Aerialite ore

Bloom and Aero Slimes spawning

2023.02.25 00:40 shinobi2500 Bloom and Aero Slimes spawning

I have a question. After this last update my new world started spawning aero slime on space (ok, suposed to) but even before the disponibility of the aerialite ore (still brown) and the fucking BLOOM SLIME from mid hardmode in caves!!! It is suposed to work like that?
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2023.02.22 09:01 VirginMario Why isn't aerialite ore generating after defeating perforators (6 times!)?

I've created the world while having the calamity mod installed. I'm using the 1.4 version tho, so maybe that's why? Or have others seen success in the generation of aerialite despite using 1.4?
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2023.02.15 02:09 Exterminatethedorime Aerialite ore not spawning

So I've been playing Calamity for a good minute and everything has been going well, but for some reason status messages don't ever spawn. After beating the scourge, no message for sunken sea. After beating Perforator, no message for aerialite ore. Please help! What am I doing wrong??
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2023.02.12 10:22 _Lumenos_ Update Is Soon

So (basically, might not be 100% accurate) according to some devs the new Calamity update will release on TML 1.4.3 because of funny file localization thing TML 1.4.4 requires to do, and there is just too much content to localisize in the new update. The Full Patch Notes will be posted on the Official Calamity Mod Wiki
But here is what it features:
-Debuff System Tweaks
-Item removals such as Yharim's Stimulantis, Cadence -Potion, and Titan Scale Potions
-Food System Tweaks (not a rework, or though that is planned)
-Remaining Patreon Donor List Items Galore
-World Gen Glowups, such as Abyss tweaks, Astral Rain, Astral Ore Visual Rework, Aerialite Spawn Rework, and resprite, Sulfur Sea tweaks, Sunken Sea tweaks (not the rework), Brimstone Crag Tweaks (Not the rework), and a New Lab.
-Yharon's Small Tweaks, and rename
-Supreme Calamitas Rename
-Calamitas Rename
-Most of the Lore Rewrite
-Ceaseless Void, and Polter Arena, The Forsaken Archive
-Polterghast name fixes
-Aureus Attack Reworks/tweaks
-New Sounds
Edit: Fixed some stuff YuH pointed out. Edit 2: Added some stuff I forgot about Edit3: Reddit sucks, and I had to redo this entire fucking post
If there is a dev fact checking this, please pointout the flaws. I do not mean to spread missinfo.
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2023.01.31 05:44 Cei72 A look at HeartPlusUp's new Aerialite Ore sprite!

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2022.11.22 01:57 Yankee-McDanky VERGIL REFERENCE?!?!

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2022.07.27 12:38 BL0ODSUGAR Uelibloom ore is bugged and sells for over 27 gold per piece?

I was farming rod of discord and got a shit tonne of ores from the 3 types of slimes.
The 9900 Perennial only sells for 23 platinum, the 8200 Aerialite ore sells for 6 platinum
But then the 7800 Uelibloom was almost 2000 platinum.
My dumbass checked wiki and noticed the bars sell for more so I turned it into bars and my 1550 bars only sell for 63 platinum.
So far the highest iv found is the drunk princess will pay 32 gold for a single piece of ore.
I've tested other pre Uelibloom ores and none seem to sell for more then a few silver. Right now i dont have access to post DOG ores to test.
Anyway I hit the farm again and now I have 900 platinum :D
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2022.03.15 13:54 TerrariaDudes I need help with the biome blade!!!

