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Monster Legends: a city-builder-style mobile game for monster breeding and combat.

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Monster Legends Hack Ulimited 1.000.000 GOLD Food GEMS For Android and iOS

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Subreddit dedicated to the 90's toy franchise featuring monsters of myths, legends, and fables. The series has included board games, video games, comic books, animated specials, and even its own music!

2023.03.21 18:38 Firstblood116 Morphling is the best pro pos 1 pick this patch.

It seems clear to me now that Morphling is the Meta pro pick right now. Overshadowed last patch vs lina and NP because they are INT carrys. Now that those heroes are falling out of pos 1 popularity Morphling is going to dominate the rest of this patch in the pro scene.
His aghanims is OP, it wasn't as obvious with Lina in every game but Morphling is best carry in the game right now in my opinion.
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2023.03.21 18:38 Questn1 Looking for suggestions!

I’m looking to get into front end analog gear. I’ve never used analog but have been researching and getting ready.
I’m interested in getting a 500 series chassis.
Does anyone have suggestions as to what units would be the best to start with?
Thank you all!
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2023.03.21 18:38 throwaway072652 How do you guys not get the powder everywhere?

I toss and wash. I put some on a spoon, put the spoon in my mouth, and toss back with some water and hope for the best. Is it normal to get this everywhere? It’s in my car, gets on my shirts, everywhere. Am I doing something wrong?
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2023.03.21 18:37 r3crac Motion Sensor Night Light for 3.30 USD without coupon (Best price in history: $3.38)

Here is the link (Aliexpress): Motion Sensor Night Light
(Aliexpress coupons: (All Aliexpress items in my db: ))
It's a real discount and real deal.
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2023.03.21 18:37 outcastedOpal CMV: Our modern understanding of what it means to be privileged is wrong

I was a video clip the other day where someone was dodging the priviledge question by saying that its an advantage and not priviledge. And while I dont like these "right-wing" traditionalist grifters and find my self constantly disagreeing with them, I'm not totally closed minded into believing that everything an opponent says is automatically wrong. A broken clock still works twice a day.
Anyways, priviledge and advantages (and rights that arent granted to other people for that matter) arent the same and its an important distinction to make. A priviledge is something you already have. Its something that you didn't fully earn and you don't really need, but its really good to have. Being rich is a priviledge, so is knowing someone famous. Whats commonly stated as white male priviledge on the other hand is an advantage, and not a priviledge. And in some cases, it simply human rights that other people don't have.
People think that being privilage is the best thing you can be, and when combined with rights, theyre right! But the reason i said the distinction is important is that when people say that if youre priviledged, youre in the highest rung of life, theyre refering to advantages. And on top of that, not having priviledge is the same as not having rights. Its very black and white to alot of people, it seems.
Let me give you an example of how having an advntage is not everything. Advantage is an increase in probability that something good will happen, not a guarantee. I am, for all intents and purposes, seen as a straight white cis male. The height of "priviledge" (advantage). I should be more likely to get jobs, be more wealthy, less likely to be harrassed and threatened by police, less likeley to be bullied, sexually assaulted, be robbed, live in a broken home, be mentally well, be taken seriously by doctors and cops, not have to worry about getting sent back to a third world country, be able to eat or have a place to live, not have to do dangerous jobs or live in da gerpus place constantly fearing for my life. But none of that applies to me. When comparing myself to everyone around me who is poc and openly gay and/or trans and female, my life is almost guaranteed to be substantially worse. And im not saying that for sympathy, ill survive. But i almost didnt many many times, and i know that others in my same situation dont.
Being more likely to have a good life not only doesnt guarantee it, it also does not matter at all when you know what the personas life actually is. Priviledge would be to have some of those actually happen, not be more likely. And rights or fullfilling necessities would to be to have most of those things, including things that arent on this list dont actually affect me. We should be putting more moral weight behind peoples actual real life situations, not how "priviledge" they are. Especially whewe dont use that word right to begin with.
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2023.03.21 18:37 chefs-do-that I'm cishet. Birthday party theme problematic?

