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2023.03.21 18:01 Festovious Void Runners 9

Credit to u/SpacePaladin15 for his amazing worldbuilding.
Sorry for the delay, I was again busy with a university project. Woe be upon me for I forgot the NOP: in the title.
Memory transcription subject: Ryan West, Runner Date [standardized human time]: November 25th, 2136.
It’s hard to tell if you’re moving in space. If there’s no close point of reference it can feel like you’re motionless. The engines run at quarter capacity to lower our heat signature. Even with our target, the green, barren moon of Turadus, in sight I can’t tell if we’re approaching or slowly drifting away. I sink into my seat and close my eyes, a bit tired.
“Would the Nevok actually attack the ship if they detected it?” I ask Tsanma as she manually pilots the ship.
“No, it’s very unlikely they’d take any direct action, especially against a cargo ship. But the intel the Countess can provide will be more useful if the Imperium is unaware that we possess it.”
“I see.” I say halfheartedly. I open my eyes again and the moon seems to have gotten a bit closer.
The station comes into view, various metal structures and domes poked from the green rock. The surface of the moon was very jagged, like an emerald badland. I make sure I’m out of view of the camera as Tsanma hails the station. The visage of a masked Nevok appears.
“Hello Compact representative, you are clear to land at bay two.” Tsanma dips her head in response and the feed cuts as quickly as it started.
I head to the back of the ship, I’ll be waiting in the bunks until we leave. We’ve done nothing but stare at a slowly approaching moon for nearly half a day. It's been the most exhausting part of the job so far.
Memory transcription subject: Reossa, Nevok Imperium Countess Date [standardized human time]: November 25th, 2136.
“Oh Lady,” Maylak is on the verge of tears, “must you leave? The estate is so safe.” She holds my bag for me as we walk to the landing bay; she’s not been taking it well.
“The plot came directly from the capital Maylak, it’s safe for now, but it’s only a matter of time before the Imperium sends someone here. Then none of you will be safe.” A small entourage of my personal servants has conglomerated in the steel halls as I walk. Most have taken the news with somber acceptance, but Maylak has been my chambermaid since she was a kitten.
I push through the doors to the bay, the small crowd stopping at the doors. Some cry their final goodbye, some just stand in silence. I see the fissan standing at the top of a small landing platform, she must be the captain. I grab my bag from Maylak who whines and holds it for a moment longer than she should have, I walk towards the ship. As I approach, the fissan dips her head in greeting.
“Hello Lady Roessa, I am Tsanma, a representative of the Fissan Compact.” She says with the flat tone of one who’s recited the phrase a thousand times before.
“Hello Tsanma, I hope my background doesn’t invoke any hostility between us.” I’d weighed my options of who to go to for a long time. In the end the Fissans were the closest, and obviously had a great deal to gain from my cooperation.
“Nonsense, the Compact is always open to those willing to do business.” I almost instinctively voice an objection to the statement. No point in wasting breath defending an empire that wants me dead.
“Alright, please, show me where I’ll be-” I’m cut off by a cry from Maylak, she runs towards me, jumping over a guard who tries to stop her.
“Please Lady, I need to come with you,” she grabs onto one of my paws with both of her own. I’m shocked she’d go this far. I look over to Tsanma pleadingly.
“She can come, we have enough room for the both of you.” she says. I sigh, it had taken a lot of mental preparation for what I thought would be the rest of life servantless, what a waste.
“Then I suppose,” I look to Maylak, “you can come.” she signals joy with her tail. She quickly sprints back into the crowd of servants by the door, and comes back holding her own bag.
“My Lady, you won’t regret it.” She says, holding the small bag.
“You seem prepared.” I give, she holds her ears down in shame though her tail still says joy.
“A very touching scene, but please hurry, we have a schedule to meet.” Tsanma says as she walks back into the ship. Maylak and I follow her in. “I’ll go over everything once we’re voidborne, for now please just sit down.” She mans the ship and the engines begin to lightly rumble. The rumbling quickly eases as we leave the artificial gravity of the station. Tsanma activates auto-pilot and the ship begins a very slow ascent from the moon’s green surface.
“I can’t help but notice the lack of personnel. Where is everyone?” I ask.
“We keep our cargo ship crew light. I’m knowledgeable enough in ship maintenance that a dedicated mechanic is unnecessary. Though currently we have an exceptionally low crew.”
“Who else is there?” Maylak asks.
“Besides myself we have a single security contractor on board. I’ll show you around the ship.” Tsanma walks out of the cockpit, pointing to the various rooms of the ship.
Only two crewmembers? I consider as she points to a closed door,
“This is the dorm room you’ll be staying in.” She doesn’t open the door and continues the small tour. After a short time we’re back in the cockpit. “I hope you find the ship acceptable for our short journey.” She sits in the pilot seat and deactivates the auto-pilot.
“I’ll go prepare your quarters my Lady.” Maylak says as she walks out. Half a second later Tsanma turns back to her,
“Wait!” she says, the slight delay of the translators stopped the words from reaching her before she left the cockpit. Tsanma sighs, but just looks forward in her seat.
“What’s the matter? I presume the security guard was in the room but I’m certain Maylak won’t disturb them.”
“That’s not exactly the issue.” she says.
“Well what’s-” I hear a scream come from the back of the ship, my ears shoot up in alert. “Maylak!?” I run out of the cockpit, I hear a loud deep voice yell,
“Fuck, OW!” I almost run into Maylak as she comes sprinting out of the dorms.
“LADY IT- THERE- A- AH-” She speaks erratically, placing a hand on my shoulder. A large body comes from the door, a clawless hand rubs its face as it groans. Maylak scurries behind me. The being is without fur save a long patch that comes from its head to its back, unfamiliar clothes cover most of its body. A single piercing eye peaks through it’s hand.
“Ah, you must be the Countess, and…”, it looks between Maylak and I. Neither of us say anything for a few long moments.
“Are you a human?” I ask. It removes it’s hand from it’s face, revealing it’s second forward facing eye. The gaze is nearly paralyzing, but I maintain my composure.
“Tsanma didn’t explain to you? I’m the security detail.” I feel Maylak release her paw from my shoulder as she slumps to the ground, unconscious.
“A fine mess you’ve made Ryan, and in only a few minutes since we’ve left.” Tsanma’s voice comes from behind me.
“I hardly see how this is my fault.” He says as he walks towards Maylak, he stops right before he’s upon me and says, “Ah, I’m just going to lay her on one of the beds. Also, who is who?” He carefully grabs Maylak under her legs and neck. The sight of the predator holding her shoots fear through me. The only thing keeping me calm is the assurance that the Compact wouldn’t bring a predator if it was a danger to me. I repeated this fact through my head like a mantra.
“The one who didn’t faint is the Countess, Reossa.” Tsanma answers for me, “The one you hold is one of her servants.” The man, Ryan was his name? He looks at Maylak as he listens to Tsanma.
“I see, well if she wakes up in my arms she’ll probably have a heart attack.” He walks into the dorms. I feel my heart rate lower as he leaves my sight. I turn to Tsanma,
“Why a human?” A much more direct question than I hoped for, but the stress made it come out.
“Various reasons, chiefly their intimidation factor. The strength is certainly another qualifier.” She says as if it weren’t a mad calculation. A moment later Ryan comes back from the dorms.
“Also, I’m a really good dancer.” Ryan adds. Tsanma lowers her horn slightly towards him.
“We will not discuss that event in the presence of the Countess.” she says sternly, causing Ryan to give a small, rhythmic growl.
“Anyways, I’m a bit hungry,” he checks his holopad, “I’m eating.” He walks into the kitchen and Tsanma returns to the cockpit. He’s eating? What would he eat? Images of the human tearing into dead flesh made me sick, but a morbid curiosity consumed me.
Certainly they wouldn’t keep flesh on the ship. I peek into the kitchen and see Ryan procuring various tools. He flips a switch on the counter, and a small flame raises from a burner.
“You need something,” he pauses for a moment, considering his words, “countess?” He says unsure, “Sorry I’m not sure what would be an appropriate way to address you.”
“Just Reossa is fine.” I say, I don’t want to make the predator see me as above him, a contender for dominance. “But no, I’m just curious.”
“About?” He procures a small bag from the refrigerator and I sit in a metal chair.
“What you’re making.” I don’t know where the bravado to risk a glimpse of dead flesh came from.
“Oh, I’m making stir fry,” he dumps a small amount of oil into the pan, fat oils? I shutter slightly. “It’s like, well actually the name says it all, basically you put anything in a pan and stir it as it cooks. Though I don’t have a wok so it’s a bit hard.” he tears open the bag and a large amount of mixed Fissan vegetables falls into the pan. “I’m not sure what most of these are called actually. Tsanma keeps on telling me but I never eat any of them separate from the rest. Er, I guess I know the white beans are called urag beans, but that’s it.”
“And that’s all you’re having?” I ask
“Oh, you’re right, I’m missing something.” he returns to the fridge and my heart rate spikes, he must’ve forgotten the flesh. He pulls out a small opaque jar. He returns to the burner and opens the jar, he puts a spoon in and out, a small glob of black goo comes with it. He flicks the substance into the pan.
“What is that?” My eyes are wide, congealed blood?
“Uh, some sort of bean sauce, It’s a bit sweet, I don’t remember what it’s called though.”
“You’re not eating,” I shrink in the seat, “flesh?” I add quietly. He pauses, continuing to stir in the pan. He says nothing for a few moments.
“I know you probably think Tsanma is crazy or whatever for having a predator on board. But it’s not like she’s emotionless, eh? Please don’t go lookin’ at her like you do at me, she wouldn’t keep meat on the ship.” I was relieved for a moment before realizing the implication; he’d keep meat on the ship if he could, it’s merely not allowed. Neither of us speak for a moment.
“Well!” He says suddenly, “Want to try some when it’s done?” He asks. I consider the proposition, I saw everything he added, none of it seemed poisoned or from a living being. I quickly recall the oil he put in,
“What type of oil was that?”
“I don’t know, something fissan probably, Tsanma just called it ‘oil’.”
“Then, I will accept.” We sit in silence for a while until he declares the food ready, he walks towards a small cabinet with securely held bowls and plates. He grabs two bowls and fills them, he places one in front of me and sits across the table.
“I feel a bit bad, I gave you almost half of what I got but,” his eyes run up my body, “you’re about half my size though, so I guess it works out. I hope it’s up to your standards.” He quickly starts eating, when his mouth opens, the slightly lustrous, dulled ends of canines flash into sight. I find my attention drawn to his mouth every time it opens. I take a scoop of the food, various vegetables sit on the spoon, wilted from the heat. I put the spoon in my mouth.
“It’s alright. For someone who doesn’t know what they’re cooking, you did well.” He quickly finishes his food before I’m done half of my own.
“Alright, I’ll be with Tsanma, when you’re done we need to go over sleeping schedules.” I swish my tail to signify I understood, he seems to get what I mean, and leaves.
I slowly eat the rest of the food and look around. The internal design of the fissan ship is unfamiliar to me. I can’t name the food I’m eating. I’m on a ship with a predator. How long had it been since I had felt anything akin to this instability? I feel rootless, lost, betrayed by my nation for reasons completely unknown to me. With the fear of the predator subsiding, I realize it wasn’t the worst of what I felt. Perhaps this is why I stayed and watched him. I wish he was back so I could replace this feeling with fear and detest. I put another spoonful of the food into my mouth. I close my eyes as I chew— a tear falls into the bowl. I had lied; the food was amazing.
Memory transcription subject: Nittal, Takkan Mercenary Date [standardized human time]: November 25th, 2136.
I rhythmically tap a claw on the dashboard of the ship. The Imperium requested we give them the ship’s landing location, the fact that it had landed on the moon was supposedly a big deal. I wasn’t happy to be kept waiting after tailing the fissan ship manually, in real space for such a long time. Suddenly the ship is hailed from Turadus, Laz quickly answers the call. The visage of our contractor appears on screen.
“Hello, the deal is being updated,” I almost yell an objection before he continues, “we’re increasing your pay,” typically the ‘deal being updated’ was code for ‘we’re screwing you’, I quickly calm down “There’s a nevok that was picked up by the fissan ship, we want you to kill her. If you can confirm her death there’s another hundred thousand credits in the deal.”
“We will gladly take that update.” I give.
“Great. Since the ship took such great lengths to avoid detection from the colony, they’ll no doubt be doing the same while leaving. You’ll have plenty of time to intercept them on their path. Do not fail us.” The feed cuts, always so direct these people, but I wasn’t complaining.
The ship is currently resting in a small crevice on the surface of Turadus’ moon. For a bit the ship had been visible with the naked eye. I resist the urge to merely gun the ship down, we’d have to dock in order to capture the fissan agent. That means waiting until they were out of the moon's gravity well. Laz sits in the seat watching the radar, those stimulants were a godsend, neither of us were a bit tired. If anything I felt excited, dangerously so. By the great dissolution, this mission will be a test of will more so than anything.
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2023.03.21 18:00 geekagent Archive of Public Domain Penmanship Resources

