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2014.12.22 09:33 BenCasey1 Post your stock charts!

Stocks! Trading! Check out these charts for buy & sell entries or post your own stock pick. This is the place to show off your technical analysis skills or get trade ideas.

2010.06.16 17:34 pabs_agro XRP - The Digital Asset for Payments

XRP is the fastest & most scalable digital asset, enabling real-time global payments anywhere in the world. Using XRP, banks can source liquidity on demand in real time without having to pre-fund nostro accounts. Payment Providers use XRP to expand reach into new markets, lower foreign exchange costs and provide faster payment settlement.

2023.03.21 18:14 CompanyNo5961 Hey anyone here who has experience with react apex charts? I want double column stacked chart with line (combo chart) I am able to achieve this however not able to figure out how can I display value in percentage in those stacked bars any help would be appreciated!

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2023.03.21 18:13 TrulyTranscend 4.1.18

Update 4.1.18 is now live on Steam, Paradoxplaza and ModDB.

Major Features

- A round of balance passes have been done on many background parts of the game and unique units given the current health of tech and unit balance overall. Changes include quality of life for many unique units, minor adjustments for robots and changes for many background defines or values pertaining to industry or armies. Full details can be found here:


- Added an event for Wild Wasteland allowing the Legion to acquire a certain, especially talented general after taking the Mojave
- Added a Melee Weapon Manufacturer and two new Air Designers for Fighters and Bombers
- Added a different trait for New Vegas’s Benny advisor for players without La Resistance
- Added Combat Language and the first Encryption tech to Navajo at gamestart
- Added the second tier of Naval Invasion tech to Last Patrol at gamestart
- Added an additional Augment slot to TV Town at gamestart
- Added supply caravans and recon company tech to TV Town at gamestart
- Added 5% more War Support to the NCR at gamestart
- Added 1% consumer goods and -5% caps income to the NCR at gamestart via their economy modifier
- Added +5 Maximum Command and +5% caps expenses to the NCR at gamestart via their army modifier
- Added additional scripting to the AI for NCR and Last Patrol to help with the handling of their early wars somewhat
- Added additional scripting encouraging a Vargas-aligned Desert Rangers to pursue joining the NCR much more quickly as AI
- Added an additional province to the railway in Sons of Kaga to remedy it being disjointed
- Added tribal visibility tech to the starting focuses of Legion paths that receive technologies from the tree, alongside explanatory tooltips and slight focus prerequisite adjustments
- Added a militia template to Far Son so they’re not managing the garrison with Spec Ops
- Added a tooltip for WARDEN to explain the Processing Power requirement for their final decision.
- Added basic vehicle techs to 39 nations.


