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General Info of AZ the Comedy Scene

2015.03.06 20:40 Trevor_Skies General Info of AZ the Comedy Scene

Arizona has been a growing place to do stand-up with plenty of places to get stage time as well as many alternative comedy shows for those seeking a new writing perspective in general. This subreddit is for those willing to graciously share new sign-up-and-go open mics in the area or any show in general. If your brave enough post your set and ask for critiques. Personally I'm not a fan of taking it too seriously but maybe thats hubris.

2011.08.15 06:27 tptbrg95 ICanDrawThat

Request a drawing, or offer your drawing skills!

2013.11.16 17:30 The World of Cory

That top grossing anime for 420 years in a row

2023.06.01 04:59 Maximum_Diamond4515 GoDaddy Website Builder Issue

I'm trying to build a website using the GoDaddy website builder. Let's just assume I know almost nothing about building a website, because it's true.
I added a "section" on my "Shop" page where it shows all my products and has a product category list on the left hand side of the "section". That product category list should say "Product Categories" in the header above it, but instead it says " Todos os produtos", which near as I can tell is Portuguese.
That header is automatic and I cannot seem to edit it. It is the only thing that has come in with a different language. I can't find anything on how to fix it. Anyone got any suggestions?
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2023.06.01 04:58 yaegerman4 Mercury 3.3hp 1999 outboard gets stuck in neutral

Was wondering even anyone can help me with this issue. Was out using it all day last weekend and worked fine till when I was coming back in a turned it off again to briefly do some tasks. Started it up no problem but when I shifted the gear from neutral to forward it just stayed in neutral, tried it a few more times with no luck. Turned it off to check the gear change lever and It felt like and sounded like it was changing but when turned on nothing happened. Had have my mate who was luckly out with me tow me in. Washed the motor out with some fresh water and it changes into gear again. Just want to prevent this from happening again when I'm out on the water, any advice or help appreciated
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2023.06.01 04:58 RazzleJazzles My (26F) boyfriend(34M) seems so dismissive and defensive at times

I F(26) hurt my little toe, bad. Tried to kick a giant teddy bear out of my way, only it wasn't just a giant teddy bear. It was his steel toed boots under that teddy bear. I immediately went down and held my foot and holding back a cry because he was in a call with his friend. My boyfriend (M34) immediately started asking "what happened?" like 3 times back to back in an annoyed tone. I shook my head to try to indicate I couldn't talk at the moment and he just rolled his eyes and went back to playing his game. A minute passed with me on the floor and I said, "When I was in a lot of pain, the way you responded wasn't helpful to me in that moment." If he gets hurt, I get up, I go near him and I acknowledge his pain and ask him if there is anything I can do to help. If he can't speak, I just stay there and rub his back or arm. I am not sure why I can't be afforded the same level of compassion. When I confronted he just got very defensive and started going "Oh next time I will just pretend it didn't happen and let you limp around." I was also trying to understand why he got upset when I couldn't immediately explain to him what happened. He gets mad I am even trying to have a discussion about this and that this is a pointless conversation, and it escalates to him throwing his headset and controller, and ending with him saying, "yea, you're right, now the conversation is over." I shared my perspective of what happened and asked him if it was any different to how he viewed the interaction and he never shares his perspective. He just tries to end the conversation as soon as possible. We hardly ever argue, and I hate hate hate confrontation, but if I ever question his actions or appear to be questioning his actions it always ends in a total shutdown on his end. I am just frustrated. :(
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2023.06.01 04:58 vVin007 Trying to get comfortable with using "transsexual"

First off, hello. I'm new to the transmed community. I used to be more of a tucute but transmedical values have been starting to make more sense to me than the usual "accept everything, question nothing" in mainstream trans subreddits.
One thing I've noticed is that people use the term transexual rather than transgender. From what I've researched it seems to be from the Harry Benjamin scale, groups 2-3. While it is outdated, I think it serves as a pretty good scale for identifying different types of dysphoria. Problem is, while I do consider myself types 5-6 in the scale, I don't really label myself as "transexual."
Despite the ironic origins of the term (slur?) transgender, it's been what I've been using ever since I first realized I was trans. It's hard to adjust, especially with the heavy weight that comes with it. My family has always used the term transexual in a negative light, usually followed by the tr*nny slur. My uncle is the worst with it. Ever since one of his friend's son (mtf) came out as trans— putting my bets that she was forced to— he would rant to me and my siblings how disgusting she is and how he wouldn't hesitate to beat up a transexual person. The transphobia only got worse when I came out to my family (which was a really bad idea btw.)
I've been trying to shake off the negativity but every time I do it causes me a bit of distress. Hopefully this doesn't come off as wanting people to cater to me(I've already learned that wasn't going to happen a long, long time ago.) I just want to know how to get used to the label since I'll be looking more into transmedicalism.
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2023.06.01 04:57 Vendetta1883 Scary Story

