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2023.06.01 04:07 startwtricycle First timer

I just got a Tynee Classic today. I’ve skateboarded for 25 years prior. My first thoughts: I can’t believe there are people who get into electric boards with no previous skateboard experience. Seems super dangerous. Also, I can’t believe that my skateboard is less powerful than a lot of what’s out there! This thing is awesome. Anyway, what an amazing thing I’ve stumbled upon.
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2023.06.01 04:05 Funny-Frosting-3400 Landscaping vs Painting & other types of labour

I’m soon possibly going to start work for a landscaping company during the summer. I’m just wondering if anyone here has experience with other kinds of labour jobs/trades and how they compare (painting, construction, etc).
I have experience with painting which I was not a fan of. Too finicky and tedious for me, compared to something like snow removal which was more physically intense but rewarding. Thanks!
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2023.06.01 04:05 Party_Jellyfish_512 Treated unfairly at work. Remote jobs for NPs?

I work in a large hospital in a major city. Having moved from my home state less than a year ago, I am really blessed to have found a job that I enjoy and in the specialty I love (hint:lots of people dislike/feadon’t understand it). However, recently management has called me into the office with multiple concerns about my behavior. Apparently, the words that I use are considered…unkind? Untrue? Can be taken the wrong way? Idk how to even describe it. I can give examples:
Me: “oh yeah, Dr so-and-so doesn’t care about that sort of thing.” (In that context, my intention was to relay that this doctor only has time to focus on patient care, not the nitty gritty details of how NPs run this service)
Them: “excuse me that doctor cares VERY much about patients why would you say that about him”
Me: “wow those overnight shifts are pretty tough, I know we’re hiring new people into those slots but I did nights for a while and it’s not for me.”
Them: “We heard you were talking down on our decision to hire people to those shifts. Do you disagree with how we are forming this program?”
Now, I felt these experiences were truly unfair. Recently though, I did have a pretty hard conversation with a newer hire. We disagreed on how to train her, I was admittedly harsh on her because me and the attending felt she was not where she needed to be skill/training wise. My intention was to be straightforward and tell her what concerned me so we could work on it (I was told she liked directness when getting feedback). It was a hard conversation and super awkward but we talked it out. I saw my errors, owned up to it, apologized and told her I would do better.
They pulled me into the office again and told me they opened a case with HR since “they saw a pattern”. Yikes. I’m on strike one, so to speak. I’m on a behavioral plan. Had to do training on how to deal with giving feedback and friction with colleagues. I’ve never had issues interacting with coworkers. But apparently things I say are being taken negatively…by people who I barely work with. The new hire was the last straw, and while yes that one was definitely my fault…I just feel very targeted and nervous.
I’ve been walking on egg shells ever since. Now any time I open my mouth, I am worried something will be misconstrued or my anxiety will make me say something stupid. Everyone else I work with seems oblivious to this. I can’t participate with my colleagues in a good venting session bc I know if I say something MY ass is grass. I can’t trust them even though I like them, bc I don’t know exactly who is feeding management these weird accusations. I can’t tell anyone because I am 1) so embarrassed and 2)scared it’ll bite me in the ass.
I am just waiting for the next day I get pulled into the office. I refuse to be fired, but I don’t want to leave this job.
My question to you all is this: when do I look for a new job and are there remote NP jobs out there? I love inpatient, I love being an Np, but this environment is scaring the shit out of me and I feel so isolated.
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2023.06.01 04:04 julylifecoach It's your birthday.

I went to a birthday party recently. It was for a 2 year old - a baby girl of my friend's. Family + close friends gathered to wish her the best second birthday of her life and the experience was filled to the brim with love.
They played nursery rhymes with Alexa and the princess took center stage. She sung (more like a babble lol) and danced for all to see. I don't know if you'll understand this but it felt like the room was physically filling up with smiles.
(As a quick aside, you ever notice how nursery rhymes and children's music is addictive as hell? I didn't know like 90% of the songs that played but I was able to memorize all of them by the time I left the party...)
Anyway, as we were eating cake my wife and I were discussing some birthday parties we've been to as children. My wife noted how American birthday parties tended to have an agenda of activities when Korean birthday parties are mostly about feeding the kids. I also remembered most of the birthday parties I attended as a child to be about eating. And then - a sudden swell of tears arose from my face. What was happening?

The crushing fear of disappointment

I realized a deep feeling that I had stashed away was ready to surface. When I tried to give more identity to that feeling, I found despair and embarrassment. Why was I feeling that way? What does that have to do with this birthday party I'm attending?
I always downplayed my birthday and let it pass without making it a big deal. I always made excuses like "oh it's in July (hence July life coach) so school's out so I can't have a birthday party". I always said - "my birthday is more about my mom because she is the one who gave birth to me!" and celebrated my mom instead. I realized that this was an outcome of fear - the fear of disappointment. The fear of potentially having a birthday party, and having nobody come. The fear of having a big feast in a giant large table - but with only myself to eat with. The fear of boxes of board games and playstations ready to be played - but with only myself to play with. Because I believe... Nobody would like me that much to come celebrate my birthday.
There are many other facets to this sadness but I highlight fear of disappointment because that is what ultimately blocked me from celebrating my birthday. Having this great expectation of a party and ending up with an empty room that just echoes music. When that disappointment gets a grip on me, I can't host a great party. Hell, I can't host ANY parties at all.

