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Breakthrough pain - question about dosage.

2023.03.21 17:49 helloalone123 Breakthrough pain - question about dosage.

I take Kratom to replace narcos for chronic pain. I am in more pain than usual today because I sat in a bad chair for a few hours yesterday. I took my usual morning dose of 4g (usually use Red Daeng Ma). I decided to split it with green deang ma because I am extra tired today (didn’t sleep well because of the pain.) So 2g of red and 2g of green.
Usually the 4g of red helps until the evening. Today it only helped for 3 hours…either because my pain is just worse today or also because I mixed it with green (not sure if the green alone helps my pain.)
My question is, when I’m having a worse pain day is it better to split my 4g up into 2g increments to take twice during the day? Although I’m not sure if this will work since 4g is the lowest amount that helps my pain (at least with this batch of red maeng da.)
I have another 4 hours of sitting in a chair (I do get up a lot and move around) & while it’s tempting to take another dose for the pain today, I know that’s probably not smart. Just trying to figure out how to manage in the future since I’m still really new to Kratom.
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2023.03.21 17:49 Rake1969 Recommendation for Canyon Alternative?

I was looking at ordering the Canyon Grizl CF SL6 as it seems to meet all that I am looking for at a decent price, and can be financed over a couple months. The only thing holding me back is the almost $1000 extra for import fees and tax to get it delivered in Canada?
Can I get some recommendations for a Carbon frame gravel bike with GRX level drive train that can take 45mm+ tires? 650B would be fine. It doesn't have to meet all these, but close would be good. Looking to spend $2600 Cad or less.
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2023.03.21 17:47 rohanpmp1985 Recommendations for investment

If I had $300k to spare, which approach would you recommend for a time horizon of 25 years:
Approach A: Buy an investment property in GTA for let's say $1.2m and rent it out or Airbnb it with the aim of just paying the mortgage (Principal and Interest) i.e. no further monthly commitments
Approach B: Invest around $100k in TFSA (Wife+I) and the rest $200 in non-Registered account. Buy an ETF and not look at it for 25 years.
In the next 25 years, which approach has a chance of giving better returns.
I know handling tenants is not the best thing to do but if we forget about that part for a bit, strictly in terms of numbers, which approach would you choose?
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2023.03.21 17:47 No_Air22 Persistent but intermittent symptoms after getting the flu, going on two weeks.

Age : 35
Sex : F
Height : 5'6"
Weight : 120lbs
Race : Caucasian
Duration of complaint : 2 weeks
Location (Geographic and on body) : throat, sinus, entire body
Any existing relevant medical issues : B12 deficiency anemia that is well under control by oral supplements for the last decade.
Got down with the flu on March 3 in the afternoon. March 7 was the worst of it. I got a 103.9F fever, and while most symptoms had disappeared, the body aches and skin sensitivity were dialed up all the way to 11. Nyquils had little to no effect, so I drowned myself in electrolyte drinks, fruit juices and herbal teas. And gallons of water. It worked wonders, along with a hot steamy bath. I called it a day early that evening and next morning, except a low-grade fever upon waking up, I had no symptoms at all. I took one Tylenol and resumed my daily activities. I tired easily but felt stronger everyday.
I still get random headaches, sinus aches, and episodes when I'm dead tired, thought it's intermittent with no discernible rhythm or cause.
On March 14, I woke up hacking up a lung. The coughing fit lasted about 30min, and I spit a enormous blob of yellow mucus in the sink. The slight throat ache got away after drinking my morning glass of water. I didn't coughed for the rest of the day.
But every morning I wake up with a mild sore throat, and have a short, but intense coughing fit. It's not getting better, or worse. It's usually gone after 20-30min and a glass of water. Every morning I spit a blob of mucus after the coughing fit, thought it's getting less yellow and more white, and there's less of it.
However this morning, I woke up like an encore of March 7, minus the high fever (I had 99.5 this morning). It's not as intense, but the pain woke me up at around 2AM and I couldn't get back to sleep afterwards. This time I tried some Robax but they had no effect, much like the Nyquil. My skin feels very sensitive and my joints are aching, enough that no position feel comfortable. My lymph nodes are visibly inflamed and horribly sensitive.
So, I'm still obviously fighting an infection of some kind. I thought I had the upper-hand but waking up this morning like I had lost a boxing match with Mike Tyson made me reconsider it. I cannot get an appointment this month with my family doctor. I called my clinic and they said if I'm worried about my symptoms I can try with the urgent care clinic, though be prepared to show up early in the morning as it fills up quick. My clinic is 1h away, and the urgent care line start forming at around 4AM so I'd like to avoid putting myself through that if possible.
So my question is, wait for a bit to see if it improves on it's own, or since there's no noticeable improvement after a week I should just consult ?
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2023.03.21 17:46 SMars_987 Come and Get Me, I’m at School