Hi, friends. I'm an ally and actively spend as much money as I can supporting trans and non-binary causes (affirming surgeries, fundraisers, gofundme's, queer-owned biz, etc.), sharing posts and events, and generally keeping my mouth shut so others can talk. I hope to do even more as I make more income (? a gal can dream, right) This is gonna be so long, I already know. Sorry, guys.
I don't want to put responsibility on any friends to help me think this through so I'm reaching out for input here. My intentions are fully altruistic, so if you'd like to help figure out the best way to achieve my goal... kindly... I really appreciate it. If the whole idea is crap, I accept that as well and will pivot to another way to support.
I have a big birthday coming up, and live in a city recently affected by a tragedy committed against the queer community. It's f***ing insane that that does nothing to identify the city, but here we are. My idea would be to have a party where everyone is invited to dress in drag, and I don't need gifts so I'd ask for donations to a verified local entity that's giving donations directly and immediately to the people affected by what happened.
Maybe it's better not to include the drag part, though I think it could be a useful show of support and statement against the ridiculousness going on there right now? My friends are NTA and I'd make it very clear this is a supportive and fun way to celebrate and raise money, rather than a caricature. I can't imagine anyone involved would participate in a disrespectful manner.
All this said, I don't generally throw large parties (v old, v v old) and while I do have many trans, non-binary, and queer friends and acquaintances in my social circle, a gathering of my closer friends would include a smaller percentage of queer folks. Here are some main thoughts/concerns I'm having...
I don't *need* to say one thing or post one photo publicly. A lot of my giving is anonymous and I show public support in other ways. It *would* be nice to publicly share in order to say hey, I'm straight and this current drag controversy, and ongoing treatment of LGBTQ+ people is absolute garbage so I created some money about it to help someone.
It also seems like having a drag party and NOT sharing at least *something publicly might make it seem like the support aspect was pointless? Or like it was a secret joking thing with no purpose?
If a drag party is okay, where is the line drawn between a bunch of mostly cishet people wanting to show that we're supportive, and people in the community potentially being offended? I don't care if straight cis people are bothered, unless it's because I'm unknowingly being a jerk and they want to tell me that, which I would accept.
Am I... am I already talking myself out of it? I love drag. Even won a show many moons ago. It would be such fun, but not at the potential expense of those I care for with the rightful ownership. Is there too much potential for upset and people coming for me? I honestly don't even need a birthday party, just realized it might be a fun opportunity to add more funds to the pot. I... I dunno??
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2023.03.21 18:37 timmyjim2 Why do bisexual women love me?

So I (26M) feel like I always go through this cycle where bisexual women want to be my best friend and do right by me each and every time, but then eventually we have a falling out or something happens where I don’t meet their expectations and I’m cut off. Is this a universal experience for other gay men? I don’t understand why bisexual women latch onto me so quickly & frequently but I would love to know if anyone can help me out with this cycle I constantly go through with them because it boggles my mind…..
I am also not trying to generalize the way bisexual women operate by any standards it’s more so a pattern in my life I’ve just noticed, and has only become more frequent as I’ve grown older. It’s always bisexual women who are only children in their family, and I don’t know why this keeps happening to me? So I’m wondering if there is something I am doing wrong or if I am doing something right?
Please help because i really don’t want to have to keep going through this cycle over and over for the rest of my life and am feeling a bit desperate for answers.
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2023.03.21 18:37 CutoffThought Honest Review: Apothecary SHO

All dabs have been conducted with: Puffco Proxy on its green setting 3mm terp pearl Aftermarket ball cap 2 hits per dab cycle to preserve flavor of rosin
Photo of my setup & visual of each rosin. (
Tallymon: WOW! The banana flavor is incredibly prevalent. Incredibly smooth and flavorful, with a very “back burner” kind of high. This caught me off guard. I can definitely tell it is fresh and has been in the fridge, not on the shelf. Will definitely acquire more of this strain. 10/10
Wedding Mints: Very flavorful. VERY flavorful. The terps are very present from the wedding cake with a after taste from sin mint cookies. This hit had me couch locked and forgetting what to type, if I’m being honest. Very impressed, so far. 9.5/10
Pink Starburst: The smell from the rosin is incredible. Strawberry is very prevalent. Smooth hit overall, very light taste. This one was not my favorite, but it would not be my last pick, either. 7/10
Tallymelon: Holy. Fucking. Shit. The terps from the hit are almost like a fruit cocktail. This one takes the GOLD. I had to finish the entire cycle, this thing was so incredible. The tallymon is very prevalent, along with the watermelon Julius. The hash stayed flavorful throughout the entire cycle. Intense high with a body sensation that left me “Zooted”, as my fiancé described. I cannot recommend this, enough. 15/10
Garlic Strawberries: Light garlicy nose coming from the rosin. Very nice garlic flavor from the hit, with a light strawberry flavor. This one is very nice, if garlic flavors are your thing. Would definitely recommend this one, as well. 8/10
Overall: I’m beyond impressed. This is one of the best purchases I’ve made, in a sincerely long time. I am insanely high after doing this review and fully intend to go back to Apothecary Farms. The staff were incredibly friendly, as well, which is a nice touch. This was a very nice experience and I appreciate Apothecary Farms for bringing affordable Live Hash Rosin to the market. I purchased these 5 grams for 116.38, and I was able to use my CREDIT CARD!!!!! This was huge, for me.
TL;DR: Apothecary Farms carries amazing, affordable hash rosin that I would recommend to anyone that likes to dab, or anyone who has not tried hash rosin before. If you just grab one, tallymelon is the way to go, for sure.
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2023.03.21 18:37 Inevitable-Art-2533 got a few questions for pilots

