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2023.06.01 04:00 PaughtinessPanda Scared writer (long read for toilet time)

So I've always always always wanted to write anime/adult action fictional animation or what ever you call anime in America and I finally have an opportunity to get it problem is I have writers block kinda I have an episode that I keep retuneing and I'm worried that it's not good and I keep getting it's great it's good blaa blaa blaa I want some actual critical feed back and I can't get it sooooooooooooooooo people of reddit what do you think it's a rough rough and I can't not stress rough draft so I'm not looking for spelling or grammer just tell me if it catches your eye puts that need to watch more like Naruto (my favorite anime) or erased something that your curious about well tell me your thoughts (extremely nervous)
Sorry if it's a long read
Episode 1 Scene 1 breaking the forth wall
setting Black screen with a desk and chair facing the camera
Action: Anthony walks up to the desk sits down and looks at the screen.
Anthony: Hello viewers im anthony origins and im going to be your main star.
action: Jelani walks in from off-screen
Jelani: Anthony what the (beep) wait did you just (beep) censor me
Anthony: we want kids to watch this we cant have language like that on my show
Jelani :your show wait, first fix this (beep) second your not the only main characters here what about kradon and me were in the scrpit like twice
Anthony: your right, but no one wants to see y'all they want to see me and all my glory
action kradon walks in from off screen
kradon are you guys seriously arguing about the scrpit again, the viewer doesn't care just get to the show already
jelani fine fine fine im out
anthony what do you mean your out you cant just leave
jelani says who I got two feet I can walk off this screen and disappear no one would even know
anthony you already appeared on screen there no special cameos your not famous enough for that (beep)
jelani im the freaking CEO of fighting wombat productions roll the intro
action play fighting wombats intro then record skip noise anthony interrupts
anthony that doesn't mean anything
jelani means I do what I want now now fix this (beep) so we can start the show and get rid of the got damn sensor this isn't no telly tubby bull (beep)
action kradon and jelani walk off-screen
anthony sighs fine fuck it
scene one:the dream
setting :Anthony origins ,Collier Zorgata, Jelani (last name) each in there own house having simulator nightmares of a baby crying in and out black and white figures stand over the baby the room shakes the figures flash and Anthony Collier and Jelani wake up
baby Jelani,Anthony,Collier:crying noise
faded male voice: we have to do something
faded female voice: we should take them and run
faded voice father: that wont be necessary
Action:flash of green light figures disappear
faded voice father: now take your medicine
Action:needle starts to move to the baby
Scene 2: wake up its school
settings: in the rooms of Anthony Jelani,Collier they hop waking up from there dream three pan of all three characters laying up in there bed each do individual starching Collier disappears
pan to Collier rolling off his roof landing in a bush
Collier: (yells as he rolls of the roof)
action: Collier stands up
Collier : what... the fuck... where am I
action: Collier looks at his door and starts knocking
guy walking by: looks like your missing something there aren't ya
action: Collier looks down at his body and starts knocking again
Collier: Ma! let me in!
action Colliers mom opens the door:
Collier mom: how did you get out here
Collier I don't even know just let me in
action Collier walks in the house and closes the door
pan: over to Anthony walking out of his restroom door
action:Anthony grabs his coat and fixes it on to his body and starts to walk down the stairs little partial start to stick to his hand as he holds the pole of his stair case ill sparks of electricity fly through his hand Anthony jumps in pain
Anthony: ow what the fuck
Anthony mom: watch your mouth
Anthony: sorry mom I just got zapped by something
Anthony mom: doesnt excuse language well get out of here you don't want to start your senior year on a bad note now do you
Anthony: o yeah the joys of school Anthony mom: don't be a prick
Anthony: (laughs) cya mom
action Anthony walks out the front door
pan over to Jelani walking out of front door
Jelani begins walking to school and a dog walks by him he stops and pets the dog takes out some of his lunch gives it the dog
Jelani: you need bath Little man its wrong how people treat dogs like old toys you deserve a bath let your coat shi..(phone rings)
action jelani answers his phone
Collier: hey where are you
Jelani: in never land with peter pan
Collier: well Wendy called and said its time for class
Jelani: yeah yeah I'm almost there give me a bit
Collier: were in front of the school
Jelani: what do you need permission or something go to class
Collier: you have my text book remember
Jelani: o awkward.. okay ill be there in like 2 minutes
Collier alright see you th---...hello
pan to Anthony and Collier
Anthony: hung up on you
Collier: yeah, as is tradition. would it kill him for once to actually end the conversation properly?
Anthony: Well you know Jelani. what will be the chances of him doing that
Collier (sighs)
action: Jelani runs up to them
Jelani: here take your book
Collier: thanks now lets get to class
pan to Jelani Collier and Anthony walking up to the school doors and see three guys in the background
action: Vince lifts his hand and ice partials lift out of his hand and freeze the door handles
action Jelani turns in anger
Jelani: and this day started off so well
Collier: Vince get rid of the ice were running late
action: Vince walks up to Collier:
vince: come again? I don't think I heard a "Please?"
Anthony: if you need a please I'm pleased to show you what my fist does to your face
Vince: o we have ill hero here how about I freeze your face see brave you are then
action Anthony gulps
Jelani jumps in front of Vince and Anthony and pushes Vince off
Jelani: lets all calm,down no reason to get testy here Vince
Vince: so your gonna be a hero too huh Jelani
action: Vince moves forward towards Jelani
Jelani: get back Vince
Vince: aw what happen to all that bravery you just had hmm
Jelani: Vince I said get back action: Jelani shoves Vince and gets pushed back against the door the ice around the door shatters Vince gets knocked in to his friends and falls to the ground
Anthony: what the hell was that
Collier who cares the doors open lets go
action: the three of them run in to the building and down the hall they stop at the end of the hall Anthony stops and catch's his breath
Anthony:what the hell what was that Jelani
Jelani: o yes I'm a fucking Wikipedia on how gene x works
Collier: are you guys forgetting were late for class
Anthony: shit your right. okay we will talk about this at lunch lets go
Collier: yup Jelani: yeah whatever
action: Jelani Isaiah and Collier split up
pan over to Collier turning down the hall
Collier man I got to drop the kids off at the pool first before I go to class.
action camera shows the restroom Collier runs in to the restroom and slams in to the stall show Colliers face he closes his eyes
Collier: ahh there we go
action poop sounds
girl: ahh what the hell are you doing
action: Collier opens his eyes
setting: female locker room
girl: o my gosh it smells like shit ! what are you doing in her get out get out get out
Collier : Ahh! What the flip! I''m so sorry! I have no idea how the hell I got in here
action: Collier pulls his pants up and runs in to the female shower by accident
women: you pervert get out girls only
action hitting sounds and splashing around show Collier going back down the hallway in the opposite direction pan to him out side the door of the women's restroom
Collier Oowww... What da-fuq is going on?
pan over to Jelani
settings art class each student had a canvas in front of them
teacher: okay for our next project I want your best depiction of your spirt animal what animal speaks to your heart
Jelani: sighs I have the imagination of a dog chasing his tail this is gonna be a long class
action Jelani starts to draw on the canvas and rips the paper out continues this process 3 times before slamming his head and hand on the canvas pant splats on it
Jelani: lunch couldn't come any sooner what I wouldn't do for a hot dog right now
action: the paint swirls above Jelani and a hot dog appears above him
Jelani: better yet a pizza
action the paint swirls again and a pizza appears above Jelani
Jelani: god I can almost taste it
action a pizza appears in his mouth Jelani spits it out on to the floor
Jelani: the fucking fuck?
action: Jelani runs out to the restroom knocking over a bowl of art supply's
teacher jela...(Jelani)
action: Jelani rushes out the door and in to a restroom Vince watch's him enter Jelani splash's his face with water
Jelani: okay its all right think what could this be
action Vince walks In
Vince well well well look who's all alone
Jelani: Vince, I don't have time for this
action Jelani starts to turn around
Vince: is that so
action Vince snaps fingers and freezes the sink with Jelani hand still attached and grabs him by the neck
Vince: well lets make sometime
Jelani: okay but I don't think it's gonna be very enjoyable for you
action: Jelani steps on his foot and head buts him and kicks him to the ground
Jelani: now what now what now what
action Jelani looks at the ice
Jelani: break break break
action Jelani closes his eyes a flash of ice breaking appears
action: the ice crumbles in to the sink Jelani faces back to Vince he starts to stand up and gets to his feet
Vince: look who has a ill fight in him
action: Vince slams his arms in to Jelani's shoulders forcing him to the ground
Vince: and the fight is gone
action: Jelani falls to the ground a hazy camera of Jelani looking at a stall
Jelani(inner voice) damn that hurt
action: Jelani starts to crawl to the stall and lifts his hand to pull his self up Vince reaches down and picks up Jelani and lifts him against the stall door and lifts a frost fist behind him Jelani looks at the door and notices a loosen screw instantly imagines the screw stopping his fist and closes his eyes then opens them seeing that it has happened they both exclaim shocked
(Jelani & Vince) wha..(what)
action: Vince continues to force his fist at Jelani Jelani smirks
Jelani: now that were on equal terms
action: Jelani lifts his other hand a pulse flashes out of his hand pushing Jelani and Vince in opposite directions Jelani lands on the stall and hits his back on the toilet metal pump
Jelani: okay ouch :(action says while standing up )
action: Vince stands up anger is shown on his face the sprinklers turn on the water starts to freeze as it falls to the floor the fire alarm goes off
(10 minutes earlier) text appears
pan over to Anthony
teacher: okay class we have used water to demonstrate the 3 states of matter solid liquid and gas now our last experiment will be with fire to create the forth state of mater also known as plasma and just to add a lil twist we will use a copper to creating a blue flame
action: show Anthony drooling on the lab desk
teacher: your gonna have to be paying full attention because this is a highly (action teacher points at Anthony and makes a shoving motion the student next to Anthony nudges him to wake him up Anthony head pops up and looks around in confusion) dangerous exper.... (experiment)
teacher: welcome back to the land of the living Anthony ready to join the rest of us
action: Anthony yawns
Anthony: o please do go on I'm so intrigued the excitement
teacher: (action the teacher stares at isaiah annoyed) as i was saying ....umm.. o. This is a highly dangerous experiment so pay attention
action: show Anthony dosing off
teacher okay first grab your copper out of the element box and put it in to the beaker now take the syringe and spray water on to the copper this loosen the heavy salts changing its mass from a solid to a gas only gases can become a flame
action Anthony eyes starts to close and he starts to see ill dots all around the copper
teacher this also starts to release hydrogen in to the beaker now turn on your electric heater
action a charge drips off Anthony lip shocking the heater
teacher: as the molecules starts to heat up the hydrogen ignites from the oxygen in the air
action Anthony eyes start to slight widen the partials ignite and trail of blue flames go on to his hand the student next to him jumps
student: Fire Fire!! action Anthony jumps out his seat
Anthony what where
student fire its on your pants
action Anthony jumps up swiping at the fire the fire discharges from his hands and hits the floor Anthony runs to a safety shower spout and reaches to turn it on the water turns on and swirls around his body
Anthony: the fires not going out help me
action a student runs to Anthony the fire starts to heat and a discharge of electricity shoots out the fire and swirls around his body Anthony lifts his hand
Anthony: wait don't stay back its dangerous
a bolt of energy shoots out his hand and through the window Anthony runs out the room as a trail of electricity fire and water swirl behind him students follow behind him as the three elements start to dissipate the fire alarm goes off
pan to Jelani
action:a wave of ice freezes the water up to the toilet Jelani back clides with the stall wall
jelani: I need to get out of here
action: the wall turns in to a door and jelani rush out of the door and in to the hallway as vince blast a beam of ice in to the stall freezing the entire thing vince turns to jelani as each drop of water from the sprinklers freeze as it clides and shatters as it reaches the ground jeans stares down at vince since takes a pill out of his pocket and pops it in his mouth ice drips off of vinces body
vince: you and your friends judge me for using these phantom pills and look who's secretly a little druggy jelani
jelani: I'm not a degenerate like you vince Idk how I have these ability but anything I imagine happens so let's do this
action: Vince releases a breath of ice out the screws of the restroom stalls start to fly off of the its Henge blocking vince ice breath then the screws start flying off hitting vince over and over in different spots
vince: enough!
action: vince freezes the air and all the screws fall to the ground
vince: I'm done playing with you jeans
jelani: too far
action: vince starts to send waves of ice at jelani freezing jelanis leg to the wall and vince freezes jelanis arms and other leg jelani closes his eyes
jelani: cardboard cardboard cardboard
action: the wall behind jelani starts to glow and and forms flimsy cardboard as vince charges a large partial of ice in his hands and releases it as jelani falls through the wall and in to the a locker in the hallway bumping his head on the locker door
jelani : sighs great now I'm in a locker
action teens run down the hall way passing Jelani in the locker Collier bumps against a girls butt the girl punches him and he falls to the ground
girl you creep don't touch me. Sneaking in the girls restroom yuk
Collier:Wait no its not like that, I swear I have no idea how I got in there!
girl what ever
action: girl continues running down the hall
Collier: seriously
Jelani: I'm almost to happy Im stuck in here to hear that
Collier: Jelani what are you doing in there
Jelani: well this is my comfort spot I come in here to contemplate out how to solve world hunger, bring world peace, What the fuck do you think im doing in here im stuck , you idijt!!!
Collier: you know it would be real easy for me to continue down my merry way
Jelani and id like to wish on your merry way good sir,but, if you would be so kind to GET ME OUT THE BLOODY LOCKER that would be greeeaattt
Collier sighs hold on hold on
Jelani: o please do take your time
Collier its not like im a master lock picker
Jelani o
Collier what
Jelani nothing keep going
action unlock noise
Collier : there we go
Jelani yay we did it
action Collier opens the door Jelani walks out the locker
Jelani no need to dwell. shall we?
Collier dude there's a latch on the door. You could've gotten yourself outta there yourself.
Collier shows Jelani the latch on the locker and demonstrates how it works
Jelani I don't know what your talking about(says quickly) (action continues walking)
action Collier shakes his head and continues down the hallway both head outside of the door camera shows them walking down a tiny stare way the girls turn and stare at Collier
Jelani what was that about
Collier the reason im going to stay single my whole high school year Jelani o and you and the closet being mighty tight wasn't gonna do that
action Collier looks at Jelani
Collier whatever lets find Anthony you know how he gets around fire
action Collier starts walking looking around
Jelani well I think this is just a drill judging that everyone not screaming and going crazy
Collier yeah I guess. I see him over there in the back
action Collier and Jelani approach Anthony
Collier hey Anthony h..(how)
action Anthony grabs Jelani and Collier and pull them to the side
Anthony shut up listen that goes double for you Jelani
Jelani no promises
Anthony I did this I started the fire I don't know how but I got Gen X in my system im shooting electricity starting fire controlling water and there are dots all In the air im loss...(losing)
Jelani wait you too
Anthony what are you talking about
Jelani I fought Vince with the ability to I don't know make stuff from nmmy imaginationtion
Anthony we need to go to the tent and figure this out
action Anthony and Jelani run off
Collier first day of school and already ditching
action Jelani turns around
Jelani are you contemplating the universe or something come on!
Action Jelani turns back towards Anthony and continues running Collier starts running
setting the tent
action Anthony walks up to the tent and flings the doors open Jelani walks in be hind him Collier continues be hind him Anthony turns around
Anthony show me
Jelani well take me out to dinner first this show ain't free
Anthony the ability man the ability
jelani mmmm hmm im just sayin if i hear some baby making music im out
action jelani closes his eyes and nothing happens
Anthony: performance exiade
action jelani moves his dreads from his face and looks at Anthony
jelani: god I hate these things and I'd how this works I was running off of instanct I wasn't thinking about it it was all reaction
Anthony try again
action: jelani moves his dreads away from his face
jelani : I'm not a trained monkey I don't know how this works
action jelani moves his dreads from his face
jelani god I hate these things when there untwisted
collier you should just cut them off 3 hours to just twist seems like a lot of work
jelani: and look like you too no hair no real style just bound screw that I can't even imagine my hair gone just picturing that
action while jelani says that he shutters and his hair starts to glow and his hair turns short and in a fade
jelani sends chills down my spine now shut up I have to focus
action isaiah starts laughing
jelani: will you shut up
action a sandwich appears in his hand
Anthony instant manifestation fascinating
Jelani I showed you mine show me yours
Anthony I don't know how to do mine it happened on its own he was talking about how chemical reaction work and I rubbed my fingers together and there was a flame emitted on the copper
Jelani well you know how it happened try it
Anthony there's no copper her
Collier do you still see those particles
Anthony yea there's some in the air and there's lil ones all on the ground
Collier snap your fingers
action Anthony snaps nothing happens
Anthony may be it was just my imagination
Jelani yeah flames always just magically appear on metal
action Anthony rubs hand against his head and closes his eyes a discharge trail trickles down his body and jumps around the air and dissipates as it approaches Collier Collier and Jelani jump back
Anthony I don't know man
action Anthony opens his eyes
Collier woo wooo
action Collier disappears and a clone sits in his place and the charge erupts in to the clones body
Anthony o my god Collier
Jelani you just turned Collier in to a baked potato what the hell man
Collier ummm help me
action Anthony and Jelani looks up and see Collier hanging by a type wire
Anthony just drop we will catch you
Collier yeah like you guys are fucking the most reliable source in a game of catch but I have an idea
action Collier lets go
Anthony what the hell are you doing
Jelani you dumb fuck
action Collier disappears and a clone takes his place when it gets close to the ground it vanishes in mid air Collier runs up be hind Anthony and grabs his shoulder
Anthony and clone your self wait whats that
show more particles in the air
Jelani what is it
Anthony there's a concentration of those lil dots I was talking about comeing from the door
action Jelani walks too the door and gets Spartan kicked in to the room Vince walks in pulling the door open showing him and 3 other boys
Vince whats up motha fuckas rematch and I brought friends as
Episode 1 end
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2023.06.01 03:12 CAjames725 The Pseudo Intellectuals Are Out In Full Force

