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2023.03.21 18:30 SkitzoRabbit Powers of the Arena

This one has been keeping me up at night, and its impact is micrscopic if at all.

A 1st year student during the intraschools was sucked out of a space ship window when their opponent (VonLeef) tossed a steel container breaking the view port of a space ship designed field. This unlucky cadet was FDA'd by environmental factors, much like Rei was on teh volcanic slopes.

We know Rei felt the heat of the lava for a second before he died, so some sensation was simulated. What was simulated for the cadet who died, presumably much more slowly in the cold vacuum of space? Was there a simulated vacuum portion of the field, that some full body 3rd years could have survived? Was the air actually sucked out of their lungs, and did their body bulge from lack of external air pressure?

Or was it a more mundane simulated death of simply paralyzing their lungs to simulate the inability to breath? And any decompression unpleasantness was created with generic 'pain' across uncovered or bare combat suit areas of skin?

The answer doesn't really matter, but finding out exactly how hard light projection tech works is fascinating. If for no other reason than Hard light projection tech is not directly linked to vysterium and archon tech. It's possible it was derived from phantom calls of devices, but its equally likely that phantom calls were created using the basics of human developed hard light, and no such corollary projection tech exists for the archons.

If an answer existed, other than 'space magic', it could be twisted pretty wildly for some gruesome effects. After all water boarding is just simulated drowning.
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2023.03.21 18:29 RiasToptierForever Issues with fps

So me and my little brother were playing and I accidently clicked f5 and it showed my fps at 15, I then checked my little brothers and it was 30. We have the same laptop and I had no background applications open. I think it is because my laptop is older or what but I am getting these kind of FPS.
When I just join the games the fps is at 30 but then after some time it slowly goes down to around 10 please tell me how to fix this.
I have used synapse x's fps unlcker and that didnt seem to help either.
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2023.03.21 18:29 griguolss AdAway integration in tasker action

Hi all, I would like to create a task integrating AdAway power. I've rooted phone ofc and I use the rooted version of Adaway. I saw from AdAway site which is possible to use it in tasker but I have no idea where to start. I would like to create an automation where every time I open an app the AdAway app starts running in background and when I close it it stops. In this way I have no ads but at the same time I don't always keep it running in background.
Thanks to anyone who will help me in this projects. Cheers. Marco
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2023.03.21 18:29 okayletsgo become an ad copywriter earn $35/hr to start

We have 2 full time copywriters and we are hiring a third. We want a talented writer who we can train our way.
Now, the thing most people do is send their resume to me via this ad. Well, don't. Please read this entirely and carefully before you respond. Thank you so much!
Tired of the hamster wheel of low paid writing jobs? Want a real career writing that lets you enjoy life and make money?
You will become a SUPER good writer able work as a writer and command the big bucks, and you get paid WEEKLY. And you'll have an opportunity to help us with videos and commercial production.
This is an amazing entry level situation helping to put together video ads, scripts, editing a newsletter, writing articles, writing sales letters and emails, and working for our publishing business. And you will be using AI to help.
Get US$35/hr paid weekly via ACH. As many hours as you can do, and we are happy to make this full time if it's working out.
If you have film school experience, all the better. If you have an English or History or similar degree, you can begin making real money, and then a lot of money, working at your house for a company in business 25 years, who pays you every Monday and trains you constantly.
I'm not looking for an experienced copywriter. I'm looking for a "cub" we can train. I am not interested in people who have been writing for 25 years. You must be a college graduate in any event, preferably in English, History, MFA, etc. Actually even a BS in science is fine.
You must be in the USA. Once you are with us for awhile you are welcome to travel the world but you must be in the USA to start.
Our business is providing information on alternative health remedies, help with sex problems for men, and supplements for men as well as other products for men (colognes for instance.) every day you'll write emails, ads and sales letters.
We'll train you as long as you are already super good writer and AMBITIOUS. The last person doing this job (who is still with us) is making a good solid six figures.
We have newbies making that much after a year or so. Why not you?
Yes you'll be working hard. But you are FAST, aren't you? And our company has a huge limitless opportunity for the right person to learn the business. You could eventually run your own business unit and enjoy very high income.
For now we will pay you $35 per hour via ACH, but that's just to get to know you. You will hopefully become full time and earn $1500 - $2500/week.
So now, if you've come this far, here is how to apply. If you just send me a resume you will hear nothing from me and it will be trashed. I want you to include a resume, for sure, and a paragraph about why this job interests you and why you are ideal for it. Also 3 recent books you read, and a sentence or two on each one and what it meant to you. Also 3 questions you have about the job. Plus 3 writing samples from you. Links are preferred. Send to cognitivefun at
I am not allowed to open attachments so NO MS Word files please, only Google Docs or links to your site. NO attachments please. NO ATTACHMENTS WILL BE OPENED EVER. Sorry, it's because our security doesn't allow attachments.
I will NOT read anything that you email me unless you comply with this requirement. It will just be deleted, because that's one of the tests that you need to pass. If you send me attachments, I won't see them.
Our process is back and forth until we have each made a decision. I'll send you a video if I feel you are good for this and you can learn more.
Then you'll have a quick free test to take, then if that goes well, you'll get another video that is very detailed from one of our copywriters so you can go in here with your eyes open.
Make sure you have ZERO grammatical and spelling mistakes and put your best foot forward. If all is good after that test you'll be hired immediately following a video call.
You have to have 100% commitment, solid Internet, and verifiable references so I can check with your professors, or your last job (or an existing employer) and talk to them on the phone. This job is contract, so you are responsible for your own taxes and everything else.
Now, it's your turn. One more thing -- write "I want in writing" as the subject line of the email you send me. Thank you very much and hopefully you and I can put something great together. If you are good I'll have a few quick and free tests to take and then hopefully we can work together.
Hours are very flexible! Work from whereever you are in the USA. I hope to hear from you.
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2023.03.21 18:28 Arugula_Independent Was my boyfriend perking on his 2 year old niece?

