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A place to post photos of either a sunrise or sunset.

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Pretty photos of the sun setting.

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DataIsBeautiful is for visualizations that effectively convey information. Aesthetics are an important part of information visualization, but pretty pictures are not the sole aim of this subreddit.

2023.06.01 03:26 Boggerson [FNV] [TTW] Need some help with my load order.

I just started a TTW save, and my game crashes every time I enter the atrium in 101. I'm not really that fluent in sorting my load order, so I am in dire need of some assistance.
Here is my Load Order:
FalloutNV.esm DeadMoney.esm HonestHearts.esm OldWorldBlues.esm LonesomeRoad.esm GunRunnersArsenal.esm Fallout3.esm Anchorage.esm ThePitt.esm BrokenSteel.esm PointLookout.esm Zeta.esm CaravanPack.esm ClassicPack.esm MercenaryPack.esm TribalPack.esm TaleOfTwoWastelands.esm YUPTTW.esm TweaksTTW.esm Tale of Bi Wastelands.esm TTW Reputations.esm TTW New Vegas Speech Checks.esm TTW New Vegas Speech Checks - TTW Reputations Patch.esm Tale of Bi Wastelands + TTW NV Speech Checks Patch.esm MTB.esm Functional Post Game Ending.esm Functional Post Game Ending - TTW Patch.esm TLD_Travelers.esm The Living Desert - TTW Patch.esp SomeguySeries.esm NewVegasBounties.esm Badmothafucka.esm NewVegasKiller.esm A Trail of Crumbs.esm AnotherInteriorMod.esm Regulators.esm Uncut Wasteland.esm Uncut Extra Collection.esm Functional Post Game Ending - Uncut Wasteland And Extra Collection Patch.esm WashingtonsMalevolence.esm RRTV_FO3_CapitalWasteland_Hideouts_TTW.esm SpringvaleGarage.esm Home and Safehouse Tweaks.esm MMTV_Sink_Redux_TTW.esm DynamicWeaponDisplays.esm Cyberware.esm Mojave NPCs.esm Two Wastelands Redesigned.esm Rebuild the Capital.esm Vanilla UI Plus.esp CPI Icons.esp The Mod Configuration Menu.esp AidUI.esp Tutorial Killer.esp Casino Exchange All.esp DelayDLCRedux.esp JIP Companions Command & Control.esp JustAssortedMods.esp TTWZetaRewards.esp S6S Perks.esp TTWTransportalponderEx.esp NewVegasBountiesTTW.esp BMF_TTW.esp NewVegasKiller - TTW.esp MTB Megaton Mover.esp DWD-New Vegas Pack.esp Dynamic Weapon Displays - New Vegas Pack - TTW Patch.esp Dynamic Weapon Displays - New Vegas Pack - MMTV Sink Redux Patch.esp DWD - TTW Pack.esp DWD-Springville Garage.esp Benny Humbles You and Steals Your Stuff.esp BLEED.esp BLEED TTW - TTW Patch.esp BURN - Hardcore Fire Effects.esp CyberJAM.esp Cyberware OWB.esp Cyberware TTW.esp GRA Scavenger Hunt Unbalanced.esp GRA Unique Weapons Relocated - TTW Patch.esp Rebuild the Capital - No Pony Express Boxes.esp sawyerbatty.esp SawyerBatty TTW - TTW Patch.esp SawyerBatty TTW - Uncut Wasteland Patch.esp RRTV_CW_Hideouts_SawyerBatty_Patch.esp RTC-SpringvaleGarageTerminal.esp MMTV_SinkRedux_SawyerBatty_Patch.esp SimpleDiseases.esp ThreePerkBounty.esp WeaponRequirementSystem.esp Weapon Requirements System - TTW Patch.esp TTW FaceGen Fix.esp PAVE_NV_TTW.esp B42Inertia.esp Atmospheric Lighting Tweaks TTW.esp DNWeathers.esp Animated Ingestibles.esp AshensAnimatedB29.esp Callens_TTWHardcoreFunction_Fix.esp CargoVertibirdFlyover.esp Casino Crowds.esp Casino Crowds - TTW Patch.esp Classic Fallout Weapons Remastered v1.2.esp ComeFlyWithMeExtension.esp DWD-Lucky38.esp DWD-MTB.esp DWD-Safehouses.esp DWD-The Sink.esp EasyPetesChair.esp LOD Additions - TTW Patch.esp mil.esp Mojave NPCs - FPGE Patch.esp NukaCola-Ojo.esp Prime Terminals TTW - Vault 22 Terminal Fixes.esp SpringvaleGarage-Home.esp SSTRemasteredQuarries.esp SunsetMachineReplacer.esp tmzLODadditions.esp TTW - Energy Visuals Plus.esp Vurt's WFO.esp Wasted LOD rocks.esp 
I paired the Wasteland Survival Guide with Salamand3r's Texture Guide. That is where the vast majority of these mods come from.
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2023.06.01 02:54 No_Catch_1490 A full list of all cards that imo should be reworked before Gwentfinity

Warning: this is a very long post. I was bored so I decided to look at every Gwent card and eventually came to realize there are a LOT of cards in the game that I haven't seen in years or ever. I thought might as well do a writeup and see what we could do with them. Thanks if you do read it and appreciate any feedback.

Section 1: Need reworks because they are weak or fit in nowhere

The devs have done a great job bringing forgotten cards/archetypes into viability over the past few patches. I did some digging and found a bunch more cards that deserve to be saved as well, and also came up with some rough concepts/suggestions of where they could fit in with a rework :)
Note: I focused mostly on cards that aren't just weak numbers wise, but also serve no purpose in any archetype or don't fit the lore with their ability. Cards that are just powercrept were only briefly touched on. I tried to suggest new ability and archtype ideas based on adding diversity of playstyles and lore friendly mechanics, however, I did not rigorously think about balance. These are just meant to be rough ideas (I didn't include poweprovs intentionally for most suggestions) so take them with a grain of salt.
Anyway, let's begin.




Northern Realms:




And that's all I've got, shit that was long. Okay, next up...

Section 2: Need reworks because they are problematic

This might be contentious, but I believe there are also a few cards that are either binary, poorly designed, or just straight up frustrating. Most of these are extremely hated by the community, and cannot be fixed with mere provision/power adjustments, hence I believe they should be reworked. There are a lot less here so I didn't split them by faction.
And that's everything! Once again thanks if you read this far and again shoutout to the devs and everyone helping to keep this game alive. Make sure to add any cards you can think of in the comments. May Gwent continue to Gwentfinity and beyond.
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2023.06.01 02:38 Blueberry49 First quilt I've ever made. First sewing project as well. Made for my sister and her now husband as a wedding gift!

I've had a sewing machine for a while but never really used it. When my sister got engaged, I thought the best first project would be probably the most complicated quilt top I've ever seen (credit to another quilting redditor for posting their quilt of this pattern).
That was pretty dumb. I went to a quilt shop for advice and everyone I talked to told me to go with a simpler first quilt with far fewer colors. I completely ignored them and plowed ahead with wildly unearned confidence. Best part, I convinced my mom to make a quilt as well and while she does know how to use a sewing machine, she's never made a quilt before.
Both my mom and I worked on a quilt each, flipping the colors to signify a sunset or sunrise (your guess is as good as mine which quilt is the sunset and which is the sunrise). Mine is the quilt with the light blue background, hers is the dark purple. We also don't live in the same state so she flew to me twice to get the fabric for this.
All told, I sunk about 127 hours over about a year and a half into this quilt top (I tracked it...). I got the quilting and binding done by the lovely ladies at my local quilt store. Best part, it was done on time and was ready to be gifted on the wedding day. So proud of myself for that one.
The pattern I chose was unnecessarily complicated for a first quilt, with too many margins for error, and far too many colors. It was a god damn stressful tutorial in learning to use my sewing machine and I couldn't have picked better recipients for it. I know they'll appreciate and use these quilts until they die.
Fun story, my brother also got engaged early this year so my mom and I get to go through all of this again. We will be picking simpler patterns. 😂
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2023.06.01 02:19 SickleSlinger Best overnight hikes for mid June?

I am having a hard time deciding on an overnight hike to do in mid June while in Vancouver and would appreciate any suggestions or favourites! I am hoping for something under 30km total, ideally with nice views for sunset/sunrise, and views of water or maybe a lake where we could take a dip:-)
A hike with elevation would be fun and we like the challenge but not really steep scrambles/climbs and sketchy snow as we will have packs on.
I'd be willing to attempt Panorama ridge in Golden Ears and just climb down to Alder Flats if it was too hard - but I anticipate the snow in June would make this way too technical for us, so looking for something easier:-/
Also, would anyone happen to know of a campsite similar to that in this video? From my online searching I understand that camping is not permitted at Tunnel Bluffs?
I appreciate all suggestions, thank you!
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2023.06.01 02:17 Boggerson Need help sorting my load order.

