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2023.06.01 03:35 Jaxen1337 Teacher advice!:)

Recently my teacher (of 5ish years) and I had a very bad falling out, resulting in us separating ways. I don't see these situations very often but I was wondering if you guys had any advice on coping with it? Is moving onto a new teacher quickly the best option available? Or is there something I should know about?
Fyi, I am a junior in high school preparing audition repertoire for colleges this upcoming fall. I feel pretty stuck right now and motivation is at a low. Any advice would be much appreciated!!!
Ps - This community is awesome:)
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2023.06.01 03:29 rainstcrms [TX] Requesting resources

Hello everyone, this is probably going to be a super long winded post, but I want to best outline my situation. I am currently living in Grayson County, Texas with my husband and toddler. We were displaced from the trailer that we owned in December of 2019 due to a house fire which burned our entire house down. For the last two years, I have been the only member of our family working. I was making $45,000 per year as a manager for a call center. The reason my husband wasn't working for the past two years is because we were saving money by him staying at home, rather than paying for daycare. I'm really unsure on what to do. TLDR: Laid off on April 7th. Was unable to pay May rent as a result. Apartment complex filed eviction without giving a 3 day notice (they say that they did). I tried to pay rent today for May but was denied because it does not include May, late fees, eviction fees, water bill, and the fees for June rent. April 7th, 2023: I was laid off from my job of over two years, April rent was paid via the online portal. April 7th - May 19th: I submitted over 300 job applications during this time period. April 7th: Applied for food stamps and unemployment benefits. April 11th: Unemployment benefits were approved in the amount of $843 biweekly. April 22nd, 2023 7:00 AM: I contact the apartment complex via e-mail informing them that I cannot access the online portal to pay my upcoming rent payment. It appears that they have switched to a new provider for their online services. April 22nd, 2023 10:15 AM: The apartment complex asks me if I'm still having issues, to which I send a screenshot as proof that I am. April 22nd - May 1st: I have not received a response to my e-mail to get this issue resolved. May rent is now due May 1st, 2023: Sent the complex another e-mail explaining that I cannot access the online portal. I do not have the funds to make the full amount of May's payment at this point, but a relative of mine was willing to help me with half of it. May 11th, 2023: After so many phone calls, I am now approved for food stamps. Which takes a load off of me considering I can now have food for my autistic toddler, as well as have enough money for my bills. May 11th, 2023: I contact the apartment complex requesting a payment extension until May 16th. They advised me that they will file for eviction on the 15th. May 14th, 2023: Electricity was cut off due to non-payment. Stayed with a friend for a few days until my electricity was back on. May 16th, 2023: Had to make a payment to turn my electricity back on, therefore was unable to make the rent payment for May at this time. Still cannot access the online portal where I can make a partial payment, and they will not accept a money order of less than the full amount due. I contacted multiple different resources in my area in order to get May's rent covered, to which they were unable to assist me. May 18th, 2023: My husband got a job, but it only pays $14/hour. You get what you can get type of situation. May 19th, 2023: I was offered a position with an insurance company as a Benefits Representative starting June 19th. Things are looking up! May 22nd, 2023: I sent an e-mail requesting a temporary payment arrangement to which I received no response. May 31st, 2023: Thanks to my husband's paycheck, I finally have the full amount due for May's rent payment! Hooray! They still won't fix the online portal for me, so I have to get a money order. I bring the money order to the front office, only discover that they have filed for eviction on me and are refusing to take the payment of $805. Instead, I will owe $805, plus the late fees, plus the water bill that I never received due to not being able to access the online portal, plus the eviction court fee, and PLUS June rent by the time that court rolls around. I informed them that I never received the 3 day notice to pay or quit via a note on my door or by mail. They stated that they placed a note on my door on May 8th, 2023. I ask for a copy of the note, to which they could not locate it in my file, but rather found it scattered on their bosses desk.
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2023.06.01 03:28 Easy_Article5406 [TOMT] [MOVIE] [2020 or older] Native American queer coming-of-age movie set in a small town

A few years ago (maybe in 2019 or 2020?) I watched a movie that I just cannot find for the life of me. It was definitely made sometime between 2010 and 2020 because it was very clear and was high definition. It was a teen coming-of-age movie with some family drama but mostly just the general "oh my god I'm gay? I can't be gay!!" breakdowns. It was set in the southwest of the US I think, and one of the two main characters was a Native American boy and I think the other was white. It has a happy ending. I remember this scene where the native character is really upset and they're standing in this lot with old/beat up trucks arguing, but it's not angry it's just sad. Every time I look for it I get results for Wildhood or Big Eden but it's definitely neither of those, and I just cannot find what it was called anywhere. I know this isn't a lot of information, sorry.
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2023.06.01 03:24 TogetherPlantyAndMe Pregnant before marriage