I found this archive a while ago, and I can no longer remember where or find a similar archive online. It is a 1G 7z file of penmanship resources from over a century. At least 1814 through 1935. It has 54 different pdf scans of books. I have found it useful to see the progression of different penmanship techniques over time. I have also found it useful to be able to choose different forms if I'm going for legibility and ease of writing rather than adhering to a particular style. For example, I invert the tails of my f's so that they look less like b's.
It's over 1G zipped, so I would prefer to share it just via torrent.
Included titles: 19th Century Swedish Copybook
Ames Guide to Self-Instruction
Bible Pearls of Promise
Bloser - Lessons in Ornamental Penmanship
Canan, CC - Collection of Penmanship
Champion Method of Practical Business Writing
Charles - The Steel Pen Trade
Clinton Clark Scrapbook Part 1
Clinton Clark Scrapbook Part 2
Clinton Clark Scrapbook Part 3
Comer And Linton - Penmanship Made Easy
DAvignon Lecriture Amercaine
Dennis - Studies in Pen Art
Duncun - Gems of Penmanship
Foster - Practical Penmanship
Francis B Courtney Scrapbook
Gaskell - Compendium of Elegant Writing
Gaskells Compendium of Forms
Huntington - Art of Penmanship
IAMPETH Scrapbook 1
IAMPETH Scrapbook 2
Jenkins - Art of Writing
Jones - 95 Lessons in OP
Kelchner - Complete Compendium of Plain Practical Penmanship
Lessons in Engravers Script
Madarasz - Lessons in Advanced Engravers Script
Madarasz Book
Metodo Palmer de Caligrafia Comercial
Mills Modern Business Penmanship
Modelli di Calligraphia
Muster Alphabete
New Spencerian Compendium
New Standard Practical Penmanship
New Zanerian Alphabets
Noyes Penmanship
Oberlin Compendium
Palmer Method 1935
Penmans Leisure Hour
Portfolio of Ornate Penmanship
Real Pen Work - Compendium of Penmanship
Recueil Méthodique de Principes d' Ecriture
Spencer - Compendium of Spencerian or Semi-Angular Penmanship
Spencerian Script and Ornamental Penmanship Volume I
Style - The art of writing well - F. L. Lucas
Sykes - Manual of Penmanship
Tamblyn - How To Become A Good Penman
The Blue Book
The Daniel T Ames Notebook
The Real Pen-Work Self-Instructor in Penmanship
Theory of Spencerian Penmanship
Williams and Packard - Gems of Penmanship
Zaner - Arm Movement Method
Zaner - Gems of Flourishing
Zaner - Lessons in Ornamental Penmanship
Magnet link: magnet:?xt=urn:btih:bd638c89a3789012984af24bfb0fa7c5cb5d8be1&dn=Penmanship.7z
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2023.03.21 17:58 Summertime_Ghost Car Won't Start Sometimes

Sometimes my car won't crank but I do hear a click. Then after a few turns of my key it starts. I drive a 06 manual Ford fusion
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2023.03.21 17:57 FiauraTanks Nature of Predators - Nemo Me Impune Lacessit (FanFic) Chapter 2

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As promised Chapter 2. See you Friday. Also thank you all for the positive reinforcement and being generally encouraging, that is a fresh change of breathe I did not expect.