Trigger warning - speculation about one of the sub’s most canonical premises - the “Ride Request.”
In the recent Info post I posted an 8/4/1999 defense memo that has a line I hadn’t noted before:
**Possible discrepancy as to whether Adnan stated Hae or Jay were going to pick up Adnan**
There is documentation that Adnan called Jay from school to get his car back (2:36 incoming call). Jay said exactly that in his first interview, as noted by both Ritz and McGillivry:
“Adnan called again @ about 2-30 2-45 wanted a ride. Wanted Jay to pick him up. Pick - High's School Store 3pm Jeff [G redacted] took Jay to High School. Met Stephanie @ School. Back Lot”
“[Adnan] called back and needed a ride 2:30 - quarter til 3, caught a ride w/ Jeff . . . Walked down to High School Store Jeff drove him to the High School. Met girl friend in back parking lot.”
Jay repeated this when contacted by the HBO doc: “In the phone conversation, (Jay) contradicted past statements by suggesting he tried to return Adnan’s car at school, but couldn’t find him and left."
Adnan also thought Jay came back to the high school at 3: “Adnan questions whether upon Jay’s return to school to return the car to Adnan he saw Hae in the parking lot who would have been leaving at 3 p.m”
Speculation: when Adnan spoke with Adcock he was high (as he said he was), and rambled a bit talking about giving his car to Jay, asking Hae for a ride which she canceled after their last class, so he called Jay (2:36), but he didn’t see Jay at the school so he got tired of waiting and left.
For Adcock recalling the conversation, it would have been very easy to transpose Jay for Hae, even easier to transpose “he” for Hae. When Adcock wrote these notes up and hadn't been clear during the conversation about how someone named Jay fit into the picture, he mixed up what Adnan said about Jay as if he'd been talking about Hae.
Later Adnan is asked about the ride by O’Shea and doesn’t repeat that Hae got tired of waiting for him and left because it wasn’t what he originally said.
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2023.03.21 17:45 GXOXO Trulicity for maintenance

I started with Ozempic and lost around 20 pounds but I didn't feel great. I was tired and my stomach was consistently a little off. I switched to Mounjaro and lost 30 pounds and I am at goal. I felt so much better on mounjaro. I don't want to lose any more -- just want to maintain and Calibrate seems unwilling to even try getting a PA for mounjaro. Calibrate has sent me a message that they're going to try to get a PA for Trulicity. If that works I will switch over to Trulicity in June when the coupon stops working. I've read the boards and it seems people stalled on Trulicity often before getting to a 10% loss. But, for my purposes it might work. I thought about asking for a PA for ozempic but knowing I didn't feel great and it seems people are symptom free with Trulicity it might be a better solution for me. Unfortunately, I don't think there is a way to use Mounjaro for maintenance unless I am willing to pay out of pocket. Thoughts?
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2023.03.21 17:45 MisterNOME What is your "surreal" experience?

Okay I'll start:
I think it was like 2014. My Mother, my brother and me live in Germany and we moved into an big apartment complex in middle of Saxony near the "Elbe" (river). Anyway in 2013 (idk the date actually) my father sadly passed away and we moved out of the house in the complex that I mentioned. I thought that place was great. But there was soemthing odd in the apartment itself. Actually in our stationary telephone (in ger.: Festnetz Telefon). When no one was near I occasionally heard a "hallo?" (ger. for hello) out of the phone in the voice of my father. At first I was scared because I didn't knew what to do and I was 6-7 years old at the time and my mother didn't believed me. I was the only one to ever hear his voice after he passed away. This ONLY happened in this building! We have the phone in our new apartment (a little bit across the town where the complex is). Sometime when I heard the "hallo?", I tried answering with a "Wer ist da?" (Who's there?), but no voice back. Only the simple "hallo?" that came randomly and not so often. After we moved out, I never heard it again...
Tbh it isn't really a horror story but I thought it was kinda creepy at the beginning, so I thought I should post it here. But I said "surreal" stories and not creepy or something.
Sorry if my Englisch is bad sometimes, as I said I'm from Germany so you know..
Im ready for your stories!
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2023.03.21 17:44 Ok_Net2052 My father is abusing my elder grandmother out of money, car is about to get repoed, what do i fucking do.