Welp, it happened. We danced and now we have to pay the fiddler. This is going to be a long post— part explanation that I think I want to write out for my own sake, part plea for sympathy for how hard this is, and part… who knows.
We’ve been together for 8 years. We had a long talk about engagement one night in autumn 2019 and he gave me a music box of a little bride and groom. That same night I got incredibly sick and ended up hospitalized, then in a rehab program, having to leave my job and house and move back in with my parents. We put the wedding on pause until things got more normal. I was healthy, feeling normal, processing the losses I’d had, and started job hunting again in February 2020.
March 2020 was not normal. We were scared shitless for 6 months, like everyone was. Once things calmed down a small amount, we talked about eloping. Nope, we decided. We wanted a wedding-wedding. Plus, his mom didn’t think he was ready, and her disapproval really affected him. Marriage is a good thing, a celebration. Let’s wait until we can make it a celebration.
And around that time, too, we started making love. I know, I know. We shouldn’t have. We’d been together for 6 years by then. College, mental illness flare-ups, a disaster internship for me, his mom’s cancer, my sickness, a parent divorce, losing grandparents, his mother’s disapproval of him dating anyone at all, sexual harassment, the pandemic. The world was scary. Being together was safe.
We’d talked about sex at the start of our relationship and decided no, we would wait. Occasionally it got brought up again and we knew we weren’t ready to be parents, so we said no, we’ll wait. We had a conversation at one point where he said he felt ready. I asked him what would happen if we got pregnant. He said we’d live our lives in love like we had always planned. We weren’t in bed, we weren’t all riled up. We were our normal and rational selves. I had trusted my mind and my soul with him for years. It made sense that I trusted my body with him, too. I regret some things, I really do. But I can’t regret trusting him, and I can’t regret him trusting me.
So, early 2023. We’re both in good places professionally and health-wise. He says he’s struggling to pick out a ring that is like, we decide to go ring shopping together. It was such a happy day. We decided on a custom one and picked out elements to combine, so it was still going to be a nice surprise.
My period had been late. I had been working 60, 65 hour weeks in November and December and I had had a nasty respiratory bug in December. I’d been having cramps and spotting for a couple days and was like “Yep! This is my period!” But it still didn’t come. I took a test when we went back to my place after looking at rings. I didn’t even tell him. He was watching TikTok in my living room when I walked out and said “Hey, my period is still being weird, so I figured…” Then I saw the result.
We were numb for a while. I called a friend who’d just had a baby, who is a good Catholic who did everything correctly. She was kind and loving told me congrats. I was in complete shock. It didn’t seem real at all. We would do maybe 10-30 minutes of practical discussion, then I’d sob hysterically for about 10-30 minutes, then I’d calm down, then start again.
He was really strong at first. A bit quiet, just taking care of me. Eventually it all hit him. It’s one of the worst things I can remember seeing. He was in so much pain. He and his mom had never talked openly about relationships and sex. She disapproved of me. She would tell him “Don’t ruin your life tonight,” whenever he would spend time with me.
I’ll admit we talked about termination. We’d never considered it, of course we hadn’t. I was also scared that I had hurt Baby— we didn’t know how far along I was, I was on two medications that weren’t recommended for pregnancy, I’d taken copious amounts of OTC cold and fever reliever, and I had binge drank a few times in the month before. Going back to my last period, it was possible I was 9 weeks along at that point with no symptoms except cramps and spotting.
It’s really easy to say “You got pregnant, you pay the consequences. Move in, get married, buy the diapers.” Everything is so much easier said than done. I had to find a sublease for my apartment. We both had to move. We had to find an OB. Our work schedules are different and had no days off in common after my Christmas break— one of us would have to miss work to go to any appointments. And that’s without all the pain of pregnancy, delivery, and a newborn.
We had to think about my job— I’m a teacher and I have been working with a group of students for two years. I was supposed to be able to work with them a third year. I PUSHED at work to be able to be keep working with them. I got additional certifications, I balanced rigor with fun to keep kids engaged, I reached out to parents and families constantly, and I told the kids that I’d be there next year, and yes, they had to sign up for my classes. I told 120 children that I would be there for them as they kept going in high school.
We had always planned on my staying home with a baby when we got there. I’m a teacher and I’ve worked with younger kids. Childcare is crazy expensive. What’s the point of paying someone to get yelled at by my kid while I commute to get… yelled at by kids? I’ve also had mental health issues and knew for a long time that leaving my baby too early wasn’t going to work for me. Having a baby meant leaving my job and leaving the kids I’d built painstaking relationships with.
So, right after finding out, it was pretty much agony. (At one point the night after taking the test, we did play a board game together.)
The first appointment was terrifying. I cried. The OB was very nice. He held my hand the whole time. I also felt so stupid. When was my last period? Early November. What birth control were you using? None. How did it take me 9 weeks to consider being pregnant? And if being pregnant was so horrible, why had we had sex? The first ultrasounds they do are transvaginal. They put a big stick up your vagina. Not fun.
I cried when we saw the embryo. Good and bad cried. Good because it’s an absolute miracle. Bad because we weren’t ready for this miracle. I have always wanted kids. Always. Always always. But in those moments… I had been hoping something bad had happened and we could wrap this all up. But we couldn’t. There was a 6 week embryo, healthy as could be. We heard the heartbeat.
Outside on the street after the appointment, we were numb.
We stopped walking and looked at each other and we both smiled, maybe for the first time that we smiled about this. He touched my face. “We’re going to be parents,” he said. We kissed. He touched my belly. We were going to be okay.
I’m very lucky. I’m in my late 20s. I’m well-educated and have a job in my field. I’ve worked with children and babies. I am in a relationship with the father, a healthy relationship. I’ve been in therapy on and off for years and have a good handle on recognizing my needs and emotions. I have supportive family and I have family who can buy baby supplies or help with rent or expenses if worst comes to worst. I have friends in my city, I have friends who have children, and friends who are teachers and nurses. I have my sister’s codependent best friend, who is NOT ready to have kids and has no experience with them, and signed herself up for Grandparent/ caregiver classes when she found out.
And still. It’s been so hard. Moving is exhausting. Just cleaning my apartment to get the pictures to advertise the sublease was too much! I had to go off one medication and fatigue was a side effect of quitting it cold turkey—I slept 18-20 hours a day for a week and a half. Eventually nausea and vomiting hit and I had to navigate that, medication for it, and side effects. And I pee myself every time I throw up.
I’ve missed so much work— I’d be fired if I wasn’t already leaving. My students are happy for me (and LOVE asking me about baby names and clothes and stuff) but I’ve had kids look me dead in the eye and say, “You can’t leave us. I can’t be at this school without your class and your room during lunch.” My fiancé’s mom is extremely disappointed— she hasn’t said the words “pregnancy,” or “baby,” and she hasn’t asked about me when they talk. My fiancé has two leather chairs that are family heirlooms, and my cat clawed at them the day after he moved in.
We need to be married to be on the insurance, so we had to ask the church if we could be married despite my evidence of sin, or if we should get married at the courthouse. We had a lot of special touches planned for our wedding, and I have a lot of emotions about having to do a small wedding instead.
I think I’m writing all this to ask for sympathy, for me and for others. Please see the paragraph about ways I’m extremely lucky. I just keep thinking about women and girls in this situation who don’t have what I have— a stable relationship, a job, supportive parents, friends who can give used baby gear and step up to help.
It’s not easy. I’m going to be just fine, and this is just going to be a blip in the story of our family. Just please believe me that it’s not easy. Please reach out to your pregnant and parenting friends and family and offer help. If you can, please support programs for young moms and victims of abuse. For Americans, please support paid parental leave at your own jobs and on a bigger scale. Please be kind and giving.
Thank you for reading.
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2023.06.01 03:22 autotldr Reddit’s API pricing results in shocking $20 million-a-year bill for Apollo

