18 x 18 outdoor seat cushions

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This subreddit provides a place for notifications by wolligepoes and a thread where you can tell wolligepoes what he can do to improve his tutorials, what your thoughts are, and what you would like to see tutorialed. TL;DR : /wolligepoes is a place where I ask you to help me keep the quality of my content high.

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A subreddit dedicated to the ABB FIA Formula E World Championship, the world's most high profile all-electric racing series.

2018.05.21 00:31 Rude_E_Huxtable OK Marijuana

A place for Oklahoman patients to share Medical Marijuana news and knowledge. This is not an ad space. Please follow the rules.

2023.05.30 21:58 Glopuss Supermarket (Coles & Woolworths) specials May 31 - June 6

A selection of items “on special” this week in Coles and Woolworths that may be of interest to some keto followers. Most are processed so not really suitable for “clean keto”. Victorian data, some may not be available interstate. Alcohol (except no carb beer) excluded. Drink prices exclude recycling deposits. If you are doing an online order, also look at the stores' ONLINE ONLY specials as I don't always include all of these, many are multibuys.
‘Locked prices’ might now be considered specials as unlocked prices have increased, but same every week til July so not included as ‘specials’.


Well Naturally chocolate has moved to the Confectionery aisle. Website still stuffed so may have missed items of interest. Please add in comments if you find anything. Does anyone here work for Coles?


30% off PranaOn, Keep It Cleaner & Bodiez# #Excludes Bounce Multi Packs, Keep It Cleaner Bars
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2023.05.30 21:58 Mr_Coy98 Grape vines

Grape vines
How much money would you say I would need to save up for field 55 be turned into for grapes vines
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2023.05.30 21:57 Creepy_Dark_3806 Number one

Number one
Every time I start getting closer to number or almost get the fans, they change the amount of fans the number one person has, now I’m feeling it’s impossible to get it 🙄, did/ does have this issue?
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2023.05.30 21:57 Additional_Rules I am trans :)

Hi everyone, I am 17 and a trans women and only my girlfriend knows. I wanted to make this post because I am not out yet in real life but wanted to say it somewhere. I have known I wasn't a boy for a long time and it wasn't until I was 14 that I figured out I was more happy and comfortable with being a girl. I didn't say anything to anyone about it out of fear of how my friends and family would react, so I haven't said anything yet.
when I was 16 I met my girlfriend, "Val" she is the sweetest person I have ever met and I have never felt the most open then when I'm with her. Both me and her share a love for Thrillers and suspenseful movies, a love for classic rock, and have both begin to watch different anime series together as a way to bond (we are currently Watchung Hunter x Hunter) Anyway, she is bisexual, and before I started to date her I wanted her to know the truth about me. She like I expected had no problem with my identity, she asked me how I wanted her to refer to me. In public im her boyfriend and he/him, but in private she calls me her girlfriend and uses she/her. She makes my heart soar, I know it sounds silly but it's true. she calls me beautiful, and her angel, and she makes me feel everything and more. I want to be her wife one day and make her the happiest women in the world and support her through everything I can. She wants to be a Oncologist, which is amazing. She's already so smart and I know she'll be able to do it and I want to be there every step of the way to make sure she can achieve her dreams.
I got a little carried away there talking about my girlfriend lol. Before anyone asks if I plan to come out, I do, eventually. I had spoken to Val about this, and we have decided that it would be best for me to wait till I'm out of my current living situation. I don't fear that my parents would hurt me physically if they knew, but I do know that I would likely be disowned and kicked out. I do have a job but I don't have enough saved to comfortably move out yet so I want to play it safe until I'm at least 18. I still have things I need to figure out with Val for the future, but I am excited for me future. and I can't wait till I can stand proud next to her and be her girlfriend and hopefully wife one day.
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2023.05.30 21:55 Front_Study_9317 Who would you GI?

