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2023.06.03 22:33 Kubsterrb17 Can Pendragon's black-jack style roll resolution mechanic be improved in any way?

I know that King Arthur's Pendragon black-jack roll mechanic is one of the slickest, most streamlined dice resolution mechanics, liked by many. I wanted to implement it in my "final fantasy-esque" RPG that I am currently working on. It supposed to have class system and tactical combat, but in newer, less matemathic aproach, more like Modiphus Conan2d20 sytem, than DND 5E/Pathfinder
General idea: Roll is single D20 roll under, but you want to go as high as you can without going over your TN.
In unopposed rolls, we just try to go under our TN.
In opposed rolls, we go under our TN and hope our adversary over-rolls his/hers. If he or she does not, we compare the scores - We want to be under our TN but have a higher score than the opponent.
Critical Sucess always beats normal Sucess. A tie is always resolved in favor of the player characters. If we roll under our TN but the opponent still beats us, we get partial success. ( i.e. We may not be able to pickpocket a guard but at least we do not get caught).
Now - it's really solid and I know why It appeals to so many. But for me, it lacks some kind of tools for and/or the possibility of manipulating the roll.
For example: What if my player is a really good roleplayer, and he gives a passionate speech to the king? How can I reward that?
I had 3 ideas:
  1. Moddifers/penalties added by DM to the TN, going from -3 to+3. It's very easy to calculate gives DM some freedom for punishing shenanigans or rewarding creative solutions at the table. But it cannot be used, if characters TN is already 19. (But honestly idk if characters 95% of sucess probability need any more help)
  2. Adventage or disatvantage dices: Honestly I am not sure how to implement them here or if it's even possible. With normal roll-under system it's easy: Disatrvatange is rolling 2 keep higher, Advantage is roll-under keep lower. But here, i'm not so sure. Maybe it can go accordingly, but just closefurhter from the TN?
  3. I was thinking about some possiblity of meta currency for players, something akin to luck or fate points, for which players could buy D4's to try to "push" their scores, like in real black jack card game. There is of coure risk in going over TN if player is unlucky. I suppose player could buy more than one D4 to support their roll, maybe with cap being +3d4 per roll?
So please great hive mind, share some of your ideas and your insight with me. What do you think? Do you see any potential problems with these resolutions? Will some of these options be "too much"? I appriciate all criticism!
Thank you kindly for your time.
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2023.06.03 22:33 eenvtr Another Pig Butcher Crypto Romance Scam

