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2023.06.03 22:31 DethrylTSH My turn at last!

My turn at last!
I always see these posts where people score a major haul at the thrift store and I rarely find anything. Today is my turn to share my finds. The stack of three on the right are a set, all stamped with the logo in the second picture. A Pioneer Woman, a Wagner, and three unknowns. They all need a bit of work.
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2023.06.03 22:30 Namesarehardplease 25 [M4F] PA/US/Earth - Night Owl Whoooooo Seeks Same For Late Night Conversations and Long Term Connections!

Hello reddit, this is a slight repost FYI. Did my title catch your attention? Cute right? I’m somewhat of a funny guy. Punny and attractive? What a score right? Ok, so I mean I’ve lurked for a while and sent some messages out but now instead of me sliding into y’all’s dms, you’ve got the chance to slide into mine!
Now a little bit about me? I’m a guy who’s far from got his life together! I’m definitely laid back, I have a general “go with the flow” attitude 80% of the time. I don’t sweat the small stuff, and hope you don’t either. I enjoy the finer things in life, like reading, writing and art! I’ve got an artsy side to me and can definitely show it off if you’re interested! Like most guys my age im definitely into video games and comics! Xbox and pc are my main platforms and I’ll fight over the dc vs marvel argument all day long. (DC is better)
I work full time in a bar, and I enjoy it but mostly im looking for a career change here soon. I’ve got a few ideas on what that’ll be but I’m oh so indecisive about that. Im also fairly active. I love playing soccer and hiking around on trails and in state parks when the weathers nice! Im definitely a mountains guy to a beach guy, winter is by far my favorite season. Can’t beat a nice cozy night snowed in with a warm fire. My dream one day would be to own a little homestead, with some animals and a nice little slice of paradise where the woes of the world won’t find us, sounds nice right? Im fit and I work out, so that’s something we can do together if you’re interested! My mom tells me I’m handsome so that’s a plus right?
Ideally what I’m looking for? Friends first and foremost. If we vibe, I’d love to move off reddit to somewhere that I get consistent notifications. Let’s be long term chat partners. If the connection is there and we both agree, maybe we move forward from there? Let’s build a life together? How fun is that? I don’t really have any real dealbreakers. Location, age, body type, race, etc. As long as we get along and there’s a mutual attraction, I’m coolio. Height is definitely something I find attractive in a woman. I’m 5’8 so like, if you’re taller I’ll swooon. I’m also generally attracted to people much older but neither are dealbreakers by any means.
So if you read this far and like me even ever so slightly shoot me a chat or DM, I’m waiting to hear from yoooou! :)
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2023.06.03 22:28 ThrowRA202928 I (f21) found his (m25) Reddit post. Now what?

I’ve always found it a bit hard that my boyfriends hobby/interest was more important to him than me. Although he’s never said it out loud, I know that if he HAD to choose he’d give up me rather than this hobby (that I won’t mention in order to remain as anonymous as possible.) he is pretty much obsessive about the interest. He does however spend a lot of time with me anyways, and I know he loves me. It’s just that in order to make a career out of this hobby, you have to work HARD, which he was doing even before he met me a year ago. Considering he has all the traits I’m looking for in a partner, I just chose to accept and support him regardless.
This evening though, I searched up his Reddit username (I remember his username from briefly seeing it on his screen once, but he doesn’t know that I saw/remembered it). I know it’s dumb to do so, but I simply got too curious. I found his response to a post that read “What is better than sex”? He had then responded with something that could be the equivalent of “scoring a goal in football” (but just his hobby instead of football). It makes me feel really fucking sad honestly. I know it’s not that big of a deal, but considering I already feel like he’d definitely chose his hobby over me, it makes me feel even worse. I don’t know what to do now either, I want to ask him about it so we could talk it out. but at the same time I don’t know how to explain me finding his response.
What should I do?
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2023.06.03 22:27 SecretaryPleasant928 Chance an Asian male mediocre math major for T20s + other questions