I just started a TTW save, and my game crashes every time I enter the atrium in 101. I'm not really that fluent in sorting my load order, so I am in dire need of some assistance.
Here is my Load Order
FalloutNV.esm DeadMoney.esm HonestHearts.esm OldWorldBlues.esm LonesomeRoad.esm GunRunnersArsenal.esm Fallout3.esm Anchorage.esm ThePitt.esm BrokenSteel.esm PointLookout.esm Zeta.esm CaravanPack.esm ClassicPack.esm MercenaryPack.esm TribalPack.esm TaleOfTwoWastelands.esm YUPTTW.esm TweaksTTW.esm Tale of Bi Wastelands.esm TTW Reputations.esm TTW New Vegas Speech Checks.esm TTW New Vegas Speech Checks - TTW Reputations Patch.esm Tale of Bi Wastelands + TTW NV Speech Checks Patch.esm MTB.esm Functional Post Game Ending.esm Functional Post Game Ending - TTW Patch.esm TLD_Travelers.esm The Living Desert - TTW Patch.esp SomeguySeries.esm NewVegasBounties.esm Badmothafucka.esm NewVegasKiller.esm A Trail of Crumbs.esm AnotherInteriorMod.esm Regulators.esm Uncut Wasteland.esm Uncut Extra Collection.esm Functional Post Game Ending - Uncut Wasteland And Extra Collection Patch.esm WashingtonsMalevolence.esm RRTV_FO3_CapitalWasteland_Hideouts_TTW.esm SpringvaleGarage.esm Home and Safehouse Tweaks.esm MMTV_Sink_Redux_TTW.esm DynamicWeaponDisplays.esm Cyberware.esm Mojave NPCs.esm Two Wastelands Redesigned.esm Rebuild the Capital.esm Vanilla UI Plus.esp CPI Icons.esp The Mod Configuration Menu.esp AidUI.esp Tutorial Killer.esp Casino Exchange All.esp DelayDLCRedux.esp JIP Companions Command & Control.esp JustAssortedMods.esp TTWZetaRewards.esp S6S Perks.esp TTWTransportalponderEx.esp NewVegasBountiesTTW.esp BMF_TTW.esp NewVegasKiller - TTW.esp MTB Megaton Mover.esp DWD-New Vegas Pack.esp Dynamic Weapon Displays - New Vegas Pack - TTW Patch.esp Dynamic Weapon Displays - New Vegas Pack - MMTV Sink Redux Patch.esp DWD - TTW Pack.esp DWD-Springville Garage.esp Benny Humbles You and Steals Your Stuff.esp BLEED.esp BLEED TTW - TTW Patch.esp BURN - Hardcore Fire Effects.esp CyberJAM.esp Cyberware OWB.esp Cyberware TTW.esp GRA Scavenger Hunt Unbalanced.esp GRA Unique Weapons Relocated - TTW Patch.esp Rebuild the Capital - No Pony Express Boxes.esp sawyerbatty.esp SawyerBatty TTW - TTW Patch.esp SawyerBatty TTW - Uncut Wasteland Patch.esp RRTV_CW_Hideouts_SawyerBatty_Patch.esp RTC-SpringvaleGarageTerminal.esp MMTV_SinkRedux_SawyerBatty_Patch.esp SimpleDiseases.esp ThreePerkBounty.esp WeaponRequirementSystem.esp Weapon Requirements System - TTW Patch.esp TTW FaceGen Fix.esp PAVE_NV_TTW.esp B42Inertia.esp Atmospheric Lighting Tweaks TTW.esp DNWeathers.esp Animated Ingestibles.esp AshensAnimatedB29.esp Callens_TTWHardcoreFunction_Fix.esp CargoVertibirdFlyover.esp Casino Crowds.esp Casino Crowds - TTW Patch.esp Classic Fallout Weapons Remastered v1.2.esp ComeFlyWithMeExtension.esp DWD-Lucky38.esp DWD-MTB.esp DWD-Safehouses.esp DWD-The Sink.esp EasyPetesChair.esp LOD Additions - TTW Patch.esp mil.esp Mojave NPCs - FPGE Patch.esp NukaCola-Ojo.esp Prime Terminals TTW - Vault 22 Terminal Fixes.esp SpringvaleGarage-Home.esp SSTRemasteredQuarries.esp SunsetMachineReplacer.esp tmzLODadditions.esp TTW - Energy Visuals Plus.esp Vurt's WFO.esp Wasted LOD rocks.esp 
I paired the Wasteland Survival Guide with Salamand3r's Texture Guide. That is where the vast majority of these mods come from.
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2023.06.01 01:44 FataMirage Locust beach sunset tips? Also, Bham I miss you!

Hey all,
I used to live in Bellingham for college and about a year and half after, before grad school took me to Seattle. One of the most magical experiences of my life was sunset at Locust Beach in the spring-- you know how you can walk through the tide towards the setting sun and it remains shallow and warm for what seems like miles? You turn around and the people on the beach you were just at, all look so far away and everything is beautiful and golden?
If you know, you know. Anyway. I'm trying to recreate that this Friday. I don't remember exactly what the conditions were when I last did this though-- I was young and apparently too high on life and weed to have made a mental note of it. Is this best done at low tide or does it matter? Like, if I walk down to Locust around sunset and the tide happens to only be halfway out at that time, am I going to be disappointed or is the whole shallow-water-for-miles effect more a function of the geographical location than the tide?

P.S: I miss your magical little city so much. Seattle has nice things going for it but Bellingham people are nicer, more down to earth, cooler, and probably cuter too. The craft beer scene is better, the parks are better, the sunsets are better, it's safer, and I'm not just saying this because I can't afford to move out of my 180sq foot microstudio even on a master's level social worker salary, my car got broken into last week and it takes 40 minutes of stop/go on i90 to get home from work (but like. Also for those reasons.)
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2023.06.01 01:17 JudgmentElectrical Too hot in July for an elopement?

My fiancé and I were thinking about planning an elopement at BBNP on 7.7.23. Just the two of us and officiant. But after talking to photographer who was told the location we wanted to do the ceremony at was 106° yesterday, I’m starting to get a bit of anxiety.
The plan was to follow some of the driving itineraries and see Santa Elena, the window, Ernst Tinaja closing in on sunset for the ceremony. Even though we are both fit, and so is our photographer, I’m beginning to think despite preparing for the worst, it’s just bad timing. We want an unforgettable nature experience (planned dark sky observatory and such and booked a stargazing dome at Summit.
Please give me a realistic POV: would you do it or pass until another time and scout a different locale? We have 7/6-7/9. Have to drive 8 hours to get there as well.
Now that I wrote all this out, I think I answered my own question 🤣 any help would be amazing. Thank you
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2023.06.01 01:10 Mkplover [SELL] [US] Lots of brand new & Gently used items! KVD, Urban Decay, Too Faced, Hourglass, Jeffree Star Cosmetics, Tarte, Wander Beauty and etc.

