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We must unite against the enemy, they plot to overthrow Humanity

2013.06.23 22:21 We must unite against the enemy, they plot to overthrow Humanity


2023.06.01 03:10 pearlsnapped I graduate with my masters in social work on Friday. Q won’t be there.

Hi everyone. I’ve lurked this sub for almost a year now, after my Q, my (ex) partner of 3.5 years decided to try drinking again after being sober since 2018 after a stint in detox. We met the day the stay at home order shut down our city, and the day I told my abusive family I would no longer be in contact with them. He was two years sober when we met, and for the first two years of our relationship I felt love and support I had never received before in a relationship. Obviously, growing up in an abusive home left me with some, uh, emotional baggage, and a part of that was a low libido in relationships where I felt safe, which was exacerbated by a very unethical therapist (who I have since reported lol) who told me my issues with sex weren’t a big deal because “no one was fucking during a pandemic.” He was supportive but I know now secretly resentful. Even through this, we grew together positively in so many ways while he was sober. Both of us left our careers and began working towards new ones. I used to be a lawyer and it was so awful, but I learned so much from therapy that I decided I wanted to be one too. And now I am one.
I know our sex life isn’t what drove him to drink, but my god, when he drank would he ever punish me for it. When he told me he wanted to drink again he promised he would start slow. It went off like a rocket. Within two weeks of dabbling in drinking again, I found him out on the porch scrolling on Tinder at 2am with a 6 pack of PBR tall boys. I was apoplectic but held it together for some reason. I wanted to believe that he could do this because he believed he could do it and he had supported me through so much, so I owed this to him. But the drinking kept escalating. He would get embarrassingly drunk at parties, with me, with other people. I finally let it slip in October 2022 that I didn’t think this whole “trying out drinking thing” was working. A switch flipped. He started lying and hiding and drinking after I went to bed. He fucking left me in November after my birthday and immediately went into a medically concerning bender that required all of my friends (he has none of his own in the city, mine accepted him because he’s wonderful sober) to babysit him. I took him back after that. I wanted to believe him and also I was in grad school with no parents to lend me money to leave. Of course I took him back when he promised to be sober.
I could give you a full account of the relapse ~journey~ he’s been on since we got back together in November. There have been many. He got kicked off an airplane escorting his elderly frail grandmother home. Family knows. IOP, therapy; never AA of course. And then two weeks ago, I come home from my last class ever and he tells me the minute I walk in the door that we need to talk. He doesn’t love me anymore. He doesn’t want to argue about it. Oh yes of course he’s sober (spoiler alert: he is not). 5 days later he moves out. I had to tell everyone in his life he’s drinking again because he lied to everyone. Before he even broke up with me he told our landlord he would be moving out, effectively nullifying the lease extension on the apartment we live in (THAT WE SIFNED LIKE LITERALLY A MONTH AGO) that i desperately want to stay in. Now I have to reapply to live in my own fucking home somehow, without any income until June and no money since my student loans and part time job won’t last forever and I don’t have parents like he does.
He’s done me a favor by so recklessly disregarding my life now that he’s through with me that I don’t miss him. But tonight a client was crying talking about how she wished her grandmother was still alive to see all that she’s accomplished with her life, and I thanked christ we were on telehealth because I was crying too. I don’t want him back because he’s been gone a long time. I just wish the person I loved so much could see me graduate.
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2023.06.01 03:07 tocco13 Hear me out: Total War Saga: Imjin Wars

Happened shortly after Toyotomi Hideyoshi united Japan.
The war where the famous admiral Lee Sun Shin gained acclaim.
Epic war between Korea, Ming China, and Japan.
Battles on both land and sea. Weapons from swords and spears to early arquebuses and cannons
Monk warriors also contributed to the defense
Lots of unique lords from stacked rosters of daimyos and Korean nobles.
Japanese faction mechanic of fueds between their daimyos, the race to the Korean capital(win for bonus, lose and penalty), keeping check rival factions back home
Korean faction mechanics could feature using agents to maintain provincial loyalty, rallying local populace to rebel or reinforce militias, increasing relation with Ming to hasten their reinforcement.
The game could also bring back population features to assess how much manpower you can draw from a region before it loses too much loyalty or manpower "dries up"
Japan at one point pushed all the way up the east coast even into Manchuria and fought a battle or two with the Jurchins, who could also be featured.
War lasted 6 years from roughly May 1592 to December 1598. 67 months. They could add a few years following up to the war to make it exactly 100 months to equate 100 turns.
Early game would be Korea and China desperately trying to get their shit together while Japan is wrapping up unification and stabilising, preparing for invasion.
Just throwing it out there. I really like the experiments CA is doing with Pharaoh and I hope they can expand it to other regions in various timelines as well.
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2023.06.01 03:05 annikanothannukah Who is the 8th survivor?

So I saw a post about confirming seeing Shauna sitting next to AG in a screenshot (pink sleeve= person who does the cutting) and I started really asking myself who the 8th survivor might be.
Now, we know already about 7 survivors because they’ve been shown in the adult timeline. Shauna, Lottie, Van, Taissa, Misty, Nat, and Travis. With Crystal (figment of Misty’s imagination in my opinion), Jackie, Laura Lee, and Javi confirmed dead that would leave Coach Ben, Mari, Akilah, Mellissa, and Gen??
So who’s left to die in the wilderness? Who’s the unknown survivor and why haven’t they even been mentioned in the adult timeline?
Personally, my money is on Gen dying next because she didn’t participate in the hunt for Nat (shown staying back with Travis). Now, Mari has gotten a lot of screen time when compared to Mellisa or Gen and I know a lot of people think that she’s next to die, especially considering Misty’s aggression towards her and pit girl having black hair and I really want to lean into that but, for arguments sake, i’m gonna say pit girl is actually Gen (she also has black hair!). Melissa has spoken like three times, she’s easily dead. And I just can’t see Akilah’s character to be a survivor and not be mentioned in the adult timeline (she’s clearly always been well liked in the group).
That leaves my 8th survivor theory to be… Mari! But, I want to know what you think!
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2023.06.01 03:01 XososoX No Travis 😬

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2023.06.01 03:01 bluebrontide96 A message for those fearing or feeling the post-concert blues