Demographics: Asian male, upper middle class, low population Midwest state, large public school (2000+ students)
Hooks: None, at best geographic but idt that counts
Intended Major(s): Mathematics (maybe economics?)
ACT/SAT/SAT II: 35 ACT (10 ACT Writing), 1580 SAT (800 Math)
UW/W GPA and Rank: 4.00 UW/4.42 W, school doesn’t do rank
Schools: These are basically all the extreme reaches I’m applying to (pretty much just shotgunning here and praying something works 💀).
I’d appreciate any target/safety recs or any advice on my reaches (am I even competitive?). I’ve been wondering about the best early strategy and currently am thinking of Princeton REA (my family used to live there, I’m really interested in their math/applied math program, and it seems like past early admit rates were decently higher than other T10/20s). I'd appreciate other thoughts on this or better early strategies. Also, is there anything I can do this summer to boost my portfolio/chances? I know most intern stuff has already likely closed; so far I'm just planning to work on math research, attend summer school (for PE just to get it out of the way), and work on the debate organization. Thanks for any feedback!
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2023.06.03 22:27 KellynHeller Profile sheet issue?

Maybe I'm just dumb but I've pulled up my profile sheets before with no issues.
I took the last 2 tests for e6 and the only profile sheet showing is the one from sept 2022. I should have the one from march 2023 by now, right? Results came out to everyone on Friday and I still can't see my most recent profile sheet on NSIPS or my ETJ. The Enlisted Advancement Profile sheet page isn't loading for me (at home. I'm on leave) and I would really like to see my score.
Has it not been uploaded to the ETJ or NSIPS yet? Are people normally not able to look at the profile sheet website at home?
I have a CAC reader and every other CAC-required website works for me. I'm just very confused.
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2023.06.03 22:26 Perfect_Librarian_40 Given my toefil today

Hi everyone,
Today i have given my toefil and i messed up the listening section got 20(R)+16(L). The speaking and writing section was better than the previous two. Can any one comment on the above score and estimate how much can I get as I need minimum of 80 marks.
Also when toefil release the result?
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2023.06.03 22:25 Super-Waltz-5676 I recap the news from 40 media everyday with GPT-4 coupled with ML and NLP

Hey guys!
I've spent the last few weeks working on an algorithm that summarizes the tech news from the last 24 hours, gathering the data from a bit more than 40 media today (Techcrunch, TheVerge, Arstechnica...).
Basically, it extracts everyday the articles that were posted on the most "qualitative" media, which is based on a credibility/trustworthiness score I give to every medium.
Then I use a ML to have a picture of which topics were the most tackled.
From this point, I handpick the most interesting topics and to make it simple use GPT-4 to summarize each one of them into the most important insights to remember.
I'm using this algorithm to make a daily newsletter and a twitter account that summarize the most important tech news from the last 24 hours, but I'm planning to use it for other topics like finance, environment, crypto... and to expand on other forms of media.
What is cool is that I also get to learn a lot more about the tech world in way less time that I used to when I was constantly on Twitter and/or reading different media!
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2023.06.03 22:25 Divagirl-702 Testing 6/17. Need advice

I have moved my exam 3 times now because I have not been able to break 500 on my FL exams. Just took AAMC FL3 and scored a 494 (123/122/124/125). I think I am still going to take the exam because I’ve wasted so much money rescheduling but is it even worth to consider applying this cycle? I have lost hope because I’ve been studying for this test since January and can’t even break 500…there’s no way I will in 2 weeks.
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2023.06.03 22:25 mikerosenstark Thoughts on Taking the SAT, ACT, or Both?

I recently saw a post on Quora that asserted that you should NOT try to take both the SAT and the ACT, as dividing your time between preparing for the two will only serve to lower both scores overall.
As a longtime advocate for taking both (even if you focus your preparation on one of the two tests) as a way of increasing your number of attempts at rolling the dice for a high score, I found this to be a confounding statement. The two tests are so similar now (especially when it comes to grammar, reading, and math) that you might as well shoot your shot.
If anything, studying for both should help overall. Exposure to multiple question types focused on the same material (i.e. the rules of math) should serve to powerfully reinforce these concepts and help to compliment preparation for either test. Both tests are completely score-optional per date as well, and the majority of students score similarly on both tests. "Experience begets improvement." Why wouldn't a student want to have twice as many opportunities at bat to hit a home run?
Any thoughts on how my reasoning may differ from the other person's? Interested to hear your opinions.
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2023.06.03 22:24 Key_Cartographer_821 Vocal lesson for £90?

