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Right Side Pain (not related to appendix) Mystery

2023.05.30 22:04 SylleeMage Right Side Pain (not related to appendix) Mystery

Hello! I am 38F with PCOS and Fibromyalgia. Since the beginning of March I have had horrible side pain on my right side starting 2 weeks after my period. Imaging has ruled out issues with my appendix. I unfortunately do not have the images but I do have the radiologist reviewed results. I think my right ovary is swelling but I can't be positive because the US documentation from my normal OBGYN doesn't have the measurements of the ovary on it like my hospital ones do. It seems to happen about two weeks post period and I am looking for some options that when/if I am in pain next week (as it will be two weeks after) then I can ask for. Or if there is anything I should be asking my doctor for test wise.
Last time I ended up hospitalized due to the high white blood cell counts and they wanted to observe me for any possible infections I could have. Blood Cultures were negative, and I ended up being released once the tests were normal again.
The pain itself subsides after a few days. It comes on pretty suddenly and it makes it hard to stand up straight. 4mg of morphine only helps with radiating pain in the rest of my abdomen.
I do have other results, as well but the White blood Cell Counts and CRP were the main reason I was hospitalized last time.
Whilte Blood Cell counts 3/9/2023 – 14.9 th/mm3 4/28/2023 – 27.6 th/mm3 4/29/2023 – 12.6 th/mm3 4/29/2023 - 8.5 th/mm3
C reactive Protein
Apr 29, 2023 4.5 mg/dL
Apr 30, 2023 4.7 mg/dL
Imaging results:
4/28/2023 7:17 PM
No acute intra-abdominal process. Normal appendix.
EXAM: CT ABDOMEN PELVIS FOR APPENDIX CLINICIAN'S HISTORY: rlq pain, unremarkable US, hx of ovarian cysts - HISTORY REPORTED TO TECHNOLOGIST: RLQ abdominal/pelvic pain, hx of PCOS. Abnormal UA today COMPARISON: 3/9/2023. ·Dose reduction techniques using the adjustment of the mA and/or kV according to patient size and/or use of AEC or iterative reconstruction were used in the acquisition of this exam.· TECHNIQUE: Multiplanar noncontrast CT of the abdomen and pelvis. Findings: Suboptimal evaluation of the abdominal organs and bowel due to the lack of contrast. Unremarkable visualized lungs and heart. Unremarkable liver, spleen and pancreas. The gallbladder is surgically absent. Unremarkable adrenal glands and kidneys. No renal stone, hydronephrosis or hydroureter. Unremarkable urinary bladder and uterus. Unremarkable stomach, small bowel, colon and appendix. No bowel obstruction or inflammation. No free intra-abdominal air or fluid. No lymphadenopathy. No destructive osseous lesions.
  1. No acute intra-abdominal abnormalities. 2. Suggestion of a 12 mm hyperdensity within the endometrial canal. Recommend nonemergent pelvic ultrasound for further evaluation. 3. Diffuse hepatic steatosis.
3/9/2023 7:07 PM
EXAM: CT ABDOMEN-PELVIS W CONT CLINICIAN'S HISTORY: rlq/pelvic pain x 3 days, unremarkable outpatient TVUS. hx PCOS. eval for evidence of appendicitis, ureteral stone, colitis v other - HISTORY REPORTED TO TECHNOLOGIST: Sharp RLQ/right pelvic cramping that comes and goes for the past 3 days. COMPARISON: None. ·Dose reduction techniques using the adjustment of the mA and/or kV according to patient size and/or use of AEC or iterative reconstruction were used in the acquisition of this exam.· IV CONTRAST DOSE: IV Contrast Administered: 97 mL of OMNIPAQUE 300 mg/mL. TECHNIQUE: Contrast enhanced CT of the abdomen/pelvis. Portal venous phase images acquired. FINDINGS: Diffuse hepatic steatosis. Cholecystectomy. Mild prominence of the extrahepatic bile duct likely secondary to postcholecystectomy state. Normal pancreas and spleen. Splenule. Normal caliber small bowel. Normal appendix. No pericolonic inflammation. Normal adrenal glands and kidneys. No suspicious solid renal mass. No hydronephrosis. Normal mildly distended urinary bladder. Suggestion of a 12 mm hyperdensity within the endometrial canal (602/101 and 601/74). Grossly normal appearance of both ovaries. No abdominopelvic lymphadenopathy. No large destructive osseous lesions. The visualized lung bases are clear.
No acute intra-abdominal process. Normal appendix.
Unremarkable transabdominal exam with no evidence of ovarian torsion.
4/28/2023 6:30 PM
EXAM: US PELVIS TRANSVAGINAL W DOPPLER CLINICIAN'S HISTORY: right sided pelvic pain, acute - HISTORY REPORTED TO TECHNOLOGIST: as above COMPARISON: 3/9/2023 TECHNIQUE: Pelvic ultrasound performed with multiple images obtained. FINDINGS: Transabdominal imaging was obtained. The uterus and endometrium are unremarkable. The right and left ovaries are unremarkable with normal color and spectral Doppler flow. Uterus Size: 11.8 x 4.2 x 6.0 cm Endometrium Stripe Thickness: 5.8 mm Right Ovary Size: 3.8 x 2.1 x 3.4 cm Left Ovary Size: 3.1 x 2.7 x 2.8 cm Free Pelvic Fluid: None
  1. Negative pelvic ultrasound.
3/9/2023 11:35 AM
EXAM: US PELVIS TRANSVAGINAL CLINICIAN'S HISTORY: episodic pelvic pain Pelvic pain in female HISTORY REPORTED TO TECHNOLOGIST: same as above COMPARISON: None. TECHNIQUE: Pelvic ultrasound performed with multiple images obtained. FINDINGS: Findings: Generous size uterus. No mass. Endometrial thickness upper limits of normal. No endometrial lesion, fluid or hyperemia. Cervical cysts. Normal size ovaries with normal blood flow and small bilateral follicles. No adnexal mass or free fluid. Uterus Size: 11.7 x 4.7 x 5.7 cm Endometrium Stripe Thickness: 13.3 mm Right Ovary Size: 4.0 x 2.2 x 2.2 cm Left Ovary Size: 3.1 x 2.5 x 2.4 cm Free Pelvic Fluid:
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2023.05.30 22:01 penguincam [Gendered] clearly My dogs must have the appropriate gendered pies

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2023.05.30 21:27 TheCurserHasntMoved (Sneakyverse) The Drums of War: Chapter 2: Dirge

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On a sunny, small-town street on Sanctuary:

Lisa Anderson was watching her two young sons play some kind of game with the other neighborhood children that involved throwing a hard rubber ball at each other, while trying to avoid being hit themselves. When her Charlie was only five she would have fretted over such a violent game, but she's since given up on having boys who sit quietly and play gently. Boys were strange creatures to come home all smiles yet covered in bruises, and again, she'd long since given up on understanding the why in favor of just loving her beautifully rambunctious boys. They were already so much like their father.
The easy smile that had adorned her face slipped away as a black speck in the sky resolved itself into a stately gravcar coming in for a landing, rather than speeding along to a more likely destination. This was Honor Guard Place, and while not every family was related to a current serviceman of that formation, and some other families lived elsewhere, every family in that little town was connected to the Honor Guard somehow. Which had given the families a sense of shared comfort in the fact that their husbands, fathers, and occasionally wives and mothers were relatively safe while serving. Something caught in her throat as she wondered who had suffered a tragic accident, and which of the xenos nations substandard constructions had caused it. However, when the car landed, and the Major stepped out, she had to clutch her porch railing to keep her feet, because the officer made his way straight to her.
"Where's John?" she demanded as she watched the Republican Naval Infantry officer harden his resolve.
He stopped at the steps up to the porch and saluted, "Ma'am, it is my sorrowful duty to inform you that your husband, Sergeant Johnathan Anderson fell in battle against an aggressive xenos force in his duties to defend the civilians of the Among the Star Tides We Sing and the diplomatic corps. I'm sorry."
Lisa shrieked as she threw herself at the aging officer. "NO! YOU DIRTLY LIAR!" she cried as she struck his face, "YOU BRING HIM BACK! YOU BRING HIM BACK NOW!" she howled as she tore half of his ribbon block from his dress blues and beat his chest with the ribbons still clutched in her fist. The man stood there and absorbed the beating without so much as breaking the salute until she sagged against him with a wordless wail, and clutched at his uniform.
"I'm sorry ma'am. Your husband was witnessed, though his remains are not recovered."
The sobbing woman seemed to regain some of her strength as she declared, "I am not burying an empty casket on Repose."
"Aye ma'am. We will wait until such time as recovery operations can be commenced, and you will be kept informed of this status."
Charlie had done the math, and was leading his little brother over to see his mother. His daddy didn't cry when he lost friends, Charlie could be strong like that, strong for his mommy and little brother. Lisa's eyes followed the Major as he trudged back to the gravcar, replaced his uniform top, rearranged his ribbon block, and walked toward the house next door. With growing horror she realized it was not just her tragedy, not just her boys who lost their daddy.
Eighteen houses later, and the RNI major was seated in the sitting room of the Mitchels after giving them news of their son. Veterans both, they knew the loss for what it was, and sought each others embrace for the quiet solace of shared grief. Their grandson was only eighteen and had just lost his father, and after his mother abandoned the family, James Sr. was James Jr.'s entire world. "Who killed him?" the young man spat.
"A genocidal faction of xenos called Axxaakk. It is unknown whether it is a small faction or a monoracial empire. They have conquered the Clans of Eldra, and are currently ritualistically exterminating them."
"I'm joining the RNI," he declared as he leapt to his feet and shot a challenging glare around the room.
"Jayjay, you're still too young!"
"I'm eighteen, it's my right to serve! You're both citizens, but you can't stop me! It's every civilian's right to volunteer!"
"Aye ma'am, he's right," the major said solemnly, "but if you think the Navy will give you a shot to kill the commander who ordered that attack, you're wrong. If you can't keep your head, they'll put you on boarder duty by Roma Nova."
"I don't care. Dad only ever served the Republic, and I can't just sit here and enjoy that without helping!"
The major stood, snapped off a salute and took his leave. Forty houses to go.

In the City of Foundation on the planet Hope:

Michael Nguyen was neglecting his job. To be fair, being an accountant didn't take very much effort on his part, but in the past few days, he couldn't focus even on what little demands of his talents were demanded by the spreadsheets. Instead, the video he had been watching for days on end demanded the whole of his attention. His ears were laid back, his tail lashed the ground, and his muzzle was contorted in a snarl as he watched the vile sacrifice ritual intercut with the last stand of the Honor Guard, and ending with the teenage girl's screams followed by Corporal Laurent's whisper of "Witness me." Then, text filled the screen, "Remember the We Sing"
"Remember the We Sing," he whispered as he made up his mind. He was a Republican civilian, and he had taken all of his freedoms and privileges for granted, scoffing at the citizens for putting themselves at unnecessary risk for a mere social title. He saw now that it was very necissary risk, risk he was willing to shoulder. He wasn't the only accountant who walked out of that office, he wasn't even the first.

On Texan Texas, in New Better Dallas:

Staff Sergeant Marcus Johnson fought exhaustion as another civilian screamed at him, "PUT A FUCKING RIFLE IN MY HANDS RIGHT THE FUCK NOW! I KNOW HOW TO FUCKING SHOOT!"
"Sir, nobody skips aptitude placement, the medical exam, or basic training and MOS school. If you really want to fight, you're going to have to follow the law like everyone else. Please review these papers and sign whe-"
The furious Texan scrawled his name on the papers at once, "Fine. But you just watch, I'm gonna be a drop trooper."
"I'm sure you will, sir. Please take your papers to the waiting room upstairs and wait for your physical," Staff Sergeant Johnson said as the Texan stormed toward the stairwell. "Next."
"YOU PUT ME IN A PILOT'S SEAT RIGHT THE FUCK NOW," A Texan woman was screeching the moment she stepped up.
"Ma'am," he began again, and resigned himself to absorbing the fury of civilians who had never before taken a thought for the cost of their freedoms.
Some asshole yelled, "Remember the We Sing!" Which of course caused for the cry to go up with the whole press of furious Texans for the eighth time that day.

Aboard the flagship of the Lord Admiral Council of the Sar Sailors:

Lord Admiral Yoivkron nodded to his fellow Lord Admirals, and nodded. There was nothing to discuss, before they had even com together upon the With Wise Counsel We Chart the Stars, they had communicated their intentions. The Star Sailors would sound the drums of war. "Ancient names have been recommissioned, the Let Our Foes Tremble, wears a new hull, the Our Dead Cry Out for Justice has subsumed a Justiciar, and other names unspoken for centuries adorn our ships. The captains do not wait for our word, so we must command an evacuation fleet. Those too young must be kept from danger, and there must be those who shall tend to their needs far from the front."
"Aye," said Lord Admiral Brexcid, "We go to war. I do herby commission the construction of a new warship, Among the Star Tides We Rage."
"It is so," the counsel intoned together.
"Let the orders be written," Lord Admiral Youvkron said.
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2023.05.30 21:18 lovejemms 28F putting herself out there again this time with photos lmao