It was a normal Tuesday night. After work I walk to our local pub for food and drinks with some work friends. We meet up every Tuesday night and go to the same place. This night was different. It was very cloudy and there was a chance of rain. I live close to work and the pub so I usually walk. After getting to the pub I sat with my friends and since I was last to arrive I had to buy the first round of drinks. We usually don’t take shots since we all still have work the rest of the week. As soon as I take my first sip I notice something out of the ordinary, or rather someone. I notice a beautiful woman sitting at the other end of the bar. Usually we were the only people in the pub drinking, so this was odd. I take a good look at her and I’m instantly smitten. She has the most beautiful strawberry red hair, piercing brown eyes, snow pale skin, and an emerald green floral sundress. My friends started to give me shit for staring and to my surprise, she was staring and smiling back at me. I wouldn't say I’m an ugly man, but I’m also no model. I’m of average height and build. Nothing special. My friends are trying to hype me up to go talk to her. After a couple more drinks of my beer I walk over to her and introduce myself. “Hi, my name is Paul. It's nice to meet you.” “Hello, I’m Caroline. It’s a pleasure to meet you Paul.” Her voice was as sweet as frosting. It was soft and just the right amount of quiet. We get to talking and she convinces me to take shots with her. She orders six shots of Jack Daniel's for the two of us. By the time the bartender was done pouring I noticed my friends were gone. That's okay, we never stay too late anyway. We take the shots and I start to feel tipsy. It’s safe to say, I have no tolerance. We order one more round of shots and I’m done for the night. I’m as drunk as I allow myself to be. We talk for a few more minutes and she invites me to her place. I’m reluctant since I have work in the morning and I’m not one to have one night stands. But man this woman has a way with words. Caroline says she doesn't live far from here. She actually lives in the same apartments as I do. I was surprised since I’ve never seen her before. But at this point I’m too drunk to care. I followed her to her apartment and thankfully it's not raining yet. We stumble inside her apartment and we start making out. We kissed for a good couple minutes and all I could think was, “Man work is gonna suck tomorrow.” She pulls away and says in her sweet voice, "I'm going to make us a couple drinks. You stay here handsome.” I do as she says and I start looking around her apartment when I notice, It’s oddly empty. In the living room there's just the couch I’m sitting on and a very long glass coffee table. It looks like it's not originally meant to be a coffee table but I think nothing of it. She comes back with the drinks and wants to have a chugging contest. This is when I get a sinking feeling in my stomach then I hear a noise. It sounded like a metal pipe hitting the floor. I tried to ask what it was but she put the red solo cup to my lips and I started to drink. Something's not right. The drink tasted bitter and the texture was kind of grainy. I finish the drink and I notice Caroline isn't on the couch anymore. I got up to find her and I overheard her talking to someone in her bedroom. I peek in and there's two very large men dressed like they are about to perform surgery. I look next to them and there's surgical tools on the bed. I try to run but right at that moment I pass out. I wake up freezing cold with the afternoon sun blaring in my face. I feel a sharp pain in my back and my left eye. I try to get up but I’m too weak. I notice I’m in a bathtub full of ice. I say to myself “Fuck, this bitch stole my organs.” When I fully come to I use all my strength to get out of the bathtub and crawl to the front door. I’m screaming in agony and I see a trail of blood following me. I manage to stand up and open the door and yell for help before passing out again. When I wake up I’m in the hospital. I hear machines beeping and people talking around me. I ask what happened. The nurse who was talking with the police says that one of my kidneys was dissected and even my left eye. I start to cry in disbelief. “You're going to have to be on dialysis until you get a donor since your healthy kidney was badly damaged.” The police approach me and I tell them the whole story. They looked shocked then they ran out of the room. The nurse looked at me and was confused. Then the cops come back with someone. “Is this Caroline sir?” one of the cops asked. “Holy shit, yes that is!” I yell as loud as I can in my condition. “How did you find her?” “She works here as a custodian. 'says the nurse. Caroline looks angry and scared. She tries to make a run for it and the cops tackle her. As she's being cuffed she yells in a loud sharp voice “You should have died in that apartment!” After the cops cuff her they take her away. I’m in the hospital for a couple weeks. Thankfully after my family heard about what had happened, they all got tested to see if they were a match for a transplant. I have both kidneys again and I made a full recovery. My work threw a welcome back party for me when I came back. My friends were all very apologetic for leaving me with that psychopath. I have no hard feelings towards them. But the lesson I learned was to never follow a woman home for a one night stand. Stay safe out there.
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2023.06.01 04:57 NemoMeansNobody Would someone be willing to mentor me please? It's time to face the music. I am lost.