** I know about not falling for the recovery scams, I've been reading this reddit for the past few days coping. Will add a TLDR at the bottom, I just really want to let this out. Maybe my rambling might show patterns to people that they have seen, and they won't be subject to falling for the same thing and they may snap out of it.**
Hi all,
I already know I was stupid, I ignored many red flags blatantly. I was recently affected by a crypto romance scammer. Story as follows:
I have not dated in almost a decade, I closed my heart off to a lot of people and lost a lot of friends on the way. I have always been an introvert, but finally broke out of my depression somewhat a year and a half ago. I began self improvement, and feel a lot better now than I did 5 years ago. I live alone, I'm lonely, and just turned 27. I have my own apartment, and felt it was time to start working on different parts of life, instead of doing everything alone.
I decided to give online dating a try. I matched with a girl on Tinder, and I was the first to initiate. I messaged her, and she did not reply for a day. There were a couple sentences exchanged back and forth, and she asked for my phone number. I ended up providing it to her, since my friends always recommended to get someone off Tinder as soon as possible.
She messaged me on my phone, and we had a few back and forths on many different topics and ideas. It seemed surreal since it felt like I was clicking with her very well. This usually does not happen at all with people I meet in real life, and she was leading multiple parts of the conversations, which did not raise a flag to me. She mentioned that English was not her first language, I was ok with that because the English was written well, a few hic ups here and there in the conversation, but I chalked it up to a language barrier. It did not seem to be translated at all, she was even using well structured sentences with unique words that you do not hear day to day, which I assumed would not be translated in the normal sense (think obfuscate).
Some of the conversations we had was what we did for work, what our hobbies and goals are. Our taste in music, movies, recommendations. It seemed so normal first for a conversation. On the end of the second day, she wanted me to download telegram which was a possible red flag, I never trusted google hangouts, telegram, whatsapp due to scammers being known for using these applications. I was a bit hesitant but she wanted me to download it so she could talk to me while she was at work. I eventually agreed, we said our good nights and I went to sleep. I generally keep my guard up with people (why are they being so nice, what do they want from me?), but I ended up going with it since I was genuinely enjoying this person.
I added her on Telegram, and we were continuing our conversations from the day earlier. Said our good mornings, and talked more about goals and aspirations. She would talk to me about her childhood, and I would talk about mine. We eventually began exchanging pictures (nothing sexual), voice recordings, jokes. We talked for a week, and she began talking about how she uses AI for short term node investing to make money on the side while she was working and invested at times the AI told her to. I said cool, and continued with our normal conversations. Eventually I was beginning to get loved bombed and sweet talked to over the course of a couple weeks. I was feeling great about myself, and confident. I felt like I had a connection to them, I was mentioning her to friends and family about how awesome she was. About a week and a half in, she said she had to travel for a few weeks to a different part of the USA. Another red flag yay. Probably 5 so far?
I was super skeptical, but not enough. This girl intrigued me so much. I was sick for about a week, and she was constantly checking up on me and reminding me to eat, sleep, take my temperature, and to get up every few hours to stretch. None of my family or friends do this for me, which made me fall for her a bit more. She made me reconcile with my parents too, and my relationship with my parents is a lot better than before. She did mention before that she was very family oriented, and it opened my eyes that I should leave the past in the past, and embrace the future.
We had a heart to heart with one another one night, I don't want to go into details but she explained why she was single and why I was single, and this kind of sealed it for me I think. LOOOOTS of love bombing after this. One of the patterns I was noticing through the weeks is that she would always message me at 10 am, the good mornings and the like, and go to bed at 12 am (shift change anyone?). Never any messages before or after this time. She also facetimed me, had a quick conversation, but she claimed the connection was bad, so we ended it after a few minutes. I read this was a common thing after I got scammed. She was a real girl, I've heard her and seen her, but she is most likely just part of an operation. I even reverse image searched her on multiple different platforms, no results showed up. Insane.
She began talking talking about her crypto again, and wanted me to join her! I did not care about the money as much as I was caring about her. I wanted to start for her. She showed me how to to buy crypto, and how to put it in my wallet, and how to set up 2FA to transfer the crypto to said wallet. Seems normal so far, and we continued the next day. One of the things I noticed was that I was getting the drive to learn back, I dislike my current job. It's monotonous, boring, tedious, and this was something new! She got me back into reading, watching shows, improving on myself in different aspects of life.
The next day, she showed me how to use the browser in the wallet, to start staking crypto, and make passive income. I started with 200 USDT. I am kind of broke right now since everything costs so much and I make an OK wage. This could lead to financial freedom I thought. The website itself was fishy, poorly done, numbers had floats attached to them. Did not look professional, but I felt like I was in love and I could trust her. I know it's stupid loving someone you have not met.
After a few days of staking, I withdrew the money into my wallet. Looked legit! I made money. Not that much, but it was something. She mentioned to me how much money this makes compared to a 401k or roth IRA, seemed believable. She then showed me what app she uses for the short node investing. It was not on the app store, so I had to follow a link to download it (yay another red flag I saw and ignored on purpose). I set the app up and we said our good nights.
During the next day, she began walking me through how to use the app, how to input money from the wallet I have, including my staking if I wanted to. She sent me 20 dollars in ETH for the gas fees to send the USDT. Made me believe in her even more. I inputted about 250 USDT into the app, and we began short term node investing. I made about 100 dollars that day. Felt good. Yes I know it's fake.
The next day were serious red flags. She told me how her coworker withdrew his full 401k (40k USD) and put it into staking and short node investing, and has made a few hundred thousand dollars. I was intrigued, and she said I should do that too. I want to thank my job and bank for only letting me withdraw half, and loaning it against myself, and not letting me do a hardship withdrawal. I withdrew about 6000 USD from my 401k, sent it to my bank, and wired it to crypto. After waiting a few days for it to clear, I put it into my wallet, and into the fake exchange for short node investing.
I made about 44000 in fake money over the course of a couple days. She mentioned there's a new member reward, if I put in 10k USD in my account I get another 800 USDT free for being a new member. I mentioned that I can't, rent would be in a few days, and I needed the money for rent. She assured me that I should let my money work for me, and that I can withdraw it when I needed to for rent. Trusting this, I put my rent money into the fake exchange expecting to be able to withdraw it later since I was able to withdraw money before.
I got to about 8.5k USDT, 1.5k away for the free 800 USDT from the rewards program. She recommended me to apply for bank loans (another red flag LOL, but I was blinded). I never really built my credit at all before, only car loans and a credit card that I missed 2 20 dollar payments 4 years ago. My credit is low (640) so I could not loan out 50k from the bank like she wanted me to. The best I could do was 1.5k. I ended up getting my first credit card in a long time, it has a 500 dollar max currently and unsecured.
I did not end up taking out the loan (not yet), and I did not using any of the credit card to buy crypto with. This is when I began to believe something was wrong. There's no way I am getting scammed! She was messaging me and talking to me 15 hours a day, right? That's a lot of time investment.
Rent day was coming up, I went to withdraw my rent money from the fake exchange. I got an email stating I have to pay 5k in fees to withdraw the money because I won a lot of money.
I talked to her about it, inquiring why I could not just take out a portion of my principle I put in, without touching any of the winnings. She claimed it was for tax purposes and forgot to tell me. I half believed her. I talked to 2 friends seeing if I could loan out 5k from them. One said they will talk to their wife first, I respected their decision. They ended up saying no, I said thank you and I understood.
The other friend said sure, since I payed back a loan another friend gave me timely in the past. He tried to send it to me via cashapp, but was told to contact his bank first. I am very happy that happened. I said don't worry about it, I'll find out what to do. Didn't mention it the next day since I was still thinking.
Rent day came, and I took that 1500 loan to pay most of my rent. I still had a little extra money in my account to cover the full rent. Paying 500 dollars back a month on this loan to get it done asap, since my credit history isn't good, and I don't want to pay 30% interest. I'd rather loan from a bank if I can than mess up a friendship due to my stupidity.
I didn't talk to the girl for almost a full day, she kept trying to check up on me asking if I was ok and sending me voice messages. I went to a bar with friends and had a great time. I have 30 dollars in my bank account now, I get payed next week, I have a 1500 dollar loan with 30% interest I have to pay back, and 6000 dollars in a 401k I have to pay off that comes out of each paycheck. I stopped contributing to it so I don't feel as underwater.
I began responding to her, her messages weren't as lovable or frequent anymore (most likely because I mentioned that I am no longer interested in short node investing unless I get a portion of my principle back), maybe good morning and good night, and something short in the day. I used to reread our full conversations from the days when we began first talking, it just felt like bliss to me. Now I hardly want to talk to her, I downloaded and exported our conversation history from Telegram, but keeping her there just incase I can use something against it. Most likely won't be able to.
A friend mentioned to me he saw her account on another dating app, and they reported it. Different name, only a few miles away when she's supposed to be somewhere else. I told one friend about this story so far. They are very close to me and we had a heart to heart about it.
The most painful part about this is that I told my mom and sister about how I met someone new that really clicked with me, and I was finally happy. I struggled for so many years and they noticed my demeaner changed and were super joyous about it. Not only that, I don't miss the money I lost (~8.7k dollars), I miss the person that I thought I was building a relationship with that I would eventually meet and love. I was on Tinder for 3 months before I found her, every conversation was so dry and uninteresting to me until I met her. I only talked to her for about a month so maybe that is why I was able to break the spell early.
I feel free right now. I thought I would go back to being depressed, but I feel like I gained more than lost from this. I learned how to be a bit more sociable with people, what to look out for in scams (this one was way different than any I have ever experienced), to talk to people close to me about their thoughts of what's going on. I kept it all in. My relationship with my family is better because of her, but I will miss the person I thought that was for me. They really are intelligent in what they do, it's crazy. Maybe I found out that I am a hopeless romantic when my guard is not up. Which sucks, but it is what it is.
I will try to pay back all my loans asap, it's not too much money, but I will have to live more frugally at the moment. I'm not ready to let me mom or sister know, but I told one of my friends so far that won't joke about it. I am also happy I did not rope any friends into this. I needed time to clear my thoughts and do what I could to make this right.
Whenever I see her pictures online, I feel melancholic. I report her to the apps but it forces me to see what could have been if it was real. I have also submitted a case to the FBI, I don't know what else I should send to.
Thanks for reading if any of you did, I rambled a lot.

