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2023.06.03 23:50 raven19528 NG+

So I've heard about the massive difficulty spike in NG+, but I just played through 1-1 in NG+ and didn't feel that at all. During my first playthrough, I got all the world's to Pure Black first, and ended the game cycle with all of them at Pure White.
Is the discussion regarding the big difficulty spike due to people ending the game cycle with mostly black/Pure black tendency in world's, or is it just because 1-1 is a pretty introductory level and not really representative of the rest of the game?
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2023.06.03 23:50 Starkillersbae I don't know if I wish my mother loved me, or if I wish I didn't care so much.

I'm 30 years old single woman, I work in the aerospace industry, I own my own home, I own my car outright, I am a talented artist and get paid to draw as a side hustle. I've written a novel and am working on a second.
On the surface I'm doing really well and I think that makes it even harder because what do I have to complain about? But the past few months I feel like it finally hit me and settled into my bones the fact my mother doesn't even like me. I shouldn't desire my parents support or pride, I don't need their validation, but it still hurts knowing I will never have it no matter how hard I work.

It's taken until now to realize there is no such thing as a bad child. I wasn't an evil or insufferable kid growing up. I was a child. As a teenager I wasn't a lazy waste of space. I was a traumatized teenager trying to stay alive in a war zone with no support.
As a young adult I wasn't a disappointment or a failure who couldn't get her life together. I was 22 and didn't want kids or to go the traditional path.
Now I'm turning 30 in three short months and I feel like I shouldn't be hurt to realize my mother will never love or accept me, but it does.
All the excuses fell away after I started my new job and the woman a desk over from me is the mother of an 18 year old daughter. She makes less money than me, spent most of her life a single mother, and had it so much worse off than my mother ever did. But she loves her daughter and goes to the ends of the earth for her.

Seeing that just destroyed every excuse I had in my head for why my mother is the way she is. Now all I see is a woman who tolerates me out of obligation, or maybe she even thinks she does love me because that makes her version of reality better.
But she made me sleep in a crawl space. She chose a man over me every single time. My mother doesn't have one single picture of me over the age of 13. Not one. I don't think she even realizes that because why would she care? Her house isn't full of pictures of her children, she doesn't call and ask how I am except on my birthday.
She's never told me she's proud of me, she's never stepped up and saved me or done for me like she does for my step brother.
She's happy, my mother is really and truly happy in her life, she's a caring woman who is deeply invested in her high school classroom, she loves her husband and step son, she sews prom dresses for her students, and supports my brother like he's still a child.

But the day my step father dies, my step brother will fade out of her life, she will wake up one day and realize she is all alone and that she bet on the wrong horse and it will be too late.
I wish that brought me more satisfaction, maybe some day it will. But all I see is a future where we are two strangers, and some day she'll call and realize that, and realize she is alone but not know why. And what will I say? I don't know.
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2023.06.03 23:48 Neat-Artichoke-2964 Me (25F) being told by my ex (32M) that it is my fault he mistreated me because I overthink too much

TLDR: I broke up with my boyfriend because he shamed my body infront of his friends and kept comparing me to his past partners and girls he saw in porn it made me feel insecure I know I did the right thing by ending things but everything he said to me has me feeling guilty that I’m a bad person how can I stop feeling like it was my fault the relationship didn’t work out.
He kept comparing me to other girls and assuming I looked the exact same as the girls he sees in porn so the whole time I felt like he wanted me to have this perfect ideal body of his specific dream girl that he thought I had. I listened to him desire, lust over and have sexual fantasies about the other women he had previously been with and girls he’d been masturbating to and he would try to fit me into those fantasies anytime he would engage in any sex talk saying things like he bets I have a perfect nice tight pink pussy and that he wants to dick slap me and watch my skin turn pink and flush when I’m aroused. He would ask me if my nose turns pink when I’m cold and if my face goes pink when I workout and would my butt turn pink if he slapped it…that he wants to trail his dick down my stomach and watch it turn red from the heat etc. He said it’s arousing to him. He never saw me with a tan but my skin type is light tan mediterranean and I don’t flush like that so it was very awkward for me when he was going on like that. He said he doesnt have a fetish and that he only said those things because my skin is light. He would talk about how in this picture he has of me my skin looks like a nice pale porcelain white and how sometimes my skin does look lighter and that he would describe it as creamy white. I told him I felt uncomfortable when he made those comments and especially when he talks about my friends being too tan and that talking like that is very judgmental, rude and superficial. I asked him what he thinks I look like when I get tanned and he said “a light brown not middle-eastern poor”
For so long I felt terrible about myself and like I wasn’t able to live up to the beauty standard that he had set in his head, I felt like a disappointment like I would never be good enough even when he told me I was beautiful. I believed it but then he would continue to lust over a way I don’t look and I would question myself again if I was even what he wanted. Whenever I tried to talk to him about it he would get angry and yell at me, laugh at me and make sarcastic remarks, say that I was crazy, insane, sensitive and being stupid and that no other woman thinks the way I think and that I overthink everything. He would tell me to shut the fuck up if I tried to have a conversation with him about how his comments hurt me. He told me he wasn’t going to prove his attraction for me because he shouldn’t have to and that him saying he loves me and that I’m beautiful should be enough and that he’s tired of me being upset and tired of me bringing stuff up and said that I can never just be happy. I told him I would feel desired by him if he could take more of an interest in me and getting to know the things about me that make me unique, that not all women have the same body each is different. That maybe he could ask questions to learn about me/my body and what it looks like rather than just assume the next time he’s in that mood. That it would make me feel like he has a genuine interest in me and then I wouldn’t feel like he is lusting over something else or objectifying me. He even shamed my body before even knowing what it looked like and I even remember once he literally said to my face that I look like I would be insecure about my nose but that I shouldn’t be. Seemed like some backhanded compliment because I literally wasn’t even bothered about my nose until he opened his dumb mouth.
I haven’t had anyone to really confide in or get advice from since all my close friends moved away.
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2023.06.03 23:48 Cloukin The spooks of today

Throughout The Ego and its Own, Stirner denounces several specific identities as being spooks, chiefly forms of nationality, religion, and sociopolitical ideologies. One's principality, kingdom, nation, faith, atheism, communism or even the general concept of (hu)man are all spooks: everything that is put above the individual, every ideal.
Imagine an alternate scenario in which Stirner somehow managed to live to be over 200 years old into the present with full lucidity and wrote an updated version of his magnum opus now in the 2020s. What specific identities and things you think he would probably identify as spooks?
My guess is that the following, more current concepts would fall right under the definition of spook, namely:
- Race and ethnicity: After World War II, the de-colonization of Africa and the rise of social movements, race has become a much stronger form of identity for many people. Many speak about honoring one's racial origins, standing together as a race, and even of race nationalism. Examples include the Black Power movement and BLM, and also white nationalist groups.
- Gender: After female suffragism, the waves of feminism, and the wider liberation of women in the West, and the subsequent masculinist and red pill movements, the idea of women standing together, sharing goals and other things common, and later the same for men, has become increasingly popular. When men come together to criticize women among themselves, or women come together among themselves to do the same, the spook of gender is playing a part.
- Sexual orientation: Similarly with the LGBT movement and subsequent developments, being gay and being straight, and all other forms of orientation, have become spooks. The fact that each orientation has their own flag and subreddit nowadays shows that they are not merely individual characteristics anymore, but have become communities or societies, that is, spooks.
- Environmentalism / animal rights: Those two have also become for many ideals put much above individual will. A sense of guilt or at least responsibility for driving an oil-powered car or eating meat springs from this.
- Conservatism: On the other hand, groups and individuals who strive for a society more like the good old days, criticizing many elements of social movements and their consequences, have built a spook of their own. Just like the progressivists, conservatives engage in a fight of mind: they strive for an ideal.
What do you guys think? Which other elements, aspects, movements, ideologies, etc. that did not exist at Stirner's time could be considered modern spooks?
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2023.06.03 23:46 rbala00 [US-CA] [H] Tofu 84 75% & kbd67 lite [W] Paypal