Let me start by apologizing if I'll be speaking english in a Filipino-based sub. Mas comfortable po kasi ako mag-type sa english pero bokya ang fluency ko sa vocal. Di po ako yung typical na englishero that people may have imagined. Sorry din kung napahaba yung post ko. I just like to share my experience and I feel like doing this will make you guys understand my situation a little bit better. But here goes.
I'm a 27 year-old turning 28 next month. I have a year of experience in web development. It was couple of years ago. And it was my first job. It was my first actual job in web/software development ever since I've decided I will be a “software engineer" when I was this young and naive 17 year-old kid in my first year in Computer Engineering. I pursued computer engineering due to my parents' strong encouragement, as they believed it was a worthwhile field of study and having the title of an "Engineer" added a sense of “prestige” and as I suspect, pride on their part. At first I've resisted and hesitated kasi bokya ako sa math nung highschool and elementary. I know my limitations pag-dating sa math. Ewan ko ba, my brain doesn't work pag-dating sa math. Nakakahilo. But my brain is pretty okay with science(without all those math stuff), literature, history, and art. Di sa pag-bubuhat ng sariling bangko but I'm pretty skilled pag-dating sa mga drawing-drawing. Fine arts was even my first choice when I was in high school but we all now how that went. So I came up with a compromise, I told them I want IT because I'm pretty fascinated with technology anyways. This was way back 2012 after my hs graduation. Long story short, I ended up taking CpE instead. To no-one's surprise, first school year pa lang may mga bagsak na ako (algebra and trig). If you know engineering curriculum, it's a disaster coz algebra and trig are prereqs for most subsequent subjects. I'm required to take up make-up classes over the summer break so I did. Second school year came and ayan na nga, bagsak nanaman sa Solid, Mechanics, etc. Nevertheless, I wasn't discouraged and I took make-up classes after that over the summer once again. Do you see the pattern building up in here? All in all, the what supposed to be a 5-year degree protracted to an 8-year long struggle for my survival for college in the end. I worked hard to finish college for 8 long years with no summer breaks in-between. I don't know if I should be proud of my grit or I should be ashamed of my performance and outcome.
So why did I take up programming if I suck at math then? Well, the naive part of me says I'm pretty good at logic, that probably supersedes all the maths I had to learn. That I will be a good programmer with sheer grit, tenacity, and passion alone. A thought that was probably reinforced time and again when I found myself being at the forefront of every programming class I took. I've been the go-to guy in programming in my class. I've been considered one of the good ones by my peers and my profs. So I was proud of that little accomplishment. I dabbled with quite a few programming languages from C to VB and developed pretty functional projects with them. Nothing I can show on GitHub because that was a long time ago and I wasn't aware of version control then. During my 3rd year I've decided I wanted to take up Web Development as a career and started doing little coding with PHP, and then Python. I've Studied vanilla HTML, CSS, and JS too. But again, nothing too serious and too functional, and nothing I can share on GitHub for the same reason as before. With some later exceptions, I suppose.
So I got a remote job opportunity from this overseas startup company 2 years ago. It was pretty established in their country though. Lots of people have been using their SAAS software and they are growing by the day. I sought the job because COVID were on the rise and I felt pressured to support my family financially. I wouldn't elaborate too much but that job experience did not really go well. I wasn't able to communicate effectively being that it's my first job and some personal reasons I am not comfortable discussing in a public forum. More often than not, I've found myself insufficient with a lot of things in soft skill and hard skills like coding because I'm too inexperienced for both and too socially inept to have an honest conversations with the people I've worked with. I felt so stupid. And even more stupid when I've learned that every one of my Filipino co-workers studied from a known school here in the country whilst I graduated from a “no-name” college. It wasn't a good start. The mental toll is already setting in and I almost quit after 3 months but decided to push on for a year. That is probably something that I regret because I've burnt out so bad after a year it took me another year to fully recover and get back on track. I guess it's my persistence working against me at this point. Why one year?, you ask. I don't know. I was so depressed, I did not talk to anybody, did not do anything coding-related, I did not learn anything new, I practically gave up on life altogether. Saying all this seemed silly now without enough context but again, I've got some personal reasons I can't discuss as well.
So what am I up to now? Just a couple of months ago I've decided enough is enough and I want to reclaim my life. I want to do something for myself. So I've started learning programming web development again. I've even build my own portfolio website. I've found this new focus and determination to achieve my goals. But there's not a day in my life where I wonder where all the years went and what had I been doing with my life and I felt pity and shame for myself. It's been 6 years after my supposed graduation and I'm still struggling to get my foothold on the industry. I've been applying here and there. Updated my resume and stuff. Been getting messages from recruiters and employers but nothing substantial so far. I just worry that my education background or my age is affecting my chance of getting into the industry. I was born in the province, I studied in the province, I had my first remote work experience from the province, and now I'm still out looking for a job online from the province. I have promdi problems and this personal problems too weighing over me. Man, I just want to get my life together. I'm so far behind the curve on experience in life and in the career path I wanted to take. If there's just someone who can nudge me even if just a little bit to the right direction from time to time I would be eternally grateful.
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2023.06.01 04:57 princecumball F4A — chainsaw man rp partner, looking for a denji who understands his character!