So this happened about 3 months ago I’d say, so we were all downstairs with his family and I was sat on the end of the sofa and he was leaning on me slightly facing away. I just needed to get it out because it’s been slightly disturbing me. So he was facing away leaning on me and his auntie changed her daughters nappy and there were plates on the table and I looked at him and his head was slightly tilted and my first thought was he’s trying to see her oh my god he’s just perving on her. I didn’t speak to him that whole night because the whole situation nearly put me in tears and my stomach was just going. But then I thought about it and I didn’t believe he did that. I don’t think he did, but now I’m wondering did he or not?? Am I messed up for thinking this? But in the moment it looked like that and now I can’t stop thinking that he’s going to just stare at baby girls when getting their nappies changed or when we have kids if he’s just going to constantly look at their bits. I don’t know what to think?? Help please? I feel so uncomfortable and I’m a bit nervous for when they are round and she gets her nappy changed or something.
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2023.03.21 18:28 skennorr I Fell For a Friend

Hey lovebirds!
I, (25 M), has gotten a crush on my friend, (24 F). I'm going to make a long story short for all you lurkers out there.
I have a friend who I recently started hanging out with. In the beginning I didn't think of her as anything else but a friend, but as time went by I eventually developed feelings for her.
Basically the both of us comes from the same small village and we even went to the same school from the age of 6 to 12. As soon as junior high creeped around the corner we went to different schools and I never really saw her again. It wasn't like we were hanging out during these years or anything, but I remember finding her cute and I might have had a small crush on her back then.
Two years ago I see her at a party and we catch up, shared a few cigarettes and couple of laughs. I later find out we have a friend in common who I went to school with in junior high, eventually me and my friends had met her many times at different parties. It didn't take far too long before we sort of "adopted" her in to our little crew and she'd drive 40 non-US miles to stay a weekend with us.
Here's something not everybody might agree on, but I'm not looking to start a discussion so please keep politics and other similar topics out of this thread.
Me and my friends do drugs every now and then, mostly cannabis but every once in a while we go raving until the sun has risen a couple of times.
It turns out this girl shares our interest in the drug culture so we end up tripping together, smoking and she quickly became one of us. This only made me more interested in her as I've always wanted a partner to sit at home with, share a joint before you cuddle down in front of the television.
A couple of weeks ago I visited my parents and she still lives around the same area where we grew up, so I hit her up together with another friend she knows and paid her a visit. During this weekend is when I realized I had fallen for her, she had my favourite band's album on the wall, multiple paintings of the band and so on. I had no idea about this so we stayed up listening to their music and smoked. Later on as we sat in the couch and she sat down so close to me that I was afraid to turn my head towards her in case my lips would accidentally smooch her. It was so nice and I really cherished that moment. She later said, "I really appreciate you." We both are going through a depression so we've spent a lot of time talking about that whilst smoking our nightly-cigarettes.
In the morning she changed her clothes as me and my friend were awake, as he went to the bathroom she stood in her room in nothing but her panties looking for clothes with the door wide open. I tried not to peek, but c'mon, I'm only human... Then she turned around with her back towards me right by the door that's facing me and looked in the mirror, remember, nothing but panties. Almost like she tried to show herself off to me. My friend later entered the room and she disappeared in to her room and came out fully clothed a couple of minutes later.
She's visiting us in a couple of weeks, how do you think I should I approach this? Her ex is also a friend of the group which makes things a little bit more awkward, he's not one of the closest in the group but he sometimes tags along. They're still friends if that matters. I can't stop thinking about her and I really hope I don't screw this up, I really like this girl. She's not the type you formally ask to go on a date in a tuxedo, she's more low-key and I think she'd like more of a smooth advance. Not to say that I shouldn't be honest with her about what I'm feeling.
Any advice is welcome, thank you in advance! =)
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2023.03.21 18:28 AdElectronic6752 Calling a friend out