Here's something really lovely about connecting with an artist's work: In a time when the economy is going to shit, capitalism has invaded our personal relationships, and we're all more stressed and anxious and sadder than we have ever been, we have something to look forward to.
If you've already attended the Eras tour, maybe you're the Swiftie that carefully chose your outfit, maybe you were thrilled to be seeing Taylor for the first time, maybe you were on top of the logistics of getting to and from your venue, maybe you weren't a huge fan but you were still impressed by the show, maybe you're usually anxious but you were able to let go a bit and dance to some amazing songs.
If you're waiting for your show still, maybe you're feeling proud of having not spoiled anything for yourself, maybe you've watched every clip that's out there and can't wait to be in a stadium filled with people you share something with, maybe the excitement of it all is keeping you going even if the days are long and hard.
There's a lot going on in this fandom, and there's a lot going on in the world. Some of it feels heartbreaking. But I promise you that your experience will improve drastically if you just zoom out a little bit, every once in a while.
Those of us who are lucky enough to have gotten tickets have either had an incredible night, or are able to look forward to having one. Being at a concert like this can feel euphoric, divine, just straight-up fucking iconic. It's okay if you don't remember much of it. It means you were present, you were in the moment. If you're worried you'll go to your upcoming concert and forget things, don't: we WILL have a tour movie and we can relive these things again, all we have to do is just be there and sing and dance like we paid money to. (we literally did).
How many times in our daily lives are we able to stop worrying about the embarrassing moment we had a few hours or years ago, or the deadline that's coming up, or the friend we haven't gotten back to, or the bill we haven't paid? Not many, I'm guessing. So let's lean into the joy of this tour instead. Let's keep feeling excited by the outfits, the production, the camaraderie of it all. Stadiums full of people are singing along to deeply personal lyrics that describe the human experience.
Much like the entirety of Taylor Swift's artistry, this is raw, this is honest, and this is fun, so let's have fun.
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2023.06.01 02:59 Victor15150 Streak 603: Pink Mountaintops

I've been listening to the Pink Mountaintops quite a lot recently. They're a Canadian band, and their self-entitled album has two outstanding songs. The first is "Tourist in Your Town," and I love the instrumentals and the lyrics. I don't know why, but I always picture myself quite drunk and in love when I listen to it. The second one is a bit more funky, with unusual vocals, and it's called "Can You Do That Dance?"
I don't recall how I found this band, but I'm glad I did.
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2023.06.01 02:58 1011686 What They Needed

This fanfic is intended to take place some time around late volume 6, and involves a lot of thoughts I've had on the Antinium and their situation in Liscor. I hope it's enjoyable.