- Changed the “Cities: Skylines” achievement to instead require a finite amount of development decisions
- Changed Compliance Gain bonuses from occupation laws and a majority of country modifiers or advisors to be smaller or changed from flat to percentual bonuses
- Changed Compliance Gain to receive small flat increases both for being at peace and for having claims on the state
- Changed Resistance Target reductions from most occupation laws to be 5% less
- Changed the Resistance Target reduction for a state having a claim to be 5% greater
- Changed Resistance to demand slightly less suppression per percent
- Changed a majority of nations to start with slightly (or in the case of some outliers, significantly) less war support or stability depending
- Changed World Tension generation to be 20% less from all sources
- Changed unit Caps Expenses to be 8% higher
- Changed War Support to change Stability by up to -20% when at war rather than up to -15%
- Changed War Support to grant up to +40% Justify War Goal time when below 50%
- Changed the base value for production efficiency growth to be 10% lower
- Changed Army Leader XP gain to be marginally slower
- Changed Radiation Storms and Extreme Heat to penalize Supply Consumption less
- Changed many generic decisions, primarily stability or war support related decisions, to be slightly weaker, have higher cooldowns or be otherwise altered
- Changed volunteer capacity bonuses for some nations to be smaller
- Changed some miscellaneous focuses or events to grant off-map factories rather than factories in a state
- Changed AI Vault City to pursue the Lynette path slightly more often by default
- Changed some TV Town augments to grant slightly stronger or altered effects
- Changed some early TV Town focuses to have adjusted lengths or slightly stronger effects
- Changed TV Town to no longer start with advisors granting organization opinion
- Changed TV Town to start with flat maluses to organization opinion
- Changed the modifiers for TV Town’s starting spirit and Sandman spirit somewhat
- Changed the starting Power Armor units for Eureka to start with slightly worse equipment
- Changed the Research Site P-1 spirit for Washington Brotherhood to be slightly weaker
- Changed some advisors, focuses and national spirits for Maxson Chapter to be slightly weaker or otherwise altered
- Changed some focuses for the Malpais, Lanius and Cult of Vulcan Legion paths to be stronger or altered
- Changed some focuses for the Kings path in New Vegas to be stronger or have additional effects
- Changed some focuses for Navajo to be stronger or have additional effects
- Changed the NCR Dollar currency to grant 5% less of a bonus to Trade Tariffs
- Changed some focuses for the NCR’s Redding and California Way paths to be stronger or slightly altered
- Changed some states for the NCR to have less resources as well as less or more victory points in order to shift more VP’s from the southern parts of the nation to the northern parts
- Changed the first Shi focus for the NCR to give a slightly stronger effect
- Changed a handful of NCR focuses for Kimball, Allgood and Hayes to be marginally stronger to compensate for separate nerfs or marginally weaker as part of said nerfs
- Changed the NCR’s Roaring Economy focus to also grant 10% surrender limit
- Changed the NCR’s Mama Van Graff advisor to grant an additional -5% Caps Income on both her potential traits
- Changed some early news events for the NCR to grant small effects
- Changed the Hub crisis event for the NCR to also reduce the development of the state’s node
- Changed the Army Reform decision for Allgood’s NCR path to grant slightly more significant debuffs
- Changed some election decisions for the NCR to have slightly increased costs
- Changed the Maxson Chapter final Vault 0 event to grant less resources and building slots
- Changed Mojave Chapter’s starting “Elijah’s Determination” spirit to be slightly weaker
- Changed many aspects of WARDEN to be weaker and no longer have an overabundance of modifiers or techs. Changes are comprehensive.
- Changed K-9 Army to also apply to robots, allowing WARDEN to focus on its actual strong suit
- Changed Heavy Infantry bonuses for WARDEN to boost suppression and defense
- Changed WARDEN’s Processing Power research speed modifier to be weaker
- Changed K-9 army to now increase unit supply use, army training time and Dog equipment cost. Feed your dogs.
- Changed WARDEN to no longer have access to Cybernetics
- Changed WARDEN’s Robocop decision reworked for NEW man made horrors beyond your comprehension
- Changed WARDEN to no longer receive Power Armor beyond tribal or Vault-Tec variants
- Changed the rewards from WARDENS initial brotherhood decision to be split so infiltration rewards something different.
- Changed Colossus changes nations on the WARDEN civil war event now so people who cheat can still get it in charge, cheaters.
- Changed WARDEN to have slightly less access to advanced motorized technology
- Changed the population and building slots from restoring Denver to be lower
- Changed the Last Patrol’s starting units and production to include demolitions instead of fireteams
- Changed some focuses for the Hardin path for Operation Sunburst in Mojave Chapter to be slightly stronger
- Changed some focuses for Robot City to be weaker or slightly altered
- Changed Robot City to start with additional modifiers to justify time and enemy justify time
- Changed some focuses from the Shared Cascadia tree to be slightly stronger or weaker
- Changed Santa Anna to start with 5% more Conscription Factor via his national spirit
- Changed some of Alamo Chapter’s starting and wartime emergency focuses to be slightly weaker
- Changed Alamo Chapter’s Hardliners spirit to grant 5% less factory output
- Changed the effects of the starting spirits for the Divide and the Rapids slightly
- Changed the Last Redoubt to be slightly more likely to fire it’s own decisions
- Changed Rosado to have a chance to release the TAA if Rio owns all of it’s states
- Changed Redding Focus bypasses to prevent them auto-firing before the other country even gets to respond
- Changed the AI logic for taking many decisions and some major or pre-war businesses to be more intelligent
- Changed the research bonuses or modifiers of some design companies slightly
- Changed the Economic Expert advisor trait to be marginally weaker
- Changed a Gente idea to be weaker
- Changed demo to be researched more by the ai


