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2023.06.01 03:53 WasdCritics Stray

Stray is a fantastic feline experience, where the player, as a kitten, goes on a journey to help the city and the friends he has made in it, by crawling around the city in an attempt to escape from it.
The game proposal embodies something of the very instinctive nature of a cat, because when separated from his friends, the main goal of the player as a cat is to find them again. The game's story proposes this reunion as the ultimate goal, and to achieve it it is necessary to experience the new environment in which the kitten finds himself. The journey is rewarding as a whole, the characters presented and that are part of the construction of the story are remarkable, each one in their own way, there is always, in each one of them, a feeling of affection for the player, the feeling of security when interacting and being guided by them for the tasks is undeniable. Even that is why at the moment of betrayal of one of them the surprise hits us like a crusader, it is unexpected in many ways.
This idea of the nature of a cat and the personification of the player as one goes through the details that the game proposes, such as the lack of a name for the cat or even the inability to understand the communication of other species, at least in a first moment in the game. This lack of "human" attributes in this animal brings the player closer to the experience of transposing himself into an animal, almost as a simulation, this makes all the experiences lived during the story be personified by the player.
Now, speaking of the content of this journey in Stray, I feel a very strong investigative character, there are always secrets to discover, such as: where am I? Who are these enemies? How do I get out of here? Who is this little robot B-12? This character can be observed even in the little drone B-12, since one of the goals of the game is to recover its lost memories.
Thinking about the ambiance of the game, the scenarios presented are diverse, especially considering the size of the game that does not exceed 9 hours of gameplay until its completion. The diversity of scenarios works on the axis of the idea of "city", containing the outside of the city at the beginning, the slums, sewers, apartments, uptown, factories and command center. These scenarios, despite not being large in extension, are well worked and detailed taking care with each element present in it, greatly increasing the immersion of the player, thus providing a satisfying experience.
In relation to the aesthetics of the game I feel the degree of realism surprising, both used in the scenery as in the kitten. When facing the quality of realism, there is an impression of being inside a "cat simulator", but considering the characters present in the game, apart from the cat, this feeling is attenuated. This happens because the other characters present a lesser degree of realism and transition into something more playful and cartoonish, for example, the robots with their TV faces and the Zurg's that look like killer stuffed animals. This aesthetic proposal of the mixture between cartoon and realism pleases me because it talks well with the game's proposal of being in the skin of a cat (realism) and the cartoon used this way presents itself as a tool for suspension of disbelief, which is necessary in a story about a city-saving cat.
Another aesthetic point worth mentioning is the soundtrack, it works very well as an element of immersion of the player in the environment, it highlights the apocalyptic cyberpunk atmosphere present in the game.
Analyzing the game mechanics, the jumping puzzle proposal makes sense considering the natural characteristics of a cat, a slender animal that likes to climb on everything and walk in unusual places. In addition, the jumping puzzle lends itself to give protagonism to the player and make him feel as the engine of the game's story by actually performing the actions that move the plot along. The B-12 drone works very well as a sentimental element, in that it brings the player closer to the feelings of the other characters and also creates an interpersonal feeling relationship between the kitten and the robot.
It is usually at this point that I mention the negative sides of the games I seek to analyze, fortunately no negative points come to mind worth commenting on, perhaps the only two problems - which are not really problems - is the fact that there is no customization for the kitten, and that unfortunately the game ends too quickly.
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2023.06.01 03:53 connichiwaa Card error when buying in AR

Good morning. Is it possible na ma-ban sa eshop ng isang country? Been trying to buy games for three weeks na ata. Laging error, tried both Visa and Master and with enough funds naman. Never had this problem before, kinda only started when S.O. borrowed account to buy games for me on the web and he used a VPN, di din siya nakabili. I never use VPN kasi, so di ko alam kung may bearing ba yun. I also made an account na solely for Argentina na. Waited a week and di pa din ako makabili. Kakatry ko lang now. Ang saaaaad :(
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2023.06.01 03:53 Ill_Lie763 I don’t know if I should stay or go.