Trying to justify that absolute abortion of a series finale.
Some of the best moments of the show in terms of character development happened in season 4. We got to see Kendall taking the reigns and showing how capable of a CEO he was. We saw Roman finding his balls and firing Gerry for disrespecting him. We even saw Greg stepping up and acting as a boss.
To cap it all off, we saw all 3 siblings getting along famously at their mom's house, and celebrating Kendall becoming CEO.
Then, the writers "fucked it" by Tom (!!!?!?!?!?!?) becoming the CEO, and Shiv turning on her family at the last second out of pure spite and jealousy.
It got so stupid and over the top with Kendall saying "Im the eldest boy!" And all of the siblings devolving to their lowest possible selves to ruin everything. It's like the entire buildup and character development over 4 seasons meant absolutely nothing.
The siblings fucked it. Greg fucked it. And Tom (again, ????!?!?!?!!?!) rose up and snagged CEO.
This is the worst, least believable, dumbest ending to a show I've ever seen. The writers just got too "clever"
The last scene should've been the whole fam on a yacht somewhere, chilling and celebrating their takeover of ATN. It could've been a nice moment and ending.
But NO, the "smart" ending is to make everyone unhappy, and be completely unpredictable. It actually landed as being really dumb.
Okay, Pseuds, let me have it! Lol
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2023.06.01 02:39 GojiMania Were you a fan of the Jay/Trudy pairing? Please explain why either way.

This was inspired by the recent community post on Cloud 9's official Youtube channel, and I noticed several posters say Jay and Trudy (though have given no reason why).
Sorry in advance for the long rant, but IMO, when I learned they were being paired up with Series 5 was soon to premiere, I wasn't sure what to think. I was happy my girl was finally going to find someone, but I was kind of annoyed it was Jay when he was already in a love triangle between Ebony, him, and Amber. About 8 episodes into the series, I liked their interaction and the chemistry between James and Antonia, but then Trudy's speech to Jay about doing something they know will hurt a lot of people started to kill it for me, because I knew they were setting up Trudy to be something of a romantic villain who was standing in the way of the writers' new power couple, Jay and Amber. As the series went on, I was immediately turned off by how Trudy's character was written. All that character development, including one of my favorite scenes from Series 4 of Trudy confronting Lex of complying with the Technos, all thrown out the window in a season that truly jumped the shark with a holographic Zoot. There was even a point in time in Trudy's development that I thought Bray would be impressed and start to wonder if he missed out (but of course we know that wouldn't have happened). If the writers had been clear about Trudy's reason for her behavior, especially addressing her mental illness like they started to in A NEW WORLD, then I would have accepted it.
TL;DR: Jay and Trudy potential, but the writers gave us an early Series 1 version of Trudy instead of the developed character.
What are everyone eles's thoughts?
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2023.06.01 02:30 DramaThrowAway2023 Deep Dive: Matty Healy, the evil edgelord

Deep Dive: Matty Healy, the evil edgelord
Hi! I did a huge deep dive on the DWD drama a while ago and was asked to do others and said I would. Since then, all hell broke lose.
I talked about this with some people privately, but I mentioned in my first post that I was a stan, just not of anyone involved in the drama. Well, I was a Taylor Swift stan. Was being the operative word. I'm once again using by throwaway account because I was warned by people who I reached out to privately of the horrible things people have been telling them since they called Matty out. I used to be a huge Swiftie, and I wasn't that careful with my personal data when participating in conversations, so I need to be careful.
I'm tired of seeing Tay's new boo defended and the excuses people make about him, so my second deep dive is exposing him for the dirtbag he's been his whole career, how he refuses to apologize or gives terrible apologies when he does. How he repeats the same "mistakes" over and over, etc. I know there's been a ton of threads about this man lately, but I wanted to have everything in one place. Strap in. Trigger warning for everything under the sun, grain of salt on unsubstantiated stuff (there's like, two things and one of them is pretty obviously true, but I rather say it than not).
The 1975 is a band from the city of Manchester, England. They were a band for about a decade before they reached any sort of success. That happened in late 2012/early 2013. Matty was born April 1989 and is now 34 years old. This is important because everything I'm about to show you happened in his adulthood. He was 23 in 2012.