- Fixed some achievements having errors in their conditions which interfered with completion
- Fixed Caesar’s scripted AI strategy sometimes lacking the proper weights to make him declare war upon the NCR
- Fixed part of the Wishmaiden’s Vault 45 event chain not firing or giving the final trait
- Fixed Mojave Territories focus “Civilian Rule in the Mojave” not removing the idea “Pacification, Not Emancipation” if you’d previously done the focus “Towards Pacification”
- Fixed Doctrine cost reductions to Land Perks applying infinite times
- Fixed Super-Heavy Robots lacking the proper icons and localisation in some UI areas
- Fixed Rosado not recognizing if an ally owned Eden
- Fixed Eagle Rock Cutters focus from doing nothing if you don’t have MTG
- Fixed a Special Forces Cap buff for WARDEN to be a flat addition as intended rather than a large percentage bonus.
- Fixed a starting event for Montana Chapter granting APA equipment instead of the intended Midwestern Power Armour (ATA)
- Fixed some New Vegas advisors descriptions not being visible
- Fixed Lone Star being removed from the Texas bookmark, replacing Ouroboros who are also present on the Utah bookmark
- Fixed the Mole Miner Economic Expert advisor costing more political power than intended
- Fixed some bookmark entries not displaying all starting national spirits for certain nations
- Fixed a bug preventing some robotic generals from getting viruses instead of being wounded
- Fixed ai path for Hayes
- Fixed Lucius not becoming a country leader in the Legion civil war


- Removed Free Gauss schematics from WARDEN. Go scavenge some
- Removed Sophisticated Air and Mini-Nukes from WARDEN’s NORAD decision.

Technical Changes

- Added localized unit modifiers for non-combat support companies for future use
- Changed the order in which the AI NCR, New Reno and Vault City take some focuses slightly
- Changed the AI weights for some NCR advisor and event choices to be more sensible
- Changed the AI weights for some Mojave Territories focuses and their NCR interaction decisions to be more intelligent
- Changed the AI weights for some robot advisors to be more sensible
- Changed some details pertaining to background AI logic for advisors and decisions
- Fixed one of the two State Population scripted effects having the other’s tooltip erroneously
- Cleaned some other minor background issues from the error log
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2023.03.21 18:07 gosumofo More JEPI, Let it Rainnnnn

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2023.03.21 18:07 jothrew Exchanging for VSonia to grind Valentines Colo

I don’t plan to roll in this machine bc it’s bad value.
I have a pretty deep box and can afford trading for VSonia so I can grind through Colo with a shivadrag system; only have one of each of the +resist latents and want to stock up.
I don’t have a huge excess of 6* gfes but I can afford this trade without using anything I don’t have 2+ of (have 3blonia and 4kaede for example).
Do you guys think this is worth? Anything I’m missing?
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2023.03.21 18:06 gosumofo Put in More Orders during Rain ☔️

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2023.03.21 18:03 Seeamanabouta $46k FRC yolo

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2023.03.21 18:02 cameron6692 TA/Chart BBBY Daily and 4 hour

TA/Chart BBBY Daily and 4 hour
While it's true that technical analysis may not always be reliable, for those who do find value in it, we have an exciting opportunity on our hands.
Take a look at the 4-hour and daily charts, and you'll see something that cannot be ignored - a double bottom pattern. This may seem like just another nothing burger to some, but when you consider the strength of technical indicators on longer-term charts, it becomes clear that this could be a highly possible to shake out.
When we take a closer look at the RSI, we can see a clear divergence. This means that instead of the lows being on the same level, we have a higher low. And if you use the trendline tool, it's easy to see that this divergence is not level. What's even more exciting is that at the bottom of this pattern, the price is almost completely flat and parallel. This together tells us that the momentum has diminished, and we should expect a pump to the upside.
So, for those who find value in technical analysis, now may be the time to act if you haven't taken advantage of the discounted moon tickets. And for those who don't place a lot of value on technical, it's always a good idea to consider multiple factors when making trading decisions, such as fundamental analysis, market conditions, and risk management. Either way thanks for reading. Remember, timing is everything, and if this shakes out it could be the catalyst we've been waiting for.
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2023.03.21 18:01 InnocentElectrician Account value down more than expected? Should I be worried?