This is the best tl;dr I could make, original reduced by 40%. (I'm a bot)
Last month, following in the footsteps of Twitter, Reddit suddenly announced it wanted to charge apps for API access, but how much? Would it pull a Twitter and price everything out of the market?
The most popular Reddit app is the iOS app Apollo, which has been running for eight years now and has millions of downloads.
Selig cites the photo site Imgur as a more reasonable pricing scheme, "I pay Imgur $166 for the same 50 million API calls." Selig estimates it would cost $20 million a year to keep Apollo running.
Apollo and most other third-party apps use Reddit's data but don't show Reddit's ads, so the proliferation of third-party apps costs Reddit money.
It's reasonable to expect some money to change hands here, but how much? Selig links to a CNBC report from 2019 that estimated Reddit earns 30 cents a year per user and says Reddit's API pricing would work out to about $2.50 per user per month or $30 a year, which aligns with Imgur's pricing.
Selig says he is "Deeply disappointed in this price" and that "I don't see how this pricing is anything based in reality or remotely reasonable. I hope it goes without saying that I don't have that kind of money or would even know how to charge it to a credit card." This is apparently the pricing everyone is getting, so just like Twitter, Reddit may torpedo its entire third-party app ecosystem.
Summary Source FAQ Feedback Top keywords: Reddit#1 app#2 price#3 Selig#4 Twitter#5
Post found in /apolloapp and /nottheonion.
NOTICE: This thread is for discussing the submission topic. Please do not discuss the concept of the autotldr bot here.
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2023.06.01 03:21 StrawberrySneeze i miss kirbys rainbow resort

(sorry if this was posted multiple times reddit gives me an error when i try to post it so im assuming its not posting)

hey, none of you know me and this is a really random post to make considering i'm an extremely inactive reddit user who doesn't like the site too much, but krr is a website that constantly comes back to me. its a tiny relic in my life that i only frequented for a few years

in 2019, i was into making crappy rpgs. i had this really terrible free rpg maker alternative i used because i had turned 13 about 2 months prior and didn't know about the dirt cheap sales the rpg makers get on steam yet. i wanted to make rpgs about any franchise that i enjoyed enough, the big 3 were mario, puyo puyo, and pokemon. i have no clue why mario was one because i haven't been a massive fan of it since i was about 4, but somewhere down the line i threw in kirby. i experimented w some kirby fan stuff before, a bit before that i made some esgy kirby comment hosted on a blogspot that never went anywhere. but i was dedicated to these rpgs, i had churned out 2 complete ones and one demo. feeling dedicated to this and being an avid lover of forums at that time, i decided to just google kirby forums, and krr was one of the first results.

my username was cosmickirb and, at this point, there were 3 active members not including me. soul-of-marx, keeby64, and joshi. marx and keeby were regular members, joshi was a mod. we all became friends pretty quickly. marx had a lot of the same humor as me, so we goofed off a lot, while keeby was kind of the straight man of the group, and she'd usually post more normal things. i remember a big joke between me and marx in specific was buff gooey, a poorly photoshopped image of gooey ontop of a buff dude, and a bunch of other edits of the same caliber.

eventually 2 more members became active, diggedery (i believe thats how their username was spelled?) and metaknee. dig was another mod that stuck around for a while before falling inactive, but metaknee ended up sticking around, she actually contacted me earlier this month which was nice, even wished me happy birthday since my birthday was soon at that point. we made a thread on the site chicken smoothie to promote krr too since cs is decently active.

the real downdall was definitely 2020. when 2020 rolled around, the forum broke. we couldnt sign in, and if we were signed in, we couldnt post. new users couldnt sign up either. i dont remember if i pmed marx about this first or she pmed me about it first, but the site was unusable until about late 2020. i found out about it coming back a bit late, but it was too late at that point. most of us had moved on, the site was just never as active as it was in 2019.

most of us barely talk now despite how much we talked back then. marx just posts art to deviantart now, ans i couldnt tell you where keeby went. metaknee always pops up every so often, and joshi fell inactive after the 2020 thing happened. i miss the site a lot, the forum is completely down now. but i hope you enjoyed my story of how, in 2019, 3 teenagers came together to try to revive an old kirby forum, and it sort of worked considering how active it was with just our little group.

(also, at some point patmac mentioned the site in a video that had just come out at that point. i was rlly happy about that lol)
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2023.06.01 03:20 Easy_Article5406 Lgbt (mlm) coming-of-age movie set in a small town?

