based OS (Operating System), you can use other kinds of SBC. For example the Pine A64.
"PINE64 is a community-driven company ". This company makes all sort of products. They aim to make ARM64 product that you whish to use. Take a look at there to learn more about them.

Table of contents:

0. Intro
0.1 A bit of specs
0.2 The hardware
1. Preparing the SD-card with OS
2. Connecting to the Pine A64
3. Configuring Armbian on the Pine A64
4. Getting the script to install Klipper and Fluidd
5. Installation complete, closing note
6. TL;DR (Bottom of the post)

0. Intro

The Pine A64 is a alternative to de Rpi. An open source computer which means that all the schematics are publicly available. On the time of writing you can get one between $39.00 and €49,95. Sometimes there is a sale and I got two for €34,95 per board. This was a sold with a case and a small keyboard with a trackpad. In this tutorial the photo's are based on that.

0.1 A bit of specs

The details can be found on there wiki. But for the TL;DR, a table:
SoC Quad-Core Allwinner A64 @ 1.152 GHz
CPU 4 x ARM Cortex A53 cores @ 1.152 GHz
GPU ARM Mali 400 MP2 GPU
Storage Micro SD (up to 256GB) / eMMC module slot (from 16GB to 128GB)
USB 2x USB2.0 Host ports
Video Output HDMI type A version 2.0 (4K 60Hz) / DSI (Display Serial Interface up to 1080p)
Camera CSI (CMOS Camera Interface up to 5 mega pixel)
Audio 3.5mm stereo plug (earphone/microphone)
Network 10/100/1000Mbps Ethernet / WiFi 802.11 b/g/n with Bluetooth 4.0. (Sold separated)
Expansion port TP - Touch Panel Port, SPI with interrupt / RTC - Real Time Clock Battery Connector / VBAT - Lithium Battery Connector with temperature sensor input / Wifi/BT Module Header - SDIO 3.0 and UART / 2x20 pins "Pi2" GPIO Header / 2x17 pins "Euler" GPIO Header / 2x5 pins "EXP" Console Header
Power Source Micro USB DC 5V @ 2A / 3.7V Li-ion battery connector / Euler connector
Supported OS For this tutorial we go over Armbian. But there are other flavors which should work.
Now let's install OS and klipper. At the end of this post there will be an TL;DR. With just the links and steps.

0.2 The hardware

Let us take a look at the hardware and accessories that comes with it in this case.The package contains the Pine A64, a case, Micro-USB power plug and a handy keyboard/trackpad combo.
The package and everything it came with.
Now the board had a lot of pin headers and ports. For this guide you only need the USB-A*(1), Ethernet(2), Micro-USB ports(3)* and at last the Micro-SD card slot*(4). Optional the HDMI port(5)*.
The Pine A64 and its ports.

1. Preparing the SD-card with OS

To start of, you will need an Micro SD and a SD-card reader so you make the SD-card bootable.
Please make sure that the SD-card you are using is not corrupted, damaged and works as excpected. An old or corrupted SD-card can give a lot of different problems and I learned that the hard way. It meant that I needed to start over half way trough with a new card.
Micro-SD card with SD-card adapter and SD-card reader.
First, choose an OS to your liking. I'm sticking with Armbian. I would recommend to use the CLI version for simplicity and resource efficiency. Both can be found here at the Armbian website. Download the file and store it on your local device.
Next we will need software to format the SD-card and prepare the SD-card for the OS. You can use something like balenaEtcher or Rufus. I use Rufus as it is already installed on my computer. Connect the Micro SD with the SD-card reader on your computer.
  1. Choose the correct device
  2. Press the 'SELECT' button and navigate to the downloaded OS.
  3. Press the 'START' button and wait until finished.
DO NOT UNPLUG THE SD-CARD or the reader while writing the SD-Card. This may result in a corrupted card.
Starting Rufus.
You know when it is ready when the program shows it is completed or in this case. READY
Rufus completed
Now safely remove the SD-card and plug it in the Pine. The contact point on the SD must face downwards. See the next image. Do this before placing the Pine in the case. I must call-out a design flaw*(or obsec)* of the case. The Micro-SD card cannot be place in the slot while the Pine is in the case.
Place of the Micro-SD and in its case.
After inserting the SD-card, place the Pine in the case and screw it in with the screws that should be delivered with it. Do not over tighten it. It just does no need to move. After screwing it in, place the cover over it.
Connect a network cable and the power plug to the Pine. The computer will startup automagically. You can check if it gets electricity. There should be a dim red light around the Micro USB port. The Ethernet port will blink orange when a cable with a signal is connect and blink green when it communicated with your network. Plug in the HDMI if you have a screen to configure the Pine A64. If so, you can skip the next step.
Screwed in and connected.
Now we can move on to the terminal!