There were many quirks and oddities that surrounded the Wandering Inn, open secrets that could only be called ‘rumours’ because most didn’t believe them at first. Perhaps ‘attractions’ was a better word, people and connections and events and things that made the place much more than a simple inn. The [Princess] helping manage the place, for instance, who was really quite bad at lying if you caught her by surprise with the question. The [Garden of Sanctuary], which wasn’t open to just any random person who walked in, but they’d at least let you look through the door if you asked. The weight-lifting room, which had a clientele all of its own separate from the inn’s regular group of customers, muscular Drakes and Humans who talked about ‘feeling the burn’ and listed off numbers that were inscrutable to outsiders.
There was one tradition, one kind of event, that was older than most of the others though. Even through the Wandering Inn’s destruction, and then its second destruction, it had persisted. To the regulars of the place, it barely even passed the bar of noteworthiness anymore, because really, what was so special about another band of Antinium visiting the inn?
Still, they came, Workers and Soldiers who had never seen the sky before, newly hatched or older (though almost all of the old ones had been at least once by now), led by Klbkch, just as he had that first time. The task was no longer his responsibility, as most of the Painted Antinium would’ve been capable of handling it, and it seemed like he couldn’t walk in the Hive these days without tripping over more individuals. But when he was off from [Guardsman] duty, and the Free Queen didn’t require his presence, and he was thinking of going up to the inn anyway, well. Even to an old soul like him, there was something charming about watching young Antinium look around in awe, before gobbling down the acid flies they were given so fast they sometimes choked.
Erin came over as he entered with the latest group, mostly Workers this time, and they exchanged greetings. But she quickly went to busy herself with the new arrivals, which was fine by him. He stood and watched as she seated the Workers at their own table and explained the basic concept of a menu to them, how they could choose which of the food items they wanted. One of them asked which was the most nutritionally optimal, and she decided to give up on the menu for a moment and ordered them a large bowl of flies as an appetiser, which was another concept she had to explain.
The inn wasn’t particularly packed today, but most of the tables were occupied, and Klbkch ended up finding himself a seat opposite Menolit. The Drake seemed oddly reserved as he drank from a mug, only glancing up as the Antinium approached.
“May I?”
Menolit nodded, and Klbkch sat down. He caught Ishkr’s eye from across the room, the [Head Waiter] waving to let him know his usual order would arrive soon: A plate stacked with bacon, topped with whatever spices and chilis the kitchen had on hand. It was nice to be in a place where people knew you.
As he waited, he noticed Menolit gazing in Erin’s direction, watching her put the Antinium at ease. Without any prelude, the Drake spoke.
“It really is something. She’s done a lot for you bugs, hasn’t she? Helped you turn over a whole new leaf.”
There was a slight slur to his speech. Only a small dulling on the edges of his words, but still, it was there. Klbkch’s voice was mild and polite as he gave the Drake his attention.
“Erin has indeed been helpful in socialising Workers and Soldiers. We owe much to her.”
“You know, one of your Workers actually apologised for bumping into me the other day. Can’t imagine that happening a few years ago. More likely to stand in the way of a cart and get run over.”
Menolit snorted, before raising the mug to his mouth. Klbkch didn’t react.
“I recall several events of that nature, yes. The rate has thankfully declined.”
“Do you remember, when your Hive first moved in, we thought you’d all crawl out of the sewers and stab us while we slept?”
He spoke as if it was simply an embarrassing misunderstanding, an instance of confusion he looked back on with humour. But he refused to meet the Antinium’s eyes as he drank from his cup once more, and it occurred to Klbkch that he had never really spoken to Menolit much before. The [Veteran] stayed out of trouble, and while they were both regulars of the Wandering Inn, their paths didn’t overlap often.
Many people were interested in talking to the Slayer, the Relevantor of the Free Hive, about the Antinium and their past, and he was used to how such conversations went. He was used to barely-disguised hatred, or curiosity, or the guarded respect one had for a potential enemy. But he wouldn’t have expected such things from the inn’s regular clientele. This felt different.
“I recall. The suspicion was quite understandable, at the time, but I am glad that we are past that now.”
Menolit sighed, pressing his palm into his forehead as he looked down at the wood, idly tapping his cup on its surface. His eyes flicked to Klbkch, then away again to Erin, who was introducing the Antinium to the fun idea of throwing food at each other and catching it in your mouth, with limited success.
“Ten years. Or… just one, really. That’s all it took. The mighty Black Tide…”
He seemed to be half-talking to himself, and Klbkch was unsure if a response was warranted. Thankfully, any awkwardness was rescued when Ishkr came by their table, dropping off the plate of bacon, as well as a small serving of fries for Menolit. He moved without stopping, already turning to attend to another table, until the Drake called him back.
“Another fill-up, Ishkr?” He raised his mug, and the Gnoll frowned for a moment. But he took it anyway, and within a minute it was back in Menolit’s claws, filled with foamy amber liquid.
Nothing but the sound of eating passed between them for a short while, chewing and crunching as they enjoyed the delights of unhealthy cooking. Klbkch estimated that it would be at least half an hour before the Antinium were ready to leave, which left him plenty of time to make his rounds in the inn and get some advice. Liscor’s Watch had recently acquired a collection of chess sets, allegedly to help train more [Tactician]-type classes that the city could use, and the more competitive [Guards] had taken to playing matches against each other. Klbkch liked to figure himself as having a modicum of skill at the game, but when Beilmark had lanced through his formation while losing less than half of her own pieces, he’d had to admit he’d gotten a bit rusty. Perhaps a game or two against Palt, or Pisces, or… probably not Bird, would help refresh his understanding--
Menolit grunted, clearing his throat in that way people did when they wanted to pretend they didn’t have something to say. Klbkch pushed aside his plate, and waited patiently for the question to come.
“You lot came from Rhir, didn’t you?”
“That is correct.”
“I remember hearing about you, decades ago.” Menolit leaned forwards, as if trying to see something in Klbkch’s insectile eyes, before sitting backwards again. “Rumours from returning soldiers, about black-shelled monsters that dug up beneath your feet. I thought they were just stories. You can’t believe half the things you hear about that bloody continent.”
‘Bloody’ was right, Klbkch thought. And half the things he knew would’ve made Menolit fall right out of his chair. Hidden truths worth fighting a war over.
“I believe that many people would do well to give Rhir more attention than it receives.”
“Oh? Why’s that?”
“It is important.”
The Drake waited, until it became apparent that was all Klbkch had to say on the matter. He exhaled with frustration, taking a sip from his cup as he glared at the Antinium. A nearby Drake working under Chaldion lowered his notebook in disappointment.
“While I do not mind conversing with you on trivial matters, I am sure you understand there are certain topics that I am not at liberty to discuss in detail,” Klbkch continued. Menolit rolled his eyes, and his words came out slowly.
“You’ve got a lot of secrets, don’t you. Been living under our tails for the past decade, you’d think we’d know more about you. Don’t even know what your damn Hive looks like.”
Klbkch was once more struck by that odd feeling. It was as if he was a newcomer to the city again, bearing the enmity and distrust of a species on his back. He almost felt… insulted? No, absolutely not, he hadn’t gotten that soft over the last year. But it was certainly bizarre to encounter such a thing in the Wandering Inn. If nothing else, he was surprised that Erin hadn’t thrown Menolit out yet, if he was truly like this. And if not, then where was this coming from?
Klbkch spread his arms reassuringly. “Well, I am right here. Do you have any pressing questions you wish to ask? I promise to be truthful, as long as the answers are not confidential.”
Menolit waved a hand in the air, dismissing Klbkch’s offer as he finished his cup. That was his second drink since Klbkch had come in, and he’d had at least one before that, the Antinium judged. His tongue was looser, now, yet the sense of dancing around what he wanted to talk about was more palpable than ever.
“I was enlisted, you know. In the first war. There was news about you bastards every week, killing Drakes, claiming more of our territory. I served under Sserys. I… wasn’t here, though. When he broke the Tide, turned you back. Stationed at some damn city in the south, too far to help.” He winced at the memory, but the shame was dulled, only there when he focused on it. “I was discharged from the army by the time the second one started. Still would’ve dropped everything and gone off to fight, but for my kids. Barely old enough to hold a coin, back then.”
He sounded shaky, emotional. But Klbkch spoke calmly, trying to put him at ease.
“I am certain your family is thankful, Menolit. It is a tragedy for children to lose their parents.”
“It sure is. But I don’t see how you’d know anything about that.”
Klbkch thought for a moment, before nodding at Menolit.
“That may be true. I am, however, well-versed in warfare. With your experience, you would have been a formidable soldier to face, so as a representative of the Antinium, allow me to thank you for not killing hundreds of our forces.”