Shipping Flat fee of $5 anywhere in California. Everywhere else, in the US, ill split the shipping fee with you 50/50 depending on how much you purchase. Will discuss at time of purchase. Offers are welcome on items you want to bundle. :) I also have some freebies if you want any! Just let me know! Payment via Paypal g&s please :) ANY SWATCHES MADE FOR PHOTOS WERE BY USING A QTIP.
Too Faced Born This Way The Natural Nudes Eyeshadow Palette $35 (Retail $52) Practically new. Only swatched a few colors.
NEW - Haus Labs Glam Attack Liquid Eyeshadow - Color Rose B*tch $10 (Retail $20)
NEW - Haus Labs Glam Attack Liquid Eyeshadow - Color Legend $10 (Retail $20)
Haus Labs Glam Attack Liquid Eyeshadow - Color Biker $7 (Retail $20) Used Once.
Haus Labs Glam Attack Liquid Eyeshadow - Color Dynasty $7 (Retail $20) gently Used.
Jouer Cosmetics Paris Lights Eye Paint - Color L’amour $13 (Retail $24) Used Once.
Melt Cosmetics Slick Waterline Pencil - Color Apricot Cream $10 (Retail $19) Used to swatch only.
NEW - Dose Of Color Eyeliner - Color Cloud Wine $8 (Retail $15)
Violet Voss SunKissed Summer Pigment Palette $20 (Retail $37) Practically new. Only swatched a few colors.
Natasha Denona Cupid Palette $15 (Retail $27) Practically new. Swatch only one color.
Wander Beauty Getaway Eye and Face Palette $20 (Retail 42) Practically new. Only swatched a few colors.
KVD Super Pomade Vegan Eyeliner, Shadow & Brow Pigment - Color Lemme Green $5 (Retail $25) Used Once.
Mac Powder Kiss Soft Matte Eyeshadow - Color Ripened $5 (Retail $24) Used a few times.
Lemonhead LA Spacepaste - Color Sunset Strip $12 (Retail $22) New but only swatched once.
DR. BRANDT Backlight Primer - $15 (Retail $40) Like New. Used Once. Urban Decay Stay Naked Weightless Foundation - Color 10NN $25 (Retail $40) Used only twice.
Tarte Base Tape Hydrating Primer - $15 (Retail $32) Used Twice.
KVD Good Apple Skin Perfecting Foundation - Color Light 006 $20 (Retail $42.50) Used Twice.
KVD Good Apple Full Coverage Serum Foundation - Color Light 006 $25 (Retail $42) Used Once.
Wander Beauty On-The-Go Blush & Illuminator - Color Nude Glow $15 (Retail $38) Used Once.
Jeffree Star Cosmetics Magic Star Setting Powder - Color Fair $15 (Retail $22) Used Once.
Jeffree Star Cosmetics Magic Star Setting Powder - Color Lavender $15 (Retail $22) Used Once.
Kim Chi Puff Puff Pass Set & Bake Powder - Translucent $10 (Retail $18) Used once.
Nikkia Joy Cosmetics Velvet Finishing Powder - $25 (Retail $38) Like new. Used a few times.
Hourglass Ambient Lighting Blush - Color Diffused Heat $15 (Retail $45) Slightly Used.
Nars Blush - Color Orgasm $15 (Retail $32)
Benefit WANDERful World Silky-Soft Powder Blush MINI - Color Terra $8 (Retail $18) Used.
Kosas Revealer Concealer - Color 0.5N $20 (Retail $30) Like new. Used once.
Fenty Beauty Contour Stick - Color Amber $10 (Retail $32) Slightly Used.
NEW - Elf Cosmetics Stay All Day Setting Spray - $5 (Retail $10)
Becca Pearl Glow Lip Tint - Color Blackberry $10 (Retail $25) Slightly used.
NEW - Beauty For Real D-Fine Lip Liner - Color Neutral Deep $10 (Retail $19)
Soda Mouse Fit Tint - Color Mauve $5 (Retail $15) Used Once.
KVD Edge Foundation Brush $25 (Retail $34) Used once.
Nikkia Joy Cosmetics Lashes - Style Erin $5. New.
Isle of Paradise Light Self Tanning Drops $15 (Retail $32) Used Once.
Heated Lash Curler $5
Kat Burki Vitamin C Intensive Face Cream $50 (Retail $116) Like New. Used twice.
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2023.06.01 01:04 askingformomtoday Logo for new tax/accounting firm that's creative

Starting a new tax firm on my own and need a logo for the new business. I'm located in Phoenix, AZ, USA in the east valley.
Company name is East Valley Tax & Accounting. My budget is $75. Please let me know if this is a low offer - I've never had a logo designed so not sure of the going rate.
I'm really hoping for a logo that feels different from a boring/stuffy place to get your taxes done. This will sound cheesy, but I want something that says I'm not your parents/grandparents tax guy. Nothing silly, but shows a creativity that people don't always associate with taxes. I'm in my upper 30s with long hair and a beard, spend my free time camping and woodworking, and typically wear shorts and sandals to the office. I want my clients to have the personal touch they're likely not getting from other firms.
Looking for a logo that incorporates the southwest vibe of sunsets/sunrises, saguaro cactuses, and bright desert flowers. Bright, bold colors, but nothing neon. No hard edges or sharp corners. Below are a couple of links to images that I'm going for, not necessarily in color but vibe and style. I can provide more ideas/details. Thanks!
The Submarines Honeysuckle Remixes Album Cover
Another design with similar vibe
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2023.06.01 00:56 JoshAsdvgi THE FEAST OF THE WHIRLWINDS


DZOGÉOn and his uncle lived together in the woods.
When the boy was old enough, his uncle taught him how to shoot and took him out hunting.
One day, while the young man was following an elk, a woman called to him,
"Come here and rest; you are tired."
At first he paid no heed to the woman's words, but, when she called the third time, he sat down at her side.
She talked to him and soon had his head on her lap.
She began to search in his hair and right away he was asleep.
When the woman was satisfied that the young man slept soundly, she put him in a basket, put the basket on her back and started off with great swiftness.
She traveled till sunset, then she stopped, put down the basket, roused the young man, and asked, "Do you know this place?"
"I know it," said he, "My uncle and I used to hunt here."
They spent the night there.
The next morning the woman searched in DZOGÉOn's hair till he fell asleep, then she put him in the basket and hurried on.
Late in the afternoon she stopped near a lake, put the basket down, shook the young man and asked, "Do you know this lake?"
"I know it, I have been here with my uncle."
The woman took out of her basket a canoe no larger than a walnut, struck it till it became large, then both sat in it and the woman paddled across the lake.
"We will go home now," said she, "I have a mother and I have three sisters married and living in my mother's cabin."
The two traveled on till they came to the cabin.
When they stood at the door and the mother saw a stranger with her daughter she called out, "Welcome, Son-in-law, I am glad you have come."
DZOGÉOn became the young woman's husband and they lived on happily till one night the old woman had a dream.
She rolled on to the floor and to the edge of the fire.
Her son-in-law jumped up and asked, "What is the matter, Mother-in-law?
Are you dreaming?"
She didn't answer, but rolled around muttering to herself, then he said, "I'll make her talk," and taking a corn pounder he hit her a blow on the head.
She stood up then, and said, "Oh, I've had a bad dream, I dreamed that my son-in-law killed NYAGWAIHE."
"I'll do that in the morning," said the young man, "but go to sleep now."
The next morning DZOGÉOn killed the bear, without much trouble, and carried it home.
That night the old woman dreamed that her son-in-law must make a feast for the DAGWANOEnYENTS (Whirlwinds), invite them to it, and provide so much food that they couldn't eat it all.
The next day DZOGÉOn killed a great many elks, deer and bears.
There was an abundance of meat; the house was full of it, and still there was more.
Then the young man went out and called to the Whirlwinds to come to a feast prepared for them.
They answered quickly and all promised to come.
They came in such numbers that there wasn't room for them on the shelves, the floor, or the seats.
They began to eat, and they ate with a terrible appetite.
The mother-in-law went around urging them, saying, "Eat, eat your fill, I want every one to have plenty."
They ate and ate and the old woman still urged, hoping the supply would give out and her son-in-law would be killed.
The young man with his wife and her three sisters and their husbands went for more food in case of need.
The Whirlwinds ate till their jaws couldn't move.
"We have enough, Mother, enough," said they.
When DZOGÉOn heard these words he motioned to the walls and roof of the cabin, and said, "I want your roof and walls to become stone."
The old woman and the Flying Heads, finding that they were in a stone house and couldn't get out, flew around in every direction.
The mother-in-law begged for mercy.
"You had no mercy on me," said her son-in-law.
Then he said, "I want this house to be red hot."
As the house grew hot the heads flew about with terrible speed, knocking against the walls and making such a noise as had never been heard in the world before.
But at last all was still.
Then DZOGÉOn with his wife, her three sisters and their husbands set out for his uncle's cabin.
When they reached the lake, it -was covered with ice, so thin that it would barely hold up a small bird.
The young man took eight puff balls from an oak tree, made himself and his friends small, and each one entered a puff ball.
When the eight balls stood side by side on the ice at the edge of the lake, the young man said, "Let the West wind blow!"
The West wind came and swept the balls over the lake.
DZOGÉOn and his friends sprang out of the balls, became of natural size and went on their way till they came to the uncle's cabin.
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2023.06.01 00:52 LoddaLadles I am not diagnosed with ADHD, but I suspect I have it

I'm not asking for anyone to diagnose me or offer inappropriate advice, I think I just need to talk this out. I have an appointment next week for something unrelated, but because I messaged my PCP asking for a referral to someone who can can evaluate me to determine if I do have ADHD, she wants to talk about this during that appointment before doing the referral. I don't even know how to begin to talk about it. I just don't. Especially for an appointment that will be rather brief. I want to convey to her why I think I should be evaluated, but at the same time I don't want her to be concerned that I'm seeking stimulants. I could sit there and ramble for an extended time about why I think I should be evaluated. But my rambling would be so... meandering and probably rather frustrating to listen to, and probably wouldn't even distill down to a useful point. Plus, I know she doesn't have a lot of time. I have to collect my thoughts to effectively convey the message. But I don't know how. I mean, I can collect my thoughts on plenty of other things, given enough time, but this thing has me rather stumped.
Why do I think I have it?