A few years ago (maybe in 2019 or 2020?) I watched a movie that I just cannot find for the life of me. It was a teen coming-of-age movie with some family drama but mostly just the general "oh my god I'm gay? I can't be gay!!" breakdowns. It was set in the southwest of the US I think, and one of the two main characters was a Native American boy and I think the other was white. Every time I look for it I get results for Wildhood or Big Eden but it's definitely neither of those, and I just cannot find what it was called anywhere. I know this isn't a lot of information, sorry.
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2023.06.01 02:27 TheExtrinsicTrader Results from 4 Months Day-Trading Stocks

Results from 4 Months Day-Trading Stocks
Quick Disclaimer about what you will see here: **All trades I show in this post have taken place in a live cash account, and all trades are long-only. My trading strategy revolves around momentum-based trades, usually on stocks with a market cap around $100 Million~. I typically aim for10-20 cents of profit per-trade (Scalping). I've been investing since around 2019, I took up day trading around late November of 2022, and for about 3 months I studied day trading strategies, (usually around 5-10 hours a day) and then traded in a simulator until I was showing signs of profitability before trading with real money. I started with 1 share, and have been doubling every 2 weeks that I see good results**
Hello Folks, it's been an interesting month. I've been running some tests and modifying my strategy a bit, and I'm very... unsure how to feel about the results. To keep things organized, I'll go over my results up to May 12th when I initiated the change of strategy for the first part of this post, and I'll review the modified version in the second part.

Full results from the original strategy
For May, I was trading with 32 shares, and increased size to 50 shares. I was originally going to double to 64, but wanted to slow down my rate of growth, and also just wanted a cleaner number to work with, so I went with 50.
I went ahead and re-worked my daily spreadsheets to give them a cleaner look. I also decided to reduce my maximum trades from 15 to 10, and liked the results so I will probably stick with 10 going forward. Here's a look at what my new daily spreadsheets look like:
Sample daily spreadsheets from 5/11
I added total cost of the trade, as I found it helped me better gauge if I was correctly sizing for each trade. Of course, there's a lot more to it than just the cost, but it's just another metric that can let me know if I'm way off the mark with my sizing.
My results for May weren't as good as those from April. I had expected as much since Aprils results were exceptionally good, given the hot market, and I was preparing mentally to experience a worse month. The main reason why I did this, was because I was afraid if I went into May normalizing the strong results from April, it could lead to me chasing trades and taking less-than ideal setups.
There were quite a few times I broke form and would either break a rule, or do something impulsively. I tried to record each time an incident happened on a case-by-case basis, and it seems to occur about twice a week. +1/-1. So long as the brake is minimal and I re-center myself quickly, I don't think these breaks are detrimental, but I would still like to see me decrease the frequency of them to once a week or once every two weeks. It's quite a struggle to maintain good form for such an extended period, though meditating has helped quite a bit.
I made it a hard rule to no longer trade pre-market. It's already hard enough to quickly enter and exit a position pre-market with my broker, and on top of that I've noticed I tend to be more "excited" to trade. So instead, I now use the 30 minutes pre-market before open to reflect on my emotional state before starting trading. I've believe this is a way better use of the time.
Over the course of the last 3 months, I was starting to pick up on patterns with my strategy's results. I trade three strategy's, and I was noticing that one of them seemed to do better than the other two. So, I went back and reviewed every single trade I took of the last three months involving that strategy, and noticed that it did indeed perform better than the others. So, I thought it would be a logical and interesting idea to focus more heavily on that one singular strategy, and I decided to set the other two to the side for the time being.

On May 13th, I switched to only using my falling knife setup. There's quite a lot of conditions that need to be met for the strategy to be "safe" since falling knife setups can be quite dangerous, especially on small caps. The conditions are so strict that on average I only traded the setup 2-3 times a day. With that in mind, I altered my size to compensate for the reduced number of trades, and I traded in increments of 200 shares.

My results for the falling knife setup from 5/12-5/31

These statistics, while they look like some utopia dream, are probably not going to remain this way after the results of next month. The strategy uses a 1:1 Risk Reward, but it's probably closer to 0.7:1, in part because I use a breakout or bailout mentality. Several of these trades rolled over and I either sold break even, took profits early, or bailed right away. Since I usually bail immediately if the price doesn't go my way, it makes it very difficult to accurately gauge the Risk/Reward. Once I gather more data I may be able to get a clearer picture. I still have enough faith to continue trading at this size though.
One nice thing about only trading a handful of times, is it's forced me to become much more reserved with my trades, and less impulsive. Since I'm trading a cash account with high share size, I can't afford to be entering/exiting over and over, so I essentially only trade the setup when I think it's A+ quality. This was in part the reason why I reduced my max trades from 15 to 10 earlier in the month.
As this is a falling knife setup, naturally the most opportunities come when the market is hot, since there are more stocks that will be pumped and dumping. May seemed like a mixed bag, Some hot days, but mostly cold ones, especially the last week here. I've been tracking the leading gappers and have noticed a correlation between trade opportunities and the number of high percentage gappers.
I've had a few instances where I've oversized/undersized for trades. Since the intensity of a flush can vary, sometimes I'm going to end up taking on additional risk or less risk, and it seems to me that's just the nature of this system. I've noticed lately that I've tended to take more conservative entrys to try and compensate, but I really need to observe this farther to get a better grasp on it.

It's been an interesting month to be sure, I like this new system I've adopted a lot. I find I connect better with it, since I'm more of a buy the dip kind of person in general. There's still a few things I need to refine, but it's more-or-less how I want it to be.
Until I have more results, I'm going to be more conservative in my rate-of-growth, and am currently only planing to increase in increments of 50 shares for now.
I have a discord I made, not gonna advertise it in this post, but I'm planning on using it for a small group of people who are serious about trading as I find them. (For free of course, I don't plan or want to ever charge anyone anything) I made a tiktok as well, and am still considering streaming my trades live on youtube at some point. That's still a bit down the line though.
I need to work more on becoming more consistent with my meditation and gym routines. Ideally I would like to meditate every day of the week for 30 minutes, and go to the gym 3-4 days of the week. I've still got quite a ways to go before I'm meeting those goals.

