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2023.06.03 22:23 Joadzilla Georgia probe of Trump broadens to activities in other states
An Atlanta-area investigation of alleged election interference by President Donald Trump and his allies has broadened to include activities in D.C. and several states, according to two people with knowledge of the probe — a fresh sign that prosecutors may be building a sprawling case under Georgia’s racketeering laws.
Fulton County District Attorney Fani T. Willis (D) launched an investigation more than two years ago to examine efforts by Trump and his allies to overturn his narrow 2020 defeat in Georgia. Along the way, she has signaled publicly that she may use Georgia’s Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations (RICO) statute to allege that these efforts amounted to a far-reaching criminal scheme.
In recent days, Willis has sought information related to the Trump campaign hiring two firms to find voter fraud across the United States and then burying their findings when they did not find it, allegations that reach beyond Georgia’s borders, said the two individuals, who spoke on the condition of anonymity to talk candidly about the investigation. At least one of the firms has been subpoenaed by Fulton County investigators.
Willis’s investigation is separate from the one at the Justice Department being led by special counsel Jack Smith, but the two probes have covered some of the same ground. Willis has said she plans to make a charging decision this summer, and she has indicated that such an announcement could come in early August. She has faced stiff criticism from Republicans for investigating the former president, and the ever-widening scope suggests just how ambitious her plans may be.
The state’s RICO statute is among the most expansive in the nation, allowing prosecutors to build racketeering cases around violations of both state and federal laws — and even activities in other states. If Willis does allege a multistate racketeering scheme with Trump at its center, the case could test the bounds of the controversial law and make history in the process. The statute calls for penalties of up to 20 years in prison.
“Georgia’s RICO statute is basically two specified criminal acts that have to be part of a pattern of behavior done with the same intent or to achieve a common result or that have distinguishing characteristics,” said John Malcolm, a former Atlanta-based federal prosecutor who is now a constitutional scholar at the conservative Heritage Foundation. “That’s it. It’s very broad. That doesn’t mean it’s appropriate to charge a former president, but that also doesn’t mean she can’t do it or won’t do it.”
Among Willis’s latest areas of scrutiny is the Trump campaign’s expenditure of more than $1 million on two firms to study whether electoral fraud occurred in the 2020 election, the two individuals said. The Post first reported earlier this year that the work was carried out in the final weeks of 2020, and that the campaign never released the findings because the firms, Simpatico Software Systems and Berkeley Research Group, disputed many of Trump’s theories and could not offer any proof that he was the rightful winner of the election.
In recent days, Willis’s office has asked both firms for information — not only about Georgia but about other states as well. Trump contested the 2020 election results in Georgia, Arizona, Michigan, Nevada, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin.
Ken Block, the CEO of Simpatico Software Systems, declined to comment on what he has turned over to investigators. A lawyer for the Berkeley Research Group also declined to comment. A spokesman for Willis declined to comment on the investigation. Lawyers for Trump also declined to comment.
It is unclear if Willis will seek indictments of people for alleged actions that occurred outside Georgia, such as those who participated in the Jan. 6, 2021, attack on the U.S. Capitol. RICO experts say it’s unlikely she will do so. But, these experts said, the law allows Willis to build a sweeping narrative of an alleged pattern of behavior to overturn the 2020 election, with Georgia as just one piece. Evidence and actions outside the state, such as Trump’s statements from Washington that inspired some of the rioters and the parallel efforts to overturn other states’ results, could be presented as additional evidence that helps establish that pattern.
“The Georgia statute is broadly written” to allow the inclusion of violations of federal law as well as some other states’ laws, said Morgan Cloud, a law professor at Emory University in Atlanta and expert on the state’s RICO law. “For example, acts to obstruct justice committed in Arizona might be relevant if the goal of the enterprise, of the racketeering activity, was to overturn the 2020 presidential election nationally, as well as in Georgia.”
Cloud added that prosecutors in Georgia must prove only that two racketeering crimes occurred under the state RICO statute, but that other facts could be used to explain the breadth of an alleged scheme.
An ambitious prosecution
Willis’s investigation has already come under scrutiny as a test of applying state criminal laws to actions that revolved around a federal election — and that in many instances resembled constitutionally protected speech. The probe has prompted a debate, even among those who believe Trump’s efforts were improper, as to whether prosecutors will be able to prove that Georgia crimes were committed.
Her potentially sweeping application of Georgia’s RICO statute could amplify those questions. RICO allows prosecutors to target leaders of alleged criminal enterprises who in previous generations eluded convictions. In Georgia, it can be applied to many patterns of activity that are crimes under state or federal law, such as dogfighting or drug dealing, obstruction or conspiracy — going far beyond its origins as a tool to fight organized crime.
Several legal experts said they expect Willis to home in on possible false statements by Trump and his allies to government officials — one of the crimes that can be prosecuted under Georgia’s RICO statute.
In 2015, Willis attracted national attention as a deputy district attorney by using RICO to prosecute a massive cheating scandal in Atlanta’s public schools that sent eight teachers and administrators to prison.
Prosecutors in Georgia have obtained RICO convictions where the pattern of racketeering activity included actions in other states. In one notable case, prosecutors in Richmond County got convictions for several men they accused of kidnapping a Sam’s Club manager in a robbery scheme in 1998, stuffing him into the trunk of a car, driving to South Carolina and killing him by setting the car on fire.
In the Trump case, Willis has said she is focused on the phone calls Trump made to multiple Georgia officials seeking to reverse his defeat, his campaign’s efforts to persuade the Georgia legislature to declare Trump the winner, the gathering of Trump’s electors to cast electoral college votes for Trump after Joe Biden had been declared the winner in the state, and the Trump campaign’s potential involvement in an unauthorized breach of election equipment in rural Coffee County, Ga.