Hey guys just wondering, how I would get biome blade before bosses, because most people recommend it but it says I need aerialite ore and that’s just the broken biome blade any help would be nice, thanks for reading have a lovely day! :D
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2021.08.30 23:43 ballom29 Doing the One block challenge mod with Calamity, wondering what can be done and not done due to every natural blocks/walls/items being removed

As I say in the title , I'm starting a playthrough with thoses 2 mods , the One block challenge is like the same mod than in Minecraft : you start in a completly empty world with only one block that can be endleslessly mined , except you gain access to new blocks after defeating some (vanilla) bosses and some vanilla item that would be unobtainables or painfull to get are given receipes to craft them.
And I'm wondering how far I can go into calamity since thises mod obviously take into account vanilla content (Also doing it in revengeance + defiled + death mode , because masochism )

- First off , I think calamity could be beaten, even though there are some hurdle due to possible blocked crafting-tree for end game gears and a possible softlock with auric ore.
- Well for a starter the abyss are still there (discovered it by dying to the debuff lol ) but no abyss gravel or tenebris (technically tenebris could be farmed with planty mush (wich can be dropped from crates ) ... but you need in the first place at least 1 tenebris to do so ....) .... if there is no alternative that suck, because everything that have a tenebris craft as a subcraft is then out of reach.
- Is it the same for the sunken sea and brimstone crag? The biomes still being there without any natural block ?
- If not, with boss rush it would be possible to kill brimstone elem... wait bosses don't drop loot in boss rush :(
- Good new, while there is no natural spawn dungeon, calamity itself give the option of creating artificial dungeon with the clothier (one block challenge give you an option to fight skeletron, so clothier is available ) ... so we're not softlocked with unavailable poltergash/ceasless void.
- One block challenge give you ways to recreate others vanilla biomes (well, don't know yet if it's possible for marble/granites minibiomes ), so you can make the needed biomes to summon most bosses and farm slimes for perenial/uelibloom/astral ore/ect...
- Any way to get cloud? As far as I know , no sky island, no cloud... Thankfully angel thread and harpy rings require aerialite bar but no cloud.


The big hurts :
- Making a coweb farm...really hope it can generate without pre-existing walls/block, else it would lock out silk...wich lock out frost moon.... oops that would be a dead end
- How does auric ore generation work? We only get one shot, auric ore generate once after defeating Yharon and no way to farm it unlike other ores. It's not technically blocked since we can alway fill the caverns layer with stone/dirt ...but if ever it's only a "roll a dice every x blocks to see if ore will generate" ...that's gonna be a freack-ton of handmade and placed stone/dirt to be guaranteed to have enought ore to craft eye of extinction .... let alone craft auric tesla set and other endgame gear to fight Scal (well guess The Wand is an easy yet effective craft against scal )
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2021.06.10 13:51 shinyskuirel Astral Infection Biome is not spawning

I've beaten wall of flesh multiple times. I've destroyed a bit of my skybridge and even disabled begone evil mod (a mod that disables evil spread) I still can't get the astral infection to spawn. Other than that everything is fine ore's are generating correctly (Aerialite, Cryonic ore, Perennial ore, etc.)
Can I spawn it in using cheats maybe?
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2021.02.26 16:00 Aggravating_Low_5173 First time Calamity Player here, I have some questions.

My world is having a stroke.
I'm not sure if this is intended or not, but some weird things are happening. Yesterday, when I beat the Hive Mind no Aerialite Ore spawned, which is weird. I just beat the Wall of Flesh today and Aerialite ore appeared. Also, I have not beaten any mech bosses but I have the Steampunker for some reason? I also saw Life Fruit and Plantera's bulbs in the jungle. Is this normal? What is happening?
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2019.12.12 02:27 Fubuki_The_Punmaster what corrupts a world?

So, I'm in the habit of starting a new world each time I want to make a new "hub" base, in space. At this point, I've gone through making two fairly sizable bases in space, each time getting bigger.
However, for this final one, I was planning on trying something unusual. The process is something like this:
My question is this. Since the mods add a bunch of blocks and ores such as The Astral Infection and Aerialite that are generated on killing certain bosses, would it be corrupted still if all the blocks in the world are deleted and reconstructed using just Vanilla blocks, or would it be fine to use? What corrupts a world, so that I might better understand the concept?
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2019.08.16 12:28 juaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan Aerialite ore not spawning pls help

So I killed the hive mind multiple times and even reloaded all my mods and made a new world and killed it alot of times and still no ore. And I can’t find the slimes that drop it to is there any solutions for this
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2019.08.16 08:31 juaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan Aerialite ore not spawning pls help

So I killed the hive mind multiple times and reloaded all my mods and made a new world and also killed the hive mind a lot and still no aerialite is spawning
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2019.07.17 05:22 vengefulblackbeard No Astral Infection Biome after Defeating Wall of Flesh?