I need help.
I am 17 and live in PA. Living with my grandma. She is 72 years old and still works, she works for a big company in a factory. My father has been on her tit since he was younger, he had me at 15. He uses manipulation and intimidation to get money out of her. Is there anyway I could get him to stop doing this via legal means, because nothing works. Everyone talks to her and tries to get her to stop giving him money. She also pays for his gas, food, boat payments, truck payments, and he is unemployed. She paid for his wedding rings for all the girls hes been with and is still making payments on all of them. I cannot even imagine how much debt shes in. He has a serve gambling addiction, looses thousands of dollars she gives him at the casino....
Recently its gotten very very bad, she got covid and was out of work so shes been working 70 hour weeks to make up for payments. I was in her phone and I saw her saying to him her car is getting repossed on friday if the payment is not made... I feel so helpless because i dont have physical evidence of him threatening her with violence but i have seen it happen. Some pieces of evidence i do have are
-her telling him she is being abused by him via my Ring camera
-a 20 min voice recording of him screaming at her and my grandfather (he passed) that he is going to fight him and kill him, also that is abuses his meds (xanax)
-Ring camera evidence of her yelling at him to get out of her house but him not leaving.
-Texts of him making threats to put holes in our car tires if she didnt get him food.
I am so lost, I am so sad, and I am so scared of him. Im missing a lot of information but i really really need help. I just thought of all the key details. She is scared of him and still talks to him and gives him cigs and food. She is not fond of the idea of stopping giving him money, for the reason, I DONT KNOW!!! Ive called the elder abuse hotline and they sent someone but she lied to them and said she is not being abused by him. She enables him to the highest degree, and i do not know how to help.. Please is there anything i can do to help her with any of this information.
Thank you
tl:dr- dad abuses grandma, very little physical evidence agaisnt him, car is about to get taken away.
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2023.03.21 17:44 ArthurMarstonn don't know how to continue with my friend my(22M) friend(22F)

I (22M) met a girl online (22F)in January this year and we’ve been talking ever since , at the beginning I want to say we talked a lot and she really digged me. I even mailed her some stuff for valentines and she loved it . I want to preface by describing her personality. When I first met her, she put in her dating profile "can be a bitch till you get to know me" and uses that as a defence on top of apologizing when she knows shes overreacted or has just given me attitude for no reason(Will provide examples).
A few of the blatant "red flags" according to those around me
A few examples of situations
I want to say, I completely understand that people are different and different things upset different people. Despite that it didn't change how I feel about this girl. I still feel the same way I felt about her the night I decided to pursue her. I understand that people get irritated , have social anxiety , baggage or can even be overly assertive over certain things. I accept her for who she is. The entire package and I'm willing to be patient and work it out with her. I don't really have a problem with some of the things that others around me consider flaws with her. She smokes weed but only once a day and doesn't even do it in the house. I love that! I can live with it! I'll even smoke with her too.
I personally would say I am a nice guy. I know actual nice guys never call themselves nice guys but I have cherised and in my actions loved this girl to the best of my ability considering we live in 2 different states and have never met face to face. I always listen to her problems , how she's feeling and make sure to provide an optimal solution with the information I'm given. Sometimes I don't remember all the details or I make assumptions or I just don't have all the information all of which could irritate her or stress her out more if she's already stressed. Not sure if important but I just graduated and am in the job market looking for a new job and she has helped me a fair bit with not just that but also some other problems in my life. She is a problem solver 100% and cares.
I will admit I am a bit sensitive sometimes and I overthink sometimes if not a lot.
There have been 2 situations that have happened recently that really me concerned.
  1. After talking for like 3 months, I realize we'll run out of things to talk about. I feel like I'm boring her because of this preconceived notion that if you're not making a girl laugh or keeping her interested with some kind of chatter, she's going to lose interest in you. We've stopped facetiming because like 1-3 weeks ago she became sick and didn't want to or just couldnt facetime. That's ok and I respect it. We usually just talk about eachothers lives or watch youtube videos or netflix when we facetime, which I love. inbetween now and the day she realized she was sick, I was chatting with her on snapchat and she posted a pic on her story with the text "HMU", prior to this she had sent me a message with a black screen and just text saying"yeah aha". Forgive me if this is ageist but those in my age group know this is a minimal response and indicates they are either busy or just don't want to put the effort into the message. My heart sank because she posted the exact same thing on her story the night I added her on snapchat(she wants people she adds to message her first I guess?). She hadn't done it since and I remember. I started getting paranoid that she was talking to another guy and found me boring.
  2. just this past Friday we facetimed for the first time in like 1-3 weeks. Mind you there are other situations around her like her interviews and the fact that her roof was leaking. Fastforward , we're talking/joking and I bring up a situation where my mother and I got into a fight and claimed that I hit her. I brought it up in a joking manner since we were having a good time prior. Explaind to her I didn't assault my mom but rather blocked her from unplugging my computer. This apparently upset her because she just cut the call then and there. I thought she did it in a joking manner,because she's done that before so I continued to text with her in a joking way. I jokingly claimed I was a victim and that apparently upset her even more. Keep in mind this happened 5 years ago and I've grown since then. Apparently she didn't realize I was joking but also she didn't even wanna talk about it with me. I had a feeling it might have upset her so I apologized profusely but she didn't even want to talk about it with me. Since then she's been super minimal in her conversation sending really short replies or just getting annoyed when I ask her stuff. I didn't return the same energy though, I kept it lively and peppy, I want things to work. Yesterday I asked her about it and she told me it was what was bothering her and that the things I said about it bothered her even more, mind you we barely had an exchange about it and she just assumed the worst of me. I clarified to her that I've grown and that I thought we were joking and that I would never cause anyone much less my mother harm. She literally jsut replied with "Ok, I'm stilled erked by it tho". I made it clear to her afterwards that I was sorry and that she meant a lot to me and she just said "Okay" again.
I get that she is busy with like potentially 4 jobs but the change in her communication is just concerning. She knows I think and care about her a lot and want nothing but the best for her. I recall earlier last month February or something she said that by the end of March I'd be tired of her. I told her she'd be wrong flatout and we made a bet about it. I hope she isn't trying to win that bet. I always ask her how she is, how she's feeling, whats up, what she's doing. I do this maybe like 2 times a day?
Am I being clingy, expecting too much from someone I met 3 months ago?Am I overthinking?
As much as I'd like for us to be, we're certainly not dating yet and I know she doesn't see us exactly that way but rather just as really good best friends.
2 people I've asked about this have said I should just cut her off and move on but I don't feel like she's explicitly done anything to desserve it yet. I've been like water with her and I've always tried my best to be understanding and still think we can make it work moving forward. It just feels immature to cut her off suddenly out of nowhere. I'm trying to ride it out but one of my friends says I don't have to. If I know how it will end why not just cut my losses. I understand where he's coming from but I also just feel attached to her. I don't think it's impossible for me to move on but it's just gonna really suck after being as involved as am. I've been told to just delete her but I usually just let it get to a point where we don't talk anymore before doing that.
I'm really open to thoughts and advice on this. Thank you in advance.
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2023.03.21 17:41 sportsprof201 Who are the biggest rivals?