Dozens of people participated in those efforts, according to reams of emails, texts and deposition transcripts from the House investigation into the Jan. 6 attack: Trump lawyers such as Rudy Giuliani, Jenna Ellis, Sidney Powell, Ray Smith and John Eastman; senior advisers including then-White House Chief of Staff Mark Meadows; Jeffrey Clark, then a senior official at the Justice Department; and Georgia GOP leaders including the party chairman, David Shafer, and its then finance chairman, Shawn Still.
Multiple legal experts have said persuading a jury that those actions broke the law could prove difficult. The debate reflects the unprecedented nature of Trump’s attempt to overturn the 2020 election. While the effort immediately prompted calls to hold him and others criminally responsible, identifying laws that apply to such a scenario has proved challenging — and could help explain why Willis’s investigation is in its third year. That dynamic applies both to the Georgia investigation as well as the special counsel’s federal probe.
Most of those scrutinized in the Willis investigation have maintained that they did nothing wrong. They had every right to pursue claims of anomalies, many have said, particularly given how close Biden’s margin of victory was in Georgia, two-tenths of 1 percent.
“There’s not a single thing that I did in pursuit of election integrity that I have any regret or concern about,” Shafer said in a recent GOP address.
“It’s dangerous,” said Malcolm, the Heritage scholar, referring to the investigation in Georgia of contingent electors. “What you’re doing is tainting political activists who are trying to play a part in an election, who are trying to help their candidate, and all of a sudden you’re launching a criminal investigation.”
Norm Eisen, who served as special counsel to the House of Representatives’ first impeachment of Trump, over his pressure campaign with Ukraine, cautioned that it’s too soon to judge the investigation, but said he believes the overall case is a “strong one.”
“Either skepticism or belief is premature because we are not privy to all the evidence that the district attorney has amassed at this point,” said Eisen, a criminal defense attorney and senior fellow at the Brookings Institution. “It just depends on the evidence.”
Eisen was among the authors of a lengthy examination of the applicable law in the Fulton investigation, concluding that possible crimes, besides racketeering, included making false statements and conspiracy to commit election fraud.
Malcolm said he agrees with the report’s conclusion that Trump is at substantial risk of being charged. But he said he believes much of its analysis is “slanted and misguided.”
Trump’s call to Georgia
Willis launched her probe shortly after Trump’s Jan. 2, 2021, phone call to Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger (R), during which Trump said, “I just want to find 11,780 votes.” That number would have given Trump exactly the votes he needed to reverse Biden’s victory.
While Trump has been widely rebuked for that comment and others during the roughly one-hour call, it’s unclear to some legal analysts if uttering those words broke the law.
Trump did not spell out that he wanted Raffensperger to break the law; nor did he directly ask the state official to find the votes, which might have given Willis a clearer path to seek a felony charge against him, such as solicitation to commit election fraud. Instead, the comment could be interpreted as the president simply spelling out the math that would allow him to reverse Biden’s victory.
Trump may have hurt himself, however, in his appearance last month at a town hall broadcast by CNN, during which he explained that he called Raffensperger to tell him, “You owe me votes because the election was rigged.” Willis could offer the statement as evidence of Trump’s intent for Raffensperger to switch votes, several legal experts said.
“Subjects of criminal investigation aren’t usually reckless enough to go on national television and admit their corrupt intent,” Anthony Michael Kreis, a constitutional law professor at Georgia State University, wrote on Twitter after the appearance. “But Donald Trump just handed Fani Willis a new piece of evidence and tied a bow on it.”
Willis has also investigated appearances by Giuliani and other Trump allies before Georgia lawmakers in the days immediately after the 2020 election, during which they described fantastical conspiracies of voting machines swapping Trump votes for Biden votes and poll workers in Atlanta triple-counting suitcases full of ballots.
It’s a felony in Georgia to make a false statement in a government matter, but Willis must prove that Giuliani and the others knew that what they were saying was false. Giuliani was not speaking under oath, so there is no exposure for perjury charges, and some legal experts say he might also be protected under the First Amendment.
Willis may also examine the actions of Clark, then the acting assistant attorney general for the Justice Department’s civil division, who wanted to send a letter to Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp (R) and state legislative leaders falsely claiming that the department was investigating “significant concerns” in the 2020 election, and urging them to call a special session of the General Assembly to appoint Trump’s electors to cast Georgia’s electoral college votes. Senior Justice Department officials blocked Clark from sending the draft.
Whether the Republican electors who convened to cast electoral college votes for Trump on Dec. 14, 2020, broke the law is perhaps even murkier.
Georgia was among seven states where the Trump campaign and local GOP officials arranged for alternate electors to convene with the stated purpose of preserving legal recourse while an election challenge made its way through the courts. Willis has offered some form of immunity to 12 of the 16 electors, according to three individuals with knowledge of the investigation. Not counted among those with immunity are Still, now a Georgia state senator, and Shafer.
Shafer helped organize the meeting and presided over it. Still has been described in news reports as having blocked members of the media from entering the room before the meeting started. Prosecutors have apparently focused on those activities in their questions to various witnesses, according to three other people with knowledge of the interviews. Prosecutors have also inquired about who mailed the electoral certificates to Washington, they said.
One of Shafer’s lawyers, Holly Pierson, wrote in a letter to Willis that Shafer had no knowledge that Trump allies would propose, later in December, to use the alternate elector certificates to block the counting of electoral votes for Biden in the Jan. 6 joint session of Congress. It is not even clear if the plan to thwart the joint session had been hatched by Dec. 14, 2020, the day the electors met. The House committee did not refer Shafer or Still to the Justice Department for federal prosecution. Pierson declined to comment.
As the nation waits to see what, if any, charges Willis will seek, one key question is what evidence she has gathered that Trump, his campaign or allies knew about all the different efforts to reverse Biden’s victory. And that’s just the first step — getting to trial and persuading a jury may present even more formidable challenges.
“Proving all this beyond a reasonable doubt,” Kreis said, “that’s going to be the hard part.”
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2023.06.03 22:23 EzraBlaize Wild Mech Hunter Help