Hello! I want to get rid of two of my built boards because I am going to be changing to a tkl format. All of the boards have been used, but they are in good condition. All of them are pretty much as SILENT as a mechanical keyboard is going to get and they have all been heavily tuned by Upgradekeyboards. I am selling these boards at a large loss on my part. BUYER PAYS FOR SHIPPING!! NO TRADES OR PARTING OUT!
-Tofu 84 75% [Looking to get $215 OBO]
-kbd67 lite [Looking to get $185 OBO]
I will ignore pms without comments and any request to part out the boards.
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2023.06.03 23:41 RedditTokStories Nurse’s Order

I was in my High School gym class playing tennis with my special needs girlfriend, who is awesome, when my teacher called me over.
“Hey Leeroy! Over here pal!” My head shot in the direction of his words like a pet dog, i dropped my racket on the spot and ran over to him.
“Buddy. Nurse needs to see you.” He explained.
I was dumbfounded by this, i felt totally fine! But anyways i followed his command and headed for the nurses office.
upon arrival I knock on the door
“Who is it?”
“Its leeroy”
“Come in.”
I entered the nurses office and sat across her looming desk. She was about 24 and typing away at her keyboard.
“You need to update your medical records if you want to play football this year.” Said the nurse.
I sat for a moment and waited for her to look back at me before starting to speak.
“Is that some kind of, joke?”
With a confused grin, she answered
“No! You just need to ask your doctor to print out your medical stuff!”
“Yeah well, im going to have to not do that.” I declared.
She stood from her desk and walked around it to sit beside me.
“Listen, Leeroy.” She begun
“Yes ma’am.” I answered
“Follow me.” She looked at me before standing up and turning around, and opening the side door of the nurses office.
I followed her as she flicked on the light and closed the door behind me.
She got on her knees and my heart started pumping like a fucking coal train engine.
After grabbing a box from a low shelf, she stood back up and sat me down (thank god) on a little kids chair.
She put a stethoscope on and listened to my heart, which was still going nuts. It was at this moment i realized i was in here for seemingly no reason.
“Okay, your heart seems fine” She said, I sighed with relief.
“Now im just going to give you a little dose of something before you go back to class.”
She reached back into the box and pulled out a small syringe, plastic cover still on the needle.
She filled the syringe with some liquid bottle of something, and then pulled my sleeve up and over my shoulder.
“Wait, what is that.” I said. “Why is this happening, im so confused.”
She forced the needle into my arm and i felt a tiny prick followdd by a cold sensation running up and down my arm she had shot.
She then opened the door and signaled for me to leave.
“Alright Leeroy, come back if you start to feel weird okay?”
I nodded and walked back into the schools long hallways.
I felt my body begin to shrink inside, my vision becoming crazy and distorted.
I saw tiles of the floor levitating before my eyes, girls faces expanding and contracting as they walk past, i begun to shiver violently.
I fell to the floor as it felt like my head was spun through a washing machine, a manic smile left on my empty face.
I woke up in the janitors room four hours later.
Oh no. Its friday. Everyone is already gone!!!
I charged out of the janitors room and ran for the front doors.
The gates were already sealed shut, no way out.
I sadly walked back down the hallway towards the nurses office as my head begun viscously pounding like a drum.
I vommited blood and human tissue onto the floor, and reached for my right shoulder, i found now bruised and black, leaking a milky white puss, stinging like a thousand wasps.
I fell to the floor, twitching and screaming bloody murder as i writhed in agony, until i fell unconcious.
I was found two days later by the schools dean, who called 911. Paramedics scraped me off of the floor and onto a sheet, rushing me to the hospital immediately.
I survived, but now i cannot masterbate, as my right arm was removed in this freak accident drugging.
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2023.06.03 23:37 dwjkld How to stop barking

I recently adopted an 8 week old puppy, and he's a very vocal dog in and out of the crate. It has been a week since then and I have attempted to make the crate a positive thing but he still will bark for around a half hour till he wears himself out and falls asleep. After he goes to the bathroom, I play with him till he starts falling asleep then cox him into his crate then close the gate. Then he'll go nuts barking/winning and chewing on the crate (its a completely wire cate so he can chew on all of it) and his mat that's in there. I've tried putting a blanket over top which does help him stop barking faster, but once removing it he goes nuts again so I end up leaving it off all the time. I've also have tried putting on movies on low volume so it's not a quiet, empty feeling house. Once he wears himself out he'll sleep till he needs to go to the bathroom then he'll wake up and then repeat the cycle. I'm always in the room when he's in his crate, so he doesn't bark before I open the gate (except at night) as he sees me coming over. He also has toys (his favorite stuffy, a bone, and a rope toy) in there, as well as a blanket from his foster home. He also gets fed inside his crate 3 times a day (6am, 12pm, 6pm). And if he's awake and not barking inside his crate, he gets treats. I do NOT use the crate for punishment either, so I have made the crate a fairly positive thing in his life. I'm assuming he just wants attention cuz even outside his crate he'll bark at me if he feels I'm not giving him enough attention (I do NOT reward this behavior, I ignore his cries and nips until he stops, then I'll give him attention). He follows me around the house when he's outside his crate (he is already crate trained and I have a "house" leash that when he's outside his crate he always wears so I have access to him easily all the time). If he lags behind me and I close a door before he can get in, he'll go nuts till he can reach me again. If I'm sitting on any chair, he wants to be in my lap, if he can't have that after barking at me for it, he'll lay on my feet or sit in-between/under my legs. If I'm standing still for "too long" (30 seconds+) he'll sit in front of me staring at me, then start barking if I don't reach down and pet him or pick him up. When he barks for what he wants, I ignore it. But it really is driving me insane breaking his habits of this. He IS getting better about it, but still a very vocal dog (only vocal to me though, I've already started socializing him with our neighbors and their dogs, as I play fetch with him outside and my community sits outside talking, he gets very quiet and calm around them, always sitting between my legs never making a sound or moving. He'll smell the other dogs but then come back to me almost immediately). He also picks up tricks very quickly and no longer needs treats for the ones he has been taught, and loves when I give him puzzle toys, but training him to not bark is a constant battle. Some times it's non existent and other times it's 24/7. Is there anything I can do to get him to quit barking or something I'm doing wrong that ends up motivating his barking? This is the youngest dog I've owned before (as usually I get a year or two old dog) and a different breed then what I've grown up with (the foster parents believed his mom is boxer and that the dad is dalmatian due to him being all white and only now starting to get black spots. The mom looked max half boxer. But my vet believes a chance to be a cur or hound instead of dalmatian), so I'm unsure if this is honestly normal for these types of dogs. I know he's going to be a bigger dog, so I really want the barking to be cut off before then. My parents have told me to use spray bottles and just to dominate him (putting him on the ground) but that seems cruel and am trying to shy away from it. If anyone can tell me if I'm doing something wrong or something else I could try, very appreciative to know.
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2023.06.03 23:36 Mindshred1 The Jewel of Eoza (Session 16)