- Haven't dated in years, met chick on dating app and I was first to initiate
- She asked for my number, I gave it to her
- Quickly moved onto Telegram
- Lovebombed for weeks
- Mentions she's an investor in crypto, and wanted me to join her
- Blinded by fake love, lose 8.7k USD to the scam, everything in my bank account + half my 401k
- Had to take a loan out from a bank to pay rent
- Will miss the person I thought was for me more than the money lost itself
- Learned more from this than lost in my opinion. Thank god I'm already poor. It could have been much worse if my credit was good. Now I am on the path to building my credit for the first time in years.
- I'm aware that I was most likely talking to different people over Telegram, and she would send the recordings herself or facetimes.
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2023.06.03 22:33 Zealousideal_Tap8641 Does Anyone Have a Chill High Paying Job?

I started off as a clerk and have worked my way up to management level. I now get paid much more than when I was a clerk. However, the job is not chill. When I got into government work I was expecting/hoping to get a decent paying job that was chill. However, it appears once you reach a certain level of pay the chill jobs all but disappear. I've interviewed for other positions that are lateral/promotional hoping that I would get chill vibes during the interview, but based on my conversations it seems the job would almost certainly not be chill.
I'm just curious, does anyone have a chill job where they only work a few hours/week and get paid 100k+?
Personally, I don't think I'll be able to find such a job, and so at a certain point in my career I intend to downgrade my responsibilities to the AGPA level, where it seems likely this would be the highest paying job with a decent chance of being chill.
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2023.06.03 22:32 mfbrownbear [P5V5P4] The Bible, and what it takes to rule