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2023.06.01 00:41 Barbatroros Is there a solution for this

Is there a solution for this
Even if the game ends it stucks at infinite loading screen thanks to that i got banned for 1 day
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2023.06.01 00:26 Onlyforroyalehigh My royale high farming routine! (Actually realistic)

What you need in this farming routine: A flight speed pass and a private server. (Don’t worry if you can’t afford a private server just ask someone on this sub for a private server people are usually nice about it😊)
-First I jump into a private server and do my daily log ins if I want to lol!
-Then I drink some tea or hot coco in my apartment before I leave to actually farm diamonds since it drains my energy.
-I first farm in enchantix high until I get atleast 1k diamonds. I also put my flight speed at 85! (So the number of rounds you farm in enchantix high depends)
-After I’m done farming at enchantix high I play the royale high campus atleast 3 or 5 times. (Make sure to keep any eye out for the energy you have on your phone if it’s at 0% I highly recommend you play royale high campus 2 since in the dorms the beds can recharge your energy just like in your apartment! And make sure to sleep immediately once it turned to 0%)
-Lastly Repeat this routine if you can! (I highly suggest you repeat this routine!)
In conclusion: Ik this routine wasn’t that big and yes you won’t get a crazy amount of diamonds like those royale high YouTubers clickbait to do lol but this routine is really good you just have to trust the process! And if anyone is wondering why I skipped sunset Island and archery in this routine you have to wait a long time getting diamonds while playing them! So it’s not worth it at all especially if your bad at playing them.
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2023.06.01 00:16 BurritoBurglar9000 The first mile...

Does anyone else just have a hell of a time with the first mile or so of a trek? Even when I ran in my 20s the first mile was hell, the other 12 were well miserable but very tolerable.
Today even with a light pack at 7500 ft my pulse spiked into zone 3 within 2 minutes, and eventually settled into zone 2 a mile into the route and stayed there. Am I just lacking on my cardio training, does altitude just wreck me, or is my body just odd? For reference I was gaining about 1300 ft an hour with a 15 lb pack and didn't need a break until about 11300 and only because it was dark as sin and I was waiting for sunrise to decide if I was going to continue through the crux or bail. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
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2023.05.31 23:56 LeMeReddit Change light colour based on sunrise & sunset but only if the light's turned on?

So I would want to change my philips hue light to daylight at sunrise and to incandescent at sunset, which is possible, but this turns the light on if it's off. I would want the change of colour to happen without changing the on/off state. Is this in any way achievable? (outside 'plugins' like ifttt or something else maybe? idk)
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2023.05.31 23:19 No-Boysenberry-1337 Sunday, May 7, but I'm still here.

His hands were grasping desperately at mine, taking everything from them -- my phone, my vape, my keys.
"You're not going anywhere," he told me, out of breath as he withdrew from the car. All the things I needed, he had in his hands, until I decided very suddenly I didn't need them anymore.
"The hell I'm not," I said, and took off on foot.
My pajamas were sticking to my skin in the humid air of early spring. No bra, I hadn't had the time to put one on. Only time enough to kiss my daughter in her crib goodbye.
I didn't need my phone. In fact, it was probably better I didn't have it. I'd probably have tried to post one last overly-articulate Facebook status or tweet, one I'd cringe at later. Best to avoid that, I guess.
My vape, well, I didn't even think about it once I was gone, which goes to show you the mysteries of addiction.
The keys were for the car. I didn't need that though, not really. I may be lazy but I'm determined. I just started walking. My sandals hurt my feet, the cheap rubber cutting into sensitive spots between my toes.
I could hear him yelling behind me. He was threatening to call the police. And do what, I wondered? Step after step I kept towards my destination, because I knew where I was going, I knew where it was all going to end because I'd known it for a long time. He couldn't stop me now, nothing could stop me, and furthermore nothing should because this is the way it needed to be.
My feet kept moving forward. I crossed my arms over my breasts so they wouldn't bounce. I lowered my head and stared at the pavement.
Down the street. Around the corner. Through the field. It wasn't that hard.
I knew where the river was.
I passed the transmission shop, the American Legion, the local watering hole. Everything closed because it was Sunday. Everyone home with their families, and me on my way to the river.
Concrete beneath my palms, I leaned over the edge of the bridge and peered down. The water was brown, but clear enough I could see rocks. Well, that just wouldn't do. I'd done enough research online that I knew some people tried to kill themselves and just ended up badly mangled and badly embarrassed. I didn't want that. Plus, the rocks looked like they'd hurt.
I made my way to the bank. I took off my shoes. I felt very much like Virginia Woolf in that moment, even though I knew she put rocks in her pockets. I wondered if I should do that then decided it was too dramatic, even for me.
The water was warmer than I'd expected. Slimier, too. I took one step, then another, then another. Just as I had when I'd decided I was leaving. Forward was the only way to go.
I walked until I was up to my neck. Then, before I had time to think about anything else, I went under.
It's harder to drown yourself than you might think. There's a lot of mental work that goes into it, kind of like falling asleep. You think it would be easy but it's not.
I tried three times. Went under, held my breath, came up gasping. Three times, and I just couldn't make it stick. Then I heard the boat coming.
My first thought was, "I don't want to hurt anyone else." Because if someone hit me with their boat, someone else could get hurt. My second thought was, "If I get run over by a boat, it's going to FUCKING HURT."
So I struggled back to the bank. I threw myself onto it and laid there for a moment, breathing hard. I wish I could say that was my instant of clarity, when I realized how stupid this whole thing truly was.
But the truth is, all I could think was that I'd failed. Again.
I was so stupid I couldn't even do this right.
So what did I do? I kept walking. One step. And then another.
I had no idea where I was going.
Everything was closed. I couldn't even stop somewhere and guilt someone into buying me a drink.
One step. And then another. And then.
"Miss? Are you okay?"
A Sunset Hills police officer had pulled over into the parking lot where I was walking.
His face was kind. He looked concerned. And everything hit me.
That was the moment.
I took a deep breath, river water still in my lungs, and said,
"No. No, I'm not."
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2023.05.31 23:17 Cautious_Ebb6844 Day 2. The fight continues

Second post of my journey. I am still out on my solo trip. Visited a couple beaches, watched the sunset, discovering beauty in the nature that I was missing out on as I sat hunched back masturbating away in my room for a good number of hours every week. Since I was out most days I happily escaped porn's monsterous hands today. As I logged in to reddit today to post this post, I saw a number of NSFW posts in my feed from subreddits that I had subscribed too. Thankfully all blurred because of the NSFW filter. Each post being more enticing and novel than the one above. I realized my brain wanted exotic, novelty and something new; reddit kept supplying me with it through subreddits focusing on particular kinks, fetishes and heck even angles or the hair color of the women in porn. This novelty I realize have made my brain short circuited. Even as I type this and thus recall the subs, I can feel the frontal part of my forehead getting worked up and paining. Hopefully I will have a good ending. Tomorrow I hope to see the sunrise in a long time then visit a few more historical places. Hopefully I wont be beating my meat the first thing in the morning that this addiction led me to as a ritual due to the hypersexualizing of self. Wish me luck for day 3/n. I will talk a lot more about the denegrating effects porn has had on me over the years once I get back home.
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2023.05.31 23:07 Training_Mastodon_33 Why is falling in love so easy?

While chatting with an internet guy friend I opened up about a very deep insecurity that I really have never mentioned to anyone, and even find kind of painful to think about, and he was so sweet about it. Didn't make me feel bad at all.
And now the silly part of my brain is like, "Oh. Let's marry this one." Why? When is the appropriate time to have those feelings and how do healthy people hold out so long?
I just can't. I want have all of his children and hold hands watching the sunsets until we have gray hair and wrinkles. While reading poetry. sigh. why?
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2023.05.31 23:02 Clean_Ad_9068 Ultimate Simplified Huberman Daily Protocols

Please comment extra info. I tried to make this as brief as possible.
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2023.05.31 22:57 Measter2-0 38 [M4F]: Tired of the rat race. Moving to Central America at the end of the year. Wanna tag along?

Hello r4r. Embracing a new adventure: Moving to Central America, seeking a partner to join me.
So yeah. I'm embracing a new chapter in my life and relocating to Central America for a slower, more laid-back lifestyle. My family owns two properties there and a few years ago asked if I was interested in managing them. I’ve ruminated on this for too many years now and have decided to go for it. I’ve vacationed there for many years so it is not going to be a culture shock. I crave the slower, more laid-back lifestyle of the Caribbean.
I’ve never been in debt. Never married, but I was engaged once. I have no desire to have kids. If I have no ties to Canada then why am I still living here? My family will continue to visit from time to time, and I can always hop on a plane if I really feel home sick.
So who am I looking for? Well someone like me I guess. Someone who's also tired of the rat race. Someone who's grounded in reality and the now. Someone independent, and looking for an equal partner to share an adventure with. Someone who values genuine connections over tiktok.
A bit more about me. I grew up playing video games and will likely always play them. In the summer, I enjoy hiking, camping, and mountain biking, while during the winter, I catch up on anime, books, and movies. I’ve always valued my independence. I can cook, clean, and sew. I try to repair things before I throw them away.
While I'm still in Canada for the time being, I'm open to a long-distance relationship with the intention of eventually moving to Belize. In the future with a partner in Belize, I see us taking it easy and living a life of peace and contentment. Enjoying delicious food, friendly people. There’s as much or as little as you want to do. Mainly, I just want to live a quiet, laid-back existence and enjoy being alive.
I'm very excited to embark on this new chapter in my life. Let's chat and see if we're a good match. Who knows? Maybe we'll end up on a beach in Belize, sipping on a cold drink and watching the sunset together.
Pic for posterity ✌️
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2023.05.31 22:54 wellhereiam1999 Rec List