My boyfriend 37 M and I, 29 F have been together for about 4 months. At first I thought he could be the one, but things took a turn. We had to limit our drinking because we always got in arguments about women and men and what’s right from wrong. He brought up how my body count was so high, but then brag about how his is in the triple digits and how it’s okay for men to have high counts. He’s even told me it’s shameful for how many people I’ve slept with (which in hind sight I should have never told him). He’s talked about how he doesn’t really want an independent woman, but rather someone who’s only dependent on him. He’s told me he doesn’t want me to wear makeup because it’s only to attract other guys attention or to compete with other girls. He’s said that he expects me to change my clothes if he thinks they’re too revealing. He’s told me to go back to the “dick carrousel” when we got in a big fight once. He says he’s joking a lot when I’ve told him that something he said hurt. Anyways, where I get stuck at is that I feel like I’m getting older and get scared I won’t find anyone else. He’s also super sweet, loving, and generous most of the time. I just get worried how things could turn out in the long term. I also don’t want to hurt him if I decide to break up. Also….I made the mistake of dating within my work place. I really don’t know how to go about this. Please give me some insight, I could really use it about now.
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2023.06.01 03:52 slimsaddy Probably an unpopular opinion on Diego

Kay, so I just finished reading the part when Tory and Caleb runs into Diego and he calls her a whore in spanish. Absolutely foul. But not as foul as the things he said to Darcy a couple of pages before. Lowkey incel vibes.
But I also feel for him and think the twins are being major fucking assholes for how little they've stood by him when he's been bullied and treated like dirt by the heirs. From earlier reading experience, I suspect we're rearing up to pulling some kind of veil off of Diego to reveal his real identity and intentions, slowly making us dislike him so it softens the fall, but I can't help but feel so frustrated by the way his friends don't treat him as an equal before he becomes an ass.
When the heirs were cruel to the twins, they seemed to support and care for eachother, but it seems like the second the twins started to get to know the heirs, they gave absolutely zero fucks about them continuing to physically and verbally assault and humiliate Diego. Everytime Darcy got angry with Diego for hating Orion I felt "how dare she?!" (and jesus christ don't even get me started on what a douchebag Orion is), she knows that he only knows the Orion that continues to assault him for no reason, that destroyed something incredibly valuable to him and read his diary aloud for all to hear, all because he's a disturbingly jealous and controlling psycho.
All of these men are being absolutely terrible to him because they're jealous over the twins, and they just wave it off. But this scene takes the cake I think, Diego is asking his friend if she please can spare him a minute to talk about something that he's really concerned about, hoping she might prioritise her friend over one of his bullies, but she just giggles when Caleb starts kissing all over her while Diego is being upset, and even after Caleb berates him and tells him the twins don't want him around, she picks Caleb. It's such a "bullied rises to mean girl-status" feeling. Of course he was terrible to Darcy earlier, but Tory doesn't know that, so she has no reason to be this shitty. And Darcy was an asshole first for slapping Orion for saying what he felt for one of his perpetrators. So yes, Diego is showing some awful, awful traits now, but I feel like this is a monster created by negligence from all people near him. But then again, everyone's an asshole in this series. And I do enjoy it very much, even if some of the characters really frustrate me at times.
But fuck Orion, this is a hill I'll die on.
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2023.06.01 03:52 OkayFlan [THANK YOU] Thank you for thinking of me (part 2)

u/GizmoDOS – thank you x2 for:
u/Tinawebmom -- thank you for the adorable hand-stamped card with lilacs, butterflies, and the sentiment "there's nothing better than a friend unless it's a friend with chocolate." It's great to hear that your garden is so successful, you're growing so many different things I'm impressed! And it's nice to finally meet you as well! I've seen you around for so long, I can't believe we haven't exchanged yet. PS- I love the glitter glue accents on the card!
u/TigerLady13 -- thank you for the gardening angels card and the super lovely extras - I love the poem and the phrase stickers in particular and I appreciate you so much for thinking of me! To answer your question, I found RAoC completely by chance, I was using reddit for parenting subreddits and this subreddit appeared in suggested subreddits, so I tried it. I'll answer your note with more detail, I'm going to write you a card back!
u/travel4me22 -- thank you x2 for:
u/awachob -- thank you for this AMAZING constellation card, it is the coolest thing ever. It's even more incredible than your photo showed. I love it and I appreciate you for sending it to me! Thanks for the cute stickers too!
u/melhen16 -- thank you for the colorful motivational "Today I Will" card, it's great! I appreciate the quote, the well wishes, and the stickers too! Thanks for thinking of me.
u/amabisca -- thank you for the beautiful teal handmade card with the "I've decided to shine anyway" sentiment, it's gorgeous and clear that a lot of love went into its making! Thank you for exchanging with me, and I like your glittery green ink!
u/superpotatochip87 -- thank you for the super cute strawberries card! I am so super glad to hear from you, I'm sorry to hear it hasn't been an easy year. I'm going to write you back. You certainly gave me something to think about with the wombat feces. Also, I'm obsessed with all the stickers and decorations on the envelope, and your "caw caw" sticker (or tape?). I'm actually going to re-stuff the envelope and give it to my toddler because I know he will love it. :P
u/_alltyedup -- thank you for the "A Worm of Robins" cover postcard! I love the bird art on the front, it's a very pretty cover. Thank you for sending this my way, I love it!
u/shipping_addict -- thank you for the vintage Pidgeotto postcard! I appreciate this so much, what a cool piece of history (90s? 00s?) It makes me think of 5 years ago when my husband (then boyfriend) and I played Pokemon Go every weekend for entire days at a time. There were so many Pidgeys. So many.
u/rhapsodytravelr -- thank you for the Flower Box botanical postcard, I love the stickers and washi tape you used to decorate it, it's pretty much a work of art! The best part is the washi tape where you wrote my address, it just completes the scene lol. Thanks!
u/Simple-Reference-357 -- thank you for the Tea House photo postcard, it's so gorgeous! It's cool to hear that you've seen it in person. I bet it's even more beautiful!
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2023.06.01 03:52 Administrative-Duck4 Well that’s unfortunate