Hey all, returning player from several years ago. I’ve been using a robot based deck I picked up then that I was successful with, but since I’m in Wild, I’m seeing a lot of cards I’m not familiar with.
This is what I’m currently running:
2 Click-Clocker
2 Mecharoo
2 Bomb Toss
2 Fireworks Tech
2 Galvanizer
2 Upgradable Framebot
2 Venomizer
2 Metaltooth Leaper
2 Spider Bomb
1 Ursatron
2 Explodinator
2 Replicating Menace
1 Leeroy Jenkins
2 Wargear
1 Zilliax
2 Missile Launcher
Is this still viable? I win more than I lose, but I’m getting absolutely mauled in some matchups. Generally if I curve well, I’ll win. But any mid-late game enemy taunts really slow my gameplan down and by turn 10, I feel like I don’t have enough reach. Are there any must have replacements? Should I have more hard removal?
Please help :(
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2023.06.03 22:21 garblewarblemarble 2011 Suzuki SX4, 2013-2015 Mitsubishi ASX or ??? 4WD/AWD

We are in the market for a "recreational" vehicle in the $10k range. We are in Europe and use public transport for everyday movement. We want a car for weekend excursions, to get to trailheads, to drive mountain passes, and to go camping. This also includes driving on the highway to get there. We are usually 2 people and occasionally would like to bring 2 more.
What is your advice?
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2023.06.03 22:20 Vahyohw Here's the four "collisions with injuries" SF is using to try to block Waymo

You may have heard San Francisco wrote a letter to the CPUC trying to block Waymo expansion.
In it they claim:
In fact, Waymo has reported to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration at least four (4) collisions when operating with its Automated Driving System engaged which resulted in injuries
I was curious, so I looked up their citations: IDs 30270-3628, 30270-3655, 30412-5101, and 30270-1410, from the "ADS incident report data" CSV you can get on this page. I've snippet out the interesting bits but you can look up the whole thing in that file if you want.
So, tl;dr: two incidents when it was hit from behind while correctly stopped, one incident where it wasn't even involved and which is probably insurance fraud, and one which was in fact Cruise, not Waymo, where another car ran a red light (apparently at speed given that it also hit a goddamn building).
Later they say there were 2 "Collisions with Injuries" in the data. I'm assuming this is 30270-3628 and 30270-1410, since the other ones are in one case not Waymo at all and in the other did not involve a collision with Waymo. On the basis of these two incidents, they conclude the Waymo injury rate per vehicle mile traveled is 1.3x the national average, and go on to say that
While San Francisco hopes that automated driving will at some point be safer than human driving, at a minimum, based on collision records available to the public, within the complex driving environment of San Francisco city streets, we must conclude that the technology is still under development and has not reached this goal.
This is, to be frank, absurd. If the only "collisions with injuries" are getting hit by other cars while stopped at lights or for pedestrians in a crosswalk, after which test drivers report lower back pain, then Waymo is doing a lot better than human drivers.
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2023.06.03 22:19 pnglctc Seeking advice regarding credit card collection debt