I've defeated the wall of flesh and the astral infection biome isn't appearing anywhere? I've defeated Golem and only just noticed when I was looking for some Astral Monoliths. The other ores are spawning correctly (Aerialite, Cryonic ore, Perennial ore, etc). I've also tried defeating the wall of flesh multiple times (At least around 10 times).

Normally, I would just start a new world, but I've spent a lot of time making and preparing a world where the terrain was mostly flat, had nice arenas, and cleared out most of hell and replaced it with platforms.

I don't mind using commands / cheats to force spawn an astral meteorite. Any help / ideas would be greatly appreciated as I've Googled around and not found anything.

Edit: Thanks to u/bindingofshear. The problem was that I had wooden platforms spread across my entire world. It seems the astral meteors do not go through them. I destroyed the platforms on the dungeon half of the world, killed Astrum Aureus, and then I had the astral infection spawn in and found the astral meteorite.

Thank you to everyone who responded and tried to help as well.
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2018.11.11 01:11 Illsonmedia Why does Calamity Mod wiki state "Aerlialite Ore becomes available after defeating [certain bosses]", but not true?
> Aerialite Ore is a pre-Hardmode ore which generates anywhere Underground upon defeating Hive Mind or Perforators.
I can mine it with a Nightmare Axe, but haven't killed either of those 2 bosses.
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2018.08.22 21:38 AnonymousTPlayer Aerialite

Can someone plz tell me about Aerialite ore and bars in calamity mod?
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2018.02.22 03:11 DesmondTapenade Being caught unprepared for a pirate invasion is...painful.

Incredibly painful. I had a Blood Moon on my first hardmode night (playing with Calamity for the first time) and a pirate invasion the very next day when I was working my way underground trying to get some ores for gear that wasn't terrible. (I have the aerialite set at the moment.)
I had, like, maybe seven dart traps rigged up to my trusty one-second timer. And that's it. So now I'm an entire game day in, 53%, taking pot shots with my yo-yo from the safety of the massive NPC mansion I'm building.
On my old world--the vanilla one with the super pimped-out armor room, I had a lava pit, tons of traps from the jungle temple, etc. etc. etc. Invasions were no problem.
But gahhh, I had forgotten how much that first invasion in hardmode sucks. My new goal is to make a banger of a defense system so I can BTOF out of any subsequent invasions/general nastiness.
Has anyone else run into this massive oooops moment?
ETA: I honestly, unsarcastically love how much this game reminds me to stay on my toes, because it will always catch me with my pants down. Always.
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2017.08.16 02:20 SecretPant Aerialite ore not spawning in Calamity mod

I've beaten Desert Scourge and almost all pre-hardmode bosses but couldn't find any aerialite ore searching for 30 minutes with spelunker potion. Does it spawn more ores depending on how many times i killed Desert Scourge? Couldn't find anything on the Wiki.
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2017.06.18 04:32 Araddor Regarding the Calamity Mod...

So I've recently started a server with 2 friends of mine, and at the start we noticed some ores missing but we didnt pay much attention. However, we soon realized that some ores such as Aerialite, Cryonic, Chaotic, etc. are not in our world at all. Is there any way to reload the mod or something and have those put back, or do we have to start a completely new world?
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2017.05.14 00:05 Broman48 Calamity ores not spawning?

I know others have had this problem before, but I can't find the solution. Anyone know how to get them to spawn? For example, Aerialite ore hasn't spawned anywhere in my world even though I killed the desert scourge plenty of times.
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