I have gotten curious about what is actually written in the Bible, versus what is written in the Grutrissheit. I am also curious as to why there are so many copies / translations / transcriptions of the bible without there being a complete copy in the archives.
When Myne was an apprentice blue shrine maiden and was allowed access to the Temple book room, she read the Bible. Then she read different copies of the Bible in the Temple book room. She was reading versions so old that Damuel couldn't read them at all, and Ferdinand had to help her with the translation. [P2V3]
Then, she later became the High Bishop and was made the owner of the Temple's primary Bible. A magic tool. At some point later, after new material started appearing to her in that Bible, and she asks Ferdinand for advice:
In [P4V7]
"So this is the bible only the High Bishop can read, hm? What makes it different from other bibles?" Justus asked. He was eagerly flipping through the pages, but his response proved that he couldn't see the magic circle or the text in the air.
"It is a more complete version - or, at the very least, it has more details than any of the transcriptions in the temple's book room," I replied. There were several transcriptions of the bible in the temple's book room, but their page counts varied quite dramatically.
Most of the older stuff in the temple book room would have come from old Eisenreich, since Ehrenfest is only a couple of hundred years old. I imagine all of the original Eisenreich temple's divine instruments and Bible and documents got moved to the new Ehrenfest temple when the foundation was moved. I would have thought that Rozemyne, upon becoming the owner of the Bible when she was made High Bishop and finding she could read all the way to the end of the book, would have started a new and more complete transcription right away. At the time, not knowing that no one else can read as much of it as she can, she would have also wondered why no one had fully transcribed it before.
In [P4V1] Rozemyne hears about the Grutrissheit for the first time from Rosina.
She went on the explain that the Grutrissheit was the original bible, owned by Mestionora herself. The first king of the country had been chosen by the gods and permitted to transcribe a copy.
Then, in [P4V7] while she is talking to Ferdinand about the new magic circle and text that started showing up in her Bible:
As the bible described, the position of Zent was given to those who transcribed the original Grutrissheit. Ferdinand explained that over the long years hence, this had morphed into the current Zent passing his transcribed version down to the next. The passed-down Grutrissheit itself had become the symbol of the Zent.
This transcription had been lost during the civil war following the previous king's death. Now, the current king needed to transcribe a new one from the original Grutrissheit... but its location remained unknown.
Then, Ferdinand tells Rozemyne that even if she meets every other qualification, she will still never see the original Grutrissheit.
"You certainly have all of the qualities necessary to become king. However, there is one crucial condition that you have not fulfilled."
"And what condition is that?" I asked, looking at the bible curiously.
"It is simple," Ferdinand said. "You were born a commoner and thus do not have royal blood. For that reason, you cannot become king."
"Royal blood...? The bible doesn't say anything about needing that."
Ferdinand tapped a finger against his temple in contemplation and then let out a sigh. "In the same way that only certain people can enter this hidden room, the Grutrissheit is within an archive that only royalty can enter - or so an ancient text maintains. In other words, you will not be able to enter that archive, nor will you be able to transcribe the book. No matter how many kingly qualities you may have, you cannot become king."
After Rozemyne cries about having her hopes dashed that Prince Hildebrand wouldn't be able to let her into the Forbidden Archive to at least read the book ..
"Besides, the Grutrissheit in the archive is the first king's transcription, so we can assume it is nearly identical to this bible we have with us.
So, all of this has left me feeling a bit confused. By my count, there are 3 versions of the Grutrissheit. Four, if you count the Bibles.
  1. The Book of Mestionora. The one held by the goddess herself. THE Original Grutrissheit. She does not lend it out. The first Zent was allowed to make a copy.
  2. The First Zent's Grutrissheit. The only direct transcription from the Book of Mestionora. The first worldly version of the book. Yurgenschmidt's Original Grutrissheit, the one used to create the country. Claimed to be in the Forbidden Archive, only accessible to those with royal blood. Perhaps anyone with access to the Forbidden Archive could make a copy.
  3. The Grutrissheit. I guess the "normal" one. The one that all Zents after the first one had to transcribe from his. Like the one that was lost during the recent civil war. Was this the only one around though? It sounds like there can be more than one copy. If anyone qualified to enter the forbidden archive can make a copy, then it's possible.
It appears that the Book of Mestionora has only ever been seen by one person, the First Zent. Most mentions of the "original" Grutrissheit refer to the one owned by the First Zent. Also, it isn't clear if the qualifications to enter the Forbidden Archive to get a copy of the Grutrissheit are needed to simply pass along an existing copy. I would think that not being qualified to get a Grutrissheit would disqualify you from being able to use one either. Would Trauerqual or Sigiswald even be able to use one someone else gave them?
So, if Rozemyne meets all the other qualifications, but still can't enter the Forbidden Archive due to not having royal blood, then everyone's plans are screwed. If that happens the rampage will be, ironically, biblical. I could see Rozemyne at that point demanding to speak to the manager.
Rozemyne: "Get Mestionora down here NOW! I pay my prayer taxes! I demand to make my own copy directly from her! I will boycott! You will never see another drop of mana from me, or my retainers, I swear!"
Question: Would Rozemyne rather read the 1st edition print of the Grutrissheit in the Forbidden Archive, or would she rather make her own custom print from the Book of Mestionora herself?
Answer: Both. Obviously. She would want to compare and even smell the differences.
But, now I wonder about the difference between the "hidden" archive that requires the 3 keys to open, and the "forbidden" archive that only Royals can enter. It was said that only Royals and select archduke family members could enter the Hidden Archive. Those that didn't meet the criteria were told "Not qualified" by the shumils. Perhaps after you fulfill all of the other hidden qualifications that make the shumil say things like "Not enough elements" and "Not enough prayer" they would lead you to the Forbidden Archive? Ferdinand also explained that "Royal blood" was spread around the duchy in a way, while describing his thoughts on the nature of the Temple Bibles.
"Furthermore, the archdukes in the distant past were married to those of royal blood," Ferdinand continued. "In other words, one could say that more or less all children of archdukes have royal blood to some extent. Perhaps the first king distributed these bibles to each duchy such that the strongest of all those with his blood would be chosen to be king."
Based on how this describes archduke families having royal blood, and that those with enough of it can enter the Hidden Archive, I get a feeling that there is not a higher level of royal blood needed to enter the Forbidden Archive than is needed to enter the Hidden one. If that's the case, then Rozemyne already does have royal blood.
If Rozemyne can enter the Hidden Archive, then she already meets the "select archduke candidate" criteria, even though she was born a commoner. It makes me think that "royal blood" might not mean genetic inheritance.
If it's possible to obtain "royal blood', i.e. become recognized as royal by magic, without actual blood relations, I can only think of two ways.
  1. Divine intervention. Whether from Divine Protections or some other way, I bet the gods could declare someone fit to rule and they would be recognized as royal by magic means.
  2. Mana interaction. Blood is heavily associated with a person's mana as well. The highest concentration of a person's mana is in their blood. Mana-mixing among family and lovers could theoretically change someone's mana to introduce "royal blood" to their system.
In the second scenario, Rozemyne could have only gotten her royal blood from Ferdinand, who admitted in the past that he has a fair amount of it. They haven't mixed mana as lovers of course, but their long association in the temple, performing rituals where their mana flows together, may have been enough. He also synchronized his mana with hers when he read her memories.
I really don't know what to expect anymore. Will Rozemyne be blocked from entering the Forbidden Archive? Will she summon a goddess? Even if she gets the Grutrissheit, will she be able to simply hand it off to someone not qualified to get it themselves? Someone send Ferdinand some Tylenol.
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2023.06.03 22:32 jeranous Tercero: Kearney Hall V.S Wall Hall?