The Drake’s face lit up, his frustration vanishing for a moment at the compliment.
“You really think I would’ve done that well? I mean, I reckon I could cut down at least a couple dozen of you buggers before you got me, but hundreds…”
It wasn’t even a lie, if you considered kills over the duration of a campaign, and not a single battle. Klbkch estimated Menolit’s [Veteran] class as being in the low 20’s, which made him more than capable of cutting through any single Worker or Solider. Even against a handful, he would’ve had a good chance. Of course, in a real war the Antinium would never use such small numbers, but that wasn’t worth mentioning.
The two were distracted at that moment, as were others, by an exclamation from Erin. Apparently, she’d just had a brilliant idea for a new invention, running off to grab something as the Antinium waited patiently. The inn held its breath, visitors eager to see what she would come up with this time, wondering what they would get the honour of seeing first, of being able to claim that they were ‘there’ when it happened. The [Innkeeper] returned with a spring in her step, her arms full of as many pillows as she could hold, and she explained her vision in two words.
“Cushioned seats!”
Everyone paused for a moment, before letting out the breath they’d been holding and went back to whatever they were doing. Someone explained to her that they already had those, if not ones you could buy cheaply, which dampened her mood slightly. Nevertheless, she walked back to the Antinium and began giving each one a pillow to sit on.
Menolit laughed, snorts of mirth he failed to stifle. As they came to an end, he shook his head, smiling ruefully.
“It really is something. Just a single Human. Who would’ve thought something like that was possible, before she arrived? You ever think about that, Klbkch? Where we’d still be, if Erin hadn’t mixed everything up?”
“I have considered such a hypothetical. I find it likely the status quo would be largely in it's prior state, though it is hard to imagine what differences there would’ve been in events such as the Humans’ attempt to conquer Liscor.”
“Sure, sure. We’d still be ignoring you in the streets, you’d still be… doing whatever you were doing before. But this is better, isn’t it?”
It was on the tip of Menolit’s tongue, now, something he still didn’t want to say directly. Frankly, Klbkch was getting curious as to just what exactly was burning the Drake up inside.
“Yes, I would say so. It has been a vastly beneficial change to both Liscor and the Hive.”
“It’s just… it makes you think. Makes me think, anyway. Because she’s, she’s special, that’s obvious.” He gestured at Erin, trying to encapsulate what she was and failing. He turned back to Klbkch, and his voice became quiet as he addressed the Antinium. “But… she didn’t have to be, did she?”
Menolit quickly raised his cup, staring at its emptiness for a moment before letting it slump back to the table.
“What do you mean?” Klbkch was almost certain he knew. But he wanted to be sure.
“She gave you food, and talked to you, and taught you chess. That’s all anyone could tell me.”
“And that was enough,” Klbkch said simply. Menolit’s face fell.
“There were no secrets? No…” He searched for words, groping for what he wanted to be the truth. “No rituals? No special key to fixing you?”
Klbkch stared at the Drake, who grew increasingly uncomfortable in his seat. Finally, the Antinium spoke, drawing out his words slowly.
“Is it strange to you that we respond well to kindness and understanding?”
Menolit shifted in place, gripping the table with his claws hard enough to leave marks. When he finally met the Antinium’s gaze, he smiled, as if his internal struggle had finally been resolved.
“I guess not. Maybe that’s what we should’ve done. Just invited you to have a tea party, gossiped about the neighbours, gave you some… soft chairs.” He laughed again, a throaty chuckle that transitioned to a cough part way through, before he spoke again. “That’s all it would’ve taken, eh, Klbkch? Tea and crumpets, like the [Ladies] do it?”
The Antinium stayed silent, but Menolit didn’t stop, standing up from his chair as his voice began to rise.
“Well it sure would’ve been nice to know that! Could’ve avoided a whole bloody war, if only we’d been nice, hah! Doesn’t that say a lot about Drakes? It was our fault for being bastards! Dead gods, of course it was!”
He slapped his forehead theatrically, as if stunned at the enormity of this realisation. People at nearby tables were starting to look over, and it wouldn’t be long before someone drew Erin’s attention. Quickly, Klbkch got to his feet, placing a hand on the Drake’s shoulder.
“I believe you have had too much to drink, Menolit. It would not do well for you to make a scene.”
The [Veteran] froze, though Klbkch hadn’t activated any Skills. He looked around the room, like he was just now noticing his fellow eaters’ presence. His breathing slowed, and he stepped back, wobbling slightly before catching his feet.
“Of course. Of course.” He grinned at the Antinium. “Good old [Guardsman] Klbkch, always there to keep the peace. Don’t you worry, sir. I’ll make sure this unruly fellow gets home before causing any trouble.”
Carefully, he turned to go, and the little bubble of silence that had surrounded them eroded as nearby people started up their conversations once more. But he muttered something under his breath as he left, bitter words Klbkch couldn’t help hearing.
“If you were people this whole damn time, why did you act like monsters…”
Slowly, Klbkch returned to his seat, finishing up the bacon that still remained on his plate. It didn’t taste quite as good, anymore.
He could understand Menolit’s feelings. Because indeed, the Antinium had been monsters, a scourge plaguing the lands of Izril, slaughtering the Drakes without mercy, without even communicating any terms beyond the message their destruction left behind. That had been the plan.
And it still was, in a sense. Not one they were actively pursuing right now. But every Hive, even the Free Queen’s, had a plan of action in place for if they decided that a war was the best course of action. Liscor knew this, and the Hive knew Liscor knew this, and it would be a short and bloody chess match if either side ever decided to move first. Despite that, people trusted the Antinium in their streets, and slept soundly with tunnels beneath their homes, and Klbkch liked that. He had little against Drakes personally, and would’ve contested the notion of an all-out war, if it had been put forward by one of the other Hives.
If, on the other hand, his kin in Rhir sent more forces? A fully-trained [Queen], another Centenium, even just Workers capable of forming a proper Unistasis Network might tip the balance against the Drakes. And if the order came to conquer Izril and transform it into the Hivelands, then he would lead the Black Tide once more, from the South to the North, until either New Landing or him had finally fallen. Because Rhir was important, and what they had to do there mattered more than anything else, and that was all there was to it. All of this-- and Klbkch looked around the inn, Liscor, his life for the two decades-- all of this, was just a distraction. Busywork. An attempt for shipwrecked Antinium to do something that might one day be actually helpful in their real fight. They’d tried taking over, and when the Drakes had proven too tough, they’d stopped, and it wouldn’t have made much of a difference whether they’d been welcomed with open arms or hunted down from the first sighting.
If a second fleet did come to pass, though, he’d still argue for an exception. The Painted Antinium, Pawn’s… religion, these were genuine developments, evidence demonstrating the potential that could result from cohabiting with a friendly populace. But Liscor would never, ever, go along with it, and the mental picture felt wrong, unable to exist in reality. What Drake could possibly tolerate the rest of their species being overrun and slain, allowed to live in a single city so long as they kept having ‘interesting interactions’ with their new [Lords]? Every Drake he knew would rather fight, than let themselves be reduced to mere pets. And so they would die.
A memory rose unbidden in Klbkch’s mind, of Relc winking at him, and the Antinium flinched, before relaxing once more. He didn’t think about such things often, even if they were always held in the back of his mind. It was… unpleasant. Relc and Erin had never asked questions along such lines, and he hoped they never would.
Looking over, Klbkch saw the young Antinium sitting on their pillows, pouring over the menu that finally made sense to them. The [Innkeeper] was there, answering their questions (she’d apparently told them to raise their hands when they had something to ask, which had led to a short arms-race of one, then two, then three, then all four limbs being raised as they tried to get her attention first). But that wasn’t all. One member of the group had wandered over to sit with Olesm, who was explaining the rules to a game that astonishingly, wasn’t chess. Another, shorter one (some error in the birthing pod had stunted his growth, though he was still as strong as a regular Worker) was rolling a ball back and forth with Mrsha and a Drake child Klbkch didn’t recall the name of.
He would agree in a heartbeat that Erin was special. The closest person he knew to her was Xrn, and Erin was not like Xrn. But there had been something to Menolit’s words, Klbkch felt. Because if she had never arrived in Liscor, if things had gone on the way they had been, he could still imagine that years in the future, perhaps there would’ve been a young Drake with open-minded parents, who hadn’t witnessed the Antinium Wars herself. Who’d seen the ants working in the streets, and met the nice and friendly [Guardsman] Klbkch. And maybe one day, she’d have given them food, and talked to them, and played some kind of game with them, and it all would’ve happened anyway, if a little differently.
Or maybe not. Drakes could be bastards, after all. Still, he liked to believe something along those lines, or else he never would’ve come to Liscor in the first place.
Standing from his seat, he went to pay for both his and Menolit’s orders, before going off to find a chess set. Beilmark wouldn’t know what hit her.