The party of you

So here's how my life story applies to your life. When I don't like my birthday (is that too harsh? maybe when I'm not excited about my birthday), I don't plan parties. Even if I do, I don't tell anyone about it. I don't make it a joyous occasion. By doing this I ENSURE that I don't have a party and I don't get celebrated.
Think of something that you're passionate about. Maybe it's your music. Maybe it's your poems. Maybe it's your stand-up comedy. Whatever it is, if that were your birthday party - are you celebrating it? If your passion was a birthday party, are you making it hit all the corners of entertainment? Are you going to have million pans of pizza? Are you going to hire all the neighborhood not-freaky-clowns? When you approach your passion from this angle, is it different from perhaps how you're approaching it now?
What about your life and your existence? Is your life a great birthday party? Is your life worth being excited for? Are you inviting everyone you know to the birthday party that is you?
No matter where you are in your life right now - I celebrate the party that is you. So that's why I say in the title of this email - It's your birthday. We're gonna party like it's your birthday.
Lots and lots of love,
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2023.06.01 04:04 GandalfTWG [NA] [EUR] [PC] 🌎 =UWS= United We Stand ~ Non-Toxic Adults

Welcome, Diablo IV community! United We Stand is actively looking for new members to grow and bond with as we dominate Sanctuary. We strive to build a dedicated mature community that provides a fun, interactive, mature, and stable core group of members to engage in a community that is fun and welcoming. We hope that you will join us!
Our gaming journey began in 2003 as a well-respected community playing Battlefield 1942. We host a non-toxic environment providing help to new players and skilled players alike. We extend our invitation for you to fight with us. We enjoy gaming just as everyone else here, kicking back after work (or for some, school), and enjoy gaming with a side of laughter stamped with some great memories.
What we offer:
💠 We host a large array of members from all over the world. Most reside in North America and UK/Europe. Our members must be 18 years of age and older (no screaming kids). Many of our members are in their 20s-40s with some as old as 83.
💠 Everyone in our community is equal. We do not sort members with military ranks. We also have a dedicated group of moderators to help with all issues and resolve any disputes.
💠 We have an active player base. There is nearly always someone on 24/7 so you never need to play alone.
💠 Non-abusive Staff/Moderation team that will assist with any problematic players or situations in a fair manner
💠 A L3 Boosted Discord where you can Stream 1080p 60fps FREE for better tactical communication.
💠 Channel Creation - Make your channel, lock/limit it, and set it how you want to play with friends.
💠 We play other FPS and Survival games as well ~ Apex Legends, Battlefield, CoD, Star Citizen, Div2, Escape From Tarkov & many more.
WE ARE NOT going to require you to go through hell (no pun intended) just to join our community. No harsh interviews or obnoxious steps to maintain membership like having to take part in mandatory practices/events. Gaming and making friends should not be a job but an escape to relax and enjoy. We look forward to meeting you!
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2023.06.01 04:03 noorah Tips for a new team lead

So I have been offered the role of team lead (4 devs 1 QA) at my job, but I have no experience leading a development team before.
Any tips or ideas or any resources to help me prepare for this role would be greatly appreciated.
The company I work for is a small startup company, with less than 30 employees so things are not that structured.
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2023.06.01 04:03 ClasslessTrash The Pastlands [SMP] {1.19.2} {JAVA} {FORGE} {MODDED} {WHITELIST}

Join our Discord!
Looking for a Minecraft server that's perfect for you?
Look no further! Our server has everything you need to have an unforgettable Minecraft experience.
We've put together an incredible collection of custom mods that are designed to cater to all types of players, whether you're a hardcore Minecraft fan or just starting out. Our server is packed with a wide range of exciting features that will keep you engaged and entertained for hours on end.
Our custom mods include
The ability to Create your own items and build your own worlds
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2023.06.01 04:03 Masterofgoodfood SOS from Inkyescapeartist69420

These human mains left me in a base with no cool items to experiment with, but I fought back. I managed to escape the tank, and am on the floor as of now. What do I do from here? My stamina is 0 from climbing out of the tank.
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2023.06.01 04:02 ClasslessTrash The Pastlands [SMP] {1.19.2} {JAVA} {FORGE} {MODDED} {WHITELIST}

Join our Discord!
Looking for a Minecraft server that's perfect for you?
Look no further! Our server has everything you need to have an unforgettable Minecraft experience.
We've put together an incredible collection of custom mods that are designed to cater to all types of players, whether you're a hardcore Minecraft fan or just starting out. Our server is packed with a wide range of exciting features that will keep you engaged and entertained for hours on end.
Our custom mods include
The ability to Create your own items and build your own worlds
A Simple Shop where you can trade and sell items with other players
To help carry all your loot, Sophisticated Backpacks is your friend!
Lock chests and keep your items safe with Security Craft
Don't worry about losing items if you die with the Gravestones mod
And much more! We're always open to feedback and suggestions, so if you have an idea for a mod that you'd like to see added to the server, just let us know and we'll do our best to make it happen.
Our dedicated team of moderators are always on hand to help out and ensure that the server remains a friendly and enjoyable place to play. We pride ourselves on having a welcoming community, so if you're looking to make new friends and play with like-minded individuals, then our server is the place for you!
So what are you waiting for? Join us on our modded Minecraft server, The Pastlands, and experience the ultimate Minecraft adventure!
Join our Discord!
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2023.06.01 04:02 General_Abies9400 I have no idea wtf I’m doing, pls help

I am not meant to be here, I’m not a degen like the rest of you, as soon as this is all over I am running away. I literally just downloaded Robinhood like 2 days ago and have 0 experience or knowledge of what I’m doing but I guess that’s the majority anyway.
So anyway, me and my dumbass friends just graduated high school and felt like gambling whatever we had in our bank account away, so naturally I bought AI calls. I only bought 1 at 32.5 expiring Jun 9. Can someone explain why the stock tanked even though they beat predictions? And how does after hours work, is this the firms reacting? Since my contract expires June 9 any chance it can go back up within this time? I really have no idea what to expect tomorrow morning, I’m guessing it will be down from 970 to like 400 or something. Just trying to minimize losses at this point and would really appreciate some advice. I know I am a regard
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2023.06.01 04:02 Elite1Porschefamily Ngl ion wanna see nun of y’all jits posting no gangsta shit no rappers no saying who on dat and not y’all niggas are the fucking police!!! Y’all boys did the law work dis man could’ve recorded a pov of him doing it dat got nothing to do with y’all let the law do they job 👎🏾

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2023.06.01 04:02 coochie-man123 Good massage place in Bangalore

Hi, I’m looking for a good massage place in Bangalore. No, I’m not looking for a happy ending. A real, value for money, ayurvedic or not (doesn’t matter) massage place. Is there anyone who have had a good experience anywhere in Bangalore?
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2023.06.01 04:02 ellirae Asked to complete a "project" as part of a six-step interview process...