The Cast:
Cheer the Boisterous, Tabaxi Monk: Cheer is a small Tabaxi with white fur and mismatched blue and green eyes. She is always seen in the company of her brother, Charles, and together, the two of them haunt the alleys outside the Al Walab Jeweler Guild, keeping other thieves away from their "territory."
Charles the Butcher, Tabaxi Rogue: Charles is a small Tabaxi with smoky black fur and mismatched blue and green eyes. He is always accompanied by his sister, Cheer, and together, the two of them haunt the alleys outside the Al Walab Jeweler Guild, keeping other thieves away from their "territory."
Calina St. Clair, Fire Genasi Wizard: Calina is the third child of the St. Clair merchants, an influential family of wealthy nobles in Al Walab. With her inheritance looking less and less likely with each passing year, she expanded her interests into arcane magic and cartography, hoping to find her own fortune in the world.
Honu Chorba, Tortle Ranger: Honu is a seasoned desert traveler who has spent much of his long life among the dunes. He joined the group to assist them in their journeys out of the belief that they would all get lost and die without him.
Reed Ha'saan, Human (Rashed) Artificer: Reed is a Rashed, nomads who wander the desert wastes. He's a tinker and a jeweler who is loosely affiliated with the Jeweler Guild of Al Walab, serving as a member in the (much looser and less prestigious) offshoot of the Guild among the Rashed. He's accompanied by a mechanical crab machine that he built.
Previous Session

Story: Upon returning to Al Walab, the group found themselves stopped at the gates, as the guards claimed that their previous "exempt from all charges" writ from the Sultan was no longer valid. Fortunately, they were able to intimidate the guards into letting them pass anyways.
Once in the city proper, the group immediately headed to Nafay Sabat's home to speak with Fatima. Once there, they removed her corpse from Reed's bag of holding and handed it over to the undying sorceress, much to her delight. She rewarded them with a box full of high-potency healing potions, as well as a blackened bone dagger that instantly killed and drained the life from anyone it rendered unconscious. Charles quickly claimed the knife, and then he and Cheer also claimed the box that everything had come in.
Fatima caught them up on current events in the city: apparently, her former advisor, Zeera, had found her way into the city and had been trying to seize control of the Thieves' Guild, and the battles between the two factions had spilled out onto the streets. Under the guise of restoring order, the Sultan had moved to seize the property of "collaborators," a thinly-veiled attempt to consolidate his power among the noble houses.
To capitalize upon the discord and unrest in the city, Fatima intended to have the group - under the illusionary guise of the sultan's guards - attack three beloved temples, those of Commerce, Love, and Mercy. While this was happening, Fatima planned to attack the Sultan's advisors, killing his most competent one while framing the second-most, ensuring that the Sultan's only advisor would be an idiot. This, in her opinion, would further destabilize the city and help convince the people that it was time for a new regime.
The group complimented her on the plan, then, once they had left Nafay's home, began to discuss whether or not they were actually on board with attacking three different temples of seemingly friendly priests. The discussion went back and forth, with neither of the Tabaxi particularly caring about the long-term fallout given that they only had about ten years of their short lives left. Honu, staring down a few centuries, was more concerned. Eventually, they decided that the risks of upsetting Fatima were too great to back out at this point, and they decided to visit the marketplace to do some shopping and restock on supplies.
At the market, they discovered that Avani, the Tabaxi they had rescued from the desert many months earlier, had taken Calina's initial investment in his business and turned it into a thriving travel emporium. He had driven many of his competitors out of business and had been cutting most of his rations with catnip, which was really driving product among the city's Tabaxi.
The group swung by the Aydeewa Academy so that Calina could purchase some spell components, only to discover that it now had guards, which were put in place by its new headmistress, Jasmine Musad. They were only allowing current students, faculty, and alumni inside, so Calina headed in alone, with Charles sneaking in alongside her. She was able to obtain from the spell components, but learned that Jasmine Musad had tightened regulations considerably and was running things with severe punishments in place for those who defied her authority.
After getting the components she needed, the group went to Calina's home, where they found a letter waiting for her. It bore the traces of magic, so she gave it to Charles to open outside under the suspicion that it would explode... which it did, raking lightning bolts everywhere. He was fortunately able to avoid them all with his quick reflexes. The group assumed that the letter had been sent by Saleel Arif and once again vowed to make him pay.
Calina then settled in to scribe some new spells into her book while the others scouted out the three temples they would be attacking earlier. The temple of Ishbal, the God of Commerce, was well defended by hired guards and priests wearing armor made from metal coins, while the temples of Hartema, Goddess of Mercy, and Rehema, Goddess of Love, seemed like softer targets, with only a few armored guards at the former and none at the latter.
Finally, Cheer, Charles, and Honu paid a visit to the dive bar in the slums that had serves as a meeting place for the Thieves' Guild to check in on things, only to discover that the crowd seemed to be people they hadn't seen before, all of them shifty and giving suspicious looks at the two Tabaxi. They managed to avoid getting attacked thanks to Honu's large presence and made a hasty retreat.
On their way back to Calina's estate, the three of them were stopped by an old man calling himself Devdan, who wanted to hire them to help investigate the Halls of Aldalla, a long-abandoned arcane school in the western desert. The group was suspicious of him, believing that he could be Saleel Arif in disguise, and set up a meeting with him in three days at a nearby fountain.
They returned to Calina's home to meet up with the others, and Cheer and Charles (the latter of whom was still banned from Calina's estate) spent the night sleeping outside the gate in their newly-acquired box.
In the morning, they paid Fatima another visit to discover her in her original body once more, now evidently restored to life. With her dark skin, long black hair, and green eyes peeking out from behind her black silk mask, she certainly overwhelmed the room with her presence. She cast a spell that cloaked the group in an illusion of the sultan's guards and set them loose to attack the indicated temples while she turned her attention to the sultan's advisors.
At this point, the group decided to split up so that they could quickly cut through the "undefended" temples and then regroup to focus their efforts on the temple of commerce. Calina and Cheer attacked the Temple of Rehema, the love goddess, but were surprised to find their former companion, Rivaan, among their number. Their initial assault killed a few of the unclothed priests, but when one of the worshipers transformed into a large snake with rainbow-colored wings, the battle began to turn against them. Calina ended up caught in the serpent's coils, and with the priests healing more damage than they were dealing, Cheer fled in search of assistance, leaving Calina behind.
Meanwhile, at the temple of mercy, Charles, Reed, and Honu came up with a plan to use poison to render one of the two guards unconscious and blind a second. The plan worked well... at first, until it was revealed that the guards were paladins who were capable of removing poisons from their bodies by laying hands upon themselves. Worse yet, the high priest called out to his goddess, Hartema, and animated four of the statues within the temple, providing additional warriors. With numbers against them, the group retreated to seek help... and soon encountered Cheer, who was doing the same.
Since Calina had been taken prisoner, the group returned to the temple of love, where the priests had healed many of their wounds and clad themselves in clothes and armor. Still in their illusionary disguises, the group fought with the priests, eventually killing them despite the numerous healing spells the priests used to tend to their wounds. Rivaan moved between the group, viciously attacking anyone who threatened his friends with the sunsword and poisoned dagger he had recovered months earlier. Eventually, the priests were killed and Rivaan was knocked unconscious. The winged snake attempted to grab Rivaan and fly to safety, but the group killed him at range with surprising spite for someone who had once been their friend.
The second battle at the temple had not gone unnoticed, however, and as the group frantically searched the temple for Calina's things, a mob of angry townsfolk surged into the temple grounds and pressed against its main gates. Honu held the door shut as Calina's spellbook, wand, and other items were eventually discovered, and they fled through a back window as the crowd pelted them with rocks and stones.
With their resources pushed to the limit and many of them wounded, the group pulled back to Calina's estate to rest and tend to their wounds. Only one of the temples had been slaughtered as Fatima had requested, and the group was torn between their doubts that they could take out the other two temples and their fears about what Fatima wound do to them if they failed her.
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2023.06.03 23:35 Stillstuckin2022 Mahiru isn't an abuser, and neither is her boyfriend