hi im 16 and really want to work around airplanes in the future, i originally always wanted to work in the engineering aspect of it bc i grew up in an engineering environment (cars specifically) and was always scared of heights until recently, but i suck at math so pilot is the next best thing and ive decided i want to go for an ATPL when i graduate.
so ive got a few questions can i do flight training in a different country from the one i live in, like is it difficult to do that?
im 5'3 (162cm) am i too short or does it not matter?
can i take out a student loan to pay off flight school since its expensive and i definitly dont want to study near home?
i understand that you cant have any visible tattoos but what about piercings (like industrial bar and a helix or two)?
and finally how often will i be away from home, what are the average work days?
i tried to do research on all these questions but came up with mixed answers so i here i am
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2023.03.21 18:37 Accomplished-Tie6224 I am not spiritual per se but I am having a very weird feeling I have gathered some dark energy or evil eye or curse and I don’t know what to do

hi guys little context why I’m both confused and not very well educated I have been atheist for a very long time I just didn’t really believe in anything but I do find it weird how I have some intuitions that turn out to be true. Prior to being atheist I was muslim and encountered 3 instances of the ‘supernatural’ for lack of a better word
once when I was about 9/10 years old apparently I was possessed and both my parents and my sister who are of different faiths confirmed that I was behaving in my sleep as if I was possessed
second I saw a figure of a young boy outside of my relatives house that was rumoured to be bad vibes? Idk but it was just a silhouette of distortion and when he ran I followed and he was gone. I was also in my tweens so I don’t think I developed any delusional tendencies and never did substances at that time
third was at the same house and multiple of us girls experienced a weird encounter where someone sat on the bed and you could clearly tell on the bed sheet an indent as if an actual human sat, it disappeared when the bed came back to level, as if a person got up from the bed.
as I grew older I chalked these up to being instances of confirmation bias kinda? Like I believed this things were real and interpreted these events as if they fulfilled such beliefs. So when I left islam I didn’t carry these with me. But still as an atheist it’s more so the belief of what we don’t know, not a rejection of higher beings/energy .
anyways. im getting weird intuitions and feelings that something is wrong with me. I live a philosophy of life of do no harm, and do my best to live up to that. But many bad things have been happening to me and my family , especially when things were going good after hard work, and even though I’m tryna keep pushing through and do what I need to do I am feeling this sense of something is just wrong. Idk. I think maybe I’m a dark individual myself despite being empathetic and caring to both myself and others. If anyone has any pointers about this feeling and if it sounds familiar to you help is greatly appreciated.
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2023.03.21 18:37 xSoulgrinderx [H] Painting / Diorama Skills [W] $$$ / paypal [Loc] CO, USA

Howdy players,
Im looking to take comissions for models, kill teams, DnD minis and dioramas! Below are some of myprevious works.
DM what youre looking to get done!
Legions of Nagash Diorama (dry ice) - Warhammer Age of Sigmar: Legions Of Nagash Diorama How-To
DnD Terrain / monsters commission -
Skitarri Killteam Comission -
Single figure and monster commission - Commissions
Nighthaunt WIP -
Firehawks Predator WIP -
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2023.03.21 18:37 RetroFitnessBabes Capezio ad 1986.

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2023.03.21 18:37 jillyjillz42 Can you make a cake or cookies out of frosting?