  • He dated a girl called Gemma Janes, who was 17/18 years old, when he was 23/24. Here's a pic of them together on her Instagram, posted in January 2013. She was still 17 - her birthday is May 11 1995. The age of consent in England is 16, so this wasn't illegal. Immoral, however? I think yes. She posted him a lot, btw. It wasn't just a one-off pic. Like here and here and here. She was also in the band's music video for the song Chocolate (Aug 2013). She simulates/appears to be nude. She was 18. He was 24.


  • Normally, I wouldn't include something like this, because it feels like a small issue and too prevalent to actually single him/his band out, but given some of the criticism he makes of hip hop culture later on (and how he pats his own back on his own "feminism"), I decided to come back and include it.
The music video for the song Girls juxtaposes The 1975 and a version of it but as girls. This is the formation for The 1975 as men vs as women:
You know, totally the same outfits. But misogyny is only in hip hop, according to him (you'll get to that in a second).
Girls in bathing suits featuring the band fully dressed. This is basically the tone of the entire music video.
Once again, this is, sadly, par for the course for the music industry, and usually I wouldn't include it (I got it from a ridiculously named blog as I was researching), but given the context of what he will preach later, it seems pretty freaking ironic.

  • The song was part of their August 2013 album called The 1975, and features lyrics about a 17 year old girl "seducing" him. Reminder, he had met his current girlfriend at the time when she was 17. These are some of the lyrics:
Bite your face to spite your noseSeventeen and a half years oldWorrying about my brother finding outWhere's the fun in doing what you're told?
'Cause they're just girls breaking heartsEyes bright, uptight, just girlsBut she can't be what you need if she's seventeenThey're just girls
Whether the song was inspired by her or not, he seems to be perfectly aware of how weird it is to be dating a 17 year old in his mid twenties. Yet, he dated a 17 year old, quite unapologetically, in his mid twenties.

  • I don't know the exact date of this, but a Norwegian journalist accused Matty of sexually harassing her. The accusation was made in 2016 and she dated it back in 2013. Here's an article in English, which links to the article by the journalist in Norwegian. She says he told her he's a sex addict and invited her to his hotel room.


  • In the spring of 2014 they launched on a long tour of nightclubs in North America. While in Canada, he did an interview with IX Daily, a (now defunct) website dedicated to indie subculture. The interviewers were two girls.
The following exchange happened in this interview:
Interviewer: What is your biggest fear and biggest vice?Matty: These are quite heavy questions for girls dressed as you two.Interviewer: I'm a little bit offended...Matty: You're offended by that?Interviewer: Mhm (smiling awkwardly)Matty: D'you know how many people I meet every single day? D'you know how many people interview me every single day?Interviewer: Yes, a lot.Matty: (pointing to both of them) You look nice for the interview. You've made an effort. You're, like, a pretty girl... I'm gonna have certain stereotypes. I don't meant offend you. At all. But the choker thing is kind of in, I see. I do like that.Interviewer: I'll take it as a compliment.
Video. Around the 3 minute mark.

  • In August 2014, Matty goes on a tirade explaining why he always slags off religion, including islam. Culminating with this tweet:
A Muslim fan from Egypt called Farida told him this:
He replied this:
The fan took the high road and replied:
He royally ignored their explanations and counterpoints to his narrow view and went on a rant instead, which I'll link in a second. Then finished with this:
And retweeted this:
Then left Twitter. The fan recounted the exchange, you can find that and the rest of his rant here. I know this is getting long, but the fan was actually very well-spoken and I want to echo her words. In case some people don't click on the link, this is how she concluded the post:
I just want to explain to you that the reason I got angry was because he had been spreading rumours that isis follow the rules of islam and that is far from the truth. Isis are a threat to Muslims and Arab countries around the world right now. Our religion is against killing innocent people, it’s haram. Terrorist groups like isis who think what they’re doing is right and that they’re following islam are people who are feeding themselves lies about what Islam tells us to do.Islam is a very peaceful and loving religion contrary to popular belief and i really hope if you think otherwise you take the time to educate yourself before giving out your opinions when you do not have the facts. I also got angry because he has a huge following and some people are obviously going to side with him (trust me they’ve been in my mentions all day) and they’re just going to agree with him when he doesn’t have the facts and he’s so obviously not educated on this subject. He’s constantly tweeting that we should respect people who have different religions then tweets things like fuck god then tweets that religion is an idea THEN says its faith so he’s all over the place.
Article about this whole thing. Including this because since his account is deleted, we can't verify the tweets and I don't want it to be left as hearsay. The original pics from the article are gone, but the tweets are all referenced in the body of the text.
  • At some point in 2014, Matty dates Halsey, whose debut EP Room 93 (released in October 2014) is about him. Halsey was born in September 1994, which means she and Matty dated when she was 18 and he was 25.
  • In August 2014, while the band is performing at Lollapalooza, he allegedly kisses a 15 year old girl. Video of the accusation. In another video, the same person explains it happened in Chicago.
  • Someone unearthed a lot of tweets from fans talking about Matty kissing underage fans, some of them date back years and also reference Lollapalooza. Here's a link to the last tweet, which includes a video of the fan talking about it and a video where you can hear Matty ask if she wants "a proper" kiss. He doesn't ask how old she is.
  • In December 2014 he tweets this. He has never apologized.


  • It's not clear when exactly they met, but we know that by 2015, he was dating his girlfriend Gabriella Brooks, who in 2015 was 18/19 (born May 1996). Matty was 25/26. It's now the third confirmed relationship Matty has with a teenager while in his mid 20s. And teenagers that are either minors or barely adults, at that. Add to this the weird underage kissing...


  • In April, he retweets Islamophobic tweets by a Muslim hate group, then unretweets when he's called out. Here's a summary by his own subreddit.
  • In July, he mouths the N word while "dancing" to the song Caroline by Aminé. Clip here.


  • In November he gives an interview with The Fader where he says the following:
One of the problems is the youth of hip-hop. At the moment, with SoundCloud rap, it's become a bit of a drug-taking competition, and that happened in rock and roll. Those things get weeded out the longer those things exist. The reason misogyny doesn't happen in rock and roll anymore is because it's a vocabulary that existed for so long is that it got weeded out. It still exists in hip-hop because [the genre] is so young, but it'll stop. That's why you have this moment with young black men — Kanye-aged men, as well — talking about their relationship with themselves, which is a big step forward for hip-hop. Drake, for example. But then they'll be like, "But I still got bitches." The scene's relationship with women hasn't caught up to its relationship with itself, but that's something that will happen.
He tweeted the following apology a few days later (his account is now deleted):
This bit of me talking in an interview reads as patronising, uninformed and reductive. And to be fair it is. And I’d like to apologise….What I said isn’t correct. And it’s not all a misquote. Just for clarity I said that misogyny wasn’t ALLOWED in rock and roll now days in a way it is in hip hop – not that it doesn’t exist, that’s maybe a misquote as I’m aware of the misogyny in rocknroll…I would never deny the RAMPANT misogyny that exists in Rock n Roll. It’s everywhere and has been a weirdly accepted part of it since it’s inception.BUT now looking at what I said – I was simplifying a complex issue without the right amount of education on the subjectI think cos I’m so actively trying to support women (not a brag but with the record label etc)**I kinda forget that im not very educated on feminism and misogyny and I cant just ‘figure stuff out’ in public and end up trivialising the complexities of such enormous, experienced issuesSo basically, I’m sorry for saying that as I was wrong. And thanks for pointing it out cos if I’m gonna do this I have to keep learning.Just to clarify I’m not apologising for saying ‘rock music is void of misogyny’. I didn’t say that. Any body who says that is not only thick as fuck they most probably don’t have physical eyes. It’s the stupidest thing I’ve ever heardI’m apologising for the fact my words could INSINUATE that misogyny in culture and music is an exclusively hip hop (black) issue. I do not believe that. What I believe is that I’m not educated enough to speak on THAT properly and a big part of that is this white dick that I have
I'm trying to keep my personal commentary to a minimum but him including how much of a feminist he is because of his record label in his weird ass apology took me out. I got the tweets from this Billboard article.


  • After winning at the Brits, he tweets that "it's not often that left leaning bands win awards." And I didn't know my eyes could roll that fast and that far.
  • In September, he posts this picture, stepping on the South Korean flag:
When called out on it, he replies this:
Article about it.
  • In December he gives an interview in which he demonstrates that he didn't bother to read Farida's points, all the way back in 2014, or anyone else's since then, because he continues to confuse ISIS / terrorism in the name of Islam with Islam itself, which is a peaceful religion.
Here's a transcript of his obnoxious speech:
You can’t criticize Islam as a set of ideas…because you’re inherently criticizing people. But that’s a problem with society because Islamophobia does exist, people are bigoted. But what that really is is thick, scared people not liking brown people. Whereas I love people, I love brown people.I just don’t know when I’m allowed to be offended. Religious people are always allowed to be offended: ‘Oh, we’re offended by this, I’m offended by that.’I have to get up every day and read some abhorrent that’s happened in the name of religion. And I never get a day. I never get a day where I’m allowed to be offended. … Where are my rights as an atheist?
Fundamentally misunderstanding that most victims of terrorist attacks are Muslim. It's incredible that he was lectured on this by a Muslim girl 5 years prior and yet, he still couldn't get it. He was 30 years old at this point, by the way. This is the third Islamophobic incident with him (that we have record of).


  • The 1975's song Roadkill featured the F slur. Here he is singing it live in late 2022. To be transparent, he's quoting an imaginary person calling him the slur. As a self-admitted straight man, he doesn't get to reclaim it.
  • The 1975's song Me & You Together Song features these lyrics:
I'm sorry that I'm kinda queerIt's not as weird as it appearsIt's 'cause my body doesn't stop me (Stop me)Oh, it's okay, lots of people think I'm gay
IDEK, the song is about falling in love with a girl he meets while she's topless. I can't even be offended because this is such an edgy unnecessary hot mess.
  • In May, during the time of the height of the BLM protests, he tweeted about it... promoting their own song
When called out for it, he doubled down and refused to apologize. Then deleted his entire social media.