I have this friend in our circle that some of my friends recently distanced themselves, for a particular reason. My friends and I are also classmates on some courses we took together, and on one subject we are tasked to create a paper about a particular topic that is related to our program. The thing is we took the course last semester and sadly we all failed that course, and the instructions we had for the paper we're going to create was the same as we had last semester. This particular friend was part of our 'paper group' last semester but wasn't part of our group now since our professor advised to have 4 members in a group. Apparently, this friend somewhat proposed to our professor the topic of the paper and was clearly the same as what we had last semester, us, the other group which was also the group we had last semester minus the friend was also planning to use that paper and just change some parts of it was really surprised since our friend did not really asked for permission if he could use our paper, another issue was that he did not really contributed on the paper and it was really us 4 who made the paper, that's why we became really distant to her recently. Now we made a separate chat group without that friend so we can talk about her and our problems with her. Last Monday, she messaged me about a particular group work from a different course but since I slept when she messaged I wasn't able to answer her and then she said it was already taken care of. I took a screenshot of our convo and was going to send it to the group without her but accidentally sent it to her and said a couple of things on the private message, I was really groggy and and maybe I misclicked on the private message. She saw the message especially the screenshot and was taken aback of what I just said. The context of my message was that good thing he knew what to do the group work since me and a groupmate was really filling out the space she can't fill up in the group. She told me she understood and thanked me of what I said and told me it was a wake up call for her to not try to be a freeloader. Of course I was very guilty of my action and did not know what to really do since I cannot make an excuse about what I just did. I told her I'm sorry I snapped at her and I was very guilty. Now I don't know how to face her since I'm seeing her everyday.
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2023.03.21 18:27 Skyfnffanwastaken based kid

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2023.03.21 18:27 chrysanthemym I think Splatoon is changing my outlook on life?

Hey squid kids & octolings!
I know it might sound silly to some, but Splatoon's had a profound impact on my life as an adult. As someone who has always taken life a bit too seriously, always stressing about work, responsibilities, family drama, and the daily grind, playing Splatoon has taught me to just let loose and not take life so seriously.
I know Splatoon is kind of a kid's game, but I've found that it has helped me live a more carefree and happy life. It's colorful, quirky, and just plain silly. It's reminded me that it's okay to be silly, to laugh at myself, and to just have fun for the sake of having fun. It's been a super fun way to unwind after work and it's honestly helped me so much outside of the game.
Being able to almost "go back to being a kid (squid)" and just have fun with other people has been really nice -- especially since things've been so isolating with the pandemic.
Anyways, just thought I'd throw this out there. Maybe I'll see you on sometime!
(For those who're curious - I'm currently 'Van Gogh' on Splatoon 3, my switch name is 'Chrysanth'!)
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2023.03.21 18:27 DisastrousGuava7357 I think I’m too good to my girlfriend