TLDR; skip to the end for the actual questions. Some of them don’t need context.
I’ll save all the details of how I got myself into this mess in the first place and cut straight to what’s going on now. In short, I was unable to make even the minimum payment on all of my credit card bills. This has resulted in all of those companies closing my account and sending the balance off to collections, in which I have been contacted countless of times about. Now, I do want to preface this with I’m not one of those people who ask questions without trying to find the answer myself first. I have Google’d my questions a million different ways and I either can’t find answers that relate or I straight up do not understand what they’re talking about. Now, I don’t expect a stranger to take time out of their day and write up a personalized credit consolidation plan for another random stranger, but some specific advice is needed here.
I was an Amex customer ever since I got approved for my first CC with them in 2017, I didn’t have much of a credit history so I was approved for $1,000 at the time. I used my card often and I won’t lie, occasionally carried a balance over from month to month but nontheless still made more than the minimum payment every month before the due date. My account was in good standing with no remarks for 4 consistent years until suddenly I was 30, 60, then 90 days late on my balance and it was closed.
I have three total CC accounts in collections and as soon as I was notified by the other two that my account was closed and headed to collections, I received calls from debt collection agencies. For my Amex however, it has never been anyone on the other end of the phone other than Amex themselves. I stopped receiving emails from them about my credit card bill but instead I would occasionally receive an email with an offer to settle my balance and to call or contact them if I have any questions. Can anyone explain this to me? Why am I not getting calls from random debt collectors for my Amex account?
The balance I currently owe to Amex is $1,413. I received an email from them with an offer to settle my debt for less and they gave me a couple of options, one was to settle for $500 and something, the other for $713 and the last option was to pay off my balance in full. Of course, the last option was most recommended.
When it comes to settling a CC collection debt for less vs paying it in full, does it make a huge difference in the increase of my credit score? In the offer letter, it states that once Amex has received all the funds for my remaining balance, they agree to report my balance as $0 and paid in full to the credit bureau. Would I still need to write a letter afterwards asking them to remove the collection off of my report, or is that the same thing in different words? I do understand that it is very easy to settle a debt for less, but I am wondering if that jeopardizes any future relationship I want to have with that CC company in the future? I called Amex to discuss the plan for my payments, and when I asked if paying in full would help my chances of being approved for another card in the future this is what the agent told me; It would be amazing to pay off the full balance and you will then be eligible for the Amex Optima Card (and from my research that seems like Amex’s “second chance” card). Once my debt has been cleared, I am pre approved for an application for the Optima and upon approval, if I make consistent payments I will have the chance to apply for an unsecured Amex card again. When she explained this to me, I was so happy to hear that I wasn’t going to be on that dreaded blacklist for life. I am wondering if anyone has any personal experience with this or even any knowledge at all. If I contact them and tell them I am willing to pay X amount to settle my debt with them rather than paying in full, will my chance at another Amex card be gone?
The same kind of question goes for the other CC companies (CapOne & Chase) but the only difference is that I am no longer communicating with them anymore. I would be communicating with whatever debt collector spent 4 cents on it.
My main questions that I would love any insight at all on are as follows:
Does paying a credit card collection debt in full versus settling the debt for less make a big difference towards a credit score increase? $700 is a lot more doable than $1400, so if it doesn’t change much, I’d rather settle.
Does settling your debt for less completely destroy your relationship with a bank forever?
When I am having these conversations about my debt with the collectors, do I need to ask if they will remove the debt off of my report?
Last question, on a scale of 1-10, how fucked is my credit after all of this? I have around 10k of CC collections under my name. I have a couple of things that are helping, like a car loan and being an authorized user on some other accounts. Right now my scores are at 601, 591 and 579. (Experian)
Even after they are all paid off and potentially removed, will my credit score even be that much higher? Before all of this all happened, I was almost to the 800 club. Feeling very hopeless here!
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2023.06.03 22:17 GoastRiter [GUIDE] Living Large in Los Santos: Unleashing Chaos. Making Friends and Rediscovering the Thrill of GTA Online!

If you're reading this, perhaps you're like me. You have most things you want in GTA Online. You've "done it all". And now you're bored.
But... have you *really* done it all? Turns out, most of us haven't. There's so much to do in this game, and it's easy to get stuck in old habits that prevent us from discovering everything there is to do in Los Santos!
So I began writing down all my ideas for having fun in the game, and basically use these suggestions as guidelines to always find something new to do. It has completely reinvigorated my joy for the game, and I hope it can help you do the same!
If you're having trouble with motivation or inspiration, then I suggest picking something at random from the list and just doing it! You might disccover that you love it, just like I did!
And if you have anything more to add, please share your comments so that we can all help build this list together. :)

Let's go!

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2023.06.03 22:15 Swimming8899 I “kinda” lied about my work experience and got bullied by a narcissist. What should I do?

I was at my job for 7 months and had a car accident. Then I took leave for 5 months and still employed but just not working. My job is solely based on experience, so I was definitely considered “new”. My resume said one year of experience.
My narcissistic supervisor found that I didn’t know as much as I should have based on my experience. She has bullied 3 people prior to me to the point they all left within 6 months. I’ve been very patient and tolerating her daily abuse to the point where I got anxiety. It’s been 11 months now and I’m planning to leave without a plan. I have enough savings to last me for two years. The only reason I stayed was because I wanted to have more years of experience on my resume.
I’ve gotten so weak from holding in that I’ve stopped learning to fight back. What should I’ve done? What can I do to be stronger?
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2023.06.03 22:15 GoastRiter [GUIDE] Living Large in Los Santos: Unleashing Chaos. Making Friends and Rediscovering the Thrill of GTA Online!

If you're reading this, perhaps you're like me. You have most things you want in GTA Online. You've "done it all". And now you're bored.
But... have you *really* done it all? Turns out, most of us haven't. There's so much to do in this game, and it's easy to get stuck in old habits that prevent us from discovering everything there is to do in Los Santos!
So I began writing down all my ideas for having fun in the game, and basically use these suggestions as guidelines to always find something new to do. It has completely reinvigorated my joy for the game, and I hope it can help you do the same!
If you're having trouble with motivation or inspiration, then I suggest picking something at random from the list and just doing it! You might disccover that you love it, just like I did!
And if you have anything more to add, please share your comments so that we can all help build this list together. :)

Let's go!

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2023.06.03 22:12 EnglishWithRupert A sensible, rational discussion about the YouTube algorithm!