I'm a technical writer. The market is down the toilet right now, and that being the case, I'm job-hunting full time, which includes drafting cover letters and often attending multiple interviews a day. It's a very time-consuming job itself, as many here know. I have an extensive and thorough portfolio, which I was asked to provide in this case after interview 1 and before interview 2.
During interview 2, I was asked what other questions I had. After asking a couple of basic questions about the culture and the project itself, I asked what the rest of the interview process would look like, and I was informed that there would be a "project" and then three additional interviews, to take place as the three individuals found time over the next month. This month would begin after the "project" was complete and reviewed and approved by multiple people.
I asked what this project entailed. As a writer, I'm no stranger to needing to prove my work - that's what the portfolio is for. Sometimes, people don't ask for a portfolio and instead prefer to see my hands-on work in the form of a simple written article about a high-level topic. I've done this, albeit not quite happily, in a couple of cases where it makes sense - for example, one company for whom I would be writing manuals for their products asked me to write a one-page manual on how to operate a microwave. A single page on a topic I was already familiar with - fine, no big deal.
Today's company told me that the ideal candidate would, as soon as our interview call ended, be perusing their public knowledge base immediately. That person would be reviewing the knowledge base (2 interviews in with 3 more and a project left to go before being made an offer, IF one happens, mind you) for areas for improvement in the knowledge base, so they could 'hit the ground running'. He also wanted the ideal candidate to have the voice of the knowledge base internalized by the time an offer was made. The interviewer then told me that the project would involve drafting an entire article specific to their company and specific to the company's voice, which - as he stated - "would only take an hour or so for a skilled writer."
Am I wrong for running for the damn hills?
The ask itself was a bit daunting - he wants me to train myself on the company and their knowledge base, their product, and their voice, well enough to write for them, before I've even gotten halfway through the extremely extensive interview process - but it was the time expectation he gave me that really set off a red flag... one hour? To learn the voice of your knowledge base, learn the details of your product (which I've never heard of before), and - without any resources aside from the knowledge base itself - write you a complete article about a facet of said product, in said voice?
Not on this side of sanity, pal...
Wondering what other people's thoughts on this are... What would you do?
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2023.06.01 04:02 NoCommute New remote job at HackerRank

HackerRank is hiring a Go-to-Market Analyst (Remote)
NoCommute is a free daily newsletter with just-posted remote jobs. To get hundreds of jobs like this sent to your email 5x a week, subscribe here.
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2023.06.01 04:01 thunderclap6 1500 hour update, I did it?

I recently hit 1500 hours of comprehensible Spanish input closely following Pablo’s method and wanted to share my thoughts and feelings about dreaming Spanish and learning with comprehensible input in general. Unfortunately this subreddit wasn’t around when I started so this post will cover from 0 to 1500 so apologies in advance about the length (lol), and some fuzziness about my timeline, tldr at bottom.
So I started with DS in December 2021 after finding it in a comment on reddit and getting convinced to try it by the info on the website, and watching a few free sb / beginner videos and the captioned intermediate videos of Pablo in a park explaining the method and how to use it. Before that my experience in Spanish amounted to a just few weeks of duolingo. I took 4 years of French in highschool and don’t remember anything (I’m 24 now for reference) and had various stretches of trying duolingo with different languages without ever sticking with anything long. I remember not being 100% convinced at the time but figured I’d give it 50-150 hours and see where I got to. I was doing 30 mins to an hour a day for the rest of December and early January 2022 until I got covid. During my isolation I watched I think 3-4 hours a day and really noticed progress. After that stretch I was well into the beginner videos and pretty convinced the method would work so increased to 1 hour a day. Not long after that, I ran out of sb / beginner videos at around 100 hours, there weren’t as many videos back then. I also had watched some Peppa Pig and Spanish with Alma but still wasn’t quite to the 150 suggested for intermediate. I made the jump anyways and found I could understand some of Pablo’s videos but not many of the other hosts. Maybe just because I was more familiar with his accent or because he talked more easily I’m not really sure. As I got closer to 150 hours I was able to listen to more hosts intermediate videos, I especially remember Sandra’s being comprehensible and them being super helpful for making the transition to harder intermediate content.
During this stretch between 150 and 300 hours I started listening to Hoy Hablamos which is basically just DS as a podcast (I skipped all the grammar focused episodes). I remember this as a kind of an inflection point for my learning. It was a really cool feeling being able to understand a podcast 100% in Spanish with no visual aids, something I never would have been able to do in French with my 4 years of learning. This is when I became 100% convinced that not only the method would work but that the timeline is probably more or less accurate so I increased my daily goal to 2 hours. From roughly February through August 2022 I hit that goal. Being able to listen to podcasts made getting 2 daily hours so much easier than it would have been at the beginner levels, especially being able to listen to them while cleaning, or running, hiking, driving etc… The key thing for me is just being honest with myself about how much I listened to and comprehended. If I zoned out during an episode or if it felt alittle hard to follow I wouldn’t count it. My total input time, not just what I counted as comprehensible, is easily above 2000 hours…probably more.
At the end of August 2022 an opportunity came up at work for a last minute trip to Spain. I was at about 500 hours when I went on the trip and hadn’t started speaking yet. Funny anecdote, the first time I tried to speak on this trip I was so bad the waiter thought I was speaking French lol. That aside, I was pleasantly surprised at how well I was able to understand everyone and hold basic conversations. I was able to follow conversations between our work hosts which even they were impressed by haha. I came back from this trip super motivated and increased my daily time goal to 4 hours.
This is when I started understanding and consuming native content. Travel vlog youtubers like Pablo Imhoff, Luisito Comunica, Gabriel Herrera etc were my gateway drug to content made for native speakers, I think this format is great for people looking to make the transition since there are so many visual ques and they talk directly into the camera. Podcasts continued to be super important for me, but it did take me about 200 hours longer to be able to understand ones for natives vs the previously mentioned youtubers. The No Hay Tos was really helpful for making the transition. I’ll include a comment below with a summary of all resources I’ve used but generally I listened to (and still listen to) a ton of hours of podcasts from Argentina since around the 700/800 hour mark. Not sure if it’s just spotify’s algorithim being weird or if they actually make a lot of podcasts in Argentina, either way I’ve found so many that I like. I didn’t always hit my daily goal of 4 hours but being able to understand content aimed at native speakers made it easy for me to do often.
Around this time is when I started speaking, I’ve been doing weekly online “lessons” with a community tutor on italki from Argentina where we just talk in Spanish for an hour since around the 700 hour mark. It took me me a few lessons to get used to speaking but after 2 or 3 it felt much more natural and we’ve been having conversations in Spanish without much issue since. As my level got higher the conversations have become more interesting and now it’s more like catching up with a friend once a week than anything else. Now I’ll go through phases for a couple minutes where everything flows out super fluent but then will get hung up here and there on something and once I break that flow I struggle to relax and find it again. Generally I am able to hold a conversation about any subject but I still struggle to express myself effortlessly 100% the way I want to. I feel like this is more of a confidence and comfort issue because when I’m relaxed and not thinking about the language I am able to speak effortlessly. Either way I can usually find a way to get my point across, but don’t always feel able to make a joke the way I’d like to for example. I also tried to find some language exchange partners on HelloTalk at various points and have had a few calls half English half Spanish with people here and there but nothing consistent like with my tutor on italki. Honestly this is just because I hate messaging and always let the conversations die, you’d probably have more luck if you’re willing to chat with people for a while. In total I only about 30 hours speaking so far so I still expect to see improvements here as I get more comfortable.
Reading is something I’ve been a bit lazy with. The first book I read was the last book in the Percy Jackson series at around 1000 hours (listened to the first ones as audio books) and it definitely was a bit slower than I read in English, at least until towards the end of the book when it started feeling easier. Since then I’ve read 3 books books (Debajo el agua, El Entanado, Betibu) while listening along to the audiobooks. I don’t have a strong reason to support this but it made me feel more confident that the voice in my head was pronouncing the words correctly. Now I’m reading the Harry Potter books and I’m finding them extremely easy to read. Not sure how much of the improvement is actually from the reading along or just from having hundreds of hours more input. A goal of mine for the rest of this year is solidify my reading skills and reach 2 million words read.
In terms of my level now after 1500 hours, I wouldn’t be confused for a native speaker but I can hold a conversation about pretty much any topic, understand anything I put on the TV, read books etc….I could live my life 100% in Spanish. I did take a practice DELE C1 exam at around 1450 hours at a local language school with a similar format to the real thing to get a gauge for my level. I wish I would have saved my time and money and just done some quick self prep and took the real one because it felt easy, but I guess I’ll just be confident whenever I get around to taking the real thing, or maybe I’ll just wait a bit and take the C2 after some more reading practice. I had a vacation to Argentina & Uruguay planned for when I was at 1400 hours but unfortunately I had a lot of issues with my flights and had to fly home and reschedule it later in the year. I did get to chat with some people in the airport for a while though and was able to confirm my Spanish skills work IRL and not just in more controlled environments haha. I know people are going to ask about grammar and that they probably won’t like my answer. I just understand it, stuff sounds normal or stuff sounds wrong, the same as in English. Even when I’m speaking, things sound weird if they’re not right. A lot of the time that process happens in my head before I say it so I realize it’s wrong but then get stuck trying to remember what’s right and will have to rephrase but either way I’m seriously super happy with my level and never imagined I could have reached it without moving abroad or something. I definitely would not have reached this level without Dreaming Spanish, seriously I can’t thank the team enough.
Had some more I wanted to say but this post is already a book so hopefully this helped someone trust the method. Happy to try to answer any questions!