I’m(M20) a very loving and nice person and my Gf (F24) is also very nice but suffers from a brain ingery and mild autism. She has trouble controlling her emotions so when she is overwhelmed she gets locked into this horrible mood and any little thing sets her off. But she’s alwase overwhelmed because she has her own business and works everyday. We mainly only see eachother at night due to our busy schedules and she is almost alwase in a bad attitude. I’m alwase extra nice to her and reassuring to cheer her up and try to help her finish her things so she can relax with me. I put a lot of effort in anytime I’m with her to make sure she’s happy but it almost seems impossible. She’s never mean to me but she gets stuck in these moods where it’s so draining to be around.
She alwase talks about how nice I am to her and help her so much and how she feels like she doesn’t offer anything in return. So I’ve told her several little things she can do that I enjoy and yet she hasn’t done one of them.
I also love physical touch and am alwase scratching or massage her back and legs and she rarely touches me. If she does it’s for a couple of seconds and as soon as I touch her she stops. Sorry for the rant but I really like her a lot its just so draining to deel with her attitude and feel like I’m getting nothing in return. I feel bad wanting to ask for her to touch me more and show her defection through touch because I want her to do it unprompted.
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2023.03.21 18:27 brendenwhiteley Just got my car back from ford with a new motor + turbo. Break in tips?

After 11 months of warranty hell i have my FiST back, with a new longblock and turbo assembly. They didn’t give me any break in guidelines, at what mileage should i do my first oil change? I’ve always done 100 miles on a new motor but would like to know if there is any official recommendation or any anecdotal ones from the more experienced. Thanks!
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2023.03.21 18:27 NobleBanks A thank you!

As a filmmaker trying to make it in this world, and working at a school where the teacher loves all the AI stuff that I can’t stand and all the talk about filmmakers becoming irrelevant because of it. All the doom and gloom talk, really gets to me. But when I come to this sub-Reddit I see a lot of filmmakers struggling and discovering the beauty of filmmaking and it gives me hope that what we do will never ever go away. So Thank you for being here and keep making movies!
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2023.03.21 18:27 AngstLad Post Apocalyptic Novel set at least partially in U.K/Wales

Not like the last of us kinda vibe or anything - it was maybe a weird mix of some future technologies and some parts of culture had regressed to more primitive ages before modern day? (I remember a part where the/one of the focal characters was traveling alongside the ruin of a motorway near Wales and describing it as a reference point). The bit that stuck the most in my head though was they stumbled upon these monolith machines that were like plugged in to power supply and were like the computerised embodiments of different gods influencing outside world in some way? The book was also weirdly sexual. I remember one the characters was stuck in some sort of underground bunkelaifurnace/engine room with some isolated female character and it vividly describing them sexually fooling around (I was probs a bit too young to be reading this at the time lol).
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2023.03.21 18:26 heyyyiexist 30F I'm losing my battle with depression

TW: $**cide and SH
I've been struggling with depression for the longest time. At some point I thought I was getting better, I've managed to stop self harm and self sabotaging but lately it's been extra difficult to get through the days. Whenever I'm up and doing nothing I just keep getting the urge to hurt myself again or wondering if it would really make a difference if I'm gone. My family has been noticing that im losing it again and i hate seeing them worried and walking on eggshells around me. I have so much guilt about it too like I'm supposed to be taking care of them but I just keep fucking up. I'm just getting really exhausted of everything and I'm starting to lose that tiny spark of hope that things will really get better. I feel like I've lost myself so much I don't have the energy or motivation to do anything that I used to enjoy. Lately I've gone back to drinking again and just hoping to drown everything away but even that doesn't work anymore. I'm just really exhausted but my responsibilities won't let me take a break. My family has no one else to rely on but me. I just feel so lost.
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2023.03.21 18:26 SquadPoopy Avengers of Justice: Farce Wars is the worst movie I have ever seen.