Is it possible to start a sensible thread where we post useful information about how we believe the YouTube algorithm works? I see too many posts either claiming the algorithm is shaded in mystery,, or others claiming the algorithm is nothing and basically it's purely the quality of your video. All of which I find very confusing, and I'm sure I'm not alone!
So, it would be great to have a useful, evidence based thread containing information on what people believe to be true about the algorithm from tried and tested experience.
Here's how I'd like it to work.
First, say something about how you think the algorithm works.
Second, say why you believe that to be true.
Third, say what implications this might have for newtubers.
And - if anyone thinks the post is questionable or correct, get on the back of it
I'll go first: I believe that putting too many keywords actually causes the algorithm to devalue your video. Why? I believe this because I tried putting about 100 keywords I wanted to rank for in two successive videos; I got virtually no impressions until I removed them, at which point my impressions exploded instantly. Implications: keep your descriptions natural - YouTube is watching!
Ok ... anyone else up for this?
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2023.06.03 22:12 CallMoi First time travelling to Japan - help me fine tune my plans

Hey folks,
I am planning to do a 14-16 day solo trip to Japan in September. My plan includes:
My interests are in roaming the city (not too much into museums now), checking out neighborhoods, and national parks.
Thank you so much.
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2023.06.03 22:09 bruhchair My (Detailed) Guide to Scoring 520+

Hi! I've had a few people asking me what I did to study, so I thought I'd make a detailed post on what worked for me. I know in the beginning, I was nervous about my studying methods/path because everyone seemed to be doing so much more; people would take expensive prep classes, take detailed notes on content textbooks, do more UGlobe questions than me, use more resources, etc. The biggest thing for me was ignoring other people to an extent and working consistently on a plan and sticking to it. I studied over the course of 5 months, and I was a full time student at college. This is important to note because you may need more or less time depending on your circumstances. I just had a lot on my plate and only would be able to study 1-3 hours a day, so I knew I'd have to prepare for longer. This is also super catered to what works for me, so keep that in mind!
Before reviewing I took a diagnostic test through BluePrint to see where I was at. I think I got around a 498. This helped me realize my weaknesses and also get a feel for what the MCAT actually is.
Content Review (2 months): For content review, I had already taken, or was in the process of taking, the required courses, but I knew I needed some serious review. I went through the Kaplan books (except CARS) and skimmed/highlighted through them. This mostly familiarized me with the topics. I did not take notes at all, because I knew I didn't have the time for it, and that type of learning isn't beneficial to me. I knew I'd benefit more from testing/practice, so I decided to prioritize those instead. Then, I started the MilesDown Anki Deck. I don't remember exactly, but I think I did around 50-100 new cards a day in addition to all the review cards I had for the day. I stayed consistent and kept reviewing/doing the decl up until the day before my exam. This helped with random facts, P/S, formulas, etc.
After content review, I took the free unscored AAMC exam-- again to see where I was at. I think I my score converted to around a 507 (I used a random converter online to figure this out).
UGlobe + Advanced Content Review (2 months): UGlobe is what I primarily used to practice, besides the AAMC resources. I did 50 questions a day on tutor mode. Timing wasn't an issue, and I more wanted to learn the content, hence the tutor mode. I did a different subject each day to switch it up. I would get anywhere from 50-90% accuracy on these 50-question sets, averaging around 70%. This worried me at first, but it's important to remember UGlobe is very focused on content. I stopped worrying about my accuracy and started focusing on all the content I was learning. This really helped me strengthen my content knowledge. If I noticed I was getting a bunch of UGlobe questions wrong on the same concept, I would note this topic down and do "advanced content review" when I had time. This means I would look up YouTube and Khan Academy videos as well as other learning materials (online, previous course materials) and take detailed notes. By the end of these two months, I had finished around 70% of all the UGlobe questions. I stopped doing UGlobe once these two months were over, but if I had more time, I definitely would've done more questions.
AAMC Materials and more Advanced Content Review (1 month): When I was about a month out from the exam, I decided to work on the AAMC materials. Most importantly, I took an AAMC Practice Exam every Saturday leading up to the exam. I would review the questions I was confused on/got wrong the same day. Many people choose to review another day, but I knew I wouldn't be motivated to. I think this was the most useful thing I did. The practice helped me get a feel for how the MCAT was; in my opinion, the MCAT is largely passage-based as opposed to content-based. Content is still very important to know, but navigating the passages and figuring out crucial information from the passage is more important. I took and reviewed these exams, 5 total, every Saturday for 5 weeks, finishing the week before my exam. Also during this month, I completed all the other AAMC resources (besides the CARS Diagnosis thingy), usually spacing it out by doing 50-60 questions a day. I also continued doing the "advanced content review" I mentioned earlier, and I reviewed the content I already took notes on.
Bonus: I noticed I was the most weak in P/S, so I read the 300 page P/S doc in the 2-3 days before my exam. Cramming works for me, and I did indeed learn stuff from this haha!
The day before the exam: Nothing! Relax! Take care of your self.
This was my path to studying for the MCAT! I hope this helps some people at least figure out how to structure this intimidating studying or figure out where to start. Everyone learns differently and it's important to learn how you learn the best and not compare yourself to others. I would often make myself feel bad by comparing myself to my friends and peers, who looked so much more put-together than me and who seemed much smarter than me. In the end, hard work pays off (': Good luck everyone! You got this
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2023.06.03 22:09 Passthemustardbro Motörhead

Name: Motörhead. Localised name: Engine Face
Destructive Power: B. Speed: A. Durability: B. Range: C. Precision: B. Potential: D.
Appearance : Motörhead takes the form of a mechanical humanoid, with, obviously, a motor for a head that also acts as a grinder, with a bloodshot red eye. The stand’s body is orange with diamond-shaped patterns on it, as well as thin black portions wrapped in wires. The legs have sets of 2 wheels in the centres of them.
Ability: Motörhead’s ability is to turn into vehicles. The vehicles retain the same visual qualities as the base stand, however the base stand cannot be used while in this form. The vehicles top speed will match the average of the top 10 fastest vehicles of that type. Let’s say, for example, he makes a car. That car’s top speed would be the average of the ten fastest car’s top speeds. Along with this, it also fills the user with knowledge of how to drive that car as best as possible. The stand has a few limits. The vehicles have to be real, and no submarines or spacecraft. Apart from that, anything’s fair game. The stand’s fuel is his concentration.
User: Reilly L is a highly intelligent 30 year old hitman working in Hawaii, although his blood is Australian. He has severe anger issues and doesn’t like wasting time or loud noises, particularly babies. He has a lack of empathy and only cares about getting the job done, regardless of the money because it stops him from getting bored. When he’s in his civilian ruse, however, he’s a fun-loving, relaxed video game streamer. Fun Fact: his favourite food is meatlovers pizza!
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2023.06.03 22:05 go_getz_em AITA for ruining a night out?