So I made an Ermine frosting for my bf’s birthday. It was incredible… Btw, I threw some macerated strawberries, drained as best as I could. Then I put it in the freezer because I didn’t need it at the moment; was trying to get ahead. It split when I was trying to whip it up, I gently heated it in a double boiler a little and rewhipped. Just as it was about to come together it started splitting again. Anyway, the frosting is refusing to come together again after heating again, taking some and melting in microwave, adding it to the rest… I don’t want to throw it away. Do y’all think if I threw in some eggs, leaveners, and a bit more flour, it would come out right as a cake or cookies?
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2023.03.21 18:37 yourvirginstepdaddy How about you take a minute and read this 😌

Hello crazy people of reddit. Im looking for someone who can match my goofy vibes and for a long term. So if you are not looking for the same then sorry this probably wont work.
I try my best to study these days and in my free time I watch something (mostly one piece or naruto) or read manga (wanna read a book but dont know how to start), nap, look at memes, annoy my friends and just exist.
Looking for someone to send memes, joke around, have serious conversations, vent, talk about life, bully each other but also care not to hurt each other and be a fun annoyance in each other's life. Also I put a lot of efforts and i expect the same in return lol
And lastly I'm a 24 year old dude. If you are 23-28 years old then feel free to hit me up with a "bonjour" so i know you have actually read my post. I wont reply otherwise.
Have a good day/night or else.......
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2023.03.21 18:37 CorrectFrame3991 The three MHA movie main villains vs Monster King Orochi(pre-redraw OPM)

Wolfram, Nine, and Flect Turn decide they don’t like Orochi and want to kill him by working together. Can they do it? This is Orochi from before the redraws. Both sides get their standard abilities and gear. The MHA characters start off 100 feet away from Orochi. The fight takes place in NYC.
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2023.03.21 18:36 Iliops0as Hiking tips in Portugal

We are planning to hike from Porto to Vigo Spain in May and i would like to ask some advices. What is the best place to start the journey? We will stay the night in the middle of the city of Porto before the trip. Should we take the bus or train to get somewhere near the hiking routes? Second question is that are there some restriction where you can set up a tent? Are there some good places along the hiking routes? I would appreciate a lot if i could get answers, obrigado!
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2023.03.21 18:36 paperclipknight Horizon 6 should be set in California

Probably jumping the gun massively (& I’m well aware Japan will be the peoples choice) but imho California is the best location for Horizon 6. It‘s big & varied enough to be able to operate in varied landscapes thus voiding peoples main gripe with, arguably the best in the series, Horizon 4 whilst being sufficiently different design to the worlds of H3&5 which are basically copy & paste jobs
I’m thinking bottom left hand corner San Diego (or LA) as the big city, north you get the central coast leading up to a scaled down version of SF (so you get the GG bridge) which then leads to the top idk 1/4 of the map being redwood forest.
Bottom 1/5 of the map would be desert & a with a Palm Springs analog, which transitions to the central valley farmland & then the Sierra Nevada’s taking up idk about 1/4 of the top part of the map - thus in turn giving us a reasonable sized section with snow come winter - with Yosemite squeezed in somewhere & I think we’d have the basis of a great map
What do yous think?
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2023.03.21 18:36 eterna1_sunsh1ne I[24F] don't understand fiance's [28M] behaviour

We've been together for 4 years and I feel like he often takes our disagreements to extreme lenghts and reacts surprisingly.
For example: We work/study in different towns so we see eachother couple days a week. Tomorrow he has a day off and I wanted to take a day off too, to spend some quality time together.( I am a student and my classmates will give me attendance, I spend all my free time studying and even attend if I'm ill, so this is a rare occurrence.)
He said that it's extremely irresponsible for someone in this profession to just skip school and that when he studied(same major) they never skipped a day of university. And basically telling me what a bad student I am.
This made me angry as I hoped he would be delighted we have a day for eachother. I said he should rather stay in his town tomorrow and he said that if he stays tomorrow he is never coming back and will only pick up his stuff. (???) I said if he feels that's best for him I will respect his decision.
This is all because I wanted some positive reaction from him for me staying at home with him and he ends up suggesting a break-up?! Then he apologized for his behaviour over text.
TL;DR: Fiance proposes breaking up as a solution when we are fighting. This keeps happening over and over.
I don't know how to fix this pattern of behaviour- suggesting splitting up after minor problems. Any advice?
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2023.03.21 18:36 Lenzar86 Kids not wanting to stay at mine