SBI but mostly bedrockbros.
Apocalypse Stories all SbI, Tommy-centric, or BedrockBros.
I'll put down my roots when I'm dead
“I had a little brother. He’s dead.” Wilbur mumbled, and Phil’s heart squeezed. “I’m sorry, mate.” he said. Wilbur swallowed. “It’s fine. It was a while ago.” “How long ago, if you don't mind me asking?” Wilbur looked back at Phil. “A month.” Phil’s eyes widened. He inhaled sharply. That's not a while ago.
SBI in a zombie apocalypse
Endure and Survive
Short but is a mix of bedrock bros, Technodad, and Ranboo. It's short and sweet.
“You’re lyin’ to me,” the man said before Tommy could walk out the door. “Aren’t you? I know most groups scoutin’ the area around here, but none of them had a kid with them last time I checked. Unless your group’s not from around here and you 'wandered off' a bit further than anticipated—”
“Fuck off,” Tommy interrupted. “I don’t want to join your stupid group so you can stop trying to talk me into it. I’m better off on my own, anyway.” The man blinked at him, his mouth hung slightly open, but no words came out.
“I’m not part of any group. I’m on my own, too,” the man answered. “You just…you remind me of myself,” he added quietly. Tommy had to strain his ears to hear it.
Or: Tommy and Ranboo are, respectively, suffering during the apocalypse. Techno takes them under his wing.
Brain Dead in the Apocalypse
“Shush, old man. Quiet.” He hissed out, “I’m going for a… walk. I’ll find you two later. Thanks, for- uh, taking care of me, I guess? But also you overstepped my boundaries, like by a thousand times. So I’d appreciate it if you fucked off.” He crossed his arms, letting his bat lean against his leg as he leveled them all with a glare.
“You liked it when I was carrying you—“ Techno, like the fucking bitch he was, decided to throw onto the table. His lips pulled up into a smug smile as Tommy recoiled backwards, feeling his cheeks flush.
“Y-you’ve got it wrong! I fucking hate you, and Phil! The only reason I've stuck around this long is to grace the two of you with my company! I take it all back, neither of you are my idols and I hate you fucking bitches and I never want to see your ugly faces again—“ Tommy rambled, his voice going a couple of pitches higher against his will. Fucking puberty.
“But you said I was your favorite?” Techno innocently asked, “You never acted like this whenever I hold you while you shiver away, clinging onto me like a little baby bird.”
Or Tommy is an infamous villain who attracts the attention of the Syndicate in the apocalypse.
BDITA is one of my top three apocalypse fics because I really don't like zombie apocalypse fics normally. I usually hate them. But BMAF Tommyinnit in a zombie apocalyptic, I at least have to give it a chance and read it.
These are the other ones that are in my top three.
Forged in Blood and Bones
Tommy was just an orphan when the fucking zombie apocalypse hits. He doesn't expect to find a family during end-times, but here we are.
I can't choose which of the two come in slot two. But I'm leading towards "Thats my kid" it's definitely one of the best and the author doesn't give themselves enough credit.
That's my Kid, That's my Sunrise
When the apocalypse started Tommy thought he was going to die the first week. Turns out he lasted longer and with a little companion with him. Or Tommy and shroud the spider but add some angst (of course fluff as well)
[Rough start btw! My writing has improved since then I swear!]
I don't feel like it has a rough start, but it's good
Tainted Love
Thomas Theseus Innit was only 5 when the zombie apocalypse started, 7 when his parents both lost their lives to the weirdly smart and athletic zombies.
Now here he was; after years of surviving on his own, wondering if his decision to go into this strangely abandoned city was a good one.
Especially since the place holds a few walkers way too sentient for his liking, and why won’t they leave him alone? Or His awakening wasn't so peaceful.
The first thing he noticed was that burning feeling that clung to his skin the moment he entered the city.
Like he was being watched.
Then he realized how dark it was. It must still be night, but the soft moonlight that acted as his only comfort was now gone, replaced by a tall shadow. Tommy was confused for a moment, until the shadow moved.
He was up in an instant, whipping around to look at the bedroom window behind him.
There, squating on the apartment buildings fire escape, was a zombie.
It was right up against the glass, rapid breath causing it to fog from its proximity.
It’s blood shot eyes staring right at him.
SBI Zombie Apocalypse AU
This is a Sleepy Bois Inc and Co Zombie Apocalypse au. Basically I write out my interpretation of events that happen in the au and we vibe. They may be a little out of character but shrugs they probably act different in an apocalypse anyway let me live.
The description for the two part series is kinda shit but the actual stories aren't bad at all and are a good read. Again typically hate any and all apocalypse stories but I can read a decent amount.
All the lonely people
Two people lost after the end of the world. One is a boy, confused and scared, missing his older brother and only guardian. The other is a man, on the edge of losing his mind. Together they find each other and find what they are missing. Family.
My favorite duo Bedrock bros, but technodad/dadnoblade version, I've read all 150 tabs of Technoblade & Tommyinnit (Video Blogging RPF) No regrets I do it every couple of weeks because there are always new ones.
Big boys don't cry (even when they should
Hack, slash, hide. Technoblade was quite an expert at this whole apocalypse thing already. It was some time already after all.
Maybe six years? At least three since he had to start gathering things by himself. But Technoblade was proud to be the Provider in his little family. Heaven’s know that Wilbur wouldn’t be able to do half the shit Techno was doing.
Or: Technoblade centric zombie au. I promise, it's a GOOD ENDING, and no, Techno does not die
Honestly no my favorite read but it's still good and could be to someone else's taste. It's just not mine.
Zombie hunting is not an approved camp activity
Building a zombie apocalypse team is hard work, they have to be ready for absolutely anything the apocalypse can throw at them.
So when the apocalypse arrived, Technoblade was displeased to discover his team consisted of himself, three 13 year olds with exactly zero life preservation skills, and a broken figurine of an obscure comic book hero lovingly named Micheal.
When a zombie eventually takes him out, he's going to fist fight whoever decided that these were fair odds.
AKA Techno is a moody teen who hates kids but there's an apocalypse and suddenly he's in charge of three of them, they are the bane of his existence but they are also so small and he would die before he lets them get hurt.
10 out of 10 would recommend. This was a nice long one shot that is absolutely worth the read and probably a reread.
Vampire/Fledgling stories
What did he think about the blood
It's a series called kind smiles accompanied by crimson eyes.
They were one family of sadistic fucks, and that warmed Phil's heart.
Wilbur takes his little brother hunting for the first time.
Behind the restaurant
Tommy's Sir decided to leave him, so now he gets his own food. And so one evening, Past the place where he usually steals from people, a strange looking rich pink-haired man walks, This is Tommy's best chance to earn his own food in weeks.
Or Tommy lives on the street and steals from everyone he sees, until he stumbles upon a rich vampire who seems to know where his Sire is.
Short and sweet story that I recommend if you're looking for a quick read.
I'll send my best regards
It's a 3 part series that I also highly recommend.
New Child Acquired
The Land of His Brothers
Tommy held his breath, his eyes squeezing shut. His feet were placed back on the ground, the hand loosed on his neck, hovering there, barely touching...
He opened his eyes, and looked up at the creature. It was staring at him, he couldn’t make out the emotion on its human-like face. Its golden eyes glistened, piercing, as they met eye to eye.
Finally, after a long moment it spoke, “Hullo.”
There's a lack of Vampire fics in this Fandom and some of ya'll need some good parental figures in your lives.
The ending kinda sucks but it's an ending none the less and over all its a good read.socks.
What Are We Waiting For
“This is probably the worst cell they’ve tried to keep me in,” Tommy says out loud, mostly to himself. The other vampire at least shifts like he heard Tommy.
“I mean really, they’ve got you all chained up, but what about me? You’re big and all, but I doubt you could take me in a fight. I’m the best and biggest man out there, nothing can compare. You would really think that people would learn from their mistakes,” Tommy sighs. He pulls his knees up to his chest and sets his head on them. The humans had interrupted his sleep.
“I don’t think you could beat me in a fight,” the other vampire says after a minute, his voice sounding rough. It’s almost like he had been screaming.
“No, I definitely could. It’s not even a competition,” Tommy says, puffing his chest out. That one earns him a soft snort.
New Moon
“I need your help to kill a vampire,” He mumbles under his breath, his chest rapidly taking in air as his heart pounds in his chest, “Alright? There. Now let me go.”
Techno hums, his hands slowly unwrapping from around his neck, though one lingers. He pushes his chin up with one hand, trialing a finger down his neck with the other. Tommy shivers at the touch, being reminded that the guy in front of him is a fucking vampire.
“Who, little witch?” He croons, goosebumps running up along his arms as Techno stops at his pulse point, no doubt feeling how fast his heart was beating.
Or Tommy is a lonely witch that falls right into the hands of three waiting vampires.
It was one of the better vampire stories and a worth it read plus it's part of a series of different stories.
Soulmate-Alternate Universe
Soul Paint
Tommy remembered a time when his skin was painted with the marks of those, he knew, loved him. Until the day he realized they faded.
Exile Canon Divergence fic, where Tommy realizes the soul marks, shared with his family and friends, have disappeared. He’s convinced he’s become unlovable. His family tries to fix that.
Smoke fills the lungs
Dandelions represented rebirth, the first sign of life that sprouted after a harsh winter. So Tommy couldn't help but believe as those same petals spilled from his mouth that maybe he needed to die before he was someone worthy of love.
Or Exile BedrockBros Soulmate/Hanahaki AU
This is one of my favorite soulmate fics. It does include hanahaki in it, my guilty pleasure is Hanahaki, Major character death. Or neglected Tommyinnit fics.
I will look for you as the sun rises higher
What is your heart's true desire?
What is it that you really want?
The question was asked too often by people that the gods decided to lend an ear.
Thus, soulmates were created.
MCD March prompt #15: 'Hold still' with bedrockbros
Another favorite I recommend to read. It's short and sweet.
Withered Feathers
Tommy is a crime fighting vigilante by night. By day, he's a tired café worker. He ignores the wither rose and feather on his back. It's not important, his soulmates will come when they come. He needs to focus. The Syndicate is an ever looming threat for his vigilante persona. And his life outside of it is complicated as a nearing-adult pretending to be almost 20.
This story definitely could have put more focus on the soulmate aspect and be more descriptive in my opinion but it's not a bad read.
You're on your own kid )you always have been)
6,000 words and absolutely one of my if not my favorite bedrockbros soulmate fics. It's a good read and I've reread it a million times.
Branded Hearts and Golden Anchors
Everyone had at least one soulmate in Tommy’s world and everyone, par a select few, yearned for the day that words would begin to appear across their body, showing just what their soulmate thought of them, after all it showed only if it was utterly and completely true in their heart. It was how you knew you had met them because nobody could form a proper opinion of someone they had never met, right?
Yet maybe some could.
When Tommy was born, pink and screaming, a singular word scrawled across his heart, it’s ink black and damning with promise.
OR: A possessive SBI soulmate AU
It gets dark towards the end, like real dark but not exactly dead dove do not eat. But in my opinion if you're more sensitive you might think that should be a tag.
As God Looks On in Abject Apathy
Technoblade was the blood god, he had no need for a soulmate. He fought and he killed without discrimination, he was something unholy, something monstrous, something made from blood. He had no need for weakness, for a soulmate.
Tommy dies on the battlefield. He dies young and bloody, with no soulmark, no soulmate.
Another favorite probably equal or more of a favorite than "you're on your own (you always have been)" highly recommend.
I Loved You Like The Sun
It had been hard, at first. To accept that they wanted him.
That he wanted him.
But they would wait as long as it took.
Tommy was theirs after all.
(Platonic) SoulmateAu with AngelDuo fluff.
Oh, and TwinsDuo are there.
And it's a FosterAu.
It's so cute and is about angel duo and I just can't help but like it.
Brave face, talk so lightly, hide the truth
Tommy's never been real big on the whole soulmate thing, if he does have a soulmate they're probably not a huge fan of him due to the times he gets punched in the face or runs into tables. What he doesn't expect is his foster-brother, Wilbur, to be his soulmate.
Tommy’s eyes land on Wilbur, “Your soulmate is probably being abused.”
Tommy gets to watch the blood run out of Wilbur’s face, and how he goes deathly pale in about five seconds.
“Huh?” Wilbur whispers.
Crimeboys soulmate au + foster au. This is another favorite duo of mine, although nothing compares to my addiction for bedrockbros. Highly recommend but trigger warning includes talks of abuse and bullying.
Please don't fine me (I'm not ok)
Tommy does not breathe and he does not laugh and he does not swear. Tommy is not the harsh cry of a fledgling eagle soaring over the brisk mountain tops. Tommy is not the wind teasing the tall aspen, Tommy is not the babbling brook in the morning sun. Tommy is not life itself and he is not nothing at once.
Or at least, not anymore.
or: a c!bedrock bros hanahaki soulmate au with plenty of allium duo fluff as well <3
Has my top two favourite duos. Also this story has a special place in my heart always making me eye water. No I don't cry over stories! You're crying over stories!
Building Bonds
Tommy had been in the foster system since he was six, and every family he had been placed with since then turned him away within a couple months for being a "problem child". The only thing that had kept him going was the pale yellow band around his wrist and the bond that was connected to it.
Only, he hadn’t seen his soulmate in over two years and now he was standing in front of a new house, once again preparing to be thrown out within the month.
A little bedrock, a little angel duo, and lots of past trauma for Tommy. This is crime boy soulmate+foster au. Tommy and Wilbur are separated as Wilbur aged out of the system.
To Be Hesitant of Acceptence
Hey Tommy," he said, cheerfully. "Clocking in, big man?" he tilts his head, offering a smile.