Who would you GI?
112 OVR F2P team. Hitting is at 110 and pitching is at 114 on the split OVRs. After 4+ years of play, I finally got 2 team sigs from combos. I have a team Sig and a Legend in my pitching lineup but nothing in the hitting lineup - just normals.
Cole is my Ace SP with ERA & WHIP <0.5 in Battles, Ranked and League. Unfortunately both have got Legend skills so I am torn... Thoughts
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2023.05.30 21:51 ivanthagod C4c please I’m so close 😭

C4c please I’m so close 😭
Can you accept my invitation so that I can get a free gift? https://temu.com/s/M5xSP15c7i1Ra
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2023.05.30 21:50 Lumpy_Concentrate_98 Mixing these specific 2 ram sets

Latencies for the first: 16-18-18-38
Tested Voltage: 1.35V
Second: 16-18-18-36
Tested Voltage: 1.35V
I know it's been asked a million times, but if anyone had insight for this it'd be greatly appreciated. I'd rather not buy a set of 32gb ddr4 when I'll most likely be getting ddr5 in the future (1-2 years). They're both 3200mhz speed, and the latencies seem similar (enough). What do you guys think?
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2023.05.30 21:49 CharlotteDTF Need help with furnishing small bedroom

My wife and I are going to be moving into a new home soon. We don't have any furniture so everything is going to be a blank slate.
Our new bedroom is 130" long x 128" wide. It's carpeted as well.
Here is a terrible layout courtesy of paint
The bottom door is where you walk in, first door on the right leads to bathroom and second door at top right is a small closet. We have a double pane window at the top of the room.
Due to the nature of the small room, we'd like to get a full size bed and two nightstands. We love modern/MCM. Our house has mostly walnut-wooden floors throughout except the bedroom. Our budget is roughly $2500 for nightstands/bed frame.
We have to put the head of the bed against the window because the door swings inward and the room would be too small otherwise. With the door being open, we only have 98". Most full bed frames are around 55" so there'd be about 24" on either side. Most nightstands are around 18-23" so we'd be super cramped. The space between the two doors on the right is only 40".
We would love to see some inspo and some suggestions! We do NOT want furniture sets!
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2023.05.30 21:49 Penguinduck08 I have 4 stars or multiple 3 stars to trade! Looking to complete this set

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2023.05.30 21:49 Dry-Worldliness-4861 Why are they like this ?

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2023.05.30 21:48 Shot-Marsupial-5124 [Recruiting] AriX Alliance ArmyOf9YearOlds #20YLR2LUJ TH11+ Level 18-5 Competitive and Semi-Competitive Wars

Welcome to the AriX Alliance! 🔗︱https://discord.gg/arix
[👽] ArmyOf9YearOlds - #20YLR2LUJ - Clan Level 18 - Capital Hall 10 - Champion League II
[💀] Assassins - #92G9J8CG - Clan Level 18 - Capital Hall 10 - Master League I
[🐦] Phoenix Reborn - #28VUPJRPU - Clan Level 16 - Capital Hall 10 - Champion League III
[🪐] Project AriX - #2YL99GC9L - Clan Level 13 - Capital Hall 10 - Master League I
[🛩️] AirStrike X - #2QJCQ9Y8V - Clan Level 7 - Capital Hall 8 - Crystal League I
Alliance Info: - 📅 Made: 2020 - 📌 Location: International, English Speaking
What we offer: - ✨ Top quality Clans - 💬 Hyper Active Discord Server - 🏹 Back to Back Wars - 💥 CWL ranging from Gold to Champs - 💌 Quick and maxed Donations - 🎮 Maxed Clan Games (100k+) - 🕍 Elite Clan Capital results (1400+ Medals) - 🎉 Alliance Events, Tourneys, Wars, Farming Competitions and more!
Requirements: - 🌐 Only recruiting TH11 - TH15 - 🚨 DISCORD IS MANDATORY! - ⚡️ Competitive, Semi-Competitive & Casual Players - ✅ A Basic understanding of Attack Strategies - 💔 Non-Rushed nor Engineered Bases!
FREE BENEFITS you won’t find anywhere else! - ⭐ NO DONO REQUIREMENTS! - 🤖 Tons of stat trackers, entertainment, and custom bots made by our programmers! - 💰 Members-only Base Vault exclusively supplied by RH Base Building and Blueprint COC. - 📈 Guides, Coaching, and Attack Planning support!
What are you waiting for? Join now, and continue your journey with us!! 🔗︱https://discord.gg/arix
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2023.05.30 21:47 InfernalQueens581 For sale!