hey, just someone who would love to have a Denji to her Power here! I really, really enjoy Denpower's sibling dynamic. I've wanted to have a roleplaying partner to be my Denji for a while now, but it seems to be a rather tiresome search. I feel as if his character is incredibly misunderstood by most of the fandom, despite being.. relatively simple, in my opinion? He's a hormonal teenaged boy, yes, but he also has a genuinely kind heart, even if he's a bit unhinged and can be morally gray at times. He's silly, playful, teasing — but loving, so loving to those he cares for, even if he has odd ways of showing it.
I love his relationship with Power and all of the symbolism behind their story together, especially their final moments in the manga and how beautifully their bond is wrapped up. Neither of them truly could understand how much they meant to one another, but they knew. Deep down, they really, really knew. They showed it, too. It really hit to me, seeing Denji ready to give up his life after learning Power wouldn't be apart of it anymore. And her, telling him to keep going on, to snap out of that way of thinking and "come find her", it's .. ..well, I could rant about them for a long time, so I'll try to stay on track. I think my favorite way I've seen them be referred to is is as platonic soulmates. I wanna enjoy their dynamic with someone as passionate about them as I am, I want to enjoy various scenarios and AU's or what-ifs, I just wanna explore so much with them, I love them <3
what I look for in an RP partner: - can match reply length to some extent, not low effort, engaged in our RP and will let me know if something isn't working for them - communicative of time limits/inactivity warnings when capable of giving me a heads-up - kind, understanding - won't rush replies or be aggravated if I don't feel up to roleplaying every day/all the time - non-invasive and won't ask needless personal questions (getting to know each other is fine, just don't be a weirdo!) - can RP on Discord, preferably - just be yourself, be fun and let's chill!
some stuff about me: - haven't been into RPing as much as I used to be in past years, chances are I'll be learning from you as we RP! - fine with long or short term partners - might be repetitive in my word choices at times, forgive me! I try to make up for it by focusing on creating "vivid" descriptions in my writing, aha - CSM nerd, will rant to you about the manga (and anime) for hours, especially if it's Denpower, obv - PST timezone, varied sleep schedule (can range from normal to semi-normal to ???) - she/her primarily but any prns are okay! - loves meeting new people, chances are I'll love to befriend you!
hmu if you're interested ‼️💕🫵
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2023.06.01 04:57 HaloTheegoddess There’s something wrong with him