Here's some links to my previous posts related to this daytrading journal.
First Months review - https://www.reddit.com/Daytrading/comments/11nuykh/results_of_my_first_month_day_trading_in_a_live/
Second Months review - https://www.reddit.com/Daytrading/comments/12e0r2m/my_results_from_day_trading_for_2_months_feedback/
Third Months review - https://www.reddit.com/Daytrading/comments/132xo9o/results_from_3_months_daytrading_stocks/

It's been quite the journey so far, thanks for taking the time to read if you got this far. See you next month.
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2023.06.01 02:16 cammybuttlover Witness the power of Cammy butt

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2023.06.01 02:10 cammybuttlover Witness the power of Cammy butt

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2023.06.01 02:01 embossedsilver Marshall County John Doe (1997) identified as Jefferey Kimzy

The Marshall County John Doe was a male found in creek bed in Alabama in 1997. He had no head, hands, feet, or heart and a composite of his facial features was based on DNA.
As per the Sheriff Department's Press Release on Facebook, dated May 24, 1997:
On April 15, 1997, a body was located in a wooded area along Little Cotaco Creek just off of Eagle Rock Road in Union Grove. The body was identified as that of a white male; however, due to the removal of the head, hands, and feet, it was impossible to give an accurate age or description. There was also some other mutilation of the body, which appeared to be consistent with a forensic countermeasure. The autopsy results found that the manner of death was a homicide, and that the removal of the body parts was done intentionally; most likely to make identification impossible.
Investigators from the Marshall County Sheriff’s Office and the State Bureau of Investigation worked tirelessly to identify the individual and followed up on numerous leads; but were still unsuccessful in making a positive identification. The case was entered into the FBI’s VICAP (Violent Criminal Apprehension Program); however, there were no credible leads generated there either. Throughout the years leads stopped coming in, and eventually the case went cold.
After 26 years, the deceased individual has now been identified as Jefferey Douglas Kimzey, 20, of Santa Barbara, California.
Then along came improvements in DNA and Genealogical research. In November of 2019; Sheriff Sims and then Chief Investigator Keith Wilson made contact with Parabon NanoLabs, a DNA Technology company. Through a process called DNA Phenotyping, Parabon could give us some possible physical characteristics for what our subject may have looked like.
Today, we want to announce we do have persons of interest involved in this case and are actively pursuing those leads. Also, we will be working with Parabon on DNA that we have recently become aware related to items found at the scene. If anyone has any information about this case from that time period, please call the sheriff's office at 256-582-2034.
There have many investigators who have worked on this case over the course of many years and some of them are with us today. I know they would like to see this case solved, but by having a positive identification will help us get closer to solving this case. I want to thank all the investigators, the people at Parabon who worked tirelessly on this case, Alabama Department of Forensic Science, Marshall County Coroner's Office, Marshall County District Attorney's Office and everyone involved.
His Doe Network Profile is here.
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2023.06.01 01:17 ripwarjoz some thoughts about s3, why i didnt really appreciate it until the closure. spoilers inside

the principal villain was real fucking annoying and i was terrified the writing quality had dropped down low enough to where junior-high contrarian philosophy was being celebrated. or something. but i was validated in the finale. he wasn't written to be a charismatic misunderstood antihero at all, instead, he was revealed in the end to be something more like a developmentally delayed adult suffering from extreme existential grief. he was clearly acting out in antisocial, violent ways, because of his fear of death, the loneliness and permanence in death, and the consequences causes him to lose connections with his wife, and kid, and the school, and all the meaningful elements of the life he grew into, which exacerbates his condition in a cruel poetic way. in the end he dies cold and (mostly) alone and in fear, and that realization infected the main character, and probably some of the viewership. the villain was a lunatic child who was terrified of death and being alone and his psychotic behavior resulted in that self-fulfilling prophecy
the season wasn't as entertaining to watch as 1 & 2, with no who dun it formula, but it was masterful storytelling with a heavy message about grief, loneliness, and the sobering reality of our mortality. it reminded me a lot of my favorite film, Lake Mungo, which is why maybe i'm overvaluing the season. i was surprised that the general consensus here is season 3 was garbage.
anyway i'm on to season 4 now and the first episode has me excited already
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2023.06.01 01:15 throwthewholemansout Advice on holding an intervention for my mom