Well that’s unfortunate
This smash feature hasn’t been working very well for me and to make it even worse when I used my lucky dice it made me go backwards 💀
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2023.06.01 03:52 sloriot4newzer0canXa SAVIOR COMPLEX

does anyone else struggle with the incessant need to go out and “save” others or act like some empathetic leech in order to feel any sort of genuine sympathetic connection or purpose?? every friendship or (attempt) at a relationship that I have somehow always ends up as me trying to dump advice or steer them away from the horrible paths i grew up with or put them on a pedestal at even my own expense in order to make sure they feel valued. i will go the distance to deprecate myself and lose sleep knowing the friends and family i have left are struggling snd there’s nothing i can do to save them.
as the product of an abused home broken by their environment, i use the little energy i have left try to prevent anyone i run into to being exposed to how the world is gonna fuck them up if they don’t feel the perceived love and saviorship of someone who already went thru this shit.
i’m tired of watching my friends lose their battles with trauma, watching them overdose, go to jail, fail out of rehab, go into poverty because i want to help so bad but i feel like a useless piece of shit for not being able to intervene or help them.
it’s such a guilt trip for me and im truly ready to just drop everything i’ve spent the past 5 years building up to socially, academically, professionally, etc. in a high paying, low stress field to go become a firefighter, or youth counselor, pastor, or some “savior” role to make up all the lost time and energy i spent as a youth (only 21 btw) to make my presence worthwhile and leave some sort of positive impact on this planet. there’s someone who needs it.
the kids are not alright. shit’s fucked, yo. love ya’ll
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2023.06.01 03:52 realitysurfing 29 [M4F] Los Angeles - I'd take oxytocin over oxygen right now

it's 2023 and I still use reddit to try and meet people for like-minded, body-mingling shenanigans. such is the problem of one great experience years past. maybe this is an endeavor that's better spent on dating apps or connecting with people irl, but we're here now.
to cut to the point, I'm harboring on heartbroken. feeling a bit used. emotionally violated. basically a low point. more of a friendship being squashed. some company that veils a sense of comfort is all I'm looking for, but I wouldn't mind someone to be friendly with. not interested in anything beyond that, just friends who are comfortable in each other's space.
I'll probably be over it in a day or two so you don't need to worry about me being a crumbling cookie of a man if we hang out. I'm funny enough. good-natured. like exploring and getting lost in art or thought. writing about yourself is surprisingly hard when you're stuck in your head all day.
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2023.06.01 03:52 ownedblood1735 I just watched the Che interview and it was great! Few things i pulled out and resonate with that seemed important