28F putting herself out there again this time with photos lmao
Hi it me again 👋 this time making a post specifically for relationships (but if you wanna be friends too, feel free to message me 🫶)
*DISCLAIMER: these photos are me on a good day I do not always look like this thank you.
  • Single
  • Seeking Relationship/QPSquish/a soulmate 🫡 ∆ romantically speaking, I'd have to be in a relationship with a man but if it's QPsquish/platonics I think it can be with any person as long as I'm comfortable and we get along? 🤷🏻‍♀️
  • Romantic Orientation: hetero
  • Gender: woman
  • Pronouns: she/her but tbh i respond to anything as long as I know you're talking to me.
  • Age: 28 *Height/Build: 5"2
  • Personality Description: shy introvert with a bit of crackhead energy. Worked in customer facing positions all my life so I can be quite social, but the battery drains pretty quickly. I like to crack jokes and banter. Have a potty mouth. I do enjoy my peace and quiet time and like to do things with people in the same room, separately when I need to recharge. I'm awful at self-descriptions so feel free to message me and hopefully more will come out as we chat haha. I do take some time getting comfortable with people.
  • Location: BC, lower mainland (but I'm all about meeting the right person so LDR works for mee) *Looking for people between ages 26 to 36.
*As I do experience aesthetic/physical attraction, respectfully, I ask if you message me to please include a photo and little blurb about yourself! Also, if there's a way you would prefer for me to decline that makes you the most comfortable (in the case I am not interested; for me I would rather be ghosted if the person isn't attracted to me lol, pease let me know.
To get the convo going; What's your go to karaoke song and which department of IKEA do you like the most
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2023.05.30 21:10 ConstructionForward4 Updated Template 😌

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2023.05.30 20:59 LiteraryHedgehog Megathread: Camp and Chill Event, May 30-June 1

A new Camp and Chill Event starts today!
This 2 day event will run from Tuesday, May 30 until 19:00 GMT Thursday, June 1, and is open to all players with version 10.2.1 or above, a minimum of 250 dragon power, and a stable and reliable internet connection.
Points are earned by tapping items, opening chests, and other simple tasks completed in Camp. The Event Capsule Store appears after earning 500 points; free Bronze Capsules containing Event Points can be collected every 3 hours after that.


Good luck and happy merging!


  1. Sprouting Dragon Tree, lvl 2 - requires earning 70 points
  2. Prism Flower Buds, lvl 2 - 1,290p
  3. Blue Belly Shrooms, lvl 5 - 1,840p
  4. Daily Chest (Super Egg Fragment) - 3,190p
  5. Watering Hole, lvl 5 - 4,790p
  6. Aged Glowing Dragon Tree, lvl 4 - 6,420p
  7. Nice Zen Temple, lvl 3 - 7,990p
  8. Golden Sapling, lvl 2 - 9,610p
  9. Seth Dragon Kid, lvl 2 - 11,210p
  10. Deer Dragon Kid, lvl 2 - 13,590p
Total to collect all prizes: 60,000 points


This is the only type of event where point producing items can be stockpiled ahead of time; for info and links to guides on bubbling as a storage option, please visit the Community FAQ.
The following are the most efficient or popular ways to earn points:


Alien Obelisks (Requires cash purchase)
Fruit Trees
Goal Stars and Dragon Stars (points per tap)
Life Orbs (single tap)
Midas Trees
MonsteMythical Idols (single tap)
Mystic Topiaries (single use only, number of taps depends on level)
Prism Flowers
ShimmeSecret Fountains
Coin Vaults and Stone Yards
Chests (single tap only)
Camp and Chill Event Items
Miscellaneous Items
Combo Merges Note: this is a partial list — most chains seem to work, with points increasing by item levels and length of chain.
No Points


If the event is not showing up or glitches are affecting your play:

General Technical Warnings:

Note: All initial event info is preliminary, based off what we’ve had in prior editions. Edits are ongoing
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2023.05.30 20:57 wwisd June 2023 cycling events

Figured with RideLondon just over, it might be time to give these a go again. I'll post the links to events in a comment - some of the previous versions of this seem to have got stuck in the spam filter (I thought people were just over them, but just realised they were never visible for anyone else).
Further away but something to put in your calendars:
As always, please add any events I might have missed - there's lots on and there's no one place all cycling stuff is listed so would be nice to get some stuff together here!
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2023.05.30 20:46 thatbackpackgirl [Nagashima Spa Land/Tokyo Dome City] Trip Report 5/25/2023