Since 2014, we—the students and professors of the Know Rivalry Project—have been answering this question for professional sports with the help of message board members. Now we are expanding our research to the Horizon League. Please help us ensure that the Cleveland State Vikings are included by taking 9 minutes to complete our updated survey:
Our previous results have been featured in numerous sports media outlets, as well as the Wall Street Journal and New York Times. You can view those results, links to media coverage, and learn more about us at our website.
We use the Qualtrics online survey software for data collection. This academic research has been approved by two universities' Institutional Review Boards (IRB) and it poses no risks to respondents. You'll find more information on the disclosure agreement that is required to start the survey. Thank you for helping us to include Cleveland State by participating and please share this with any other fans that may also help.
Kathryn Moore, Student Researcher, Northern Kentucky University Dr. Joe Cobbs, Northern Kentucky University Dr. David Tyler, University of Massachusetts—Amherst
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2023.03.21 17:41 oddballr I created a list of things wrong with me.. and it's frikkin' long.

So I'm having an off-day where I just feel empty and not feel like anything. Wanting to at least attempt to get out of it, I tried journaling about my self-attacking thoughts and it turned out to be .. a lot of them. I currently suffer a lot from anxiety attacks due to a very low self-esteem & my financial situation (I'm living paycheck to paycheck without savings) and honestly I just feel down all the time.
I've talked to professionals in the past. However, it lead to nothing because of my own stupid stubbornness. I'm too hard to work with & fix since I just believe I can't change, even though that's bullshit. I can't even start or finish anything, which makes this so hard to go through to fix myself. Honestly, I'm scared to death that I will always feel this way for the rest of my life.
Here're my dark thoughts that I wrote down in just a few minutes. They're a lot.
I'm not even sure why I post this. But I just felt like it, I suppose.

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2023.03.21 17:40 ThrowRA10251988 My friends claim that my girlfriend (22F) and I (35F) have a father/daughter dynamic and hearing that freaked me out, I just can’t look at her the same now

It’s weird and disturbing to say the least. I’ll start off by clearing something out cause I know people on here love to comment about age gaps and troll on them and will probably connect this to it so let me just say that my girlfriend is the youngest woman I’ve dated after I’ve hit 27. I always dated women around my age. I don’t have a weird preference for young ones. Nor am I with her currently for her age. It’s ridiculous that I have to even address this but I’ll spare myself the time of replying to a ton of comments about it.
Anyways my friends noticed that my girlfriend treats me more like a father figure. Fuck that’s weird to even say. The odd part is that I never even noticed it before they pointed it out. Now it’s as clear as day and I can’t look at her the same. She age suppresses hard around me and when we discussed her dating history men much older than her were the pattern.
I find this whole thing extremely concerning and again disturbing. It’s just not for me. Now I can’t get it out of my head and it weirds me out. I need some advice on how to open up and discuss it with her without making things even more weird.
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2023.03.21 17:40 stirredcrazy Pixies, Are They Worth It?