Made a similar post pretty recent, but am slightly worried something Is wrong.
I day trade / scalp mostly on margin and checked my monthly activity statement, have no noticeable fees outside of my losses and commissions, but my account ends up down more than what I lost.
Example yesterday I lost about 100$ as a test, then I checked today on my performance tab (statistics) and it says account value is down 400$ from yesterday. Similarly I made a 60$ profit today (shown as realized PnL), but performance tab show I'm down 20$ today. These were traded for testing purpose, and dont make sense to me.
The problem is that this has been noticeable the last weeks, my account has dropped way more than expected even on days with minor losses and no trades.
Could this be the explanation? = My base currency is in SEK (about 10% of the account value) and the rest I've converted to USD for trading. This means there should be no conversion fee on each trade, but could it drop as the USD value drops? Should I convert most back to SEK to keep them from losing more value?
I'm a little worried since the drawdowns have been way bigger than expected. Is there any other statement I should double check or similar?
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2023.03.21 18:01 n4jm4 I wish C and C++ would modernize way faster

To me, the profusion of programming language choices today is a symptom of the decrepit state of C and of C++.
While I champion Go and Rust for having the balls to wipe the slate clean, I would also love for C and C++ to catch up. It's not like C or C++ projects will dissappear completely, so they might as well benefit from enriched standards.
Both C and C++ are steadily modernizing. But the pace is agonizingly slow. There are things in the CERT security guidelines that wouldn't be security issues at all, if the languages took a more proactive approach. For one example, ban variable declarations before the first case in a switch block.
I'd like to see Stroustrup bless Conan, or any package manager. While there is value in competition, there is also much waste in competition.
I'd like to see closures finally land in C. I'd like to see more people respond to other languages by remarking, "C/C++ already has that!" rather than whinging about backwards compatibility or performance. The people who never break backwards compatibility or performance, are already pleasantly charting their own course, independent of the future direction of these languages.
I'd like to see C do showcased on stage, what its preprocessor has been doing behind the curtains all these years.
We don't need to ditch these CVE-heavy languages if we can agree to accelerate their modernization, for an era where not all programmers are PhD's with good intentions.
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2023.03.21 17:57 LouDogg00 The best inverse ETFs to trade - Inverse ETF list

Inverse ETF:
A type of exchange-traded (ETF) fund designed to deliver returns that are the opposite of an underlying index's performance. In other words, if the index goes down by 2%, the inverse ETF should ideally go up by 2%.
Additionally, there are 2x and 3x inverse ETFs. If you buy a 3x inverse ETF and the index moves up 2%, your 2x inverse ETF should move 6%.
How Inverse ETFs Work:
Inverse ETFs achieve their objectives using financial derivatives, such as options, futures contracts, or swaps. These instruments allow the ETF to "short" the market, profiting from a decline in the value of the underlying index.
It's important to note that the performance of inverse ETFs is generally measured over a single day, meaning their returns can diverge significantly from the index when held for longer periods.
Index ETFs and List
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2023.03.21 17:57 GermanRizzler W/F/L

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2023.03.21 17:56 options_trader_ New Open-Source Options Backtesting Framework in Python

I am in the process of building a backtesting framework in Python that's specialized for trading options. The framework allows you to:
My framework is quite a bit different than other strategy backtesting frameworks.
First, we conceptualize a portfolio differently in that we allow a user to manage many different positions of different asset classes and instruments. Here's example code of a portfolio:
Portfolio( trades=[ Trade( positions=[ Position( instrument=CommonStock(ticker="AAPL"), size=1 ), Position( instrument=EquityOption( underlying=CommonStock(ticker="AAPL"), payoff=VanillaPayoff( option_type=OptionType.PUT, strike_price=100 ), exercise_type=AmericanExerciseStyle( minimum_exercise_date=date(2021, 1, 4), expiration_date=date(2022, 1, 3), cut=NysePMCut(), ), denomination_currency=Currency.USD, contract_size=100, ), size=1, ), ] ) ] ) 
Second, my framework allows you to quickly compose a strategy using basic buildings blocks we call "triggers" and "actions". A trigger provides conditional logic to determine if an action should be executed. An action transforms a portfolio (e.g. enters a trade or rolls into a new position). You can easily build your own custom triggers and actions. Here's example code of a SPX straddle with delta hedging strategy:
underlying = EquityIndex(ticker="^SPX", index_type=EquityIndexType.PRICE) roll_rule = RollRule( calendar=MarketCalendar("NYSE"), period=Period(n=2, unit=TimeUnit.MONTH), convention=BusinessDayConvention.FOLLOWING, ) data_source = MarketDataSource() strategy = TriggerActionStrategy( [ TriggerAction( trigger=InitializationTrigger(), action=EnterTradeAction(trade_callable=enter_trade) ), TriggerAction( trigger=MinimumExpiryTrigger( period=Period(n=1, unit=TimeUnit.MONTH) ), action=AggregateAction( actions=[ RollRestrikeEquityOptionAction( roll_rule=roll_rule, moneyness=Moneyness(level=1.0, type=MoneynessType.SPOT) ), RollEquityFutureAction( roll_rule=roll_rule, ) ] ) ), TriggerAction( trigger=MarketTrigger( data_definition=EquitySpotDataDefinition(ticker=underlying.ticker), threshold=BelowDifferenceThreshold( value=-0.03, computation_type=ComputationType.PERCENTAGE, additional_threshold=AboveDifferenceThreshold( value=0.03, computation_type=ComputationType.PERCENTAGE, ), operator=LogicalOperator.OR ) ), action=DeltaHedgeEquityOptionAction( underlying=underlying, roll_rule=roll_rule ) ) ] ) 
Before open-sourcing the project, I am hoping to get feedback and onboard some beta users. Please comment some of your preferred features below (e.g. handling transaction costs), and DM me if you're interested in testing the framework early.
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2023.03.21 17:56 Sweet-Count2557 Rivian Automotive trades below its cash value - is the stock a buy or sell?

