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2023.06.01 04:14 Victoryia Baking a blueberry pie without lattice?

I picked fresh blueberries recently and want to bake my first blueberry pie. This is the recipe I plan on using.
My question to you experienced pie bakers is, can I bake the same way but without a lattice? I just plan on following the recipe and just laying another pie crust on top.
On a side note, I froze the fresh blueberries as soon as I got home. Any personal experience with that and the minor differences it brings?
Thanks to all that read. Have a wonderful baking day fellow bakers. :)
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2023.06.01 04:14 wishiwasntapharmd Two offers - looking for opinions

Hi all. I feel as though I’m at the finish line in my journey to finally becoming an MSL and am just looking for some advice as to which offer you’d pick and if you care to explain, why.
Some background- coming from clinical, extensive TA experience, have a small child and supportive spouse who will work around my schedule.
A- big pharma. Base +15% bonus + LTI + pension. Will require me to relocate ~10 hours from where I live now which they have offered to pay money towards.
B- contract role for big pharma. 10k less base + 15% bonus. No negotiating on base. No relocation needed for this role. Benefits are more expensive.
Thank you for any input!
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2023.06.01 04:14 ramrod911 Growth while on trt

I am a 43 y/o male. I have been on trt for 1 year. Current panel has me at a very good spot on all my marks. I was messing around with a height chart I have for the kids, checking it for accuracy and taking their latest measurements. The kids asked me to check my height which I had done only once since I bought that chart for them. Low and behold it measured 1.5” more than my previous height. Believe me, we triple checked, and checked again. I was in the Army for 8 years, so believe me, my previous height has been verified hundreds of times. All google results I have read state there’s no growth at 30, much less 40. Has anyone else had a similar experience of unexplained growth?
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2023.06.01 04:14 MutedNight8677 Why to choose a bootcamp

I just finished both my degree and about to finish my SE Bootcamp. My degree is unrelated to Tech, a magical communications degree. I was on and off with my degree and was on the path to do nursing, and then computer engineering, and then I went to the advisors to ask for the path of least resistance and found out that I could finish either an Econ degree or a Comms degree in the same amount of time, I did the Comms path. Around the same time I decided to finish the degree I started when I was 18 (now 26M).
The schedule I had for work required that I wake up at 3am to get on the highway for 45 mins to take a shot of preworkout and sling boxes and cases for 10 hours, to sit in traffic on the way back home and do it again the next day. I knew this was unsustainable. I had a friend, 24M who was making more than me, part time, as a software developer, specifically a WP dev. We had me up and talked about it, he said he believed I could do it and thats when he recommended Practicum, the bootcamp he tutored for.
I waited to start at a time where they were running a 30% off promo and i decided to join, with 0 coding experience. Back in 2020 i had purchased Colt Steele's complete web dev bootcamp on Udemy where it laid untouched for 2 years. I don't have a strong 'technical' background. I took mathematics as a necessity and decided against a computer engineering degree after flunking my first Engineering Calc test (didn't think Precalc was terrible but actual Calc is demonic.) I write well enough, 'speak' several languages (one of them ASL hence the quotes) but any logical thinking outside of general philosophizing of literature was gone.
When I started Practicum I was surprised with how thorough and fun the information was presented. You start with a small history and context behind what you're doing and then you learn some HTML, the markup language of everything web related. After that you learn some Styling via CSS and then you are prompted to create a small webpage with an 'About me'. That was powerful. Like its something you produced with something you learned that had a tangible output.
The curriculum is straight forward. You learn markup and styling for a few months, as CSS can be very robust, and then comes JavaScript. JavaScript was my crux initially. That is what real programming is. Respect it, take your time with it, because the next 2 months it will become your religion. I thought it was the end of my journey but then through practice it clicked. Its honestly just practice at that point.
Then after you start to grasp vanilla JS you learn a library called REACT, developed by Meta (I still prefer to call them FaceBook but I'll be accurate here). React is fun, and sexy. You can really start to enjoy the practice of writing components and not just vanilla JS. Files of pure JS end up looking terse and messy so even though you learn the principles of Object Oriented Programming you build on that foundation with component based architecture via REACT.
You then learn Node JS and Express and start to make API calls and write your own servers and then you develop your own Fullstack application. By then you have a decent portfolio.