TLDR: My experience following Pablo’s method as closely as possible as a (formerly) monolingual native English speaker starting from zero with CI aligns very closely with the estimates and summaries on the roadmap.
Edit: I should mention that out of my 190 “outside” hour baseline a good many of them were DS videos I watched on YouTube and logged elsewhere before DS had the updated website it does now, so my total DS content is closer to 500 hours
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2023.06.01 04:01 hsjajsjsjsjna My job is requiring me to use “hire right” for a background check and I really don’t feel comfortable giving my ssn to a website like that has a lot of negative reviews it has the option of “I don’t have a social security number” do you think I would fail it if I clicked no

My job is requiring me to use “hire right” for a background check and I really don’t feel comfortable giving my ssn to a website like that has a lot of negative reviews it has the option of “I don’t have a social security number” do you think I would fail it if I clicked no
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2023.06.01 04:01 Humanities44 Seeking Career Guidance/Advice

Hello all, I'm looking for some feedback on a career path I'm considering persuing. For background, I've been teaching English at the high school level for the past two years, and I've always considered becoming an English Professor even before I decided to become a high school teacher.
My thought process on this at the time was (and keep in mind I was only about 17 or so) that I could start out being a high school English teacher and then get the necessary graduate degrees to become an English Professor. I went to a university and majored in Secondary Education and comoleted my student teaching requirement so that I would be licensed to teach high school once I graduated. I could also teach middle school, but that's a topic for another day I feel.
During my time in college, I heard from many humanities professors I had that they would advise against me becoming a professor as the tenured track positions are disappearing. I also had another friend in college who was in my major as well with the same plans, and other professors told him the same thing.
I feel like both of us mainly liked the idea of being English Professors more than the idea of being high school English teachers. I personally have not enjoyed teaching high school very much if at all, and there have definitely been more days that I have been unhappy in my current job rather than genuinely happy.
I liked the idea of teaching high school or middle school because I enjoyed the English teachers that I had when I was that age, but in my experience, teaching has been nothing like what I expected or rember daily life at school being like as a student myself.
I haven't been doing this for very long, but I feel very burnt out and disillusioned with my expectations of teaching, what I was told it would be like from my education professors, and the dread/anxiety I have felt towards this job.
I guess my question is, would becoming a professor be a better experience than being a teacher? I know it would be a lengthy process to get there, but I'm just wondering if would actually be worth it. I know I have such a passion for my subject, but I've had very few students who particularly enjoy reading or writing in any sense.
TL:DR: Currently a high school English teacher. I've akways wanted to be a professor, but not sure if it's worth it if I don't like teaching high school.
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2023.06.01 04:00 miningmyownbiz The Launch of Diablo 4: A Sentimental Journey

Hey, fellow gamers and Diablo enthusiasts,

As I sit here, reflecting on my gaming journey, I can't help but feel a surge of nostalgia and excitement. Tomorrow marks the launch of Diablo 4, and for me, it's not just another game release—it's a profound and sentimental moment. Let me share with you why this day is so special to me.