I’m just ranting and kind of laughing at my frustrating situation so please don’t take this too seriously . Anyway for back story I’m doing high school online and I don’t really have friends like that or a social life 💀and I met this boy who used to go to my old school and now he goes to my online school, but he doesn’t remember me 💀we exchanged numbers and I wanted to be closer friends with him so I’ve been listening to subs for this boy to text me and to think about me but he hasn’t texted me at all. I listen for an hour or two, visualizing, looking at pics of him while listening and scripting but nothing 🤦🏾‍♀️this isn’t my first time manifesting a text from someone and every time I do it, it always works EXCEPT FOR HIM. THERES SOMETHING WRONG WITH HIM. We haven’t texted much and I don’t want to always text first bc I don’t want to be clingy or bother him but I want to become closer friends with him. I’ve been listening to subs to get him to text me for the past week but it’s complete silence 😭 I know I’m not the problem but idk I might just give up atp
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2023.06.01 04:57 Huge_Research_8639 Got scammed in the stupidest way

Throwaway because I’m too ashamed anyone ever finds out…
I (F35) got scammed fot 1000 CAD from an account that managed to pass as my boss.
I get an email from my boss asking for some help getting the staff gift cards for performing well. Boss is out of town for an event and the email that reaches to me is someone using his very email signature for mobile messaging. It also gives so many details and the writing is so similar I manage to go and get it bought. Since I can’t get more than that it is done. I keep asking him about the money and he says he’s having issues with the account. But he’ll write me a check if I go in the office one of the 2 days he’s not around. I think nothing of it because he’s been away a lot.
Today I get a spam using his signature and when I see this I come to think about the other email. That’s when I check the email account and turns I’ve been scammed.
I am so pissed with myself for this. Specially since I just arrived to Canada so money isn’t exactly something I can waste…and also too ashamed to tell it to anyone. To make things worse? On day 1 at the job said boss was telling me has had issues with people posing as the staff and scamming others. I feel like the dumbest person on this planet
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2023.06.01 04:57 BrassiestOcean0 Not sure if we’re broken up or not, and it’s killing me..

So me and my gf have been having a rough patch (6+ months now). During this period she has wanted to see me only a few times and every time I ask to see her she either ignores me or tells me next time she has a weekend off. The other day, after I sent her my last attempt at saving whatever relationship we still have, she messaged me apologizing for being an asshole, then proceeded to tell me her dog is not doing well. I can really understand the pain of loosing a pet as I lost my cat a few months ago. I feel as though this is where are relationship died, after I lost my cat, not even 2 days later she basically attacked me as she felt I didn’t tell her about it. Which I did, maybe not in the clearest way but I was devastated when I did and all I was able to send was “:(“ which she never replied to and knew I was at the vet. She also had really hurt me since I tried to get her to come over to say goodbye to my kitty but she was too busy with work. Since then she’s just ignored me basically. For the last month I’ve been messaging her asking if we could talk but she’s always “busy” or wants to spend time with her dog (which I completely get, I love that dog also, but can’t even go and see her). I kinda know that she doesn’t love me anymore and that’s ok, shit happens in life and we change as people. The problem is, she for some reason can’t tell me what her feeling towards me are. It’s gone to the point where I’ve had to ask her point blank , and she says that she still loves me but I really don’t know. she has the keys to my apartment, which I don’t feel comfortable with her having anymore. I tried to talk to her today and get my keys back but she didn’t have them with her and told me next time and that she didn’t have time to talk right now (I’ve been trying for months to talk to her even before my cat died). We even had something planned out a few weeks ago (which she decided where and when) and the day of, she stoped messaging me for 2weeks. Idk why she refuses to just tell me her feelings towards me have changed. I feel as though she is keeping me hostage since she know I still need my keys back. I love this girl with all my heart and I just want her to be happy in life which I don’t think I make her happy anymore. And truthfully she doesn’t make me happy either. I used to have a lot emotional problems in my early 20’s and the last thing she told me today broke me. And I’m a little scared right now. Has anyone else have to deal with a relationship that is obviously done, but someone is keeping the other hostage so they can’t move on? I feel like dying…. Sorry for lengthy unformatted text ahead of time. I’m just really meh right now.
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2023.06.01 04:56 Responsible_Rip_3903 advice needed! starting internship next month but need psychical therapy

hi all,
I am a 21F who is set to start my internship next month. I have had neck issues my whole life which has been manageable at home but I've reached a point where physical therapy is probably needed due to constant pain/headaches. I have been feeling a bit better lately with at home exercises but I'm at a crossroads in deciding paths. My two options would be to do physical therapy throughout the summer because it is the most realistic time to start it (would be a full time student in the fall then start working) or just push through the summer and do the internship. Internship would be too far from any doctor near me to commute.
I'm also graduating so I'm worried I would have a hard time finding a job once I'm out the student bubble especially without an internship on my resume.
Any advice on what route to take would be appreciated!
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2023.06.01 04:56 cgo1234567 Does anyone have a spare wheelchair for a large 65-pound dog?