If you stuck this far thank you and here are further recommendations for anyone still here. If you do decide to make that jump you need to take some time and BUILD things. Build things that interest you. I didn't think I wanted to build anything and now I get ideas all of the time and now I have the power to do so. I programmed my own bot to crawl a webpage and check out a certain product using Node JS (I didn't contribute to the PS5 shortage). I am now doing a Text to Speech app using GPT 3s engine and the Whisper API + Google's Text to speech API. I want to build something that I could talk to and have it spit things back at me.
You may also wonder what the job outlook is and if you could actually get a job with a bootcamp. The answer is a resounding yes. I just hit my 90 days at my first tech company. I got the job well before I finished Practicum (I finish this month). I also got the job before I got my Comms degree (finished 2 Saturdays ago). I am now working on getting various certs (AWS and Salesforce mostly. I would like about 10 by next March).
If you feel inspired by anything I wrote I hope that you would at least consider taking a bootcamp. If you were on the fence about it I hope to some degree I could have swayed you to try it. Practicum has a free 1 week pre-course for any of their programs if you wanted to try it out. I'm a very 'Just do it' (Shai LaBouf style) type of guy. If you worry about the price they run 15-30% off promotions during the different holidays (or if you reach out to me privately I have a 40% off promo code connected to my name). If you're a woman there's also a woman who code scholarship that I've seen a few people use (I don't know how much that is but it may be worth looking into). There's also a money back guarantee if you don't get a job after 6 months which is a good safety net for anyone wondering. If you are STILL here and have any questions feel free to respond to this post or message me privately.
Thank you 🙏 .
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2023.06.01 04:13 paNICKdisorder AW3423DW Gsync Flickering Issue Resolved

I created a post last week asking AW3423DW owners if they get flickering and if so what are various settings of their setup.
I recently purchased a second AW3423DW and ran it side by side to get some answers. The second one had equally as much of a flickering issue as the first.
Completely wiping my computer of Nvidia drivers using DDU in safe mode and then reinstalling the latest drivers from Geforce Experience completely resolved my flickering issue on BOTH monitors while using gsync at 175 hz refresh rate.
I just want to share this in the hopes it helps some people out there experiencing insufferable flickering on the AW3423DW.
Happy to answer any questions or concerns about DDU and the whole process - just DM me.
DDU download mirrors at the bottom of the page:
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2023.06.01 04:13 eerunnings Navigating having a kid that eats gluten

So I’m a first time mom with celiac to a 7 month old, her dad has no food intolerances or allergies. Per the advice of her pediatrician, we are working on introducing common allergens and wheat is up next 😅
I’m planning on making simple banana oat muffins with some whole wheat flour. I have enough kitchen items that I don’t have to use any of my regular cooking equipment. Anything else I should consider to help protect myself from getting gluten?
If she doesn’t have any kind of reaction we’re planning on continuing feeding her regular items at least occasionally. Does anyone else have kids that eat gluten on occasion? Have you run into any problems with that? I cook all gluten free at home, but my husband eats normally out of the house and keeps his own regular items (bread, snacks, etc) and I haven’t had any problems with that. Just curious to hear others’ experiences!
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2023.06.01 04:13 Efficient-Ear8490 How do I fix this glitch with my software? PLEASE HELP!

My GeForce Experience glitches with CSGO. It just freezes at the main menu screen for the whole duration of the clip and I don't know why. I have the latest driver (literally came out like 2 hours before this post) and I clipped something in the game and for the whole clip its just the main menu of CSGO frozen but the audio of what happened is perfect. Is this a glitch with the game or is it just me? Its just CSGO that I have this issue.
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2023.06.01 04:12 Straight-Series4744 Will it look bad to include Being a caretaker for a family member in Activities Section and not marking it as most meaningful?