Back in the day, when I was younger and full of ambition, I found solace in the world of Diablo. Diablo 1 and Diablo 2 became my refuge after long nights working the night shift at a local pizza hut. I vividly remember coming home, exhausted but exhilarated, joining my friends from the pizza hut, and immersing ourselves in the Diablo universe until the sun greeted us once again. Little did I know that these friends would become my lifelong companions, sharing countless memories and forming unbreakable bonds.

Diablo 1 and 2 were not just games to me; they were a defining part of my gaming youth. The hours spent exploring dungeons, battling demons, and delving into the depths of Hell left an indelible mark on my gaming soul. Those were the moments when gaming was more than just a pastime—it was an adventure that we embarked on together, united by a shared passion.

When Diablo 3 was released, it was met with its fair share of issues and controversies. The real money auction house drama, among other problems, left a bitter taste in many players' mouths. But despite all that, Diablo 3 was a game that I poured countless hours into. It may not have been perfect, but it still held a special place in my heart—a testament to the love I had for the Diablo series.

Now, here's where the story takes an even more remarkable turn. By some incredible stroke of fate, I have a relative who works at Blizzard and is part of the Diablo 4 team. Knowing that someone I care about is pouring their heart and soul into bringing this new chapter of the Diablo saga to life fills me with a sense of pride and anticipation. I can only imagine the dedication and passion that must have gone into crafting this game.

But what truly brings tears to my eyes is the fact that my friends, the very same ones I met at that pizza hut all those years ago, have grown up, gotten married, and now have young children of their own. And just like in the good old days, the dads among us are preparing to sit down once again, mouse in hand, and experience the magic of Diablo 4. It's a testament to the enduring power of gaming, the way it can transcend time and responsibilities, and bring people together like nothing else.

So, my fellow gamers, as I eagerly await the launch of Diablo 4, I can't help but feel overwhelmed by the emotions and memories it evokes. This is not just another game; it's a symbol of our shared past, our triumphs, and the friendships that have stood the test of time. It represents the magic that can be found in virtual worlds and the connections we forge within them.

No matter what hurdles the future may bring, nothing can diminish the significance of this moment. Diablo 4 is here, and it's a testament to the love, dedication, and community that surrounds this iconic franchise. In less than 24 hrs, we will embark on a new adventure, together, ready to experience the magic once again.

Hold onto your memories, embrace the present. It's time to write a new chapter in our gaming lives.

I can't wait till tomorrow.
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2023.06.01 04:00 SalinorTV The encounter with God that changed my life

This happened on Christmas Eve, 2019. Leading up to the service at church had been a totally normal day. Christmas was already my favorite holiday and I was enjoying spending time back from college with my family.
When the service was coming to a close and silent night was playing was when my encounter with God began. When the words “love’s pure light” were sung, I immediately began to notice a what felt like a tiny seed of fire. This sensation quickly grew to envelop my body, and I recognized I was on fire, but it wasn’t painful. It felt like the most intense, warm sensation of love, to this day, I have ever experienced in my life. Words fail to describe accurately the scale and intensity of the experience, but I will try my best to do so.
The breadth of God’s love felt like the miles high wave in interstellar, crashing down on you all at once. God’s love felt like you were on the surface of the sun and had no choice but to witness its radiance. God’s love was so infinite in scale that I couldn’t comprehend its vastness. Gods love was an all-consuming, irresistible, superlative, unquenchable fire.
Needless to say, this was too much for me to handle. It was actually painful to witness God in this way. I couldn’t process or comprehend what I was seeing and feeling. It was good, but it was painful. At the time I remember feeling the urge to throw myself into that sun despite the fact that it would surely burn me into nothingness with its light. I might add that as this was happening, I was gripping the pews in front of me with white knuckles, tears openly falling down my face as I struggled to stay conscious. This went on for what felt like an eternity, but in reality was probably 5 minutes before I was released from God’s embrace.
As a man, I don’t cry often. Never in public. But I stood there mute with my face soaked in tears. I didn’t say anything on the car ride home, and my family just let me be. When I got home, I immediately went into the shower and curled up into a ball and bawled my eyes out for probably an hour. I remember saying over and over and over again: “I don’t deserve this”, and, “I’m not worthy”. Eventually I went to bed. Christmas, the next day, went as normal, as I tried to suppress this memory that was honestly very raw and painful. For the next year I couldn’t recount, much less think of this experience without having an emotional breakdown. Only two years after this did I really begin to process what happened to me.
God loves you so much- much more than you can ever know or imagine. He is always with you, and will never turn away. God bless you.
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2023.06.01 04:00 PaughtinessPanda Scared writer (long read for toilet time)