Memory Transcription: Captain Neil Campbell, United Nations ‘Black Watch’ Company #4
Date [standardized human time]: December 3, 2136
Air raid sirens went out and announcements blared with a recorded message from Mayor Zim, “Everyone, please remain calm. The UN forces are here and escorting us to shelter. I repeat, remain calm. Captain Neil has requested all those who can fight, please see him.”
The military shuttle that was supposed to contain the 180 black watch members was lifting off, packed to beyond the safety limits with those who had drawn the short straws, most giving up their place on the ship for their children instead. Very few adults were on board, just enough to cover keeping the children calm and policed.
When none of his men had volunteered, Neil had forcefully selected one. Corporal MacTavish, called Soap as a callsign. “MacTavish, you’ve got one mission, keep them calm, get them to the fleet, and then get them out of the system. They may be the last Tilfish alive. Also tell them where we are and we have the town's civilians with us.” He passed MacTavish a dozen data discs and flash drives. “I am holding you personally responsible for them. You are to ensure this gets up there too. It’s the entire Tilfish public library and all the government documents we could download. At least some of their culture will survive as well. Make sure those children know who they are.”
MacTavish saluted Neil as he turned to get onto the ship last, passing Neil his longarm and every bit of ammunition, grenades, and supplies he had down to his side arm and two magazines he kept for it. “You’ll need these sir.” Neil nodded and passed them to the nearest trooper escorting him.
Moments later, Neil was riding in a recon rover, packed with 4 of his black watch, Zim, and several Tilfish who were either elderly or children. The vehicle’s loud speakers continued to repeat automatically as Neil’s soldier lined the road, directing people forward. They urged them to move quickly but calmly while the vehicle sped for the caldera. “Save your energy, you will need it. Your lives are more valuable than your possessions. Move quickly and stay quiet, every second counts now.”
His troopers offered snacks they had packed, some took them. Trail mix bars, chocolate bars, coffee, water, whatever they happen to have on their person. The point was to prove that the Tilfish were not cattle and that the soldiers had no intention to harm them. Every little bit helped keep them calm and prevent a stampede.
When they arrived at their outpost, Neil stepped into his command tent which was being rapidly torn down now. Only four Tilfish came to Neil to Neil’s call, less than he’d hoped. Four of Four Thousand, they are the bravest four I will ever know. He smiled at that thought.
They were cowering to stand before him as he sized each one up. His glare was hardened from years in the Watch. Ages of fighting simulations and actually being present on The Cradle, earth, and a couple of human brush wars before that.
“I need you four to act as guides for my soldiers, they will protect you with their lives. You will be armed and expected to assist in the defense as well.” He explained firmly after nearly a minute of uncomfortable glares.
“We…we… what are we holding against? Our own people?” one of the Tilfish asked hesitantly and looking terrified at the predator.
“No, I’m not going to sugar coat it. The Arxur are coming, likely will be here within the hour. That transport was the last leaving the spaceport without being intercepted. Our only option is to shelter in place.” He spoke with a kind of hopeless certainty.
The Tilfish all cowered before him as Mayor Zim started to quake standing besides Neil, but Neil was unflinching. “I am asking you to help us make sure as many Tilfish get into the depths of the mountains as we can. I will not lie, our survival is not expected but those tunnels are deep enough that they might just survive until rescue can be sent.”
He looked at the herd walking towards the mountains at a brisk pace, the legs of the insectoids going quickly. “Now listen, I’m going to be sending out aggravation squads to delay incoming Arxur. You two going to be send with them. Our engineers are booby trapping as well as reinforcing the cave depths. Every little bit to assist in making sure the Arxur do not get into the tunnel and that those tunnels survive an orbital bombardment hit.”
One of the Tilfish shook his head, and has an expression of distress with his thorax and legs shifting, "No, nothing survives anti-matter bombs, it's hopeless."
Neil shook his head, "We have several bunker shelters survive near misses and a few survive direct hits on earth and they were barely a few hundred meters below the surface. Those tunnels lead nearly four kilometers down. I sent three engineers with every bit of quick-crete we have and the longer we buy time, the better odds the rest of your down get."
He leaned down onto the electronic display and pointed at the map, eager to change their focus and give them something to not fear. “I presume because you only live a few dozen kilometers from here you know the terrain and know it well?”
The Tilfish were hesitate to move or speak, shaking as if children about to piss themselves because the boogieman was coming out of the closet.
Neil nodded to himself, They’re raw recruits, rookies at best and terrified draftee’s would be in better shape than them. Time to make this clear to them and force them to fight those instincts. He exhaled a breath and deflated himself, letting his intensity wear off for a moment. “What are you names?”
“Jerlio.” The first smaller Tilfish spoke, he was barely taller than Neil’s waist and stood eye level with his belly button.
The second one, larger than the first coming up to Neil’s lower ribs, “H…h….h…Herci.” His speaking is uneasy and shows terror.
The third looked like twins with their spots and faces, if there was a difference Neil couldn’t make it out. “This is Hazeinia and I’m Tia.” They the one on the left spoke. Neil had started to recognize the two sexes of the Tilfish, he wasn’t sure if they had genders but that didn't matter now.
Their movements had them shuffling as if looking for an escape from their situation. Neil knew that for their people just to be standing here before him, meeting his gaze was a lot. He had to take measures into his own hands right now.
“Stand to!” He barked, his voice wasn’t shouting but it was harsh; undeniable, and made all five Tilfish in the room freeze in place. “Listen and listen well, dig this into your minds right now. The four of you have shown uncharacteristic courage just to step up for your people. Now I need you to show courage in spite of your fear. You fight not for your own lives anymore, you fight for those who cannot, those who we are desperately trying to save.”
He took a step forward, and gazed down upon both them, then knelt down to one knee, meeting them at eye level. The Tilfish started to shy away when he reached out a hand and grasped gently but firmly upon two of their feelers. The insectoid fur tickled him while the texture of the carapace was foreign and creepy to him. He steeled himself and brought the most calm he could forward.and his gaze relaxed slightly. “Let me explain something to you, all of you.”
“Humans are not fearless,” His eyes had tears in it, he knew his men would be dying soon and there was little he could do about it. “Every moment we are facing combat; we are terrified. We are scared that we will not take another breath, we fear deeply.” he looked at each of them. “Even if your stomach is tied in knots, you smell the blood and gunpowder, you want to run to save yourself.” He turned to the two he was holding the feelers of. “You can feel the clamminess on my hands, I know your antennae can detect the heightening of my heart rate, and you can see the corners of my eyes as I force the tears back and gain focus.” He took a moment to push through and made a show of gulping in a way to swallow down his fear.
“The difference is that I am asking for you to gather your courage.” His hand got tighter around their feelers not so it hurt but to show a change in demeanor. “It is easy to be brave when you are surrounded by friends, when you outnumber your foes, when you are bigger than them. No, I ask you five to do this, not because it is easy but because it is hard. I need any man, woman, and bug on that line. Nearly four thousand of you have run into those tunnels with forty of my men to keep them calm and moving deeper and deeper.”
He guided the four outside of the command tent into the forested caldera and motioned around to the positions on the reverse slope of the mountain sides, “40 more are under manning Air to Ground missiles, the new interceptor systems, manual fire close in 40mm chainguns, and the three Orbital firing cannons we have. Yet despite the difficulty they have made 40 seem like 400 with how many guns we have working and running.”
“The remaining ninety-nine of my troopers are rigging mines, camouflage firing positions with overlapping fire, explosives, and every other conceivable defense we have. They will be finished soon but we need to delay the enemy just to get our defenses exactly right.”
He turned to them, “Two of you will serve as guides for my soldiers. I’m going to send out a ten size squad. They are going to recon for the Arxur, setup ambushes and make them pay. Once they are spent, they will send you back to report.”
He turned to Jerlio and placed a hand on what he believed to be his shoulder, “I need soldiers and of the Ten Thousand Tilfish we had, the five bravest I’ve ever known are here. We fight back to back, to the end. Not for ourselves but for those Four Thousand in the caves, understood?” He turned to Herci as he spoke.
Each of the Tilfish nodded in turn except for Zim, “What of me? What am I do to?”
“Zim you have the greatest job of all. I need a radio director not only to coordinate our men and relay messages but to broadcast to the fleet for as long as possible. You’ve got 2 hours to study and learn our code book, if you make mistakes it’s okay, repeat it in plain language if needed.” He motioned to the entrance to the cave his people had run into. “The radio is there, work it until it stops functioning, if the Arxur are upon you, there is a pistol on the table and an explosive under it. Detonate the explosive as your last action.”
Zim recoiled, “I… I did not volunteer for a last stand, I don’t understand?”
Neil looked at him hardened and took a step towards Zim, “You voted for our annihilation, and yet here we are, allies. Now you are going to prove those people, your people, who put their faith in you, were right to do so. I’m going to station a trooper there with you if I have to with orders to shoot you if you flee; am I understood!”
It wasn’t a question, Neil had gone from gentle to absolute terrifying fury in merely a few moments. With a slow nod, Zim in agreement. Neil shook his head, “Say it, say Yes Sir to me, Private Zim.”
Zim suddenly straightened as Neil leaned in to look into his eyes, so close that they could feel each other’s breath. Zim was terrified, under the glare of a predator it took several seconds to find his courage. “Yes…. sir…”
Neil snarled, barring his teeth, he would put the fear of the divine into this Tilfish politician, “I can’t hear you, say it, like you mean it.”
Zim nodded and hesitated then realized the ritual he had seen from the humans earlier when Neil was disappointed in one of them. He turned his mandibles to be the best approximation of a salute. “Yes sir!”
“You’re in the Watch now, the Black Watch. Our motto is Nemo me impune lacessit. It means, No One Provokes Me with Impunity. Now get moving, there is an equipment sergeant nearby and once I’ve selected my troopers you will go with them. Zim get to that radio and start studying that code book until you are certain you can reference it. Every one of our lives and the lives of those ten thousand depend upon it.”
He looked from one of them to the other, giving each Tilfish a confident grin, ensuring he did not show his teeth but only curling up his lips. “Dismissed!”
The Tilfish scrambled towards their ordered positions where troopers went to meet them. Neil picked up his radio and tuned it to, he had one final duty to perform before the battle was to begin. “All Black Watch members, stop for a moment and listen. I’ll give you a moment to finish your tasks.” Neil took a moment as he pulled a cigarette out of his pocket, he didn’t actually smoke but carried them to share with those that did. At this point however, what was one more bad habit. He lit it and took a puff similar to how he did on a joint in college. He exhaled and pushed the radio button again. “What I am about to ask you all to do should be considered unconscionable just two days ago. We are disobeying our orders, we were supposed to be on that transport. I understand this may upset some of you but we have a duty." Neil took a breath as he wasn't completely sure if all of his troopers would obey him and go with this idea or not. He spoke his next words slowly and with gravity. "Four Thousand civilians; they are in those tunnels along with 40 of your brothers and sisters. We are their only hope.”
He paused to take another draw of the cigarette, he could understand now why some soldiers had this habit, really calmed his nerves for the next part. “If any man or woman doesn’t feel this is right, there is room for you in those tunnels, speak up and you will be relieved and sent. No questions asked; no shame given, I understand not wanting to die for a species that a week ago was trying to annihilate our existence.”
He waited and when no one spoke up, he pushed the radio again. “Anyone? Sergeants, report in.”
“Platoon A, no one is moving sir.”
“Platoon B, we’re here and we’re staying, all of us apparently.”
“Platoon C, guns are manned and ready, this is where they die and we stand.”
Platoon D didn’t report in, they must be too deep underground now for radio transmissions. That was good enough for him, at least they would survive if the first bomb got through. The follow ups they would need to keep going down. He hoped their air would hold out.
“Alright, the enemy is coming. The fleet cannot hold and is working to withdraw. We will have no artillery, air, armor, or naval support. We are on our own. What I am asking you to do is going to get you all killed. Make peace with any deity you believe in. Get any addiction you need satisfied, eat something, drink some water, and finish your preparations. Schmidt is coming with James, they are going to lead Platoon B squad 3 and Platoon A squad 4 on a little recon in force mission. They have their orders, and you have your’s.” He took another draw of his cigarette. “I will see you on the other side. Nemo Me Impune Lacessit.”
The radio resounded for the next several moments with all of his 139 remaining soldiers sounding off the Black Watch motto.
The Captain stepped out of his tent, he picked up a rifle, the one MacTavoish handed him. He checked the magazine, breech, and sights then chambered a round and turned off his safety. Slowly he walked towards his own position.
A shuttle was coming down, damaged badly but this wasn't a civilian shuttle or an escape shutttle. It was an armored assault shuttle. "What Now?"
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2023.03.21 17:57 mangotimmy [WTS] Surefire x300 Turbo B (Tan)

GAFS User : "DiBs SeNdInG pM"
Proceeds to ghost PMs
Me: Well that wasn't very cash money of you

Take 2!
Up for sale is a Surefire x300 Turbo B in TAN. This light has never been shot with, holster drawn, or larped in BUT has one "issue", one of the hinges on the battery door half snapped off (see attached pictures). The "damage" itself seems to be purely cosmetic as it does effect the function of the light (battery door still closes properly and light still functions).

Once again, this is a fully functioning WML. If you don't really care about the piece chip or wanna super glue the piece back together using a toothpick to gently apply the glue then by all means go right ahead.

Surefire x300 Turbo Model B (Tan)
- Left battery compartment hinge snapped off (will come with snapped off piece if you wanna try to super glue it yourself you lil gonsmif you)
- Never Mounted
- Never Holstered
- Never Shot


Package Contents
x1 Surefire x300 Turbo Model B (Tan)
x2 Factory Surefire cr123 batteries
x1 Surefire Battery retainer pin thingy (for extra security)
x1 Universal and Picatinny mounts
x1 Box, Manual, Instruction Guide

Price: $280 Shipped

"BuT yOu CaN gEt It ChEaPeR hErE"
$306.90 shipped here using code Blaster
$318.60 shipped here after sign-up
$369.37 shipped here using their cheapest shipping option

A few words regarding Surefire's customer service: I'm almost positive Surefire will warranty the battery door if you email or call them. I tried but have yet to receive a response. That being said, I am a pretty impatient person, you might have better luck if you have the time or just don't care and wanna gorilla glue this thing. Light still turns on and is bright af, almost similar to a Modlite PLH V2 which is pretty impressive.

Dibs beats PMs and are full price commitments to buy


Due to the recent meta regarding scammers, chats and PMs will be ignored if you do not comment under this post expressing your interest.
Thank you all for your time!
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2023.03.21 17:54 Aware-Swimming-7796 Buffer pb after indicator

I am using a Qiagen PCR Purification kit. I added 120 uL of indicator to the 30 mL of buffer pb like the manual says. My understanding is the buffer should turn yellow, however, it is orange (see here. I am wondering why this is and what I can do about it.
submitted by Aware-Swimming-7796 to labrats [link] [comments]

2023.03.21 17:53 ThatTwoSandDemon Can you turn off automatic save states?