Hi everyone! I’ve been wanting to join a vocal class really soon so I’ve been Googling quiet a lot of them, and one of them which caught my eye because it had quiet a lot of good reviews others had too but this one had the most. The one I looked at was in London, Soho, with £90 for 55mins of lesson per day and they also had the multiple days (6 days) which is £480. From what I’ve read from their websites, their clients have won Grammys, sold Platinum records, had #1 albums, received BRIT nominations, Mercury Prize nominations, and been finalists on X-Factor. Also the coaches are the highest level Speech Level Singing instructor and was personally trained by Maestro Seth Riggs (Stevie Wonder & Michael Jackson's voice coach, and who developed speech level singing and by Dave Stroud, (One Direction, Justin Bieber, Justin Timberlake, Natasha Bedingfield, and Kelly Clarkson)
I’m a total amateur to this. I have never taken a vocal lesson in my entire life nor have I sung in front of anyone or had any singing experiences. I’ve wanted to be a singer since I was about 12-13 years but unfortunately my parents didn’t take it very seriously at the time. Every time I used to record myself singing and oh boy, I sounded so bad not that but my throat and jaw hurt as hell. Not from singing for a long period of time but from singing only for a minute. (This still happens btw). When I got into college, I wanted to apply for performing arts course (singing,acting,dancing) but as soon as I found out I had to audition to get into this course I ended up backing out cause I had no experience and plus I chickened out. So I ended up doing photography.
I’m 21 now. I work. I have the money for it now. I don’t have to ask my parents anymore. I’ve tried so many things and thought so hard for my future for all these years, but it turns out music is the only one for me. So by me attending these classes, I hope they can help me with whatever issues I have, able to gain more confident and be able to find my real voice. Ever since I was 13 years old, I wanted to be a singer, not a singer who does covers on YouTube but a professional singer. I want to be as big as Taylor Swift, Ariana grande, Michael Jackson etc, which probably will never happen lol. But as for now I just want to be able to learn how to sing. That’s it.
So is £90 for a 55mins lesson a days good deal?
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2023.06.03 22:23 xViennaGambitx Google AI on SAT 💀💀💀

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2023.06.03 22:23 bowedsiding95 Box Office: 'Spider-Verse 2' Scores Third-Highest Animated Opening Day

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2023.06.03 22:23 Bubbly-Draft-1092 chance bad gpa good ECs for T20 pls

Personal: Asian male, high income
Intended Major: physics
SAT: 1570 (770 R, 800 M)
Courseload: Highest possible courseload for my school: 10 APs, Linear Algebra, Differential Equations, college physics APS: 5 on these: Calc BC, Bio, Physics (1 and mechanics), Wrld history, CSA. Took micro, macro, psych, Chem and lang this year. i think i got 5 on them all except maybe lang
GPA; (3.55 UW, 4.44 W D:)
- NMSQT Semifinalist
- Qualified for AIME
- USACO gold
- AP Scholar w distinction
- qualified for debate nationals
- research with ivy league professor for physics stuff
- physics internship at a lab
- job (food industry)
- debate
- tutoring
- varsity track 4 years and captain
- cofounder of a nonprofit (~$20K)
everything else is just filler clubs and such
Essays: i think they will be around 8/10
LORs: physics teacher (10/10), and econ teacher (8/10)
i know my gpa is bad but i just want to know if i still ahve a chance at T20s and such. i odnt want to waste time applying to top schools if my application is just going to be automatically rejected because of my GPA. if any of u know anything about that can you let me know how it works pls
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2023.06.03 22:22 c_marten on friend's facebook with varying comments. snake ID help [SE PA]

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2023.06.03 22:22 nPf1999 are wrist shots from distance viable at all in EASHL?

title. not looking to score with them, but as a dman who plays from the point i'm moreso thinking about them as an alternative to the slap shot for rebounds, deflections, etc. when i try in free skate, wrist shots seem to take SO long to set up. as a right handed shooter, when i move from 3 oclock to 5 oclock on the right stick, i get an animation where my player takes the puck behind and to the side a bit to load the shot, but it takes so long and i feel like in-game i end up just getting off snap shots most of the time instead. i've heard a lot about wristers being better for deflections and rebounds, so i was just wondering if i need to go through this animation every time i want a wrist shot or if flicking it really quickly from 3 to 5 to 12 would do the same. i seem to get the same animation as a snap shot when i do that too fast? or am i mistaken here and those are registered as wrist shots? thanks!
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2023.06.03 22:22 AromaticPumpkin2699 AITB for Being Rude to my Mom on the Phone?

