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2023.06.01 03:18 Mseal30 Am i really an ungrateful child for protecting myself over my parent’s abuse?

Hi! I’m new here in reddit & it is my first time sharing my childhood traumas in a virtual crowd of people but I know that this is my safe space rather than twitter. Nice meeting y’all! :)
I was in my fourth grade when I found out that my mother wasn’t my real mother, and then it all hits me. I experience abuse (Verbal, Emotional and Physical) at the early age of 5 years old from the hands of my “kinalakihang” nanay. At first, I thought she was just disciplining me because not gonna lie I was a bit of an annoying child back then but mostly in a funny way. I was an only child before, but then when she got pregnant with my sister, she got worse on how she treated me. Mind you, she was a Teacher in a very well known university in Manila. Fast forward to when I discovered that she wasn’t my real biological mother. I was really in shock and in pain, but I didn’t really know how deep was the cut until my step sister came, she was the real biological daughter of my step mom and my real father and I’m just the unwanted child, the outcast in the family. Our family was just small, it’s just me and my step sister.
I treated her as my full blood, i love and care for her. Since my father was already working as a seaman, he wasn’t always there even when I was still alone with my step mom. So he doesn’t know how my step mom is treating me, and back then I didn’t really understand that I was being abused already. I thought it’s just a normal way/form of discipline (because that’s what’s my step mom was telling me) so I keep on obeying all her rules, accepting her punishments, her hurtful words, etc. I remember when I was in second grade and going to school, she refuse to give me money to buy food sa school instead she will have me take I pc of boiled egg and a zesto juice and it’s going to be my food for the whole day. I don’t question her that time, I just obey everything she wanted me to do. I remember the mother of my classmate buying me food cause she noticed that I was not eating anything on our afternoon breaks (because I already ate my food on our morning breaks) and thinking about it now, i feel sorry for myself.
My lola tends to visit me every once in awhile when I was stilling living with my step mom, (my lola was the one who raised me, until my father decided to take me with him and ny step mom when they got married, i was 3 yrsold) —my lola would always notice some bruises and scratches all over my body and she would ask me what happen, I couldn’t speak cause my step mom was always watching. She told me to keep my mouth shut everytime someone will ask what happen with my bruises or red marks. My step mom will always say that i fell from running around the stairs or it’s just scratches from me playing with our dogs. I was voiceless that time. I’m scared that she would hit me harder if I say something.
My lola would stay with us for 2-3 days and then go home again to province, and then I’m alone again with my abuser. There’s this one time, that even guards in our subdivision will hear me crying and shouting out of pain when my step mom was hitting me with a hanger or a single pair of sandals. (Our house is near the guard house and just at the very first lot when you enter the subdivision gate) they knocked on our gate and ask what’s going on. The lies kept going as well as the abuse. My step mom would tell me that I’m just an accident and my father doesn’t really want me. That he just have no choice but to take responsibility because my biological mother already abandoned me. How painful is that? I didn’t know what kept me going that time. I guess I just cope up with it and tried to kept going with my life.
Fast forward when I was in college, I learned how to fight, learned how to stand up for myself, learned how to protect myself. Maybe some of you are asking “why she didn’t tell her dad” I tried, so many times. But he won’t believe me, he’s always with my step mom’s side.. So here comes college, my father was still absent. I understand that he’s working but there are times that they would hop on a video call and doesn’t even bother to ask for me. He doesn’t even ask how I am doing, am I healthy or what Im feeling. It feels like he doesnt really care about me. I remember hearing the three of them laughing while talking through vidcall and I was just there in my room. Alone.
In my second yr in college, that’s when I start being resentful towards them. I joined our school’s pep squad just to keep myself busy everyday. After class, i will go straight to out training, after doing household chores and that includes ironing my step sister’s uniform for the following school day, preparing food for the next morning, fixing my step sister’s bag, doing the dishes, buying water (drinking water) and dinner for them. My class starts at 9am and ends at 4pm and my training will start at 6pm-9pm. That’s my routine everyday just to keep me busy & sane. I will come home late (10pm) do my homeworks and sleep then wake up at 5am to prepare bfast for me and my sister and then take her to school. Her school starts at 7am and it’s just walking distance from our dormitory. Yes we are both in the same college/school. After that, i will come home and prepare myself to go to my classes as well.
I worked so hard to finish my college despite all the nagging and verbal/emotional abuse I’m experiencing that time. My professors noticed that as well, but in my mind finishing college is my only way to get out of this hell hole. I was gay btw, I’m attracted to girls, 🏳️‍🌈 I had a few relationships with the same gender back then. Well that’s another fuel to my step mom’s rage over me. She was livid when she found out, she said I am being a bad example for my little step sister. Well they put us in an all girls school (and even before I am already attracted to girls) and being in an all girls school for 4 yrs really made me realize my true sexuality.
Fast forward to my graduation, I am so excited and happy for myself. My dad threw a graduation party for me and for a second I felt that he cared for me. Not until I came out as gay infront of my whole family and relatives. My lolo and lola accepted me but they didnt. Eversince that day, I never go back to them nor their house. I never speak with any of them ever again. Then my step mom and dad messaged my lola saying that I am being ungrateful to them.
Ever since I graduated I never asked for their support, I worked hard to find a job to support myself and my grandparents. I distanced myself, & never looked back. I’m now living with my grandparents and supporting them & myself independently. Am I really ungrateful for doing so?
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2023.06.01 03:18 FuckingSolids Stabilize first, the lunacy of desires on autopilot, my questions are getting better ... and other thoughts, six months in