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2023.03.21 17:53 FloppyBackpack Trick Taking Game, WIP - Looking for feedback, recommendations, etc.!

Hey BGD community!
I’m working on a trick taking card game, but I have a few concerns - primarily, worried it might be too simple. I want to make sure there’s a level of strategy involved, and it doesn’t just consist of the lead player throwing out their highest card without thinking.
Still deciding between a few themes, but the gameplay should still remain relatively similar.
The premise behind the game is to earn the most victory points out of all players, after three rounds of play. There are four suits of cards, numbered 1-9, 4 cards for an overarching trump card (similar to submarines in The Crew), and 4 “pass” cards that a player can use, to pass on a turn, and keep the cards in their hand. Players are each dealt 9 cards. There’s an additional stack of “treasure” cards, which will act as the primary means of acquiring victory points. Each treasure card is worth 1, 2, or 3 victory points, which is designated on the back of the card. Each round begins by shuffling the stack of treasure cards, and placing 9 treasure cards in a row side by side, face down, with the number of victory points that treasure is worth on the back.
Starting with the first treasure card in the row, flip the treasure card over, revealing the trump suit for that particular card. Lower valued treasure cards will allow the lead player to choose the suit for that trick, while higher value cards will provide one particular suit.
From here, players will play the trick with the designated trump suit. Whoever wins the trick receives that treasure card, and any associated abilities. Abilities may vary between adding one to their next card value, trading cards with another player, taking a victory point away from another player, etc.
Victory points can also be acquired via completing tasks, only known to each player. Each player will have a task card, stating they will get additional victory points, by winning treasure cards with matching suits. For example’s sake, earn 1 additional VP if you win a treasure with a heart suit, 3 VPs if you win two treasures with a heart suit, and 5 VPs if you win three treasures with a heart suit.
For scoring, I’m picturing a scoreboard card, with a range of values from 1 to N, and each player will have a meeple on the scoreboard, to represent the number of VPs they have. At the end of each round, players will tally their VPs based on the treasure cards they won. After three rounds, the player with the most victory points win.
This is very much a WIP, but I am open to any sort of feedback or suggestions anyone might have - thanks for reading!
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2023.03.21 17:53 Lifesucksgod Every short seller since the ides of March... is this the reversal of gme

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2023.03.21 17:49 AniKzin You need to choose a side: (Starter ADC Items Edition)

You need to choose a side: (Starter ADC Items Edition)

Longsword + 3 potions or Doran's blade with a single pot?

Morpheus: This is your last chance. After this, there is no turning back.
In reality, both options are valid and reasonable, you just have to choose the right one for the situation.

Here we will discuss: what they offer, when to choose, why to build, and how to get the maximum benefit from it, all at once.
Let's go 👇🏻

"B#llsh!t, it's simple! Use longsword plus pots when you're against poke lanes and Doran's when you're against engage"
Strictly, your dumbo, come a little closer with your ears right here. 👂🏻💢👋🏻 just kidding
so listen to Morpheus and keep on the path.
Besides this being the docket (really shallow), those people that want to unlock all their potential will stay reading.