I (22M) got invited over late last night by a friend/partner (20F). She told me to dress 'black tie' and when I arrived she greeted me in an elegant dress. The original plan to go to a party fell through, so we went out to eat instead. Since her dress has no pockets she hands her phone and wallet to me, and I carry them in my coat pocket. At this point it's 1 AM, we get some ice cream - she is lactose intolerant and gets sick but she really wanted it. We decide to get some drinks and go home to watch a movie. At this point the only place serving drinks is a bar. The last I talked to her, she was headed to her car with a bag of food in her hands, saying she had an upset stomach from the ice cream and needed to chill for a while. She tells me to hit up the bar. Her car is parked directly out front of the bar, but a tall wall of bushes mostly blocks a direct view from the bar to her car.
I head into the bar, immediately order 2 bottled beers and then try to walk to her car, hoping to take it with us home. The bouncer stops me and sends me back in. At this point, I try to call her, not realizing I still have her phone in my pocket. She doesn't pick up, so I text her to let her know what the situation is and trying to coordinate that she comes to the patio and I hand the drinks to her through the bushes. At this point, I'm not sure why she isn't responding, but I assume she is just busy eating or feeling sick. So I decide to get a seat close to the entrance on the patio and drink my beer until she responds. I wind up in a conversation with a girl sitting nearby. We hit it off and get into deep conversation. I keep checking my phone to see if my friend has texted me / read my texts - she hasn't. I kinda lose track of time, getting thru most of the beers, sipping them over 40 minutes of conversation. I decide to finish my beer and then go to find her, but then my friend shows up at the entrance to the bar. She's pissed off seeing me sitting here with this girl, and decides the night is over, and drops me off at home.
I genuinely thought she had her phone the whole time and was doing her own thing. I felt so stupid when I realized I had her phone. So what do you think? I think I'm the asshole here for not having put the drinks down and going out to check on her, which I totally could have. I just assumed she was taking a reasonable amount of time to herself to eat a meal / get some air, and would show up to the entrance any minute and we'd go from there. I'm worried this might end the friendship.
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2023.06.03 21:56 EzraBlaize Wild Mech Hunter Help

Hey all, returning player from several years ago. I’ve been using a robot based deck I picked up then that I was successful with, but since I’m in Wild, I’m seeing a lot of cards I’m not familiar with.
This is what I’m currently running:
2 Click-Clocker
2 Mecharoo
2 Bomb Toss
2 Fireworks Tech
2 Galvanizer
2 Upgradable Framebot
2 Venomizer
2 Metaltooth Leaper
2 Spider Bomb
1 Ursatron
2 Explodinator
2 Replicating Menace
1 Leeroy Jenkins
2 Wargear
1 Zilliax
2 Missile Launcher
Is this still viable? I win more than I lose, but I’m getting absolutely mauled in some matchups. Generally if I curve well, I’ll win. But any mid-late game enemy taunts really slow my gameplan down and by turn 10, I feel like I don’t have enough reach. Are there any must have replacements? Should I have more hard removal?
Please help :(
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2023.06.03 21:53 NightStar79 Question about the base game level cap.

So I just bit Scaly Pete's leg off and am now a level 30 Mega.
I have the DLC but I'm curious about the level cap.
Will it buzz off before I beat the base game story or only after?
And if it's after, is there a hidden counter accumulating XP? Like how in Monster Hunter you are capped at certain levels but the hidden XP counter is still ticking so as soon as you remove the level cap you can go from like level 14 to 29 immediately.
As in since I'm capped at 30 should I avoid doing things like collecting nutrient caches until after I'm finished the main story?
Sorry if I didn't explain myself correctly
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2023.06.03 21:47 AudienceParticular22 Middle to Northern CA trip - suggestions

Hi, Please excuse the broadness of my question here. I'll try to give enough detail to make it answerable.
I've been to Socal a few times. LA once, San Diego twice. Had a good time. Particularly liked La Jolla in SD, where we stayed the last time. Hopefully that helps with the "vibe" we like. We tend to prefer quiet areas, ideally with good dining, and despite not being old, we're not partiers and usually get along just fine amongst affluent senior residents, haha. We also really like to be near beaches/water. We like to be nea visit bars, restaurants, cities, etc but would prefer quiet and subdued over active and loud in terms of lodging.
We're considering a late December trip somewhere, and mid to Northern CA is a contender. We'd like to see the Napa Valley, and I'd really like to drive the PCH down through Big Sur. I'd like to visit some of the rocky beaches, state parks, etc. We'd potentially make some specific, curated stops in the Bay area, but SF doesn't really appeal to me as a place to set up home base for the week. We would definitely be renting a car. I know this isn't an ideal weather time, but it's the only week we can do logistically. Due to the weather, I don't think we'd go too far north, as from what I can tell, it just gets more rainy and stereotypically Pacific North Western this time of the year as you approach Oregon.
Now for my question: given this info about our preferences and the time of year, does anyone have recommendations as to areas we'd want to look into for lodging? We'd be looking for middle of the road lodgings price wise. Probably not under 100/night, definitely not over 250ish/night.
Carmel by the Sea seems no more than a couple hours away from any of the places we'd visit, and it looks like our vibe, although I know it's small and it doesn't look like there's even a ton of basics like restaurants and coffee shops.
I'd love to hear input from others who knows this region of the country.
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2023.06.03 21:45 Glintor Lathe Advice