Hi, I'm an incoming freshmen and my roommate & I are deciding between the Health Sciences LLC (Wall Hall) and the Engineering LLC (Kearney). Our majors intersect with both, and we were trying to figure out how the housing experience is at either one. We're most likely going in as a triple with a random third.
To those in it, how were the dorms? I heard Wall has the big study lounge/kitchen/newer buildings? But we also thought the Engineering LLC would have a lot of cool people in it. Is there one you recommend over the other? Does the LLC of Health Sciences/Engineering even matter, did it help?
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2023.06.03 22:32 BottomgunMediocrity As a homeschooled student do I have to have a GED or HiSET exam?

When looking at applying to a school I saw this, quote, “To be considered for admission, you must be graduating from high school, have an acceptable HiSET exam score or take the General Education Development (GED) test.” So as a student who was homeschooled does that mean I need a HiSET or GED test? If so which test is better?
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2023.06.03 22:32 hit16e7282828 What is that Big pimple in My nose? 16M

What is that Big pimple in My nose? 16M
Hello! I have this "Big pimple" in my nose since some weeks ago. I have 16 so i think it's common to have acne at My age but this seems so Big. I'm going to the dermatologyst in 2 days but i would like to know what is this. It doesn't itch or anything but it looks horrible.
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2023.06.03 22:32 atothatj711 Ender 5 Pro Blue screen call for help

TLDR; mainboard might be fried. what are there resources I can use to verify this? How do I go about verifying my thermistor isn't the cause of the issue? If it's not the thermistor then how do I track down the culprit?
SEIWRT (Short Enough I Will Read That):
Hey 3d printers, I've got an odd request for yall... but first background info.
Thursday night I changed my nozzle, the printer was working fine beforehand, but when I rebooted the printer after reinstallation, I got a never-ending blue screen, with no clicker feedback. Odd but I thought the answer is probably simple so off I went, boy was I wrong....

Printer specs:
Ender 5 pro (E 5 Pro)
silent board
Microswiss DDX
some printed parts (covers mainly)

  1. LCD is just blue, no feedback when the scroll wheel is pressed
  2. Hotend fans are not spooling on boot
  3. Motherboard's (mobo) fan does not spool, but the PSU's fans do. This tells me the problem is after the mobo, so I'm assuming it (mobo) is shorted.

Things I tried:
  1. Check all fuses (mobo 15 A + power supply (tube fuse) were fine)
  2. Removing nozzle, swapping nozzle, and no nozzle.... (shocking, no change)
  3. Attempting to boot with and without the SD card inserted (no change)
  4. Reflashing firmware (potentially doing this wrong, I followed creality's guide on firmware changes using the TF card. No Arduino or adapter ATM)
  5. Verified mobo and PSU have active lights (true, all lights were blue and functional when powered)
  6. Inspected mobo for signs of damage (no scoring, discoloration, or burning)
  7. Unplugging the printer, turned it on, ....waited for 12+ hrs (drains capacitors, no change)
  8. Inspected capacitors at the recommendation of my boss. (no visible swelling, or damage to them)
  9. Firmware, ............. again (no change)
  10. Rebuilt the hot end to look for signs of shorting (none).
  11. Voltage testing, on PDU, mobo, and all the hotend + bed wiring harnesses (inconclusive)
  12. Continuity testing of the wiring harnesses (inconclusive).
Note on point 8. My boss is an electrical engineer, he HAD a Creality printer and something happened to the capacitors on his board. Long story short, it left a bad taste in his mouth. He isn't much help as he doesn't own the printer anymore and we work in different states (remote) so he can't inspect mine in the workshop.
1) I'm a mechanical engineering student, who dabbles in electrical work. In my none professional opinion, this mobo is fried. Not the end of the world, just want another opinion on this. I've never shorted a board out or seen one in person so idk what it's supposed to look like. I always thought there was smoke, sparks, pops, and bangs... there was nothing heard/seen and no visible signs of damage.
2) Ok so let's say the mobo is shot, thats fine, they are fairly cheap....but what made it short out? A few Reddit posts state a possible short on the hot ender thermistors could fry the mobo, but how can I check their integrity? I don't wanna fry my second board if the short is still active. I did a continuity test across the thermistors which came back positive, but if I remember correctly thermistors and RTD's ARE connected right? Is anyone with a working E 5 Pro able to disconnect the thermistor at the connectors in the middle of the wiring harness and test continuity to verify?
3) If the mobo is shot is it possible to upgrade the mainboard? If so, what do you recommend? I love discussing and tinkering with this printer so lmk what you think.
TLDR; mainboard might be fried. what are there resources I can use to verify this? How do I go about verifying my thermistor isn't the cause of the issue? If it's not the thermistor then how do I track down the culprit?
Thanks all! - atothatj711 <3
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2023.06.03 22:32 47plants I love how I can respond to bingos now