In the spring of 2021, Adam Powell, a longtime collaborator (videographer) of The 1975 was accused of sexual misconduct by a number of fans. Here's a whole video about it. The accusations had been piling up for a while, the video I'm linking, which breaks them down, is from April 2021. Dirty Hit, the record label that hosts a bunch of indie artists including The 1975, of which Matty was a director of until recently, made a statement in May.
  • A fan had sent Matty the following DMs in March, which he never replied to.
Instead, he cropped one of the DMs and posted it in his Instagram story, mocking the fan:
Here's a tweet by the fan who had this "exchange," explaining it. Adam Powell was one of his best friends. He still hasn't said anything about it.


“A boy goes up to a Jewish man. The boy asks ‘Can I have $20?’ The man says ‘Can you have $15? Why do you need $10?"
This is the typical stereotype about Jewish people being cheap.
“A terrorist runs onto a plane with a gun. He yells ‘Who’s a Jew?’ A man stand in the back and says ‘Well that’s an interesting question.'"
This is a dog whistle about terrorists being Arabs (because of the ongoing Arab vs Jewish feud), as well as a play on how Jewish people aren't unified.
He was seen wearing it again in March 2023
He was also seen hanging out with one of the Red Scare hosts, Dasha Nekrasova
And posted this on his instagram story:
I really don't have the patience to fully explain why Dasha and the Red Scare Podcast are an issue. You can do your own research to actually get deep in this one, but just so you get an idea, one of the episodes of the Red Scare podcast was dedicated to make fun of FKA Twigs for speaking up about the abuse she suffered by Shia LaBeouf. It's chilling to hear, so trigger warning. Matty dated FKA Twigs for three years, right after her relationship with Shia ended. FKA blocked Matty on Instagram upon breaking up, for what it's worth. The Red Scare also had an episode where they bodyshamed Matty's current girlfriend, Taylor Swift, and said she should go back to having an eating disorder. They also called her mom Miss Piggy.
That's the tone of the entire thing. They find it funny to platform people like Alex Jones, they think Trump is hilarious and have mocked his abuse victims. Just... nasty stuff.


  • In January, he does a nazi salute and march on stage as "a parody" to mock Kanye and Trump.
  • In early 2023, I don't have exact dates, he posts the following Instagram stories:
  • In February he goes to The Adam Friedland Show, a "dirtbag leftist" podcast hosted by Adam Friedland and Nick Mullen. The tone of the podcast is typical edgelord leftist who thinks that because they say offensive things as "satire" and "social commentary" they're not actually offensive.
I'm not going to spend a ton of time on this, because this is the part that's documented the most
The podcast would be taken down by Spotify and Apple Music because of its offensive content, but it's still available on YouTube and you can listen to the whole thing here.
In this podcast Matty and the hosts make... a joke? about Matty being caught red-handed about to m*sturbate to Ghetto Gaggers, a website that "specializes" on showing p*rn about brutalized (Matty's word) black women. You can hear the whole exchange here, and there's a very graphic description of the type of videos you can find in it. A transcript of the conversation can be found in this article. Since then, apparently Adam Friedland claimed that it was a joke that he suggested to Matty (I can't find where he claimed this, but I continue to see his fans saying he did). I don't think this changes much of anything because Matty was clearly very aware of what Ghetto Gaggers was, given the fact that he described it, and still found it hilarious. So he either finds it black women being brutalized arousing and funny or just funny.
The podcast also included a section where they talk about rapper Ice Spice. The hosts call her "a chubby Chinese lady" to which Matty bursts out laughing. They also mock multiple accents, which Matty encourages and laughs at. Here's an excerpt.
The only thing he apologized for of all this was the Ice Spice comments. Video of his apology during a random show in New Zealand, Ice Spice totally saw that! Trigger warning for eyeroll content. This is the transcript:
I just feel a bit bad, and I’m kind of a bit sorry if I’ve offended you. Ice Spice, I’m sorry. It’s not because I’m annoyed that me joking got misconstrued. It’s because I don’t want Ice Spice to think I’m a dick. I love you, Ice Spice. I’m so sorry.
The truth is, I see a sign that says like, ‘Matty, I hope you’re okay.’ I feel a bit bad, to be honest, because I feel like I’ve been a bit irresponsible. It’s very well for me to say, I don’t understand how famous I am. I don’t like being famous. But reality is reality. And I think that I’ve said some things or kind of, I make a joke out of everything. That’s my thing. And I can take it too far sometimes in front of too many people. And I feel a bit embarrassed. So that’s the truth.
Then in a New Yorker profile he said he wasn't sorry about the podcast (no specific mention of Ice Spice) and basically said none of it mattered.
I asked him about the podcast. He’d been doing so much promo, he told me, that he wanted to do something that felt more like simply talking with his friends. But, of course, he had done this all in public, on mike. Had he baited his fans on purpose? “A little bit,” he said. “But it doesn’t actually matter. Nobody is sitting there at night slumped at their computer, and their boyfriend comes over and goes, ‘What’s wrong, darling?’ and they go, ‘It’s just this thing with Matty Healy.’ That doesn’t happen.”
“Maybe it does,” I said.
“If it does,” he said, “you’re either deluded or you are, sorry, a liar. You’re either lying that you are hurt, or you’re a bit mental for being hurt. It’s just people going, ‘Oh, there’s a bad thing over there, let me get as close to it as possible so you can see how good I am.’ And I kind of want them to do that, because they’re demonstrating something so base level.”

  • Matty deleted his social media in April, but as of the day he deleted, he followed Kyle Rittenhouse and Andrew Tate
Allegedly, the follows were because he was "doing research" or I don't know, making fun of them? It's hard to keep up with the edgelord excuses.
I didn't include the comments Matty himself made saying that he would feel "emasculated" if he was linked to Taylor back in 2016. He published a lengthy apology that basically justifies the whole thing and says men have "those thoughts." I can't add any more pics, and his twitter account, where he posted it, is deleted, so the tweet is the last hotlink, here is the actual full pic. Make of that what you will.
He has also used the R word, but he apologized for that (although his apology, included the R word), so, you know...
There's more. He did this whole bit where he posted offensive memes in a highlight called "Problemattic", but this is incredibly long and I'm at my limit of 20 pics already. If anyone has any additions, leave them in the comments. I don't think there's a chance in hell Reddit will allow me to edit this post, so I won't be able to add anything (I couldn't with the last one and it was a lot shorter), so please, if the comments add stuff, upvote them so they're at the top.
Also, please forgive any typos or mistakes, as I said,I won't be able to edit it.
Thank you to everyone that contributed to this thread and kindly answered my questions in DMs. You guys rock!
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2023.06.01 01:51 PootisMaster24 [M4F] Looking for literate fandom partners! Let's make a beautiful story

Hello! If you've manage to stumble your way into this post, hopefully today will be our lucky day. I am 21 and looking for someone around my age, though I'm not too strict about it, at least on the older side, please be 18 at least. I'm looking to roleplay in a couple fandoms. Now, first off I must say I only roleplay canon characters. OCs have never quite to my liking as I find it so much more fun and interesting to play the characters that have made us fall in love with these franchises.
I roleplay through discord but am open to any other sites if you prefer them. I ask that you are literate. I like to be detailed, really paint a picture of a scene or delve deep into what our characters are thinking. I'm not asking for novella length posts (though I would LOVE if we could do that) but I do ask that you put passion into the writing, it is what makes this magical!
I give a great deal of importance to character development. I love to delve deep into what makes a character who they are, their motivation, their outlook on life, and the relationships they form with the people around them! There are a few exceptions, but most of the time romance always finds itself at the center or at least near the center of most of the stories I roleplay. I love slow burns, seeing the relationship between two characters evolve as they grow closer. Some of my other favorites tropes when writing is enemies to lovers and found family. I also love playing an ensemble cast! I love paying attention to side characters as much as main characters to the point where everyone feels like a rich character!
As for the story and plot itself, let's come up with something together! I am down to play any kind of storyline. Something original, AUs where our characters are together in a famous storyline of their own maybe? Anything goes!
Now, for OOC. I absolutely love chatting with my partners. This is a hobby! Let's enjoy it together! Talk about it, be friends! I love sharing any kind of art that inspires me or reminds me of our story, I'm a huge fan of music and will share songs that I think represent our characters. Let's not just be partners but friends as well!
Now, as for the actual fandoms here they are along with the characters I would like to play:
Star Wars: This one is perhaps the one I am craving the most. I would absolutely love to do a Han and Leia roleplay. Maybe an AU where they managed to all escape cloud city and are now being chased by the empire and Jabba, or right after return of the jedi as they rebuild the republic. I would love to focus on their early romance, their dynamic was always the best part of the movies and I wanna fully explore it. Now while this pairing is the main one I would like to do, there are a lot of other stories I'd like to explore! Hit me up and let me know what pairings you'd like to do and I'm sure we can work it out.
DC: This one has a lot of potential for really complex relationships I feel. I would love to do something like Batman and Catwoman or something more strange like Nightwing and Harley, I'm super open for any ideas you might have! Now I will say my knowledge of DC mostly extends to batman and a little of the teen titans, anything outside we can make work but it might be harder for me.
One Piece: While this is one of my favorite series of all time, I've always felt like the one thing it's been really missing since the early days is strong character development and relationships. I would love to explore any pairings that rise amongst the straw hats. My particular favorites are Usopp and Nami, Robin and Franky, Luffy and Nami, and one that I particularly would love to do is an AU where Vivi did end up going with them. I'd love to explore a romance with Luffy. Of course for a series like this we really have to humanize the characters more than they are originally, like Luffy would not be as unrealistically clueless as he is, or Nami wouldn't be as compulsively obsessed with money as she regularly is. Something a little more nuanced that allows us to develop our characters. But I think that would be a lot of fun!
If you are still here I thank you! And if you're interested send me a message! And please don't make it a simple "Hey wanna rp?" I most likely won't respond to messages like that. Let me know some of your ideas! What characters you'd like to play. Anything that's on your mind!
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2023.06.01 01:10 Spledidlife Chris Farley isn’t that funny

This is definitely a personal opinion, but I don’t find Chris Farley that funny. I’m fairly young (23) so I missed that whole era of SNL, but people kept telling me he was one of the all time greats so I decided to check him out. Watched some of his famous skits and a few scenes from Tommy Boy, and though he was fine I didn’t think he was anything great. To me he seems like a one-note act: be loud, dumb, and out of shape.
I get how that humor would hit a lot of people, and I think it’s impressive the way he moves, but none of that really got a chuckle out of me.
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2023.06.01 01:00 DayGlo2030 Lucifer visits heaven...

I like to think that if there was a Lucifer season 7, it would start with a row of older men and women sitting in a circle, listening intently to someone. In heaven...
That someone is lucifer, explaining his new purpose. And saying that there are so many folks in hell who need help, he is looking for volunteers. It's a chance not just to make someone feel better, but to save a soul.
Lucifer says you san spend as much time as you want, a couple of hours a week to full time. You can leave whenever you want. Amenadeal is standing nearby, nodding and smiling
The scene pans out to Freud (and his dog), Adler, Carl Young, and many dozens of other famous psychiatrists. They are also nodding and smiling. They turn to Freud, who says "I can think of nothing better or more fulfilling. When do we start?"
Scene fades and now we see hundreds of offices, just like Linda's, all occupied ..
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2023.06.01 00:57 jetblackswan how to get over what they're up to now?