Authenticity is the key to success. If you are connected to yourself and be and act “how you want to” you will be successful. Being a comedian seems like a lot of work. But because it is work Che genuinely and authentically enjoys doing, that “doesnt seem like work” to him. It’s just him doing what he wants to do. There’s “”effort but it doesnt feel effortful/draining””. It’s an avenue of life for him. I think it’s a super important lesson to do what you are drawn to do. Do the things that “let you be”.
Another takeaway is how he’s so easy to change perspectives and “turn a negative into a positive”. For me and my own experience, i do this too. I had this voice in my head that “it could always be worse”. This voice/perspective was implanted in me, by me, due to child abuse. I put that voice there so i could survive. I never really leveraged it to such a degree to spring me into action. Rather it’s always been a fear of consequences and/or only acting to make those around me better, “so it doesnt have to be worse for them”. A key difference between him and i is our abilities to act in spite of negative emotion. I’ve kind of discarded that voice because i figured it out that “it wasnt me”. Getting rid of it has helped me sit with and accept my past for what it is. I really question what “true acceptance is”. Experience is subjective so “acceptance” looks different for everyone, but the fact that he still manifests and uses that voice has me wondering what acceptance looks like to him. The voices i used to use is different than what he’s saying and experiencing, so maybe that’s why he sees that perspective as a positive. They are very similar but the foundations are different. I’m very curious where that perspective of his came from.
Anyone else out there have a similar “it could always be worse” perspectives and/or story? I’m intrigued at other’s perspectives on this. Where that voice came from, what you do with it, etc.
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2023.06.01 03:51 Illustrious-Club-555 Thoughts on ex-husband

Okay, so hear me out. We all know that Katy has changed drastically over the years, is a total home-wrecker, talks like a toddler, wears clothes that are far too small for her, can’t spell or correctly use grammar to save her life, has a deplorable b00b job, makes questionable decisions as a parent… but seeing how Jake’s new boo is suddenly pushing “outfit inspos” kind of makes you scratch your head, right? Like, is HE pulling the strings? Is he controlling? Is everything not as wonderful & picture perfect because he’s involved? I just wonder if maybe he’s also super vain & maybe even a little controlling… I could be totally off-base, but I wanted to at least mention it. Someone else has to be thinking it too, right?! It obviously doesn’t excuse or justify Katy’s behavior in their relationship… but there’s three sides to every story: hers, his, & the truth.
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2023.06.01 03:51 Nathan_strange11 (Price drop) WTS Luft Concepts AVNT Ti

Yoooo! Up for sale is my Ti avant. All my knives are users, so it has been carried and cut with. I’m the original owner, was sharpened once by me, could probably use sharpening again at this point but I’ll leave that to the new owner. Action lockup and centering are all good. Knife shows some light wear as pictured but nothing major. It’s #30 if that’s something that’s important to you. I’ve been looking all over for the Fanny pack and stuff that it came with, but I can’t find it for the life of me, all I’ve found is the little card and a lanyard that they sent when I pre ordered prior to the knife shopping, so I’ll send ya those if you want em haha. Asking $300. now $280 now $260* Thanks!
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2023.06.01 03:51 beef-slurry Drum sander causing twisted boards?

I am new to having a drum sander, and I am having an issue that I assume is operator error. I sent a guitar body blank through my planer and got it nice and flat, using a planer sled. Once finished there was just a bit of snipe on the board.
I decided the best way to deal with the snipe would be to send it through my brand-smoking- new Supermax 16-32 drum sander.
I am not sure what went wrong, but the board came out twisted. Or, at least when I put it on my tablesaw it wobbles like a twisted board. Went in straight and flat, came out twisted.
I have not used a drum sander before today, so I assume I am doing something wrong, but for the life of me I can’t figure out how this happens.
Any advice, or has anyone else experienced something similar? Any chance I got a bad machine with a bent table or something?
Thanks for any and all help, Jeremy
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2023.06.01 03:51 L_Brady Do I have a case after my school (likely) committed GI Bill fraud? (Texas)