I (24F) was out at a brewery yesterday with some coworkers, when I was approached by someone I knew from high school. We worked together, I was 16 and he was 18. He heavily harassed me throughout our time working together. He would slap my ass while on the job, hit on me, and always had a general "where's my hug?" kind of vibe. He even once went as far to say "the day you turn 18 your ass is mine". So yeah, not someone I wanted to run into. After a short uncomfortable conversation, he asked me how my older brother was doing. I said basically, I don't know, he got married and had a baby. His response was "you’re next to have a baby". I heard him but was so appalled that that was just said to me that I asked him to repeat himself, and he very confidently did, with a smirk on his face. My reply: "Actually my uterus is sitting in biohazard trash somewhere, so no.". He was literally speechless, which made my damn day. I love being able to shut that shit down now that I've had my hysterectomy. I paid a lot of money so that I would never be the next to have a baby!!!
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2023.06.03 22:32 Jounniy Would be transferring CotN to the forgotten realms realistically possible?

Exactly what the title says. I'm currently running my Party through LMoP and we are all having a great amount of fun. They really like their characters and will definitely want to keep them between the adventures. I'm therefore looking for a followup-adventure and this one seems very interesting and pretty well written, but I don't know (as the book doesn't give any advice on that) if its possible to play it in the FG.
My ideas would be (SPOILER-Alert):
- Ruduis is one of many other strange things at the sky
- Keep dieties mostly the same
- Switch the cobalt should for the harpners, the Allegiance for the lords alliance and keep the vermillion dream as it is
- Instead of the calamity, the fall of the Apotheon happened before/in the early time of the Nehterees, with Alyxian fighting avatars of the gods just the same.
- Keeping most locations and simply placing them somewhere in the swoardcoast.

What do you say? Does that sound doable, or should I look for a different adventure, as it would be to much work?
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2023.06.03 22:32 Sir_Lagz_Alot Capital One and Extended Warranty/Purchase Protections

When looking at the Capital One card benefits, I see they have a list for benefits depending on whether your card is a World Elite Mastercard, Signature Visa, etc.
Purchase Protection and Extended Warranty is listed for both of the types of cards that I've listed above, so does that mean the Capital One SavorOne, Quicksilver, and Venture all have purchase protection and extended warranty?
I see that they directly state Extended Warranty on these cards on their respective information pages, but the guide to benefits is fairly generic, so I wanted to double check what perks these cards have.
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2023.06.03 22:32 FaZeChromosome What supplements help with preventing migraines?

Hello all! I received a rather serious concussion when I was 8, and then several other small concussions, before I had another serious one that knocked me out for about a minute at 14. Ever since the first concussion I have had very painful migraines sometimes daily. Some are on and off everyday for weeks at a time. About a quarter of them are ocular migraines and result in very impaired vision, but all of them make it very difficult to do daily tasks. They tend to get much more frequent and worse in the summer, and I’m assuming that has to do with heat and air pressure. All that to say, does anyone have any good supplements that they have found to help reduce migraines? I have tried many prescriptions and did daily Magnesium for a while, but that actually made it worse. I am fairly active, work everyday, and am not overweight. I have tried avoiding screens/electronics completely for weeks before and it hasn’t affected anything. I have been to many doctors / specialists and done MRI’s etc. Any help would be very appreciated. Thanks!
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2023.06.03 22:31 jellyfish8779 why can't people understand some of us need time alone ?