Hi again /BreakUps! I'm so sorry for keeping posting about my situation, and things. So I feel I was essentially ghosted back in early March from a 4 year relationship (as they just stopped talking to and seeing me seemingly overnight with little warning (he told me he simply changed his mind after attending a funeral) nor putting in the effort to come talk to me that they wanted a break before calling things off). For a while, I had trouble eating/sleeping and functioning for about a month following, as he essentially found some other girl in another city overnight and has proclaimed he loves her all over social media... and I've just found out within the last day or so that my ex has had his tickets purchased by his new girl for a big trip at the end of the year (i'm not able to determine if they're going together) to Denmark, somewhere I've told him for YEARS that I wanted to go visit, and I actually studied Danish for a while (casual learner) and am really into the techno scene there (so my ex also just met a famous Danish DJ that is one of my favorites and that's kind of killing me, too, because I'd love to see him spin, and my ex met him and everything recently...) in Copenhagen and, again, would LOVE to visit. This feels like a slap in the face that he is going (potentially with her) and the fact that I can't go (I have no travel partner besides him, and he's gone) and it's been destroying me that he gets to go visit a city and country I've wanted to see for a while, while I cannot, and that he essentially seems like he's happy and moving on with his life and has it good without me. So so sorry to rant, but how do you get over things like this?? He gets to have a fun time and gets to go on some huge trip somewhere I've always wanted to go, and I still feel stuck mourning about things?? Am I supposed to book my own trip even though I'd be alone? Just how do you get over this...?
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2023.06.01 00:55 authoridad Numenor sets for S2?

We famously heard in the pre-S1 cast interviews about how elaborate and Grand the Numenor set was. And it showed on screen.
We’ve now seen the exterior Eregion set in several phases from drone leaks. I’m curious why we haven’t seen similar leaks from Numenor. We’ve had reports of Numenor scenes that have been filmed, though unsure if they’re interior or exterior.
Has Armenelos been rebuilt near London or elsewhere? Is it being filmed in a soundstage? Will they reuse exterior and composite footage from S1 for establishing shots going forward?
I doubt anyone can answer these questions, but they’ve been rolling around in my head for a while.
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2023.06.01 00:53 Timely_Huckleberry97 (Part 29 of a series) The Retail Punishment in Clovis

(Part 29 of a series) The Retail Punishment in Clovis
Considering the upcoming Jun 5 hearing, this is an important installment outlining a path forward for vigorous recovery.
Four sections:
  1. Who benefits?
  2. Who do we go after?
  3. The scene of a crime
  4. Mechanism for shareholder recovery
(1) Who benefits?
Who are all possible beneficiaries of the poor sale outcomes that are being attempted to be finalized?
(a) Large BP
Two other PARP inhibitors (Lynparza and Zejula) are doing annual revs of $1.5 bn, and these are not even peak sales. How convenient would it be to eliminate a competitor right on the verge of first-line approvals that would cut into their existing sales?
I find it galling that Astra Zeneca is part of the UCC when it is in its interest to eliminate Rubraca as a competitor.
The true promise of Ruca would be when it is sold ‘up’ to a stronger BP who can go to market with strength and also pursue trials for other indications. On the contrary, Ruca is being proposed to be sold ‘down’ to an insignificant player, in effect ‘burying’ the drug for good.
There are clear antitrust matters at play here that need to be dealt with.
(b) Creditors with short positions
All creditors are bundled up in one committee which does not represent their actual economic interest.
Some creditors may have short positions that far exceed the value of their debt extended to Clovis. They would then be happy with *some* recovery but most definitely an elimination of equity. That would maximize their return.
On the other hand, some creditors are creditors in the true sense, only interested in their recovery.
My reading of the situation is that the major creditors do have massive short positions, and the ‘true’ creditors only have modest amounts at stake which is not worth fighting for.
An SEC initiated share count would help clear up matters. While it is perfectly fine to have short positions, it cannot be used to damage the interest of a separate class.
(c) Pat and other Clovis officers
They have structured things in a manner that they could still have assets even after eliminating equity. First is Luci which they would still have control over since it is outside of the filing. Second is the back-door to Ruca that may be invoked at the opportune time. Third, they have a complicated offer for NOL that they may still pursue.

(2) Who do we go after?
The answer is simple: We go after all those that have a fiduciary duty in this case. While BP and Creditors may have pulled levers, it is harder to prosecute, so we go after company officers that are immediately responsible.
As we turn the screws on the company officers, they will either choose to shift blame on the others (very unlikely) or somehow defend their indefensible behavior.
The concept of bankruptcy fraud (either hiding assets or undervaluing assets) can only have meaning if there is a basic standard to compare fraudulent behavior AGAINST. If no such standard or threshold existed, then how would the possibility of fraud even exist?? Anything that company officers would do would be protected and beyond question. That is not so. The three fiduciary standards are the lens through which potential fraud can be posited, explored, and prosecuted.
(3) The scene of a crime
There are numerous items that indicate outcomes that are contrary to the fiduciary responsibility of the officers. I will divide them into two parts, the first ones strongly indicative of fraud, the other being supportive in indicating fraud.
(a) Strongly Indicative
(1) Liquidation plan eliminating equity even when a particular asset is outside of Ch. 11.
The company paid $200 mn. for Luci and in their own filings have mentioned that further trials were promising but not pursued due to funding issues. That initial purchase price along with the cost of further trials came from shareholders. How can the remaining Clovis entities (or the Liquidation trust) have the assets if equity is wiped out?
This clearly indicates a BK filing that at its origination was already against the equity class to whom officers have a fiduciary responsibility.
(2) An FDA approved, revenue-producing drug is being proposed to be sold for NEGATIVE dollars!
Will the court take cognizance that an asset sale which is claimed to be exhaustive and competitive leads to a negative value outcome? Are we being told that the sale order included inventory to begin with, and all these bidders were submitting bids that were LOWER than inventory book value?
Ch. 11 liquidation allows officers to formulate terms. However, when the outcome is so contrary to the recovery of creditors and equity, each and every CRITERIA and DECISION leading to that outcome is under question, and investigated for fraud perpetrated by officers.
(3) The liquidation plan was filed well before the auction results of the assets
The whole point of an auction is price discovery, how much will market entities compete to pay for assets? This is particularly important in the context of Athena success and the likely approvals for first-line. Clovis currently has no drugs in first-line, so how can they claim to have any idea of what that breadth of indication will be valued for?? Let the bidders who are much larger BPs come up with that determination.
But no, instead of waiting to see the auction results to file a liquidation plan, that plan was one of the earliest artifacts of the Ch. 11 process. This indicates that shareholder elimination was an objective of the filing to begin with.
(4) The magical appearance of the $500 mn in debt
This is in line with the point above. Public companies do not magically discover debt. Such a large debt could not have been post-petition. If pre-petition, it could not have been incurred in a quarter or two. This company is filing with the SEC every quarter.
The timing and amount of this debt is indicative of further reducing the likelihood of equity recovery by moving the goalposts. After first bringing up that debt and then going silent on it is indicative of their guilt in this regard.
[VERY IMPORTANT: I need to check some details relating to that magical debt in documents provided either by Clovis or E&Y. Those that can point me to those materials please do so in the comments. If you have it in soft copy, please email me at jacaranda dot bloomed and then ‘at’ with domain being gmail dot com.
This is truly important! Please PITCH IN with your help here.]
(b) Supportive
(1) Clovis have indicated in their filings that two of the criteria employed in choosing bidders was guidance from Pfizer and an aim to minimize transaction costs.
Both are in opposition to maximizing recovery. Pfizer has a PARP product Talzenna so there is a conflict of interest. We need to see the full list of bidders that were either included or excluded due to Pfizer along with the reasoning why.
Transaction costs are completely irrelevant if the higher bids completely cover those transaction costs. It’s like saying ‘I won’t include Big Pharma because of transaction costs’. What the company officers are omitting is that those very BP can put in bids which far overshadow the (higher) transaction costs.
We need to see the full list of bidders that were either included or excluded due to transaction costs along with the reasoning why.
(2) The Rubraca sale outcome is completely contrary to the EU distribution rights being explored previously.
Those EU distribution rights were in the region of $250 mn with Orion. How much larger is that sum compared to the full upfront value of $70 mn that is being proposed with Pharma&.
The outcome of auctions need to align with previous valuations and offers. If a particular outcome (NEGATIVE value for Rubraca) is such a strong outlier, it indicates a deficiency or fraud in the process to arrive at it.
(3) Not disclosing documents and last minute filing dumps
UST had clearly filed that it reserves the right to object to the sale order when it gets filed. It was held back by Clovis. Separately, Exhibit F was listed but not disclosed until much later.
The whole basis of court procedures is to make documents available that allow them to be objected to. By not doing so, and pushing opposing counsel to short deadlines, is not acting in good faith, and indicative of an intent to manipulate proceedings.
(4) No recovery of NOLs
Equity contribution has been in the range of billions leading to the sizable NOLs. Creditors, in contrast, have only a $900 stake. The tax benefits on the NOL are in the $200 mn plus range which is far greater than the upfront payments obtained for both FAP and Ruca combined.
Not pursuing the NOLs again indicates negligence in maximizing recovery.
There are other supporting points but I’ll stop here. Please share your own thoughts in the comments of OTHER REASONS that indicate fraudulent or fiduciary-opposed behaviors.