(Note- this post isn't to change anyone's minds on what they're voting the characters! This is to give insight onto her character plus dispell some harmful beliefs)
I've seen some people immediately jump to calling Mahiru an abuser, or try to call her boyfriend an abuser but at the end of the day that just isn't true.
Abuse is about control, and Mahiru is never once seen with full control in the relationship. She's always inside the birdcage as well, or she's the one riding along with her boyfriend on the carousel.
Also with abuse, you have to be intentional hurting the person but Mahiru is never seen intentional hurting her partner.
With the cake scene, she's doing it an genuine attempt to help as she sees him starving and upset on the ground. She didnt realize until now, all she was giving was (metaphorical) rats.
Same with the boyfriend, while alot of the diary entries are weird and confusing, I don't think they consistute abuse (besides maybe day 12 but we have absolutely no idea what went on there other than it was stressful enough for Mahiru to blank out the memory. But even then, thinking it was an act of abuse is just an assumption and it could be a number of other things that went down).
He's never shown with control over the relationship, he's in the birdcage and carousel ad well. He's just the one who broke first.
I find it weird how so many fans want to make one or the other villian with lackluster proof, I mean it's fine to be suspicious, but just calling either one a victim and the other an abuser is missing the point of milgram.
Milgram is meant to make us think about our morality, and if we can forgive or not. None of the cases are meant to be flat out black and white.
I mean, in "Cat" it seems Kazui himself is calling this idea of wanting things to be black and white with the lyric "let's make it victim and assailant".
I see many fans feel the need to make things black and white so it's easier for them to cast moral judgment when in reality, milgram isn't meant to be easy! You're meant to think about your morals.
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2023.06.03 23:35 random_name_4me 32 [M4F] #rockwall fwb and new friend

im a tall 6'3 big 280 dad bod phatboy white/arab/russian guy with a lite tan. have been told i can look intimidating especially when/if i'm not smiling but im happy, laid back and wouldn't hurt a fly. I think im handsome but I'm no Ryan Renolds. im a clean cut professional dude with good hygiene and friendly easy to get along with semi-stoner personality.
I work from home and also travel for work sometimes so it has been tough to connect with someone new lately. I'm pretty focused on my career and a start-up im in currently and spend a lot of my freetime with friends and fam so finding the time to chase women and relationships is not the easiest for me to do right now. Admittedly I'm horney a lot and alone more than I care to be. I miss a physical relationship a lot or even someone just just talk to that isnt a buddy or a family member. the friendship I'm looking for doesn't have to revolve around sex but I am looking for someone that's open to satisfying some of each other's sexual needs and having fun.
I'm easy to get along with, open minded, kink friendly within some limits, open to RP, like to have fun and ultimately just want someone to be comfortable around me. Have a wide variety of random interests & hobbies, love dogs and good people. I'm 420 friendly and would love to roll you the nicest joint you'll ever see & smoke & just chill on my patio or cuddle on my couch. Pm the chat & trade pics. Can host at my house in rockwall or travel in dfw.
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2023.06.03 23:35 sweetestgir1int0wn coping mechanism

i really need some good coping mechanisms! i know he should be blocked, but i guess i just wasn’t ready for that, and he really hasn’t reached out. last night i got off of work with three missed calls from him and my body went into a panic. im tired of not being able to deal with small things like this. today i see my social media friends posting happy birthday messages to his ex… so the day he just randomly decides to call me again is his exes birthday… just a weird coincidence or calculated? i’ve been sadly and maybe desperately waiting for him to reach out, and the fact that he did it today on all days made me go into the same loop i did when he discarded me; “he wants his ex, misses his ex, using me to get over his ex” and now it’s the fact that he probably called me just to get attention and his ego stroked by another one of his victims. he texted me this morning apologizing for the calls and it’s taking almost everything in me not to respond or ask him why he called or straight up call him out on why i THINK he called. i just need advice :/ wondering when it’s going to end
side note; i do not think ill of his ex! we live in a small town, everyone almost knows everyone so of course i was going to see those post. i feel pity for every person that deals with him atp.
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2023.06.03 23:33 Disastrous_Area_6293 white cat, black ears, green eyes!!

found a cat outside king edwards park on carlton road (near the lidl) that had been hit by a car and left. kitty was still breathing and we took her to emergency vet but she passed away in the car. please call pdsa in radford if you think this is your cat!! we didn't take any pics but (suspected female) she was primarily white with black tail and ears, yellow/green eyes and looked like she was well taken care of but no collar. please share so the owner can be found ❤️❤️
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2023.06.03 23:32 PrettySureThisIsFake Tomorrow’s my first birthday without her

I miss my mom a lot. She passed in January from cancer, she was 59. And I’ve been (pretty) okay as far as keeping it together. I’ve heard that a lot of firsts are hard, but Easter and Mother’s Day somehow don’t hurt as much as my birthday, it seems. I feel really sad that I can’t show her TikToks or make jokes with her or complain about work (we’re in the same line of work so she understood what I was going through.)
I’m going to miss waking up to her hugs and singing happy birthday. And her making bacon to wake me up cause it was really hard to get me out of bed.
It’s weird to celebrate without her. And it hurts too.
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2023.06.03 23:32 sjanevardsson Damned Bureaucracy