I don't mind having automatic save states that are created every time I close a game, they're occasionally handy, but now that GarlicOS runs mGBA by default I really would prefer it if I could see the GBA boot screen every time I start a game. Is there any way to turn off automatic save states so I can just manage my saves manually?
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2023.03.21 17:52 CRTsdidnothingwrong Mechanic put CVT fluid in 5EAT

My mom's chasing down a high frequency freeway vibration in a 2014 3.6R Outback that we think we've narrowed down to torque converter lockup clutch shudder.
Come to find out, it seems confusion runs abound in these model years. Dealer quoted a CVT replacement, third party transmission shop checked with dealer and also quoted CVT replacement, and now it turns out third party mechanic actually put CVT fluid in it 5-10k miles ago.
What's anyone know about CVT fluid? I try to only use exact OEM driveline fluids in my own cars, but I have an awareness that experienced transmission guys do not see it that way and they generally think the wide compatible Valvoline is good for everything. But CVT is a whole different thing. Is this fluid similar to ATF in viscosity? Does it have friction modifiers or a lack of them?
Not looking forward to seeing this shitty situation unfold. This is why I learned to work on my own cars and buy manuals. Even when I took my wife's automatic in to a reputable shop the fucking guy said he could get OEM, thought he had OEM, and then I had to argue with him to get him to realize Idimetsu isn't OEM.
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2023.03.21 17:48 BattyGirl96 Trouble installing GeForce Rtx 4070 ti

So I'm building a PC and I'm struggling to not just get the motherboard (ROG strix z970-a) to recognize there's a GPU plugged in, but to get the GPU running. When I turn the PC on a red lights appears on the GPU, but the fans won't start. Looking into it I think I might have a 4080 pcie adapter (not sure the actual name) as mine only has 2 places to plug the pcie cables in, not 3. Everything else seems to, mostly, be running fine. (Some LED's suddenly stopped working, but I wanna get this GPU crud figured out.) My PSU is a Corsair rm750w gold. I ordered an 850w PSU to see if the current one is just too small. (Will be arriving today.)
As for the motherboard not recognizing the GPU, when I go to the device manager it's just not there. I tried installing the driver's from online but Nvidia won't let me without a recognized GPU I guess. I managed to update the BIOS as well, but that didn't work either.
Do the GPU fans only turn on at a certain temp?
This is my first build, I actually had help installing everything initially. They aren't super knowledgeable about computers though, so they aren't really able to help anymore. They even admitted they were entirely sure it was wired correctly, but we followed the manuals for everything. I might take the wires out though and watch some YouTube tutorials to make sure they're put in correctly.
Unfortunately I have work now, so any possible questions won't be answered for a while. Any help is appreciated though as I stupidly wasn't prepared for the amount of problems there can be building a PC.
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2023.03.21 17:47 scrimage 2007 Spec B - Any interest in these?

We've always been a Subaru family, and picked up a 2007 Subaru Spec B with less than 10k miles back in 2008. We are thinking of buying a new car and selling this to another Suburu enthusiast. Is there still any interest in these models? I rarely see them for sale (only 450 were made in 2007).
The car has always been maintained at the dealership, 75k miles, replaced the turbo, new springs and shocks, new air bag module. 2.5 turbo, 6 speed manual, diamond grey metallic. All stock, no issues.
Am I crazy to think we could get $25k for our Spec B? I don't ever see 4th generation Legacy GT's on the road anymore. Are these rare and desirable?
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2023.03.21 17:45 castle9mm PSA for new or long-hiatus players (Hunt Trophies, Duplicate Skill, Maps & more)

I recently came back to the game with the release of Chapter IV and have experienced numerous frustrations and wanted to share some of my experiences to hopefully help others. The game is lacking in explanation or tool-tips and much of online information is outdated, adding to the confusion. If you know these already then great, but I had forgotten a lot, things have patched, and there's new content so I rolled a new character to play the story line again.
The biggest PSA I can give is that there is are distinct differences in game modes between "Story Mode" and "Champion of Stormfall"
I could not figure out how to earn "Hunter Trophy" currency that is required for the new dragon looking vendor. Everyone tells you that you have to use the War Table at end-game and specifically choose the 'Expedition' type mission. I did that... every time... in preparation for the final battle and not once did I get any trophies. I thought my game was bugged. Turns out, that after I killed the end boss, and switched my game mode to "Champions of Stormfall", the very first Expedition mission granted around 200 trophies. You have to beat the story mode and change game mode to earn hunter trophies. So, the new vendor seems completely useless and extremely confusing and frustrating during the story. You have to beat the game, to unlock the game. Which leads me into next point:
At the end of the story mode you gain access to a city upgrade system where you run missions from the war table for production hammers. The "Stormfall Palace" upgrades say they'll unlock more buildings but it never did. What I saw in my city upgrade screen was different from screenshots online. Again, I though my game was bugged. Yep, you guessed it. You have to beat the story mode and change game mode to unlock the full city upgrade screen. I now see the city upgrade that let's me duplicate skills. The city upgrade system at the end of the story mode is a crippled mimic of Champion of Stormfall" mode. Leading to another point...
I tried to duplicate my skills throughout the story and the vendor just said required "Champion of Stormfall" unlocked. The game didn't hint at WTF that was but only through my previous playthroughs did I know this was the "endgame" city upgrades and missions. But... that was what I was doing in preparation for the final boss. I *thought* I was already in champion of stormfall mode. Again I thought my game was bugged. You cannot duplicate skill until you beat story mode and change to "Champion of Stormfall" mode and build the correct city upgrade. A significant portion of the skill vendor was useless for story play.
Did you pick up a bunch of blue map items or a Black Moire Incense item? Did you wonder what they were used for or how to use them? Well, so did I. You just use them at the War Table right? At least that's what everyone says...but how? There's no button, you can't access inventory, the help icon doesn't mention maps... WTF. You guessed it. You have to beat the story mode and switch to Champion of Stormfall mode to use the dungeon maps and incense on the unlocked war table. You pick up items during the story that you can't even use and the game doesn't mention this.
There are a number of other little things but I spent so much time googling, watching videos, reading forums but not seeing the options that people were talking about. My confusion stemmed from the similarities between the end of the story and the Champion of Stormfall mode. It looked similar, yet gave no indication things were locked behind full completion of story.
My final gripe is minor but was just salt in the wound. I beat the story mode then logged out. The next day when I launched, I just clicked play thinking it would put me in Champion of Stormfall mode (only from previous experiences) and yet I was back in the story again... I had to exit back out to main menu and manually switch the game mode. It would have been nice, and expected, that it would detect the story was complete and auto-switch for me.
It's a fun game that I have many hours in but documentation and information is lacking. The user experience is confusing and needs work especially when context of game mode matters so much. Long time players likely didn't have these frustrations as they may have already unlocked CoS mode prior to Chapter IV but coming back somewhat blind was eye opening.
It's like the World of Warcraft episode from Southpark, that now that I beat the game, I can finally start playing the game.
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2023.03.21 17:41 super_nice_shark More walking, more pain

This is a post-fusion question.
Had 360 fusion a little over a month ago. My after care instructions included walking and to try to be walking a mile straight by 4-6 weeks. So this is week 5 and I’d been doing about 3/4 of a mile last week. I upped to a mile Sunday and I woke up Monday with some pain near the back incisions, on the left.
Not sure if this is pretty normal? I went ahead and walked another mile Monday to see if that would work it out. But I have the pain again/still this morning. I see the doc tomorrow anyway for a follow up but thought I’d check with you good folks first.
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2023.03.21 17:40 ShinyShinyTomato Is there a way to see what the most common actors in a list are without manually going through the cast of each entry?

I think it might be an interesting thing to add to the stats of one of my lists, but it has 1,000 entries so there's no way I'm doing it manually.
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2023.03.21 17:35 selfstartr How to show local currency depending on visitor's region

Hi there,
We run a store on the basic Shopify plan using the Symmetry theme
We have customers in both USA and UK, and whilst there is a manual currency switcher, we want the currency to automatically display correctly in the right region.
For example, USA visitors see $USD, and UK customers see £GBP.

What's the best way of implementing this? Do you have any app recommendations?
Many thanks,
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2023.03.21 17:28 UpNeko My first player and already trouble!

Hi all!
I just got a vinyl player, Audio-Technica AT-LP60XBT-BK, and I'm already having problems. When I try to play any lp, the arm bumps into the lp instead of going over it and drop to play. Plus, in some parts while playing when I move it manually, it plays slowmo. I already checked the needle and I see that it's straight with no problemswhat could be the issue??? I wanna play music while cooking sigh any ideas? Thanks!!!.
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2023.03.21 17:28 joeyoungblood Beginner's Guide to Dropshipping

This guide is being written by the members of /Dropshipping with the aid of the mods in order to help newcomers find valuable information, avoid scammers, and get off to a more successful start in their Dropshipping endeavors.
This document is: A WORK IN PROGRESS - more will be added over the coming weeks as we build it together. If there is a topic you want covered please leave a comment below or start a discussion in the sub.

I. Introduction

Definition of Dropshipping

A method of retail sales where the store does not maintain a physical inventory of products in stock but instead purchases the item from a third-party (typically the manufacturer or wholesaler) every time they make a sale and have the third-party ship it directly to the end consumer.

The First Sale Doctrine and Dropshipping

The First Sale Doctrine is a USA legal principle that allows the buyers of a product to resell that product no matter what the copyright holder desires. This is incredibly important for dropshippers to understand.
From the website: "The first sale doctrine, codified at 17 U.S.C. § 109, provides that an individual who knowingly purchases a copy of a copyrighted work from the copyright holder receives the right to sell, display or otherwise dispose of that particular copy, notwithstanding the interests of the copyright owner. The right to distribute ends, however, once the owner has sold that particular copy. See 17 U.S.C. § 109(a) & (c). Since the first sale doctrine never protects a defendant who makes unauthorized reproductions of a copyrighted work, the first sale doctrine cannot be a successful defense in cases that allege infringing reproduction."
read more here:
In essence the First Sale Doctrine allows the owner of a legally-purchased copy of a copyrighted item to sell or transfer that particular copy without obtaining permission from the copyright holder. This means that once a person lawfully purchases a copyrighted product, they have the right to resell it without infringing on the copyright owner's exclusive rights. You've seen this at resale shops, garage sales, online auctions, etc...
In the context of dropshipping, the First Sale Doctrine can be relevant because it allows dropshippers to sell products that they have legally acquired from a supplier without obtaining permission from the copyright holder. As long as the dropshipper has legally purchased the products and the products are genuine, they can be resold without infringing on the copyright owner's exclusive rights.
However, it's important to note that the First Sale Doctrine has its limitations. For example, it doesn't protect dropshippers who sell counterfeit or pirated products. If a dropshipper sells counterfeit or pirated products, they could still face legal action from the copyright owner. Copyright owners might also try and limit the usage of their copyrighted works from unauthorized dropshippers including photography, video, marketing materials, and other copyrighted works related to the product being sold.
In addition, some copyright owners may try to limit the application of the First Sale Doctrine by imposing restrictions on the resale of their products. For example, some software manufacturers include license agreements that prohibit the resale of their products. In these cases, dropshippers would need to comply with the terms of the license agreement or risk infringing on the copyright owner's exclusive rights.
When starting your dropshipping venture the First Sale Doctrine can be an important legal principle for you to understand and navigate, as it can impact your ability to sell certain products without infringing on the copyright owner's exclusive rights.
Example in the Wild: There's an example out of Texas where an entrepreneur started selling products from the gas station Buc-ee's who does not have their own online store. Buc-ee's can't stop the resale, but they were able to request that the seller change the name of the store so that it did not confuse consumers that the store might be official. That store visits their local Buc-ee's once per week, takes photos, selects new products to sell, and charges a fee to buyers for their efforts.
more coming soon
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2023.03.21 17:27 olivia_artz_modular Announcing the 2nd official firmware for Uncertainty