(4) Mechanism for recovery
Here are my thoughts on the immediate steps that we need to do to work towards a proper recovery for all stakeholders:
(a) An immediate referral to the DOJ Antitrust division
The debtors have gone on the record that Pfizer had input into the choice of bidders. Also, AstraZeneca is represented in the UCC.
The unfortunate outcome here is that a MARKETED Parp is being effectively buried in the hands of an insignificant overseas company that is much smaller in scale and expertise compared to Clovis itself.
This is being done to the drug that is displacing the SOC for Prostate Cancer after two decades. Unbelievable!!
(b) Full documentation on bidders that were included or excluded on the basis of each criteria that was exercised.
Clovis and PWP needs to be compelled to produce all names that were excluded or included as per each criteria. Instead of well-funded BPs in the final round we have OVERSEAS bidders that made the cut, with whom it would be harder to claw back assets. One does not reach such outcomes by accident. This outcome has been engineered.
(c) Petition the judge to liquidate under Chapter 7
Ch. 11 allows officers to set the terms of liquidation. However, now that the outcomes are available we see that:
  1. Creditors have very low recoveries
  2. Equity has no recovery
  3. Rubraca is being proposed to be sold for negative dollars
It would be hard to argue that it would be difficult to obtain worse outcomes than what the officers have obtained for us.
A simple and direct way to get much better recoveries is for the judge to have it worked out as a Ch. 7 under court supervision.
The new terms will be AS FOLLOWS: Clovis as a whole is up for liquidation. This includes FAP, Ruca, Luci, 3b programs, and NOLs. The minimum bid will be set at about $900 mn which is the total creditor liability. All companies that can reasonably meet this bar and put a nonrefundable security deposit will be allowed to the data room. All interested parties must put in a single maximum bid by the deadline. Highest bid wins.
There are three possible outcomes:
  1. No company bids the minimum bid: Fine, we go with the offers that Clovis has already obtained.
  2. Exactly one company bids exactly the minimum bid: All creditors can go happy, they are fully made whole. All equity is wiped out.
  3. One or more bidders bid more than minimum: Creditors get paid in full, and equity gets everything left over, however little or large. That is what the equity upside is all about.
Who can object to the above maximizing of assets? Step up and say why!
Obviously more detail is needed to flesh out the above, but it is completely aligned with recovery for ALL stakeholders, and preventing any antitrust concerns. Since it will be under the auspices of the court, it will be reassuring to all parties.
The above kind of liquidation protects all parties since Clovis officers have indicated their mal-intent and fiduciary opposition to equity in a VARIETY OF WAYS.
Ch. 7 liquidation will be much more applicable in this case considering the abysmal Ch. 11 outcomes that the debtors have obtained.
And yes, the US DOJ and SEC need to be fully committed to seeing this through. We are setting a criminal precedent for the future if company officers can bury FDA approved, revenue producing drugs in the manner that Clovis officers are proposing here.
Poster: Jacaranda Bloom
Reddit user ID (bookmark or follow): Timely_Huckleberry97
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2023.06.01 00:50 T-LJ2 The Little Mermaid (review) (perspective of a 19 year old young man)

The Little Mermaid was beautiful with great visuals, performances and a good pleasant overall message.
As a little boy, I loved The Little Mermaid so much, and I still love it now as a teenage boy myself. It's a great musical and it's especially fun to watch, listen to and overall is a great story.
The performances from everyone were all around good, but the stand out is Ariels actress Halle.
Halle Bailey's performance brings whimsical naivety and beauty to the front and centre, her singing was beautiful and the best part of the entire film in my opinion, the design of the underwater scenes while weird and a bit dodgy weren't as bad as I thought they were going to be.
I was sucked into the world and the characters. The only distractions were awkwafinas character rap song which had two zoom in shots, and some lyrics which couldn't have even existed yet because of the time period that it's clearly set in. It's not funny when you mix films with this sort of lyrics because they don't work.
Stage shows are different because it works there and satirical shows like that work as well, which is why Hamilton as a theatre musical works so well in that environment. But in my opinion it wouldn't not as a movie set in that time period, especially with trite such as The Greatest Showman aka THE GREATEST SHITSHOW and unless the musical was a fantasy about a real famous artist, then I'd let that pass.
No I prefer musicals like The Little Mermaid to have a similar sound to that of The Phantom of the Opera, which while obviously uses 80s synth in some moments, they use it cleverly and briefly and isn't an Autotuned mess like The Greatest Shitshow.
Melissa Macarthy was awesome and quite funny as Ursla, I felt her performance was enjoyable throughout the film and she brings Ursla to life very well.
The CGI for the most part is fine as I said, a bit rough around the edges and they could've spent a little bit more time refining them, but it doesn't really matter, just a nitpick.
The nightime scenes are great, but a fucking brilliant example of how not to colour grade, the contrast is too dark I can barely see what's going on and the whole thing looks like a blob at the end, especially with the climatic battle which is dreadfully contrasted. What stopped it from being bad was the great and fun performances and the fact that I was engrossed with the film overall.
Generally the film was a fun time I'd recommend it, I'm glad that I gave it a chance!
The trailers and advertising for this film were fucking awful, genuinely just awful. Luckily however, the film was no were near as bad as how it was presented in the trailers and thank god for that.
Entertainment rating: 9/10 Critical rating 7/10
My actual rating for this film is 7/10, but I'm giving it a 9/10 on IMDB to combat the nasty racists who dislike the film for wrong reasons.
Thank you for your time, reading my review.
Jamie - T-LJ2
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2023.05.31 23:21 Dull_Significance687 Yevgeny Gromov. Let’s talk about him. In season 7 he says that his brother died in 1998 of tuberculosis and he lost everything (implied that parents also). What makes him look for revenge? Any speculation (Apart from his high ranking Job as part of GRU) ? What USA had to do with his loss?

Good context about 90s Russia: The US wanted to be the only world power, and was instrumental in the fall of the Soviet Union. After, we helped prop up some ineffective puppet leaders who would be useful to the US. The Russian economy totally tanked, and everyone was miserable.
While the 90s in the US was kind of a golden decade, in Russia everyone was poor, unemployed, and needed serious street smarts to get by. Many of the systems that had been in place with an actual government were no longer accessible. The transition to capitalism was abrupt, and a few now-oligarchs bought control of everything while everyone else sold their government-issued shares in companies to survive, with no clue what that would mean for them later on. Disease is one impact of that.
This is why modern Russia views the US as an enemy. (Plus we continue to sanction them, contributing to a not-great economy, though nothing compared to the chaos of the 90s.)
For context on 90s Russia, I recommend this (fictional) movie, which despite its obvious fictional component gives a sense of what the 90s were like:
Brother (1997) Trailer - It is a good piece of culture, just to get a sense of 90s atmosphere. The movie is not a source, it is a good fictional movie that is very famous in Russia as a sort of iconic film about the 90s, as I stated fictional.
Loss of Russian power and prestige that resulted from the collapse of the Soviet Union, largely considered to be a consequence of the USSR "losing" the Cold War to the United States. KGB employees were elites and after ussr collapsed their and army budget were cut, so many of them became security staff in the supermarket in the 90. And in 2000 president Putin came to power and restored their prestige.
This is not the matter of prestige, 1991-2000 were the dark times in Russian history. People died from starvation and illnesses. In 1993, we had constitutional crisis in Russia (Black October), and former president Yeltsin took power with the help of US government (there were actually 3 episodes in history when Russia and USA had good relations), sold almost all State enterprises to the Americans and so-called “liberal politicians”. Many people in Russia wanted the USSR to be reformed into Federation, however, Western politicians resisted and, in 1998, the country was divided, poor and people are devastated and starving. Things improved after 2002-2003, when Russian government started to bring the country back together.
I'm aware that this indeed happened but I'm primarily speaking to the motives of the fictional character Yevgeny based upon the things he says in the show.
Just rewatched the scene between Yevgeny and Ivan Krupin in ep. 6 where he talks about it. I suppose when we're looking at Yevgeny's motivation for seeking revenge, certainly these more personal losses would probably factor into his thinking. However, I tend to feel that Yevgeny Gromov is more like Tasneem Qureishi (See season>! 4 and 8!<). They both tend to look at things in terms of their countries, in terms of the "big picture" rather than on a more individual level. Exactly !!!!!! They are so similar !!!! 100% agree on this one 📷 great point
True but modern day Russia has never recouped what they lost in terms of global power and prestige they held as the USSR. For that reason, the West led by the US has been able to push the Russians around more. Yevgeny alludes to this in the scene from the picture when he talks about NATO expansion into states that were part of the former Soviet bloc and the exertion of US power in the Middle East, things that the Soviet Union would have not allowed to go unchecked
Season 7 Episode 11: US aggression in Eastern Europe and the Middle East.
He's just an awesome spy. Nothing more... nothing less.>! Its spy vs spy. Gromov !! Kremlin. !!Anything he told Carrie is a play to get his way. He's an A1+++ spy. !<
>! Russians totally won season 7. Yevgeny was the queen on the chess board killing all the knights and pawns and bishops. The USA totally losses because of Gromov. !<
We will never know the little details but the end result was him in Russia. That's hard to ignore and forgive... Hope you're enjoying the holidays regardless 📷The Queen Droneknows exactly what she's doing and gets exactly what she deserves. I think she has other intentions besides f*****g.
I actually really liked him, knew how to do his job and in the end got exactly what she wanted. From the book that Carrie sent Saul in the last episode. I love that scene so much: Saul turned the book on its side and inspected the opening of the spine. Using his handy spymaster tweezers, he pulled out a small slip of paper with microscopic writing, the same format as Anna’s old missives.
“Greetings from Moscow, Professor Rabineau. Russian missile defense sold to Iran and Turkey has a backdoor. It can be defeated. Specs to follow. Stay tuned.”
>! Finally it's Mathison who fucks wid him the entire life... !< who said don't date her because she will only get you killed? >! My sentence doesn't mean ONLY SEX. It means she plays around wid him whole life passing on intel using him while him bein unaware the whole time !<
what exactly does>! it mean that the missile defense has a "backdoor" tho?!< Does that mean it can be sabotaged?
Yes. Either immediately or via a "culprit" or "worm" which lies dormant until an imbedded trigger (date, location, altitude, etc) or future external signal. Many times when a hack is detected the victim looks for current damage or what was taken - seldom of what was deposited in the system like Stuxnet. After 9-11-01, 2 days later, a worm named "Magistr-B" launched in the U.S. in USG legal and financial systems. A vicious worm which took about a month to remove, many removals involved unplugging the computer from the network and an actual visit to the site - couldn't be cleaned off remotely. Many sleepless nights immediately following the 9-11-2001 attacks went into identifying and eliminating this>! worm. !<

  • Babylon Berlin and Le Bureau Des Légendes(the Bureau) are good European spy shows.
  • Oh there was also Tehran which had actors from homeland. A bit slow but a good examination of identity and nationalism in the Middle East.
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2023.05.31 23:14 chiliehead Watch This: Training, Sleeping and Bathtime with Hinako [WT!]

Training, Sleeping and Bathtime with Hinako

…what is this about?

This is a Watch This! for a series of three OVAs, released between April 2009 and December 2010. It focuses on Hinako, a normal highschool girl who one day was transported into her TV while watching anime. She quickly accepts her fate and now even stars in her own Mahou Shoujo anime!
In the first installment of the series, Hinako is training to lose weight, else she’ll be fired from her role as magical girl. She invites the viewer to keep her company and lose some weight of their own. In the second installment, Hinako is sleeping and invites the viewer to spend the night with her in restful slumber, having grown close after being training partners. In the third and final installment, we can follow Hinako during her bathtime and have a relaxing time in the hot water with Hinako and her newly introduced coworker. The series ends with a final workout after the bath.