This year, while I didn't live on campus, I took a more forward role in the caretaking of my grandmother with dementia, as taking care of her 24/7 was a difficult burden on my parents. To be fair, I am not the primary caretaker, but when I am home I help out with moving her and such. It has been a family effort to take care of her so its not like its all on me. But as of the past 6 months I would be considered one of the primary caretakers. Anyways, to me, this isn't the most meaningful experience, as it is something I would have done regardless of being premed. Also, I think my top 3 experiences were 1. Working in the ER for 2 years 2. Working as a tutor for kids in a low income area and 3. my 2 week global health experience in Mexico.
I talked about those three activities in my personal statement as they are the reasons and most meaningful experiences for me to become a doctor. As far as what is most meaningful to me as a person, I think that I would keep working in the ER and working as a tutor, but I feel like I could switch out my global health experience for caretaking for my grandma (honestly i feel like it would sound bad if I valued a two week trip abroad over taking care of my grandma). If you guys could give me some advice that would be great!
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2023.06.01 04:12 cifer-cipher Redmi Note 11 - Non-stop lag spikes

Does anybody here who have the same issues as well with Redmi Note 11? I just bought this phone over a month ago and I can't play online games without experiencing to forcefully disconnect or to experience lag spike in-game. I believe there's no problem with our internet connectivity here since I've been playing online games with my laptop without any issues. I've tried everything including tweaking the wifi settings and the battery saver settings. Yet, I the issue still doesn't resolve. Hence, I would like to reach out if anybody here who experiences (or has experienced) the same issue as well. What have you guys done to fix the problem? Thank you in advanced.
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2023.06.01 04:12 rotund_passionfruit What is the highest IC base you've ever heard of?

How many years of experience do you need to get to 100k+ base? Mine is in the 60's rn and i have like 3 years of closing experience. For my next move should i ask for 75? higher?
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2023.06.01 04:12 dodadle I can't decide between two colleges.

sorry the post is a bit long. I am not that fluent in english but i will try and make this post understandable. There are two colleges for me to choose from. I know some people who have been to those colleges and know what its like there. Where I am from, some colleges and school are built together with the same name, almost like its been merged. Lets call the first choice ''Choice A" and the second "Choice B"
Choice A
1.Most of my friends and other people i know are enrolling there.
2.I have been there almost my entire life so the environment wont really be new and i will be used to the place.
1.Lesser facilities/ eca and no sports activity conducted by the college, but the college has some courts which the students are allowed to play in but no coaching whatsoever.
2.Kind of bored of that place at this point and want to try some new place.
Choice B
1.It is much more cleaner and well organized
2.I can actually play sports there as it has coach and more sporting events.
3.I want to try a new place and the environment and management of the place is similar to choice A but different enough where i will experience new things from what i have heard from some people who went there.
1.No friends from day 1 and i have struggled in social settings before, although i am much more confident now i dont know how i will approach this problem and make new friends.
2.New place, no knowledge about it or how they run the place, overall new and almost overwhelming.
I also want to emphasize the fact that i dont really think its that important to have friends but i do think that having no friends wont be helpful either. Choice A has almost everything that Choice B has with the addition of my friends. Choice B could be seen as a better version of Choice A but i wont have any friends there or any other people i know so that might be a little bit awkward. College is only for a few years and i dont know if i want to spend it with people i know or spend it in a better place where i may or may not make any new friends. Choice B is 2 minutes from my home whereas Choice A is a 15 minutes walk, although i dont think it matters i cant decide between either so the distance might balance things out. It might sound like one place is better than the other but i really cant decide between them.
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2023.06.01 04:12 yzyork133 Inconsistent Wi-Fi Connection

Dear all! Would like to seek some opinion from you guys regarding Wi-Fi connection for PC. I recently moved so I've been using mobile hotspot as a source of Wi-Fi. My PC doesn't have a Wi-Fi driver in built so I recently bought a TP-Link Archer T4U Wi-Fi USB Adapter and have been connecting it to the front USB ports of the PC.
A problem I have encountered is that sometimes the PC randomly disconnects from the Wi-Fi, and sometimes even when the PC is connected to the Wi-Fi, the internet disappears/lag skyrockets for around 30 seconds - 1 minute before resuming to normal again.
Would like to know if anyone had a similar experience and any suggestions on how to deal with this? Thank you all!
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2023.06.01 04:12 itsjanienotjamie Anxiety with children in school