"Yep, you clocking out, boss man?" he hiked his bag higher on his shoulder.

"Yep. Was gonna work overtime but my schedule changed at school again. Wil should be here though if you wanna bother him."

"Oooh, I might." He started to walk back to the employee area before he turned on his heels. "Tell Boob Boy and Yellowed that we still gotta do the thing."

Tubbo rolled his eyes. "Very specific, Tommy. And I will."

Or Tommy works in a store in a world where everyone has soulmate identifying marks at 18. Follow this short journey where he finds his soulmates and his reaction. Bad summary, but I promise the fic is good.
Classic Tommy being iffy about soulmates ans running away when he meets his soulmate. The amout of soulmate au, where he doesnt think he deserves one, has one, or doesn't want one is in so many fics
Paint me in colors (I can no longer see)
It was expected, everyone had soul mates and every one of them left a mark the first time they touched you. A brush of color to remind you that you are loved and loved back. It was human. Tommy loved without restraint and by the tender age of ten he had the habit of marking everyone he touched, and they stuck.
This is an angsty story. That all I have to say
I saw you on the train last night (and I just walked on by)
Platonic Soulmate AU CrimeBoys Edition
Wilbur soot is stuck in a time loop. The only way out of it is to find his “soulmate”.
Well, Wilbur doesn’t believe in soulmates.
TLDR: Time loop shenanigans with Wilbur Soot
I personally usually hate timeloop stories, but I make an exception for soulmate timeloops. Good read definitely recommend it. Crime boys soulmates au.
Forged in Love
"So don’t fucking underestimate me, Blade. Adults tend to forget that kids don’t exactly have strong morals to get what they want.” Techno stared down into the baby blue eyes, a familiar spark of thrill reaching his heart, the same spark he felt when he first met Phil.
“I doubt you have an extra mending book laying around.” Are you truly worthy of my curiosity?
“I actually do, prick.” Fuck. You.

Tommy may seem harmless at first glance, but Phil and Techno know otherwise. To be a gemsmith, a person who connects soulmates, is not a profession for those who are docile.
But Tommy is intriguing at first glance. Always talking, always moving, always challenging them. So they stick around. Not too long though, they have two other soulmates to find, but long enough to develop their relationship beyond customer and shopkeeper.
If only they realized why they were developing this relationship in the first place before the Hunters came knocking on Tommy’s shop.
Local child is snarky enough to catch two war General’s attention and it escalating from there
This is one of my favorite longer soulmate stories and a very good read. I highly recommend it and on my opinion it's one of the better multi-chapter soulmate stories. Not better than "As God Looks On in Abject Apathy" in my opinion.
My Bond and My Enemy
Tommy is ready to visit the city on his own, without his coven following him. It's been five years since he's turned, so he thinks it's only fair. It's during this outing that he meets Technoblade.

Soulmate AU, based on the prompt (SPOILERS) "Platonic soul mates except its a vampire who finds out their soul mate is either a Werewolf or vampire hunter" by bberry
A good read, short yet with a decent amount of words. Good choice if your looking for a quick read that's not a oneshot.
The chances for meeting your soulmate are slim but never zero
Tommy had three soulmates. He had named them Crow, Note and Poem according to the way he can identify them. Yet why must they be so hard to find? How is he meant to not doubt fate when he was already 16 and had not found his soulmate?
Or: Tommy doubts the red string of fate, therefore fate sends him off on a trip of chance to find his soulmates in different places. Who would have known an arcade would be the place he’d find his first?
It's cute SBI soulmates and absolutely worth the read and I love it and it has Technoblade meeting Tommy in person. It pulls on my heartstrings because they never got to do that IRL.
Sanguine Souls
The world hates soulmates.
It’s a contradictory thing, there are very good and very valid reasons for it despite how alluring the concept of soulmates is. It must be nice. Imagine someone fated for you to trust forever, to behold, in every waking moment, with lingering thoughts and associations about happiness and goodness and everything that should be lovely in any sort of relationship between two people. It’s a beautiful concept.
Too beautiful.
Technoblade blinks. There’s a familiar sound from the television. He looks up, and he sees the familiar flash of reds and blues on the television screen with a dreadful set of words underneath it.