This is going to be long, since I feel I need to do a lot of explanation to demonstrate the severity of everything. So buckle up for this ride.
My mother has been an alcoholic her entire adult life. It was hidden from my siblings and I as kids, but since 2015 it’s gotten progressively worse and obvious. She is now at the point where she drinks every night, and has started drinking during the day as well. She has also gone through periods where she drives drunk, and has been doing so again.
It’s not surprising that she has this problem, her entire childhood led up to this. She was born and lived in El Salvador’s until she was 14, and was physically abused by her mother who blamed her for being cut off from her family for having my mom out of wedlock. She was molested by multiple family members from a young age. Then during the war she saw violence and hundreds of dead bodies multiple times. She was treated poorly and lived in poverty as other immigrants often are when her family came to the US.
She already had a drinking problem when she met my father. He, not understanding what an addiction is really like back in the 90s, enabled her and continues to do so even today. He is also a narcissist and controlling, so I imagine this has something to do with it as well.
My father has intense rage issues. All four of us grew up in an extremely abusive home, experiencing emotional and physical abuse from both of them. My siblings and I all have intense trauma and issues because of it. My parents also abuse each other, having intense fights where items are thrown, one of them leaves in the middle of the night, and/or cops get called. Dad has also always refused to stop drinking and smoking weed in the house, stating her problems shouldn’t be his. This triggers her all the time.
My mother was diagnosed with panic disorder and depression in 2019. She mixes her meds with alcohol every day. She was 51 then 5250d in 2021 for claiming she took all her meds one day while drunk to kill herself (plot-twist, this was a lie). She hurts herself often and we believe she is beginning to experience the beginnings of live disease as she is morbidly obese, doesn’t eat anymore, shits liquid and often blood. She refuses to be honest with her doctors about her alcohol use.
She’s attempted to stop before, but only by shortly going to AA or outpatient rehab before dropping out. My parents go back and forth saying the other one rejects the idea of inpatient rehab. I keep telling my dad to get her an IID on her car but he says she’d be embarrassed.
My two sisters and I still live in the home, as my parents have made it incredibly difficult for us to be independent. My dad has made sure all four of us have always stayed reliant on them in some way. We all see drama firsthand every single day.
Multiple family members get into fights all the time. I usually have to mediate. My mother blames my father every day when she’s drunk claiming he ruined her life and it’s his fault we lost our home and that she is the way she is. She also seeks me out, switching between wanting to tell me stories of her trauma and calling me a druggie slut that also ruined her life. She follows us both around the house to do so. Their fights have traumatized me so much that every noise I hear from upstairs results in me hearing their voices arguing every night. I have a tick now that makes me need to call my dad or sister, or listen against the door to the stairs to confirm what’s happening. Often it’s just normal talking or the TV. I for ear plugs, but I still hear their voices when anxious.
I have been making plans to move out, but multiple obstacles.have made it difficult. Fortunately I’ll be able to make it happen soon, as one of the main reasons I live with them is to protect my teen sister, who will be moving for college in September.
My dad has talked about having interventions and “conversations” with her for years. It never goes anywhere, and financial circumstances have up until recently made it impossible for her to go to inpatient rehab. He finally is in a good position financially to do so, and seems more serious about it. Thing is, any conversation we have she always agrees and promises to stop, but nothing happens. I believe we need to have a spot for her lined up same day if we’re going to do this.
How do we go about this? Should we have a professional be present? I worry about doing this alone since most of the family cannot control their tempers. At the same time I’m scared all the commotion of the family would be too much for the interventionist. I also worry about the fact that my mother knows and uses the fact that my father and I have both abused drugs as a defense. I’m 27 and have party kinda of often( electronic scene) but have calmed down and lot and not heavily abused drugs for years. My father heavily abused many drugs until he had multiple heart attacks last year. He no longer uses cocaine but has started smoking and drinking occasionally again. I know for a fact she will call this out and I’m not sure how we’d respond to that without escalating.
I’m honestly not even convinced that rehab would help. She has a lifetime is extreme trauma and issues that she refuses to talk about with mental health professionals or anyone if she’s sober. I truly see her drinking for the rest of her life. A big issue is that there are virtually no consequences we can seriously dole out. My dad will never divorce her or kick her out because they are extremely codependent and he has major guilt issues. He will never prevent her from driving. He just bought her a new Benz for Christ’s sake! None of us have the capability of cutting her off right now - my sisters and I live with them, both sisters are in college, and my brother who is autistic and struggles with decent employment works for them. I’ve chosen not to interact with her in the past, but it just made her worse! There’s also 0% chance he will do the research to get her set up for rehab, as he never follows through with anything.
I truly believe this will be nothing but a money sink and that she will drink until she dies from an overdose or an accident. My father, her, and the rest of our family are too fucked up or toxic. My dad will most definitely drive her to relapse with his bullshit. But we have to give it a try. Otherwise it’s guaranteed she’ll never change.
If you made it through this, thank you so much for spending that time. I am very grateful for any advice given and hope that I find the light at the end of this tunnel. I feel for everyone here in similar positions.
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2023.06.01 01:09 thedrunkhoe_ help lmfaop

so I'm an intl' student who joined in the middle of junior year first sem. throughout this year i was constantly switched around classes, dropped here and there, and as a result by grade average is a B+, both semesters. this has never happened to me before in my life, and i'm worried about how its gonna impact my college chances. I have a 1510 SAT with 720/750 math (will retake) and i wanna do anything i can to display colleges my actual academic capability, and i dont wanna lag behind because of my issues this year. I'm taking a few CC classes to but theyre hard to get. Does anyone have any recommendations for olympiads, projects, or basically anything I can do to display by actual abilities to college AOs? Ive always been a really good student and this year was kind of jarring for me. i didnt even get the classes i wanted.
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2023.06.01 01:09 boneIessice Help me spice up my resume please!

Was told to spice it up so I stop getting rejected for client advisor positions
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2023.06.01 01:03 streetbarracuda55 Not getting paid, constantly told “it’s coming” how do I say enough is enough?

Brought on this team a year ago. Internal promotion, the team wanted me badly. I agree to join, negotiate bump in pay, happily jumped into new role - Junior Product Manager.
I immediately jump all in - never did product management before (SaaS), I had 3 years experience at the company already, so I instantly provide tangible results and excel in the role.
6 months in, a Product Manager quits, who leads a team. I take it over.m, fix long standing issues, hear constant positive feedback.
2 months go by, layoffs happen. I get promoted after the bloodbath, told I’ll get an 8% raise and title of Product Manager, what I’ve been doing for 2 months already. I ask for 15% raise, and back pay. No official response given to me on if that can happen.
So current day, I’ve been in the role for 6 months unofficially, officially 4 months. So for 4 months I’ve had to hear my manager in bi-weekly 1 on 1’s that the company is struggling, that we will get you to market rate, that I’m so sorry it’s taking so long, that things have been signed that it’s now on the CEO’s plate.
I just don’t care what the bullshit reasons are anymore, pay me. I didn’t ask for millions. I asked for a 15% raise, and if I’m a “rockstar” and a “5/5” on the review scale, give me what is deserved.
How do I tell my boss/employer that I want to receive my fair market value or…else?
I have almost a month of PTO. Do I just say hey, if you don’t give me X I’m effectively on PTO until the raise is in? I have been looking elsewhere, but nothing solid yet, so I can’t just threaten to leave yet. Just trying to formulate the words. Any help is appreciated.
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2023.06.01 00:56 schraxt Gaslighted into believing my childhood trauma is made up