Pixies, Are They Worth It?
Hey everyone, I'm a long time player of Wizard101 who has only recently gotten a Membership to explore the rest of the game outside of Triton Avenue and Unicorn Way.
I've noticed that my Health has grown a lot since then and I was wondering if you guys find it even worth it to keep Pixie(s) in your deck anymore.
Keeping in mind that all healing Treasure Cards cost a fortune and I cannot afford them, what should I do to heal? Do I avoid healing in combat entirely and only stick to Potions and Health Wisps..?
This is my most played Wizard at Level 38 and their Spell Deck. On this Wizard I am trying my best to solo all the content so I can experience the full game at my own pace.
With no one else to heal, blade, shield, or hit for me, what would you personally recommend my deck look like? Are traps even worth it? Do Tower Shields protect me enough to justify using them? Should I just pack the funny little Fire Elemental away and stick to old reliable Meteor Strike..? I have so many questions!
I'm not expecting one single person to give me all the answers I'm looking for, but if you made it this far into my post I hope you can spare the time to write down a response to at least one question you feel confident in answering. Thank you all very much for helping a fellow Wizard out!
My current Spell Deck used for both bosses and mobs.
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2023.03.21 17:38 Panchorc Another "Help me choose a bike" post. (Domane AL 5 VS SL 5 G4)

Spiritual follow up to this post if you care to know where I'm coming from...
Current bike: Felt FR60 2017 (Claris groupset, rim brakes). Riding around 200k a week with at least one 6 hours ride every other month.
I got approval from Corporate to get a new bike and based on my local options and budget, I've narrowed my choices to either Trek Domane AL 5 (Aluminium) or the SL 5 Gen 4 (Carbon).
They are mostly the same bikes, with one having an aluminium frame and the other one a carbon frame (and a $1500 premium over the other)
Here's what I've been pondering and need help to see if this is a good idea or if I'm making a terrible mistake.
Given that the Felt FR60 is a 7 years old bike and the lowest end of road bikes even at the time, I'm preeetty sure that either bike will be a great upgrade overall but I've been thinking that instead of going for the SL (carbon frame), I could get a really nice set or carbon wheels for the AL 5, great 35mm tubeless tires and still spend less than I would've going for the SL and still come ahead in the comfort department which is what I care about the most (After reducing flats).
Does that make much sense or am I crazy for even considering the AL version if I can afford the SL?
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2023.03.21 17:37 gyhfttyguuu FP&A vs credit risk

Fresher here. Have two offers, equally interested in both. Credit risk offer pays 15% more. Seriously conflicted/lost, need urgent advice. Both SMEs in tech.
I am basically looking for a stable/lucrative career. The reason why I am leaning towards FP&A which pays less, is because I already accepted their offer before I got the credit risk one. So, choosing the credit risk path would mean having to find a way out of the current offer where I am halfway through boarding (so screwing over the company basically). I don't think the second offer is worth that atm, but I am not sure.
I do not know if I should rescind. Also, I don't have the balls to rescind my acceptance to an offer, especially at this stage, even though I know companies rescind offers all the time and throw people out like trash when it suits them, but it just doesn't stick with me to do that.
If you can spare a minute to give me your advice, I want to know if its better getting into credit risk management now given the current state of banking or if FP&A is better..Is FP&A more present/stable? I researched both but I am still confused, maybe share which is more interesting from your perspective? TIA for anyone that bothers with this
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2023.03.21 17:35 AngryHypercane My mom yells at me for literally everything I do and say.

I don’t really remember when this started happening, probably around 13 years old. My mom is a recovering alcoholic, the kind who threw dishes and used physical violence to get her point across.
She hasn’t been sobered long, but I’m grateful for every day she doesn’t drink. However, she still exhibits a lot of the behavior she did when drinking.
I’m never allowed to show emotions around her without being called a drama queen with the usual phrase of ‘It’s always something with you.’ But if I do as she wants, keeping a blank expression on my face, I’m accused of being passive aggressive.
From the moment I wake up, I walk on eggshells with her. She’s unpredictable in her mood – one moment she’ll be happy, the next she’ll be lecturing me and screaming. There’s no pattern regarding what sets her off. It could be anything from a dish on the counter to me not getting a 100 percent on an exam.
She yells at me constantly. I’ve tried so hard to communicate that I don’t appreciate the way she speaks to me, but she always denies raising her voice and blames me for it. She compares me to her mother a lot. While I’m very close with my grandma, she was not a good parent to my mom – overbearing, abusive, in a religious cult that shamed women, etc.
Other times, she compares me to my stepsister, who was quite frankly awful, but my mom was too drunk to really care.
I don’t know what to do at this point. I’m tired of the yelling, the passive aggressive silent treatment whenever she has a problem with me, the eye rolls, the heavy sighs, all of it.
She gets mad at me for everything. I can’t do anything right in her eyes and it’s exhausting.
Growing up, I was the golden child, but I didn’t like being that person. My stepbrother and stepsister were the scapegoats for everything. Now I’m the only one still living at home (working towards leaving of course). My brother says I’m the bad kid now, since she has no one else to use as her punching bag.
I’m starting to think he’s right.
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2023.03.21 17:34 gyhfttyguuu Credit risk VS FP&A (pls)