The small cargo ship, in the default medium grey, was wholly unremarkable. The same and similar made up the fleets of corporate and private couriers, with the result that it was not surprising to see it anywhere.
The anonymity and ability to blend in served Sidra well…usually. This station, run by the hyper-bureaucratic aslodzhins was the exception. The “bugs,” as many humans called them, had their own ways of doing things and didn’t like a “squishy,” as they called humans and other endoskeletal beings in their own language, upsetting the order.
“Private vessel Hobby Horse, please state the purpose of your visit and expected duration.”
“Station 47 control, I say again: PV Hobby Horse requesting permission to dock in an out-of-the-way small cargo dock for fueling. Expected visit duration no more than a week…seven standard days, but no less than an hour.”
“PV Hobby Horse, docking for fuel cleared at Lock 7-16. All passengers and crew are required to wait inside the vehicle until security arrives to clear you. …Cracked-shell squishy thinks they can—” The controller’s voice cut out as they must have noticed they were still transmitting.
“Thank you, station 47 control. Docking at Lock 7-16. Squishy out….”
Sidra expected one or two security to show up to clear her to enter the station, instead, there were a dozen. She opened the airlock and waited inside. “Come on in.”
The leader, obvious by the shiny, silver emblem in the center of its blast armor, stepped in, followed by two others that made a quick inspection of the ship to verify the claim of no other persons aboard. The brown color of the leader’s head carapace marked them as a drone, while the black carapaces were male and bright blue were female.
Sidra extended a hand. “Sidra Boston; captain, owner, pilot, and sole crew of the Hobby Horse. Welcome to my home.”
“Sub-adjutant-lieutenant-detachment-commander Slivdzak.” The officer looked at her extended hand and grasped it with one their six manipulators.
“Pleasure to meet you, Slivdzak. How can I help?” Sidra felt a secret rush of joy at the way the officer tried and failed to hide their discomfort. She knew that the lack of carapace was as disconcerting to them as the feel of a surprise tarantula crawling on the neck was to humans.
“Captain Sidra Boston—”
“Please, just call me Sid. Drop all the Captain and Boston stuff.”
“Sid, you have not made clear the purpose of your ‘one-hour to seven-day’ stay. Please elaborate.”
“I’m meeting someone here and taking them home.”
The officer looked at a small device it carried. A hologram rose from it, her close-cropped black hair, medium-brown skin, large, green eyes, and humped nose obvious. Beneath the hologram was writing in the bugs’ script. “Are you not a hunter of bounties?”
“Well, if that’s what you want to call it, I guess.”
“Such activity is only allowed in teams of three or more by aslodzhin law 9314-27.664 and safety regulations 647-88.932 and 90991-17.0. In addition, at least one of the team must be aslodzhin.”
“That’s kind of speciesist, isn’t it?”
“The courts have allowed for permanent residents of aslodzhin space to fill the requirements where applicable, in accordance with Galactic Union Resolution on the Rights of Sapients, 74.23.08 Paragraph 12.”
“Great, good to hear. Problem is, I work alone and I’m not after a bug.” She shrugged. “You know how we squishies are.”
“Station command has already decreed that you are not to leave your vessel without the two members chosen for you.” The officer raised to its full height, its head carapace close to scraping the ceiling. “Your team will be here soon. Good day, Captain Sidra Boston.”
“Good day, sub-whatever-whatchamacallit Sliv.”
After the security detail left, she stepped out of the ship to check on the refueling. No sooner had her foot set down outside the airlock than she found herself in the crosshairs of two armed security guards that had been standing out of sight.
“They aren’t kidding about not leaving without a team, huh? Damned bureaucracy.” She stepped back inside the ship and sat on the floor to await her babysitters.
When her team arrived, she was surprised by the presence of the furred, six-limbed hikarin hemi-male. He was easily head and shoulders taller than her, but slight of build, and thin-boned, coming from a lower-gravity world.
The aslodzhin female didn’t surprise her, even in her law enforcement uniform. She wore a red symbol on the chest of her uniform.
Sidra stood. “Okay guys, I’m Sid, and this is my job. You do what I say and stay out of the way we’ll get along fine. You,” she said, pointing at the aslodzhin female, “change out of that uniform. You’ll scare off my skip.”
“Sid, it’s a pleasure to meet you. I’m senior-squad-chief Dliz, and this is Soolyasin.” Dliz extended a manipulator for a shake and Sidra obliged. Dliz’s compound eyes rotated in a way Sidra didn’t know they could, and she showed frank wonder at the feel of a hand in her manipulator. “Could you do that again?” she asked.
“Do what?”
“You moved your hand, and I could feel the muscles flex…yes! That’s it!” Dliz laughed. “That’s the neatest feeling ever!”
“Am I the first squishy you’ve met?”
“Oh, no. I’ve known Sool since I was a nymph.” Dliz continued to hold on to Sidra’s hand.
“How about humans?” Sidra raised an eyebrow and tried to extricate herself from the increasingly awkward handshake.
“Yes. I mean, I’ve seen plenty passing through, but never met one.” Dliz let go and uttered a quiet apology.
Soolyasin stepped forward. He was dressed in technician’s clothes, complete with tool belt. “You’ll have to forgive Dliz. She’s a fan of bounty hunters in general, and you in particular.”
“Shush.” Dliz stood straight up at attention on her four hind legs, her head scraping the ceiling, her three left manipulators raised in a salute. “What are your orders, Sid?”
“First order of business, you need to lose the uniform and dress in something less conspicuous. Sool, is that a disguise?”
“No, these are my work clothes. When Dliz called I ran straight here.”
“That’s fine. You’ll blend in, no trouble.” Sidra put on a ballistic vest and covered it with a loose jacket. She checked that she had cuffs, shackles, bench warrant, and badge.
She turned toward Dliz. “Do you have a ballistic vest?”
“I have a carapace; I’m not a squishy.”
“Will your carapace stop a slug from a weapon like this?” Sidra held up a high-powered, 6mm rifle.
“Um, no. I have armor, though.”
“Can you wear it under clothes?”
“Yes, but it’s against the regulations.”
“Screw the rules, wear your armor…under your clothes.” She muttered under her breath, “Damned bureaucracy.”
Sidra turned toward Soolyasin. “I think I have a vest that’ll fit you.”
He looked at Sidra, then Dliz, then back again. “Is it going to be that dangerous?”
Sidra showed them the bench warrant. Soolyasin’s eyes grew wide and Dliz’s eyes rolled in a different way to earlier. Sidra thought she might be able to read bug emotions if this kept up.
“You were going after a turgen terrorist by yourself?” he asked.
“Still am. Just don’t want to see my babysitters get hurt.” She turned to look at Dliz. “Dliz, relax. You don’t have to stand at attention. I need you to tell me which of these weapons you’ll let me carry on the station.”
Dliz settled back down onto six legs and looked over the cabinet Sidra had unlocked. In addition to the rifle, she had pistols, tasers, batons, knives, and a shotgun with less-lethal beanbag loads along with standard loads.
“Which of them are capable of breaching the station hull?”
“The 6-mil, and the shotgun, if I loaded it with steel shot or slugs instead of beanbags.” She didn’t mention that the 10mm pistols were just as likely to do the same damage, but she wasn’t going out without at least one lethal weapon.
“In that case, leave the rifle and lethal shotgun rounds behind. I’ll be carrying a beam weapon, too, so we should be covered.”
“What about me?” Soolyasin asked.
“The only thing I need you to do is stay out of the way. Unless I need some inconspicuous eyes in the bay.”
After fitting Soolyasin with a ballistic vest and Dliz getting into civilian clothes over her armor, much to her dismay, they moved to the main cargo bays where they expected their quarry to show. Sidra positioned them so that she could watch arrivals, Dliz could watch her back, and Soolyasin could stay well out of the way unless and until needed.
The first hour went by at glacial speed, with constant interruptions from Dliz and Soolyasin asking questions or pointing at every passerby that might be a turgen in disguise. The next two hours dragged compared to the first.
It was in the middle of the fourth hour that Sidra got notice that the ship carrying her quarry was docking. She moved them to cover the lock where it pulled in, granting them a view on both the personnel airlock and the cargo airlock.
A much smaller contingent of security met the ship, cleared the crew for the station, and left. Four crewmembers, all turgen, filed off. Larger than humans in bulk, grey skin covered with hard dermal denticles, they had two arms, two legs, the remnants of a dorsal fin, and a long, flat tail with which they could do bone-breaking damage.
Sidra waited. If he was going to sneak off the ship, he’d need to do it soon. When it became apparent that he wasn’t going to get out on his own, she radioed Soolyasin.
“Okay, Sool. It’s clear around the ship. Just carry your tool case and walk onboard like you belong there. You’ve seen his picture, if you see him, run. If there’s anyone else on the ship, just tell them you’re checking the fuel gauges because of some regulation or other.”
“Are you sure?”
“I’m sure. You got this, and I’ve got your back.”
Soolyasin walked onto the ship, and they could hear him in their headsets, “Hello? Anyone here? I need to check your fuel gauges. Hello?”
A few quiet moments passed before Soolyasin spoke up again. “There’s no one else here,” he said, “I’m co—” His voice was cut off by the sound of a heavy thud.
Sidra ran for the ship, pulling her shotgun into firing position and cycling a round into the chamber. She stopped at the door of the ship and called inside. “Give it up, Otto. The only way you’re leaving here is in cuffs.”
When she didn’t hear anything else, she moved to clear the corners. She looked right where the door to the cockpit was closed. She swiveled around to check the other side only to find it empty as well. “Dliz, move up and cover the exit. The cargo airlock hasn’t been cycled, so this is the only way off.”
She began to move down the passageway when she heard the cockpit door click behind her. She swung around a delivered a 12-gauge beanbag into Otto’s gut at near point-blank range. Rather than stopping him, it enraged him. He turned and swiped at her with his tail.
Sidra tried to dodge out the way, but he managed to knock the shotgun out of her hands. He picked it up and threw it behind himself into the cockpit, next to the limp form of Soolyasin. “Time to go away, bounty hunter.”
He began to move toward her. When he stepped in front of the open door, he was met with a concentrated beam of infrared energy that forced him to jump back. “Listen, soft-skin. You leave now, and I’ll throw your friend out. It’s your one chance to leave alive.”
She drew her 10mm pistol and pointed it at him. “And if I don’t?”
He started toward her again, then stopped when the beam almost connected. “I’ll start by killing your furry friend, then your trigger-happy friend, then you…but nice and slow. There’s no way you’re taking me to a human prison.”
Sidra couldn’t see Dliz, but from the angle of the last beam, she’d moved to where she had more coverage of the passageway toward the cockpit. She knew that if he wanted, he could ignore the burns and rush her, crushing her carapace in a thousand different ways. Her shotgun was far out of reach, not to mention ineffective, but the 10mm pistol was a comforting weight in her hand.
Otto turned his back on her, his tail swishing wildly, smashing against the bulkheads on each side of the passage. “Very well, then. On to killing your furry friend first.”
“I’m warning you, Otto, these are lethal rounds. Put your hands behind your head, your tail between your legs, and drop to your knees.”
By the time Otto had taken a step, Sidra had taken aim and fired a shot into his torso and another into his thigh. He stopped and turned to look at her, bright pink blood running down his leg and back. He laughed. “You’re going to be so much fun.”
The courts tended to look down on spinal injuries, but when a round in the torso and thigh didn’t slow him down, she didn’t feel like she had much choice. She took aim again and fired at the base of his tail. His tail dropped like a dead weight, and he cried out.
The pain dropped him to his knees. Sidra finished the motion by jumping between his shoulder blades to put him flat on the deck. She cuffed his hands behind his back, and secured his ankles with shackles before motioning Dliz to come in.
“Call for medical for Sool and for the idiot here.”
Dliz made the call and medical teams arrived in less than a minute.
“Damn,” Sidra said, “I guess bureaucracy is good for something after all.”
Soolyasin was awake by the time he was loaded onto a stretcher. There didn’t seem to be any broken bones, but he’d been thrown rather hard by Otto’s tail strike. “Sorry I wasn’t any help,” he said.
“Nonsense. I’m sorry I sent you in there and you got hurt. I’m splitting the bounty three ways, even across with both of you.”
“I can’t take any payment,” Dliz said. “It’s against the regulations for police to have any outside earnings.”
“You saved my bacon, though. If you hadn’t been enough of an inconvenience with the beam, he would’ve tail swiped me before I could draw.”
“Still can’t accept any payments or monetary gifts.”
“How about this? You two have been friends forever, right? I’ll pay your portion to Sool, and he can treat you to fancy dinners for the rest of your life.”
“ much is the bounty?”
“Three-point-seven million Terran credits. About sixteen million galactic.”
Dliz’s eyes rolled in yet another motion. “Damned bureaucracy.”
Reedsy Prompt: Write about someone who has always done something as part of a group, and is now starting to set out solo, or vice versa.
Story published here.
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2023.06.03 23:31 emptywithinyew Anyone recognize this family photo? Found on unidentified deceased male, July, 7th, 2000 in Seeley, California (Possibly Someone Whom Crossed The Border- USA/Mexico)