(Truthfully, I doubt Menolit would actually say the kinds of things he does here. But I do think there would be some Drakes who think along these lines, after spending time in the Wandering Inn.)
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2023.06.01 02:57 Phallus_Maximus69E Hitman: Codename 47 - The beginning of an Era

Hitman: Codename 47 is the game that started a whole franchise and presented one of games' most recognizable characters: Agent 47. This game has great ideas impaired by technical limitations, both from the technology of the time and the budget, but counters it by having fun gameplay and a flawless story.
It is amazing how intelligent games were back then, detailing storylines and interesting characters displayed with an easy-to-follow presentation. At the beginning of every mission you go to a briefing where you learn about your target and the details surrounding the hit you are going to perform. This is presented all in text and all you have to do is read it. One of the most interesting aspects of the game is the video of the target filmed by an ICA agent - which gives us an idea of how organized the Agency is.
After the briefing you have the mission map and the equipment list of what you want to bring with you in order to complete your mission. So read the briefing, study the map and pay attention to your surroundings - patrolling paths, NPCs you can talk to, different entry points etc. The game almost always gives you several different courses of action, but it is much more linear than its sequels. There is always one strategy that was clearly the one intended by the developers and level designers; if you are having a very hard time in a mission, or if you take much longer than 10 minutes, chances are you're on the wrong track. Missions take around 5-10 minutes to complete, provided you know what you have to do. You might be able to complete missions in a different way, but it will usually be a much, much harder way.
Hitman: Codename 47 is a stealth game and, therefore, discourages shootouts - but they do happen as part of some missions. This one is a feature I like, even if the moving and shooting mechanics are clanky, as killing a few guards shows how heavily protected your targets are. You have to do that in the Ochoa mission and the Rotterdam missions; and I dread how this feature was abondened in later games. Agent 47 was cloned through the DNA of his French Foreign Legion fathers not to be just an assassin, but to be the perfect soldier; so he knows how to handle himself in a firefight.
This game also has some great details, such as the greatest voice line ever uttered in a video game: "I need to use the BATHroom".
You have to chat with NPCs in order to gather intel, so pay attention. Some voice dialog are weird and somewhat funny, but Lei Ling's best voice is in this version. You will mostly hear “He’s packing!” and “This guys is loaded!” at first, but dialogue such as Ort-Meyer's provide needed context.
The most enduring feature of the Hitman series is the collective of creative kills and approaches, and many of those came from movies (as the game itself). The hit on the Chief of Police took the idea of planting the pistol in the bathroom from the God Father. Ochoa's character is taken from Al Pacino's Tony Montana (Scarface) but the mission looks really based in Sniper (1993) - the targets in both game and movie are called Ochoa - and the soldiers really look like a South American drug army.
One of the most creative missions is "Traditions of the Trade" (the best version), where you have to talk to NPCs and have many different ways of killing Fritz - plus an emblematic hit on Frantz.
Ochoa is the most wronged of the fathers in the series: Colombia has a more military feel, already opening with 47 looking like a jungle warrior king in the loading screen and then rappeling into the middle of the jungle by helicopter. Plus exotic natives, leaf physics and Ochoa's threats during the gunfight - that are hilarious. With all 5 fathers having served in Indochina, the jungle setting is a nice touch and should have been remade (albeit smaller and self-contained in one mission).
Cutscenes and loading screens are great: the cutscene of Tzun protecting Lee Hong from Agent 47 and the killing of Fritz Fuchs in the pool or the sauna.
Given this game was first conceived as a Chinese mobster action game, it is no surprise the Hong Kong missions are so memorable. The presentation screen of Lee Hong, the Lei Ling character arc, saving Agent Smith, and getting the jade figurine.
While people make some constructive complaints, some of them are not - like not having a command for dropping a body, even though all you need to do is hit the right mouse button, something I got right the first time I played (back in the day).
This game is not hard if you're well informed but it's punishing; its main flaw being the faulty AI, with an awereness problem and very thick skin. The guards' AI has only two modes - idle and combat - and sometimes they simply "know" 47 is bad news. Nowhere in this game is this more evident than in Ochoa's hit, with guards attacking you for no reason, and that's why so many people hate it.
Add to that the poor knife mechanic where you can easily slit someone's throat with it, but if he moves you go into a thrust mode. One or two strikes is something you can do before being shot, but needing 4-6 stabs to kill a target is simply too much.
Another complaint about the Colombian missions is the "bad design" of the enemy camp, where you need to run all over the other side of the fence to enter the camp; but this is misplaced, as the design both serves to show you the size of the camp with its many guard patrols, showing how well-guarded the drug lord is, and also because you sneaked from behind said camp.
The main strengths of this game are the story and the atmosphere. The soundtrack made by Jesper Kyd is simply amazing and conveys a perfect immersion to the different settings - action, suspense, fear. My favorites are the Hong Kong and Colombian settings, with their exotic themes. Maps are quite big and populated. The henchmen in each mission are also expertly done and genuine: they range from Chinese Triad members to Colombian drug soldiers, biker gangsters and masked gunrunners. The NPCs are also diverse, with bartenders, hotel staff and sex workers. The presentation is near flawless with unique signature kills and different approaches to make the perfect hit, giving Agent 47 a solid entry into the assassination business.
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2023.06.01 02:57 annikanothannukah Who do you think is the 8th survivor?