TLDR: I used my GI Bill Benefits at a school that, against my wishes, lied to the VA about my enrollment. When the VA finally discovered the error, I lost out on $6,000 in anticipated housing allowance, and I would like to recover it from the school.
The details:
In September 2021, I – a North Carolina resident – enrolled as an online student in a “Meteorology” program at a Texas for-profit school, which we’ll call ABC Education Center. During the admissions process I made it very clear that I would be using my Post 9/11 GI Bill, and I was assured by the financial aid office that I was indeed eligible to do so. (It wasn’t actually Meteorology, but a small enough field that I want to avoid identifying myself or the school).
In November 2021, I got a letter from the VA stating that my enrollment had been approved and certified for ABC Education Center’s ON CAMPUS meteorology program. Now, with the Post 9/11 GI Bill, students receive a Monthly Housing Allowance (MHA). Online students receive a flat rate of approximately $1,000/month, while on-campus students receive a rate based on their school’s address. In this case, the on-campus MHA rate was approximately $2,000 a month.
Noticing this error, I reached out to the school’s financial aid office and requested that they please amend my certification to reflect my enrollment as an online student. No response.
Between November 2021 and January 2022 (when my next term was set to begin), I emailed four separate times. Finally, the Friday before classes resumed, I received a call at 7pm from the Financial Aid Officer’s personal phone. I was out to dinner with my family and told him I was not able to talk. He very hurriedly told me that I WAS eligible to receive the in-person housing rate, based on a COVID relief measure which I now know had expired by the time of that phone call. I took him at his word and continued my education with ABC Education Center for the entirety of 2022.
In January of 2023, the school again submitted my enrollment certification to the VA, as they had done multiple times. However, by March 2023, I still had not received my MHA. At this point we were nearing the end of the term. I called the VA.
And THAT is how I found out that in October 2021 – only TWO WEEKS after I enrolled – ABC Education Center terminated its in-person Meteorology program entirely. Despite this fact, throughout 2022 and for the January 2023 term, they continued to send paperwork to the VA claiming that I was a resident student enrolled in this program that no longer existed. In January, the VA had finally caught the error, and when I made that phone call in March, the I was informed they would NOT be issuing the tuition payment OR my MHA for that term.
BUT – as a full-time student who worked part time at a fast food chain, that MHA functioned as a significant part of my income, and not having it caused significant financial strain. I believe the school should be responsible for paying the $6,000 I very reasonably expected to receive.
What do you think? Do the school’s actions constitute fraud? With the evidence of all my attempts to ensure that my certification was above-board, do I have a reasonable case against them in civil court to recover that $6,000? Is this something that would potentially fall under Texas’s Deceptive Trade Practices Act?
Thank you for any insight you can provide.
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2023.06.01 03:51 Sailor_Jupiter_6273 Should I ask if he’s interested or just move on?

This guy(34M) and I(21 nonbinary) have talked before and met about 6 months prior. At that time, we had been talking for a few weeks on a dating app before we had met and everything was going good. Conversation was stimulating and we were both obviously attracted to each other, and if I remember correctly, the conversation was never inherently sexual in any capacity. The night we had met was pretty fun, he took me out to a well known part of the city that is pretty beautiful at night and we had to have been talking for at least an hour or two. Things eventually shifted to kissing and then foreplay, which then led to going back to his car to hookup(which I was all for!). He drove me home which seemed a little awkward on his part, but I thought things were generally fine. Of course I had assumed he wasn’t as interested afterwards considering that he wasn’t nearly as talkative, so I eventually just stopped messaging him and unmatched him.
Flash forward to about a month and a half ago as of writing this, I see him again on a a different app. I guess out of morbid curiosity I swipe right and see that we matched again. This time around the conversation was more sexual but still maintained that same energy he had previously. We meet again, go back to his place to hookup, and he again gives me a ride home. I will note that this ride home seemed increasingly more awkward to the point that I was debating asking him then and there why he was acting like that. If anything, it would’ve been nice to have had a FWB situation since we both had enjoyed our time together both times, but I was only open to the possibility of something more in the first place since he was so open ended with what he wanted.
Also adding that I understand that my feelings are overshadowing my typically rational mind and I keep telling myself he isn’t interested, but the answer I’m looking for is how to ignore or deal with said feelings and if asking him directly would be best for my brain’s concept of “closure” and the fact that it’s so irritating lol. Reading all of this puts some things in perspective, but I’d love to hear some honest opinions on what I should do.
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2023.06.01 03:51 StudentTings Plea Bargain Dui Results (Update)