Anyone recognize this family photo? Found on unidentified deceased male, July, 7th, 2000 in Seeley, California (Possibly Someone Whom Crossed The Border- USA/Mexico)
Unidentified Person / NamUs #UP14755
Sex: Male, Race: Multiple
Date Body Found: July 7, 2000
Location Found: Seeley, California
County: Imperial County
Estimated Year Of Death: 2000
Estimated Age Range (Years): 30-50
Estimated Birth Year Range: 1950-1970
Estimated Height: 4’ 11” (59 inches) Hair Color: Black / Eye Color: Brown
The back of the photo has some writing and it is believed to say: "Rigoberto Chabes Gomes"
You can view the writing on the back of photo at this link below:
Circumstances of Recovery: Located in an area frequented by migrants crossing through Mexico
Clothing On Body: black t-shirt with logo "501 is what astronauts wear under their space suits". Blue denim jeans. black leather belt, white buckle; pockets cut open. White socks. bikini style underpants with lepord-skin print on front
Footwear On Body: white athletic "Nike Air"
Direct Link To NamUs Case For Viewing:
If you have any information please contact: Imperial County Sheriff's Office- Coroner Division
Agency Case Number: 00-108 Main Phone: (442) 265-2105
Address: 328 Applestill Road El Centro, California 92243 / County: Imperial County
If you don’t feel comfortable contacting the agency yourself, no problem- you can message me anytime, with any information you might have and I’ll be more than happy to pass it along to the investigating agency all while making sure you remain 100% anonymous.
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2023.06.03 23:31 byul613 Potentially Controversial Opinion

Given the frequent insulting, gaslighting, lack of empathy, and defensiveness I’ve seen on subreddits like Asianmasculinity, I cannot imagine a lot of the guys who frequent such subreddits are emotionally healthy enough to raise children and build emotionally healthy families. I have a very hard time believing these guys are emotionally healthy enough to have healthy communications with their kids and have a healthy family dynamic.
And if they cannot sustain a healthy family dynamic with their kids, the problems that are currently in the Asian American diaspora will only continue.
I said earlier that I strongly believe a lot of the problems in the Asian American diaspora (namely the emasculation of Asian guys and “self-hating” Asian girls) stem from a parenting problem.
For children, parents are their very first role models in life.
If these AsianMasculinity guys have sons, they would either be the types of dads to shame their sons for being white worshipping self-haters if they date white women or they will try to live vicariously through their sons by encouraging them to date XFs while bitterly trashing AFs. Either way, I doubt they will do a good job of teaching their sons how to self-confidently navigate the challenges of the Western dating market because so many of them seem to have a very black and white way of thinking and have an unhealthy inferiority complex to White people.
And boy oh boy do I doubt these types of AsianMasculinity guys are actually capable of forming good relationships with their daughters. For some of these guys, I can totally imagine them praising their sons for dating XFs while trashing their daughters if they dare date a non-Asian man (especially WMs). If these daughters feel there is a big double standard between how they and their brothers are treated, it’s highly doubtful they will have good relationships with their dads. I highly doubt a lot of these AsianMasculinity men have the social awareness or empathy to understand a female perspective, which could be especially challenging if they have daughters. If that happens, the problems in the Asian American diaspora that are constantly talked about (“self-hating” Asian females who hate their family) will only continue.
But of course, if these AsianMasculinity guys grow to have bad relationships with their children, they will probably just blame the media or the brainwashing of the white patriarchy, without ever once self-reflecting on their parenting mistakes.
Raising a healthy family requires a significant amount of empathy, humility, and emotional intelligence. Since I doubt a lot of these AsianMasculinity guys are self-aware enough to be good role models or have enough emotional intelligence to break the cycle of generational parenting problems, it may be for the best that a lot of them don’t find partners and build families in the West. I doubt they are capable of raising sons who will present the best image of Asian men, and I especially doubt they will raise daughters who will want to associate with the Asian community.
This is not me saying Asian men shouldn’t find partners. I would be very happy to see Asian men who are emotionally healthy, emotionally strong, and have taken steps to become well-adjusted raise happy families with their XF or AF spouses because those Asian men will be the ones leading the way to build a stronger Asian American future generation.
But I do not think a lot of the guys who frequent subreddits like AsianMasculinity fit that mold. If the frequent insulting and gaslighting is representative of how they will interact with their children, I do not think they’d be great role models for their children if they have any, and I think they’ll just pass on their dysfunctions to their children and continue the cycle of emasculated Asian men who aren’t confident in dating and “self-hating” Asian women who hate their families and culture.
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2023.06.03 23:31 Highmountainbotany Question: Purple Locust flower Mystery