I've been watching for a used wood lathe in my area, and what I see are 70-80% the price of a new one and still need some accessories. So I think I may just buy a new one,
My 1st one what are the thoughts on the Jet 1221VSD 12x21, searching reviews and other forums seems like this might be a good one. I have limited space, and I know its over 100lbs so I will likely be making a bench attachment for it (When in use, it sits on a perma mount to lock it on the bench, then I remove it from the bench and store it under. Do the same thing with my 13" planer as I have a VERY small area to work (like 1/3 of a single car gurage)

The used ones are frequently brands I've never seen before and google searches return very minimal info, plus they still need chucks, a few needed mounting parts or replacement banjo locks, tool rests and who knows what the belts and motors look like. For a 10-20% discount I think I'd just rather buy a new one heh
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2023.06.03 21:44 Ashi-Ryu [Country = US] [Platform = PS] [Server Name =(IMMORTALBEINGZ)Boosted/BotShop/CustomZones/] [Map = Chernarus]

Hello survivors! Looking for that PC vibe on console? Are you tired of always getting the wrong spawn point to meet up with your friends? Not on my server! Frustrated not finding a tent or your favorite weapon/ammo? Well not anymore!
Come join ImmortalBeingZ DAYZ server and get rid of the headaches especially with driving due to unlimited in-game cash rentals! We are a 21+ community looking to grow. We offer working bunkers with puzzles and top tier loot, a singular spawn point that comes equipped with basics like a sword and map(that actually shows your live location in game). 15 minute spawn protection which whill ban anybody who kills you within the first 15 minutes of each new life. An automated shop ran through a bot that can deliver items in game using the currency you earn just from playing, car and item spawns to your exact location, custom bases, friendly active admins, awesome events, cool minigames and so much more! So what are you waiting for come join today!
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2023.06.03 21:41 kaloonzu PA: neighbor's landlord is demanding I install a new fence because tenant has a toddler and my dog isn't kid friendly.

My neighbors and I get along fine, but the landlord has always had an issue with the fact I have a dog (she has never let her tenants have one and had an agreement with the prior owner of my property for the same stipulation; I now own the place and feel no obligation to their handshake agreement).
I received a letter today demanding that I install a new solid wood fence, 8 feet high, because the new tenant has a toddler and my dog is large and not kid friendly. There is currently a chain link fence, 5.5 feet high, that separates our properties, and that I repaired at my own expense (even though the fence is on her property) because it wasn't properly fastened to the posts nor fastened at its base.
The letter goes on to state that if I don't comply, she will start proceedings with the township to have my dog removed from the property. My dog has never bit anyone and has only ever bit another dog when play got out of hand (both canines were fine and I paid for the vet bill).
Am I legally obligated to install this (expensive) wood fence? I'd be willing to put privacy slats or a mesh over the fence (even at my own expense) to keep the toddler from being able to reach through the fence and for my dog to not see the child. I don't let my dog out unsupervised, either. I wanted to talk to a lawyer friend about this but they are on vacation.
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2023.06.03 21:39 Emet22 Gender equality laws need to be removed to restore gender relations

In particular, workplace equality laws saying that you cannot discriminate by gender in your hiring practices. You could say this applies to both men and women, but everyone knows it mas made for women.
The problem is that women today think that they are "financially independent" and fully able to do the jobs that men do and be in the workplace. This is extremely inaccurate, and completely overlooks the fact that the entire workforce is under threat of intimidation and coercion from our culture and government to promote women in the workforce (especially prestigious positions of power and income), and literal billions of dollars of taxpayers money towards womens organizations that promote this as well.
Most women, especially young women, believe that they are making it all on their own and that women were freed from their shackles of the previous centuries, and allowed to work and be financially independent. What they do not know, is that they have the full force of the government at their backs propelling them into it. Before the government jumped in, the free decisions of business and individuals in the marketplace found that the most efficient outcome was for men and women to occupy such and such positions, and get paid at different rates. Business's, to their detriment sometimes, value profit above all else. Productivity. There is no room for petty sexism in business. There never was. Women getting paid $0.66 to the dollar compared to men, was the efficiency of the market working out; a product of free people making decisions they believed worked best for their business. If a business believed that it worked better for their bottom line to hire all men (or all women for a certain position) it is their prerogative to do so.
But now, that is not the case. Companies are under a microscrope to ensure they are hiring women in almost all aspects of the workforce that aren't highly based in physical labour. If they are found to be breaking that hiring practice, they are fined, or shut down. This has been going on for 50 years, so long that at this point people have forgotten that they are effectively forcing companies to hire women against the companies own best interest. If a company has even a hint of preference towards men, modern culture gives them so much negative publicity it would be suicide to fight against them. So not only do companies make an effort to hire women, they also design their jobs more accommodating to women, more feminine. This makes the job market as a whole less productive. This is only speculation on my point, but the decade employee wages started lagging behind productivity, was the decade gender equality laws were passed. Adding more women to the workforce, diluted the avg workers wage without adding productivity. correct me if I'm wrong.
Not only is this bad for everyone, but it confuses young men and women. In relationships, women do not appreciate men because they think they can be everything men can be. The relationship between men and women since the dawn of humanity had men as the provider, but now women no longer appreciate them for that because they are doing it themselves. The government is trying to force-ably undo the male provider relationship. What few realize, is that this is a system that is based on force, coercion, and intimidation. Not only in the workplace, but the government provides women with financial safety and security with endless social programs. Women do not realize that they are not "free" from men because of their own abilities. It is entirely, 110%, coming from the government. Government has force-ably replaced men, and few realize it, and most women certainly do not.
Anytime I bring up this topic, many women immediately say I am trying to ban women from the workplace. But that's not true, I'm trying to remove unfair laws, not create more. I'm not saying to create laws that prevent women from working, I am saying to stop forcing companies to do things they do not want to do, and let people decide what is best for themselves. But the fact that most women believe that these laws, forcing people to do things, is the only way they can remain employed, is all the proof I need that these women know they are less productive than men and the only way that we can make it worth it for companies to hire them, is under threat and force.