I was planning a psilocybin trip a couple of weeks ago when my luck ran out on the Covid front, so I've had a fair amount of time (as I continue to enjoy the long tail despite four jabs) to collect my thoughts on practical changes and improvements I've experienced since starting this journey.
For perspective, I got out of my last damn-near-quarterly (since leaving my erstwhile profession a month before the 'rona shut things down) detox Memorial Day of last year and started the job I'm soon due my first annual raise from three weeks later. I'd been actively considering shrooms for the usual mental-health reasons at least a year earlier, but at no point was I stable enough to embark upon the full process of producing fruits (supplies procured around Labor Day last year, first trip Dec. 15).
I want to be explicit about the importance of that stability. Fuck. Were I the sort of person to know someone with whom to engage in commerce regarding the finished product, it would have been an abject disaster in the mental state I was in to attempt such folly.
Since the visuals and entity interactions are by their nature ineffable, I leave that impossible conversation to others and instead want to focus on my main takeaways, as well as why it feels like I've taken an unexpectedly clinical, deterministic path to what seems like the woo-woo hippie cliché in many regards. Integration remains an ongoing project (one YouTube channel that seems to address much of this from an angle that aligns with my experiences and isn't at all sensationalized is ZDoggMD).
I don't feel as though I've had a smack-to-the-face epiphany at any point, more of an alternating series of penetrating insights into the obvious and unexpected corollaries.
The shrooms often feel like they're going full-on Socratic method ... ask a question, get an interrogative answer to a completely different question, connected only by a seemingly insignificant thread of intent, that then allows the real questioning to begin.
The tapestry so far centers heavily on the fact that it's impossible to progress anywhere without at least one active goal. I differentiate here from passive goals that feel active on account of their ossified strata. Basically, what I want today can't just be a carbon copy of what I wanted yesterday and also be true to my current needs and wants.
That's a fine short-term (think weeks) hack to avoid tedious daily second-guessing, but for me, weeks became months became years. A dark joke I made for years well ahead of being able to do anything about it was that things were perpetually going to be better in six weeks. Throughout two failed marriages in a dying career, my world became a bubble of three months with now as the center and six weeks ago being the dawn of the epoch.
On its surface, this much should be obvious. So, congratulations for never having navigated the full milieu of mid- to late-stage alcoholism.
Indeed, I'm not sure this is a situation nonaddicts find themselves in at any point in life. And I don't just mean substance addicts ... archetype seeking was a huge problem for me because of the inherent recursion. Damn all the data, stick with your career!
I ended up vacuously satisfied to the extent that I was. I had everything I dreamed of when I was 19. At 35. Which was nine years ago.
This is a good spot to insert what may be a controversial opinion: I don't think trauma processing as such is a healthy goal for a trip, and I have a few reasons for this as someone for whom that was a central goal. Primarily, the sole action that I can take for the rest of my life regarding the violations I was on the receiving end of as a child is not to perpetuate the behaviour. There were no realistic alternate courses of action to avoid the predation and no way to comprehend it at the time. It simply is and is therefore not in need of fresh exhumation.
This also removes a crutch, which never feels good.
But here, I run into a vexing problem on an important line of inquiry: What do I want? And here, I'm actually looking at the narrower "to do" aspect over "to have," as having has an endpoint where it falls off the list once satisfied (usually replaced with another iteration aspirationally) and is with vanishingly rare exceptions exclusively the result of external factors.
Gather 'round the campfire as I regale you well past dawn with the rich and vibrant world of what I do not want. As for what I do? Cut to a minimalist panel of a room with a single lightbulb operated by a pullchain.
In a desperate search for signal that yields only noise, the noise itself has become interesting as I try to source it and piece together its lineage.
But, man, you get down to stuff like "and, as someone who was childfree since adolescence, why would a mortgage on a three-bedroom house make sense as a goal in the first place given the already prescient science on climate change during my formative years?"
Scenarios so absurd for deeply held aspects of the definition of success abound, and here, via critical analysis, you pretty much end up at basic thoughts like "why are we all putting up with ..." gestures broadly "... this?"
Which gets me nowhere on what I want to do, sadly. It feels like my intent is locked away with the source of perceived self, and the closest I can come to understanding it is to recognize everything I can that is misaligned and keep altering course accordingly.
Not exactly what I expected at the outset, even if my current position feels like there are stereotypes with psychedelics for good reason.
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2023.06.01 03:17 RevealLongjumping769 Play-Me Piano still at Lambert?