[Nagashima Spa Land/Tokyo Dome City] Trip Report 5/25/2023
Hi everyone! As promised here’s part two of my trip to Japan and for our second park we headed to Nagashima Spa Land in Nagoya. We went there from Kyoto and while the shinkansen (bullet train) gets you there in about 40 minutes, you have to then hop on a local train and then a bus to get to the park which added another hour (a taxi would be much quicker but they’re are fairly expensive across Japan). We got there when it opened at 9:30 and stayed until 5 when the park closes. During the day there were alot of school groups as schools all over Japan take day trips for an end of the year thing and because of the bullet train they’re able to come from pretty far away. When we got in we headed straight to Hakugei at the backish part of the park and the line didn’t look too lont but we ended up waiting two hours to ride. A big part of the problem was two trains were going and then one had an issue of some kind after like its 2nd run. The other issue was they have individual fast passes for each ride at a machine at the queue entrance. This added alot of time as they really prioritize anyine with a fast pass. We later used one for Acrobat and one for Steel Dragon when it finally opened in the afternoon. Once the kids started heading out around 2/3 we were able to basically walk on everything.
The park itself is quite large with 12 coasters though the majority of them are very short. Out of the 12 we avoided the two family coasters and im not sure how the peter rabbit themed one even counts as a coaster. The mirrored wild mouse coaster was closed as were Jet Coaster and Looping star. Corkscrew and Ultra Twister closed by lunchtime before we even thought about riding them. So that left Arashi, Acrobat, Steel Dragon, Hakugei and Looping Star.
Hakugei (3x) - As with all parks in Japan you dont get to pick your seat but it does make things easier when loading. We sat in the 2nd to last car, the 2nd to first car and on the last ride, the very back seat. I absolutely adored this ride and it was neck and neck with Steel Dragon for my far and away favorite. I can’t imagine there’s a park where this monster isn’t at least in the top 3 and most likely top 2. I have a couple of rmc revamps under my belt including Twisted Colossus and this one is the better coaster in every way except for the ride length. RMC added 3 inversions to it when they re did it in 2019 and the middle inversion puts you on your back for a solid 2-3 seconds. The whole ride starts with short drop and a couple of slanted bunny hills and then just cranks up the lift hill. It has a small drop and then plunges you straight down before you even know what’s happening. The initial drop is incredible especially in the back and the whole ride has amazing force and is wonderfully smooth. It does come unhinged a bit in the back half but in the best way possible for a more modern woodie. It has the best rmc inversions for me by far and you get so many nice g’s and ejector time. And the whole thing is fast as hell for the whole ride. I was cackling like an idiot after every we came back to the station. We waited in line forever in the morning but then walked on twice in a row in the afternoon.
Acrobat (2x) - The clone of Manta (that I haven’t ridden). Ride ops were so slow on this one. You could tell they were short staffed especially for a Japanese park but oh my god. After not having the queue move for 15 minutes i hopped out and got us fast pass tickets (they cost a 1000 yen for each ride). We came back that afternoon and walked on of course. We rode in the very back the first time and then the very front the second time. The front was much much better especially for the pretzel loop. Pretty fun, not my favorite flyer but it was definitely enjoyable. The initial drop is kinda weak and the whole thing needs to be faster. The pretzel loop is pretty good and it whips pretty good around a couple of banked turns but like i said it just feels too slow. There’s a also a brake in the last third that kills the momentum it starts picking up. Compared to another b&m flyer, Tatsu, it lacks alot of that same force. If you’ve ridden Manta you’ve ridden this one and I’ve heard some people say that Manta is the much better one out of the two. Maybe Manta is just faster? Or higher off the ground? Not sure on that. Or Maybe Manta would be kinda meh for me too idk.
Shuttle Loop (2x) - A Schwarzkopf shuttle loop! Wow this one took my right back to middle school when I was riding Greezed Lightnin at Astroworld (RIP). Standard shuttle loop fair but it was super fun to come across one of these again. Definitely showing its age but honestly i thought it was gonna be a lot rougher than it was. Hope they keep this little dude going forever
Steel Dragon (3x) - A wish fulfillment of 12 year old me since this coaster got announced and it completely lived up to the hype. I rode it 3 times, the last by myself because my wife got worn out by Hakugei at the end of the day haha. I rode in the 2nd to last care initially and then in the very front and the very back. Was able to more or less walk on the last two rides like the others. This was my first giga coaster and I was surprised to learn there’s only 7 of them worldwide. Steel Dragon is still the longest coaster on the planet and is the 3rd tallest giga. The trains have individual seats with your legs dangling a bit (unless you’re over 6 feet probably) and are open which was really cool. The 307 foot drop was pure bliss and is followed by two more hills that are taller than most hyper coasters. No grey outs on this one and the the pair of helixes are super forceful and smooth. And the speed! Holy shit this thing is so fast and has a top speed just shy of 100mph. After the helixes it goes through a series of airtime/bunny hills that give incredible ejector time with one in particular being my favorite moment of the whole day. Just an overall incredible experience and for me its neck and neck with Hakugei for my favorite at this park and they are definitely both in my top 5. Out of my 50 credits the only ones they’re probably behind are Eejanaika and X2
Arashi (1x) - Fun little 4d coaster that appears to be a clone of Joker and the like. Wish it was longer and had a few more flips of the seats but it was still a good time
BONUS - Tokyo Dome City
After being unable to ride it due to weather and maintenance several times during our week in Tokyo, we we’re finally able to ride Thunder Dolphin literally hours before we flew back home.
Thunder Dolphin (1x) - Credit number 50 for me and quite appropriate if you ask me. Its a hyper coaster sitting on the north side of “central” Tokyo in Tokyo Dome City, this ride is really fun and super unique. It’s got a really really steep lift hill for a hyper and goes through a hubless ferris wheel and a building. It also does all this in the middle of freaking Tokyo. The layout is super unique and has great speed and pretty good ejector time. The first drop is really nice and the whole thing is just so cool because of where it is and just how different the layout is because of it’s location. It travels over the roof of a building at one point for christ’s sake. Tokyo Dome City itself is free to enter and you pay per ride. Since it was the last thing we did we only got to ride it once but it was definitely worth going out our way for. The trains were about a month old when we were there and very comfortable and really smooth. They’re a bit short though with only 5 cars which i thought was interesting. Anyway highly recommend if you’re ever in Tokyo.
If you have any questions, feel free to ask! It was tough to find good info about Nagashima and Fuji Q before we did it ourselves
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2023.05.30 20:41 SlurpCS 8KG Haul to Serbia (Yeeyz 350, Travis Scott, Stussy, Essentials, Gucci, Balenciaga) Links in comments

8KG Haul to Serbia (Yeeyz 350, Travis Scott, Stussy, Essentials, Gucci, Balenciaga) Links in comments submitted by SlurpCS to Pandabuy [link] [comments]

2023.05.30 20:40 Best_Celebration1811 My aunt hit my mom and I’m ashamed

TW : alcoholism, self-h
My mom is alcoholic and a narcissist and has been very mean the entire evening to my aunt and my cousin. My grand ma recently died and my mom wanted us to share her jewelry while I was there because I live in an other country (to study) are rarely come home because of the cost of plane tickets.
She’s been implying all afternoon that my aunt is a materialistic person and cares too much about jewels, insulted my grand pa, humiliated me when I tried to make her laugh even though she was so rude to me the entire time.
At the end of the day, my mother called her big sister (my aunt) a b-tch and my aunt slapped her. They fought until my grand pa who’s a veteran split them.
I had a panic attack and self-h for the first time in months. I left with my aunt that night and my mom begged me to take her side and stay but I was so scared that I didn’t say anything.
Now I’m angry at my self for believing that she would quit drinking, even though I know that she won’t since she doesn’t want anyone to help her, and I’m ashamed because I feel like I just saw a little kid being slapped by her big sis and I’m that little kid’s daughter.
I hate everything about our relationship and sometimes I wish I was dead so that I wouldn’t have to always be involved with her problems.
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2023.05.30 20:33 Rowan-Trees My Modernist Poets

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2023.05.30 20:24 iusethisforvoiceshit Best massage in Lawrence?

Hi! My bf is visiting Lawrence next week and we want to have a massage and maybe spa day. Prefer within walking distance of downtown but if there's a standout place outside of that proximity that's more than okay! Thanks :)
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2023.05.30 20:21 FlyingScottsman60103 Karen Tries to get me Arrested for Watching "CP"