Let me repeat, Avengers of Justice: Farce Wars is the worst goddamn thing I have ever seen in my life. There are movies that are bad, and then there is this.
I found this movie by using a random movie generator I’m using for a project I’m working on, and just by the poster that appeared on my screen I could tell this would be special. Not only did it look like something that came from the cesspool of Friedberg and Seltzer’s unused bin, but it also just looked so low effort. If I was the poster designer for a movie called Avengers of Justice: Farce Wars, I would have put way less effort into it.
This movie somehow managed to get a cast of relatively well respected names into it. Stephen Rannazzisi bravely volunteered himself to the starring role of Superbat, an overweight ex superhero who has to come back into the fold to stop the evil Dark Jokester, who’s played by a Simon Rex who appears to be trying to get the record for worst career decisions by an actor. Amy Smart was also somehow dragged into the wreckage of this cinematic equivalent to the Hindenburg disaster, and it’s truly impressive to see because she very clearly just does not give a single damn about this movie. I swear in every scene you can see her quickly glance off screen as if she’s checking if the director really wants to keep going.
I knew all hope was lost in the first 3 minutes when there's a robbery sequence where the perpetrator robs a convenience store with a Colt Peacemaker Revolver and then for some reason holds an elderly lady hostage and threatens to “clip her”, followed by armed police officers surrounding the store within 30 seconds all while a couple of children play soccer in the parking lot, refusing to acknowledge the situation. And as you could guess this movie has some truly incredible special effects.
The next 1 hour and 20 minutes is full of some of the most painful dialogue and comedic banter I have ever had the displeasure of witnessing. With jokes about Myspace and Yoga, this movie feels like it was written in 2004 instead of 2018. I’m honestly not sure this movie even falls on the “so bad it’s good” spectrum, because let me assure you, you’ve not experienced true suffering until you’ve witnessed Shawn Michaels, one of your favorite childhood wrestlers, do yoga while painted green and wearing elf ears. Watch at your own discretion.
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2023.03.21 18:26 Chatalul Payment through vouchers

I want to do some user-testing of my products for disabled people. It would be an ad-hoc thing - people might be called upon to test things once a month or so, as it suited them, and give me their feedback on the product. I had intended to get people to invoice me, but as the testers are disabled, many don't work and receive benefits instead. Someone has asked if instead of being paid as a freelancer at an hourly rate, they can instead be paid an honorarium in vouchers, as a kind of thank you for their time. I can't find anything on the HMRC website that fits this scenario. I know people are often paid in vouchers for participating in research, but I don't know what the legal status of that is.
Does anyone know if this is legitimate, or if there would be a tax issue?

(Also just to clarify I wouldn't be paying NIC anyway, as people are freelancers responsible for their own tax. But I also don't want to be enabling people to not pay tax. But they might not need to pay tax in this circumstance? I don't know)
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2023.03.21 18:26 Mysterious-Part-4467 Sold Shoes Damaged in Transit

I sold some shoes on Stock X (Kobe 11 Red Horse) in new condition. When Stock X received them, they emailed me saying my item didn’t pass the verification test due to the box being damaged. They sent pictures back, and sure enough, the box had creases and what appeared to be water damage. I figured these were damaged in transit with UPS. Have any of you had a similar experience? Is there anything that can be done at this point or am I just screwed?
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2023.03.21 18:26 echocall2 Zappos sent me the wrong model in the wrong size, at least they make returns easy lol

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2023.03.21 18:26 ThrowRA_Confusiously Wife [F44] cheated once on me [M46], scared she did it again.