The public defender was able to waive the $1919 court fine and the day in jail/ sheriff work program for me. Also received my letter from dmv, they will be resuspending my license again for another six months, so license suspended until November 2023. Also, a IID is not mandatory for me by the court or through DMV. DMV says I have two options in order to drive while my license is currently suspended, which I was already aware of:
Option 1: Drive with an IID on my car for six months with no restrictions.
Option 2: Drive with a restricted license for 12 months, allowing me to drive to and from work/ dui school specifically.
Of course: File SR-22 Show proof of DUI enrollment Financial Responsibility
Hi all! So I wanted to give a possible insight to what a plea bargain might look like if you choose to go the public defender route, and your DUI case is similar to mine. On 11/6/22 I got pulled over for running a stop sign in Alameda County at 2:30 am, officer said he smelled alcohol and asked me to step out. I did not damage my car, injure myself or anyone else, thank God. I admitted to having 2 1/2 mixed drinks, did the SFTS, and was arrested and taken to the station. I took a breathalyzer test at the station and both readings came out to 0.16, so exactly twice the legal limit. If you are wondering why I went the public defender route, its because it was my first offense and Id rather use the money I would have spent on a lawyer for other DUI related fees. I lost the DMV hearing as you can imagine and my drivers license suspension was effectively re-imposed on 2/15/23, and will remain in effect until 6/14/23 by DMV. Today my public defender informed me of the plea bargain that the DA offered me, which I accepted of course:
Long story short, don't drink and drive guys! Truly not worth it! Considering how high my BAC was, this outcome is more than okay for me, could been way worse, considering that Alameda County is really strict on DUI's, and rightfully so.
To those thinking their life is over, it is not! Sure its a burden, but its definitely not the end of life as you once knew it. Learn from it, move foward and continue progressing in life. I am a tech professional and informed them of my pending DUI case in January and they still let me keep my job. So keep your head up and do not let a DUI define you! You can still achieve all the goals you set forth in life!
God Bless!
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2023.06.01 03:51 almida66 Help with T-Rex Mudhoney volume issue!

Help with T-Rex Mudhoney volume issue!
Hey friends. I bought this off Reverb last July in brand new condition, according to the listing. It was on and off my board over a few months and seemed to be working great.
I started noticing that the volume would cut in and out and any touch of the level knob seemed to irritate it further. I’ve tried isolating the pedal outside of the chain and individually powered with the same result. With the Mudhoney engaged, any pedal engaged after it in the chain is significantly muddied and impacted by the Mudhoney’s level issue. Now the pedal is perpetually quiet i.e. no longer cutting in and out but when engaged and everything dimed I can very faintly hear that the rest of the pedal is functioning as it should.
[Full disclosure: I have very little experience with pedal internals so please forgive my lack of terminology knowledge.] I took a peek inside to see if anything seemed noticeably wrong or out of place and, sure enough, as I hope you can see from the picture, the upright battery looking things directly below the level knob (top left corner in the pic) appear to be askew while everything else inside looks neat and tidy. I’m wondering if this is something easily fixable by me or I should plan to get it looked at by a professional. Has anyone else experienced this issue with this or another pedal? Is this Reverb seller sus?
The T-Rex site says the 2 year warranty is voided if there’s no sales receipt. Would a screenshot of the Reverb sale suffice? I have everything else like the serial number, the original T-Rex box and everything inside it. Would it be better to contact the Reverb seller or should I go directly to the Danes?
Thank you so much for your time! Any advice or guidance you might have would just be immense for me. I’d love to be able to use this thing again! Also, if there’s any additional info or clarification I can provide that would be helpful, please let me know.
In case it helps, I’m a mellow living room player and my board is powered with a Walrus Aetos. The pedal in question is in a 9V 100mA slot though the pedal says “9V 6mA” though I understand that shouldn’t be an issue. The pedal also says “Power supply: Use T-Rex FuelTank”.
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2023.06.01 03:51 marlayna67 Local management fee?

We have a three bedroom two bath house in a mountain town in New Mexico.
We pay our cleaner a 10% “management” fee to sort of run things. I do everything on the Airbnb website. She has no contact with the guests. I do all the ordering and I pay all the bills. She receives $150 per clean and 10% of every booking.
Her jobs are to let me know when I need to order something and it will be shipped to her house and she brings it over to our rental. She takes the trashcan out and brings it in once a week. Picks up our mail and puts it in our locked closet. Charges our rings.
We pay her extra for taking care of our landscaping, which is hardly anything, running specific errands, such as mailing something on our behalf.
We used to pay someone else 25% who did an absolutely wonderful job, but it cut too deep into our income and it was unsustainable.
We will be closing our Airbnb at the end of the summer, but I just wanted to see in a discussion what other host pay for similar management fees.
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2023.06.01 03:51 br0wnpixel Is buying a Mustang the right choice for me?