This year something strange is happening to the locust trees around my town. We had record winter with the amount of snow and cold temperatures (this is in Northern Nevada) and many of the purple robe locust trees that have been purple for the last 10-20 years have bloomed white flowers instead of purple for the first time ever. I know that the black locust graft they use for these trees have white flowers, and runners of the root stock will sprout up white but none of these purple robes died back, they simply just have white flowers this year instead of the normal deep purple. At first I thought it was a one off, but it’s happening to a bunch of the trees here now. I’ve never really heard of something like this, and I can’t find any information about it on google. What sort of mechanism would have caused this reversion?
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2023.06.03 23:30 Wayfarerdarer Semen Retention Helped Me Start Martial Arts 🥋

Hey guys, just wanted to say that years ago when I was draining my life-force energy almost daily, I was dating a girl who did Taekwondo and she tried to get me to join her class but at the time, I was overweight and felt weak and insecure and intimidated. I tried to play it cool with excuses, joking that I was more of a wrestler (even though I didn't train any fighting styles at that time) and lo and behold, she lost interest in my lame ass (no surprises there) 😆
Anyway, fast forward many years later and I'm now into this phenomenal practice which gave me the courage and the drive to take up Taekwondo in memory of that awesome girl I dated and to finally learn martial arts, which had always intimidated me growing up since I had come across people that did martial arts that seemed to not be very pleasant people and were kind of arrogant and bullies and I thought it'd make me arrogant like them. I had the whole "I'm a lover not a fighter" attitude. Now, I realize it was not martial arts but the character of those people that had been the issue, not the martial arts themselves.
Retention helped me face my fear so to speak by making me literally have the balls to at least try it for myself to make up my own mind about it and I find that I am loving martial arts and the physical, mental and psychological benefits it gives me. I'm currently working towards my white belt in Taekwondo and am also planning to also learn boxing, muay thai and BJJ on the side to become a really well-rounded, more balanced fighter. Retention has helped me overcome the mental blocks and fears I had about martial arts and not only that, martial arts training paired with semen retention I feel gives an even extra boost to your confidence and I also find it is improving my character, making me a more patient and loving person which is not like the arrogant people I had seen growing up.
Also, retention will increase your athleticism, endurance and help augment your physical fitness and I find it helps make learning different moves and techniques easier and more powerful with all that built up 'chi' so to speak and to transmute the sexual energy 😁
I am learning to defend myself and also protect my loved ones if the need ever arises and know that SR and martial arts allows me to feel secure, confident and strong, knowing I can handle myself if ever the shit hits the fan lol. Reminds me of an old proverb. "It is better to be a warrior in a garden than a gardener in a war".
SR gave me courage to face my fear and realise the truth about the martial arts. Both will make you into a better person.
Peace out fam! ✌️
Happy retaining, this practice is life-changing for sure
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2023.06.03 23:28 saphire308 On day 10 and hole still very deep

My stitches on this side were pretty loose and came out around day 4. Now, the hole is still pretty Deep and it looks like the gum beneath is black/dark and there’s white stuff in the hole. I’ve tried flushing it out and when I did get some out with a clean peroxide q-tip, it bled a little which leads me to believe it’s the gum repairing. However, so much food keeps getting stuck inside. Is it normal to still be so deep after 10 days? It’s minorly sore, the gum isn’t red, and I don’t have any bad breath so I don’t think it’s dry socket or an infection but I’m a little worried
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2023.06.03 23:28 AmbientOwl [WTS/WTT] Snouse Black Box OD 2 Stage Pro Mod, Strymon Riverside, EQD White Light RI, RambleFX Twin Bender V3, Spaceman Sputnik III, TCE Spark Mini & Polytune 3 Noir, Disaster Area micro.clock, OBNE Expression Ramper, and a couple of tap tempo switches

a few notes:

stuff I have:
pedal pics notes
Snouse Black Box OD 2 Stage Pro Mod $210 -- Mint condition. No velcro. Once I made it through the wait list I HAD to try it, but after a brief honeymoon period it was clear that I still had a different favorite Bluesbreaker... My loss, your gain!
Strymon Riverside $195 -- Good-to-Very Good condition. Minor cosmetic issues (photos on the way). No velcro, but probably did with prior owner as it seems labels were destroyed during removal.
EQD White Light (RI) $140 -- Near Mint condition. No velcro. From recent reissue with top jacks.
RambleFX Twin Bender V3 $270 -- Near Mint condition. No velcro.
Spaceman Sputnik III $205 -- Very Good condition.
TC Electronic Spark Mini* $50
TC Electronic Polytune 3 Noir* $85 -- Seriously brand new. Tape to seal it in factory hasn't even been opened. A casualty of the "I'm going to build a small side board!"-but-then-instead-I-didn't era.
Disaster Area micro.clock* $115 -- Near mint. No velcro.
OBNE Expression Ramper* $55 -- Near mint. No velcro. Black colorway.
Saturnworks Tap Tempo* Make an offer! -- No box.
Source Audio Tap Tempo* Make an offer!
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2023.06.03 23:28 psshdjndofnsjdkan Yaebin (Matthew's sister) talking about Matthew in her Instagram Live (compilation)