My wife (F44) and I (M46) started dating when she was 18.
She had a bad home life (physical and mental abuse), I got my own place and moved her out.
14years later. We are in our 2nd home, my mom has passed away, and I've become recently disabled. We have 4 kids and a dog. We are getting married.
Her side, we weren't very intimate hugs/kisses/sex, I don't remember it being that bad, there was stress, and the recent disability, I'm sure it wasn't perfect! So it was her justification for
New years eve, Wife gets blackout drunk, and makes out with a guy 1/2 my age, Sitting on his lap with all our friends around. She "doesn't remember this' but can't really say she didn't do it.
A long road to recovery, agreeing to never drink like that again, 10 years later. Life is amazing, we both have careers, and we are both in school. Can't be much happier in any aspect of our relationship.
My wife goes on a business trip for a week, one of the people on her trip is a woman I work with, a woman that I told my wife is a heavy drinker, and I'm pretty sure she's been cheating on her husband with 2 different guys,during the trip, my wife has told me things like "the 5 of us all got really close spending late nights together copying footage'. My wife told a story of how she used to make out with women on a regular basis that her husband used to video record it, (our relationship was clear on this was “other women only”).
Spotty internet, but I got stories like this, or how this guy would always carry her lens cap for her since she didn't have pockets. I didn't think too much of it at the time.
5th night she was gone, we talked for a bit and at 11:50 she was going for a shower and heading to bed.
2am wakeup text from her. "I'm fucking drunk off my ass with "My coworker (F)", "Male1", "Male2", and "Male3".
And she sends me a pic of my coworker and the openly single guy on the trip, on a bed, both of their legs in the air and my wife with her tongue out with the piece hand sign taking a selfie.
Next morning, she "didn’t see any time I asked about how much she had to drink". a few of her quotes 'thank god I didn't get a hangover 'I don't want you to think I'm still drunk" and 'I’ll send more drunk pics tonight' (she admitted to having to delete all the other photos). They were planning on drinking again.
I found out she was asked if she ever cheated on her husband, and she said no. She says nothing happened, but she said that last time too until there was proof. She didn't think getting drunk in a hotel room with guys without her husband was a big deal.
I can't completely believe her and I am mad that she put herself in that situation, she barely knows these people, or what they could have been willing to do.
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2023.03.21 18:26 platinurm Cat's skin color is sometimes pale

Honestly idk if it's just me being too observant and over thinking or not. But my cat's ears, paw beans, nose, and gum sometimes seem a little pale
Now when cats are cold ik the blood leaves the extremities to go to the organs
But I was just wondering if he has anemia or something more serious or not
He has a good appetite and his activity is good (a little less recently, he is getting calmer with time. He's around 1.5 y/o)
The first two pics I noticed the color is pale and the other pic where I think the color is normal
Please correct me if I'm wrong. But if I'm not wrong, what can I do at home to prevent him gaving iron deficiency?
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2023.03.21 18:25 hydragon100 Patrol Zones Shouldn't Have a Negative Power Delta

One of the criticisms I've had towards Destiny for a long while is that the game rarely lets the player feel as powerful as we're supposed to be. With (formerly) every activity in the game having a set floor where enemies can't feel any weaker compared to you, it gave the sense that our characters weren't actually getting stronger as we leveled up and found new loot. Something that I'd argue is vitally important to any good RPG experience. You want to face challenges and come back later to see how far you've grown past them.
The Europa patrol zone specifically accomplished that for me. When Beyond Light launched I felt like I was a low level character in a high level zone, but after beating the campaign and grinding some levels it became only mildly more threatening than the other patrol areas we'd grown accustomed to. It gave a real sense of progression, even if shooting enemies wildly underleved for you only stayed satisfying for a short while.
Neomuna doesn't have that. I felt weak when I first arrived there 3 weeks ago and after grinding to nearly 1800 I still feel just as weak as I did then. I genuinely like the increased difficulty in most other activities but it'd be nice to tackle a public event or a high value target without having to sweat for it.
If you want to preserve some difficulty in patrol then maybe cap it so people can't over level for the destination, but permanently making us -15 feels too punishing for what's supposed to be a more leisurely activity
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2023.03.21 18:25 jokeandcolor Trusting the process/motivation

Hi all, currently 2 1/2 weeks into counting calories and eating better. Like most of us this isn’t my first rodeo but this time around I feel that I’m in a much better position mentally to see it through. I have 4 kids ranging from 2.5-8 and a beautiful,smart, and wonderful girlfriend( way out of my league😂) whom all mean the world to me. I want to be healthy not just for myself but also for them.
Currently Im 5’7” 277, down from 285 so progress is moving at a good pace. I’m using MyNetDiary to track calories. 2200 a day but usually falling under that without torturing myself to do it. The lady and I have several meals worked out that we would be happy with even before healthy eating.
The only place I struggle is weighing in. When I was 20 I went from 260lb down to 178lb in basically 6 months. There was essentially daily weight loss being a young man motivated by the idea of women and sex, having a much younger body, and generally a very different lifestyle. Now being 35 with a family, it’s very different.
My main reason for this post is what are some mental strategies you all use for short term motivation. Like I have my long term goals and am happy knowing that’s where I wanna be eventually. What do you do to keep your spirits up if you step on the scale and see it hasn’t moved that week? Just curious to what you all tell yourselves 😂
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