So I saw a post about confirming seeing Shauna sitting next to AG in a screenshot (pink sleeve= person who does the cutting) and I started really asking myself who the 8th survivor might be.
Now, we know already about 7 survivors because they’ve been shown in the adult timeline. Shauna, Lottie, Van, Taissa, Misty, Nat, and Travis. With Crystal (figment of Misty’s imagination in my opinion), Jackie, Laura Lee, and Javi confirmed dead that would leave Coach Ben, Mari, Akilah, Mellissa, and Gen??
So who’s left to die in the wilderness? Who’s the unknown survivor and why haven’t they even been mentioned in the adult timeline?
Personally, my money is on Gen dying next because she didn’t participate in the hunt for Nat (shown staying back with Travis). Now, Mari has gotten a lot of screen time when compared to Mellisa or Gen and I know a lot of people think that she’s next to die, especially considering Misty’s aggression towards her and pit girl having black hair and I really want to lean into that but, for arguments sake, i’m gonna say pit girl is actually Gen (she also has black hair!). Melissa has spoken like three times, she’s easily dead. And I just can’t see Akilah’s character to be a survivor and not be mentioned in the adult timeline (she’s clearly always been well liked in the group).
That leaves my 8th survivor theory to be… Mari! But, I want to know what you think!
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2023.06.01 02:55 yuanyufeng1995 The Flower of You (Original Song) - Inspired by Thich Nhat Hanh's Teachings on the Interbeing Nature of Flowers

Dear Buddhist community! Here is an original song that I wrote while meditating on Thich Nhat Hanh's Teachings on the Interbeing Nature of Flowers. I hope that it can serve as an expedient vehicle to take you into the truth of Interbeing (Emptiness). Here are the lyrics:
[Instrumental Intro]
[Verse 1]
A flower, may seem like just a flower,
But I see the sun, I see the moon,
It is their light within her bloom.
[Verse 2]
A flower, may seem like just a flower,
But I see the clouds, I see the rain,
It is beyond what's in her name.
What I sing of, is the flower of you,
Mmmm, the flower of you, oh, the flower of you,
What I sing of, is the flower of you,
It's the flower, the flower, the flower, the flower of you.
[Instrumental Bridge]
[Verse 3]
A flower, may seem like a flower, yeah,
But I see soil, I see the bees,
It is their kiss that makes you breathe,
[Verse 4]
A flower, may seem like just a flower,
But it is the toil, of loving hands,
Of what I sing, d'you understand?
What I sing of, is the flower of you,
Mmmm, the flower of you, oh, the flower of you,
What I sing of, is the flower of you,
It's the flower, the flower, the flower, the flower of you.

And here is the Soundcloud Link: https://soundcloud.com/kai-convery/the-flower-of-you-inspired-by-thich-nhat-hanhs-teachings-on-the-interbeing-nature-of-flowers?si=70520470e52441c9863b5724cc580b12&utm_source=clipboard&utm_medium=text&utm_campaign=social_sharing
I hope you enjoyed that you got something useful out of this song. :) Best wishes, Kai
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2023.06.01 02:52 Amber_Blossom_144 Who is your #1 Favorite 2000s Rock Band and Why?

Linkin Park Because of their powerful lyrics, cathartic musical style, and the personal connection is what makes it so popular. Their music has helped many across the world get through the toughest of times and it remains an important cultural touchstone for the 2000's music scene.
Their courage to step up and experiment with different styles of music ,which most of the bands lack.
They constantly try to experiment with music and create something new than stick to what the trend is even if the fans are not pleased by this move they still continue to explore music more and more. I have so much respect for them due to this reason; because most of the bands change themselves to the genre that’s trending rather than maintaining their originality but Linkin Park has stayed true to themselves.
Lyrics: Linkin Park has simple lyrics which convey very deep meanings and You can relate them at some point of time, with what has happened in your life.
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2023.06.01 02:50 Spaneito Dark Divine

I recently discovered Dark Divine a couple of months ago, and they are amazing to listen to. A lot of their songs I felt when I listened to their lyrics.
The first song I heard from them was Your Ghost, and I found them on Facebook randomly. So I ventured on YouTube and found other songs like Drown, Dead, and Halloweentown for example.
Drown really sold me. I hope you guys blow up, because your music is awesome as hell. I listen with my headphones all the way up when I walk to and from work (I live close to work, huge plus) and when I go running.
Thanks for the great music, keep it coming!
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2023.06.01 02:48 Shadowzaron32 I have been seriously addicted to 'robot riot' and found this

Phineas and Ferb Across the 2nd Dimension-Robot Riot Lyrics(DVD Extended version) - YouTube this song is incredible! this whole scene is incredible! i can't think of a more phineas and ferb style thing than this (may not make sense heh). After 4 seasons to see everyone fighting together using every single creation and the perfect pitch guitar in the chorus honestly gives me a little bit of the shivers. Bowling for soup was seriously the perfect band to end this battle on as i hoped they would. Everything flows together so perfect. Candance on the roof with the battle screen ala king kong is the perfect cherry on top. I hope i get at least one of your addicted to this song! I don't even want to try to count the amount of times i have listened to it the last two days. Seriously in love with that guitar.
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2023.06.01 02:46 uotlep Hardest in-person lyric

You know the feeling. You’re in the pit at a $B concert, and you know THAT lyric is coming up. The one that you scream at the top of your fucking lungs. Which one is it that makes the most people chant with it? I would think it HAS to be Ruby saying “GET THE FUCK AWAY FROM ME, I HATE ALL OF YOU FAITHFULLY”, but lmk your opinions!
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2023.06.01 02:46 Blankspacebytaylor I can’t find a song from Jazzercise 2010-2013 and it’s really bugging me

if you have a link please comment. The band/record company is called Daca5, and the lyrics go: “na na na na. Turn the music loud. Na na na na. We shut the club down. Na na na na. And they can’t kick us out. Na na na na. So let the siren sound. I can’t sit. I wanna get lost in the song, so when the bass hits, I’ll be out on the floor. Going crazy, ‘til the cops come knock on my door. So come and take me, t-take me”.
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2023.06.01 02:44 theshinin Sober of the Cali Type

So, about these lyrics for a second. I don’t see any references in the song to drinking beer and wine, rather mentioning whiskey, liquor and sugarcane. When combined with other references to hard stuff and pills, it seems to me that they avoided including it. What do you all think? I am not questioning what is or is not C.S., just thought it was interesting.
Also, the end of the song talks about the end of the world and the shoulder devil winning, so I am taking that to mean they got back on the wagon. That’s no fun. I hope it is just for the story.
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2023.06.01 02:42 Chickenebula Fearless is about Joe Rogan

Fearless is about Joe Rogan
Fear Factor aired from 2001-2006 and was hosted by Joe Rogan. A group of contestants are challenged to perform a number of terrifying and/or disgusting stunts, from driving a dangerous course to eating something really nasty. Dancing in a storm in your best dress could definitely be considered a challenge fit for this show.
Fearless was released in 2008. It’s safe to assume Taylor may have been inspired by the show’s recent cancellation. She even talks about being in a car, and as mentioned above, one of the challenges was driving a dangerous course.
You may be thinking, “But Chickenebula, she talks about running her hands through his hair.” As you will see from the attached photo, Joe Rogan did have hair at this time. Therefore, we have no evidence to rule him out and based on the lyrics, this is the only real suspect as to who this song could be about.
Taylor actually went on to write about Joe Rogan in her song, August. As you may or may not know, Joe’s birthday is August 11, 1967. The song August almost sounds like a love story doomed to fail. But with Taylor, every bait and switch was a work of art! The song is actually about Joe Rogan’s hair loss. His hair slipped away because it was never his.
Can you all think of any other songs about Joe? I’d love to hear your theories ❤️
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2023.06.01 02:39 Both-Importance-9938 need advice please. is it likely for my police report to move forward with the type of evidence i provided? (if you work in law and crime please read!) this story is insane.