I apologize in advance for posting this here even tho im located in west covina. This subreddit was the only big subreddit near me besides the LA one
I'm looking for a spare wheelchair for a large 65-pound dog that I could rent or borrow. I can't find any wheelchairs at the local stores and I'd like one as soon as possible. My dog has bone cancer(osteosarcoma) and has lost function of his right hind leg. Even tho he can't walk anymore I still take him to the park so he can lie down on the grass and get some fresh air. Whenever other dogs walk near us he starts whining and I can tell he really wants to walk again. His condition is getting worse by the day so I'd really appreciate if anyone could help me.
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2023.06.01 04:56 Madnapali [Follow-Up] 19,891 Miles in One Year Review - 2022 P2 DMLR Pilot/Plus

Hello friends, I'm back! I put off posting this since I have seen a few others of this nature, and figured I would just hold off until I had more data. Not a whole lot has changed, really.
Original Post including edits
About the Dehumidifier - note that as of 2.2 or 2.3 this seems to work when eco climate is active
Long Trip with My Family
That Time My Charger Melted - update to this... it was a loose connection. Oops. The Lectron charger from Amazon is still going strong and I'm pretty happy with the 16 amps. It's all I need.

Same as last time, we are going to start with the gripes!

If something was a gripe in the last post and isn't below, I either no long care, or they fixed it. I'll remark on a few of them after this section.
Android and phone shenanigans

Updates to the good stuff, and comments on things that have been solved

TL;DR - I am still 110% satisfied after a year and almost 20,000 miles. Will absolutely look into another Polestar product as my next car. I think any other follow-up posts will be if something goes seriously wrong, or I hit 100,000 miles :).
I need to get to bed soon, so I'll check out the comments in the morning.
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2023.06.01 04:56 fatrob Reddits stance on third party apps

Hey everyone,
Reddit announced changes to their API pricing model that will effectively kill third party apps. These changes will go into effect July 1.
In my experience the bulk of subreddits including this one utilize APIs to provide content (game day threads), or as better tools to review content (vs the god awful official reddit app), or simply navigate reddit.
This change will also likely impact a huge number of users who use reddit on their phones as all of the big third party apps will likely shutdown.
If you will be impacted, or simply want to support your friendly neighborhood janitors, I would appreciate you providing feedback to the Admins.
On a personal level, I am an old fart in reddit terms and have been on Reddit in some form since before there was even subreddits. This change will likely have me head to the doors as the official app is terrible and I am on my phone 99% of the time.
Thank you for listing to my ted talk 🤜
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2023.06.01 04:56 No-Sea-4711 I really want to know why someone would constantly come for my weight knowing I struggle with BDD

He would constantly tell me how I looked the same after losing 30 pounds, I only needed tp lose 10 more pounds to reach my goal. On Christmas of 2021 he purposely got me a shirt way too big and was smiling like making fun of me and around that time he would constantly tell me how our sister wanted to get me clothes and asked him what size I was and he told her I was a bigger size, she ended up getting the size I used. Now I gained all the weight back and when I look at pictures around that time I actually was skinny but believed him even though the scale my clothes size showed I was getting thinner.
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2023.06.01 04:56 greenmushroomlad Is it selfish of me to want to be taken care of?