I wanted to share this story because of the audacity of some "people." I had a run-in with two Karens in my life. This one was, unfortunately, the second one. I'm 19 y/o male. So I was in the library playing some Minecraft on a server that I play with my friends. I usually have much free time in the summer because my Summer Internship starts on June 1st. So there I was, farming resources while listening to EDM music from one of those compilations on youtube. As I finished my Blaze Farm (nether combat is brutal as hell, Farming is easier), here comes the entitled girl. I get a tap on my shoulder and turn to see this girl around 9 with a smile. Let's call her Entitled Girl. EG: Is that Minecraft? Me: Yes, it is. EG: Can I play? I looked at the girl and thought about giving her the game, but I needed the break from college, especially since my vacation would end in 5 days. ME: I'm sorry, but I cannot. You can ask the librarian for the Minecraft account, though. A little Information, our local library has a program where if you go to the librarian with your library card, they will give you a Library account for free for you to keep. The age limit, though, is ages 5-12. EG turns to walk out of the computer lab I was in. She came back sometime later. EG: I don't have my card. Can I please play? Me: Sorry, but I can't let you. EG starts to cry and runs out of the room. I feel bad for her. I put my earbud back in my ears and returned to completing my blaze farm. When someone taps hard on my shoulder, I turn around to get face-to-face with a belligerent-looking Karen. EM: Excuse me, why aren't you letting my daughter play your Minecraft Me: What? Miss, this is my computer, ok? I'm not letting a little girl play on my expensive computer. Also, ask the librarian for the Minecraft Account? I got a new laptop from my parents because of a B+ and above grade in my first year of college. EM: I didn't bring the card, and my daughter wants to play your game, so let her play. Me: Miss, what part of this is my property? Did you need help understanding? Also, if you didn't bring the card, C'est La vie. EM: Don't you dare talk with that tone, mister; how dare you to disrespect your elders. Besides, you're an adult. You don't need to play kid's games? I decided to pause my music because I did not want Karen to get even more belligerent than she already was. Big Mistake, though. When I went to turn off the music I was playing on Youtube. The EM got a shocked look on her face, and she started yelling at me for watching CP and calling me a molester. I asked her what she was talking about. She pointed to the screen while pulling out her phone and started to yell bloody murder to the Police about the screen. For context, I listened to those EDM compilations with the cartoon anime-ish girl playing a video game on the screen. I kinda see where she is coming from, but GOD Forbid, I am appalled by this woman's stupidity. EM: you fucking rapist child molester. You're watching CP and think that you could get away with it?! Me: WHERE, OH WHERE is the CP, you cow! EM: HOW DARE YOU! Don't talk to me that way, you useless piece of trash? The Police will hear about you. Where was the entitled kid, you ask? She was laughing on the floor, with a smug look. During all the moments, the librarian, who was my best friend and another member of my minecraft server, came in with two police officers and asked what was going on. Let's call her LB. LB: What is the problem, ma'am? EM (with a smug look on her face) : This molester was watching CP and was abusive to my daughter and told her that if he did not stop bothering her, he would R her. But don't worry, I called the cops and they will arrest him for life. I was really shocked that anyone would cook up something so sick and spiteful just for as simple as a Minecraft account The Police heard the R-word and started to walk towards me. My friend stopped them. LB: Ma'am, he was just playing Minecraft before you and your daughter started to annoy him with your blatant fallacies and fake accusations EM: HOW DARE YOU! It's true. Are you accusing me of lying? Look at how distraught my daughter is! Her daughter was now standing up and looking at us. You could tell that she had been laughing for so long. EM: Officers, arrest this man. He should be thrown in jail and put on death row. LB: Oh really? I think you should be in jail, not him. EM: what are you talking about, my dau- LB (help up a finger in her face and then pointing to the security camera in the top corner of the room ): Let's check the security camera in this room and see who should be thrown in jail. EM's color drained from her face, and she started to step back. One of the Officers told her to stay put. EM had other ideas; she ran out of the room; the room had two exits. The second officer sighed and ran after her. One officer took the statement with me while the other went to the security room to review the footage. The one with me radioed in to send 2 more officers for the belligerent and "escaping" woman because, by her actions, she was resisting arrest at the scene. 10 minutes later, two more officers checked the woman's sanity (if she had any). The Officer who went to check the cameras came back and said that it was all clear and I hadn't done anything wrong. He wanted to see the "CP" I showed him, and he seemed to understand where the woman was coming from. He told me that this was not in any way CP. He told me to come with him to the EM. The EM was escorted outside with her daughter to a police squad car. She was yelling and screaming that she would talk to the police chief about having the Officers fired from their job. The officer that was with me: Ma'am, we have just reviewed the Security footage and seen the Images you said were "CP." Please turn around and put your hands behind your back. The four officers surrounding EM looked like it was giving anxiety to her, so she did as she was told. Officer: You are under arrest for false accusation, resisting arrest, and causing a scene. The officer threw him into the back while the officer called the daughter's dad. I went back in to thank my friend. She and I had a good laugh.
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2023.05.30 20:20 Thoriael Looking for a romantic spot in Belgium

Hey everyone!
So my wife (35F) and I (39M) are about to go through our 11th wedding anniversary on July 7 this Summer, and I am looking for a romantic place/hotel where we could spend the evening, the night (🤫) and the next morning.
Requirements: - Time frame is important as I got a friend babysitter to watch our three kids, but I cannot ask him to stay for 2 days...It will be our first time out us two together for years so I want something memorable...
So it needs to be 1-2 hours from Namur (where we live).
If anyone can share an experience or a website where I could find such a place (I know and weekenddesk)... Happy to get any of your advice on the project, too..
Thank you for your reading and help 🤗
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2023.05.30 19:59 yusufpalada Spa day

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2023.05.30 19:56 rab10000 FoV help. No sense of speed whatsoever.

I ran iracing for about 6 weeks in ultrawide 3440x1440 and VR.
However picked up some cheap monitors over the weekend and went through numerous guides etc as well as using the iracing triple monitor setup.
Is their any reason why when I select what I believe is the correct FoV the game runs almost as if it's in slow motion.
I've spent literally 3 full days running calculators as well as following guides testing for 2 or 3, hours with each setting but at tracks like spa I feel as though I could put something heavy on my acc pedal and go make a smoke, smoke it and come back in plenty of time before the next corner it literally feels as tho I have that much time.
Not sure what to look at or where to go next but I do know if I have the correct FoV them the game is unplayable like this for me.
Open to any suggestions and advice and thanks in advance
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2023.05.30 19:52 NotCurdledymyy New world record

New world record submitted by NotCurdledymyy to TownOfSalem2 [link] [comments]

2023.05.30 19:52 Exotic-Potential3673 Just curious. Do you get a new prize map if you complete all of these?

Just curious. Do you get a new prize map if you complete all of these? submitted by Exotic-Potential3673 to PlantsVSZombies [link] [comments]

2023.05.30 19:52 NotCurdledymyy Am I the first to do this?

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2023.05.30 19:46 Charming_Welcome_751 All my losing tickets

All my losing tickets
This is between $1500-$2000 in losing tickets, I've had one $200 win and one $500 win, I'm 24M, I wish you were able to bring these in somewhere for a partial refund like you can aluminum cans and glass bottles
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2023.05.30 19:44 Lazy-Personality4024 Orphan Chapter 14