I am living at home with my brother and my mom, my dad passed away two years ago. Both my dad and my brother showed narcisstic traits, and my brother has some kind of sensitivity disorder and is just an egocentric asshole.
Growing up really wasn't that nice. I wasn't beaten and was materially well supplied, but my dad was an asshole, and my brother is a massive one.
He sees me as some kind of gift that was made to him because he wanted a little brother. He is and was really strong and seven years older, and as long as I can remember, he used to do some kind of violent hugging against my will that for me just hurt and I never wanted it. Through that and other things, my personal space was constantly being invaded and my borders ignored. It was terrible for me, since I felt like some puppet he did with what he wanted. He often punished me when I broke stuff or didn't did what he said, he often asked me into his room or pushed me into his room and - ... well captured me there for hours sometimes doing that violent hugging shit or just forcing me to stay there. He also did this violent hugging breaching into my room, not going out, and just pressuring himself on me.
He also hit me several times, did disgusting things that included him being naked, smearing feces on me, twisting my nipples, throwing insects on me knowing I have Insectophobia, gaslighting, lying, invading personal spaces, guilt tripping me, punishing me, imposing his views on me, checking all the boxes for toxic relationships, namecalling me, etc.
For as long as I can think I had an aversion against him. I never showed that for long time since I wasn't strong enough, and he said he would punish me several times when I was about to call my parents to get out of situations were I freaked out because it was so uncomfortable and bad. And when I showed emotions, cries, screamed, etc., he did all the book toxic masculinity stuff, calling me girlish, a pussy and whatnot. I many times just tried to play by his rules as long as I could before it became to uncomfortable. Additionally, since my parents are a bit weird and shielded me from all the cool stuff my peers did, he was the only way to watch a movie or him playing games or stuff like that. Classic toxic receive-little-suffer-a-lot situation.
My hatred for him was always there. When I was like 6 and he and my dad went on vacation, I wished both would die in a car crash because living with them was hell for me. A 6 year old wouldn't wish for something like that for nothing, at least not me. I was a really peaceful and good child.
When I was 12, he joined the military, and short time after, my dad was diagnosed with cancer and died in early 2021. Not to mention the trauma from this, it's a different cup of tea. It's just important to know that this time was traumatizing as shit as well.
I then got severe depression, suffering immensely for the last two years with several really bad episodes including suicidal thoughts and self harm. Simultaniously, after my dad died, my brother kind of took control over my mom and now studies with minimal effort, does some household things and thinks he is the new 'family patriarch' now.
Well, and I have developed such a strong hatred over time, especially since ca. 2018, that I barely talk to him. Most times talking to him are when he complains about stuff while constantly using techniques of emotional abuse and just judging, controlling, giving fault, etc. Long story short, even he noticed that I don't like him, and from my side that's the result of growing hatered and is unchanged since at least 2018/2019.
I recently got into therapy, and my mother told my brother about that. And now he keeps gaslighting me saying that my current aversion only appeared after my dads death in 2021, that I used to be a happy child who loved him and loved playing with etc, that he did absolutely nothing that would ever justify my hate for him, that that's all just me being ill, and that he just wants me to try my best to be nice to him (what's macabre since he actually means I shall shut up when he plays patriarch again or even talks, follow his rules, dress and act like he wants etc).
It is wrong! I have had so many traumatizing experiences, I am full of vivid memories, I have diary entries etc, I just know I don't hate him for no reasons since two years.
But he just keeps imposing all of this onto me, and it feels so bad. I don't trust myself anymore, I hate myself for everything I am, I did and experienced. I subliminally don't trust my perception any more and I just really suffer emotionally and from stess because I have to live with him. I have zero self esteem, a broken identity and everything, and the only thing I always had for myself was my hatred on him.
But my mom snitched the therapy thing and now he invades my last fortress of privacy. My therapist is on vacation for 4 weeks and I just don't know what to do anymore. I feel like the last bits of me are dying, and because school is off due to the final exams, I also don't have this safe space anymore where I could escape him and talk to my friends. What can I do? I am so mentally fucked right now...
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2023.06.01 00:22 ButWhichPandaAreYou Raising Difficulty with Self-Imposed Rules

So I thought I'd share some ideas I have for some self-imposed ways to up the difficulty level a bit for those of you who like realism (and suffering).
For starters, we already have all the good difficulty settings in place - £50,000 start, hard fight difficulty, low recovery, high taxation, plateauing, etc. There's already a setting by which amateur recruitment is based on reputation, but I thought I'd start a new save that took this to the next level.
I'm based in England, and so I've set myself the rule that while my gym reputation is sufficiently low (say levels 0 - 3), the only fighters I can sign are amateur, and they must be English. I also have a rule that I have to sign one new amateur, each year, and I can only make offers on week 1 of each respective year. Are the only available English fighters crap ones? Too bad, I have to take one on. The only way I can dodge this responsibility is if there are no available fighters that fit the location rule, or if recruiting the one with the lowest financial demands would result in immediate bankruptcy.
When I get the gym level up to 4 - 7, I can start to sign amateurs from the wider UK and Ireland. Levels 8 - 12, I'm finally a big enough deal that European youngsters would be willing to travel to train with me. Levels 13 - 19, I get access to the Anglosphere for those talented Americans and Australians. Only when the gym is truly a huge deal - level 20+ - can I start to buy established professionals and amateurs from worldwide. And even then, still, one and only one per year, on week 1. There's nothing I can do when an Olympic gold medallist turns pro on week 2 of a year and then immediately signs for my biggest rivals.
As I said, I view this from an English perspective but you could easily do it for other countries - perhaps you might start in the US, add in Puerto Rico and the Caribbean, and then as the levels increase, add in Mexico, Canada, then the rest of South America before finally going global at level 20 as before. Or you might start in Asia - say the Phillippines, then gradually include boxers from Hong Kong, Laos, Thailand, Singapore, Japan and mainland China, before expanding into Australasia and Eastern Europe.
Or, if you fancy a different self-imposed rule challenge, you could start a new gym with the same self-imposed rule of one-fighter-per-year-on-week-1, but rather than restricting yourself to countries, you could limit yourself to only signing new 18-year-olds who are up-and-coming prospects. This way, you'd have a gym full of steadily emerging talent, but enough competition from talented fighters who turn pro from 19 years old, because they can only ever sign for your rivals.
What self-imposed rules have you included in your own games?
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2023.06.01 00:16 goingtothecarwash Is an excel sheet on SharePoint "good documentation"?