So I've always always always wanted to write anime/adult action fictional animation or what ever you call anime in America and I finally have an opportunity to get it problem is I have writers block kinda I have an episode that I keep retuneing and I'm worried that it's not good and I keep getting it's great it's good blaa blaa blaa I want some actual critical feed back and I can't get it sooooooooooooooooo people of reddit what do you think it's a rough rough and I can't not stress rough draft so I'm not looking for spelling or grammer just tell me if it catches your eye puts that need to watch more like Naruto (my favorite anime) or erased something that your curious about well tell me your thoughts (extremely nervous)
Sorry if it's a long read
Episode 1 Scene 1 breaking the forth wall
setting Black screen with a desk and chair facing the camera
Action: Anthony walks up to the desk sits down and looks at the screen.
Anthony: Hello viewers im anthony origins and im going to be your main star.
action: Jelani walks in from off-screen
Jelani: Anthony what the (beep) wait did you just (beep) censor me
Anthony: we want kids to watch this we cant have language like that on my show
Jelani :your show wait, first fix this (beep) second your not the only main characters here what about kradon and me were in the scrpit like twice
Anthony: your right, but no one wants to see y'all they want to see me and all my glory
action kradon walks in from off screen
kradon are you guys seriously arguing about the scrpit again, the viewer doesn't care just get to the show already
jelani fine fine fine im out
anthony what do you mean your out you cant just leave
jelani says who I got two feet I can walk off this screen and disappear no one would even know
anthony you already appeared on screen there no special cameos your not famous enough for that (beep)
jelani im the freaking CEO of fighting wombat productions roll the intro
action play fighting wombats intro then record skip noise anthony interrupts
anthony that doesn't mean anything
jelani means I do what I want now now fix this (beep) so we can start the show and get rid of the got damn sensor this isn't no telly tubby bull (beep)
action kradon and jelani walk off-screen
anthony sighs fine fuck it
scene one:the dream
setting :Anthony origins ,Collier Zorgata, Jelani (last name) each in there own house having simulator nightmares of a baby crying in and out black and white figures stand over the baby the room shakes the figures flash and Anthony Collier and Jelani wake up
baby Jelani,Anthony,Collier:crying noise
faded male voice: we have to do something
faded female voice: we should take them and run
faded voice father: that wont be necessary
Action:flash of green light figures disappear
faded voice father: now take your medicine
Action:needle starts to move to the baby
Scene 2: wake up its school
settings: in the rooms of Anthony Jelani,Collier they hop waking up from there dream three pan of all three characters laying up in there bed each do individual starching Collier disappears
pan to Collier rolling off his roof landing in a bush
Collier: (yells as he rolls of the roof)
action: Collier stands up
Collier : what... the fuck... where am I
action: Collier looks at his door and starts knocking
guy walking by: looks like your missing something there aren't ya
action: Collier looks down at his body and starts knocking again
Collier: Ma! let me in!
action Colliers mom opens the door:
Collier mom: how did you get out here
Collier I don't even know just let me in
action Collier walks in the house and closes the door
pan: over to Anthony walking out of his restroom door
action:Anthony grabs his coat and fixes it on to his body and starts to walk down the stairs little partial start to stick to his hand as he holds the pole of his stair case ill sparks of electricity fly through his hand Anthony jumps in pain
Anthony: ow what the fuck
Anthony mom: watch your mouth
Anthony: sorry mom I just got zapped by something
Anthony mom: doesnt excuse language well get out of here you don't want to start your senior year on a bad note now do you
Anthony: o yeah the joys of school Anthony mom: don't be a prick
Anthony: (laughs) cya mom
action Anthony walks out the front door
pan over to Jelani walking out of front door
Jelani begins walking to school and a dog walks by him he stops and pets the dog takes out some of his lunch gives it the dog
Jelani: you need bath Little man its wrong how people treat dogs like old toys you deserve a bath let your coat shi..(phone rings)
action jelani answers his phone
Collier: hey where are you
Jelani: in never land with peter pan
Collier: well Wendy called and said its time for class
Jelani: yeah yeah I'm almost there give me a bit
Collier: were in front of the school
Jelani: what do you need permission or something go to class
Collier: you have my text book remember
Jelani: o awkward.. okay ill be there in like 2 minutes
Collier alright see you th---...hello
pan to Anthony and Collier
Anthony: hung up on you
Collier: yeah, as is tradition. would it kill him for once to actually end the conversation properly?
Anthony: Well you know Jelani. what will be the chances of him doing that
Collier (sighs)
action: Jelani runs up to them
Jelani: here take your book
Collier: thanks now lets get to class
pan to Jelani Collier and Anthony walking up to the school doors and see three guys in the background
action: Vince lifts his hand and ice partials lift out of his hand and freeze the door handles
action Jelani turns in anger
Jelani: and this day started off so well
Collier: Vince get rid of the ice were running late
action: Vince walks up to Collier:
vince: come again? I don't think I heard a "Please?"
Anthony: if you need a please I'm pleased to show you what my fist does to your face
Vince: o we have ill hero here how about I freeze your face see brave you are then
action Anthony gulps
Jelani jumps in front of Vince and Anthony and pushes Vince off
Jelani: lets all calm,down no reason to get testy here Vince
Vince: so your gonna be a hero too huh Jelani
action: Vince moves forward towards Jelani
Jelani: get back Vince
Vince: aw what happen to all that bravery you just had hmm
Jelani: Vince I said get back action: Jelani shoves Vince and gets pushed back against the door the ice around the door shatters Vince gets knocked in to his friends and falls to the ground
Anthony: what the hell was that
Collier who cares the doors open lets go
action: the three of them run in to the building and down the hall they stop at the end of the hall Anthony stops and catch's his breath
Anthony:what the hell what was that Jelani
Jelani: o yes I'm a fucking Wikipedia on how gene x works
Collier: are you guys forgetting were late for class
Anthony: shit your right. okay we will talk about this at lunch lets go
Collier: yup Jelani: yeah whatever
action: Jelani Isaiah and Collier split up
pan over to Collier turning down the hall
Collier man I got to drop the kids off at the pool first before I go to class.
action camera shows the restroom Collier runs in to the restroom and slams in to the stall show Colliers face he closes his eyes
Collier: ahh there we go
action poop sounds
girl: ahh what the hell are you doing
action: Collier opens his eyes
setting: female locker room
girl: o my gosh it smells like shit ! what are you doing in her get out get out get out
Collier : Ahh! What the flip! I''m so sorry! I have no idea how the hell I got in here
action: Collier pulls his pants up and runs in to the female shower by accident
women: you pervert get out girls only
action hitting sounds and splashing around show Collier going back down the hallway in the opposite direction pan to him out side the door of the women's restroom
Collier Oowww... What da-fuq is going on?
pan over to Jelani
settings art class each student had a canvas in front of them
teacher: okay for our next project I want your best depiction of your spirt animal what animal speaks to your heart
Jelani: sighs I have the imagination of a dog chasing his tail this is gonna be a long class
action Jelani starts to draw on the canvas and rips the paper out continues this process 3 times before slamming his head and hand on the canvas pant splats on it
Jelani: lunch couldn't come any sooner what I wouldn't do for a hot dog right now
action: the paint swirls above Jelani and a hot dog appears above him
Jelani: better yet a pizza
action the paint swirls again and a pizza appears above Jelani
Jelani: god I can almost taste it
action a pizza appears in his mouth Jelani spits it out on to the floor
Jelani: the fucking fuck?
action: Jelani runs out to the restroom knocking over a bowl of art supply's
teacher jela...(Jelani)
action: Jelani rushes out the door and in to a restroom Vince watch's him enter Jelani splash's his face with water
Jelani: okay its all right think what could this be
action Vince walks In
Vince well well well look who's all alone
Jelani: Vince, I don't have time for this
action Jelani starts to turn around
Vince: is that so
action Vince snaps fingers and freezes the sink with Jelani hand still attached and grabs him by the neck
Vince: well lets make sometime
Jelani: okay but I don't think it's gonna be very enjoyable for you
action: Jelani steps on his foot and head buts him and kicks him to the ground
Jelani: now what now what now what
action Jelani looks at the ice
Jelani: break break break
action Jelani closes his eyes a flash of ice breaking appears
action: the ice crumbles in to the sink Jelani faces back to Vince he starts to stand up and gets to his feet
Vince: look who has a ill fight in him
action: Vince slams his arms in to Jelani's shoulders forcing him to the ground
Vince: and the fight is gone
action: Jelani falls to the ground a hazy camera of Jelani looking at a stall
Jelani(inner voice) damn that hurt
action: Jelani starts to crawl to the stall and lifts his hand to pull his self up Vince reaches down and picks up Jelani and lifts him against the stall door and lifts a frost fist behind him Jelani looks at the door and notices a loosen screw instantly imagines the screw stopping his fist and closes his eyes then opens them seeing that it has happened they both exclaim shocked
(Jelani & Vince) wha..(what)
action: Vince continues to force his fist at Jelani Jelani smirks
Jelani: now that were on equal terms
action: Jelani lifts his other hand a pulse flashes out of his hand pushing Jelani and Vince in opposite directions Jelani lands on the stall and hits his back on the toilet metal pump