First Previous
Chapter 14: A Pleasant Game of Skirmish
Due to the distance between Earth and Cradle, multiple jumps were required. As such, major worlds in between the two points were designated and added to the jump list. While it extended the time it would take to get there, it would be worth it to gather more information on humanity. When jumping into a system, the Into the Black would do a detailed scan on every major planet, circling them if need be. Each system would take hours to record, but the new potential discoveries more than made up for it.
Meanwhile, life on the ship continued. Vigil in particular found himself wandering the upper decks, as Glevar had forbidden him from “escorting” Irudo while he was at work. Hesitant at first, Vigil left, believing he was in capable hands. Now, with no purpose, he was left to his own devices.
Thoughts of the garden kept popping up in his mind. Wishing to sate his curiosity, he gradually made his way over to it. Passing through the checkpoint, he was greeted with a wall of greenery. Small paths meandered through the small forest, while larger paths ringed the exterior.
Picking one of the smaller paths at random, Vigil walked down it, surrounded by life and serenity. The vegetation was both alien and yet familiar at the same time. Large trees with rough brown bark stretched upwards, topped by green leaves. Some were not completely the same as Earth vegetation, however.
Some of the tree trunks had a much darker, reddish hue, and wicked looking spikes lining them. While others had red or even purple leaves. Those with spikes had signs with foreign words set in the ground beside them, adorned by artwork depicting a mouth eating the tree with a large X. Going by this, Vigil assumed they were not edible. Why anyone wanted to eat the trees, he could not fathom. Apparently, though, the signs did not pertain to the wildlife transplanted onto the ship. A small creature with eyes nearly as large as its head, a jet black body covered in fur, and a long bushy tail, sat munching on the leaves of the tree. All the while staring at Vigil, curious as to who was intruding on its lunch.
Another oddity was the “grass”, if one could call it that. The plant in question blanketed the forest floor. It was bluish green with razor thin blades, more filament than proper leaf. Though it was extremely thin, it grew so dense that fallen debris, such as leaves and twigs, seemed to float above it.
Possibly deadly tree’s and strange grass aside… it was… enjoyable. It was nice to be so far away from war, yet confusing at the same time. He had no purpose here, no reason. Was it truly fine for him to stop? To lie down his sword, so to speak?
A beautiful flower off the path caught his eye. It had yet to unfurl its white petals for the day. Wanting to observe the flower in greater detail, Vigil stepped off the path and walked over. He kneeled down before it, taking in every aspect of its design. He reached out and stroked a petal. He did so agonizingly slow and gentle, yet even that was not enough to prevent harm to the frail life before him.
His finger ripped away one of the pure white petals, revealing a crimson red interior. Liquid, whether nectar or something else, leaked from the injury. It too was red, blood red. Surprised, he stood quickly. He did not want to harm the small flower further. Turning away, he paused. He saw his tracks, deep and obtrusive to the natural scenery. Wherever he walked, he had brought death to the surrounding life. Crushing the small filament like vegetation that covered the ground, killing it with each step.
He was reminded then, what his purpose was. He was a weapon, nothing more, nothing less. His purpose was to stand ready, so when the Nemesis came, these new people could wield him. Until he met his end, his purpose was to fight and kill. Forgetting this only brought harm to the world around him, and those existing peacefully within it. He walked back to the path, retracing his steps so to no bring further harm to those undeserving of it. He went back down the path to where he had come and left the garden and all the life within. Lest he bring death to them as well.
Elsewhere on the ship, Hran was forbidden from strenuous activity, being injured as he was. Which meant that he was practically useless in the engineering department. Thus, he was given a few of the data banks to work on.
He normally wasn’t able to pick up anything heavy as is, but now he wasn’t even allowed to so much as think of lifting anything that weighed more than him. Since he usually tinkered on things, he had created a sort of nest in the back of the large engineering bay. So, secluded in his little hideaway, he rummaged around in the data banks. Hoping for something useful.
While technically every scrap of information was crucial, he was finding fairly basic things. Knowledge that even the average denizen of the GU knew. Skipping this data bank, he moved on to another, and struck gold. Well, gold to him anyway. The importance of his finding would be graded by his superiors at a later date.
When he had opened the data bank, he had found hundreds of thousands of hours of footage. Not like communicator footage someone would record when something exciting happened, but of combat footage! Combat footage with the Nemesis! If they wanted to learn about the Nemesis and their tactics, this was the best way, aside from Vigil.
Opening the first file, Hran was immediately met with the sounds of gunfire and explosions. He quickly turned down the volume, afraid someone had heard. When no one came snooping, he relaxed and resumed the video.
The gunfire resumed, and a human male barked out some strange words and the wearer of the camera looked to the side. Hran’s eyes widened. He saw only men, dozens of battle-hardened and experienced soldiers. They were in some kind of natural depression in the dirt. Lines of men were running hunched over, keeping their heads low. All around them was dust and smoke, obscuring their view of the battlefield, but they fought regardless. Peeking from above the clouds of dust, were burned and blasted out buildings.
Then, suddenly, a man in armor ravaged by battle pointed behind the soldier with the camera and raised his weapon. The camera whipped around to see several terrifying four armed creatures dashing out of the smoke. Though the human men were already taller than him by several centias, the Nemesis towered over them. They did not hesitate though. They did not run or shirk their duty; they met the charging aliens head on.
Soldiers before the cameraman fired and were cut down by both blade and gun. The Nemesis seemed to favor holding a firearm in their upper two arms and blades in their lower two. Given the close proximity, Hran could see the advantage.
But the humans did not back away, they held their ground. Every bullet or bolt of energy caused the Nemesis to shine at the impact site. Hran ogled the works of engineering. They had personal energy shields! A man directly in front of the cameraman ducked under the blades of one attacker, and shoved the barrel of his weapon into the Nemesis’ side, and pulled the trigger. Circumventing the shield.
The Nemesis roared in pain and outrage, and cut the man in half. Hran choked back vomit. The viscera and gore were not censored of course, giving him a front-row seat to the brutality of war.
The unknown soldier’s death would not be in vain. The cameraman and another soldier rushed the wounded alien and tackled it. The man with the helmet cam straddled the creature and pressed his weapon directly into the underside of the Nemesis’ four eyed helmet.
Hran looked away as brain matter and yellowish alien blood explode from the now dead Nemesis. He felt sick to his stomach watching the battle. This wasn’t some make believe fantasy, some fictional war movie. This was real footage from real people struggling to survive just one more day. Yet… he couldn’t stop watching.
The soldier was back up, and continued to fight, but his time did not last. Another Nemesis took the place of the first, and now it was the cameraman’s turn to be cut down. Hran watched as the world turned sideways, and crimson blood painted the soil. The soldier did not stir. And all the while, the Nemesis and human warriors continued to battle eachother, staining the sandy colored soil with their blood. The video ended soon after the soldier’s death.
Hran was stunned. He had never seen anyone die. And now he had just witnessed the death of dozens. He was lightheaded, and his stomach ached. He gulped down the bile which threatened to pour from his mouth. Humanity had given their lives in defense of an undeserving galaxy. It was because of them he and his people were alive today.