A Fabled Deconstruction

Deconstruction is a loaded term, especially when discussing anime. We just can’t agree on what it is about. For the sake of the argument, let’s understand it like culinary deconstruction. Is the …with Hinako Series a deconstruction? “Hell no, it’s just ecchi trash” is what you may think right now, dear reader, after looking at the screenshots. “This is shlock. Nothing else.” And still, it even got a German dub, just like Bakemonogatari and Kizumonogatari (a trilogy of movies in its own right.) Because the Hinako series is an OVA series of focus, commitment, and sheer will. Something most ecchi anime know very little about. It is stripped of any fat, void of anything distracting from its goal. Hinako mirrors this, she was stripped of one dimension, strips off her clothes and has to lose fat, to become as lean as the OVA she stars in. If she does not become more attractive to the male gaze, the executives will cancel her role. Meanwhile the OVA only exists because her character design was appealing enough to be greenlit for production. The series is full of these direct meta commentaries, though the first installment is the boldest (narratively.)
Surprisingly subversive for an ecchi series, the frequent and nonchalant 4th wall breaks bring cult classics like Funny Games to mind. Instead of being a critique of ecchi OVAs, Michael Haneke made an entertaining and hyperviolent movie, arranged with surgical precision- in order to condemn violence for entertainment. Even the legacy of the movie, the of the shot for shot remake Funny Games US (also by Haneke), bears resemblance to the future of Hinako. And just like Funny Games, the intent of Hinako is lost between script and final product. What we get is the Cheetos equivalent of ecchi anime- devoid of nutritious plot, 100% manufactured to satisfy you with the crunch of cleavage and the cheese dust of intimacy. Not molecular kitchen, 100% scientifically engineered hyperpalatable perfection that would kill any Victorian child not accustomed to junk food pantyshots and cleavage.
Besides subversion, the OVA has another goal. Education. More direct than an Aesop, but less epic than a Bildungsroman, the OVA has a vigorous appeal to all the otaku watching: Engage in light to vigorous activity, lest your waifu will be disappointed. Hinako herself is quite intent that one works out with her, an enthusiasm that is all too rare in ecchi series. Another point where the series goes against the grain. All participants are quite willing. Hinako even quickly accepts her whole life being uprooted by mysterious forces and makes the best out of her lot in life, urging the viewer to become part of her life and strive for mutual improvement. Her vulnerable, naked self has a rare earnestness often missing in the genre. Turning her into an anime character is a literal objectification of a young woman for entertainment purposes, being so open about your own meta critique of yourself requires vulnerability.

One must imagine Hinako happy

Life is repetitive. Work, eat, sleep, repeat. I harken back to B-Movie creature features that reused scenes from its own production or made series as a collage of earlier works, creating a new scope in art. But most repetition is not as artistically relevant. Work, eat, sleep, repeat. Training with Hinako is Sisyphean. But so is training in real life. Sure, when we engage in sets of 12 to 20 reps of pushups, we will improve until the boulder of gains can only go further uphill by working harder against gravity. But rest too long and you fall down, back to the bottom. Hinako works out. Then works out some more, and some more. Costume changes are not only for the gratification of the viewer, it shows the progression of time, an actresses daily grind just to stay in the role she is currently in. We see a shot for shot remake of earlier work out scenes, ever so often in different outfits. Work out, eat less, sleep, repeat. And Hinako is happy, for she has a goal to arrive at and a checklist to fulfill.
Repetition is also a central theme in sleeping with Hinako. But in the end it comes with a reward besides good sleep. The message for every hiki-neet is to become Sisyphus. Be like Hinako, don’t despair in the face of your unfortunate fate- embrace it. Make the best out of your life and do bodyweight squats while watching anime. Get a good sleeping schedule. Take a bath. Maybe then you can get a girlfriend too. At least you did something with your life and rolled the boulder uphill, at least for a little bit. Get a job, repetition is a part of life. Work, eat, watch anime, sleep, repeat.


The duration of Sleeping with Hinako is almost 46 minutes. Most of the time is spent in (almost) silence, simply watching Hinako sleep. It’s the dream of John Cage. 46 minutes of opportunity. Get all your friends and family (there is no full frontal nudity or nipples and the OVAs promote values like exercise and good hygiene so it is definitely meant for everybody), make them sit in full concentration and watch this OVA. Repeat it with another set of friends and more distant relatives after everybody shunned you. It will be two different experiences, just like every performance of Cage’s famous silent piece. You can do a lot with very little and you have to be bold. The OVA dares to center the viewer as integral part of the anime. If you ask me, the gamble succeeded.

Watch Hinako

I won’t spoil the events in Sleeping with Hinako and will leave the plot of Bathtime with Hinako up to discovery of all readers. Though let me say, it is a reward for every viewer diligently working out and recovering with a good night’s rest following Hinako’s training. An experience unashamed of its genre and intensely aware of its goals and appeals, it is a seminal piece of OVA history after the death of the 80s/90s OVA and following the escapism boom if Haruhi Suzumiya and K-On! 4/10
The availability on streaming is poor, but you can find the DVDs for cheap or acquire a security copy at your friend’s place.
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2023.05.31 23:05 photorebel123 I can’t tell if I’m insecure or if my girlfriend talks about other guys too much

Okay, so my (25m) girlfriend (24f) and I have been having arguments about if I’m insecure or is she the one who’s making me insecure because she talks about things that are disrespectful.
So my girlfriend seems to talk about other guys a lot. On our second date, she talked about how guys used to give her free stuff all the time when she was younger and we were making jokes about how it’s because she’s cute. I didn’t make a big deal at the time, but it felt weird for her to say this.
My girlfriend also is very big into celebrities and artists. She names her belongings like her car after some of her favorite singers. She’s also compared me to some of her favorite singers like saying things like “Seeing you made me as excited as seeing [insert singer] live”. Like I get it’s a compliment, but it feels weird to get compared to someone even if they are famous.
She would also show me videos of artists preforming and say “whoooo” like watching the video with me and it felt like a cat call.
She also likes photos of celebrities shirtless on Instagram, and on occasion called them cute. I got upset she posted this celeb fan cam on her story because it felt disrespectful since she’s in a relationship. I didn’t think she was gonna run off with the guy. The problem is that she isn’t focusing on the disrespectful aspect of it and just shrugs it off because she’s like “I’m not gonna run off with them, I love you”.
She used to also talk about one of her guy friends a lot and the things they did together hanging out, but she claims that she never had a thing with him.
For the longest time, I didn’t even say anything about these things and one day she brought up her old friend and asked me if I was intimidated by him when she talked about him in the beginning of the relationship which felt totally disrespectful because that felt belittling.
She also makes her background on her phone some pictures of these celebrities and has framed photos of and posters of some of her favorite singers all over room. Like yeah, she’s passionate about music, but some of it was a turn off. Then she claims I don’t support her passion for music which is not even true because I buy her vinyls and I love music too.
Anyways, all of these things, yes, have made me a little insecure because some of the “celebs” are not even that big. They have less than a 100k followers and there shows are small and she doesn’t want me to go those shows because they are for her and her friends. Because of how much she obsesses over them, sometimes I worry she’ll do something disrespectful like go hang out with them.
Now, I’m not necessarily worried she’s gonna run off with a singer, but just how much she talks about other celebs and guys makes me feel disrespected and that is my main concern. Yes, I worry about cheating too because of how much she talks about them.
When I bring these up, she claims I’m insecure and once even compared me to her friends Boyfriend saying that I should be more like him and trust her. I felt like that’s also disrespectful because she literally compared me to another guy, one that is in her circle too.
So my main concern in this relationship is that she is disrespectful and that makes me insecure, yes, but she claims I have irrational insecurities and am pushing her away. One time we had an argument and she ditched me the next day when I was graduating college and didn’t see me only to apologize the next day and say she’s tired of the conversations about respect because she doesn’t mean to be disrespected yet I keep telling her how it bothers me
TLDR: girlfriend is disrespectful and talks about guys a lot but claims I have irrational insecurities.
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2023.05.31 22:53 homemdosgalos Someone knows this movie title?

Im looking for a very specific movie, and was unable to find it as of yet.
The story is about a student (i believe high school, but not sure) who has a crush on a girl (who has a boyfriend, not him) and he also has an interest for taking photos.
One day, as he is taking pictures, he witnesses his crush getting kidnapped, while the boyfriend ignores / runs away.
He decides to chase the kidnappers and save her, withg the help of a guy in a motorcyle (sort of a bounty hunter), that has some reason to chase them as well.
In the end the girl is saved, and still goes back to his boyfriend. The movie has some action scenes.
I don't know the director, name of the actors nor the year it was made, but i believe this is a movie from the 90's, and the actor playing the person in the bike may be slightly famous for his actions movies (but not the stalones, van damme and such, a bit less known)

Does it ring any bells to someone?
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2023.05.31 22:33 Keeper_of_Secrets246 Bisexuality in the Warhammer 40 000 universe

I hope that this post will be of interest to fans of the Warhammer 40 000 universe.
Although sexuality doesn’t play a vital role in stories and novels devoted to this universe some authors do pay attention to it. At least some of them make passing references. Sometimes they mention bisexuality or give hints of it.
The 1st example is “Shadow Play”, which is a short story by Rob Sanders (Black Library Weekender Anthology). Lelith Hesperax is one of the most famous characters among Dark Eldars, known as the Queen of Knives. She was accompanied by a female courtesan. According to inquisitor Czevak “from their body language the dark eldar were lovers, with the second the seeming senior of the pair.” (Lelith was supposed to be senior).
The 2nd example is “Menshad Korum”, which is a short story by C.S. Goto. Yhuki was Lelith Hesperax’s servant. She obviously admired her mistress. “Lelith swept passed her servant, her long hair caressing Yhuki's naked shoulders and fanning into a wake behind her. Yhuki fought to resist the need to touch the queen's legs as they slid through the eddying air at her side.” It is a very atmospheric scene. Later Yhuki wasn’t able to resist temptation and “her hand slid across the base of the throne and her fingers crawled onto the skin of Lelith's exquisite calf, picking their way between the complex straps of black psychoplastic that snaked their way up the queen's legs. Lelith let out a breath of pleasure and reached down to Yhuki, drawing her face up along her body.”
I think that Lelith is more than likely bisexual because she is said to be an occasional courtesan of Overlord Asdrubael Vect. Besides, Dark Eldar explore all arts of pleasure including heterosexuality.
The 3rd example is “Fulgrim”, which is a novel by Graham McNeill and the fifth book in the Horus Heresy Series. Bequa Kynska was a musician and composer of note taken under Primarch Fulgrim’s patronage. She seduced both men and women and wasn’t used to denial.
What’s your opinion? Do you know some other scenes or hints of bisexuality?
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    4. Emiway Bantai crosses 20M subscribers on YouTube. (124 points, 61 comments)
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    3. AMA Happening Tomorrow Evening (68 points, 28 comments)
    4. AMA Happening Tomorrow (9th of May, 2023) (33 points, 27 comments)
    5. [Re-visit/Discussion] MC Stan - Tadipaar (2 Years Later) (29 points, 24 comments)
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    7. [Meta] Whose AMA did you enjoy the most? (19 points, 57 comments)
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    9. Do you use Twitter for discussing DHH? If yes how often? (11 points, 13 comments)
    10. Mega Thread: 1 Min Rap challenge Entries (6 points, 21 comments)
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    9. Naezy - Haq Hai (Prod. By Sez) (6 points, 2 comments)
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    4. kalamkar signs augus .Thoughts? (66 points, 62 comments)
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    2. Two Tone Extended Version coming tonight (115 points, 14 comments)
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    1. Deep Kalsi collabing with Umer Anjum and Panther on his next track (184 points, 36 comments)
    2. EPR is dropping a new single called Fibonacci on 30/5/2023 (Source: His IG) (85 points, 36 comments)
    3. Found this cypher on ig & it sounds fire (Artist: Vamp Credits: @mewadicypher) (34 points, 11 comments)
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    3. SEIGE giving massive Shoutout to Emiway !!! (75 points, 41 comments)
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i think i found the mall
so i put the number from the wanted poster into a phone number calculator to figure out where it's from. apparently it's from west grove philadelphia, so i looked to see if their were any abandoned malls in the area. apparently it has an anchor of one of the most famous bankrupt malls, the century iii mall. doesn't this look like the mall from social experiment 3? idk it might be important
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2023.05.31 22:17 AntelopeNo4025 Hottest take: Fights in Lookism sucks