Apologies for the long post.
Hello everyone, I've caught Mustang fever hard. I just have some questions and concerns that I appreciate getting answers for. But first, some context.
For a long time, I have wanted a Toyota 86/FR-S. I have recently gotten a well-paying job out of college and have saved quite a bit of money. Seeing the improvements made with the new GR86 model, I wanted to buy one new in the upcoming months. However, as time goes on, I have been increasingly frustrated with the buying process with all of the markups and lack of availability.
On a recent work trip, I was fortunate enough to rent a Challenger GT and was smitten by the road presence, looks, and road manners of the vehicle. It caused me to reevaluate what car I wanted and what I was actually going to use it for. As I will be moving to downtown Chicago pretty soon, with 3-day office commute out to the suburbs, a lot of cruising and and slow traffic will be encountered. The GR86 is a bit tight, and more space would be appreciated, along with a bit more refinement.
Out of all the American sports cars available, a Mustang appealed to me the most. As it turns out, used 2018+ Mustang GT models are available in the low 30,000 range at the moment, not too far off from current GR86 prices. As time went on, the Mustang seemed like a more and more appealing idea. I am practicing driving with a manual, and would love to own a Mustang GT with the manual transmission.
During lunch today, a coworker of mine offered me to drive his 2015 Mustang GT Auto. To say it recalibrated my brain and sense of speed would be an understatement. This car is amazing, beautiful, and scary fast. After looking at manual GT at a dealership and seeing how user friendly the manual seems to be, I am at a crossroads.
Here's where you guys come in. Is a Mustang GT approachable enough to be driven by a novice who is used to Civics and Corollas? Is the manual user friendly enough for someone to drive three days a week in traffic, and in the city? Also, while the 10 speed automatic is amazing from what I've heard, my heart seems to be set on the manual. I am just afraid that I will make the wrong choice, and regret spending my money on this future. Your input is greatly appreciated.
TLDR: Should a novice get a Mustang GT? It will be a daily driver and be used in Chicago with a 3-day commute.
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2023.06.01 03:51 wvmntr [WTS] Mcnees PM Mac2 3.0 magnacut

For sale is a Mcnees PM Mac2 3.0. This is the 3” version in magnacut. Finish is green matte stonewash. The knife is in excellent condition, one slight smudge on the blade is the only thing I can see. Blade is very sharp and appears to me to be factory edge. This is a great edc size knife with great action and drops shut with a slight wiggle.
450 ppff shipped - no trades
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2023.06.01 03:51 towingnapervelle Car Lockout Near Me

Do you need a car lockout near me? If you are “locked out of my car”, van, suv, truck, looking for some help, you found the right place. Our team of vehicle lockout service experts have you covered throughout the Chicago Metropolitan Area. Call or Text us now, later, 24-7!
Visit us:
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2023.06.01 03:51 Dexxert Employment as contractor - direct or via company structure?

I am contracting as a consultant (freelance, full-time). I'm doing this directly so PAYG.
A few years ago I set up a company and trust structure for some investments I did.
My question: are there any benefits in using my company to contract my next freelance consulting gig?
My tax advisor says it doesn't really matter, but some other freelancers that I work with say they do it through their company and find deductions or other benefits that come with it.
I'm confused as to the details of this and whether my tax advisor is giving me wrong advice. The lady in question is super busy and didn't seem overly interested in my question (it was her predecessor who helped me set up the company and trust years ago).
Any insights would be very helpful!
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2023.06.01 03:51 Choosemepickme 32 [F4R] Maine / Anywhere - If it weren’t for second chances, we’d all be alone.