Just got my first sysadmin job. Background is tier 1 and 2 help desk and homelabbing so idk anything.
We have a ticketing system and some time this year we'll be migrating to servicenow. But they showed me this excel document on SharePoint they(sysadmin team) uses. It has like 20 pages of different information.
Hardware info / warranty info / physical locations.
Bunch of subnets and static IP mappings and "this range is for this appliance/work function"
System owners/environment(prod/dev)/dead links to knowledge documents that don't exist anymore on onedrive. Dead links to diagrams relating to the system.
Decommed servers and apps
Patch night guides. "When you update this server make sure xyz is running and installed"
SCCM apps that need to be updated.
There's info on here from 2019 so apparently it's been in use for a few years.
I'm a junior sysadmin so I don't wanna come in here and puff out my chest and say wtf is this but in my head I'm thinking wtf is this and I wanna replace it. Set up lansweeper and put all the asset info in. Build network diagrams for each subnet in our SolarWinds. Put the patch guides into KB documents on service now when we get it or on the ticketing system we have now and then just copy it over.
Or maybe there's a reason for it being this way and they just never got the budget or time to address it. Im a new sysadmin idk.
I'm bringing it up tomorrow and seeing what they say. But on the off chance that they just never cared about documentation and they're fine with this one excel sheet, what solutions should I throw out for this so I can appear as a useful jr sysadmin asap?
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2023.06.01 00:16 benjaminvmann My (16m) girlfriend's (18f) parents found out I'm transgender and I can't see her anymore.

For privacy's sake, I'm choosing to reference my girlfriend as L, her dad as J, and her mom as M. L and I went to the same college program this fall, where I was a junior and her a senior. Due to mental health reasons, I dropped out after that fall. L and I lived about an hour away while she was home on weekends and breaks, and 2 while she was at school. We decided to make it work, and are approaching 6 months. J and M have never been the fondest of me, but I brushed it off as them not wanting to interfere in our relationship. There have been a few incidents that J and M have led to asking L my gender. One day J saw the outline of my binder, which became a huge ordeal. L reassured M (who brought up what J saw) that it was just a tank top and I was not a girl. Recently, L and I have been having our own separate issues that I'm not interested in delving into but this led to us taking a break of sorts for the summer to help her prioritize her mental health. I want to note I'm extremely proud of her for this and for expressing it to me. This specific issue arises over the weekend. Sunday, I suggested we get dinner and then hang out Monday. L said she'd have to ask J and M, as most of the approvals revolve around M's work schedule. M seemed heavily annoyed upon L asking, but she let us get dinner Sunday. We ended up only being allowed to spend about 3 hours together, which was frustrating but whatever. Every plan I made continued to be shot down, and finally I just kind of gave up on trying to make plans and told L she needed to do the plan-making. Well, as a result of my frustration, L told me she found out why M was angry. M had texted L, "I would like for you to stop seeing "him"... because I know." Of course, this scared L and now I'm stuck in this awkward position where I'm upset at myself because I'd been trying my best to hide it while trying to keep L comfortable. I'm not really sure what to do, and I guess I just need help defusing the situation. Any advice?
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2023.05.31 23:48 gafonid Trying to find most comfortable walking/standing sneakers for me....

Trying to find most comfortable walking/standing sneakers for me....
Tl:Dr; tried a lot of shoes like ultraboosts which I thought was my fav but standing around makes me feel hurt, which shoes should I try and do I need insole?
Pic of one of those gait things at Dick's, probably doesn't have any worthwhile info, but still...
For context, I thought I was an ultraboost fan but in my current sneaker trying spree I'm realizing I may be missing out on better stuff.
Also I tend to only have one or two active shoes at a time since I'm not running or doing any sports, just occasionally walking a lot.
I've been trying on several different show types, and I'm wondering if there's some significantly better shoe for me I've been missing out on.....And/or if some insoles are needed, and if so, how would I find out what kind
I've been testing new sneakers at home by just using my standing desk for 30 min at a time to see if they start hurting
Current shoes: just referred to as "ultraboost shoes" by my reciept from 2019. I like them quite a bit, but standing around for more than 30 minutes results in general foot pain, more towards the heel with some arch pain.
Hoka clifton 9: quite rounded front and back, probably too much so. I appreciate the cushioning but the rounded rear resulted in a good but of ball of my feet pain after I stood around/walked around with a heavy load for a few hours
Allbird trail runner SWT: similar issues to the Cliftons, they also had some strange pressure points which I wasnt a fan of
Ultraboost 1.0: closest to my current shoes, but similar problems. I suspect the cushioning is a little firmer but that could just be due to the age of my current shoes
Ultraboost 22: loads of cushion, to the point where they feel kinda heavy and don't breathe as well as my current shoes
NMD_R1: I appreciate the more enclosed form, and I do like the looks, but they're pretty flat-feeling and don't cushion as well
For other possibilities I was going to try, I've heard good things about the new balance 2002r, the Nike air max 90, and the Nike pegasus 39
Or could all my woes be solved by just combining the nmd_r1s which I like the looks of best, with some magic insole?
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2023.05.31 23:27 Dorae7878 Opinions?

Hey mates! I was going through my documents and I got my marksheet from the CBSE, passing year of 2019. I want you guys to make some educated guesses about my current state of existence.
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