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2023.05.30 21:45 katazo [USA-MA][H]Zelda Wood Plaque, Shadow man, New 3ds BF, Darkwoods,Krazy Racers, Lady Sia, Arcade Card DUO, Worse Than Death, Inside, Dracula Densetsu II, Cotton Fantasy, Shantae, SoR4 CE, Dark Devotion, River City girls, Ape Escape 3, Dangun Feveron, Furi, Turok CE, etc[W] PP

Shipping is included in the price (unless otherwise specified)

I'm open to offers

Playstation 4/ PS3
Playstation 1/2
Gameboy/ Advance:
Wii/ Wii U:
Nintendo 64:
SNES/ Super Famicom:
Original Xbox:
Xbox 360:
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2023.05.30 21:42 Purpleprose180 Megalodon Tooth Found Digitizing Titanic Remains

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2023.05.30 21:41 Otterhismind 29[M4M][Bay Area, California] Femboy looking for Femboy Friends~

So I've been getting more into femboy stuff lately, I've been shaving my stomach and thighs and trying out legging, long socks, crop tops, short shorts, etc. It's odd cause I usually consider myself a pretty masc guy but I always get so excited and giddy when I get to be soft and girly, y'know? Just a fun change of pace.
What I'm Looking for is another femboy to cuddle, hang out with, dress up with, whatever we like. It could be more physical if there's mutual attraction, but there's no guarantees.
What I want in a partner; - Hygenic, in decent shape, in touch with their feminine side. - Fun to be around, ie. kind, sociable, patient, and not an asshole or some debby downer doomer nihilist type. It's okay if you hace depression or mental health issues, just don't be trying to drag others down with you, y'know? - Don't be a vionent person or abusive or anything, obviously. - 18+ but not too visibly old. I'd say like 40 is roughly the ceiling but I'm willing to go higher if you look younger.
About me; - White, brown hair, fairly hairy but I shave the parts I wanna show off, Fairly muscular in my chest and arms. - Enjoys artsy stuff, anime/manga, tabletop RPGs, RPG games, any game that lets me build stuff, has an open world, or lets me do character customization. I'm also a furry and learning Japanese, and I want - Left leaning, something along the lines of anarcho-communist but not an obnoxious gatekeeper or preachy. Very pro LGBT+, pro BLM, pro equality and equity, sex positive, kink positive, and not super judgmental - I'm ADHD, I'm somewhat on the autistic spectrum (PDD-NOS), and I have anxiety. I'm very extroverted but can come across as shy ot awkward because I'm worried I'll talk too much and annoy people xD, so please just be open and honest with me in your communication.
Please shoot me a chat if you're interested, I'd be down to add you on discord as well, hopefully we can chat and become buddies! :3
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2023.05.30 21:39 elephantsofa Root canal retreat pre/post-x-ray - is there something visibly wrong?

I received a root canal retreat on #18 (right tooth in the photo), lower molar. After almost a month, the gum underneath the root canal and the chin area keep hurting. There's even a tingling sensation on the lip. I've been on 4 types of antibiotics for over 3 weeks which doesn't seem to be helping with the pain much (it did help with the initial swelling). Is there anything visibly wrong with the retreat in the post op x-ray? Thanks!
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2023.05.30 21:37 Mitwad Dealing damage causes game to send me back to main menu

Xbox series X. On Wi-Fi. Haven’t played d2 since 2017/18. Should I remake my characters? Would that help? I’ve tried reinstalling and changing some settings on my console. Didn’t help.
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2023.05.30 21:36 TheBellJarHymnal Very Weird Bug In Southern Brooklyn...

Very Weird Bug In Southern Brooklyn...
This is a difficult hiccough to describe... I get home using the Belt Parkway in Southern Brooklyn.
Normally, I'd get on the Belt, and stay on until the Verazzano Bridge.
Lately, without any input or time saving options, once I am on the Belt Parkway, the app says I should get off at Cropsey Avenue and estimates a certain arrival time. If I ignore it, it keeps rerouting, impossibly onto the adjacent Cropsey Avenue - no way to get off and onto it - until the exit it originally prescribed getting back on the Belt with, at which point my arrival time is EARLIER than it was had I gotten off at the original exit.
Anyone ever experience something similar?
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2023.05.30 21:35 Karleney Thresh? Didn't need him anyway.

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2023.05.30 21:34 golfy_m8 Arizona Coyotes 5v5 Full Season Skater Percentile Rankings

Arizona Coyotes 5v5 Full Season Skater Percentile Rankings submitted by golfy_m8 to Coyotes [link] [comments]

2023.05.30 21:30 golfy_m8 Arizona Coyotes 5v5 Full Season Skater Percentile Rankings

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2023.05.30 21:28 TriumphOfTheHordes I don't care about the nerf

I don't care about the nerf
Doubt I'll be done in time for 10th though!
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