OR Soulmate AU where An Encounter with Death is a necessary requirement, according to the laws of the universe, to confirm who your soulmate is. Technoblade and Wilbur had gotten the wrong message one time, but the world corrects that when Tommy runs into them.
OR OR Twinsduo angst to give rise to Bedrock bros until it somehow turns into Neapolitan Trio in the ending. PROMPT: soulmate wasn't who they thought they would be
Tommy is Tommy, Techno is srubborn and denying the truth. Wilbur is just... angsty with bedrockbros soulmates in the mix. Good read I recommend and this is one of my top ten soulmate recs.
Gentle people (with flowers in their hair)
In a world where soulmates existed, Tommy didn’t want anything to do with it.
When he was eight, his father left Tommy’s mother, because he didn’t really want to marry her, but the universe forced his hand.
Now, he was sixteen, and staring with wide eyes as Wilbur Soot gestured wildly, revealing flowers on his arm identical to the ones Tommy had concealed before the stream.
or, Tommy doesn't want one soulmate, never mind three
Classic Tommy not wanting a soulmate because he's tramitized by his parents being horrible soulmates and not working.
the wild hunt of old (will bring something new)
Tommy could feel his presence behind him, keeping his mouth shut as a hand reached over, grasping the hand that had him in a grip, cutting the boy off from his words, like he had stolen them from his mouth himself.
“Who did this to you Theseus?” Muted gasps were shared as the drumming and whispers were joined by the howls of the hounds.
“All of them.” He whispered sadly, eyes unable to look away from the looks of hatred and betrayal. But there was no pity for them. They had made their beds and he knew that Techno would make them lie in them.

Tommy found his home in the forest. However his treatment from his own home will be their undoing when the Fae King unleashes the Wild Hunt.
Absolutely my favorite fae fic and a top 3 fic ever my ao3 list. Possessive Technoblade is there and is a little dark but nowhere close to dead dove do not eat. I could probably recite most if not all of this story.
Follow the golden hair and sapphires that stare back
"I know how to get there, I'm not the one lost, you are." The kid exclaims and Wilbur humours him. He knows kids like to put on a brave face although this kid seems to be pretty good at it.
"Oh yeah? Well, I guess you gotta help me out huh?"
The enthusiastic nod that follows is worth it as the kid jumps around like he's got too much energy in his tiny body.
"I will, but only if you do one thing." The kid says, almost seriously as he puts up a one finger.
Wilbur crouches fully now, hands still on his knees still.

"Oh yeah and what's that?"

The kids smile turns sweet as he rocks on his heels and folds his arms behind his back.
"Can I know your name?" He asks sweetly, like a kid asking for some sweets before bed. There's a fight going on in his head. A small part saying no but the bigger says what's the harm?
It's just a kid.
"I'm Wilbur."
Wilbur cuts through a park to get home. Doesn't look where he's going and then, pop, he's in the world of the fae. It's part of a fae series where Tommy tricks sbi. Good read and super worth it.
Bullied by fae
The fae scrunches his nose and huffs, "I'm gonna send you to my brother so he can bully your ass and get you into our realm, dick'ead."
Techno only hums, sliding his basket down from his arm, to his hand, "Yeah kid, send me to big brother."
Techno meets fae!Tommy. He's not really how he pictured fae to be
It's just funny and makes me smile and it's Tommy being Tommyinnit but fae. Techno being Techno. Looking for somthing short and funny this is it.
Nectar and Blood
Blade had a quiet life.
Nothing out of the ordinary happened to him – which is why it came as such a shock when a boy walked into the smithy.
Blade could feel the difference in the boy before he ever laid eyes on him. He could feel the way the already warm forge seemed to burn brighter in the presence of the creature that just stepped in.
And of course, the sight of the fae – even dressed down to fit in with the townspeople more, they stuck out like a sore thumb. The boy's hair was shaped into perfect, shining golden curls. Their eyes shone as blue as the summer skies, and even their relatively drab brown clothing was perfectly clean, free of any mud or dust from the streets.
Blade paused in his work, enough to give a polite greeting. Whether they were inside a faerie ring or not, the fae always worked by the same rules. Such rules had been imprinted into Blade’s mind before he had ever been allowed to step outside of his family's home.
Tommys good at using Technos desire and affection against him. One of the good fae fics.
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2023.05.31 22:52 kaworo0 Basic Rotes for the Traditions - Sample of Akashayana Cleanup and Critics

Ok, I am thinking about slowly putting these rotes on the vault one tradition at a time. I would love some critics if anyone care to share them. This is what I am thinking about publishing for the Correspondence Sphere for the Akashayana:



Under Moonless Light (Correspondence O)
Senses are the most devious chains of conditioning. They fool the mind into separating things as this or that, me or other. For humans, sight is specially intoxicating being our main crutch to stand in the world. It creates the highest boundary between what is perceived as internal or external, the inner world behind one’s eyes and the rest of the universe parading in front of them. Taking vision away from apprentices is one of the first steps of their training. Letting they trip and fall, get accustomed to the fear of not knowing and, eventually, learning to make friends with the darkness.
The Moonless light is that which shows mages a world beyond images or thresholds. The raw awareness of immediate presences, without form or color. It arises as the mage learns to be at peace with the darkness, to calm their breath and find their center. To rest in this indistinct place where things simply are. With their eyes closed or veiled, the mage can fight, run and climb just by trusting their instincts. They know who comes and goes by familiarity alone and, when threading dangerous roads are never caught unaware by enemies’ assaults.
System: This effect negates perception penalties by having senses blocked or being under poor sight conditions. The mage can also perceive the very nature of people and things they know, recognizing people under disguises or forgeries in the place of objects they know. All successes beyond the first actually reduce difficulties of all perception and dodge rolls against physical assaults and sudden movements.

Oceanic Presence (Correspondence O, optional Mind O)
The self is just a habit. It is a compulsive attachment to the sensations of a single body and the ego of a single mind. Meditation for the akashayana is not a path inward, but liberation from the illusion consciousness emanates from any one particular thing. The apprentice quiets the chattering thoughts and the knots of perception loosen enough so a better vantage point can be achieved. Identity decompresses and the akashayana returns to being equally the body that sits and dojo that shelters it, the whispering winds and the grass they caress, the endless clouds and the falling snow.
System: Successes increase an area of effect centered on the character's position: 1 success for a room (or area of X square yards/meters), 2 successes for a house or open field, 3 successes for a large building or mansion, 4 successes for a city block or entire monastery. The movement of large objects and creatures can be sensed without much effort, but anything more subtle or minute may require perception checks.
Due to the dissolute nature of this effect, things happening just beside the mage or on the edge of the area are equally vibrant. Without Mind O it can become so overwhelming the akashayana may lose track of their own body, incapable of any action but equanimous contemplation.

Visions of Dharma (Correspondence OO, Entropy O, optionals Time OO / Mind OOO)
Life is ten thousand stories sharing actors and stages. Events whose rhyme and reason are the gifts of Dharma, the force which threads existence into beautiful tapestries showing the path of transcendence. The akashayana know everything is participating in this universal flow and by abandoning themselves to spontaneity they allow themselves to be guided by its currents. Calligraphy reveals the shapes of the distant lands between characters’ lines and their meaning, Poetry captures emerging emotional context of events and mantras remind of transcendent truth and the cyclical process of their realization. In the mind's eye, history being inscribed right at this moment rises as collages of thoughts, powerful artistic inspirations or half-forgotten conversations whose topics suddenly take prophetic undertones. Through art and contemplation, mages see the world as an extension of themselves, like breath or heartbeats, daydreams or memories.
System: At its basic form, this effect reveals what is going on in a distant place. Instead of painting a precise picture of a specific area, it covers large regions giving a general sense of whether things are going according to the experiences or expectations of the mage or if unexpected developments are at hand. Every success allows one clarifying question to be asked.
If Time OO is employed, questions can also involve crucial events leading up to that situation or the most likely outcomes or consequences in the immediate future.
If Mind OOO is used, additional successes can share the effect with different partners appreciating the performance at hand, this allows them to get their own impressions about events taking place based on their expectations and experiences and ask their own separate questions.

Maneuver: Palm of Peace (Correspondence OO, Matter O)
While sleepers perceive very little outside the main subject of their physical senses, the akashayana train to be mindful of a variety of tangential impressions. The subtext of thoughts, their emotional responses, the way their body reacts to the environment, these are all extra windows to apprehend reality. Disregarding prejudices about where things end and others begin gives them insights on how we flow into the things we hold and how our actions become us. A warrior and their weapons reconstructed as a menacing drop of ink expanding in tranquil waters of consciousness.
The palm of peace aims to disperse those violent clouds. It expands the equanimity inside the heart of the mage as gale. A physical strike, a release of breath and a twist of the Dao. In a flash of speed, a warrior is somehow separated from their weapons and taken by surprise by the sound of them landing impossibly far across the battlefield. Instruments of war scattered before violence can manifest. A potential source of delusion removed from samsara.
System: A successful strike is the focus of this effect, allowing an immediate roll of arete. One success removes drawn or visible weapons from the target’s grasp, two successes remove concealed weapons and three successes disarm the target completely, including ammo, armor and, in the case of technocrats, even technological trinkets and equipment they may use for their magick.