wanted to know if the play me piano is still at Lambert airport in Terminal 1 near Starbucks and The Pasta House. I remember it being there a few years back in 2019.
Follow up, are there any other Play-Me pianos in the city??
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2023.06.01 03:17 SwampBuddy How does my DNA relate to others with verified Viking roots?

How does my DNA relate to others with verified Viking roots?
I did an Ancestry dna test awhile back which led to me further dig into my genealogy. I’m an American with Acadian roots as well as norman/norse roots. My surname is extremely uncommon (less than 400 or so in the world) and comes from a Norman settlement in now France. I also have distant relatives in Ireland near Wexford. I’ve read about the Vikings settling in Normandy as well as expeditions to Wexford. How does my dna relate to others with viking roots?
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2023.06.01 03:13 dizzle_owo PS4 help

Hey gamers my PS4 is giving me a lot of issues and barely functions. I always have to initialize my PS4 to get it to try and function because everytime I try to boot it up it usually just crashes at some point before it reads all the games in my external hard drive I have a 2 terabyte Seagate drive filled with a lot of games I want to play but it always tells me the database is corrupt and needs to restart and it's just a constant headache and game of chance praying my damn system works. I don't know what's wrong with it but when it does get through reading my games it runs super slow if it doesn't crash trying to launch and play something in the first place. I really want to use my PS4 but don't want to pay like 200+ dollars for a new one, does anyone know what issues I might be having or if I have a cheap way to fix it cause at this point I'm considering taking it to a repair shop or something hopefully y'all will give me good news and won't tell me I'm screwed. Anyways I apologize for the wall of text and I hope anyone who got this far has a good day.
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2023.06.01 03:13 LizardLadyAsh Reptile holiday boarding in Surrey!!