The stats that the items provide are in the image down below 👇🏻
In total HP, the first option came strong with 360 and 10 ad
On the other side, we are offered 200hp total, 80 being directly on the life bar. 8 AD and 2.5% Omnivamp.
(not made with full precision, but it gives the idea)
🤔So, when the Vamp surpasses the potions? How much damage do I've to do? I'VE TESTED IT!!!
The Math is so simple that I calculated when I was playing 🤫🤫
To this amount Omnivamp heals 160 damage [360 (3pot) - 200 (Doran HP + 1 pot) = 160] you have to apply, with autos and skills, approximately 6400 damage (or more because splash damage has only 33% efficacy). \"old\" Yuumi after the big nerf btw
Now I pass the ball to you, do you gonna hold it? ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Because in the very end, the choice is yours, like the fingers clicking at the shop 👻
Just kidding, I'm here to help:
  • If you are against two champions that turn you into jello in a little stumble of yours, take Doran's. (The potions will not heal you in time).
  • If you are against two poking little mosquitoes, go with potions and a sword.

At the moment, you already know how to pick, there's more:
Why choose each one?
  • 3 health potions allow you to do fewer visits to the base, or to do it later, you can spend more time in lane farming and getting XP, and your trades will be stronger if you use your pots well. It will also speed up your Mythic by being part of the build path.
  • Doran provides safety for you for a longer time, until you sell it. If you back to base, your 80 extra HP will be recharged on the fountain. This affects the math we did earlier!! 80 health points are something and the Doran's value turns high because of it, it's a cheap and efficient item.

Use your potions wisely, at many times it becomes more valuable than any Coca-Cola in the desert, so force your enemy to use them trashy, use ignite when they are tippling (not even Cleanse removes the effect of Wounds). This can guarantee a forced all-win.

🏆SUPER HIGH-QUALITY BONUS for those that read until the end:
Look at this class from Lilithlol1 (Coach and Data Analyst) [translated screenshot]
Absorb so you can be GOAT 🐐, not a catfish.

Murro!👊🏻 Now that you are a pro at choosing items, teach that to your friends to take more people off Matrix. 😎
Thanks for reading, that post is a translation made by me from Portuguese 🇧🇷, sorry if the original humor is not as present as in my mother language. Hope you guys enjoyed it anyway and I hope it creates a good and pacific discussion about the game that I love so much. See ya! 👊🏻
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2023.03.21 17:47 Supergabry_13th It's all a lie

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2023.03.21 17:46 viagraworks how much is a dawn of x first printing storm worth?

i got the LE card a few days ago in a trade and now someone wants to get it from me, what’s the value of this card so i know what i should be getting back from it?
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2023.03.21 17:42 dwhit266 Guide for Warrior in Arena

Guide for Warrior in Arena
In this meta, a lot of people are choosing Mage and Hunter, with some Druid/Paladin thrown in. I got bored with these classes & decided to experiment with Priest & Warrior. My goal was to counter all the Mages & Hunters and have had decent success. This guide I will focus on Warrior.
When I am drafting for warrior, I am thinking specifically how I can beat Mages and Hunters.
  1. Mages have lots of discovery i.e. value and tempo swings - but are weak to face damage. As a warrior, you are unlikely to outvalue a mage. Don't try - hit them in the face. Pick cards that can have some direct damage to finish them off such as Weapons and cards like Stoneborn Accuser & Tidal Revenant. Keep in mind minion break points against common spells - such as fire sale (3 dmg) & Deathborne (2 dmg), but sometimes play into these cards if your only win con is hitting them early. Try not to trade against a mage - count on your armor gaining cards for protection.
  2. Hunters are winning in this meta b/c one of their best matchups is Mage, which like I mentioned above is weak to face damage. They also have some unique value generators in this meta. This is where you need to mulligan for early game & have some armor generating cards for backup. Whirling combatant is also really helpful here for a ping.
  3. When drafting, you need some AOE cards to combat against Druids & Paladins, but don't overdo it. Keep in mind you are trying to beat up on Mages & Hunters. Neutral cards like street sweeper are fine, but you need enough firepower to beat mages early.
  4. Draft enough 2s and 3s - if you miss these turns early, it will turn into a value game - one that you are unlikely to win at higher wins
  5. Discover is fine - but the pool is relatively weak for warriors. Instead try to focus on tempo cards + cards that generate/draw with minimal tempo loss.
Good luck!
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2023.03.21 17:41 Codename_Dash How much does digital confetti value?