2. Connecting to the Pine A64 with Armbian

First we need to know what IP-address the Armbian got. This can be found several ways. Grabbing it from you routemodem/DHCP server etc.. While you are here. I recommend you to setup a static IP-address. This can be done through you DHCP server or on the Armbian. This way the IP-address stays the same.
OPNSense DHCP lease.
An other way to know the IP-address is through scanning the network. This is somewhat easy to do but you will need to know the MAC-address if the hostname is not show. You can achieve this with a program like Angry IP Scanner or with a plane old Nmap.
Example Angry IP Scanner. Start the search search and find the Pine. In this case I recognize the MAC-address and that port 22 is open. But you milage may vary.
Angry IP Scanner scan.
Example Nmap. I use WSL (Windows Subsystem for Linux) to do a Nmap in Ubuntu. For my network the command is:
nmap -sP 
But replace the network with your IP-address and prefix. Then open Commandprompt and type arp -a. There you will find the IP-address and the MAC-address of the device.
Nmap and ARP.
Once you have the IP-address we need to SSH into the device. This can be done trough a terminal on something like Ubuntu, PowerShell or Putty.
ssh [email protected] 
ssh [email protected] 
Type in the IP-address at the field 'Hostname' and press the button 'Open'.
In all the cases you will be greeted with a message if you are sure you want to continue connecting. This is a security measure. Type yes and press enter.
Accepting the first time connection.
From here on out we will begin to configure the Pine with Armbian. I will do this with my Ubuntu terminal but the process will be the same on all the terminals.

3. Configuring the Armbian on the Pine A64

Now that we have the terminal open, that it Armbian, we can begin setting up.
You will see a request for the password. By default this is 1234 but we will change that shortly. Type it in and press enter.
Change the password to something that you know and remember. Preferable is to generate a password and keep it in a password manager.
Next there will be the question if you want to choose the default system command shell. Choose '2) zsh' by pressing 2.
Now we are making a new account. Give the account a username for example klipper and a password. Choose a password that is different from the root which we just setup. Leave the real name as is or make it something recognizable.
Then you will be asked to let it decide the language based on you location. If the detected timezone is correct you press y.
Setting up config and a user.
First updating the operating system and all the dependencies and repositories. Use this command:
apt update && apt upgrade -y 
and wait for it to finish.
Now type or copy/paste:
and press enter. Go to System > Install > Choose the drive you want to use for the bootloader > Yes > OK.
The next steps won't be any different then other guides/tutorials and so. But for the sake that users don't have to search I will continue.

4. Getting the script to install Klipper and Fluidd

First, exit the terminal with:
Then login or SSH into the machine with the user that you made.
Exit root, into user.
The awesome community made it really easy to install all the software and its dependencies. This script is named KIAUH (Klipper Installation And Update Helper). This needs to be downloaded for which you can use this:
cd ~ && git clone 
This will download the script and everything needed for it.
Git clone example.
Then execute the script.
Now go trough these steps:
1 > 1 > 1 > 1 > password for klipper
1) [Install] > 1) [Klipper] > 1) [Python 3.x] (recommended) > 1 (Select the number of Klipper instances) > Give a password for Klipper application
This may take a while depending on your speed of the connection to the internet and the read/write speed of the SD-card. But after it is finished you should be greeted with the message and the installation menu just as in the image below.
Now install the next application.
2 > y
2) [Moonraker] > Install Moonraker? (Y/n): Y
Now you can choose the web interface. For this guide I use Fluidd but Mainsail is also a good option. Both have their strengths and weaknesses.
4 > Y
4) [Fluidd] > Download the recommended macros? (Y/n): Y
Now that everything has been installed you can press B to go back to the main menu and check if all the applications have been installed. If so, press q to quit the menu.
Go to your webbrowser and enter the http:///

5. Installation complete, closing note

Excellent! Hurray! You completed the installation of the SBC and Klipper with Fluidd. Now the fun begins, connecting the printer, setting up the configuration for it etc. There are already a lot of guides to help with it. For now I don't see how I can add to is.
If there are any questions or feedback. Please reply! That would be much appreciated.

6. TL;DR

1.. Download OS and tool for writing the SD-card. Choose 1: Rufus, balenaEtcher
  1. Plug in you SD-card reader with de Micro SD.
  2. Make sure to choose the right storage on the program. Then choose select the OS and press 'START'.
4. Safely unplug the reader and Micro SD and install it on the Pine A64.
  1. Connect a network cable and power supply to the Pine A64 and wait a few minutes.
  2. SSH on the Pine with Armbian using the IP-address. Use your terminal or something like PuTTY.
For terminal:
ssh [email protected] 
For PuTTY:
Host Name: IP-address Port: 22 Connection type: SSH 
Press 'Open'.
  1. Type in the default password 1234 and after that setup a new password.
  2. Follow the steps for configuring.
  3. Now update:
    apt update && apt upgrade -y
  4. Install drive for the bootdrive. If the SD-card is not the only drive connected. Please choose the correct drive through armbian-config script.
  5. Exit the root user.
  6. Login or SSH into the machine with the configured user.
For example:
ssh [email protected] 
  1. Now clone the git.
    cd ~ && git clone
  2. Execute the script.
  3. Install Klipper, Moonraker and Fluidd or Mainsail.
  4. Enjoy!
EDIT: - Reuploaded the images and corrected a few formatting problems. - Added a part about the company PINE64 for clarification. Thanks goodseaweed
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2023.03.09 05:17 CoronetRTguy Mossberg 930 Home Security Model

I have a Mossberg 930 HS model on the way to my local shop and I’m wondering what are some sight options.
What can I get to replace the front bead? I’m going to run a red dot at some point too.
I was thinking fiber optic but I also like having slug sights. Is that even an option?
Maybe the fiber optic and a red dot should be all that I do. Not worry about having other sights.
Give me some options and opinions. Thanks everyone.
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