For the past year and a half I've been in a bit of a limbo in my life... I haven't been able to hold a job, I had to move back home, and my social life has gone down the drain. I've had a lot of time to think. While it would feel good to be able to support myself and be independent with a good job... I feel hopeless about ever doing so. I struggle with a severe anxiety disorder that keeps me from independence. For as long as I can remember, I've wanted to live the life my grandmother had. I grew up watching her live the stay at home wife roll. Hubby goes to work, she stays home and cleans, gets groceries, hangs laundry on the line, mends clothes, and gardens. Then around 5 starts dinner... I want that.
I'm scared that now that's selfish of me to want in life though. To stay home while I leave someone else to work for and pay for everything. I know that's how things used to be (and still can be), I just don't know how realistic it is with how the working world and economy has changed.
To get right down to it... I just want to be taken care of... to be told not to worry about it, because my partner will handle it. I just have to take care of errands and chores and then welcome someone home with open arms and help them decompress from the work day.
I know such a life wouldn't be rainbows and butterflies, that there would still be things that stress me out and that I would still have bad days. But genuinely believe that's what I would be good at. That's what would make me happy because I'm good at it.
Like I said, I just feel like it's selfish and unattainable now... any comments/thoughts/advice on this is appreciated.
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2023.06.01 04:56 RyverFisher NA Epithalon Amidate normal appearance?

I got this from and it seems a lil fishy to me although this is a bigger vial than I am used to (not sure that would really change anything tho I doubt it).
You can see the streak on the side (inside) the vial almost as if there was some liquid in there?
I emailed them and am waiting for a response so we'll see what they say but happy to hear your thoughts as well.
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2023.06.01 04:56 rogocuso Marital infidelity investigator

Marital infidelity investigator
Experiencing a sudden shift in my relationship was incredibly challenging. The constant quarrels with my boyfriend had become draining, unlike the way things used to be. Suspicion started to creep in, and I couldn't shake the feeling that he might be cheating on me.
Confronting him directly seemed too daunting, so I made the difficult decision to hire a relationship private investigator, mustering up all the courage and emotional energy I could find. It was a way for me to seek clarity and confirm my suspicions, even though it felt like a last resort.
The private investigator I hired put together a skilled team that had the ability to access my boyfriend's social media accounts, Snapchat and WhatsApp messages. They delved into his private conversations and retrieved the evidence I needed. When I received that information, a whirlwind of emotions consumed me. I felt a profound mix of sadness, disappointment, relief, and a sense of closure all at once.
Armed with undeniable proof, I found the strength within myself to confront my boyfriend and make the painful decision to end our relationship. Breaking up with him wasn't easy, but I knew I had to prioritize my own well-being and emotional health above all else. It was a moment of liberation as the heavy weight on my chest was finally lifted, and I faced the harsh reality of the situation.
Throughout the healing process that followed, I reminded myself to be gentle and patient with my emotions.
In the end, though the relationship hadn't turned out as I had hoped, I took the necessary steps to gather evidence and make an informed decision. It wasn't an easy path, but I knew deep down that it was the right one for my own happiness and well-being.
Sometimes, it is necessary to hire an infidelity investigator to get concrete evidence of a partner's unfaithfulness.
Cybergeek is equipped with cutting-edge technology that allows them to track your partner's electronic footprint with ease. Whether it's social media or email correspondence, they can uncover any hidden secrets and bring them to light. With their expertise in digital surveillance and forensic data analysis, you can be sure that they'll get you the information you need quickly. Cybergeek has experienced investigators who have been trained to handle delicate situations with tact and sensitivity.
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2023.06.01 04:55 Thiago_Von_Duck Personalized AI

As someone who appreciates learning alone and wants a chatbot LLM acting as their tutor, I seek your advice regarding the most suitable tool for me. Ideally, I would love to host this model myself for greater control over data privacy, but I remain open to other options too on Windows. The ability to integrate third-party plugins, APIs, and even patch different models to achieve desired results is important to me.
I aim to train this AI model on my personal data, including textbooks and notes, to simulate a one-to-one session with a virtual tutor. Ease of use and smooth voice interaction are essential features. I value any insights from fellow learners who have had positive experiences utilizing chatbots in their studies.
Your feedback will help shape my decision and contribute to creating a valuable resource for others pursuing the same path. Many thanks for your time and input!
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2023.06.01 04:55 sidewaysjesus012 [USA-CA][H] Gigabyte RTX 3060, HP Reverb G2, WiFi 6 Mesh [W] PayPal, Local Cash

I've got:
All prices are negotiable. For shipping PM me your ZIP code and I'll calculate the cost. Local is 94132, San Francisco / Daly City
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2023.06.01 04:55 mossytoaster Does anyone use Oliver here?

Me and my family all use White/Oliver tractors and my grandpa has for over 50 years now, really wondering how many other people out there use them as well.
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