He would bear witness to their final moments and learn all he could. So that if the Nemesis came, they would be ready. Steeling himself, Hran clicked on the next file. Great cannons the size of skyscrapers fired, parting the clouds in waves. As the clouds split, an endless sea of ships were revealed descending from the skies. Hran prepared himself to witness even more death and carnage than before.
Kitern was fuming. She understood Tentzonta’s worries, because she herself was wary of Vigil when they first let him wander as he pleased. But after he had literally carried her to safety, that opinion had changed drastically. Vigil was a soldier, just like her. She had killed people in the line of duty, yet no one feared her. Well, maybe a little, but it wasn’t because she had spilled blood. More because of her charming personality.
To top it all off, her damn arm was aching from not being moved in so long. Some might say she was overreacting, but having her arm in a sling felt more like she was being caged, like she was being tied down. It was unnatural to have her body hindered like this.
Of course, it was for her own health. Klofaa had scanned her arm and made certain nothing was broken. The blow had simply dislocated her shoulder and pressed it against the main nerve in her arm, preventing her from being able to move it. Once her shoulder had been re-set, she was able to move it like normal. But that wasn’t enough for Klofaa. She wanted to make absolutely certain Kitern was in no danger, so forced this stupid sling on her.
The feeling in her chest, of being confined and restricted, kept increasing. It was irritating, to say the least. She wanted to blow off some steam, but there wasn’t much she could do with one hand. Kitern paused. She did like watching sports. She could try to start a game of bailok between the crew?
She shook her head and continued walking. No, that required too much work for her to only sit on the sidelines. Besides, most of the crew wouldn’t bother participating. She wondered if Vigil knew any sports? She was sure plenty of people would be interested in playing a human sport.
“Hmmm,” she hummed and scratched her jaw. She couldn’t imagine Vigil playing anything. Even if he did, he would have to play against other mega bipeds, otherwise, he would absolutely destroy the average biped like her. She laughed suddenly. ‘Imagine their faces when they realize the person who whooped their asses is a guy! They would never be able to live that down!’ she thought. The image of a bunch of whiney bailok players came to mind. They already fell over at the slightest touch. If Vigil ran into one of them, armor or not, he would pulverize them.
She stopped again, an idea coming to her. Forget sports like bailok, what about skirmish? It was a simple game, but a blast to play and watch. Easy to set up, too. All you needed was an energy rifle with a dampener on the end to lower its power and a sensor to ping whenever the laser hit. They had all the ingredients they just needed to put them together.
She knew Asteli would jump at the opportunity to play. The spunky Venanian absolutely loved the game. Gre’Namra would follow along with her, and she could always order Onsa and Dentala if they didn’t want to join. She could even play with one arm if she wanted, skirmish laser dampeners worked on nearly all energy weapons after all. The only hard part would be finding everyone.
Grinning, she got to work scouring the ship.
Vigil was peacefully watching the blackness of space, his mind set at ease by the void. Something that many found unsettling. The Into the Black was scanning another system, on its way to Cradle. He didn’t recognize it, which was a small blessing. He kept recalling the past and his purpose as of late. Looking at the dead husk of a world he and his brethren had spilled their blood over would do no good.
“FOUND HIM!” a familiar voice screamed, loud enough to scare some of the nearby crew. The observation deck had, well, observation windows to look out into space. In this case, Vigil was at the very end of the large main corridor which ran the length of the ship. As Deck One held numerous amenities for the crew, it was frequented by many. Thus, there were more than a few startled faces.
Vigil turned as Asteli came bounding up to him with Gre’Namra following close behind. “Hey big guy! Captain wants you!”
Vigil looked down at her, “I will report to the bridge immediately,” he replied.
“Not that captain. Commander Kitern,” Gre’Namra clarified, stepping in front of him.
Vigil tilted his head. “Understood. Where am I needed?”
“In the hangar bay! Come on, you’re going to love this!” Asteli practically sang, as she went behind him and attempted to push him along. Her efforts were futile. She simply walked in place, feet slipping on the deck plates. She grunted in excretion. “Come on!”
“Affirmative. I will report to commander Kitern at once.” He stepped forward, causing Asteli to lose her balance and almost fall. Gre’Namra reached out to help stabilize her, before they began following Vigil to the lift.
As soon as the lift doors opened, Asteli rushed out screaming, “I found him!” Before she and Gre’Namra ran into the locker room. Vigil marched orderly to the hanger bay, to find the rest of the marines idly standing around in their armor on the edge of a symmetrical field of crates and containors. Strange black devices decorated their armor. One side was flat to adhere to their armor, while the other had a slight bulge. They were stuck at intervals, correlating with vital areas.
Vigil walked up to Kitern. “Has there been an emergency?”
She shook her head. “If me being pissed as hell counts, then yes. Otherwise, no, there hasn’t been. We’re setting up for a game of skirmish. That’s what the sensors are for,” she said, pointing a claw at a device on Dentala’s helmet, nestled between her horns.
“What is skirmish?” Vigil asked.
“It’s a game you play to simulate a firefight. You put the sensors on your chest, back, head, arms, and legs.” She lifted a laser pistol with a bright blue block on the end of the barrel. “Then you put a dampener on an energy weapon of your choice and shoot eachother. The dampener lowers the power of the beam so that it can’t kill you, just trigger the sensors. It takes five shots to ‘kill’ someone, two if you shoot them in the head. Forgot how many you need if the species has more than one head, though.” She returned her sidearm to its holster and waved a hand dismissively. “Doesn’t matter. Point is, you want to play?”
He thought for a second. While labeled as a game, it would be an efficient tool to maintain combat readiness and test his new allies’ capabilities. They would need to be an efficient fighting force to have a chance against the Nemesis. “Affirmative,” he finally replied.
Kitern chuffed. “Good. Onsa, get this man a gun! Never thought I’d say those words.” She shrugged. “Oh well. If you need me, I’ll be with Shavan putting bets on the winners.”
“Hello down there!” the ship’s quartermaster said upon hearing her name. She waved down at them from a platform being held aloft by a crane which ran along the tracks embedded in the ceiling. She began lowering the platform via a linked data pad.
“Don’t tell the captain about that. It breaks several safety regulations,” Onsa said from the side, handing him a pack of sensors and an energy rifle with a dampener already attached. Vigil looked at them curiously and began putting them on various parts of his body. Meanwhile, Asteli and Gre’Namra returned, now fully armored, and grabbed two more rifles and packets of sensors.
Now high above the “battlefield”, Kitern announced. “If the contestants are ready, you may take your positions!” she said in a haughty voice. She leaned over and elbowed Shavan in the side. “Make sure you record this.”
Shavan chuffed and drawled, “Already ahead of ya.” Then linked her data pad to the hangar’s cameras, pointing them so they covered every inch of the field.
Asteli ran off to one side of the makeshift arena while Onsa and Dentala went to the other. Gre’Namra walked up to Vigil and said, “You’re on our team to help balance things out.” He nodded and followed the two privates to their designated starting point.
Kitern leaned over the hastily assembled railing of her platform, observing the playing field. It was a simple rectangle marked by lines of crates. Each side’s base was ringed by a wall of boxes and containers with gaps to get in and out. Cover was scattered periodically, with head height walls spread around the arena to break line of sight.