I was w a group of ppl doing couchsurfing. And at some point i grabbed my phone and my earphones to take a walk and listen to some music. I was going and ppl started looking at me like "you're not going w us, we're going to the beach ?" and the other student looked at me shocked. Another time, i just wanted to buy a towel and everyone came too...
I have to see yall 24/h a day. It's that surprising that I would want some time alone ?
I will never get ppl who can't understand me it does wo saying that someone would need their space. Being around ppl 24/7 is overwhelming and at some point i start resenting them if i can't take a break from them.
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2023.06.03 22:31 intrepidlyme (GA) Legal Boundary Between Administrative Roles and Licensure Requirements in an Independent Insurance Agency

Hello everyone I'm considering a job offer from a friend who owns an insurance agency. They have repeatedly asked me to come work for them. But, I have a felony record. The conviction was over 15 years ago, and competed all terms of the sentence more than a decade ago. It was for a non-violent, non-drug related, non-financial/fiduciary/moral turpitude crime.
I've checked the career opportunities on my friend's websit to find these available roles:
I'm trying to understand the legal boundary between administrative roles and roles that require a professional insurance license. I have reviewed the information on the state commissioner's sir, but I'm not clear on the following:
  1. At what point does a person cross the line from performing administrative tasks to needing a professional insurance license to perform their role, according to Georgia professional licensure laws?
  2. Given the specific past felony conviction scenario, would it be possible to obtain a professional insurance license in Georgia, if needed?
It's important to note that this conviction does not show up on a background check with a social security number (long story), but it does show up with fingerprints, which are required for licensure background checks. I'm concerned about disclosing this to my friend (they are fairly socially conservative), as it could potentially harm our friendship and could get out to our mutual circle of friends.
I've moved on with my life, and don't feel the need to disclose this information to my friends. Since the conviction, I've completed both undergraduate and graduate degrees, volunteered with civic engagement and advocacy organizations, including confounding one such organization and serving in leadership for 3 years. I have a professional job now. But, I'm looking for a better opportunity and work environment.
I'm seeking general advice and will consult with a legal professional for specific guidance, if necessary. Any insights or resources you can share to help me understand this better would be greatly appreciated.
Thank you in advance for your help.
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2023.06.03 22:31 UselessElf [For Hire] Commissions are open! Price started at 40$. DM me ❤️

[For Hire] Commissions are open! Price started at 40$. DM me ❤️ submitted by UselessElf to artcommissions [link] [comments]

2023.06.03 22:30 Octoire What’s happening😭

What’s happening guys, I was such a happy EBF mom after the first eight weeks of struggle. Now we’re at six months and my milk won’t let down as freely anymore? I have one big let down in the beginning of the feed and then when I switch boobs it’s a 50/50 chance it lets down again:( I just sit there and nothing happens!
I have had my period last week and I also have a lot of stress at my job.
Does anyone have advice on how to handle this? Can I turn the tides and keep up my breastmilk journey?
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2023.06.03 22:30 champdo “I don’t need a Rabies vaccine I have an immune system”

“I don’t need a Rabies vaccine I have an immune system” submitted by champdo to insanepeoplefacebook [link] [comments]

2023.06.03 22:30 UselessElf [For Hire] Commissions are open! Price started at 40$. DM me ❤️

[For Hire] Commissions are open! Price started at 40$. DM me ❤️ submitted by UselessElf to artstore [link] [comments]

2023.06.03 22:30 Sinder-Soyl Is there a way to have multiple characters in World Tour?

Hello, I've been putting a fairly large amount of hours into World Tour and I've been having a blast with it. The thing though is that my current character is pretty normal and I'd like it if at some point I could just put my current character on the side for a moment and start all over again with a freakish looking monster.
I get that there are character recipees you can save, but I'd want to actually do everything again from the start without necessarily losing all of my progress with the character I'm using currently.
Does anyone know if you can use multiple characters? I haven't seen any way to have different slots but since I'm playing on PC, I was hoping that perhaps you could pull out your savefile, store it and swap it whenever you want at the very least?
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2023.06.03 22:30 Golfswingfore24 Recruiter ends email with “Has anything changed on your end?”

So I’ve had a few interviews for a position but it’s been a couple weeks since my last interview with the hiring manager and 3 members on his team. I reached out to the recruiter to see what the next steps in the process are and she responded that the hiring manager was going to make his decision early next week. She then ended her email with “Has anything changed on your end?”. I might be reading too much into this but would a recruiter normally ask that question to an individual that didn’t still have a shot at the job?
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2023.06.03 22:30 wildyhoney tinnitus worse during flare up which will go away or is this the new normal

I have diagnosed allergic rhinitis, so basically all year round I suffer badly from allergies, my top one is grass. I’ve had tinnitus for a while, but only maybe 5-15 minutes at a time and also not everyday, it always cleared up on its own and maybe a few days or couple of weeks later it showed up for that time period again. Otherwise when it comes to the ear, I have the inner ear itchiness and occasional blockage.
I’ve been doing well until today, now that hay is at its maximum it’s affected me extremely badly and I’ve noticed that the tinnitus isn’t going away like before. I’ve had it constantly for 3 days now, and it gets quite loud when I lay down. Not sure if this is cause of a flare up or it’s the new normal? Does it usually go away (or lessen back to before aka not having it everyday) or a sign it’s going to stay, even if my symptoms get better?
yes, I will go to the doctor etc (I was also at an ear nose throat specialist about a month ago and have my official allergens) but everything is closed until Monday. Until then I’m riding it out as best as I can.
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2023.06.03 22:30 cybette The Bullhorn #104 (Ansible Newsletter)

The Bullhorn is a weekly newsletter for the Ansible Community
Subscribe here <--
If you have anything to share about what you’ve been up to with Ansible lately, at any time, simply hop into (the Ansible Social room on Matrix) and leave a message, tagging newsbot. Your update will then be included in the next edition of the Bullhorn (pending editor approval, of course).
Here's The Bullhorn #104 newsletter:


cybette said


Gwmngilfen contributed

Ansible Project Mission Statement - have your say!