Jelani: okay ouch :(action says while standing up )
action: Vince stands up anger is shown on his face the sprinklers turn on the water starts to freeze as it falls to the floor the fire alarm goes off
(10 minutes earlier) text appears
pan over to Anthony
teacher: okay class we have used water to demonstrate the 3 states of matter solid liquid and gas now our last experiment will be with fire to create the forth state of mater also known as plasma and just to add a lil twist we will use a copper to creating a blue flame
action: show Anthony drooling on the lab desk
teacher: your gonna have to be paying full attention because this is a highly (action teacher points at Anthony and makes a shoving motion the student next to Anthony nudges him to wake him up Anthony head pops up and looks around in confusion) dangerous exper.... (experiment)
teacher: welcome back to the land of the living Anthony ready to join the rest of us
action: Anthony yawns
Anthony: o please do go on I'm so intrigued the excitement
teacher: (action the teacher stares at isaiah annoyed) as i was saying ....umm.. o. This is a highly dangerous experiment so pay attention
action: show Anthony dosing off
teacher okay first grab your copper out of the element box and put it in to the beaker now take the syringe and spray water on to the copper this loosen the heavy salts changing its mass from a solid to a gas only gases can become a flame
action Anthony eyes starts to close and he starts to see ill dots all around the copper
teacher this also starts to release hydrogen in to the beaker now turn on your electric heater
action a charge drips off Anthony lip shocking the heater
teacher: as the molecules starts to heat up the hydrogen ignites from the oxygen in the air
action Anthony eyes start to slight widen the partials ignite and trail of blue flames go on to his hand the student next to him jumps
student: Fire Fire!! action Anthony jumps out his seat
Anthony what where
student fire its on your pants
action Anthony jumps up swiping at the fire the fire discharges from his hands and hits the floor Anthony runs to a safety shower spout and reaches to turn it on the water turns on and swirls around his body
Anthony: the fires not going out help me
action a student runs to Anthony the fire starts to heat and a discharge of electricity shoots out the fire and swirls around his body Anthony lifts his hand
Anthony: wait don't stay back its dangerous
a bolt of energy shoots out his hand and through the window Anthony runs out the room as a trail of electricity fire and water swirl behind him students follow behind him as the three elements start to dissipate the fire alarm goes off
pan to Jelani
action:a wave of ice freezes the water up to the toilet Jelani back clides with the stall wall
jelani: I need to get out of here
action: the wall turns in to a door and jelani rush out of the door and in to the hallway as vince blast a beam of ice in to the stall freezing the entire thing vince turns to jelani as each drop of water from the sprinklers freeze as it clides and shatters as it reaches the ground jeans stares down at vince since takes a pill out of his pocket and pops it in his mouth ice drips off of vinces body
vince: you and your friends judge me for using these phantom pills and look who's secretly a little druggy jelani
jelani: I'm not a degenerate like you vince Idk how I have these ability but anything I imagine happens so let's do this
action: Vince releases a breath of ice out the screws of the restroom stalls start to fly off of the its Henge blocking vince ice breath then the screws start flying off hitting vince over and over in different spots
vince: enough!
action: vince freezes the air and all the screws fall to the ground
vince: I'm done playing with you jeans
jelani: too far
action: vince starts to send waves of ice at jelani freezing jelanis leg to the wall and vince freezes jelanis arms and other leg jelani closes his eyes
jelani: cardboard cardboard cardboard
action: the wall behind jelani starts to glow and and forms flimsy cardboard as vince charges a large partial of ice in his hands and releases it as jelani falls through the wall and in to the a locker in the hallway bumping his head on the locker door
jelani : sighs great now I'm in a locker
action teens run down the hall way passing Jelani in the locker Collier bumps against a girls butt the girl punches him and he falls to the ground
girl you creep don't touch me. Sneaking in the girls restroom yuk
Collier:Wait no its not like that, I swear I have no idea how I got in there!
girl what ever
action: girl continues running down the hall
Collier: seriously
Jelani: I'm almost to happy Im stuck in here to hear that
Collier: Jelani what are you doing in there
Jelani: well this is my comfort spot I come in here to contemplate out how to solve world hunger, bring world peace, What the fuck do you think im doing in here im stuck , you idijt!!!
Collier: you know it would be real easy for me to continue down my merry way
Jelani and id like to wish on your merry way good sir,but, if you would be so kind to GET ME OUT THE BLOODY LOCKER that would be greeeaattt
Collier sighs hold on hold on
Jelani: o please do take your time
Collier its not like im a master lock picker
Jelani o
Collier what
Jelani nothing keep going
action unlock noise
Collier : there we go
Jelani yay we did it
action Collier opens the door Jelani walks out the locker
Jelani no need to dwell. shall we?
Collier dude there's a latch on the door. You could've gotten yourself outta there yourself.
Collier shows Jelani the latch on the locker and demonstrates how it works
Jelani I don't know what your talking about(says quickly) (action continues walking)
action Collier shakes his head and continues down the hallway both head outside of the door camera shows them walking down a tiny stare way the girls turn and stare at Collier
Jelani what was that about
Collier the reason im going to stay single my whole high school year Jelani o and you and the closet being mighty tight wasn't gonna do that
action Collier looks at Jelani
Collier whatever lets find Anthony you know how he gets around fire
action Collier starts walking looking around
Jelani well I think this is just a drill judging that everyone not screaming and going crazy
Collier yeah I guess. I see him over there in the back
action Collier and Jelani approach Anthony
Collier hey Anthony h..(how)
action Anthony grabs Jelani and Collier and pull them to the side
Anthony shut up listen that goes double for you Jelani
Jelani no promises
Anthony I did this I started the fire I don't know how but I got Gen X in my system im shooting electricity starting fire controlling water and there are dots all In the air im loss...(losing)
Jelani wait you too
Anthony what are you talking about
Jelani I fought Vince with the ability to I don't know make stuff from nmmy imaginationtion
Anthony we need to go to the tent and figure this out
action Anthony and Jelani run off
Collier first day of school and already ditching
action Jelani turns around
Jelani are you contemplating the universe or something come on!
Action Jelani turns back towards Anthony and continues running Collier starts running
setting the tent
action Anthony walks up to the tent and flings the doors open Jelani walks in be hind him Collier continues be hind him Anthony turns around
Anthony show me
Jelani well take me out to dinner first this show ain't free
Anthony the ability man the ability
jelani mmmm hmm im just sayin if i hear some baby making music im out
action jelani closes his eyes and nothing happens
Anthony: performance exiade
action jelani moves his dreads from his face and looks at Anthony
jelani: god I hate these things and I'd how this works I was running off of instanct I wasn't thinking about it it was all reaction
Anthony try again
action: jelani moves his dreads away from his face
jelani : I'm not a trained monkey I don't know how this works
action jelani moves his dreads from his face
jelani god I hate these things when there untwisted
collier you should just cut them off 3 hours to just twist seems like a lot of work
jelani: and look like you too no hair no real style just bound screw that I can't even imagine my hair gone just picturing that
action while jelani says that he shutters and his hair starts to glow and his hair turns short and in a fade
jelani sends chills down my spine now shut up I have to focus
action isaiah starts laughing
jelani: will you shut up
action a sandwich appears in his hand
Anthony instant manifestation fascinating
Jelani I showed you mine show me yours
Anthony I don't know how to do mine it happened on its own he was talking about how chemical reaction work and I rubbed my fingers together and there was a flame emitted on the copper
Jelani well you know how it happened try it
Anthony there's no copper her
Collier do you still see those particles
Anthony yea there's some in the air and there's lil ones all on the ground
Collier snap your fingers
action Anthony snaps nothing happens
Anthony may be it was just my imagination
Jelani yeah flames always just magically appear on metal
action Anthony rubs hand against his head and closes his eyes a discharge trail trickles down his body and jumps around the air and dissipates as it approaches Collier Collier and Jelani jump back
Anthony I don't know man
action Anthony opens his eyes
Collier woo wooo
action Collier disappears and a clone sits in his place and the charge erupts in to the clones body
Anthony o my god Collier
Jelani you just turned Collier in to a baked potato what the hell man
Collier ummm help me
action Anthony and Jelani looks up and see Collier hanging by a type wire
Anthony just drop we will catch you
Collier yeah like you guys are fucking the most reliable source in a game of catch but I have an idea
action Collier lets go
Anthony what the hell are you doing
Jelani you dumb fuck
action Collier disappears and a clone takes his place when it gets close to the ground it vanishes in mid air Collier runs up be hind Anthony and grabs his shoulder
Anthony and clone your self wait whats that
show more particles in the air
Jelani what is it
Anthony there's a concentration of those lil dots I was talking about comeing from the door
action Jelani walks too the door and gets Spartan kicked in to the room Vince walks in pulling the door open showing him and 3 other boys
Vince whats up motha fuckas rematch and I brought friends as
Episode 1 end
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2023.06.01 04:00 TheRealJugger Advice on breast implant sales