Does anyone else have children who they place in school, but you have intense anxiety and fear? I know that American public education is not a perfect system, but I think my childhood of hearing homeschooling propaganda is catching up to me. I have bad dreams and ruminate about my kids experiences. I am hypervigilant about their grades, friends and if they are getting a quality experience. I think I was so failed in this area that I am over correcting to "get things right". Anyone else?
P.S. I am working with a therapist. After many sessions where I really was focused on anxieties around my kids school experience I realized I had an abnormal level of concern.
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2023.06.01 04:12 StrongBalance7169 Me

Hey everyone,
Thank you for checking me out. I work in Aviation in Arizona. I am a pilot though that is not currently my profession. I’m 25, 6’3 and 7”.
Have experience in the swinger lifestyle and would love to get to know more people! Feel free to message me and let’s start talking!
Love the outdoors, mountain biking, camping, cars and much more.
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2023.06.01 04:11 yzyork133 Inconsistent Wi-Fi Connection

Dear all! Would like to seek some opinion from you guys regarding Wi-Fi connection for PC. I recently moved so I've been using mobile hotspot as a source of Wi-Fi. My PC doesn't have a Wi-Fi driver in built so I recently bought a TP-Link Archer T4U Wi-Fi USB Adapter and have been connecting it to the front USB ports of the PC.
A problem I have encountered is that sometimes the PC randomly disconnects from the Wi-Fi, and sometimes even when the PC is connected to the Wi-Fi, the internet disappears/lag skyrockets for around 30 seconds - 1 minute before resuming to normal again.
Would like to know if anyone had a similar experience and any suggestions on how to deal with this? Thank you all!
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2023.06.01 04:11 District-Impossible Project 4516 - (Connoisseur Grade)

Project 4516 - (Connoisseur Grade)
Let me tell you about my experience with Project 4516. From the moment I opened the package and caught a whiff of its enticing aroma, I knew I had something special in my hands.
One of the most remarkable aspects of Project 4516 is its high grade quality. The buds are dense, resinous, and exude a captivating aroma that hints at its potency. Ordering Project 4516 was a breeze. The seller was incredibly helpful and made the whole process seamless. And to my surprise, the package arrived at my doorstep in just two days. Freshness guaranteed!
Project 4516 delivered a potent and uplifting high. The cerebral effects were immediate, inducing a euphoric and creative state of mind. It was as if my thoughts expanded and my senses heightened, allowing for a truly immersive experience. Managed to grab a HP for 1000. The seller was super friendly and even allowed to order a small quantity for the first order to gain trust.
I'm willing to share the plug just hit me with a dm or comment on this post (ofc i get an incentive but it's a win win, you help me i help you.)
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2023.06.01 04:11 mekmasoafro Any company offering remote summer internships?

I'm a college undergraduate from Davao city. Di pa naman time para mag ojt kami, gusto ko sanang magkaroon ng internship experience this summer.
I use spring boot and react for my personal projects pala, if that's gonna count.
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2023.06.01 04:11 unchainedmelodie [CAN-QC] in need of creative ideas from fellow HR ( mental health but make it fun )

Hi !
For context, i need to say that I work for a medium sized company based in Quebec (Canada). Although we have almost 400 employees, we pride ourselves with how flexible we still are and that the human is the center of all the decisions. The company is separated in 4 majors department, who are run independently. Most of our staff members are men, the office staff members used to be workers themselves so they are your typical construction 30-40 male.
By sheer coincidence, most of the office staff in one of the department (id say roughly 7 out of 10 members) are good through some really stuff things right now. The issues are not work related but definitely affect some part (wich is NOT the problem, just how we knew something was wrong). Im talking major life issues i.e divorce, kids being bullied, kids being sick, parents dying, lingering depression, etc.
We obviously have a employee assistance programs (wich is, I gotta admit, really basic).
We are looking for a special surprise just to make them feel seen and maybe to help open up a bit, or at least finding solace in the fact that they are all in it together.
So , right now we (my DRH, the HR tech and myself, HR advisor) had the idea of closing shop on a Friday and booking a massage therapist (1hr appointment each) , with tea and sweets in the bigger conference rooms for after the massage) but would love to hear all of your creative idea.
Thank you so much !!
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2023.06.01 04:11 Eastern_Ad_7617 Am I Overreacting?