As part of our efforts to strengthen the community this year, it seemed right to make sure that the aims of the project - as a whole - are clearly communicated.
We've been around a while, and while automation is clearly central, we have a variety of statements like "a radically simple IT automation system", "Automation for everyone", or "open-source automation that is simple, flexible, and powerful". We called out "fragmentation" in the community strategy, and this is a great example of it in action - we're not being consistent in our message.
So, we thought it might be time to ask you all - What does Ansible mean to you?. Give us your thoughts! We'll use the data to inform the work on making this consistent, and we'll update you on the results later in the summer.
Don Naro said
As you might know the Ansible 8 package is going to be released soon! We're preparing to publish the documentation and would like to ask the community for review of docs on the test site here.
If you see any issues, missing content, or have any comments, please drop by the Docs channel on Matrix or add a comment to our docs checklist issue. Thanks!
Editor's note: This issue of The Bullhorn will be published after the release of Ansible 8.0.0. However, you are still welcome to review the docs for this release (and in general) and share your feedback anytime! In fact, I just submitted a docs PR while compiling this newsletter issue 😊


Ansible 📦️

The Ansible package includes ansible-core and is a batteries-included package that provides a curated set of Ansible collections. See the Ansible roadmaps for future release plans.
chadams contributed
Ansible 8.0.0 is out! ❤️
💽You can install it by running the following command or download the release tarball directly from pypi:
pip install ansible==8.0.0 --user
➡️ Check Release Notes📦️🗒️ and Ansible 8 Porting Guide for more details!
anwesha said
Ansible 7.6.0 is out! ❤️
💽You can install it by running the following command or download the release tarball directly from pypi:
pip install ansible==7.6.0 --user
➡️ Check Release Notes📦️🗒️ and Ansible 7 Porting Guide for more details!

Ansible-Core ⚡️

The ansible-core package contains the base engine and a small subset of modules and plugins. To see what's planned for the next release, look at the ansible-core roadmaps.
cybette contributed
New releases: ansible-core 2.13.10 and ansible-core 2.14.6.


Ashwini Mhatre shared
Updates from Ansible networking team. * We have enabled periodic jobs through GHA for network collections. * We are working on community.ioscm collection which works for iosxe on controller mode, when the appliance is in sd-wan infrastructure! * IRC Meeting changes. * We want someone who will look into ansible-lint fixes for collection.


andersson007_ said
The community.mysql collection version 3.7.2 has been released! Special thanks to betanummeric for fixing the blocker!
Ashwini Mhatre contributed
We're happy to announce the following networking collection updates: * cisco.iosxr 5.0.3 has been released with bugfixes (changelog) * cisco.nxos 4.4.0 has been released with new features (changelog) * vyos.vyos 4.1.0 has been released with new features (changelog)
mariolenz shared
It looks like the collection is effectively unmaintained. According to the current community guidelines for collections, we consider removing it in a future version of the Ansible community package. Please see Unmaintained collection: for more information or to announce that you're interested in taking over the maintenance of (a fork of)
At least one month after this announcement appears here and in the collection's issue tracker, the Ansible Community Steering Committee will vote on whether this collection is considered unmaintained and will be removed, or whether it will be kept. If it will be removed, this will happen earliest in Ansible 10. Please note that you can still manually install the collection with ansible-galaxy collection install even when it has been removed from Ansible.
mariolenz shared
The collection is considered unmaintained and will be removed from Ansible 10 if no one starts maintaining it again before Ansible 10. See the removal process for details on how this works.
Please note that you can still manually install the collection with ansible-galaxy collection install even when it has been removed from Ansible.


samccann shared
We're looking for good sample commands and commonly used flags for the Ansible CLI commands so we can create a cheatsheet for users. Please add your favorites to this issue.
Don Naro said
Help us improve the HTML landing pages on with some better Jinja templating! Find out how to get involved and contribute to our improved content experience here.


felixfontein shared
There is an active community vote on a proposal for the Ansible 9 roadmap. If you are interested, please check out the proposal or the associated discussion issue, and feel free to cast a vote for or against the proposal.


steampunks said
We’re happy to announce that Spotter 2.0 was released and brings many new and enhanced enterprise-ready features and checks, such as custom policies, assisted writing feature, security checks, and more.


Sean Sullivan said
The Infra config as Code collection group will have a Public Office hours meeting on June 8th at 9am EST/1pm UTC. Details here.
cybette contributed
Several upcoming Ansible meetups! Check out the details in the links: * June 7 - Québec/Montréal (online) - Rencontre juin 2023 * June 8 - Bern - 3. Ansible Meetup Bern * June 15 - Minneapolis - AnsibleFest/Summit 2023 Announcements Recap * June 17 - Benelux - Ansible AAP Meetup


Have any questions you’d like to ask, or issues you’d like to see covered? Please ask in! See you next time!
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