After having worked at Clandon Reptiles for nearly 10 years as a reptile specialist and also running the reptile boarding section. Upon the shop closing, I now provide reptile boarding services from my own home in Woking! Please feel free to contact me for reptile sitting or even a Lizard Lady Reptile Experience or Party/Event!!
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2023.06.01 03:13 mari11dr I sleep with my son’s MMA coach to get him ahead

I’m a single mom of a twelve year old boy. I’m from the Dominican Republican and had my baby when I was only 18. His father passed away when he was a toddler and my son and I moved to the US.
I was on my own for a long time. I was so stressed. I had to work so hard to provide for my child. My son used to not listen to me, he was aggressive and was always getting into trouble at school.
And then when my son was 8 I took him to this martial arts club. I wanted him to have an outlet for his energy. My son was quickly noticed by the ownehis trainer. He told me my son has natural talent.
I did things to be helpful and earn his trust. And it quickly became a relationship. He’s done a lot for me and my son. He offered me a job as a receptionist. He pays me 30 an hour to take care of scheduling, payments, and answering the phone. I make the same as my old job, which took so much time away from being a mom.
My son is his favorite student. He gives him so much attention. He watches him like he’s his own child. He trains him privately all of the time. I don’t pay for any classes or extra.
He doesn’t explicitly claim me as a girlfriend because he says it’s bad for his business. Since my son is his student and I work there. He also says he doesn’t want anyone attributing my son’s success to that. But some other parents are still jealous. Someone even asked me if I sleep with him.
We don’t just have sex. We go on dates together and we go out with my son. He’s the only man I am involved with, but the same isn’t true for him. He likes freedom. I would never accept this if not for my son’s benefit. I’m not ashamed to admit that.
I know he knows that’s my priority. Recently we got into our first real disagreement. And he sent me this text: your son would be fucked in life if not for me. He needs a man in his life. I know you don’t want to see him with uncontrolled emotion, in prison or dead. That was the path he was on, I provided him with discipline. You know your son is talented, don’t forget I know what’s best for him.
I can’t seriously consider ending this. I won’t find a better situation and I can’t let my child down. I do what I can as a mom. Clearly it’s not something I can talk about to anyone in real life.
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2023.06.01 03:13 Brqdes Best friends while playing locally?

Can you be bestfriends if you dont have nintendo online? Me and a friend got the free trial to become bestfriends, but when the trial ends will we still be bestfriends while playing local co-op offline? If we don’t stay bestfriends, is local co-op much more limited than online? Other than having to be near each other obviously. Will we still be able to use tools etc?
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2023.06.01 03:12 MaryJunebug Tipping question, what price do I tip on?

I have a membership at a massage therapy chain near me. I pay for a 120 minute membership that is $120 per month. I can spread out those minutes however I like, but I usually do 60 Minute appointments every other week. I usually tip $20 per hour, but I noticed a sign in the lobby that had higher tips suggested, between 30 and $40. I don't know what the cost is without the membership, Am I being stingy tipping at $20 per hour? In my eyes I'm giving a 30% tip, but I guess it's less than 20% of the non-discounted price?
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2023.06.01 03:11 Silver-Clerk6345 Can anyone send me a link for note 20 ultra 512gb 12ram unlocked in usa near brooklyn if possible and that price should be under 450 dollars

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2023.06.01 03:11 Little_Pomegranate_ 18f [friendship] wassup sweet cheeks

Snuggluffagus? Baby girl? Boy? Snookums? Lmao ducky? I love that omg Hi ducky ew nvm I wanna make some friends, think it'll be fun That's basically it Uhhhhh ngl duckys kinda growing on me But um, please be near my age Yeah
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2023.06.01 03:11 thilonash Road trip Boston to Chicago for collision?