Posting here because I couldn’t in AITA:
I (F22) do not have a good relationship with my mother (F53). I find her to be generally dismissive of my thoughts and feelings, and she’s very emotionally reactive. I have told these things to her face multiple times, but every time she just says some version of “I’m your mother and I deserve respect.” Lately, she’s made a lot of comments about how I speak to her rudely.
So, here’s the latest situation:
She calls me from the grocery store to ask if I’d want this garlic sauce she found. I told her yes, it sounds really good, and thanked her. Then she said she couldn’t find the protein powder she bought last time, so she’s not going to buy it because she wants the same brand. I’m the only one who uses the protein powder so I said she can just get another brand because I’m not really attached to the one we have. As I’m saying this, she interrupts to ask me to send her a picture of the one we have. This is where I could tell she started to get upset because I finished my sentence instead of letting her talk over me. She says forget it, but I was already in the kitchen looking for the protein powder. I looked for a few seconds but couldn’t find it, so she just angrily said forget it and she has to go.
Ten minutes later, she calls me back because she wants to know what kind of oat milk I want. I correct her that I wanted soy milk, so she starts looking at that and reads the label that says “soy BEVERAGE” in a disgusted tone. She has a lot of opinions about buying stuff that’s natural and isn’t processed (even though she consistently buys stuff that IS). I tell her that all plant milks say “beverage” because “milk” is only used for dairy product labels. Then she just starts reading the ingredients of the soy milk to me, which she does all the time. Like, she’ll offer someone a cracker, they try it and like it, so she starts reading the ingredients on the cracker box.
I interrupted her while she was reading like the seventh ingredient to ask “what are you reading?” She replies in an annoyed tone, “the ingredients of the soy milk,” so I said something like “well, I don’t need to hear the ingredients, you can just buy the unsweetened or whatever they have.” Then she comments on the fact that it’s ONLY 6g of protein per serving, referring to me saying the other day that it’s the highest protein non-dairy milk.
This is where I might be TB, I responded I kind of a “gotcha” way like “Well, you wanna know how much almond milk has? 1g per serving.” That was when she lost it and says “you know, you don’t always have to speak to me that rude tone.” I said “it’s funny how you can recognize it with me, but not yourself.” Then she said “I’m your mother and I deserve respect, so I’m going to hang up and we won’t speak for the rest of the day.” I just said ok and hung up.
Now I’m wondering if my tone was uncalled for. So, AITB for being rude to my mom over the phone?
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2023.06.03 22:21 Miserable_Answer_163 Praxis test score

I am taking the Praxis this week, and just took a practice test. I got a raw score of 92/132. I am having trouble finding what the standard score of this would be/ figure out if I "passed". Can anyone give me information on the raw score that you got on the test recently (if its similar to mine) and if you passed? Is there a certain percentage I can compare it to (92/123 is about 70%), what percentage do you need on the Praxis to pass? Thanks in advance!
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2023.06.03 22:19 jhnbsomerscz4gm Camping world Discount Promo Code - 20% OFF

Here is the Camping world Discount Promo Code - 20% OFF
Score incredible discounts on Camping world products with our exclusive promo codes. Shop smarter and save more!
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2023.06.03 22:19 pnglctc Seeking advice regarding credit card collection debt