As of March 2023, Uncertainty has its second official firmware, VU Meter. Just a perfectly normal VU Meter where each LED gets its own gate output. Wait, what? No one’s ever done that? But it makes gated effects and modulation so easy. Also, you can use jumpers on the module to invert the VU Meter or switch it into dot-mode, where only the peak LED is activated. So the loudness contour of a patch can strum things!
Our own Eris Fairbanks recorded a demo/tutorial video here:
See the manual for instructions on swapping firmware:\_User\_Manual.pdf?v=1678938647
Firmware and more info on Uncertainty here:
People from modular and synthdiy have gotten involved with Uncertainty and given us a lot of useful feedback and ideas for future firmware. So thank you. These communities are really special. I hope ya'll like this firmware.
submitted by olivia_artz_modular to modular [link] [comments]

2023.03.21 17:26 GSynaesthesia Which Players Should Liverpool Sign? A (Hopefully) Comprehensive Look at Liverpool's (Belated) Rebuild

Which Players Should Liverpool Sign? A (Hopefully) Comprehensive Look at Liverpool's (Belated) Rebuild
With Liverpool's season effectively over at the Bernabeu, many have turned their attention towards the upcoming rebuild instead of our final push in the contention for the CL spot. Journalists, Klopp, and even the players themselves have referenced over and over again the necessity of new signings with departures rumoured if not confirmed. The signs are there for a summer overhaul of the squad; this rebuild will in all likelihood be Klopp's final attempt at building a title-challenging Liverpool.
Through writing this, I hope that I can illustrate what our rebuild should entail, what kind of players Liverpool should sign in the upcoming transfer window and several candidates that should fit this assessment. For the sake of brevity, I won't be as detailed with the stats as my Mane post, more so due to the scale of a rebuild in comparison with replacing a single player. Also, bear in mind that personally, I see most of the candidates listed here as unrealistic signings. Even if unrealistic, these players should at least paint a picture of the kind of players we should be looking at in the summer.
Having said that, let's take a look at Liverpool's current line-up and assess where we can strengthen the ageing and declining squad.

1. Assessing Liverpool’s Decline

1.1. The Academy

Let’s start with what I consider to be the club’s most important infrastructure: the academy. Our youth intake can now boast another future starter in their most recent graduate: Stefan Bajcetic; a proud moment for the academy, and a tragic one for our midfield. Aside from Bajcetic, plenty of soon-to-be academy graduates are also shaping up their game with Conor Bradley, Leighton Clarkson, Sepp van den Berg, and Tyler Morton all playing a role in their respective loans.
Stefan Bajcetic, Sepp van den Berg, Tyler Morton, Conor Bradley, and Leighton Clarkson
The current academy squad is also no slouch, with Ben Doak and Kaide Gordon leading the way well beyond their age peers. Amongst the current crop of our young talents, I also suggest taking notes on Bobby Clark, Isaac Mabaya, Luke Chambers, Melkamu Frauendorf, Oakley Cannonier, and Trent Kone-Doherty. These are talented youngsters that in all likelihood will feature in the early stages of our annual youth-driven Carabao campaign, and might be sitting on the bench should an injury crisis emerge.
All in all, a pretty healthy youth setup full of promising youngsters with room to grow.

1.2. Goalkeepers

Next are our number 1s: Alisson, Kelleher, and Adrian. With that line-up of goalkeepers, right now goalkeeping is the least of Liverpool’s worries. Alisson this season has been one of if not outright the best goalkeeper in the world, with 29 goals conceded out of a post-shot expected goal (PSxG) of 37.2. Outperforming one's PSxG can be explained by either luck or skill, and personally, I do think the latter is a more plausible explanation than the former for Ali. Other websites would illustrate this point through terms such as PSxG-GA or "goals prevented"; in Ali's case, he would have a top 5 league-leading "goals prevented" of 8.2.
Kelleher and Adrian are solid backups and unfortunately, that solidity is one reason why Liverpool should be looking at signing a backup goalkeeper. Kelleher should now have plenty of suitors seeking his services after his cup heroics. With his game time limited by the best keeper in the world, he should now be looking at other clubs as the next step in his career. While Adrian remains a solid 3rd option, his recent cameos leave much to be desired as our first backup. Of course, Harvey Davies from the academy could step up to the occasion as his predecessors had risen for the backup spot: Kelleher and Ward. A safer option though is signing a deputy goalkeeper in the case of Kelleher’s departure.

1.3. Defenders

Unlike our excellent goalkeeping situation, the players forming our backline seems to have declined significantly in terms of performance. From a title-challenging backline to conceding 3 more goals in 12 fewer games, the regression of our defence is far too steep to be justified by the midfield’s mediocrity alone. Similarly, placing our woes solely on the backline would mean missing the bigger context of what went wrong with Liverpool’s defence.
Surprisingly, certain players are actually outputting more numbers in their defensive stats this season. This can indicate either an improvement in defensive abilities or failure of defensive duties from the midfield; both are valid interpretations of the data available. Looking at the data within this context, 4 data points jump out as highlights of our declining back-line: Aerial duels along with challenges lost for Gomez, Matip, and Virgil, and carries into the final third along with dispossession for Robertson and Trent.
Long gone are the days of Matip and Virgil clattering every striker competing for long balls. In aerial duels, both are shadows of themselves compared to their title-winning season. As for challenges lost, Gomez and Matip’s erratic charts can be explained by their injury woes; what is far more concerning in my opinion is Virgil’s steady decline since 2021. What started out as scouting a replacement for Matip might end up as the search for Virgil’s successor.
A comparison of Gomez, Matip, and Virgil's aerial duels won and challenges lost in the Premier League in the last 4 years, courtesy of
As for Robertson and Trent, two trends are observable in their charts. The first is that our fullbacks are no longer playing as two pseudo-wingers terrorizing the opposing backline. Trent in particular seemed to have adopted a far more conservative approach in progressing the ball and occupying a deeper space behind Salah. One could argue that Henderson’s decline and a growing reluctance to cover for Trent led to this transition, but another thing to note is that the same trend can be observed with Robertson this year. It wouldn’t be unreasonable to say that currently, our fullbacks are being held back by a lack of adequate defensive cover in the midfield.
A comparison of Robertson and Trent's carries into final third and dispossessed in the Premier League in the last 4 years, courtesy of
The second observable trend is that our fullbacks are also losing the ball far more often than they had done in our title-winning year. Although that might sound obvious as a result of their predisposition to overlap and deliver dangerous crosses, keep in mind that our fullbacks are becoming more conservative over the years. This means that when they do lose possession, they more often than not lose it in areas closer to our goal than ever before. The lack of defensive midfielders covering for them along with our high defensive line exacerbates this conundrum of frequently conceding possession in dangerous areas.
Within this context, it comes as no surprise that Ramsay lacks Klopp’s trust whilst Milner seems to be playing more often as the deputy right back. Placing the teenager whilst opposing clubs are actively targeting his side of the pitch would be a literal baptism by fire. Milner on the other hand has the experience to stop the opposing team’s quick transition in these areas through a combination of gamesmanship and tactical fouling.
Speaking of deputies, Tsimikas’s excellent showing in cameos should now interest other clubs seeking services. Unfortunately, we now face the same situation as Kelleher with a backup option too good to happily accept a bench role. The sensible thing to do now would be to sell him off at his highest value and sign a backup left back with the potential to Robertson’s place.
All in all, a noticeable drop off in comparison to 2019/2020 for all defenders involved, and unfortunately a steep decline from Matip whose departure might be the best course of action for all parties involved. Should Virgil continue to regress further along the season, signing a successor needs to be a priority in the summer transfer window. In addition, Klopp needs to either trust Ramsay in Trent’s role or sign a new deputy right back alongside a possible replacement for Tsimikas in the summer window.

1.4. Midfielders

Anyone blessed with the gift of sight can clearly see our midfield as the biggest culprit of Liverpool’s recent misery. More specifically, the two stalwarts of Liverpool’s midfield three, Fabinho and Henderson, seem to have fallen off a cliff form-wise. Injuries to Keita, Ox, Thiago and even loanee Arthur make matters worse as Liverpool struggle to field a reliable midfield.
Taking a look at the defensive stats of our number 6s we can clearly see a decline in every facet of their defensive contributions
A comparison of Fabinho and Henderson's aerials won and dribblers tackled in the Premier League in the last 4 years, courtesy of
Aerial duels, ground duels, interceptions; every stat line serve as a testament to the decline we’re seeing in every match of the season. If the charts didn’t convince you that we needed an entire midfield overhaul in the summer, nothing probably could. Signing a replacement for the defensive midfielder role should be the number one priority for the next transfer window, and it probably would be if we didn’t have a circus at our number 8 positions.
A comparison of Fabinho and Henderson's interceptions and tackles in the Premier League in the last 4 years, courtesy of
For our box-to-box midfielders, we have Elliott and Jones who couldn’t contribute much defensively, Keita and Ox leaving in the summer, along with injuries to Arthur and Thiago. This perfect concoction of a shitshow we’re currently facing means that 18 years old Bajcetic and 37 years old Milner are somehow competing as Liverpool’s best midfielder this season; something has clearly gone terribly wrong. Reinforcements for the midfield, especially box-to-box midfielders, are paramount to the success of Liverpool’s final season with Klopp.

1.5. Forwards

Last but not least is our frontline. Thankfully, we’ve already begun the process of rebuilding our declining front line with Mane’s transfer to Bayern and Firmino set to depart at the end of the season. What we’re left with is a still very productive Salah alongside Diaz, Jota, Gakpo, and Nunez as our next generation of forwards. Fabio Carvalho and Harvey Elliott are also available as depth options, and hopefully with enough experience, as competitors for the starting spot.
The only conceivable gap in our front line seemingly stems from rumours of clubs interested in acquiring Jota’s services. Even if he had lost his starting place recently, selling Jota means that Liverpool will lose a talented forward that can cover multiple areas of the pitch. Should Jota prefer to play elsewhere with a guaranteed starting spot, Liverpool should replace him with a forward that can similarly provide tactical flexibility on the pitch. With Diaz, Gakpo, and Nunez more than capable of filling in Jota’s natural position, perhaps Liverpool should look at right-wingers available on the market instead.