I have two sons, aged 9 and 5. Three years ago, their mother left me for another man, making false claims of abuse to allow her to take the boys without any consequence. I did not see them, other than via video call, for 18 months.
As of last year, I now have them, as agreed in the court order, for every other weekend and for half of school holidays. This has usually been fine, however the 5 year old has on a number of occasions not wanted to come. His reasons are always 'I'll miss Mummy' or similar.
Last week, I got a WhatsApp message from my ex, saying that the 9 year old was wanting to stay at mine because he'd been told off. I went to go and see him and tried to talk him out of it, I didn't really want to allow him to basically throw a tantrum and get what he wanted. This ended with a new agreement in writing that I would take BOTH boys every Tuesday night, and then drop them off at school the next morning. My ex was being unusually co-operative about this.
This morning, I got another WhatsApp saying that the boys didn't want to come to mine. I still went to the school, and when I spoke to the 9 year old he said he didn't want to come, and when asked why, just said 'I just don't want to'. The 5 year old walked with a friend to my ex's house, so I couldn't get a chance to talk to him.
When we got to my ex's house, the 9 year old went inside. My ex was there, along with her husband, and another friend. I do not know the husband or the friend very well at all. The conversation remained civil, and we even drifted off the topic of the boys on a couple of occasions. However, it was clear to me that they were not going to entertain the idea of me having the boys, despite the previous week's agreement. I was told that I should just accept the kids being kids.
I am 99.9% sure that my ex has said something to the boys, which she will have done when there we no other adults present. She has a history of manipulative behaviour, especially towards me - for example she blackmailed me into agreeing to move away from my family. However, the 9 year old has of late been saying things to both of us in an attempt to stir trouble.
I am not very happy that the boys haven't come to mine. I spent a long time away from them, all thanks to deliberate and calculated behaviour by their mother, who even tried to change their names despite a court order in place forbidding her from doing so. I do not believe that she cares about their best interests, only her own.
On speaking to some friends, I was told that I was being too soft and I should have demanded that the boys come to mine. However this would have likely resulted in a lot of tears, plus I don't think it would have ended well if I was making demands in front of 3 other adults.
The court order is now out of date, and among other things require us to do the handovers in a place that is over 100 miles away (I was living in Ipswich when it was written, but I've now moved and I am much closer to the boys).
I personally do not trust my ex one bit to resolve this situation except totally in her favour. Her husband and the friend seem more reasonable, but also say I can't force the boys to do something. I also do not want to do this, but if they keep being reluctant and have no good reason, I don't know what else I can do.
If it matters, I live in England.
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2023.03.21 18:36 East_Extent8056 Can you help me identify these miniatures?

Can you help me identify these miniatures?
I apologise if this isnt the right subreddit to post on but I feel as if this is the best place to go. I've recently obtained these miniatures and I'd like to find out the story behind them, i'm considering selling them as this isn't my hobby and others would get better use out of them. It's understandable if no one knows but I would appreciate any help. All I know is that they were made in the 70s in england.
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2023.03.21 18:36 shooting_forthestars 90s kids will remember the 1st season of Digimon. In my opinion, it's the best one.

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2023.03.21 18:36 Fast_Dot8913 Different Strokes for Different Folks