so yaebin did an ig live where she shared a lot of fun facts and stories about matthew and their family, so i've decided to compile them all. i got all of this from twitter user nyangmatchu and the twitter thread that she made so shoutouts to her
they have a sibling tattoo, matthew's is on his left shoulder, hers is behind her right elbow. it wasn't planned but it was when they weren't living together and they wanted sth that represented their bg, it's some old korean artwork pieces. matthew's sibling tattoo is around the size the palm of his hand, and it's cool because if they link arms you can see both their tattoos from the back. his HMC tattoo is in honour their mum, because it's their mum's favourite movie
yaebin said matthew and her are complete opposites, they grew up so different, and their mum really enjoyed raising them, yaebin said matthew is the sun and she is the moon, they both shine bright and positive light but in very different ways. when asked if they share anything in common, yaebin revealed that they're very different, e.g. food matthew doesn't like she likes (e.g. cheese), matthew loves mushrooms, but yaebin doesnt. matthew's favourite food is chicken, fried chicken. it used to be steak but after he came to korea, chicken is all he wants to eat
matthew and her use mainly english with each other, use korean with parents, and use konglish at family gatherings
say my name is yaebin's favourite matthew performance on boys planet, she feels like it really embodied his personality
yaebin said matthew's a gamer so he was in the baesment a lot playing his games, he does love anime too, he love one piece (bingewatched & had a collection of figurines stuff), naruto, and he was quite sporty, he also skateboarded, he was very typical canadian boy in her opinion
on the question of 'do you guys fight?' yaebin said we are still humans, still siblings, we don't always get along but there's a lot of love behind it still, and we usually end things with a good hug and say sorry
when yaebin told matthew happy 21st birthday!!! matthew was like 'im turning 22!!!' he was very adamant that he was 22 (korean age)
yaebin does want to get more sibling tattoos with matthew but she doesn't think he's allowed anymore? now
question about hows it liking having an idol bro? she said she still sees him as her little brother, it's still kind of weird for her, she doesn't know how we picture him but she sees him as her baby bro still to this day, nothing really changed about the way they text
their mum likes matthew's style more than yaebin's but their mum and him have similar style, yaebin said. and she doesn't know why he likes camo print so much either
quality time together for them is that they'll go into their own rooms, do their own thing, then come out and go for a walk, have dinner and chat - just like any siblings really
matthew he started dancing when he was 8 or 10? he wasnt into it as she was (their mum put them both into classes), yaebin did a lot of comps and shows, while he just did rec hiphop until he was 15 or 16 bc thats when yaebin got into a dance team and he joined bc she encouraged him to and matthew got into dance more bc of it
"how was it visiting matt bday cafes?" she said it was seeing a lot of his face, they grew up in canada so they don't have this culture of renting cafes for idols, "i thought i was entering a matthew universe!" it was cool and she liked it, best experience was seeing his face everywhere and everything around her
"how did it feel when you found out he would be on boys planet?" yaebin said she didn't know what it was really so she felt netural, and because matthew doesn't know many people in korea, she was thinking of how she can support him which is how the tiktok videos came to be
question: have you seen matthew since the finale? yaebin said yes but only once, it's so sad bc she extended her trip initially to see him more but after the finale, the boys went straight to work and getting ready for the debut launch. matthew's been so busy, it's even hard to stay in contact though phone, like they'd contact at midnight for a bit and he'd say that he'd just got home ;; she said they do have plans to meet so she can drop off fan letters and stuff from his birthday and he can drop off gifts for his family (but he's gonna need to ask his manager), but yaebin said she's happy he's busy doing what he wants
matthew used to call yaebin 'noona' when they were younger bc their dad said it was respectful but he just calls her yaebin now and she's ok with it
"how did you feel when matthew was p03" - first thing she did was cry, bc all the stuff that was happening before the last ep, she already was giving up after p04 was announced and was thinking about how to comfort him already, but then he was p03!! the three of them (matthew, yaebin and their mum) made eye contact and the three of us were like oh my god! yaebin said 3rd seemed a bit far fetched at the time with everything that was happening but she's proud of this guy, killed it, seokryudans made this happen
yaebin said she did meet hanbin after the finale, and he said matthew told me you were really good at dancing and she's like the one who's good at dancing is you sir! yaebin said hanbin was really nice, and yaebin saw hanbin's sister too but it was really busy but they do follow each other on instagram so she does chat with her here and there
fav memory of yaebin and matthew growing up, they used to live in this gated town house area where there's a huge hill, matthew decided to bike down this hill and he smashed into someone else's garage door and got his entire face scraped (lip & nose), bike ended up in a bush
he doesn't swear as much as yaebin, "he doesn't swear that often... he doesn't swear"
matthew doesn't drive but yaebin does
yaebin: can matthew twerk? yes matthew can twerk, but don't tell him i told you!!
yaebin said "matthew was more americanised so for me it's also kind of weird seeing the cute version of him, bc i swear he was not this cute growing up with me"
what does yaebin think of the oppa agenda matthew is pushing? "it's so weird for me bc i dont see him as an oppa bc im the noona, it's defiitely interesting, an interesting perspective bc i think it represents another side of him"
matthew was very good at school, "definitely better than me" yaebin said
dream trip with your brother? "probably japan! we'd be living our childhood dream then" she mentioned that he was quite sad bc they couldn't even explore japan when they went recently since they just went for a day to perform kcon
is matthew scary at home? "matthew's too nice, he's the least scariest thing ever"
what yaebin likes most about matthew is his personality definitely
matthew does like studio ghibli
yaebin said her korean is better than matthew's bc his agency was very shocked at how fluent she was when she visited
[matthew texted her during the live LOL] after yaebin called him out for accusing her of not remembering his age when "he just forgot that he's also canadian" he didn't even say you're right, he just said sth like "this is what you're leaving a 1 minute voice note for?" [here's the full video i highly recommend watching it it's so funny skjdlfs]
q. is matthew into photography? yaebin: idk? i think so? i think he is
yaebin: "i feel like the idol life is very suitable for matthew because… growing up he’s always been really good at being told what to do? that sounds so bad, i’m not saying he doesn’t have freedom, he definitely has freedom within this work that he does but at the same time i feel like it’s very planned out? like his life is very like you have to live it this way, you can’t do this or you can’t do that, there’s a lot of restrictions within his life.” but yaebin doesn’t like ppl telling her how to live her life, she grew up very stubborn. yaebin said "i feel like matthew is great at it (being an idol) and likes it and loves it."
yaebin doesn't usually send matthew memes bc he's too busy to check anyways
how matthew got into kpop and being an idol according to yaebin: "So I don't know if I fully had influence on him wanting to become a kpop dancer or for him to be famous but I actually didn't know much about it until after he was telling people about it and I was actually talking to a lot of Matthew's friends and people that knew him and knew me and they were telling me what he's been saying about me, so he essentially was saying that- I didn't realise how much of an impact my life had on him originally. For me, like I said I've always been kind of a rebel child because I've always been very into just me doing what I wanted to do with my life, I was very adamant about me living my life the way i want to live it and be happy with my choices so I did grow up fighting a lot with my parents, with my dad mainly, obviously I still love my dad but we definitely had a bit of a rough relationship when I was growing up because I was so stubborn and also because my dad was so stubborn, and I get my stubbornness from HIM but he was very stubborn in me living my life the way he wanted me to live it and Iwas very stubborn in me wanting to live my life the way I wanted to live it so that's why I didn't go to school (university), I decided to just go into dancing and pursue dance instead and that's why I love to teach […] I am very happy with what I'm doing right now [...] But I guess that had a big influence on my brother in a way where he realised that he didn't want to go to school either, and he wanted to do something that he loved and we did have a discussion before he decided to do this, before he decided to audition and become an idol. So there was one day he came back from school and I told him like 'hey are you feeling? how do you feel about school? and he said that he kind of felt like 'mhm' about school, he's never the type to ever shut down and idea or like 'i hate something', he cares about every single person around him so he's very careful with the things that he say and expressing himself because he hates hurting other people's feelings and that's why he's such a little cutie! but he was kind of like 'school's ok but I don't love it.' so I was like 'ok so what do you want to do?' because I feel like school isn't the right answer for you if you don't love what you're doing because I told him you're just going to be stuck in school, wasting money, creating school debt, and doing something you don't even love doing, so what's the point? and at the time, it was after we were dancing together and ANYWAYS I essentially said, with the whole auditioning too, I think he had an easier time with my parents letting him go to the audition and letting him go to Korea to pursue this because of how much leniency my dad had gained from me. Because I fought him so much for my life and l'm glad I did because I feel like it made it so much easier for Matthew, and I'm glad that it was easier for Matthew. And I'm glad that I was the punching bag because I always grew up being very protective of Matthew too so I'm glad that I was the one who had to go through all the tough poopy part of life and Matthew can kind of have an easier way of getting there. So, I guess that's kind of in a way how I inspired him because he watched me do what I wanted to do..."
(i meant to post this like two days ago but *in gyuvin's voice* sorry i forgot)
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2023.06.03 23:24 AmbientOwl [WTT/WTS] Snouse Black Box OD 2 Stage Pro Mod, Strymon Riverside, EQD White Light RI, RambleFX Twin Bender V3, Spaceman Sputnik III, TCE Spark Mini & Polytune 3 Noir, Disaster Area micro.clock, OBNE Expression Ramper, and a couple of tap tempo switches

May have a few more things to come as I'm still shooting out a few options, but got bored and wanted to post and see some offers.

a few notes:

stuff I have:
pedal pics notes
Snouse Black Box OD 2 Stage Pro Mod Mint condition. No velcro. Once I made it through the wait list I HAD to try it, but after a brief honeymoon period it was clear that I still had a different favorite Bluesbreaker... My loss, your gain!
Strymon Riverside Good-to-Very Good condition. Minor cosmetic issues (photos on the way). No velcro, but probably did with prior owner as it seems labels were destroyed during removal.
EQD White Light (RI) Near Mint condition. No velcro. From recent reissue with top jacks.
RambleFX Twin Bender V3 Near Mint condition. No velcro.
Spaceman Sputnik III Very Good condition.
TC Electronic Spark Mini*
TC Electronic Polytune 3 Noir* Seriously brand new. Tape to seal it in factory hasn't even been opened. A casualty of the "I'm going to build a small side board!"-but-then-instead-I-didn't era.
Disaster Area micro.clock* Near mint. No velcro.
OBNE Expression Ramper* Near mint. No velcro. Black colorway.
Saturnworks Tap Tempo* No box.
Source Audio Tap Tempo*

stuff I might want (in no specific order):
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