TLDR; skip to the end for the actual questions. Some of them don’t need context.
I’ll save all the details of how I got myself into this mess in the first place and cut straight to what’s going on now. In short, I was unable to make even the minimum payment on all of my credit card bills. This has resulted in all of those companies closing my account and sending the balance off to collections, in which I have been contacted countless of times about. Now, I do want to preface this with I’m not one of those people who ask questions without trying to find the answer myself first. I have Google’d my questions a million different ways and I either can’t find answers that relate or I straight up do not understand what they’re talking about. Now, I don’t expect a stranger to take time out of their day and write up a personalized credit consolidation plan for another random stranger, but some specific advice is needed here.
I was an Amex customer ever since I got approved for my first CC with them in 2017, I didn’t have much of a credit history so I was approved for $1,000 at the time. I used my card often and I won’t lie, occasionally carried a balance over from month to month but nontheless still made more than the minimum payment every month before the due date. My account was in good standing with no remarks for 4 consistent years until suddenly I was 30, 60, then 90 days late on my balance and it was closed.
I have three total CC accounts in collections and as soon as I was notified by the other two that my account was closed and headed to collections, I received calls from debt collection agencies. For my Amex however, it has never been anyone on the other end of the phone other than Amex themselves. I stopped receiving emails from them about my credit card bill but instead I would occasionally receive an email with an offer to settle my balance and to call or contact them if I have any questions. Can anyone explain this to me? Why am I not getting calls from random debt collectors for my Amex account?
The balance I currently owe to Amex is $1,413. I received an email from them with an offer to settle my debt for less and they gave me a couple of options, one was to settle for $500 and something, the other for $713 and the last option was to pay off my balance in full. Of course, the last option was most recommended.
When it comes to settling a CC collection debt for less vs paying it in full, does it make a huge difference in the increase of my credit score? In the offer letter, it states that once Amex has received all the funds for my remaining balance, they agree to report my balance as $0 and paid in full to the credit bureau. Would I still need to write a letter afterwards asking them to remove the collection off of my report, or is that the same thing in different words? I do understand that it is very easy to settle a debt for less, but I am wondering if that jeopardizes any future relationship I want to have with that CC company in the future? I called Amex to discuss the plan for my payments, and when I asked if paying in full would help my chances of being approved for another card in the future this is what the agent told me; It would be amazing to pay off the full balance and you will then be eligible for the Amex Optima Card (and from my research that seems like Amex’s “second chance” card). Once my debt has been cleared, I am pre approved for an application for the Optima and upon approval, if I make consistent payments I will have the chance to apply for an unsecured Amex card again. When she explained this to me, I was so happy to hear that I wasn’t going to be on that dreaded blacklist for life. I am wondering if anyone has any personal experience with this or even any knowledge at all. If I contact them and tell them I am willing to pay X amount to settle my debt with them rather than paying in full, will my chance at another Amex card be gone?
The same kind of question goes for the other CC companies (CapOne & Chase) but the only difference is that I am no longer communicating with them anymore. I would be communicating with whatever debt collector spent 4 cents on it.
My main questions that I would love any insight at all on are as follows:
Does paying a credit card collection debt in full versus settling the debt for less make a big difference towards a credit score increase? $700 is a lot more doable than $1400, so if it doesn’t change much, I’d rather settle.
Does settling your debt for less completely destroy your relationship with a bank forever?
When I am having these conversations about my debt with the collectors, do I need to ask if they will remove the debt off of my report?
Last question, on a scale of 1-10, how fucked is my credit after all of this? I have around 10k of CC collections under my name. I have a couple of things that are helping, like a car loan and being an authorized user on some other accounts. Right now my scores are at 601, 591 and 579. (Experian)
Even after they are all paid off and potentially removed, will my credit score even be that much higher? Before all of this all happened, I was almost to the 800 club. Feeling very hopeless here!
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2023.06.03 22:19 Ready-Ad-4549 Adam and Eve Tenet Clock

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2023.06.03 22:18 PardusNiger Alright whats the second best card for gas and groceries?

Got denied for a Blue Cash Everyday and they said this was the reason.
The amount of credit available on your bank credit card account with the least credit available is too low (Experian) Our evaluation of the accounts on your credit report based on the number, type, length of time opened, and credit risk level. (Experian) The highest amount of credit available on a bank credit card account reported within the last 12 months is too low (Experian) The length of time your loan(s) have been established. (Experian)
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2023.06.03 22:18 bowedsiding95 Box Office: 'Spider-Verse 2' Scores Third-Highest Animated Opening Day

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