2. Profiling the Traits of Liverpool’s Future Signings

As per our assessment, we need 2-3 starting midfielders, a centre-back, possible replacements for Jota, Kelleher, and Tsimikas should they depart, and a deputy for Trent should Ramsay fail to impress Klopp. Finding candidates for these roles should be an easy enough task, right? We can simply map out the ideal traits of a Klopp player, and seek out suitable talents that perform well statistically in each role. Thus, for each role we need someone with the following traits:
All: Comfortable in possession. GK: Accurate distribution, runs out to clear the ball. CB: Dominant in duels, high-volume ball progression and defensive contribution. FB: Excellent crossing, high-volume ball progression and chance creation. DM: Dominant in duels, high-volume ball progression and defensive contribution. CM: High-volume ball progression, chance creation, and defensive contribution. RW: High volume ball progression and chance creation.
Of course, these traits will filter well-performing players in the scope of their statistically observed performances. Aside from these attributes, we also need to consider several factors outside of the boundaries of each statistic such as:

2.1. Injury Record

The first priority for our new signings is simple: no reoccurring injuries that could make them unavailable in Liverpool’s gruelling schedule. We’ve all seen the games missed chart with Liverpool at the bottom, a whole quarter ahead of 19th-placed Chelsea. Permanently signing players prone to injuries would be repeating the same mistakes of our previous campaigns.
A pristine injury record is nice to have, but should not prevent us from signing quality players with the occasional unfortunate injuries. The keyword here is “occasional”; any player with an extensive injury record should still be barred from our candidate list.

2.2. Tactical Adaptability and Liverpool’s Playstyle

Another thing to note is the difference in playstyle between the candidates’ current club and Liverpool. Klopp’s system is especially rigid in practice, making it more difficult for players in clubs with little to no similarity in their tactical setup. Only 4 players have adapted perfectly to Liverpool’s system the moment they play under Klopp: Alisson, Firmino, Salah, and Virgil; three of them are undoubtedly world-class, while the other is a literal incarnation of the system itself.
Of course, that doesn’t mean that players in terrorist-adjacent clubs should be barred entirely. Instead, players who should be more familiar with Klopp’s system are given preference over their similarly well-performing counterparts.

2.3. Preferred Traits vs. Performance-Oriented Traits

This leads us to another facet of Klopp’s system, the requirement of very specific traits in each positional roles. This can lead to identifying players who performed well in their current roles but are unsuitable for Liverpool. Conversely, this can also lead to missing out on players who could perform well in our setup but are limited to their current unsuitable role.
Let’s look at goalkeepers as an example, on one hand, we require a keeper with a good distribution that plays comfortably in a high defensive line. On the other hand, limiting our candidate pool to players with these traits can lead to missing out on excellent goalkeepers who are unable to display said trait in their club’s tactical setup.
A balanced approach then should consider this collective vs. individual facet of a player. A well-performing candidate should still be considered even if they’re playing in an unsuitable setup. The priority of course remains to seek out suitable traits in our candidates, but exceptions need to be made in the context of a candidate’s performances collectively vis-à-vis individually.

2.4. Difficulties in Acquiring Players

Last is the sale availability of the players themselves. Liverpool is a historic institution competing against Europe’s most prestigious clubs, but that doesn’t mean acquiring players is a straightforward task. The most oft-told factor is CL spots and while that may be a hindrance in signing certain players, internal club policy dictates that such candidates are eliminated early on. A bigger problem for Liverpool is actually how talented the current players are.
Think for a second that you’re an up-and-coming young player negotiating with Liverpool and other clubs. Your inner fan would obviously accept Liverpool’s offer, but existing players could ensure that your time at Anfield is spent more on the bench rather than the field. If you’re a goalkeeper, are you sure you want to sign with a club with the world’s best in your spot? Or as a right back, can you compete with the most creative player of his generation for game time?
Of course, this doesn’t mean that we should limit ourselves to academy graduates and players comfortable on the bench as our backups. Instead, a smarter look at clubs beneath our stature should guarantee more willingness for players to sign for us. For the average top 5 league starting goalkeeper, signing for Liverpool means a drastic reduction of on-field actions. For the same starting goalkeeper recently relegated? The bench at Liverpool might be a more attractive career trajectory even with limited game time.

3. Candidates

3.1. Goalkeeper

For our goalkeepers, I limited myself to clubs either well below our stature or likely to be relegated to increase the sensibility of the transfer. Although they’re playing in inferior teams, that does not necessarily translate to being bad goalkeepers themselves. One, in particular, is even leading La Liga in PSxG-GA, though unfortunately, an excellent goalkeeper can only do as much as his teammates allow him to.
Edgar Badia, Gavin Bazunu, Marco Carnesecchi, Emil Audero, and Paul Bernardoni
Edgar Badia. 31. Elche
The first candidate is unironically the worst fit for Liverpool. With a reluctance for rushing out attackers and a similar age profile to Alisson, he is nowhere near the ideal solution for the GK spot. Why is he my first choice you ask? Well, his PSxG-GA figure of 7.0 is top of the charts in La Liga and 3rd in the top 5 European leagues. Additionally, his 3 penalties saved and relatively accurate long pass completion percentage of 45.1% make him an attractive addition to the team.
Gavin Bazunu. 21. Southampton Marco Carnesecchi. 22. Atalanta, on loan at Cremonese
The next two candidates all fit the criteria with asterisks beside their names. In particular, Bazunu PSxG-GA leaves a lot to be desired while Carnesecchi's reluctance to rush out might not fit Liverpool’s high line. What both have in common however is a high ceiling for growth and the occasional moments of brilliance common in rough and unpolished goalkeeping gems. Some highlights include their respective matches against Manchester United and Bologna. Under Alisson’s tutelage (and Taffarel's to boot!), both could very well develop into worthy competition for the starting spot.
Emil Audero. 26. Sampdoria Paul Bernardoni. 25. Angers
Audero and Bernardoni are in ways very similar to Bazunu and Carnesecchi. Like Carnesecchi, Audero’s lack of defensive actions outside the penalty area may limit Liverpool’s high line. Bernardoni is also very similar to Bazunu with a below-standard PSxG-GA and excellent rushing-out numbers. Although the two are inferior in ceiling and statistics wise, both are still performing at an acceptable level for the role of Liverpool’s bench option. In addition, goalkeepers mature differently from other football positions. They might show improvements well into the years to come should they sign for Liverpool.

3.2. Centre Back

For our centre-back position, we need players who can progress the ball as well as Matip without sacrificing any sense of defensive acumen and solidity. As mentioned previously, dominance in aerial duels would be a huge bonus for our candidates due to Virgil’s slight decline and Matip’s fallen form in these stats.
Kim Min-Jae, Edson Alvarez, Ko Itakura, Goncalo Inacio, and Kevin Danso
Kim Min-Jae. 26. Napoli
The monster himself needs no introduction. Helming the defence of the Scudetto’s leading contender, the former Fenerbahce defender established himself amongst Europe’s greatest centre-backs after a successful debut season for Napoli. His presence in this list is for one sole reason: the reports of a vastly undervalued release clause in his Napoli contract. Even if his actual fee were to be higher than reported, Liverpool should do everything in its power to recruit what could very well be Virgil’s replacement when the opportunity presents itself.
Edson Alvarez. 25. Ajax Ko Itakura. 26. Monchengladbach
Edson Alvarez and Ko Itakura are amongst the best ball-playing centre-backs playing right now. What they lack in traditional defensive stats such as clearances and interceptions they more than make up for in other areas more related to Liverpool’s possession-heavy setup. With 88.1% and 91.3% pass completion rates and averaging 78.2 and 72.62 passes attempted per 90, they can without a doubt replicate Matip’s excellent ball distribution.
The similarities to Matip don’t end there. Averaging 1.75 and 1.1 progressive carries per 90 alongside 0.7 and 0.41 successful take-ons per 90, Alvarez and Itakura are more than capable of executing Matip’s signature run. In addition, both of them excel at different areas lacking in Matip’s game. For Alvarez? A tackling rate of 3.04 per 90 compared to Matip’s 1.78. For Itakura? A blocking rate of 1.92 per 90 compared to Matip’s 0.53. As a cherry on top, both are also very capable of playing in the number 6 role should another midfield crisis emerge.
Though the stats do indicate Alvarez as a better player, both would be a very welcome addition to the club.
Goncalo Inacio. 21. Sporting Kevin Danso. 24. Lens
Goncalo Inacio and Kevin Danso are more traditional centre-backs compared to Alvarez and Itakura, but incompetent in possession they are not. They may lack the tactical flexibility provided by the two aforementioned candidates, but what they can provide is excellent ball distribution and the potential of a higher ceiling over the years.
Inacio’s better stats overall, left-footedness, and younger age edge him out as my preference out of the two.

3.3. Right Back

Trent’s age makes finding a deputy for him a bit awkward as good senior right-backs wouldn’t want to join in as a bench option, while promising right-backs are almost all at his age bracket. The options then are either younger players with the potential to usurp his position or seasoned players outside of the Champions League.
Vanderson, Jonathan Clauss, Przemyslaw Frankowski, Yukinari Sugawara, and Arnau Martinez
Vanderson. 21. Monaco
A promising full-back perfecting his trade in Ligue 1, Vanderson is a future star in the making. At 21 years old, his stats far exceed his age peers, excelling in progressive passes, take-ons, tackles, interceptions, and blocks. Investing in Vanderson at this stage of Trent’s career would either mean a transition in his position to midfield a la Kimmich, or the best modern right-back pairing in Liverpool’s history.
Jonathan Clauss. 30. Marseille Przemyslaw Frankowski. 27. Lens
Jonathan Clauss and Przemyslaw Frankowski would need some convincing to come to Liverpool, but the effort would be worthwhile should Trent’s form continue to decline. Both players’ origin as wingers in the early days of their careers would suit Liverpool’s playstyle to a tee with the numbers to back them up. The gung-ho nature of our fullbacks, marauding in every transition would see both players flourish under Klopp’s instructions.
Yukinari Sugawara. 22. AZ Alkmaar Arnau Martinez. 19. Girona
Yukinari Sugawara and Arnau Martinez fulfil very contrasting roles at a similar age bracket; and as different as they are, what they’re offering as a rotation option would fill in gaps in Liverpool’s line-up all the same. Sugawara is a right-back shifted from the right-sided midfield position while Martinez is a right-back shifted from the centre-back position, and as a consequence, signing either of them would fill another gap in each respective natural position.
Tactical flexibility isn’t the only reason to sign either of them, both are also very productive numbers-wise. Sugawara is a very good attacking right back with 3 goals, 6 assists, and 10 goal-creating actions in the league to his name. The same can be said with Martinez, who although isn’t as offensively influential as Sugawara, can still produce 2 goals, 2 assists, and 4 goal-creating actions to his name. Conversely, Sugawara lags behind defensively while Martinez is ahead of him in all defensive stats.
Though the two would be astute signings, Sugawara’s offensive productivity alongside a possible role as Salah’s deputy edges him out of the two.