Retreats of Discipline (Correspondence OOO, optional Time OOOO)
The disciple strikes. In the motions of the kata they loses themselves. A hundred mirrors unfold at the edges of perception. Each reflecting the same motions, none repeating similar landscapes.
Another strike, another spín. The feet that rise from the temple's floor land on wet sand. The chirping of birds replaced by crashing waves. One familiar ground exchanged for another as illusions are cut and bent. The kata, though, remains unbroken.
The akasha is the timeless and spaceless primordial element. The void which holds all forms and records all experiences. Monks learned to access it through diligent exercises like katas, meditation, the folding of origami or the creating sand mandalas. Chasing perfection, awareness contracts making the rest of the world vanish. Different practices overlap as memories synchronize, multiple training grounds merging into one at the periphery of perception. Regardless of where the mage began, memory leads them to finish anywhere they vividly remember to have stood before.
System: This effect works in two moments. In the first, the mage builds up sympathy with a given place by constantly engaging in repetitive exercises. Successes dictate how long this sympathetic connection lasts: One successes lasts for a day or the next sunrise/sundown, Two for a week or lunar phase, three for a few months or a season, four for whole year and five makes it a permanent “waypoint” for the duration of the chronicle. Later on the mage can teleport back to that place with a single success no matter where they are provided they can perform the ritual action.
If Time OOOO is added to this effect, the mage can do the teleportation as a reflex action without a roll, but will have to endure a permanent point of paradox that will downgrade to temporary only once the effect is finally spent. Additional successes can be devoted to create more “charges” for the effect but also incur in extra permanent paradox points.

Maneuver: Formless Fluidity (Correspondence OOO, optional Life OO)
The body is but a vehicle for awareness. It is an illusory vessel composed of memories and energy woven together by expectation, trauma and karma. Wherever the ego believes itself, there will be a projected body providing samsara with a mobile prison of form. During their training, the akashayana are confronted with impossible movements. Sequences of jumps, dodges and rolls that shouldn’t be possible, trajectories and contortions that defy comprehension, and yet, they are masterfully demonstrated by their Sifus. Countless hours of training allow the akashayana to forge those experiences into temporary shortcuts out of the limits of form. They visualize their martial forms so strongly that they remake their arms and legs to fit their patterns and learn to perform transitions and strikes that ignore geometry.
In a second the monk being firmly held on a choke appears behind their opponent, grappling them; The fighter under the crosshair of a distant sniper kicks the guns out of their hands and the assassin suddenly stabs a victim is observed jumping across a window on the other side of the room by dumbfound bodyguards. Sleepers think they are observing feats of speed, awakened senses know better.
System: A basic success allows the akasha to reappear in a different position already performing an acrobatic maneuver or martial move on a 1 meter radius of their initial location. Every extra success triple the radios the character can cross. The Akasha must undergo a martial strike or acrobatic maneuver in the end point, as this is integral part of the focus (and, thankfully, doesn’t require an extra action, split dice pool or combat turn.)
If life OO is added, the mage reforms themselves ignoring wounds or impairments that have been inflicted in the previous turn. Only extra successes beyond the first can be used for healing and they cannot heal wounds that weren’t just inflicted.

Maneuver: The Merciful Fall (Correspondence OOOO, optional Spirit OOOO)
Reality is a product of perception. Wherever the mind imagines itself, it constantly projects a vehicle for its self-image. We become what we identify with and all akashayana eventually learn that conflicts are games of deception: Combatants trying to convince each other they’ve fallen into losing positions, defeated by their own illusions.
Through exhaustive martial training, the mage learns to make attacks not only with fists but with all of themselves. They push not only with muscles and technique, but with the experiences that shaped them. Their memories of sparring and being bested by much more skilled fighters are wielded as weapons of vertigo and confusion. Trips and tumbles gain metaphysical weight. Sweeps and throws become instruments not only to derail physical balance but to twist the samsara itself. Victims vanish on thin air dropping elsewhere in the vicinity confused and out of commission.
System: This effect can be used whenever the Akasha successfully takes an opponent out of balance with a martial strike. Successes define how far the opponent falls from the mage: One success means the target falls nearby but far enough they need to put effort to re engage. Two successes means the target finds themselves blocked by a significant physical barrier, behind a wall, on a different floor or inside a large trash can. Three successes means the target is effectively out of the fight, dropped in a place so far removed that it will be hard to even find their way back to the fight. If the mage is able to throw an opponent against others, success can be split to increase the number of targets making each vanish to a different place.
If Spirit OOOO is employed, on three or more successes the mage can send targets across the gauntlet.(In which case this is hardly considered a merciful technique anymore)

Maneuver: Form of a Thousand ( Correspondence OOOO, Life OOO, Mind O, Optional Matter OO / Life OOOO)
As the akashayana pursue enlightenment they start getting used to the illusory nature of physical boundaries. They learn to let go of fixed forms recognizing that mind is what supports the body, not the other way around. Meeting the demands of a fight becomes not only a challenge tackled by muscle but a puzzle solved through contortions of perception. They welcome multiple opponents as their forms blurs protruding half dozen of arms to party strikes, vanishing like ghosts out of the way of incoming blades and striking different directions as stacked reflections of a single person. One enemy receives a round kicking to the face, while another is grappled and thrown away. Close enemies are held at bay by a swirling spear while distant targets are hit by bow and arrow. Feet, heads, arms and legs rippling in and out from a central figure in the likeness of the ancient gods depicted in stone and tapestries.
System: Every success after the first allows the mage to concentrate and face a different opponent or wield a different weapon. The mage looks like superimposed versions of themselves sharing the same position for the duration of the fight. As new opponents come along or the mage finds new weapons to wield they can keep instantly creating more instances of themselves as each strike, dodge and party doubles as a ritual for the effect.
If Matter OO is used, the same weapon can be wielded against different opponents as they also unfold in multiple mirages.
if Life OOOO is used instead, the reflections of the mage can disentangle from each other becoming completely independent fighters only sharing a single health pool.

Mantra of Distant Tranquility (Correspondence OOOOO, Optionals Matter OO / Spirit OOOO / Time OO + Entropy OOOO)
The enlightened mind becomes one with the Tao. Its meditations are the reflections of the world itself and it bends samsara not to conceal but to express the ultimate truth. The mantra of distant tranquility is a secret used to protect monasteries of the tradition in times of war. It begins with the venerable master assuming the lotus position and leading a tune to which all other monks and apprentices will join. Its lines tell about the peace which is solely reserved for those that achieve complete detachment. A promised moksha that is always an inch away from our grasp.
As long as these mages keep chanting, all beings who have not joined the tradition and are not part of the akasha dharma see their attempts to approach frustrated. Vandals see the akashic temples retreat in proportion to their advances. If they ever take their eyes out of their destination, they find themselves back at the beginning of their journey, as if they never took a single step. Onlookers see forms rippling into a multitudes as trespassers fight to gain terrain, all being continuously pushed back as the ominous chant repeats itself from across space.
System: This effect makes approaching an area a matter of sympathetic connection instead of physical travel. Successes both to delimit the area covered as well as the pool potential trespasser must beat. One success covers the size of a room, two successes protects a house or floor of a building, three successes a large building or football field, four successes an entire monastery or city block and five successes an entire geographic region like a small forest or mountain top.
The effect prevents traveling in the specific direction of the mage, and those affected must roll willpower at difficulty proportional to their sympathetic connection. (Blood Related / lives in the area - Dif 6; Intimate friend / Visits often Dif 7; Social Acquaintance / has visited once Dif 8, Never physically interacted Dif 9). Critical failures reset all progress, as well as losing focus on fighting against the repulsion waves of the effect.
The mage feels opponents pushing against the effect and can always reinforce it with more successes, each extra arete roll inflicts one extra point of paradox. This rote is usually enacted as a group ritual that takes effect as soon as it begins and lasts for as long as the ritual persists.While similar effects can have their duration extended with extra successes this rote cannot due to how fast it starts acting and the inbuilt feedback mechanisms. If the mage stops concentrating or is interrupted the effect ends.
if Matter OO is added, this effect also distorts the trajectory of physical projectiles trying to breach the protected area and hit the mage. Threshold affects all rolls for aiming in that particular direction.
if Spirit OOOO is added, the threshold is also applied to attempts of intruding from beyond the gauntlet.
If Time OO and Entropy OOOO are added, this effect passes unnoticed by anyone that is not actively attempting to get into the area.Only those who plan to find the mage or the place they are protecting gets affected.

link for the original project:
Basic Rotes for the Traditions
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