After I put my youngest children down for bed I opened a wine my new coworker gave me as a gift and had the smallest swirl, sniff, and sip. I threw it away and went back to Spotify and ignoring impending doom beating in my chest every time I stare at a screen. Maybe I’ll watch a ghost movie. Maybe I’ll stare at the ceiling. It seems ironic and applicable to my life right now. I don’t know what I’m searching for but you probably need my origin story:
I moved my little humans to an entirely new city and state with no other contact to our prior lives and just want to feel okay for a night or even a few nights if you can withstand me that long. We escaped trauma from many different facets of life and now are left to figure out how we can make this life a happy one on our own. Today I started a new job. The old me is far too qualified and would have gawked at the daily duties. But for right now, I am safe and figuring it out. It will provide enough for us. I’ll do my job with pride and happiness I haven’t felt in a long time. It allows me to stay home with my younger babies and I couldn’t be more happy about that. Today was a half day, I spent most of it writing and editing this post. I talked to few people and it made me feel…. Something. Not better, but some sense of normalcy. Friday is near and I am not sure why I hate the weekends these days but I do.
We are crammed in a small house on over 20 acres that I am convinced ghosts might also be inhabiting. Maybe a lonely mouse or two are wandering the window sills three times painted over with shitty eggshell paint. Maybe I’ll paint a room tonight, add some color and love to these empty walls. Paint a mural. I’ve always joked about having a living space as dark as my heart. I might throw up black paint on the walls. The doors creak, the floor is uneven, all the lights flicker. We didn’t come with anything of value, so this place will be our home and safe haven. I will fill it with love and honesty. I haven’t been able to feel that except in fleeting moments. Nobody will ever have to pretend and I will never raise my voice or hand out of anger.
My children are my world but just for a while I want to be myself, truly myself, without the fear of someone using it against me. I’ve tried to have relationships and friendships of various success and total disaster and they all end the same: I can’t be genuine. I was living in a burning house and I thought the whole world was on fire. I learned a few weeks ago it wasn’t. So I packed us up and drove until my eyes got wet. I had extinguished the flames and saw the wreckage that had started to occur. What was done was done and I could not go back. People have reached out and all I can say is I’m so sorry but I had to go
The only people I want to talk to are ghosts of past attempts to make things right. I’ll learn to be okay with that one day, but not today.
If you haven’t deduced by now, I am not a good person. But I am trying to be. I owe a lot of people a lot of things through this weird life, before, and after. I can’t reach out to them now. I can’t right all my wrongs. Maybe they’re reading this now and wondering if it’s really me. Putting my small puzzle pieces together in this post. After all, stranger things have occurred under happenstance and wanderlust. I crave a simple life with simple desires. I don’t need much. I don’t know who I am but I know what I am not.
Not just: the new single lady with three kids showing up to a town under suspicious circumstances, covered in ash and soot, an eternity of bruises and scars on her alabaster skin, a mother, a friend, a lover, a stranger, someone’s sweet escape, his or hers or theirs anymore
What I am lies entirely up to my next course of action. I’m not sure what it is. This is a rough start to a new Season 1. You may have decided this isn’t for you. Very well then, move along. Maybe you’ll stick around for season 2 where I get my redemption arc. Or your curiosity is piqued just enough to reach out to me. Season 3 and 4 are pending production costs and fan interest. We will see. Stay tuned.
Let me trauma dump on you on a voice or video chat like we've been friends for years, like it's a typical Tuesday night after one of you is going through it
Like we have known each other for a split second and a lifetime all at once. I might end up painting an entire bedroom tonight just to feel normal. I might end up laying on the ground listening to one of my 150+ Spotify playlists I can’t stop creating.
l might ghost you, but the odds are in your favor. Or not. You can have a drink of your own, or whatever vices you have these days. I don’t judge. We can watch something together, or just sit quietly with small talk. I’m a good listener and talker. Let me tell you a sad story with no ending because I’m still writing it. Maybe I’ll start writing again in a few months. Make sense of everything again. I had a lot of hobbies in my past life. I’m pretty good at everything, but only really good at a few things. I abandon most things I enjoy.
I have therapy three times a week and it’s the only human I’ve kept in contact with since I left in the middle of the night. It’s been lonely, to say the least meaningful words possible. I am not looking for a sound board to gaslight and abuse, honestly I just want some company while feeling alone. Silence but understanding. Suffering together can be enlightening. I am longing for something I am not sure exists. I’ve felt it in raw moments before it got ripped away. Just enough of a kiss, a hug, a tug of the hair, of truth… to want to crave more and more. How selfish and cruel life can be.
I can supply an endless amount of good music, TV shows, movies, jokes, and make you feel like your life doesn't suck compared to mine. I like to make people smile and laugh. I think I’m a natural caretaker and I care far too much far too easily, it’s probably my kryptonite. Someone once told me if I had just been honest maybe this wouldn’t have been this way, so I’ll pose the question: does death take drowning in a puddle or ocean differently? The end product is happily the same. Am I wrong?
I will respond to chats or messages as I can. I have 3 kids, I’m not looking for love or a baby daddy, or anything weird. Please do not ask me for pictures or sexual advances. I’ve already said what I was looking for but it gets misinterpreted every time. Being alone at night is what bothers me the most about this life. I know I can’t be alone in these thoughts. Are you out there? Do you care? Show me you care and I can be there.
I will leave you with a quote I've been repeating in my head for weeks, often the last thing I can remember before I drift to a nothingness of dark sleep:
"Those who escape hell, however, never talk about it. and nothing much bothers them after that.”
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