3.4. Left Back

Assuming Tsimikas’s departure, a similarly high-output backup for Robertson is essential for two key reasons. One is that in my opinion, the Greek Scouser breathing down Robbo’s neck is an essential part of why he is still one of the world’s best in his position. Another is that Robertson’s age should start slowing him down sooner or later, replacing Tsimikas with an equally talented replacement would ensure a continuity of excellence in our left-back position.
Jose Gaya, David Raum, Adrien Truffert, and Quentin Merlin
Jose Gaya. 27. Valencia
Why on earth is he still playing for Peter Lim’s Valencia? No explanation is needed for Gaya as he remains one of the best left-backs in the world, despite playing for a self-sabotaging owner. Should Valencia be relegated this season, Liverpool would be foolish to not even consider signing him up.
David Raum. 24. RB Leipzig Caio Henrique. 25. Monaco
David Raum and Caio Henrique are two very good attacking left-backs who might even be an upgrade over Tsimikas. Though, by the same logic, acquiring either of them would cost Liverpool a significant amount of capital for a position we’re quite happy with at the present. Although Henrique’s numbers are superior to Raum's, the underlying stats do show the former to be more consistent in creating chances for his teammates. Raum’s higher numbers in defensive stats edge him out as my personal preference between the two.
Adrien Truffert. 21. Rennes Quentin Merlin. 20. Nantes
Adrien Truffert and Quentin Merlin are two promising left-backs currently playing their trade in Ligue 1. Although still very young, both are producing respectable numbers for a full-back, especially at their age bracket. The two will probably sign for another club before blossoming into higher-calibre players, as is the case with Robertson in Hull. Accordingly, a case could be made to sign either one of them as Robertson’s French protégé. Truffert’s higher numbers in both assists and defensive stats lead me to favour him at the early stages of their careers.

3.5. Anchor Midfielder

Due to Klopp’s tendency to play a pseudo-back three in possession, the candidates for our number 6 role need to possess similar attributes to our centre-back candidates. Unfortunately, due to the defensive nature of the role, stats used to gauge a player’s ability in possession such as passes attempted, pass completion rate, progressive carries, and progressive passes are all rendered unreliable with plenty of clubs happy to see their number 6 sitting back for the duration of the game. Liverpool though does need to have these traits in our defensive midfielder, so candidates possessing them would gain an advantage over players in more counter-attacking teams.
Declan Rice, Joao Palhinha, Manuel Locatelli, Manuel Ugarte, and Florentino Luis
Declan Rice. 24. West Ham
England stalwart Declan Rice is one of if not the most sought-after players for his position, and with good reasons too. With an excellent eye for interceptions and a terrific success rate for duels won, he would bring comfort and stability wherever he goes. Possession-wise, he is also the leading contender, high volume of passes, an excellent pass completion rate, and very good numbers in ball progression. Overall, the perfect player to fit in the number 6 role.
Joao Palhinha. 27. Fulham Manuel Locatelli. 25. Juventus
With competition to Rice’s signature and his homegrown status driving up his price. Joao Palhinha and Manuel Locatelli are more than capable of emulating what he could achieve at Liverpool. Defensively they perform at a similar level to Rice, and in some aspects are even better suited to Liverpool’s playstyle. An argument can be made for Palhinha as the best in the world in terms of duels, as he is leading the top 5 European leagues in tackles whilst offering higher aerial duels and clearance numbers than Rice. Locatelli is no slouch either, achieving higher numbers than Rice in all defensive stats barring interceptions.
Palhinha’s higher numbers in duels make him the clear choice between the two, though, Locatelli’s much better possession stats do indicate him as the better fit for Liverpool.
Manuel Ugarte. 21. Sporting Florentino Luis. 23. Benfica
Florentino Luis and Manuel Ugarte are far from being the best at their position, however, they should be a wiser long-term investment than the other candidates. The two play a key role in their respective Portuguese clubs, demonstrating excellence at a young age week in and week out. With elite defensive numbers in duels and interceptions, Luis and Ugarte are both without question excellent defensive midfielders only a big transfer away from worldwide recognition.
Albeit inferior to Luis in terms of his ability in the air and with the ball, Ugarte’s younger age profile makes him my preferred choice out of the two.

3.6. Box-to-Box Midfielder

As the main engine of the team, our midfield candidates should be able to progress the ball well while maintaining a high defensive output in part due to Liverpool’s tactical set-up. While Liverpool’s system means that high creative output isn’t vital for our candidates, they should nevertheless be involved in the build-up and transitional phases of a game, whether through progressive passes, progressive carries or taking on opposing players directly.
Jude Bellingham, Mikel Merino, Ismael Bennacer, Manu Kone, and Enzo Le Fee
Jude Bellingham. 19. Dortmund
Currently one of if not outright the best in his position, simple as.
Mikel Merino. 26. Real Sociedad Ismael Bennacer. 25. Milan
Mikel Merino and Ismael Bennacer both fit the bill well for the number 8 role in Klopp’s midfield three. Should either one of them sign for Liverpool, they would add a defensive integrity solely lacking due to Fabinho and Henderson’s decline. Both also offer different defensive traits to their midfield; Merino is excellent in aerial duels and clearance, while Bennacer is better at ground duels and interceptions.
Merino’s dominance in the air edges him out as my preferred choice between the two players.
Manu Kone. 21. Monchengladbach Enzo Le Fee. 23. Lorient
Manu Kone and Enzo Le Fee might cost the least in this category, but acquiring either of them would significantly strengthen Liverpool’s midfield. As are the candidates before them, Kone and Le Fee excel in ball progression. Both are elite in taking on opposing players, with Kone and Le Fee placing in the 99th and 96th percentile in terms of successful take-ons across all midfielders in the top 5 leagues. Similarly, both maintain a good rate of progressive carries and passes, with Le Fee in particular performing at an elite level in terms of carries.
Defensively, they’re no slouch either. Kone and Le Fee are producing more than-average numbers in blocks and interceptions, and very good numbers in tackles. Le Fee’s lack of physical stature seems to not be a hindrance, as his 3.29 rate of tackles per 90 places him in the 95th percentile in terms of tackles. All in all, two very good midfielders who would fit perfectly in Klopp’s midfield three.

3.6.1. Playmaker Midfielder?

Liverpool has been rumoured to sign Mason Mount for months and honestly, the thought of him in the squad throws a wrench into my original draft. Initially, I thought that Liverpool needed at least 2 starting box-to-box midfielders to fill in our upcoming departures. Mount though can fill in for this gap alongside other offensive roles should another injury crisis emerge at Anfield. Should he choose to stay at Chelsea, Liverpool can either pursue another no. 8 or an alternative flexible playmaker instead. This section is written with the assumption of the latter, rather than the former.
Mason Mount, Daichi Kamada, Brais Mendez, Lovro Majer, and Aleksandr Golovin
Mason Mount. 24. Chelsea
The team had been linked to numerous playmakers over the years, notably, the consistent Brandt and Gotze rumours before Mane and Salah’s meteoric rise. However, their arrivals see them either adapt as a number 8 (Wijnaldum), play on the wings (Carvalho), or even side-lined entirely to cup games (Minamino). Whichever the case may be for Mount, his brief time in the Premier League shows an excellent hardworking playmaker with the bonus of fulfilling our home-grown quota.
Daichi Kamada. 26. Eintracht Frankfurt Brais Mendez. 26. Real Sociedad
Daichi Kamada and Brais Mendez are both more than adequate alternatives to Mason Mount. Similarly, both play a creative role behind a striker, either centrally or as an inside-winger. Output wise they are currently amongst Europe’s most productive playmakers, with both contributing 7 goals alongside 4 and 3 assists in their respective league.
The two high-pressing playmakers are also more than capable of contributing defensively, with Kamada in particular performing well enough to be placed at the 90th percentile for tackles + interceptions across all midfielders in the top 5 European leagues. His tenacity to win the ball back edges him out between the two as my preferred choice.
Lovro Majer. 25. Rennes Aleksandr Golovin. 26. Monaco
The last candidates for a possible new role in Liverpool’s line-up are Lovro Majer and Aleksandr Golovin. Like Kamada and Mendez, both are creative playmakers with a willingness to press, tackle, and be the first line of their team’s defence. The two players though differ in what they could offer tactically. Lovro Majer’s higher numbers in passing completion, passing volume, progressive passes, and take-ons could see him shift to more of an attacking number 8. Golovin meanwhile with his much higher creative output could play as a deputy for the wingers.

3.7. Right Winger

With Jota rumoured to leave and Klopp refusing to start Elliott in his natural position, a gap remains dormant in Liverpool’s right wing. Candidates should have a respectable creative output, and a consistent ability to progress the ball higher up the field. Additionally, successful take-ons should be a high priority for the candidates. After all, with Sadio Mane’s departure, Luis Diaz is the only remaining player in Liverpool’s frontline with the ability to consistently beat his marker.
Moussa Diaby, David Neres, Marco Asensio, and Tete
Moussa Diaby. 23. Leverkusen David Neres. 27. Napoli
The first two candidates are Leverkusen’s Moussa Diaby and David Neres, both very good players with all the characteristics required for a winger. Attacking output? Check. Diaby’s 8 goals and 4 assists along with Neres’ 6 goals and 5 assists paint a picture of two very productive wingers. Ball progression? Check. Neres’ progressive carries, passes, and take-ons are amongst the best in his league, while Diaby’s progressive carries make up for his average passes and take-ons figures. The only missing part of their game is a lack of respectable defensive numbers, something fixable with enough sessions at Kirkby.
The age profile, numbers, and a harder league to play in making it a clear choice for Diaby. Even so, Neres would be an astute second choice should the cost of acquiring Diaby be too prohibitive.
Marco Asensio. 27. Real Madrid
A class creative playmaker available out of contract; to hell with Marco Asensio’s take-ons stats, refusing to sign a player of his calibre for free is a fool’s errand.
Tete. 23. Lyon, on loan at Leicester City Vaclav Cerny. 25. Twente
While the three wingers mentioned above are all very good in terms of performance, Tete and Vaclav Cerny are excellent in the sense that both are the perfect wingers for Liverpool. In terms of output, both are having the season of their life with 7 goals and 2 assists for Tete, and 9 goals and 4 assists for Cerny. In addition, both are also very good at beating their man with a successful take-on rate of 2.25 and 2.6 per 90. What makes them perfect for Liverpool however is their willingness to win the ball back out of possession. Amongst Liverpool’s frontline, our false 9s Jota and Gakpo are the only ones with comparable defensive figures.