Hey. Please let me know if this sort of post isn’t allowed, but I’m looking for a road trip partner. I’m near Boston, I want to drive to Chicago for debut episode of collision. 35 here. Male. 18-40 is cool.
Just a crazy rando thing I wanna do. No hard drugs please, but I’m def down to split some 420 on the trip (def not required though!).
If youre near me great. But also would be willing to scoop someone up along the way.
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2023.06.01 03:11 Return-Tiny Found three rabbits in my backyard

Found three rabbits in my backyard
Hello everyone,
I have been wanting a bunny for a very long time now. It has been my dream to adopt a bunny. I was playing badminton with my sister in the backyard. While my dad was watering the plants, we all heard something. Turns out, there were three baby rabbits. I was the happiest! My parents were so shocked and scared. We did scare them at first so they ran. We caught them and put them in a cardboard box. We put the box near the hole so the mom knows. But at night, I found a big cat sitting right to the box (scared the shit out of me lol) so I put the box in the garage. We put them back in the hole today waiting for the mom to come back to them. The mom has not come back as of yet. We try feeding them but they don’t even open their mouth. I have no Clue what to do. They haven’t eaten in two days and that worries me. We are going to wait a few more days for the mom. Until then what should we do to make sure the bunnies are fine?
Thank you so much in advance!
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2023.06.01 03:11 kumamon04 Please help my MacBook m1 won't on and I have an exam in 5 days

Hi thanks for reading I desperately need help
This morning I woke up and opened my laptop. Yesterday there was an update in the settings which I need to restart my MacBook for and I didn't want to because I was studying and in the zone ig so I eventually forgot about that and idk if that's one of the reason it's dead rn
I tried to do everything hold the power button for 10s hold command and option for 7s and then shift for another 7s and then try to press the powe button for 10s (idk where this ritual came from but yea didn't work) I also tried to charge but my charging port won't light up red or green even tho the plug is on so I tried using another charger and same thing Mac still won't turn on either.
Also idk if this is relevant but yesterday I didn't shut down the laptop (I don't usually shut down the laptop but everything is usually still fine the next day) so idk if that's the reason as well
Please help me should I go to an apple repair shop?? Also just wanted to know is there a one year warranty for MacBook cos I got this Mac in February and I remember there being a warranty but I can't find the paper or thing that's says that does that mean I can't use the warranty if I don't have that paper or will the shop automatically check if there is or not?? Cos I'm quite broke right now and if I need to spend money I really won't have enough
Thank you for Ur time 🙏
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2023.06.01 03:10 Stonestreamdubs God of War Roleplay (OC Preferred)

So I'm looking for a Roleplay partner who will Roleplay the God of War 4 and 5 story but with any OC's of theirs that might be adventurers of some kind of might fit into Norse, Greek, Celtic, Egyptian, African, Native American, Shinto, Taoist or Christian Mythology. (This means Demons or Half Demons as well or even Angels)
I will be playing the canon characters and the idea I had in mind largely would be the OC character of yours would be a adopted child of Kratos or would be someone encountered on his and Atreus' travels. If you wish to portray any of the canon, main characters, please let me know, but I will primarily be Kratos and Atreus. My requirements are near semi literate or semi literate. Let me know if this is something you'd be interested in!
If you're wanting to create original stories don't worry, we can create our own side quests and everything, along with my own educated guess as to what will take place after God of War 5. This is an RP I've been wanting for a while, so I'll need a little background, I have an extensive RP background and good etiquette. Thank you for reading and I look forward to anyone who might be interested!
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2023.06.01 03:10 TheAmazingRando3000 Where is the love (Snoot Boops) for the Minotaur??