I’m asking because before I knew things have higher value than originally, I trade things like fire decal and Crew capsule and I received things significantly less valueable
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2023.03.21 17:37 fgdftry56dr National News Headlines – 21 March 2023 (Tuesday)

Pay Arrears to Pensioners, Gallantry winners of armed forces; Supreme Court gives deadline to centre.
National Security Act invoked against 5 members of Amritpal Singh’s ‘Waris Punjab De’
Clear all OROP dues by Feb 28, 2024 Supreme Court directs Centre
As COVID 19 Cases surge, health ministry issues revised guidelines
KCR’s Daughter Appears for Questioning in Delhi Liquor Policy Case
Kerala Archbishop Promises BJP a Lok Sabha Seat in 2024, On a Condition
Grand Tricolor, Late Night Summons : India’s strong response to Khalistani protest at UK Mission
PM Modi to Attend G7 Hiroshima Summit, Accepts Japanese Counterpart Kishida’s Invite
Unprecedented : Rahul Gandhi responds to Police Notice over Bharat Jodo Yatra Claims
Delhi Excise Policy Case : Manish Sisodia’s Judicial Custody extended till April 3
International World News Headlines – 21 March 2023
Putin stuns Zelensky by landing in Ukraine ; Drives in Russia – held Mariupol, chats with people
Trump expects to be arrested on Tuesday
Ukraine War : China vows Solidarity with Russia Much to The Angst of US : India’s Balancing Act Gets Complicated
Xi Jinpind in Russia : Chinese President expected to ‘mediate for peace’ in Russia – Ukraine War
Millions of Dead Fish Float in Australian River after Hypoxia Disaster
Dozens of Imran Khan Supporters Arrested by Pak Police
Sports News Headlines – 21 March 2023
Mitchell Starc, openers lead Australia’s dominant show to level series
Gone with the Wind ! Hilarious scene during New Zealand – Sri Lanka 2nd Test
Gautam Gambhir backs KS Bharat ahead of KL Rahul ; Slams former players
He is satisfied with 90-100; I used to be content after 250-300′ : Sehwag
Kessie the Clasico climax of Barcelona’s three-act play :Moment of the Weekend
FA Cup : Manchester United Book semi – final berth after drama filled 3-1 victory against Fulham
Carlos Alcaraz dethrones Novak Djokovic to reclaim world no. 1 spot after maiden victory at Indian wells
Business News Headlines – 21 March 2023
Sensex crashes over 900pts intra-day : 5 factors behind Mondays market out
UBS rescues Credit Suisse, Fed Increases Dollar Liquidity, Gold Hits a One year High
Gold prices hit record high, cross Rs.60,000 mark for the first time
RBI Deputy Governor’s post : Chiefs of BoB, BoM, PNB, and two SBI MDs in race
Double whammy for IT sectors as Global banking crisis further clouds earnings outlook
Jefferies sees little value ascribed to Reliance’s new businesses; set target at Rs 3,100
Adani Enterprises, other Group stocks fall while Adani Green rises
Experts zero in on 10 stocks as market trades below 200 day average
Jayanti Chauhan to steer Bisleri now, as Tata Consumer no longer pursuing buyout
Outgoing TCS CEO Rajesh Gopinathan’s ops model may have led to unease
Science Technology News Headlines – 21 March 2023
Google Messages will soon show contact images within chats
Garena Free Fire Redeem Codes for March 20; Bolster your chances with free rewards
Tesla cars put up a light show in sync to RRR’s Naatu in New Jursey.
With WhatsApp new Feature, extract image right from text
Scientists identify intense Heatwaves at the Bottom of Ocean
NASA Astronomy Picture of the Day 20 March 2023
NASA finds first ever Volcanic activity evidence on Venus
Stephen Hawking thought his thesis in a brief history of time was wrong.
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2023.03.21 17:33 FireingUp1029 CFP+Accountant costs & value: I'm see

Hi - I know there's a lot of posts about people evaluating financial planning/investment mgr costs & benefits, so just want to be clear the two purposes of this post:
  1. For those who currently, or previously, paid for financial professional services: curious to benchmark from others if what I'm paying is reasonable relative to services provided.
  2. For those who are considering a CFP/CPA: want to share why I'm seeing value from what I'm getting, if it helps others to answer the "why", setting aside the specific cost.
Thanks in advance for the input/discussion.
Status quo: one year into using a flat fee CFP for $10K/year and a CPA for $5K/year Happy with what I'm getting, but still curious about the cost relative to services provided/benchmark
Sidebar question: private investments and firing/leaving a CFP
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