F(21) back in march on the 23rd i went over to my M(24) ex boyfriend’s place and stayed the night. he was planning on helping me change my oil in the morning. i had brand new 5qts of oil and an oil filter waiting in my trunk. my ex and i are super close considering each other best friends, we did mess around here and there still so there was that fwb aspect but there was alot more to it than just that. We broke up in October of 2022 (it was mutual so we could focus on ourselves) and shorty after that he was filling the void of loneliness by sleeping with a few girls including me still. One of them happened to be a complete psychopath. this girl he met grew a deep hatred for me and huge obsession for him. in the beginning she was stalking me on social media, i would see her name viewed my story and even accidentally liking my photos. It got so bad i had to block her and then i started seeing views from weird random accounts and even her SISTER. it got creepy and weird really quick, she was even stalking him but this time IN PERSON! she had his location too at the time and then he was started to get paranoid as well. he obviously kept her around cuz of the benefits of her having money and always buying him shit and another chick to fuck of course cuz men love their variety amiright? (i don’t judge i’m open) anyway long story short it built up to me waking up the next day from that night to my ex texting her fuming telling me she fucked with my car. I walk over and see the two drivers side tires slashed from what looked like knife indents, keyed all around from the knife as well i assume from how deep scratches were, and the worst of all pouring that 5 qts of oil i had in my trunk all over the interior, radio, seats, vents, everything was drenched and covered in oil. along with stealing my new oil filter…my car was behind a locked gate and unfortunately my dumbass didn’t lock my car, but she still managed to trespass my ex’s property through a different gate that was accidentally left unlocked that night. i used to be an uber eats driver so that really screwed me over financially, i have really bad mental and physical health issues that prevent me from keeping a regular job. the car estimate from all the damage was over $11k and she still owes me $500 for the damages my insurance didn’t cover. i made the police report immediately and now have a detective but it’s been really hard getting ahold of him. the last time i did talk to him i gave him evidence of an audio recording of my ex talking to her on the phone about it and her admitting to it, along with a screenshot from his phone of her admitting to doing it as well. so far i haven’t heard any updates and it’s been two months since i’ve submitted the evidence, my case still isn’t in their system either…i know its typical to be a long process but i’m still very concerned and anxious about this, i want her to face jail for what she did i literally had to get a new used car cuz the damage was that bad. restitution and jail is what sounds fair to me. i’m basically just asking for advice or insight from anyone that’s had any experiences similar to this or redditors who work in law or crime business, please it would be a big help! thank you for reading.
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2023.06.01 02:36 normvnzs why Portals is my fav album :)

why Portals is my fav album :)
I wanna start off by saying that if you don’t like portals, that’s totally okay this is just personally why I love the album and how it spoke to me
I’ll go through the album song by song
  1. Death.
Now this song is undoubtably a banger, but the lyrics are also so profound, so uplifting and otherworldly. You really feel like you’re experiencing a connection to the other world. Also, a trans man, this song has dual meanings for me. One about life and rebirth and one about me finally becoming the person I’ve always wanted to be
  1. Void.
If you’ve never been in the ‘void’, you prolly won’t be able to relate to this song. I personally have experienced depression but in a different sort of way. Being trans and feeling trapped in my own body is a nightmare so i really felt a lot of the lines, especially ‘tangled in my own intestines’. There are obviously problems with the song tho. The beat is repetitive and very simplistic and honestly I think it could’ve done with an instrumental like the contortionist where is varies
  1. Tunnel vision.
Just a really solid song with a solid message. Also when I listen to it, I always feel like I’m moving through one of those moving tunnels you find at the amusement parks/fun fairs so that’s cool
  1. Faeries soirée.
The demo was better. But still a really solid song with an ‘escapism’ vibe. Makes me wanna dance honestly and forget my worries.
  1. Light shower.
I don’t usually like ballads but boy is this song great. The sound effects are ethereal and immersive, the lyrics are divinely written, the melody is just so pretty and relaxing and it really fits in with the albums themes. Finding someone who you can trust and loves you for you is so important and im glad she wrote it
  1. Spider web.
Over hated song. This song is amazing idc what anyone says. The bouncy chorus is so energetic and lively while the lyrics convey a strong message about internet addiction. Also the line ‘they’re just who the spider will eat’ slaps and gives me chills.
  1. Leeches.
Another overhated song. Which is a shame bc it’s my no.4 spot currently. It’s actually so hauntingly beautiful and i can totally relate to it. I’ve had ppl in my life who take and take ans ‘leech’ off of me until i’ve served their purpose before discarding me. The lyrics are also just so well written cmon guys
  1. Battle of the larynx
HOW STUPID SELFISH BABY. This song is the bomb. People say she sounds pretentious but that’s just not it. This is a song about not resorting to anger, to being the bigger person, to battle with words instead of violence. Honestly i love it. And i love how u can interpret it in any way u want.
— The contortionist.
This song is peak melanie. this song speaks to me in a way i didn’t think it could. This song is about pushing past people’s expectations, not letting people put u into a box, not letting people telling u what to do and shaping u the way they want u to be. It’s fierce and powerful and i love it. And, again, relatable to me as i pushed past people’s expectations and allowed myself to live my truth. also this song reminds of a book i recently read called ‘iron widow’. Zetian could totally sing this song
— Moon cycle
Not a song i can relate to but i still love to sing along to it. while i’m here i also wanna ask ppl why they think this album is generic. i mean, i cant imagine T swifty singing about periods can you? And melanie’s whole sound is just different as a whole.
— Nymphology
a song that was my no.3 spot for weeks and now is no.10 dgmw, it’s a good song. it’s catchy and powerful and the vocals are great. but holy shit the lyrics just aren’t as well written as they could’ve been. and no i’m not talking about the penis line. i just means some of the verse lines in general and how they’re delivered. at times they’re really jarring.
— Evil
my no.2 spot for good reason. it’s an impeccable song. call it generic but imo it’s amazing. the lyrics are chefs kiss and really demonstrate melanie’s anger at those who have wronged her and it’s also catchy af.
— Womb
UNDERRATED MASTERPIECE ALERT. the guitar made me cry. the lyrics as well are so good?? 42643X better than nymphologys lyrics. Just the whole concept about entering a new life and learning from your past and growing is just HEGJEYNFHEGH really good. beautiful. amazing. 100000/10
— Powder
so this is my no.1 spot. i don’t know how to describe it, but this song is like the oscar award of songs. it made me FEEL things. the tone and lyrics are perfect and the voice effect is genius to show the effects of substance abuse. especially as i used to know someone with an addiction to drugs and i saw everyday how that slowly whittled him down to this, dare i say, walking corpse. and his friends would beg for him to get help and it took him multiple hospital visits before he finally woke up and realised he was harming himself. but regardless, this song is beautifully tragic and that flute. THAT FLUTE. it’s amazing okay?
— Pluto
another banger. a song about growing and evolving and i dig it. ‘pluto’ being the roman god of the underworld was really fitting. it made me think of being reborn and starting fresh. which, again, i relate to. also that power ballad/rock segment at the end was incredible. top notch
— Milk of the siren
i love this song but it’s not as good as i remember it being. like the lyrics are good and the message about female empowerment is also great but the song is wayyyy too long. it felt like it dragged so much at the end the song sounds better slowed down tho
anyway thank you for coming to my ted talk. i really really love this album and can’t wait for music videos to be released. tho melanie u need to stop riding Void’s dick. i know u produced it, but it’s really not as strong as many of the other songs yet u keep tryna push that one the most. STOP. amp up the contortionist instead or leeches or womb or powder. PLS.
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2023.06.01 02:36 j6ce3Hfe6L I Am SOLO S14E08 - Ep. 99 2023-05-31