So I've dealt with a lot of sexual abuse as a child and growing up, and now as an adult f 26 (recently into therapy, don't wait as long as I did lol) I sometimes perceive what could be normal as not normal. I'm quick to judge certain types of men based off how I feel around them as predators or someone I should stay away from. An example: a dad walking his kid home from school one on one - instant alarm bells in my mind but is totally normal most places. Do other abuse survivors experience this and is this normal or am I constantly overeacting when I feel "off" about someone? Some guys I'm around, no problem, no issues, others, instantly thrown off for some reason. And this changes with what seems like the wind too. Some guys I'm comfortable around I'll occasionally feel off about and vise versa.
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2023.06.01 04:11 yzyork133 Inconsistent Wi-Fi Connection

Dear all! Would like to seek some opinion from you guys regarding Wi-Fi connection for PC. I recently moved so I've been using mobile hotspot as a source of Wi-Fi. My PC doesn't have a Wi-Fi driver in built so I recently bought a TP-Link Archer T4U Wi-Fi USB Adapter and have been connecting it to the front USB ports of the PC.
A problem I have encountered is that sometimes the PC randomly disconnects from the Wi-Fi, and sometimes even when the PC is connected to the Wi-Fi, the internet disappears/lag skyrockets for around 30 seconds - 1 minute before resuming to normal again.
Would like to know if anyone had a similar experience and any suggestions on how to deal with this? Thank you all!
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2023.06.01 04:10 lordxoren666 20 years experience in the trades, want to get a degree

As title says I’ve spent 15 years in the field as a plumbepipe fitter and another 5 years doing design work in revit and autocad. I’ve been a foreman/GF and a BIM lead but I’m honestly getting tired of the contract side of things and I really just want something with more job security. I’m tired of having to start over every few years because the company I’m working for gets slow.
Guess my question is how’s the job security on the engineering side of things and what kind of money can I get seeing as how I have 20 years experience in this trade? I even have experience with engineers doing design assist work and I’ve done plenty of sizing and load calcs. Right now a good year for me is around 120k, but then there’s bad years where I’m making 60-80 or less.
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2023.06.01 04:10 cheeseburger279 F/18 need help with social anxiety

hi, please let me know if you guys have experienced this and have any solutions for this issue. my social anxiety has worsened since i move to another country for college. i used to be able to handle my social anxiety cause im basically live with it my entire life, but recently its just too much. everytime i go out from my apartment and be in the crowd, i feel this insane dizziness and nauseous feeling, and i feel like everyone is looking at me and judging me from the way i look, walk, etc. i also walk funny when im outside but i walk normal when im at home, its started since i move abroad, ive never done this before. i cant even sit in a restaurant (especially the crowded ones) because i feel like everyone is looking at me and i feel that i sit weirdly and i’ll feel this dizzy feeling again, thats why i always eat at home. its also hard for me to make friends in class, i cant start a conversation with anyone, i feel that everyones is judging me and im afraid that they think that i look ugly or weird. everytime i try to talk to people i ended up feeling awkward and i will think about these embarrassing moments every single day.
i think my insecurity is kinda related to my social anxitey. i always feel insecure about my body. i know that im not that ugly or fat, i look decent and i also dress well. but idk why i still feel like this. i feel like i need to be skinny and pretty in order for people to like me you know. i starve myself and workout a lot just to stay skinny so people want to be with me and not embarrassed by me. sorry i know its kind of out of topic.
i really want to be confident and just to be an extrovert person, i want to be able to talk to people and make friends cause i feel so lonely and sad every day. i want to experience “college life”. i also want to stop overthink about everything and just live in the moment you know. i also want to increase my self esteem and stop caring about my appearance. if anyone can help or just relate to this post i would really appreciate it haha :)
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