My last post made a few people (rightfully) question my knowledge about international schools considering I have only worked in two locations, viz. USA and China. This is a fair point. Additionally, a few people pointed out that “Tier 1” international schools pay the most and have the most resources. This is not entirely untrue but there are some caveats. There are also some misunderstanding on Non profits operations that I would like to clear in my future posts. In essence, just because a school says it’s a Non- Profit, it does not mean it doesn’t want a budget surplus and reduce costs and bring in more efficiency, However, that’s another post.
This information is for the newbies, I am certain experienced teachers already know most of what I am about to discuss. I hope it is of some value to some of the readers. A little background about me. I am American, I went to an exclusive private school in America, went to similar private college, did online masters from a state school, and received a doctorate from an in-person highly selective private university. I have a superintendent’s license from the US. I have worked briefly in a US public school, different kinds of schools in China and have personal/ professional relationships with various private schools in the US in addition to the US Department of State, IBO, State education departments, ISS, different accreditation agencies, the whole gamut of higher level of K-12 education management~ Private, public and Charter. In 10 years or so I want to move back to head an independent school in the US.
Here are some types of schools that most career teachers need to be aware of. These are some legitimate schools that provide well rounded education and prepare students for a 4-year college in the US specifically. I am aware there are many more kinds of schools.
1. The Eight School Association
2. The Ten school Associations
These schools are New England schools pedigreed schools. These are independent (free from government interference), private schools that do not take government money and can choose how and most importantly “who” they teach. Phillips Exeter Academy is perhaps the most famous of these and has an endowment of USD 1.3 billion (keep this number in mind, we will come back to this). These eight schools are ivy league feeder schools. Philip Exeter sends 30% of it’s graduating class to Ivy’s. Rest go to non-ivy’s like U Chicago, Stanford, JHU, Duke, Vanderbilt, MIT etc. These are the Packers, Bears, Giants of college prep.
  1. There are other independent, selective, fee-charging schools in every state. You can look them up here.
  2. Dye(CA), Sidwell Friends (DC), Hawken ( OH), Culver (IN) are not in the “elitest” but are among the best schools in the world. There are hundreds of these top-notch independent schools just in the US.
  3. These schools have big endowments from donors and alumni. I too contribute a portion of my income to my alma mater.
  4. You can look up IRS Form 990 to check the finances of these schools.
  5. Teachers here don’t need teaching licenses. Employment is through Carney Sandoe, Southern Teachers Agency, Resource Group 175 etc. Do not usually prefer teachers with public education background.
  6. Great salary, students, and benefits.
  7. Heads make USD 400k to more than 1 million in general. (Not just at the top schools). Teachers make substantial salary and free tuition for their wards.
  8. The closest comparison of US to UK top private schools would be the Headmasters and Headmistress conference schools . Uniquely, Brits associate the quality of the school to the incumbent Head, and if the Head moves to another school, the school will not remain an HMC School. Notice the paucity of international schools.
US Military Schools (Not discussed here)
Feel free to look at the list. Does this list align with your idea of “Tier 1” schools? These are schools that receive US federal aid assistance through the Office of Overseas Schools to meet budgetary shortfalls.
Let’s focus on SAS:
SAS has a budget deficit of about 6%. Which is fulfilled by US Department of State Office of Overseas Schools. Your school can also receive federal assistance by filling out this form
However, only one assisted school per post is allowed.
These schools function very similarly to a public school district with major government oversight, they can also request grants (
Additionally, these schools have nonprofit tax exempt status, so they do not have to pay taxes on their profits thereby saving 15% (unlikely) to 25% (most likely) tax rate in China. While these schools pay a lot by public school teacher standards, they do not have the budget to attract teachers and principals from truly top tier independent schools in the US.
The un-assisted not for profit schools like Concordia, WAB, YCEF, Dulwich(?), Tanglin Trust on the other hand are presumably in better financial health as they make enough to not depend on Government assistance for operation. Both Non-profit and for-profit establishments without assistance can pay more to the “right candidate” as it does not need to be in compliance with US Federal guidelines.
The international schools usually do not have endowments and are heavily dependent upon enrollment. Where, Kamehameha (HI) and Milton Hershey (PA) schools have endowments in tens of billions, the best international school barely has money to last the next year without enrollment. Let’s compare SAS with Phillips Exeter Academy.
SAS (enrollment 2780) K-12 Non Profit Revenue : USD 89.6 Million Expenditure: USD 93.3 Million Investments : USD 85.5 Million
Philip Exeter Academy (enrollment 1073, grades 9-12) – Non profit Revenue: USD 161 Million Expenditure: USD 131.5 Million Endowment: USD 1300 Million ( at 3% withdrawal rate it’s about USD 39 Million income/year from the endowment in perpetuity)
The Head of school of SAS must manage a USD 3.7 million budget deficit (growing every year) without increasing tuition substantially, reducing wages and benefits while the Head of Phillip Exeter must ensure that they can fund raise from alumni to ensure the future of the school and allocate profits towards staff rewards and capital investments.
Different schools, different challenges, different pay structures. While we get a lot of public-school teachers in the international market. High quality independent school teachers and administrators are very rare and unassisted international schools will pay top dollar for them that assisted schools simply can’t. So, if you are a public-school teacher and are attracted to the list of schools from the US department of state. It is a fantastic deal, just remember that the budgets are tight so staff reductions are among the easiest ways the schools can correct budget shortfalls. In essence, you’ll be working a lot, also there may also be limits on non-revenue generating students. Conversely, the unassisted not for profits or for profit schools may not pay you as much as you think you deserve as they would rather pay the high salary to someone with US elite private school or ivy league experience, these high earners will usually be recruited in a non- classroom role in strategic planning, curriculum development, UGC, CCR etc .So you will probably not meet them as much. In some cases, they will work as an international consultant (WFH job). This is a great deal as the school gets to use your knowledge and doesn’t need to pay for benefits.
Most educational institutions around the world work on generally accepted practices when it comes to pedagogy. Some schools do some things differently but are trying to achieve the same goals. Financial management usually follows GAAP. There are quirks but it’s usually the operator and not the machine. Certainly, the country’s laws are supreme, everything I say here is subordinate to that.
Look for the right fit, be good at your job, acquire additional competencies, articulate them. Good Luck!
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