Comment if you agree. If there is any law we men (and women) need to be working towards overturning, it's this one. For the sake of mens rights, and all of society, these "equality laws" alone affect society in ways that most do not comprehend, because it's so far reaching.
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2023.06.03 21:37 thundersr00k (UK based!!) anyone know of reputable powerchair hire places?

i’m not sure if this is even the best place to ask this but here goes! i just got accepted for PIP (uk disability benefit scheme for those overseas) and i can finally try and get an electronic wheelchair!! i have a self propelled one from the nhs but sadly the waiting list for an electronic wheelchair is miles long. does anyone (in the UK or who has lived here) know any good places to hire a foldable powerchair?? budget would be something like £90/w but i might need it for a long time. i could also look into buying one second hand but they can get very expensive to pay outright and i don’t have that kind of cash. my parents have a car so they can pick it up (north west based) (providing it’s compact) or i can get it dropped off at my apartment but this might be trickier as i live on a main road.
but yeah, tl;dr looking for uk based powerchair hire
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2023.06.03 21:35 why_doineedausername BASEBALL RULES QUIZ RESULTS

Thank you to the 300+ people who participated in the baseball rules quiz! Hopefully y'all had fun and learned a little something too. Not surprisingly, the umpires scored by far the best, with 25% of them scoring at least a 92%. In fact, among all people who indicated they had ever umpired before, they averaged 74% vs the 46% that those who had no umpired experience. So maybe get out there and umpire a bit? lol.
I am excited to discuss the results in the comments!
If you missed it yesterday, an updated version of the quiz can be found here:
If you take it, please do it before reading the rest of the post!
Please note that this quiz is out of 60 points, whereas the original was out of 50, so to compare, use percentages.
Score by Category (Out of 50) # of Respondents Mean Median Upper 25% Lower 25% Max (#of perfect scores) Min Avg Confidence (out of 7)
Umpire 56 39.9 (80%) 44 47 33 50 (13) 14 5.7
Coach 31 26.2 (52%) 27 32 18 41 12 4.9
Fan/SpectatoParent 203 23.4 (47%) 22 28 17.5 50 (2) 6 4.8
Player 22 22.8 (46%) 23 27 19 38 8 5.3
Overall 312 26.6 (53%) 24 32 18 5.0
This candlestick chart shows the same data in the above table, in chart form.
This candlestick chart shows the upper and lower quartile, as well as the high and low score, organized by confidence.
Other fun tidbits:
- 42% of non-umpires believed that home plate was in foul territory. It is just like every other base!
- The second lowest scorer was a player who scores 8/50 and who put their confidence at 6
- One fan scored a 12/50 while marking their confidence as a 7/7.
The top five missed questions:
Question % Correct Rule
1) Batting out of turn 24.7% 6.03(b)(2)
2) Avoiding a tag 36.0% 5.09(b)(1)
3) High-five from coach 38.4% 6.01(a)(8)
4) Continuing to run bases after being put out 39.2% 6.01(a)(5) comment
5) Throwing to an unoccupied base 40.1% 6.02(a)(4)
  1. It was astounding how many people got this wrong. If the batter has not put the ball in play, the batter is simply replaced. As a coach, you should wait until the batter puts the ball in play, then notify the umpire before the next pitch. You will get an automatic out and all runner advances will be nullified.
  2. "Out of the baseline!". This one really bothers me. The baseline doesn't mean anything. Nowhere in the rules is the baseline relevant. Runners establish their own paths. Think about every time a runner makes a big turn at first base. They should be out every time by that logic. No, a runner gets 3 feet to either side of the line between wherever they are at the moment a tag is attempted and the base (even if they are standing in center field).
  3. Coaches' interference is only called when "physically assisting" the runner. A high-five is not an assist. Assists could include holding a runner back, pushing him home, picking him off the ground, etc.
  4. This one is straight out of the rule book. Some people say if it is obvious that the runner is out, they shouldn't keep running. By the same token, if it is obvious the runner is out, the defense shouldn't throw the ball. The purpose of this rule is to remove the need for an umpire to judge the runner's intent. However, if any other act is committed that would otherwise be considered interference by the retired runner, the penalty is that an additional runner would be called out. I wouldn't recommend this strategy, since retired runners don't have any protection from obstruction or collision that normally applies to live runners.
  5. Again, straight from the rule book. Balks are very complicated, and there is a whole section in the rules on them. At the very least, don't complain about a balk call (or no call) until you have read the entire section. Balks are probably the most poorly understood part of the game for people who otherwise understand the game well.
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