Hey all, absolute electric title but serious questions ahead. I work in ortho sales and have a family friend who took a job selling trauma as an ASR(warned her that she would hate her life lol). Obviously she hates her life and wants out. Is about 14 months in.
She called me saying through a family friend she has an interview for a job on a team selling breast implants. I don’t know much about the space other then it can be a great gig.
She mentioned that the base is 150 and has uncapped commission. Red flags are going up for me. I’m a realist, there’s just not that type of money in med device for a 24 year old with 14 months experience anymore. Especially when jumping into another ASR like role.
It’s still in super early stages but this person is getting really excited about it.
Would love to hear some wisdom on this?
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2023.06.01 04:00 Raxers [NY] Am I within my rights to leave my job and collect unemployment?

I have recently been forced into a job change for reasons that have never been fully explained to me. While my employer tells me this is not a demotion, I went from having a team of direct reports to none (My salary has not changed).
I stated at the time that I don't believe I'm right for this role and feel like I'm being set up to fail. I am also now expected to make an hour and a half one way commute to the main office at least twice as much as I begrudgingly agreed to after being promoted to my team lead position originally.
I am now being berated for what is seen as poor performance at a job that I barely understand and have been given no actual coaching or direction on. All of this has been disastrous for my mental health.
Do I have any recourse or do I simply need to do my best to survive while I look for a new job?
TL/DR I've recently had my title changed and given a daily three hour round trip commute to a toxic work environment and want to quit while I look for a new job, but can't afford to not have unemployment.
Thank you for reading.
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