Perhaps one of the most wholesome elements of the DBD community (if not *the\* most wholesome) is the custom of showing our love and adoration for the Pig with an affectionate snoot boop. But where is the love for ME, the other animal-themed monster Killer, the (Oni skin) Minotaur? (Minonitaur? Minotoni? (it’s not a pasta)) Minny needs love and affection too!
Some might say that the Minotaur cannot crouch and therefore his tall stature makes his snoot un-boopable. To them I say: Hex your Privilege! Not everyone is anatomically designed to comfortably do the Squats of Friendship to signal a tender approach like Mizz Piggy and the Survivors freely can. I’m out there doing my best, Demon Dashing my tail off all day on these arthritic hobbly knees. So you can just stifle any lower-limb lameness you try to shame me with just because of my inability to crouch, Amanda. Besides, I may be tall, but there are STAIRS in this game, people!
Others might argue that the Minotaur is simply too terrifying to approach at any height for a snoot boop, which of course is nonsense. I work hard to make this smooth musculature and dusky heather skin as attractive as possible for you Survivors. You think I weigh myself down doing all this accessorizing for myself?? I wear these bracers, shiny bangles, nose ring, and hubcap belt buckle to look bovinically fabulous for YOU.
How do you think I feel, lurking Undetectable in the corner and watching a full team of Survivors huddled around, everyone giving playful snoot boops to the Pig as she roars with glee? It fills me with Blood Fury! And then I feel very, very sad. Besides, who doesn’t like gifts of empty tool boxes?
I understand there are some vertical and psychological challenges here; you Survivors are complex creatures. And maybe the Snoot Boop should only be Amanda’s thing. But I have a cute nose too! SO maybe the community can come up with an equitable alternative. What about a little tug on the nose ring? (we like that!) We can call it a Ring Ding! Or maybe a Bull Pull. How about a Horn Honk? [some stairs required for all of those]
Or to overcome the height difference, why not a (gentle!) Tail Tug? Or maybe a Hoof Boof -- Hoof Buff... (toe-may-toe/toe-mah-toe) where the Survivor can beckon/follow emote while crouching near my feet?
Look, I’m trying here. I just want some love and affection like the Pig gets, so maybe the community can help come up with something.
And before any of you sweathard trylords start bodyblocking yourselves tryna get in here to comment on how I’m just some lowing-life Cretin that needs to “git cute” and just deal, try dashing a mile in my hooves first! Also, I’m from MINOS. 🐮
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2023.06.01 03:10 Rare-Night3600 Burn-out symptoms? Seeking for advice or experiences

So, I've been a RN for 3.5 years now. I'm currently at ER and have been here for 1.5 years (before was med-surg), and I feel completely exhausted. I get very anxious when it's time to go to work, sometimes cry on my way there. Feel irritable, I feel like I lost empathy for some people, like I still can empathize with some human beings, but I don't have the patience like I used to, I get easily angry and frustrated when I have to deal with certain things, and I just feel like I can't deal with all the management shit. I go home and all my body aches, I somatize all the stress, for real, I get sick very quickly (migraines, bloating, abdominal pain, sore throat, fever). I have dreams about patient's family members yelling and abusing me. Today was my day off and I spent it all day long on the couch because I don't even have energy to go grocery shopping. I asume this is what burn out is. The thing is I can't leave this job. I'm currently paying a huge debt and also I feel so scared to leave that hospital since it's my "comfort" zone. I asked to switch to the CICU, since I always liked critical patients, and they told me yes but not yet and they can't know exactly when it's going to be but before December. And I feel it's an eternity. Sometimes I wonder if I really want to spend my life this way.
How do you deal with stress and anxiety? I already do yoga 4-5 times/week. I also try to listen music that I like before going to the hospital and watching some series or movies when I come home, and when I can get out with my friends but it's not enough 🥹 Would love to hear some advices or experiences ❤️
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2023.06.01 03:09 fkih Suffering Abroad, Good Alternative Travel Destinations?

I have been travelling virtually constantly for the past few months. I’ve had a pollen allergy as long as I can remember and it gets very debilitating around this time of year.
Medications seem to have very little to no effect on me, so I’ll usually just hole up in my room with an air purifier for the affected months.
I’m currently travelling in France : huge mistake. The pollen levels here are absolutely ludicrous, and this is the first time I’ve spent this much time outside while my allergies are in full swing. Earlier someone even asked me why I was crying because my eyes were watering so much.
My nose is completely blocked, my entire body feels sluggish and aches, walking past some trees at a train station I was stepping in pollen and sneezing with only a second to catch my breath between each one.
I don’t think I’ve ever been exposed to pollen for this long and with such intensity that I have two symptoms I’ve never noticed before. - Very severe conjunctivitis (pink-eye) which appears a while after I itch my eye, goes away within the day if I don’t itch but I habitually do so. - Periodic coughing & difficulty breathing, which only happened when I was near those trees that had me sneezing.
I think I might be ready to call it quits on France for now. I could go back to Canada and suffer slightly less, or I could try to see about picking somewhere new that might offer some relief for the meantime.
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2023.06.01 03:09 exboyfrend Drivers! I’ve never taken a long ride before, want to make sure I’m doing it right.