4. Conclusion

At the minimum, Liverpool needs 3-4 signings to remain competitive in Europe. That amount though is an optimistic estimate that implies a return in form for the rest of the squad. Conversely, we are looking at 7-8 signings in the very worst-case scenario of further regressing performances and rumoured departures. Both sit at the extreme end of each side, and realistically speaking we should expect the real amount to be closer to the lower estimate.
Of the highest priority is signing 2-3 starting midfielders to address upcoming departures, and more importantly, the decline of Fabinho and Henderson. Reverting to Klopp’s double pivot is also a possibility with Firmino set to depart in the summer. Replacing Matip with a quality centre-back should also be a priority if Gomez and Virgil were to regress further along the season.
If Jota, Kelleher, and Tsimikas’s rumoured departures turn out to be true, we also need to replace them with adequate rotation options in each respective role. The last possible signing is fully dependent on Ramsay’s future. Once recovered from his injury, will Klopp trust him enough to bench Trent?. Should the answer be untrue, offloading him and acquiring another right back is the sensible thing to do.
The candidates I found most attractive are Declan Rice, Jude Bellingham, Kim Min-Jae, and Mason Mount. These are elite players that will not only transform Liverpool’s fortunes but also take shape as Klopp’s Liverpool legacy the same way Shankly’s 1972 rebuild had in footballing history. Of course, more sensible options are also available as well in these areas. Even then, the focus of the rebuild should still be acquiring and fielding the most talented players in these roles. Of lesser importance to Liverpool’s glory are the rotation options for the goalkeeper, right back, left back, and right winger spots. For these positions, Marco Carnesecchi, Yukinari Sugawara, Adrien Truffert, and Tete are all examples of sensible signings for each respective role without breaking the bank.
Credits to and Opta as the main source of the stats, Transfermarkt as a source for candidates’ injury records and transfer estimates, and Excel for refusing to print my radar diagrams you useless anti-trust software. A big thank you to Opta especially as they finally added back progressive carries to the tight bastards.
Lastly, I began writing this article 2 weeks before posting it here. If there are any statistical errors or listed players who signed for other clubs since the time of writing, all I can say is ¯\_(ツ)_/¯.
TL; DR: Declan Rice, Jude Bellingham, Kim Min-Jae, and Mason Mount. Skim along the article for suitable alternatives and candidates in other less urgent areas of the squad.
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2023.03.21 17:26 Mr_McGibblits Do I need a new battery?

Have a 2008 Ford Fusion, and yesterday morning, my car would turn over, but wouldn't start. I have a Halo Bolt, so I jump started it, drove to the store (about 5 mins away), drove back home, and worked from home for the day, not taking the car out again.
Fast forward to this morning, and once again, the car wouldn't start, so I tried jumping it again, and it ran fine again. This time, I left it running for about 30-45 mins, and 2 hours later, it wouldn't start.
I have a Stanley BC1509 Battery Charger, so I went to charge the battery, and it only charged for about 5 mins, then the car started. At that time, I used the Stanley BC1509 to run an alternator check, and according to that, the alternator is fine (although I'm not sure how reliable those are?).
Anyways, I'm guessing it's the battery, but as I don't have a place very close to go and get free testing, I thought I would get a second opinion before going out to get one and seeing if that works.
Worth noting that with the radio on, heater on full blast, dome lights on, and headlights on, my dome lights do not seem dim once the vehicle is running.
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2023.03.21 17:24 flyvine Is my TOS coming from my Cervical Spine?

Hi everyone,
I’m really lost and frustrated right now on what my next steps should be and would definitely appreciate any help or guidance.
My backstory - I was in a bad accident 15 years ago and had to get cervical spine surgery because a disc went completely in my spinal cord. They ended up fusing my C5-C6 level.
Fast forward to last year March 2022, I was diagnosed with NTOS on both left and right sides. I ended up doing a number of ultrasounds and MRIs… which was a C-spine MRI that showed moderate spinal canal stenosis and advanced bilateral foraminal stenosis on levels C4-C5 and C6-C7 (above and below my fusion).
The confusing part is I have been to many doctors and I’m not sure anymore if my NTOS is coming from my C-spine levels C4-C5 and C6-C7 and if doing the spinal cord surgery would actually solve all my nerve pain symptoms and problems. I don’t have any neck pain or weakness in my arms, just nerve pain. Also, I went to two spine surgeons and one recommended to get surgery but did not know if it would solve all my issues and the other said I do not need to do surgery.
I spoke to a good friend of mine who is a pain management doctor on my confusion if I should do spine surgery, and he recommended we do nerve blocks in my scalenes and pec minor as a diagnostic for TOS. I ended up doing nerve blocks in my scalenes and pec minor and the next day all my pain went away completely, but then my pain came back after 10 days.
How accurate do you think these nerve blocks are as a diagnostic for nerve pain coming from TOS specific and not cervical spine in my case that I mentioned? I’m still wondering if I just do the cervical spine surgery on the 2 levels I mentioned above it might solve all my problems? I just don’t want to go through the C-spine surgery and it doesn’t end up solving my nerve pain issues because its really TOS. Any advice on what I can do or who I can see to make sure about this? Any feedback would be definitely helpful. Thanks so much in advance!!!
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2023.03.21 17:19 Apprehensive_Look869 Noob Questions - American Dad Related. Please Halp!! Halllpp!

Noob Questions - American Dad Related. Please Halp!! Halllpp!
Hi All, long time Reddit stalker here but I only recently started getting into Reddit and I love it. I have been commenting and stuff and contributing where I can on this subreddit and others, but I have some hardcore Newb questions I am a little embarrassed to ask (please let me know if this is not the correct place to pose such questions). I've been asking what Karma means and other newb questions and people have been helping me out, and for which I am appreciative of. But I do have this other Newb question about posting in general, and I don't think I am breaking any rules, especially Rule #3 "Content must be American Dad related" because I am asking questions that are related to AD. If you can be so kind as to help a newbie (and a dummy :P) out, I would appreciate it:
1.) How do I make a post with a pic or video? I made a post but noticed that I get less responses because it doesn't have a pic. When you make a post, you can see the tabs titled "Post" "Images/Video" "Link" Poll" ..... So I attempted to make a post with a pic..... I typed in my post under "post" then went to the tab called "images and video" and uploaded a pic. Then I submitted the post. But upon review, my post did not include the pic. Hmm. OK so I Then I tried again. This time I made a post under the "post" tab, and then rather than go to the "image and video" tab I manually attachd the picture within the Post tab itself. That also did not seem to work as my submitted post was greyed out, indicating it wasn't public. I tried it again in this post but I noticed it doesn't look like everybody elses? The preview at the front is just my words. You have to click on the post itself to scroll to the bottom to see the pic.. why is that? I want the pic to be on the preview front page like everybody else.
2.) What is "Flair"? And is it only applied to this sub reddit or is it all sub reddits? I am really confused by it, at the bottom under the Flair Tab, it lists obvious stuff like "episode discussion" "ID" and Episode Quote" --- OK that makes sense to me. But the confusing part is that on the right hand side it says "user flair preview" and then lists out a bunch of Roger personas (I picked Dr. Penguin) so like.... what the heck does that mean lol and how is that applied to other threads?
3.) What is the difference between a subreddit and a reddit thread? I mean I am not that stupid lol I think I can guess, but I want specific examples. For instance, is a reddit thread, say TBS Shows, and a sub reddit is American dad?
4.) How do I search for things? I find the search function at the top of the screen to be complicated. I think you search under the subreddit you are under? For instance, I see americandad in my search box, so when I type in, say, Francine Bodybuilder Episode will it show up or am I doing it wrong?
5.) How do I tag people? What's the purpose of tagging? If it's the same as say, Instagram then just say that and no need to explain further as I get tagging on instagram.
Thank you AD Fam, I appreciate any advice and help I can get and looking forward to contributing more.
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2023.03.21 17:19 Trumpet1956 DSLR Scanning - D7000, Beseler 23c, and Apple iPad

DSLR Scanning - D7000, Beseler 23c, and Apple iPad
I have had several people ask me about my DSLR digitizing setup, and thought I would post something more detailed.
DSLR scanning (not really scanning, but digitizing) is, IMO, far better than any other method. It's faster, it's simpler, and it produces a better result than any flatbed scanner.
You need several things:
  • A good DSLR camera - 16mp or higher will be great. I have a Nikon D7000 and I can resolve the grain in my negatives, so it has plenty of pixels to do the job.
  • A good macro lens. It doesn't have to be super expensive, but it has to be sharp. I got an old 55mm Micro Nikkor, totally manual, but super sharp.
  • If your lens won't go to 1:1, you'll need extension tubes or bellows. Extension tubes are cheap - I think I got a set for $10.
  • A solid stand. You can make do with a tripod, but I had a Beseler 23c enlarger I repurposed to do the job. I took off the head, which is easy to swap if I want to do prints again. And I made mount from plywood and bought a tripod quick release set for $10 that allows me to quickly mount the camera and take it off. If you want to make a stand, there are lots of videos and articles on how to do that. I like the enlarger route though.
  • A light source. I used an old Apple iPad that had a very nice color balance (high CRI). High CRI is important if you are doing color negatives. Not at all for B&W. Even an old phone will do, btw.
  • A negative carrier. I used the 23c carrier and made a mount for it using plywood that offset it from the light source. This is important, because you want the pixels to be out of focus so the light is even. If you use a light panel, that's not important. But for a phone or iPad, it is.
  • A remote shutter release is essential because any vibration will spoil the digitization. I got a cheap one from Amazon for I think about 10 bucks years ago, and it works fine.
  • Optional - I connected a small monitor to help me focus. If you don't have one, the rear screen works fine, you just need to zoom in to see the pixels.
Getting the exposure right is pretty straightforward. I found the right f-stop for the best sharpness, which was 5.6 for that lens. It also gives some depth of field so I'm sharp edge to edge. I use the shutter speed to get the exposure right.
To do that, I bracket a bunch of shots using different shutter speeds, then loading them up in Lightroom and used the histogram to see what the right shutter speed gave me best exposure. Once all set, I could scan a roll of 35mm in just a couple of minutes.
For processing, and especially for color, I use Negative Lab Pro. It's fantastic, and not that expensive. Totally worth it. If you just do B&W, you can skip NLP, and invert in processing.
For medium format negatives, I found that a single digital image wasn't high enough resolution. My rig allows me to slide the negative carrier into preset positions so I can take 4 shots - top left, top right, bottom left, bottom right, and stitch them together in Lightroom.
Here are shots of my setup:
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