Fresher here. Have two offers, equally interested in both. Credit risk offer pays 15% more. Seriously conflicted/lost, need urgent advice. Both SMEs.
I am basically looking for a stable/lucrative career. The reason why I am leaning towards FP&A which pays less, is because I already accepted their offer before I got the credit risk one. So, choosing the credit risk path would mean having to find a way out of the current offer where I am halfway through boarding (so screwing over the company basically). I don't think the second offer is worth that atm, but I am not sure.
I do not know if I should rescind. Also, I don't have the balls to rescind my acceptance to an offer, especially at this stage, even though I know companies rescind offers all the time and throw people out like trash when it suits them, but it just doesn't stick with me to do that.
If you can spare a minute to give me your advice, I want to know if its better getting into credit risk management now given the current state of banking or if FP&A is better..Is FP&A more present/stable? I researched both but I am still confused, maybe share which is more interesting from your perspective? TIA for anyone that bothers with this
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2023.03.21 17:32 skiqs I'm starting to doubt if getting better is even worth the effort and suffering.

I'm still young, but I've been depressed for years now. All throughout this, people have told me many times that "it will get better". It doesn't get better all by itself. It doesn't just happen.
The effort that is required to start making my life better, and getting better myself, is something that I simply cannot put into it right now. I have tried countless times, and failed every single time. The more succesful attempts at recovering never lasted either, and it's always gotten as bad as things had been before.
Even if I do get better, is it even worth it? I'm constantly suffering right now, and my brain feels like a torture prison, that I'm forever stuck inside of. I could end that pain right now, instead of working hard, and regaining a bit of control over my life...
But this world sucks. I don't think living in it can even be that great. I'm not sure if I'm willing to dedicate so much effort, just to live in this piece of shit society. I'm tired.
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2023.03.21 17:29 Dracosia Deserted in the shadows, part 5 (NOP fanfic)