Seeing that everyone was at their bases, she called down, “If everyone is ready!” She paused, looking between the two opposing sides. “Begin the slaughter!” There was no bell, shot, or buzzer. Just a simple shout and the two sides were off.
All except for Vigil, who was still standing there while Asteli and Gre’Namra split and ran in opposite directions around a wall that defended the front of their base. Vigil looked back and forth between the two before randomly choosing to go to the right.
Turning the corner, he saw Gre’Namra hunkered behind cover. She was pressing a hand to the deck, concentrating on something. She looked back and saw him and made a hand motion, telling him to get down. Distracted by Gre’Namra, he did not see the two quick flashes from between a stack of crates, which spelled his doom.
The sensor on Vigil’s helmet flashed blue twice in quick succession, and all the sensors lit up. Indicating he was out.
“You’re dead Vigil, go sit on the side,” Kitern called down from her perch. Confused, Vigil did as ordered and observed the brief firefight. Gre’Namra, now revealed, had a small shootout with Onsa who had taken out Vigil. Gre’Namra returned fire, attempting to suppress Onsa.
When Onsa stopped shooting, Gre’Namra attempted to pull back get behind taller cover. The moment she left her stack of boxes, Onsa resumed firing and tagged her back three times. Though she was hit, she was not out. Cursing and slapping her tail on the deck in agitation, she elected to pull back and meet up with Asteli on the opposite side of the battlefield from her, rather than continue fighting Onsa. Gre’Namra fired blindly over cover, causing Onsa to duck down and give her a chance to escape.
Meanwhile, Asteli had pushed far forward, quickly being pinned down by Dentala. Already hit twice, she was reluctant to return fire. Until Gre’Namra appeared, she kneeled and leaned around cover, hitting Dentala and forcing her back. Now relieved, Asteli advanced with Gre’Namra’s over watch.
However, in their haste, they failed to ensure their flank was secure. As out of nowhere, Asteli was gunned down by Onsa firing diagonally from across the field.
Asteli stomped her foot and cursed, before trudging over to the side. Gre’Namra, now alone, pulled back to her base. She wanted to use the tight confines to her advantage, forcing her enemies to come to her. However, Dentala had other plans for her. Using Asteli’s tactics, she pushed hard, going down the center of the field where Gre’Namra had no sightlines.
As Dentala was advancing, she lept over low cover, set in between two walls. Waiting on the other side of the walls, was Gre’Namra. Gre’Namra had stopped retreating, when she realized she would only be trapping herself. Guessing that her seniors would assume she was running with her tail between her legs, she decided to lay a trap of her own. Using her species’ advanced sensory organs to track Dentala, even without line of sight, and set up where she would least expect.
Dentala was mid jump, when Gre’Namra opened fire. She was ‘dead’, before she even landed. “Tsk. That was smart, too bad you’re dead,” Dentala said with a bitter undertone.
Gre’Namra scoffed. “What? Look who talking!” As soon as the words left her mouth, her sensors flashed and stayed lit, indication she was dead.
Someone tapped the barrel of an energy rifle on the back of her helmet. “Remember your opponents. Lioranians have excellent speed and agility. If you aren’t paying attention, we can run up on you before you have time to react,” Onsa bragged from behind her.
Gre’Namra thumped her tail on the ground. “I could have sensed you anyway if I wasn’t wearing this armor! It reduces my sight time too much!”
“True,” Onsa nodded. “But without that armor, you would have been dead already.”
Kitern suddenly began clapping a hand on a section of railing, drawing everyone’s attention. “You did good privates. Better than I had thought. Vigil, you did about what I expected for your first time,” she said, looking down at everyone. Asteli was busy punching Vigil in the arm, blaming him for their loss. Vigil barely even registered the blows, let alone was harmed by them.
“Everyone, go back to your bases and get ready for round two. I’m hoping to see some improvement,” she said merrily, enjoying the show.
Taking up the same position as last time, Kitern began counting down. Asteli punched Vigil’s arm again. “Use some of that ass kicking energy you showed us on that Nemesis ship this tim-”
Kitern had finished counting down. The moment she did, Vigil practically disappeared. Startling Asteli and Gre’Namra, even Kitern and Shavan were wide eyed when Vigil darted around the container walls, making up their base.
They grew even wider, and their jaws appeared to hit the floor as they watched Vigil dash across the battlefield. He was a blur, rushing over and around cover. Already nearing the enemy base. He jumped on top of a waist high stack of crates and used both of his powerful legs to jump straight up and over Dentala’s and Onsa’s front wall.
The two marines hadn’t even left the confines of their base, when the light was blocked out by Vigil sailing above them. In an instant, the sensors on their heads flashed twice, then remained on, signaling their demise.
Vigil landed on both feet and went into a squat to help transfer some of the energy from his impact. He cleared the entire base and ended up on the outside of the arena. The deck reverberated from the force of his body slamming into it and created a mini avalanche of poorly stacked boxes. As the various boxes and crates fell away, Onsa and Dentala were graced with a view of Vigil’s back, as he slowly rose to an upright position.
They stared at him, flabbergasted. “How?” Dentala whispered in disbelief.
Kitern watched, just as stunned. “Uhhh… the match is… over,” she said slowly.
“What?!” Asteli shouted from her side of the field. She stuck her head out from behind cover, making sure it wasn’t a trap, before approaching the other base. Seeing that Dentala and Onsa were really out, she walked up to them and chuckled. “Remember your opponents. Humans have excellent speed and agility,” she mimicked Onsa’s earlier statement mockingly.
Onsa scowled at her. She then rotated her rifle with one arm and shot Asteli. Asteli returned the gesture by blowing her species’ equivalent of a raspberry. “Alright, alright. Settle down children,” Kitern announced as her platform lowered. “Normally you would be tied one for one, but now that Vigil seems to be trying. I doubt you’ll be getting any more points.” She directed the tail end of her sentence to Onsa and Dentala.
Dentala protested and gestured to the large imposing man who was now gathered with the others. “We can take him. Now that we know what he can do, we can beat him.”
Kitern waved her off. “I love the enthusiasm, but we couldn’t take him when we had actual guns. And he was literally dying. You can’t take him on now. Not the two of you atleast.” She then did something not characteristic of her species. Kitern grinned, barring her teeth. To a Lioranian, showing one’s teeth was a declaration of war, that you wanted to fight, that blood would soon be spilled. They also did it subconsciously when faced with a foe or extreme challenge. And right now, Vigil was both.
Kitern reached over and took off her sling. She rolled her left arm, causing it to pop. “You aren’t supposed to move your arm!” Onsa nagged.
“Yeah, yeah. What the doc don’t know won’t hurt her.” She picked up a pack of sensors and began putting them on. The sensor for her head looked stupid sitting on top of her head, like a little hat. “I’m joining in now, kiddos.”
“Um, captain. You aren’t wearing armor,” Gre’Namra pointed out.
“And?” Kitern scoffed. “Unless you take that dampener off, I can be as naked as the day I was born and not get hurt. At most it’ll singe my fur.”
Asteli spoke up, a nervous undertone in her voice. “Even with Vigil, ma’am, we can’t beat you.”
“You two won’t, but Vigil could. So it’s a good thing you won’t be fighting me,” she replied cryptically. The other four marines looked at her confused. Seeing their reactions, she chuffed and laughed. “Watching you all go at it made me excited. And since we’re still O for one against big boy over there. I think it’s time we evened the score.”
“You mean…” Dentala said, catching on.
Kitern nodded. “Yep. It’s going to be a five versus one. We’re going to have a grudge match.”
All eyes turned to Vigil. He simply tilted his head, not sure why everyone was looking at him.
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