My car is at a shop 27 miles away and they conveniently have my pick up in the middle of the afternoon while no one is available to take me, so here we are. I’ve never taken a ride that far out before and I would just like to know some of the logistics of driver pay to make sure it’s worth their time taking me.
For content, the trip starts in north Fort Worth and ends in the middle of nowhere close to Burleson. I assume they’d need to travel back to their area. What is the average driver pay for this mileage and what is considered a good tip for this trip? Thanks in advance!!
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2023.06.01 03:09 rebza81 Should I be okay with my boyfriend going out alone?

Should I be okay with my boyfriend going out alone given his history?
I need some advice here because I’m not sure if I’m being unreasonable or not. My bf and I have been together for about 3.5 years. We really like going to live shows together which take place in the local bars. Sometimes I’m not able to go with him but I’m uncomfortable with him going by himself.
In his last relationship he cheated on his ex by going to one of these shows by himself, getting drunk, walking home a random girl who flirted with him and ultimately cheated on his ex.
He has reassured me that our relationship is completely different and that he has never loved anyone near the way he loves me. He is extremely remorseful about what happened and swears up and down with tears running down his face that he would never ever do that to me. He hates himself for it and for all the hurt he caused. He essentially ruined his life.
I know that he’s remorseful and really doesn’t want to cheat ever again. But what happens if he gets himself into a situation again where he’s drunk and can’t say no to a hot girl? I asked him if he would have done it if he hadn’t been drunk and he said no probably not.
So my thinking is why put yourself in that situation again? I know just because he drinks or gets drunk doesn’t mean he will cheat, but what if we just had a fight or are going through a rough patch? I just worry that under the right circumstances he would do it again. So when we talked about it I asked him not to put himself in a situation like that again and to go with a friend if I can’t go with him.
Tomorrow night is a show he wants to go to but I can’t. He says he won’t go without me. This is only because we talked about him not going by himself. But I feel so sad and controlling holding him back from something he wants to do. I also have the sense that he resents the fact that I don’t completely trust him.
So please help me, am I being unreasonable?
TLDR my boyfriend cheated in the past and I’m worried if he goes out under the right circumstances he’ll do it again
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2023.06.01 03:08 Separate_Winter_9588 Canadian Tire lied to me about the condition and age of my tires

I went to mount my summer tires at Canadian Tire last week and while at the shop I asked the managers to inspect the tires for dry rot as I knew the tires were kind of old. They were mounted and when I went for pick up I asked if they had inspected the tires to make sure they were safe, they assured me that they were fine. They lasted 10 days. I only drive 15 min to work and back everyday so they didn't see very heavy use. When one exploded on the drive to work I was very fortunate to have a warning rumble coming from my wheel well, and a front mounted tire. There ended up being little to no damage, although I haven't inspected it at all. Just looking if there is anything I can do
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2023.06.01 03:08 HangryIntrovert Monkey Brain Go Brrrrrr

I like to think that I'm fairly evolved. I'm capable of complex cognitive skills, like understanding object permanence, solving long division problems, and operating a motor vehicle.
So, like the advanced life form that I am, I was driving near the airport.
Just as the road took me past the end of a runaway, the enormous shadow of a jet swept right across the pavement in front of my car. It was timed perfectly - high enough that I could make out the general shape of body, wings, and a tail, but low enough that it darkened the entirety of the highway in front of me and briefly caught me and my car as it passed.
I knew I was next to the airport.
I knew it was a plane above me.
But I shit you not, my monkey brain screamed a wordless version of "DEATH BIRD MUST HIDE," and I had the most intense urge to jump into the bushes or climb a tree.
That was a few days ago, and I cannot stop thinking about that primitive little ball of neurons, nestled somewhere in my limbic cortex, silently vigilant for my whole life, just waiting for its chance to respond appropriately to the threat of giant eagles.
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