Most characters in lookism look almost like one guy just changing the outfit and hairstyle and the girls all have hourglass and voluptous body while we know irl S.Korean isnt looking that good. The series try to slowly focus on the fighting aspect but it not done as good and in-depth as Kengan or Baki, PTJ just called out a few most famous martial art like muay thai, boxing,systema,cqc and literally reused some panels from time to time, he use the copy abillity of some characters such as Johan and Daniel as an excuse for his own laziness. The fight scene make absolutely no sense at all, the impact from the hit alway seem really strong with blood spilling out like river but next panel character's faces alway seemingly unaffected and sometime not even bleeding minus some kind of purple textures on their face to indicate the damage, at the end of the fights the fighter still seem like they got no damage despite got hit a billions time and knocked out just to complete heal in next few minutes or hours without proper medical treatment or in-verse explanations, most popular examples: Yuseong at the end of a extreme diff fight with Johan UI only got a minor nose bleed while being knocked out and heal completely few couple of minutes later to fight daniel and gun make Johan sacrifices seem. Jibem face got caved in by Hudson punch wish his teeth broken but after jichang fight his face good as new with a bandage across, fights in lookism never have everlasting effects
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2023.05.31 22:07 erskinematt UKPol Does Satire - Yes Minister S02E03 - The Death List

Original Air Date: 09 March 1981
One of my favourite Yes, Minister episodes, this - less because of any particular brilliance of plot and more because of several very well done moments and scenes. The plot is simple - we open with Hacker discovering, through Private Eye (which rapidly shifts in Hacker's estimation from a 'squalid little rag' to a 'brave, open, and fearless journal' when it turns out to be politically aligned to him this time), that he is in charge of supplying bugging and surveillance equipment to the Home Office. (Our rather good 'would you say that nowadays?' moment goes to Private Eye's description of Hacker as the government's chief bugger - a joke written perfectly in Private Eye's style.) Civil libertarian Hacker is outraged and starts moving to introduce more judicial oversight of surveillance applications.
He then discovers his name appears on an assassination 'death' list from the (fictional) terrorist group the International Freedom Army, and immediately changes his tune, as surveillance to catch them is his best chance to avoid the assassin's bullet. In the meantime, Hacker and his wife must be surrounded by twenty-four hour police protection, including on a romantic break together, which overstretches the police ahead of an upcoming conference with the premier of the Soviet Union. Fortunately, MI5 overhear that the International Freedom Army have taken stock of Hacker's juniority within Cabinet, and decided he isn't worth killing after all.
This news is broken to Hacker in the middle of a meeting with a journalist, where Hacker is trying to avoid the question whether he still supports a hugely successful anti-surveillance petition he has generated. After swallowing the insult to his pride, Hacker is able to reverse his position a second time, welcome the petition, and, one presumes, push on with his plans.
So the things I enjoy in this episode, in only roughly chronological order:
So - a solid episode, all in all.
Favourite Line:
I'd forgotten about this one, but I really like it for the inversion of the normal 'Hacker gets a long stream of gobbledegook instead of a straight answer out of Humphrey' trope - this time Humphrey starts off perfectly straightforward, but because of both his natural shock and the challenge to his political position, Hacker can't handle it:
Humphrey: "The Special Branch have found your name on a death list." Hacker: "Death list?! What do you mean, a death list?" Humphrey: "An assassination list." Hacker: "Yes yes yes, I know what you mean by death list, but what do you mean?" Humphrey: "...Well, I don't know that I can put it any more clearly, Minister." Hacker: "But but but-" Humphrey: "To put it absolutely bluntly, confidential investigations have proved the existence of certain documents, whose provenance is currently unestablished, but whose effect if realised would be to precipitate a by-election." Hacker: "But what - what do you mean?" Humphrey: "You're on a death list, Minister."
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2023.05.31 21:51 photorebel123 I can’t tell if I’m insecure or if my girlfriend talks about other guys too much

Okay, so my (25m) girlfriend (24f) and I have been having arguments about if I’m insecure or is she the one who’s making me insecure because she talks about things that are disrespectful.
So my girlfriend seems to talk about other guys a lot. On our second date, she talked about how guys used to give her free stuff all the time when she was younger and we were making jokes about how it’s because she’s cute. I didn’t make a big deal at the time, but it felt weird for her to say this.
My girlfriend also is very big into celebrities and artists. She names her belongings like her car after some of her favorite singers. She’s also compared me to some of her favorite singers like saying things like “Seeing you made me as excited as seeing [insert singer] live”. Like I get it’s a compliment, but it feels weird to get compared to someone even if they are famous.
She would also show me videos of artists preforming and say “whoooo” like watching the video with me and it felt like a cat call.
She also likes photos of celebrities shirtless on Instagram, and on occasion called them cute. I got upset she posted this celeb fan cam on her story because it felt disrespectful since she’s in a relationship. I didn’t think she was gonna run off with the guy. The problem is that she isn’t focusing on the disrespectful aspect of it and just shrugs it off because she’s like “I’m not gonna run off with them, I love you”.
She used to also talk about one of her guy friends a lot and the things they did together hanging out, but she claims that she never had a thing with him.
For the longest time, I didn’t even say anything about these things and one day she brought up her old friend and asked me if I was intimidated by him when she talked about him in the beginning of the relationship which felt totally disrespectful because that felt belittling.
She also makes her background on her phone some pictures of these celebrities and has framed photos of and posters of some of her favorite singers all over room. Like yeah, she’s passionate about music, but some of it was a turn off. Then she claims I don’t support her passion for music which is not even true because I buy her vinyls and I love music too.
Anyways, all of these things, yes, have made me a little insecure because some of the “celebs” are not even that big. They have less than a 100k followers and there shows are small and she doesn’t want me to go those shows because they are for her and her friends. Because of how much she obsesses over them, sometimes I worry she’ll do something disrespectful like go hang out with them.
Now, I’m not necessarily worried she’s gonna run off with a singer, but just how much she talks about other celebs and guys makes me feel disrespected and that is my main concern. Yes, I worry about cheating too because of how much she talks about them.
When I bring these up, she claims I’m insecure and once even compared me to her friends Boyfriend saying that I should be more like him and trust her. I felt like that’s also disrespectful because she literally compared me to another guy, one that is in her circle too.
So my main concern in this relationship is that she is disrespectful and that makes me insecure, yes, but she claims I have irrational insecurities and am pushing her away. One time we had an argument and she ditched me the next day when I was graduating college and didn’t see me only to apologize the next day and say she’s tired of the conversations about respect because she doesn’t mean to be disrespected yet I keep telling her how it bothers me
TLDR: girlfriend is disrespectful and talks about guys a lot but claims I have irrational insecurities.
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2023.05.31 21:50 photorebel123 I can’t tell if I’m insecure or if my girlfriend talks about other guys too much:

Okay, so my (25m) girlfriend (24f) and I have been having arguments about if I’m insecure or is she the one who’s making me insecure because she talks about things that are disrespectful.
So my girlfriend seems to talk about other guys a lot. On our second date, she talked about how guys used to give her free stuff all the time when she was younger and we were making jokes about how it’s because she’s cute. I didn’t make a big deal at the time, but it felt weird for her to say this.
My girlfriend also is very big into celebrities and artists. She names her belongings like her car after some of her favorite singers. She’s also compared me to some of her favorite singers like saying things like “Seeing you made me as excited as seeing [insert singer] live”. Like I get it’s a compliment, but it feels weird to get compared to someone even if they are famous.
She would also show me videos of artists preforming and say “whoooo” like watching the video with me and it felt like a cat call.
She also likes photos of celebrities shirtless on Instagram, and on occasion called them cute. I got upset she posted this celeb fan cam on her story because it felt disrespectful since she’s in a relationship. I didn’t think she was gonna run off with the guy. The problem is that she isn’t focusing on the disrespectful aspect of it and just shrugs it off because she’s like “I’m not gonna run off with them, I love you”.
She used to also talk about one of her guy friends a lot and the things they did together hanging out, but she claims that she never had a thing with him.
For the longest time, I didn’t even say anything about these things and one day she brought up her old friend and asked me if I was intimidated by him when she talked about him in the beginning of the relationship which felt totally disrespectful because that felt belittling.
She also makes her background on her phone some pictures of these celebrities and has framed photos of and posters of some of her favorite singers all over room. Like yeah, she’s passionate about music, but some of it was a turn off. Then she claims I don’t support her passion for music which is not even true because I buy her vinyls and I love music too.
Anyways, all of these things, yes, have made me a little insecure because some of the “celebs” are not even that big. They have less than a 100k followers and there shows are small and she doesn’t want me to go those shows because they are for her and her friends. Because of how much she obsesses over them, sometimes I worry she’ll do something disrespectful like go hang out with them.
Now, I’m not necessarily worried she’s gonna run off with a singer, but just how much she talks about other celebs and guys makes me feel disrespected and that is my main concern. Yes, I worry about cheating too because of how much she talks about them.
When I bring these up, she claims I’m insecure and once even compared me to her friends Boyfriend saying that I should be more like him and trust her. I felt like that’s also disrespectful because she literally compared me to another guy, one that is in her circle too.
So my main concern in this relationship is that she is disrespectful and that makes me insecure, yes, but she claims I have irrational insecurities and am pushing her away. One time we had an argument and she ditched me the next day when I was graduating college and didn’t see me only to apologize the next day and say she’s tired of the conversations about respect because she doesn’t mean to be disrespected yet I keep telling her how it bothers me
TLDR: girlfriend is disrespectful and talks about guys a lot but claims I have irrational insecurities.
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