Memory transcription subject: Michael Smith, Human extermination officer
Date [standardized human time]: Oktober 29, 2136
We entered the darkness and shadows fell over us. Ortsa quickly informed us that the temperature in the shadows was another five degrees colder than it had already been, and that the remaining light would soon be below the level visible to human eyes and shortly after even the Yotul wouldn’t be able to see anymore. This was something I actually had not thought about, but now I needed to ask:
“Hey Ortsa, how exactly are you supposed to drive if you can’t see? And how can we study anything if our only light is starlight? Does this truck not have lights?“
Ortsa laughed.
“Oh dear, of course it does. But we can’t use those, because they would disturb the local fauna. We also have night vision goggles, but later on there will be so little light they will hardly work. Instead, we have THIS!“
Ortsa grinned dramatically, stopped the truck and pressed a button. The bulletproof windows made a weird sound and suddenly the outside was clearly visible, although completely black and blue.
“Wait, what? How does this work?“
Some of the scientists and the other two extermination officers looked around at the windows, trying to understand, while Doctor David Schneider grinned proudly and Ortsa - equally proud - elaborated:
“You remember those flashlight looking thingies on top of the truck you saw when entering?“
Now that she mentioned it, I did remember them. They were extendable, in all directions pointable… things, that kinda reminded me of flashlights, just like Ortsa said, but really big and at the end of multi jointed metal rods, so they could reach more places. I had assumed they were energy weapons of some sort, but okay. The other passengers nodded and observed the conversation with great curiosity.
“Yeah. What do they do?“
“They can produce visible light too, but right now they are producing a single, very specific wavelength of ultra violet light, that most lifeforms we know are not sensitive to. Thus it shouldn’t disturb the local ecosystem. And the ‘glass‘ you are looking through is actually laced with a thin material that absorps this specific wavelength and then reemits them at a different wavelength, a specific shade of blue that is within our visible spectrum. Thus we get a black and blue image of the outside world. Doctor Schneider came up with it and I build it.“
Doctor Schneider churned in:
“This is not the only measure we took. Ortsa also made the engine almost perfectly silent and we are rolling on sound dampening tires and with multiple vibration softeners, so our Truck makes almost no sound and causes very little disturbance.“
“And“ ,the Venlil fauna expert Lim added “all our fumes are made almost completely odorless. On top of all that we will a keep the truck at least five hundred feet away from the river at all times, so we don’t disturb the nature. This way we can illuminate and observe anything, but most creatures should not even notice our Truck. We hope so, at least.”
Mirva, who still struggled with the situation but did her best not to look scared, asked:
“Wait, if we are five hundred feet away, how do we take samples?“
Doctor Schneider looked at her with empathy in his eyes.
“I am sorry, Mirva. But I am afraid we will have to leave the vehicle for that.”
Mirva shot up from her seat, her eyes wide open and filled with terror.
“No, not out THERE! I won’t go there! Go without me!“
She fell back a couple steps, as trying to get further away from the door. Fuck, I needed to calm her.
“Hey, Mirva, it is okay”, I calmly and carefully said , making sure to speak as quiet and soft as I could without beeing impossible to understand.
She looked at me with fear, but she did listen. Probably because this wasn’t the first time I calmed her down.
“Focus on me, on my words, okay Mirva? Now calmly breathe in and breathe out. Everything is okay. You are in an armored truck surrounded by friends and bodyguards and no one will hurt you, yeah? Not as long as I am here, okay?“
Mirva was still freaking out, but she was breathing more calmly now and, following my gestures, leaned in for a hug. I was really happy that the exterminator suit covered my face, otherwise this would not have worked. I hugged her and held her and just waited for her to collect herself. While waiting I was looking around through the windows to try and find anything near the river that would help distract her. I was very happy to see a flower - Mirva loved flowers. And she loved talking about them.
“Hey Mirva? Do you see that flower there? What is that? Would you mind explaining it to us?“
Mirva left my hug, looked around and immediately her face glew up.
“Oh my god, that is a night daisy! Their cousins grow near the dark side of Venlil Prime and are a rare delicacy because they need centuries to grow to a ripe age. It had been theorized that some of them would grow even here, but to actually see one, that’s amazing!“
Doctor Jonson, the human expert on xeno flora, if I recalled correctly, also stared at the flower like it was the best thing ever.
“I read about these. They contain insane amounts of fructose in their roots as storage for not just bad years, but bad decades. And despite their small size their body is almost entirely wooden, except for the big leaves that allow it to collect the tiniest amounts of light and are shockingly cold resistant. This is one of the most extremophile plants in the galaxy!“
My boss Vartek and I shot each other am amused glance. The flower girls freaking out about some random plant was just way too cute.
“Say, would it be a good idea to take some samples, Mirva? You know, for science?“
And Mirva, the same Venlil who had just freaked out at the very idea of going outside suddenly grabbed a syringe, and made her way to the door.
“Of course, that is a great idea, Mike. Come on Doctor Jonson, we have to go!”
Ortsa heard their intention and - pressing yet another button - opened the door. Doctor Jones quickly put on a coat and grabbed night vision goggles for her and Mirva, who had already run out. Luckily her fur meant she didn’t need a coat. And the temperature wasn’t quite freezing yet, so that was a plus. Farlent and I immediately put on goggles as well and followed the two, flamethrowers at the ready. If anything tried to eat our friends, it was about to have one hell of a time.
But for now everything was calm and quite. The river ran quietly, some fish swam in it, but no predators and no monsters lurked for us. The Truck looked as absurd from the outside as from the inside, like some cyborg dragon beetle transformer or something… it was pretty hard to describe. But now that I knew some of it’s functions I appreciated it a whole lot more.
It was our all in one food storage, fortress, home, vehicle, computer, communications array, data storage and light source… and once I was back I was gonna call it Bob. It was the ONLY appropriate name, I chuckled to myself.
Meanwhile, Mirva and Doctor Jonson started taking small samples from the plants. Lim had also walked out to take images of the fishes and keep track of their behavior, but didn’t seem to discover anything surprising.
Farlent was busy triple checking our surroundings for threats, luckily she found nothing.
I noticed Jonson shivering as she talked to Mirva and once again I was happy to wear my suit. It’s thermal isolation wasn’t perfect, but it worked better than any human made clothing ever could. I would have to make sure the human scientists dressed properly next time, their safety was my responsibility after all.
Under my watchful eye Lim returned to the truck to discuss his findings and the further strategy with the other scientists, while I walked back to Doctor Jonson and Mirva who - thank god - looked a lot happier than before, as she marveled at the flower and went over the dozens of tiny differences to it’s better known cousins in the inhabited areas. Jonson was busy typing dozens of datapoints into her notepad.
“Hey, Mirva? I got a question.“
Yeah, Mike? What do you want to know?“
„How exactly does a plant… you know… grow without sunlight? I mean, don’t they need that?“
Jonson and Mirva exchanged a quick look, before Mirva explained:
“Okay, first of all this is not really a plant, it is closer to a Terran tree than anything else. And secondly, if you want to look at its leaves in the Truck later you will notice that they are very big, folded in a way that maximizes their surface and of a very dark green, mostly due to a high level of chlorophyll. They are masters at collecting even the tiniest amount of the light that still reaches them here and they use every last bit of it. Their longevity is actually a big part of that strategy - they use most of their energy to merely stay alive and only have very little spare to grow, so instead they just grow extremely slowly. And the beautiful thing is that they can live this long, not in spite but BECAUSE of the lack of sunlight. You see, the lack of sunlight means a very low level of cosmic radiation, so their cells don’t get destroyed over time that much. Combine that with drastically less competition and almost no animals trying to eat them and you get the perfect conditions for a long life. Thus they can live for centuries. This also gives them the opportunity to grow a body out of wood, unlike grasses and flowers that need to grow much faster and don’t have the time for that.“
Mirva waved her tail around excitedly like little children sometimes did, and Doctor Jonson finished her explanation.
“All of this makes them one of the only plants that grow here and thus they are the perfect basis of the food chain. Understanding them is vital to understanding this ecosystem. And their excistence in the twilight zone means that the ecosystem there must have been at least somewhat similar to the ecosystem on the dark side, which is promising.”
I smiled, happy that we were making progress this quickly, even though I was pretty certain they had drastically simplified their points so I could understand them. But hey, at le-
“Predator nearby! Retreat to the Truck!“
Farlent’s shout made me jump up and I quickly opened the safety of my flamethrower. Mirva suddenly looked like she was about to freak out again and Jonson didn’t look much better, but she was focused enough to grab Mirva by the arm and run with her back to the truck, while I checked the direction Farlent was pointing towards .
And indeed, I saw not one, but two pairs of glowing eyes - frontfacing eyes- staring at me from right below the waters surface. I did however not see a body belonging to those eyes, which was weird. But I wasn’t stupid enough to hang around and find out how deadly those things were the hard way.
Checking all directions and keeping my flamethrower pointed at the eyes the entire way, I slowly retreated to the truck, waited for Farlent to jump in and then gave Ortsa the sign to slam the door shut. She did - and now we waited for the predators next move.
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2023.03.21 17:29 benisgold Looking for adventure vehicle