Reality Dating Show

In search of a marriage partner, hyperrealistic dating begins where singles gather and struggle to find love.


[From KOCOWA description]
Six men and six women, who desire to get married, are invited to Solo World, which is arranged on an enormous scale. The singles of "I am Solo," who are no celebrities, show off their charms to find their partner and date on this real dating program. An all-time romantic yet shocking love story, way more heart-fluttering than a melodrama that will provoke everyone's passion for love, will be revealed.
SBS Plus 나는 SOLO
Producer: Nam Gyu Hong (남규홍 PD)


Cast of Season 14


Name Age Notes
Young Soo 43 ('81) Finance. Yeongdeungpo-gu, Seoul. Majored in Education (Korea Univ.). Hobbies: Kendo.
Young Ho 43 ('81) Civil Servant for Seoul Gov't. Dongdaemun-gu, Seoul. Hobbies: Snoring like an F-111 with full afterburners, Horangnabi 호랑나비 cover dance enthusiast. hyunwook21
Young Sik 41 ('83) Manufacturing (Father's company). Guwol-dong, Incheon. Hobbies: Soccer, Scuba. qotnsqh
Young Chul 40 ('84) Hotel owner & Opera singer. Born Tongyeong, Gyeongnam. Residence: Geoje. Studied in Milan, Italy. Returned Korea in his mid-30s. marco_k1811
Kwang Soo 42 ('82) Certified Labor Attorney (8 years). Ex-Police (5 years), Ex-Navy officer (Lt.), Ex-ROTC. Yeongdeungpo-gu, Seoul. mangdo___
Sang Chul 40 ('84) Hyundai Motors (Sales) @ Gangam, Seoul. English Academy (investor). House: Seongsu-dong, Seoul. Hobbies: Basketball. hohoojh1
Kyung Soo 43 ('81) Retired Baseball Pitcher (LG Twins). Baseball training center (CEO). Sadang-dong, Seoul. Talent Show result: S14 Villain. minkyungsoo


Name Age Notes
Young Sook 41 ('83) Sales (American IT company). Yeongdeungpo-gu, Seoul. MBA(?). Hobbies: Exercise (Golf, Weights, Water Skiing). nanazip_
Jung Sook 44 ('80) Test Prep Teacher (TOEFL) since 2002 (Jongno, Seoul). Residence: Gimpo. Hobbies: Car racing, Exercise (Weights). katri_na1102
Sun Ja 40 ('84) CEO Biotech & Cosmetics company, Business Consultant. Cheongdam-dong, Seoul. jyp0224
Young Ja 40 ('84) Secretary(?), Hyundai Heavy Industries. Ulsan. Hobbies: Baking (certificate), 9 peaks of Yeongamn Alps. graceimsu
Ok Soon 38 ('86) Student (pursuing Masters in Korean Language Education @ Ewah Women's Univ. Graduate School of Education). Former Airline Cabin Attendant (Qatar Airways). Returned Korea 2021. Yeongdeungpo-gu, Seoul. Hobbies: Golf, Weights, Pole Dancing, Bicycling.
Hyun Sook 41 ('83) Sales (German pharmaceutical company). Hometown: Gwangju. Former Miss Korea participant (2007). 2 dogs. Hobbies: Travel. bongbong_611



Info Link Notes
Stream Kocowa Subs +24h from broadcast

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NOTE: This discussion post may (and probably will) contain spoilers

To promote free and flowing discussion, spoiler tagging is not required in this discussion post.
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2023.06.01 02:33 RedditIndiaGuesser Hey temporary poet! I think... Guess the Subreddit this comment is from #572

Guess where this comment is from:
Hey temporary poet! I think you can become a permanent one, if you keep improving!
These lines were niceee!
A tip for you --Forget technique and rhyme etc for a moment. If you want to write beautiful and deep poetry you have to have content i.e. you should be sensitive to people,emotions, life etc. The better and deeper the content, the better the poetry will be.
Technique,rhyme, etc comes later when you have the content which is in itself beautiful and now you want to write a beautiful thing beautifully. Here, use all your brain. Learn gazal structure and write it. Learn lyrics writing and write it. Learn the art of condensing feelings into words as is found in the works of many poets. Learn the art of using rhyming words in between stanza, i.e. in an irregular manner. This will sound lyrical but you won't find any rhyme at the first glance.
A practical exercise -- Pick up a poetry book you like. Now read a stanza. And then try to write the same thing in your own words. Keep doing it till you can write as well as the author himself or even better than him. This will pay off in a good way.
You will learn then.
But again, these lines are nice!
Best of wishes bhrata!
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