Hey! I currently drive a 2014 BMW X1 (RWD) and am looking for a replacement. My car is falling apart honestly since I've been putting it through the wringer for years, and it's getting to the point where I frequently need to borrow/rent other vehicles. I will get a used vehicle unless there’s not much of a difference from new.
Budget: 50k, the cheaper the better
Use cases:
* This will be my daily driver, but will mostly use it for adventures/road trips b/c I don’t commute to work and live in a city.
* Lots of snow driving in conditions ranging from mild to extremely shitty. I’m big on chasing powder skiing/snowboarding, and the days that matter most are when it’s dumping snow. Local roads are often unplowed with a foot or two of snow by the time I want to hit the road.
* Surfing. Often carry multiple surfboards with me, up to 10 feet in length. Occasional beach driving.
* Light offroading, mainly forest roads/getting to campsites. Interested in getting into overlanding if my vehicle permits.

* AWD/4WD capabilities– I’m guessing full-time is preferred bc of the snow situations?
* Ruggedness. Don’t want to deal with frequent & expensive maintenance like my BMW, and I want it to be able to handle whatever I throw at it. I care more about succeeding in the harshest 5% of driving conditions than the other 95%.

* Cargo space, at least enough for skis/snowboards inside.
* Openable rear window so I can just stick in surfboards if I feel like it instead of having to go through the whole process of strapping em on my roof.
* I occasionally drive long distances for various reasons so I do place *some* value on a comfortable drive w/ good infotainment system. Apple CarPlay would be sick.
* Don’t care too much about gas mileage since I don’t commute
* Don't care too much about aftermarket upgrades right now (maybe I will in the future?), but will definitely prioritize getting robust AT tires.
* Looks cool

Current considerations:
* Lexus GX 460
* Toyota 4Runner
* Toyota Tacoma
* Subaru Outback
* Subaru Forester

Also, where's the best place to look for a car like this?

Thanks all!
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2023.03.21 17:28 sistyko How to get paid by completing Online Surveys

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Paid Online Surveys Websites
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2023.03.21 17:28 Dragunov4317 A question about mouse repair

I have a g502 that's damaged at the usb connector(type a end, the wire is damaged).
I just wanted to be sure that I can just get a spare usb A connector and slap it on there with some solder and insulating tape right? All the replacement wires for the g502, where I live, are priced at roughly the price of the mouse itself and I don't want to pay that much.
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